Global Strategist: Judgment Day Is Coming: “This Will Be The Most Important Event Of Our Lives”

by | Nov 16, 2014 | Headline News | 321 comments

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    There are few events that could lead to a truly cataclysmic upheaval of the global order.

    Right now, half a world away and out of the view of most Americans, exactly such developments have been set into motion. These events are so significant that they promise to shape the geopolitical landscape for decades to come. And, should the trend continue unabated it is only a matter of time before the American way of life as we have come to know it is no more. So says Casey Research Chief Global Strategist Marin Katusa in his latest interview with Future Money Trends:

    Definitely it’s all about the Judgment Day for the petrodollar and the effect on the derivative market. I can sum it up in one sentence: If the petrodollar dies so does the American way of life.

    I think people have taken for granted what the petrodollar means to the American way of life. So this is significant and it will be the most important event of our lives.

    It’s unbelievable how things that are happening in Europe and Asia can specifically change the daily lives of Americans if America is not prepared for the colder war.

    Katusa, who recently authored The Colder War, an extensive analysis of the paradigm shift in the global resource marketplace, shares some incredibly insightful thoughts on what is happening around the world today, how it will cause an unprecedented impact on Americans, and what you can do to position yourself for the events that threaten to shake the very foundations of the West’s global influence.

    Watch: The world is at war- most people just don’t know it yet:

    (Video via Future Money TrendsWatch At Youtube)

    The “Putinization of Resources” as Katusa refers to it, is not something to be overlooked. Despite the disdain from America and Europe, Russia has a lot more power than the West gives it credit for and if Putin keeps on this path he could soon become the single most powerful individual on the planet (with an army of millions of men to boot).

    First of all, under Putin’s leadership Russia has reestablished itself as a global super power. What people have to understand is Russia has been the number one oil producer for almost a hundred years. They’re also the largest net gas exporter to Europe. More importantly, all of their growth plans are going to China.

    This is all about Judgment Day for the petrodollar. These deals are not being signed in U.S. dollars. More importantly here is that Putin now controls the resources… Not only does he control the European market, he’s now gotten into the Asian market, which remember, during the first cold war China was a non-event. This is the game changer. So now, rather than having America and Saudi Arabia as allies, they’re actually at war. They’re in an oil war with one another.

    America definitely has a chance [of coming out on top]… What America needs to do is that the next President needs to be a strong leader who understands geo-politics, whereas Obama has a really poor track record. He has a failed foreign policy… Unfortunately the last six years has been a disaster for America on this foreign policy…

    Is America out? Definitely not.

    This is going to be a long war… This is not a battle… It’s not going to be defined and won in six months…This is going to be a many year cold war… just as it was in the first one, but it’s a lot bigger and a lot more important because there’re many more nations involved.

    Time is running out for America and Europe. They are heavily indebted, facing economic collapse, and becoming more dependent on foreign suppliers for everything from key commodities to consumer goods.

    When we consider the necessity of essential global resources like oil, uranium, natural gas, rare earth minerals and food, history has made it clear that war often becomes the only option when one super power loses influence to an up-and-comer.

    They may not be there just yet, but one of these days Russia and China will decouple themselves from Western dependence. When this happens the world will fall into a tailspin. The colder war will be over, likely transitioning very quickly to a more heated conflict.

    One need not be psychic to see that super powers will meet, once again, on battlefields like those of World War I and World War II.



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      1. US politicians and leadership are a joke.

        “What America needs to do is that the next President needs to be a strong leader who understands geo-politics”

        If that’s the only chance we have, then we are SCREWED. Prepare for the end of the America we have come to love. This psychopaths in charge, not the least of all Obama, have utterly devastated this country and the generations that will come after us.

        • @ MAC,
          Serious question for ya.

          Since your staying with this type of posting with posts not being linear / chronological and being hard and EXTREMELY time consuming to find most recent posts. Is there a way you can make it so once you go to the page, the most recent posts are highlighted or SOMETHING?

          Something like that sure would be a huge benefit to the site for all us posters.

          Please at least look into it 🙂


          • Yes, yes it would, BJ.

            • I’m trying to figure where the jerks responsible
              for this calamity think they are going to run and
              hide when the people figure out the jigs up. (Pun

              • The problem is even if there is a change wrt the Petrodollar the system will still be flawed. Why?

                Because the Chinese< Russians and everybody else has copied the Western financial model. That's how they got to where they are today. It still will function as an "infinite growth economic system under a finite world". The two always oppose each other and collide.

                So if we go so will they as well, probably later. The entire global economic system would have to be cahnged drastically so as not to have a repeat when the proverbial SHTF globally.

                • …and I don’t see either the Chinese, Russians or BRICS for that matter offering any hope they will completely change the global economic system other than to back their currencies with gold. That’s just not enough to keep another SHTF scenario from happening again. Which it will !

                  • Update on taking guns from home when owner dies in New York state…

                    “Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derrenda announced at a recent news conference that his department will be sending agents to collect guns that belong to pistol permit holders who had died so “they don’t end up in the wrong hands,” according to the report.”

                    “This is the kind of behavior one might expect in a police state, but not the United States,” Gottlieb said. “But it proves that the anti-gun mindset knows no boundaries. From now on, no gun control zealot will be able to dismiss and ridicule the concerns of law-abiding firearms owners that there is no reason to fear gun registration, no matter what form it takes.

                    This explains why gun owners are opposed to registration and other forms of record-keeping and permit laws.”

                    “What’s worse,” Alan Gottlieb, (chairman of Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) whose organization has more than 650,000 members, added, “is that this effort could forever drive a wedge between police and honest citizens whose only crime is that they exercised their Second Amendment rights.”

                    “The final insult,” he said, “is that 16 DAYS after someone dies, his or her survivors could become CRIMINALS simply because they didn’t report a firearm, or maybe didn’t even know it existed.”

                    “Fox News reported Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, said authorities once again are targeting law-abiding gun owners instead of focusing on protecting citizens.”

                    “They’re quick to say they’re going to TAKE the guns,” he said, “BUT THEY DON’T TELL YOU THE LAW DOESN’T APPLY TO LONG GUNS, OR THAT THESE FAMILIES CAN SELL (A) PISTOL OR APPLY TO KEEP IT.”

                    “The report said (NEW YORK) STATE LAW specifies that the estate has 15 DAYS TO DISPOSE OF GUNS OR TURN THEM IN.

                    The blog warned the policy could be “the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent to get at every firearm they can, hoping to remove all the firearms from the home while the family is at their most vulnerable.”

                    WND dot com

                    • The response to this one is simple…

                      “Dad sold the gun last year through an online website. It was shipped out of state to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer. No…sorry…I don’t know who he sold it to.”

                      End of discussion.

                    • Walt Kowalski,

                      I like your response.

                      I am still concerned that NYS would pass such a law. Apparently, just the city of Buffalo is (currently) enforcing it.

                      Apparently, they have kept information about this law very quiet. I have family in upstate New York and they didn’t know the details of this.

                      This is another law to further disarm the people.

                    • When the Cops come to your house to get the dead guys guns you tell the Cops his last wishes before he died, were to be buried with his guns and all his ammo, so he’s prepared in the after life. (Reincarnation) Lets see if the Cops have the Balls to start digging up to dead to remove their guns from their “DEAD COLD HANDS!”


                      many of us have been saying this for years and not many people GET IT!

                      all of my INVESTMENTS go to my off spring and Spouse

                      that firearm cost me and my family F-ing way they are going to just take that away from my loved ones especially with out restitution and we know that wont happen and not really even the point..
                      ALL of my INVESTMENTS are my off-springs and Souse’s property after Im dead
                      this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW and should be ignored with prejudice

                      Having to come up with LIES or EXCUSES as to why this firearm or that firearm is there or not is none of their dam business and there is no sense acting like the government and learning to lie our way around this

                      Hey never let your guard down and when everyone was telling you that you were crazy for saying REGISTRATION LEADS TO CONFISCATION , you can now say HA! TOLD YOU SO! just like 100’s of things posted here on a daily basis

                      this isnt OUR GOVERNMENT ANY MORE so its up to us to abolish this kind of bullshittery and STAND UP against it where ever it raises its ugly ass head

                      NOT ONE MORE INCH you sinking bastards!

                      rant over ,,but this aint over

                      GET OFF MY DAM LAWN!

                    • KY Mom, that law will lead to some serious confrontations between gun owners and LE. How many people will have to die before things get changed?

                • ” The entire global economic system would have to be cahnged drastically so as not to have a repeat when the proverbial SHTF globally.”
                  And that is the goal for the NWO global economic reset. It will be a new electronic one world economic system.

                • “Control the food, you control the people. Control the oil, you control the nations. Control the money, and you control the world.” – Henry Kissenger

                  “Give me control a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

                  Whether the petrodollar collapses or not, the same people will control whatever comes after it. We will take a hard fall, but whoever comes out ahead will be set up next…

                  • The keyword, is, ‘control’.

                    Cut off the strings which control you.

                    Think for yourself. Beware those whoa are puffed up.

                    And, kind of what Marc Faber said recently in an interview with Dan Popescu, “I own my physical gold. I am my own central banker”.

                  • Yes, is everyone tired of it yet?

                    • Mac,how about showing a persons response under the comment that we were responding to! It would really be helpful.

                    • it already posts your reply below the comment you replied to. Unfortunately, people here reply-spam to bump comments to the top.

                  • there is Marxism, Leninism, and now we are in
                    Kissingerism, ever since Vietnam, and He is
                    one Crazzzzzzzy dude.

                  • Japan just officially slipped into recession. So, they cannot pretend everything is ok for them fiscally any more. This will somehow affect everyone.

                    So, they won’t be able to afford to stop dumping 1000 metric tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean any time soon. Maybe that doesn’t matter, because they appear to have killed it already.

                    • *1000 metric tons DAILY*

                  • “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.”
                    -Henry Kissinger

                    Obama is planning for more control…

                    Obama’s Secret Treaty Would Be the Most Important Step Toward a One World Economic System

                    “Barack Obama is secretly negotiating the largest international trade agreement in history, and the mainstream media in the United States is almost completely ignoring it.

                    If this treaty is adopted, it will be the most important step toward a one world economic system that we have ever seen. The name of this treaty is “the Trans-Pacific Partnership”, and the text of the treaty is so closely guarded that not even members of Congress know what is in it.

                    Right now, there are 12 countries that are part of the negotiations: the United States, Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. These nations have a combined population of 792 million people and account for an astounding 40 percent of the global economy.”

                    “Thanks to leaks, we have learned that so many of the things that Obama has deeply wanted for years are in this treaty. If adopted, this treaty will fundamentally change our laws regarding Internet freedom, healthcare, copyright and patent protection, food safety, environmental standards, civil liberties and so much more.”

                    “The following list of issues addressed by this treaty is from a Malaysian news source…
                    • domestic court decisions and international legal standards (e.g., overriding domestic laws on both trade and nontrade matters, foreign investors’ right to sue governments in international tribunals that would overrule the national sovereignty)

                    • environmental regulations (e.g., nuclear energy, pollution, sustainability)

                    • financial deregulation (e.g., more power and privileges to the bankers and financiers)

                    • food safety (e.g., lowering food self-sufficiency, prohibition of mandatory labeling of genetically modified products, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease)

                    • Government procurement (e.g., no more buy locally produced/grown)

                    • Internet freedom (e.g., monitoring and policing user activity)

                    • labour (e.g., welfare regulation, workplace safety, relocating domestic jobs abroad)

                    • patent protection, copyrights (e.g., decrease access to affordable medicine)

                    • public access to essential services may be restricted due to investment rules (e.g., water, electricity, and gas)”

                    Economic Collapse blog

                    • Git a rope damn it, BEFORE the son-of-a-bitch finishes us off…

                    • It still takes 2/3rds of the Senate to ratify it. I don’t imagine that would happen in the next few years.

                    • Obama is the greatest lame duck President in history. He doesn’t control anything.

                      First problem is the idea that the political process is democratic just because some people are still voting. It isn’t, OK? It cannot be and won’t be until Americans stop voting for selected front runners out of a system which owned by the sponsors of that political system, which comes down to corporate ownership, which further comes down to a few hundred people.

                      Get rid of lobbyists and pack money and then we can scratch the surface of the frigging mess corporate owners have made of our nation.

                  • I believe the Person who controls the Internet, controls the Food, Communication, Transportation, Logistics and Money. And this is why Obama wants to Play World Dictator by controlling the Internet with the flip of the switch.


              • OutWest , To answer your question : NORAD, The Bunker Complex Under the Denver Airport, Area 51 and pick a handful of very secure Military Bases. The Possibilities are plentiful.

                • My Peeps, if you believe that economically the ducks are all lined up like ducks in a row; and if you believe that the Dow and S&P are on their last legs, but will some how manage to make new highs until next year based upon Christmas sales; and that when the Dow and S&P finally pop in the second quarter of 2015; and that when they POP it will throw the USA and the World into a Global Depression, then this video from FMT is complete sales propaganda and utter bullshit.

                  When that happens the shares of a junior miner in either gold or in uranium, or both; will be virtually worthless and the principals of those firms, if leveraged at all, will be broke: their paper wealth vanished into thin air. And yours too if you invest with them now. The time to buy shares in these companies will be years from now prior to a new global economic expansion and once they are producing profitably.

                  The Petro dollar is not dead by a long shot and the first shovel has yet to be been turned on dirt for the first pipeline from Russia to China, which was first discussed 30 years ago, and I remember it well. And it won’t be completed for ten years. Too little, too late.

                  The world is AWASH in hydrocarbons with many elephants to be developed once it is profitable to do so. Australia is virually VIRGIN territory. Africa is still virtually VIRGIN territory on its east coast and interior.

                  The USA is undergoing an energy revolution in alt energy, that will transform the world energy status quo; with the USA at the top of that technology pyramid. Which is exactly why the USA is pulling out the stops on its hydrocarbon production: to use its oil& gas while there is still value in doing so.

                  The break even point for US shale is about $45 a barrel.

                  The Saudi’s are not in an energy war with US. Their war is against Iran, and Russia who support Assad; and whose break even cost to produce oil & gas is about $100 per barrel respectively.

                  The Saudi BE cost is about $75 to $80 per barrel.

                  Before the petro dollar is toast, and before either of those junior miners have any real production and thus some real value; hunger will have been visited upon the world.

                  Judgement Day is coming. Buy food and water. Buy ammo. 🙁

                  • DK – All is bullshit but your last line

                    • Quick: Its all true. You obviously know nothing about oil& gas and mining. I do. Do your homework. 🙂

              • Obama was Hired by thecabal to collapse America. While Putin is busy putting together strategic trading partners Obama is busy putting together 34 Million more illegal Aliens to flood the Welfare system. Obama is NOT on Americas side on bit. Impeach Obama for High Treason!!

                • where is James Earl Ray when you need him?

                  • James Earl Ray was killed by the FBI while in Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in TN. He knew way too much about who really helped him in the conspiracy to kill MLK. RAY NEVER ACTED ALONE ANY MORE THAN OSWALD DID.

                    • or Sirhan Sirhan. 🙁

                  • …jacking off with Jimi Hendrix, no doubt.

              • Good I hope the Petro Dollar crashes. It is the phone Cabal NWO Fed ZOG Fiat Currency. Let put them out of business and let the United Statesstart Printing our own money like President JF Kennedy wanted to do before the Jews Assassinated him from the Grassy Knowle. Putin is right. F@CK THE NWO TRIBE!!

                • Foul-mouth idiot.

                  • maybe so, but the message is probably correct. Since when are we getting all PC and sensitive here? It’s only WORDS, for Pete’s sake…just words.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  “Good I hope the Petro Dollar crashes.”

                  Beware what you ask for. The petro dollar is a scam but that scam facilitating the US dollar to be the world reserve currency maintains our standard of living. Loose the Reserve Currency status and were living within our means. You would see a 30-50% reduction in standard of living. Maybe more.

                  I’m shocked that “they” have so successfully kicked the can down the road for so long. Looking forward to its demise is insanity.

              • When the people figure out the jig is up? half the morons still love Obama. They will be walking them into the camps and they will still believe him.

              • OutWest: TPTB, this includes both politicians and the banksters, have been quietly prepping have their own little Idaho-Hidey-Holes. Sort of the junior versions of the old Greenbrier. Some will go offshore to Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama to name a few.

              • Run and hide ? Seriously why do you think they are building a domestic army ??
                Secondly , they will disarm you LITTLE BY LITTLE until the numbers don’t match up anymore …..Boston martial law was a gun grab ….I’d love to. know how many they got and when Ferguson and surrounding areas soon go hot , they will do more confiscations after they FORCE YOU from.your home’s at gunpoint and then and ONLY THEN will they finish the system off because they know that any rebellion from the people will be easily crushed !!!
                Think long and hard about what I said

            • If I may be critical for a sec, I like that Mac is willing and able to change the site to make improvements. However, I have recently found that I am not caring for the comments like I did before the thumbs were removed. It was the best way to scan for the most relevant or insightful comments for the topic. By eliminating the ‘Red Thumb Army’ you have created a totally different problem. I was able to totally ignore their comments altogether and now I am less inclined to wade through the bulk of the comments to get to the best content. I think you let are letting them win by removing the thumbs permanently.

          • BJ, can you shoot me an email about this with a couple examples from other sites? I am not completely clear on what you envision for this, but we’ve been working on a site update and I’ll certainly consider a change like this if it makes things easier to read/find.

            Posts are chronological on the homepage, but I think I may be misunderstanding what you are suggesting.


            • When you come back to check on posts to an article and the number of posts has gone from say 20 all the way up to 73 for example. When you look around for the latest posts that have been made since you last were here, it is painstakingly hard and time consuming to find them. The reason being is that your “reply” system allows posts to be made and go to the right and down, instead of directly under the last post, like a “quote” system would allow. So you have to search the whole thread of posts and look at date and time to try and find the latest posts. Now I know you can do a control F and search for specific posts, but that doesn’t help you in general when wanting to read all the new posts.

              Does that make sense?

              I know survivalist boards, Nathan Leal’s the Watchmen Forum and Motor Sports Mayhem forum all have systems like that. I know you don’t have a forum yet, but some kind of different more manageable for the poster system could be found.

              I know for me personally, after there are about 50-60 comments on an article, I start to just use ctrl F and search for comments back to me and end up losing out on a lot of very good contributing comments because this system is just too hard and time consuming to find and read all the new comments posted since the last visit.

              If anyone else agrees, please chime in, so Mac can know it isn’t just an issue with one or two, but that it is something that really improve the place all around.
              ALSO….if anyone else has an idea or can explain what I am trying to and do a better job than I am… all means, speak up!


              • To BJ : Ditto double down

              • I’m just glad it isn’t just me that was
                having so much trouble. Was starting to
                think I was getting senile. However I do
                know how difficult it is to make a good
                system. So good luck. I like this site.

              • BJ….Please how hard is reading only a few hundred posts??. Stop being lazy. Does your momma still spoon feed you too? What a bunch of lazy welfare generational bums this country has raised lately. You have to read the entire conversations anyway.

                • Anyone here ACTUALLY hear Obamas speech when he visited Ferguson on November 5? Anyone even know he visited there on that date. Faux news reports he told his audience to “stay the course”.

                  Anyone want to venture a guess who he was talking to and what his statement meant?

                  Also, noted today he and his administration are busy rats; scurrying to and fro trying to cover their asses after their cohort, Gruber, has been exposed ridiculing American people about their ignorance of the heath care law.

                  ALL MSM showing their polls that “average Joe Americans” really do support amnesty and the health care law. Where do they take these polls, DC?

                  I see talking heads on Faux news saying Republicans have to be careful how they oppose Obamas agenda because it could hurt them in the future. What a flipping joke. If we do not oppose “Obamas agenda” (pig Latin for the PTB AIPAC agenda) America has NO future. Calling what is coming out of DC “Obamas Agenda” is just deceiving ourselves.

                  • “stay the course”

                    ment keep killing us for no reason

                    it was code to the “enforcers” and code to the Ni66ers to keep tearing down anything and everything

                    hes working both sides against the middle


                    and if we all watch carefully you will see im not wrong

                  • @p.o.Granny;

                    Well written!

                    Criminals have taken total control of both WH and Congress.

                    Obola should have been impeached during his 1st term in office.

                    Sooner he’s impeached, the better chance that U.S. can recover.

              • I agree it is much more difficult than before to respond and read a specific post. I don’t care for the new platform…at all.

            • Is this a new typeface? It’s a mess. Just bring back the old format. Can’t read any of this.

              • Wow. That was quick. As soon as I clicked submit…it all changed back to the original format. Complete with the white and light blue backgrounds. Eerie!

                • Anita Sweater,talk about eerie, Friday night, I got a text from my daughter. My I-phone responded for me. I didn’t do it! I don’t like this mess.

              • Anita, the only change we have made recently is the removal of the ‘thumbing’ feature due to a security issue. Not sure what you are seeing – if you clear your browser cache and it doesn’t work can you email me a screenshot at Mac at shtfplan ? Apologies for any inconvenience!

                Thanks, mac

                • All the thumbs turned out to be was ego massage for posting stoopid comments and jokes unrelated to the subject matter. Most of thos idiots moved on including the hijack hacks. Now people have to use their brains and actually talk to eachother with typing skills. This form stimulates more meaningful conversations.

                • It looks as though BJ and I are the only ones that saw the weird page look. It seems to be gone now, Mac. Lets blame Obozo.

            • Mac

              Did you ever get a chance to read my story. Would you like me to rewrite it?

              If you don’t want to do anything with it that is fine too. Just wondering.


              • Mike – I will send you an email in the next couple days . Thanks for your patience with me!

                • Mac

                  No problem. No rush. I was just curious. Hope you are having a great day.

            • Hey Mac, what’s happened to the red and green thumbs up/down? They’re gone!!! I feel like DK is missing out!!!

              • If you take a Sharpie and draw a thumbs up and a thumbs down on the screen, it’s almost like it used to be, I just can’t get it to scroll up when I scroll up. Suggestions anyone?

              • Cede: I agree. It was the only way I knew you truly loved me. 🙂

              • The thumbs up/down thing was gay anyway.

            • I think what might work is to have the site set a cookie containing the date and time a person arrives on a page. This would mean setting a cookie for each individual story. Then, when the person returns later, have the page hide all the posts from before the cookie time that don’t have new responses. That would leave visible only new posts and the posts they were in response to. The old posts could still be there, but hidden like red-thumbed posts used to be, but with an explanation saying they’re just older posts and that you could click to unhide them.

              This would require a little cookie setting code and some code similar to the red-thumb code but using time as a trigger.

              I hope that’s what the others are thinking of. I can’t do the code myself, but it appears to be a fairly straightforward task.

              • No, don’t like cookies.

            • Look at Yahoo’s system. Users can click on “My Comments” and see all their posts (and responses to their posts) from different articles, all on one page.
              Different font choices would be nice too, especially italics.
              The ability to edit a comment after it’s posted, or to delete it, would be nice.

          • It would help if people wouldn’t thread-hijack by replying with a completely unrelated subject to the first poster, then others replying another unrelated subject to the reply etc etc.

            Not to pick, but your post is a perfect example. You replied to anon because it would bump your post near the top.

          • Can you just show the green thumbs? I only read those with high green thumbs!

        • This is not new. I had discussions about it in 1973-4. Most people are missing the point. The US has pulled of the smartest Sting operation the world has ever seen. It has been politically impossible for the US to cut it’s welfare budget for over 40 years. LBJ finished off any possible fiscal responsibility for the US with his Great society. We were going bankrupt no matter what.
          Knowing that, what could the country do. The answer is simple but devious, buy everything from other people stop using our natural resources as much as possible and bankrupt everyone else.
          We have done exactly that In coal,oil, copper, rare earths you name it we have systematically shut in our mines and imported other peoples. Call it EPA,OSHA, you name it. We shut in our copper mines and used Mexico’s same with oil; Marsh Creek anticline in Alaska remains undrilled 40 years later.(Largest undrilled anticline in N America) We shut in our biggest Rare Earth mine 20 0dd years ago and bought from China. They just went from 43%of the worlds supply of RE to less than 1/3, Because we have 1600# of it in each of our big windmills and are producing 60 Gegawatts of power.
          All American Silver production, plus, and most of our Gold is being stamped into coins for the public. I could give you far more examples people, but OPEN you eyes there is a lot going on and it’s not play time, the Gov knows. IMHO We started to play this game 40 years ago and the rest of the world has until recently been asleep. We are way ahead. That is not to say it isn’t going to get bad for lots of sheep.

          • I’ve said for years we are screwing the rest of the world. Taking their stuff and giving them Bullshit pieces of paper backed by the same thing.

            Doesn’t make it right and we didn’t have to do it.

            Now it appears we pay the piper for the bad deeds.

            • Nope, we are going to stiff the piper. We got most of the music and everyone including us, has to pay.

              • Paranoid: You got that right. Everything that China has today, we have been giving them for 25 years; including 60,000 factories, $100 billion in R&D investment, and technology transfers, both overt and covert.

                To their credit they have an insatiable appetite for everything American. I just got a proposal from an incredible beautiful, sexy 21 year old Chinese girl with a $2 million dowry from her rich father.

                She wants me to travel the world with her and bang her incessantly. Talk about an offer I can’t refuse … I have invited her for a visit. LMAO!!! 🙂

                • Durango…..
                  Would she be interested in an 80 year old American that Can carry water jugs, drive, shop, cook, clean, hunt and fish etc. Inquiring minds would like to know….MINE….

                  • There are lots of older, truly beautiful women in China and elsewhere in the world who just want to love and be loved, and of all ages.

                    Most of the women in China are slender and sexy, but not all of them are truly beautiful. In general, they seem to have a different perspective from the typical American woman who wants to be spoiled, with an attitude of “give me, take me, buy me, please me”, although gold diggers are a universal phenomena. Always trust but verify.

                    Young women in the USA want to be porn stars; the girl next door, runner up to Ms Teenage Colorado as a case in point. Its easy to find a beautiful young woman in Arizona for sex, but not many that I would want to leave my fortune too: which is why I am going global in my search. 🙁

                    A number of these Chinese young women have asked me to meet them in LA if they take a shopping vacation to Orange County; which seems to be the new trend. So no, no woman from China has asked me to send them money to visit me. Several have asked me to come to China and stay with them indefinitely.

                    I have seen a few who are just STUNNING, 50 years old, and very sweet. So, Wink, can you keep a smile on their face?

                    By the way folks this gal is pursuing me and contacted me first. I did not contact her first. She read my profile and contacted me. I posted a profile because I am expecting to spend next summer in China and thought this was a good way to meet locals. I want to see it for myself and thought I would mingle with the locals rather than just take pictures of the architecture.

                    Yes, she sounds too good to be true, but a number of young, single, Chinese Empresses have made a similar proposal before, but they were uglier than a mud fence.

                    Forget nuclear weapons this is the way that China intends to invade the USA: by sending their young woman to US to create more Chinese: if only half Chinese.

                    It wasn’t $3 million granny. Its only $2 million. While my gold mine is extremely valuable and $2 million is a drop in the bucket compared to its value, $2 million in cash is nothing to sneeze at; and it appears to be the tip of the iceberg.

                    I am not interested in her money but she is extremely beautiful, sexy, well educated, and wants to make babies chocolate chip cookies and water the plants when we are not travelling.

                    Wink I am remembering that there is a widow in her forties outside of Beijing who inherited a cattle ranch and pig farm from her deceased husband and I promise you she is not a dried up old granny.

                    Think outside the box. Pun intended. 🙂

                    • The “box” as you call it may be slanted……

                • And also whatever else our fed govnt didn’t give to china, china bought from Israeli jewish and usa jewish Spies after said jew spies Pilfered it from the usa.

                  Of course I will add the usual mandatory Disclaimer now for them nit picker types whos unquestionably always defense of israel and jewry is Blasphemy at best!

                  Disclaimer: No of course NOT all spies usa gov and fbi has found out or busted are nor were jewish be they israeli jew or usa jew or Both aka dual citizens..

                  So far of the aprox 297-300 actual Spies caught since the end of WWII….We did bust about 3-4 NON jewish spies out of that total close to 300 spies busted amount!

                  So remember when subscribing to JQP and others here promotion of “Only Prosecute/whack/Hang those whos Guilty…If History provides us a good example, and it sure does so far, then aprox 1% of that group should always be considered as a potential “Innocent” and, Left alone…Just punish that Other 99% of so far proven nation wreckers.

                • DK:

                  In the last subject you stated you were headed for China for some RnR.

                  Does that RnR equate to Rape and Ruin of a Chinese Lady.

                  Where does this comment equate with “your face to face meeting with Jesus”? Tell me, DK, do you plan to take His Spirit with you on your RnR journey?

                  • DK is a perfect example of why Christianity is on its last legs.

                    Suppose do as I post as a Christian has anything to do with what he is actually doing.

                    Can’t find a girlfriend in your area or America DK? Perhaps too easy to really check out what and who you are?

                    According to your prior posts her $3M is pocket change to you……

                    • Granny, read my post above. Did you check out the Corbett Report video? 🙂

                    • DK:

                      Don’t load videos. Bandwidth too low on my satellite connection for one, and my firewall often freaks out at the trackers that come along with most videos. Aside from that I’m too damned deaf to hear speech on computer speakers anyway, and too damned impatient as well. I can read ten times faster than they speak.

                    • Granny, Christianity is on its last legs because more and more people are waking up and realizing it is a big hoax, along with every other religion.

                • Are you asked to send her the airfare? Did the email come from a Central African ISP?

                  • Read my post above. 🙂

                • DK and Paranoid – So you guys are the bullies on thd worlds block and you like it that way.

                  You 2 represent everything that is wrong with America. You are both takers with no idea of how to treat people.

                  You don’t screw people over just because you can.

                  REMEMBER – What goes around comes around in this life or the next !!!

                  • Quick: Fuck you!!! You know nothing!!! 🙂

                    • DK has finally run out of hot air. Down to just five abusive words. What a relief.

            • Yep, it will be us, not the government, which is where the blame lies.

              • All DK must do to Get that $2 million from some chink chick, is to Send an at Minimum $50,000 Cash us dollar amount to show “Good Faith” that DK is really not just looking to deflower said chink chick….Send US dolars cash as described to some unknown PO box somehweres deep inside Pakistan please…Ah!…Sooooo..Chop Chop!

                • Poetic justice, huh Condor…..

                  • Condor: Read my post above. 🙂

          • O aranoid tg at is the dumbest comment on here. Since we shipped all our jobs over sea as and created thing like Nafta we are broke. The US has no more gold. China has bought up all the copper steal and most all the rare minerals out there. Now e are bankrupt our people are bankrupt and we are policing the wold as our puppet dictators are no longer cooperatinth

            • And why do you think China is goinf to the Moon????. Here is the BIG ANSWER: HELIUM3. Helium3 is abundant on the moon. And hust one spaceshuttle load of Helium3 could power the United States for an entire year. People like NASA sure isn’t going to tell you this or Exxon or BP cause to keep their big energy fraod going on and poking holes in mother earth for profit tgat is bankrupting us. Smart successful do the hard shit stoopid people refuse to do. Look up HELIUM3 on the Moon as an energy source. Chine will be mining is and bringing it back in a decade. Just watch.

            • How about an edit feature to correct the post with a 5 minute feature to correct spelling errors, before it posts?? Stoopid phone features misspell makes us look stoopid. LoL. I know its really spelled Stupid.

            • Peak oil is real, a whole bunch of those car plants and other junk is just; junk, wait and see.
              Also all of you may have just pissed away everything. but some of us didn’t. Never sad the Gov was looking after you.

          • If we went back to mining, we would not have to import anything from anybody, except chromium from Africa. And I believe we could do without that, since cars don’t have real bumpers anymore.

            • That’s my point. After using up their stuff for 40 years we do have a lot left. And they have a lot less.

            • Chromium is a key alloying element for high strength steels. Can’t do without it. Also Manganese. 80% of world manganese production comes from South Africa. Zero percent from the USA.

              • Chromium and manganese are found in black sand platinum deposits. There are at least seven commercial grade platinum deposits in North America to my knowledge.

                These MASSIVE black sand deposits are deposited from black smokers in the shallow seas that covered much of North America 500 million years ago.

                The USA has chromium, manganese, and platinum that it has never tapped. Trust me, I know. 😉

                • Interesting. Where might these be? Seriously.

                  • Seriously, the USGS doesn’t know everything. No one even looked for platinum in America, but there is a lot more than we realize. The PTB figure no sense in using ours when we can use others.

                    USGS Arizona didn’t know Arizona had any platinum until 2000 and in fact they had publicly stated that there was NO platinum in Arizona in their literature.

                    Where? California, try Soledad Mountain as I recall. Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Ontario, Alaska, Western Canada, etc. Its damn near ubiquitous!!! 🙂

        • OK Will this come today?
          OK Everybody. Looks like Monday in Ferguson MO is the day that the Grand Jury will announce that Officer Daren Wilson is NOT Guilty of any Crime. The Stage is Set. Black Protestors threaten their Riots in various towns nearby and in many Cities across the Nation. I suggest hunker down on Monday and a few days and watch the Big Show Down unfold.

          Food & Water- check
          Popcorn- check
          Beer- check
          Guns loaded- check
          TV Remote-check
          YouTube- check

        • “this is going to be a long war”… NOT. What this is going to be is a NUCLEAR WAR! READ paul craig Roberts website.

      2. We seem to be rhyming with the 1930s. China has replaced Japan and Russia has replaced Germany. The U.S. is poking at a hornets nest with a stick. I think that WW 3 is a predictable outcome from current U.S. Strategy.

        • insightful observation

          Same song, different singers.

          • …and the song is, apparently, “I got plenty of nuthin'”

            Or will be soon enough, thanks to the socialist nostrums that have turned the US into one giant Detroit.

            Y’know Detroit… the only city you can walk twelve blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime…

        • Shouldn’t that be, “the unitedstate has replaced Germany”?

        • Because our government is run by psychopaths and under the thumb of the Cabal.

          • Russia Today is being treated the Exact Same as Germany was in 1930’s..By same method! IE: Sanctions or as called back in 1930…BOYCOTTS!….When in 1933 Way Before a single jew nor a single Hair on a jews head was as yet harmed….International jewry Led by New york jewry head rabbis and Zionist orgs galore, Declared WAR against germans and germany.

            All for the only reason to incite germans into WWII. For whenever any nation, like germany, needed to SELL factory goods etc in order to buy food Imports to FEED 65% or 2/3rd of their entire nations peoples or else starve soon, is Boycotted like germans were due to jewrys war declarations in 1933, and SEEN in Most Every major newspaper, aka jewspapers nationwide across usa and all euro nations as well.

            At some point the boycotted nation will have no other choice but to enter into a war…

            of course this can Only be possible and effetive as a method when the Lead aka allied nations like usa and england has a majority of vastly Gullible citizens who will believe whatever their govnt and or jewspapers(today also include TV jewsnews) tell’s them to believe.

            Otherwise international nation wrecker jewry/zionists cannot convince enough folks to raid stores and force store owners and managers to take every german made or labled product of every type into the streets and Dump said german made or exported goods into sewers and streets.

            That Must happen in order to also convince the nation of blind sheeps(greatest gen aka our parents and grand parents) that besides destruction of every german made or exported into usa goods, said duped sheeps whos unyielding trust that fed govnt and jewry/zionist’s many (now proven False) claims of atrocieties were truth ( they were’nt) so those massivle lied to and royally Duped sheeps folk would continue an Ongoing boycott of germany goods untill either germans starved to death or got wiped out in a huge WWII event(the Latter wwii event Is what was hoped for by international zio jewry and corrupted usa and british leadrsship officials etc).

            Once That got acomplished almost overnite, since just days prior to the big toss out into trash of every german goods items found on shelves across america, the royally duped sheep citizenery of usa enjoyed the very best of goods sold by germans, and considered germany and its folks as, white americans No.1 best Pals nation status, for quite a long while prior to 1933 International jewry/zionists huge headlines of WAR against Germans! with long articles written to inform every usa citizen sheep as to why also every single German person alive globally MUST persih!..IE: Every such jewspaper article demanded for every german person located in every nation including the usa needed to be Exterminated dead.(you likly thought it was germans who used the word “exterminate” right? Nope! Zero proof exists that hitler ever made the claim or used that word of exterminate jews etc! it Rather was jewry who demanded total extermination of german persons similar to soviet bolshevik jews attempted extermination genocide against Russians and Poles etc just 20 yrs prior to 1933) FDR even had taxpayer cash Fund and BUY 500,000 Copies of a book written by a rabid german hater jew guy in usa, and had the entire 1/2 million books sent to US military soldiers to Read so as to build a more vile venomous hatred of germans equal to jewrys hatred.( no others can ever contain hatred of anybody equal to jewry tribal medieval hatred of all non jew goys)…Naysayer unbelievers and unquestioning defenders of all issues jewish can locate online screen shots of actual paperback book of the orig Red colored book cover with the caption of “Why every German Must be…Exterminated worlwide regardless where found even in America”.

            Meanwhile the illustrious FDR aka Rosenveldt as us Prez was doing same type boycotts against Japan! to Goad Japs into attacking usa so america can have a good reason to comply with international jewry nation wreckerizm and actually destroy germany and kill off as many White Christian German folks as inhumanly possible so to please FDR et al’s, Master Race-zio masters.

            Since Japan was allied with germany with guarentees to protect each other incase of war all FDR needed was for Japs to attack first and then have a perfect reason to go attack a euro nation several thousand miles away from the Jap island attackers!

            All mainly because brits didn’t like that germany arose from the Grave, Booted Out jew banksters, and within less than 5 yrs was soon ready to surpass england in all forms manufacturing etc and industry productions with near full employment of german folks. While in usa and england thanks to Kommie tactics along with scam jew bankster swindles( fed reserve ) The Brits and American citizen sheeps were mired deep in never ending policy of Deep Great depressions of massive proportions aproaching that of germanys untill germans DID something to remedy it in Less than 5 yrs.

            And did it with OUT any as yet violence!…That really must have galled them blood thirsty Vampires of the zio tribe eh….Yes indeed no way they was going to allow for that without WWII happening.

            All it took was #1 get bribed crooked kommie leftists into high usa and british offices, get jews into every fuckin Bank, and newspapers worldwide….#2 create a very dumb duped down citizenery of trusting sheeps, then #3-scheme and scam a huge war ASAP once jewspapers globally carried headlines of “Jewry Declares WAR! against Germany!” 1933…..

            Boycotts has been Re named as “Sanctions”, Germany has been RE Named as “Russia” and Japan renamed as
            “China”…All the NY jewry zio HQ and London city jew bankster HQ honchos Now need as a huge REPEAT! in 2015!

            Should be eaiser this go round since usa and british has way More duped sheeps this time eh. And Far greedier and crooked’er Polititions, with former jewry bankster families of multi millionaires then 1933, NOW same jewish bankster families are worth more like multi Trillions per family!….Plus instead of just jewspapers and magazines to promote jewry zio lies galore in order to do the dupeing and dumbing downs…Today they also has Talmudvision (tv sets- the satanic electronic Rabbi) and Talker Radio!..OyVey them Vampire blood sucking nation wreckers must be rabidly Drooling right Now huh!

      3. I just got finished reading an article about how the “super rich” are leaving the “rich” behind. They are also buying bunkers. Crap, Glenn Beck is talking about how he purchased an old vehicle (He at least owns a ’57 chevy and an early 70’s land rover; both EMP proof). I always ask people from The Greatest Generation if they have ever seen so many things on the verge of going bad. They are unanimous that the world has never been so vulnerable. The fall of the Petro dollar, Russia, the Middle East, border security, risk of EMP, etc. etc. etc. Trust God. Use your brain. Be Alert.

        -Esse Quam Videri

        • went & bought 69 ford p/u 5 1/2 yrs ago. stocked up on guns, ammo, food, & have 2 wells on property. as REO Speedwagon sang years ago, RIDIN THE STORM OUT !

        • Good for Glenn Beck but what is he going to do when he is driving down the road and someone tries to take his RIDE?

          • Maybe he will call Ted Nugent or Dana

            • What will Glen Beck do if others try to Take his ride?

              Easy answer!..Beck will CRY! Profusely! and then attempt to convince those evil takers that prez wilson and soviet kommie bolsheviks is reason for Todays usa mess etc…but as per becks Usual..The ONLY major main thing he never shall tell them others of is that those soviet bolsheviks was jewish!

              For if Beck did reveal this fact that he surly MUST be well aware of by now, hes probobly fearing the huge Loss of a 1/2 Dozen top best seller books per year, and Loss forever of jewish supplied “Ghost Writers” and jewish strongholds of most every book publishing house in existence that likly publishes and writes his books.

              Not to mention loss of FCC TV rights, Radio show propaganda promoting daily episodes, and all the several tens of Multi Millions per year beck earns for his combined efforts of massive ass licking of his jewdeo zio Master Race jew pals.

              Yep…CRY big time, then go beg jew masters to Give beck a free private jet, similar to a few usa pastors jets given as thanks for services rendered in assisting zionist jewry to destroy usa christianity so well with a national Apostacy of such magnitude never yet seen elsewheres ever.

              Rabbi Swindleswinestien! my 57 Chevy got Taken from me! Whaaaaa BWhaaaaa BWhaaaa!!!…So kin ya gimme one of them thar Free Jet planes like you guys gave to Hagee phalllleeeezzzeeee!!

          • Oh I can’t stand that Judas Goat!

          • Beck will start weeping and tell the bad guy that we need to love each other.

        • Funny thing about bunkers, they all have some sort of ventilation system as well as a door or two. Find said things and pour a couple tons of concrete on them. The psychopathic elite can rest for eternity in their tombs built on the backs of slaves.

          • If I had a bunker, I would combine the best ventilation system with the Romans old style ac system.

          • For $5 just pour Gasoline down the air vent pipe and drop in a road flare. Boom! So much for your million dollar bunker.

            • …some bleach and ammonia would do nicely. Poured in together and then the vent sealed with a few wheelbarrows full of concrete.

        • Even those older vehicles are not entirely EMP proof. Voltage regulators and rectifier diodes in the charging system are semiconductor based. Would be a good idea to have spares of such devices stored in a fully enclosed metal container. Cheap spare parts right now but priceless after an EMP hits.

          • Stock up on auto circuit breaker fuses. A never mentioned prep. Take a photo of your Serpentine belt loop configuration and put the photo in your owners manual. Buy an extra belt in case that one breaks in SHTF Belt.

      4. The dollar is strong than it’s ever been. I’m growing tired of this non-content from this site.

        • Thanks for your input. The dollar’s strength, like our stock market, has nothing to do with reality.

          I would suggest checking out Marin’s interview. He pretty much lays out why the dollar is toast. This is all about resources, as it has always been. And Russia and China are positioning themselves to control the majority of them globally.

          Or…we can pretend like it’s all good.

          • Come ON, Mac, you KNOW the gubmint wouldn’t lie to us.

        • Don’t even have to ask you why?…Wayne.
          Go to the beach and bury your head in the sand.
          Your comments do what you accuse this site of doing…no content to your shrill…just a lame statement and nothing to back up what you claim. Have fun working your serf zombie ass off paying back $18,000,000,000,000.00 with worthless dollars. Any value attributed to the dollar is based on a fictious LIBOR rate and printed dollars..which have no real world value.

          Live Free or Die Captain Obvious

          • Why would he or anyone of us have to pay off a phony debt none of us are responsible for?

            • BJ…you may feel you are not responsible for the debt created…or to pay it back.
              If you have a 401k, pension, savings account, checking account, an equity holder account, PM account, CD, or any other financial instrument privately held…you and every working person will be forced to relinquish those holdings to service this debt…just look at the test subject..the Greek Banks for your answer. Like it or not, serfdom and indentured servitude will be required to reduce this liability…unless of course…the whole currency system goes to reset…then we will be in a shit storm of pain.

              • It is not a matter of “feeling,” it is a matter of fact that I am not responsible for that phony fake debt.

                I only have a checking account and I keep only what is necessary for bills in it 🙂

                • agree with BJ
                  I dont own that debt , im only responsible for mine, and thats all im going to deal with ..period

                  • Makes zero sense that first us dollar collapses to fully zero worthless…THEN…Fed govnt robs Us of Our us dollar holdings to pay it all back to mainly Banksters who robbed america by Usury intrest swindles for over 100 yrs…WHY would they or any nations desire now valueless us dollars?….Makes no sense…Its just a parroting of most Every so caled self claimed online or tv expert on economics…

                    Far as I think it all is that regardless which camp you belong to, aka keynes camp or them many other book writers economic theorys galore camps…ALL such “expert” book writers has ONE main IN common thread…ALl are/were jewish writers…If you still want to trust jewish economic experts after seeing how jew banksters swindled and scammed usa and 199 other nations for the Past 350+ years now with their usury and expert book theorys of money plans?…Go for it! I sure wont or dont.

                    NO other group known of in all the Past 3500 yrs history ever sticks together as one like That bunch!…I trust them other expert writers as much as I do Keynes plans.

                    In ALL that tribe ever did for past 3500 yrs it always ends up a Huge benifit For Only them and a few shaboz goys in cahoots with the tribal bunch…And has always ended up that way at the mass expense and huge cost or bankruptcy of ALL non member goyims period.

                    Anybody that really believes This time its going to somehow be different?….I has a couple nice stale cheep Bagels for sale!

              • RE: “you and every working person will be forced to relinquish those holdings to service this debt”

                Ya. “They” will take it by inflating the money supply which will unevenly make everything more expensive. That way, “they” won’t have to physically take it from your bank account, you’ll just pay for it at the check-out counter or when you pay your bills.

                …Until eventually, there will be a Great Default, on their end.

                • Helot/Clark: If you believe that they will inflate the value of your money away, then you should be borrowing all of the money you can afford to pay back: with much cheaper dollars while the hard assets you bought increase in value.

                  I have been doing that for a generation. It works. 🙂

                  • Key phrase for most people is, “can afford to pay back”. With significant price increases most people will have a hard enough time treading water, let alone, pay back debt.

                    And then there’s rising interest rates to consider. (Not too mention the massive increases for health insurance. The republicans are not going to change that.) Rising interest rates will wipe out a person heavily in debt. That’s how people will be locked to the hip with the Great Default.

                    Purchasing assets with leverage is exactly what the central banks are encouraging. It’s what the goobermint is doing. It must be a grand idea because it’s working out so well for them.

                    As a bonus, all those rapidly rising values of many assets will plummet once the Great Default happens. A.k.a. you’ll get screwed. Look at Argentina as a, for example.

                    • Or, look at Japan as another example:

                      “The sad reality is that Japan is quickly surpassing the bubble economy achieved during the late 1980’s. Its equity and bond markets have become more disconnected from reality than at any other time in its history. The nation now faces a complete collapse of the yen and all assets denominated in that currency.” …


              • Bingo Talon spot on.

        • As strong as ever to what, Wayne?

          The Euro, Yuan, Ruble?

          In case you haven’t noticed, the dollar has been slaughtered against the price of beef ( up 17+% )and the cost of living in general.

          Luckily metals have been naked shorted into weakness so at least temporarily the dollar is artificially strong against them. This is quite possibly the single greatest moment to trade in currency for money…

        • Wayne, what are you smoking?

          • Wayne is smoking that Government payroll to troll

            • Wayne must be on meth.

        • Wayne, if you’re looking for a site with “non-content”, go to any MSM site and you’ll find it.

          • greenthumbers redthumbin again

          • Yep, he can get his fill of Kim Ks big ass and the saga of Cos’

        • Wayne, I assume that you dropped out of high school around the eleventh grade or earlier, just barely making it that far based on your asinine statement. Go on over to MSNBC. You’d fit in well there.

          • Wayne is drawing welfare therefore money grows on gubberment trees. He just bought more lobster with his EBT CARD.

            • The ZOG CABAL Federal Reserve prints IN GOD WE TRUST on the paper and of course Christians believe everything they read when it comes to GOD so the money must be good and everything right?? STOOPID SHEEP!!

              • The Romann empire lasted a long time too cause they printed on their money. “IN ZEUS WE TRUST” Stoopid Sheep believe anything.

                • We don’t call it Wayne’s World for nuttin.

        • Wayne, the dollar a mere printed piece of paper with a synthetic “value” and is backed by nothing but government promises. Maybe you meant to state that the economy is stronger than it’s ever been? Well, to the contrary, this country’s current economic situation is destroyed, and spiraling downward rapidly. Stop drinking the Obola kool-aid, wake up, and get a grip with reality.

        • Simple. It’s called competitive devaluation, or the race to the bottom. I.e., we’re in an Olympic race running **backwards** Japan just took the lead under Abe/Kuroda, but the other competitors all all seasoned (sleaze-end?) competitors, so expect them to catch up with Japan sooner or later.

        • @wayne,

          If you think the dollar is strong, take some of those dollars and buy a box of cereal. Also, in the supermarkets, while you are shopping, look at the unit prices (ie per pound, per ounce, per 100 count, etc). Then compare it to per unit prices 10 years ago.

          Now you might say….the price has gone up because of inflation….but there hasn’t been any inflation…so what gives…it is the decreased strength of the dollar.

        • Wayne. Its all manipulation to prop up the petro dollar pre collapse. It is wortless fiat paper based on thin air. Go buy food guns and ammo while you still can with the soon worthless dollar.

          • The dollar’s strong because the rest of the world’s teetering on the edge. As fragile as America’s economy is right now, US bonds are still attracting those looking for security.
            Just give it time. Obama will further damage our economy soon (minimum wage hike, global warming ‘fixes’, obamacare provisions kicking in).

            • BINGO! The man wins a seegar!

              The dollar is still the last safe haven in the world system, and will continue to be. Why? PRODUCTIVITY.

              It may be a hard concept to grasp, but fiat currencies are backed by something, on the macro scale, and that something is the ability of the issuer to mine, grow, and make STUFF. The USA still has huge energy reserves, raw materials like iron, copper and even rare earths, a very large high tech manufacturing base, and best of all the largest contiguous area of farmland in the world, conveniently provided with the best low-cost transport system God ever gave man, i.e the Mississippi/Missouri/Ohio river drainage. Not to say that a devaluation race will leave us unaffected, but no other nation or group of nations on earth can match us for fundamentals.

      5. Read that Russia starting dumping dollars on Friday. I think the economic war as already started.

        • todays reading in church from Thessalonians…

          Concerning times and seasons, brothers and sisters,
          you have no need for anything to be written to you.
          For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come
          like a thief at night.
          When people are saying, “Peace and security, ”
          then sudden disaster comes upon them,
          like labor pains upon a pregnant woman,
          and they will not escape.

          But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness,
          for that day to overtake you like a thief.
          For all of you are children of the light
          and children of the day.
          We are not of the night or of darkness.
          Therefore, let us not sleep as the rest do,
          but let us stay alert and sober.

          Pretty clear warning

          • very clear, if your head is not in the sand that is.

          • Yeahh Charlie Waite it means go buy a few flashlights and extra batteries cause nightime is upon us.

            • Dude you’re such a bitter old man. You have good info many times when it comes to economic discussion and preparation, but at the expense of ridiculing everyone else on here, that info comes with a heavy price. Who died and made you God? There are going to be many preppers that will have all their physical ducks in a row and still won’t survive because they haven’t emotionally and spiritually prepared themselves. I suggest that you stop making fun of those who are making their peace with God. We won’t have anything else when it hits, but we will have enough.

              • There is a good chance that at some point our connection with our higher power could be ALL that we have,,
                Sad state of affairs but oh so possible.

              • Thumbs ups!!

          • Charley Waite,

            I say that message from Thessalonians speaks to us today, to those that are listening.

            • Thank you, KY Mom. God bless you

              • Charley Waite,

                God bless you!

        • I’m reading that the Russians are not so much dumping dollars as buying up roubles trying to slow down the slide in the rouble’s value. As of last night it was down 17% against the dollar since mid August.

          Sanctions over Ukraine not only bite, they chew.

      6. One thing or another. It’s not looking very promising for us.

        Today was the first day I had to blow snow out of the road. It’s going to be an interesting winter…………

      7. This isn’t just about preppers preparing…it’s about countries getting their shelves stocked and reserves inline for future events. Energy, water, food, ammo.

        All those countries except the U.S. that is. Seems only DHS,IRS,FEMA and the other 3 letter agencies are preparing for their own survival and you, me and everyone else is disposable.

        • Thumbs up. They (govt and super and mega rich) couldn’t give 2 shits about the rest of us.

          • Maybe that’s why the rush to demonize Americans whom believe in our Constitutional Republic. And our Judeo/Christian values, self suffenceny and desire to be left alone.

      8. It is over for the fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM of collapsing Murica, the Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDALfilth know it, so they need a war badly to save their dying system of filthy money pig GREED. Now that INTELLIGENT people are waking up to the poisonous toxic GMO chemical filled deadly shit food, and deadly Big Pharma shit drugs, the Corporatist Fascist’s murderers market down the throats of the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered toxic waste dumps of collapsing Murica, the fascists need a war NOW more than ever.

      9. America is dying. Trillion dollar deficits and endless money printing are what’s killing us and nobody could stop it even if they wanted to.

        Have to correct one thing in the article: It’s WHEN the petrodollar dies. Not if.

        • There is not endless money printing. I haven’t heard of any folks going around with wheelbarrows full of USA cash. The world isn’t awash in US paper dollars. Now the US mint does print 24X7 and has done so for many decades. however The largest bill in circulation is a $100 bill. and the mint prints mostly $1&$20. Paper money wears out and truckloads are burnt every day. Almost all the old money without the imbedded strip and watermarks are already incenerated. The actual cash dollars for the amount of debt do not exist. And wont exist unless the mint starts printing bills larger than $100. The debt is paper IOU,s signatures on paper, treasury notes. The same as a car loan or house mortgage ect.

          • Around 1989, I was transferring my retirement funds in Canada, and was given a $10,000 bill to give to the company I was transferring to (I asked for cash). I almost did a double take, and almost checked to see Donald Duck or Mikey Mouse wasn’t in place of the Queen on it.

            Walking around downtown Ottawa, broad daylight, ex-football player, a million people are around… but I was sure I was going to get rolled.

          • Just because people are not, “going around with wheelbarrows full of USA cash” does not mean the world isn’t awash in US paper dollars.

            “Since 1971 the St. Louis Fed’s Adjusted Monetary Base (circulating currency and bank reserves), has risen from $70 Billion to $3,885 Billion today, a 55-fold (5,500%) increase.” – The U.S. Dollar: Currency Masquerading as Money

            That’s what’s known as, “money printing” baby.

            • In the past ten years the Chinese have printed 15 times as much as the FED and have a Debt / GDP ratio of 250%.

              Who is the money printer? 🙂

              One reason the FED prints so much money is the DEMAND for it from the NWO crony capitalists who use it to stash their wealth. That’s reality.

              • Its not too far a stretch to figure out why they print, besides your point of the stuff wearing out how many folks you know have a nice stash of bills just in case? If you add up everyones JIC stash of fiat $ it adds up to a Hefty pile o bills,

                • Good point. Mattress check!!! (And we have seen a photo of mac’s mattress!!!) 🙂

                • Received an interesting notice with our bank statement the other day. It basically said that federal regulations give them the right to hold our money (that is our individual accounts) for seven days so if we wish to make a withdrawal, they can take seven days to pay us if they decide to take that action. Made me a little edgy. Went in to cash a sizable check expecting them to tell us 7 days but got a pleasant surprise – they gave us the money immediately. I figure they are getting ready for some action of they would not have sent out the notices. This was a NY bank, Northwest Savings Bank.

          • Old Guy. But wait the money is backed by IN GOD WE TRUST. Surekt God won’t let you down.
            The funny thing God can move heaven and earth but just can’t seem to print his own money cause he always seem to need your money lots and lots of your money. Fraud everywhere. An nobody is coming to save you no matter how much money you gave to God. Stoopid sheep!!

            • Right on!

          • @Old guy

            You should know that there are more $100 bills being printed than $1 bills. It now takes 25 or more nickels to buy a candy bar, when it used to take just one. Prices used to stay the same for years. Now they change every week. If this keeps up, it won’t be long until the prices are changing hourly. You’ll never see wheelbarrows of cash because everyone’s using cards.

            • The in god we trust was not on the money at the beginning. That was a later addition by Roosevelt it believe. Ok just who on this forum has a wheelbarrow of the fiat money that hasn’t any purchasing power? Of course the money isn’t backed by gold. When we went off the gold standard the money became backed by commodities. It was backed by grain, Wheat,corn ,Rice, cotton ect. That’s why the government instituted support prices and paid farmers not to grow certain crops. Then Kissenger to help the Arabs devised OPEC and it became the petro dollar. What Im trying to explain is none of the common folks will every admass a wheelbarrow of worthless cash and use it to pay off their exorbant debts. Those folks who thought that they where middle class and bought on credit to keep up with the Joneses. They are not going to lose anything. Because it was never actually theirs. When you buy on credit until you make the very last payment you are nothing more than a glorified renter. When the collapse comes all debts will still remain. There is no such thing as abandoned property free for the taking. All property belongs to someone.

          • @Old guy….

            They don’t just print dollars now. They are computer generated.

            There were no computers in Germany in the 1920’s…so they printed it.

            Now transactions are all done by computer, for the most part.

            • your wrong walt. The paper is a special paper and it is printed at the mint. And it don’t matter any way. There are not the actual paper dollar in existence to equal the national debt. The general populace is not awash in paper cash. In fact most working folks have seen a decline in their earnings. Instad of working a weel paying job for 40 hours. they have a couple of part time jobs at a lower wage. When the finiancial collapse happens we wont see a excess of worthless paper dollars blowing in the wind or being used for toilet paper. the money will be worthless but it wont be abundant. There is indeed a plan for a cashless society.I went to my bank a few years ago and wanted to withdraw $2,000 from my checking account. They wouldn’t let me have it. I was told there was a $1,000 per day limit . that they didn’t keep much cash on hand. So every day I went and took out $1000 . until I emptied the checking account. Today my Social Security Ponzi check is direct deposited. I withdraw most of it in cash and leave just enough to pay the bills that must be mailed. Its deposited this Wednesday. and Thursday morning I will take out most of it in cash. Ive likely got more paper cash money in my hand than 90% of those here.

              • You are just making my point.

                While they do print money, most money is “created” with a few keystrokes of a computer. It’s digital. That’s why when you go to your bank and ask for a few thousand dollars in cash, they are very reluctant to give it to you.

                Whether money is in actual paper form is irrelevant to the fact that the value of it is being degraded by the digital creation of it.

                • Yes Its is being degraded by the digital creation of the debt. However the actual paper money in the amount of the trillions of debt don’t exist. Its the same as the saying a million dollars is nothing to a liar. Because he can have as many millions as he wants.

      10. Here is a idea… Just Live your lives like the end happened yesterday .. This way you won’t have to keep speculating when the end is to happen ..

        Life is So short… It’s a shame most of us will let it pass us by with this end of the world gossip crap …

        Your here today..Your healthy … Count your blessings and move on!!!

        • Living in the here and now,,
          Words of wisdom my friend,
          I see so many people fretting over the what ifs and the constant push to their future “security”
          I get it, but i have seen so many like my Pop why busted their ass for years to retire then keel over a minute after they get there, not that he didnt live a good life but so many who dont take the time to just enjoy while they can,,

        • You should certainly try to enjoy your life as it is now by enjoying your friends and family and living a Godly life, but you shouldn’t neglect planning for future events. That being said, it has always been good advise to stay our of debt and save for the future. We just need to consider what/how we are saving. A well-rounded approach makes sense. If you have extra money, put a bit aside. But also make sure you have the “assets” to take care of yourself and family no matter what transpires… And that includes eating properly. By eating like this now, you will save money and be healthier. You can buy a quarter or half side of beef that has not been contaminated with drugs and chemicals from a local farmer for a LOT less that going to the store once a week. You can save money to make these purchases by eating soups, stews, and beans and rice. And shop sale items that you will eat and that will keep you healthy. Grow your own food! Start with the easier items like bush beans, squash, potatoes. Learn to can and dehydrate. It is all a step by step process but you will feel better about whatever the future brings and you will be healthier if you take control of what you can influence.

      11. the ruble in free-fall, brent crude oil on a steady price decline, and further sanctions for the ‘ukraine situation’ have the russian economy on the brink of catastrophe. Putin isn’t a threat because he is strong – he’s a threat because he is desperate.

        things really are falling apart economically on a global scale. the fight for resources will be brutal. but hey, that kardashian chick showed a picture of her bare ass so the ‘great unwashed’ will have something else to focus on – for a while anyway.

        • Correct. But the PPP clan doesn’t want to hear that.

          • Tony Soprano would straiten this problem out. That’s what we need today is lots of baseball bats and piano wire.

        • Putin is a threat because he sees the real NWO game, and refuses to bend to their will. Russia is a threat, because the Russian people fully back their leaders and they are not a bunch of rag-headed goat herders with no meaningful way to fight back.

          Russia is a threat to the NWO because they refuse socialism, homosexuality and resist sharia law. Russia’s leaders are united FOR the good of THEIR country, to the exclusion of western hegemony.

          I wish we could follow that example.

          • Wish there was a “like” button. You are spot on Sixpack.

      12. Balance sheet check:Decide for yourself.

        Russia: Abundant oil, natural gas,gold, diamnds, aluminium, copper, Asian and Central Asian trade, BRICS partners, no national debt, nukes, modernized military, leader with “balls”.

        USA: $17 trillion, debt, owes China 6 Trillin, Owes the American people trillions,aging nukes, over strecthed military, importing Ebola patients, exporting orders for Cheap Chinese Crap, Importing Central Americans, aged infrastructure, Zionist partners. Democrat and Republican, bankster,oil company puppets.

        Think about it, compare.

        • Just saying; Point of order. The Chinese hold about 1.3 trillion in US dollar reserves, not 6 trillion. 🙂

        • Anything the NWO wants, I don’t. It doesn’t even matter anymore, why or how.

      13. Did you see these SAVAGES ISIS beheaded another U.S. CITIZEN

        God I wish we could get a hold of all these scumbags throw them in a trench roll up a tanker of gasoline open the valves.

        And you know the rest.

        • Why not go after those who created and still help, finance and train ISIS first?

          • @ BJ—>


            “…Why not go after those who created and still help, finance and train ISIS first?



            …because, here in Amerika…we’d have to shoot the shit outta the mgmt / leadership of the C-eye-A & the State Dept…for starters.

            …stupid warmongering bastards!
            All they do is create a crisis / situation…then ‘pop-smoke’ and hide behind the lies / dis-info of our controlled media…whilst fanning the flames of a false paradigm..for the long-term benefit of the ‘power-elite!’

            • The worst part is that most of the people are a bunch of fucking sheep and believe their BS

              • Yup

            • 🙂

            • What a “Coincidence”…back in 1900 era Russia held largest jew group in world at aprox 8 million jews there…After twice failed revolt attempts, 1895-1905…Russian jews tried a Third time to overthrow a mostly, 95% Whites/Christian Russia nation in 1917-18 they fully succedded with much help/Gold/Funding from…USA and German jewish Banksters!

              Then for aprox 3/4th of a century soviet jewry bolshevik RED TERROR machine ruthlessly hovered over russia and every eastern euro nation while continuing the attempted mass genocide of…Whites/Christians in those nations…Untill Jewry got mostly BOOTED OUT around 1990.

              NOW usa today has aprox Same 8 million of jewry here same as russia did then…Today usa is fully controled by jewry same as russia then…Today that 3500 year Medieval Tribal Hatred of Goy non jewish folk, and for past 2000 yrs same type hate lust for christianity continues unabated still…

              And the ONLY reason we are all still alive and in the usa nation is due to the GUNS! OUR GUNS! which is all that stands in the way of a 100% repeat performance on an even Greater scale as russia 1918 was and BY the same fuckin Bolshevik tribes “Grandkids”.

              What does folks Not as yet get?…ALL the petro dollar talk, economic collapse talks, Fear mongerings daily online and TV wize is a huge scam HOAX like every other past Hoax invented by the worlds greatest NATION WRECKERS!

              Designed to Keep Your Eyes OFF the True game plans of todays modern day era soviet jewdeo kommie bolsheviks and their side kicks aka the Political Wing/Arm of talmudic jewry, ZIONISIM/Zionists.

              Keep eyes focused daily on false scam threats while soviet talmudic zios daily Train Up MORE and MORE Militant blacks and mestizo apes for the soon comming second revolt of jewrys attempted genocidal kill off of…Whiteys and Christians.

              What do folks Not Yet Get?…The proven Infos all available today like never prior was…Get some!


        • Is that another fake beheading video that you speak of?

          • Next one up, will be a woman, that ought to really get peoples emotions up in a tizzy.

            • My thought exactly, BJ. And if that doesn’t work they will then start showing children having their heads cut off. Between MSM and unholywood ANYTHING is possible.

        • Islam, the religion of pieces. Human pieces, that is.

      14. Been catching up on the news today. Over on zero hedge a report that Australian company Glencore is shutting coal mines for 3 weeks due to over supply. Russia has a run on the dollar while stockpiling more -tonnes more- Gold, and China is loading up and stockpiling cheap oil. Currencies of all oil producing nations getting hammered. Meanwhile the MSM is distracting us with old, very old story of bill Cosby rape allegations and NFL narcotic misuse and over abuse.

        Meanwhile, less than 3% CT residents are supposedly on the dole, yet 25% can barely make bare necessities. I went shopping yesterday to get a pant suit for an important meeting and its the first time I’ve been clothes shopping in a very long time. I don’t have a sweater less than 5 years old. The prices were unbelievable. I’ve followed food prices but damn. I guess I need to stockpile more undies, socks and other things.

        Spent the evening explaining agenda 21 to my husband, talked about overuse of roundup at wheat harvest causing glyphosphate poisoning and took stock of our ammo situation. Any sheep would say I have way too much, but I say I haven’t near enough.

        I read all this and start to get discouraged, but I know I’m WAAYYYYY ahead of 97% of the population. Anybody else getting burnt out? I don’t see how you folks who’ve been prepping for decades do it. I pray I have the resolve to keep on keeping on. Sometimes lately I wonder what’s the bloody point.

        • Pity….I’m getting somewhat burned out. I haven’t bought any groceries in over two weeks. And the only thing I’ve taken out of my freezer is a gallon of milk. I’ve been trying to make room in my fridge for thanksgiving. I guess I didn’t realize how much food I have. I figure I’ll spend the next paycheck on Christmas presents and buy fun things vs preparedness supplies. It is kinda nice stepping back and taking stock.

          • That it is. Two weeks ago was the first time I’d walked though all the aisles in the grocery store to look at prices in a year. I’m really blessed to be so well prepared.

          • Last year we gave Get Home bags to our family. Each one had a Sawyer All in One water filter. Each equipped with basics.

        • Pitty, been burned out for years. But it is about balance.
          It is nice to be prepped up.
          Gotten burned out on this site too.
          It is pretty bad when you call a truce TWICE, then they start up on you again. Like being called a thief for telling jokes.
          But a liar is 10 tines worse than a thief.
          You can never trust a liar. EVER.

          • Eppe, have to say, even if the article doesn’t interest me, I go looking for your jokes.

          • Eppe, you keep on bringing us those jokes. Those jokes help me, for one, get through my days at work. We all enjoy your humor here. I don’t care where the jokes come from and it doesn’t matter what a certain poster whose name I won’t mention or anyone else says about it. Your humor is appreciated more than you know.

          • Eppe

            Just tells you what type of person you are speaking about. Just no morals, class, or honesty.

          • Go cry in your soup eppe. All you post is stupid shit with zero benefit to entertain the stoopid small minded dolts. Space waster.

            • Eppe. When was the last time you posted any info or link to any news worthy event or any info that had any value or substance?. You just said it yourself you are bored. So go take your crybaby pitty Party some place else and as I busted you using another name , your other alter ego icon ME to launder your real thoughts. You are a fraud.

              • WWTI, just what the f#$% is your beef with eppe? At times you make some good posts then at other times you start sounding like an old lady on the rag. I don’t see anything fraudulent about eppe, but I am wondering about you!

              • Why don’t you count the number of posts you have like the last two, that do noting and aren’t even fun, you waste more cyberspace than he does And you are just an impolite name caller

        • Everything you write is spot on. Agenda 21, and it’s ugly sister faux global warming, are at the bottom of the evil list. I, too, was reading about the overuse of Monsatan’s Roundup on wheat. I am strongly pro-business and private sector; I am equally as strongly anti-CRONY capitalism and fascism (technically, the merger between the socialist state and co-opted big biz)

          Nice post

          • Green thumb – text version since the graphic went away.

        • I was burnt out a long time ago. Every time I see “Obama” anything, it gives me an instant headache…I’d love to see HIS head roll, with moochelle’s and about half of congress right behind…

      15. Well the Zionist Gruber made $400K for a 2 hour meeting at the White House to explain his Obama Care Model. Then He called the Americans Stupid to buy into this ZOG/APE so called Death Panel Care System.

        The main issue is “stupid people” in the United States have failed to “think through or foresee the global consequences of our ZOG actions.”

        • off your meds agaim, Stolzie?

          • No need to take meds if I can think clearly. Truth hurts your tribe but just haven’t seen nothing yet.

          • Be quiet southside…He’s channeling Hitler…must not disturb him.

        • Of course Americans love being Stooopid. The Movie Dumb and Dumber 2 just grossed $38 Million opening day. But these dumb trucks couldn’t tell you where the USA in on a map.

      16. One of the reasons we won WW2 was because of our industrial capacity. Where are our steel mills, ship building facilities, for god sake we don’t even make our own cloths. We are going to be in bad shape and will get hurt badly if a shooting war starts.

        • Don’t bet on that because the US possesses a huge technological advantage. We control the sky and higher ground and therefore our ground forces with PGM munitions are a tremendous force multiplier. The US also has a global reach and can control the sea lanes.As my Dad an 8th Air Force WWII vet said when asked, “How long would have WWII lasted if we had the weapons we now have”. His reply, “A weekend”.

          Remove the high tech “do dads” such as stealth, GPS and PGM weapons and the power the US has is then reduced numerically to a one to one with an adversary.

          • China is outspending us and quickly gaining parity on the Tech side, just a matter of time.

            • Blackjack, china has been gaining parity on the tech side with us thanks to Bill Clinton. he literally gave away our most important tech secrets to the gooks.

              • The top 300 of the Fortune 500 companies transferred $100 billion in R&D investment back in the 90’s as they built factories.

                I am working on getting my piece of China. 🙂

              • Right you are.

                The Clintons were the first effective, and covert, players to drive in the wedge of Communist destruction of America through “policy” and “initiatives” and “regulatory reform” in modern times.

                Their drive to implement “politically correct” was a smashing success throughout our society. People now are fully indoctrinated to guard their speech, qualify their statements, avoid direct verbal confrontation, and avoid speaking the obvious truth.

                The correct identifier for “political correctness” is Totalitarian Mind Control. It virtually straight out of college level Psychology 101.

                Both Clintons should be tried and sentenced for high treason, directly alongside Obama and every single one of Obama’s political appointees, White House staff, cabinet, regulatory agency heads, and top fundraisers.

                We The People are far, far from being the “stupid” citizens that Gruber perceives us to be. We have our flakes among us, as do all societal tribes, but the overwhelming majority of us see clearly, think clearly, perceive clearly, and render our decisions with morality, fairness, and compassion for the unavoidably weak among us.

          • On the other hand, the Civil War, WWI, the march into Russia by Hitler, etc. etc. etc all were not supposed to last much more than a weekend. You may well be right… but as Mike Tyson so perspicaciously said “Everyone has a plan – until they get punched in the mouth.”

          • RE: “Remove the high tech “do dads” such as stealth, GPS and PGM weapons and the power the US has is then reduced numerically to a one to one with an adversary.”

            I wonder if that’s what the guys on that unitedstate navy ship thought recently when it was disabled by a single russian jet with the flick of a switch?

            • Clark: WE have EMP weapons too. Nothing new. 🙂

              • You’re barely treading water kidd.

                • BJ: If you only knew!!! 🙂

          • Kevin2. What an ignorant comment. The US Army has been fighting a rag tag gang of 14 year olds in a 3rd world country for 13 years and $7 Trillion dollars and all the high tech gadgitry and still has nothing to show but a $20 billion a year A/C bill for tents air conditioning. Wake the F@ck up out of you flag waving dream.

            • My analysis assumes fighting a conventional military. In that regard the US has no peer. The US can cut supply lines and thus render conventional forces moot. Even Chinese troops eat. Gorillas fighting within an area with civilian popular support and hence sustainment render a great amount of US “High Tech Do Dads” ineffective. The unconventional forces defeat multi million dollar systems with a $20 IED.

              Its easier to fight the likes of NAZI Germany to victory than gorillas with sufficient popular support of the population. China and Russia “own” that area that they can walk to. Both are incapable of in depth military projection. The US Military has global reach. This and the fact that its under the influence of the globalists and is their (not our) big stick as Major General Smedley Butler pointed out in his book, ‘War Is A Racket”.

              • Gorillas, eh? I wonder if a .44 Mag would stop a gorilla like it does a grizzly.

                • I’ll bet that .44 Mag will work just fine in Ferguson. Just take plenty of speed loaders with you. Blast away.

          • I think we just LIKE TO THINK we have them all out-matched somehow. It’s always the same shit—“we’ve got more X than so-and-so”, or “we’ve got better X than so-and-so”. We’re in better shape financially, or something…always something.

            There’s always something we like to brag about and make ourselves FEEL better.

            News flash: We’re not superior. All this country is, is arrogant and brazen. This screwed up govt ran by NWO puppets has seen to that.

            Our best chance to make this right, is not to keep insisting we’re more powerful than the rest, but by being on solid moral ground again.

            Our salvation will come when we can look the world in the eye and say “we’re doing the right thing”…AND NOT BE LYING THROUGH OUR TEETH.

            just my .02

      17. Judgement Day(s) is next week. Amnesty for illegals and riots in MO. It will certainly not be a boring two years. Also, found a job so I meed to catch up on my prepping again.

      18. Great. Free market competition. So what if China buys Russian oil using renmimbi/ruble/giold bars. Why would that affect us? Maybe the can save money and pass the savings to us at Wal-Mart. Honestly, I don’t see why it would affect me if they choose to use xyz instead of FRN’s. ???

        • nutter: It doesn’t affect US at all but the fear mongers and USA haters like to point to expanded trade between third parties and sell it to US as the Death of the Dollar to vindicate their irrational positions. 🙂

      19. The demographic and religious majority hasn’t known the American way of life since the mid 80’s and is only waiting for collapse to be admitted.

      20. Don’t blame Putin and the Chinese for the mess that’s coming. Russia and China are not at fault here as they are just protecting their own interests and economic security. The West has been living on borrowed time for decades. We all know that (or should know it).

      21. The BRIC Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, & China) have formed such a strong alliance that the Petro Dollar, which has long been the world currency standard, will soon come to an end.

        Moreover, Banks throughout the world, including our own of course, are INsolvent.

        Lastly, under U.S. Legislation, the bankSTERS can indemnify themselves against all debt by seizing all savings and other accounts, including all Pensions and 401k’s.

        Have you prayed?

        Have you prepped?

        Have you prepared?

        Have you cashed out all savings/pensions/401k’s and converted them to 99.99% silver coinage?

        And have you hidden/stashed/buried those coins offsite? Because if it’s not in your hand, it’s not in your possession.

        People in Greece found that their Bank savings deposit boxes that held their valuables had already been stolen from when their banks re-opened after their “haircut”.

        The U.S. Mint just sold out of the American Eagle Silver Dollar. Clearly, many people know what is coming.

        Mr. Obama was installed to destroy our country by following Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals. No one in the White House Press Corps, who wants to keep his/her job, has called him out on any of his numerous lies.

        In the final analysis, God is in charge. And God has told His visionaries He will strike down the evildoers.

        I’m concerned, but not worried. What will be will be. St. Padre Pio said it best, “Pray, hope, don’t worry.”

        – the Lone Ranger

        • The 5 P’s.. Prepare, Pray, Persevere, Power, Prophesy.

      22. I don’t mean to offend the great Salvo, but The video is like a pink sheet OTC scam interview. I’m Not saying this is a scam stock, only that the interview is the same kind the OTC pink sheets use in their pump and dumps. If there were no stock symbol that they were pushing perhaps the interview would be more worth listening to.

      23. Let’s see. How would I get this country going on the right track? What would it take for the powers-that-be to say, okay, no more stuffing fiat into my pocket, I’m gonna start doing what is right for the country?

        I know! Public HANGINGS! Start with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Debbie Wasserman Shultz! Then, just to make certain the air of invincibility is not taken for granted, you add Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnel. Now, you have EVERYONE’s attention. I would harken a guess that in a week’s time, legislation would be flowing from the Congress like shit out of a goose. Of course, when Obozo vetos anything, he joins the others in the limelight, so to speak.

        What do you think, posters?

        • You should be droned for saying such violent things!

          -an average American sheep

        • David. Add John wayne McCain, Scheumer, Boenner, and the rest of the ZOG Cabal Shills on the Hill destroying America.

        • Hanging isn’t painful enough and it’s too quick. They don’t fear the afterlife. So stretch out their deaths for hours or days.

          • The Apaches had some wonderful techniques. As did the Algonquins.

      24. Oh, I almost forgot. A decree is to be issued all foreign governments of the Earth: You will stand with us, or against us. We will tolerate NO wanton infractions of our borders. Anyone crossing our border illegally will be shot…that statement will be posted on the fence that will be erected. Any foreign government action that is deemed aggression by the US will be attacked and defeated. All current trade with foreign governments will be suspended until such time as a full review of same be conducted. No financial aid will be included in the aforementioned review.

        • So says, David the wanna-be tyrant.
          I guess a lot of people miss The Wall (and the gunvernmint which controlled it) they always seem to want to build another just like it.

        • “This year marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. The most graphic symbol of communist tyranny and inhumanity in Europe came tumbling down as the Soviet-created East German government crumbled.

          Built in 1961 under the orders of the Soviet masters in Moscow, the Berlin Wall was meant to keep out “subversive” Western, capitalist influences in East Germany, and to lock behind the “Iron Curtain” the human capital the communist regime wished to exploit for the utopian purposes of the “workers’ paradise.”

          But the desire and love of liberty is, sometimes, too strong to seal behind walls of concrete and barbed wire. During the 28 years of the Wall’s infamous existence, more than 5,000 people managed to escape over, under or through it. Tragically, dozens of others lost their lives attempting their escape from their collectivist prison.

          One of the classical liberal triumphs of the 19th century had been the liberation not only of freedom of trade, but also freedom of movement, under the premise that the free individual had a right to travel, live and work wherever his peaceful purposes led him in the pursuit of opportunity, profit, and pleasure.

          What the Berlin Wall especially epitomized was the communist premise that the individual was owned, body and soul, by the collective. He lived, worked and moved where dictated by the State.

          This has continued to be case in the interventionist-welfare state, under which as the paternalistic provider and protector of the “social good,” the State determines who may leave or enter nation-states, and for what purposes and for how long.

          If liberty triumphs in the 21st century one of the ideals that must accompany it is a restoration of the principle of the individual’s right of freedom of movement.” Read the rest…

          • Every nation has a RIGHT to a controled Border. NO individuals has any so called right to Enter another nation unless that nations GRANTS such right and that nation has an Obligation to Its real citizens to enforce controls to benifit its Own folks.

            The MAIN real reason we now for 50 years has seen so huge a number of illeagles and legit alike immigrants that are ALL Non White, entering ONLY into ALL White Nations aka the Western world nations, you know, them good places and civilized and loaded with normal folk nations of whiteys.

            Is to stop before it happens…A great huge awakening of said white folks to reality of ZOG run govnt etc and next a reformation of a huge nation full of pissed off whiteys going all Nazi on the Perpetrators of it all.

            Them Zio perps thinks as long as whites in EVERY white and ONLY in white nations they can cause whites to become a minority in every and ONLY in white nations then that will somehow avert said nazi events…Boy are They Wrong!

            Anybody who rejects such sane factual common sense here…Tell us all Why is it JUST and ONLY white nations suffering this massive invasions of NON whiteys into every white nation and NONE of the Hispanic-Jap-China-etc etc nations has ANY real problems of mass immigrants of any types?…WHY is it Good and swell for Japan and china and mexico and africa etc etc to REMIAN mainly Black or chink or hispanic as they always were?…Yet That same policy is NOT ok nor swell or good for white nations?

            Why?…..China for chinese…Japan for Japs….mexico for mexicans…Africa for Blacks….America and every white euro nation for…EVERYBODY!??..Why is That not spoken of on ANY MSM TV news or shows?

            And Why do so Many stupid white guilt fools still Keep on aproving of and ignoring of this all?

            Wake Up white fools.

            PS: You whiteys…NO matter WHAT You do Good or Bad…They will still call YOU an evil raysis and evil Nazi……So You may as well Go All OUT!

      25. No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for greed and love of power.

      26. If all this is true, time for the scamsters to conduct some sleazy shenanigans to smash the price of gold and silver again!

        • helot/clark: I see you still pimping for Lew Rockwell, the NWO agent for the Crown who wants to sell FREE TRADE to Americans as a FREEDOM.

          You are a fucking weasel!!! 🙂

          • A weasel with no penis.

            • “This web site thrives because of its community. While we support lively debates and understand that people get excited, frustrated or angry at times, we ask that the conversation remain civil.”

              • helot/Clark: Fuck you, crybaby!!! 🙂

          • The Secret Playbook of Internet Trolls

            “There are 15 commonly-used trolling tactics to disrupt, misdirect and control internet discussions.

            As one interesting example, trolls start flame wars because – according to two professors – swearing and name-calling shut down our ability to think and focus.

            And trolls will often spew divisive attacks so that people argue against each other, instead of bad actions and policies of the powers-that-be.” …


            • helot/Clark: Why don’t you deny that Lew Rockwell is a NWO Agent for the Crown selling Americans FREE TRADE as a FREEDOM when it is managed trade and managed to the benefit of the Investment Class and Uber Rich, under NAFTA, WTO, TPP, GATT, and Most Favored Nation Status?

              All of US here know that its true and that it has been the strategy of the NWO Globalists to crush the incomes and the political power of the Middle Class?

              You are the paid fucking troll, Asswipe, and you know it!!! 🙂

            • Yup, good post helot. I see a few of those around here…..ironically one of them while barely treading water is a pot calling you a kettle.

              durango is a childish fool, and a troll through and through….whether he is paid or not. I know it’s hard to ignore the ugly little gollum looking beast under the bridge, but try if you can.

      27. Wars are fought for gain of resources. You don’t spend billions of money and lives without a return on that investment. Unless you are a radical Moslem. In an ideal world radical Moslems should all be hunted down and destroyed.
        But as for the rest of us the Americas are resource independent. We can produce all the food, energy, water and goodies that define a modern technological society for our needs and riches. If all of Asia and Africa are off limits, we would be just fine. Keep in mind that in the last 100 years they killed of all the smart ones in wars and internal purges. So lets roll! Shoot everyone in the EPA, Hang every one that puts profit over the environment, and start manufacturing again.

        • We’ll have WWIII when it’s inconvenient for America to make its debt payments.

        • US Manufacturing Is in Decline
          Great news, says Gary North.

          Free Markets: Cheaper Goods, Greater Wealth, Better Jobs

          “This is a worldwide phenomenon. This is an irreversible phenomenon. […] There are people who complain about the declining share of gross domestic product that is contributed by manufacturing in the United States. This is because they are completely unfamiliar with the worldwide phenomenon. They do not understand that economic growth accompanies a declining percentage of manufacturing to a national economy. […] The heart of wealth is not manufacturing; the heart of wealth is the knowledge applied to reduce the total percentage of manufacturing in the overall economy, and to increase the wealth of the masses through services. These services may be digital. They may be personal. But they are not based on manufacturing.”…

          • helot/Clark: I have read this article by Gary North before. I don’t buy it AT ALL. Productive economies make things; they do just move money around in and out of different financial asset classes.

            More NWO propaganda. This time from Gay North. 🙁

            • Ha! ‘Beware the Debater’

              “One of the most time-wasting and exhausting exercises I can think of is being sucked into a debate — especially if the debater has tapioca between his ears. An argumentative person is not only unpleasant to be around, he also can consume large chunks of your time — time that could otherwise be used in beneficial ways.

              An accomplished, incurable debater has the potential to frustrate and exhaust you to an alarming degree. Because relationships with debaters have such great potential for slowing you down, it’s important to be able to recognize when you’re in close proximity to such an individual.

              To help toward that end, I have summarized below the Ten Dirty Tricks of Debating, which are the most commonly used tools of the debater’s trade. […]


              Using the desired conclusion as a premise — sometimes referred to as an a prioriargument — is just a bold version of basing one’s arguments on a false premise. The debater who employs this tactic merely restates his own conclusion as though it were a fact.” …


              • Debate me you Faggot and Lew Rockwell too!!! Still sucking his dick I see. Don’t you ever get tired of spreading NWO BULLSHIT???

                Tell US that he isn’t an agent for the Crown spreading the mantra that FREE TRADE is a FREEDOM and selling it to stupid Americans while pretending to be a Libertarian!!!

                Obola poses as a Christian while wearing a ring that is inscribed: “There is no god but Allah”. They use euphemisms to sell US their phony crony capitalism and all you do is parrot their treason and give US a fucking link to them.

                Com’on you Faggot. You have never denied that either. I know you are!!! “Smarty pants”. LMAO 🙂

              • Some of this stuff is so easy to see helot, even to the blind. I love and get a kick out of the obvious attempts of projection he uses, accusing others of his own crimes against freedom / liberty lovers in service to TPTB.

          • My last 15 years working was spent with a company that makes high tech but general purpose manufacturing machinery. Customers from Apple to Ford/GM to Lockheed to medical implants.

            I am still in close touch with colleagues there. We had a record year in 2008, (my last full year) and I’m being told that the sales record has been pushed higher every year since. SOMEBODY is building factories and is making SOMETHING.

            What we are not making anymore is cheap crappy plastic consumer goods, and textiles. Low tech labor intensive industries always seeks the cheapest places.

            BTW more and more mfg. is becoming automated, which accounts for the reduced mfg. employment as much as anything. Personal story: In 1980 Chrysler had 200 machine tools making ONE clutch part for an automatic transmission, with one operator per every two machines. Running three shifts, that meant 300 guys doing that one task, not to count all the machine maintenance personnel. Today that part is made on a fully automated CNC transfer line, which needs TWO operators per shift. And the automated machinery makes far better parts, too.

            • China makes far more than cheap plastic consumer goods. Regardless what is made the US has a massive trade imbalance.

              I don’t see the US factories being built. There is a long list of what we no longer make or no longer make in sufficient quantity. Steel is one such item.

              • Unions and mismanagement did a lot to ruin our steel industry, and of course every Tom, Dick, and Harry that wanted an industrial economy in the ’60s and ’70s built primary steel, so by 1980 the world was awash in capacity. But it is also true that in the USA we recycle so much that we don’t need primary steel anymore. You might be surprised to see how many steel recyclers there are. And how small their plants can be, since they don’t have to smelt out the iron from ore and refine it. Basically just remelt it, recast it using the so-called continuous-cast technology, then roll it out into useable shapes. Very efficient.

                We recycle factory buildings, too. When GM or Ford sets up to make a new design engine, they gut an existing building and install all-new machinery, to the tune of half a billion dollars, (yes, Billion, with a B). And this new machinery is designed to be so flexible that the NEXT new engine won’t need a new factory, just new programming. I was there until I retired in 2009. Worked long, long hours in half a dozen new engine plants. (Biggest obstacle – the UAW.)

                Chrysler did build a new complex at Dundee, MI. (Mostly to GTHODetroit.) And AFAIK all of the foreign car makers that now manufacture here built new buildings, mainly because they located in the South where recyclable buildings (and unions) didn’t exist. Honda, Nissan, Toymotor, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Mercedes, und-und-und. (Germany considers the USA to be a low-cost manufacturing location!)

                If you live near a big city you won’t see new factories. Cost of living is too high, land is too expensive, quality of labor force is too poor, etc.

                Big part of our trade imbalance is oil. Which is changing fast as we develop our own production. Would change even faster if the Greenies would stop blocking the pipeline from the Bakken to Texas.

                The gas boom on the Marcellus Shale is leading several foreign chemical companies to start plans for new plants to make natural gas into plastic. Cheap raw material is the draw.

                If there’s one thing we could do in a flash to help move more manufacturing back to the USA it’s to rein in the EPA. We have almost no iron foundries in the US anymore, and the Kill Coal drive is shutting down an aluminum smelter near me, to the tune of 1000 jobs.

                Don’t let me get started on the Thorium nuclear reactor technology. Mine coal, extract the thorium, run reactors to generate electrcity, use leftover heat to convert the coal hydrocarbons to gasoline. What’s not to like? (The EPA will find something, rest assured.)

                America isn’t an industrial wasteland yet, despite appearances in our Rust Belt cities. Get Government the hell out of the way and let us work.

              • Excess world production will move to mexico, Central,, and South America as soon as the TPP is signed, while China moves to a more service oriented economy. 🙁

      28. Chris Martenson has a good 5 min take on this subject at I don’t agree with him in a lot of areas, and his site is mostly paid subscribers, but he still has a lot of good to say, and this short vid – focusing on the Japanese monetization of debt that they just kicked into overdrive under Kuroda – is worth a listen.

        Meanwhile, the venerable Fernando Aguirre, who survived the Argentina 2001 meltdown, has a good summary of what that looked like today at

      29. Bunch of DHS vehicles parked in a hotel about 25 miles from Furgeson…wonder what way the verdict is going…

        • 3crosses,

          Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

          The future is unwritten

          Semper Fi 8541

        • Its a pretty safe bet the verdict wont be in favor of the race baiters,,,,,,

        • Don’t think the verdict is going well tonight’s 6pm news said Gov. Nixon has activated the National Guard and they are on standby. I think they already know the outcome and are holding it until they all get their ducks in a row. How much more can happen before it all goes south.

      30. “the last six years has been a disaster for America on this foreign policy…”

        I think it is more like the last 14 years, or maybe even the last 40 years.

      31. Is this going to be the time when americans and humans everywhere turn on the rich and those who serve the rich, for their traitorous actions???

      32. Folks the deck has been stacked against us for a great many years. Will we take it back and take control NO. What is going to happen will happen and when they (power brokers) want it to. The power brokers know that 99% of everything said is just hot air; they know it. Any resistance will be individual or small groups, as for any major organized force just won’t happen. The small groups in their remote BOL will just be cut off and allowed to die. All this saber rattling going on now in the world is just that saber rattling. If war does come it is only a depopulation move and the outcome will be the same power brokers still in charge. Large nukes will not be used only small tactical ones if any, the land is too precious to lose for food production. The wild card that cannot be controlled Mother Nature (earthquakes, cme, etc., and an out of controlled disease), one of which is very likely to happen. As for our only hope; prepare to last as long as you can and fight to the end. Get right with the creator (if you believe); draw your love ones as close as you possibly can. I personally believe (in GOD) and all this that world has to offer will soon pass away. Stand tall in your beliefs and never turn away from whom and what you truly believe in. How you prepare, with what, and, what you believe in is your choice and no one else’s.


      33. Both sides of WW2 were funded by American corporations. GM, Ford, IBM and many others supplied the German war effort. War is the destroyer of America. The psychopaths won’t stop the warmongering. Most of their profit is there. The arms buildup since WW2 has exploded and is feeding on every American’s productivity. So all who have died worldwide in these wars have perished to enrich the bankers, not to defend our freedom. There are no enemies of America except those we set up to be just that. The American government and it’s controllers threaten all life on Earth, the nuclear component itself is certain madness.

      34. The dollar has’nt lost any value? What a joke! Compared to the value in 1913 when the “Fed” took over, it’s buying power is worth less than 3.8 cents now. In 1991, I bought a new Toyota for $6488 before fees and such were added on. Now the equivalent auto is three times as much. I still drive it. Who can afford these car prices today? With the decline of the overall economy, car sales have to be close to collapsing. I say let it all collapse, the thievery, the lust for higher profits. Legalize hemp and cannabis! Hemp can replace the “fossil” fuels and plastics, cutting the pollution drastically. The uses of this plant are endless in all manner of applications. The plant is a complete source of nutrition. The medicinal effects are extraordinary with no side effects detrimental to the human body. It was Nixon who assisted this “war on drugs” after the panel he set up came back with the recomendation that cannabis was not harmful and should be legalized. The dismissal of this finding has led to the war on American’s, the police state growth and tyranny from our government. There cannot be a crime without a victim. America is the victim of the war on drugs.

        • Actually it depends on what your purchasing. a Few years ago Gas was above $4 per gallon. today gas about a dollar per gallon cheaper. So the dollars I spend on gas have more value today.

      35. Bring back the Thumbs Up option. Leave the down thumb option out as that was the one that was abused.

        • I agree totally. That way we can see what is of help to others, if that is what we want to focus on.

          I would have given you a thumbs up for your post, but, um.. I couldn’t!!!

          • I agree

            • Also agree.

              • Thumbs up Sierra Dave. Oh that’s me!

      36. The wars never profit the average guy. The average guy is the one who has to fight the war and if he survives, he gets stuck with the bill. The only beneficiaries of war are the big boys. Trans-national bankers, large energy corporations, and large defense contractors, their lobbyists and the politicians. No one fights for my freedom. If they did, they’d attack Washington,D.C.

      37. BJ and others…It is very simple to reply using a quote.
        Just copy/paste that post and reply–I use this on many sites as I visit about 10 each day.

        As follows…..

      38. Until the Fed stops militarizing and brainwashing what used to be regular Americans, well have more and more problems. There is revolution in the air. Some will make it, many will not. Thats what they bank on. That, importing ebola, importing illegals, causing race riots, keeping the chaos going, destroying middle class.
        Hell, I just read that a group of kids in some high school have boycotted Moochs crap lunches and the Feds are involved. Will those kids get out alive? Maybe theyll be arrested and charged w/ terrorism for passing out decent bag lunches.

      39. BJ and others…It is very simple to reply using a quote.
        Just copy/paste that post and reply–I use this on many sites as I visit about 10 each day

        oh, thanks.

        copy/pasted from above..and my reply

        • I know what you’re saying, but it won’t change where it appears on the page. That’s the thing with trying to find latest posts

      40. Ebola testing and a false negative test. First test came back negative, second test showed positive.

        A doctor’s mistaken Ebola test: ‘We were celebrating. . . . Then everything fell apart’

        “When Martin Salia’s Ebola test came back negative, his friends and colleagues threw their arms around him. They shook his hand. They patted him on the back. They removed their protective gear and cried.

        But when his symptoms remained nearly a week later, Salia took another test, on Nov. 10. This one came back positive, sending the Sierra Leonean doctor with ties to Maryland on a desperate, belated quest for treatment and forcing the colleagues who had embraced him into quarantine.”

        Note: Salia died this morning at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, where he was being treated for Ebola.

        -Washington Post
        (Drudge Report)

          • May he rest in peace.

            A shame a cocktail of homeopathic remedies aren’t tried. Including Colloidal Silver. Nothing to lose at this point.

        • “Over the last 50 years, tireless researchers have uncovered and revealed the existence of various elites that control governments and populations:

          Banks, super-banks, the military-industrial complex, intelligence agencies, psyop propagandists, Wall Street, and so forth and so on.

          For some reason, these researchers, many of them, have a blind spot when it comes to the ongoing operations of a shadow medical government.

          Blind spot. And also fear. Fear of criticism and ridicule for exposing sacred sacraments of society—like vaccination.

          Like psychiatry.

          Like (phony) epidemics.

          This tells you how strong and pervasive the pro-medical propagandists are. How much media power they wield. How much science they can fabricate. How thoroughly they can discredit and exile their critics, when those critics cut too close to the bone and expose too much truth.” …

        • and Martin Salia was a west African black man. Funny how the black doods even when treated in the USA die. And the white honkys live? Ebola will not become a pandemic disease in the USA. More children will die from Pnuemonia in india this week than have ever died of EBOLA since the beginning of time.

        • I would give you a green thumb for sharing this if I could.

      41. Fines, fines, fines. This is how you know the bill was written by the chosen, much like the NFL and everything else now in society, everything is a fine for money. The IRS is the collection agency for the Fed Reserve. It’s time for a president to pull a JFK and end the private bankers’ monopoly, or at least try. Also it’s interesting to read how many founding fathers worried about what might happen if the chosen infested this country.

      42. Have you guys heard of The Eletti??? Its the family name of some family in Canada. They have other family members but I’m not sure if its direct descendants or not. The name means The Chosen Ones. Prettty strange, I think they are in business doing different things but its hard to find anything on them. Someone mentioned to me that the head of the family is a Freemason and his name is Aries (ARES) Eletti. As in Ares the god of war is what he goes by. Crazy. Anyways, just wondering if anyone has heard of him or them. I’m gunna look for what I can find, let me know if you find anything.

      43. I don’t like the new comment platform and would REALLY like to see the THUMBS RETURN!

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