Global Reset Underway: 90% of Central Banks Push For Digital Currency That Governments Can Control

by | May 14, 2022 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by JD Heyes at Natural News under the title: Global reset fully underway as 90% of central banks push for digital currency that governments can control

     If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the stock market over the past several days, you are aware that stocks have been rapidly declining.

    Individual retirement accounts have lost hundreds of billions of dollars, if not more, in the blink of an eye as the Biden economy continues to tank and take Americans’ financial security with it. Without any doubt, Joe Biden has turned out to be the very worst president in the history of our country, and it’s not even close.

    But the tanking of our economy and those of countries around the world is purposeful: It’s being done as part of a global ‘reset’ that was launched by the planetary elite as a means of solidifying their control over literally every person and every activity, every day.

    And one way they plan on doing so is by taking over complete control of the money supply.

    As reported by Blacklisted News:

    new report from the Bank of International Settlements estimates that up to 90% of national central banks are at least in the planning stages for launching a central bank digital currency (CBDC). …

    This echoes a March report from the IMF, which claimed over one hundred nations are at least in the planning stages of releasing their own CBDC.

    It seems programs of government-issued digital money have been gaining momentum all around the world since at least 2020, and apparently, now they exist in over half the countries on the planet.

    “Nine out of 10 central banks are exploring central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and more than half are now developing them or running concrete experiments. In particular, work on retail CBDCs has moved to more advanced stages,” the report states.

    Brazil and Namibia are the two countries that have most recently announced their plans, doing so in April, the outlet reported.

    And of course, as with all globalist agenda items, this push for CBDCs is just part of “the current thing” as were COVID-19 lockdown policies, all climate change initiatives, and even the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    The method has moved the push for digital currencies from a fringe idea that was barely discussed into the societal mainstream in the span of just a few years, and now nine out of 10 countries are moving to either adopt one or have already done so.

    Blacklisted News went on to note that one aspect of digital currencies that is rarely talked about, if at all, is the potential for them to be ‘programmable’ — “a hypothetical feature of digital currency which would allow the issuer to set limits and controls over its use.”

    “Essentially, any CBDC would give either the state, the central bank or the corporation issuing the money as wages the power to control how and where the money is spent,” the report stated, suggesting that would amount to “third-party control over your money.”

    The outlet warned:

    This has massive implications for the very idea of individual liberty. Given how the last two years have gone, it’s not at all hard to imagine how such a system could be abused.

    Halting payments to “protect the NHS”, garnishing wages to “fight climate change” or individual financial sanctions because you aren’t vaccinated.

    Harken back to the recent trucker protests in Canada: Digital fundraising platform GoFundMe moved, at the Canadian government’s request, to confiscate millions of dollars that had been donated to sustain drivers and their families as they pushed back on a mandate forcing them to take a worthless, potentially dangerous vaccine.

    And when another platform attempted to take up donations, it was warned about legal action.

    The elites have come to believe that their mega-wealthy entitles them to more than just a wonderful life: They believe it entitles them to control how the rest of the world lives.

    We disagree.


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      1. When the grid goes down the elites and their families will be hunted down. There will no longer be a surveillance system to track the teams of the patriot elites that will crucify the satanic elite.

      2. It’s prophesied, it will happen.

        The only question is when, how soon.

        Soon I think.

        But maybe I’m wrong.

      3. And while they’re creating the big reset, how about telling those over used twats that keep pooping out babies that the gravy train is over. No more free money. If you can’t afford to financially look after your own little poop dispensers then you should keep your legs closed instead of spreading them to every Tom Dick and Harry. Society should be fed up by now. The black females are the worst.

        • ^^^ he’s right you know^^^^ I am sick to death of paying for you fkrs damm kids!

        • Pissed me off how the govt gave most with kiss $700 per month per kid, (don’t know limit) for over a year last year.
          My niece who doesn’t work went on vacations everywhere, Montana, SC, Florida, Smokies, etc, some multiple times.
          My nephew bought car parts for his hot rods but at least he works.
          Imagine how many big screen TVs, Playstation, bags of weed, etc were bought with tax dollars while many of us struggled.
          Just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean your rich.

        • A lot of us are fed up. We see it for what it really is. When someone misbehaves and it overlooked by others it is called “enabling”. By subsidizing having children out of wedlock there will only be more and more children. Who can’t see this? Now we have 3 generations of children born like this.
          I remember a show years ago on TV with a 41 or 42 year old women who was a great-grandmother. She had a kid at like 14, then her daughter did at approximately the same age, then her grand-daughter did, again about the same age. Combined with all the other children she had, and all her other kids her kids had there was dozens of them. She was still having kids when her kids were having kids, all of them publicly subsidized.
          We’re told these programs exist for humane purposes, and to alleviate misery and poverty. How do you eliminate it when by enabling it (subsidizing) you keep creating it. I believe we should help the helpless and the infirm as necessary. But these social programs are not about that, these programs are about creating generations of new voters for the libs and leftists.
          The US has spent countless trillions of dollars for these all programs since 1965, and now it’s more expensive than ever. Now we have lots of once thriving cities that look like Berlin 1945. We are probably near a tipping point however. We are coming to a point where we cannot afford to underwrite it all much longer. What will happen if/when it stops? I can sum it up in a 3 words – nationwide social chaos. The gov’t knows it too. At that point the gov’t would raise taxes, strip the middle class, confiscate private accounts, etc. to keep it all going.
          All this however is not the whole story. It is only part of a bigger story. The highest, most primary, overarching priority and goal of the State is to irrevocably alter the demography and culture of the US. These programs in the long-term actually help them achieve it. Allowing the borders to be overrun is another. Making the cost-of-living too high to have traditional families as the norm is another. Promoting abortion, and the endorsement of same-sex marriages, transgenderism, teaching CRT, inculcating dependence on gov’t, removing social stigmas, and on and on, are other measures by the State also used. The bottom line is for years we have been targeted for destruction. The current prezzJB admin. is ramping it up even more.
          The US is bankrupt. We have the fed gov. debt, states debt, cities debts, corporate debt, consumer debt, college loan debt, (college loan debt alone is 1.7 trillion), foreign debt and on and on. The country as a whole is totally, completely, absolutely bankrupt, and living only on more borrowing and debt. We have more debt than assets to pay for it all. Inflating the dollar is the only tool they have left to try to manage the massive deficits and debt.
          All that aside, the problems in this country are of such magnitude that traditional solutions no longer work. The people have no say and elections don’t work. Yet, lots of people call all this good gov’t.

      4. #TakeAwayTheirPower

      5. Central crime banks can implement CBDCs all they want. People will find a way to conduct business. Might cause a mass rush to physical precious metals as well. There will always be a underground economy. Real money will find a way to transact! Got silver and gold?

        • i hear all kinds of people talking about and “gold and silver economy”. how exactly would that work? how do you buy food at a store that is not allowed to take it, as most will surely be with strict laws in place. gasoline, same thing.

          people don’t seem to take into account the power of the pen in the hands and power hungry control freaks.

          do you actually, really and truly, think “they” will allow you to circumvent their plans for you. are so many people naïve enough to believe that “they” have not taken such measures into consideration and do not have plans in place to thwart such end runs?
          they outlawed private ownership of gold once, do people not understand that the central bankers have made arrangements for citizens trying to use precious metals, gems, barter and the like.
          with the “new digital currency” will come a long list of dos and do nots. those people doing do nots will be made examples of straight away. imagine not getting your monthly “allotment” of food, because you did the do nots. our your children taken away because you are obviously an unfit role model.

          anyone who thinks they are not use digital currency as it is being planned, simply does not fully understand what “they” will be capable of doing with it. with “the mark”, “they” will be able to fully control your life, where you go, how you get there, what you by on the way and on arrival, what you are allowed to buy for groceries. if your carbon “impact” is too large, you get to stay home, period, for a period of time until you are once again neutral.
          to think because you have some shiny coins or such that you will be free to live a life in any way to the one you are accustomed is simply a delusion my friend. if you allow this, with these thoughts in your mind, a very harsh reality awaits you!

      6. I used to have a boomertard buddy who I would occasionally spend time with and he was the kind of lemming who would automatically jump on, and want to be the first to take advantage of, any ‘new’ tech related trend or gimmick that our evil ruling elites would sell as being something that would make his life ‘more convenient’ and/or ‘less stressful’.

        So, when the early push began to program the sheeples into stop using cash to pay for their daily expenditures and use plastic instead, this boomertard immediately said OK and stopped carrying cash. I would criticize him for this and patiently point out the dangers of allowing any government to eliminate the use of cash and how this would not only give the government the ability to ‘shut down your plastic card’ for any reason they dreamed up, but it would also allow the government to track your every purchase and every movement and know exactly where you were, where you bought every pack of chewing gum or 6-pack of beer, and let them create a dossier on every American citizen. Trying to explain these common sense points to this boomertard was like trying to teach the multiplication tables to a 2 year who was still sucking their thumb and pooping in their diapers.

        The guy had zero concern about the clearly sinister and totalitarian implications that went along with jumping onto a cashless society bandwagon.

        Oh, and one other thing. After this boomertard decided to stop carrying cash in his wallet, he developed a very irritating habit of freeloading and sponging off of me, whenever we were involved in some activity where we would tend to split the cost of whatever it was we were doing. I always had cash, and he never had any, and I had no way to extract his half of any bills we might need to cover from the plastic card in his wallet.

        So, my advice to anyone who has a ‘friend’ or a ‘family member’ or just an ‘acquaintance’ who has bought into this ‘cashless’ society baloney – make it very clear to these imbeciles that, when you’re out together – and engaging in any business or other kind of activity, that you demand separate checks.

        • my friend, i think that if you allow such a monetary system to be implemented, splitting the dinner bill will suddenly appear very, very low on your new list of priorities.

          it seems to me there are a great many people that seem to think this is a simple exchange of currencies and that somehow, even though your entire societal and monetary structure just took a page from Orwell’s book, that somehow your life will continue to look and feel normal.

          let me try and explain it to you. that dinner you are concerned about splitting the tab on, you will have to earn that dinner, and not in any way you are used to. you may want to plan on walking or biking there. hope you didn’t want meat with that dinner because you have exceeded your carbon impact for the month.

          people really need to understand that once this goes live, there is NO GOING BACK, ever. your currency will now resemble vouchers, you will be told what and how you are now able to spend it, there will be no more voting on new taxes, they will just be deducted, just like everything else. well actually you wont be told you will just find out as you go along or are drug along.
          there are now rules to your “spending” and they will be strictly enforced by algorithms and systemic AI.
          they will now, in every sense of the phrase “have you by the balls”.
          the things you used to think were important will fade away as you quite quickly become aware of the fact that you are now OWNED! and there will be jack shit you can do about it.
          ever see the movie Elysium? there is a scene where the protagonist is speaking to an AI parole machine.
          that will be your new life. no more human interaction with your “bank”. quite probably any contact with your “government” will also be changed drastically.
          don’t like the new rules, too bad because there will be no one to talk to about your feelings, your new currency, how they allot it or how they spend it for you. they have you now, get it?

          i strongly suggest to anyone that does not fully comprehend the extreme ramifications of what they are putting into place with a “global digital currency”, that you literally drop everything on any schedule you have and divert ALL your energies to learn, quickly, everything you possibly can about how this is going to affect the REST OF YOUR LIFE, and that of your children.
          because once this goes live, you will have passed on your rights of citizenship to any real country, and all rights to govern anything having to do with money and you will have become a ward of a global Corporatocracy, and they will be in charge of handling your currency, your wages, your global taxes, fees to the corporation that now owns you and your family, if they still allow family, and everything you used to do with money, will now be done for you, or to you, depending on your outlook.

          if you allow this thing to happen, your entire world view is going to become very, very different very quickly. some of you will not be able to make the transition, literally.
          the information is out there, just as it was for cov19, enough to make an informed decision about your life and those you love.
          you should start with the WEF and the UN Agenda 30.

          it is all there for those that have eyes to see. all of it is now in the light.
          what ever happens from this point depends on how ignorant of the truth you wish to remain.
          you may ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of your ignorance. good luck, God bless

      7. Gold and silver make great alternatives to central bankster mayhem. Total control always creates black markets, people will find a way to transact without government interaction.

      8. “We disagree.”

        Right on!!!

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      10. I can never see this coming into fruition.

        Once this is implemented, if ever, the mainstream will rebel.

        • If it ever is implemented, everyone should walk away from there jobs until the CBDCs end. They system would crumble in three days! FU WEF we will not comply!

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