Global Economic Warning: “A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming”

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    The world is awash in debt – some $233 Trillion is currently outstanding on a global scale. And though stock markets have seen unprecedented growth in recent years, cracks have started to appear. Just this week analysts at Goldman Sachs warned that a crash is coming, a sentiment echoed by JP Morgan Chase, which recently said that the next economic collapse could very realistically lead to social unrest and chaos on the streets of America that has “not been seen in half a century.”

    Patrick Donnelly, a director at Harvest Gold Corp, suggests that it won’t be long now. In an interview with SGT Report Donnelly warns that the day of reckoning is rapidly approaching:

    Countries like Greece are teetering… and that’s just a tiny little country… it’s going to take them 75 years to climb out of their debt…

    You look at a country like Canada, the United States or China… the amount of debt is just staggering…

    …For these tech stocks, the valuations we’ve seen… the multiples they trade at are ridiculous. 

    The markets are supposed to be rational… but the markets are totally irrational. 

    It’s frightening… there’s going to be a day of reckoning…

    Watch Full interview:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    There’s no question that what goes up must come down, and given that stock market growth over the last decade has been fueled not by revenue and profit, but by central bank money printing, the coming crash will send shockwaves across the globe.

    The crash of 2008 will look like a small correction compared to what’s coming next.

    And when the bottom finally falls out amid panic selling unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed before, Donnelly says that capital will begin to flow into historical safe haven assets of last resort.

    Gold has always been used as a store of value or protection against inflation. We’ve seen a lot of volatility lately with inflation in emerging economies and concerns over the trade wars happening globally… and everyone’s flocking to the U.S. dollar.

    Yet, the U.S. government has trillions of dollars of debt… At what point does the global economy become concerned about this debt load and therefore undermines the credibility of the dollar?

    Then where does everybody go? They’re not going to go to the Chinese Yuan… They’re not going to go to the Euro… They’re certainly not going to the Russian Ruble.

    They’re going to go back to gold. That’s the place to be. The fundamentals are astronomical. 

    It’s a view likely shared by big banks like JP Morgan, which recently announced it will no longer be placing short bets that silver will be going down, while at the same time stockpiling literally hundreds of millions of ounces of precious metals in their vaults.

    Perhaps they know something.

    Donnelly explains:

    The closing of the shorts means they have to cover it all and that’s a lot of silver. People don’t realize it but the silver [and gold] market are not large markets. So, it’s not going to take much to move it.

    While some may be touting recent economic numbers as proof of a healthy and growing economy, the fact is that U.S. financial markets are more overvalued today than ever before.

    This time is different, of course, and infinite growth is a foregone conclusion for many investors. But those who see the writing on the wall know what happens next and it won’t be pretty.

    We’ve seen it in Argentina… we’ve seen it in Turkey… what if it spreads to China? Then we’ve got big problems…

    It’s certainly a realistic proposition… and we’re starting to see some inflationary pressure in the United States…

    We’re  starting to see currencies being debased because of all this… and eventually the markets will flock to hard assets. 

    Translation: You’re going to want to consider gold and silver as protection for the next major global crash.


    To learn more about Patrick Donnelly visit Harvest Gold Corp

    For more interviews like the one you just watched subscribe to SGT Report


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      1. This won’t end well. They’ve set us up to fail. Collapse the system, wait until we’re jobless and starving, centralize control even further, provide a solution to our problems.
        This is how they control us. Decentralize yourself and your assets.

        • “They’re going to go back to gold. That’s the place to be. The fundamentals are astronomical. ”


          Why would they ??? First there is not enough gold to go around if world currencies were somehow backed by gold. Its physically impossible. Too many people in the world, too little gold, unless an ounce were worth $100 million a piece. Of course then gold mining would be heavily regulated and security unimaginable.

          The upside is that the number of jobs for armed security guards in the world would skyrocket and the downside would be owning gold outside of the digital dollar system as “free currency” would be punishable by death or life in prison at best.

          That said, gold is a great place to be with respect to owning it as a store of wealth as currencies continue to erode in value; or as income as a small producer.

          I heartily recommend that those young enough and healthy enough move to gold bearing areas of the US, join a local club and begin developing that knowledge & skill; if only on the weekends. Knowledge is necessary.

          You can begin with a minimum investment, literally little or next to nothing for classifiers, pan, pick & shovel, and a five gallon bucket or two. Then purchase additional equipment designed to work in the local environment: either desert or high country. A great plan for retirees in good health.

          I rotate in summer and winter, spending summers in the High Country & Winters in the desert. One club in my state has more than 250 claims spread out between these regions so there is always someplace to mine.

          I have my own claims.

          A $5,000 investment maximum is all it takes for the best gear to mine in both environments. A $2,000 151S Keene drywasher, club membership, and a shovel is all you need in the desert to produce SERIOUS gold in the Winter. In the Summer, a Gold Cube & Gold Cube Trommel will set you back about $1200, total.

          In either scenario a blue bowl to separate your concentrates is a handy technology for fine gold; about $150.Check Amazon for pricing of these items.

          I was talking to a guy yesterday working a creek in the area. He is an unemployed, 38 yr old navy vet living in his car and on the fine gold he is taking out of the creek by hand. Go figure.

          Yeah, his hours are long but he is surviving in his own way. As I watched his processes it didn’t appear as if he was really very efficient and that is why technology is important to run sufficient material in either environment.

          You can work for the “MAN” or you can work for “YOURSELF”. It’s your choice. 🙂

          • China and Russia have all the gold. We have zilch, brother.

            • Both China & Russia PROFIT from the development of their gold ores and mining is an important driver for their respective economies.

              Gold is not popularly valued in the US (for now) and gold mining is not encouraged by the PTB IN THE SWAMP. Even so, the USA is a top five world gold producer, primarily as a by-product of copper production.

              The USA has extensive gold reserves in the ground, brother, but there is no incentive for the masses to produce gold and it is hard work, even with the right technology, so the Snowflakes are not inclined to get their hands dirty or wet. Nevertheless, the wise among US move their hiney to find some shiny. Get yours now, on the cheap.

              On the Prepper’s list, small gold production as a skill is right behind gardening, security, first aid, fishing, and mechanical aptitude. 🙂

              • Shhhhh….

            • Don’t forget Hillary and Obama- they took Gadaffi’s gold-

          • ”’First there is not enough gold to go around if world currencies were somehow backed by gold. Its physically impossible”’

            Reading this article, that was my first thought.

            • Technically, there would have to be enough gold, or a high enough value per ounce to back every asset and every asset class in the world. Not gonna happen.

              That said, move your hiney to get some shiney !!! 🙂

          • Durango, I agree with you, they(central banks) probably won’t go back to gold. The reason is because all governments have stores of gold and silver proportional to their current economies. If they(central banks) go to something else like Bitcoin or similar, they(central banks) keep a monopoly on wealth, negating stores of gold wealth. Does this make sense? Essentially, they(central banks) dictate the currency into infinite oblivion.

            P.S. please do not tell people to prospect, there is enough competition out there already. Keep that info on the down low from now on will ya?

            • “The reason is because all governments have stores of gold and silver proportional to their current economies.”

              That is not the reason. Follow the money. The Banksters PROFIT from buying & selling gold; or storing it for you if you have any significant amount of it and charge you for the privilege.

              The Banksters are not going to eliminate a PROFIT CENTER for any asset class and backing currencies with gold would eliminate gold as a profit center. History has shown that the Banksters continue to create NEW PROFIT CENTERS for every asset: thus Gold & silver ETF’s.

              Digital “money” like Bitcoin are just another new “asset class” that the Banksters are pushing. Eventually, wealth managers will sell their customers on the idea of “diversification” of a “portion” of their wealth into digital money like they have gold.

              Its all about PROFIT, MARGIN, & FREQUENCY. It doesn’t matter what the product is; whether real or intangible. To Banksters, gold is just another product to PROFIT from, anyway they can. 🙂

          • “They’re going to go back to gold. That’s the place to be. The fundamentals are astronomical.”

            I think you misunderstood the post Durango. The author is talking about investors going back to gold, not countries backing their currency with gold.

        • whats up with the dailysheeple? no updates since last month??

          • I was wondering the same thing. Anybody know?

          • I erased the Dailysheeple from my favorites on Saturday. Besides, they are very pro-police state and anti-Trump among other things.

      2. Been preparing for years. Just hope I’ve got enough food, ammo and gold ready. Could last for years.

        • Anything is better than nothing Sammy. Good on you to have taken the necessary steps. Most will run out of food and basic essentials very quickly after losing a paycheck or, God forbid, a total collapse of the system (monetary, hyperinflationary, etc.).

          Perhaps some of our “hard assets” can be used for barter and things like food or gold or even a single bullet could have real trade value.

          • Gold and silver are at long time lows. The market and society in general don’t believe collapse is forthcoming or gold and silver would be going up.

            • John, You have not been paying attention to the powers to be advertising, bitcoin and other advanced worthless digital money is the new tulip bulb money. Sell everything, all your guns and ammo, food, land too and go all in and buy bitcoin and move into the cities where its easier to contain you and for them to spy on you. lol

            • “Gold and silver are at long time lows. ”

              good. makes my biweekly purchase that much easier.
              Also, Ohio quit applying sales tax to PM’s this past January.

              Still smiling, all the way to the “bank”.

            • The precious metals markets are suppressed for a reason.
              They want it to look like a bad investment so you won’t buy any.
              We should be watching football and drinking cheap beer.

              • Amen, finally someone said it.

          • Wakeup Call – SHTFPlan has lost its target audience. Comments and Views dropped off bigtime.

            Last 2 articles sat on here for 3 days,
            Japs nuke article 16 comments and only 1402 Views
            Trumps Neocon 54 comments and only 1834 views.

            Remember when articles used to get over 200 comments per article? And views maybe 10 times what we now see. There is no more porn in this fear.

            Same hashed over fear porn different day, like the same old married mans old hag wifey/ girl centerfold day after day. The crash has been coming for the last 12 years, and no more port to keep the interest. And all the powers to be will do, is just reengineer the disaster scam, to keep themselves in power and the rest moved onto some new monitory policy. There will be no real crash, just an different mode of money commerce, most likely digital cash, to again stall, delay, prolong any real crisis. Funny math. Just try to be debt free and stock up, same plan for the last decade and get the hell out of the cities and away from technology that will steal your sole and control your mind.

            Still waiting for the sky to fall.

            • TSB,

              Obama is coming back onto the national scene. He is definitely going to generate a lot of ‘real’ fear and anxiety. We’ve had two years of exciting and hopeful change, and the shoes of anxiety being felt are all on the left side now and they are besides themselves as their ‘heroes’ and ‘icons’ in the media and Hollywood continue to fall and drop like flies!

              Got to go to work! MAGA!

              Louisiana Eagle

            • to be frank, when the Dems were running everything into the ground, the economy was taking a $hit, and folks were making loud calls for our guns, it was easy to generate enough traffic. Same thing happens with militia membership, interest in prepping in general, etc. It goes in waves. Right now everyone but the most hardcore preppers are feeling good about washington, the economy, etc.

              I suggest we take advantage of the lull to ask our host to get back to prepping 101 articles, soft skills, gardening, canning, reloading, whatever. if its a slow news day, lets get some practical stuff up. Its not just good for the reader, it would bring the site back to its core values

              • NEC you nailed it. Lets get back to the basics of Prepping here on SHTFPlan. There is so much more info out there right now, and I am finding it. Posting daily BS articles that we have zero control over, is a waste of time and data space. Like you or I have any control over the senseless bombing of Syria We all know the system is corrupt. What can we do in our own lives to attain all the skills for surviving this onslaught and teaching future generations how to get off the Target X.

                What we need to be discussing here is how to insulate ourselves, safety, health and wealth from the Corrupt Taxation and reduction of our wealth and well being. And that all goes to getting fully and entirely off their greedy grid 1000%. Stop feeding the fricken beast folks, and be 100% independent of any Government or Corporation hellbent on trying to kill us or spy on us with their technology. Take the Slave chains off folks, cut the cable cord, and get back to homesteading.

                Lets get back to real knowledge, cut the crap politics and religion, its all nonsense and space waste in our brains. Just my take on this.

          • Was gonna add that about food (and water) but you beat me to it Mac.

            • I’ve grown old waiting for that predicted mad max collapse but now have to come to believe I will die from old age within a few years before it happens.

              As did my father before me.

              I wish I had spent more of my life effort preparing for the real collapse I see taking place now, the spiritual collapse of turning away from God and moving toward Satan, instead some never happened mad max type of thing that would only be transitory in nature if it happens at all.

              • We may not see the mad max collapse, but what we are seeing today is very close to the end of times. It is hard to believe in the all mighty, but there is a battle of good and evil that is playing out. I will not give up on faith, but refuse to be abused by the false profits and devils all around me. Hear our cry most powerful and just god, let your will be done and cut off the evil so that those good hearted of the earth may live in harmony.

          • Wow, Mac. Long time no hear. “Sammy” must have really hit a nerve. Good point though. Proper prepping costs tens of thousands of dollars that most people don’t have. Ironically, a truly proper prep job is only available to the very rich, those responsible for the collapse that is surely coming. The rest of us are either sheep or lucky sheep.

          • Hey, Mac. Nice to see your raise your voice. “Sammy” must have touched a nerve.

            “Most people don’t have the $400 bucks for a basic emergency.” As startling as that statement is, I think it is probably as bad as all that. And probably worse.

            As far as prepping goes, where are people supposed to get the tens-of-thousands of dollars to prep for tomorrow’s dystopian future when they are already up to their necks just paying today’s bills?

            And besides. A true prep costs millions. Ironically, a true prep is probably only available to those responsible for creating the next full-on systemic collapse. And you can be damn sure they are fully-prepped.

            • ” A true prep costs millions”


              everything can be taken from you except knowledge. You can always start from scratch if you have PROPERLY prepared yourself.

              • Every little bit helps.

              • Yes. If they take your art, your past, your culture, your society, your history, your knowledge means nothing. If you give up any of this, your knowledge means nothing. It’s like Russian expats who were physicists in the “old country” only able to get jobs as taxi drivers in the “new country.”

                Preparing yourself is just gobbledygook meant to comfort those who haven’t had the means to prep at all; to sooth the masses on their way to being depopulated.

            • But I bet you all got money to buy cable TV, a cell phone, Net flix, needless home insurance, soda pop, candy, sugar, theater movies, TV dinners, lazy boy couches, toys, lottery tickets, cigarettes, Car payments, rental furniture, flat screens, drugs, beer, casino gambling, strippers and lap dances. But you got no money for prepping. GMAFB!!!

              • Nope, nope and nope. Started prepping on a retirement income 5 years ago, and am very grateful to have had this reprieve. Still stackin’ and stockin’ and if I die before it comes, My children will be willed it. Or, if I have the time and one of them wanted to take me in, I would sell some, and distribute to them as they have the need or desire for it.

              • TSB, good points. All the things you mentioned are why they can’t do any prepping. Prepping is where all my spare money goes to and nothing else. I don’t even give a shit about those other things. Most people out there don’t even want to prepare. They want the govt., ie, our tax money to rescue them. The same people aren’t even physically or mentally fit for any constructive labor. They’d rather become freeloaders than to do for themselves. NOBODY freeloads off The Deplorable Renegade. If you don’t prep, you’re inept. If others don’t prep, that’s not my problem, not my responsibility.

          • Came across a video called, “Climate & Cycles of Civilization What to Expect Moving Into 2025” and it goes over some interesting and important information about what in the world is going on.

            It’s long at 72 minutes; I detest long videos but got through this one easily. It does not contain long stretches of someone ranting on about stuff we already know about or I wouldn’t have listened.

            Here is its posted description:
            “Peter Temple of World Cycles Institute discusses the culmination of civilization, economic, society and climate cycles around 2020. This matches the Grand Solar Minimum coolest point around 2023. It’s all about repeating cycles and here is what you can expect moving forward.”

            The bottom line is that Mr Temple believes we haven’t long to wait or prepare; we are on the brink of all sorts of collapses and there might be a year or two more to prepare. His points are illustrated with many charts and graphs covering everything from going into an ice age such as the Maunder or Dalton minimums to financial swings all of which are backed by hard scientific facts.

            The information presented could spawn many articles but the bottom line is prepare and there is no where to run since these cycles are global.

            When I have time to dig into it more, I’ll either post something here or send an article to Mac. (Yes, I write and edit. Made a living that way and have to get back to it shortly.)

      3. Under George Bush Jr, unemployment rate calculations removed the persistently unemployed which artificially lowered the rate. But the greatest benefactor was Obummer to spindoctor just how dire the situation had become. In addition, Obummer’s predicted economic figures would be artificially positive, then corrections would come in later (and buried on slow news cycles) showing how dismal they actually were as they nowhere close to being rosy.

        But clearly the economy is turning around as a result of Trump policies, investor optimism, and the beliefs of the common people are markedly different to the fake newsmedia. Even the traditionally worst off have sharpely reduced unemployment rates approaching historic lows.

        Are the fundamentals dismal? Of course! We’re kicking the can down the road by purchasing our own debt! Whoever thought that debacle woulld EVER be allowed? That happened all throughout Obumer’s administration and negatively affects all investments s it’s fake.

        Look up monetizing the debt by the Federal Reserve.

      4. When the Great Depression hit, FDR declared a bank holiday and then outlawed the possession of gold. US citizens were ordered to turn in their gold. A lot of folks did. A lot of folks did not.
        Gold is a store of wealth, it is not legal tender, as are silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars. In the event of an economic correction, you may be able to use silver to barter for needful things. However, keep in mind most of the self-serving, ignorant American Sheeple do not have a clue about economics, prepping, or survival.
        If you show up at the local grocery store with a handful of silver dimes, I can guarantee you, someone will snitch you off in a heartbeat. For those of you interested in a possible, horrific scenario, go to JOHN GALT SHENANDOAH website and read his blogvel: THE DAY THE DOLLAR DIED. It will scare the peanuts out of your M&M’s.

        • JGF is a moron. Got lucky once, even a blind dog…

      5. This is a bunch bull shit. For example, Goldman Sachs warned that a crash is coming back in 2011.

        • No matter if it was Hillary Clinton “Calling for it”. Its still coming.

      6. I still think the best way to avoid food scarcity is to plant edible trees, shrubs, flowers, vines, weeds(dandelion and stinging nettle), herbs (mint), onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, sweet potato, various other potato, corn, tomato, green vegetables and lettuce, ect.

        This is an easier and more satisfying way to live. Many plants are perennial, meaning that once planted they produce year after year. Many European families brought the custom of family yards that are both beautiful and productive. My father always planted wherever we lived. And he bought homes with mature fruit trees.

        Granted, other States outside California are not always as easy to grow fruit and nuts. But, most States have some trees that will survive extreme heat and sub-freezing temperatures.


        As for commercially canned goods; I buy really high quality, organic. I think meals that include meat and vegetables plus rice or noodles or some type of starch or potato are the best choice for me. In an emergency all I want to do is open the can and eat right out of the can if necessary.


        The Queen Of England owns a solid gold coach weighing tons. Her net worth may exceed 32 trillion.


        • In Other Words B from CA, Be as independent and self-sufficient as you can in all aspects of your life, from providing all your own variety of foods to your own solar energy source, water well, septic and burn barrel for trash and the only real way you can do this effectively, is by living in the country and away from the Government regulation and 99% of unprepared masses that will be snared and entrapped, then enslaved and drained of all their assets, through runaway taxes and fees, fines and inflated pricing, assets confiscation and forfeiture. And why? Because Government is out of control, and in fact turned into a sucking parasite predator of the people. They only serve themselves for more control and regulation, laws and policing. Ever see the property taxes in Illinois, Cali and the NE states?

        • From what I understand, as much as 40% of the vegetables in the US came from those little “victory gardens” that people planted everywhere from rooftops and window boxes to back yards and vacant lots during the rationing era of the war effort.

          There is a lesson to be learned from that.

        • ”’I still think the best way to avoid food scarcity is to plant edible trees, shrubs, flowers, vines, weeds(dandelion and stinging nettle), herbs (mint), onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, sweet potato, various other potato, corn, tomato, green vegetables and lettuce, ect.”’
          Not unless you have a green house the size of a football field that can be guarded 24/7.

      7. If you’re diabetic, either type 1 or 2, then in the event of a SHTF scenario, if you had bitter melon, fenugreek, and American ginseng, then these greatly lower elevated blood sugar. Bitter melon is easily grown. If you can raise cucumbers, you can raise this in your climate. It’s so effective that you have to use caution as if taking medicationplus bitter melon, you can get hypoglycemia. In fact, somepeople stop taking medication because they can manage it with diet and bitter melon.

        In the event of an emergency, if you could source these, it may give you a buffer.

      8. The next bailout will come from the bank depositors.

      9. Go read the list of wealthy people listed in the Panama Papers, where all the Globalists hide their assets in foreign countries using an array of shell companies to avoid all taxes in their own countries, while the rest of us slugs are forced at the point of a gun to pay the bills in the form of Taxes or go to jail. Lots of US Congressmen and Women, global leaders, rich sports figures, bankers, corporation CEO’s Clintons, Bushes all use this tactic and why they become wealthy and never pay a dime in taxes. Meanwhile you and I fail to pay for ours and their fair share, we get our assets confiscated and our assets seized.

        Here’s a clue, sit down strike and get off their income taxing grid and put all your assets in a trust, and not your name but a shell name for safe keeping. Billionaires buy yachts and land using a foreign shell company name, yet they are the sole beneficiary of the asset. DuckDuckGo the “Panama Papers list of people” included in this elitist’s scheme. The list was hacked a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of pages of this document are now in public view. Time to publish the list of our congressional politicians and leaders, and try them for tax evasion and treason to our country.

        Oh we are damn ripe for a revolution all right, 99% of Us against them. Let it rip!! Wonder why the elitists want to take away our guns and ammo?

        • Yeah and then the country where their shell game sits decides when the rubber meets the pavement, to keep it all. And then they’re broker than a ‘broke dick dog’.

          • No, they get to still keep and use their assets, like living on their yachts out at sea, its just listed in a shell companies name. Its just named that way on paper. Thats why they call it the Panama Papers. I call it tax evasion to hide income and assets. The IRS needs to start doing their jobs and leave the little people alone.

        • Are you saying that when taxes on the rich and the corporations get too high they will move their wealth and income to elsewhere where they are lower to avoid paying them?

          Why in the world would anyone ever want to do something like that?

        • THAR

          When they are gone who are you going to replace them with ?

          Do you have someone in mind ??????????

      10. All these women coming forward and saying that the ceos of these mainstream news stations are sexually abusing them while they are all consenting to it for a job on tv shows what whores they really are. They say when they don’t fuck the boss their careers are ruined. So every female talking head has had sex with the boss or they wouldn’t be working there. Whores want respect yet they won’t turn down an oppertunity to have their face on the screen so they blame men for it. They are not self respecting so why should they be respected. Just think about what the news pig has done to be on tv. This is a feminist campaign to destroy all men by claiming victimhood. man haters.

        • The casting couch is no joke but it happens in more areas than Hollywood or television. Some do it for the fame and some do it out of fear of poverty.

          Single women have a tough time in the workplace no matter the level of education or type of job because, on average, they make roughly 70% of a man’s wage. Single mothers have a tougher time with having to care for children as well.

          I don’t condone (nor have participated in) the sleeping your way to the top. A smart woman can do much with a little bit. I own my home; no, it’s not a mansion on the Potomac but it’s all mine. I drive a new car roughly every 10 years then drive it (and care for it) for as long as reasonably possible (current vehicle is an 04 and still runs great). I’ve done lots of other prepper type things since being on my own; it used to be called being thrifty which apparently isn’t a favored lifestyle. Friends and colleagues often thought I was being too cheap, modest, or even weird (yeah, they tell me) but I have few money worries.

          I’m not saying a woman doesn’t need a man in her life but she can do just fine living a modest, thoughtful life. Yes, I know, she is missing one important component but a person won’t die from celibacy (forced or chosen).

          • I thought the same thing about the olympic girls.

            They wanted their medals so bad they let it go on instead of going to the police, for fear that Dr would take them off the team.

            they turned him in after they had their olympic spot light.

            it is a shame that the girls couldn’t go to olympics w/o the Dr issue over shadowing.

            tough to be a girl any time. but we gotta get our priorities straight–even if we have to miss our spotlight. For the sake of those that follow us.

        • Asshat, agreed. I don’t have any sympathy for any of those celebrities making these claims. They knew what they were getting into all along. They had the option to turn it all down but they didn’t so the rest is history. If they’re really victims then I’m bringing JFK back from the dead. [SARCASM]

      11. “. . . the next economic collapse could very realistically lead to social unrest and chaos on the streets of America.”

        Didn’t we hear this the last time the markets crashed in 2008 and 2009? Wasn’t it Hank Paulson who claimed that there would be martial law if the banks were not bailed out?

        I miss the good old fashioned free market collapses that wiped the system clean.

      12. The worst possible things and the best possible things rarely happen. The ability of the average human mind to imagine terrible things happening far exceeds the likelihood of those particular terrible things actually occurring. Same thing is true of the best possible things. The human mind is capable of imagining wonderfully great things which simply are not going to occur. Almost always what actually happens is something in between those two extremes: Not the best, not the worst, usually something else, typically unexpected and usually not even close to being exactly what was imagined.

      13. Ammo, liquor, cigarettes can be traded; just not stored in the same place. I live a 100 feet from a huge state park, I have buried some small stashes. Think about storing out of your house.

      14. The problem is not tax cuts. The problem is spending

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