Global Debt Crisis: Deeply Indebted Japanese WANT To Go Even Further In Debt

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    For many who live in Japan, it’s just another day for the country to grow older and deeper in debt. While the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates Japan’s debt at roughly 240% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), an anti-austerity movement there is attempting to make the argument that now is the time to borrow even more money.

    For a nation already $10 trillion in debt, borrowing more seems like insanity. According to the Wall Street Journal, Japan’s debt is already twice the size of their economy, however, far too many believe the solution is to just borrow more money.  Their public debt load is actually the largest in the world. But the United States is still borrowing about $1 trillion a year while already $22 trillion in debt setting a terrible example.

    Instead of reforming their monetary policy, the Japanese government and its citizens are content to borrow more money with no regards to the future collapse of their entire economy: which was built on a debt-based system.  And they could drag the global economy with them, as debts worldwide have reached historic and epidemic levels.

    “The real game changer will be when households take [a] risk” with assets that now amount to about $17 trillion, says Shigeto Nagai, an economist who previously worked at the Bank Of Japan. The country is now in “kind of slow-moving, chronic crisis,” he says. And it’s a debt crisis, one the entire globe is currently stewing in; governments, corporations, and civilians alike are all buried by debt.

    The idea that one can have something that they did not yet work for or pay for is addictive, as evidenced by the insane epidemic of record levels of debt. Living within one’s means is not “admirable” to the masses, who prefer the falsehoods of borrowing to keep up with their neighbors. Those same neighbors have likely also borrowed massive amounts of money to obtain things they can’t afford. Debt is a drug. And the elites and banks have known this for a long time and have exploited billions of people using it as a tool to rob personal wealth.

    Without extreme debt conditions, economic downturns cannot be created (or at least sustained for long periods of time). According to the amount of debt weighing down a system, banking institutions can predict the outcomes of certain actions and also influence certain end results. For example, if the Fed was interested in conjuring a debt based bubble, a classic strategy would be to set interest rates artificially low for far too long. Conversely, raising interest rates into economic weakness is a strategy that can be employed in order to collapse a bubble. This is what launched the Great Depression, it is what ignited the crash of 2008, and it is what’s going on today.

    The massive debt burden makes recovery difficult, if not impossible, and thus the system becomes increasingly dependent on the banking elites to resolve the problem.

    Debt is the fuel that keeps the centralization machine running. –Birch Gold Group

    And this is no different for the Japanese. “Financing government spending by printing money is as old as paper money itself,” commented Charles Gave of Gavekal Research. “The Song Dynasty did it. The Weimar Republic did it. And Robert Mugabe and Nicolás Maduro both did it,” Gave said. “But perhaps the closest historical parallels to today’s Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) proposals are to be found in 18th century France – two of them in the same century!” And every time money is printed under the guise of “helping people,” the debt explodes, economies crash and people are impoverished.  Yet there are still too many calls for more borrowing, larger deficits. Then those who called for more government debt, go out and borrow the newly printed money with no idea how they’ll ever pay it back.

    The vicious cycle has been tried repeatedly by governments and central banks for over a century now with consistent and similar results: poverty for the civilians, power and wealth for the government officials and bankers. You can break your own cycle with debt and free yourself. It starts with one…


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      1. These sorts of admonishments of Japan’s debt are tiresome. Every country in the world uses debt to create growth and prosperity. If they are third world, they borrow the money from the IMF and World Bank. If they are first world, they print up via the central bank and the financial services community.

        So, here is why I would love to have Japan’s problems:

        1) Japanese women
        2) Japanese women
        3) Japanese women
        4) Japanese food
        5) Japanese culture of politeness and respect
        6) Beautiful architecture and gardens
        7) Beautiful design
        8) Japanese women
        9) Japanese women
        10) Japanese women

        The UK is equally in debt and troubled but this is why the UK sucks so much more:

        1) Muslim migrant replacement workforce used to lower living standards
        2) African migrant replacement workforce used to lower living standards
        3) No border controls
        4) No public safety
        5) Terrorism problem
        6) Ugly, fat, obnoxious English women
        7) Women in Burkhas
        8) Hoodlum youth who have no brains or respect for human life
        9) Dirty, filthy streets
        10) pollution

        See, Japan doesn’t look so bad now does it?

        • Your description of the UK sounds like Big cities here. Japan is overcrowded and contaminated with radiation. Being that fukashima is ongoing and the japs eat a lot of fish I expect to see a health crisis there before much longer. Oh and you forgot to mention the Brits bad teeth lol.

        • “On a long enough timeline the survival rate of everyone goes to zero” ….. and that debt is absorbed by the owner of the debt, not the issuer of that debt if there are no assets to sell in probate to cover that debt.

          The Japanese are not so stupid. 🙂

        • Japanese women take your entire paycheck and throw you enough of an allowance of your own money to afford a sandwich. Rethink your drink.

          But hey there’s always tentacle porn.

        • What does the herbivore movement tell you, if Japanese women are so great? Like half their male population won’t touch their females with a 20 meter cattle prod.

          “No matter how beautiful she is, somewhere there’s a guy sick of her bullshit”

      2. ??⭐️⭐️?? Luke17:28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
        An economic collapse prior to the great tribulation is inconsistent with the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures.

        • Yeah the collapse isn’t but war is, with blood reaching the height of a horse’s bridle.

          • Dang, you gotta kill a lot of liberals to get that much blood!

            • Nope not Liberals, Non-Believers in the Creator of all Things! Father/Son/Spirit.

      3. The debt can never be paid back. Money IS debt created at the point of a loan with compound usury attached. Compound usury is an exponential function. The growth of debt must be exponential to pay the compound usury back to the banks. The only way to stop exponential debt growth is to stop the practice of compound usury.

        Japan appears to be the first country to go quadrillions in debt (in yen). There will be many more. What’s after quintillion?

        • My bet is WAR! Lots and lots of WAR. Followed by total slavery and a digital global currency.

      4. My bet is war, followed by Christ’s return. Come quickly LORD Jesus.

        • My bet is war followed by species extinction. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of sacks of mostly water, either.

          But I hope AI will live on and replace us.

      5. “Historic Debt Is At The Core Of Our Economic Decline”

        The “decline” started, as soon as you cashed the bad check and started to spend the ill-gotten money.

        You will never — repeat, never — be able to explain the math to a red diaper baby on a royal high horse. TINVOWOOT

      6. Why not? They’re all radioactive and asexual (and who can blame them).

        Party on dudes. Let dust and rubble pick up the tab.

      7. There comes a point when you know you’re not going to or can’t have kids, and then humans look to adopt. Why? To further their ideology int the future.

        Think of AI as your adopted kid.

        Cause I’m telling you. When this goes it’s gonna go. Like all the way go.

      8. There are already lots of wars. There is even a war on the White Race. However Christians so far have been wrong for 2000 years. I think the odds are no person alive today will witness the second coming.

      9. It is always amazing that no matter how deep in debt someone is, there is someone dumb enough to lend to them if the terms are favorable enough. Debt on top of debt on top of more debt. Nations, states, cities, people, etc. I’m not getting into the spirit of things since I hate owing money so on an individual level, I’m fine but as a citizen, I suppose that I owe a prorated share of the national, state, county debts. The world has gone loonie!!!

      10. Damn, why do people keep writing this utter nonsense?

        The Japanese GOVERNMENT is deeply in debt – just like Western governments. So? They not only have the means to print more money, they can also default (think Argentina) The populace of Argentina is getting along just fine thank you very much.

        The Japanese PEOPLE on the other hand are the world’s most prolific savers. They will get along very well also.

        People make the fatal habit of confusing the finances of government to there own. Take care of your own house and you will better than fine when the government goes to hell.

      11. Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants and debt is the money of slaves.

      12. Virtual AI will erase all bits. Get everything in writing.

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