Global Catastrophe Imminent: “Asteroids, Robots and Engineered Viruses Will Kill Millions”

by | May 13, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 60 comments

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    Nuclear war

    There is yet more confirmation that near-certain doom is headed for planet earth, and could kill or disrupt the lives of everyone on the planet.

    And there’s reason to think it could be in our lifetimes.

    A study commissioned by Oxford University identified possibly-imminent catastrophe from asteroids, AI, volcanoes, nukes/EMP or manufactured/weaponized disease sweeping the planet.

    And yet we’re the conspiracy theorists…

    According to the Daily Mail/Press Association:

    In the next five years asteroids, super volcanic eruptions and unknown risks are ranked as the biggest threat to humanity.[…]

    It may sound like the stuff of sci-fi films, but experts said these apocalyptic threats are more likely than many realise…


    In the longer term, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been listed alongside catastrophic climate change, nuclear war and pandemics as a threat to humanity.

    The biggest long term threat to civilization is natural and engineered pandemics and nuclear war […] the rise of synthetic biology could open the door to the creation of “off the shelf” deadly viruses.

    The report, which focuses on global approaches to address these looming dangers, and a worldwide integration of efforts, reminds us that we are all too mortal, and that devastating pandemics have indeed occurred throughout history:

    It warns that while most generations never experience a catastrophe, they are far from fanciful, as the bouts of plague and the 1918 Spanish flu that wiped out millions illustrated.

    There is no way of knowing what kind disaster could befall the planet, but it is important to prepare for the worst at a personal and local level. Chances are, you’ll be far more effective that way.

    Despite the focus on global talk, there is little chance that a bigger and bigger governing structure could protect us all, or come to the rescue when you need it most.

    When seconds count, police are minutes away, and the federal/international authorities are days or weeks away. They are only there to clean up the mess when it’s over and seize power.

    Indeed, it seems that civilization is all-too-vulnerable, and millions of lives hang in the balance. Don’t be complacent, don’t rely on big cities and trust only those who you know and can rely upon.

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      1. “unknown risks” ?

        OK I have to axe a question ?

        If it is an “unknown risk” how do we know it exists if it is unknown?

        Other than that we all know doon is always at least 6 months away at any given time so what the problem.

        Party on people party on

        • As the great patriot Donald Rumsfeld said, “There are known knowns, there are known unknowns, and there are unknown knowns, there are even unknown unknowns. But everyone should drink aspartame; and there’s nothing odd about building seven collapsing.”

        • Party on Yooper!

          • I intend to

            after all I have stocked up on single malts for medicinal uses only





            • Party on dude!

              • aaaalllright!…that DOES it! i’m takin’ a bath with my TOASTER!

        • The world actually does end, but the nuclear holocaust causes a tear in the space-time continuum which the earth falls backward into. Unfortunately, the trauma to most brains wipes the memories of all but a few of us.

          • WTF

          • Now that’s kind of funny.

          • Prep pastor read your bible!
            The earth is flat and covered by the firmament, there are only stars, sun and moon…I Chronicles 16:30 is one of dozens of verses that support the truth! Wake up! Keep all 10 commandments! especially the fourth by the true calendar! Will you continue to be lied to by satan?
            John 14:15, Matthew 22:37-40*

        • Lyons , Tigers and Bears
          Oh my

      2. Da,always party on,live for today while prepping for tommorow!Wow,been awhile since I used that phrase,perhaps a “The smalls……”,nahwill spare readers that one(for now!).

        Off topic but prepping related,a poster mentioned rechargeable lithium ion batteries and had a set up with a small panel for solar,also mentioned had a charging set up that would handle different cell size batteries and they seemed to like it,would like to know a bit more about setup.

        I did get the manual ez duz it can opener,seems solid and believe good for go,do rinse after each use and dry then with towel but so far really like it!Thanks to the posters who mentioned said product to give it a try.

        • There’s a number of ways to take out a robot, but the other items…..oh well.

        • WD

          Today I improved my “Stand Alone’ capability. Adjusted hydration by using some crushed ice in camelback to cool in high temps. Adjusted gear due to weight loss but added weight with additional firepower. Secondary weapon.

          Get ready people.

          Going to be a long hot summer.

        • Someone call al ga – whore because it is snowing as I type this

          Global Warming my A$$

      3. Still less destructive than Obama.

        • AC,
          I agree Obutthead has been and still is our greatest current threat, some day there will be big natural problems , but for now, we just need to get that person and his DC crowd out of the whitehouse

          • I would bet we see natural disasters before we see anything beyond regional disruptions of a man made variety coughblacklivesmatterrepubconventionwhocares
            The odds of mother nature belting one out is far far more worrisome,

            • Kula,
              I agree we are long over due for a BIG natural disaster, BUT since we don’t know when that will be, I will settle for getting our CURRENT problem child and his DC crowd out of the White house, BUT we probably will have more lUCK ( pun intended ) with the disaster! and NO, i don’t see us recuperating as a country, IF we do then I will start to believe in miracles!

            • the DEBT is a MUCH more likely thing to tear our country apart if yuh ask ME…….and yuh DIDN’T.
              ewwww that smell
              cantcha’ smell that smell?
              ewwww that smell
              the smell o’ DEBT surrounds yooooouuuuu.

        • I agree.

      4. The biggest danger I face is reading this site. I am well aware that an asteroid or disease killed the dinosaurs. But does it do a body good to think about everything that is wrong with the planet. I think it lessens your chances for survival. With that said, it is good to have acknowledgement from such a prestigious University Study such as Oxford to show that some fears are well founded, and not just Conspiracy Theory/Hype/Gloom & Doom mental defects, but real, and deserving of our interest and active participation in getting and being prepared if and when disaster strikes.

        I would like to find a small island somewhere where people would be unlikely to find me. I would live like the guy in the movie “Outcast”, except I would bring someone for companionship and a few matches.

        • You have to take all of it with a grain of salt. A lot of what you find in prepper oriented media is fear porn designed to feed on your emotions. However, there is some truth to some of it as well, you just have to have the right amount of discernment to decide what is what. My prepping philosophy is to see it as a bit of an insurance policy. You don’t spend every moment of your life thinking about insurance, but you are happy that it is there when you need to file a claim. Likewise, it’s not a bad idea to have some sort of survival preparations in case something happens. If an asteroid hits (unlikely between now and the day of your death), having the ability to purify water, make fire, make shelter, eat and defend yourself will be just as handy as if you needed to solve those problems due to a severe weather event or civil unrest. It also takes a lot of the same equipment. Ultimately though, you can’t prepare for everything and it is far more likely that you will die in a traffic accident than due to any of the improbable doomsday scenarios people spend their fortunes preparing for. So, live life but have the ability to solve the problems of life’s basic needs should it all go to crap. Yes, get that nice new AR-15 you have been wanting, but be certain that you have good brakes suspension and tires on your vehicle first. They are far more likely to save your life.

          • you’d never make it in the boy scouts!

        • What killed the dinosaurs was rodents. rodents ate the eggs of plant eating dinosaurs and carried fleas and mites also. the meat eaters mostly starved because the plant eaters died off when no eggs hatched. We still have dinosaurs. the gators crocks snakes and turtles. They lived in or near water and their nest where protected and they ate the rodents

          • I thought it was cellpones and possibly over medication?
            I know, welfare killed the dino’s, the few couldn’t support the many.

      5. Lions and Tiger’s and Bear’s, Oh my!

        • Beat me to it. Well played.

        • Dam
          I didn’t see this before I posted

          Guess my sentiments arnt without merit

      6. P A N I C !

      7. Don’t worry with the Zika virus it will all be over soon now where did I put that bug zapper

        • Picked up a couple Rothco Boonie Hats with Mosquito Netting, and a couple mosquito jackets from Amazon.. Decent price too, think the hats were $12.99, Netting jackets 9 bucks on sale..

      8. Almost like that artical threw everything at the wall all at once just to see what stuck lol

      9. It also lists climate change, so its obviously not an article interested in scientific evidence.

        • Wellll, climate change is real,,, but i doubt its man made to the degree the scaremongers say it is, i would bet is more a natural cyclical type thing, we are puny little ants, the earth belches more greenhouse gas in one day than all the industrial and auto emissions in a month.

          • Cosmic rays… !!!
            We are entering into a barrage of cosmic rays emanating from a distant Super Novae.
            They are the culprit…!!!

            What’s the solution?
            Man made Ball of Ice Earth…!!!
            Not if you are collaborating with highly advanced aliens.

            What will happen to humans?
            Georgia Guide stones says only 500 millions will survive.
            Not on the surface of course.
            That means UNDERGROUND…!!!
            DUMBS are not only for the elites and the military.

            Believe it or not is irrelevant. Nobody will tell us the truth but we are allowed to guess.

      10. Sure wish this “End of the World” would hurry the fuck up… Lot of good air being wasted on the troglodyte masses…

      11. Hmmmm, I did read something about the Chinese dusting their clouds, with some kinda germs.

      12. The same paranoiac wormhole, I see. This site is a friggin joke anymore. Going to REAL prepper sites and get valuable information. I’d advise anyone with half a brain to do the same. Peace out……

        • you’ll be back
          sooner or later
          drawn back to shtfplan
          like a zika-infested mosquito to God soldier’s bug zapper
          shtfplan is a train wreck you can’t look away from

        • Finally, someone with a brain. This site is right down there with…

        • I have to agree. 9 years ago I would buy every word. Not so much anymore. I come here for entertainment purposes only.

          However, check out for high quality global alerts and intel.


        • BUH-buyee!

      13. yeah, whatever happened to Nibiru? HCKS, you there?
        It’s now May, (Friday the 13th, even), and I’m still sitting on the island that’s supposed to have been wiped out already.
        Was the scientist friend wrong?

        Off topic, if you have anything equipment wise, that you’ve put away for hard times, make damn sure you check it out before you need it.
        I put away a steel 2 burner portable propane stove, thinking all I needed was to hook it up the the bulk propane tank. It worked. But then I tried hooking it up to the disposable 1lb. tank…Whoa, it looked like moonshiners using no regulator. I could have welded with it, or it would have melted the cook pot.
        So I order online (can’t get locally) a regulator that I can attach to the hose and actually use it on the fly if need be. And a couple trips to HD for the brass fittings.

        Point is, test everything before you store it. Should have known better, but the parts arrived so all’s good.

      14. ok,

        these guys are nuts with the asteroids, but more volcanoes because the plates are shifting, colder winters and shortened growing seasons from the sun’s activity decreasing and increasing diseases in the usa because Obama is letting all illegals in with any kind of disease is reality; these things are happening now.

      15. no disaster nearby? Hillary is a big potential one.

      16. Let us not borrow trouble. There is enough to worry about without making up new dangers.

      17. This is the only site I know of that you can comment without leaving your email address for them to trake. Thanks Mac.

        • Well, that just means that this site and it’s owners can’t spam you. Unless you use a VPN, TOR, or some other form of annonymizing system you can still be tracked by your IP address via your ISP. I believe they are required to keep a record of every site you visit for a period of several years, so even if your computer doesn’t keep records, there is still a record of the transgender, lesbian midget porn you like to watch every now and then. Enjoy!

      18. The global catastrophe is the NWO and the Zionist led US and UK through the Vatican attempt to rule the world. The same criminals who blew up Chernobyl and continue to encroach upon Russia in plans for world war 3. The same group that ousted the popularly elected government of Ukraine and inserted their yes men stooges. I found an article on beforeitsnews titled: NWO Plot Unravels, Critical Threads Pulled Out by Truth Seekers Across the WWW. This can be found in the Featured section under one of the topics listed in other articles. Some of the assertions were that Hitler was a Rothschild Jew, a 65 million year old pyramid is located in Crimea among many more pyramids and Saudi Arabia financed Netanyahus election. This is interesting info.

        • Wow! All the paranoid buzzwords in one paragraph! Let’s see… you have: NWO, Zioninst, the Vatican, Russia, Jew, Hitler, Rothschild (everyone’s favorite!), Netenyahu, pyramids and even Saudi Arabia! However, you did forget to mention some member of the Bush family, so I have to deduct a few points.

      19. You lost me at “climate change is one of the biggest threats to mankind.”

        LOL good one.

      20. Yes it seems like everything predicted is 6 months away? However the starving Hordes running rampant is actually happening at this very moment in Venuzulea.

      21. Yawn…… until the next five years and AFTER,I’m living my life.


      22. Butt fucked by a robot, squashed by an asteroid: that’s our future.

        Joking aside, the future has many bad and good things: think of the pussy for one: we are talking about the finest black, Asian and white pussy on offer as the world’s population continues to expand. On the downside, we have more and more ignorant and lazy people who still crap in the street in the 21st century.

        We need to get rid of the street-crappers and shovel as much money as possible at the women who are the finest. It is time to use the wealth and power we now have to make a better global population: ditch the crumbly-boned old white b#tches wobbling around with their zimmer frames, and bring in the new race of ‘optimum humans’. Craft a better humanity so the future is better and flush the ignorant masses down the toilet.

      23. “Death to the Street Crappers!”
        It does have a certain ring to it, by jingo!

        Seems like the Future never gets here. I’m still waiting for Sex Robots (humping a burger-flipping machine at McDonalds does not quite do it for me).
        Also I would like my jet-pack please.

        • How about a Japanese schoolgirl sexbot pre-positioned in your personal flying machine? That’s a future most guys could sign up for!

      24. Frank, well said.. people just don’t get it obvious the rat bastards are prepping to kill us leaving a global population of 250,000,000 that’s ideal according to Ted Turner, luciferian and cold blooded killer.. like my scientist friends friend on the inside told him, ” they have a plan to kill out 90% of the United States citizens ” and the plan is now in effect, and is now in effect.. Guicifer the Romanian hacker found our about that plan, how they had plans to use and EMP, the so called event to trigger calapse and martial law, to bring the population reduction plan in to full effect. Just see the latest the David Hodges article. I was told that he is right on the money 100%.


        Yes, the scientist is right we are phucked.

        • Agree: notice the chasm between what they say (green this and that, climate change, etc.) and what they do – poisoning people in cities with air pollution, diesel cars and trucks, toxic food, carcinogenic plastics, pack-em-stack-em urban hell-hole apartment towers, transgender freaks wanting to look at your pee-pee in the toilets, snooping on your web cam, listening through your mobile phone, open borders flooded with rape-minded migrants, illegal drugs flooding the streets, etc.

      25. Let’s get it on. Tiered of hearin bout it. And just maybe me an mine will get ta see tha sky roll back like a scroll…

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