Glitch In The Matrix: Watch NFL Player “Float” To His Feet After Diving For A Pass

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Headline News | 40 comments

The following video captures Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones “floating” back to his feet after diving for a pass in the end zone.

We’re not sure whether it’s a feat of superhuman strength. a problem with the video feed itself or a glitch in the matrix that proves once and for all that our world is not what it seems, so we’ll let you decide:

Even Zay Jones weighed in on the move, suggesting he has no idea what happened or how, and that God himself played a role:

Here’s a longer version of the play:

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    1. Horse'sass

      Don’t watch football or sports for that matter even though I played college ball and wrestled, captain of college team, yadada. Grew up in Orchard Park, NY, and don’t even know if this was being played in Rich stadium.

      Don’t read too much into this. Alt-media sites speed up X-22 interview reruns, eliminate dates, radio stations played songs faster, and now television cuts out a few frames to allow more time for advertisements. /sarc

      But nothing new. After all, the Zapruder JFK assassination film eliminated several frames showing that the limo had stopped in order to allow the assassins better aim.

      • gandhi

        mey, Michael Jackson moon walked better

      • gandhi

        bedsides you can tell it is fake because he did not take a knee first

      • durangokidd

        Folks, look closely. This is an ATHLETE with considerable arm and leg strength doing what amounts to a modified push up to get back up on his feet.

        Look at his arm strength. Stranger things have happened in sports. 🙂

        • Synickel

          Good call. The momentum of pushing himself up with his arms, along with his leg strength, and a thin, lithe body.

          • Phoenix

            Yup, just like a dancer… It was physics, not magic 😉 If you go down fast enough, that energy can be used to spring you back up 😉

        • LowCountry Buckeye

          wow this helps me prep and ready for SHTF. WTF? Who cares about this crap or the cry babies that play this game?

        • MommaD

          Just what i was thinking. He picked hisself up with his calves and toes. Looks like he might study ballet.

    2. Traitor Hator

      The gladiator games? Watching the Warriors go at it? More civilized now we have rules? Soon the Cristian’s will be given to the lions? The difference is now we have automatic rifles? Let the games begin?

    3. gandhi

      they will do anything to get people back to watching football.

    4. Eisenkreutz



    5. Wojo

      It’s magic!

      • John Stiner

        What is magic is someone actually watched the NFL!

        • gandhi

          float like a butterfly sting like a bee. i was fooled again into watching NFL TV.

    6. DMONIC

      Negro Football League can suck it! Negro Felon League, Negro Fucktard League, Negros Fucking Lazyblackchicks, Negros Facing LifeInPrison, Negros Faking Lies….. This list goes on, and on and on….

      • gandhi

        what about the white dudes?

      • buttcrackofdoom

        Not For Long is MY favorite….followed closely by No Fans Left.

      • Jgalt

        A word to the wise, your words and thoughts become you; first law of Quantum Physics. How is your life treating you? Are there constant challenges facing you? Are you resentful of your predicament?The answer is you.

    7. Press 9 for English

      Watch it a couple times. You’ll see he actually stands back up very quickly and he uses his toes to right himself, and at the camera angle it looks like he floated a bit…but not really.

      • gandhi

        hahaha yep. they will do anything to get fans back watching football.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        thank you, fritz, i needed a great laugh!

    8. aljamo

      He could have had enough push off from his legs to stand up. Or a split second was edited out to meet time restraints as to interfering with ad time. The borefests are sped up always keeping the clock moving. The game is filler for the ad assault.

    9. TEST

      If black lives matter – and they most assuredly do – then the reality is that the LACK OF A FATHER is the biggest predictor of social pathology for any race. You want to take a knee, you NFL grandstanding hypocrites? THEN TAKE A KNEE AT THE ALTER AND MARRY THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILD. That will do MORE to end the poverty and maladjustment in black communities than all your phony posturing in the word.

      And oh yeah. Racist society??? We have had a black president, two black attorneys general, a black surgeon general, two black coaches meet in the Superbowl, and more. Don’t give us your grandstanding take a knee manure. 70% or more of black kids are raised without a father. Take knee for THAT!

      • buttcrackofdoom

        well, you KNOW what they say….once you go black……you just committed yourself to a LIFETIME of single-parenthood.

        • George

          Good posts!

    10. Plan twice, prep once

      I suspect a little performance drug testing of pro-football players would put an end to this kind of miracle demonstration of inhuman strength.

      If you look at the history of powerlifting in the olympics you find the Russian dominated world records from the 60’s and 70’s before Olympic drug testing became mandatory remain unbroken.

      Or they could just be children of Nephilim.

    11. DMONIC

      Even though they may be physically “superior” their inferior 70 IQ means they will never amount to anything without other races telling them what to do. FACT.

    12. Son of patriot

      This is a glitch in the matrix. The 11th dimension is proposed to be a series of gridlines, lattices. New reality templates come through the squares in between the lattice/gridlines. This according to string theory.

      The theory is that reality is like a super 8 movie with frames of reality arriving billions of times a second, refreshing the system. The new frames arrive from just on the edge of reality, at the 11th dimensional lattice complex. just on the edge of the 10-dimensional reality complex.

      What’s on our side of the 11-d gridlines is termed “finity’, whatever is outside, unreachable to anyone in our reality, is the ‘God-plex’, or ‘infinity’. Some (including me) believe that what lies just outside our reality is God himself. Our universe itself is just a thought particle of God.

      String theory leads to this inter-dimensional discussion, often bringing God, eternity, the nature of reality, etc.. into view. I think that is why the old school (atheist) physicists so roundly oppose the theory.

      Glitches are not mistakes. In order for the matrix not to break one rule it may have to ‘stretch’ another. At the least it is food for discussion.

      • Plan twice, prep once

        Physics is heavily populated by people of faith. Of all the pure sciences and engineering sciences, physics provides the best view of GOD from the human perspective.

        I know several Christian Physics PHD’s who have absolutely no problem with their faith in GOD and how it blends with their scientific knowledge of physics, the world and the universe.

    13. The truth

      All very explainable: with ankles being tightly taped with several layers, most players (myself and ex college free safety) can do this with a balance on the front end of the shoes. When the shoes are also taped they are one large fulcrum and it is pretty easy to pull your weight up by your tippy toes giving the fact that it is one unit connecting the shoe front to the ankle to the shin, etc.

      Anyway, I don’t claim to know it all, but this one is pretty basic to any football player who has had his ankles taped along with his shoes being taped all the way to the toes. I usually stopped the tape at mid shoe as it was pretty difficult to overcome the fulcrum effect I was mentioning above.

    14. Robert

      If you play it as 1/4 speed you can see that when he stops he does a hard pushup to get his body moving up and then uses the strength in his legs to get upright. I can do it too!

    15. the blame-e

      It’s a miracle!

      Now if they can just use the same space-age technology to fill all those empty stadium seats with CGI “sports fans” and fudge those low NFL viewership TV ratings.

    16. She3pdog

      While that’s a pretty smooth move getting up so fast and seemingly effortlessly, this just looks like the smooth moves of a peak physical condition athlete with a honed body and quick reflexes. A strong push off the ground while transferring momentum to the back of his body.

    17. Michigan Wolverine

      Just like all the other “look at meees”
      He ain’t nothin special

    18. Samuel Waters

      SPOILER: If you concentrate on his feet, it will not look magical, and the optical illusion will be dispelled. He is simply getting up.

    19. Big Stevie

      In case anyone is still wondering whether Buffalo’s sports teams are surreal…

    20. Ellwood Gritzpott

      He’s a witch. …Burn him!

    21. Red Horse

      Umm… yeah. It’s not a video issue, everybody else in the scene was able to stay in sync with the laws of physics. It almost looks like a video overlay of some sort.

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