Ghost Gunner 3D Printer: Legally Make Your Own Rifle At Home: “No Serial Number, No Background Check, And No Waiting Period”

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    As the government feverishly attempts to restrict everything from the importation of ammunition to ownership of semi-automatic weapons, one individual has been tirelessly working to restore the spirit of the Second Amendment to all corners of America.

    Cody Wilson, who in 2013 developed the first ever 3-D printed plastic gun known as The Liberator, is at it again. But this time he’s taking open source firearm manufacturing to a whole other level.

    Earlier models of his home printed firearms were dependent on plastic parts. They worked, albeit only a few times before they shattered because of the extreme pressures involved with firing a bullet out of a gun. Even the heaviest duty plastics eventually weakened to the point of failure.

    But the world of 3-D printing and private gun ownership is about to change dramatically. This holiday season Wilson’s company Defense Distributed will be releasing the first ever 3-D printer designed specifically for the manufacture of firearms.

    The Ghost Gunner is named after the “ghost gun,” a firearms industry name for a weapon that can’t be traced. Once instructions are sent to the one foot cube, the machine is capable of milling the one component of a gun that makes it a gun: the lower receiver. It’s also the part of the gun that you cannot legally buy in most states without the government knowing about it because it must have a serial number. And what makes Ghost Gunner different from previous attempts at printing firearms is that this one “prints” with metal, not plastic.

    It’s about to get a whole lot easier to make a semi-automatic rifle at home with no serial number, no background check, and no waiting period.

    Cody Wilson, the libertarian behind the world’s first 3D-printed gun, is now selling an all-in-one desktop CNC mill, called the Ghost Gunner. It can produce an aluminum lower receiver of an AR-15 rifle — the civilian version of the military’s M-16 assault rifle — in a couple of hours.

    The lower receiver, which connects the stock, barrel, magazine, and other parts of the gun together, is the component that is legally considered to be a firearm under US law — and its sale is highly regulated. The Ghost Gunner is programmed to take a partially-complete lower receiver, known as an “80 percent lower,” and automatically mill it into a functioning part. From there, all you have to do is buy the other widely-available components online and assemble the rifle. As Wilson explains on the product’s website, “on day one, Ghost Gunner can help you legally manufacture unserialized firearms in the comfort of your own home.”

    The Ghost Gunner ‘prints’ AR-15 receivers and will soon be capable of AR-10 and .308 printing:


    The Ghost Gunner will begin shipping during the 2014 holiday season. If you haven’t already pre-ordered your printer, you’ll have to wait until the next time around because their first limited run of 500 units at a price tag of $1200 have already sold out.

    In 2013, when Wilson released the 38 caliber 3-D printed Liberator handgun, anti-gun advocate Senator Chuck Schumer of New York called it a “stomach churning” development that “must be stopped.”

    A few days after Wilson’s video demonstration of the first ever plastic firearm went viral and over 50,000 people downloaded the open source plans, Federal authorities swooped in and shut down the operation claiming that the free release of the plans violated the Arms Export Control Act.

    It’s not clear what, if anything, Federal, State or local authorities will do now that 3D printing gives the average person without advanced firearms machining skills the ability to print the essential component to an AR-15 without having to inform government regulators.

    Here’s what Wilson’s Defense Distributed has to say about the legalities of printing your own guns:

    In general, yes. Semi-automatic firearms, including the AR-15 lower receivers, are generally legal to manufacture for private individuals per US federal law Title 18 do not require serialization or other maker’s marks. However, some states/municipalities restrict either the manufacture of certain firearms, or, more recently, the personal manufacture of a firearm with a 3D printer and/or CNC machine. DD makes no claim regarding local manufacturing legality; lower receiver files provided by Defense Distributed might require special licensing to manufacture and/or possess.

    Under federal law, manufacturing a firearm for contemplation of future sale without an FFL is prohibited. Without a manufacturing FFL, you should manufacture firearms for personal use only.

    So, it would essentially take an act of Congress and perhaps even a complete re-writing of the U.S. Constitution to make the manufacture of firearms for personal use with the Ghost Gunner illegal.

    We’re sure there are those in government who will make it their mission to shut Defense Distributed down once again. But 500 Ghost Gunner units have already been sold and more are slated to ship in 2015. Plus, they take Bitcoin, so the Libertarian-minded Wilson could easily take payments for the printer anonymously and destroy all records about his customers, making it impossible for the government to know who bought what.

    Wiki Weapons, it seems, are here to stay.

    Video: Ghost Gunner:


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      1. While I applaud the notion that law-abiding citizens should be able to do this. you can bet dollars to doughnuts that Congress and the rest of the rabid anti-gunners will use it as a springboard.

        They will claim that:
        -terrorists will be empowered by it
        -anti-gov types will be empowered by it
        -freedom loving gun types would be empowered by it
        -children would have access to even more dangerous things

        -and so on and so forth, ad nauseam.

        This draws un-needed attention to the capabilities of 3-D printing and will only empower TPTB to squash it in its infancy. Mark my words.

        • What your thought might true, however, people still have tons of methods to get ghost guns even without this box.

          CNC can help u build a lower easily. It can build 100 very accuracy .50 for u easily in your garage. But it’s just more expensive, and you need to a little program skill.

          • WTF, The Gubberment is worried about Americans making their small arm guns while our Government is Supplying Billions of Dollars in Arming Terrorist accross the globe with Nukes Missiles Tanks Aircraft and Surface to Air anti-aircraft projectiles. Go F yourselves.

            • How many of you (SHTFplanners) plan on voting in the up coming midterm elections?

              Serious question!

              Green thumb: Nay.

              Red thumb: Yea.

              • The 2 party system is a fraud, it’s Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi. And voting only encourages the bastards. So as requested, i’m a red thumb. 🙂

                • Oops, it should have been a greenie thumb, my bad. 😮

                  • THE GOVT IS PROBABLY GOING TO MAKE CODY WILSON DISAPPEAR. I’m serious. I now fear for this man’s life. He is probably in the number one slot to be rounded up. There was an article in the examiner I stumbled on, that seems to fit this article.

                    ht tp://

                    This all fits together, like peanut butter and chocolate…

                    Keep your heads low guys. I’m signing off until after my surgery tomorrow. See ya’ll when it’s over.

                  • If that happens then we NEED to make government disappear.

                  • Vote: The instrument and symbol of a freeman’s power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country ~ Ambrose Bierce

                • Agreed,

                  I would not even offer a guess as to just how few of the politicians on either side have a conscience or a soul.

                  However; there is truth to the old saying about the “lessor of the two evils”.

                  i know in our state, the US Senate race is hot.

                  Kay Hagan is an Obamanite liberal, and it is time for her to go. She is now taking campaign $$ from that p.o.s. liberal Bloomer-berg. Together, they want to disarm America. I won’t vote for the repub candidate because i trust him, but at least we have a fighting chance of keeping our 2nd amendment rights with him.

                  Don’t get me started on the whole abortion, pro-faggot issue of warping the minds of our children thru their liberal ideolocgical teachings in our schools. Heathern mo-fos, will rot in hell for that.

                  • A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil

                    I vote for bullets and rope.

                  • DevilMayCry, so are you actually going to go DO SOMETHING with those “bullets and rope”? I seriously doubt it.

                    What such bluster is, is camouflage for sitting on your lazy ass and doing nothing about anything. If ever there was a fake statement, your “I vote for bullets and rope” is it.

                    Here it is in three easy steps:

                    1. You don’t want to vote for either party, which is your right.

                    2. Unless you want to end up like Chris Dorner, you won’t be coiling any rope or marking any bullets by yourself, either.

                    And 3. Unless millions of other people suddenly find some balls and rise up, you won’t be following any crowd either.

                    So you just basically dismissed taking ANY action at all…and the saddest part is, you didn’t even realize it.

                  • Please let me be clear in my response: CHOOSING THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS IS NO CHOICE AT ALL!!!

                    I won’t vote republican or democrat because I am not willing to compromise on my personal, God given liberties in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

                    I won’t do it not even if there’s a slight chance they’ll “compromise”.

                    No more sacrificing liberty for security. If you trade one for another, you deserve neither.

                  • Six,best o luck with your procedure,look forward to hearing all went well and see you back in action(well,on the keyboard at least!).Quick recovery in your future!

            • Until they can come up with a pair of stainless steel
              balls for the average emasculated American male there
              is no sense putting a rifle in his hands that he neither
              has the nuts or the guts to use one anyway.

              • I suspect Schumer or the DOJ are the ones funding this project.

                The general narrative goes like this:

                1. Provide a means of anonymously and easily mass-manufacturing guns

                2. Claim that regulating guns are now pointless. Claim it will result in innocent deaths anyway.

                3. Then advocate total deregulation of firearms. Win an election. Gain lots of support.

                4. Mass murder is committed with one of these weapons, or a sympathetic media falsely claims it did, or they suggest it COULD have been one of these ghost guns (doesn’t matter if it was or not–the important thing is to stir the pot).

                5. Call for a nation wide “conversation”, and pass a bill that limits the amount of ammunition a person is allowed to buy per year, and point to the guy with 800 rounds in his car, who then jumped the fence at the whitehouse…or any number of mass murderers who “stockpiled ammunition”

                6. Either buy stocks in the ammo companies, or purchase long term put options against them.

                7. ???

                8. PROFIT!!!!

                Their not coming for your guns. Their coming for your bullets!
                So give me to them!

                • derps, guess I should edit, before my zeal gets the better of me.

                  Should have been..
                  “so give em to them!”

                • I don’t know about calling Cody Wilson a traitor, but you probably have a point about the ammo as being what they’ll try to control, unless, of course, you already have stock in some ammo company….

                  • Cody Wilson isn’t necessarily a traitor, although he could be. It’s more likely he obtained funding through companies connected to people who would very much like to see a reason to place much stronger regulations on ammo.

                    And sixpack, your “serious doubt” is correct. I’m not about to go shooting and hanging all the corrupt sonsofbitches out there.
                    But I’ll tell you this: I talk like that in public. And I don’t doubt thats the reason I’m officially on the no-fly list.

                    I’m neither courageous nor cowardly. Chris Dorner was made out to be some racist nut. He was brave, foolish, or both.

                    In either case, I think with my head, not my balls. There won’t be a civil war overnight. But the point is rhetoric spurs action. How else do you make a call to arms?

                    We are slowly circling the abyss. And while I vote for rope and bullets, remember: Not yet. Not yet. You say a revolution won’t come, I say hope is a revolutionary patience. And that revolution *will* come, in due time.

                    We need only be prepared when it arrives.
                    Or do you forget it wasn’t ideals that forced the revolutionaries to action, nor words alone, but necessity?
                    And where would they have been without bullets for their guns?

                    More importantly, where would they been without ammo for their soul?

                    And that is why I say “Bullets and Rope”.
                    Words are weapons. The war has just begun.

            • WWTI, AMEN to your comments. With things like Fast and Furious, supplying weapons to ragheads, the feds don’t have a leg to stand on. I also say f#$% them!

              • Renegade,in theory F&F dump due Oct. 22,thanks to Judicial Watch and GOA and the cases they filed a few years back,will be interesting to see what is dumped and how many hard drives suddenly “failed”!Still,the judge in case seems serious and said feds had enuff time and would not allow another halt till after elections as fed asked.

                • WD … While I too like this judge’s stance on F&F, it is my contention that the only way we average people are ever going to find out the truth here is if the judge puts Holder in jail, which is where he should be anyway.

                  I would actually support a far harsher punishment for Holder, but I’m not going to commit that to writing at this time.

                  • That tis fine Navy,pretty sure I can CORRECTLY guess your thoughts on punishment!

                  • Warchild and Navy Vet, I can appreciate what this judge is trying to do, but he could still get overruled by someone higher up. I would support Holder being executed by firing squad, along with all of the rest of the politicians, bureaucrats, etc.

            • you forget we are slaves. well indentured servants, barely above a slave. non the less it is the reason why we own no property, unless we can afford the toll, property taxes. “they” fear us and fear what we are slowly discovering. all these years of them rapping the american people, stealing our liberties, our wealth, and so on and so forth. there is more of us then of them, we are so many that we could drowned them in our urine. and the ruling class knows that time is not on their side. internet is showing people what a farce their system is and all of their misdoings. so they are taking steps to farther control our lives and stripping us of our god given rights. even this ghost gun machine, im sure they will ban all 80% lowers much like they did with ares armor because it allows people to create something they cannot control. i love the idea of making my own firearms, and fully support DD for their work and releasing this cnc machine for us, but i can build an ar for roughly the same price as it would be to mill out a blank. if i didnt want to be traced id buy a lower from someone at a gunshow. all tracability of the owner would be gone after that. so i personally do not see a point in it. but i commend those who will utilize it because it is our right to own and build firearms if we so choose. who are these gov’t pricks to tell any free man what he can and cannot do, or what he may own. the gov’t job is not to keep us safe or safe from ourselves for that matter. that is our job and this lil machine just made it alot easier for us to procure such a means.

          • Even with a standard mill it is easy to machine a two or three piece lower, nobody said they have to be one piece, unless starting with an 80% lower you will have trouble cutting the mag well unless you have access to a broaching machine, but if you break the design into 3 pieces held together with recessed bolts it suddenly becomes quite simple From a block of aluminum.
            The lower doesnt take much abuse, the upper either, most is in the buffer, and bolt system. Only thing that needs to be real strong is the buffer tube connection.

            • Kula,seen one piece receivers milled by hobbyists with machining skills but never a 3 piece,you actually seen one?I really would be interested in seeing it.

              • Havent seen it personally but a guy i know makes them on his cnc mill, from what ive heard they are pretty nice, what his goal was is to machine lower, upper out of stainless, the upper is a 2 pc flat top and he has it set up without the top charger, uses a custom made bolt with a side pole on the left hand side, not sure why he wanted stainless but hes Philipino and likes the shiny stuff, was pretty funny talking to him about it, whole thing is polished stainless and is set up for mini 14 mags, asked him why he did that and he said can polish de stainlesh,,,, no more stainlesh AR mags

                • Dammit!I know really want to see one,seems he would have the skills if doing that to easily bend and make mags,which,unlike receivers can still make for others without a license(at the moment).I had a few friends do 80%’s,not a machinist but better me then them,didn’t do the work but watched like a hawk and kept em on track.I had a great time shooting a few of them and was a nice feeling to know had a small part in their actual creation,that and got to use mill for a few scoot parts!

                  • Guns??? Guns??? I don’t need no freaking guns!!! I have Sheriff Joe to protect me!!! 🙂

                  • Today receivers. Tomorrow the entire gun. Choose the pistol, shotgun, or rifle of your choice; make model and caliber.

                    Just download the software code with the design and specs. 🙂

        • The more the better. Hopefully quality is not being ignored.

          • Some of you people are missing the point. When Ben Franklin saw the first people in France going up in a hot air balloon he said it would change the world. Others said it was nothing. He said you mistake a child for a man, I forget the exact quote. A hot air balloon didn’t get us to the moon; but it was the start; 2 years ago it was a plastic pistol; I wouldn’t have shot. A year ago it was a plastic lower, now it’s a metal CNC lower made at home, this is just a tiny start it will rock the world. And don’t your believe the Gov knows it.
            Just think of houses with solar power and a machine that would make anything you needed. What do you need a national Gov for?

            • How dare you think for yourself!

            • Paranoid: Question, “What do you need a national Gov for?” Answer, To keep the Rooskies at bay.

              3-D printing cruise missiles might not fly. Pun intended. 🙂

            • What do we need a national .gov for right now? What are they but a bunch of meddlesome control freaks who want to spend your money and run your life?

              Ideals Mastering Power Crating All Life GOD IS

        • This machine will only finish the 80% lowers. However I applaud the maker for building this machine. Its been described as a middle finger to the leftist

          • where does it say 80%

        • that is the point, Einstein, they can’t stop it.

          • Cant stop it ?
            This kinda technology just moves us closer to a grid-down situation.
            Government control wont be given up without an EMP.

            From a middle east source , naturaly.

            • When this toy can “print” me a new marlin 45/70 in stainless , I will buy one.

              • Wanna know how to obtain an assault rifle?

                Play the “knock-out” game with your local crew!

                • YMWW, just wait until foreign troops aka “UN Peacekeepers” show up on the streets and it’s a safe bet a huge percentage of them will have AKs. Once the lead starts flying there will be weapons, ammo, web gear, etc. laying around everywhere just for the taking.

                • Agreed , Thats the myth of door to door confiscation.
                  The dum dums will end up handing out more gear than they gather.

                  • Hammerhead, whoever comes to my door will get “lead and brass nutrients.”

        • Though Shall NOT Infringe!!

          • But though DO and though (WE THE PEOPLE ) does nothing so we can’t complain anymore about it !!! Not 1 more word about it …..time for talk is over

        • Socrates, I agree. while the concept is very appealing, the feds will find a way to stop it before it can ever get started. That’s a damned shame.

          • Think ahead of the government and create something that can replace the current process…the enemy is one step ahead of the government…they just wait until the government gives up for political reasons and then they grab all the military equipment they leave behind. Soon they will gain parts of three countries and form their own…probably going to call is ISIS or something similar?

          • Once the first 500 machines reach their destinations in private homes, people will reverse engineer or just flat copy their own. Until those machines actually get into private hands, yes, the govt CAN stop it. Wait and see.

        • They’ll be raiding Ghost Guns and seizing computers to track those who have bought one no matter whether you used it or not. It’ll just give the ATF an excuse to knock and rob.

          • what we need now is the source code to build the machine!

          • SIX & PO,why you have delivered and then move said unit to someone elses place.Really,any one with a mini mill if they chose to can make said receivers right now,as many as they wish,plus,mini mill can do all sorts of other neat stuff,made a few scoot parts with one with basically no experience,a few errors along way but they came out nice.I would say the real issue beyond perhaps more freedoms stolen is ammo,buy what you need and can use,figure most folks in country who own firearms have done this.The irony is any one with ill intent and say 100 bucks can go to big box stores and with off the shelf products make things that would put the firearm issue on the farthest back burner if they used em.

        • Terrorists have no need for this. They get plenty of high grade military weapons from the U.S. Govt!

        • When was the last time a serial number printed on a lower receiver ever stopped a criminal from using a firearm in the course of committing a crime?

        • Socrates,first off,the horse has left the barn looooong ago on building ones own firearms.A baby mill and on can make most of a firearm from blank right there,or,go the “80%” route if they choose,hell,seen jigs that with a router will do “80%”.As for law abiding,please show me where in the constitution/bill of rights in 2nd law abiding is mentioned in regards to firearms.Hell,with all the crazy laws on the books and more spewing forth every day we are all criminals.I know a guy who got in a fight in college 30+ years ago/business/family ect.When Brady bill passed he in theory lost his right to firearms,in court as a student got a 10 buck fine,screw the laws and keep real criminals in jail while abolishing over 90% of laws.

          Now that rant over,really for half the money get a baby mill,will leave a lot for tooling ect.,and with mill can do so much more then fabricate firearms and parts for em,make all sorts of cool stuff.I love the 3D tech and all but till machines get bigger for average buyer will shy away from em.

          • Ofttimes, one can purchase a good used (Bridgeport) vertical mill, in good condition, sans DRO for about the same price, at company bankruptcy auctions.

            ..around here, they go for $900-2300, depending on the auction. Good used lathes w/o DRO & a 13-14 inch swing go for $500-1000!

            If you want to machine your own ‘anything / any-caliber’, why not own, your own machine shop?!?

            ..just sayin’.

            • Hunter,with you but full size machines a bit challenging to move and the space can be a issue.Now,if you are a cool guy you probably already have friends with said equipment in their barns with tooling/220 ect.,life at times smiles on Warchild!

        • This is all just another distraction for the Illegal War going on over in Syria and Iraq bombing everything and anybody, to keep the Military Industrial Complex fat and happy. These Pigs are so Fat and Happy, they have nothing else to bomb but the wrong oil refineries now,and create 100,000 more Boogie men that hate us. The More people that hate us the more money they make.

          While one hand is waving over here to distract us, the other is in our pocket picking us clean. The US Government left Billions of Military gear for the taking in Iraq for ISIS. Oh and if the people in the US make a few personal rifles they are considered terrorists.

          Our Government wastes tens of Billion every day of our wealth. Just keep pointing out their crimes against the American people. Shame them.

          • Shame the Govt.? Who are you kidding, the govt. HAS NO SHAME! Those feggets do whatever they please and laugh at us.

        • These things are going to fail when you need them to work. Buy a real one second hand from an individual with no background check and add to that purchase another firing pin from somewhere and a shitload of mags and ammo.

        • THIS DEVICE IS NOT A PRINTER. Jeez, guys, get a life!

          It’s a cleverly packaged little 3D milling machine, apparently supplied with fixturing and programs to either make a receiver from a billet, or finish an 80% receiver.

          Other than the tooling, and the clever frame of the thing, it’s not different from dozens if not a hundred “hobbyist” CNC mills, using stepper motor drives. (Steppers have their uses, but precision CNC is not one of them. If they “drop” a step, they never recover, and everything afterward is out of position. Been there, done that, scrapped the bloody thing after a year of fooling with it.

          • BTW if you’re enough of a hacker, you can build your own CNC stepper-drive mill for about $500 in purchased components, maybe less.

      2. I bet soon you’ll see ISIS subhumans are using it as a complementary gift from Al CIA and Mossad and the camel raping Saudis.

        • this has been front page news on Yahoo for 4 days

        • ISIS? They get all the heavy weapons they can ever need from the Russians and Chinese. Not to mention the weapons Obama just left lying around in Iraq after he fled in disgrace. Terrorist don’t want a machine that can produce one lower receiver in a few hours. They procure weapons by the truck and plane load my friend.

          9 out of 10 terrorist would agree.

          • YH…. I agree with you on the mess procurement part but Obama as a puppet didn’t leave anything behind for the ISIS to use. It was all planned by his ZOG masters. Also mess distribution and training is done by AL CIA and Mossad and not by the Russians or Chinese specific to the ISIS sub humans.

          • They’re getting their weapons not from Russians or Chinese, but from THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA…haven’t you been reading the news lately? Or are you just willfully blind as to your country’s complicity?

            Blaming OUR mistakes on Russians and Chinese, is getting worn out and old.

        • ISIS has full auto weapons from the U.S. already, they would not screw around with something that they would have to work on to finish.

      3. I don’t trust it.

        • I don’t know why not.

          The sucker was already aluminum BY DESIGN. I can find plastics that have as much structural integrity as aluminum. Granted they are specialty plastics (50% glass reinforced polyphenylene sulfide) but the point is, it was never steel to begin with, it was basically high grade plastic to begin with by design.

          That tells me the chambered explosion is being absorbed by something else, like the barrel for instance.

          Worst thing I could see happening here is the thing misplaces the trigger group and fails to hit the primer dead on, or is too rough inside and fails to cycle completely. I’m assuming the thing won’t drop the hammer on a half chambered round… I would HOPE the AR is at least up to AK levels of “safety” in that regard. Or it wears out prematurely.

          It ain’t gonna blow up in your face. It might turn out to be a waste of money but it ain’t gonna blow your face off.

          • Guy it’s gonna fail to work when you need it most and get you killed.

          • In the AR design the bolt locks into a recess in the back end of the barrel, so zero stress is applied to the frame when the gun fires. Old tech, these days. Stoner borrowed the idea from several shotgun designs that preceded him.

            The AR’s bolt design is such that the firing pin cannot reach the primer until the bolt head has rotated all the way into the locked position. Same as the Garand, the M-14, the Ruger Mini-14/30, and quite a few others. No fear of out-of-battery discharge.

            Generally the precision of military gun parts is pretty sloppy. The design has to work when it’s worn, or full of sand or mud or fouling, etc. Only thing that’s “tenths tolerance” in most rifles is the bore and grooves. Even chambers can be pretty sloppy, (and often are!). I’m not an AR lover, but I can guess that the only thing this system could really screw up would be the magazine well. Misalignment of the magazine woould give you feeding problems`.

      4. The nations in Europe consider the barrel the gun as it can withstand pressure and is difficult to make. Expect similar legislation here. If you think you might need a replacement barrel in the future you might want to buy it now.

        • I agree. I looked into it when 3D printing first came to the forefront to see how exactly you make a rifled barrel. Needless to day, it’s far more difficult to manufacture than a receiver! This machine just completes a process already started by other, more complicated machines that cost a whole lot more money. If it was actually able to mill a new lower from a billet plus a barrel then I think we would have a game changer here. Right now it still requires outside infrastructure and only makes it easier to complete a process that is already legal to complete for your own use.

          • The Native Americans could have used the Compound Bow to hold off the European invaders for a few more decades if they had 3D printers back then. lol

            • A stereolithography compound bow?

              That WILL blow your face off. On the first attempt no less.

          • As I posted above, W.S., this thing is a 3D milling machine, NOT a printer. It most certainly COULD make a complete receiver from billet, if you have the tooling and the programs. So could a lot of other small hobby mills.

            Barrels are a whole different kettle of fish. Especially the AR barrel, which among other things is chrome plated inside, and has that complex socket at the breech end.

        • @ Kevin2,

          New info for me, about how Europe treats that..Thanks.

          It seems to me that it should be just as easy – if not probably a ‘tad bit more expensive – to fabricate a small (-ish) hammer mill apparatus that could execute the primary forging of a barrel from a suitable alloy blank.

          I know for a FACT – since my best friend is am ME (Mechanical Engineer) at the Master’s Level, long employed in a specialty tubing manufacturing process plant – that such ‘type’ of machinery exists, albeit at lower working stresses…it would just be a matter of producing an assembly that was significantly beefed-up to allow for higher operating strains.

          Gee, wouldn’t THAT be the Christmass present that would send the Liberal crowd over the edge…into perfect insanity?

          • Already got them. Watched one hammer our barrels at the Remington plant in NY 2 years ago. No one there just a robot loading and unloading the steel. One of only 2 processes more modern than Civil War. LORD is that plant out of date.

            • FASCINATING Friend…Truly?

              If you don’t mind my asking…how LARGE was the apparatus that you saw there..the associated hammer mill? Also, was that as old as the rest…hammer mills are a relatively new ‘thing’, so I’m asking as a clariification of your reply here is all.

              I had read throgh rhe article – at speed – initially …on re-reading that I see that this gentleman intends to extend his Sterling efforts to the AR-10 genre as well…now THAT’S interesting! Don’t get me wrong here…I DEARLY love all my ‘lil 5.56’s’ but having something a tad meatier is – actually – thrilling (Ya, me don’t get out of the house enough anymore…). Too, I wonder since this IS ‘CNC’ if this article has broader applications with the proper coding….maybe could it prodce the non-high pressure parts of say a Barret if the appropriate program was inputted? Wow, WHAT a thought that…excuse me…I have to go to the bathroom now, the excitement was bit much for my bladder after I had thought through that… 🙂

              Oh…a question here; has anyone here ever taken the bullet (steel-core) out of a M855 round (yes, greeen-tip) and TRIED to pump that through – say a 22-250 (reloaded)? I’ve lately acquired some 3 (thou) rounds of that and I haven’t been able to find anything on the net that speaks to the flight characteristics (nee, excess YAW at higher velocity) thereof. I like the idea of something steel-core driven at a 22-250 level of propulsion, really I do….I just don’t know if it would work accurately.

              • It was in their Illion NY plant. (I are an engineeer) They had five machines not designed by someone who knew US Grant personally. The hammer mills in question were about the size of a refrigerator laid on it’s side, They had two of them. Each made a barrel in a little over a minute. Each had a robotic arm which loaded the blank and removed it when done. Most of the rest of the plant moved around in little green carts. Eli Whitney and Henry Ford would have burned the whole place down and introduced the assembly line. No kidding it’s a several story building, so old the cement stairs have ruts in them. Was surprised the custom shop was super clean and neat. I’m retired and the machines were older than I am. Pre war (1812)

                • Specifically just by the looks I’d say the mills were late 1970’s design. The robotic arms looked newer, They also had what looked like a vertical broaching and milling machine, making shotgun receivers. looked like you loaded a couple dozen blanks in it and away it went, but I’m really not familiar with the machine and couldn’t get close enough to see well.

                • Hammer mills I saw at Ruger years ago were a whole lot bigger than a refrigerator. And the energy the have to apply to mash that steel around the mandrel is ferocious.

                  I too have been in that Remington plant, numerous times, (late ’70s early ’80s), and yeah, I think it was designed for machine tools driven by line shafting. The terms “industrial archaeology”, and “living fossil” came to mind. I think one factor that kept it that way was the union, (United MINE Workers!). Typically those old, entrenched unions would not let anybody’s job be changed or eliminated without a huge fuss. I made money there, rebuilding old machine tools, (which they preferred to buying new ones).

              • Yes, I’ve fired the M855 in cartridges other than the 5.56×45. My barrel has a 9 inch twist. Your .22-250 is probably a 14 twist, which is too slow to stabilize the M855 bullet. My results were nothing to write home about. That bullet is nowhere near as precisely made as good commercial bullets. I was only curious.

                • Thanks TOC,

                  I HAD wondered what that might ‘come to’ in practise; I suppose that that particular combination is likely not productive…in the sense of accuracy. I have a Win M70 22-250 – “Coyote Light” – of which I am very fond. Unfortunately your surmise is correct, on perusing the current listing over at Winchester’s site I see that the twist specification is – -indeed – 1-14. A pity, that might have – otherwise – have been quite ‘interesting’ in a variety of circumstances that I can think of. Thanks again.

        • I suspect the anti Second Amendment politicians will include all the gun parts except the stock in any draft of legislation in the future. They throw shit up on the wall and see what sticks making the Pro Gun Lobby expend resources and argument as much as possible to scatter their political capital. The fence sitter politicians later say, “I did not vote for including triggers” but they fail to mention they were ok with including hammers. If you want a hammer then you “paper up” the gun in question. Those gun show parts now readily available and unregulated are gold.

          The anti gun people will use every opportunity, pry open every door and capitalize on every tragedy to achieve their goal of civilian disarmament. Facts and truth take a backseat to sensationalism and lies.

      5. K2, Excellent point.

      6. I think this is great!!!! You just have to remember that you are only building the lower. So you still have to buy the uppers or build your upper.

        The bad guys will have guns no matter what we do.
        The Good Guy can now build one and have it to use it against the Bad Guy.

        The problem is not the gun its the AMMO.
        The Good Guy needs more AMMO than the Bad guys.

        If I had one of the machines I would be building one or two a week. The barrel is the only thing that would be hard to get if TPTB wants to do something to stop us building our own rifles.

        The Government will make a law to ban a firearm with out a serial number. Or there will have to be serial numbers on the upper and lower receiver. YOU JUST WATCH AND SEE!


        • Sgt. thats true, but what is so good about that, is that the lower is the only part that has to be bought through a dealer and goes on paper. It sure was great before 1968 when you could order your gun through the mail and it was delivered right to your front door, no questions asked. And to the best of my memory there were few to no drive bys. You can still order AR uppers and have them delivered to your door. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • I think all Americans should be issued a Thompson Machine Gun once they reach Puberty.

            • Sorry but T-Gun is WAY to heavy for a kid. Also expensive to machine. A modern M=3 Grease gun or Sten would be much better for a beginner. Lots cheaper and if it gets left out in the ran only costs #20.00

            • Shot a full auto Thompson in Vegas once. God that is a sweet gun except for the nonexistent front grip (stock model, no mods). It just don’t climb on rock ‘n roll mode like I thought it would. It’s surprisingly controllable. My friends were shooting MP5’s and ending up on the ceiling with those, despite the smaller cartridge.

            • I’ll take a Bren gun, thank you.

              Five round burst at 400 yards, all hit the target.

              Wanted one ever since that day.

          • Or BR-549.

            • The above reply went to the wrong place. Read my message below first.

            • hell I`d like a 175H with tons of ammo


        • Just because you wear a uniform does not grant you aitomatic “Good Guy” Status. You need to earn it.

          • I can’t believe 8 people disagreed with your comment.

        • Everybody can just the same serial number:


          • Something like Barry Soetoro using someone’s SS number?

            • We could use that number. I think I might have it somewhere.

              Or maybe Bin Laden’s INMARSAT satellite phone number:

              I have lots of numbers.

        • Sgt Dale: I will be issuing random, non consecutive, serial numbers for Militia for a small fee. Just saying, there is always a silver lining ….. 🙂

          • DK,mine will be 5150!

      7. Spanish Ebola-Infected Nurse Is First Case Of Contagion Out Of Africa; Salzburg Activates Ebola Emergency Response

        The “BBC which reports that a Spanish nurse who treated an Ebola victim in Madrid has contracted the virus herself in the first case of contagion outside Africa, health officials say.”

        “What is different about this case is that the nurse contracted the virus in Madrid while she was part of the team that treated Spanish priest Manuel Garcia Viejo, who died of Ebola on 25 September, despite being treated with the same drug regiment that previous is said to have worked on US Ebola patients.”


        • KY mom, there are excellent essays on Ebola at the website, “Reconteur Report”. Its real, real funny as well as informative… excellent writer!! 😉

          • Anonymous,

            Thank you. I found the link. I had never heard of this website before.

            This article caught my attention…

            Do the Math

            “At the White House Friday, federal officials sought to reassure the public that the nation’s health-care system was well-equipped to treat the virus and stop it from spreading.”

            “So let’s look at that infrastructure.
            There are, in fact, a total of four medical isolation units in the entire United States, as we noted yesterday, that are capable of handling infected Ebola patients near endlessly.
            Where are they, and what can they handle?

            Emory University’s Serious Communicable Disease Unit is in Atlanta, GA. That’s where Brantly and Writebol were treated. It has THREE BEDS.

            St. Patrick Hospital’s ICU Isolation Unit is in Missoula MT. It has THREE BEDS.

            The National Institute of Health’s Special Clinical Studies Unit is in Bethesda MD. It has SEVEN BEDS.

            And the biggest, the Nebraska Medical Center’s Biocontainment Unit is in Omaha NE. It has TEN BEDS.

            3+3+7+10=23 beds, coast to coast.

            So, for the entire country, all 316,100,000+ of us, we’re fully prepared to treat 23 Ebola patients at the same time. (For reference, that’s how many Ebola patients Liberia had last April. It hasn’t gone well.)”


            • If its so easy to contain it how come out elected ones are not doing it over there ???????????????/HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!


            • Here is more ripping the fabric of America Apart by Jewry. Since 33% of the US Supreme Court is dominated by Jews, the Jews over rules and refused to hear 11 State Court cases regarding Same Sex Marriages. Basically telling Americans feel free to be a Open faggot!

              Supreme Court effectively legalizes same-sex marriage in 11 more states –

              The Jewish Population is only 2.1% of the America Populace. They dominate the polluted TV Show networks reflecting Gay faggot porn to indoctrinate our children that is it is fine and dandy to be a loser faggot.

            • Yep…it’s OFFICAL then…Math never lies: We’re SCREWED.

              Speaking of math M’am, without going into too much personal detail here, I have a background in a ‘directly related field’ and the mathematics suggest – quite strongly – that once the virus here involved has passed through roughly 15 direct, sequential iterations across a population of more than 25-28 thousand people (roughly) the liklihood of a “fully successful adaptation” emerging increases dramatically…and quite rapidly, by roughly an order of magnitude.

              Incidentally, I always appreciate your timely, informative and DILIGENT postings here that help us all ‘keep up with it’: you are virtually as dilgent as was ‘Be Informed’, before he ‘left’…and so my Thanks, Ma’m.

              Oh…also, there IS a non-linear effect to be considered here; that of a recursive pasage back and forth through non-humans, more specifically mammalian non-humans. THAT significantly increases the odds of the adaptation mentioned ocurring…and so thus shortening the required evolutionary time-frame. Needless to say, with the K-9 population in Africa scavenging corpses now….Oh my.

              • Mr. Rodgers.

                Four possible vectors.

                Those who know they will become sick and fly here for treatment.
                Those who infect themselves(Terrorist) and become bio-weapons.
                Those who become infected and will not seek medical attention.
                Those who become infected and become angry at the world and willingly spread the disease.

                • Good Evening slingshot,

                  Yes, utterly true on all four counts. I am swiftly coming to beleive that the ‘Cat SHALL be OUT the BAG’ in rather short order. Perhaps it’s time to begin seriousdy considering ‘G O O D’…I KNOw you KNOW what I mean there friend. This maifetation is becoming less and less like any prior occurance we have SEEN before, moreso with each passing day; to my mind – clearly – this is NOT anything that we have encountered before and is therefore either 1) aWHOLLY new (undiscovered, but previously existent) case of naturally occurance/origin or 2) ‘OTHERWISE’. Truly, my single fear now is that this is already become the initial form/format – as well the evidence of – a successful adaptation of the virus.

                  If SO, then I fear for us all…profoundly so. I have been passavly ‘circu,spect’ in my comments on this previously, that will likely END soon enough. It is almost – nearly – time to be getting ‘afraid’ I think. Likely, it goes without saying that extreme vigilance is – completely – warranted beyond this point.

                  All I can say at this point is, “Be well, Be SAFE Friend.”….Oh, and I do watch for your comments regularly…especially the comedic ones (though they’re all good), you’re QUITE a ‘card’! “Thanks for the memories….”!

                • Evening slingshot,

                  Ummm….I just replied to your post – here…and something tossed me into ‘mod’…it should come up as comment #3240279 when Mac releases it…

                  Have a Good one…

              • Mr. Rodgers,

                I too miss posts by Be Informed, Just One Guy, Manos, and others.

                Hope all is well with these folks and their families.

                To everyone reading, be strong. Keep praying and prepping. May the Lord bless and guide you.

                KY Mom

                • Hello KY,

                  As everyone here is now GONE on to greener (and newer pastures!) I’ll say, “Thanks for the sentiment M’am” …it has been a while, has it not?. Things here are WELL,; we are fully ensconced in our domain and situated in ALL things nicely. In time, our ranks here have swelled – both by design and happenstance as well – to in excess of 64 persons. As you might expect, and therefor, “Many hands makes for LIGHT work…”, which has ben a BLESSING. Winter is just on the cusp at this point where we are and all is done to completion… thankfully, FINALLY.

                  BI being absent – for THIS long – DOES trouble me no small bit; that is completely uncharacteristic for that one…as we ALL know. I can only hope that there has been no calamity – here – involved…or so I PRAY. Be Well Hon…and BE SAFE in time to come, very carefully so. Till later then…it is GOOD to be ‘Back again’

                  Shhhhhh…quiet now, such is the ‘price’ here involved I’m afraid, for reasons best left – for now – unsaid, unspoken.

                  Oh, I HAVE “watched from afar”…for some time, Good Work M’am…such splendid diligence, ‘Tip ‘O the Hat’ therefor. 🙂

        • I’m sure they took adequate measures and she still got sick.

      8. Basic medical knowledge and some supplies can save lives.

        In Liberia, a 22-year-old nursing student, named Fatu Kekula, improvised her own protective suit (used trash bags) and nursed her entire family through Ebola.

        “Her father. Her mother. Her sister. Her cousin. Fatu took care of them all, single-handedly feeding them, cleaning them and giving them medications.

        And she did so with remarkable success. Three out of her four patients survived. That’s a 25% death rate — considerably better than the estimated Ebola death rate of 70%.

        Fatu stayed healthy, which is noteworthy considering that more than 300 health care workers have become infected with Ebola, and she didn’t even have personal protection equipment — those white space suits and goggles used in Ebola treatment units.”

        “Instead Fatu, who’s in her final year of nursing school, invented her own equipment. International aid workers heard about Fatu’s “trash bag method” and are now teaching it to other West Africans who can’t get into hospitals and don’t have protective gear of their own.

        Every day, several times a day for about two weeks, Fatu put trash bags over her socks and tied them in a knot over her calves. Then she put on a pair of rubber boots and then another set of trash bags over the boots.
        She wrapped her hair in a pair of stockings and over that a trash bag. Next she donned a raincoat and four pairs of gloves on each hand, followed by a mask.
        It was an arduous and time-consuming process, but Fatu was religious about it, never cutting corners.”

        “Her Ebola nightmare started Juy 27, when her father, Moses, had a spike in blood pressure. She took him to a hospital in their home city of Kakata. A bed was free because a patient had just passed away. What no one realized at the time was that the patient had died of Ebola.”

        “Moses, 52, developed a fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Then the hospital closed down because nurses started dying of Ebola.

        Fatu tried to take her father to several hospitals, but they were full. So, Fatu took him home, where he infected three other family members: Fatu’s mother, Victoria, 57; Fatu’s sister, Vivian, 28, and their 14-year-old cousin who was living with them, Alfred Winnie.

        “I cried many times,” she said. “I said ‘God, you want to tell me I’m going to lose my entire family?’ ”

        But her father, mother, and sister rallied and were well on their way to recovery when space became available at JFK Medical Center on August 17. Alfred never recovered, though, and passed away at the hospital the next day.”

        • After spending 7 Yrs on a Fire Dept, being a Paramedic back in the 80’s Saving lives, I can tell you this. No more. All these people who think they need to carry this big EMT bag to go save the world, think again. If you think you are going to put your mouth on a stranger lips and breath his disease or HIV or Ebola or some other infection or droplets of blood that shoot onto your skin, or vomit which is common during CPR, you are giving yourself a death sentence. Even helping stopping a bleeding incident, you better be fully clothed with rubber gloves up to your elbows. Face mask and goggles.

          I finally quit in the late 80’s when this HIV-Aids came out and picking up many people with HIV and the Ambulance which I am sure and verify was never properly cleaned after each run, and more like once a day maybe during a shift change, so go figure 24 runs with 24 patients with no sanitizing in one full day every day after day.

          If you are sick I would avoid getting into any ambulance which we called the (Meat Box) that is a cesspool of bacteria, blood stains, body fluids and matter, and the equipment like blood pressure cuffs that are never cleaned. Needles stuck into seat cushions, people were often pricked by accident with needles, flying around during IV and meds during full blown codes.

          Just saying, being Nurse Anne thinking you are going to go save the world, forget it. You will be a victim yourself. Unless this is a member of your immediate family where you know for sure their medical history, and what their problem is, take maximum precautions anyway of even going near anybody down on the ground.

          The world and rules for helping in medical emergencies has changed Big time. Screw the “Good Samaritan Law” Just saying… Life is full of choices.

          • WhoWuddaThunk

            I am an EMT and your brought up some awesome points. One thing about cpr. I thing they have changed the way you perform it. It is all compressions and no breaths now.
            Still do you perform it? Even if they don’t vomit you still may be coming into contact with lord knows what.
            I don’t run with the squad. To be honest I was going to but don’t think I could handle anymore children in pain. With having a son go through all the medical issues he has I have seen enough. It is not just my son but all the other children that I have had contact with because of my sons situation. Just some heartbreaking experience’s. I could handle the adults even though that is tough. I have had enough of seeing children in pain though.

            • WWTI
              Mike in VA.

              Good posts.

              Lots of Variables entering the equation.

              • WWTI, Mike in VA, and Slingshot. My late wife was an RN and used to see all kinds of shit in the hospital. I usually got home from work before she did. She would often call me and ask me to “pour her a stiff one” and have it ready as soon as she gets home. Her drink was 151 proof Bacardi rum and Coke. A lot of times she would be too reluctant to tell me how her day went. I just let it slide and did my best to understand her situation. There were some times she would go overboard on the rum and coke when I had to work late on occasion myself. On the rare occasions when she would talk about it, I had to pour some of her rum and coke for myself. just goes to show how dangerous this world really is.

                • Renegade,it also shows though how many people willing to try and help others whether their profession or just go for it in a tough situation seeing folks hurt/in danger ect.,gives one a little hope for humanity.

                • Braveheart

                  I understand completely. It is hard to deal with day in and day out. Seeing misery and pain daily finally gets to you. It is impossible for it not too. Makes a man feel like a wimp at times but hey I am human. You are just not meant to deal with stress every day for years and years. It takes it’s toll on you.

                  From your post I can tell you had a wonderful special lady by your side. If more people were like her we sure would be better off as a society.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

            You bring up good points.

            I have no illusions about going out and being nurse Anne.

            My goal to save my family from Ebola or other viruses would be prevention.

            Despite speeches by government officials, it is obvious to me that the medical system in the U.S. could NOT handle an outbreak of Ebola or some other virus. It would be up to individuals to try to protect and save our families.

            Reading about how this woman with just basic supplies and safeguards was able to SAVE her family gave me some HOPE.

        • Thank you Mom–will print this off and put it in my red medical folder. It is indeed good info to know and a little bit of peace of mind. If she can, wth the help of God, maybe I could save my family too, if it comes to that.

      9. It would be nice to own a 3D printer and use it to provide inexpensive guns for those who need them.

        • Barn Cat, the good news is you can even make more cats with the 3D printer.

        • This device is NOT a 3D printer it is self contained mini-mill designed to produce completed lowers from 80% blanks.

      10. i broke up with my girlfriend today…

        i knew it wasn’t going to work out, because im a Sagittarius.. and shes a bitch

      11. people been making ar 15 with cheap cnc mills for years. What is new abotu this? Heck you can make a ak47 with power tools.

        • Poison Blow Dart Guns are silent and deadly, and don’t discount a chain saw in the right hands can be a deadly weapon as well. More deadly than a sharp stick in your eye.

          • CCC,with AK you can bend the basic receiver with a heavy duty break,home made firearms have been around a long time.A guy in Britain(now dead) had a site to make all sorts of firearms from plumbing supply houses and how to make home made ammo.Yes,can be risky but if you need it,well,life is full of risks.

            • Even with these milling machines, the exact tolerances need to be met to get the exact dimensions and cutting. You still need the cutting tools and they wear out over time. And the measuring tools to check each receiver. How many blanks do you think they will screw up to finally get a good one?? Calculate that scrap waste into the mix and decide if it is even worth it.

              Unless you are a felon and have a gang you need to supply guns too, it will still be pricey. Just saying it may just be cheaper for you to buy your weapon off the street. I will also tell you this. I NEVER buy used firearms ever, ALWAYS NEW. I just don’t want to buy some weapon that may have been used in a crime or a murder. Don’t need some ballistics test to pop up and get accused. And if you ever read for entertainment hitman books, you always get rid of the weapon, fully destroy it and dispose of it in a hundred pieces where nobody will ever find it. lol Being Greedy and re-selling it, will come back to haunt you. They say 3 things will get you into trouble. Greed, Ego or Drugs.

              • I’m wondering if you can rent it out.

          • I’ve got my Red Ryder and no I never shot my eye out with it. [SARCASM]

      12. That is less of a “3-D printer” than it is a dedicated CNC milling machine.

        And that… will work. Oh. Yes it will. You may or may not get the best tolerances depending on how he’s set it up but I used to have an SKS and I can tell you, depends on the gun design but at least for an SKS, sh*tty tolerances are absolutely no deterrent to function.

        With an AR style I have my doubts but anything AK based should be just fine as well.

        As an aside, I wish people would get off the “3-D Printer” buzzword kick. It makes you look silly. This is not Star Trek just yet kids. If you’ve ever worked with one of these 3-D printers (and I do regularly) you’d know that they spit out the equivalent of reinforced paper mache, at least in terms of strength. There are exceptions, you can do metals, but you’re basically gluing together metal dust and heating it locally a bit.

        You can approach nylon in terms of strength if you get an expensive enough unit. Note the word APPROACH.

        This on the other hand, is a perfectly valid solution. This will absolutely work. Again, I would not try to do a gun requiring high tolerances, but if you want a semi-auto boom stick and you’re not too picky, this will do it.

        Makes me wonder how he made the mill. I’ve seen a 1-axis made out of a Dremel and a microcontroller before. Doubt that this is that, but also doubt it’s a full fledged CNC, because it doesn’t need to be.

        • I read where Jay Leno “Jay’s Garage” uses a 3-D printer to make hard to find old car body parts. Pretty clever really.
          There can be lots of practical uses for this kind of printer.

      13. My son graduated from MIT with 2 degrees– one in computer science and the other in computer software engineering– he could make his own whenever he liked and no one would be the wiser. 😉

      14. It’s not clear what, if anything, Federal, State or local authorities will do now that 3D printing gives the average person without advanced firearms machining skills the ability to print the essential component to an AR-15 without having to inform government regulators.

        You know what they’ll do.

        Ban the 80% receivers and the parts kits, that’s what. Obviously. That’s what I’d do if I had their goal in mind.

        Still doesn’t change the fact that historically speaking, people have made sub-machine guns out of sheet metal and pipes using no more than a drill press. Granted… you have an effective range of about 15 feet with the thing… LOL

        • I don’t get the need for this or why the liberty movement is obsessed with this? Have they not learned from all the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that people can make a hell of a lot of disruption using IEDs and booby traps. You can mill the finest machine gun known to man, walk out your door, start your car – and boom!! – that’s the end of the story.

          Is there a lesson in this? Try walking the path of peace because war just leads to pain and misery. Weaponizing the civilian population will not end well.

          • How did disarming the civilian population work out for Russia, China, etc.?

            Having untraced weapons prevents total government confiscation.

            How about I just shoot the person trying to booby-trap my car?

            You must have had a pansy for a DI.

          • Frank Thoughts, while I’m also opposed to war, there is NO WAY anyone can sell me on the idea on civilian disarmament. Look at all the genocides that took place in the 20th century and they were ALL PERPETRATED BY GOVERNMENTS! EVIL, MANMADE GOVERNMENTS! I do walk the path of peace as long as other people let me. But when anyone approaches me with evil intentions toward me, I WILL NOT TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. I WILL ACT IN MY OWN SELF DEFENSE BECAUSE THAT IS MY NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO DO SO. IT WILL NOT END WELL FOR THE EVILDOER.

          • Frank. Criminals never give up their guns. Just dump sheep.

        • Guy,my guess is that anyone who wanted to build a home made firearm with say 80%’s for lack of a better word already has.I am sure the idiots will pass new laws ect. but as legal now would guess the majority who wanted to do it,has.I am sure folks have also stocked up a bit on spare parts/barrels ect. along with ammunition.That said,I want a gun can pretty easy get one off the “street” if not worried about history of it.Outlaw all firearms today and still will be able to do that for decades to come.The tech that allows this will as tech grows allow citizens to make all sorts of items that will cause powers that want to be hesitation.

      15. First off, this is not a printer. It’s a milling machine. It doesn’t print metal, it mills metal. Whoever wrote this article should be slapped and wrh should read before they post.

      16. Actually I am rather more interested in a small scale 3 axis CNC machine for 1500.00. You could prototype a heck of a lot more than just receivers. This is a CNC game changer that brings CNC into the same circles as Makerbot.

        • CCC,with AK you can bend the basic receiver with a heavy duty break,home made firearms have been around a long time.A guy in Britain(now dead) had a site to make all sorts of firearms from plumbing supply houses and how to make home made ammo.Yes,can be risky but if you need it,well,life is full of risks.

        • Trouble with this one is that the part has to fit inside the frame. Very restrictive. Give me a normal 3D mill.

      17. How on earth is this a good thing? As a former military sniper, I do not think it is good to proliferate assault rifles in the civilian population. How about 3D printing a dildo or butt plug: you would do more for world peace and have fun to boot.

        This thing is a boon to criminals, scum bags, psychopaths, and terrorists.

        • oil press
          stirling solar generator

        • FT…..This thing is a boon to criminals, scum bags, psychopaths, and terrorists???? Does that include snipers who shoot law abiding civilians just to follow the order from their masters? If yes then it really is a good thing. An armed society is a polite society and that’s my Frank Thoughts.

        • I think every American should own at least two semi-auto rifles. And FT, you should give yours away to someone else,

          • POP: And two handguns. One for backup and eight magazines. ALL government issued. 🙂

        • Frank, as you being a former sniper murderer, you need to be disarmed and thrown in prison for your war crimes. You know nothing about protecting America’s Freedoms.

          • WWT…I think it is time for FRANK to go to the range with one of his old buddies from the sniping / murdering life he had to do some PTSD coaching.

        • “””This thing is a boon to criminals, scum bags, psychopaths, and terrorists.”””

          Why bring government officials into this? Nothing else fits your description.

        • Why did you just use butt plug and fun in the same sentence?

          I’m just disappointed they don’t have the CNC files online like they did for the pistols.

          • Arch,into machining from a blank of aluminum use a receiver as a model for measures ect.

        • For one thing Frank, about 98% of that list you gave couldn’t even read a dial caliper let alone machine to a dimension. If someone wants to finish one of these 80% lowers on a drill press, have at it. This boy wouldn’t, but then I have a Bridgeport mill out in the shop.
          The dirt bags you’ve pointed out generally don’t have the knowledge and the presents to go in to some place and buy one and get the information in order to get one finished. Most store owners wont tell them, they’re not allowed to tell anybody anything, by law, and they wont and don’t!
          If you cant understand dimensions you’ll never know what is wrong with your project. Most lowers are machined out of dimension to begin with. The safety detent Is generally shallow by .020 anyway. The trigger hole is generally short to the front as well by a good .025. People will driver themselves yack trying to figure out what is the problem and just give up or get tired of buying $85 blanks and coming up with a machined blank. Most criminals don’t like paying for anything like $700 uppers, $200 sights, $150 stock groups, $100 fire control groups.
          Fear not, they’d rather steal one rather than build one.

          • Hammerrun- A Bridgeport. I ran one of those machines for a year in a machine shop, back when. Good memories, Great experience. You can make just about anything on one of those. I got really good on that, and did a lot of specialized jobs. We worked with in 2 to 3/ 1000th of an inch for tolerances. Yes a dial caliper would tell ya. So if somebody buys a mill with no experience thinks they are going to get rich making receivers, think again. I also used to make gears. Worm gears. And you better be ready to shut the machine off, if your cutting tool broke cause it would make a heck of a racket if it broke and the chuck fed into the turning piece. lol

        • Frank Thoughts, are you any relation to acid/eisenturd?

        • FT ,
          What service and MOS ,
          give you a hint at mine see below.
          Simple fact is slaves don’t own rifles , free men do.
          Lesson done

          Semper Fi 8541

          USMC 2nd Marine Div. 2 FORCON ( now MARSOC) 1977-1993
          PH, Bronze Star, Presidential Unit Commendation

          • 2 FORECON

            Damn IPad

            Semper Fi 8541]

            • Knight,a wise man does not blame his tool!

        • Frank Thoughts

          “I do not think it is good to proliferate assault rifles in the civilian population.”

          Your of the mindset that the government controls the people whereas the United States was predicated under the ideal that The People as in “We The People” control the government. Being your ex military that is upsetting. Criminals and Terrorists obtain weapons everywhere. Have you seen a gun law that has successfully disarmed either? Rifles of all types account for approximately 400 murders per year in the US. That puts the odds of being killed with an “Assault Rifle” at less than one in a million.

          What part of the below is not understandable? Why take an oath to Defend the Constitution if you either are ignorant of it or disagree with it in either word or intent.

          “A Well Regulated Militia Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State; The Right Of The People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed.

          • I think FrankT is a New Paid Shill Blogger. But this crew here is too smart here to fall in line with that BS. We will call you out every time. Let er’Rip!!

      18. I’m sure the govt. is going to jump on this. They will find a way to regulate or ban it. Or they will tax the hell out of it. Maybe they can get one of these machines to make everyone an EBT card…lets go shopping!

      19. So which is it – a mill or a printer? Journalistic FAIL.

        • Stuart – A Mill is a Metal cutting machine that will cut grooves in a piece of metal. vs. A printer will print out the piece in a full ready made pattern. Good question for those who don’t know. What this story is trying to say is that the receivers blanks are in a 80% finished product, and maybe just the chamber space needs to be milled out to the specs, to hold the bolt or the magazine insert pocket needs to be cut and hollowed out for a magazine insert.

          • Who,80% need the fire control pocket milled out along with rear on some for upper detant/tang whatever you call it along with drilling holes for trigger/hammer pins and safety,this is for the ar 15/10’s.They also make many other 80%’s,say a 1911 is a example.then you cut barrel seat/slide rails and drill a few holes.These items thus then need more parts and assembly ect.

      20. Can it make a women of your needs that you can turn on and

        off, will not give you any S–t, drain your bank account.

        etc. etc. etc……..?

        • Home Boy,fear not,believe that will be with us soon!

          • which is ?

        • Don’t expect it to make a miracle.

      21. The government will not allow this to continue. They can’t. They will put a stop to it.

        I thought of something today. We are all concerned about Ebola here. What if a case shows up in Mexico City. If Mexico and South America have several cases then look out. They are not going to shut the border. We could have hundreds of infected people cross the border. They would because they can get better health care here.

        I think this is something we should all keep an eye on. If you live near the border things are looking really bad. I fear things are going to go from bad to worse.
        Just me thinking.

        Hope you all have a great day.

        Prepare for all threats and hope we never have to deal with any.

        • Mike … “We could have hundreds of infected people cross the border.”

          That’s what the TPTB are counting on.

          • They down there ain’t no difference from Isis. They just found a mass grave of beheaded, burned bodies in ‘ol Mexico.

          • I’m watching Kay Baily Hutchinson TX Rep on CNBC today defending sending the Military over to Africa. She was saying well the military has the ability to bring all these Ebola patients back here cause we have the best medical care facilities and the Military aircraft to haul them here.

            I am thinking WTF? Why would you want to bring any of these infected people back here to the states?? And one commentators said that if the military caught the disease that we may never let them come back. Just watch this Fiasco unfold. It stinks like a pig pen on a hot summer day. There has to be some underlying scandal going on here. Because NONE OF THIS makes any sense, what so ever.

          • Well then the panic will begin. If they have then we will know in the next two weeks.

            Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

            • WWTI and Mike in VA, it’s absolute insanity for them to bring ebola patients to the US. If we start having a pandemic here, a bullet to the head will be far more merciful than what ebola does to the human body.

      22. LOVE THIS!!!

        I was eating lunch on the 20th of February with my 10-year-old grandson
        and I asked him, “What day is tomorrow?”
        He said “It’s President’s Day!”

        He is a smart kid.
        I asked “What does President’s Day mean?
        I was waiting for something about Washington or Lincoln … etc.
        He replied, “President’s Day is when President Obama steps out of the White House, and if he sees his shadow we have one more year of unemployment.”

      23. Play Ball!!!

        Barack and Michelle are at the White Sox game.

        Sitting in the first row with the Secret Service people directly behind them, one of

        The Secret Service guys leans forward and says something to the president. Barack stares at the guy, looks at Michelle, looks back at the agent, and shakes his head violently.

        The agent then says, “Mr. President, it was a unanimous request, from the owner of the team down to the bat boy. And…the fans would love it!”

        So, Barack shrugs his shoulders and says, “If that’s what the people want.”

        He gets up, grabs Michelle by her collar and the seat of her pants, and drops her right over the wall into the field. She gets up kicking, swearing, and screaming — and the crowd goes wild, cheering, applauding, and high-fiving.

        Barack is bowing and smiling, and leans over to the agent and says, “You were right, I would have never believed that!”

        Then noticing the agent has gone totally pale, Barack asks what is wrong.

        The agent replies, “Sir, I said, they want you to throw out the first PITCH!”

      24. The husband leans over and asks his wife, ‘Do you remember the first time we had sex together over sixty years ago? We went behind the village tavern where you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you.’​

        Yes, she says, ‘I remember it well.’

        OK,’ he says, ‘How about taking a stroll around there again and we can do it for old time’s sake?

        Oh Jim, you old devil, that sounds like a crazy, but good idea!’

        A police officer sitting in the next booth heard their conversation and, having a chuckle to himself, he thinks to himself, I’ve got to see these two old-timers having sex against a fence. I’ll just keep an eye on them so there’s no trouble…. So he follows them.

        The elderly couple walks haltingly along, leaning on each other for support aided by walking sticks. Finally, they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence.

        The old lady lifts her skirt and the old man drops his trousers. As she leans against the fence, the old man moves in..

        Then suddenly they erupt into the most furious sex that the policeman has ever seen. This goes on for about ten minutes while both are making loud noises and moaning and screaming.

        Finally, they both collapse, panting on the ground.

        The policeman is amazed. He thinks he has learned something about life and old age that he didn’t know.

        After about half an hour of lying on the ground recovering, the old couple struggle to their feet and put their clothes back on. The policeman, is still watching and thinks to himself, this is truly amazing, I’ve got to ask them what their secret is.

        So, as the couple passes, he says to them, ‘Excuse me, but that was something else. You must’ve had a fantastic sex life together. Is there some sort of secret to this?’

        Shaking, the old man is barely able to reply, ‘Sixty years ago that wasn’t an electric fence there.’

      25. winter is coming

        * you folks might want to stock up on some candles, jugs of lamp oil and a few cans of crisco for emergency heating/ lighting.

        And learn how to safely use them.


        • due to the extreme winter conditions and cold where i live for winter emergencies – in my 4×4 truck , i keep 6 emergency candles , box waterproof matches , bic lighter , 6×6 reflective tarp , 3 thermo space blankets , army wool blanket , 6 bottled water , 6 power bars , roll of t.p. , bowie knife and a roll of electrical rubber tape in a thick plastic garden bag behind my seat.

          it covers all my needs to survive in my truck snow bound for 3 days in -0 degree’s weather , heat , food , water and basic first aid.


      26. Looks like they’ve sold out (no surprise)

        For a bit more money, you can buy a mill/lathe CNC package from Sherline, that you can use as you see fit.

        • Don’t waste your money on the mill and the lathe. Use it to buy 20 gauge buck shot. with 1/2 inch conduit for a barrel, and a wooden block cut out to your specs on a band saw, a couple springs and nails,etc,etc., you can design and carve out one heck of a single shot scatter gun. Re-barreling is a breeze.

          If you want a tack driver, stick to the gunshop market varieties, that are based around cold hard steel.

          • For $1500 I can buy two AR rifles, or two Mini-14s, or 5 SKS rifles, or 3 AK-47s. I can keep them, sell them, or give them away, legally.

            Or, I can buy one milling machine, an 80% lower, and make ONE legal receiver for personal use. Throw in the rest of the parts, trigger, stock, upper, barrel, rails, that’s another $900. So ONE AR is going to cost me $2500, minimum, and the quality will be questionable. I can’t sell it or give it away. I can’t make 30 lowers and stockpile them, that’s intent to distribute.

            With millions of AR available in this country, why would anyone make their own at that price?

      27. Well hell. This thing is even simpler than I thought.

        This takes an 80% receiver as an input, and spits out a 100% as an output? Gah he’s over charging for it then. There’s not all that much machining left to go from 80 to 100. Then again… yeah… he can charge $1200 because the machines to finish it off are way more than that. It’s just frustrating because he really doesn’t have to. The machines to finish it off can coincidentally also make airplane parts, this can’t.

        But that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the fact that you have to register an 80% when you buy it, yes? I think. Please do correct me if I’m wrong, I think I could be.

        How about he makes one that takes a block of aluminum (0% receiver, just a big brick) and spits out a 100% receiver?

        • Guy,no reg. on a 80% at moment.You cannot make one for someone else/give/sell ect.You do decide to sell down road can wait longer then the “Moderation Game”and apply for set of numbers to engrave and then can sell.You do this more then once or at most twice you will then in legal theory need a manufacture license and all the nonsense that entails.

      28. Ah,I found it,the crafty Brit!ht tp:// ,an entertaining peruse,believe the fellow died a few years back but really liked his attitude.As always,a space in http to avoid the “Moderation Game”!

        • I downloaded and archived all his plans a while back, perhaps while he was still alive. I think the first thing I read through was his instructions on making shotgun shells.

          It’s a good site. Everyone should go there and download all the PDFs.

      29. Oh Boy, my worst fears are – step-by-step – being realized,

        Head-lining at the ‘Hedgenow, an interview with Dr Peter Piot, the man who discovered Ebola back in ’76. Two quotes from him illuminate the tenor of that interview …and grimly so;

        “No, not at all. On the contrary, I always thought that Ebola, in comparison to Aids or malaria, didn’t present much of a problem because the outbreaks were always brief and local. Around June it became clear to me that there was something fundamentally different about this outbreak. At about the same time, the aid organisation Médecins Sans Frontières sounded the alarm. We Flemish tend to be rather unemotional, but it was at that point that I began to get really different.”

        ” In large cities – particularly in chaotic slums – it is virtually impossible to find those who had contact with patients, no matter how great the effort. That is why I am so worried about Nigeria as well. The country is home to mega-cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt, and if the Ebola virus lodges there and begins to spread, it would be an unimaginable catastrophe.”

        I won’t bother to post a link thereto…it’s the headline piece at this time…a ‘must-read’ I fear…

      30. the revolution will not be televised.

      31. Sorry to change the topic here but I just watched a 5 minuet video about a modern steam engine. Google it. Its on YouTube.

        Having put in 30 years in power generation and cutting my eye teeth with 1920s vintage turbines, boilers and steam engines I aways wondered about their adaptability in a post SHTF or “off the grid” situation. This new engine might be what the Dr ordered.

        • Ive got a small toy steam engine. its pretty simple technology. Ive decided to cobble together a larger version. Im planning on using a large one cyl winconsin four cyl gas engine. disable one valve and feed the steam into the spark plug hole. use a check valve at the spark plug. It should work. Ive got a heavy flywheel from a hay bailer. So if you hear on the news about a guy in Arkansas dying from a broiler explosion it will be me.

          • OLD,a broiler explosion?!A pilot light out gas stove a lot easier to kill ones self!I will assume you meant BOILER explosion,or,you have one hell of a interesting train in the making!

          • Converting an IC engine doesn’t get you a very powerful steam engine. You need to able to apply steam pressure to both sides of the piston, (alternately of course).

          • Too bad I don’t live close because I have a lot of experience with that technology. A 20HP turbine exhausting into a condenser throttling at 100 or so PSI would be great to have. I seen a few scrapped two decades ago.

            Find yourself an “old salt” Navy boiler tech to help you.

          • You should check out a Sterling engine. No boiler, no corrosive steam, very safe, works at lower temperatures, very quiet.

            If you can build a steam engine, you can build a Sterling engine.

      32. Mr. Rodgers

        There are differing opinions on whether Ebola is a threat or not.

        Ebola and reasons to fear it?

        1 – The death rate if you catch it and the horrible way you will die.

        2 – The agony of watching a loved one with it.

        3 – The staggering numbers that will perish if it becomes airborne.

        4 – The failure of our government to do anything about it. Either they are totally incompetent or they want it here. I believe it is both.

        5 – The economic impact it can have if it does not get here but does get to Europe or other developed country’s. This could be enough to start the domino’s falling economically.

        6 – What would happen if the disease infected Mexico and other south American countries. We refuse to shut the border for political reasons and maybe others. If this happens there will be a major outbreak in this country and we don’t have the resources to contain it. Then there would be panic in this country.

        7 – How many cases would it take to cause panic in this country. Panic may be the serious issue with this.

        8 – Panic caused by this disease. If enough people panicked it would be a disaster. If 30 percent of workers decided to stay home then services would be disrupted. If shipments to the grocery store were 3 days late then think about the implications. I have heard that if 30 percent of workers in the power industry did not show up then the power would go out.

        9 – Panic could in itself become a domino effect. The more people panic the more effect it has on other people. Power would go out. Stores would not get shipments. There would be riots, looters, and people dying in the streets. Life as we know it would come to an end.

        10 – The failure of the American people to prepare or realize how fragile the system really is. This is really the real problem for all of us. The failure of people to rely on themselves will be the cause of this country changing forever. It will also be the cause of blood in the streets. The same people who are lazy and rely on the rest of us to provide for them will be the same people that cause all the blood shed. All hear have to realize they will become like rabid animals. There hunger and thirst will cause them to do things that Americans have not seen for so many years. We must realize that to combat this we will have to do things that will change us forever. We have to become hardened like the older generation.

        We must never give up, give in, or fail. We have future generations that are going to either live free or live under a dictatorship because of our actions. We just may be the generation that either saves or loses this country.

        My and our children are depending on us. Please my friends. Lets stop bickering over things that don’t matter. Let’s save this country and turn it back into the country it used to be. Freedom is what we are fighting for. I will die for it. For my children, grandchildren, and myself. Is there anything more important than that. Then we can bicker about our petty beliefs.
        Without freedom then our petty beliefs don’t matter. Our religious beliefs don’t matter. Our race, sexual beliefs, nationality, financial situation, beliefs, religion, thoughts, speech, or politics is irrelevant.

        My desire is for all of us to ban together and help all. Get everyone we know to visit this site. Start a movement of caring towards all people. Try to educate all. We will need all the help we can get when the collapse occurs.

        Has it ever occurred to everybody on this site that we are severely outnumbered. They say 3 percent are prepared. Even if we got it up to 20 percent we would still have to deal with 80 percent of the country against us. We also have to deal with those in power.

        I know I am on a rant now. It is just that all the bickering is more serious than most people realize over very small things. It is something that has been on my heart lately because of the horrible gut feeling I have about the end of this year.

        My friends my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please think of me and everyone else on here as your friend and teem mate.

        God bless you and your familys.

      33. You realize that big brother watches everything.

        If you buy one of these, they will see the transaction, they will see the email confirmations, they will see the shipment.

        Unless you buy everything cash, upper, barrel, trigger group privately, for cash. There will be traces.

        Buy any part of it on the Internet and there’s a record.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if every significant transaction at gun shows was videotaped, with facial recognition run, and logged. The shows are held in large public places and all they need is a link to the security system. They may just hack it, but likely they have a standing warrant with a gag order.

        They may just make a list of names and save it for a rainy day, or target you for a sting, it could be used later for cause for a warrant. If they search your home will they find anything illegal? If they do find any contraband, they own you.

        We are dealing with an evil beast, looking for whom it may devour!

      34. Hello Mike- N-VA… 🙂

        Lordy, WHAT n EXCELLENT list Friend, ‘Tip ‘O the Hat’ therefor…had I a hat to tip!

        Point(s) two and three worry me beyond the pale, especially three…such as that – frankly – might drive one near to madness. For that reason, should ‘TERROR’ come ‘a callin, then I truly HOPE that the good folk here have taken the precepts – which are batted around this place with such regularity – to utter HEART. There will be NO room for ERROR if that comes to pass, thus, “There can BE no EXCEPTIONS to the RULE’, now can there?

        Per point 6 above, you might stop over at the Econmic Collapse blog of Michael Snyder…he is headliningn article in whcxih he asserts that there is NOW a previoysly unidentied Evola-similar manifestation occuring in Venezeula (I beleive that’s it) which is NOT identically symptomatic with the “Big E”,. That article is rather frightening as he thereater asserts that the current outbreak of new maladies is wuite A BIT broader THAN WE ARE YET AWARE OF…ON MULTIPLE FRONTS.

        Sheesh, this stuff is gettin a BIT SCARY lately, No?

        You mention the circumstance that the EAR wold cause a train of events that would impact the economy…Yes, correct. This has been examined in exquiste – literally – detail, by one “David Korowicz” in a paper you can access online as “Tradeoff.pdf” via a simple Google search. Fair warning here, the paper IS quite long….77 pages worth, as well, hi use of specific termino;logy i VERY precise, you must needs cloely acquiant youerself with the vernage and terminology he utilizes in the first 30+ pages in order to GRASP his conclusion properly. That said, that singlke paper is – I firmly beleive – the current regnant ‘template’ tjhat will be observed when – and not IF! – it all ‘falls down’ shortly.

        I always appreciate – and respect – clear, incisive thought, therefor here, “A pleasure Friend….” Keep your eyes WIDE open, henceforth ….it remains to be SEEN what will happen next, truly. Oh, and borrowing a line from the movie ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ here,

        “…and Your’n.”

        • Apologies here…TYPOS…LATE…TIRED…… 😉

        • Mr Rogers

          Not a problem with typo’s. All that matters is people understand this threat and all others. We live in such fragile times. I just hope I can help one person to see the light.
          You are one of the people on here that cares which means if you ever need anything feel free to call on me.

          To all others please help one another. We have a huge challenge ahead.
          Will we be called the next greatest generation or the generation that failed freedom.

          Mr Rogers thank you for your insights and wisdom. It caused me to go through the rant in the post above.

      35. You anarchist, isolationist, selfish american guys make me sad, because I love american people but I can see the disaster of lack of communistic organization in your country. And, see, I’m an anarchist too.

        Putting it simply, your reasoning is this.

        The socialist state is robbing me all, they have all the military apt to wipe us out. So this technology can help us to defend the real US constitution based on free market and free will of the people.

        This is plainly wrong. The free market is based upon the exploitation of men over other men. In this way, there is the formation of surplus value (work not paid), money, capital and capitalistic market. So, there is a main contradiction here, because you cannot establish a freedom based upon expolitation of other men, OK?

        Second, you’re totally confusing the real power of 3D machines. the real value of them is the fact that they represent, like computers, robots, LENR energy, etc, the possibility to free mankind from the slavery of wage work, because in an advanced, technologic, communistic society, there is no more need to organize the work in a capitalistic way (in order to accumulate more and more capitals exploiting more and more workers and conquering more and more markets without limits, an impossible task that regularly exits in imperialistic crisis and wars), because the new industrial processes permit to organize the production by total automation and without most of the worked hours. This is impossible in capitalism, that thrieves only accumulating exploited worked hours.

        But in an anarchic, communistic society, you don’t need capital to make products, you need only a centralized, social planning of the production to realize the worldwide social wealth. You have the men, the designers, the machines, and you get the products without useless duplications, competition and wastes.

        So, thinking about 3D machines to make guns is a total absurdity, because guns are the exact opposite of social production and freedom, since their main, historical use is to force men to exploitation.

        Finally, the only way to free the people will be by guns, sadly and obviously, but the trick will be to make the military forces turn to the side of the people, against the capitalistic state. Any other way means a sure defeat, as the First International attempt in the XIX century shows, when anarchist were destroyed.

        • Hmmm, so what is wrong with capitalism, beats communism, fascism, cronyism, stateism. So you like where Obama is taking the nation and want free people disarmed, so you can join in the rape.

          Liberalism is a mental illness, we know you have nothing but murder in your heart, and it is the right of free people to defend themselves.

          • Caught, what you calls communism was state capitalism. in everyone of “communist” regimes there were money, banks, wage work, market… really the US economy itself today is state capitalistic and imperialistic: monopolism, finance, etc. Communism – aside from ideology – never existed, it is a program for the future evolution of society. Fascism instead, is the real other face of free capitalism: when crisis arrives, they abolish freedom, but capitalism remains, obviously. And I don’t want people disarmed, I want people organized as a united class. Finally, the right to defend is OK, but the enemy is too much powerful. The plan risks to result in a war inside the working class. The enemy will enjoy the show, they will divide and conquer without efforts.

            • A free market capitalistic state is the freest most prosperous society history has ever recorded.

              There are powerful forces trying to start a revolution in the US, the fascists want to use it as their Reichstag Fire moment. They are wetting themselves over the idea of getting a right wing group to go to war with.

              Thus the constant bone head crap, insults, abuse, and blatant attacks coming out of the Executive branch.

              • >A free market capitalistic state is the freest most prosperous society history has ever recorded

                right, but it is not sustainable, and today these states have turned to imperialistic capitalism; free market is dead since almost a century. Look at the recent financial crisis, where is free market???? This is state capitalism. Monopolism, overwhelming finance, capital exports, imperial wars, etc, this is not free market, Caught. Yours is an idealistic dream. In the same time,
                society is ready to a transition to new forms of productive organization. So a revolution is necessary.

                >Thus the constant bone head crap, insults, abuse, and blatant attacks coming out of the Executive branch.

                OK, but don’t think communists have something to share with democratic party. It is the most dangerous enemy of all, and the counter-revolutionary actions that the right wings cannot do because too unpopular, the elite commands the left to do them in their place.

        • In the absence of capital to foment production, in your little commie dystopia, you have only force, coercion, and slavery to get the wheels turning.

          You’re what is known as a ‘useful fool’ in Marxist-Leninist dialectic.

          • Dear Smokey, if i look at capitalistic productive forces today, I only see an immense amount of anarchy, misery, unemployment and waste. Statistics shows that slavery is more common today than in the past centuries. And, above all, you cannot bring here as example of communism the experience of past regimes, because, as I said early, every system with money, banks, wage work and market, like China, USSR, etc, must be defined as *CAPITALISTIC*. For example, how can you explain why, in the immediate days after the fall of Soviet Union, in that country there were huge amounts of capitals and huge capitalistic companies?? finally, I’m not sure you’ve grasped exactly the scientific relationship between capital and work. It is easy tell wrongly about marxism if you’ve not studied the fundamental Marx’s works. About leninism, explain me why Kissinger, who is one of the main strategical and political architects of your capitalistic country, has always carefully studied and learned from Lenin’s scripts. And remember that Lenin never said he made the communism, he said he made the state capitalism in Russia.

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