Getting People The First Shots Is “More Important” To The Ruling Class Than Giving Boosters

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    The rulers are telling their mainstream media puppets that they need to get the unvaccinated vaccinated before they start handing out boosters. It’s becoming vital to their existence to get the shots in those who are still refusing.

    According to a report by MassLive, Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday emphasized the importance of getting more Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, arguing there should be “no confusion” that vaccinations — as opposed to booster shots — remain the key to beating the pandemic. “Our highest priority still is getting the unvaccinated vaccinated,” Fauci, the nation’s top medical tyrant said on NBC News ‘Meet the Press.’ “And there should be no confusion about that. The highest priority is not getting boosters. We think it’s important to get boosters to people, but the overwhelming highest priority is to vaccinate the unvaccinated.”

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    There is a sense of desperation to get these shots in more people. It’s almost as if they are running out of time. Perhaps they are. Who knows. But it’s obvious that this shot is a part of their totalitarian enslavement agenda and they need people to take it.

    They are even doing everything they can to manipulate the data in order to panic people into getting this shot. But some have proven to be smarter than they anticipated, as they are picking up on the lies within the data.

    Moderna Insists Booster Shots Are Needed: How Surprising, Considering They Will Make BILLIONS Off Them

     The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you are NOT considered “fully vaccinated” until you have had the second shot in your body for 14 days. That means when people are going to the hospital for vaccine injuries, they get to do two things. One, tell you it’s a COVID case in an unvaccinated person, and two, hide the fact that it’s a vaccine injury.  Watch this video below for more information:

    Keep digging deep and keep researching and reading. Critical thinking skills will be as vital in the coming months, as they are right now. Keep using discernment and look deeper. Prepare and remain aware! Things continue to ramp up and at some point, it’s going to explode.


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      1. {“It’s becoming vital to their existence to get the shots in those who are still refusing.”}

        Hey numb nuts,the sword cuts both ways.

      2. There’s a reason for this, but what?

        So many different ways to speculate about it, but which of them, if any, is the real reason?

        This is the age of deceit, it’s so hard to discriminate truth from lies now.

      3. One keeps hearing different numbers for the vaccinated. Some officials including the prez says it’s about 75% for those who have received at least one dose. If that’s the case it would be about 240M people. But then we hear 210M people have received at least one jab, a difference of about 30M. Then officialdom says variously 52%, 55%, 60%, and even 66% are fully vaccinated. But we are also led to believe to be be fully vaccinated one must also have the booster jab, that equals about 210M people.
        All these total cannot be reconciled. One therefore must arrive at one of these conclusions; the gov’t doesn’t really know (but I think it fairly accurately does), or it knows but is lying and inflating the numbers, or it uses a different statistical method for defining who is vaccinated.
        Furthermore, the gov’t asserts citizens are still coming in by hundreds of thousands every day for vaccinations, this statement is almost certainly untrue. Once a peak is achieved there is a point of diminishing return, massive consistent numbers cannot be sustained all the way to 100%. To achieve 100% the deadline would definitely have to be extended but this would necessarily mean a peak has passed and the rate of vaccination in rapidly dropping. Otherwise, one gets these extremely unlikely mathematical results, just like in the 2020 elections. How many of these extremely unlikely mathematical scenarios is it going to take before more people start questioning the numbers. I guess the Dems. are fortunate there are so many citizens that cannot think rationally or logically.
        There is going to be some type(s) of major events that is destined to play out. One is what happens when the State realizes it has reached the saturation point. That is, basically everyone who is going to be vaccinated is vaccinated, yet tens of millions are still not vaccinated. No doubt its Plan A for achievement of essentially 100% with voluntary participation did not succeed. It surely knows by now Plan A isn’t going to happen (or was never going to happen) due to the declining rate of participation. It must therefore go to its Plan B. One can logically conclude if volunteerism didn’t achieve the goal, other measures must be then be deployed. You guessed it – coercion. This is where things get interesting. Does one believe after more or less compelling so many millions of people to get the vaccine it will just let it go with tens of millions who said no. It has no choice but to force the remaining who have declined, else how could it justify its actions taken up that point.
        There is only three ways this train can be stopped, either all of us hang together and continue to steadfastly refuse, or the 2022 elections see the Reps. win big in the House and Senate and somehow check the prez’s mandates (not optimistic on this one), or the states sue the JB admin and the courts rule for the non-vaxxed (again, not optimistic for this one either). Yes it’s going to be interesting.

      4. You’d think people would be tired of government extortion of rights into privileges by now.

        People aren’t dying in the streets of pandemic, but government interventions are setting up millions for poverty and death by degrees.

        Vitamins D, C, K and zinc are the immune system’s best friends, vaxxed or not.

        However, if corporations and their governments want people vaxxed and QR coded so bad, its obviously not for genuine public benefit.

      5. Ever wonder what the answer to that post WWII question “How could the German people have let this happen?” is?

        Take an objective look around you and you will have it.

        First create widespread public fear, create a pariah group to blame it on so people don’t have to look at their own role in it, then move against them to get the lockstep “jump on the bandwagon” mentality firmly established in the mainstream and you got it, they’ll follow their leaders right through the gates of hell in their newfound enthusiasm while overlooking what they are actually doing.

      6. They want to start murdering the little people,the children now. May God damn their fitlhy soul’s to the lake of fire FOREVER!!!!!

      7. I have to show I.D.?

      8. I need to reread Revelations on the seals that are broken before the bowls of wrath get poured out. Like Riddick said, “when the dying starts, our little psycho- fukk family is going to rip itself apart”,

      9. Its simple, the elites want to reduce the population of the world by 90 percent. Do you think the Georgia Guide Stones we’re built for the hell of it? How many Uber rich have said “we need to reduce the worlds population”? From Ted turner, chalk frog costiea on camera saying we need 150k people to die a day.

        Or Prince thank god I’m dead Phillip saying “ when I die I wish I could be reincarnated as virus to kill as many people as possible” on camera! Its everywhere, open your eyes sheeple! The list of scum who say these things goes on and on! We need End All Globalists Day for humanity!

      10. Oh hey…I’m only wondering…with that SARS-CoV2 99.6% recovery rate…someone ANYONE care to explain why that SARS-CoV2 ‘vaccination’ is being continually forced into everyone? And because I just KNOW you will…maybe explain why there’s so MUCH bribery offered to those who are willing to submit with being injected? Because, you know…all types of bribery is absolutely non-existent in the ‘political arena’, right? (0_o)

        And thanks for being highly insightful after being asked…
        IF that covid-19 vaccination is Oh So Important….please explain why We The People will need one, two, even three vaccine ‘shots’, immediately followed by those alleged ‘booster shots’ indefinitely? Those numbers (or any reason why) just don’t add up!

        AToenail Fauci is a full-blown whine bag LIAR.
        Applying with me etc…Matthew chapter 12 verses 36-37: “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”

        Take it to any ‘health bank’: SARS-CoV2 virus has not & will never be isolated either medically or scientifically. It’s fake as your other girlfriend (…or other boyfriend, as the case may be).

      11. The Biden Administration now wants to force 98% of the population to get the jab. I think they are trying to get rid of the control group (unvaxxed) so there’s nothing to compare to the experimental group (vaxxed).

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