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GET READY: WHO Declares “3rd Wave” Of Scamdemic As “Delta Variant” Wipes Out “Progress” Made By “Vaccines”

Mac Slavo
July 15th, 2021
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The World Health Organization has declared there’s a third wave of the scamdemic that they hope never ends.  They are claiming the “delta variant” has wiped out any “progress” made by the “vaccines.”

The more we look around the less we see an actual pandemic. But they think that the more they lie about it the more scared we will be. They also claim that we are back to ground zero even though “vaccines” have been administered because not enough of the slaves willingly submitted to the shot.

We already know the reason for brainwashing and panicking the masses over the delta variant:

“Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

Just by reading the headlines the puppets in mainstream media have written, there is an indication that this is all about the “vaccines.” They need every human being on earth to take this shot, and the real reason has yet to be revealed. This shot is a part of their agenda. They need massive amounts of people to take it. The fear will continue until enough take the shot.

“As increasing vaccination rates in Europe and North America started to take effect, we saw sustained declines in cases and deaths,” Ghebreyesus said. “Unfortunately, those trends have now reversed, and we are in the early stages of a third wave.”

The global number of infections has risen for four straight weeks with the Delta variant now present in 111 countries, and deaths are rising again after 10 straight weeks of declines, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday. Speaking to the WHO’s Emergency Committee on Covid-19, he said the Delta variant is being fueled by increased social mixing and inconsistent use of public health measures. –RT

Even though “progress” from the “vaccines” has been wiped out, according to Ghebreyesus, he still wants people to take the vaccine.  This is just more evidence that this is all about getting this shot into as many people as possible.

Ghebreyesus lamented that lack of access to vaccines has left most of the world’s population susceptible to infection and “at the mercy of the virus.” While some nations with ample vaccine supplies have lifted social-distancing restrictions and reopened their societies, many countries haven’t received any Covid-19 jabs, he added. Most don’t have enough. -RT

“We continue to see a shocking disparity in the global distribution of vaccines and unequal access to life-saving tools,” Ghebreyesus said. “This inequity has created a two-track pandemic.” The goal is to injecte everyone, again, it should be more than obvious by now. The propaganda is never-ending. Here is their goal:

The scale of the COVAX vaccine-distribution initiative remains far too small, with just over 100 million doses shipped, Ghebreyesus said. To meet WHO’s target of vaccinating at least 10% of the population of every country by September, 40% by the end of 2021 and 70% by mid-2022, the world will need 11 billion doses. G7 nations have pledged to donate a combined one billion doses over the next year, but the WHO chief said that “much more is needed, much faster.-RT

So, the rulers want 70% of the global population injected by this time next year. Expect the pressure to take the shot to increase quickly. They have already told us they want us injected:

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

It won’t stop there either. There is a push for a global vaccination pass as well.  The WHO is reviewing options to digitalize the organization’s ICVP, or”Yellow Card,” its international certificate of vaccination. The aim is to “support a harmonized approach for recording vaccination status.” They see us like cattle, to be surveilled, tracked, traced, and vaccinated at their whim. These sociopaths think they own us, and most are unaware slaves. Time to wake up.

Stay alert and prepared.  They are ramping up this thing up slowly.  Anything could happen at this point. Do not live in fear and keep using your critical thinking.  It seems like they are panicking and grasping for straws as not enough of the population has taken the shot they desperately need them to take. That could mean something very real and very sinister is coming. Be ready.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: July 15th, 2021

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Be afraid, be very afraid.

      Of the government, not of Covid,

    2. couldn't resist says:

      How are they already up to the third wave? I missed the second wave. I think I also missed the first wave.
      Damn, I always miss out on everything – it’s not fair I tell you!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂

    3. Stand Firm says:

      They claim the “Delta variant”
      “Has wiped out any progress
      made by the “vaccines”
      As you, your readers and I know by now, the only thing that has been “wiped out”
      during this scamdemic has been all common sense and anything approaching logic by tptb. These creatures are just lying in our faces now.
      At this point they will do and say anything to convince the holdouts to get that poisonous crap. As their
      desperation grows, now more than ever is when we need to stand firm and say hell no to the jab even more!!

    4. Waterlogged says:

      To be fair, I have also been seeing more waves lately – waves upon waves of lies🤥and fear mongering by the
      WHO and the MSM that is.

    5. Uh-huh says:

      So many waves…….
      …………..of bullshit 🙄

    6. toony loons says:

      What a

    7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Citizens Against the Anti-American Organized Crime Ring of InfraGard Charter

      InfraGard is a terrorist network and organized crime ring that defies the American way of life and the U.S. constitution. It is a public private partnership of a surveillance cult filled with murderers, thieves, perverts, hackers, and stalkers and has totally destroyed national security, personal security, and also corporate security. It is filled with parasites that exist strictly for the purpose of feeding off of others as predators do. InfraGard has illegal actions that have bosses spying on employees, co-workers spying on employees, neighbors spying on neighbors, corporate espionage agents spying on competitors and stealing intellectual property. It is filled with over 180,000  coporations and the 16 intelligence agencies, local governments, and  academia. They know where you live, how much money you make, what you own, where you bank, who you communicate with. They know everything about you, and they want to know what to steal from whom and who to kill that may be a threat to their parasitic and predatory lifestyles.

      InfraGard members also engage in organized community stalking which involves gas-lighting, and letting you know that they are spying on you but deny it when confronted since it is illegal. They do this by repeating or re-enacting things that they would only know if they were spying on you, when there are just too many coincidences to overlook, you know that InfraTards have targeted you. They are low life, low IQ losers and complete cowards that are so afraid that they need an entire gang of terrorists that they affiliate with for their survival, and even though they have an entire gang of terrorists, they are still too cowardly to admit to what they are doing because they know how sick, disgusting, and evil their behavior is and they do not want to admit that they are as sick, evil, and mentally incompetent as they actually are. They know that people would despise them for it if they came right out and said it in plain English, and they also know that it is all totally illegal, as if laws stop crime from taking place though! We would not have any crime if laws prevented crime. 

      Andrea Iravani

    8. Anonymous says:

      Fuck you & the dead horse you rode in on. I choose free.

    9. Parfer DeCourse says:

      The reason they are pushing the vaccines so intently is because they are running out of time. Soon the vaccinated will be dropping like flies. Once it becomes obvious that the vaccine is killing everyone, it will be impossible to vaccinate the rest… They must, therefore, meet their quotas before the window of opportunity closes! (Probably this fall or winter…)

      • Anonymous says:

        They -the healthcare agencies and establishments- will do their best to prevent people knowing the truth about the vaccine and its effects (call your local and State health department and try to find out how many of the new cases are among vaccinated people and how many are not, this is a call you can actually make today) and they will be very effective at it for the majority of the population.

    10. Im going to jump to the head of the line and say “b.s.” to the 4th Wave.

    11. JayJay says:

      Our body has natural fighters–natural antibiotic fighter killer cells for every alien illness or disease that invades our bodies, many given to us at birth from our mothers.

      The covid shot(not really a covid thingy) has your body create spike proteins and these destroy our bodies’ natural antibiotic fighter killer cells. So, when your body is invaded by an illness like the next flu, there will be no fighters; the spike protein developed will take over that job and begin using antibiotic killer cells against that invader, but instead of doing the job, it will attack healthy organs–the lungs, liver, heart, kidneys–as it is programmed to do in a lab.

      Why so many die from so many different reasons–there may be different versions of shots. Another reasoning, having millions drop dead in one week isn’t really deep state/cabal style…cremations and burials would be a problem.

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