Get Ready For An Epic Fiat Currency Avalanche

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    What is it that makes Keynesians so insanely self destructive?  Is it their mindless blind faith in the power of government?  Their unfortunate ignorance of the mechanics of monetary stimulus?  Their pompous self-righteousness derived from years of intellectual idiocy?  Actually, I suspect all of these factors play a role.  Needless to say, many of them truly believe that the strategy of fiat injection is viable, even though years of application have proven absolutely fruitless.  Anyone with any sense would begin to question what kind of madness it takes to pursue or champion the mindset of the private Federal Reserve bank…

    Quantitative easing has shown itself to be impotent in the improvement of America’s economic situation.  Despite four years of free reign in central banking, employment remains dismal in the U.S., the housing market continues its freefall, and, our national debt swirls like a vortex at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle.  Despite this abject failure of Keynesian theory, the Federal Reserve is attempting once again to convince you, the happy-go-lucky American citizen, that somehow, this time around, everything will be “different”.

    Sadly, as I discussed in August of this year, not only has the Fed announced a new and UNLIMITED round of stimulus measures, but the European Central Bank has also devised its own bond buying free for all:

    I predicted simultaneous QE programs by the two central banks because it made perfect sense, at least, for those with diabolical intentions.  With engineered currency devaluation in full swing in the EU and the U.S., the implosion of both currencies, especially the dollar, will be masked.  That is to say, the dollar index is measured in large part by comparison to the relative strength of the Euro.  If the Euro falls through overt printing, the dollar will appear stronger than it really is, duping the general public and giving bankers more time to inflate.

    Germany’s top constitutional court, only a day before QE3, announced its decision to support a Euro-area rescue fund, which the German people and a large part of its government are vehemently opposed to.  This action was preceded by “warnings” from various banking insiders, including Nosferatu himself (George Soros), that the EU would be sent into perdition and total economic chaos if the nation did not bow down to the ECB and hand over its GDP engine for the “good of the union” and the world: 

    Sound familiar?  This is exactly what Americans were told in the face of their 80% disapproval rating against the bailout bonanza.  The response from the elites, whether in Germany or the U.S. is essentially that the people “don’t know what’s best, and should sit down while the so called “experts” take it from here.”  Again, mainstream talking heads will suggest that new stimulus is not a problem, and that the unlimited quantitative easing of central banks around the globe should become standard.  In fact, they have already begun the propaganda campaign.  Apparently, QE3 will save us all, rich and poor:

    These are the typical musing of centralized banking proponents.  But where is the historical precedence for their theories?  Where are the benefits from the last two QE’s?  All we have received so far for the future debt enslavement of ourselves and our children is:

    Perpetually High Unemployment Rates: 
    There has been NO advancement in employment due to quantitative easing.  Official jobless percentages have fallen, but even the mainstream media now admits this is due to unemployed Americans being removed from benefits rolls because they have been without work for too long:

    True unemployment including U-6 measurements continues to hover around 20%.  So much for the job creation that both the Bush and Obama administrations promised in the wake of the bailouts.

    A Housing Market Black Hole: Does anything else really need to be said about the housing market?  Is it not blatantly clear to almost every homeowner in this country that QE has changed nothing in terms of protecting their home values or their ability to sell?  Has attaining a loan become any easier since 2008?  Alternative analysts including myself ALL pointed out four years ago that property markets would continue to crash despite any efforts (real or fraudulent) on the part of the Fed.  We were right.  The mainstream media shills were wrong.  Moving on…

    Disintegrating Global Demand: Manufacturing in almost every economically prominent country has gone bust, from Europe, to the U.S., to China.  The Baltic Dry Index, a pure indicator of supply and demand using shipping rates for raw goods as a medium, hit incredible lows in 2008.  However, since the QE marathon, the BDI has gone even lower!  In January of 2012, it broke historic lows, and continues to skate along the bottom today, indicating that an even greater collapse in demand and the markets is near at hand.  Demand drives economics.  Period.  No demand, no economy.  Tangible demand cannot be fabricated.  QE has done nothing to drive savings into the pockets of consumers, and therefore, it has done nothing to entice them to spend.  The public is broke, we continue to be broke, and we will be even more broke tomorrow.

    Unsustainable National Debt: Our “official” national debt in 2008 was around $10 trillion.  Four years later, we have broken $16 trillion.  This obviously does not include outstanding debts on long term entitlement programs, and new programs like Obamacare, which would by some estimates bring our national debt to around $120 trillion:

    Whether you believe the Treasury’s statistics or not, the bottom line is that at the very least our national debt has increased by 60% in only four years time!  Now, the private Federal Reserve wants to introduce unlimited stimulus, on top of Operation Twist, and the incredible money burning habits of our current government?  Are Keynesians really foolish enough to think that the generation of such massive liabilities will somehow undo the crippling effects of already debilitating debt?  Answer:  Yes.

    Inflation In Necessities: Food and energy prices remain painfully high, and are now in the process of inflating beyond the average person’s ability to pay.  Oil in particular has remained almost static above $100 a barrel (Brent).  This has been blamed on numerous scapegoats, from Middle East turmoil to “speculation”.  Yet, long term high prices show that neither of these explanations is fully sufficient.  In reality, only currency devaluation allows for such a steady and consistent inflationary reaction in commodities.  Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the worst yet.  QE3 will send prices skyrocketing, and with the open-ended nature of the stimulus, there is no ceiling.  We could very well witness Wiemar style hyperinflation in the near term.

    As I have said in the past, I believe QE3 will be the final straw for many foreign holders of U.S. debt and dollars.  The world reserve status was already under severe threat after QE1 and QE2.  The MSM has virtually ignored China’s bilateral trade agreements building since 2010.  In the past two to three years, China has made deals with Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and the ASEAN trading bloc (most South-Asian nations), that remove the dollar as the world reserve currency.  And, this year, China has arranged a similar bilateral deal with Germany:

    These countries combined offer at least 30% of global GDP, and could easily annihilate the dollar if they decide to dump the greenback completely as the world reserve.  With the advent of QE3, this is now a certainty.

    Open ended inflation is exactly what destroyed Wiemar Germany, and more recently Zimbabwe.  The central banks and their lackeys will claim there is no comparison.  I beg to differ.  When a nation expands debt spending instead of cutting it, and then monetizes that debt through fiat printing in order to allow even more debt to accumulate, that nation is not going to survive.  That nation will eventually hyperinflate, then default, then collapse, either turning into something entirely alien, or fading from history altogether.  This is what we have to look forward to in light of QE3, the final and infinite stimulus adventure.  Something has to give, and it has to give soon.  My bet is on the dollar…

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. I am having a hard time finding a job, cannot sell my house, and groceries cost more every time I go shopping. Thankfully my husband has a good job and I am still prepping. But now when I really want to prep faster I have had to slow down. Hopefully I will find a job and resume my full speed preparing before it’s to late.

        • Good jobs are hard to find, I guess. You might find you can prep a lot faster if you quit paying the note on the house you can’t sell and put that money into the things your family will need to pull through.

          The banksters were just given 40 Billion a month. I’m sure they will not miss your house payment. If they try to foreclose, which will take months if not years, make them prove ownership. They can’t.

          • We did quit paying, but with food and gas going up so much I have had to slow down a little. We are going to quit smoking and all that money will go to preps. I know howbad it is, and how much better off we will be.

            • I can feed a person on $160 a month comfortably. Uncomfortably (but survivably) I can do it for $100.

              If you’re higher than this, stop looking at pre-packaged foods, and stop looking for produce from major chains like Ralphs.

            • JL…you had me all the way up to the “we are going to quit smoking”

            • Are you kidding me. You’re complaining and yet you still smoke? Anyone, especially someone with kids, shouldn’t whine about the cost of food to feed themselves and family if you still smoke. If you can still afford to and smoke and drink, then obviously you aren’t that hard done by.

            • JL ~ I got “downsized” last February. I searched high and low for a job but was able to find nothing that paid more than unemployment paid.

              So I decided to take a different approach. I started doing several different jobs, all self-employment opportunities.

              One has turned out to pay most of the bills but aside from that I:

              ~ Babysit
              ~ Cook for people
              ~ Harvested and canned someone’s garden for a share of it
              ~ Sold stuff on Craigslist
              ~ Walked the neighbor’s dog at lunchtime

              The biggest thing for us has been cutting our expenses though.

              ~ We made a long distance move for much cheaper rent
              ~ Cut out all non-essentials like cell phones, coffee out, cable, etc.
              ~ We eat cheap – I buy food in bulk, garden and cook from scratch.
              ~ Definitely get rid of bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking.

              Maybe instead of spending time looking for a “good job” (which seems to exist as much as fairies and unicorns these days) you could focus on a bunch of different things that work out to be a full time income.

              Following is a link to an article with some cool self-employment ideas.

              Good luck, JL – if I can do this, anyone can! Just be creative and use your talents! 🙂

            • My goal in going self-reliant NOW is not just to save money, but rather to adapt to a simpler lifestyle. I have 4 little ones that I watch while my wife works. When she’s home, I’m off to work on average paying side work. While I’m at home, I garden with my father who owns a nice greenhouse I helped him build, I hunt wild game and preserve the meat, prune trees for a neighbor who in turn gives me all the fruit I can dry and bottle in the fall, and raise rabbits, chickens, hogs, and have shares in local cattle. I live an hour from a moderate sized town (4 hours from a large city) and love rural living. My kids have already learned to eat boiled rolled oats in the morning with a bit of honey and drink raw cows milk I barter for with a neighbor. Simple life, but I’m loving it. All my side works is dedicated strictly to preps.

              I’m nearly set up to live off the conventional power grid and can draw water manually only 36 feet down in my well. I’m not rich, but feel a lot better about helping out family and friends when the time comes.

            • Daisy, what do you think of your new set of ‘jobs’ and how you are getting by? Would you comment or share your lifestyle changes ie, is it harder or easier? The changes you have undertaken are going to be changes that many others will have to do (if they haven’t already).

            • Zoltanne:

              I don’t want to go into any identifying detail because of OPSEC. My mainstay job is internet based and I really lucked into that one. Because I work via the net, I can live anyplace that has a decent internet connection so I was able to “bring my job with me” when I moved.

              I recently moved 8 hours away to a remote location where I have a part-time job that off-sets my rent. It’s not glamorous, but I do some cleaning for the owners of the property to lower my rent. In exchange, I get cheap housing on a wooded, lakefront property.

              I can’t do some of the things I did for money back in the city, like dog-walking and babysitting, but my expenses are literally cut in half, so I don’t miss that income.

              I garden as much as possible but because of the sudden move I was not able to take advantage of my full harvest. So I buy bushels of veggies and fruits from local farmers and can or dehydrate them. Sometimes if I offer to do the picking myself I get a reduced price.

              I live near the woods and found some crabapple trees and that has given me a small harvest for crabapple butter.

              I’m learning to do a lot of things I haven’t done before, like fish and split wood. We also pick up limbs and bark when we go for a walk and dry them by the fireplace for kindling.

              In exchange for canning venison for some local hunters, I’ve found two who are trading us some meat for this winter.

              It is an enormous change of lifestyle for us, but the bottom line is, it has gotten us out of the city and we do not require near as much money to get by. In a small remote area many are more open to barter than they were in the city so my skills like canning and drying are coming in very handy. My child is happy and gets to go out and play without me looking over her shoulder every 5 seconds to be sure she isn’t being kidnapped.

              This lifestyle is definitely not for everyone but if you’re willing to put the work in it’s rewarding. he neighbors are very nice and if you ask questions respectfully they are happy to show you how to do things.

              I’m not really that sociable so I don’t mind the isolation at all. I’m very very happy we made this decision, even though my friends and family back in the city think I’ve completely lost my mind.

              As I watch the world falling apart more and more everyday, I find myself frequently saying a little prayer of thanks.

            • C’mon Brandon, you are smarter than that. Why do you ask questions that suggest the banksters’ crimes against humanity are due merely to their misunderstanding?

              Contrary to their cover story, there is no mystery to the “boom & bust” cycle—no enigma. The banksters know EXACTLY what they are doing. This is PLANNED looting and genocide.

              The tribe’s dynastic banksters and financiers have always fostered war and cycles of boom and bust— encouraging the indebtedness of the goyim only to loot the goyim during the manipulated down cycles. The banksters profit from lending to both sides of wars that they instigate. There is an ocean of blood on their hands.

              We need to follow Iceland’s example and prosecute these monsters for their crimes against humanity. You do know the penalty for crimes against humanity, right? Well, so do THEY!

            • Man that sounds good. Scary but good. But everything’s scary so there’s that.

              Oh right I forgot about fishing. I have to go look into that. Then again I’m where Fukushima would be problematic. Not sure how to check the meat to see if it glows.

              I’m constantly astounded with the whole thing about “you can’t feed a family on public assistance”. That baffles me. I’ve met people online that do rice and beans instead of chicken thighs so I expect it’s possible to get it even cheaper than my numbers.

            • I quit smoking when they got to forty cents a pack!
              Stop already !!

            • Good luck on the quitting smoking thing. One word of advice: do it together, and make a pact to always blame the nicotine withdrawals before arguing about anything.

            • I quit smoking…


              Get a Joye E-Go… just buy the 1100mAh battery with the pass through, about 5 type A atomizers, and a type A drip tip. Then get propylene glycol based fluid and vaporize away. Still noth healthy but a lot healthier than tar and asbestos and carbon monoxide.

              And costs $15 a month after the initial meh… $40-$50 cash outlay.

              It gets you through a lot of the psychological addiction and habit (and as I found out, this is a very non-trivial part of the addiction… you wouldn’t think so but it is).

              Go half and half for three months to become confident it works then stop the real cigarettes.

              It’s a lot cheaper, somewhat better for you (ok, probably non-trivially so, I feel a lot better)… and it’s easier to quit it. I will be quitting it shortly.

              I did three months of half and half and then switched entirely for going on 6-7 months now… probably be able to stop in a little bit here.

              Do note however, it gets into your bloodstream slower than the real thing. You find yourself taking to to three little hits more frequently as opposed to the “smoke the whole thing, wait till you’re Jonesing, smoke another whole thing” habit typical to the real deal.

            • Daisy, thanks for the explanation. I had a feeling that your new life/lifestyle was a good choice for you.

              So much of our happiness and ‘success’ comes from within, from our own perspective. People get so caught up in the opinions of others, but it’s the opinion we have of ourselves that is most important — and I don’t mean boastful ‘pride’, but inner joy. Glad it is working out!

            • JL don’t sweat the haters. If anyone barking at you for smoking does any of these things they should shut their mouths since it is living beyond that to live.

              Eating junk food.
              Living in anything larger and more convenient than they did in 500 BC (It was survivable and anything better is a luxury)
              Own and drive a car/bike/ATV/motor home or 5th wheel etc etc.

              But yet smokers are the whipping boy of the masses. I do not hate the haters but it really gets annoying being told smoking is a waste of money when there is a boat or 5th wheel sitting on the driveway 350 days a year. To those people I say suck it.

              I can afford to smoke but I understand it is an addiction that is hard to kick just like meth, crack, cocaine etc etc.

            • It’s not hard to quit…my brother’s done it dozens of times.

            • Jl says: “we are going to quit smoking….” Horray!! Good for you. I saw the price of a pack of “basic ” brand cigarettes in my neck the woods… $6.83 a pack!! I almost choked on my bubbalicious! Which by the way is 89 cents and I chew that instead of smoking. I quit 6 years ago and boy! I’m a happy girl. Got a bigger caboose but it was lacking anyway. I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in Twizzlers while I was quitting. You can do it!!

            • 25 ciggs are $14.34 here

          • GC, given everything you have had to say about the vile, hate filled nature of the corp, what makes you think they will have to follow any law or logic? What makes you think they will have to “prove” anything? Why won’t they just have some soul-less attorney ram some legal fiction through the courts, then just damned well take their house anyway?

            Not saying I disagree with your approach, but I did just what you are talking about several years ago. Did I make the little fuckers pay dearly for their “victory”? Hell yes; but I still had to evac

            Of course, this is what contributed to my butter fingers during that tragic canoeing accident involving all my firearms

            • You will eventually lose, but you CAN make’em work for it and drag out the forclosure for a long time. If you save your FRNs, you may even be able to buy a small place mortgage free.

          • I would not gamble with my mortgage given the massive fraud and cooperation with federal courts upholding the banks and their nefarious legalese..

            The entire scheme is to own everything and have all of us indentured debt serfs forever…

            This QE 3 is open ended..unlike the prior quantitative easings..and 40 bil a month buying mortgage backed securities????

            All of this is not going to end well for any of us.

            You don’t think they are well aware of those stacking pms as a hedge against collapse or dollar destruction?

            Think again..

            They will either devalue pms through manipulation or initiate pms as illegal in some way when they deem necessary…

            Afterall they want no one holding any cards or wealth once all is destroyed..


            • Article in Spanish linked at Ferfal’s site “Surviving in Argentina”: it is now illegal to *save* in gold or USD in Argentina. Gold may be exported, but not owned within the country. Tight capital controls have been in effect for a yer or so, there. Their President stated at a presser: “You only need to fear God….and me.”

            • Seems like none of the alternative money guys from anywheres ever consider that all thats done is pre-planned. And what makes anyone think the banksters and tribe etc aint got another system waiting in the wings?

              Does anyone think these scheeming types with most all the worlds power and money and Gold, plans to simply allow it all to crash and give up their power, and more importantly give up their LONG term goals?

              Perhaps some folks never think a good posibility for a Finalized system will consist of CASHLESS computer digital money. But they soon will have 100% total power/control of entire worlds finances so whats to stop that?

              They will have to switch it all to another method, or else give away all they worked for. I speak of Control by eliets moreso than money worth per scoundrel.

              All signs point to a cashless system. Especially how the last 10 yrs or more folks been so encouraged to Pay online for elec bills etc etc.

              Combined with a Chip-implant fetish of theirs it wont be difficult for them and msm to convince most of worlds folks it is a great idea.

              I think perhaps the main reason so many fail to speak of this type scenario, is due to alot of them in the patriot or prepper or libertarian movments do not want to even consider anything that may be related to Biblical prophecy stuf.

              And cashless and a implant chip to access such a system is definatly a huge part of todays biblical believer crowds. I may be wrong and it is entirely due to other things?…But I can’t really think of any other things as reason we never seem to see any smart people like Brandon and many others in the know so to speak, mention such a potential scenario or agenda.

              As far as total planet wide control of everybody alive, theres nothing else even comes close to what control a chipped society provides for the Evil ones, whos sole reason to exist seems to be Control of All of us as Their “Peons” or “Serfs”.

              Please do not take me wrong as I think very highly of Brandons work and most others in this field. I am just curious is all I rekon.

            • BlueH20:
              In the US in the 1930’s privately owning gold or gold coins, which was then part of the monetary system, were outlawed and citizens were required to turn them into the government. It confiscated the gold to pay it’s own bills. Basically it was theft or a 100% tax on all gold owners since taxes are legal and theft is not and of course out government would not break its’ own laws.

              As far as the article above, when it stated that the “experts” knew better than the 80%of people who were againtst it, so they went ahead with the bank “bailout” (taxpayer, Agenda 21, theft), Iceland listened to their people, prosecuted the guilty, did not bail out anyone and tightened their belts. They suffered but are now getting better and stronger. Meanwhile the rest of the world is still getting sicker.
              So much for “expert” opinions and solutions.

          • Why do you think they are trying to entice us all to refinance? If you’ve refinanced within the last few years, your papers are surely in order, and your forclosure will be quite quick.

            • Sterling
              What well pump are you using?

        • JL I am in the same boat, got laid off in June. Lots of jobs available in my area, just not proffesional pay, the level I was at. I have had to put off prepping as well, only a bag of beans or rice here and there. Desperatley needing money for some solar power back up for emergency power. Just to charge computer, where all info on survival is located. To much info to print! Does anyone have any good idea’s on this subject? PDF files that would be accessable in some form off the computer? Less battery power consumed plus storage of Gigabites. Way to much to print.

          • Netbook.

            Underpowered in the extreme, expect it to be painfully slow. But if all you want is to store and read PDF files… it’s hard to find something that consumes less power. You could easily power it off an RV solar panel.

            • Commenting on your vaping post…..I thought vaping would help me quit too. Now I have two habits. lol. I build my own with 2aa battery boxes and 306 dripper atomizers. I even use 50-50 nicotine and glycol to mix my own juice but I still need a few cancer sticks to get through the day.

          • Kindle’s recharge with surprisingly little power…the solar battery charger popular @ amazon also has a usb output…that will easily recharge the kindle…put all of your pdf’s there…granted, that’s all of your eggs in one basket…

            • Do the Kindles have a car charger? Just in case?

            • Son of sam : I haven’t seen a car charger for a Kindle but… POWERLINE puts out a DC to AC inverter with two plugs for 12 bucks at Wallyworld. I bought it as an all out last ditch power supply for my daughter corded nebulizer. Since then we have gotten battery operated miniture ones but it’s still great for charging on the go. I also have a KAITO Voyager radio that has ports for charging solar or crank. Nice piece of equiptment, compact and median priced.

          • Maybe try putting together your own solar from ebay & online instructions? There are some pretty good ones out there. If you have a laptop or a tablet, many don’t really use a ton of power — especially if you choose “battery save” options. I would also suggest picking out a few “classics” and purchasing hard copy. Some you can get for $.01 plus $4 shipping on Amazon. Or pick one or two to print and put your printer settings to 2/page and duplex if you can.

            • Can’t beat the harbor freights for starters unit.

            • Cabelas has a cool roll up to go type solar charger kit. Comes with a few diferent type cords adapters, and a 4 battery pak with main unit that holds a chrage ready for Instant power dump into cell phone to fast charge cell phone.

              Weighs just a Pound or so, and rolls up to aprox size of 9 in tall by 2 in wide by 1 in thick roll!!…Made to take in BOB or backpak style. You can also use the main 4 battery pak as a stand alond power source while re chargeing another 4pak(Think second 4 batt pak is xtra costs)….Total cost was if I recall correctly…$129..

              It really looks cool too! I seen it couple days ago when got new catalog in mail.

              I think it has a converter to power 120 volt or has one avail for xtra fee(?) Go check to be sure.

          • Get a ebook reader (nook touch, new kindle) or a tablet. You can have one for $200. Add a quality backpack solar panel for $60 and you have an off grid way to read your PDF’s. I personally store mine in the safe which doesn’t have a hole in it for power. If you don’t have such a storage container then one of those 3 flavor popcorn tins will do nicely. If you’re concerned about EMP/Solar flares.

          • Smart phones can display PDF files with Adobe Reader. Just make sure that the micro SD card is easily accessible. Then order a lot of those $1 or so Chinese cards. Number them with white ink or paint. Then copy files to them and make a paper index. You can fit a lot of micro SD cards in an Altoids tin (Faraday cage/pocket carrier). You can carry PDFs of all your documents, all your MP3s, and all your photos and movies. You can fit terabytes of data in your pocket, all accessible with your smart phone.

          • Buy the book “Dare to Prepare” it covers all you need to know, so if you can’t access digital files, you have a good backup source of survial how tos.

            • I didnt post this.

              Mac, when you going to have a sign in to post?

        • everyone i know is quitting their (socialist)jobs over having to be brought aside to sign another pledge to not bully, or use a cell,compayny computor ,blue jeans, or mouth off ,smoke dope ,etc… Hey ,everyone has the ability to make something and people really like not having to go to a china shop.

        • well i bet you are looking for a job that was equivalent to what you had.

          • I’m Not

          • Hey Rich,

            Didn’t you say you were “done with the doom club?”

        • in the same boat but no help or wife, keep trying and never give up,I WILL NEVER GIVE UP.

        • Have you thought about the Porn industry………? They are hiring ! Tell me if I’m wrong fellas…..!

          • J Doe…Porn is also 99% run/owned by the…Tribe. You sound like a Pervert. I think the Womens here aint like that. Try LA or Detroit HO-Town!

            • Go back to MEHICO HOE!

          • J.Doe: Why are you trying to be so annonymous, is it because you’re in the pron business yourself? Are you really the world famous porn star Dickie Chew?

        • Brandon: You said, “Quantitative easing has shown itself to be impotent in the improvement of America’s economic situation. ”

          QE has NEVER been intended to stimulate the economy. EVERYONE needs to understand that. The purpose of QE IS and has ALWAYS been to protect the balance sheets of the Federal Reserve Banks.

          I have stated that here since the first QE was begun almost two years ago, and everyone here was screaming hyperinflation by summer.

          QE only replaces the losses of the banks as they de-leverage US, and their losses from foreclosures must be applied to their balance sheets lowering their liquidity ratios.

          When Uncle Ben buys the bad MBS it accepts the written down paper and instills fresh cash into the banks to bolster their balance sheets and protect their liquidity ratios.

          Foreclosures have been on hold until an agreement could be reached in Court over robo signing. It has. The banks must pay $25 billion in fines.

          With the legal agreement in hand limiting their exposure, the banks have embarked on a second wave of foreclosures that will encompass many millions more homes.

          The green shoots of the current real estate market will be inundated by the Second Wave; or war, whichever comes first.

          • Brandon: I must be a “lackey” for the Federal Reserve, because I do not buy your statement at all:

            “Open ended inflation is exactly what destroyed Wiemar Germany, and more recently Zimbabwe. The central banks and their lackeys will claim there is no comparison.”

            There is NO comparison Brandon as much as you might believe that there is; or the many other so called economic experts, who ramble on and on about hyperinflation in America.

            Is it something WE should be concerned about? Yes. Is it likely? No. Here’s why:

            De-leveraging destroys wealth.

            It especially destroys DOLLARS. Every time a house is foreclosed, as an example, the equity and down payment of the owner is eliminated as market value has dropped far below the purchase price.

            That loss in value represents the loss of wealth in most cases of the “middle class”.

            In many cases the market value of the foreclosed property has dropped below the value of the loan(s,) think HELOC’s too; that were placed upon the property by the bank(s).

            When the banks foreclose they must write off the loan(s) and the expenses of foreclosure, (which can be considerable), off their books by marking the property to “market”.

            Market in most cases mean the price for which they are able to resell (liquidate) the property.

            Multiply this example by the many millions of residential properties nationwide and you can begin to see the impact that bad mortgages have on the balance sheets of the banks (and their reserve requirements, ie liquidity ratios).

            When Bernanke creates fiat out of thin air and buys these bad mortgages, all he does is replace the losses of the banks; which is his primary mandate: protect the banks.

            This fresh cash never sees the light of day.

            It never reaches the consumer, so the consumer is not awash in money and stimulating demand for goods or services: understanding that inflation is too much cash in the hands of consumers chasing too few goods and services.

            This creation of money DOES increase OUR Federal Deficit and adds to the aggregate annual total, which now is estimated at over $16T.

            This larger annual deficit is mitigated by lower interest rates, which is why Bernanke keeps rates extremely low, letting the same about of US annual interest payments cover a larger debt burden.

            This explanation should provide you and many others here what is happening and why, and why it will continue like it is for the foreseeable future until the de-leveraging is completed, the economy begins to grow and generate more revenue, and the Congress addresses it’s spending problem.

            Currently the US is spending a trillion dollars a year more than it takes in, but military expenditures are close to One Trillion a year, OUR trade imbalance with China, Mexico, and Canada is also about a trillion dollars a year.

            It should be easy for Congress to balance the budget between the 15 trillion WE generate and the 16 trillion WE spend. Its not rocket science. Its arithmetic.

            Bernanke is doing a great job. 🙂

            Some of the old debt more expensive bonds are retired and replaced with new bonds at a lower interest rate.

          • @DK- They just are not protecting the banks balance sheet, the are ptrotecting THEIR ASSES!!!!!

            MBS’S were rated AAA AND THEY WERE JUNK, and the gubmint guarenteed them.(and the so called credit ratings people and the people selling them to suckers knew they were junk)(oh, and dont forget the fraud of MERS)

            In my state there have been plenty of whistleblowers in the mortgage industry that have committed “suicide”. (I am sure the same shit is/has happened in your state, because the level of mortgage/title fraud is rampant there to, I have not been paying attention to deaths in arizona)(notice the cops know they are suicides 10 minutes after they get there?= orders from above)

            The MBS ARE and continue to be(with fannie/freddy buying them, now the fed again) FRAUD passed onto the taxpayers. FRAUD!!

            They are now bundling car loans,credit card debt and student loans into “bonds”.(think these will be guarenteed by the feds?)

            They are’nt bonds, they are wallstreet(which some ARE part of the private central bank) made up vehicles of FRAUD to help the fiat system destroy money, and I now believe this has been their modus operandi for years.(the REAL reason for the bust cycle, inflation control. Which is helped by the illegal drug trade)

            The people be damned, jobs or no jobs.

            Something like 86% of all trades on wallstreet are from computers with the algorythms written to “balance” (so to speak)prices of food,fuel and hard assets.

            Again more FRAUD.

            I have said many times on this blog that there is only one thing(in my opinion) that stops massive inflation.

            ILLEGAL DRUGS!!!!

            Much cash physically leaves the states EVERY YEAR!!

            No one can tell me they have not been printing pallots of hundred dollar bills for decades and sending those pallots off to bribe the leaders of the world, their private banks, and political, and pay for wars/”revolutions”.

            There are many more dollars out there then we can even imagine(well close, I am sure we all here can imagine alot)

            Bottom line, we are in uncharted turf.

            NO ONE KNOWS, what is going to happen.

            But the end result will most likey be big war.

            oops, almost forgot.

            F^CK THE BERNANK!!

            • Kevin: I don’t disagree with anything you say, but none of it contradicts the fact that dollars are being destroyed by de-leveraging.

              Only those dollars that belong to the middle class BTW, but not the dollars that belong to the GB’s. That process will continue for years to come.

              What EVERYONE needs to understand is that:

              1. The bank bailout continues unabated and unchecked since 2008-2009 as QE is NOT an economic stimulus, but a continuation of the bank bailout to cover their losses and protect their liquidity ratios, so that they can pretend that they are solvent. And technically, they are. The will remain solvent because Uncle Ben will continue QE indefinitely to replace Federal Reserve Bank losses.

              2. Hyperinflation is NOT a threat and will not be a threat for a very long period of time: as long as de-leveraging continues.

              At that time the Bernank will be able to withdraw funds from the system just as easily as he inserts them now. Understand however that the dollars that he inserts now, only replaces the dollars in the banks that have been destroyed. He is not really creating ADDITIONAL dollars. A deflationary spiral is a real threat.

              3. Gold is not money, nor should it ever be money again. Gold appears to be money because it is the most desired, durable and most fungible commodity in the world. Gold is real wealth. If gold backed metals again in America, or even the entire world, the gold reserves of America which represent real wealth would follow OUR fiat offshore.

              4. Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. And buckle up.

            • @DK- I’m buckled brother!! 🙂

            • @DK- forgot something. Eventually we will run into each other out in the desert.

              If you see a white truck, and you ask yourself- “who’s that crazy mother f^cker?(you want to grab the rifle, but something tells you its alright)

              ANSWER- Oh, thats Kevin!!!

            • Kevin: I won’t get back to the desert for another month or so (November). I’m in the mountains where the weather is cool and the scent of pine is strong.

              Next week I am heading to the Rim to do some “sniping”. I found a really great creek down stream of some lode claims that should have a lot of color.

              I’ll let you know if I find any fines, flakes, pickers, or nuggets. 🙂

          • I’m thinking WAR!

        • What will they do when open-ended QE is not enough?

          • Melvin: Once the FED has absorbed or liquidated all of the bad debt and bad mortgages, the banks will begin to operate more normally and start extending credit again ….. if there is any one credit worthy enough to qualify.

            Otherwise they will deploy OUR deposits overseas and loan money in developing nations, like Turkey, Indonesia, Colombia, etc.

            Engage these MF’s or be impoverished by them.

      2. Every day I get ready a little more.

        Makes you wonder how hard it will hit those who “don’t think it can happen here”.

        We will all be at a big advantage because we know not only that it can happen, but it will.

        • GC…I was at my VFW last night discussing QE3 and NO ONE knew what it was or what it meant. When I tried to explain it, I got the “oh thats a bunch of bullshit” and the best one was “did you see how much the stock market went up today?”. I guess you can lead a horse to water..One good thing came of it though; my good friend and I went to see Obamas America 2016 and he called me the next day and asked me to take him to my PM dealer because he thought he should get some of his money out of fiat and into REAL MONEY. He spent around 5 grand and e-mailed me this morning telling me how much he has made already. Some people are waking up but they still refuse to believe how bad things are rapidly becoming.

          • @ blackriflewarrior:

            That is great news man, your friend will forever be thanking you for waking him up. Good for you brother!

            “You can lead the Sheeple to the fountain of truth, but you can’t make them drink.” ~ Bloodyfellow

            • Bloodyfellow –
              Haven’t seen you here in quite some time – Nice to hear from you again! I hope all is well with you and yours!


            • There are three types of people; those that see, those that see when shown, and those that will never see.

            • What are you guys talking about? I am all eyes and ears on this. However I am still doing research but I don’t want to be left out in the cold either

          • You may have saved his life, and certainly his money.

          • blackriflewarrior, I am a former Marine so know that I once was brainwashed like so many other veterans. HOWEVER, that was during a time when the mainstream media was able to control the message.

            In my opinion, ANY VETERAN, regardless of age, who REFUSES to get to the truth (like those idiots you met at the VFW) are TRAITORS just like the criminals fleecing the public. Sadly, most of these guys will just dismiss people like you either because they are intellectually lazy (many, many of them), or, because they do not want you to shatter their illusion of what they believe they fought for—the constitution—which of course we all know is nothing more than toilet paper to the elites—-a document that was useful in the founding of this nation but no longer server the purpose of the infinitely superior “elite” that have seized this country via the criminal federal reserve, criminal banking cartel, and criminal corporations.

            Your experience last night at the VFW is why I don’t hold out much hope for Amerika. The fact is the older generation of veterans just wants “their share” of the printing presses; they want their free sh!t promised to them and certainly DO NOT WANT ANYBODY to shatter their illusion of the “America” they “think” exists—IT DOESN’T, and sadly, never really did. The elite have been screwing over the masses in this country at least in a big way since 1913 (creation of the Federal Reserve) —the biggest difference is the criminal elite needed a middle class when muscle and manual labor was required. Now that they can outsource most of that to foreign countries and have weapons that do the job of thousands of men they are bolder.

            I could go on and on, but the bottom line is Amerika is the most criminal country in the history of mankind—even worse than Rome in their final days. Sadly, so many veterans are more interested in maintaining the “illusion” of America they thought existed rather than facing up to the fact that what they thought they defended never existed.

            F@ck Amerika and the elites that run it! While it would be nice to think that someday “America” will come back, I don’t hold out hope; instead, it won’t be long before we will be officially changing the name to “The Republik of Amerika” or something to that effect. I wonder if those veterans at the VFW will stand up and take notice then? I doubt it, as long as they get their free sh!t!

            • william s…I am suprised that the MSM is running stories about the fiscal cliff we are heading for. I have alienated from people for telling them this was coming and now I get to say “I told you so” LOL. I have always been regarded as “the guy with too many guns” but more and more people are approaching me and saying they will come to my place if SHTF. I have always kept my prepping quiet and most people don’t know what I have but they seem to instinctively know they are going to need firepower. I have told all that they will not be welcomed. We are going to be neck deep in kimchee soon and its going to be every man for himself and I refuse to feel sorry for those not prepared. I sought the truth and found it. Its there for everyone to see and still the herd doesn’t want to see it. The herd can go buy mirrors and watch themselves starve for all I care. It sounds cruel but I love my family and will fight to the death for them.

            • Blackriflewarrior, the entire best brother I’m with you.

              I can tell you that the MSM is running the story to give the public the “illusion” that congress is really fighting over what benefits to cut. What they are really fighting over is how to pay for the continued fleecing of the nation for the benefit of themselves and their friends. Of course, the MSM is nothing more than puppets (CIA mockingbirds) —- they stay on top and in business due to the funds sent to them covertly from government via the criminal Federal Reserve. And of course the criminal banksters sometimes will “seed” stories to make the public think that something is being done—–these criminals are masters at their game—absolute masters at deceiving the public.

              In the end, the only people that will face cuts will be those for whom there is no strong lobby—-the “little” people. The special interests will not take any cuts, and in the end, the only thing they will “cut” will be the growth in spending, which the MSM will hail as a success. Classic bait and switch—-make the public think there is a crisis, then make it look like a compromise was reached, all the while fleece them even more.

            • I was in the marines and bought into all that rah rah sis boom bah shit but not any more. I have to vomit when I hear that “we are fighting for your freedoms and deomcracy”. We have been had.

            • William S. Just remember that Germany and Japan were total disasters and they came back. Russia after the 1917 revolution was a total disaster and they came back. We are looking at some really bad times coming soon, but nothing is permanent. America may well come back, and we might be lucky enough to see it if we live that long.

            • Most of the people that hang around the VFW spend all day drinking. At least that has been my observation. Also complaining but never offering to help with the things they complain about.

            • @ Davidus Romanus:

              Yes, those nations came back, but as what? Russia came back as an iron curtain state. America (US) will come back, but I fear what it will return as.

            • Sad to say, but the America we thought we had and knew and loved, will never be again. There were periods during the 70’s,80’s and 90’s that prosperity and the ‘good times’ kept Americans moving forward with pride and hope while the gov elites were moving America backwards. That backward movement has now got most Americans pushed up against a wall. Nowhere to turn except to God. With God’s help we can fight our way thru the muck to soon see a brighter day.

              That brighter day is on the horizon and it can only be gained thru the return of Christ; to once and for all, set things straight. So, as a believer, I see only one country(the house of the true bride of Christ), and only one leader, Jesus Christ. A thousand years is a long time to set people straight, then it’s decision time.

              Right now, we are seeing the stupidity of governments around the world. Our very own, is throwing paper with a $ sign on it, through the back of the fan, to try and cover up all that brown stickey stuff that’s building up on the front of it. No matter how much you cover it up, it doesn’t help, cause it still stinks to high heaven.

          • Greetings,

            I’ve given up talking to friends and family about any of this. Most people are only aware of the most trivial of things and could care less about QEIII, peak oil or the recent massive crop failures.

            In a way, I’m glad. Imagine if everyone started to prep? Why, that would drive up the price of solar cells and water purification systems. I’d rather everyone think that that stuff is “silly”.

            If things get bad enough, I’ll take my home (a sailboat) to one of the deserted islands that are 20+ miles out in the ocean and hang out there for a bit.

            • yo tambien…

            • Nickelthrower: What happens when you take a nice naptime on the island, and awaken to loud noises and open your sleepy eyes to find 100 Krazed non english speaking residents, with Ostrich feathers sticking out their ass and a huge chickin bone in their nose and they got a Bad attitude for invaders?

              Hope sailboat has room for alot of your pals to go too!

          • black rifle, just tell ’em that the stock market is going up with money stolen from THEIR wallets! Because that’s just the damned fact of the matter

            • I hear ya SOS….thats exactly right…..but no one cares

          • Black rifle:
            Funny you should mention the Movie 2016. I bought a teardrop camper Wensday. The gentleman I bought it from (retired LERP, Vietnam) did not quibble with the amount I was willing to pay. It was dirt. cheap. I asked him where he was going after he left Florida, and he said:” Tennessee. WE sold everything and we are leaving next week. ” He then asked me if I had seen the movie. I replied no. He replied that “They are going to bomb the cites, that’s why I’m leaving.” He also stated that he was ex military and he didnt scare easy, but he was nervous. I asked him why did he think I bought the little camper?< smiling.

        • GC, the biggest advantage that we all have — no matter what our diversity in skills might be — is that we’re looking at the world the way it IS, not the way we wish it to be, or the way we’ve been told it is, or the way it “should” be. I personally cannot stand that “it should be” phrase….fuck me, I should be rich as well as good looking, and I should have bangs and be sunning myself on a beach right now

      3. Red Nichols was close when he wrote the song, “Pennies from heaven” should have wrote dollars from heaven.

        Thanks for nothing Ben B.

        • No, those big silver things would hurt.

          Should have been “paper from hell”.

        • A Poster the other day, “Annie Oakley” if I recall right?..She was correct when she stated the real and Fast(5yrs tops) way to fix americas econamy AND Rid us of the banksters AND their evil usuary(intrest fees).

          Was to copy Germanys system. Say what you will good or bad of hitler. but he did a tremendous job restarting their ecomomy.

          AND He did so BEFORE Anyone of ANY race or group had even a single hair on their heads harmmed!

          LESS than 5yrs and germany went from wiemier and worse than usa deprection status, to Top nation of All of europe.

          Just over 4&1/2 years is all it took. That does NOT include ANY arms buildup nor anyone rounded up etc.

          He based ALL new german marks(dollars) on LABOR & Products or services done by labor. A dollar value was set for every concievable item made or fixed or built or serviced etc.

          Their belief was “The State makes money, BUT state & Money should exist For bennifit of Citizens..Not other way around and certainly Not exist to bennifit Banksters!”

          Then ONLY One mark(dollars value) was released to society or government PER value agreed upon from labor and products etc.

          THis wss how germany Booted out banksters. AND got Rid of ALL forms intrest(usuary, a Sin!).

          This is Number one Main reason economic WAR(WWII) was declared on them(germans)…Sound familiar?

          It sure should since we see today that is the Main reason usa/nato has blew up aprox 7-8 nations so far and counting!…Because each country so far does ZERO Intrest state owned banks.

          We all was Never told nor taught of this stuf and for the Obvious reasons. Gen. Patton was right when he said “WE Fought the WRONG enemys!”

          Ruisian Kommie Bolsheviks was the Real enemys Patton spoke of. And Now after nearly 70 yrs time and the Long Cold War events etc we can too see patton was right.

          Most all we was told as reasons to fight germany in wwii was BS…Fed reserve in NY-London(city)-and their Pals in Moscow wouldn’t allow Any nations to do a bank withOUT Intrest period.

          Intrest enslavement(evil sinfull usuary) is the Main only way the bankster zios get rich as can be. Today we see Proof of it all.

          QUESTION: for all naysayers and doubters?..Tell me, can You name ONE DAMN Thing invented or made or any Civilization or nation etc etc, that the banksters AND their Entire Tribe(zios) besides “Banks” and even banks designed with and By Fraud?

          NO! because they Never did, at least not the last aprox 3000 yrs!

          Their crowd NEVER earned or invents or manufactures a Thing!….Every nickle they got was Intrest gains-scams-swindled-stolen-or elsewise conived.

          Banks & Huge Wars= Main method to get Wealthy for them.

          No honest awake person can argue it.

          Again go READ Real true history easy to find online with 100% full notations-documentations-Proof solid.

          And you can find/read all details on how germany came back and came back so swell it baffled most rest of world!

          Unemployment WAS 31+%!!! 4 yrs Later it was Down to LESS than 2%!!!….Remember all this took place by building up or Re-building(from wwi dammages etc) of Infrastructure-Houses-Industrial-Manufactureing-Schools-Churchs-Auto plants(VW) etc.

          NONE was any such things as Camps or antisemite stuf etc. That came AFTERwards….After Judaica(zio/jews) Declared Economic War on Germany First!(In 1934, worldwide jewery declared War on All germans/germany wherever found! Exterminate germans was jewerys cry!..Not hitlers! we got a 180 degree version of it)

          98% of what we was taught is wrong. As above ex marines said Many refuse to accept usa did alot of bad wrong stuf.

          My dad and step dad was in WWII and Korea later. They rejected anything not of prior beliefs. But WE don’t have to reject sound true facts like they did.

          Simply go read an hr or two on germanys fantastic revival etc and see how EASY it is to FIX america and European nations like UK also!

          Check what Iceland(was it them?) did just a few weeks ago!

          Iceland Booted assholes Out, Arrested evil banksters(even one or more Rothchilds!!) and Nationalized banks and FORGAVE Citizens Debts and mortgages. Left the “Eurodollar”, reinstated their state cash whatever it is called(?) Perhaps icelands cash is called “Cold Cash”!? heh heh..

          Banksters are in JAIL there and after a year on or less its going real swell now.

          Remember Nationalistic ideals are NOT always wrong or evil…As long as nationalisim is Tied to Culture, and Americans First, attitudes etc it is a GOOD way.

          Todays youth don’t know. But them whats Over age 50yrs now Know how it used to be here.

          We was taught and learned that America was like an Extention of each of our Own Homes. It is OURS and WE counted First and Foremost. Oh we always helped less fortunate nations or peoples.

          Who does anybody today think Civilized the world?…Sent Missionaries?..Food..Goods…etc. America and other white nations is who did it!…Based upon Christianitys beliefs and foundings. Not todays brand of phony wolves in sheeps dressings form of christians. Real True form of it.

          Thats what made america the greatest nation ever created by God and His blessings to Us.

          Everyone who wanted a GOOD pay Job had it!…and a Mother to raise us and Most had a Father working his ass off to do it all.

          Progressives aka Liberals aka dems aka Kommies(repubs also since at least 40 yrs ago too) is how usa got so Fucked up. And till aprox 10 yrs ago WE Never knew it was being scammed etc!…How would we?…Internet werent avail then yet!

          Todays younger folks is who will Finish whatever we defend Now if we do. So todays parents Owes it to self to discover how germany fixed their economy so it can be fixed Here…Probobly by Your kids after we are gone or too old to assist.

          Just clear your Head from all prior stuf told. Then Re-Learn true facts. Its easy once begun.

          PS I am NOT Promoteing any other hitler or nazi stuf. But Only what they did Right and it worked and NOBODY got harmmed. The other stuf done was wrong no doubt, and I do NOT advocate any of it.

      4. We are so doomed. I agree, this is the push to send us plummeting over the edge. Fill any holes in your preps, the time to do so is coming to the end. Even if we hold on for awhile; inflation, gas prices, and effects from the drought may stretch you to the point where you cant afford to do so. I was going to buy a new gun, but I think I need to buy some more food instead. With prices likely to skyrocket, I think it is the smarter investment. Would I love a new gun? Of course. But do I really need one? No, not really. A person can only carry so many. Keep prepping!!!

        • I think food is the best investment, so long as you already have a means to protect it. Your returns will blow away anything the stock market can give you.

          Gold a silver prices will rise along with the cost of food, but they will always be available. Food may not.

          • Great advice, I agree 100%. People won’t be rioting and storming the local stores looking for gold and silver, they will be looking for food.

            Stock up while you can!



        • Get your meat now, as much as you can can it or dry it may be hard to come by next year. Was at the sale barn Wednesday talked to one of the owners asked him about cattle prices he said cattle are a little lower now and will stay low until calves are sold about the end of nov. and after the first of the year are going to get high. Plus a lot of people selling pairs because there is no pasture

          • Question is……..! How much meat is enough, or for that matter …too much meat Rancher W.?

            • Hey MW, I agree, I am taking all the meat I can and feel as if Im not gettin enough. What can a midwest gal like myself do to keep up with the “JONES’S. tHANX

          • Management at a local grocery store told me that beef may soon be hard to find at any price. Good hamburger is already over $5 a pound. I have to buy beef that is about to expire so I can get the discount.

        • It’s all about keeping the smoke and mirrors going until Nov.7. By then Obama will have either been re elected or lost and they don’t care about the economy after that. He just has to have a chance to win, and keeping the game going does that.

      5. Making one more run to the silver shop this afternoon. Gotta get it while I can.
        Note: always buy just under the reportable amount and make a couple of trips. Junk is best IMHO. What do yall think? junk or 99.99????

        • Junk

          • I agree. I have heard stories of gold and silver being lead with plate over it.

            • The cheapest way into silver is pre-64 coinage but junk silver is cheap too. I never understood why people piss away their money on top premium coins that will never become any more valuable than the melt value of the silver. Gold is on the run but Silver is being held down by the JP Morgan crowd. They won’t be able to hold it down for long and JPM will crash like a lead balloon after silver goes over $40…can’t wait to see it happen.

            • blackriflewarrior, don’t hold your breath. The SLV ETF was created specifically to fleece the public while at the same time suppressing the price of silver. The same goes for many of the other commodity ETF’s—–you would be amazed at the depth of the elites criminality—-it boggles the mind.

              The bottom line is as long as Amerika maintains its printing presses via its drone military that doesn’t even realize that they are defending criminals that are screwing them over along with the rest of the world nothing will change, and that includes the prices suppression of any asset deemed an enemy of the printing presses—namely, precious metals.

              People underestimate just how powerful the criminals that have seized Amerika are. These criminals actually make you work for money, then steal it via taxes and inflation and then, impoverished, people send their children their children off to foreign countries to be maimed and killed because they have no money because the elite stole it from them, and all the while these people “honor” the very country that is getting them killed and maimed for NOTHING—–you can’t make this stuff up—IT IS REALLY, REALLY SAD!

              Bottom line: things will change when and only when the elites make a mistake and lose the ability to print—in the meantime, the prices of everything will be what they criminals say they will be—not a dime more or a dime less!


        • Rolls of silver dimes would be the best bet. if you ever have to use them there will be very few people who can make change.

          • Just picked up a roll of Mercury dimes not two hours ago

          • Dont forget copper pennies and nickels.

            When a loaf of bread was $.03, you think everyone said-

            Here is a dime, keep the change!!

        • I’m not disagreeing with the guys to that tell you to buy junk. But I’ll tell you why I buy pure coins:
          a) the coins weigh 1 oz of pure silver. You don’t need weights and you don’t need to know the purity percentage of the ‘junk’ coin.
          b) American Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics and Canadian Maple Leafs are easily recognizable and the coins would be difficult to counterfeit, post SHTF.

          Whatever you decide is a better choice than keeping fiat dollars around. I used to be a big ‘saver’. My savings account is now near zero and I hold only hard, tangible assets.

          Have a good weekend,

          • Junk silver coins are also readily identifiable. Not hard to figure how much silver is in them. 90% silver dimes, quarters and halves are also small enough to be easily used in barter exchange.

            Nothing wrong with Eagles and Mapleleafs…but the pre-64 US silver coins are excellent.

            • dont forget that they were also made 90% for a reason.

              Durability for circulation.

              Drop an Eagle 3 feet- “awe man it has a big dent”-kevin

              Drop a kennedy half- just pick it up!

          • If I may suggest, a small scale may help with future weighing. I keep one handy for “special” occasions, such as ferreting out fakes.

            • Hey there Scout,

              Junk silver has the year stamped on it; if its pre-1964, isn’t it all 90% silver? I agree with watching for fakes, but I don’t think anybody’s counterfeiting Mercury dimes or Kennedy half dollars…not yet anyway

            • SoS,

              I agree, and what I refer to are the “bullion fakes.” Anything old like Mercs with the year stamped on it, I’m not worried about. It’s the bullion coins I have more concern for. I can see people passing off silver rounds as 99.9, and they turn out to be less than an ounce or something else is wrong.

          • The most sought after coin in the world is the silver american eagle.

          • I know this thread is just about dead, but I think I need to clarify the above.

            a) If it’s pre-64, it’s 90% silver, but in the near-bartering future, will everyone know that? I’m not sure they will so I’m choosing to play it safe.
            b) I choose the coins over the bars/ingots/grain/ or ‘shot’ because coins are much harder to counterfeit. I didn’t mean to allude that Eagles and Maple Leafs are harder to counterfeit than pre-64 ‘junk’ coins.

            Off to Antietam’s 150th Anniversary re-enactment tomorrow. Oh, yeah… Civil War geek here.


        • Right now, I’d go for junk.

        • I have some of each.

        • Bulldog, I vote for some of each. Of course, I’m diversified into gold, silver, brass, steel and lead 🙂

          • I have nickel and copper also.

        • Just MSM propaganda designed to scare people—-TRUST ME—nothing will happen. If they need the money, Bernanke will just print it. The government will NEVER cut or reduce spending—they will just print.

          You see folks, inflation (via printing) benefits the criminals that run Amerika. Moreover, it disguises irresponsibility.

          Those who get the money first benefit from inflation, and those people are the criminals that run the most corrupt government and banking system in the history of mankind, Amerika.

          Make no mistake people—you can hope, you can wish, and you can prep, but NOTHING WILL HAPPEN except you will be poorer and the elite richer, and don’t EVEN start talking about what the “people” will do—THEY WON’T DO SQUAT except run their ignorant, apathetic mouths just like they always do. And if they do try to stand up, the media and the police state will quickly put them in their place.

          Face it people, the game is rigged for the insiders, the “club”, and “you ain’t in it”.

          • You are correct, but only to a point that has not been crossed in about 230 years.

            Once the people are left in desperation with nothing, you will find that they can, and in fact will, burn down the club and those in it.

            They just will not do it until they have been left with no other choice.

            • @Gods Creation…

              And I’m thinking no food, no water,no medicine, and no electricity just might be the thing that leaves them with no other choice.

            • The french revolution comes to mind. The phase “let them eat cake” just did’nt go over all too well, along with the misery felt by the people.

        • everybody yells and screams about government spending
          but when their little piece of the pie gets cut
          they really YELL AND SCREAM

          • Because it’s OUR taxes, why should we be the only ones suffering austerity measures??

      6. if you haven’t done so, stop buying useless crap. Draw what money you have left from the banking cartel, even though it won’t be worth anything. remove any precious items, heirlooms, etc., from safety deposit boxes, because they will not be there if and when you need them in the near future.
        It is only a matter of time before the true effects really start to imerge into everyones reality of how truly dire things will become.
        Stupidity, sickness, and madness is what is running the world economy. Rational thinking left a long time ago.

        One rule of thumb, never let what makes you, who you are, be corrupted in anyway, shape, or form. the good has to win the fight that is coming……..

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • Good advice soapdish—–no wishing or hoping in your advice—just good common sense.

          Dropping out of the criminal system as much as possible just makes sense. It may not hurt the criminals (they will just print more money for their friends and front run everything), but at least you are not supporting them. It really boils down to principle—-you don’t want to hand the criminals the tools to beat you with—at least force them to print them.

          Non-compliance with the criminals really is our only choice at this point. Don’t support any large corporations, don’t vote, and tell all police state thugs to go F@ck themselves at every chance you get!

          Might not make a difference but at least you can feel better about it and no you stood for something, because if you don’t stand for something, you will accept anything, and the criminals that run Amerika are more than happy to oblige by taking everything you have including your dignity—DON’T LET THEM!

        • But them usa and euro banksters are sitting on all that $26+ Trillion got so far. And large corps such as Microsoft has aprox. $50 Billion cash on hond…Apple corp has I think it is $100 Billion cash on hand.

          Plus other corps with lesser but still huge ammounts.

          So far NONE of it has entered the Public sectors. Thats reason zero mass inflation has occured. I think they are sitting on most of that cash reserve to BUY america and europe after whatever bad stuf planned happens.

          Thats method used by same bankster types, the Fathers or Granddads,of current crop banksters etc, to buy up everything during great depression era.

          Why would they do different today?..Hyper inflation will cause way more trouble then they can handle with todays society and attitudes.

          If you were Them…Would you rather have mass breakdown or glide dowm slower and change entire syatem to one most folks will accept as a swell idea?

          I Know alot of economic “experts” has written volumes on this stuf. Basically it is Two oposite camps right. Keynesions and “libertarians” of today along with “Misess”(?) et al.

          BUT none of the alternative stuf has yet been tried ever right?….Theorys sound good on paper or in books. But not always in real life real world aplications.

          Especially if curent eliets has their Own hidden agendas yet to be revealed.

          What if like 35 yrs ago when Gold frenzy hit hard, and folks got mortgages or sold assets to buy buy buy GOLD!

          I recall that when I was aprox 18yrs old or so, and it lasted for a year os so. Gold went from (From memory so dont quote me) Like $45 per oz…To aprox. $1300 oer oz in one year or so if I recall correctly.

          Then all a sudden Gold LOST value…Then More loss…Then Crashed Back down to nearly what it began at!

          I personally knew a few people who did all posible to “invest” in gold…Needless to say they was sorry as hell a year later. They lost Homes-Cars-toys-everything and ended up like Paupers while working to come back to normal status.

          Bottom Line is them whats in kontrol Knows their own plans and We do not. It is very posible many or all todays advisors and websites will end up wrong.

          Tangibles-foods-property-guns etc will always hold value or be needed. Gold or silver I think is way over hyped.

          I been reading this site here over a year so I know already all your arguments against what I say, and its ok.

          I sure do wonder though…IF gold and silver is so good or so Certain to Rise! Beyond the sky as tv or online ads informs us of…Then WHY are THEY selling so much of Their supplies of it?!!!

          Their ads read like “GOLD!! Plan on it going well Past $5000 maybe $10 – $20,000 per oz! It HAS too after a new Gold based cash is established as the us constitution demands etc!”

          Well why do They keep selling as if tommorow aint comming?…It dont make sense period. Will You sell it if You believe their ads or articles?…I do not think so!

          Maybe if I had oodddles of $$$$ I too may get some…But I sure aint rich or even close to it. I stick to Food and guns etc. If Gold and silver aint outlawed?…It wil be usless in a cashless society. We shall see one day whos correct eh.

      7. Bulldog, take half the money and put it into food and buy junk silver with the other half.

        • PO’d,
          I have been doing the food, lead, brass, etc. thing for a while. I am close to where I want to be on the storable chow. (You never finish)We check honeyville’s site weekly for sales and always end up making an order. The dehydrator runs several days a week. I just feel that the price of metals is getting ready to shoot. I dont want to miss the last opportunity.

          • @Bulldog….I’m glad you mentioned your dehydrator…I have just purchased one…like new, but no booklet/directions!! I started out drying bannanas…didn’t realize I should have dipped in lemon juice…..also, must need about 24 hrs, as they were “stickey” when I turned it off.

            Just wondering what would be the best to try out (as a novice at this?) Help! any advise would be appreciated!!

            • Hi Canuk – often you can get the instruction manual online. I’m posting a link below for the instruction manual for my own dehydrator. Even if you cannot find your particular brand the guidelines will help.

              If it is still sticky, it will mold if you leave it stored for very long – you want stuff to be crisp and brittle.

              I mostly use mine for things like peppers and onions that are nearly shot – I dry them and keep them in a jar to add to soups and casseroles. I used it this year when we discovered we really despise kale and I grew a lot of it. Dried and crumbled up, it’s not too bad in a soup and looks like parsley so my kids don’t know. 😆

              You can really do well with those last-day-of-sale bins at the grocery store if you take the stuff home and immediately dehydrate it.

            • Things I have found on the “marked down” rack at the grocery store: lots of mushrooms, pineapple, bananas, spinach all dehydrate well. Jerky is easy and taking that and some pineapple on a long hike to chew on is great. Mushrooms and spinach go good in soup.

            • Canada Canuk: I read the most wonderful article on canning bananas at the website — just do a search on her website about “canning bananas” and it can give you another option. I love her website.

              Anything like apples, bananas, etc. have to be dipped in lemon juice. Blueberries puff up unless you poke them…kind of like balloons.

              The best stuff is saving some of the sweetened juice and fruit when you make jam and then dry in your dehydrator on plastic wrap to make fruit leather .. strawberry is out of this world.

            • CC, you might want to try apples. They are easy to dry and easy to keep after drying. Peel,core and cut in small wedges about 1/2 inch thick. Store in plastic bags in the fridge or freezor. If you loose electricity, just move them to plastic tubs with tight fitting lids to keep the bugs out. Beef or venison jerky takes some doing, but if dried right, you can store in glass or metal containers and it will keep for years in a dry environment. Make sure there is not too much moisture left in the meat or it will mold. With our staples of dry beans and rice, the dried apples and venison jerky we have stored, and continue to store, will help keep us healthy for years, even if we are unable to garden and can next year.

              We had some jerky and dried apples that had been stored in the bottom of the fridge for three years and was still good. At this point and time, I don’t think “long term” storage will be relevant.

            • Canuk,
              We started with frozen veggies. get a typical bag and place one on each tray. They dehydrate well and are easy to start with. go to the excalibur dehydrator website. They have good videos on getting started. We love ours.
              It is time to get very busy with the chow. Dollars will be worthless soon. “make hay while the sun shines”!

            • canuk,
              try veggies first. We buy 1 lb. frozen bags of vegetables. You can put one bag per rack. I think that gets the most bang for the buck. Also, check The lady who does the videos has it all down to a science and explains it well.
              I have a nine rack excalibur and we have really added alot to our menu with it. beans and rice will get old fast.

            • Daisy,
              Keep asking. That is one of the reasons we are all on this site. My wife bought 4 mil sealable bags and oxygen absorbors. She seals the veggies with a vacuum sealer. Then we place them in mylar bags for long term. I can get about 7 lbs of dehydrated veggies in a mylar bag. laast night we had some two year old peas with our dinner. They were good. We have been working on hamburger rocks alot lately.
     will tell you everything you need to know. She dehydrates everything except meats. She claims a 25 year shelf life.
              Keep Prepping, it wont be long until you need your preps.JMHO

          • Bulldog, the Excalibur is my DREAM dehydrator!

            When you say frozen veggies do you mean like corn, green beans and green peas? Or something different? Could you give some specific examples?

            • Daisy,
              we buy small 1 lb. bags of green beans, corn, peas, mixed veggies, etc. each rack can hold one bag. check out I found them throught the excalibur site.
              My wife swears by the excalibur. We have had it for about two years. It never failed. We have done everything from jerkey, veggies, fruit, you name it.

            • Thank you!

              It’s out of my price range, unfortunately but I’m going to give the veggies a try on my crappy ChinaMart dehydrator.

              Sorry to keep asking questions, but how do you store the dehydrated veggies? The amount I have right now, I just put them in mason jars and screw on the lid without further processing.

            • To Daisy,and all of you that answered my “plea” for help on dehydrator……THANK YOU ALL!! Loved the ideas for everything…good tips on the small bags of frozen veggies!! Can hardly wait to try the strawberry “leather”….sounds yummy!!

              You will all get a chuckle when I tell you I finally got to use my new “pressure canner” today….I started out with chunks of beef…..directions said not to pack too tight, but I really should have packed a little more in the jars,as when they were finished, the jars looked beautiful, but only 1/2-3/4 full! Oh well, still pretty exciting for the first try….(:

      8. I must be watching the MSM on a different dimensional field because I have not heard ANY SAY THAT THIS WAS A GOOD THING. Quite the opposite. When i do a google search very few in the mainstream are saying this is positive. Most feel this just postpones the inevitable and itthey don’t agree with it.

      9. Printing money lets the spend all the money they want and they can lower our level of prosparity in the process. Printing money is simply a way of transfering money from the little people to the big people without you realizing it. That’s why the money that is printed goes to the banks and stock market.

        Printed money is money that is replacing money that is lost in the deleverging process. Who it goes to, is the problem.

      10. They are keep floating the boat for several more years and then pull the plug and let the boat go down stern first !
        The Fed has a way to manipulate policy and not as a means the Fed was designed to do with our money .The Fed has caused more damage than what had to be as the trickle down to the man on the street dream is exactly that ,a dream , meanwhile the banks and wallstreet get the best advantage here and you the Punk Ass is stuck paying their bill in the form in Inflation . Technically we have been in Recession for years already and it isin’t mentioned much in the media .We are following the Japanese model of survival and look how well that has been going for them in the say 18 years? They can continue to Print and Print and more Print and the end result will that of utter disaster similar to what happened in Germany in the early 1900’s .The truth is nothing will be done about it any time soon , not by congress or by the President or our senate or house or political leaders in office . If we make till the end of 2016 intact and without being in a Hugh War in a state of hyperinflation ,I will be shocked. Remember War is a solution in crisis like this, People die, jobs get created and filled up and the Bankers and Wall street continue to massive amounts of money while our sons and daughters shed their blood and lives in foreign lands . Remember, you cant have a War unless you have financing, so who is doing the financing ? The same one who is controlling things now !!!

      11. The only advantage I can think of if my wife takes this new job in the city is that she will be able to close out her retirement account. Then we will have to discuss what to do with it. We have all the food storage we can keep and bought our PM when it was cheap. Paid cash for the retreat, but would like to buy more tillable acres. It is said the “Cash at the crash will be king,” so could keep it in bills, but I’m not sure it won’t devalue until then.

        • I so would like to close out my retirement but can’t pull the trigger on the job. Would love to roll it over into a self-directed IRA. That’s not a bad benefit…

          • I have one that I used to trade real estate, but the only thing left in it is the retreat. If I buy precious metals through it they must be warehoused. They require a custodian so there is some exposure if they go under.

          • same boat here Bleako. Wse do not have much in the 401 but would like to cash it out but would not be worth it afterpenalty and can not roll over into an ira just stinks

        • More guns and ammo. It’s better than money/PMs and will never be worthless. Buy used guns from individuals so there is no recent data on them linked to you. Just sayin’.

      12. Ditto Blackriflewarrior….NOBODY has a clue. The MSM has done it’s job. There’s going to be a lot of people scared to death when this comes down….agree that prices od ammo are at their low. Buy now if you are going to. Food is always at the top of the prep list and is also as low as you’re going to see it…..As far as silver is concerned, I’ve been pounding the table on many sites to put your extra paper to work…..All those argueing against buying silver will soon be silenced…as I knew they would. Time has a way of bring out the truth.

      13. Hope I can finish my contract and make it back to the states before it all crashes n goes to hell! I rolled the dice one more time,hope that I have made the right choice…

        Best wishes to you Mac and all of your readers!

        • Be careful..get home safe man! 🙂

      14. Anybody hear some thunder?

        • Probably just the police state thugs testing out new weapons to use against anybody that doesn’t kneel down and do what they say—–move along, nothing to see hear folks, just business as usual rebuilding Amerika by the elite for the elite with the assistance of a brain-dead, apathetic, ignorant sheeple population who wouln’t know the difference between the truth and fiction if it took away their sports, jersey shore, and retail shopping centers.

          No, the criminals could take everything away from the sheeple and as long as they were told it was in their best interest they would go along.

          DON’T BE FOOLED by the several hundred intelligent people you see posting on the Internet (like many that post here)—-THAT DOES NOT REPRESENT the sheeple. The Sheeple are the people you will see pulling the voting machines on election day and the ones line up outside the Apple stores waiting for the IPhone 5. They far outnumber you and will always side with the criminals who have weapons that would make even the most extreme conspiracy theorist blush. Hang it up folks. Drop out, but don’t think for one minute things will get better, because they won’t. Technology has enabled the criminal elite in Amerika to control the world, and only when they get so far out of control that they start fighting amongst themselves will their be any hope.

        • It’s John Bell Hood’s boys opening up with cannon fire. Ol’ “Wooden Head” has the high ground and will take the field today!

          • Oh, if there only were such brave and dedicated men around today who dared defend their rights.

            • Take heart my friend…theyre here,just keeping low till they are forced to be seen!
              Looked like an empty barren wasteland to the troopers,empty except for rock and sand and an occasional cacti shimmering in the heat…they rode on half asleep on their mounts,thoughts on everthing but this hellhole….they never saw the savage warriors,till their screams filled the air and the world went black….


      15. My gut tells me NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS LEFT. THE SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN NOW!!! If not I’ll take my CROW FRIED with the FEATHERS ON.

        • I’m with copper. We are down to the wire!!!!!!!!!!!

        • 🙂

        • The good news is that Lady GA GA has released a line of perfumes. She says she “wants to smell like a slut”. That goal should be easily attainable.

          • Finally some REAL NEWS around here.

            You got a link? 🙂

            • eewwwwwwwwhhhhh!

      16. Is it my imagination? I seem to recall Barackalypse Obamageddon making a campaign promist in 2008 that if unemployement is over 8% he should not be re-elected. The way government conveniently drops those that fall off the back end of unemployment benefits from the official tally. They call them “discouraged workers” who “leave the job pool” but that’s clearly a whitewash to cook the books and show a lower-than-actual unemployment rate. Every person in America knows someone who is unemployed, and the 20% figure cited above by Brandon Smith does seem like a real statistic.

        • Yet even with unemployment and underemployment at epidemic levels every month over one hundred fifty thousand new immigrants are admitted and mostly immediately put on some form of assistance. We be nucking futs.

          • JohnW: Each month we get TWO Filled to Brim Rose Bowl stadiums full of immigrants of Both illeagles And legale combined!!!….aprox.1/4 Million per month.

            It costs about $350 Billion per year total fed and state costs combined After you count all taxes or fees etc paid into usa.(paid in by illeaagles etc it aint alot)

            Aprox. 450 to 600 Thousand “anchor” babies are born every year by Illeagles alone!(they dont pay for it mostly)

            Each baby qualifies imeaditly for welfare and so does mommy(even though mom is not qualified leagally).

            At age 18yrs each anchor kid is qualified as an adult to Sponser relatives to get visas to usa. Most has an avg of 65+ “Relatives”.

            Thats how you end up with a Two bedroom crib small crib and has 65 or more persons resideing in it!

            Last week or so ago I read of a new fraud, GEO accounting(fed watchdog ) said it found a few houses in Fla. where 57,000 Individual Fed tax returns for REFUNDS or Credits(cash for free) got sent to! In ONE YEAR!

            Three or more like that mentioned in article. Totals of$$$$ was something like $187 Million or so!!

            Thats added to welfare scams from “Urban” dwellers society.

            Thats added to $6 Billion Medicare/medicade fraud per yr!!

            But all they talk of cutting is Social security and thats the ONLY one they should leave alone!

            They cant afford to allow 1/2 of boomers population/middle class folks to stil get a check because we all will assist all them other 1/2 of “Our” folks.

            To destroy white middle class americans they must screw all 100% of us. Cant leave 1/2 of us still getting money or they will fail to destroy us.

            I hope 90 yrs old got 6 mo to live due to cancer etc decide they got zero to lose and whack alot of the badguys!..Come ON! Grannny! steady! aim! heh heh..

      17. I have no gun = ( I have no money because I have no job. The only thing working for me right now is financial aid to go to college. I have to wait for my refund coming in the next 2-3 months before I get some pocket $. I shall buy a gun with it. Been prepping for food, but it is not nearly enough. I should have started all this months ago, years even.

        • @GregorKlusar..remember that what you will need most is your smarts! If you are smart, can see it coming, and think before you act than you will be way ahead of the cloud behind you. Don’t second-guess yourself when it comes time to make your decisions..your eyes are open and you will know when it is time to act.

          • NW Prepper – another mind from the Pacific NW?
            Which volcano, fault line, river flood plane are you near?
            Mt Baker for me.

        • @GK….Not sure if it wouldn’t be better 4 U to buy more food as a top priority…..unless you are in an area where you really feel you NEED a gun.

          If you keep a real low profile, and at least have more food stored(and maybe find a like minded friend…..then at least you could share with each other, and maybe have only one gun between you?

          Guess it really does depend on where you live??? take care of yourself….CC

          • I live in a populated area, the space coast. It isn’t THAT populated but there are easily 500 or more houses in just my neighborhood. Just glad I am not in Orlando = )

            I do have a 12 gauge shotgun in the closet, but it is from the 50’s and was given to us by an acquaintance. We cleaned it up, but have no place to fire it. We can’t be sure it even works or is safe to use.

            • gregor
              you’ve got it easy. im in orlando and when things got to hell it going to be rough, but lucky for me i’ve got freinds in can bug out to on the st johns.
              if you need to test fire your shot gun go up to 5a where every on rides thier atvs
              also get a fish’n pole and a cast net. there are tons of places around the cape that are good fishing and you dont need a boat

            • Travel I-95 south to Indian River County; get off at the Fellsmere exit and head east about 2 miles. There is a public gun range on the left–follow the sign…will cost you $8 or so to get a pass.

            • Gregor if you cant fire a gun there? Thats a huge clue you are too close to citys etc. ASAP when pocible rural areas is a good idea if you can do so.

              Everyone neds a gun! More guns=Better guns! Life where you can walk out back of Own property and shoot all you care to is real swell. Safer too.

              If you are younger like say 20yr old or??…You will likley find alot of baby boomer types that need help to trade off for what you werent able to aquire I think.

            • Gregor : there’s a firing range close to you: Cocoa Beach firing range. google it. they also sell firearms and would be happy to give your shot gun the once over, I’m sure. happy shootin”!

        • Better late than never, my friend. Only been prepping for about a year myself. I feel nowhere near “prepared”. Depending on your skill level and ingenuity, several weapons can be made for little money that can at least afford you some protection. For all of you preppers out there, having provisions is not merely enough. It will be those with creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance who will rebuild civilization should the SHTF. Those are things that can’t be bought. Good luck all!

        • Gregor, any gun shop will let you put a gun on layaway. Just my 2 cents but the first gun you should get is a pump action shotgun — a Maverick Model 88 can be had for roughly 200 dollars.

          I only say this because it is SO wrong that you should be disarmed because you are poor, while so many of the most worthless POS on earth have money and weapons

          • A single shot 12 guage beats a blank and is cheap and easy to operate. Most people won’t want to bet the farm that you can’t reload quickly.

            • Actually, it is a clip fed 12 gauge. I think it is 2-3 round clip with one in the pipe. I just hope it doesn’t explode on me!..and of course I hope it was not used in a crime.

          • A used .22 repeating or semi auto rifle can be had with a 500 round brick (notice they downsized to 330 or so rounds) for $120.

            It would be great to have more but realistically that is all you need.

            • I’m thinking a .22 rimfire from walmart or something. Cheap rounds, cheap gun, not too suspicious or intimidating. After that I will graduate to a Smith and Wesson M&P. Maybe a pistol next.

      18. Divide and conquer is the name of the game from the top down. People are propagandized to dislike others not like them. If all races would unite against the common enemy we would all benefit together. Mass nonviolent demonstrations against the perpetrators of tyranny will accomplish the demand of justice and free speech. If the police state beats us down, like the OWS protesters, more will continually join. It will take millions to achieve empowerment of our constitutional rights that declare our right to throw off the yoke of oppression, be they foreign or domestic.

        • OWS protesters were a few political hired guns leading willing stooges…I won’t be throwing in with the likes of those idiots any time soon…

          • I posted the very first comment about occupy, an hour after they first hit NY city.

            They had alot of end the fed signs then, and after.

            Just cause hannity(and others+all the msm) have retards on their show, and speying bull$hit that they are ALL (and I stress that word ALL) commies,anti-capitalists, or anyother bull$hit) doesn’t make it so.

            Open your eyes, wake the f^ck up!!

            Just like aljamo said.

            Divide and conquer.

            I would like to add Lie and deceive to divide and conquer!!

        • Aljamo: If all races would do so yes. Then again if it were posible we could do that to vote em all OUT right?

          You seen That happen as yet?…TPTB dont give a rats ass how many protest…Just take a gander at greese=spain-mid east areas. Everywhers on the planet mass crowds too huge to count have daily protested recently.

          What has That got done good? Gandi type protest and passifisim may have once upon a time long ago worked sometimes…But even Gandi got alot of folks killed didn’t he.

          Ruthless Evil minded luciferians can only be delt with one way. Carrying signs aint it!

      19. Very worried, Here in Mexico no preppers , no money left to save , very worried, people act like animals , they will eat eachother when TSHF , my only hope is to hide with relatives , I only have God

        • God is great, I feel worried for you too. I know how bad it can be in Mexico. Remember to always keep your faith, God is love.

        • Arm yourself, hide yourself and stay true. I personally believe that GOD’s wrath is going to be unleashed on the puffed-up arrogant “elites” in both our nations; all the little tinpot dictators who GOD is going to sweep aside with scorn and amusement

      20. FYI:

        SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Egan-Jones Ratings Co. said Friday it downgraded its U.S. sovereign rating to AA- from AA on concerns that the Fed’s new round of quantitative easing, or QE3, will hurt the U.S. economy. The ratings agency said the Fed’s plan of buying $40 billion in mortgage-backed securities a month and keeping interest rates near zero does little to raise GDP, reduces the value of the dollar, and raises the price of commodities. “From 2006 to present, the US’s debt to GDP rose from 66% to 104% and will probably rise to 110% a year from today under current circumstances; the annual budget deficit is 8%,” Egan-Jones said in a note. “In comparison, Spain has a debt to GDP of 68.5% and an annual budget deficit of 8.5%.

        People…the time is near. The markets will respond to this come Monday morning. Sequestration is at hand. The world is on the cusp of internally collapsing. There is no more talk. If you haven’t started prepping, get to the store now. It is better to be safe than sorry on this one. The second I get off of work I am heading to Costco. I will be taking absolutely NO chances. Talking about all the stars being aligned. What do we need? A neon sign stating THE ECONOMY IS GOING TO COLLAPSE AND WAR IS COMING! Hopefully I’m wrong. If I am right, then may God bless us and keep us because our true saving grace will be the grace afforded by Him.

        • Just think how things have changed since 1995 when they shut down the govt. over a measly eight billion dollar debt limit increase. Eight billion now is probably stuffed in one of Reids or Pelosis suit pockets.

          • I heard they all stuff their stolen loot up Sen. Schumers Massive Shnoz. Liberman keeps his in the litle black box tied to his forehead when he prays for more Bribes.

      21. Probably old news but…..”US Credit Rating Cut by Egan-Jones … Again”

        Credit rating on the U.S. government to “AA-” from “AA,” citing its opinion that quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve would hurt the U.S. economy and the country’s credit quality.

      22. -middle class in a wringer-check
        -currencies ultimately in decline-check
        -inflation to reduce debt on the back of serfs-check
        -dependence on the government-check
        -drones on order for domestic use-check
        -manipulation of hard currencies (gold and silver)-check
        -pre-planned blow-up in middle east going well for war-check
        -bank closures and further debasement on order-check
        -99% of boobus humanitus clued out-check
        -elections going to plan-check
        -NDAA decision of indefinite detention to anyone, to re-affirm with repeal or court decision by order of OBOMBA-check
        -MOPE by the MSM to be put on overdrive-check
        -all stops to be pulled out to get the big “O” back to finish his orders-check
        -food supply degraded extensively with not a peep by Monsanto-check
        -the Fed to take care of the elite banks at all costs-check

        Wakey-Wakey everybody–the quickening approaches

      23. I can’t buy the idea of a catastrophic inflation. What we are sitting on right now is the makings of a catastrophic DEFLATION, and have been for years. (i.e. The Bad Debt Bomb). Pardon me while I become extremely didactic here, but it’s my nature. (My grandkids would roll their eyes back and moan “oh, no, not again”.)

        There’s a gigantic mass of banks and other financial companies holding debt instruments that they claim as assets on their balance sheets, but which are in fact worthless. How they got there is irrelevant, until it comes to me to clean up the mess. That time ain’t here yet.

        Now, if the world in general loses confidence in these banks, everybody with any money in any one of them will cash out immediately. The bank collapses. The “contagion” will spread around the world. Anybody dumb enough to still have any money deposited anywhere will lose it all. Bank run on a global scale, the like of which we have never seen. The SMART money is of course already out of them. You should be, too. NO money in banks over and above what is necessary for daily affairs. Why is there any money left in these banks at all? One explanation is that most people are sheep, some of my family included. Another big one is that businesses HAVE to have accounts to pay their own daily bills. This liquidity has to run to millions for many, many businesses, even “small” ones with only a couple hundred employees.

        What the Fed is trying to do is prevent that global bank run. Why? Because the biggest losers would be their bankster buddies. (BTW the SECOND biggest loser could be YOU. If your employer loses his shirt, you won’t get paid. If my (private) pension fund gets hammered, I won’t get my pension check every month.

        Notice what the FED is announcing please? They’re going to buy up big lumps of that bad debt. Now, that bad debt has ALREADY INFLATED THE MONEY SUPPLY. Shifting it to the FED doesn’t really do anything.

        Are prices going up? Sure. Government demand for goods and services is 12% of GDP, (half of that is paid for in debt, which isn’t Bad Debt YET). THERE’S your inflation, a steady flow, 3% a year or so by itself. Then there’s technical factors; oil extraction costs are rising, because the “easy” oil is nearly all used up. Monopoly practices in the medical industry (enabled by Government). Lower crop yields this year. Cost of all this new Government regulation, especially Obamacare. There’s plenty more.

        Point is that a Weimar-grade inflation event is not in the cards for us. The Bad Debt Implosion Bomb is a very deep vacuum into which you can throw vast amounts of printed money with almost no effect at all. Only when that vacuum gets filled up will money-printing at the current scale cause a rampant inflation. If they don’t fill that vacuum, the supports may collapse and we all fall in.

        This is NOT an apologia for the Fed action. I’m an Austrian through and through, and I dearly wish that the PTB had collapsed this bubble years ago before it had the potential to bring on a new Dark Age. Or better yet never allowed it to be blown at all.

        I’m just showing y’all how the gears work. This is a subject about which 99.99% of the American public, and 88.8% of preppers, know absolutely nothing, and are being fed a mountain of bulls*** by the MSM, and sadly, by a lot of posters on blogs like SHTFPlan.

        Thanks for your time.

        The Old Coach
        Me, I’m prepped to the hilt. Just wish I were younger and stronger. Subsistence farming at may age is gonna be brutal. If gasoline goes away, I’m toast. Without my tractor, I cannot do it at all.

        • Prices will not rise if not paid with dollars. However for international trade it will take a huge increase in dollars to do any business, those increases will be passed on. Will we even be able to buy oil if the exchange rate is throught the roof. that is where the inflation will come from. There will be a two price system with the dollar and us on the short end.

          • They will have no choice but to begin using Our Three-TRILLION Barels of oil thats just in Shale oil potential at UTAH/Calorado area of rockys mt’s. Thats Proven source too.

            USA has just Over aprox 51% of entire worlds Oil supplies.

            Just that shale oil is equal to More than Saudis arabs and Russias combined!

            Gull island(alaska) has tons already tapped and waiting to use. It is so much pressure there at Gull they can get oil flow without any pumping for at least 20 yrs and then 20 more yrs With pumping it out.

            America has alot and enviro whackos works for big oil(the fools dont realize it though) to bitch about endangered houseflys etc to keep oil IN ground to Keep current oil wells huge profits.

            WND website had a good article and a book offer aprox 3 yrs ago. Was Two scientists proving their new theory that Oil did NOT come from dinosaurs. It comes from enzymes that live deep in earth and aint affected by mass heat etc and Eat Methane produced deep in earth and produce Oil as a “waste”.

            Kinda like BEES eats flower Polen(?) and turns it into Honey. No Joke!

            They proved this and also found 2/3 of wells they checked that were pumped Dry at least 40 or more yrs ago were mysteriously re-filling from 1/2 to near full again.

            And they already figured in all posibilities such as earth quake or movement etc and far too many wells re filled to explain it away that way.

            The big/fedgov dirty little secret is oil came from “dino the dinosaur”

            This makes alot of sense simply if you consider world now uses aprox 100 million Barrels per day right.

            Although less was used prior yrs, if you think of all Totals of oil barrels used since aprox 1890 era?

            How many dinosaurs would That take?…Like perhaps dinos stacked verticley on top of each other taller than Empire state buidg and covering entire earths ground areas!

            Just how much Oil comes from One dinosaur?…How come if you dig up Any Other type animals or humans regardless how long buried you don’t find Oil slime?

            And How did Oil which Floats on Top of water, and everywheres oil is water is usually hit first right? How did it go Down lower than water tables if it floats on top due to its Lighter weight?

            More stuf we was taught or told to believe which was LIES!

            Then two scientist guys work proves we Never will run out of oil period. Maybe thats reason no MSM reported their findings nor their Book eh?

            I aint a scientist(too smart for That! he he) but their stuf makes alot more sense to me than all we was told prior. Especially if we consider Big Oil is alot like Banksters crowd eh. Truth is what They say right!

            I say BS. That article is probobly still archived at worldnet daily site too.

            • I have to agree..Ive seen too many old oilwells start flowing again after years of being dry…thres alot of oil but like you said they want us to pay dearly for it a little at a time.

      24. I don’t understand all the in’s and out of the economy – BUT I have been watching the Dollar Index the last couple months. The last two days it’s been dropping like a lead balloon! I’ve heard it said that if it drops below 70 – GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK. We will have only a couple weeks to do this before other countries lost faith and start trying to sell off our T-bills. Reading at 78.85 today. Lat time it got near 70 was in 2008.

        Really scary times we are in. 🙁

        • I seem to have a hazy memory of the dollar index going below 70 back in ’08-’09. It is a relative index and is down now because the EU has sold their newest *plan* to the world as a cure-all.

          I was shopping to fill the gaps yesterday. Normal crowds in the supermarket. Only bargains there were some $2.19 bacon and wings under $2/lb. Only a few people in Aldi’s and most just buying enough for one person for a week or so. Sam’s only had 2 checkouts open and no one had mass quantities of anything. Canned chicken is actually a bit lower than it was for awhile in ’09-’10. Actually pays to buy round or chuck and grind it yourself, now, if you buy it in whole muscle form and portion it yourself and can afford $25 or more at a time.

          Cheapest propane prices I have seen in years, right now. Many deals out there to lower communication/entertainment costs, at least for businesses.

          I’m with Old Coach: expect deflation. It terrifies the PTB. It is what they are fighting with this massive QE. They will fail. Cash will be king, again. There is less and less currency in circulation, which will hurt businesses, which will disappear and jobs with them.

          What I am seeing: people cashing out 401k accounts, taking the penalty and buying farms. Young folks with jobs tied to government contracts losing their homes. Wealthy people with professional positions who have leveraged all their assets to the hilt to put rentals into their managed retirement accounts. Well-to-do folks betting on PMs. Clueless gits chasing stocks and thinking they are rich when they open their 401k reports.

          Think about this: defense jobs are being cut while top defense contractors represented by lobbyists dominated by Podesta’s family are signing contracts with Middle East countries. Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing all included. “Muslim Outreach” is not about “making them proud of their heritage”. It is about selling them OUR heritage. Eli Lilly, J&J, and Pfizer are included in this. Get ready for drugs, toiletries and household products marked “Made in Egypt.”

          Article is at freebeacon (dot) com. A quote:” “We believe in the critical importance and mutual benefit of investing in Egypt now—particularly in its talented young men and women,” the statement reads. “With a newly democratically elected Egyptian government now in place, we believe that it is critical to take concrete steps to broaden and to deepen the Egyptian-American economic relationship.”

          While our embassies are burning.

          • Blueh2o: These are the same huge companies that got so massive huge due to Resideing in america and doing buisness in usa too. They got filthy rich from america And Its people and Our work-inventions-talents-cash!

            Plus their ability to live in and keep plants in the greatest safest bestest nation ever existed.

            NOW like the banksters and polititions et al they Screw Us all!!

            They can replace each usa citizen consumer with aproz 13 New third world poor as dirt folks who need Everything to buy!…Many aint got a toothbrush as yet!

            Thats the main trade off…Destroy us americans and get back 13 New consumers the world over. Thats 12 to the Positive for big corps eh.

            Wait till enough americans awaken to it all!..It only takes One patriot to take care of Biz right!

            Glad I aint them or their kin. Even if we don’t get em…God will!

            • @AngeloM:

              The invest-in-Egypt ploy is getting no MSM play, at all. No one even knows and people will continue to buy Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing, J&J, Pfizer, Lilly stock because it will go up w/cheap subsidized labor. Obama gives $2B USD to Egypt, Egypt pays some to the Podesta family lobbying firm and gains domestic cred by supplying jobs. Not just assembly-line jobs: engineering, IT and pharmacist jobs, as well.

              And how many Americans will be killed when sabotaged military and domestic infrastructure fails or innocent OTC and prescription drugs are poisoned or household products begin to contain poison?

              Our patriots may or may not even survive to fight.

              I cannot speak for God and He operates way above my pay grade.

              I don’t think even 13 3rd Worlders will replace one US consumer. They can all buy arsenic-laced Chinese toothpaste right now. Look at the ugly little boxes-on-wheels cars being made in China and India at this moment. Japanese and American auto makers can not compete on price and that is what drives those 3rd World markets. I think those huge companies have just been bought and paid for and they, in turn, are doing the foreign policy bidding of the fascists. When SHTF, the administration will turn around and blame the corporations.

      25. I hear the Chitown teachers are supposed to get back to work on Monday

        anyone hear what the deal ended up being?
        are the tax payers going to get bent over again? (as usual) wonder when the tax payers are going to strike?

        I’d like to know what and who caved and to what extent

        • Whatever the deal was you probably won’t ever get the real truth—politics is funny like that—-they do what they want with your money and then just tell you what they think you want to hear. They do backroom deals, give each other “your” money, and then lie about it.

          Our government is so irreparably broken and CORRUPT—Amerika is a banana republic—the only reason it is able to survive is we have the world’s printing presses (federal reserve) and as long as that is the case via our dominate military force the fraud and corruption will continue and there is nothing any of us can do about it except sit back and watch. Really sad but true.

          If people only knew just how corrupt our government is….IT IS MUCH WORSE than most people realize. The fraud and corruption is so rampant it makes the corruption in most third world countries look tame—again, the ONLY DIFFERENCE is we can print money and kill those we disagree with. When countries like Libya wanted to get away from our criminal fiat dollar and use gold, look what happened to them? Iran is next—-they started using gold—–watch and learn.

          The sad thing is the corruption in Amerika runs far beyond the halls of Washington, the criminal trading pits of Chicago, and the criminal banks of Manhattan. It also runs VERY DEEP in our educational institutions—-they won’t educate the public about the corruption because they don’t want to cut off the hand that feeds them (the government). The same with the military industrial complex.

          The bottom line is there HAS NEVER BEEN a more corrupt country than Amerika—NEVER—-and sadly, if Amerika is not stopped, no other country will ever have the opportunity.

          • Ah, there have been many, many nations a LOT more corrupt than we are now. This one is maybe (just maybe) salvageable, if all of us who appreciate what we were bequeathed by the Founding Fathers get politically active, support honest politicians, (yes, there are some) to the best of our ability, and VOTE. I spent yesterday plastering the area with signs for a Senate candidate who may just replace one of the worst of the Big Spenders in recent years. Had to drive an hour each way to pick them up, at current gas prices. I’ve contributed what money I can manage. I’ve signed up to do phone banks. What have YOU done ? Sit in the sidelines, and your worst nightmares will come true.

            • Coach have you not been paying attention to all the fraud in our election process?

              No disrespect intended, but with the internets almost free flow of info, if you are on the net your eyes should atleast see some of the fraud.

              Years ago it was easier to hide this fraud, now its blatant.

              There is no “voting” ourselves out of this mess.

              If you need examples of this fraud, I will post some(again)

              I have posted so many examples of this fraud over the last 6-9 months on this blog, I am pretty much tired of doing so.

          • All your comments are right on the money – keep educating people…cheers, Ro K.

          • @william s ;0) … Excellent Post … RESPECT !!!

            • go phuck yourself @fbpg ;0P ya’ zog cia fedgov homo jooo troll tool !

            • Don’t take that tone with me young lady. I will have to wash your mouth out with soap.

          • Everything IN Amerika is a LIE.

            It calls the gutting of its own industrial base by corporate insiders in high places “Free Trade.”

            It calls its way of life characterized by government mandated sexual abuse at airports, highway checkpoints, and 24/7 total surveillance “freedom.”

            It calls the deliberate balkanization of its own society through a mass influx — in TENS of MILLIONS — of illiterate and unassailable aliens (a policy that was never submitted to a referendum) a “strength.”

            It calls its STUPID, sadistic and doped-up gun-toting corporate hit men in state-issued costumes who burn the arms off little Iraqi and Afghan children (but who will piss themselves fighting a real army) “heroes.”

            It calls its chemical-laden artificially-flavored corn-based junk, which causes mass obesity, mass stupidity and mass illness, “food.”

            It calls its system of funneling dollars to the corporate shylocks of the HMO’s and Big Pharma “health care.”

            It calls its degraded movie industry and debased bastardized mongrel music that is personified by decadent slime like Madonna (or “Esther”) and Lady CaCa “culture.”

            It calls the ONE country in the Middle East that has attacked US-flagged vessels at sea and killed Amerikans, has spied on Amerika and given the intelligence loot to the USSR, and had foreknowledge (but said NOTHING) of the 9/11 attacks, an “ally.”

            And MILLIONS out here in the NASCAR-loving obese fundie Zio-Christian Amurikan “heartland” LOVE these lies. There is a unity, a freemasonry of the STUPID in Amerika, but no CAMARADERIE or solidarity between the degraded creatures that buy its lies.

            This is what happens when you start a country from scratch that deliberately and PROUDLY turns its back on such “evil” building blocks of human civilization as aristocracy, culture, tribe, race, honor and rootedness.

            The closest Amerika comes to a spiritual, GUT-LEVEL definition of itself that ALL its subjects can identify with is its CONSTITUTION, which in the final analysis is nothing but a LEGAL document. What would be the difference if the Amerikan CARGO CULT chose to “venerate,” say, a “Service Contract” for a Maytag Washing Machine instead?

            A “nation” that is just a business deal and is PROUD of its bastardy and lack of ancestry (what was Amerika after all during the HELLENISTIC ERA, or the RENAISSANCE… do the armies that stood against the MOORS or MONGOLS to defend ANCESTRAL SOIL mean ANYTHING to an Amurikan?) is a mirage, a cheap cover story and a LIE. It is an ideal pool of resources for the truly EVIL beings that dominate it.

            • Succinct, eloquent and deadly accurate, Ahab. You made some interesting points I had not previously considered.

              I always learn something when you post – great to hear from you!

              ~ D

          • From 1880 to about 1920’s era we got Boatloads of the “Tribe” came here from eastern euro lands. The Original Marxist Kommie bunches.

            Today we got well Over 1/2 entrie world number of the tribe here in usa. What else can be expected?

            America is now finding out the main reasons they got Booted from at least 109 nations since 245-AD.

            Two Words= Nation Wreckers…

            Will it become an even 110 nations?…Time will tell.

      26. Hello from Isle of Man British Isles. Bit scary this thread! We are surrounded by sea so i have invested a lot in nets and angling equipment/tackle. Bought stainless steel hooks which dont rust.
        Only thing im worried about is not being able to pay my landlord as work becomes harder to find, im a self employed tree surgeon/gardener and my phone has almost stopped ringing lately. I dont think anyone in Europe and UK is going to escape the coming problems but we have the same situation here with most of my family and friends think im nuts when i advise them to buy extra dried foods “just in case”. Something has to end for something new to begin but its going to be painful! it already is ! Our bank of England is doing the same money printing, our unions are planning a general strike in the autumn, people are becoming worried about finances, jobs, rent, mortgages. We had riots here a couple of years ago but it was mainly youngsters stealing trainers and ipods etc, the next ones may be grown men who are angry that they cannot feed their families! then it will be a whole new kettle of fish! good luck to all in the USA and everywhere else in the world affected. I see a renaisscance of the best of the past being constructed from the ruins of the present and near future and its that hope within the vision that will enable me to face the difficult times ahead.


        • I see a renaisscance of the best of the past being constructed from the ruins of the present and near future and its that hope within the vision that will enable me to face the difficult times ahead.

          Beautifully put. Let’s pray the ruins of the present don’t include the lack of moral compass of so many today.

        • Jeff: Sure could use you around these parts. Got 10 oak and maple trees and a pine that need trimming. You do U.S. house calls?…LOL!! Good luck to you too!!

        • jeff, thanks for the update. good that you are near the coast and have the sea to help provide. I grew up on an island and too harvested from the waters around me. Best of luck to you and keep in touch.

      27. I wonder how many generation X are waiting for the boomer parents to kick off so they can get out of debt.

        • I know mine are.

        • Since most boomers are broke Gen X better get a different game plan as there is no there there$$$ as to boomer wealth. Drugs,sex and rock and roll. Just watch the Woodstock tapes and you can see where things are going.

        • I’ve got a 31 year old son waiting for my silver thread to part. Wants the land & my “toys” to sell off to feed his habit. What he doesn’t know is that I willed it all to a fellow prepper. If the Will won’t cover it, he’s to be handled just like any other looter. Seen more of the elderly’s kids STEAL their mom’s & dad’s homes, retirement and property in the past 5 years than ever in my life.

          Best to the Preps.

          • put it all in a trust..not just a will.

          • What vrf said.

            Also put a clause in there that THEY divide the property, with a lawyer present, and if they argue,fight, or raise their voices(or act like a$$holes whatever).

            End of meeting, come back in 5 years.(with lawyer running estate with the power ONLY to pay taxes)

          • Thanks, VRF & Kevin, sound advice IMO, looking into it today.

            Best to the Preps.

          • Bert Gummer: It sounds as though your son has an usavory habit of some sort, sorry to hear that. But VFR is correct about a trust. Your son could come in and snatch everything before the will is read. Talk to your attorney about it.

      28. For a currency to retain value, speculative or otherwise, it must stay within a certain proportion to the assets held/produced by the country, both the government and populace combined. The assets are reflected in gold reserves, oil, exports, GDP, and the overall strength of the economy and its ability to grow.
        Quantitative Easing, or the infusion of digital capital into the markets via the central banking scam, only dilutes the currency against its own asset base, rendering it progressively more and more useless. My employing simple grade school level math, anyone can see the crash course Keynesian methodology produces. I’m therefore a believer that what is occurring now has been deliberately engineered to contract the wealth and asset base back into the hands of the bankers and crash the world of the peasants, turning them deeper into slavery.

      29. At least Obama isn’t lying any longer. His campaign slogan is simply “FORWARD”. It’s a shame the signs didn’t have enough room to finish the sentence: “FORWARD off the cliff”.

        • Or FORWARD to the gates of hell.

        • @Z- He opened his mouth.

          He’s lying!!!

          • It’s true, Kevin. He has proven himself to be worse than the worst politician ever. Still have a rough time trying to figure how so many follow-along, covering his ass 24/7/365. There are so many evil-tongued prostitutes who surround him like Carney, Bernanke, Tingles and the MSM, Alexrod, et al. Do they REALLY believe they’ll be elitist enough to live above the Commoners when they destroy it all?

            • “Do they REALLY believe they’ll be elitist enough to live above the Commoners when they destroy it all?”

              Yes, in fact they do.

      30. williamS…quite a few posts from you today. I have to say I enjoyed every one of them.

      31. To everyone: Get all the supplies you can now while the dollar will still buy something. I’m debt-free so I’m putting all my extra money into food, water and water purification supplies, medical supplies, ammo; things that will keep me alive in post-SHTF. Looks like we’ll have an “October Surprise”. We’re going to be living in interesting times as the old Chinese proverb goes. Take care and keep prepping.

        • Braveheart: We are right this moment having a “September Surprise.” What follows on will only be a *surprise* to those not paying attention.

          What is so unbelievable is that first, these people do all they can to make sure the populace is Balkanized and despises their own country and then, they engineer a National Security Threat crisis, expecting a rally-round-the-flag moment. It is the utmost in cynicism and contempt.

      32. @ Daisy, thanx for the tips on drying, don’t think I will do bananas in the near future…,but will do the peppers, onions, celery….and will check the “day old” bins for bargains!

        Now that we are being charged a premium for electric use during business hours (actually 7am-7pm) I really only want to dehydrate overnight or on weekends(at a lower rate)

        not sure how much electricity these machines take(very low heat)but will call my electric co. on Monday, they should be able to give that info to me. Thanx again, and will surf for further details on directions, and will watch for yours!! Have a great weekend!! CC

        • Another hint – the thinner you slice them the less time it takes for them to dry. 🙂

          • Hiya

            I grate carrots parsnips etc and oven dry. It’s much faster than slices.

            Take care

      33. Sickening illusion a flood of fake money will do to jack up the popularity just in time for the election. By the time people start seeing the devastating effects of a printer press gone in to high gear, the election would be long since over. Charge as much as you, doesn’t matter the debt, just get elected. That is sick. I wonder how much per vote for BO is costing the country.

        • Be informed: amazing, isn’t it? If your or I get a scanner, a crisp 100 and some green paper and hit “Print” to pay our bills, we’d be in prison. When the government does the same thing, the stock market sprouts wings and the media gushes.


          • @ SonOfSam. All I can say is, fantastic analogy of yours.

            • Thank you, I appreciate the thumbs…. btw, feel free to use that analogy yourself when you speak to friends and neighbors 🙂

        • Be informed

          Do you really think there would be a difference regarding this with Romney?

          The Chairman of the Federal Reserve does not need the approval of a sitting President to make a move. TPTB may prefer a sitting President as opposed to a new President to further their goals but regardless who occupies that seat the agenda of the two party’s in substance will mirror their goals.

          The “Right” and the “Left” are just actors in the big show. Don’t get too worked up over it.

          • @ Kevin2. The country is toast with either one. I happen to really like Gary Johnson. When you listen to what he has to say, it is so in line with what most people on this site value. I really liked when he called himself a penny pincher. This is someone that has such ease talking to anyone. I don’t care that 1% or so support him, that is about the same number of preppers in this country, Gary Johnson is a good person that deserves as much support as everyone can give him. If he got in at president this country might have a long shot chance of recovery.

            With anyone from the right or blue, it doesn’t matter, the country is gone. I say support someone that is worth it and has very similar values and ideas. Gary Johnson has good honest mannerism to him. It would be nice to have someone like him, Ron Paul, or other good candidate with 30-35% of the vote in the polls. I know it is not going to happen, but since we are screwed with either one of the reds or blues, might as well throw support behind someone that people can relate with, before the world implodes. Just my opinion.

            • My daughter just did a paper on him for her college class.We are LDS but she’s voting Johnson.I told her I need to read more on him but from what she says he sounds like a great candidate.

            • Yup, the country is in for a bad, bad time with either the O’Communist or Willard. Could have fixed it with only moderate pain while Bush was in, but nobody spoke up. Could all have been prevented in the beginning when Clinton was in. Some economists pointed out what was going to happen, what with the Community Re-Investment Act and the repeal of Glass-Steagall, but the sheeple weren’t told by the MSM, (nor would they have understood anyway – all they want is their Free Shit).

              Now it’s going to be a whole mouthful of root canals without anesthetic, administered by a sadistic dentist.

              I’ve been following Gary Johnson in hopes that voting Libertarian would sooth my conscience, but he’s proving to be a monumental idiot, too, however smooth his manners may be. So in the end I’m working for the few genuine patriots I can identify in the Senate, House, and state legislatures, in hopes that they can hold the Free Shit wolfpack at bay for a little longer whilst I accumulate more preps.

        • preaching to the choir, been saying this for years.
          and when all these union, municipality workers, cops, teachers,city elite wake up one day to not have everything they thought they did for thier futures(let alone not even a pay check)..look the F. out

          if you thought a stike or a walk out looked aint seen nothin’ yet

          • VRF Yep: Them unions were invented by the Bolsheviks in kommie russia and was a main group used by Red army bolsheviks, along with the Peasants class.

            Combined with 1/2 of military they overtook russia and the entire world nations began to call it “Soviet” ussr.

            That tool aprox 5 yrs from begin revolt till tens of millions dead and soviet kommies prevailed.

            And the murders didn’t stop! Not till aprox 1990 era.

            Union Thugs will not care who they kill. A Lifetime of kommie brainwashings and tons of promiced bennies/pensions.

            You can’t tell them anything. Union libs are the most stiff necked of all I think. I Know as I am only one in family who aint one!

            I am the proverbial black sheep. I began to try to awaken them 40 yrs ago to no avail. They now All know I was 100% correct in all I said. Not a one will as yet admit it though!

            Knowing truth is more lonely than a maytag repairman. Its ok cause we was forewarned 2000 yrs ago it will be that way.

          • When USSR was melting down, some teachers were paid in vodka.

        • Thanks for posting this Satori…

      34. “This QE3 by Helicopter Benjamin the Criminal Corrupt Illuminati Freemason GoldmanSachs Controlled Bribed Banker ZOG FedGov Jooo … is like showing up to a “5 Alarm Fire” at the Jack-Daniels whiskey Refinery with a 18-wheeler Gas Tanker Truck … and opening All the Gas Truck Valves in Hopes it will put out the 5 Alarm Fire !!!”

        “He’s adding deliberately High Octane JP4 Jet Fuel to the Fire – for a reason !!!”


        It’s a Death Sentence for all of you – HyperInflation will make AmeriKa a Starving Homeless Sickly Nation … there will be food – BUT NONE OF YOU CAN AFFORD IT … Crime is going to Explode !!!

        FRESH NON-GMO MEAT (any kind of meat) WILL BE THE NEW GOLD !!!

        It may take a few months , a year , maybe two years … in the end the fiat amerikan dollar will be DOA – dead on arrival !!!

        Go Real Physical … it’s the only way now to save your wealth !!!


        • Nina

          You are dead on once again.

          As I always say,,with reasons confirmed.

          Everything is planned
          Nothing by accident

          Find like minded folks and purchase 1/2 or whole cattle grain fed..can all the meats in various forms of stews.ground, soups, stew meat. etc..

          Purchase bulk organic seconds vegetables..
          do the same..

          It is time to seroiuosly ramp up our preps..

          and don’t forget your leaded friends as well..

          a perfect insurance policy that will never decrease in value

          and save our sorry asses as well someday.


        • When you get it right you are right.

          Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

          • Are you talking to yourself again while looking in a mirror? LOL funny comment. Stupid but funny.

        • High Octane is good Crackerpuffer!

          20 yrs ago I used Turbo-Blue 113 octane raceing gas in a 50-50 Mix with Sunoco Prem. 93 octane!!!

          5 gal mix of that stuf in my 1971 Harley shovelhead(slightly built!!) and man oh man!

          My HD bike Ran faster than a Dog with his ass on fire!!!

          Plus the 2in short straight pipes was Pure Music!

          ps, high octane gas like 113 turboblue smells really sweet when it burns too!

      35. 10 Shocking Quotes About What QE3 Is Going To Do To America

        #4 Donald Trump Quote

        “People like me will benefit from this.”

        … when your hungry starving cold-n-homeless

        … (eat the rich) EAT DONALD TRUMP !!!

        … be careful of the fake toupee hairball ;0P .


        • You are making this to easy.

      36. Quite simply an excellent article Brandon. It feels like the cold winds of change are becoming stronger – but who can predict a time with any certainty. A black swan event – a tipping point – who knows. However, it would be prudent to begin to ‘Prep’ now’ before it is too late.
        Good luck to everyone.

      37. the jackass krugmanites simply will not admit they have been wrong all along and all the Fed has done is destroy the US dollar beyond repair and drive unemployment higher, coming soon to a grocer near you – single eggs for ten dollars, a gallon of gas for $8 ? $9 anyone ? gold will be 5,000 an ounce. Unemployment 15-25% and inflation will be 30% on top of what we have already had the past 4 years of Obongo.

      38. The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III

        If you are in the Military or know someone who is and they’re over seas … you might want to arrange for them to COME HOME NOW !!!


        WHICH in the END … WILL ONLY ENSLAVE YOU and AMERIKA FURTHER INTO VERY REAL 10’S of TRILLIONS of TAX DEBT ENSLAVEMENT and DIRT POOR STARVING HOMELESS POVERTY for GENERATIONS of gmo’d poisoned-shots flouridated UN AGENDA 21 eugenics AmeriKan Idiot Tax Debt Slaves .


        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare … for WW3 … UN NWO ZOG UN AGENDA 21 REX 84 Martial Law … then (my favorite part) FREE-AMERICAN FREEMEN FREEWOMEN AMERICAN PATRIOT REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR !!!



        see link below …

        • And again.

          Any suggestions. I have a huge Game range this weekend and I seem to have left my MOJO somewhere. I can’t seem to hit shit.

          Did you take Coco. Did my mommy give it to you.

          • ** go phuck yourself @fbpg ;0P ya’ zog cia fedgov homo jooo troll tool !

        • Why would the banksters desire to loose their muscle complements of the US military? Is there another military force they can so depend upon to do their bidding as reliably and efficiently as the US military has proven itself to do?

          In the end the globalist bankers need muscle. I think they intended to drop the developed world and raise the developing world without chaos. The economic destruction of the US compromises it’s military might. That does not serve their interests.

          I believe their globalist intentions are spinning out of their control. Their actions have the appearance of being reactive.

          • I also believe that the US / banksters will go to war to keep the USD as the reserve world currency. Actually they desire for the de-facto global currency to be the USD or some variation of it.

            The MIC relationship has served them too well for too long with no other reliable replacement now or in the future.

            • In GWB’s “axis of evil” speech, the common thread was that none of the “evil” countries had a central bank. As soon as uncle Moammar was out, the bank of Libya (labia?) was formed.

          • @ Kevin2….its really quite simple, ” we are no longer needed”. We don’t manufacture anything, we’ve squandered our natural resources, we are to the top of our skulls in debt and we are a nation of consumers. Why do you thnk Russia, Chjna, India, South America, Iran and others are forming an alliance?? Why do you think these nations are amassing Gold? At some point here in the very near future China and others are going to demand payment on monies owed. We’re extremely close to the petro dollar being replaced with another standard maybe GOLD for the purchase of oil. The globalist bankers dont care as long as they continue to get a cut. The middle east could care less about our interest. That leaves US with a value akin to a shitty diaper and thats how we are going to be treated. Look weve been had. Hopefully those of us that foresaw the coming calamity have hidden and made preparations. For those who have not, if you can get out of the urban areas because its going to be a real jungle. With Godspeed, Pray and good luck.

          • Kevin2: If you go to the UN’s oficial website and Read agenda21-human rights constution-various other stuf, you see it all spelled out. It is aprox 700+ pages I read over three or more weeks daily reading it!

            A Main component is End and Disarm every military worlwide. Disarm ALL police depts worldwide, and of course all citizens too.

            Then Keep active ONLY 100,000 man UN private army of a mix of nations manpower. US will probobly be bulk of it.

            Its to be called the “United Nations Rapid Response Force”

            To be housed at several key locations in world, and be ready at moments notice to go to any areas worldwide a problem arises, and do so in Max of 6 hrs time frame I think it was.

            This may be why since Klinton they seem to Not care how badly they desimate our armed forces.

            It wont take too many swat trained killers to kontrol totally Unarmed populaces of world eh!


            Once all nations is fully NWO, Mandatory Register to vote Everyone worldwide age 18yrs and older.

            Then on Every issue that effects “Common Good” entire world votes on it!(like ban usa private guns? as example!)

            They plan to only count votes in nations that at least 25% of registered voters vote in. Regardless how many population, they count each country as ONE vote!

            That will count as valid votes. A Majority of nation(200 aprox total) votes will determine outcomes!

            100% Pure Democracy of entire world!…Now you see why Thomas Jefferson or was it Ben Franklin? Said “Democracy is nothing more than MOB rule”

            UN has a treaty awaiting all this stuf and so does Hillery et al I bet ya!

            • Up until China and Russia fall under NWO political control there will be no concerted effort to disarm the USA.

              “At some point here in the very near future China and others are going to demand payment on monies owed”

              No problem, run the printing presses some more. US forces are positioned between China and oil fields.

              “We’re extremely close to the petro dollar being replaced with another standard maybe GOLD for the purchase of oil.”

              Don’t bet on it. One mention of selling oil in anything other then the USD gets you a visit from the CIa / MI5 and if need be the US Military proper. Iraq and Libya made that mistake. As I said the US will go to war to retain the USD oil peg.

              “.its really quite simple, ” we are no longer needed”. We don’t manufacture anything, we’ve squandered our natural resources,”

              We are vitally needed by the Banksters to enforce their rule. We manufacture the absolute best weapons in the world. We can bomb anything / anywhere with impunity. We spend more on the military then the next ten nations combined including friend and potential foe. The US is sitting on huge oil / NG resources.

              The globalist bankers need an enforcer and we’re it.

        • Simple answer?


      39. Think how nice the world would be if we all could do that. No one would ever leave the house.

        Kiss Kiss

      40. Lots of good replies! I worry that I have no access to my 403B until I retire in Aug 2013!


        • Even if you are over 59 and a half? At least you will not get hit with penalties.

      41. Greetings Everyone!
        What the “FED” does or doesn’t do means little.Prices are taking on a life of their own at the store now.I’m guessing costs are heading ever upward no matter what is being done.I would hazard a guess of around 20-30% so far this year alone.And that’s just food.Housing(a middle and lower class storage of personal wealth)is trending lower in most places(NYC NOT included!).These trends will continue for some time into the future.Gas no doubt will hit $7-10 dollars a gallon in near future.There will be a few jobs to fight over,but as during the Great Depression in the ’30’s smart folks will find ways to “work around” the “bankers”,state and federal bought-off idiots and even the Korporations.It won’t be easy,or pretty,but certainly necessary.Survival is the key.Sad to say,but if whomever becomes CIC decides to “declare war” on “somebody” will get his(and ours by extension) butt kicked.Very,VERY HARD.Drones won’t win the day.The last 12 years of “police actions” have all but wrecked our military power.
        Don’t have any “inside sources” to tell of,but my gut feeling says these things are coming attractions.The UBER-RICH and their lackeys will swear their everlasting souls and minds to make an alliance with the winners.No matter what language is spoken so as to keep their positions and status.
        Just a few thoughts,
        Got your towel yet?

      42. Most likely we’ll have some type of national “Incident” between now & election to take the glaring failure of this deadly purposeful mistake out of the headlines. Would like to see something positive nowadays, but the well of optimism is rapidly running dry. Keep Ol’Betsy close & keep prepping. Remember the diff between cover & concealment.

        Best to the Preps.

      43. I am into beef. We sold calves in the past month and very disappointed in what we got. We have been through a drought this year, hay production was less than half. Praying for a second cutting opportunity, however, we are still having to purchase hay and it is getting harder to find. They were touting on the radio how the ptb and gov were relaxing transportation rules on hay due to the drought. Well, they stopped our truck 15 miles from our farm and held the driver for 3 hours stating the hay was 4 inches too high. He had been through several weight stations without issue. They made him take off the top bail, refusing to allow him to restrap it to get it to their regulations. We called the station, advised we would be right back to to pick the bail up. When we got there, the bail was gone and the station manager stated it must have been stolen (1600 pd bail). They fined the trucking company $1200 as well. Well, we are holding our cattle til next year, providing we buy enough hay and can get it here.

      44. You can take the money, you can take the ride
        You can take it all but never get inside
        You can’t take my honor, you can’t take my soul
        You can’t take the fact you’ll never have control


        All I’ve learned, ITS LIKE POISON
        All I’ve done, INSIDE MY VEINS
        All I’ve seen, ITS LIKE VENOM
        All I know, IT’S ALL THAT REMAINS

        You can keep the fortune, and you can have the fame
        You can have the shit you never will obtain
        You can’t take my virute, no you can’t take my pride
        You can’t take the anger building up inside


        All I’ve learned, ITS LIKE POISON
        All I’ve done, INSIDE MY VEINS
        All I’ve seen, ITS LIKE VENOM
        All I know, IT’S ALL THAT REMAINS


        All I’ve learned, ITS LIKE POISON
        All I’ve done, INSIDE MY VEINS
        All I’ve seen, ITS LIKE VENOM
        All I know, IT’S ALL THAT REMAINS

        All I’ve learned, ITS LIKE POISON
        All I’ve done, INSIDE MY VEINS
        All I’ve seen, ITS LIKE VENOM
        All I know, IT’S ALL THAT REMAINS

      45. SHTFPLAN TEST.

        The member of this religion must say- “peace upon him and his mother” when the name Jesus is mentioned?

        A- Hindus
        C- Muslim
        D- Atheist

        Members of this religion says Jesus’s mother was a whore?

        B- Jewish
        C- Muslim
        D- atheist

        Usury does not have its roots in Christianity, from which religion did it sprout?

        B- Jewish
        C- Muslim
        D- 7th day edventists

        Slavery does not have its roots in Christianity, from which religion did it sprout?

        B- Jewish
        C- Muslim
        D- 7th day edventists

        Will post answers latter.

        Glenn beck,hannity, and levin disciples dont even try!!!

        You will be 0-4

        • C
          C..but not sure
          Not sure A or C

          im not good at these types of questions , I played it off the cuff..just picked what I thought was the bad did I do?

          • C
            Who knows where slavery “sprouted” from(I phrased the question wrong from what I intended, to late!!) but A,B,C practiced it, and some how american colonies were introduced and accepted it.

            In ancient Rig-Veda, we find clear mention of slaves. From Aryan scripture, we get three types of slaves [Ref. Pracheen Bharotey Dash-protha : Devraj Channa] –

            1. Slaves because of incurring debts

            2. Slaves because of loosing in gamble

            3. Slaves because of loosing in war.

            Oh my god, its aryon scripture, I must be a racist stormfront anti-semite bastard!!!

            Usury is not allowed in islam, and if you follow the bible is not allowed in christianity.

            “The criticism of usury in Islam was well established during the Prophet Mohammed’s life and reinforced by various of his teachings in the Holy Quran[ii] dating back to around 600 AD. The original word used for usury in this text was riba which literally means “excess or addition”. “

            • well not to bad for a sinner, eh?

              or is that an Infidel..? either way

        • Let me guess, B down the line?

          • Nope, but you won the prize, you are an anti-semitic basterd!!! 🙂 (according to-aclu, us school system, the anti- def what ever leauge, and all the isreali first citizens and “law makers”)(half of the senate)

      46. For those who want to print, go to your local library. In Seattle, I can print 78 pages free per week. All you need is a library card. If you get one from several libraries, you can up the number of pages to print. $5 per week for preps works, you just have to plan better. 27% return in the price of silver in just one month and at $33, its STILL A BARGAIN. Buy it NOW and see your dollar increase. With the unlimited QE and MBS 40 billion per month spending, our dollar will continue to inflate. If you want to preserve its value now, investing in storable food is the best investment. You can also purchase jeans, socks, etc. and get more for your money/value. Make NO mistake, hyper inflation is just around the corner………..GOD Bless

        • I bought jeans, socks, undies(for women), and briefs, shirts, shoes, pajamas, all on sale–in 2010 summer.
          You can’t find the prices I found then.
          But, a great time to buy is when school starts–great sales then.
          Good luck and God be with you..jayjay

      47. anyone who listens to beck hanity and levin is always be 0 and 4 with those shills you cn only be a loser

      48. First answer C Second answer B Third Answer B Fourth Answer B

      49. If Adolf Hitler was the republican Nominee this year, Hannity would be supporting him, I have no doubt about that, he is aright wing shill and has to back whoever is their candidate, if he did not he would be kicked off of fox, that is what a Pos he really is

        • Hannity’s not an a**, but he plays one on TV (and radio)!

        • Is there a way we could buy this crap …repackage it ..and send it back to cheena? after it kills a bunch and they accuse us of doing it then we could let them peel the label off, eh?…I never buy food if its from china,never!

      50. RE: Generation Xers waiting for inheritance…we did an early partial with our 3 kids. One dau was married to a pill popper. Now divorced, but not soon enough. Hers is all gone. Sold property for $230,000.00. Not a thing left. Second child borrowed against property, just lost all to bank and living in RV. Third child paid off credit cards. Has a stable life, learning to live with credit. None of them like me talking about collapsing economy. Scares them too much. Just can’t keep my mouth shut tho. They won’t be able to say I didn’t warn them.

      51. AmeriKa finally “Reaps what it has Sown globally” for the last 100 years of International Freemason Banker Globalist ZOG ameriKan CIA Industrial War Machine Corporate propaganda terror resource genocide Wars upon the worlds illiterate monetary poor brown people … and idiocratic fluoride drugged ameriKan slaves still doesn’t understand … “Why they Hate us ??? for are Freedoms=life-long tax debt slavery and early intentional corporate designed eugenics death !!!”

        see below link …

        • FBPG ~

          Your constant harassment of a long time poster is really annoying – I hope that Mac does something to put a stop to it because you two going at it all the time really takes away from the site.

          Your stupid little vendetta reflects on the credibility of all of us who post here.

          Grow up.

          • Daisy your support of this person spewing this shit all over, does make me see you in a different light. If in anyway you can support this person it is disgusting.

            And I would be careful you and a few of her back up names are the only ones coming to the rescue. So maybe you are not on the right side. I smell fringe group.

            This is not your house. And the only draw to the comments lately are the feuds going on. 13000 views and 261 comments and 10% is Coco and me. That is not a very good showing of people wanting to get involved.

            And the fact I finally receive a outside comment only encourages me that my mission is just.

          • FBPG

            I’m not speaking out in support of NinaO – he can fight his own battles. What I’m saying is you guys both need to drop it – but I’m addressing you because you are the one instigating it.

            The peeing contest between the two of you is getting old.

            You can say whatever you want about me and some fringe group – I am simply requesting you lay off the campaign of harassment – it does nothing to benefit the group, share information or debate an opinion.

            Maybe other people haven’t said anything because they don’t want your crazy self stalking them and making rude comments after everything they post. But I sincerely doubt I am the only person who is weary of your childish vindictiveness.

          • I’m rude and the one making the childish comment. You must be from some out of this world place. And you are normally the one sticking her nose into other talk without added anything but space.

            And if this is harassment to you, you have no chance in the storm that is coming. You better be worrying more about your values than your recipes. Protect Nino to speak is one thing support it in any way is another

          • @Daisey- You are doing(did) good girl.

            To most that can not find work I say- Move to where the work is.

            With some of us, moving to where the work is NOT, works out fine.

            I have not worked in a year, that is self inflicted!!

            You said up above you are working on the net, with you defending ninao, its good to see you didnt cave to the check!!

            Feds hiring alot of a-holes to blog right now.

          • Hmmm…are you threatening me, FBPG?

            “And if this is harassment to you, you have no chance in the storm that is coming. You better be worrying more about your values than your recipes.”

            If you could make that a bit more coherent I’ll know whether I need to be concerned or not. Thanks in advance.

            I don’t really care for NinaO’s responses to you either – they are offensively vulgar – my point is YOU ARE THE INSTIGATOR and the responses, although poorly phrased are just that – RESPONSES to you attacking everything he posts for the mere nasty delight you take in annoying someone.

            Also on the list of things I do not care about would be your opinion of the comments I make here.

          • Disy no threat. I am not the type who needs to threatening anyone. Storm is coming refers to what the world is going to throw at us. Meaning you need to toughen up. What you have gone though helps but you have a lot more learning to prepare for what this world will most likely become.

            mere nasty delight you take in annoying someone. Dam Straight

            Also on the list of things I do not care about would be your opinion of the comments I make here. I would worry about the general thought of the readers here. Not just mine.

      52. If he was to poke you, you would know it was there. Bitch

      53. FBPG AND NINAO

        I wish the pair of you would give it a rest you’re giving me a headache, and let me tell you I have had a total bitch of a day already, I come on here for respite.

        Take care

        • @Burt- anything over on that side of the pond going on that we should know about?

          Yep. page and ninao need to get a room!!

          @ninao and page-

          HMMM, I wonder who would walk out un-molested?

          • See – I knew it wasn’t just me – are you reading this, FBPG? Or are Kevin and Burt also part of the fringe group?

            • So far the one’s coming out are not helping your case.

            • Hi Daisey. didnt see your posts, internet exploror f-ing around.

              Hey page, what started this little feud between you and ninao?

            • @page- the “ones”

              What the HELL does that mean?

              Who are YOU?

              ANSWER- NOBODY!!

          • I don’t know i’m 5.1 115 wet. can’t see without my coke bottle birth control glass. Always need my inhaler. But I can always wish for luck I guess.

            • S someone out there doesn’t like us little guys.

          • Hi Kevin

            According to the news over here nothing is happening anywhere. Makes you sick reading about Prince William suing the French for taking pictures of the missus lol

            Take care

            • I dont khow anyone conected to that orgy(that happened in my neck of the woods).

              If they are ONLY talking about BS, lookout!!!

              its about to rain turds!!

          • Come on guys, these recording and threats and all this crap takes away from reading good posts. we are all adults on here and it makes no sense what half this is. either stop please or just walk away, it does not help us at all to read this stuff. Half the page that loads up is back and forth junk. knock it off people. I’m asking please and so are others.

        • To All supporting or chastising CoCo and Face book …we don’t bother reading either–we use the scroll tool.

      54. Coco puff

        BURT unless we both use our real names. I’ve asked you politely. NOW IM TELLING YOU OKAY?

        Take care

        • no problemo @Carolie UK

          ;0p pssszzzt

      55. I agree They are having amateur cage fights this weekend. Fly here and we can meet up. Not a joke you need a few rounds in a cage with me.

        • I guess that’s a no. Is because you spent all your money decorating your mothers basement. I’ll Foot the bill if you have the stone to come.

      56. Okay T

        No problem

        Don’t push it mate

      57. no problemo @Carolie UK

        ;0p psszzszzzt

      58. Facebook Page’s Ghost,

        “And the fact I finally receive a outside comment only encourages me that my mission is just.”

        Y’all Beware! What is your mission?

        • Destuction of all Cocopuff methheads.

          • A least I don’t copy,paste and post. My girlfriend made suck a fantastic reply to your above comment but the moderator dropped it. Being that we are always such a child oriented comment site.

        • Facebook page

          Thank you but it is a public email address on my blog, I am not that silly

          Take care

          • OK good having “spare” emails allow free and open discussion. I do not believe in hiding yourself from other but in today’s word you must protect yourself.

            I will have to search out this photo. Just must see what see looks like. And I glad you are not a Thick Montana Girl.

            With your permission may I contact you directly. No solicitations or “forwarding”just conversations.

            • Facebook page

              My email address is on the blog, anyone can use it, feel free

              Take care

      59. no problemo @Carolie UK

        ;0p psszzszzzzzt

        • Facebook page

          You want to find me go for it, here’s a start for you Lizzie.x.bennett@

          Take care

          • Ithank you I would enjoy direct conversation with you I have always enjoyed your posts. But back to todays lesson. Opsec you did not receive a passing grade.

            Mac please remove Burts email post.

          • No bare feet here, Kev, it gets darned flipping cold. Big fuzzy slippers for me, thanks.

            I don’t think you said bare feet, I believe I threw that in. Can’t remember when it was but you said all women should stay home and raise their kids and teach them values. As a single mama I was pretty annoyed with your theory and let you know so in rather vivid detail.

            Don’t worry, buddy, I’m sure you’ll tick me off again one of these days and I will reply at great length.


          • Waite, I might(I think I did) have posted that.

            That is what MOMS ARE FOR!!!!!!!!!

            Single is a copout!!!

            THATS WHAT MOMS DO!!!!!!!!!

            RAISE GOOD CHILDREN!!!!

            SINGLE- DONT MATTER!!!!!!!

            ONE LEGGED_- DONT MATTER!!!!!!!!

            From the beginning of time!!!!!

            WOMEN RAISE KIDS!!!!!

            Womens lib, going out to the work force(blah,blah,blah)- “I will support myself and “my” kid”!!!

            is a scam of the fiat money system, and destroys the family!!!

            Now takes TWO bread winners not one.

            One pays taxes to the banksters, the other works for the money to feed the family!!

            Get it together Daisey!!!

            Think clearly on this subject PLEASE!!

          • @Daisey- ooops forgot to flag this comment!!

          • Kev, you are a raging poop-disturber.

            If there is no dad in the picture (we were divorced and then he died) how exactly are those kids going to get fed if their single mama does not go to work? I’m not teaching them to sit on their butts and wait for a handout by being on welfare!

            My kids have been well-brought up, with piano lessons, sports, and resepctable clean clothing. They have had an hour before and after school where they were either with a sitter or when they were older, home alone.

            They are intelligent, respectful and hardworking. My oldest is graduating high school a year early because of extra work she put in. They’ve received numerous academic and citizenship awards.

            While doing these things they have been made to do chores, been dragged off to church whether they liked it or not, and been made responsible for certain aspects of home life.

            I’m fortunate enough now to be able to work from home and be there when my youngest gets home everyday but that does not happen for all single moms.

            Don’t judge unless you’ve walked in her shoes, buddy.

          • @Daisey-Poop disturber? WTH Daisey!!Why the insult? I am not judging you!!!

            YOU are judging yourself.

            No Dad in YOUR picture, has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING I POSTED!! It has to do with YOUR situation!

            Moms have a job!! Mine did!!(thank god she is losing her memory, because some how she thinks I was a good kid) I have stopped reminding her of stuff that happened, so she is more at peace.

            Sounds like (from what you posted) you are doin a pretty good job!


            I love 11 people on this planet(I would give my life for them in a nano-second), TEN are female!!!(+ my dad)

            Like I said THINK CLEARLY on this subject.

            Free your self from your pain/hate.

          • You know it was meant with affection, Kev! 🙂

            And thank you for the compliment – hope you’ve had a great weekend!

          • @Daisey- Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet.

            “The hardest thing in the world is raising children who don’t grow up to become assholes!!”- my sister

            Don’t bust my balls for your life, or situation!!

            Look into the mirror, allways!

            “To the beutiful and the wise, the mirror allways lies”- Niel Piart.

            Free yourself.

        • And he is know. But he is like the drunk that calls 911 just so he can get a free ride on Saturday night. You all know what I am trying to say.

        • @Page- get a room with ninao or DROP IT!!

          So, who would walk out?

          My question was not answered.

          Who would come out un-molested?

        • FBP, I really didn’t notice a reply directed towards me so you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t feel slapped.

          It all goes to the original point. This silly little feud needs to end. You started it by following NO around and posting merely to annoy him. Therefore you are the one to finish it by ceasing that behavior.

          I’m not “defending” NinaO. He’s on his own. I will defend Kev though – he provides great info with a sense of humor and notable lack of profanity.

        • WOW Daisey! Thanks.

          Is this the time to mention most are insane?

          uh,uh,uh I better not aye 🙂

        • @page-

          “even if I Have come to respect him’

          WTF are you talking about?

        • Ah, Kev, your blatant chauvinism is part of your quirky charm. It always does bring forth the very best debates –

          I was terribly disappointed back when you posted how we should all stay home barefoot and in the kitchen when you didn’t respond to my response. 🙁 I checked for 3 days. Sigh.

          Hope you’re having a great weekend Kev!

        • @daisey-
          What post(when was that)

          I have been off line, When I got internet I would come to shtfplan, but just scan through(really quick), not comment(except once or twice)?

          Dont remember the bare foot post!

          But sounds good to me!!!

          From this moment forward ALL women(wh come to shtfplan) will remain in the kitchen with no shoes!!!! You got it????? GOOD!! 🙂

        • kevin

          hold your horses mate. i work to feed my child, to clothe her and all that. if you want to talk about ruination of families have a go at the irresponsible arseholes that leave because they got caught fooling around

          take care

      60. facebook page

        WTF, get a grip we are all supposed to be here because we believe in similar things, go find everyone, do you really think it matters?

        We are all on a list somewhere anyway.

        Take care

        • @BURT THE BRIT / @Carolie UK ;0) relax Burt … he’s just playin’ you . It’s his zog fedgov J O B … he is paid to do this by the ADL SPLC AIPAC jooo israeli/ amerikan zionist organizations $1200. a month federal DHS gov PAYcheck here in ameriKa he’s probly a zion jeeeew pimply faced 19 year old jeeeew sophmore college student and they in turn work under / for / with the DHS ZOG FEDGOV DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY / JOOO ADL SPLC AIPAC POLITICAL PROPAGANDA OFFICES !!!

          don’t believe him … the email was well protected encrypted actually and the account is now no longer in existence . your safe burt from my end . except for my calling you by your old anonymous shtfplan poster name @carolie uk . ;0) … don’t stick your nose in my biz … this is between me and the homo jooo zionist @fbpg .

          plus ;0) ummmmmm my real name “Isn’t Travis” and ummmmmmm thats “NOT MY” PICTURE ;0)

          BWAAAAAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buncha prepper suckers .

          And I’m already well known by the ZOG FEDGOV AND MT STATGOV as a Son-of-a-Bwiatch Lone Wolf Angry American Veteran !!! none of this is new to either of them .

          so post all the “hate” you want too “Fire Away” preppers … ;0P pssszzt




      61. Today’s email:

        Fellow Conservative —

        The system of foreign aid is broken.

        You know it, I know it, and 80-90% of the American people know it.

        As you are aware, we send billions of dollars each year to Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya.

        Meanwhile, Pakistan continues to detain and torture Dr. Afridi, the man who helped us kill Osama bin Laden.

        And now Egypt and Libya refuse to protect our embassies from radical jihadists, which resulted in the death of four Americans including Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

        They show us contempt as they cash our checks.

        I will not stand by and watch as billions of our taxpayer dollars go to countries that disrespect us.

        That’s why I’ve introduced a bill to cut ALL foreign aid to Libya, Egypt, and Pakistan.

        And I’m prepared to tie up the US Senate with every procedural trick in the book until there is an up-or-down vote — even if it means SHUTTING DOWN the Federal Government!

        In Liberty,

        Rand Paul

        • Sweet
          Rock on Rand Paul

          I hope he sticks with it and sticks it to them,,sick and tired of funding any other country other than ours, dont matter the reasons even if they are friend or foe, i could care less , its time to TCB here, for our citizens period!

          time to take care of family

        • YEAH, ROCK ON RAND.

          BUT- Didnt we invade them to save them?

          Look this info up.

          US investement companies(jpm) lost 98% of the money cudofi gave them to invest.

          cudofi put a hit out on them.

          WE invade.

          Humanitarian bombing happens.

          A private central bank is recognized.

          The libyan peoples gold goes missing.

          They attack our embassy/kill ambassador because they hate us for our freedoms.

          • They hate us because we won’t leave them alone..let’s do that, as Paul is trying to say.
            No more aid; no more money; mo more arms either for them to use on our ambassadors and diplomats.

        • I like what we’ve heard here but will it really be put into action or is it more talk. I don’t understand how this could be a trick vote to do. I mean we see it and if we all were in house and senate we would be for sure stopping all aid. what will they do kick us out of their bases. lol Look out they can fall aprt until they get respect for us. People all over the world are jealous and we get poorer and poorer etc while these stupid democrats pass laws to rich themselves while it cuts us in the same spot each day. Gop do it too but if these fucking idiots don’t stop what they are doing we all will be in danger and will be a gun zone. thats why these bastards want to take away our guns and matches. Keep prepping friends, and don’t let these people worry you to much. I know it gets to me sometimes. don’t let politics ruin your family or relationships. be smart friends.

        • Ive been waiting decades to hear someone in govt actually propose this and try to do it…good man!

        • We also send foreign aid to China. Too funny, in a sad kind of way. We be a nation led by morons.



        “There will be an economic shock within 4 weeks. I believe its purpose will be to stampede the voters into voting for Romney as Obama has outlived his usefulness. Both men are puppets of the New World Order. This period before the elections might well be your last chance to stock up on food before the dollar crashes.”

        POTENTIAL PREPPER D-DAY time frame 2012 is October 12th 2012 – October 26th 2012 .



        PREPARE !!!


        • Cool!

          I dont give a $hit anymore. I REALLY DONT BRO!!

          • Kevin I do hope that’s a feeling because you are prepared for it. I do hope you to be there when the lights come back on.

            • I am not important page.

              I dont care about myself.

              I am lucky, I hate no one.(but I am a seeker of truth)

              The ones I love know who they are.

              i’m buckled in, ready to go!!

              Do you live on shtfplan now that ninao has you all butt hurt?

            • No this new phone I got works everywhere. And my plan was to get away from everything. And like now when GPS is running the tractor I have nothing but time.

        • OI FBP

          leave me out of it please

          take care

        • No petro dollar means no gas, food, TP or just about anything in the stores. Hard to feel sorry for the American populace who have been more than happy to enable their own destruction. Wonder how long things will a mess? Will we ever recover? My bet is the plan is for massive population replacement. All those Chinese crammed into the land they have need more room and they already own us.

      63. If you cant add something useful to the forum ..STFU yeah you know who you are,($ cocopuff crackhead $ ,Face book page) take your petty arguments to e-mail obviously you have other sources to vent.

        your fucking up a very useful forum for the rest of us that come here for useful information, and probably turning useful people away, with your petty childish is where you can show your support for fellow americans or preppers alike, by acting like an adult and coming here to “bring something useful to the table”

        I’ll see if im wrong with the votes on this comment..or maybe its time for me to take my advice elsewhere?

      64. @MS. DAISY … protect yourself . an you might want too contact your brit friend burt and tell him to also protect himself .

        read my above post on who what @fbpg is … he is a DHS AIPAC ADL SPLC PAID zion jooo agent provocutor … he’s here just doing his part-time college job $1200. a month ZOG CIA NSA DHS SPLC jooo fedgov paid easy paycheck college job .

        your all playing right into his hand !

        prepper dummies .


        • For 1200$ I wouldn’t even make an extra effort to wake up early. Crap the purse I buy my girlfriend just for the hell of it cost that. The only think Ms Daisy would ever have to worry about from me is brunt replies to her statements. And I do hope she is stronger than that. Ms. Burt. Same.

          Now please be careful. The programs being use on you are just off the shelf ones. Or are you tired of being laugh at by the Power To Be that are after you so hard. If you were taken seriously by anyone you would be off line already. Who would miss you.

          Speaking out against your government is one thing. Treason against your country is another.

      65. I suggest, Facebook Page , you leave now because “Cocopuff methead” is not “cocopuff crackhead” and your mission could never be completed.

        1) His signature is unique and you have been addressing the wrong person. He is c not C.
        2) He is not a methead.
        Save your time – Get Out Leave!

        Why, say you?
        Because we have been here long enough to know!

        Y’all Beware! It really gets funnier. I’m dealing with two, (Facebook Page and the Facebook Page’s Ghost).
        Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun! Burt and Daisy Smile cause y’all know it’s gonna be funny!

        • The Meth Head is stuck in my head because that is who ransacked my Mercedes last week. That was just for me to blow steam and I kept with it. But in the end I was having trouble with the air conditioning in the driver’s seat. The Insurance company is replace both front seat completely so maybe I will thank them when I see them in court. Oh they were caught. Luckily not by me.

      66. As Smithsonian Magazine reported last year, “Some drones also look like conventional aircraft.”

        “Said another source, “The one that I’ve seen looks like a Cessna 172, only about half-scale or less. . . not that you can tell that it’s smaller from the ground.” Adding, “they only operate from federally-controlled airstrips where the access can be restricted and they generally launch at night.”

        “The Cessna 172 has been in production off and on since 1956 and there have been over 45,000 of them built. It is the most common type of civil aviation light plane flown today. So, the next time you think you’re being dogged by a Cessna, maybe it’s just Big Sis’ gestapo drone boys.”

      67. I’m going home if this crap carries on.

        take care

        • Another reason for a private forum. Hint Hint

        • Hey burt, nothing in the news over there about the segregated swiss gold accounts?(them guys getting F^CKED out of money?)

          • Kevin

            nothing at all…just HRH Kates boobs.

            its all a storm in a B cup….okay i admit it, it was lame lol

            take care

      68. night all

        time for bed

        take care

      69. I am glad we have free speech in this country. One reason I am glad is that idiots can express their idiocy like, well here. Now I can get a regular laugh by coming here and reading the sheer stupidity that is passed of as fact.


        • I love this saying

      71. @ VRF. Okay, did some research on Peru to see what to look for before previous earthquake of big size have hit the area as you requested. Look for 6.8+ or bigger earthquakes in the Papua New Guinea area east to about New Caledonia and the Fiji Islands, maybe even as far as the Cook Islands. When there is action here it causes pressure on the area of the Nazca plate around the Peru area. Watch these areas for a possible precursor to the Peru area getting a bigger earthquake.

        The following are 7.0 or more earthquakes in Peru area since the early 1970’s.
        6-9-1994—–8.2 the largest ever deep focus earthquake

        This area is strange that it doesn’t take the full blunt of the plate collisions and seems to be affected by what the Cocos plate is doing. When the Cocos plate has some intense movement it helps release so of the tension built up along this northern section of the Nazca plate and thus an earthquake occurs. The Pacific plate to the far west also has much to do with this area having a large earthqauke.

        By the way the South Sandwich Islands had a 4.8 earthquake. This area is somewhere that when it gets active, big earthquakes follow. Let it start getting up into the 5+ range and then 70-80% chance of a 6.5 is coming at least. Wait and see.

        • Thanks BI,
          I’ll keep an eye on it best I can, cant say I completely understand it, but watching and listening to you will keep me in the loop..

          The one in 2007 is remembered well by us..and the ones 2001 and earlier were before we met, but I’ve heard stories from her and the family down there

          I cant remember the year off hand but Arequipa had a good one ..think like high 7’s and we think it was 2001
          so it was probably one of the two you listed..a lot of building damage , some of the old archetecture fell, and that bumms me out, some of the old buildings down there are so beautiful in their design.

      72. I believe I am correct in saying ” Noah did not shut the door on the ark. GOD did.” Forewarned,forewarned,forewarned and few listened.The talking is done. Don’t feel guilt when taking care of and protecting you and yours. Some people just thought they knew better and kinda derided us about listening to our instincts, we weren’t as evolved or sophisticated as they were. Good luck to them!

      73. Fascist

        14 points to look for..are we there yet? yes or no?

        1.) Powerful and Continuing Nationalism 2.) Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights. 3.) Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause. 4.) Supremacy of the Military 5.) Rampant Sexism 6.) Controlled Mass Media. 7.) Obsession with National Security. 8.) Religion and Government are Intertwined 9.) Corporate Power is Protected. 10.) Labor Power is Suppressed
        11.) Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts 12.) Obsession with Crime and Punishment. 13.) Rampant Cronyism and Corruption. 14.) Fraudulent Elections. I challenge you to show me where any of these can’t be found right now within our governments. They are using stupid people to justify their existence so they can increase their power. It’s what fascists do and you people just feed right in to the whole scheme and ready to shoot down anyone who points out the obvious.

        • the shoot down who points out the obvious is for the thumbs down crowd

          • VRF- the thumbs down idiots either are locked into believing stupid nonsense all the time and think they are right, don’t even have an arguement ever, they just read and think they are the best thing since sliced bread. I’d like to see what they would say each time they give a thumbs down. Just curious. Idiot’s don’t bother me at all they amuse me honestly to realize how many stupid people there are on this website.

            • you see I like reading the majority of people on this website, I got 2 thumbs down and I wasted about a half hour trying to get useful info to read or share and half of this page was just hating and telling each other how they suck. This was another immature post record on this topic. I don’t know who was hating who but wasn’t very informative to read this today. I wish you guys wouldn’t cut each other down, give a reason why you dont agree but when you start sounding stupid it wastes everyones time. I know I suck too sometimes or dont agree but I dont see how half of this page helped anyone, it just made 5-6 people more pissed off at each other. that doesnt make us stronger, it weakens us and makes us look like 8 graders.

            • Why would anyone take anything or anybody on this site seriously? Just a bunch of loons venting off their frustrations. Tracking someones IP address? get a f-in life.

        • None of these can be found in the United States Government today. You people here feed on anarchy and the idea of complete chaos and destruction. You want these events to occur so that you can use your “skills” to screw everyone else out of a happy existence. It is disgusting and selfish. People like you impede this country from becoming stronger and smarter with your petty propaganda and silly accusations with no real evidence to support your claims. Support your Government, JFK was exactly right with his famous statement.

          • @areyadone?…….

            So……which Federal alphabet agency do YOU work for?

        • Point #11: “Disdain for intellectuals and the arts”

          Should be: Corruption and control of the definition, practice and dissemination of *intellectuals* and *the arts*.

          Ironic subservience is the new intellectualism, while ironic incoherency and lack of technical proficiency are the hallmarks of the new art.

      74. For all you die hard smokers (like me) you can roll your own for about .50 a pack. Menthol or regular. For the cost of a carton buy a premier rolling machine. Then you can buy Good Stuff premium pipe tobacco in 1# bags for about 14.00 a bag, rolling tubes cost around 2.50 for a box of 200. I can roll 2 1/2 to 3 cartons from a 1# bag of tobacco. All this can be found at your local tobacco shop or online. I have found these cigarettes are better then any store bought to boot! This year I went one better and grew 16 tobacco plants, they are HUGE and I will be harvesting and hanging them to cure in a week or so. There is a massive amount of leaf on these plants.( I can’t imagine being able to smoke all that in a year) I was surprised how easy tobacco is to grow, anyone with a habit should be growing their own. I prefer a menthol smoke so have invested in a pound of menthol crystals, they are CHEAP, so I can mentholate my home grown. I started rolling my own like this a year ago and have had a shitload of extra $$ to apply to my other preps. When I start rolling my homegrown my investment for my habit will be minimal. When the SHTF I have a large stash of rolling papers for when I can’t get rolling tubes. I AM NOT going down without a smoke! LOL

        • I have been rolling my own for about 3 years. I use the Sparrow brand pipe tobacco for about $8 a pound. I also have 3 Tops rolling machines. One bought new…2 more for parts and back up. The local farmers used to raise tobacco as a cash crop here years ago but not any more. What type did you grow?

          • JRS
            I was lucky to fall in with some locals who have been growing for a few years. They gave me the plants, most are burley I can’t remember what the other is. Around here farms used to have a government tobacco allotment to grow but it seems not any more. I have a spare rolling machine tucked away too. I’ll have to look into the sparrow brand of tobacco.

      75. Has this sight turned into a pissing contest between Travy and the rest of us ???????????

        • my god it has. its only about 3-4 people who need to stop with the BS and take it to msnbc or yahoo news my god. On topic now, I like to read articles but dont know what to believe, I saw a post about the embassy attacks were fake. I googled it but too tired to read the rest after reading all these fights tonight. its 2am east coast on sat and punching out, but if anyone has any truth to embassy attacks were faked that would be good to hear. I will copy and paste what someone said from intel hub info down below. makes you wonder. I believe someone or a few died but with everyone lying you dont know anymore the truth.

          • Clint

            I heard this also but like you have no clue what is true anymore. The Internet is a great tool but because anyone can publish anything it’s so hard to sort the wheat from the chaff.

            Take care

      76. Ok to get back on track here, i do think we will see way above 4 dollars a gallon gas. but if our dollar collapses, and china wants payment, we wont be able to afford their products and they will be in a spiral downhill since we import the majority of their products. I don’t see why they would want that. Other countries will have nothing!!! Since we give so much aid. At that point I do think yes they might try a one world currency and reset things but too many countries will not want that move. It will be very interesting to see what happens. Im loaded on ammo and decent amount of food, but always could get more. I feel sorry for all the older people and grandmas/grandpas who cant be mobile or will die from lack of medications to survive. with riots here and the wall street bastards back in swing its going to be a mess. Either it will be somewhat crazy or its going to be out of control with cities buring down everywhere and looters like we can’t imagine. We all have different survival tactics and ideas etc, but be aware and don’t trust a lot of people. always be cautious because you have many 2 faced people that will pretend to be your best friend in wartimes but would shoot you in the back if they could take whats yours. Choose your friends carefully and strangers or new people and never tell them what you have. if they ask that might be natural for just curiosity but if they keep asking thats a red flag and get away. Have confidence in yourself when shooting and dont hesitate or get the jitteryness in your bloodstream, that is cortisol, just like when you get into a fight you get shaky and that locks you up, remember to breath in and out of your nose for 3-4 sec for 3-4 min. that will help lower BP and block cortisol in high stressful times,thats when someone comes in thru your door when your not expecting someone and you freeze and your dead. many good shooters can take out 2-3 people in 1 sec or so. be aware and be smart. have confidence in yourself even if you think you dont have it. can save your life in a firefight. I just care about people and want you to live

      77. I’m going to bed but this was a comment from the intel hub under the topic mossads september surprise. Check it out and if anyone has any info on a fake attack, that would be interesting! Here is what someone wrote,,,

        Jack says:

        September 16, 2012 at 2:16 am

        No, The whole thing never happened. There is no US embassy in Benghazi, no one was killed, no one cares about a stupid 14 min movie from the west on youtube, as 90% of people in libya have no internet. Its all staged.


        Go to the above site for more info….I hope The intel hub gets this guy on show. Thanks

        Here is the link to the Department of State web site, with a complete list of All U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions world wide. There is one in Libya, obviously in Tripoli. And I will state right now that I have that Embassy page saved and captured, in case someone decides to bury this by faking Benghazi in for a while.

        To further bolster this fact, Here is Google Maps of Benghazi Libya. Delete Benghazi Libya from the search window, and type the word EMBASSY or CONSULATE there. Because one does not exist in Benghazi, it will throw you to an alternative location near you. Here is the Wikipedia list, no doubt soon to be faked, it will happen fast here Wont last long and if any fakes get thrown in, well, there are TONS of lists out there, and I will just snag another. They can’t bury this lie.

        No wonder the Libyans are pissed! Is ANY of this real? Are there ANY embassy raids or riots happening ANYWHERE? This kind of desperate lying would indeed be used if an attack on Iran was SO IMMINENT THAT THE CONSEQUENCES OF GETTING CAUGHT IN THE LIE ARE IRRELEVANT. All they need is to fake it till they make the vote, and then say OOPS, we got the story wrong.

      78. If you are the Wall Street type, you are probably not on this site. That is the only type of persons that will benefit by the QEIII. With the big influx of faux dollars thrown into the bond market, it should make the stockmarket rally like hell for a few weeks/days and the traders will make a shit load of money and turn around and invest heavy in oil futures. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the increase of crude coming soon.

        Hell, if I had an extra 50K lying around I might even gamble on a 30 day run. When, not if, Israel nukes the shit out of Iran; we will probably see 150 to 200 per barrel by years end. What would that do to an already short food supply and the high cost of producing what little there is?

        I hope the scenario mentioned above remains just speculation; but, there are too many indicators pointing to a … (bad word coming)…. doomsday event. But, hey; look at the bright side, you could be in the streets of an Islamic country dodging rocks and just waiting for the “Big One” to strike at any moment. So, count your blessings and hug your children.


        ;0( sigh … you VERY PETTY IGNORANT DUMB DOWNED PREPPER peeples still don’t get it … after all my knowledge informed researched posts on ILLUMINATI IMF CFR ZOG FREEMASON CATHOLIC JESUIT BANKER GLOBALIST POLITICS UN AGENDA 21 NWO CIA FBI DHS GESTAPO what where and why over the last two years you still can’t wrap your lil’ fluoridated brains around THE BIG PUCKIN GLOBAL BANKER INDUSTRIAL WAR MACHINE OLIGARCHY GENOCIDE EUGENICS TAX DEBT SLAVE PICTURE !!!

        YOU ALL DESERVE WHAT IS COMING !!! only by your and your children’s complete destruction genocidal death suffering will you finally learn i spoke posted the truth here … buncha ignorant very blind prepper fools … I CAN ONLY HOPE THE 10% of human beings WHO SURVIVE THE GLOBAL BANKING PLANNED ORGANIZED DIRECTED WW3 HOLOCAUST virtually perched right on all our doorsteps “Globally” learn from this experience and never repeat it again .



        I can only hope your children (the 10%) that do survive this that is coming GLOBAL NUCLEAR GENOCIDAL WW3 … learn from this better than their very blind close minded IGNORANT spoiled parents (YOU) did not obviously !!!

        you are all very naive fool’s … this “IS” my “Last” post below … you silly ignorant moronic blind sheep fool’s … WATCH LEARN EDUCATE FREE YOUR MIND BODY SOUL … watch and learn the TRUTH !!! PREPARE !!!

        ~N.O. (aka ;0) NinaO – Officially Retired an going under ground to fight the UN NWO ZOG FREEMASON CIA FEDGOV STATGOV GLOBALISTS EUGENICS CRIMINAL TRAITORS from the shadows .)

        see the link below …

        • WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here’s Why!?

          ;0p pssszzt

          *** Good Bye … Big Thank You to All my Supporter’s and Hater’s over the years here’s … you All Drove Motivated me to Self Learn More than possible if I attempted it alone – Thank You !!!


          p.s. – Go Phuck yourself @FBPG … this is not over … JUST THE BEGINNING !!!

        • “Crazies on the bus.” – Samuel L Jackson(Danny Roman)

        • @cocopuff crackhead….

          You are one sick puppy.

      80. Mac a suggestion, don’t allow coccopuff on your site, everyone is sick of seeing it’s posts, and you are loosing people who really like this site.

      81. SHTF says: “What is it that makes Keynesians so insanely self destructive? Is it their mindless blind faith in the power of government?”

        I say “What makes free-market laissez-faire neo-Friedmanites have such blind faith in the ‘power of the markets’?”.

        Either way, Joe Public is just the sucker that suffers by abdicating their personal power to others.

        Take responsibility for yourself, take the initiative, make it happen with your community – like the Eagles say “Get Over It”.

      82. Why is there such doubt and resistance to self evident truths? Bald Faced Lies seem to have more believers than the honest to God Truth. Every politician we have put in the whitehouse has lied his way through office. Not one president has done what he promised us he would do on the campaign trail though a few have actually tried. Don’t you wonder why that is? Why all the promises and so little delivery?

        If I said that Presidents and Congresspersons make our nations foreign and domestic policies, would you believe me? Because that is one of the biggest lies we choose to believe. These people actually make very few of our nations’ policies. Our policies, both foreign and domestic, have been created by the Federal Reserve Board since 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was created and passed by a traitorous Congress and signed into law by an economically naive President, Woodrow Wilson. By signing away Congress’s power to create our nations currency to the private corporate central bank, the Federal Reserve Act, he also signed the death warrant for the United States of America. He even publicly admitted, after he had left the whitehouse, that he had ruined his government.

        Today we can all see the noose being tightened. Foreclosures. Bank Bailouts. Unemployment. Police State. This is not by accident, but by design. We were warned throughout our nations history about these money changers by men of great courage and, for some, at the cost of their own lives (Lincoln, McFadden, Harding, Garfield, Kennedy). These warnings went unheeded by the greedy politicians we so foolishly believed in and by an uneducated public.

        The ability to create money out of thin air and regulate the value thereof by the money changers through their fractional reserve banking system, has allowed them to incrementally confiscate the natural resources of almost all of the nations of the world, (including human resources by taxation) by offering these nations loans they couldn’t refuse and loans the bankers knew they couldn’t re-pay. These loans, colateralized by these nations natural resources, procured by the underhanded bully tactics of the economic hit men sent there by these private central bankers, have destroyed these soveriegn nations. These banking policies are being installed world wide and enforced by our military industrial complex, the UN, the IMF, the BIS, and the World Bank, all tools of the International Bankers.

        They, along with their greedy corporate and political cronies, are now introducing what has taken the banksters centuries to achieve, a New World Order. Many books have been written about this subject by the people who created it. The Rockerfellers, Rothchilds, Vanderbilts, Gates, Buffets, etc. Money just isn’t enough for these greedy beings. They want power. Power over every living thing on the planet. Power to decide every aspect of life for you and me. And they are gaining that power through the United Nations, the infrastructure created after WWII for their one world government. Agenda 21 is the beginning of the end. They intend to enslave humanity and do away with free will, just as they have done away with the free market. No more independence, no more privacy, no more soveriegnty for nations or the individual, no more competition and no more private property ownership. I’m not the one saying these things, they are, in their books and in other publications all over the world.

      83. I know freedom of speech and all that, but, seriously, trying to read these weird posts is like looking into that whirling circle the penguin always tried to get Batman to look into. It’s now to the point where the website is becoming compromised and all that will be left to read it are the psychologically impaired.

      84. “There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those who foolishly believe they are free.” Here are a few warnings about the money changers given to us by great men from our nations’ past:

        “ The warning of Theodore Roosevelt has much timeliness today for the real menace of our republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls it’s slimy length over the city, state, and nation…It seizes with long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public’s protection…to depart from mere generalizaton, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockerfeller Standard Oil interest and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the U.S. government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties, write political platforms, make catpaws of party leaders, use the leading men of private corporations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business…These Int. Bankers and Rockerfeller Standard Oil Interests control the majority of newspapers and magazines in this country.” – John Hylan, mayor of New York, New York times, March 26, 1922. (If they were this powerful in ‘22, imagine how powerful they are now.)

        This is the warning by Teddy Roosevelt that Mr. Hylan was referring to:

        “These International Bankers and Rockerfeller Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the collumns of these newspapers to club into submission or drive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.”- Theodore Roosevelt.

        And if you think the Fed is limited only to the U.S., read on…

        “ The course of Russian history has, indeed, been greatly affected by the operations of international bankers…The Soviet Government has been given U.S. Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve board…acting through the Chase bank. England has drawn money from us through the Federal Reserve banks and has relent it at high rates of interest to the Soviet government…The Dneiperstory Dam was built with funds unlawfully taken from the U.S. treasury by the corrupt and dishonest Fed Reserve board and the Federal Reserve banks.”- Rep Louis T. McFadden (Death by poisoning)

        “ The state does not function as we desired. The car does not obey. A man is at the wheel and seems to lead it, but the car does not drive in the desired direction. It moves as another force wishes.” -Vladimir Lenin

        “ The third world war has already started. It is a silent war. Not, for that reason, any less sinister. The war is tearing down Brazil, Latin America, and practically all the third world. Instead of soldiers dying, there are children. It is a war over Third World debt. One which has as it’s main weapon, interest, a weapon more deadly than the atom bomb, more shattering than a laser beam.” – Prominent Brazillian politician.

        “ If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately socialism, is not a movement of the down trodden masses but of the ecomomic elite.” – Gary Allen, author.

        “ Power from any source tends to create an appetite for additional power…It was almost inevitable that the super rich would one day aspire to control not only their own wealth but the wealth of the whole world. To achieve this, they were perfectly willing to feed the ambitions of the power hungry political conspirators who were commited to the overthrow of all existing governments and the establishment of a world-wide dictatorship.” – W. Cleaon Skousan.

        These warnings were written before most of us were even born. Hidden for two generations by media control, released by the freedom of information act. Some of you may recall a man named Jesus. Who did he chase from the temple? That’s right. THE MONEY CHANGERS. He also warned about a one world government and, as we see now, for good reason.

        What we are facing is the enslavement of all of humanity by the money changers, or more accurately, the Money Masters. Debt is slavery. All money produced by the Federal Reserve Board is based on debt which is now so huge it is mathematically impossible for our nation to pay it back. They are destroying this great nation in order to bring in their New World Order, with their One World Bank and their One World Government, and their One World Religion.

        The US or the UN. We can’t have both.

        • So who’s left not under their control? Iran and North Korea?

      85. I think Brandon Smith is an idiot. Nothing he writes is anything not already regurgitated a thousand times over.

        I’m convinced he’s only in this for the money, offering no insight, no news, nothing we don’t all already know.

        The speculation surrounding the economy is just that. We are not Wiemer Germany, the conditions are not the same, we are no where near what Smith alleges.

        This is more fear-mongering rhetoric, regurgitated once again by Smith to gain readership.

        Suggest everyone stop and think and unplug and let the facts speak louder then the words being constantly shoveled.

      86. Aaaannnnddddd back to the real issues in hand….

        I was actually watching the news on tv at work (a rarity) and they had wall street types as well as ordinary “people on the street” commenting about how qe3 is great and the economy is going to finally turn around, blah, blah, blah.
        It’s like the sheeples’ reaction to qe3 are as exciting and as positive and happy as V-E Day in Times Square when WW2 ended!!! One guy actually said: “I’m glad it’s all finally over and our economy is back on top!” How can people be so blind and so programmed that they truly believe that the fed has just swooped in and saved the day??? It’s like everyone is now expecting a golden river to flow down every street in America.

        It all brings two quotes to mind:
        Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (Beware Greeks bearing gifts)
        You should never look a gift horse in the mouth

        If this is the way the majority of Americans actually think then we are surely done for.
        Quoth American’s to Noah: “Meh, it’s just a little drizzle”

        Finish up those preps and good luck y’all!!!!

      87. I became interested in this in about 2005 when Mr. Kunstler’s book, The Long Emergency came out. OK, I’m been reading how the shit is going to hit the fan ever since, and, although admittedly, things have gotten a lot worse for an awful lot of people, nothing like the collapse this and other sites talks about has happened. First, I thought it would be some sort of acute thing, then I began to conceptualize the SHTF as a more gradual chronically developing sort of thing. This 4th Turning stuff Jim Quinn talks about is interesting and Mac, your articles are interesting, as are those on Zero Hedge and other similarly well-written sites. However, I’m beginning to feel like I’m getting SHTF fatigue. And, it’s doubly frustrating for me because I have no where to be able to go to develop a ‘bug-out’ site. I have the interest and I have the will, but I don’t have the wherewithal or the where… I almost wish the damn thing would just happen. I must say though that what’s happening in the Middle East right now is really interesting. Out of no where this weirdo puts out this anti-Muslim film and that part of the world is erupting. Who knows where that’s going to lead. Maybe this is the beginning? What do you all think?

      88. I see no evidence of this systemic collapse people talk about here. I travel a fair bit and what I see is a building boom going on everywhere, people downing expensive martinis, gourmet food restaurants expanding. That tells me people are getting money somehow. Also, people are breeding like mad: a sure sign they have the confidence to have children.

        It is true at an intellectual level we are in a crisis but because of the way the Western social economic model is set up, everyone is getting money in one form or other (e-food cards, stimulus cheques, tax credits etc.).

      89. Gold coins and vacuum packed bags of long grain rice will do me any good since I am not a land owner. On that note even, not a single man/woman in the continental united states OWNS any land. You simply “purchase” and continue to pay taxes on that land or it will be confiscated. What is a young prepper to do? Trample to the national parks with hordes of other willing but helpless folks- Offer 3000 rounds of .45acp ammunition in exchange for access to a water table and a place to craft a shelter? “My side of the mountain” inspired me at a young age- but since I have a small apartment in an urban area, my fears have lead me to purchasing massive quantites of ammunition instead of staples- in order to shoot and use most of the parts from any animals I could track. My “perfect” bailout bag will take me to a slow death without land to freely work and sustain myself on. The scouts motto “Be prepared” seems to apply best to those that are already prepared to the fullest(land owners). Most others will be victim to the raging ends of sombody protecting thier “piece” of property

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