Germany Readies Internal War on Terror: More Large Scale Attacks “Conceivable, Even Probable”

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    German flag

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Something has been building within for the German people. With their declaration that all citizens should prepare by storing up food and water for an extended period, and the attempt to allow internal military policing, it is clear that the nation – outwardly welcoming refugees – is deeply concerned about the social unrest it has been causing.

    Fear and unease have accompanied panic, as self-defense tools have been flying off the shelves, and natives have become increasingly vigilant against the violent and unfriendly element among the refugees. Everyone is watching for the next terror attack, as blowback continues to rule the day.

    The Germans Are Clearly Preparing for a War on Their Own Soil

    by Joshua Krause

    There have been several alarming developments in Germany over the past few weeks. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government has told its citizens to begin stockpiling food and water. And not long after announcing that, the government suggested that they may bring back the draft, which was abolished in 2011 after it was deemed to be archaic and unnecessary.

    Initially the government was reluctant to bluntly spell out exactly why they wanted to bring back conscription or why their citizens should start stockpiling necessities. But based on some of the reports that have come from the German government since then, it’s obvious that they’re preparing terrorist attacks. And not the kind of run of the mill attacks that Germany has seen over the summer. It seems like Germany is preparing for the kind of terror attacks that could break down their society.

    For instance, the German military admitted in August that dozens of Islamic extremists had infiltrated the armed forces. However, that’s nothing compared to what Germany’s interior minister recently admitted.

    Speaking in an interview with Bild newspaper, Thomas de Maiziere said there were currently at least 520 “potential attackers” in the country, which has been on edge since two Islamic State-inspired attacks in July.

    He said another 360 “relevant” people were known to police because of their close proximity to the potential attackers.

    Many Germans fear that fighters belonging to the Islamic State jihadist group could have slipped into Germany with the roughly one million of refugees from Syria, North Africa and Asia who arrived last year.

    “The terror threat now stems from foreign hit teams as well as fanatical lone wolves in Germany,” de Maiziere said in the interview ahead of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the United States, which were partly coordinated from Germany.

    And when you think about it, 520 could very well be a conservative estimate. The German government allowed over a million refugees into its borders. For all we know there could be well over a thousand of these lunatics lurking in Germany.

    In any case, you have wonder what the German government is going to do about this threat. If a dozen terrorists decided to coordinate several attacks in a short period of time, it could disrupt the whole country for days. But if Germany is bombarded with hundreds of terror attacks, it could lead to a total breakdown of society. That’s probably why the German government is getting ready for the day when they may have to deploy their soldiers domestically.

    MAINZ, Germany — Germany is preparing to train troops to be deployed within its borders for the first time since World War II amid fears of terrorist attacks.

    The country’s armed forces will hold joint drills with police early next year, officials confirmed.

    Authorities stress that counterterrorism measures will primarily remain the responsibility of police.

    However, the potential for large-scale attacks have made the use of German military assets “conceivable, even probable,” according to Lt. Gen. Martin Schelleis, the Bundeswehr’s chief of joint support services.

    Obviously, Germany is preparing for something big and messy on their own soil. The only question that remains, is will their society prevail after it’s all said and done?

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. Germans, focus on destroying your current zionist selected system and its puppets. You have paid ransom for decades for imaginary crimes and lies. ISIS savages are just the foot soldiers of your zionist controllers, yes kill them without mercy but go after your ZOG virus and burn it and this time forever. That’s the only way you can survive.

        • Stolz:

          Trump says he is going to make arrangements for the “refugees” to be housed in a Middle East country and he’s going to get the oil rich Arab countries to foot the bill. There is no reason a deal like that could not be done in European countries like Germany.

          The Zionists seem to want a fight between Christians and Muslims to weaken us and help along the agenda for Zionist power and a Zionist World Order. Yes, the clutches of Zionist power around the neck of the German people has to be confronted. The German people need to stop feeling guilt for the crimes of WW2, real or imagined.


          • B from CA,

            Many of these “refugees” are just normal people who’s lives and countries were destroyed by these zionist pigs. The criminal elements are just bunch of barbarians being hired , paid and trained for by the same triangle of evil : USA, Saudis and the mother of all criminal masterminds the pigs in Tel Aviv.

            If fake wars are stopped we won’t see a soul from these countries wanting to leave everything behind and come to some foreign land.

            You are right. This who thing is a Jew planned.

            • Tell that to all of the women being raped in Germany and Europe. These are not refugees, they are invaders. They will not change just because they are in Europe! Yes, some are not violent, but they will still try to make Europe another middle east country.

              • USMC1982, The master planners who bring these folks to Europe are the rapist as well and should be shot. Do you even know who the master planners are?

                • Stolz-

                  Your German buddy ( also Jewish ) Soros is the front man for the planners.

                  Food for thought- Planning to ride a Tiger is not the same as riding a Tiger.

              • One more thing USMC1982, what can we tell the Japanese when their women were raped by your comrades in the US base in Japan. Are these rapist different than the imported muslim savages?

                • Was that before or after we re-built their country and served as their military?

          • jordon’s king has already offered to take all refugees. he already has taken a million or two. all he wants is money to build the camps and food for them. much cheaper for nice eu than to destroy your society…..france is already no longer france, and germany is busy doing the same while raping their wives, children and mothers. only norway and sweden are getting rid of the human garbage forced upon them by the unelected elite in brussels. and you wonder why uk is leaving? eu has screwed up europe unless you fix it and do it fast. as for the usa and canada, they need to do the same, ship them back to jordan and give the king the money to build camps. time to be smart. they would rather live in or near their middle eastern country. war wont last forever. only ones wanting to be in europe and north america are terrorists. how stupid can westerners be? very it seems.

          • B from CA


            “..The German people need to stop feeling guilt for the crimes of WW2, real or imagined.”


            Crimes??? What crimes??? Per the German side???

            In truth, the real crimes were perpetuated by the Soviets & their zionist fellow travelers in the US / UK…see below:

            1.> ..Dresden!!! Including the U.S. 8th Air Force fighter escorts, strafing of German civilians who fled / gathered at a nearby river, so as to escape the firestorm cooking those stuck in the city.

            2.> WW-II “Operation Keelhaul”, per intentional starvation / death of German POW’s in U.S. run camps (courtesy of FDR’s head-zionist, Henry Morgenthau).

            3.> ..Katyn Forrest massacre.

            4.> ..industrial-scale, mass rape of German females (aged 8 to 80), who were often gang-f**ked then tortured to death by Stalin’s troops (courtesy of uncle Joe’s favorite jew, Illya Ehrenburg egging them on.)****

            The U.S. troops weren’t that much better. Although, only a handful were into the torture thingy. ..the list goes on ad infinitum.


            ****the favored method of disposal, per Ehrenburg’s followers was to insert a loaded 20-23mm single-shot flare pistol, into the helpless German female’s nether-parts…and squeeze the trigger!!!

            • Always is a pleasure to hear from you Hunter. Hope all is well with you and yours.

              • Ditto Stolz.

                The balloon is going up soon, pal.

                ..GOTT mit uns…

        • So let me get this straight, you are on Hitlers side? You would put the Jews back in the gas chambers huh. The German people will suffer another war within their borders and it will be at the hands of the same savages that have killed thousands of Christians in the middle east.

          I guess that is what losers do, wrong side of history again.

          • USMC1982, The savages you named have killed more muslims as well. Crime is crime unless a Jew supporter idiot like you prefers to play the BS game.

            Do you have the integrity to name the crimes committed by US of A in Vietnam?

            Do you know that French soldiers have raped more women during the si called peace mission in Africa?

            Do you know that the Zionist blood suckers are killing Palestinian kids and woman each and every day.

            If you don’t know some of these events then you are an uneducated soul wasting Oxygen but if you know but in denial on purpose then you are on the same level as these ISIS savages.

          • 1982 Jarhead

            Well what’cha know, I shoulda guessed it’d be some freakin’ kosher butt-humbled / hurt character…or more likely, one obediently defending the lies / usury & deceptions of your tribe.

            ..and so sadly, …under the false camouflage of a former U.S. Marine.

            ..tsk..tsk..tsk!!! Much shame be upon you!



            “..So let me get this straight, you are on Hitlers side?”


            Ehhhhh…yeah, I guess so!

            Especially when I take into account…the massive level of destruction wrought by those ole’ Adolph wanted to quarantine in / on Madagascar, per the mayhem they’ve orchestrated / conducted upon Western Civilization during his time period.

            Reality check>>> WW-II and to date mind you.

            Its gotten orders of magnitudes worse.


            (quote #2):

            “.. The German people will suffer another war within their borders and it will be at the hands of the same savages that have killed thousands of Christians in the middle east.”



            ..that said ditto, the Italians, French, Swedes, Danes, Dutch, Spanish etc..etc.
            And soon…the Canucks & we Americans.


            (hopefully pontificating):

            On the remote chance that you’re able to successfully extract your cranium (or what’s left of it), from your kosher-sanctioned lower body cavity,…

            …you may desire to research (in depth), who (what tribe) is and always has..financed, instructed / guided & provided cover for those easily duped…into eradicating “us” and our civilization!!!


            Start w/ George Soros…& work backwards thru time.

            Hopefully, you’ll connect the dots, before you hit GENESIS & Cain’s seedline.


            (quote #3):

            “..I guess that is what losers do, wrong side of history again.”


            Sorry sonny, I’m holding a handful of divine / biblical ACES..(aka TRUTH).

  ’ve got a hand / head-full of talmudic bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Sooooo….. Biblical truth is behind the Muslims then? Wake up man. You are drowning in anti-American and Israel kool-aid..

        • …Looks like government provocateurs are trying to paint this site as anti-Semitic.

        • Stolz vorfahren – You seem to have a rudimentary knowledge of German, so tell me, which Germanic ancestors are you so proud of?

          Your Prussian ancestors (who make up the bulk of the recently newly created German state), or the repulsive animals that formed the NAZI party?

          Your interpretation of modern history is so flawed as to be laughable! You’re doing what your “heroes” did, you’re trying to rewrite history, without wanting to understand the past.

          With your bile and hatred you spurn and pour contempt upon the millions of American patriots who served and died during WW2.

          Using a Germanic nom de guerre shows that you are not American (even though you maybe born there).

          So, with your love of NAZI’ism, why don’t you return to your spiritual home? (you’d feel very much at ease in Munich). After all, it’s what you “racially pure” dunderheads advocate for other immigrants.

      2. Germany will be a template on which America will base its tactics on which to fight terrorism on its own soil.

      3. My hope is that instead of becoming extinct, we will recognize that compassion has reasonable limits. Compassion fatigue always happens sooner or later. It will be better if we experience it soon enough, than too late.

        • These ‘sand-niggers’ and towel-heads have been at it (war) in excess of 6,000 years (with no breaks). I would not be seeking nor expecting any “compassion fatique” from people who delight in roasting others to death by fire, lopping off of heads and SOP “executions” (bullet to the back of the head is what I mean …as they are placed on their knees “to honor their superior slayers” and all that shit.

          Their sheer religion (Muslim) and what it says should be all the ‘red flags’ you need. *It’s fine to lie to infidels and break promises to get what you seek and then slay those damned infidels in the name of Allah. Look what Iran is doing now that it appears Obama is done (openly) feeding them billions (to use against us now AND in future days (not months or years, but days).

          Germany is only trying to hold off immigrants. We’ve got the entire developed world frowning upon us (for reasons obvious) thus what works for Germany would not serve as a template for The USA in the least. But – to each their own.

      4. If Merkel is in charge of the program, the crack down will be against her own German people. She is a commie crunt.

        • And if hrc, the wicked witch of the Left is allowed to occupy the Office of POTUS, America will become like Germany, but with a merkel on steroids.

        • THAT’S what this is all for, to be used as their excuse for domestic crackdowns against libertarians.

      5. if potential terrorists and their supporters are already known, they should all be arrested and sent to a concentration camp. The Germans know how to do this.

        • Yes Germans could Reopen that camp that was originally built by russian jewdeosoviet kommie bolsheviks, and then used to house White Christain Russians and Poles prior to mass tortures and deaths of them not headed out to cold siberian worker camps….yep that would be the Famous camp they call Aushwitz and it got built at least 25 years prior to anybody ever heard of a guy named adoplh.

          The same bolshevik kommie russians also in around mid 1950’s, built a gas chamber there too, due to so many visitors kept asking “Where is that Gas Chamber we heard of eh?” They then built it the size of a Two car garage! Then claim 2,000 to 2,500 people at a time got herded into it and killed! my own garage is Two and a Half car sized and i know for fact you cannot place anywheres near that number into it at same time…maybe a hundred? mabye a bit more even?…But 2,000 to 2,500, and in less than 10 minits kill and evacuate chamber to bring next bunch in around the clock every day day in day out?

          Question:? “if” germans were worlds greatest best ever mass killer squads, and worlds biggest perfectionists, that were in such a fast hurry to kill and dispose of six million folks….Why would they first give out six million crew haircuts, showers and matching stripped PJ’s, complete with six million new pairs wodden shoes, just to Then herd them into chambers to kil them all off? At the time of total out and out War when all forms Fuels and supplies and clothings and labor to make it all were in such high demand elsewheres?

          I sense a very crooked bagel going on eh? Must be them SQuagels aka square bagels!

          Them same jewdeobolshies had a top leader guy way up the ladder of soviet commanders, and he is whom first invented the now famous “Six-Million” number as well as gas chamber and Ovens atrocities swindles.

          Boy alot of western nation folks sure fell for all that spew eh…Even today with a vast wealth of Free online evidenciary infos to the contrary, a vast mojority still adhere to and fully believe every such story they ever heard or stil hear of…I rekon real factual proven documented evidence type proofs of the opposite or contrary is just too, too much truth for most folks to ever handel huh? No other logical or sane reason fits so swell to explain why so many folk still act like that and never question the “official stories” right?

          None shall ever admit to that though, of this one can always be certain. They all always claim to desire truth no matter where it leads…Hah! more like 1/2 truths to a combo of 98% lies+2% truth and facts based sounds more correct.

      6. Seems like it would be pretty simple to eradicate terrorism. Complete genocide of all Muslims who practice Islam. If you are a Muslim who is Christian or atheist, you are fine. But I believe that would be the greatest blessing to humanity to wipe that fucked up religion out and burn every Koran. That’s awful Ted you say! Maybe but it’s what needs to happen. Read some of the Koran. Read about that Goober Mohammed they pray to 5 times a day, then tell me I’m fucked in the head. Maybe a few thousand or million decent people killed by these monsters people may wake up. I’m so tired of everyone dancing around this fact or trying to sugarcoat it. A spade is a dam spade.

        • Adolf

          “I’m so tired of everyone dancing around this fact or trying to sugarcoat it”

          Genocide is mass murder. No one who refers to themselves as a human being can be such and simultaneously advocate genocide. Ever think this is being pushed by TPTB to create kayos? Why are governments around the globe inviting in potential trouble? Maybe, just maybe TPTB want the resources under the feet of those people? Maybe just maybe they desire to create a condition that would get citizens in the developed world to give their blessing to attacking those people that just so coincidently have something under their feet that TPTB want? Maybe just maybe fracturing stable, non fundamentalist Islamic governments, like Iraq, Libya and Syria and having crazies put in power that are unable to being cohesion and hence political power to bear upon TPTB might be the plan?


            • FTW

              I have no doubt that those that never were interned there weren’t counted. It was off the train and into the gas chamber.

              My Uncle Jim, Army Infantry who landed with the 4th ID at Utah liberated a couple of camps and seen it.

              My friends father, US Army Infantry liberated a camp and seen it too

              Last but most certainly not least a friends father who was a Polish Catholic kid of 14 stayed alive by filling ovens with corpses.

              It happened. Keep mind there were many camps.

              • Kevin2, I like your post and I truly believe you are a good and honest human. However you are referring to Uncle, friends etc.. to justify something that the media has been pushing down the throat of humanity for decades.

                In any war there are atrocities by the waring parties but mankind can’t be kept hostage and pay ransoms for some imaginary numbers and a tribe that has not done jack for the humanity except their own self interests and the total destruction of everyone else.

                Do we hear about Turks killing Armenians? Do we hear about Ukrainians killing Russians.. Do we hear about one million Iranians and Iraqis being slaughter during an 8 year war and based on the armaments supplied by the US and Israel.

                If not why no?

              • That Typhus … what a bastard of a thing!

              • “I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war. Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
                In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

                — Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster
                12-5-2005….Man Thats quite a lot of Volums & Pages huh!

                Holowhopper of the Day

                Jewish zombies shuffle to their mass graves. We have *eyewitness* testimony here. What further need is there for proof?

                “An eyewitness stated that the alleged poison gas had a delayed action: it allowed the victims to leave the gas chambers and walk to the mass graves by themselves.”

                Repts. of the Polish Underground, Archiv der Polnischen Vereinigten Arbeiterpartei, 202/III,v.7,pp.120f.,quoted in: P. Longerich, op. cit.(note 271), p. 438

          • Kevin:

            Right on all counts except I would address it to Stalin or Trotskey, who make Adolf look like a teddy bear.


            • Stalin and company starved or otherwise disposed on 20 million people while Adolf got 10 million. The communists were crude, the Germans did it with systematic efficiency.

              • Kevin2:

                I understand that you believe the “official” story. The story all of us were raised to believe.

                Consider this, all four allies Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Truman were members of the secret society of the Free Masons. Truman went from a 32 degree Mason to a 33 degree Mason after bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki which are coincidentally on the 33rd latitude. Roosevelt instituted a form of Socialism via The New Deal.

                Hitler was a Roman Catholic who supported The Church and he fought the Free Masons who are J*ws, and the J*wish creation known as communism and now Zionism. Hitler has been maligned by historians under a J*wish monoply of publishing and media. We have been lied to. There was absolutely no mention of a systematic extermination by the Nazies in encyclopedias immediately following WW2. There was no mention of a systematic genocide in the voluminous books written right after the war. The naked dead starved bodies seen in videos of camps being bulldozed into graves belonged mainly to Germans. At the end of the war millions of Germans starved and millions more died of Typhus.

                There is an industry and billions of dollars at stake keeping Americans and Europeans dispirited and guilt ridden for sins supposedly commited by our fathers or grandfathers. Most of it is a fiction. The only gas chambers were used to disinfect clothing. That’s it. End of story. But if you choose to believe that fairy tale that Hitler systematically exterminated six million J*ws, go ahead. There is no Easter Bunny, no tooth fairy, and Santa Claus is a myth as well. I’m sorry if this offends your sensitivities. I still find it hard to believe that I was fooled so completely myself. I shed many a tear watching holocaust stories. But stories are all they are. I’ve stopped watching television because I was traumatized by a story that was a lie.

                Unfortunately, there is actual real footage on the Internet of Stalin and Trotskey’s men torturing real men, women, and children. The most horrific real life torture showed a man tied up like an animal on all fours with a metal rod inserted into his rectum. Real footage of a man skewered alive like an animal to die a slow painful death. So now that and hundreds of other real pictures of men murdered and castrated and babies heads bashed in. So, don’t think for a minute that it was merely the starvation of some millions alone. What the Russians (J*ws) did was the worst atrocity of all. And then they lied and deflected guilt by falsely charging Hitler with crimes.



        • Ted McDICK….. Nice try. Where are you located it? Tell Aviv, Ryad or DC… You start doing what you preach by killing innocents and I’ll kill you and parasites like you like a rabid dog.

          The monsters you are referring to are on Tel AViv, DC and Saudi’s desert.

          • Let me guess you never read the Koran. Its the play book for mass murder. Where are you located At? Do tell. Wanna be Muslim lover.

            • Looks like minime is working OT in Tel Aviv. Have you got your pay check vi the US tax payers? Keep killing those Palestinian kids for sport. Payback day is getting closer.

          • Ha. Ted mcdick. Creative I guess. After dealing with some of these Muslim slime balls yes that is my position. What the hell have they contributed to humanity? If they didn’t have oil they’d be worse off than the blacks in Africa. Just get out of their country and problem solved? True that’s what I’d tell the military but they would still hate us and want to kill the infidels. Retard. Do some reading of your history. How many hijackers were Saudis? Hmm. What did we do to Saudi Arabia before 9-11? I was military and some of family. So yes if it was up to me I would obliterate Islam. You will notice I didn’t say kill Em all let God sort Em out. But nobody will change my mind that Islam is a fucking disease that needs gone.

            • Again let me state it…. anyone who kills innocents must be put down like a wild animal.

              As far as Islam being a disease, I personally think that all active religions can be subjected to disease infection. e.g;

              Muslims killing under the name of infidel including raping young boys and girls.

              Catholics raping young boys in the so called house of God.

              Zionists killing unarmed Palestinians under their satanic views.

              And many more stories. You don’t need a religion to be a human but a religion can justify the acts of evil.

            • Though Islam is a chaotic disease … I strongly believe that all ORGANIZED RELIGIONS should be abolished … a person should have and keep their faith in their own belief …. no matter what … but …

              to use it for world dominance is wrong … and that is precisely what the US GOV does … plays and pay others for disturbance on the globe.

            • Name two major inventions created by mslms in the last 1000 years. And no, the car bomb and suicide vest don’t count. Anyone who refuses to assimilate is here to destroy.

              • Sarge – “name 2 major inventions created by Muslims in the last 1,000 years?” Easy:

                1. The crank (leading to the car, without which you wouldn’t be able to haul your fat butt about in)

                2. Hospitals (without which, after your bad driving, you would have died by the roadside).

                Off the top of my head how about Algebra, astronomy, optics, surgery, universities…I could go on (admittedly some of these discoveries listed in this paragraph maybe older than 1,000 years).

                American ignorance is displayed in all of its woeful inadequacies here on this site.

                So tell me, please, how, having lived to such an age, you are still unwilling to learn? Ignorance of and underestimating your enemy is a killer!

          • Stolz-

            Wow are you a piece of work, arent you the one that preaches death to Jews? One of my Grandfathers fought on WWI, The other in WWII, an uncle in the army rangers in WWII, how much you want to bet our forefathers met in battle? Wonder how that turned out?

            Both Grandfathers lived in a free country until mid 90’s the uncle died at 70 a free man.

            Wanna play cowboys and nazi’s ??

            • USMC1982…maybe you feel guilty of killing babies in nam. May be you are just too old and getting stupid. There are many maybe’s but even though that I am not nazi I would love to play the game with you.

            • USMC1982:

              I honor the brave soldiers who fought “for freedom” in WW1&2. They served with the best intentions. I have family who served in the past and are even now overseas engaging “the enemy”. It is harder to accept that one has been tricked and fooled if one has personally fought and killed the “wrong enemy”. As General Patton put it before he was murdered. Yes, the proof that Patton was murdered is circumstantial, but compelling. He realized at the end that “We fought the wrong enemy”. Patton knew that America would become Communist (it has steadily moved in that direction), unless the J*wish led Communist-Bolshevist murderers in Russia were fought and defeated, freeing the Russian people from the outside invaders who had usurped power from the native Russians and remade Russia into the Communist Soviet Union as step one toward implementation of a world order of Communism. Communism is anti-religion, anti-family, anti-private property, and anti-gun ownership.

              The Fact that we fought on the side of these Communists and against the only man fighting this evil proves that we were and are under the power of J*wish Communists. Hitler, a Roman Catholic fought for Christianity alongside other Christian Countries and Christian leaders. On their belts it reads “God with us”. The Nazies at the Neuremburg trials confessed under torture and were hanged. Since when are the military leaders tried and hung after surrendering. Since when are soldiers after surrender, put into open fields and slowly starved to death as Eisenhower murdered over a million defenseless men, little boys, and women. Then, not only is Eisenhower not tried for war crimes; he is lavished with praise and voted in as our President.

              You are a loyal and brave soldier and a good decent American Patriot, but like us all, you have been lied to and mislead. I hope you will be brave and do some investigating. You will be shocked. Reality is so much turned on its head. Everything is backwards to what you think. Good is bad. And evil is benevolent. Hitler lead an army of heroes. The German soldiers fought for the same things your relatives fought for. Like General Patton said, “We defeated the wrong enemy”.

              God Bless and Thank You for your service


        • Ted:

          I understand the way you feel but your attention is focused in the wrong place. Muslims don’t bother Christian countries like the U.S. We are like oil and water. Send the Muslims back to their own countries and stop invading them. Then there won’t be a problem. It’s the self chosen extremist Zionist NWO or TPTB who foment war between Christians and Muslims.


        • ALL mslms follow the Koran. The Koran commands mslms to believe in allah and follow mohamed. According to THEIR book, sharia law trumps ALL other laws, including the Constitution. izlm is a political ideology whose goal it is to dominate the world. There are no moderate mslms, only areas where they lack the numbers to carry out that domination. izlm is NOT compatible with freedom-loving peoples

        • ALL mslms follow the Koran. The Koran commands mslms to believe in allah and follow mohamed. According to THEIR book, sharia law trumps ALL other laws, including the Constitution.

          izlm is a political ideology whose goal it is to dominate the world. There are no moderate mslms, only areas where they lack the numbers to carry out that domination. izlm is NOT compatible with freedom-loving peoples

        • ALL mslms follow the Koran. The Koran commands mslms to believe in allah and follow mohammed. According to THEIR book, sharia law trumps ALL other laws, including the Constitution.

          izlm is a political ideology whose goal it is to dominate the world. There are no moderate mslms, only areas where they lack the numbers to carry out that domination. izlm is not compatible with freedom-loving peoples.

        • ALL mslms follow the Koran. The Koran commands mslms to believe in allah and follow mohammed. According to THEIR book, sharia law trumps ALL other laws, including the Constitution.
          izlm is a political ideology whose goal it is to dominate the world. There are no moderate mslms, only areas where they lack the numbers to carry out that domination. izlm is not compatible with freedom-loving peoples.

          • Sorry about the multiple posts, couldn’t get it to go through even after so many tries.

          • Bottom line is the muslimes are not compatible with US. Sooner or later we will have to round them up and send them back.

            • And the Native Americans must round up trashes like you USMC but not to send you back rather to shot you in the head for the crimes you have committed against them.

              You dumb piece of fuck.

              • Its an American tradition… You will see soon enough.

                Americans= American Indians, Blacks, Whites, Asians, all true Americans that still Love this country.


      7. Invite in Islamic Fundamentalists and then prepare for their terrorist acts. While I’m not an educated man it appears far more logical to not invite them in to begin with; then again, what do I know.

        • Kevin2:

          You are a gentleman and a scholar, but even an uneducated man could see that you are right.


          • Soon a law will be passed making it illegal for you to have a front door.

            • Whew!!! Good thing I have a back door … cuz that makes me want to take a dump.

          • K-2, don’t short change yourself.
            Your posts…I always read, whenever I touch base here.

            …don’t always agree w/ you…but methinks, you possess an abundance of functioning synapses! Kudos.

          • B from CA

            Its my personal observation that formal education in Science, Engineering and Math is truly education. Once your in the humanities or sudo science like Political Science its more indoctrination than education and its getting worse. The new Federal Guidelines are teaching math and the result of 1 + 1 = 3 is ok with them as long as the student “logically” showed how they came to that result. In the meantime kids in South Korea (I was told this by an engineer that was raised there) complete the equivalent of college level calculus in high school.

        • Exactly. If you want to help them, then set up safe zones inside of Syria where they can live. Importing middle eastern Muslims only imports trouble and makes the citizens of your country less safe. There is a reason why all Islamic countries wind up being statist dictatorships with a heavy government presence. Islam is incompatible with multicultural societies. This is why taking out Saddam Hussein or any other dictator who has stabilized their predominantly Islamic country through whatever means is a mistake. These people cannot live peacefully with others who do not share their precise belief set unless they are forced to.

          The reason that so many on the left cannot see this is that they have no true understanding of religious faith or the way that these faiths are actually put into practice. Majority Christian and Buddhist countries generally have respect for all human life and are therefore tolerant of the existence of other belief systems they do not agree with. In the end, God or the universe will sort it out. In Islam, the believer is to be the avenging hand of Allah, and so violence follows wherever Islam gets a stronghold. Sadly, left wing atheists want to put all faiths and religions into the same basket and fail to take into consideration the differences between these different systems of belief. Thus, we have what is happening in Europe and will soon happen in the US if we elect the wrong people.

          • Winston Smith.

            Let me add to your opinion.

            You are correct.

            There is a right way and a wrong way for people to come to this country and they must assimilate to OUR CULTURE and not induce theirs upon us. Especially when violence is accepted to convert others.
            Those who want to bring this plague upon us, although a small measure now, will accelerate the process if a Democrat is elected.

            ” Will accelerate the process if a Democrat is elected.”

            Should this happen and future events go bad. I will consider Democrats to be included as the “ENEMY”.

            You will receive no help from me. You deal with it when it becomes personal for you. That is when the invader knocks at YOUR door.

            I will remember all your DEMOCRATIC INSULTS you made against me. As a Republican that is.

            • Mslms who have no desire to assimilate but wish to live under sharia law, are invaders, not ‘refugees’. Sharia law demands no allegiance to our US Constitution, and the Koran forbids assimilation. In America the law of the land is the US Constitution.

              Our security supersedes the desires of those who wish to come to our country to change our Constitution to sharia law. We have no obligation to accept ‘immigrants’ to placate foreigners and liberals.

              Those who follow islam don’t belong In America. Anyone who wants sharia utopia can migrate to some hell hole country already created by islamists.

          • “This is why taking out Saddam Hussein or any other dictator who has stabilized their predominantly Islamic country through whatever means is a mistake.”

            It was no mistake. TPTB want nations with resources or strategic location to transport them to be in kayos one step away from the next revolution. In the event that they get the bright idea like trading their oil in something other than US dollars there goes that government that is replaced with one more reasonable.

            None of this is either accident or mistake.

            • Kevin2-

              Amazing how long they have been working on all of this, many turned a blind eye until Ob@ma. I will vote for Trump, but its too little too late.

              Keep on stackin

              • USMC1982

                Two options.

                If Hillary wins she will load the supreme court and more attacks on 2nd amendment/Constitution. U.N. and N.W.O. influence increases in the USA.

                Trumps wins. The bankers/FED will collapse the financial institutions and move to induce a world war.

      8. The bosses have determined that it is best to keep the people afraid and begging for tyranny in order to implement martial law or to prepare them for a confrontation with Russia by planning and staging “terror attacks”. After all, it works pretty good here in the states…

        Some relevant quotes from H L Mencken:

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

        “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself…almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable,”

        • JRS

          Well said.

      9. This all goes to the IDIOTS that let all those TURDS in to start with.

        Make a problem have a solution.

        I see why the Germans were told to have at least 10 days of food and water on hand per person. I would have 30 days.


        • “Something big and messy on their own soil.” Now THAT is an understatement if I ever heard one. We’ll face much worse than that before very long at home.

      10. All I have to contribute to this article –

        Hitler On Refugees in Europe!

        Duration 4:00

      11. Fire up the ovens.

        • Ovens were fired up back in the day, but not how fake Historians say it went down.

          Typhus was rampant during WWII – best way to rid the infection is to burn the dead bodies.

          The fake Historians refer to Zyklon B to be the agent to kill(gas) their enemies – yet, if one was to investigate Zyklon B – it is a delousing agent, and yes … this was used on the new arrivals – which theatrics refer to as the “showers”.

          A person can not die from Zyklon B – I’m sure it isn’t healthy for a person … but … it won’t kill you.

          • FTW – Fancy taking a lungfull after reading the truth? You inadequates keep pushing new lies!


            I suppose that you’ll come up with some other piece of nonsense to refute the self evident science. None so blind or blinkered as neo NAZI Idiots!

          • Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Zyklon B is cyanide based and hence the delivery system for cyanide.

            Once again one Uncle and two friends fathers seen it with one of them being an actual witness, they’re not lying. Hitler killed 6 million Jews on purpose and another 4 million people deemed undesirables.

            • Hitler killed 6 million Jews on purpose.

              How they produce like rats then?

          • FTW: if you read the actual testimonys of various so called camp survivors. Such as actual testimony used as evidence at Neurenburg trials to hang germans with.

            And also various Other survivor stories/testimonys regarding Ovens used to cremate in.

            Most every such “Oven Claim” claims that once per every aprox 10-12 Minuets…One and at times Two or up to FOUR Live jews got stuffed into a single creamatory oven, and the process was repeated 24/7 around the clock for like eight months straight untill a million and a half jews were killed off.

            okay so tell Us how is that remotly even possible with ancient style brick and cement ovens that relied more on wood or coal when available since all forms nat gas and gasoline or diesel fuels were in Big Demand for War efforts?

            And Facts that even Todays High Tech computerized most efficient Natural Gas fired county coroners creamation ovens hold just ONE dead body and it takes aprox 6 to 8 Hrs total to turn one dead body into ashes and tiny bone fragments?

            Yet sonehow germans were able to kill as many as Four at a time in a single wood/caol fired oven and do so in just 10-12 minuets flat to all ash and bone fragments?

            BS! It is for Certain The Biggest Ever HOAX stories of the entire 20th Century bar none period end of story!

            yet its to be expected when their own higest rated religious books, aka talmud books teach that for a jew to lie to a gentile goy is a good Virtous thing and is never a sin nor crime…only forbidden is for them to lie to a fellow jew person…Big NO NO then!

            plus each year at Yom Kipper aka jewish New Years day at their synagouges everywheres…They recite the Kol Nidre Prayer…A jewish Prayer that absolves the jew that recited it out loud, from obeying ANY and EVERY Oath or promice he or she made…And absolves them from all past years oaths or promices not kept and also absolves them for the next full year to yet come!

            It is no wild wonder once one researches these important issues as to just why did 109 prior host nations boot out their jewish society members once enough of the nations folks got jewized up on such issues eh.

            They are not victims innocent of all wrong doings! Rather they themselevs Cause every type antisemitism and cause gentiles to so dispise their tribe and boot em out finally.

            This is cold hard facts that folks are finnally awakening to now..But the numbers of awake folk is still too little too late. Most prefer to remain in Deep Denials as so oft seen or read here in the shtf forums.

            America can never ever get fixed nor re set untill a vast majority of usa folks do finally wake up and get jewized up. I do not see that happening in time for the usa.

            • Them Guys – Where are your sources of information? It’s pointless saying this, that, or the other is true unless you have verifiable and believable sources. Like the advice you have given, you too must re-research your beliefs. Sad to say you do sound hysterically confused.

              And anyway as you can’t spell Genesis correctly why should anyone believe the rants you put out? So stop quoting the Bible as if you understand it chapter and verse. It’s patently obvious by your ravings that you don’t.

              No shame there though as much cleverer people than you can’t agree on definitions within the good book – that’s why so many Christian sects exist. Or are you intent on forming your own loony tunes version of Christianity?

              • Debunker?: Bad choice of screen name eh.

                in the past 4-5 years here i have posted more proof statements/quotes, Links, DNA proven evidence from Dec 2012 of a israeli jewish scientist that proves beyond doubt almost 99% of todays modern era “jews” are really Khazars withOUT any bllod line or ties to hebrews or israelites of old testement bible eras period.

                Just as Christ warned/Told us 2000 yrs ago eh! Imposters that are really the synagouge of satan!

                My bad spelling issue is what I have several times admitted is a problem for me, but so fuckin what?

                Your Idiotic reply to me which is more an attack personally at me since You Lack such proofs or evidences to prove me wrong…..Also proves that YES regardless of my bad spelling issues..Yes You still understood what I wrote and meant. So bad spelling plays an insignificant role in the matters at hand period.

                What Does matter and matters Most is that Yes real factual history which has prior been very well hidden and concealed from 99.99% of the global goyim at large everywheres, has in the past 10 to 15 years now been widely exposed. Thanks to Internet.

                Internet is the one ONLY form msm medias that jewry does not yet fully control. It was an huge Oversight for jewry when they missed the vast potentials internet will have upon exposeing 35 centuries of jewish perfidy and outright swindle scams galore.

                So if you desire proofs etc? Then do Your OWN homework as I and everybody else that have become jewized up awake has had to do…Check the SHTF Archives it should ALL be in there whatever many links and quoted statements and various too, too, too Many proofs I have prior posted here in the forums.

                Bottom line here with fools such as You is that no matter how many times or how much evidence or proofs gets handed to you types…Nothing ever is going to convince You.

                And same as typical kommie leftist lib dems and afrcian negroes and 99+% jewry…You always will revert back to name callings and trash speak designed to stiffle truth speech, and also as sal alinsky taught you types, to do so in order to casue other dumbed down folk to hate every truth teller that goes against the jewdeo scam accepted small few approved speech about jews and israel state.

                Mainly that is…the ONLY accepted thing allowed to be written or spoken especially in Public, is to always call jews the worlds biggest Victim group, and the ONLY victims that matter, and that jews are always The main victims because jews never ever does ANY wrongs ever!

                You Must act the same as most jews and act very confused as to just why so many times in history jews has been booted out of litterally Every nation they Ever resided in. Which to Date for past 2000 yrs has been a whopping 109 Nations! Every one booted them Out once folks there wized up to what casued internal destruction of nation and society etc. Then asap fast once done booting them out made fast recovery!

                So perhaps You also need get jewized up on real facts based truth and history eh…And a good place to begin is the shtf archives where so much facts and links I have prior posted here in the forums is at, it should only take You aprox 10 years to play catch up to we here that are wized up fully.

                As for biblical stuff? Like I stated prior. That OT genesis book verse about bless abraham and his seed stuff, is fully explained in NT book Galatians by writer Pual…he fully Dispells it as total false Myth what most preachers today teach folks of, to bless jewry or god wont bless usa etc!

                They, the duped fools, are whom changes bible words to suit Their own interpretations you idiot. They Love to locate the word “israel” anywheres biblically and then Change the word israel INTO the word “jew” so to then claim “See the bible/God sez we Must do this or that for jewry etc etc”

                But fact is change word israel To word of jew is blasphemy and apostate falshood galore. Yet they refuse to stop doing it eh…

                Okay I wasted too many words on You already here so either do your Own homework and get jewized up or do not I care less either way…But also do NOT think by calling Me or others here that are also very wized up, stupid label names is ever going to stiffle us or Our free speech or get Us to stop exposeing jewry for all it has done evil or wrong for far too too long already…Because Knowledge of these facts is Key component to getting real and Good changes done to fix a fucked up america..Just go ask those 109 Other prior booted out from nations if you doubt me eh!

                I wont say go ask an Honest jew, since in past 20 years now I have only located aprox half a dozen or so that speak out against their own tribes deviousness and dispicablness etc…Like niggers jewry sticks as One no matter what wrongs their kin do or did…What else would one expect if Christ is correct in John 8:44, that they are Of their Father satan and will always Do his evil Lusts!

      12. What are the self defense tools stated in the article.

        Pitchforks and torches?

        • I’ll let the gullible Voting Base do that deed. [pitchforks & torches]

          That day arrives – I’ll be having a glass of wine with a freshly rolled up cigarette and enjoy the festivities from afar.

        • I DID read that most of Germany sold out of Heavy Duty broomsticks in under 24hrs. Beat the hell outta them with sticks? Okay!

      13. All of us know damn well it will be coming here to America. A matter of time. Many will change their opinion when their own family is injured. As they now agree with an administration that illegally invites and protects those crossing our southern border and also imports them by airlift into our country on the taxpayers dime.

        Lots can happen between now and the election.

        Prep for War.

      14. “…….will be coming …..” WILL BE?

        Don’t think it is already here huh? …and warning us all to “prep for war”? Really? but …but …but…oh, okay then.

        • Equorial

          There are always NEWBIES coming on line. The warning to prep for war is not for the older preppers.

          Give me a fucking break.

      15. bbl …was just advised to “Prep For War” and we don’t have a THING to wear!

      16. The most likely probability is that Germany is desiring their people to prepare for WWIII with Russia and the Islamic terror threat is the ostensible excuse.

        • This is what I’ve been thinking too. Turning countries like Germany on its head into anti-democratic mirrors of what we find in ISIS today, and for what? More war! War is a racket…

      17. Guys take the time to read through this and educate me if I am way off base….I don’t care about your faith..but I am a Christian and rely heavily on the bible…starting with gen. 12:3. google it…
        As to that:
        I am very disgusted in the anti Jewish talk on this site…99.9% of discussion has merit, but for some ignorant reason you guys keep going down this Israel caused everything bad thing….honestly I think I’m missing something…zionist this zionist that…guys, the jews did not cause WWI, WWII, the depression, this money trial we’re facing now…etc, etc…
        There are good and bad people in EVERY group…there HORRIBLE JEWS….but it is not a culture of evil….communism is a culture of evil…Islam is a culture of evil….judeo/christians are not a culture of evil….so guys just cool down a bit, if you would, and focus on the REAL problems…tyrants of all colors are busy dividing those of us who would stop them.
        we cannot be vigilant against the statists and globalists if we are letting them separate us into tribal factions…
        like it or not, things are gonna get ugly and we need to at least be open minded enough to target a group because they’re not like us.

        • Vocalpatriot

          The J2ws call everyone else cattle. The Islamic call us infidels. I am not particularly fond of either.

          As far as the talk about any group of people here. It is the nature of the beast.

        • so guys just cool down a bit, if you would, and focus on the REAL problems??????

          The real problem is the zionist jews are the main problem. Once they get cleansed most problems will go away.

        • Vocal:

          “Am I missing something?”

          In a word, YES. !! You are missing a lot.

          In order to unravel the fabric of lies you, and most others, are wrapped up in; go to http://www.real Zionist news . com. This is the site of the YouTube guy Brother Nathaniel. If you prefer videos to reading, Brother Nathaniel has many. This guy looks like a joke. But don’t let appearances fool you. He has put up a literary treasure of information. The man was born a J*w. He will be a j*w in the biologic sense as long as he lives. His genetic offspring will be J*wish in that regard. But he has rejected the TALMUD and its supremist teachings. The TALMUD is the forerunner of the Koran, and some believe Mohammad was actually a Talmudic J*w giving the MIddle Easterners a form of his own Talmudic Religious philosophy, which by the way, teaches pedophilia as just great and dandy. So do your research. Find out what this religion really is. It is at its core anti-Christ. And many believe the God of the Talmudic J*ws is Lucifer the fallen angel, Satan himself. The lands of Palestine belong to the Palestiniens. The one man responsible for Isreal is Rothschild. He was promised the land of Palestine as payment for luring and enticing America into WW2. The Balfour Declaration spells it out.


        • “Those who have ears to hear let them hear” The natural man does not understand truth. They dot understand Gods covenant with Israel, they don’t understand the Cross. It is easy to get drawn into this hateful back and forth. I come to this site for like minded Christian- Patriot- Preparing dialog but lately seem to be letting myself get drawn into arguments with these anti-semite types. Seems like more and more of them on here.

          In the end all nations will rise against Israel. I used to think that would not happen in my lifetime in America… not so sure now.

          • USMC1982.. Later dude. Go to Israel and enjoy life until they get nuked.

        • Vocal Patriot, the mooks you see spouting the anti-semitism on this site make a steady habit of it. Lots of ignorant prejudice backed by faulty reason at best. Mac supports it so tacitly promotes it. Look at his articles. Long on fear porn, short on actual prepping. His whole site is about click bait for his sponsors. If you want to see an actual site with decent humans and good info go to

      18. But but but but I thought they wanted all of them to come there…?

        No means yes?

        (Ok I had to it was just hovering there waiting for someone to swing at it, tasteless as it clearly is)…

        Oh Germany make up your mind eh?

      19. The German government allowed over a million refugees into its borders. For all we know there could be well over a thousand million of these lunatics lurking in Germany.

        So yeah fixed that for you…

      20. Vocal Patriot: in Answer to your delema…especially about Genisis 12 verses…Read NT book of Galatians where Paul deals precicely with that genisis verse to explain that the word “seed” as in abrahams seed did NOT refer to a jew or jews nor every jew to ever live as most preachers today teach it means.

        The seed word Paul said meant Jesus Christ is the seed meant period. Paul also explains there in One covenent and just one…and that it Replaced the old covenent israel tribes had prior…Christianity Is based on the new testement which means a testement Of the new covenant etc…also if you research every issue claim your post stated of wars and banks etc and jewish involvment etc.

        you shall find that most all you claimed is 100% wrong and yes more jewish fingerprints are on most every scewed up thing globally and have been for very long while now.

        but You must do self research to have a re think of whats true or not…it aint difficult to do now with free info online at more sites than you can ever read in a dozen lifetimes and on those exact issues you stated or claimed…Its Your choice to learn real truth or not.

        • Them-

          You are partially correct. When Christ died on the cross he did away with the law, the vail of separation was ripped apart. ( literally )

          However, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He will honor the covenant with Israel, as a nation of people.

          As Christians we hold that spiritual blessing that once was reserved for the Jewish people. But that does not mean that God has forsaken Israel as his chosen brand.

          The Old testament is still Gods word, we are not under the law. Israel is still Gods chosen people, Christians are saved, first the Jew, then the Gentile.

          • USMC………All of your BS holds until the Aryan race destroys all of the non pure parasites including you.

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