Germany In Shock After “Monstrous” Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men “Of Arab Or North African Origin”

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Headline News | 184 comments

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    This article was originally published at Zero Hedge.


    Yesterday, we were shocked to learn that as German anger boils over at the country’s unprecedented refugee wave, one or more so far unknown assailants fired shots through the window at a home for asylum seekers in western Germany injuring one resident as he was sleeping. As AP noted it wasn’t immediately clear who was responsible for the incident or what the motive was. However, Darmstadt prosecutors’ spokeswoman Nina Reininger told news agency dpa: “If someone shoots at housing which has people inside, I assume that it is a targeted attack.”


    An officer of the crime scene investigation unit examine the shattered window glass
    of a refugee shelter in Dreieich near Offenbach, Germany, Monday, Jan. 4, 2016

    Today, we are just as shocked to read that, even as we expected, the animosities between the two groups have dramatically escalated, and that the mayor of Cologne has summoned police for crisis talks after nearly 100 women reported they were robbed, threatened or sexually molested at the New Year’s celebrations outside the city’s cathedral by young, mostly drunk, men, police said on Tuesday. One woman said she was raped.

    According to BBC, “the scale of the attacks on women at the city’s central railway station has shocked Germany.” About 1,000 drunk and aggressive young men were involved.

    The initial shock will quickly transform to furious anger, because more important in this specific case was the origin of the 1,000 drunk assailants, who split into groups, and attacked women in the square. Citing the police chief Wolfgang Albers, BBC notes that the men were of Arab or North African region“, adding that they were mostly between 18 and 35 years old. He added that the attack was a “completely new dimension of crime”.

    BBC adds that what is particularly disturbing is that the attacks appear to have been organised. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women.

    Fearing a public backlash, Cologne mayor Henriette Reker said there was no reason to believe that people involved in the attacks were refugees. Nonetheless, after a crisis meeting, she admitted the attacks were“monstrous” adding that “we cannot allow this to become a lawless area.

    This, of course, puts her in a very precarious position if it is found that the attackers were indeed refugees.

    Reker was stabbed in the neck and seriously hurt in October, just a day before she was elected mayor. Police said that attack appeared to be motivated by her support for refugees.


    Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker and President of the Cologne Police Wolfgang
    Albers (R) hold a news confernece in Cologne, Germany, January 5, 2016.

    Integration commissioner Aydan Ozoguz, a self-proclaimed Muslim, likewise warned against refugees and foreigners being put under “blanket suspicion”.

    At this point it is too late for damage control, however, as this has become a case of guilty until proven innocent, especially since politicians involuntarily may be stirring the pot: “We will not accept the disgusting attacks on women. All perpetrators must be held to account,” said Justice Minister Heiko Maas, a Social Democrat, in a tweet.

    As Reuters adds, the attack has stirred “strong emotions in Germany where Chancellor Angela Merkel has welcomed people fleeing war zones in the Middle East and Africa.”

    The political reaction was immediate: the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has gained in polls in part at Merkel’s expense thanks to a campaign against refugees, said she should close the border.

    “Mrs Merkel, is Germany ‘colourful and cosmopolitan’ enough for you after the wave of crimes and sexual attacks?” tweeted AfD chief Frauke Petry.

    Meanwhile, Germany’s embattled prime minister urged people to respect strangers. Merkel said that “We .. respect everyone, even if we don’t know them,” she said. “That is the case not only for Germans, but for everyone.”


    A police vehicle patrols at the main square and in front of the central railway
    station in Cologne, Germany, January 5, 2016.

    Unfortunately for Merkel, it is now too late to contain the incipient, and increasingly more violent – and soon, lethal – conflict between growing sections of the local population and the country’s refugees wave, because as Reuters further adds, and as we have noted repeatedly, there are almost daily attacks on refugee shelters.

    “Events like that in Cologne foster xenophobia,” Roland Schaefer, head of Germany’s association of towns and localities, told reporters. Yes they do, and it was very obvious to everyone long before the recent break out of violence that when mixing two combustible cultures, these would be precisely the results.

    Unless, of course, outcomes such as these were precisely what the otherwise very perceptive Merkel had in mind all along. Recall AIG’s answer to “what Europe wants” back in May 2008:

    To use global issues as excuses to extend its power:

    • environmental issues: increase control over member countries; advance idea of global governance

    • terrorism: use excuse for greater control over police and judicial issues; increase extent of surveillance

    • global financial crisis: kill two birds (free market; Anglo-Saxon economies) with one stone (Europe-wide regulator; attempts at global financial governance)

    • EMU: create a crisis to force introduction of “European economic government”

    As for the “monstrous” attack in Cologne, the local news website Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger says the suspectswere already known to police because of frequent pickpocketing in and around Cologne central station. Police are trying to find out whether the men who targeted women on Thursday night, surrounding, molesting and robbing them, organized their assaults through social media. They are also studying mobile phone and CCTV surveillance videos.

    For now, the local police are searching for the 1,000 assailants. The will be found, and if confirmed that the “monstrous” attackers were indeed recent refugees, the dramatically escalating conflict within German society is about to take a quantum jump into ever greater violence.

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      1. What do people expect?

        • Too bad the sheeple Germans have given up their guns. That’s why we won’t, among many, many other reasons.

          • The situation will probably get worse in the coming months…

            “Refugees” in Europe young, fit and overwhelmingly (95%) male …
            “If these were real refugees, where are the women? Where are the elderly people? Where are the weak and the sick?

            It is increasingly clear that what I have said is true: this is not a refugee crisis. This is a hijrah, a migration to Islamize a new land.”


            35 MILLION migrants heading to Europe, says Hungary as it builds second fence

            Administration Began Resettlement of (up to 75,000) Syrian Muslims in U.S. in 2015
            And that’s already happening in North Dakota, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and Washington.”

            Dec. 18, 2015 – Congress Voted To Fund Nearly 300,000 Visas For Muslim Migrants In One Year (2016)
            “fully funds Obama’s refugee resettlement operation, all Mideast immigration programs…”

            “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
            – Omar Ahmad, Co-Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

            “Islam is not noted for its religious diversity. Christians cannot evangelize in Muslim countries. Churches are burned while police do nothing.

            Muslims who convert to another religion can be executed. Even the presence of the Bible is prohibited by our own military at the behest of Islamic officials when American soldiers are deployed in Muslim nations…”

            “The Koran’s peace initiatives are Orwellian:
            Peace is the absence of any religious or political opposition.

            This is the indisputable history of Islam as Paul Johnson writes:
            Koranic teaching that the faith or “submission” can be, and in suitable circumstances must be, imposed by force, has never been ignored.

            On the contrary, the history of Islam from Arabia was followed by the rapid conquest of North Africa, the invasion and virtual conquest of Spain, and a thrust into France that carried the crescent to the gates of Paris. It took half a millennium or reconquest to expel the Moslems from Western Europe.

            The Crusades, far from being an outrageous prototype of Western imperialism, as is taught in most of our schools, were a mere episode in a struggle that has lasted 1,400 years and were one of the few occasions when Christians took the offensive to regain the “occupied territories” of the Holy Land.”

            • EU and NATO created this Kalergi Plan to be imposed via their Muslim Mujahedin mercs. Now let them live with it!
              For once the perps are getting the slap in the face blowback they deserve. Hope this occurs all over UK and Italy too- after they destroyed Libya, Syria, Tunis etc for the zionist jews.

            • and they NEVER seem to admit they were WRONG to let them infest their country.

            • In the past 5 years of the Obama administration the government admitted 680,000 muslims to this country. That is not counting those that have been streaming across the southwestern border that the federal government insists be left wide open. Signs in the desert are printed in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. Those signs were ordered and installed by the federal government. Border patrol cite years of finding Arabic and Chinese written materials left behind in the sand.
              We have been under assault for years. That is why Obama has been trying to give amnesty to all illegals entering the country by that route. He is not interested in helping Hispanics, he wants to help his muslim brothers.

            • Ky mom: I see an “end game” in 2016 and several others agree like Matt Bracken (Tet take two article). Invaders realize the police do nothing and are testing authority, then the mass killing starts to achieve their victory and form a caliphate. Europeans are real losers and idiots for sure. This time when they totally conquer, there will be zero resistance by EU cowards. The EU won’t be fit to live in, a third world dump.

          • Only one thing left to do. All the German Frauleins need to start wearing burkhas!!

            • There is one alternative to burkas. Let the German Women start carrying very sharp knives and when the “unwanted immigrant” sticks it in she can cut it off.
              One emasculazation will stop the rapes. Of course the “immigrant” will bleed to death but what the hey. A good time will be had by all

          • Europeans are unable to think critically or stand up for anything. The males are gelded cowards, unwilling to protect the women and girls from being raped or molested. Soon (this year) the EU will be a caliphate with shiria law full force imposed by their Marxist pro Islamic leaders under UN agendas. Mass killing and destruction of churches and monuments and people being forced out of homes, etc. EU citizens are total morons and losers giving their countries away to third world scum turning the EU incl Great Britain into a hell pit not fit for rats and other vermin.

            • The largest voting block in the UN is the allied muslim nations. They have huge power in determining what the UN does. The UN in turn affects what the EU does. This is all driven by those in power, not the people of Europe. The people of Europe are not warriors they are normal every day citizens who go to work daily and must obey the nations laws.
              That said they need to organize HUGE peaceful protests in the streets to show their “leaders” their opposition to bringing economic migrants/ Islamic jihadists to their homes. The “leaders” won’t listen because they are moving on an agenda to OWG. But those peaceful protests without government response will show the people that their opinion is not being listened to and that they are many and this will be their first step.

          • The German response to the muslim invasion is also being covered up.

          • I don’t want to sound like I am making light of this horrible situation, but if the women in Germany want to make absolutely, positively sure that they would NEVER be raped by any Arab or African – I would advise them to make sure they always pull on an Angela Merkel mask before they leave their homes.

            Merkel and good wood are two things that would never be found in the same location.

        • Dem Stupid German Libs. They’re primary enablers of their German women getting horribly violated by Muslim men.

          • Obituary> The 2nd Amendment, Death by a thousand cuts. Trekker Out.

            • That’s why I haven’t bothered to read the idiot in chief’s so called orders. I will act according to my God-given rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights—the 2nd guarantees the others.

              • Have always heard that the elitist psychosociopaths want a “one-world religion,” and it appears that Islam is the one that they have chosen. As Islam forbids any independent thought by its brainwashed…and unspeakable horrors are allowed…it then makes sense why the elitist psychosociopaths have picked that one.

              • Daychoir, welcome, and I’m the same way. I don’t follow the African virus’ orders either.

          • Free slave: The EU leaders are full fledged Marxists thinking they will be top dogs after the very soon EU takedown and shiria law implemented. Unless they convert by a simple prayer and wear the Muslim clothing, they will be executed just like when countries were over run with invading tribes in the middle ages, etc. and Muslim countries taken over by other Muslim groups like Libya, etc. Europeans are really idiots, they get what they deserve for being losers. Men are gelded cowards for not protecting women. Will this country fall likewise? It appears so. Few patriots int he EU and few here, most are in the cemeteries.

        • I’m so fucking glad O’Coon is bringing us fiat gun control and massive waves of sand niggers in to keep us safe. Just “common sense” measures. Anyone would do the same you know.

          • O’Coon? That’s funny and the title fits.

            • Black Irish maybe!?

          • Acid, that’s some of the best sarcasm I’ve seen yet.

        • Listen to me you stupid fucking old people.

          These German blondes are the “women of your right hand” the Koran keeps talking about. Kafir women exist to be the sex slaves of the believers. These are the words of Allah himself.

          You get it, you dumb bastards?


          • Maybe the goal or part of the goal is to impregnate them.

          • Acid Etch: “These German blondes are the “women of your right hand” the Koran keeps talking about.”

            Dem! Don’t German men want to defend the honor of their women? What a shame.

            • Free Slave: There was also rapes of French women in other cities by Muslim men. European men are no better because they won’t protect their women. Sorry bastards, Europe will soon fall into ruin and destruction. Muslims will take over, but I don’t know if the EU leaders will end up getting killed or run off. I have asked Q about it on other blogs. No answer yet. Women all over the EU will be forced into sex slaves and forced marriage. Men will be shot.

              • Laura M., I have read speculation on other websites that there may be Civil War in Europe against their Liberal Elites over the issue of Islamic immigration.

          • European prisons have an exploding Muslim population.

            In France and Spain the prison population is now 70% Muslim immigrant. Germany isn’t talking. Britains population is only 1% Muslim immigrant, but Muslims are now 12% of the prison population. Similar double digit growth in Muslim prison populations are happening across all of Europe.

            There seems to be a hush hush attitude on the issue in the EU. Never the less stupid Muslims with jihadi aspirations seem to be going to prison in droves.

            In the Muslim slum areas of France the prison population is 90% Muslim.

            It may seem like Europeans don’t care, but that is an illusion because of the size of the invasion and subsequent problems.

          • Germany was once the backbone of the White race. It was broken in 1945, for all time, never to be whole again.

            Europa is now being destroyed, as Germany was, not by by bombs, but 3rd world invasion, overseen by the 1%, who will never have to deal with the horrors.

            The United States has all but fallen from within, already. Your own people have turned on you, thinking they will always be immune from that which they enforce.

            White Genocide is their ultimate end goal, it always has been. The people behind this have not minced words about it for the last century. This is nothing new, only it is becoming so obvious, that most people now see it.

            Most White people will refuse to face the truth, because they have been conditioned to fear being called a name, more that seeing their own people erased from the Earth.

        • It’s their way of life. It’s allowed in all Arab countries. laeagle you are correct, what do people expect. They are nothing more than animals. If not women it will be goats sheep or every once in a while a camel or two. Women have no rights in their countries and rape is allowed. It is almost never prosecuted,and then it is the womans fault and she ends up punished.The only thing Germans can do is deport them or kill them because it’s not going to stop no matter what! Good job Merkel, let a few more thousand in. None of your women will be safe!

          • Well y’all are so “strong and independent” and “need men like fish need bicycles”… you deal with it.

            With no support from us inferior males.

            Including no male cops, military, national guard…

            I want to see it. You’re so strong and independent, prove it.

            • Well said Guy! Bravo! It is time and it needs to be said!

            • It’s happening n the US too.

              In Dearborn Michigan nearly 20% of the rapes in Michigan happen in Dearborn that only has 1% of Michigan’s population.

              These people are monsters. Yes they have sharia in Dearborn, so rapists won’t be prosecuted.

          • Mark – good post… it’s true that the women aren’t protected and the rapists aren’t stopped, held accountable and locked up, which under those circumstances essentially means ‘rape is legal’, and wherever rape is legal it attracts more rapists and the violence always escalates.

            When there are no consequences it becomes a culture of rape. Rapists rape where/when they can, not where they can’t get away with it, as they fear getting their head blown off or locked up behind bars for life.

            It both saddens and angers me when others accuse women in some parts of the world, and especially in many third-world countries for having so many children that they can’t afford, feed and care for — ‘what is wrong with them for having so many kids,’ they wonder.

            MSM shows these poverty/grief-stricken mothers sitting outside their shacks, surrounded by many children, all of whom are suffering; dehydrated, bloated, malnourished, sick and starving, living in filth, with flies buzzing around their heads, re-victimizing the women, making them be perceived as irresponsible, and prompting us to ask why they would bring so many children into the world that they can’t possibly care for and feed and who most likely will not survive, and until they die will live a life of poverty and suffering.

            The answer is this; rapists routinely storm these otherwise peaceful villages and the women are terrorized and raped (repeatedly) and since they aren’t educated about birth control, and don’t have access to it anyway, they end up pregnant with yet another child they can’t afford or care for. These victims have no where to turn,

            They don’t want to be surrounded by all of these starving children, sometimes as many as a dozen or so, that they birthed and can’t feed and who are dying of diseases they can’t treat/cure. The rapists return and the women are raped all over again, and this vicious cycle continues. I’ve noticed that deadpan look on the women’s faces.

            Most of their pregnancies are the result of repeated rapes, and at some point, most of their children die in their arms. That’s one harsh reality and consequence (of many) concerning legalized rape… when rape is legal because there are no consequences for the rapists.

            These horribly abused grief-stricken, terrorized women are forced to birth and bury children they didn’t want to conceive in the first place.

            But they have no way to protect themselves and to also prevent conception. That’s what happens wherever rape is legal — and it’s obviously legal in some parts of the world… with leaders and a govt that doesn’t care about us, it’s people, means this will become more widespread.

            • When does the pillage and plunder come?

          • No! Not camels. They are quite fast, they kick hard, and you need a large box to mount them.

            • Probably goats and donkeys instead, camels too tall, appear to be over 8 feet high at the zoo, maybe taller.

            • Anybody involved with bestiality is one sick, demonic mother&&&&&&. May they rot in Hell.

              • Bestiality is the rape of an animal, instead of a human being. No animal likes some guys dick shoved up their ass. No Animal. Bestiality is rape, abuse of an animal. But then, while some (without conscience) psychopaths have a sexual fetish for children, some have a fetish for animals. When they die they will all rot in the lowest region of Hell… along with some of our so-called “leaders.”


          “Following a crisis meeting with the city’s police Tuesday, Reker, Cologne’s mayor, said at a press conference that the perpetrators would be pursued and measures taken to prevent any repeats of such incidents.

          In cooperation with police, her office will produce a book of rules on how to behave during Carnival.

          “We have to explain to people from other cultures that the jolly and frisky attitude during our Carnival is not a sign of sexual openness,” Reker said.”



            A related question is this: “How come so many young people are morons for swallowing the Liberal Narrative?”

          • Oh how I miss Eisenkraut! Trekker Out.



          • Ass’ed Itch if you weren’t so asinine it would be funny. You are somewhat of an artist, the way you can slap some of the people on this site in the face, and then write a few interesting comments and then they start fawning over you, and then you kick them in the teeth and the cycle starts all over again. I guess some people just try and see the good in others. Trekker Out. Not A Boomer!

        • Look at Reker and Albers! They’re weakness personified. Those are not human beings – those are JELLYFISH.

        • Laeagle, spot on. Those 1000 Muslim dogs should have been sent on their way to allah. The libturd morons who are bringing sandniggers into the US will eventually pay a price for that move. Let’s see some of THEIR wives, daughters, sisters, etc. get attacked by these savages and see what they say about that.

          • They will look away and say nothing, or their masters will call them the “r-word”, which would cause them to piss themselves…

        • So…. what will the radical gays do when the radical Muslims come marching into downtown San Francisco?

          Or haven’t the PC types thought that far ahead?

          (I recall one Belgian gay saying he knew the country was going Muslim, but he didn’t care, because he would be dead by the time they gained full control. This, from a Europe that in the past thought that honour, dignity, freedom were worth the sacrifice of one’s blood. Now it’s just a world full of leftist Kim Kardashian types)

        • Unfortunately the cure for Political Correctness is suffering,a lot of suffering.










        • Muslims in America means lots of target practice..

      2. The plan is to change the demographics of Germany in a couple of generations but at this rate it may happen sooner than later. This is basically the plan for the US as well.

        • It may be the plan, but we need to put bullets in these savages’ heads along with their protectors. It’ll be that time at some point when there are a bunch of them together raising hell.

          • Make sure you kill them or Obama will get The AG after you for violating their civil rights and let them sue you!

            • The chimp-in-chief and AG can both kiss my white ass.

          • If Obama insists on bringing Muslim Invaders here Congress needs cut off all tax money to support them and require all Muslim and Arab men coming to America be castrated and a microchip be planted in their body!

            • right on !

        • “The plan is to change the demographics of Germany in a couple of generations”

          Dem! So much for Hitler’s dream of pure Aryan nation. The German people got fubar’d by the Muslims. At climax, they’re yelling “Allah Akbar!” Not good.

          • The south wanted to get rid of the nig-nigs and ended up with more of them than anyplace else.

            • Yeah but you would never have seen one after sundown until about sixty years ago.

              • CW

                Hahahahaha! You’re right.

          • Hitler’s dream fcuked Germany as badly as this one will. If you’re in Germany and you value your life, you should get the hell out and leave it to these animals.

          • The German people were fubar’d by the tribe way before this.

      3. What’s happening is Germans are getting tired of being replaced by non-Germans. The Germans have the right to Germany as their homeland as the nonwhites have a right to their homelands, where they need to stay and create the best countries possible.

        I blame anti-white liberals and the globalists for what is going on. They had to know incidents like this would occur frequently. Thus, the terms “xenophobic,” “racist,” and other less than accurate names have been created to demonize the Germans if they will not accept the destruction of their country, culture, and in general their way of life by the nonwhites.

        A homeland for each race and ethnic group is the only answer.

        • O’Bama is doing it to us and it’s intentinal because he’s one of them !

        • Thanks for blaming the right folks!

        • And, I blame psychopaths with unlimited power to abuse.

        • This is why I advocate global repatriation for all peoples. This means people of European origin living in Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand need to be returned to Europe; equally, African Americans, Arabs, Asians etc. need to be also repatriated to places of origin. This is the only fair solution. Mass migration is a hang-over from another period in history, a period of violent colonization, and no longer makes environmental, economic or social sense.

          North America needs to be left to the First Nations peoples.

          Such a repatriation would solve all of Europe’s demographic problems and be a major boost to their economies as middle and upper middle class whites come ‘home’.

          As for these German women, do they not have any fight left in them? All the women I know would beat the living crap out of any black or Arab man who tried to rip their panties off on the street. You would not believe the violence they would unleash on them if they tried that monkey business (I use that word for a reason). It is time Israeli military women come to Europe and start teaching the women how to defend themselves and fight. Your life could depend on it.

          • Frankenstein:

            Take those Israhell bitches with you and go back to
            Your father Satan in hell. Germany for the Germans.

            As for German men. Get the bankers out and take
            back your country from the Zionists who are trying to
            Kill you and will kill you if you don’t fight. Get armed.
            Get the bankers and the bureaucrats out. Then deport
            the invaders. Do it. You can. You must.

        • Lady Aniela, welcome and I wholeheartedly agree. This whole affair of “tolerance and diversity” is totally counterproductive for white people. The morons who promote political correctness can kiss my white ass, pardon my French. I never follow ANY politically correct code of speech or behavior. No one else tells me what to say, think, etc.


        • Night Owl

          Where every home is painted in eyesore pastel colors and the munchkins are dark skinned.

          • yes yes yes

      5. Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming…..

      6. Yet Trump wants to build a wall on the southern US border and send back illegals already here. What a farce, none of that will ever happen. I read an article about why are the democratic debates mostly hidden from the public. That’s an easy one to figure out. Trump is simply a smokescreen for Hillary, he has zero chance of being elected, and rightly so. Hillary already has the job sewed away, as per criminal mandates. She will be worse than Bush, Clinton and her demonic husband. I’m amazed at the herded stupidity of the intelligence of the majority of American’s who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Like an ostrich, bury your head in the sand and hope for the best.

        • Your message: Do nothing! Outcome is already written in stone!!

          Not only are you wrong, it’s WHY you’re wrong that’s important. I wonder what sort of person intones to people that all hope is gone? Time to surrender!!

          I know what sort of person says that. So do many others here.

          • Wee Liam… If you read anything about surrendering in my post point it out. You can’t because it ain’t there.

      7. There you go lady trolls, now your education process will begin. I talk to Scientist about post calapse. You think you know more than me. Well, your wrong. That will take place all over this entire country if the cabal gets to drop that EMP, trigger and ELE event meaning that women will become extint in 3 years, down to a total nationwide population of 5,000+ living among the most brutal aggressive preppers, that will be able to protect them. Lets see how you all fare living by yourselves single, or with kids. Your phucked. Sorry. Start finding bairded red necks, and older over weight Armed white men attractive. The scientist friend is always right, was right, still right, and will be certainly phucking 1,000% right in the very near future. You aint seen crap yet, wait till the chinese soldiers enter Texas and the rest of the Uinted States.



        • “meaning that women will become extint in 3 years

          I have to kindly disagree HCKS –

          I’ll make damn sure that won’t happen, because I’ll be open for business … That’s right … STUD SERVICE … Women will be lining up to my bed, once they get a glimmer of my awesomeness genetic makeup … they’ll have a 50/50 chance of getting a girl … hell maybe some will hit the jackpot and get a bonus and get Twins! … iduno man … the possibilities are endless.

          I’ll make sure humanity has a chance for survival – lots of little FTW boys and girls roaming around … and I’ll raise ’em right too! It will be like the boy/girl scouts of America – minus the pedophillia

          We will conquer those in power and seek justice to those who have violated the laws of humanity … we’ll restore order where order is needed – back to basics and be one with nature.

          Oh … nevermind …. this will never happen on planet earth! … lol

          • They’ll have WAY better than a 50% chance of having a girl.

        • Hcks. Enough already. Didn’t you already say that the Chinese would be here in 5 years? According to your police and military friend. Your friends wouldn’t tell someone who types the information on the Internet. Your friends who are never wrong contradict each other. . I don’t think you are telling the truth about most of your information and sources. Stop making an ass of yourself. Also, your persistent gay talk is getting old and not that I give a crap but you are starting to sound a little nutty. And gay

      8. Citing the police chief Wolfgang Albers, BBC notes that the men were of “Arab or North African region“

        Oh my … I’m at a lost for words … These people should be holding hands and singing joyous songs together in harmony instead of behaving badly towards one another …

        Who didn’t see this coming???

        ~~~ pfftt fk’n drool ~~~

        • FTW, ain’t no way I’ll be holding hands with any sandnigger or singing kumbaya.

          • LMAO Brave – you got that right!!!

      9. Back in the late 70’s I was stationed in Germany and I remember the German girls going topless at a local public swimming lake in Nurenburg. We as GIs were astonished but we acted like gentlemen although we did stare. The German guys didn’t even blink an eye. I can’t Imagine Arabs our age being able to handle seeing all the sexy European girls and behaving themselves especially coming from countries were women aren’t even allowed out without a male escort. I’m not condoning their actions at all. They need to be punished, but I can’t help but think Germany brought this and more trouble on down the line on themselves.

        This is just the tip of the iceberg. These refugees will not assimulate into European society at all. Most came from still feudal tribal societies and backward acting countries barely making their own way into modernization if at all.

        • A clash of cultures for sure. If it was simply cultural and political you can expect over time significant assimilation. Throw in religion as the glue and the conviction is greatly increased. Granted, as hypocrites go, and there is no shortage of them in religious circles so they get drunk, rape and praise Allah. I know some finance guys that are Deacons in Church but you have to count your fingers when you shake hands with them in business circles as they are grossly unethical.

          This “immigration” is in essence attempting to put a square peg in a round hole.

      10. Aim small…..miss small!

        • Practice!Practice!Practice! Most on here own guns and some even carry guns, but just remember, just because you are a gun person, it doesn’t make you proficient. Took my Moss 590 and some 00 buck out today for a little practice, and since I hadn’t shot it for 7 or 8 years, I couldn’t believe it, it shot atleast 18 inches high at 25 Yds; across the room that wouldn’t matter, but in the field that would be a tragedy. Now with a rifle or pistol thats a different story, cause I do Practice often. Trekker Out.

      11. only getting started – going to get alot worse ….

        just wait until the German males start defending the women – instant riot – if these Muslims are lucky the Germans will only be crushing skulls – I can see some of that skinhead populous pulling out an old MG42 and cleaning out a city square ….

        • IIIini Warrior

          I have fired the MG34 and the MP40. But the firing rate of an MG42. Oh Boy. They didn’t call it Hitler’s Buzzsaw for nothing.

          • 1200 rpm, best MG in the world through the 1970’s.

            We tried to copy it in WWII, but had a problem with the long .30-06 cartridge, so just kept on keeping on with the old US designs.

        • lllini Warrior

          I always wondered what type of guns are typically confiscated in Europe. I assume the prevalence of sub machine guns is quite high. There must be thousands hidden here, there and everywhere. I couldn’t imagine all that military hardwear laying around post battle in the US and it not being picked up by civilians.

          Does anyone have a figure on how many take home, “War Trophy’s” were registered during the NFA Amnesty Period in 1968?

      12. The first thing the Germans need to do is to hang most of their politicians. Next, they need to exterminate the third world subhuman filth that has been imported into Germany.

        Third involves seeing the same thing done throughout the rest of Europe.

        They were repeatedly warned.

        • I am a German living in the UK. after 40 years of living here we were planning to return to Germany to rejoin our family, but this is no longer an option for us. My teenage children plainly refuse to live in a country where they will soon be a minority without rights to live according to their own culture and customs, thanks to Angela Merkel’s insane politics. Merkel is a traitor; she has sold out her own people to a radical mob with a medieval mind set. Traitors deserve the death penalty. Romania eventually got rid of the N. and E. C. – what misery and suffering not just for Germany, but for the entire continent of Europe, could have been prevented if the German people had put Adolf Hitler to death in good time before history unfolded as we know it.
          Merkel and her cronies must be punished in the harshest possible way.She is destroying not just her own country, but our entire continent.

          • Time Magazine, a Lib rag, named Angela Merkel its 2015 Person of the Year.

            • disgusting rag pub

          • Look at a picture of Merkel and a picture of Hitler. A striking resemblance. Looks like father and daughter.

        • AC, you said a mouthful.

      13. No I did not already say that! Quit censoring my posts morons!

      14. If the handwriting on the wall is not legible now, then there isn’t much hope for you.

      15. Merkel’s not one of the victims. If she was things would change!

      16. What the hell did they expect!
        Time for Good German Patriots to do what has to be done. I know what I would be doing if any of the Muslime Bastards rape any of my family. How about you?


        • Sgt: Open season with no bag limit!!!

          • Infidel-2, if they come around where my family lives in north GA, they’ll disappear.

      17. Hey Feminists, don’t look to me to bail you out.

        You wanted this. You wanted your diversity and you practically fellate Islam. Despite what it does to its indigenous women. And you wanted to rub all Western men’s faces into the “crime” of their “maleness” with malicious glee.

        Welp! Now you can “woman up” and deal with it.

        Without male help.

        Too bad so sad fuck you.

        • The Guy


      18. It was never his job to address the nation after a mass shooting, as it is not the president’s job nor place to do that. Of course he rejoiced at the opportunity to get air time and advance his own disarmament agenda with the fervent assistance of liberals the world over. I bet he is practically salivating every time we have a hostage style situation. Those muslims don’t do it for him because they just blow everyone up, usually. And besides, he doesn’t seem to want to talk about muslims much these days. Take the guns away from those poor fools in the streets of Chicago and stop them from killing each other……..Ooops, they are still killing each other. And as far as him actually teaching constitutional law, the college admitted that he was only a professor by title and not an actual teacher. So another Lie of his is uncovered

        • He wept FROM ONE EYE in his address today. You do that by putting some capsaicin on an index finger tip, and wiping under your eye at the desired moment. Robbie Parker Tears, but a little more convincing to the rubes.

        • Robin, good to see you back. Anything the chimp-in-chief says about my rights falls on deaf ears and is null and void. Any EO he comes up with will be ignored by me and I’m sure others as well. I’m not giving up anything.

      19. My buddy just returned from England and said “it’s hard to find a white person there anymore, place is full of Paki’s and India folks sucking up all the resources”.

        • It appears Keith Richards daughter Angela is very concerned about the prospect of thousands of asylum seekers that may be brought to an idyllic village in West Sussex. This small town has a population of just 150 people and depends on tourism. Angela Richards lives in a nearby town and has made her father fully aware of this. The article I read about this stated she plans to protest the influx that may be brought in. Can’t imagine such a small town taking in that hoard.

      20. These people are not for this world. If they want to live like cavemen, they should live in caves. Their lifestyle is not compatible with the modern world.

      21. If any of you have any questions as to who your dealing with when it comes to the Head Dirt ball

        I give you shit that spewed out of his fucking pie hole that should have deserved him a hemp neck tie

        “It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails”. Barack Hussein Obama, Meet the Press, 9/7/2008.

        “We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”. Barack Hussein Obama, Meet the Press, 9/7/2008.

        “America has been arrogant.” – “We’re no longer a Christian nation.” – “You might say that America is a Muslim nation.”- Barack Hussein Obama-June 2009

      22. Obuttf*cker is a Sunni Muslim and is recognized as such in many Islamic countries.

        Constitution 2020 (backed by Soros money) is working to rewrite the Constitution by adding Sharia to it. *Renew America today.

        Sharia does not allow non-Muslims to own guns, thus the slippery slope started today on gun control.

        Islam is pure evil. As Winston Churchill said, “Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog”.

        How would you fell if that was your Mom/Sister/Wife being gang raped by a bunch of Satanic Cult animals?

      23. the people being allowed in most worship a religion that allows segregation of women, holy way, killing of gays etc etc, THAT IS NOT COMPATIBLE IN EUROPE!
        just deport ALL foreign criminals

      24. vote for donald TRUMP

        • Fk’n major drool~~~

          Yea, he’ll fix everything and make America Great Again … LMAO @ some more hope and change theatrics … dumbass

        • Anonymous – Maybe Trump isn’t quite as screwed up as the invertebrate we currently have in Office, but he’s still pretty damn screwed up. I know I wouldn’t put my confidence and trust in him. I also think they want the most evil, destructive person in that position who only cares about money and power and won’t care about the people, which is why I think Hellary will be selected to be the next POTUS.

      25. Wait until they get to the gates of Vienna like in 1683, where they faced Ottoman army of approximately 90 to upwards of 300,000 men. Only this time there may be no Jan Sobieski so save them, and you will need to add a few zeroes after the 1683 figure….

        I say we send in the radical leftists and feminists to talk to these people from the religion of (human) pieces. Maybe send them in Friday nite, around 1 AM to knock on doors, pffer coffee, yet some more free money and maybe start in the worst areas. You know, just to show what a nice, pretty young 23 year old blonde leftist woman can do to help them adjust.

        Maybe throw in some language lessons, too! Like how to say, in German “you infidel wh**re, I”m going to r*pe you and then throw you to the pigs” or some other useful phrases I’m sure they are all anxious to learn.

        Islam. The religion of pieces. *Human* pieces, sadly.

      26. FTW, they will throwing themselves at us, if its and EMP event. Thats the military study. This is real. In fact, looks and genetics wont mean crap. I am studly, in top shape, muscular, martial artist, etc. And still this wont mean crap. The women will find men with guns and food attractive, and anything to getaway from the dred lock insurgency and military. They will become extinct, because they dont prep and they are physically too weak and most women have medical problems, and take medication, that needed to them to survive. Look at the facts. 90% of women in America are over wreight and the ones that are not are still not in shape. None of them can get up at any given moment and walk 1 mile nonstop. the dred lock run for miles. This is where the Remington Acutips come in handy. In that attack in Germany, how many of the women was able to stop the attack. Answer, none of them.

        My own doctor is a female and i told her what i found out, and she agreed that women would be in deep sh.t if that event of that magnitude took place. Her reason is because most of the women in the city are single and live without men. She said that they divorse the men, and take the children, putting the kids lives in danger. These are the facts dude. The dumb bithes think that the system of a ex paying them is how they survive, and they have it made. Natures rath with teach them a brutal lesson about attitude and respect of men.

        The govenemental system attacks the men and favors the women. But you see, the EMP favors no one, Nuclear weapons favor none. What is left is the clothes on your back, no food and no water. The first form a violence women will face in from the men in the apartment complex that they live in from those nice men saying high to them everyday. I am like rambo so i wont be needing any help.

        Women will not be running to women post calapse. In normal society, women run to other women to attack men, and damage thier finances to secure themselves to get child support. In a EMP, when food/water is cut off and drugs, medication is avaible, because of the hatred for men in general since most of the ones especially the attractive ones, they are going to have it the worst, because they dont live with men, they disrespect men, are rude to men, hate men, so they have no skills to communicate with men, much less accepting thier leadership and protection. The men that prep, know that these women are a liability and are only coming to them to avoid getting gang raped. So men naturally and me included will not be helping any of them. I would help a fat unattractive women who likes men any day in a calapse over and attractive woman. You dont just suddenly start being nice and respectfully to a man like me, thinking i am not smart enought to know that you are after my food and water, to feed your irresponsible stupid ass. The women who prep and come onto this site, may not be prepped out to the max, but atleast they know that they must team up with the Red necks immediately and let them know that they are preppers. So women, if you are new preppers, get ready, and make sure you have allies. Other women are not good allies and are not reliable like the men. Its just facts.

        My girlfriend is average looking and got herself me, and i am good looking enough to get women, yet i avoid most of them because they are so rude and disrespectfull to men.



        350,000,000/49 States=50-100k/State=3-5,000,000 men=5,000 women after 3 years.

        • HCKS – you crack me up but I definitely think you’re onto something.

          • He is on something alright. Hcks keeps topping himself on the nutty scale.

        • A lot of women will die quickly, that’s for sure. A lot of clueless guys too. But, a lot of us are pretty tough, and some of us older birds have guns, sons and sons-in-law… that I am going to be feeding pretty good here at the hacienda. I think most younger women with a strong family umbrella and a BOL out of the city have a better chance of making it than those who are already living on the edge.

        • My girlfriend is average and I’m a stud. Yea that’s a real manly thing to say. A gentleman you are not.

        • HCKS, LOL. You said a mouthful, brother, and I have to agree. I’ve been through bad women like a bowling ball through ten pins. I haven’t even dated anyone in 10 years. Can’t find a woman these days that’s even worth talking to. But that’s OK. At least I don’t have a woman to tell me I can’t prep, can’t do this or do that; you get the picture. All the bad ones I’ve ever had; hell I could f#$% their brains out and they would still be the same. At least I can still keep stacking and don’t have to worry about being put in a poorhouse.

        • Since you like educating the women here’s some educating for you. If your girlfriend knows you think she is average looking (and she’ll eventually realize that’s how you rated her) she will dump your ass for a man who thinks she’s a ’10.’

      27. How many of you think we will see attacks like this is the USA once Obama gets all of his gun control passed?

        • What do you mean, “once [he] gets all of his gun control passed?”

          Do you intend to sit there and criticize everyone on either side, or are you in this to win it?

        • We’ll see attacks …whether O’dickhole passes his unconstitutional bullshit or not.

          As is … There is not a single person I know of who would willfully surrender their firearms. Sure enough, there will be some folks who will … in the name of “safety” an shit, but most will not comply.

          The ones who contemplate the idea of turning in their weapons better ask themselves this question:

          “is the world safe enough to do this?”

          Kinda a rhetorical question … so the answer is easy —

          NO FK’N WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

          The world will never be safe enough to surrender weapons.
          Besides, it’s just unethical to do so.

          • FTW

            The Question is. What Type of Attacks.

            Will the attacks be against businesses.
            Will they be against people of color
            Will they be against a religion.
            Will it be against authority.

            Or combination of all by cascading into each other.

            Depending what people will do, for whatever reason, could determine the level of violence.

            How do you get them all to go ape shit at once?

            • I don’t think there will be a “single” issue style attack.
              Multiple seems logical, whether triggered all at once or systematically – like dominoes falling.

              Economically on a global scale, as is … this cannot continue this path for very much longer. There is nothing to cure the problem that has been created.

              Banking issues/Stock Market – I certainly could see a planned “hacking/virus/theft” job on the horizon … anything to cover the failure that has been created – it will be easy to blame Russia or Iran … somebody has to be the fall guy … right?

              Technically as of right now … if the Gov. wants a national crisis … all they need to do is shut down the EBT and other State Assistance Programs … but I don’t think they want to fight that crowd they will be easy round ups … they rather have people like you and I … because we are simply the non-compliant kind of people.

              Honesty … anything could ignite at any moment … there’s just so much going on within this country and abroad.

              All I know at this moment is …

              I’m prepped to the best of my ability … and that is what matters to me at this point and time in my life.

              • FTW

                We are on the same track of thought.

            • Slingshot, I believe everybody will get attacked by the sandniggers. In their eyes, we are ALL infidels. It doesn’t matter what walk of life we come from. We’re all “targets of opportunity” for them. The sandniggers will be targets for me.

          • Over the past ten or so years, in many economically depressed towns all across the country, citizens have given up their weapons in government ‘gun buy-back’ programs, although reluctantly, in exchange for cash.

            They’ll do anything to disarm us and going after desperate people was/is just one clever approach of many.

            They used the compensation to keep a roof over their head and put food on the table for at least another month. The communities that have been targeted in these buy-back programs will be the first to be targeted post shtf, mostly poverty-stricken places where unemployment is high.

            Ironically, they turned in their weapon(s) in order to avoid food insecurity and although it was only a temporary fix, to feel secure about providing for their family.


            • Brave – I agree, as I am sure do all preppers, which is why TPTB specifically targeted areas where they knew people who were desperate for cash resided, and therefore their plan would be well received and successful. The success of this program is what gave them the green light to roll it out in other areas.

              States/communities where guns are illegal and where these gun buyback programs were successful are going to be the most vulnerable, the first to be invaded and attacked.

              They aren’t going to invade public places and communities where they know the citizens are united and armed, and if necessary, will put a bullet between their eyes.

        • We already are, how many US malls have been flashmobbed this year? How many State Fairs have had mob rule in the recent past? How many cities have a square mile or so where the cops don’t enter? For that matter, how many felons and pedophiles have been placed into HUD housing in your town without anyone being told about it first?

      28. Islam is an antichrist faith from the pit of hell. It’s founder was a murdering pedophile/sex addict.

      29. The rape wave in Sweden, and the sexual assaults in Germany, are coming here.

        The saturation of Muslims in european populatios is four or five times what it is here.
        That’s why it’s important to curtail the “refugee” and immigration stuff. Their birth rate is several times what ours is. Open borders is cultural suicide, as europe is discovering.

        The cultural Marxist idiots own the US government and the media. We must have more to counter their PC idiocy than calling Muslims names.

        The FACTS are out there to be learned. Animus alone won’t persuade the uninvolved
        seventy-five percent.

        Center for the Study of Political Islam, Bill Warner (Ph.D, physics) on YT Why We Are Afraid, 1400 year look at Islam.

        Pegs the Koran to the life of Mohammed, gives it a comprehensible context. Allah in his own words. Sira, biography of Mohammed based on Ibn Ishaq’s LIfe of Mohammed, translated by Guillaume, Oxford Univ Press, 1982. Hadith of Bukhari, most authoritative collection of short stories about what M said and did. Islam isn’t worshipping Allah. It’s worshipping Allah and living the way Mohammed did.

        Mohammed in his Meccan period was a businessman and religious leader. In his Medina period he was the world’s most successful warlord. Nobody fights in Caesar’s name anymore. A billion and a half people follow Mohammed still.

        Mainstram Islam in the words of its highest authorities. It doesn’t matter what that nice Muslim down the hall says. He isn’t Islam’s god or messenger.

        Islam has dualistic ethics; divides the world into two classes. Muslims and Kafir. A Kafir is any non-Muslim. Mainstream Islam hates the Kafir.

        The more fervently Christian you are, the more appalled you will be at how the Koran twists your Christianity. M’s biography and the Hadith are full of anti-Kafir violence. It is critical to understand what the adversary believes. Simply calling them names, or disrespecting their theology, doesn’t take us far.

        Secular Sweden is well on its way to dhimmitude. Great Britain is sinking fast. We’ve got to know more about Muslims than “we don’t like them” because knowing the facts gives us power.

        We must counter the “they’re just like us and want what we want” “it’s only ignorant bigots picking on those poor Muslims again.”

        The facts are there to be learned. Center for the Study of Political Islam

        • Excellent post, MA. Dar al harb and dar al Islam (house of war and house of Islam) is all they see. That is their words, not mine.

      30. A scorpion named Abdul asks a frog named Doug to carry it across a river. Doug the frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but Abdul the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown.

        Considering this, Doug the frog agrees, but midway across the river Abdul the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both.

        When Dout the frog asks the scorpion “Why did you do this? Now we are both going to die!” Abdul the scorpion replies that “I had to do it – it is in my NATURE to do so.”

        I didn’t realize there were scorpions in Germany, but I stand corrected.

      31. European women need to learn how to fight, period. It is no longer possible to take it for granted the streets are safe; the government and the police have admitted they do not know who is in Europe now and do not have control over the borders. When they attack, you are on your own. Form alliances, community security networks using hi-tech (track and locate all illegals and other threats in real time). We should have loads of start-ups offering these services, not more stupid shopping and social media nonsense. The technology now exists to spray nano locators on to these individuals so that they can be tracked via drones and mobile phones. Learn where they live; their walking routes; map it, share it, and then they can’t get away with these attacks. Germans developed the science and technology to go to the moon; they surely can deal with low-IQ, horny Arabs.

      32. I have a simple cheap and legal suggestion for the women in Europe who apparently have nobody to protect them except themselves. Get an icepick and carry it with the handle in your hand with the point going up your arm. (Put a cork on the tip). When attacked, as fast as you can bury the icepick to the hilt in these scum. Aim for he heart, eyes or guts. You can also slash very effectively with an ice pick. The trick is to attack fast and full out. A half dozen holes and these camel rapists will loose their um “interest”. As more and more women start fighting back, these rape gangs will figure out that western women are not easy targets like the traumatized and compliant Arab women and children are who have been taught not to fight back…

        • That is a great tip. Next time I go to a thrift store or antique shop I will look for a good one. I have a ball bat and a tire iron in my car just in case. I remember the time I was in my silver thunderbird with a carload of little kids in the backseat. I’m on a country road and two jokers in a pickup truck thought they would get close to my bumper and possibly scare me. Did some kind of fancy driving, got behind them and followed them to a 4 way stop with a lot of people around. Told them muther you know what cowards to get out and fight. They took off but I guarantee I would have got atleast one with a tire iron.

      33. The background of some people, especially if they just arrived, makes it for them very hard to accept that women may behave in a free way, dress casually, enjoy their time, etc. So they think it is fair hunt for them. As long as Europeans do not understand this, they will keep thinking that these guys’ behaviour may be like normal Europeans’ brought up in European school and family, and refuse to assume that it is not.

        • How F##kin stupid do you have to be to realize everyone around you dresses different, looks different and talks different and acts different. Absolutely no sympathy and no excuses made for the bloodthirsty.

      34. Merkel is front and center on the new Economist cover.

      35. I found a really good article on veteranstoday while searching for another recent article I never found. This one seems relevant yet older news on the extent of spying on the American people and the ramifications thereof. It’s called NSA and Jewish Bankers: Two Zionist Monsters. This is glossed over by the msm to have become accepted reality by the masses. The date of the article is 10/3/13 and written by Jonas E. Alexis.

      36. NWO goals are accelerating nicely with such early “refugee” stories since “out of chaos will come order”. To grasp the big picture (of which European events are merely one part) consider reading the recent book “Babylon Code”. Our commonly expressed ire at the consequences of the skilful “refugee” invasion is precisely what NWO needs.

        Few European leaders are speaking out realistically, however the president of Hungary, Viktor Orban (google that!) is notable for candour and insight.

      37. You really???. Hey dip sh….t, j think your just won your self. Handle to on here tying to agree me you gay troll. Your ass is still banned. 2isone..good post, you will survive SHTF. I promise you… you are one super intelligent lady..

        Germany report about looking ate shattered windows.. had that been Texas your would have seen dred lock and muslim jihadist bodies all over the side walk and outside the window..riddles with every known ammo you know in existence..local law enforcement would be busy counting body bags, not to mention bringing in cranes off of mason road to remove dead jihadist and dred lock mutilated bodies from lamp poles.



        SHTF event horizon commenses 2016.

      38. Of course they aready know these are middle east refugee muslims. They are “controlling the narrative” Just like the libs in America do every time there is a terrorist attack here. Liberalism truly is plague on the west.

        It reminds me of the control the Nazi’s had over the German people. It is unbelievable to me that people can be led s easily by the narrative.

        Muslims- are the new Nazi’s. As far as I’m concerned all of them are basically the same. Some more violent than others yes, but they are all led by the same dark demonic forces.

        The only reason the German politicians are hiding this is they know what it will set in motion with the German people.

        BTW- most of the German people didnt know what was really going on with the death camps, they would have never stood for it. Their government was covering it up…

      39. I think when the time comes for the germans to round up trouble makers and transport them to camps for their own safety they will be able to do it.

      40. Looks like we all get to smell gunpowder every day at some point in 2016. Can’t see things settling down now… Is everyone ready?

      41. Turn America into a GUN FREE ZONE like Europe is their game plan. We need to start asking European’s; Hey how’s that gun free zone working out for you guy’s.

      42. Germany has latent guilt over WWII having mass murdered the productive and educated. To rectify this they now import the non productive and ignorant.

        The above is a prime example of emotion over logic.

      43. I just heard Bill Clinton as applied for a job with the railroad.

      44. These aren’t migrants. These aren’t refugees. They were deployed to
        Europe to to exactly what they are doing. Media in Europe is controlled by
        the same Zionists that control the media in America. The dumbing down
        process is a 24/7 nightmare. If people in America would wake up and fight
        back it might cause a domino effect around the world. It’s well documented that
        90% of the media in America is owned by 6 mega corporations. They largely
        control public opinion. Dual citizens control foreign and domestic policy
        in America. They control the money. They control the schools. It’s not by
        accident that America and western civilization is dying. It is premeditated

      45. Back in the early 70’s the German police did not put up with any stuff from anybody. I don’t know what has happened to them.

        • swinging – That’s easy… the ones from the 70’s have all since retired and those currently in authority who have gradually replaced them over the years are brainwashed.

          They hire those who won’t question anything. How do I know this? It’s the same here in the U.S. The only difference is that in the States LE can be very aggressive, sometimes over-stepping their boundaries, to the point of violence, and in EU the LE are passive-aggressive. Both are totally useless and ineffective. But, that’s all they hire nowadays.

      46. No one will say this but most men are pussys and have been feminized by modern society. To be a mans man is not politically correct and means you are a woman oppressor especially if your white. Progressives work overtime to destroy manhood and fatherhood. They embrace gays and push to soften men. Being a family man father and supporter like the traditional family is not hip. Women don’t want to play second fiddle to men. Seen so many men who’s wives support them. This is not being a man letting your wife be like your mommy. Be honest with yourself when you are out in public take a look around you will see fairy boys. It must suck to be a real woman trying to find a real man with all these homos. Ladies real men work construction drive trucks and are rough they don’t work at Starbucks or barns and noble. I look like a grizzly compared to the fairys

      47. Off topic but any thoughts on news of North Korea testing an H bomb?

      48. Is The US Criminalizing Free-Speech?

        h ttp://

        “Is this House Resolution a prelude to the Attorney General taking that action? Has she seen the potential for someone lifting her “mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric”? And what is “anti-Muslim rhetoric” exactly? Criticizing Islam? Debating Mohammed? Discussing whether ISIS is a true manifestation of Islam? Who decides the definition of what is considered hate speech against Muslims?

        Are the Attorney General and the eighty-two House Democrats out to destroy the First Amendment and introduce censorship?”

        • Yes, that’s what they want to do. Islam is the desired end state of existence for the progressive liberal vision for the country, if you can’t see it, you’re blind.

          Just look at the rhetoric of the left towards Christianity, it’s disgusting and vile hate speech of the first order. Yet they introduce legislation to protect Islam.

          Islam will serve as the cheap tyrannical government in a nation of third-world immigrants. The elites can just rely on the Imams to keep the lid on the pot.

        • Only the dictator knows.

      49. True Story…
        Christmas eve, and Grandma was telling the grand kids the story of the birth of Jesus. When she got to the part about “…no room at the inn for Mary and Joseph” Extremely Liberal Daughter-in-Law interrupts and says, “just like there is no room at the inn for the muslim refugees”. 12- year old grandson looks Extremely Liberal Mother straight in the face and says, “Are you shitin’ me?”. Y’all, I laughed ’til I cried. I knew I liked that boy.

      50. … First you get the money

        … Then you get the POWER

        … Then you get the women

        … End the Fed The “federal reserve”
        … Bank of Rothschild Worldwide is a
        … scam and it funds the tyranny, all of it.

      51. This Nation was founded based on the Laws of Necessity (see Declaration); upon securing our liberty from English King George, the same Founders wrote the rules of
        conduct, based on Christian doctrine. They provided for “No Lawyers in Gov’t”, in words of those times, calling it “No Titles of Nobility…” (see Art. I, Sec’s 9 and 10, Const. of u.S. of A.)then find original 13th Amndmt. to Const., before it was stolen (July 1868, by TPTB, when they ushered in Fraudulent 14th Amndt). As Law of Necessity returns, target One will be to remove all Lawyers from Gov’t., at any level, by any means… it may sound like ‘A-teams’ in each of 435 C.D.’s in the 50 States, leaving duplicitous whore lawyer carcasses on street corners to bleed out; opens 2nd Goal –returning to Common Law, and Judeo-Christian principles on which it is based. Also leads to 3rd Goal, of eliminating all non-constitutional agencies [DoJ, others],bureaucracies [a host of alphabet soup labels] and rescinding the U.S.Government Incorporated, and mess of corporate parts of the corporate Gov’t. (see Stats. At Large,Feb. 1871).
        This was happening at same time Communist Manifesto was brought to our New World, at Workers of the World Convention in Philadelphia; yes, the NWO- Illuminati brought it, and built it here; too many of our glorious leaders were paid-off to begin destroying what was in place, less than 100 years. Q: can we re-distribute the Powers back to the States, as masters of the ‘central authority’ of the ‘District of Criminals’ we have now?

      52. When are the EU fools going to do something about the rape gangs in Sweden?

      53. German authorities are now admitting they lost control in several cities on New Year’s. Also that downtown areas have become no-go zones for women because they are infested with so many dirtbag Muslim criminals mugging, pick pocketing and selling drugs.

        Just compare the beautiful German women giving interviews on TV with the dog pound lady from the San Bernadino shooting.

        Women in Europe need to urgently learn self-defence techniques and to drop the naive belief the police are going to protect them. During the days of the Suffragette movement women would defend themselves with a hat pin: a poke from that kept the creeps away. They also need female-run tech start-ups to take on the security issue and stop just wasting money and time on creating useless social media apps and shopping websites.

        • Frank -“No-go zones for women”…what!!!… they should be no-go zones for non-German males so the women aren’t the ones who are punished. Secondly, German authorities didn’t lose control as they never took control in the first place.

      54. This problem reminds me of the plagues of locusts in the Old Testament.

        • Today’s locusts are the out-of-control populations of the third world. Birth rates are exploding in these countries, but the countries have not the means, integrity or stability to provide a future for their populations. So, they export them (in this sense it is similar to what happened in Europe in the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th centuries).

          The problem comes with the philosophy they bring with them. It would be a great economic boost if they settled down, worked hard, saved, did not go on welfare and eventually became British, American, German, Canadian etc. If their women were free to marry whomever, races and ethnicities would mix and we would have a situation akin to Brazil: handsome and beautiful mixed race people.

          But, unfortunately, they are not doing this. Instead, a lush life can be had living on welfare, boning as many women as they can get their hands on, staying within their ghettos and communities, and making their new home just like their old home.


        You are nothing more than a muslim jihadist working for the cia fusion nsa. You have a problem with me you phuck. Then i will call my agency contact. You want to engage me in my city fool. Bring it the phuck on. Not only will i beat the sh…t of you, come to my city and threaten my life and try to kill me, then i put your ass 6 ft under. You are nothing but talk. Lets see you boys from BLM fire on the patriots in Oregon and see the phuckng reponse, that you piece of get.



        molon labe phucker, come get me if your bad enough, phuck you faggot.

      56. Seems losing a war also means losing your balls and self worth. Old school must be turning over in their graves.

      57. The articles says the police had already identified these scum as criminals and pickpockets right? So why were they loose on the street?

        Muslims of the genuine kind don’t drink nowadays, in the same way that a decent Christian will do all they can to avoid being stained with the sin of abortion.

        Something is not adding up here for me. The attacks look orchestrated but by whom? Who told law enforcement to stand down and allow this to occur? What’s the puppet master’s agenda here?

        I’m asking simply because as a woman I feel I need to properly understand the threat in order to be able to prep for it. The one thing that does stand out is that avoiding public gatherings and places where ever possible is a smart move. The other thing is that women need to stand strong together in times of trouble, because where the hell were the German men when this was going down? This truly shocked me as my own kid won’t stand by and let others boys bully his female friends. It’s a natural instinct from birth in the male I’d assumed to be a protector. Guess I got that wrong huh?

      58. Lonelonmum- I wrote a long answer to you, and the window crashed for some reason. But the gist of it was that women in Europe are going to have to hone their situational awareness to a degree that a lot of American women already practice. I live in one of the most ethnically diverse city areas in the USA, and for the most part, people of good will get along together. 90% of what you see on the news though… burglaries, armed robberies, violent crime happens in the ethnic communities here. First in the black community and secondly in the Hispanic community. One of our police officers was shot at a petrol station by a black man while he was filling up his car, for no reason other than what was in the mind of the perpetrator. Teenage gang membersblack) started attacking each other at a house party a few doors down from where my grandaughter’s babysitter lives. Much of the violence is intergroup… black on black- Hispanic on Hispanic, or related to drugs which includes white on white. But, for the most part, as scary as this sounds- people interact and get along on a daily basis admirably. The difference between cultures just cannot be bridged by wishful thinking though, and we have had the black/white dynamic for a LONG time and we all pretty much identify as Americans. These people pouring into Europe do not and will not identify as Europeans for generations, if ever. Young Muslim men are notorious for enjoying alcohol and porn and then going on a religious jag, overcompensating by attacking evil Western ways… and unfortunately Western women make a choice target for them. Overcompensation.

        • Really good points. I shall share some long-term perspective for the benefit of Millennial readers. The area I grew up in was very middle class and prosperous. It was a bit dull (I moved to the big city when I graduated high school) but it was a good place to grow up for a kid: safe, healthy, with a supportive community.

          Scout troops, baseball leagues, the usual things that are now a Hollywood cliche.

          But when I go to visit these days, things have dramatically changed. The first thing is obvious: ‘diversity’. Women in hijabs and niqabs, etc., people from China etc. Things like drive-by shootings now take place because certain new groups use drug dealing as an income source. People tell me no men want to volunteer anymore to run the community sports teams and activities, so the only things going on are expensive. There are good things: the Chinese students have been a good thing; hard working, well behaved and smart, the women very pretty and stylish, but the other contributions not so much.

          Germany was the most pleasant place to visit in Europe: very prosperous and civilized. But this is being destroyed by losing control of the streets to this migrant crisis.

          People do have a choice, however. They can use technology to gain situational awareness and control. Stop wasting time on useless apps and instead support and develop track and trace apps that show where the threats are and track and follow those individuals. All people have smart phones these days, even scum bags. Capture that data and you can track these people, profile them, map them, share that information.

          So, as an example, take the recent incident. All those dirt bags will have been using their phones, taking pictures, uploading and bragging about what they were doing. Use a Stingray to capture their data and cross check for their identity and geolocation after the event.

      59. Read this account and tell me this is not by the design of those in power. Not a soul has been arrested yet!

        Germany has a police force and the usual CCTV cameras at every major city station. German women need to clearly understand that their only protection is now themselves & conduct themselves accordingly.

        There is an agenda here by those in power, but that does not giving our agreement to become the collateral damage needed to push that agenda any further forward. There is NO security but that women themselves can provide. I’m in full agreement with Frank Thoughts here, less preening in the mirror and carry a lighter along with that can of hairspray/perfume in one’s handbag or pocket at all times. Social media can be used to check out places/situations before travel just as easily as it can to check what the Kardashians are wearing today. Foot wear you can run and kick in at all times on the street, save the strappy heels to change into when you arrive at your destination etc.

        Locally we have a home educators breakfast club for Mums once a month in a pub. It’s a lovely way to meet up socialise, and have fun in enjoyable company. Strikes me though that this sort of thing might be safer for our younger sisters too than a night out on the town. We are no angels, and there is no law says you can’t enjoy a glass of Prosecco at 8 am just as easily as at midnight to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. It’s a truism I’ve noticed all over the world that the criminal element seem to find it offensive to get out of bed before midday. Something we can do as preppers is think about how our young people socialise, not to spoil their fun, (we were all young and wild once!) but to help them do so in a way that keeps them safe. This is especially true for those away at college or University where I think perhaps both the temptations and vulnerability may be greatest?

        Guess we all have those light bulb moments & as a woman living in the UK, you could say this has been mine. Normal service in the EU has ceased to exist and it should now be considered as the Wild West once was.

        • Good post: I think we will see a new trend arise this year: Femacurity. Women-owned and run hi-tech security start-ups. More and more women now work in the online world and they are very aware of how it all works. But, sadly, most are engaged in creating nonsense content or shopping websites. Imagine if that entrepreneurial skill and capability was turned to something more important, such as protecting their daughters as they walk the streets? This has to be a big open goal just waiting for some savvy women to move in on this space.

          Flash forward a year or two, and Mohammed is bragging on some social media website about gang raping a teen. He praises Allah and makes various threats about the West and how everyone will be living under a Caliphate in a decade. He laughs arrogantly and encourages his fellow brothers to do similar acts. He then goes to bed. On the way to the shisha bar the next day he is set upon by angry women. He rapes no more.

      60. And people wonder why we need a 75rd drum?
        OH please you muslim pigs, come over here and attack ANY woman I know…

      61. These comments are hilarious…. scared LITTLE pigs in a blanket. Now you dickheads know how us native Americans have felt. This country will reap its sown seeds of hate,lol!!!! Keep it scary and paranoid P.O.S chumps!!!

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