George Soros: Society “May Not Survive” The Russian Conflict

by | May 25, 2022 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    George Soros delivered a speech on Tuesday to attendees at the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that said society “may not survive” the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. “Even when the fighting stops, as it eventually must, the situation will never revert” to where it was before, warned the 91-year-old Soros.

    According to Soros, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may have marked the start of “a third world war,” and Russian President Vladimir Putin must be defeated “as soon as possible” if the world wants to preserve civilization. “Other issues that concern all of humanity — fighting pandemics and climate change, avoiding nuclear war, maintaining global institutions — have had to take a back seat to that struggle. That’s why I say civilization may not survive,” Soros said according to a report by CNN. 

    Speaking about Putin and China’s leader Xi Jinping, Soros said: “They rule by intimidation, and as a consequence they make mind-boggling mistakes.”

    He pointed to China and Russia as the greatest threats to open societies aided by the development of digital technologies and especially artificial intelligence. “In theory, AI ought to be politically neutral — it can be used for good or bad. But in practice the effect has been asymmetric. It is particularly good at creating instruments of control that help repressive regimes and endanger open society,” Soros said. –CNN.

    As if anyone on this planet is living in an “open society.” If you live under any form of government, you are a slave. Government is slavery, nothing more, nothing less.  Voting for a master once in a term of years doesn’t change that.

    Societal collapse is coming no matter what. People are simply tired of being ruled and controlled. Once a critical mass of the human race figures out that they have been living under an illusion of freedom since government was created, we can take steps to actually be free.

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      1. “People are simply tired of being ruled and controlled”

        Quite a lot of them, a huge number of them not only want the nanny state the Gov has made them entirely dependent on it total and complete.
        Those will demand it and more.

        • And they’re the ones that will prevail.

        • Agree: we are not heading for some fantasy state of anarchy where unicorns ad nymphs dance through the flower fields. We are heading to a society populated by beige-colored untermensch waiting around for their digital credits so they can go and stuff their faces with McDonalds. It is that banal.

      2. society “may not survive” the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

        With everything Soros and
        his WEF partners in crime
        are throwing at us, I’m much
        more concerned about
        surviving period!!

      3. Wicked

      4. I wonder how many heart transplants Soros has had to live this long. David Rockefeller had six and he lived to be 99.

        Maybe drinking adrenochrome from blood gives them longer life.

        The reason Dracula lived so long was because he lived on the blood of 16 year old virgins. In 2015 he died of starvation.

      5. what ever this guy wants, go the other way.

      6. what ever this guy wants, go the other way. your life depends upon it.

      7. How is the Dark lord scrotum face still alive? The level of destruction this demon has created on humanity with his wealth and influence is truly disgusting. When this one goes the way of the dinosaur I’m busting out a bottle of Dom!

        • Provide actual proof that George Soros has caused “destruction” or is a “demon”. NOW! Where is your fucking proof. Come on keyboard cowboy, put up or shut the fuck up.

          Honestly, with the ridiculous rumor that Soros was a Nazi or whatever, I would think he would be a hero to you disgusting people.

          • Moron the DarTard, the dark lord has district attorneys across.the land with his campaign donations idiot. He practically destroyed the Bank of England with a short bet and other nations as well. He just gave like 50 million to the democrats for midterms. Ah why is crime so bad in San Fran, NYC , Philly and Baltimore? All SoreAss plants!

            The dark lord is banned from his home country and the Philippines president said he would send him back to hell if he ever set foot there. You are brain dead DarTard!
            How about this quote FarqFace the DarTard! “ The destruction of the United States will be the greatest culmination of my life’s work”
            Straight from the horses mouth numb nutz!

      8. Look at that old fossil. Why is he still breathing?

      9. Society “May Not Survive Woke-ism”
        You have to name the root cause of all these problems.

      10. 91 years old. Goody.


        After death do those fucks actually go to hell and stay there? Or, do ESPECIALLY evil mother fuckers get to come back and play around as demons.

        I ask because Poppy Bush died then HOLY FUCK a COW did shit get live.

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