Geologist: A Yellowstone Eruption “Would DESTROY MOST of the U.S.”

by | May 20, 2019 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    A geologist has said that if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, it would destroy most of the United States, all but wiping the country off of the map. Dr. Jerzy Zaba is importantly not predicting that the volcano is going to erupt soon, but simply stating that it does have the power to destroy humanity and life as we know it.

    According to Tech WP, Dr. Zaba says that Yellowstone, if it erupted in a similar manner as it did 640,000 years ago, it would destroy much of the United States. Dr. Zaba, who is a geologist at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, said the mass explosion is completely unavoidable although it’s impossible to say when that explosion will occur. In addition to the annihilation of the United States, the geologist also says about 5 billion other people will starve to death in the volcanoes aftermath: a volcanic winter.

    It is forecasted that if there was an explosion similar to the one from 640,000. for years, it would destroy most of the United States. Discarded materials would cover everything with a meter layer within a radius of 500 km. And due to the emission of a huge amount of dust, gases or sulfur oxide to the atmosphere, there would be a temporary cooling of the climate. Sulfur oxide would create a thin veil of sulfuric acid around the planet reflecting sunlight. [This] would persist for many years. It is estimated that due to climate change about five billion people would starve to death. The scenario of such an explosion can be seen in the documentary film “Superwulkan – disaster scenario”. This is, of course, a catastrophic film, but a lot of scientific truth in it. –Dr. Jerzy Zaba, via Tech WP

    An eruption at Yellowstone would cause the Earth’s temperature to plummet as the sulfuric acid would reflect the sunlight, making growing food difficult across the globe.

    As more talk is made by geologists that suggest that the supervolcanoes are “waking up” around the world, the fears will simultaneously spike. That doesn’t mean an eruption will happen anytime soon, only that Earth will experience another supervolcano eruption in the future.

    Recently, there was even talk that the Laacher See volcano 650 kilometers from the Polish border has “come to life“. When that volcano last erupted nearly 13 thousand years ago, the population living in its vicinity died out. Europe also then suffered from several colder years of “volcanic winter”.

    Experts still say there is no reason to fear a supervolcano eruption just yet, but understanding the devastation that we will all face sooner or later is important in the advancement of science and human survival.



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      1. Oh no !!!

        It’s Yellowstone!!!!!!!


        • Look Yogi. it’s a mega volcano! Pray for Yogi and Boo Boo! Fook the ranger, he’s a commie. Imma party like it’s 1984!

      2. I am not sure what the purpose of this article is. Slow news day?

      3. This level of SHTF would be hard to survive. Even if people have farms there would be little sunlight for 3 – 5 years to get a good crop.

        Highly industrialized nations would survive better than countries like India and most of those in Africa. The U.S. Japan, and Europe have electricity to power grow lamps and provide some food for the population. Many countries would not have this option and would suffer 90% starvation, maybe more.

        I worked with a retired Air Force Lt. Col. He worked on contingency plans for several military think tanks looking at apocalyptic events like this.

        Our military would get first priority for survival. The national rail system would be put under military control. Medical professionals, electrical and civil engineers, and others critical to national survival, and their families, would get preference for food and medical needs.

        Unskilled people, the elderly (like me) and others that can’t contribute directly to national survival would be put at the back of the line for everything. Makes sense. Only so many mouths can be fed and those should be the people critical for national survival.

      4. Any good news?

      5. what happen to this site. i use to come here for advice and to learn from the ppl posting .its just turned crazy …..i keep coming back hopeing it changes back to what it was when i first started following …but nope …

        • This site lost its roots back in 2016 and has never been the same..
          It’s all about politics and fear porn now.

      6. “all but wiping the country off of the map.”
        Proof your prepping is meaningless for a Yellowstone event.

        A greater and more probable fear than Yellowstone:
        Israel will “make” American go to war against Iran before Ramadan, but what Netanyahoo doesn’t understand is, the USNavy can’t stop all sources of missiles from striking him, AND just three strikes and Israel will be no more.

        And the remaining Yahoos around the world will blame America for destroying Israel by starting the Iranian war… the war that the Yahoos blackmailed the USA into starting!
        Will the Yahoos pull another 911 using Sauds and blame it on Iraq?

        • Xi Jinping will be a household name in a few weeks.

          • Ah Sooo

        • Ramadan started two weeks ago.

      7. I blame global warming for this!

        It is all Pres Trumps fault!

      8. Seems like MEDS are an excellent prepper item ?

      9. Putin planned this. He is interfering with volcanos.

      10. By By USA By By world!!!!!

      11. Oh, come on, just give NASA a few billion – since they can protect us from asteroids… this would be a piece of cake.

      12. Big Brother is building a wall of tyranny around us every day. And we are supposed to worry about Yellowstone? God-given liberty is everything.

      13. You don’t have to be a geologist to know that if Yellowstone had a super eruption, most of the North American population would be doomed, to be followed shortly after by a good portion of modern civilization. That’s just common sense.

      14. I live several miles from Yellowstone and have no fear of this frequently recycled crap. If this was truly a possibility it would appear in every major collection of prophecy on the planet, incl. the Bible. It appears in NONE of them. This is an attempt to set a stage for depopulating an area that is a pivotal increment of the Yucatan to Yukon / Agenda 21 program. If it was truly likely, the dozens of moguls and high-rollers who have redoubts at the doorsteps of Yellowstone would not be here. They know this is crap and they probably pay for this regular recycling so that they can have bits of paradise to themselves.

      15. Just a thought… We have scientific proof that magnetic north is changing at an advanced rate. If there is a pole shift occurring, would it be possible that those massive magnetic forces can be acting upon the crust and mantle of our planet, even causing movement or slight displacement of rec tonic plates? This could explain the activity in the Ring of Fire and even certain weather anomalies worldwide.. Just something to consider.. Cause and effect. If massive gel logical anomalies are occurring worldwide, it stands to reason that whatever is promoting it must ALSO be an equally massive force that is capable of affecting things on a global scale, eh?

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