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by | Mar 1, 2022 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    This article was originally published by Dane Wigington at Geoengineering 

    Global power structures are more desperate and dangerous than ever before, unfolding and accelerating ecological collapse is further fueling that desperation. Behind the curtain of conflict between nations, covert cooperation continues on core issues like climate engineering, there is no other possibility.

    The “Department of Homeland Security” now seems to be categorizing as “an enemy of the state” any who dare to voice their opinion about our government, welcome to totalitarianism. The constant parade of completely engineered winter weather mayhem is wreaking havoc on populations in some regions while engineered drought is doing the same elsewhere. How dark will the wider horizon have to get before a larger percentage of the masses wake up to the fact that what we collectively face is nothing short of a fight for life? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

    All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness-raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.


    The Brookings Institute has declared geoengineering is here and they want to prepare the U.S. for “governance” (which translates to “control”) in a geoengineering future. The rulers are destroying the planet and blaming it on us! We can only imagine what blocking out the sun will do to farming and the production of food in the future.

    Carbon dioxide removal as a climate solution has been largely embraced, as the risk of unintended consequences is considered minimal. Solar geoengineering, on the other hand, presents a variety of complicating issues. –The Brookings Institute

    Carbon dioxide removal? Does anyone not understand that plants (which provide the planet with food) require carbon dioxide to live and thrive? We had better wake up and do so soon, or we will be subjected to whatever the rulers already have in store for us.


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      1. ” The constant parade of completely engineered winter weather mayhem is wreaking havoc on populations in some regions while engineered drought is doing the same elsewhere.”

        That’s an assumption made without support.

        Assuming something as a basis to support the subsequent argument is a major fallacy that puts the following argument into the category of being a “conspiracy theory” instead of science.

        Such arguments may be based on the writers sincere, if erroneous, belief but are also a tool deliberately used to marginalize and manipulate the lower IQ populations into some desired actions, the way the players move chess pieces around the board while trying to prevent their opponents from knowing the true reasons they are making those moves.

        Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated to fall into that trap and become a tool of those you would oppose to accomplish their ends while you think you are acting against them.

      2. Chem-trailing is a fact. There is a vast difference in a contrail and a chem-trail, I’ve known since childhood. My dad was a military and civilian pilot (who is now gone) often explained to me in great detail what a contrail was. Besides that, who aged say 50 years old can recall a few decades ago seeing contrails lingering for hours and then spreading across the sky and blocking the sun all day, no one. Furthermore, who flies back and forth in geometric patterns, for what reasons. From a beach I’ve seen planes leaving chem-trails go almost to the horizon, before turning around temporarily shut off spraying, then turn around and do it again, repeatedly. What would they be doing if not intentionally spraying?
        I’ve read that snow samples taken off the tops of remote mountains when analyzed 30 years ago were almost pristine, now they have tens of thousands of PPM’s of aluminum, barium, strontium, etc., none which are found naturally in the atmosphere or in those environments, and not found naturally in those concentrations anywhere on the planet. These constituents and other chemicals and heavy metals are in the toxic soup clouds being sprayed on us. Along with blocking sunlight to diminish vegetation, it is the intentional poisoning and toxic destruction of soil, groundwater, air, and the biosphere as a whole. This makes the gov’t by orders of magnitude the greatest polluter in the history of the world.
        We don’t need to get worked up about foreign enemies abroad, our real enemies are right here at home, chem-trailing us, jabbing us with spike proteins, constantly trying to take away our rights, constantly lying to us, purposely destroying standards of living, abetting millions of illegals to flood across our borders, dirty elections to negate the will of the people, and on and on. They have the nerve to propagandize and call all this good gov’t.

      3. Carbon credit schemes seem to be a scam for Wall Street types to line their pockets. I watched a short video on one way that this is done. They set up a type of carbon credit clearinghouse that goes out and finds people that own woodland. They ask them if they would like to participate. They pay you money to not cut your trees down. Then they offer these to corporations as offsets for the carbon they create in their manufacturing processes…at a healthy profit of course.

        Now, who knows if I was going to cut my trees or not. But they will pay me even if I wasn’t going to cut them down. The landowner they interviewed said he was making good money between the carbon payments and the fees for hunters to hunt his ground.

        This is how they “remove” carbon from the atmosphere.

      4. These snakes would cut there own throats to save the planet! I say you first globalist scum!
        I am ungovernable! Do not comply! Piss off and die slime of non-human excrement!

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