Gen. Flynn Ousted From Trump Cabinet, As Hillary Crony Cites “Revenge for Pizzagate”

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 51 comments

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    Public Domain image: Department of Defense

    Public Domain image: Department of Defense

    Is it sweet revenge, or just desserts?

    Gen. Michael Flynn resigned suddenly from Trump’s cabinet after it came to light that the National Security Advisor had not told the Vice President or President about his conversations with Russia regarding sanctions.

    A scandal has since unfolded, and will continue in the media; Gen. Flynn has fallen on his sword. Via the Guardian:

    General Michael Flynn has resigned as Donald Trump’s national security adviser after weeks of speculation over his links to Russia turned into days of reporting on the contents of his calls with the Russian ambassador and a day of intense pressure over whether the president could continue to back his pick.

    But is there more to the inner-workings and behind stage schemes that led to his demise?

    The reaction from one of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors, and a retweet from the would-be queen herself, suggests that there may have been some Machiavellian intrigue at work.

    That depends upon how you interpret the comments of Philippe Reines, a man who previously served as Senior Advisor to Secretary of State Clinton, and who since 2013 (when Hillary resigned) has been working at the shadowy security consulting firm Beacon Global Strategies LLC, founded by a cadre of ex-CIA and ex-defense figures surrounding Hillary, including former CIA/Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, also part of the firm, and who was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff during his second term.

    Hillary Clinton then retweeted and personally responded to Gen. Flynn’s ousting on her own Twitter account:

    This is significant because Michael Flynn was the only one Trump’s appointees to publicly discuss or share information about the so-called “Pizzagate” scandal that alleged connections between John Podesta and other Clintonites, a place called Comet Ping Pong and alleged child trafficking and/or pedophile activities.

    By hinting that there are “real consequences of fake news,” Hillary pretty much admitted that her team have still been seeking revenge against enemies perceived and real after her electoral defeat in November. Clearly, Hillary, Reines and however many other surrogates from her campaign are not willing to let it go.

    Both Michael Flynn Sr. and his son, Michael G. Flynn discussed rumors and accusations surrounding the Clinton camp – whether or not these claims have a solid basis is a separate matter.


    Arguably, it could have been the late hour “pizzagate” allegations that sunk Hillary’s campaign, or at least made its inner core deeply concerned about how many skeletons were going to spill out of the closet. By raising the alarm about “fake news,” and the convenient appearance of a man with a gun who went to Comet to “self-investigate,” the story was quickly quashed from all but the most dogged corners of the Internet.

    His son, 33 years old, was also part of Trump’s transition team, but forced to step down after referencing #Pizzagate – today thrown back in Flynn’s face by one of Hillary Clinton’s closest staff members. From the BBC back in December:

    One of Donald Trump’s aides has lost his job after fanning a conspiracy theory that climaxed at the weekend in gunfire at a pizzeria.

    Michael Flynn, 33, left the US president-elect’s transition team on Tuesday following his tweets about the so-called Pizzagate fake news story.

    His father, Michael Flynn Snr, Mr Trump’s pick to be US national security adviser, has also shared viral hoaxes.



    Now, it seems that things have come full circle – and both Flynn’s are out. Is it all just a coincidence?

    It doesn’t seem out of line to suggest that the tight circle of CIA and defense consultants and policy wonks who were to have operated Hillary’s cabinet are joyous, if not still bitter, about their resignations and the fact that the crowd who stole their assumed ‘rightful’ place in the White House are now taking flak.

    Philippe Reines, for one, has been gunning for Flynn for a while now:

    It wouldn’t take a genius to connect their snickering with the stumbles of Trump’s cabinet – after all, 2016 was less a campaign and more of a dirty tricks scramble to take the Oval Office. That level of covert warfare is never satisfied with due process, the will of the people or the peaceful transition of power.

    Incidentally, Beacon Global Strategies is also home to the former deputy director of the CIA – who we have reported on SHTF for openly antagonizing Putin, as well as Iran and Syria, and advocating killing people closely surrounding the leaders of each of these countries. As he boldly told Charlie Rose, they have their ways of “sending a message.”

    If Team Hillary is exacting revenged against the Trump Administration for the consequences of their no holds barred fight for power, there may be attempts to unseat other important figures close to Trump.

    Flynn may have created his own mess, but there were those who were quite willing to help assist his dramatic fall out of power.

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      1. Today, we see the satanist, child murdering pedophiles of the Hillary camp performing their victory dance, openly mocking those who would expose them. They’re telling America, “We’re too powerful, not even Trump dares to go after us!”
        How long will the blood of the innocents cry for justice, America? Does anyone care?

        • Hang on to your dribbies boys and girls, something in the milk ain’t clean.

          • Avoidable if those who untipped the veil over PizzaGate had EXPOSED it all. Or enough to prove it is valid and real- like they said they would. What happened to the incensed NYPD?? Wikileaks? Trump also responsible for betraying his promise to investigate Hillary: Benghazi, ISIS creation, phony Arab Spring attacks, FUKUSHIMA- not just PizzaGate. But he made it clear he would drop the ball. So it hit him in the face.
            However, can rest assured that real reason was his neocon handlers got rid of Flynn due to his HATRED of ISIS policy and the vow to stop support for them. AIPAC & jews want ISIS to take down Assad. Flynn had to go, so ISIS can stay. Kingmakers prevailed

          • Is it lost upon you the following?
            -A sitting, Elected, President has his people surveilled by: Non Elected alphabet agencies.
            -Those non elected agencies snoop Illegally on Flynn. Tapped his private conversations.
            -Then those non elected agencies release the illegal obtained info to media.
            ***A non elected agency is UNDERMINING an Elected sitting President

            This is a coupe.
            These agencies are undermining our Elected Government.
            These agencies are undermining our President.
            These alphabet snoop agencies have gone too far.
            Why is no one saying this?

            Bottom line:
            These Agencies want Nuclear war with Russia.
            Peace and co operation with Russia will not be allowed by these nut job snoop agencies. They WANT conflict.
            They will destroy Trump to get their War.
            Then WE WILL ALL be destroyed.

        • Flynn fucked up, bigly !!! He should have known better. Those in authority on both sides of the isle must be held INDIVIDUALLY accountable when they break the law and pay the price for their crimes.

          Including HILLARY. Especially HILLARY !!! 🙂

          • Oh rubbish. Worst treason in US history- OCTOBER SURPRISE RIGGED election- alot of these same Dems like Biden gave it a yawn and a pass. Including Mother of Darkness witch Hellary’s husband who let the criminals go- just like Obomba did 911.

      2. Tit for tat, tit for tat….4-8 years of this crap. Time to investigate Clinton on her foundation and put her and Bill away.

        • YUP, 6 feet below!!

      3. Something doesn’t smell right. Did Flynn do something so bad that he should have resigned?

        The Libs are out for blood. Now they have it. And they will want more.

        I prefer Trump to be on offense against the Libs. Shock and awe those Dem traitors.

        • He misled the VP about his telephone conversations.

          That’s it.

          The left is continuing on the assault about the Russians stealing the election, they’re not going to stop, ever.

        • Logan Act

          The Logan Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 953 [1948]) is a single federal statute making it a crime for a citizen to confer with foreign governments against the interests of the United States. Specifically, it prohibits citizens from negotiating with other nations on behalf of the United States without authorization.

          In a “nutshell” … this is technically what he did wrong.

          Though – we have had 8 years of the Obama Administration habitually violate this Act – specifically Hillary “rotten” Clinton.

          Conclusion – this is all theatrics – what the Left can do, the Right can not. It is a deliberate attack against the Right/Trump Administration.

          The “circus show” continues – who will be next on the chopping block?

          • and THAT is just ONE of many why Hitlary and MANY others should be in prison awaiting the hangmens NOOSE!!

      4. I don’t care what anyone says, Pizzgate does exist. Here is again an example of what I’ve been talking about. HRC finds the time to talk about General Flynn’s predicament, but she can’t tweet and call for unity and for the riots to stop. She wants division, she only talked unity to look good while trying to get elected. She speaks with forked tongue, which we already had figured out 30 years ago. She such a lying beech. Just wait Hillary yours is coming. Beware President Trump of Satan’s children, they’re out to get you any way they can.

      5. Don’t you guys get it? the Media is involved in Pizza Gate too, they are Child Molesting Pedophiles, they is one of the reasons they are trying to cover this up, they are also being blackmailed to keep their mouths shut!

      6. 474 arrests, 28 children rescued, 27 adult females rescued in California-lots in Los Angeles. Raid took place on Jan 26-28, 2017. But there’s loads more needing to be arrested. The Democrats in WH are holding up Trumps administration bcuz they are panicking about being arrested

      7. There’s still an unknown number of Obama/Hillary supporters in the govt. who need to be found and rooted out. They’re doing whatever they can to undermine President Trump. There needs to be a purge.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart,
          YOU GOT THAT CORRECT!! until they purge out ALL the left scumbags, Trump will not have much of a chance to get anything done until these traitors are gone!! AND they MUST be made a example of!! beltway lite post ornaments!!

        • The spies who eavesdropped on clinton-Lewinsky scandal to stop Palestine State are infiltrated EVERYWHERE and cant be routed out. THEY are the real danger. We have knuckled under to the dual nationals who’ve blackmailed us crying ‘victim’ – now control us lock, stock and barrel.

      8. ht tps://

      9. If you have liberal employees, get rid of them for any reason you can float.

        Do not do business with any liberal businesses.

        Go on the offensive. Letters to editors, congressional reps, all of it.

      10. Lying bastard on the left. Tell them all the time and nothing happens. On the Right when someone gets caught in a lie the are ousted.
        Now do you see why at the end we will prevail!


        • Because we are ousted?

      11. If Trump has any sense at all, he’ll finally start working towards locking her up…

        But it looks more like he’s bought and paid for himself, demanding Russia returns Crimea and the likes.

      12. The WWE ain’t got nuthin’ on these folks who are putting on this cage match for the little people. If you ask me, all this stuff is just stuff. The way I see it is that these people who are getting ‘taken down’ wouldn’t even be in the positions that they are to be taken down if they weren’t alreadydown with the system. Enjoying the show? I’m mean what fun would the show be without all the sideline antics. Oooops, I think that someone just got poked in the eye when the ref wasn’t looking again.

      13. Gen. Flynn Ousted From Trump Cabinet, As Hillary Crony Cites “Revenge for Pizzagate”


        I thought it was suppose to be the other way around?

        I guess it is true – “you attempt to screw with the Establishment, the Establishment screws with you.”

      14. So what that One of Trumps picks turned out to be untrust worthy? And now he is fired! that’s good news. Hold everyone accountable.

        • Damn right OG that SOB liable been a plant. If they ain’t viable, root the bastards out.

          • And as far as Hillary and PizzaGate go, she’s just pissed that the fair maidens are no longer available to her and Billy-Bob.

            • Easier to get rid of one worthless hen than to deplete the entire hen house that Barry Soetoro was able keep up.

              • People we’ve been in the “soft war” for quite some time and the left has had their day in the sun. The tide is turning and we’ve got to press them to the point that they can’t stand it. If we can’t gain relief from them then other options might have to be considered.


            • OK dingdong, enlighten me……

              • Apparently you got your nose up his arse. Does it smell like roses or just the same old shit?

        • Old guy; seems Ben Rhodes(former national security adviser) and others have been after Flynn since the election. He was going to expose some of the secret deals that were made by Obama and Iran and they knew it. I heard Clapper’s name mentioned too. Insiders and outsiders are trying to take down any and everything Trump is trying to do by leaking everything. These people should be hung! It isn’t over yet…more to come.

      15. Now that the left has tasted blood, they will go into a frenzied feeding on the right that will be unstoppable.

        There will be renewed and more enthusiatic attacks against anything and everything related to Trump or the movement he represents till there is nothing left of them but a pale skeleton of what they once were.

        Trump and the entire movement are finished.

        We lost, it was a good try but we lost.

        The left owns this country and the only way we can participate in it at all is to shut up, do as we are told, and ride in the back of the bus.

        • “The left owns this country and the only way we can participate in it at all is to shut up, do as we are told, and ride in the back of the bus.”


        • THE LEFT THINKS they own this country and they can think that ALL THE WAY to the GALLOWS as we have had it with there scumbag ways and they WILL be tried ,convicted and HUNG !! PERIOD the ONLY way they can win is IF they escape during the purge to find them!! the people have had enough and they will be removed!!

          • Don’t count on it.

            And any “purge” will be done by them against us.

            As Flynn demonstrates, along with MIlo and others.

      16. The demonic liberal communist pedophiles are hell bent on destroying America.

        To begin with, 3 things need to happen as soon as possible, otherwise we the people will have to hunt down and execute these trouble making traitorous sadists and enemies of America.

        1) Arrest, prosecution, and execution of everyone involved in the pedophile activities called pizzagate.

        2) The arrest, prosecution, and execution of the SOB usurper Barry Soetoro.

        3)The arrest, prosecution, and execution of George Soros.

        Let’s give Mr. Trump time to make things happen. However, it’s obvious he has many enemies actively going up against him and we shouldn’t expect him to fix things without our involvement.

      17. I say it is time to show up at these riots in full Trump gear, Make America Great Again hats, Deplorable T-shirts, body armor and an assault rifle of your choosing hanging on a single point.
        First rioter to throw a firebomb,, drop em!
        We have played nice for long enough!


      19. General Flynn, I refuse to accept your resignation.


        • Amen.

      20. POTUS Trump needs to drain the swamp and drain it now! Fire the whole crew of FBI and CIA. Get all new loyal people in there. They seem to not appreciate there jobs and are definitely not working for the American people nor the Constitution. This is an orchestrated move by Obumer loyalist to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency. As long as POTUS keeps these holdovers from Obumer’s Admin. there’s going to be trouble. Also you can blame the MSM too. Notice how you can feel the smugness from that bitch Killery’s tweet. The new AG Jeff Sessions needs to go after her and lock her up! Make examples, the state department needs a lesson too.

      21. I hope the democrats keep this s–t up so they can see how many elections they win. This was all a set up.

      22. F—K Hillary.
        It is time for Republicans to ‘hoist the flag’ and slit throats’. The Democrats want war, Trump needs to deliver it in spades. We elected a man who would be as ruthless pursuing what is right as dRATS have been pursuing evil.

      23. F–K Hillary. The Democrats want war, then Republicans must ‘hoist the flag and begin slitting throats’.
        We elected a man who would be as ruthless pursuing good as dRATS were pursuing evil. Gut the CIA, prosecute Hitlery, rein in the FBI, and let’s make a route of it once and for all.

      24. Pizzagate is a crock o’ shite. It is just not plausible, with the amount of surveillance these days and especially in Washington, that politicians could be doing this. I know people want some big scam like this, but it is a distraction from getting government to function properly and with accountability. Firing off executive orders and tweeting nonsense is not going to do it.

        • You are SOOOO naïve!!!!

      25. This is what Trump gets for keeping Comey, letting Hillary go free, keeping all those Obama moles on staff…

        I really thought Trump was going to kick some ass, I am disappointed.

      26. Look up and read: Senator William Jenner’s Feb.23, 1954 speech; Professor Carroll Quigley’s 1966 work Tragedy and Hope…(he was a mentor to Bill Clinton, BC being a member of the deep state), Dan Smoot’s 1962 book The Invisible Government. Quote from Adm. Chester Ward; Once the ruling members of the CFR shadow government have decided that the US government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of the CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically any opposition. former member CFR and Judge Advocate General US Navy.

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