Gearing Up: DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Checkpoint Booths Amid Large Scale Ammo Buildup

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Headline News | 257 comments

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    Pictured: Shelters Direct DHS ‘Overwatch’ Booth (link)

    The Department of Homeland Security has made news in the past few weeks with the revelations that they have purchased up to 650 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition.

    Now, despite ignoring requests as to why they need that much ammo, they have moved forward and purchased an unknown amount of bullet resistant booths to possibly be stationed at unannounced checkpoints throughout the country.

    press release from the company that supplied the booths bragged about the sale:

    Press release date: April 4, 2012

    Owner: Department of Homeland Security

    Project Description:

    Shelters Direct provided the Department of Homeland Security with this 4×13 Steel UL 752 Level 3 Bullet Resistant Booth. 

    This guard building features a standing seam hip roof, a thru-wall HVAC unit, (2) UL 752 BR Level 3 sliding doors, UL 752 Bullet Resistant Level 3 glass and a Low]E coating.

    These booths seem destined to be used at checkpoints throughout the country as DHS and other government agencies continue their full scale takeover of America.

    As we have heavily reported in the last few weeks, numerous government agencies have went on an ammo buying spree, with the total amount reaching well over 700 million rounds.

    “In the last three years numerous domestic US government agencies have ordered a total of over 750 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition.

    That’s right, multiple government agencies that specifically operate primary inside the United States have gone on a literal ammunition spending spree in preparation for what they must believe will be some sort of violent event.”

    Whether it be 140 million packets of emergency food, detention centers in all 50 states,750 million rounds of ammo, or numerous bullet resistant checkpoint booths, the Department of Homeland Security is clearly gearing up for something.


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      1. Got yours? Prepare, prepare, prepare, amigos. Light your way.

        Gold Leader standing by.

        • Very possible these ‘guard shacks’ will be installed at entrances to various U.S. government facilities and office complexes. Elitist paranoia grows by the day.

          • Yea, thats what I think ! They know folks hate them!

          • This is why the information age is so great. While the government hasn’t made any announcements, the suppliers cannot resist marketing their sales which allows us to piece together what they are doing.

            Be prepared folks.

          • As it should

          • No big problem. They have to come out sooner or later.

            • Good point Tomcat!

              BTW, my outhouse is also bulletproof. No one comes near it when I enter after a heapin’ helpin’ of the missus’ Navy Bean soup.

            • Jakeman3, the problem is no one can force the public to watch a video of two talking cartoon bears and exercise passive action.

            • yep they’ll have to come out as it looks like there are no toilet facilities in those, also i bet they are not RPG proof either

          • You nailed that one. At the local govt buildings here in LA, two of them, there are two guard shacks at them. I would assume they are for those guards. That shack looks like a permanent shelter, so I doubt they would be used in mobile check points.


          • @ Paul. I keep looking at that overwatch booth and I was trying to remember where I saw a structure that looked just like this. It was either a picture or in a movie of an East German post that overlooked anyone trying to escape the iron hand of USSR’s Warsaw Pact into West Germany. How ironic that DHS chose the building model that looked like something from East Germany. Paranoia often has similarities in many ways to other parts of the world, and other times in history.

          • Paul I agree. I can’t see them setting them up all over the place, just gov’t buildings etc like you say. Checkpoints are routine for places like Army bases, NASA, etc. Those places already have little shacks, these look like newer, bullet-resistant, shacks.

          • Seems there’s more than enough paranoia to go around. Ammunition sales are way up amongst civilians as well.

            • The government is just trying to stock up before the price of ammo goes way up.

            • @ Pooby

              ” … enough paranoia to go around. Ammunition sales are way up amongst civilians as well”

              Paranoia???? We need to be more mindful about the meaning of that word and how we use it. It is not harmless. No one wants to be seen as paranoid, and the mere suggestion is enough to discourage too many people from responding to the very real dangers our govt poses to our freedoms and our lives.

              Why do we so quickly and easily apply that word to ourselves whenever we notice what is going on in our country?

              Are we so unsure of our own observations and our own situational awareness that we let the self-annihilating PC brain washing we’ve been subjected to override the truth in front of our eyes? We are not paranoid. Things ARE as bad as they seem. The fact that America does not look like Communist Russia, or Hitler’s Germany – yet – should not reassure us when we know, we can already FEEL, the boot of Marxist authoritarianism on our necks.

              We are not paranoid. We ARE in danger, and it is APPROPRIATE and life-affirming to make preparations to resist and defend against further intrusion by govt into our lives. For some people those preparations will include purchase of guns and ammo. That is an individual choice arising from their individual, private assessment of circumstances, and they have a right to make that choice. The fact the fed govt’s chief role is to protect our God-given rights, and that they are not only shirking that duty but actively working to separate us from our rights, is ample reason to plan for self-defense. That is what rational, responsible, intelligent people do when threatened.

              We can’t know exactly what govt is going to do to us, but we know it involves more intrusion into our lives, destruction of our rights and the use of excessive force. How do we know they will at least do that to us? Because they’ve already done it and gotten away with it. And because for all of us ordinary citizens, there is already no one to call for help against our own govt.

              There is a huge difference between paranoia and the appropriate functioning of a healthy, intact survival instinct. I urge everyone to maintain an awareness of that difference and to take lawful, appropriate action to prepare for survival.

          • But Eric Holder has made it perfectly clear that it is discriminatory behavior to ask anyone for an ID. So what criteria are they going to use for entrance? Eye color?

        • That’s right, multiple government agencies that specifically operate primary inside the United States have gone on a literal ammunition spending spree in preparation for what they must believe will be some sort of violent event.”

          They are hoping for a violent event, and all of these “laws” getting press are meant to drive us to it.

          The threat of these laws and ammo purchases is not that the corp wants to use them on us. they want to make you afraid they will use them, so you will take violent action to prevent it from happening.

          Once they have an attack to promote, they will clamp down on the sheep and go to physical war with the rest of us.

        • Why are most of you so frightened?
          Sure, DHS just bought 450 million rds over the next 5 years, but we Americans have 450 billion!
          We outnumber ALL government employees, including police, SWAT, Marines, Army, Navy, Coast guard, Air Force, Blackwater, FBI, CIA by 100 to one…
          Never forget, it is they who fear us.

          • At some point the fed gov is going to have to throw the switch and cut off funding to the bottom feeders as we can no longer afford to keep it up or it will bring the whole US down (just a fact not a choice). It just won’t happen under Obama as he is content on dismanteling and giving America away chunks at at time. So, i bet the 450 million rounds is more for defensive purposes than any kind of offensive move against the citizens. With the US citizens ramping up their purchases of guns and ammo in recent years, that is surely to raise some eyebrows in the fed govs agencies and make them say what are our citizens up to in buying all these guns and ammo. LOL

      2. If look at all of these “little things” occurring by themselves (which is difficult since the MSM doesn’t report anything any longer) you don’t see anything, but when you look at the FIMA camps, the 450 million 40 caliper ammo purchase by DHS,the radical changes chairman “o” put in place with our Marital Law, NDAA, the worlds economies are all at the brink and the list goes on, you see a worrisome pattern. Meanwhile the media is complicit, the chairman lies, the republicans are asleep at the wheel and everyone seems to be more concerned with American Idle…. WTF! Am I alone here?

        • And who says the Republicans are not also part of the problem? Remember that the NDAA passed with 93 votes out of 100. For that to happen, plenty of Republican senators had to vote for it too. We have reached a point where you have to realize the neither party is on the side of the people anymore. Both are grabbing power for the government at an alarming rate. The differences exist on the social front but that belies the fact that politicians from both parties are actively working to restrict our civil liberties. The two party system is just a tool used to divide and conquer the masses now. It’s time we stopped being Democrats and Republicans and instead started focusing on being Americans again. If we don’t, then we may well lose the ability to fight for our more minor points later.

          • @Winston Smith

            In my opinion, anyone who still uses the (D)/(R) paradigm along with the left/rigtht paradigm cannot truly be considered “awake”.

            Are there differences? Yes. Are their motivations different? Slightly. Do they head us in the same direction? Definately.

            The end result is the wiping out of the “middle class”.

            Essentially, the destination is “Panem”.

            Any one interested in seeing where they have been heading us for the last few hundred years should read “The Hunger Games” and the other two books by Susanne Collins. Call it primer or a prediction.

            It could be implemented via Agenda 21 or simply just following the line we are following in the world.

            The fact is this: The self appointed rulers of this world wish the majority of the population to be very poor and to work very hard for nothing beyond just enough to keep them alive. The idea is to get as much work out of them at the least expense.


            Essentially its the idea that the common man doesn’t deserve any pleasure or any profit. That is deserved only by the elites simply because of their inheritance of property and privilege.

            This is immoral, dishonest and cruel.

            The underlying reason for The Second Amendment is to combat this. People think I’m being violent and foolish when I mention this. I am not. The time approaches.

            Does the phrase “mass arrests imminent” ring any bells or resonate with anything you are seeing?

            • NetRanger, you are 100% spot on correct! Republican and Democratic Progressives represent two wings on the same bird.

            • NetRanger: so agreed, but my pleasure will come from giving Back to those that rule! Need I say More!

            • “Giving Back Generously” should be the rule of the day!


            • The thing is that the elite have always been, no matter what political system you look at. In communist countries there was stratification the likes of which had not been seen since feudal times. Fascism codified the elite in a “private-public partnership” (hmmm…now where have I heard THAT phrase here recently?). Whenever the middle and lower classes rise up against the oppression of the elite, it is another group of the elite who present the options for the poor to choose from in order to replace the previous system.(Marx was, after all, the child of affluent parents.) Thus, the new boss winds up being the same as the old boss but wearing a different colour suit and tie.

              Sadly though, the problem lies with the nature of the proletariat/working class/peasantry. Most do not have the intellectual capital to truly take charge of their situation and so instead they look for someone to take the responsibility for them. They hope that this charismatic person truly is what he represents himself to be. However, rhetoric is meaningless as they do whatever is needed to seize power. They go along with it for a time but eventually tire of it and look for another tyrant/freedom fighter/fearless leader to rule their lives for them. So long as they are allowed to disconnect from reality to a degree with their bread, wine and circuses (food stamps, cheap beer and Dancing With the Stars) most are content. Most people are not big dreamers. Most are content with a velvet-gloved tyranny so long as they don’t have to put forth much effort. This is why we are where we are today and why it will never truly change for the better, for more liberty.


            • time to lock the doors and burn the buildings

          • You are right Winston. My honest belief is TPTB are gearing up to protect their necks. The NDAA, HR 347, The EO that Barry put in to place, the DHS loading up on ammo, troops being trained in public control, FEMA camps being manned. Oh yeah they are getting ready to save their asses. They know that when the word actually gets out that the USA is broke, it’s game on. Just look at it like a monster Greece scenario. No more free cheese and this country will unfold a America that most if not all of us have never seen. My belief is that it will be before the end of the year. I hope not but it is not looking good at all, it is not if, it is when. Every one of us should prep hard and steady right up until the end. Good luck, and good prepping to all.

          • Ever wonder just what is in Room 101?

            • I have a feeling I am going to find out one of these days, and that I won’t love it…


        • Not alone…just outnumbered..

          I guess you could equate our situation similar to Neo’s in Matrix..

          Billions asleep..

          a few awake..

          and we see what’s coming..

          and it ain’t gonna be pretty..

          gear up!


        • Of course you are not alone. “Take hold of my hand, for you are no longer alone. Walk with me in Hell!” Lamb of God~ Walk with me in Hell. Great song:)

          450 million .40 JHP rounds….ya and if you checked around in addition to that, they also purchased 200 million rounds of .223 ammo! 2 months ago things were looking ok for Obama. Now look at his popularity went from 50% to 27% (last I checked) because of gas prices. The supreme court is after him for Obama care and questionable donations made to his 2012 election support. The cards are stacked against him, and he knows it. Martial Law is underway. Lock and Load!

        • Nope right there with ya! You forgot to mention 175 million rounds of .223. Fragmentable. In fact, all were frag type rounds. causes more internal damage and yaws more when hitting the soft tissue target. Forget their BS about use in close quarters. It is meant to kill or wound severely.

          Better stock up on your own ammo, what ever that preference is. Seems the elitists are afraid of us…good! They should be.

          • You mean frangible?

          • I was going to makes these points too…!

            40SW is only one cal – what else have they been stocking up on? It occured to me that the ATK 223 / ex-govt order surplus situation would be a perfect opportunity to hide massive acquisitions of 223/5.56 Nato in M855 format.

            M855 is dirt cheap these days and AP, aka the old 62gr steel cored SS109. Surplus sales the last 6months has pushed so much LC M855 into private hands its damned scary – no public range will let you fire it but it will likely be the 1st mag many will reach for in an emergency… without a good understanding of the rounds capabilities!

            I really hope BHO doesn’t try anything before Nov as it will not end well for anyone. If he wins then we will see a POTUS with the most agenda in US history..

        • I think its called….

          “The Preponderance of Evidence”… !!

          Every little datum adds up to the bigger picture.

        • You hit the nail on the head with that post. You are not alone, I feel the same way.

      3. Perhaps they are to be used on the U.S. / Mexico boarder!!!!!!!!

        • LOL. Say, um…you interested in any real estate? I got this big bridge for sale…

        • The government buys a ton of shit it will never use or need. They do it because they can. This contract is in all likelihood the result of some pillow talk between some Senator and his butt buddy. I would deify anybody to stand in their level 3 bulletproofing and have some sharpshooter with a 7.62 poking holes in the glass at 400 meters. Sheiit, they would be climbing under that damn thing.

          • Love it! You read my mind. Which reminds me, it’s Friday, so I need to stop and pick up another spam can.

          • True a Level III will not stand up to even multiple hits of a 5.56mm It may take more but it will get the job done eventually

          • Ballistic 4 enclosures will sustain an armor piercing 50 caliber round. Ballistic 3 almost as good..

            • Have U actually tried that! My guess is no, di some research before you post

            • I don’t think it could take a Peterbuilt though

        • Clark Kent: If you have ever crossed the border from either Canada or Mexico, the booths at the border check points are the same as those found in toll booths; made of aluminum. Since the southern border is getting a lot more fire from Mexico DHS is installing these bullet-proof booths for officer protection. Also: my friends at Customs and Border Protection (DHS) tell me that they are having to shoot qualification rounds with greater frequency and at greater distances (25yrds). They are also still hiring a lot of new people. Let everyone draw their own conclusions but they should be based on facts, not simply conjecture.

          • Agreed, but why practice with hollow point. Isn’t there a cheaper round?

            • Durango Kidd: Yes, NATO rounds are a lot cheaper and that is what they use for practice. Hollow-point ammo is what they use for on-duty carry. The purchase of so much duty ammo, if it’s true, is a cause for concern. Thanks for pointing that out.

          • I’ll guess that if Mexico legalizes marijuana, DHS will lock everything down.

            • Pot’s illegal in Mexico?

              Hm, I guess it is, kinda, by-the-book…

              The price of weed is plummeting.

          • DHS is a lot bigger than most people realize and it is mostly off the radar as to being seen. Not the best thing.

      4. First! Its the American way my peeps!

      5. they start putting check points all over the place then we are offcially Nazi germany.

        • the Germans were not armed like we are..

          point counterpoint..

          now that all this info of millions of rounds is public..

          just how many rounds in counter will be bought by us?

          just asking..again


          • Our local Hornady manufacter produces 3 million bullets (not rounds) a day.

          • If the Feds want to do something – it will be quickly executed very quietly – it still takes some time to propagate thru the Net, be believed or verified, eg. below –
   – is an illegal act by the ATF. And then you have to get the MSM to air it… Good luck with that!

            Here is where HAM Radio owners will play be very important part in knowledge transfer. Of course, the govt knows this too so there are counter measures. If there was an “uprising” in Portland OR, I would imagine the city in lockdown and very little press coverge would be “allowed” out as they tried to squash it – its not too hard these days to shutdown cell and Net. Anyone remember the G20 meeting in Pittsburg in 2009… IIRC. NG and Army working the streets with LRAD on the crowds.


          • I sincerely doubt there will be much resistance. They will make a few examples of some who resist and that will be that. Who wants to see their home burned with their family in it. Don’t think they won’t do that or worse.

        • Rachel,

          That would be Soviet Amerika…

          • Nazi germany:

            facism, blaming a religious minority.

            • Rachel,

              The people who have usurped power in this country are devout Marxists, and followers of the hard-left revolutionary model. The 10 Planks of Marxism are now in place in this country. I do agree with you that there is an element of fascism involved, but overall we are going into the Soviet model.

          • Nope, you’re still confused with the propaganda from the cold war. What you have now is corporate fascism. There is a difference. The communists would at least claim to care while they take everything.

        • we have roving check points now, I live in the country and can’t go three miles in any dirrection without meeting either a trooper,a deputy,a local,a park police and even the DEC state police.

        • “Papers please” LOL

        • If that happens, consider the 30-06 to be the new grenade! Being inside of one of those Corporate Jackboot buildings would be like being inside a tank when a frag grenate went off.

          …or downrange of a shotgun.

          Its made to keep pistol bullets out but when it comes to cartridges that recent shoulder surgery recipients can’t handle, you know, like when there is *RECOIL*, it will punch through them like cardboard, taking broken pieces with it and making them bounce around like some perverted game of pong on steroids.

          Kind of like a gun powder driven meat grinder. Ouch!

          No, these are for corporate entrance checkpoints. They keep BB guns and 22s at bay and not much else.

        • Oh shut up, this has nothing to do with Nazis.

      6. Won’t do them much good. Won’t stop armor-piecering ammo anyway.

        • Or molotov cocktails.

          • Or RPGs.

        • .308 or 50 cal will also do the trick, quite nicely….could easily make swiss cheese outta that building and it’s contents

          • That would be correct. Level III armor is not designed for rifle fire.

            • Not if they use solid panel fiberglass based 1″ thick Level IV in the walls like what they use in . Testing stopped 223 & AK rounds. But it doesn’t matter as the 1st round would not takedown everyone and then DHS SWAT would be swarming over every blade of grass in a mile radius…

              But Beefcake & Chumba are correct – RPGs and Molotovs are another story – all bets are off.

        • Death traps for who ever is inside. Can it stop a truck?

        • And they’ve gotta come out some time.

          • yep, patience is a vertue.

          • Good thought Daisy. For all the taxpayer money they’re spending, they’d better equip the booth with a Porta Potty…or else!

      7. This is starting to remind me of a combination of the video games “Shattered Union” and “Homefront”. Let’s see:
        Ammo? Check
        Armored Vehicles? Check
        Drones? Check, Check, Check
        Checkpoints? Forget About It!
        Stasi-Like Security Apparatus? Da Comrade!
        Evisceration of The Constitution and the rule of law?
        Tsk, Tsk! Like you had to ask.

        • AND STILL not one soul does nothing! every one standing by just let the gobblerment eat you alive!

      8. Social destruction and lawlessness as a result of an economic collapse. They know it is coming soon and are getting ready for mayhem. I think they will keep the system afloat until the election but soon after it will come crashing down

        • My Dad, who is 88, is on board. He knows whats up. He says NOTHING will happen until after the election. “Nothing ever does…”

          He claims it will either be right after the election (late Nov, early Dec or early Feb and March). That is when they’ll stop trying to keep it rolling in an effort to get us to vote one way or another.

          • NetRanger, I think your father is very perceptive and wise. If Obama gets a second term, the gloves will come off and the fight will be on. I firmly believe he will pull out a laundry list of Progressive, anti-Constitutional, freedom killing directives that would make Stalin green with envy. After telling Russian President Medvedev in March to “give me space”, no one should question the fact that this man Obama is not working for the American people. For those who haven’t seen the conversation text between Obama and Medvedev here it is.

            SEOUL, South Korea — At the tail end of his 90 minute meeting with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev Monday, President Obama said that he would have “more flexibility” to deal with controversial issues such as missile defense, but incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to give him “space.”

            The exchange was picked up by microphones as reporters were let into the room for remarks by the two leaders.

            The exchange:

            President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

            President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

            President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

            President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

            When asked to explain what President Obama meant, deputy national security adviser for strategic communications Ben Rhodes told ABC News that there is room for the U.S. and Russia to reach an accommodation, but “there is a lot of rhetoric around this issue — there always is — in both countries.

            A senior administration official tells ABC News: “this is a political year in which the Russians just had an election, we’re about to have a presidential and congressional elections — this is not the kind of year in which we’re going to resolve incredibly complicated issue like this. So there’s an advantage to pulling back and letting the technical experts work on this as the president has been saying.”


            • Thumbs down because this is *VERY* bad news. If he gets re-elected, yeah, we’re screwed. The country is screwed. The economy is screwed. The world is screwed.

            • NetRanger, on those grounds I’d give myself a thumb down as well but the site won’t allow it. It is now clear to me beyond any doubt (not that I needed anymore convincing) that this man Obama, whoever the hell he is, is coordinating his policies with our worst adversaries. He is totally untrustworthy, even traitorous. And he may get a second term?!?!?! God help us.

              Obama’s decision to openly assist known Al Qaeda fighter, a.k.a. Libyan Rebels, to kill Qaddafi (who posed no imminent threat to the U.S.) was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

              Lest anyone (not you NetRanger) forget, Russia still has lots of nuclear weapons pointed at the US, and boot licking, ass kissing Obama is doing Putin’s bidding through his eunuch, man servant, houseboy Medvedev. It shocks my imagination when I think how badly this will end for us.

      9. impervious to what caliber..?
        just asking..

        Seems to me they are more paranoid than we are.. many rounds total ,by caliber, were legally purchased over the last year by us..?

        legal gun owners that is..

        again..just asking..


        • Wow. Maybe that’s a question you shouldn’t be asking on the internet.

          • you are right on the bullseye. When this begins the net will be scrambled except to the sharpest knives. The power grid will go. But the military is going to be against the people that think they have us, (The middle class working men and women) under their thumbs. The president is going for world leader!

        • I would guess Americans purchased BILLIONS of rounds last year. I myself got several thousand. That times 90 million owners….well, do the math.

          • I did months ago – it came out to about 50billion rounds… probably millions more every month since then
            as people are not practicing enough… 🙂

            The only way a govt can maintain control & “law & order” in SHTF Event is to use a psych war methods at the start by demonising any resistance and using the press to convince the sheeple, while heavy handedly neutralizing small resistance groups – very publically post action. It will, of course, start with firearms confiscation or ML for the “greater good” of the people.

            It will get very messy very fast.
            Pray the Oath Keepers have their act together…
   (the jury is still out on this one.)

            Will PD and agents fire on US civilians in an event?
            Of course if they have have already come under fire!!
            Lets get real here… its the ultimate “contempt of cop/agent”. They really hate that..

        • Level III/IIIA is impervious up to standard mil-spec 7.62×51 ammo, after doing research, a minimum of a 30-06 AP round should be enough to penetrate through the structure’s sliding door, panels, and glass, the problem with that is the logistical requirements needed to mass produce 30-06 AP rounds, supply and demand brother.

        • Talking about it is one thing, doing it another. It’s a big step to actually fire on authority something most of us will be very reluctant to do as we have been conditioned all our lives against that. Once this starts there is no going back. Hopefully everyone is just a bunch of paranoids. However even they have enemies.

      10. My dsd told me years and years ago that we would need a pass port to travel state to state like china does. I NEVER thought I would see this happening, I have to admit my dad is always right. I may never see old friends again due to upcoming tavel restrictions. What a sad sad time in our country. No other country will help us as they all hate us. It is a shame that the goverment that represents us is not a reflection of us ..the people.

        • remember the people who represent us are the same people who were us before they were elected.

          • Statistically, you’re correct.

            However, it is evidentl that those who are attracted to governmental power tend to be the 4% of the psychopaths in society.

        • Justincase” Don”t worry Bro we(Patriots) are going to Help ourselves!!! Semper Fi!

      11. It won’t stop a .30 cal rifle round… which means they’re “bullet-proof” glass is NOT so bullet-proof… 🙂

      12. That picture of the booth reminds me of that scene from “The Godfather” where Sonny gets whacked.

          • Thanks for posting that Beefcake! I bet you Sonny would have lived through that if he wasn’t kicked in the face at the very end. That probably gave him a concussion.

        • Hey, Chef Nunzio, I was just thinking the same thing. These are sad, sad times in America.

      13. The problem with checkpoints is that they tend to put them in the middle of the road where a 80,000 lb truck will make mash potatoes out of the hut and the contents.

        Read the book ” Neither preditor nor prey” Its staged in wyoming and has to do with checkpoints.

        • I thought the same thing..
          One determined semi driver and the check point is over!

          • The check point keeper will shoot a stinger.

            And if the semi-driver gets off he will be hunted all over the country, and he will be done in 48 hours.

        • I met the author Mark Spungin last year. God gut. I wish more people my age would open their eyes and do what little they can to prepapre fo what is tom come of this country and do what is necessary to try and take it back. I read a funny bumper sticker which brought a smile to myself which read “Wyoming is what America is use to be” and it is true in many regards.

          • Now tell us the truth, did it really say, “Wyoming is what America is use to be”?

            Because if so, it’s a wordy way to say “Wyoming is for morons”

            Just sayin’

            • If your family lives there then it is certain that there are morons there.

        • They will use concrete deflection barriers thusly:

          HUT > TRUCK…

      14. As a construction estimator, 6 “emergency ops center” came across my desk a year or 2 ago. I bid 3 of them (Fl). They were to house the Mayor, Fire chief, Police Chief case of an emergency. I guess they thought the radios might stop working. Quite the building. Extensive bullet resistance. I even said to the person I work for that this many Ops Center and this extent bullet resistance seemed strange. (That person is oblivious to what is going on and thinks I am eccentric for even listening to these kind of story’s).

        Last week, I bid a pediatric office that used BRG at the main window. (I recall it was a welfare type of pediatric office-in a big city) What could they be expecting in a pediatric office? I can’t help but think there must be a lobbyist in Washington promoting their BRG products. I now see it all the time.

        • Bullet-Resistant Glass and panic panels are being routinely installed in offices where welfare/entitlements are the main activity. The number of firearm incidents at these types of centers is rising as folks get cut off from their entitlements, due to expiration or whatever and the economy is not providing employment to take up the slack. People are desperate in lots of ways.

      15. This, from my very conservative neighbor, who was a Marine sharpshooter, and then a state trooper. He is extremely conservative, so I think his words should be taken seriously. When I asked him about this bullet purchase, his response was:

        They are making much to do about nothing. While I agree this administration is on a power grab and they definitely are following in the footsteps of Hitler, this is an empty argument. Instead of interviewing a conservative talk show host they might have wanted to try a firearms expert that has experience training law enforcement. Did I mention I am for hire if the price is right. Considering the number of personnel this is really not a lot of ammunition. We used to have to qualify twice a year (a program I just happen to have written) and the Officer had to use duty ammunition (hollow points) to qualify since that could be a point of contention in a lawsuit when deadly force is used. To stress an earlier point, any time an Officer shoots at someone or even points the weapon at someone this is the use of deadly force since it is likely to result in death or serious injury.

        Another point they made that shows a lack of understanding is the one that this round is specifically designed to do great damage. Well duh, any round can produce great damage. A rounds capacity to kill someone is an inexact science, but the purpose is to enter the body and explode internal organs to the extent that unsustainable hemorrhaging occurs resulting in death. Gruesome yes, but this is what bullets are supposed to do whether it is a dear or a person. The bullets I used to specify used to be called a “black rhino” until that guy in New York killed a bunch of people with them and they changed the name but still kept producing them. Research found that sometimes even a deadly shot that hit the heart could be survivable and sometimes result in a minor wound. After the round hit it sometimes traversed around the heart and major arteries were left with only minor damage. To address this problem the hollow point was re-designed to have sharper edges when it blossomed thereby cutting the arteries or heart once it made contact. Again gruesome but the reality of what someone is trying to do when they shoot someone.

        • Not only are they used for maximun damage, but they are used to try to prevent the round passing through a person or wall and injuring a bystander.

      16. more proof that they arent even close to to implementing martial law or making any big moves yet ! like i said it will be years

        • @Rich99
          You could be right, or you could be very wrong. In my opinion only a fool could see so much fire and be convinced there’s no fire. If I’m wrong I got a lot of can goods and water on hand, and enough camping supplies for the next few years. No big deal. If you’re wrong, how you sitting?

          It does not bother me at all the the great majority oe people believe as you do. The way I figure it, the more people between me and them, the better.

          • could see so much smoke and and be convinced there’s no fire. sorry it’s late and i have insomnia.

          • well due to the insanity and reports back then ( 4 YEARS AGO) I am sitting pretty damn good BUT how many years are you guys gonna hear the BOY CRY WOLF before you sit back and JUST THINK that maybe this is a doom scam and maybe this is how they make THEIR living ?? As every year passes i become more and more skeptical because in reality the FED can print their way to oblivion and they have and will so like i said this game WILL ….WILL go on for a very very long time so i hope your expiration dates are in the distant future

      17. So does this mean all I’m gonna come across when I pick through the corpses of the gestapo is .40 cal? That really blows.

        • Hey Beefcake! Can you do me a favor please? Maybe one day you will come to me and ask me for a favor. Could you post a Youtube video called The Godfather the Musical” as well? If I could do it I would but you really made me like you a lot by posting what you did earlier. I hope these videos brings some smiles to our prepper friends. I knoe that I get down trodded at times reading all the bad and maybe this could bring some smiles. There are three videos there that are hilarious! If you dont want to do it could you tell me hoe plz? Thanks beefcake!

          • Copy & paste the link of the video in the comment, Mac will embed it if it is interesting or relevant.

        • Not to worry, you’ll probably find plenty of good used weapons of the same caliber among those corpses! It’ll be like Christmas- finding toys AND the batteries are included!

          • good comparison.

        • It doesnt blow if you own a .40 thats out of ammo at that time

          • It blows if you don’t own a .40 but it did recently dawn on me that I can always use it to barter for some 9mm, 45ACP, 5.56NATO or 7.62NATO. Bet I can prolly pull some body armor and boots off those same corpses to trade with as well if they aren’t too shot up or bloody. The kevlar helmets would have been nice idea but I’m not sure what they will look like after my black tip .308 hits ’em.

        • dude your not picking through shit so shut the fuck up….all you keyboard toughguys on here. there wont be any corpses to pick through and slap yourself because that zombie sci-fi movie you were watching (LIVING THROUGH ) is OVER !!!!!
          i know liberalism has been called a mental disorder but i am increasingly seeing that DOOMSAYERS is a mental disorder too

          • I’ll let your thumbs down you are going to get from that comment be your signal that you are sorely mistaken.

          • Why bother comming to the site if you dont like what you read? Dont prep, dont come here dont post just go back to american idol everything will be all right

        • you nutjobs always have a bad feeling….back in 2007 you had a bad feeling and then in 2008 and then in 2009 and 2010 and on and on….give me a break with your bad feelings and when 2012 comes and goes without a hitch then what , its gonna be I HAVE A BAD FEELING come 2013

          • Hey RICH, tell it to the millions of dead in the old Soviet Union, or the people of Viet Nam, Cuba, and China. I got a bad felling about your ability to understand Marxism, history, or human nature. Buzz off troll.

            • I know because we have millions dead in the united states right …..oh wait i know we WILL have millions dead SOON right ????

          • Why cant you libs have a dialouge without unprintable words and name calling? Hope you can answer as an intelegent manner, is that too much to ask?

      18. Even the .40 cal.s&w in the full metal jacket is flat on the tip,thus it is going to take some meat with it.

      19. Are they putting JDAMs on thier Predator drones yet?

        • The Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) is a guidance kit that converts unguided bombs, or “dumb bombs” into all-weather “smart” munitions. JDAM-equipped bombs are guided by an integrated inertial guidance system coupled to a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, giving them a published range of up to 15 nautical miles (28 km).

          • Yes, Predators, and Reapers are capable of carrying Hellfire missles, JGBs, or JDAMs. I belive they may also carry SDBs.

        • Lol no they are settling for machine guns on there jet boats…lucky bastards…i dont have a jet boat…or a machine gun! When dust settles i do believe i will have both.

      20. You look at the .40 caliber or just about the 10 mm and this is the perfect caliber that is not too heavy but has a 85-90% stopping ratio. The perfect size to commence with crowd control and possibly executions. There are ratios that the militaries of the world consider when dealing with control of large numbers of people. For example it is assumed that you need 1 soldier for each 100 people for control of a conquered country. 1 to 50 or less if the people are very rebellious. There was not enough soldiers in Iraq to control the population as Iraq has 29 million, about 27 million during about 2005-2006. Should have been bare minimum of 270,000 over there, more likely 350,000-550,000 to stablize the region.

        Also it is assumed that to curb a certain number of the population you need enough ammunition for a particular fire arm. If I can remember that ratio it was either 10 or 15 rounds per person. So with 750 million rounds or 650 million rounds it can be assumed that the government is expecting trouble with about 40-75 million people. That would be just about right in proportion to how many people that are under the poverty level. Or it is just about the number of minorites in the U.S. Coincidence? Don’t know.

        The fact also that these are hollow points show that the government means to kill someone rather than just incapacitate them. For home protection you purchase hollow points so the intruder does not get back up. As I said above, .40 caliber is perfect because it is smaller than .45 caliber and you can still kill your target with more rounds in the clip. .45 caliber is more for a war type scenario with foreign soldiers. The .40 caliber is perfect for waxing your common rebellious citizen. The 9 mm just does not quite have the punch as was demostrated quite effectively on the military channel. .40 caliber is also usually cheaper than .45 calibers.

        When I first saw .40 hollow point the first two words that came into my mind were, execution ammunition.

        • Yeahhh,but the REAL 10mm as opposed to the 40 S&W(Short and Weak)is back in it’s original form thanks to Glock building the gun AROUND the catridge.Plenty of 10mm ammo to be had thanks to gun sales and Glock of course.10mm guns are selling like hot cakes.Try one,you won’t go back,it’s addictive.

        • 40-75 million is also about the number of citizens that won’t willfully give up their guns or the approximate number with population growth that Bill Ayers said in 1969 would necessarily need to be killed to make a fundemental change, or the number that will vote against Obama, or the number of Church attending Christians.

          Why would they kill their slaves and support base? Those .40 cal and .223s are meant for patriots, constitutionalists, exmilitary, second amendment supports, pro-life, anti-NWO people DHS spoke about in the 2009 memo.

        • And it works well in a SIG 229

        • Last I checked the military abandoned the Colt 1911 45ACP for the Beretta M9 9mm(This was more for budgetary and bureaucratic reasons than performance issues): Stopping power is not the issue, a 22LR will stop someone if you get good shot placement. The only reason Federal agencies use the .40 cal is because most of those nimrods can’t get good shot placement with a 9mm and a 10mm or 45ACP is too unwieldy for those panzies.

          Also, do yourself a favor and refrain from using the term “clip” when referencing a magazine. Only piece of shit gang bangers and Call Of Duty fanboys use the term “clip” incorrectly. A clip is a stripper clip used to speed load a magazine.

          • @ Beefcake. I know the difference, it was late last night and sometimes you write something without throughly reviewing it. I to hate slangs used by the common criminal.

          • @ Beefcake. There was an excellent show on the Military Channel about the stopping power of the classic .45ACP and the Glock 9 mm. They showed about how the 9 mm does have to be placed with someone that is an accurate shot and how the .45 took someone down as long as you got a midbody hit. Two individuals took at a practice field and the accuracy and the stopping power was factored in. The glock I believe held 15 rounds in the magazine, and the .45 held 7 rounds in the magazine. See I will not use that term “clip” again. Sometimes you get something in your head and can’t get it out.

            Anyway the .45 outperformed the 9 mm, even though the 9 mm had more than twice the rounds in the magazine. This was a really good show as they showed the history of hand guns all the way back to the first muzzle type. What I thought was remarkable was that Samuel Colt was only 18 years old when he invented the revolving breech pistol. This genius also invented a submarine battery used in harbor defense and a submarine telegraph cable that was not mentioned in the show. Very interesting.

            The point I am trying to make is that the government for some reason chose the .40 caliber. It could be cost, stopping power, or that their agents can’t handle it. There is also a reason why so many rounds were purchased. A less sinister idea might have been some favor owed to someone for the contract. It though would seem that it is to be used against fellow Americans and if that is the case, this is beyond horrible.

      21. … “Like Shootin’ Fish in a Barrel!”


      22. Hi SHTFers, I just want to make a quick comment to this thread because there seems to be a high degree of paranoia about this ammo purchase. All federal agencies practice shoot, qualify and carry their “Duty Ammo” so if you think about it there is nothing abnormal about this order. I think maybe there is an anticipation that there might be an ammo shortage in the near future and they are only trying to make sure agencies have enough ammo to stay functional. How many of you are going to stockpile ammo for when the SHTF even if you don’t have that caliber weapon? Ammo will be a bartering tool for certain. I think I may have proved my point here. Now there are a lot of officers and agents in DHS. Nobody in law enforcement ever wants to kill anyone unless they are a total psychopath and shouldn’t be fulfilling that calling. Think about it, it looks so damn cool in Dirty Harry watching some SOB get blasted 5 times with his Magnum 44. But in real life the shooting incident would inflict such a major emotional psychological trauma on the LE shooter that a lot of times they are either never fit for duty again or total recupperation could take years. Purchasing booths that are level 3 bullet resistant isn’t that big of a deal either. How would you like to do any type of a job dealing with the traveling public knowing that a .22 caliber could penetrate the window and kill you at any time? Level 3 windows and panels buys a little piece of mind at the very least, cause you know something, people act frigging crazy these days, I know I would want a little re assurance to duck behind if I needed it.

        • Perhaps they wouldn’t have this fear or need these types of preparations if they would respect our rights and do away with these fascist DHS jobs. Wishful thinking.They SHOULD be scared.

          • If you laid off all of D H S then the Shit has officially hit the fan and there will be no one left to protect you from the oncoming horde of zombies. Your local sherrif’s department, local municipal departments or state police departments are not manned well enough to cope with a deluge of civil disturbance rioters. We will need all hands on deck to prevent an all out civil war. And when I say civil war I mean raw carnage. So before you go paint all of D H S as the reasons for your pain don’t forget there are still a lot of patriotic oath keepers in a lot of d h s jobs with families too.

            • Finally, someone with some common sense.

        • @dr. prepper quote: “cause you know something, people act frigging crazy these days, I know I would want a little re assurance to duck behind if I needed it.”

          @NinaO’s response: “Gee wiz! I can’t imagine why folks would be soooooooooooo upset nationwide! They’d wanna shoot a $9.00 an hour NWO U.N. zionist federal jack-booted Gestapo DHS TSA private Security Agent wanna be pig in blue!”

          Call me “Cocoa Puff’s Cuckoo Crazy” or call me a “Educated Trained American Combat Veteran – FREEMAN AMERICAN PATRIOT” makes no difference to me… either way any U.N. CIA FBI DHS TSA GESTAPO “shit bird” violates my U.S. CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHTS! BILL OF RIGHTS!!! Isn’t gonna make it home in time for supper!!! No matter what Illegal ZIONIST U.N. CIA Federal Government “Lies” they claim to be backed by!

          I’m backed by the U.S. CONSTITUTION – BILL OF RIGHTS! No matter where I pitch my pup tent in once Free AmeriKa!

          It’s time once FREE AMERICANS TOOK A STAND AGAINST THE ILLEGAL FEDERAL TYRANNY sweeping across like fire , once FREE AMERIKA!



        • any one who thinks bartering ammo is a good idea might end up being filled with their barter item when things get heavy

        • Cops beat and shoot people to death on a regular basis in this country and I never hear about them even being sorry, let alone emotionally unfit for duty. The worst most of them get is administrative leave (paid of course) until the investigation finds out they did nothing wrong. Then, it’s back on the streets whacking another perp.

        • Yeah, 20000 rounds of .40 cal per DHS employee is just a drop in the bucket for training. There are only 22000 DHS employees in the country, how many of them are actual carrying agents i don’t know but everyone fails to add the 175 million .223 rounds and the other various agency purchases.

          “Duty Ammo” my basckside!

        • With you DrPrepper even if you are named after carbonated prune juice

      23. What if this administration is preparing for an up-rising of the people when Prez. Obummer refuses to step down? Just a thought….. they sure are getting prepared for something serious and it’s not child’s play. I’m afraid there’s some pretty deep shit fixin’ to happen soon and Obummer and his people are getting ready to take action. The WHAT is the magic question and WHEN is any one’s guess……

      24. ~Be informed~

        Nice post!

        As an addendum to your info…allow me to posit an additional bit of data for everyone’s consideration.

        1st.) .40 S&W is a pistol cartridge design & hence its BC(ballistic coefficient) is quite low…meaning substantial velocity loss relative to distance.

        2nd.) Velocity loss at distance equates to loss of stopping power/terminal performance & when coupled w/ a poor BC…loss of accuracy!

        3rd.) Even if utilized in a +16″ (barrel length)carbine w/ its relative velocity boost (1500-1700fps)…its not good for much beyond, say 150yds max!

        4th.) Hence DHS, even if they acquire carbines are, in a tactical sense, focusing on a CQB mission. Which again, points to a largely urban application.

        5th.) In a nationwide insurrection/revolution/civil war scenario…they would be better served being armed w/ 5.56mm AR type carbines. As they will likely discover that they’re over-matched by those they intend to eliminate….especially in a rural environment.

        6th.) Regime central cannot win…a sniper’s war!!!

        • Dam, I sure wish I still had my DSA FAL with the Burris 3x-12x tactical scope and those 3,000 of match grade moly-coated 7.62×51 ammo! Just don’t know where that silly thing got off to?

          • Prolly stolen or something???

        • 6th.) Regime central cannot win…a sniper’s war!!!


          • Roger that HQ.

            I know Scooter and he’s a shooter!

            Shoot -n- Scoot. We had one revolution with a lot of that.

            Accurate shoot -n- scooters are like laser surgery. (…especially if they’re supported by the general population.) When they slice, all you see is smoke!

            100 guys with accurate 30-06 or 223 rifles in a shoot and scoot manner could bring an occupying force in this country to its knees regardless of the numbers as long as they were supported by the civilian population.

            Snipers strike terror in the hears of any man, military or otherwise, if he has any sort of brain.

        • @ Gunsmith. Exactly. They are not buying these for any type of distance, it is more for the classic execution style tactics and close in engagements. I love numbers as they show often what someone is up to better than speculations. Why just 650 or 750 million rounds? Why not 2 or 3 billion? Why not just 100 million? I don’t feel it is a cost issue because the government can waste the tax dollars at will. It is designed with a certain number of people that they wish to engage.

          Hollow point is not for distance, the aerodynamics are reduced with the shape. hollow point is meant to cause the maximum amount of internal damage as possible as well you know. There is a big difference between 9 mm and 10 mm, or about .40 caliber, but small enough to fit a few extra in a clip. Someone did some real study with this. Imagine that, doing a study to find the best approach to kill Americans, not some foreign enemy, Americans. Nauseating.

          One another thing that is so disturbing to me is the mere thought that the state could actually use these new “future” weapons on their own people, us. Like turning microwave or some disruptive sound device in the general direction of what they see as a threat. It would not matter if a crowd of innocent people got in the way. I don’t put past anything that those in control could do to their own people. The only thing worse for someone in control is to lose that power and they will usually do anything to keep it.

          The regrime central of the U.S., Russia, China, England, France, and maybe a couple of other countries have some terrible new weapons that the battlefield has not yet seen. These weapons are almost science fiction level and can neutralize practically anything that is not properly shielded. Let’s hope to God that these weapons are NEVER used on countries’ own citizens. Let hope that those in charge of these weapons, the armed forces officers just refuse to ever use them against anyone but a true enemy.

          • ~Be Informed~

            Kudos & a thumbs up!

            ….With regards to your alluding to “Regime Central’s” whizz-bang/super secret/science-fiction weaponry…see link below for some “out there stuff”.

            Behold…the VOICE of GOD!!!



            To be aware of this & similar technologies…is akin to being forewarned & armed….thus reducing the enemy’s effectiveness to surprise & mentally incapacitate you w/o resorting to chemicals or HF radiation/light!!!

            Yes…he has a bulging black-bag of sci-fi warfare stuff…& its our job to spread the word to others, whenever the veil of secrecy is penetrated/raised!!!

            …hence, the above link….enjoy all.

            • @ Gunsmith. Thank you for the link. I have seen this, I believe it was on Steve Quayle’s site. Let’s hope to God when these weapons are used it is against enmey invaders rather than citizens of this country or other countries’ own citizens. I could see them using this type of weapons in some European countries against their own people. I can remember a political science teacher once telling the class when a country starts to even THINK of surpressing and attacking their own citizens, the country is definitely in a sharp decline.

          • They did – G20 in Pittsburg, 2009.
            Practical testing of Police LRAD on crowds.

        • The original,the 10mm produces it’s intended use.And it can hit a target out to 250 yards in extreme cases.The .40 was designed because agents with girly wrists couldn’t handle.Actually,the cartridge was brilliant,but the 1911 frames were not designed for it.Get a Glock in 10mm for serious buisness,you have the real .40.

          • Yep!

            They trimmed the 10mm down to the 40S&W because it was too much for most guys and gals. Being an experienced shooter, I don’t much care about how much recoil or blast something has, I only care that when I line the sites up that it hits where I aim.

            22lr has 125ft/lbs
            45ACP has 350ft/lbs
            9mm has 400ft/lbs
            40S&W has 500ft/lbs
            10mm has 700ft/lbs

            I carry a 9mm with reduced pressure and increased accuracy. If you can’t hit your target, the ft/lbs don’t matter.

            You want real power? Really?

            Once you shoot a 44 Mag everything else is like a cap gun.

            44Mag has 1500ft/lbs

            Thats over double what the 10mm has. …and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up with “notches” in your forehead from the front site. I’ve also got an old model Blackhawk made in the 50s that almost a pound lighter than my Super Black Hawk. While the heavier gun feels powerful, the ligher gun tends to actually hurt when you shoot it. Most guys that have a little experience never quit grinning from ear to ear while they’re shooting it.

            I end up concealed carrying a 22lr some. (Church and other places.) It is a Taurus PT22. A reliable little gun. Not very accurate, but, for close encounters of the bad guy kind, it probably doesn’t matter.

            Choose what you want. But, regardless of knockdown, be sure you can hit your mark. If you can’t hit your mark, you’re wasting your time.

            • I can recommend the FHN 5.7 x 28 – one of my carry sometimes.

              20rds capacity and basically recoiless. Only issue is at night as it a pretty large muzzle flash…

            • I want power that i can handle with capacity.The 10mm is between 357 and 41 mag power,depending on the load.The 44 mag in a rapid fire/serious fire fight is not practicle.By the time 2nd shot is going off,it will be over my head or behind me.Great woods gun against large predators.My Glock 20 in a shoulder rig with 2 pouches is 46 rnds of Thor.It’s my SHTF piece.I have .45’s and even change barrel on the 10 to shoot .40s.I do bump on recoil spring for the 10 loads,22lbs.It’s a value buy,i payed NIB 504.00 and 3 mags.Im in urban area,things change at the next red light or corner.

            • I pack the Ruger Bearcat, just pocket size and good accuracy!

        • Gunsmith: Overwhelmed in a rural environment? I think not. What do you think those 30,000 drones are all about? They will never have to leave the comfort of their bunkers and Command Centers.

          NWO target date appears to be 2020.

          My peeps, WE have two national elections to strip them of their political power. America First! GOOOH, The Patriot Party, the Constitution Party.

          90 million gun owners in America hold the future of this country in their hands.Get involved!

          • ~DK~

            -(quote)- My peeps, WE have two national elections to strip them of their political power. America First! GOOOH, The Patriot Party, the Constitution Party. -(unquote)-

            You know, you’re a smart guy! Your posts are well thought out & presented in a manner that causes one to think & reflect on your opinions/advice. A sure sign of intelligence on your part, to be sure!

            However, in referencing your above quote, allow me to opine a different perspective…

            1st.) Voting (the ballot box solution) does not matter anymore…its invalid for the following reasons…

            a.) …the system is rigged from top to bottom!!! “THEY” choose “WHO” we can vote for!!!

            b.) …the machines verifiability are suspect & proven easily hacked/hijacked!!!

            c.) …in presidential elections/run-offs, our vote doesn’t really count…its the (outdated/archaic) electoral college that ultimately installs a president!!!

            d.) …the electoral college is owned by “THEM”!!!

            e.) …any third party will be infiltrated & eventually co-opted by TPTB via….big money!!! See the Tea Party for recent examples!!!


            I have “ZERO” faith in the system. It is thoroughly corrupt…from the federal, state & all the way down to the local county level nowadays!

            Many, fail to recognize that the Republic is dead! It has rotted & putrefied, into a form of “mutated communism” where, the Constitution/BoR are merely “goddamn pieces of paper”…(remember that episode???).

            DK, we’re out of options, save one…its called the cartridge box option!!!


            -(quote #2)- 90 million gun owners in America hold the future of this country in their hands.Get involved! -(unquote)-

            Here, we are in complete agreement!

            Although, I suspect we differ on the “utilization/application” of those 90 million gun owners!

            • GS: While I agree with many of the things you posted: (1 through 4 under current conditions), a third party with political power does have the ability to litigate and the legitimacy to arouse the people to demonstration.

              Without a legitimate political organization to represent them, the American people will be separated, divided, and devoured piece by piece.

              When private security forces backing up federal police pacify West Virginia hollow by hollow, are the Patriots in the “Great Redoubt” going to respond to help their comrades in arms?

              Didn’t think so.

              When Arizona is pacified neighborhood by neighborhood, zip code by zip code, are Texans going to mount up and ride to the rescue?

              Didn’t think so.

              In fact, if it all comes down to armed conflict the American people will lose. They will be out gunned, out manned, and out droned.

              People power has the ability to institute change and I could give you a list a of dozen counties in modern times, maybe two dozen who have initiated and instituted change.

              I was in Moscow during the coup, counter coup and saw the change there firsthand.

              Political power gives the PTB their legitimacy, no matter how ill-legitimate they might be. The PTB only fear loss of political power. They control the most powerful ensamble of weaponry ever assembled.

              As long as they control the political offices in this country they control the military. Remove them from office and you remove them from power.

              All of the abuses which exist with the mechanics of the political system can be overcome by an involved people resolved to retain their personal liberties.

              All politics are local. GOOOH is located near you. Participate. Patriots in power, BACKED by a united, armed population are invincible.

              WE must organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote for new political parties. Those organizations are there to rally around. All politics are local. Get involved there.

              America is OURS to win or lose again.

            • ~DK~

              In reality, the differences in our opinions are minuscule & amount to small points of utility & strategy!!!

              We ARE on the same sheet of music sir, but…it appears I’m the one singing off key.

              I agree with you with regards to having a “Viable Third Party”….if for no other reason, than to have a rallying point to solidify our agenda.

              However, per your admission, TPTB “CONTROL” the most omnipotent/fearsome military machine yet witnessed/created by the human species! Thus, I am of the opinion that, they will never relinquish their death-grip on POLITICAL/ECONOMIC POWER w/o a brutal/violent fight!!! Mark my words,sir! Its coming!!!

              Besides, at the end of the day, a sober analysis of the Amerikan electorate reveals, it is too fractious, apathetic, self centered & hedonistic, to unite/commit to radical political/economic change!!!


              With regards to the Russian counter-revolution…at least in Russia proper, they possessed an important attribute we lack…namely a racially homogeneous society!!!
              You state all politics are local…to which I would add…in Amerika, all politics contain a racial oversight!!!

              Besides, the counter-revolution in Russia lightly traveled the Balkan road, as evidenced by the fracturing/dissolution of the SOVIET UNION into various manifold separate states, albeit w/o the massive bloodshed experienced in the former Yugoslavia.

              An additional case in point, is the commenting by many at this site…where folks lament the lack of foresight/understanding/comprehension among their family members/friends & co-workers etc….to the economic/social calamity thundering towards us, even as I type this reply!!!


              Referencing the hypothetical pacification of West Virginia (or any mountain state) hillbillies…that ain’t gonna happen unless they shotgun/spray the countryside via the chem-bio route. I know those folks! I was born in that region!

              Regarding cleansing Arizona…I spent some time in New Mexico, I have hunted deer/elk just outside the Pecos Wilderness…I have personally witnessed +800yd kill-shots on elk…the guys out west know how to SHOOT & I pity those who fall into their optics!!!


              As far as being out-gunned, out manned & out-droned??? Well, let’s just say regime central’s reliance on GIZMO WARFARE has yet to defeat/pacify the dirt-poor uneducated Afghan peasant!


              I gather that you’re a savvy investor! Kudos, good for you(no sarcasm here)!
              Please continue to invest/commit to political change/reformation…as it is a necessary requisite for revolution!
              I will do my part. I will vote. I will continue to advocate & educate to the best of my abilities.

              But, I will also continue to invest in a “boots on the ground” mindset!!!

            • GS: Love your post but I think the reality of being: “out manned, out gunned and out droned” cannot be refuted.

              I do not doubt the ferocity or capability of the population of any one particular region of America inflicting heavy casualties upon a Rogue Administration bent upon a dictatorship, but piece by piece the country could be crushed and pacified militarily with only sporatic sniper attacks in response.

              While Afghanistan is an interesting example of a few narco bandits eluding the US military, I think that country has been pretty much decimated by firepower and the Marines there may be running out of targets.

              Syria is a good example of a people who are overwhelmed by firepower. The Libyan insurgency won with the support of NATO heavy bombardment.

              If Americans won’t get off their ass and organize politically to protect heir rights now, what makes you think they will turn off Idol and Jersylicious to muster after church and lock and load?

              Americans are turned off politically because their choices have been limited.

              The few alt parties who have tried to develop a national profile without the “boots on the ground” grass roots support, have been primarily ego oriented individuals seeking personal gratification, rather than Patriots sincerely desiring to support OUR liberties.

              I believe that the American people have finally seen through the facade of both Retards and Demtards and recognize that these two parties are basically Oneturd. I also believe that WE have had enough.

              The Globalists have pushed their agenda too far, too fast because they have not met with any political resistance.

              That resistance has crystalized over the past four years as one Traitor in the WH has been replaced by a second.

              The American people have had enough. They would welcome a real, viable, grass roots Patriot Party and would lend their support to a genuine organization that would be devoted to restoring the US Constitution as the organizing principle and the framework of this nation once again.

              The written contract I suggested between candidates and the Party is one way to ensure that elected officials keep their promises and adhere to the US Constitution.

              The Patriots among US in each State must make it so and provide the peopl the opportunity to add their voice, their name, and their support to the roll.

              It begins with US. If not US, who? If not now, when? There is still time to pluck victory from the jaws of defeat.

              Engage your managers or be enslaved by them.

            • Bullseye Gunsmith!

          • Durango – you may be right and we may still have time to prepare but seriously the US debt is estimated to hit about $24-26trillion by 2021… (OMB figures WH.GOV)

            Personally, I dont think this debt level will ever happen as everything will breakdown long before then. Another ratings company downgraded the USA on Friday night.

            I figure 2013-2016 collapse as I have to wonder how much massive inflation, the coming VAT and doubling of Fed income taxes the America population will take before they REALLY get pissed. We are digging ourselves into this deep hole right now.

            Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Prepared!!

            • Brad3000: I don’t have time for a long post here, but remember that the FED bought 61% of OUR debt last year. If WE go broke they do too!

              See, there’s a silver lining to every cloud! 🙂

              Seriously, I expect a new Bretton Woods Agreement after regime change in Iran and Syria that readjusts world currencies.

              The dollar will be used until then to facilitate the NWO Agenda. It might be cast aside then as long as the GB can retain power with whatever replaces the dollar.

              The GB will not give up power easily.

              Currencies are out of whack. The UK has a much smaller GDP than WE do, and twice the debt to GDP ratio that the US has, but its pound has historically been twice the value of the dollar. WTF?

              I don’t know what it is right now, but the entire system is manipulated within a range to serve the GB’s. It is definitely not market driven. (Not to mention China’s currency.)

              There are those who believe that the US debt is not intended to be repaid only maintained at a pace that is workable and payable as a ratio to GDP.

              Compared to most other nations the US ratio of 1:1 is not that bad. That doesn’t mean I think its ok, but in a world of midgets, even a dwarf is king.

              In truth the world needs US dollars and debt instruments now to park their wealth in a large, liquid market when it is not otherwise employed.

              The US cannot continue as the engine of world growth. That task has been passed to China, which is why it has been given this enormous surplus. China must become the world engine of growth through a consuming public and a fungible currency. That is happening now.
              Then India and Turkey in turn.

              Change is happening on many fronts and that provides opportunity for US as well as presenting a crisis to US.


            • Once the dollar is no longer the standard for the oil market it is game over. Loss of the PetroDollar will be game over for the US as our currency is worthless without that agreement in place. Try twenty dollar a gallon gas for starters.

            • ~DK~

              I’m linking off Brad’s post because, he posited an excellent observation/point of truth, regarding our “debt” based financial system….

              Naturally, as I’m notorious to do, I mentally chased hypothetical consequences/possible scenarios of an insurrection/revolution amidst a collapsed dollar/economic environment.

              …I know…I know…you have faith in paper & I do not…just bare with me for a moment!

              Suppose you were a large(foreign or domestic) investor w/ substantial holdings on the stock exchange and/or in treasury notes…and suddenly you’re confronted w/ the scenario where, violent insurrection/revolution erupted across the country and a brutal regime response began unfolding. Would you….

              A.) Not worry about it…?

              B.) Rapidly transfer your money/exit the market for a safer haven…?

              C.) Liquidate your T-notes…?

              D.) Execute w/ post-haste both options, B & C…?

              What are the chances that item “D” would become the method of choice, of every investor possessing a functioning brain cell?
              What consequences would such an action, entail for the regime?
              To what extent & how would a panic stricken/fence sitting public react, to such a rapid unfolding series of horrendous events?

              Widespread rioting? Looting? Initial unorganized mayhem cascading into semi-organized overt resistance, maybe?

              What are the chances that this scenario would exacerbate the regime’s problems…exponentially…and thereby consume additional precious resources that the regime could ill-afford to spare/spend/commit?

              How many disgruntled workers, having watched their 401K’s evaporate amid a market crash, would suddenly get the bright idea of, popping a few AP rounds into the power x-formers/small substation outside Boeing/Lockheed’s & others drone/weapon plants?

              What of the pissed-off janitor, who might slip a few neodymium magnets onto a company’s or govt agency’s (system critical) hard drive units? Or removing/stealing/destroying the ss-flash drive? What of sabotage to their routers?

              …sort of gives a whole new meaning to the term….”Unintended Consequences”…don’t ya think?


              I realize that I’m role playing…the arm-chair general to a large extent…& I will concede to you, that I do not possess your knowledge/understanding of market dynamics & macro-economics.

              …I do know that a debt based financial system is “predestined/doomed to failure”!!!!


              I’ve given you a big thumbs up, per every post you’ve made regarding this/our debate! Your logic is defensible & perhaps the debate game changer is/was…….

              -(quote)- “The Globalists have pushed their agenda too far, too fast because they have not met with any political resistance.” -(unquote)-

              …Kudos for pointing out that little gem!!! I missed it completely!

              Though, I have doubts about altering course relative to the time remaining……… us/our side!!!!!!!

              …and as a post-script refresher…a few weeks back, “Yental” inferred that critical/effective resistance must begin immediately, in a crisis/regime crackdown situation….

              IMO, no truer words have been written, regarding that scenario!!!!!!!


              —-PEACE & Happy Easter to you & yours—-

            • GS: Well that’s a damned if I do or damned if I don’t scenario! 🙂

              No one wins from a SHTF America scenario in which armed insurrection breaks out. And if armed insurrection breaks out here it has probably already exploded somewhere else.

              There would probably be “signs” in advance of such an event that would give one time to adapt somewhat. That doesn’t mean that some wealth isn’t destroyed by the drop in value of those paper assets.

              But if my wealth or the wealth of my company was hard hit, the wealth of others would be decimated. In a world of empty pockets chump change will rule! 🙂

              I think if I were the CFO of Finance of say Apple with mega millions in paper and a SHTF America scenario developed; this being a level III or IV event(s) that precipitated mass insurrection; I would try to diversify those paper assets as quickly as possible into other currencies like the Rmb through HK, and buy a bunch of metals (Gold) from Johnson Mathey because they could deliver large amounts of bullion anywhere in the world after a phone call.

              I could make those changes to my paper asset portfolio with a couple of phone calls. That’s why the Uber Rich like paper, it is fungible and someone is always buying US Treasury’s.

              You might have to discount the price but someone would be buying. Additionally, if you have mega millions in paper assets including cash, and near cash, you probably have a serious credit line available to you as well.
              So if necessary, you could leverage that credit line into gold, which would skyrocket.

              Major corporations are presently holding about one trillion dollars of their cash offshore.

              And no, I will not provide you with the telephone numbers to my brokers! 🙂

      25. I find it sadly humorous that so many sheeple think that the government wouldn’t do this or that, and the government is doing it rigth in front of them. I still contend that the Feds wouldn’t be buying the ammo if they didn’t intend to use it. They wouldn’t be buying BRG structures if they didn’t think they were going to need them.
        The Feds know the day is coming soon, when the entitlements stream is going to dry up, and when people don’t get their “gubmint” cheese, and state subsidized tranquilizers, that people are going to go ape. That covers 98% of the population. The 2% who have been aware all along aren’t going to be too happy when they have to deal with the 98%.
        Welcome to the new normal.

      26. Get a bullet puller and salvage the powder and remelt the bullets for casting:-)

        • Thanks Bill! That’s my favorite! If you are ever in smyrna ga come and eat at my restaurant!! I hope you like bbq!

      27. It’s a stretch to assume that these are for qualifying.If DHS has 100,000 agents that’s 7000 rounds apiece.

        • Agents/Police have to qualify yearly,thats alot of ammo just to qualify on a yearly bases.Plus throw in additinal training during the year.It gets burned up.

          • Not its not – its only 100rds max for their Quals last I heard.

      28. The FBI had Colt produce a .40 cal upper for the M4 making it into a SMG. Don’t know if The Feds ever bought any? Holy Tommy Gun Batman! (Homeland also bought large numbers of SIG 229 in .40)

        Building on the last thread, “Homeland” is prepping for some bad crap. We’re all doing the same. Expect panick as the Election grows near, expect violence from side which does not win.
        Watch gun sales this Fall. Speed up your preps, the SHTF will come alot sooner than 2030!

        Maybe these are to store all of the food/ammo/guns they plan to take from our homes?

      29. ballistics, statistics, schmalitics… facts: 1) the alphabet agencies have been granted near ungoverned power by those whom “we elected to protect us”; 2) these agencies operate almost exclusively within our borders; 3) the lists of “homegrown potential threats” have been published and expanded upon by these selfsame agencies; 4) the purchases have been made; 5) the fraud/liar-in-chief hates our system of government and has done much damage to it’s very foundation rather than strengthening it and repairing it; 6) attempts(tests) have already been made to destabilize groups who disagree with this administration’s operation(consider the Missouri/Ohio case)… 7) they’ll not let any crisis go to waste

        prep, train, remain vigilant and be assurred something could well be right around the corner….

      30. The keyword “resistant” Steel core anyone?

      31. Ontario Schools Begin Masonic Child Sex Abuse

        December 2011, Dalton McGuinty, the Freemason Premier of Ontario, a Liberal, ordered, by Bill 13, that all Ontario schools, whether public, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, set up programs to allow gay/straight alliance clubs, and to normalize and affirm homosexuality.


        or the Penn State Scandal Timeline: Key Dates In The Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Case

        and more…

        WTF is happening to the once FREE WORLDS EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM!

        Why must my child be exposed to homosexually to begin with???

        It’s PARENTS CHOICE! Not some Bribed Corrupt Politicians and his zionist homo gay money backers trying to turn the world U.N. HOMO!!!



      32. just think of all the .40 cal ammmunition that will be laying around post SHTF..and before..

        If you have a .40 you wont have to buy any ammo, just pick it off the unfortunate

        • Or extract the bullets from your dead friends, neighbors and family’s wounds. Hell lead can be re-used and the empty shells reloaded, right?….just say’n

      33. The 140 million packets of emergency food are for people in government and the military only. You’d need about 1,000 packets per person per year. So that means they’d have a year’s supply of food for about 140,000 people. That’s not that much. You’d think they’d want a five year food supply for at least 5 million people.

        • its because they know. that number wont all survive to be fed

      34. I think the fear of the elitists/politicians, is not what the majority of citizens think. Thru their “open door” policy of immigration, they (while the sheeple were sleeping) have created a hornets nest from hell. This hornets nest could get smacked at anytime and they know it. No, it’s not the good ole boys from the mountains and swamps, or the patriots from anytown USA that they fear. It is from the mess they have created on our own soil that can become extremist and armed overnight that they fear. Let me throw some stats out at ya’ll and you can decide if this a thumbs down message. Oh, and by the way, in case you don’t know me by now, I don’t give a fat rat’s ass about “political correctness”; I give a damn about freedom granted by the one and only God that gave his Son, Jesus Christ for those freedoms. Read em’ and weep……………. As of 2011 there is a reported population of 6.58 million muslims residing in America. Another 1.01 million in Canada and approximately 300,000 in Mexico. 45% of those in USA report annual incomes of over $50k, 19%= over $100K annually, and the millionaires are in the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. USA has over 15,000 practicing physicians who are predominately muslim and Pakistani. The majority are African-Americans and a record 17 to 20 % of the current prison population of African-Americans have converted to Islam. Most are registered democrats. They follow the orders of their Mosque leaders and stick together like glue. There is an estimated 1209 existing Mosques on “our” soil, that don’t believe in the Father of our Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ, as being their God. I’m just sayin’, WTF do we expect to happen with all that’s been done to undermine the way of life of God fearing, “true” blooded Americans. I didn’t hear of any towel heads fighting for our independence from the British, or dying on our behalf in the fight against slavery and communism. America is way beyond, the point of “no return”,and all we can do is prep on an individual and small community level and pray that we can remain under the grace of the Almighty.

        • Your gov’t is a lot bigger problem than those Muslims, that’s for sure. Those Muslims don’t have 450 million rounds of .40, predator drones, fusion centers declaring us “domestic terrorists”, or FEMA camps to lock us up in.
          Get your priorities straight.

          • Personally I don’t care about these immigrants religions I do feel that immigrants from the third world are not fitting in, they have tribal identity, including Asians, not just Latinos or those of African ancestry. Our government the one we pay to support, actively is hostile to White Americans and I will give you just a single example but there are a MILLION reasons why I think, and know this is so:

            White Males Need Not Apply For Stimulus Package- Racism is Alive and Well in the “White House”

          • Davidus, you don’t know what all the Muslims/Al Quaida has stocked up on. You don’t know what my priorities are either. Before you start dismissing the “threats from within” you had better check your KJV. God warned Israel/America (not talking about Jews) many years ago; to keep them out or they will become “pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides”. Let everyone else decide what their priorities are. I’m just sayin’, don’t let your guard down. They are controled by “evil” and that evil lurks close by. The evil spirts are getting ramped up and getting ready to come upon the earth in their body form. There is at least seven thousand and they will be male, and working the women and gays. You ain’t seen shit till these devils hit the ground running. O-drama and his cronies can’t hold a candle to these monsters. If you don’t have “Christ over your head” for protection; all the guns and ammo you can stock pile in a tractor-trailer won’t keep you safe!

      35. I have a friend that I’ve known for 25+ years, more of a brother than a friend. He owns/operates a very large Gun Shop and Range. Needless to say, he has gotten close to many local LEO’s and folks from other Federal Agencies , like BTAF, DEA, and FBI.

        According to my Pal, the guys from the F.B.I. ect. are #1.Expecting major problems from the Election and #2 Pissed at BO, as he seems intent on throwing gas on the fire.
        Given the amount of anger and fear displayed even on this site, and the actions of our Government, I believe November will bring us close to Civil War.

        • It should also be noted that the FBI had Colt make a .40 upper for the M4, while Homeland, amoung other agencies, carry .40 Sigs and Glocks.

          Holy “Tommy Guns” Batman, a .40 SMG for the FBI, somewhere J.Edgar Hoover is smiling!

          • In his purple thong

      36. note to self stockup on 30 06 AP

      37. If this was an article by the New York Times, I would be sceptical. Because it is here, I am still sceptical. By following the links all the way to a verifiable source -not just cross-pollinated blogs-, I find that a (verifiable) total of ONE of these shelters was built. My favorite link above is the ‘detention centers’ in all 50 states. Try it.

        The FEMA meals are not sitting in a warehouse, waiting to be distributed to the captive sheeple. It is a request to see if suppliers are capable of providing MREs in that quantity. Furthermore, they ask for a two-week supply. Simple prudence -by anyone who has the foresight to have found SHTFdotcom in the first place- dictates you have two weeks worth of food in your pantry. It doesn’t have to be economic collapse, nuclear war, or an EMP. It just has to be a blizzard, hurricane, or tornado.

        Let’s be prepared, but not invent reasons to justify it.

        The truth is enough.

        • Well said, NI. Just another insurance policy.

      38. pls. meet REV./ DR. CHUCK BALDWIN

        Hutaree Militiamen Cleared In Court

        Much to the chagrin of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a federal judge has cleared the members of a Michigan militia who were accused by federal law enforcement agents of conspiracy to commit sedition. Since you didn’t hear much about this ruling from the national press corps, here is one online version of the report:

        “Seven members of a Michigan militia have been cleared of plotting to overthrow the U.S. government as a judge dismissed the most serious charges against them.

        “In a shock defeat for federal authorities, District Judge Victoria Roberts said the group’s expressed hatred of law enforcement did not amount to a conspiracy.

        “The FBI secretly planted an informant and an agent inside the Hutaree militia in 2008 to collect hours of anti-government audio and video that became the cornerstone of the case.

        “Senior officials had insisted they had captured homegrown rural extremists poised for war.

        “But the judge said: ‘The court is aware that protected speech and mere words can be sufficient to show a conspiracy. In this case, however, they do not rise to that level.’’

        “Judge Roberts granted requests for acquittal on the most serious charges: conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the U.S. and conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction.

        “Other weapons crimes linked to the alleged conspiracies were also dismissed.”

        • The only terrorists the FBI or DHS can find are the ones they set up thru sting ops. Dock their pay and then fire them!Sorry SOB’s they are.

      39. If you haven’t visited your local social security office lately then you don’t know that they have had armed guards for 10 years or so. I’m not sure what justifies that cost.

      40. Shouldn’t they tint the windows.

      41. They’d have to grease up Napolitano to slide her into one of those tiny buildings.

        On a different note, I wonder if these have trap doors leading to underground bunkers? Otherwise these folks would be trapped in them.

        Thanks Bush. For your USELESS and EXPENSIVE agency. Hundreds of Billions……Wasted. What a moron he was/is.

      42. Having spent the last several years in a BRG fish bowl at a US Gov soft target I can tell you BRG only is good for the first shot. That was supposed to give us time to get to real cover. These booths are not armored vehicles. These driveway booths will most likely be used at parking lots and driveway entrances of politicians homes. Believe it or not but most in DHS are still worried about Al Quaida.


          … just ask the Dancing Jews of 9/11!

          • Dude, all your posts are totally wacko. I recommend some meds. And strangely enough you do point out some valid points but your delivery is wacko. perhaps try to to be less ‘frothing at the mouth’?

      43. Ask yourself this question, “What has BO done to earn reelection”? The Fed is printing like crazy, which is causing our money to become worthless and driving up prices on everything.Unemployment up. Meanwhile, the big Banks are depressing Gold and Silver prices. Add to this BO’s comments on the shooting in Sanford Florida. Gas over $4.00.

        BO is pushing America to the edge to cause a civil war. Almost every Marxist Government in history was cemented in place thru violence. Russia, China, Viet Nam, Cuba, ect. He wants civil unrest. BARACK OBAMA, CURRENT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NEEDS CIVIL UNREST, FOR HIS PLAN TO SUCCEED!

        This isn’t some bullshit, this is real and it’s happening this year. Prep for the worst, pray for the best.

        • Well said. He is a nightmare now. He will be a living nightmare if he is re-elected with no concern about his political future anymore.

          God help us.

          • D or R – they are the same, people. You may just not be ‘awake’ if you do’t see that yet.

        • If Van Jones leads the Occupunks into the American version of an Arab Spring, we might even have the Muslim Brotherhood to look forward to.

          And say….didn’t they just visit our Community Organizer In Chief at the WH this week?

      44. Bullet proof toll booths eh? Sounds like I need a bigger can opener.

      45. I’m no Obama fan but what do you people think Romney will do?, He’s a man that brags about doubling the military, bombing Iran, yet will not even talk about our deficit.this time there will be no lessor of two evils, they’re both evil.

        • He is for strict gun control.

      46. I say we double down. Everyone go to their local gun show, gun store, sporting goos and buy 100 rounds. 90 million gun owners x 150 rounds is 1.35 billion rounds.

        Buy more if you can!!!! Got AMMO?

        • Primers should be a #1 focus, as should other reloading tools and supplies. The one component to focus on when loading your own, though, is primers. Get ’em while you can.

          • Okay okay… can I use your post as my excuse for buying MEC 9000 to the wife… !!?


            • Go for it Brad! 🙂 we have the opposite spousal thing here. I had to pester and pester my hubby to get 20K primers a few weeks ago. But now we’re in better shape.

      47. Its simple my Peeps; the government fears US. And the government should fear the people considering the piss poor, treasonous job that they have done running the country for the benefit of the NWO.


      48. hmmmmmm…i wonder how many of those workers can fit inside one of those guard shacks. anyone know?

      49. It is bullet resistant. NOT Bullet PROOF. Just got to use the right tool for the job. The .40 S&W ammo THEY are buying is NOT the right tool.


      51. why hasn’t anyone mentioned 357 in this entire link?

        • ~Chef Nunzio~

          Because sir, its a forgone conclusion amongst the knowledgeable…that the .357 mag is one of the very best “one shot stoppers” ever designed!!!!

          • 125 grain Gold Dot to be precise… 🙂

      52. DHS approx 200,000 employees. 450 Million 40 cal rounds equals 2250 for each employee. Not every employee carries a gun or a 40cal weapon. Average range use is 50 rounds per practice qual, so about 500 rounds each range cycle per shooter.

        With 308 million citizens that equals 1.46 bullets per person.

        Ammo orders this large are going to affect prices due to the use of raw materials (lead, brass and copper). So all ammo is going to go up in price and down in availability, again.

      53. These booths can be found at the entry to some of the DHS sites around the US. They are NOT the safest or non-penetrable units, nor are they designed to be.

        These booths are already in place here and there. They have been placed as a check-point for Federal agencies that post “restricted” signage, chain-link and Concertina wire fencing, and security cams. They cannot be used at all Federal facilities simply because not all agencies have the secure property that will enable these to be put into place. The booths are 2-sided, meant for one individual to serve as a security stop upon entry and one individual as the pass-through attendant upon exiting a facility.

        There’s no doubt that additional Federal properties will be fitted w/ booths like this. But it may be that there is a secondary reason. It is very possible that portions of the Federal highway system (ie Interstates) will see these placed along entry ramps. Maybe the Interstates are going to be transitioned into fee-based highways for additional tax $. That makes these booths a multi-use system: collect revenue while securitizing/watching our Interstate system.

        • ~Zoltanne~

          Excellent points!

      54. FEMA has many DHS agencys Setting up to back fill them. This progame is called SURGE. From TSA alone the requirment is 4400. FEMA has only that many emplyees, so TSA’s addition alone would double thier size. The training they recive is five cources on emergeny incedent comand. It is all online and fairly light. They are to be called up in the case of a large scale emergncy. This seems harmless on the surface but I am now beging to wonder. I will keep folks posted if this apears to get more sinster. My name sould say it all….

        • You make no sense. First, DHS is comprised of about 20 agencies — it’s an umbrella agency. FEMA is one of the DHS agencies. FEMA does not have “many DHS agencys”. They actually have a DC headquarters, 10 regional offices, and 5 processing centers with complete duplicity/redundancy. This isn’t including temporary or overflow offices, the NFIP offices, or any SBA-affiliated offices working disasters.

          You claim to be the “man on the inside” but your info is short on facts. Not to mention the fact that you’d never pass the literacy tests required before employment. Sheesh!

      55. After the collapse the checkpoints will be everywhere and they will be permanent. Travel will be limited to people who are authorized by the government to travel.

        • Travel will be limited but more than likely that would be due to the lack of fuel. The millions of commoners will take to the back roads on horses, camel, or foot.

      56. nothing a three-man team sporting a .50 cal Barrett can’t handle from 1500 years out eh?

      57. I will force myself to watch Obama’s pre-arranged inauguration and I will pray openly that his head disappears in a pink mist the second he puts his filthy muslim hand on the Holy Bible.

      58. Sorry Zoltanne It was late and I was sleepy. I ment to say that FEMA, part of DHS. The fact is though the SURGE team is being developed and again it may be for what it is…. natural disasters. That being said it still needs to be watched. With the comming race wars, economic issues, and so on it makes me wonder why all of a sudden the need. And yes my spelling and grammer suck…. (great at math and engineering though). Also.. you should not be so insulting to people when you post. most are here just to help. As for your post on use of booths on federal highways….. good opservation, they are reworking several areas of the interstate system where I live with some interesting aditions that also need to be watched….

        • I call it like I see it and when someone is flat wrong, if I have the time/energy, I’ll call it. Toughen up.

          Re: “the surge team” That’s how FEMA operates so this is really not news. FEMA uses a very large temporary staff during a Federally-declared disaster or if/when there is the probability of one. FEMA also employs IRS agents during the IRS’s down-time for disaster assistance. People are unaware of how their system operates unless they work or have worked for DHS.

          • Your right it is not news but the SURGE team is new it started up four months ago. This will be an addition to all of the above mentioned manpoer that they use. The are also not using as many NGO’s from faith based orgs. due. Just something to watch.

            • I think you may be referring to Emergency Response and IMAT Teams which aren’t actually surge based. Those teams are add-ins as a build-up layers and layers of more convoluted government. Of course we know it’s fully justified and deemed essential….

      59. I was thinking about all those bullets these government idiots are stockpiling. Let’s see…. 330 million citizens, 450+ million bullets… They must be lousy shots, cuz it should only take one bullet for each of our skulls. I guess they just want to be sure. I love how our government plans for the unexpected!

        • In Viet Nam it was estimated that it took over 200 rounds for each confirmed kill. They only get the “one shot-one kill” scenario if people line up like dominoes. I for one would resist with lethal power of my own.

          • dissidentdon, thanks for educating me! I am of course assuming that the vast majority of sheeple in our country WILL simply line up when instructed and get blasted. I hope you, and people like you will at least try to evade being shot. If we are real lucky, we will also be able to return the favor in the caliber of our choice! Good luck!

      60. These booths may be bullet resistant but are they truck or automobile resistant. When the time comes, a fast moving 3000 lb. vehicle will take them right out.

      61. They could put them as checkpoints on the interstate system to support their VIPER harrassment tactics.

      62. Hmmmm, WHO makes these booths? Are they a so called public company? PROFIT from the facist transformation and destruction of this once great nation(is what THEY are doing) Once ALL the interstate highways are turned into toll roads because of all OUR debts(and prostitute politicians), these will be pay stations also.

      63. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it
        was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
        I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for newbie blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

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