Gangs of New York: Post-Garner NYPD on Watch for Militant Blacks ‘Preparing to Shoot On-Duty Police Officers’

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Aftermath, Headline News | 289 comments

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    While outrage continues to brew over the non-indictment of the officer that choked Eric Garner to death for selling “loose” untaxed cigarettes on the streets of New York, the NYPD is digging in, as the above New York Daily News image suggests.

    Amid anti-police sentiments, the NYPD has claimed that members of the “Black Guerilla Family” are threatening to shoot on-duty police officers in New York. The group is known as an “ideological African-American Marxist revolutionary organization composed of prisoners” set up in the sixties, with inspiration from black leaders including Marcus Garvey.

    The New York Daily News carried the exclusive, and included a photo of document with the typed warning:

    “On 05 Dec. 2014 @ approx 1846 hours, OC#(redacted) forwarded a credible threat to Detectives assigned to Homicide Section in reference to Officer Safety. The threat has been verified and is currently being disseminated to lower command. Sources state that 10 BGF members (Black Gorilla Family) have began preparing to shoot an on duty police officer. Further info will be made available as it becomes ready.”

    Reports suggest that NYPD officers are indeed taking the threat seriously and instituting precautions:

    An undercover NYPD cop learned of the hit put out on officers Friday evening — three days after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in Garner’s death. Mullins confirmed late Saturday night that the gang was gunning for officers.

    Union leaders ordered all officers, on duty and off, to take extra precautions.

    “Please WEAR your VESTS and carry your firearm off-duty along with additional magazines,” Mullins said in an alert. “Your priority is to go home at the end of your tour!”

    However, a previous report also carried police statements claim that their was NO credible threat of attempts to kill on-duty officers:

    There is no credible threat that members of a militant gang known as the Black Guerrilla Family are planning attacks on NYPD cops, officials said Sunday.

    “We are aware of the reports of this anonymous general threat against police. However, at this time there is no information to indicate that this is a credible threat against the NYPD,” a Police Department spokesman said.

    So is this just a bunk warning? Is the NYPD being targeted, or not?

    It is difficult to know. Regardless, like a lot of phony, dubious (or at least foggy) terrorism threats that have been publicized over the last decade and a half, the threat against NYPD officers gives reason enough to double down the police presence in the Big Apple, and perhaps shines a sympathetic light on the department at a time when many people targeted them with anger after the decision not to indict Officer Daniel Panteleo for an egregious case of excessive police power caught on video.

    Public opinion over police behavior has understandably been at the center of the national conversation.

    After all, in the wake of the grand jury decision in the Eric Garner case, it was reported that some cops were caught boasting on social media sites comments like “Let us kick some thug ass,” interpreting the decision as virtual free reign on police force.

    The possibility of direct violence targeting police yet again underscores the breadth of the divide engulfing the country over police violence, with particular focus on incidents against unarmed black men as seen in Ferguson and beyond.

    Over the weekend, protests in response to the Eric Garner grand jury decision turned violent a coast away in Berkeley, California, with police firing rubber bullets, smoke grenades and flares at demonstrators.

    The divide deepens, and continues.


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      1. Red Leader

        When it comes to Libs and taxes, pay up or die.

        • OutWest

          Sounds like another Bloomberg Shit Sandwich to me.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            War Machines used in NYC~
            Watch: NYPD uses military-grade sonic weapon on Eric Garner protesters

            . Thursday night at about 1am, at the intersection of 57 East and Madison Avenue in Manhattan—a populated area about four blocks from Columbus Circle—the NYPD used a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) to disperse about 100 protesters who were on the streets….

            Decibels = (Every 10 dB- Decibels the sound noise Doubles.) (65dB is the maximum noise acceptable for human habitat.) This War Machine produces 162 dB.

            “The LRAD can reach decibel levels as high as 162. For comparison, a normal conversation is usually 60 decibels, while a lawn mower can reach to 90 decibels. A level of 130 decibels is typically considered the average pain threshold for most humans.”

            Furthermore, Informed Health Online notes that a jet engine registers at about 140 decibels. Anything at or above this range, IHO explains, “is called acoustic trauma. Depending on how long the ears are exposed to the sound and how intense it is, it may damage the eardrum, the middle ear and/or the inner ear. Damage like this is usually temporary, but some hearing loss may remain.”

            **Part of your Preps should be a Heavy Duty Ballistics set of Ear Muffs, it will already be plenty loud you shooting at them, as they deploy this War Noise Machine on us.

            • Enemy of the State

              I wonder how well that works on us “‘Old men” that have hearing loss due to ballistic noise and other loud machinery all our lives ?

            • dave in Idaho

              Some of us that are married have plenty of training for this type of weapon. We can also point our wife toward the LE and then cut her Macy’s card in half, effectively firing our weapon.

              • John Q. Public

                Marcus Garvey was Black America’s best option, capitalist and promoter of independence. Surely someone confused him with his arch-antagonist, Marxist and Judas goat for the synagogue’s banksters and financiers W.E.B. du Bois.

                Choosing to follow du Bois over Garvey was one of American Blacks’ poorest choices of the 20th century.

                • truth

                  Black America s greatest hope is the LAWS STATUTES and COMMANDMENTS of the MOST HIGH and it still is but we need to come out of Babylon the great aka America first,Mr Garvey had that right to leave America but then we must come back to our history book the Bible.

                • Rebel in Idaho

                  As a group, blacks are stupid. While there are glaring exceptions like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Larry Elder, as a rule they are stupid, violent, impulsive, and to be avoided.

                  • Rebel in IL

                    Couldnt have said it better myself! Personally I would get rid of them ALL.

                • American

                  I agree. Now those same “Marxist and Judas goat for the synagogue’s banksters” want to continue with this insanity!

              • What?

                Adding the words “He said you were fat!” could start a housewife revolution.


                • SterlingSilver

                  If we could only be so lucky as to have one commie group of thugs attack and kill another commie group of thugs…

                  • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                    For all any of us peons know, it may already be happening. The empire would try to hide it in order to preserve its aura of invinvibility.

                    • Anonymous

                      That IS how it’ll happen! There won’t be a starter gun to signal SHTF. It’s already hitting it. Don’t wait to see if anyone else says it. Only the powers-that-be will say anything and that’ll be to mislead the masses. The people can govern (support and defend) themselves (not govern each other nor anyone else) and defend themselves from those who won’t govern themselves.

              • Upstate New Yorker

                @ dave in Idaho – Omg – what you posted it Too Funny!!!
                I have a Macy’s card, and nobody better touch it but me!!

                ~~~ On a more serious note – I am just getting really
                sick and tired of all this. I live my life, prep the best I can, try to be aware at all times, and try to enjoy the simple things in my life the best I can.
                I have a spiritual base, which helps me too.

            • BJ

              How Christians And Conservatives Are Helping To Destroy America


              Just add the www

              • NetRanger

                …or don’t add the www! Works either way.

                AWESOME article. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • KY Mom

            I am not surprised killing police is now a declared goal.

            The Obama administration SENDS in groups of people to INCITE RACIAL TENSION. (Our tax dollars at work.)

            Remember this?
            Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests

            “Judicial Watch has obtained documents in response to local, state, and federal records requests revealing that a little-known unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Community Relations Service (CRS), was deployed to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.”

            “These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially-charged demonstrations.”

            Following the same play book, Eric Holder dispatched the CRS last August to Ferguson, Missouri to INFLAME racial tension, rather than minimize it.”
            Eric Holder dispatches team that ‘inflamed’ Trayvon case

            Remember, Obama met with the Ferguson protesters the day after elections. He gave them a pep talk and told them to “STAY ON COURSE.”

            Obama Quietly Met With Activists: ‘Stay on Course’…
            “The Ferguson protesters have LOOTED over 100 businesses in the St. Louis area.”
            (The New York Times HID this in the 21st paragraph of their report.)

            When Communist groups are added to the mix, violence is to be expected.

            Ferguson protesters: ‘The only solution is a Communist revolution’

            “It’s no secret that some of those fomenting the riots and protests over the shooting death of Michael Brown are Communists. A Vine video posted on Twitchy Saturday shows protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, openly calling for a Communist revolution in America.”

            Not Just Ferguson: Protests Scheduled for 83 Cities, “Direct Action Trainings” Held for Protesters

            “Actually, they aren’t even being referred to as protests anymore. They are now being called “planned responses” and they are part of a highly organized, and apparently highly funded, agenda.”

            “A Tumblr page for something called the “Ferguson National Response Network” has posted a very organized list with graphics for each location (which must have taken a lot of time and effort) detailing these “planned responses” that have been scheduled for a total of 82 cities across the U.S. and one in Canada … if it’s as scripted as the rest of this situation has been and continues to be, will be expertly timed with the holidays coming up).

            Organizers are also holding something called “direct action trainings.”

            THE PROTESTS ARE CONTINUING IN MANY CITIES AROUND THE COUNTRY. Over the weekend there was a protest in Lexington, KY. There is another protest planned in Lexington for this Friday.

            If anyone has plans travel (for work, family, etc.) to larger cities, USE CAUTION.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Anyone able to explain why NYC didn’t turn into a Ferguson or a Berkley, Ca.?

              I would have liked to see the cops stay home the first night of the demonstrations in NYC, maybe it would have shown, like Ferguson, what happens when cops do not respond.

              The controllers in NYC would NEVER give the rioters the go ahead to destroy their city. Never!

              • Sgt. Dale

                If TPTB, and Race Baiters keeps pushing this BS you just might see a very bad case of BLUE FLU.
                God forbid because only the weak in the public will be hurt. Then there will be a cry for the guys/gals in blue to come back to work.
                What would the nation do if we said we have had enough and you are on your own? Just a thought! We won’t we will be back.

                • Arizona Dude

                  After your rant a couple of days ago would say we’re better off without your ass on the streets. We need cops who want to serve the public, like it used to be. Not the gung ho sonofabitches who have personality issues.

                  • Nobama

                    Police serve and protect… themselves!

                    If they truly wanted to help the public they would have become paramedics or firefighters. Those are the people that deserve respect. But not today’s militarized power-hungry cops.

                • dave in Idaho

                  Let them call in sick… Would only hurt the donut shops. The weak are hurt before a cop arrives to take the report. Or put a headlock on someone for selling Individual cigaretts. We dont need cops, we need Sheriffs, and Marshalls. People can take care of themselves just like the rest of us that live remote.

                  • Anonymous

                    Dave in Idaho, could not say it any better than that. We do not need cops, all we need is the right to openly carry any type of weapon we please and we can take care of ourselves at least as well as a cop, but the truth is much better than that. We can say goodbye to all the chickenshit traffic tickets and cut their pensions off cold.

                • BJ

                  Why the hell would I ever call a cop? Give me one good reason to call a cop.

                  WHy would I want the likes of you on the streets dale?

                  News flash cop and boot licker nanny……we don’t need the cops, never did. Protecting ourselves, our family and our neighbors was OUR job and responsibility to do.

                  If we still had a constitutional militia…..they would arresting cops today.

                  The constitutional militia has authority….cops do not.

                  You sgt dale are not anyone outside of your homes boss.

                  So take your power trip of “everyone should just do as I say and there will be no problems” and take a long long walk with it, and keep on walking.

                  You claim you have God, yet you have violated His law with your whole career and have been paid to do it.

                  AMONG OTHER THINGS!

                • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                  Willing to give it a go. The ‘thin blue line’ often evaporates, depending upon whose property or livelyhood is being destroyed.

                • Anonymous

                  Those who won’t defend themselves don’t deserve the title of “American”. No, we don’t need, nor is it constitutional for us to have police. Police are an Old World institution of oppression to keep the 1% or fewer elites over the 99% or more of the rest.

                  Police may have the wet dream that they are everyone’s saviors. They’re not. They’re from whom the people most desperately need to save themselves.

                  Police will be the thugs who’ll commit atrocities on the people as the “reason” why we “need” police (like firemen who set fires as a “reason” for their existence). That’s how they’ll try to create the clamor among go-alongs for their “return”.

                  Self-government (not over others) is the only legitimate government. It includes everyone’s individual ability to defend him or herself from whomever won’t govern themselves. That’s part of the purpose of the Second Amendment which, along with the other first ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, the “Bill of Rights”, abolished the government supremacy that existed in the original, unamended version of that Federalist constitution.

              • TPSnodgrass

                I find that the CommunistMayor of BYC DeBlasio, has neatly boxed himself into an untenable position. His political stance, and his “public advice” to his son, about being fearful of police officers is utterly asinine. In addition, the LiberalProgs(Communists) in NYC, have made it impossible for anyone to legally own any firearm, except for their go-to-thugs, the New Black Panther Party.
                This intentional Balkinazation of America is part of the Hope and Change crap being uttered still, by our Organizer-in-Chief. He truly believes/worships that ideology.
                So, it comes as no surprise that DeBlasio and Obama WANT an all-out race war, which they seem to forget, they would lose in a dramatic fashion. Isn’t it enough for them that millions of unborn black children are being murdered through Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics practice at Planned Parenthood? Apparently, the RacialKool-Aid being willingly swallowed by the Obama/DeBlasio demographic makes them too stupid, to see how they have been enslaved by the Massas of the Democratic Party’s Plantation, which IS, the New Slavery. Stupid people deserve what happens to them. I doubt the professionals within the NYPD would allow the New Black PantherPansy Party, or any other “party” keep them from protecting the city, even with a dipstick mayor like DeBlasio at the helm. Won’t be long before NYC is back being a bunged-up tenement toilet. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving city after electing that slug into office.

                • Upstate New Yorker

                  @ TP Snodgrass – I agree 100% with your post.
                  Thanks to Gov. Cumo, NYS has one of the strictest gun laws in the U.S.

                  In Upstate NY, there are still signs saying
                  ‘Repeal the Safe Act.’ Bumper stickers also
                  saying the same, along with ‘Impeach Cumo’, and other
                  slogans I cannot post due to keeping it ‘clean’ language wise on this site.

                  I can’t move, and don’t really want to move. I have roots and am established.

                  They call us Upstate New Yorkers Country Bumpkins, and
                  make fun of us.

                  They don’t want to know what the Upstate NY’ers think of them down in NYC…

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              If I were the Cops, I would say, “OK We hear you,” so effective today, we are Pulling ALL the COPS out of All Black Neighborhoods for a few months, and see how that works for you all. Let them all Kill and Loot each other. With in 2-Months, Problem solved.

              • Sgt. Dale

                You just might see just that.
                BGF gang has said they are going to white shot Cops. Nothing done to them.
                If a KKK member said that his group was going to shot black cops. You can bet your ass that HOLDER would have hundreds of agents there.

                • Genius

                  Why is it that any nieghborhood that has a lot of blacks is a run down shithole with graffiti and rampant crime? Why don’t they take pride in theyre houses and landscape? Why don’t they have nice things? Why aren’t they friendly? Why don’t they be creative and invent things? They are just like everyone else right?

                  • Condor Day:4

                    More daily Proofs that even though those whos plans revolve around it, always deny it as so, call it a “forgery” and claim that all others who refer to it are a “Conspiricy Nutcase”…The ongoing demise of america especially within large cities across the nation, again daily Prove that almost Every sentence of the Tribal Protocols of elders of zion are being played out fully.

                    Anyone who actually spends a couple hrs reading those protocols cannot deny this is true. As one reads it all their mouth will hange open in vast wonderment as to the irony of how every word read is another “oh my God! This IS exactly what I see happening every day, every time, every issue nationwide in all aspects of how america and white folks are being Systematically destroyed!”

                    So they can continue to disown it, rebuke it as a “forgery” keep callin folks like me a conspiricy nut case etc…but One thing You never have heard any of those type rebukers ever say or do is…

                    NOT one single one of them ever actually deals with nor debates nor answers the actual issues Written of in their protocols of zion elders manual of marxist zionist conquest of You and Your america nation.

                    Because if they ever did allow honest debate of its written policy and step by stpe plans to conquer You and Your nation america, they too will have to admit that call it what you like, but most EVERY line wrote in it’s huge entirity Is, Has or soon looks like it Will happen as written!

                    Maybe Thats why none ever discuss or debate whats wrote in it eh…They Hope to play upon induced whitey guilt, and do constant vile name callings of the folks who do speak of it and name it as the grand master plans of Their tribal scams and swindles done thru Their invention of comunism.

                    Too bad for them that today many more folks are wakeing up to it all and every day they Lose a bit more of their former huge MOJO-effects gotten by calling truth tellers such names. Their abject commie arrogance and they being so certain they cannot fail, due to their Self-Chozeness attitudes, has created a situtaion where the entire group of them in all forms and races etc has gone so far overboard, in such a fast way of late, that even those hard asleep at wheel are wakeing up to it all even faster then the perps can acomplish each protocol goal.

                    Soon, Very soon, enough will awaken and it shall be akin to today hearing some Al Sharpton fool idiot calling whiteys Raysisssss…!…Today that has Lost its Mojo effect to where barley even a few hard core leftist dem libs still submit to the mojo desired effect when calling whiteys a raicist, compared to the huge Mojo effect it Once had..One Down and one more huge taboo mojo to go.

                    Anybody not familiar with those protocols that is capable of shakeing off the many whinners and complainers to actually READ it themselves as a self test to see if what I said here is correct?…IE: That almost every sentence You will read in it has or is comming true as we speak. And it was first discovered in 1899 or so era…translated to french, then english.

                    I personally believe all who actually do read it to see just whats it about?…Are going to have same reactions as most others which wil be something along the lines of “Gee I cannot believe just How Accurate what was discovered written at least far back as 1899 Has Happened As Written!…OR they will say..”Damn! Nothing I ever yet Read has been so prophetic and has happend as wrote other than the Bible!”

                    Some of the same folk who calls protocols a Forgery fake, also make same claims of the Bible!

                    Not one single forgery claimant I ever saw or heard from ever explains what such claims of “Thats a forgery” has to do with it all…What is a “forgery”? other than a exact duplicate of the Original writtings right?

                    I guess that word of Forgery is somehow supposed to scare folks away like callin then a rayssis or antisemite usually does..except of course for true free thinker types who can still research it themselves while being called such vile names designed to shut them up and Halt free speech/free thinking.

                    You who belong to That crowd are fast loseing every bit of former huge Mojo you had by use of such tactics..

                    Its all comeing down now to…TIC-TOC-TIC-Toc for those who wish to Silence us types eh.

                    Ironic also is how them what invented Internet and were so busy rubbing their money gruber hands together like their fellow tribesmen in the banks all do always, in vast antisipation of soon huge Profits!…never in a Million Years could have guessed how fast Their internet would be turned against Them as such a huge Expose’ Tool in use by so many of us common Goyims eh!!

                    That alone brings huge smiles no? It don’t occure often that we average reg folk goys can actually Use, Their things against Them…but when it does occure it is very wonderfull a feeling aint it.

                    PS: Another Great resaerch reading material is what the original carmaker guy Henry Ford wrote. Both his Ongoing weekly additions to his ongoing expose’s in his own owned newspaper called “The Dearborn Independant” which Henry Ford published as an Alternate to the totally Controled MSM Other usa newspapers of his day.

                    And Henrys Other great informative reading material is his Booklet that Henery wrote in 1922 called “The International Jew”…it deals with much we see occure Today, occured in Past eras in usa, and also exposes the tribal bent of Communism running rampant within the tribes circle of intrigue opperations and deceptions.

                    Both His newspaper articles and Booklet can be read FREE online! Well worth your time too.

                    Consider that, when asked about the protocols of the eldsrs of zion being a forgery or not?…Henry Fords answer was..”Weather or not anyone can prove it a forgery I do now know…However…This I do know…Since the protocols were discovered, most everything found written within them HAS happend and happened AS written!”

                    That was only Twenty Years after the protocols were first discovered! Imagiane how much More has happened AS written of in those protocols since the 1920’s up to Todays time frame!…Then ask if its a forgery as its distractors claim..Because somebody Somehweres with Lots of Power has sure been doing things as written to be done within them protocols…Thats what Really matters. That and How it affects You and our nation America.

                  • Rebel in IL

                    WOW Genius, I am sure your name is complete sarcasm! Blacks are and have always been a sub-standard/sub-human race. Go anywhere in the world where they occupy and see for yourself. You can take the black out of Africa but you cannot take Africa out of the blacks. They are a damned race and should all be sent to Africa! Blacks=Plague plain and simple!!

                    • Genius

                      Rebel, ha ha ha YOU fell for it 🙂 Just lookin for reactions from my sarcasm 😉

              • TPSnodgrass

                As a retired law enforcement officer from the Left Coast, THAT, is not a bad idea at all. If those neighborhoods don’t want/need police response, pull it and the Fire Department as well immediately. Let the Law of Natural Selection work in those areas. Will those areas fester and explode like the brewing infection they currently are? Of course, let’s be tolerant of their wishes, “We Hear You”, is the best and only response they need.

                • He-man

                  Be careful what you wish for TP. You kind was NEVER wanted here in the first place. How are you gonna justify having a job without US.

              • KY Mom


                in response to your question in Comment ID: 3283873

                KY Mom
                So God only chooses those who choose him? Tell us what the difference God is?? LOL. And how do you know there is any God? Does he talk to you?

                Repost of Comment ID: 3284506
                God is always there, but we often tune him out.

                “You will search again for the LORD your God. And if you search for him with all your heart and soul, you will find him.” Deuteronomy 4:29

                You’re not going to hear God unless YOU really, really want it. In modern society there are many ways to tune out God – drugs, alcohol, greed, TV, etc.

                You have probably heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

                The same is true of us. God doesn’t FORCE us to hear his voice or choose to follow him. Sometimes, our hearts are hardened, and we’re unwilling to listen.

                If you TRULY want to hear from God and know HIS plan and purpose for you, you have to open your heart and mind and listen. Reading the Bible and praying are ways to open our heart and grow closer to the Lord.

                As we grow in faith, so should our prayers. Prayer is not just a monologue of a laundry list of wants, but also being thankful for blessings and asking for forgiveness, guidance, strength and wisdom in our daily walk of life.

                We know the reception on a cell phone varies widely. The same is true with us. Our heart and mind must be receptive to HEAR God speak.

                • Genius

                  It’s called “be still and know I am god” Thats right “I am god” You are a part of god not a seperate entity. A microcosm of the macrocosm. Praying to some external being is just foolish GOD AND YOU ARE THE SAME BEING! Universal consciousness. Forget the jesus crap and some god in the sky, we are all part of god (for lack of a better word). Were here as part of our journey to experience all things. No heaven, no hell, just gaining wisdom. As above so below right?

              • NetRanger

                Cops are just like the rest of government: Absent when needed. Busybodies when not. Murderers when they don’t get their way.

                Just ask the burned out business owners in Ferguson. Ask them why the cops ran off their volunteer security and then ran off themselves? They said it was because the MNG was coming in but they never did and the businesses burned.

                I don’t really like these militant black guys, but, I really don’t think cops should be choking a guy to death for selling a cigarette or two. I can keep the militant blacks away. I’ll just have to shoot a couple of them. But, the cops? Nothing you can do. They just keep writing tickets and punishing the public for victimless crimes (victimless crimes = fictional notions). I guess thats not really true. The crime is getting screwed by the government and the victim is you. Well, at least they won’t murder me while I sleep.

                Uh, Oh, sorry. Guess they do! Glad I don’t have a seven year old daughter sleeping on the couch and live in Michigan. …or a 20 month old toddler sleeping in his very own “flash bang test bay”.

                Do cops really expect to continue offing people and having us forgive them?

                “Philly Mayor: ‘You Have Some Police Officers Who are Increasingly Afraid of the Community’” – Recent Headline

                Hope springs eternal.


                “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny,” – Thomas Jefferson

                Society is just starting to send the message to these murdering SOBs: Qualified Immunity doesn’t qualify you to murder!

                They will have to pay.
                It may be in cash.
                It may be in ashes.
                It may be in blood.

                …and while I think its a little over the top, if it stops these blue clad thugs from committing more murders, I’m giving it a thumbs up!

                (Sgt. Dale, I always think of you while I’m typing this stuff in. I don’t mean to be hurtful or offensiv, but, some of your fellow officers need pulled in and fired and/or prosecuted. I honestly believe we must give cops a little more “wiggle room”, but, HOLY SHIT! Not enough room to do these kinds of things and get away with it.)

                • dave in Idaho

                  @ Netranger. spot on.

                • BJ

                  “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny,” – Thomas Jefferson

                  For some reason that doesn’t resonate with so many so called patriotic preppers here.

                  Hell if I know……….they must of drank some wild ass koolaid in the years past that still lingers???

              • Nobama

                You know they will not abstain. They will use these events in their favor, to justify their desire to acquire more more equipment and power and further justify their means.

                • BJ

                  Now there is a comment I can really agree with you on 🙂

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Dems= Tax and Spend
            Repubs= Spend Spend

            • NetRanger

              You got it all wrong about republiCONs WWTI!!!

              RepubliCONs=spend (war) and borrow (war) and spend (war).

            • Nobama

              Dems= Tax and Spend (other people’s money)
              Repubs= Spend Print Spend Print Spend…

        • Calgagus

          everything is going according to the plan.

          What people don’t realize is how the black folk grew our economy higher than it could ever have grown without them. Example:

          When blacks moved into the white areas in the 60’s they acted like fools with their jiving and jacking around and the whites didn’t want to live around that crap, so they worked two jobs and sold their houses and moved away to the suburbs, and built new houses and the forest and lumber industries grew and the hardware stores grew and millions of dollars surged into the economy building roads so the whites could get to and from work.

          Then the blacks started robbing and stealing because they were stupid and unqualified for jobs because they jived around at school instead of learning and the whites had to buy replacement stuff and the economy grew even stronger.

          Since the blacks were unemployed they started hanging around drinking malt liquor and the malt liquor makers had to expand and add more workers so the economy grew stronger again.

          The blacks started shooting people and the hospitals grew and new ones were built and more cops, nurses and doctors were required.

          People had to buy guard dogs and security alarm companies grew stronger. Pet stores then sprung up everywhere to sell stuff for the guard dogs.
          Then the blacks were thrown into jail and new jails had to be built and more guards were hired and the economy grew even stronger than before.

          Then the Democrats created Welfare,,so all the blacks went on welfare, bred like flies and the whites had to work harder to support them, and the economy grew stronger.

          Then the blacks bought fancy cars and the auto industry grew and TV makers were thrilled cause they could produce shows like Cops and Most Wanted and whites bought more guns and lots and lots of ammunition to keep the blacks out of their stuff, so gun manufacturing jobs grew.

          So you see, we owe a lot to the black folks.

          • Frank Thoughts

            A delightful summation of the lunacy of the situation!

            It shows how division and animosity make a great money-making opportunity for some (including the government).

            • Condor Day:4

              Well now after them savage militant negroes helped to so grow usa economy, it sure be real swell if they’d just LEAVE usa and head to Africa to assist that economy eh.

              oh wait africa is where they originated at and did same type actions as done here in usa..Only due to not enough Whites in africa back then zero such assistance to build economy worked there in africa eh.

              Which proves it 100% correct when folks say that if by some magic wand method every last african negroe disappeared from usa Tomorrow…Us whiteys will do great! in Fact whiteys would do far better once negroes were all vanished…Yet if exact opposite happened where whites all disaperaed overnite?..EVERYTHING would be far Worser and worser yet for them negroes.

              Same goes for mexicans too…Bottom line world Needs whiteys big time for many reasons. But them darkies types are basically useless and worthless for everything.

              Must be why white men running things works better always.

              We Can exist swell withOUT savages destroying all whiteys invent and build etc…but without such whites building and inventing stuff negroes, hatians, mexicans et al will Fast decay back into savage canabals and rioters and killers…And due to such fast reproduction rates even with a return to canabalism they cannot eat each other fast enough to outweigh the many litters of baby savages produced faster. A true delema.


            Here is a little history for you.

            Do you know where the slave ships docked in the U.S. back in the days of slavery ?

            Answer: MASSACHUSETTS

            Then they were sold down South…….

            To all you highly educated hard working Blacks in this country.

            I have the deepest respect for you all.

            For all you Nigers which means (color) in the U.K. THAT IS THE UNITED KINGDOM or ENGLAND for you uneducated.

            In the words of a black man named MIKE on you-tube who is very educated he knows that your days are numbered.

            The rest you can fill in the blanks.

            You police officers out there you good cops please, please, be careful out there watch your 6 God bless you. guys.

            • STRAIGHT SHOOTER

              By the way I am should a lot of you agree we are all in SURVIVAL MODE………

              GOD HELP US.

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                And it was Portuguese Jews on Rhode Island ships that brought them here,SS.

                • Woogie

                  It was blacks who kidnapped other blacks in Africa and sold them into slavery to the whites in the first place.

                  • XTP

                    Yep Woogie is correct, THAT is where it all started, so if any blacks want reparations, start in Africa

                  • The Old Coach

                    Let’s correct the record. (Again……sigh)

                    Muslims in Africa were the traders who sold slaves to white shipowners, who transported them first to the West Indies islands (and to Brazil) to work sugar plantations, and later to SOUTHERN colonies in the mainland to work tobacco and sugar, and much later cotton.

                    Slave ships DID NOT unload in Massachusetts. For one thing, sailing ships would have had a very hard time trying to get to New England direct from Africa, since the prevailing winds would be against them almost all the way.

                    They DID frequently travel from the West Indies, having unloaded slaves there, carrying molasses (sugar) to New England. There they traded sugar for rum and salt cod to be carried to Africa.

                    A later version of the Triangle Trade brought slaves to South Carolina and Georgia, cotton from there to England, and manufactured goods (mainly cloth) to Africa.

                    The Brown family of Rhode Island was a large financier of slave ships. So far as anyone knows, they were neither Portuguese, nor Jewish, being of British extraction.

                    John Brown was the first American to be tried and convicted under the 1794 Slave Trade Act of the U.S. Congress. Which pretty much ended the later version of the Triangle Trade. Newport was the principal seaport in RI at the time, and there is reliable evidence that of the traders engaged in the triangle trade, a few were Jews. Rhode Island at the time was the only northern colony that permitted Jews to live there. They were persona non grata in strictly Puritan/Cogregationalist/Unitarian Massachusetts.

                    • Condor Day:4

                      No thats just another of coachs many coverups to protect his precious pals of the tribe. HERES the TRUE FACTS on usa and european slave issues FROM the MOUTHS of the Tribes Own who are admitting to it all.

                      “Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760s and early 1770s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.”

                      — Marc Raphael (Jew): “Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History”

                      Every possible issue Coach trys to pin blame of jewrys actions on Muslims instead!…Coach is a Blatant arab and muslim Hater, and hates blacks as well and his posts decalre such as truth…However whenever Facts or truth reveals ANY such crimes or evils perpetrated BY jews..Oh thats a whole new story eh!…Now all a sudden anyone who Outs jewrys evils or sets record straight like some here does…Then coach begins his rabid attacks so he can always unquestionably defend jewry.

                      But in reality as in the Facts and proof over great time spans jewrys evils amounts to far greater amounts of evils than ALl other groups Combined! Therefore such unquestioned always defend jew crap coach partakes in is Pure Bunk and shows who really is the predjudiced one.

                      At least the othere here are Equal opurtunity bashers of All who desreves bashings eh…So defend this old Goat fool.

                    • Unreconstructed Southron

                      Doesn’t matter Condor. Some people “can’t handle the truth.”

                • STRAIGHT SHOOTER

                  Copy that now that we have modern tools what do you do with the slaves now ?????

                  Send them back ?



                • dave in Idaho

                  Portuguese Jews??? I thought it was the African Black Jews. Maybe I got them mixed up with the American Indian Jews.

                  • BJ

                    I knew a Puerto Rican Jew once. He lived in Davie Fla and we used to work together….he was a short man with dark black hair and a mustache. His name was Richard Nieves. Some would say he looked like Cheech and Chong, to which he would come back with “what, both of them?”

                    I used to tease him because he looked just like Hitler with his mustache the way it was. Imagine that……a Puerto Rican Jew who looked like Hitler.


                    That is a true story.

                  • Condor Day:4

                    This one admits to tribe controls of Slavery all across European areas going way far back thru time.

                    “During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rhône, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of Louis the Pious [Louis I]; and in Germany from the centres of the valley of the Rhine, from Worms, Magonza and Magdeburg; in Bavaria and Bohemia, from Regensburg and Prague – were active in the principal markets in which slaves (women, men, eunuchs) were offered for sale, by Jews, sometimes after abducting them from their houses. From Christian Europe the human merchandise was exported to the Islamic lands of Spain, in which there was a lively market. The castration of these slaves, particularly children, raised their prices, and was no doubt a lucrative and profitable practice…”

                    — Dr. Ariel Toaff,

                    Jews is who SOLD slaves that were also White europeans TO Arab Muslims!…Coach as usual has it backwards.

                • STRAIGHT SHOOTER

                  O.K. Let go with NEW ENGLAND then for political correctness


                  • Condor Day:4

                    I am Posting This credit to above slavery quote seperate. Because I believe jewish internet “Filters” search out and destroy all mentions of “certain” issues that expose jewrys evils or wrong doings…I say that due to every damn time I try to include This info With the above quote I posted prior, it always goes straight into Disappear land of the internet never again to be found let alone get posted up so You can read it.

                    The quoteed authors Book was taken OFF bookstore shelves as fast as it appeared so to Hide jewrys admitions of jewish perpetrated evils etc…..Thats likley why trying to Post up this info also gets Disappeared everytime if the atributes HERE are included With his own quote admition.

                    Dr. Ariel Toaff, Chapter Eight,”Blood Passover”,This book was taken off the shelves and destroyed.

                    How convienient that when the RARE jew finally admits to various evils done BY his Tribe members..jewry simply removes his book so YOU cannot buy and learn from it eh.

                    If Thats Not typical Kommie jew tactics?…Then I do not know what is. Soviet mentality and actions to Hide truth which will Expose tribe involvements everytime they can get away with doing it.

                    People need to finally get over it and realize that this nonsense we were all taught to believe that somehow evil people exist in every group or race…Except of course for jewish folks…For jews are Always 100% Innocent and Always persecuted by everybody non jewish and its always done to Undeserving jews everytime for 4000 years or 40 centuries now so far!..Bull Crapola!

                    And the Two jew made quotes admitting to jewrys controls of slavery are but a small sample of wrongs or evils done by them and always covered up. Sorry but once one awakes to real truth one learns that its exact oppoisite…That rather than being always such totally innocent folk, jews are guilty of the worst things ever done.

                    And still To DATE: Nobody else But jewish kommie soviet bolsheviks has ever mass killled such huge numbers of REAL innocent folks as did jew kommies in Russia 1918 and onwards…250 Million at least deaths due to jew invented and RUN communism in 20th century.

                    That is facts that NO sane honest folk can refute or reject. NO, jews never acted alone, YES, gentiles assisted jews, but fact is proven widely now undisputable that Yes aprox 90% of all top kommie soviet leadership, ENTIRE 300 or so CHEKA ussr secret police/murderers were All jewish.

                    The vast evidence is Overwhelming and proves it totally.

                    NO, that don’t make all jews bad…But at same time NO group other than Blacks consistantly always votes DEMS besides jews at aprox 87% votes dems. Demas are the usa Kommie party. Jews invented marxist kommiesm period.

                    Why does so many jews do name changes always?…To HIDE whom they really are perhaps?…Bingo. To cause others like You to think it was done by Whites when it really was jews that are guilty!

                    Its ongoing daily across america if your eyes are open to See truth. Ask most folk in usa if babara Boxer is white?…99% will say Yes she is. Is That why boxer changed her jewish name to boxer?…

                    Leon Trotsky mass killer of at least 10 Million himself! REAl Birth Name was “Lev or Lieb, BronSTIEN, jew.”

                    But You probobly thought Trostky was a Whitey russian athiest right….Nope just another of many Bad jews if thats proper term.

                    Every group has good and bad alike right? YES!

                    Do some groups consistantly seem to harbor far greater numbers or precentages of the BAD ones though? YES again!

                    And an Honest review of it all shows one that TWO groups in particular has vastly greater numbers or precentages of the Bad, and them two are negroes and jewry.

                    if TWO major trophys got passed out as an award for which two groups produces most bad members…Negroes and jews would Fight over getting Both trophys!…You can dismiss it all…but you cannot change facts.

                    And NO it don’t make one a “Nazi” or socialist like a nazi by simply pointing out various facts that happen to include jews or various german issues or policies done by germany etc…Pointing Out Facts or Truths is NOT a promotion of nazis or socialism nor is it wrong to point out facts and Name the main Perps.

                    And in Todays Info age of instant info availability like internet archives of infos etc..WHY do those Good jewish folks Keep refuseing to come clean and OUT the bad of Their own group?…we Whites always are fast to out our own bad ones…Why do jews and negroes still insist on that “stick together as a group no matter what wrongs been done by our Own” attitude, and then both groups constantly whine and complain they are treated badly etc?

                    Face it as facts that today your groups can NO longer keep hidden the Bad stuff done By Your own. And to keep covering up for those bad ones makes YOU bad as well.

                    It stands that way for Cops right?…Why not also for blacks and jews too?…Try Outting your own bad like Us whites has Always done! Or face the music those bad are going to face one day since Karma or whatever You calls it Is going to have her day no matter how loud you whine or cry about it all. If anyone finds this offensive? Thats just too too bad.. ask me if I care!

                    I refuse to coverup for MY own fellow whiteys so why should I assist in a covering up for your negroes or jew fellow travelers?…I don’t and wont do that. I Will Keep speaking Truth even if fellow whites get hurt due to they are bad. Try being Good and Outting yer own who desreves it for a Change we can all agree on.

            • Sgt. Dale

              I’m going to start carrying all the time now. I have to protect my family. I’m not worried about myself.
              Thanks for your concern!

              • DevilMayCry

                Glad to have you back Dale.
                The only decent cop I ever knew.

                • BJ

                  If you only knew, talk about gullible 🙁

                  • Condor Day:4

                    Off Topic: I have a Question maybe some christian here can answer properly?

                    Why, when it is perfectly clear that #1- the new testement states that “under the new covenant of christianity there is NO longer any difference based on someone being a Greek(a gentile) or a Jew, nor between a Man or a Women due to we ALL are equal and same if we belong To Christ”

                    AND That #2 the bible Also states that “once a person becomes a true believer Christian, they now become as if Reborn into a New Creature in Christ”

                    Okay so heres the Question:…The very Fact that judaism allows for others to Convert to talmudic judaism and Then also be called a jew, which proves it is strictly a religious thing to be a jew and NOT a racial issue.

                    And the Fact that unlike being a black or white ar asian IS a True Race issue, there simply is NO seperate or special “race” of folks called jew or jewish. The Fact that many jews are Black etc Proves this in spades.

                    So taken together with what the Bible states I wrote of here above….If in Fact we do have jewish people some folks calls a “jewish christian” or a “Messianic Jew” meaning we are supposed to consider messianic jew as a true christian now….How can this be so when one is supposed to become a “NEW Creation in Christ” once they become a christian?

                    Far as Facts and bible fact goes it is a falsehood or fraud to consider any person christian if that person desires to still hang on to whatever their Old self was or what their Old religion was prior to became a christian right….

                    Ergo there is simply NO such thing in reality of any jewish-christians, or messianic jews posing as christian period. NO true believer christian will harbor any desires to remain his or her past self or past religious affiliations period…ALl who do still desire such prior affiliations, are the same as say for example someone whos past he was a Thief and says hes now christian since he seen the lights while in jail…Ok would You really consider him christian if his desire was to remain a thief still?…I sure wont!

                    Other good examples probobly exist as well to describe what I mean here.

                    So if I have missed something?…Please answer my questions of how can one be cinsidered christian and a Changed new creation IN Christ yet still cling to Prior religion or whatever?…because in my personal opinion anytime I hear or read of someone claims to now be christain but they include being a “Jew christian”, I reject that outright as a fraud. Either they are jew or are a christian. To combine both is the biggest Oxymoron one can state.

                    And Please NO goofy reply of “jesus was a jew”! That issues has been totally debunked and rebuked by several folks here in several, Many postings with plenty of proof and reasons to also consider that as a falsehood.

                    Christ’s Religious Practices were NEVER Pharisee talmudic judiac based period. Meanwhile every of todays jewry is based upon Talmudic judiasm period. So in Context of This issue NO jesus was Not jew. Nazerene Yes, Hebrew Yes, of Judah tribe Yes….but Jew? NO.

                    Either yes bible means what it states as I posted of here or it does not…Cannot have it both ways for any special or self chozens groups. And NO there is NO true verrified different “race” of humans called jew or jewish in a stricty Racial meaning. That goes Doubly so for Khazar-jews who aint of Judah tribe, aint hebrew decended, and are a racial DNA mixture of Turk+hunn+mongol+caucasian.

                    I think another good example of what I am saying here is how most folks all agree that if a person is an natural born or allowed to gain usa citizenship they should be called an “American”…NOT any prefix name such as african-american or mexican-american etc etc right..

                    Its an either Or issue. And the biblical issue of who/whats a true real christian is even of greater importance than the proper term to say american is.

                    • BJ

                      Melo ha goyim

                      ht tps://

              • STRAIGHT SHOOTER

                Any time SGT Dale

                God Bless and be safe.

              • Paranoid

                You don’t already carry all the time? SHAME I’m in Ca at the moment and cannot carry here but as soon as I cross the state line I will, and it’s not far.

              • Smokey

                Keep your neck swivel oiled, Sarge.

                Ignore the keyboard cop haters on here.

                • BJ

                  If you knew the truth about dale, I doubt you’d think so highly of him.

          • oicu812

            Yes, an awesome summation.

            Just add in the part about; how TPTB shipped in drugs to the inner city black bosses so they could distribute throughout the states, until…..

            the black drug dealers do what nigs do best, cheat steal lie, and the weekly/daily killings began. Black bosses/king pins lose money, so black dealers/kids lose lives.

            TPTB realize it’s a game they will never win with blacks, so; here comes the Mexicans and other Hispanics to run drugs and set up distribution operations throughout America. The more the hispanics are in contact/aquaintances with more whiteys, the more drugs they can sell. With no way to monitor all the cash flowing back and forth to Mexico/Cuba/Puerto Rico/ etc; the distributors/dealers can have all the big houses, new cars, without being threatened by irs, which gives them/irs, more time to harrass conservatives/christians and dick & jane down the street, for not buying into the obolmascare health insurance program.

            it’s a vicious cycle by vicious politicians and 90% are in on the scam.

          • Jim Smithe

            That is one way to look at it!

          • ponomo

            deport WDC.

          • dave in Idaho

            @ Calgagus…Although your statement sounds racist, when you look at the statistics, numbers don’t lie.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Calgagus, what you said is sad but true. I grew up during the transition from segregation to integration in the South and those were some very scary times.

          • okiefeller

            Time to re-read the Turner Diaries…

        • FuckingPissed

          You reap what you sow. You should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It wouldn’t be good to be a pig that has mistreated people. Just an educated guess.

        • BuelahMan

          And the fake conservatives are innocent of all charges, right?

          • dave in Idaho

            It wouldnt bother me if most of the republicans choked on chicken bones at a Obama party. They talk tough during election time, then turn into cunts as soon as they win.

            • NetRanger

              dave! You sound a little, uh, DISGUNTLED?

              Here is a description of how I voted this fall:

              Walked in. Looked at all the ballots on the LCD screen. Yeah, its electronic.


              Examined all the candidates.



              Looked at all the candidates again.



              Pressed straight republican.


              If voting in this FUBAR election doesn’t depress you, you emotionally pure energy.

              I think to get on a ballot you have to take a “Lying Asshat” test. If you score high, you get on. Score low and you can go vote.

              • dave in Idaho

                @ Net… very disgruntled. The republicans are sucking democrats dicks. there is no vote. The cops have almost all evolved into our “masters” as we shall do as we are told because they are AUTHORITY…..The banks are starting to steal our if I dont use my debit card at least 15 times a month, they charge (deduct) 5 dollars of MY money that they are lending out at 5-15% interest. And most people dont know it, but we are taking the first congressional (recent vote/condemnation like with the other wars) steps toward war with Russia…which will end up radioactive. And now I have to replace the cylinder head on my vibe/matrix…big parts $$ and work. So yes, Im disgruntled. thanks for noticing. Dave

        • Anonymous

          I don’t believe in violence but I did have sort of smile on my face when read the headlines above…

          Would be nice if TPTB got a taste of their own medicine… basta-ds!

        • Anonymous

          Since “our” government is so extremely corrupt and is sinking lower and lower into police state mode, I think its applaudable that some groups have decided to kick their asses as well…

          Sooner or later it was bound to happen– the people start fighting back… “thank you” to these groups– you are doing what we all should be doing but are afraid of doing.

          Since the law no longer applies equally to everyone, its only right that citizens (or groups) MAKE IT APPLY EQUALLY!!

        • tayronachan

          @Red Leader, yup, pay those taxes or die.

        • BJ

          ht tps://

          • NetRanger

            You find the best stuff!

            • BJ

              Thanks….my good friend and co-worker sent that to me. He is the same one who turned me on to Pagan Christianity that you liked so well.

              He is so full of truth, knowledge and wisdom it isn’t funny.

            • BJ

              Did you like “Identity Crisis” and who Israel is?

        • NetRanger

          Facilitated communication? Please…

          From Wikipedia:

          The procedure is controversial: most peer reviewed scientific studies conclude that the typed language output attributed to the clients is actually directed or systematically determined by the facilitator.

          • Condor Day:4

            Wikipedia-yutube-facebook all are owned and controlled by tribal members. Use at your own risk for real true accuracy.

            And ongoing policy at yutube is to always remove a video if its too outting of a tribe member. Yutube always claims that some offended “person” complained so they jusy had to remove the video pronto fast.

            Bullcrap. Either they believe in 1st amendt Rights to free speech as they all claim to, or they do not. Censorship of only certain subjects or issues or tribes is outright wrong. but they do it.

            Wikipedia lets anybody add or subtract stuff to alter it or cover it up or promote a false truth if it well hides the tribal perps actions.

            And no other group has near the vast long centuries experience in such scams or swindles as the tribe does. They has perfected swindleing and lying like no others can dream of acomplishing. Just remember when all they stand for is based on lies and scams it is all going to end badly for them one day soon.

            I think future history writers are going to show how when the tribe chose American whiteys to swindle and lie to they made a very wrong bad choice. And they will not be able to convince anybody else that somehow white usa foks acted wrongly against a totally innocent group. That scam aint going to fly any longer.

            Just keep trying to awaken as many folks as possible as the sooner we get them awake the sooner these swindle scams and lies will end. Or we will Cause it all to end!

            When savage blacks get angry they act like savage rioters and mostly Looters…When whiteys gets pissed off enough…Look the fuck out! They wont loot your stuff they will Kill you!

      2. bulldog

        who and what in hell can you believe anymore in this country?

      3. possee

        Sgt Dale…

        Any credible intel from your departments perspective?

        Another win for the empire!!..

        Create even more tension with implied credible(or incredible)threats towards the cops..

        Now they will be even more on guard with their trigger fingers..and nearly every black male will now be assumed as a potential and serious threat..

        hmm.. could this possibly be another ploy by Mr fast and furious himself to further the ‘agenda?’..of an even more widening racial divide amomgst the populace?

        Of course when the newly elected “law and order” clowns of congress gets a hold of this ..they just might appropriate even more internal defense spending to protect the homeland and accelerate the NDAA to infinity..

        The again, the agency spooks just might ‘monitor’ and coerce some radical fringe black gangsters and actually assassinate a few cops for good measure..much like they do with so many of the so called ‘terrorists”…afterall the ‘war on terror’ must continue unabated at any cost..why not start in the precious’homeland’?

        hell,what’s a little collateral damage ..?

        Nothing is by accident

        Everything by design

        Enjoy the day


        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Practicing Martial Law in LA~

          Camp Pendleton Marines To Conduct Training In Downtown LA

          btw/CBS and Associated Press are Jewish Owned Media propagation machines, to soften the reality of the Invasion.

          LOS ANGELES ( — Residents in and around downtown Los Angeles could hear helicopters or other military aircraft over the coming days as Marines and sailors from Camp Pendleton train in preparation for a deployment.
          The training is part of a two-week military exercise that starts Friday and extends through Dec. 16 and involves about 2,400 members of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, according to the Associated Press.
          While residents could see as many as six military helicopters buzzing over the downtown area over the next week, raids being held at several undisclosed locations in the city will be off limits to the public for safety reasons, Capt. Brian Block told the Associated Press.
          “It’s not going to look like ‘Apocalypse Now’ by any stretch of the imagination,” Block said.
          Dozens of Marines will raid buildings and shoot paintballs from modified M-15s as part of the exercise, but no residents live in the spots where the pseudo-combat will take place, according to Block.
          The military worked closely with the Los Angeles Police Department and notified property owners so no one will be caught off guard, Block said.

          • BJ

            w w w

            An Open Letter To My Friends In Law Enforcement

          • sd mule

            This can’t be true, because countless folks(programmed by John Wayne movies)on this site said the military would NEVER fire on US citizens. Come on, you remember,” the vets risked their lives for our freedom”. I hate it when an ILLUSION runs smack into REALITY, don’t you.

            • BJ

              Many have also claimed that LEO’s wouldn’t fire upon americans either. I wonder how many are beginning to re-think that one? God I pray many!

              Or if there normalcy bias is still whispering in their ear, “you havhe nothing to hide, you’ve broken none of their laws, you have nothing to worry about. They’ll just shoot all them bad black thugs.”

          • TPSnodgrass

            There ARE many parts of the City of Los Angeles, that could definitely use a lot of what Camp Pendelton can provide, in terms of materiel “support”. Too bad those Marines are training for deployment outside of the US, they could apply their knowledge and skill sets within the City to eradicate the trash currently infecting Los Angeles. And 2400 USMC combat Marines in Los Angeles, would only be a small drop of what is actually needed to clean up those streets. Too bad it’s only training…

            • BJ

              Your ok with the military in our streets???

              This site is becoming more and more unrecognizable in terms of freedom loving patriotic preppers vs some main stream site…one of the neocon ones.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Our Chief is saying nothing. He always starts telling us to watch our asses when he thinks things are getting bad or he gets info.
          My Sgt. told me the other day that he has fear that all this BS is going to get some Cops kill for trying to second guess them self.
          I told him I agree. It might just make some of the Guy/Gals that are on the edge go over the edge and you will have one hell of a lot more shooting/killings of people.
          If people would just do what they are told. We wouldn’t all of these problems.
          People in the last 25 years have been told to question authority which is OK. But do what you are told so you don’t get hurt. It is just that simple.


          • Acid Etch

            You little shit. That fucking pig purposefully held that choke hold cause he wanted to kill someone with his tacti-cool gear and dirtbag tattoos. I don’t think its very funny old man.

          • dave in Idaho

            @ Dale..Now if we could get the LEO to OBEY the constitution, things would be better. Where in the fuck do you get this “Authority” Shit? You are law Enforcement… Not “Authority” do as I say crap. There is a difference. You Fucking work for the Citizens… NOT the other way around. For A long time I had respect for you. But over time you are showing that YOU also have that same fucking “Im the Boss” attitude. You have been brainwashed working in those big cities for people who have NO idea what the First, second and forth ammendments are. If Im walking down the street, you have NO right to stop and question me, detain me and order me around without Probable cause. And making up a phoney reason, would just show the problems we are having with LE.

            • Smokey

              You’ve brainwashed yourself, BJ.

              You’re not the boss, either. Stop talking tough, that’s for keyboard commandos.

              • dave in Idaho

                Im not BJ. So smokey who is the Boss? I am tough. I can back my mouth up and the few here who have actually met me know it. I am a Patriot, and I am a constitutionalist. Im not brainwashed. I dont watch TV. I read Free Republic, Zerohedge, and Oathkeepers. What are you?

                • BJ

                  I have met Dave, and can verify 🙂

              • BJ

                Why are you talking to me?

                I am the boss of me.

                Where did I talk tough? Please show me.

          • BJ

            Oh you mean Chief James……the one with one hell of a past that he had to have all those breaks to keep him out of serious time and now somehow sits in the chair of Chief of Police. And now doesn’t know what the word break means?

      4. Wonderering

        One can’t help but wonder if the Police have been hoping, begging, baiting and growing rapidly impatient waiting for this to happen. They seem to be begging for for fight, so they can say people started it and now we are under martial law. They seem to be pushing people into taking revenge for their (the police) increasingly crazy behavior.

        I am not talking about the thug in Ferguson, that guy hit a cop and was looking to get shot.

        I am talking too many no-knock swat style raids on normal folks where they shoot the family dog. Throw flash bangs in baby cribs. Terrorize common folks doing little wrong.

        I am talking about choking out a guy selling cigarettes.

        I am talking about shooting a 12 year old little boy in 2 seconds, when they could have parked 50 yards away and defused the situation very easily.

        I am talking about people who don’t seem to like humans becoming cops and acting like they hate humans. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing, like they are begging for a fight.

        It all seems very odd to me and it seems like they are escalating it.

        • dave in Idaho

          thumbs up.

        • Sebastion T.

          According to Federal law, Title 18, section 241 (conspiracy), section 242 (rights violation under color of law), and the second amendment (the right to bear arms shall not be infringed); Each and every time a LEO arrests an american citizen for carrying a weapon (ANY weapon – machine gun, machete) (concealed, open carry) (felon, non-felon), the LEO is commiting a federal crime punishable by up to a year in jail. If he uses ANY force, or has ANY weapon, it goes up to ten years.

          If there is a death, the LEO is subject to the death penalty.
          Under section 241, any LEO who does not immediately arrest the first LEO, or any DA who does not indict either of them, or a judge who tries to cover it up, are subject to the same penalties. These laws have existed since the Civil War; they just haven’t been used much. The only group that can set aside these penalties is a jury, after a trial. Under these laws, all cops and DAs are already criminals.

          • dontbeanidiot

            Can you give more details on this?

            • BJ

              This is a good start and very thorough


              Your Right Of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest. And in some states, I believe Indiana, you can use lethal force against a cop if need be.

              ht tp://

              Team Law

              ht tp://

              Team Law, Do You Own Your Own Land

              ht tp://

              The United States Isn’t a Country
              — It’s a Corporation!
              by Lisa Guliani

              ht tp://

              USA vs. US

              ht tp://

              • Genius

                ATTN. LAND OWNERS! Here are some GREAT no tresspassing signs! They lay the law in peoples faces govt. included!

                ht tp:// (remove the space)

                A great landowners rights organization 🙂

                • Genius

                  Also a great book for landowners! ht tp:// (take out space)

                  • Genius

                    I have one of these signs riveted to a steel gate where private land meets blm land and I have never had any govt. agency even try and go past it! In fact the blm drove up to the gate and sat there for a while, my dakota alert alerted me that someone was there and I saw them on the video camera and finally drove down there (1/2 mile away) and asked wth they were doing. They said “don’t worry we are not going on your land, were just checking the vegitation.” If they insist on anything hand them one of these (printable) ht tp:// and tell them to fill it out then you might consider talking to them. GOOD STUFF 🙂

                • dave in Idaho

                  @ Genius…They use a heavier guage aluminum on the new signs now. there is a bunch of the old ones on various properties throughout the county here.

                  • Genius

                    Dave, Ya I saw that, but hey, the ones I got almost 5 years ago are still looking good! I left the plastic film on them and it is even still there. Even the older ones are nice and tough and last! If you have a metal gate be sure to rivet them on good or someone else might like it and steal it. They are great signs..

                • BJ

                  The only thing wrong with that sign, and I seen some in Idaho, is that is uses the term “property.” Property is commercial. It needs to say “Private Land.”

          • Smokey

            Cite some cases in favor of your statement, the one where a cop arresting someone carrying a concealed weapon without a permit has gone to federal prison for a year. And especially the one where it became 10 years because he was carrying his service sidearm or a baton.

            • NetRanger

              Cases aren’t law, Smokey. The law means what it says and says what it means. Just because there is no “Case Law” to support it would suggest that there is consistent gross violation of it.

              You’re deferring to Color of Law just like most of the rest of the country. This is the problem. You (and all of us) are part of the problem. Cite some cases? He just “cited” the law? Your request is an INSULT to the law.

              Why do we need the reassurance of cases being won that way? Because we’re always trying to bargain with the judges and the lawyers INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING THE LAW.

              • BJ

                Yupper, you beat me to it….cases aren’t law. The law, true law, is the law.

          • NetRanger

            Sebastion gets it!

            The Law is The Law and this is The Law.

            But, it gets violated ALL THE TIME with NO REPERCUSSIONS. …none.

        • BJ

          w w w

          What’s Going On With Our Police?

        • Sierra Dave


        • sixpack

          Absolutely, Wonderering. Very good post, things I’ve been wondering too.

        • Sgt. Dale

          How long have you been a cop?
          Not to say that there are not bad cops out there but there are only a very few! Just like Doctors, Teachers, Preaches, ECT.
          No good cop whats to hurt anyone. That is not why we became cops.
          It is too bad the guy died in NY. The choke hold wasn’t what killed him. His stupidity did. Along with being 150LBS over weight heart problems High blood pressure, And several other medical problems he had.
          The boy of 12. If he would have done what he was told and put his hands away from the gun in his belt instead of grabbing for it he would be alive today. Another case of not doing what you are told, and more than likely he was never made to do what he was told, and that was how he was raised.
          Believe my friend the last thing we want is a fight. But have to realize that if we are pushed into a fight you will get one. You see we are taught and trained not to retreat but to stand our ground. The Fight or flight that everybody has, well the flight is trained out of us.


          • Wonderering

            Son, never, not once in my entire life, has any of you cops ever done anything but look like a bad guys to me. You do very little good. You are thugs with badges. Juts another gang.

            You sicken me every time all you boys in blue flood a court room to back some BS court case (for instance to intimidate a judge and show you support for your ability to seize peoples money and property without ever pressing charges). Every time you blindly back your brothers in blue no matter how heinous the activity you sicken me.

            You mentally defected idots blindly supporting your brothers in blue murdering that little boy Cleveland makes me nauseous.

            All you low I.Q. morons playing army, dressing up in your swat gear, getting your jollies bashing in doors, damaging property, shooting dogs, injuring babies, throwing regular folks on the floor in their own home… and when it turns out it was the wrong house… you do not even say sorry, you just leave a mess and walk away feeling like a hero. You are a joke.

            You cops are not heroes. You are the thugs. You are a big part of the problem. You are doing more bad than most people ever will in this country. You are more likely to kill someone than any other person in this country, and get away with it.

            I would NEVER call a caop in a time a need, you take hours to reply and you standard answer is to come out guns drawn and shooting.

            Cops are only good for filling out a required insurance report long after a break in, as if you morons could actually solve crime without a confession.

            The real heroes in this country are firemen, they still remember that they are here to help people, something you cops forgot a long time ago.

            Yes, you cops are pushing it too far while you dream you are above the law, You are not above the law.

            • Wonderering

              Dumb cop said- “”The boy of 12. If he would have done what he was told and put his hands away from the gun in his belt instead of grabbing for it he would be alive today. Another case of not doing what you are told, and more than likely he was never made to do what he was told, and that was how he was raised.””

              You are proving how stupid you are. Did you see the video tape? Those worthless cops never said a word. They never told him anything. They came screaming up in their cop car, driving on play ground grass, drove 5 feet up to the boy, slammed on their brakes, startlingly the little boy… then they jumped out and murdered him.

              The report clearly states the police dispatcher told those murdering cop that the gun was probably a toy. The video tape shows 7 minutes of a little boy just being a little boy, playing. He was was not threatening anyone. He was playing.

              Those murdering cops easily and properly could have parked further away and used a bull horn or yelled to the little boy to drop the gun and lay on the ground… but that is not what they wanted. They wanted blood. They wanted to murder a little boy. They wanted to piss people off. It seems to the cop agenda. And it seems to be working.

          • dave in Idaho

            You must have been watching a different video. There was less than 2 SECONDS from the time the cop drove up, to the time the little 12 year old boy was falling to the ground murdered by the cop sitting in the passenger side of the patrol car. 2 fucking seconds. There isnt ONE person watching that vid who would agree with you other than your fellow LE. The car Barely came to a complete stop before the kid was dropping to the ground from gunshot. What happened to using a loadspeaker to order him to drop his toy? maybe tear gas…. No, just shoot the 6th grader and go home safe to all your tax payer paid for toys and alcohol.

            • Wonderering

              Indeed dave in Idaho, and again it proves cops can not be trusted, especially the cops who claim to be good cops but will back up their brothers in blue no matter how heinous the act, in this case THE MURDER OF A 12 YEAR OLD LITTLE BOY

              That video clearly shows a murder take place and yet dale is too brain washed to see it. It is classic cop mentality.

              The blue line is rarely crossed and when it is 99.99% of the other cops seek revenge on the good man/woman who speaks up against the bad things they saw fellow cops do. And if the cop speaks too much truth they will “C.J. Dorner him/her” for revenge.

              Revenge- be sure to remember it is a two way street.

              There are no good (long term) cops. The good cops do not last long in any department, but do not expect any active cop to admit that.

            • BJ

              You said no one would agree with him about the video except his LE buddies……

              Sadly there are some sick and twisted preppers right here on this site who agree with him. I bet the nanny boot licker nazi would…….just sayin

          • Rellik

            You are fighting a war but but your victims haven’t figured it out yet. When they do figure it out, how are you going to deal with it? You are outnumbered several hundred to one.
            With an attitude like yours, one day you will run into some real motivated sober “soldiers” with weapons like yours and you will die. They will drag you through the streets and urinate on your dead bodies. But be proud, you did not back down!

          • Nobama

            Sgt. Answer one question. Why did you choose to be a cop? Really, why a cop?

      5. PO'd Patriot

        They misspelled gorilla.

        • WARFACE

          I’m glad I swallowed my coffee before I read your post. Do you mind if I use that today? Priceless! LOLOLOLOL

        • XTP


          • Sgt. Dale

            Let us put a white stripe down their backs and we can call them skunks. No disrespect to the Skunk!

            • Acid Etch

              Racist prick

            • Wonderering

              So cop… one side of your mouth laughs at that racist drivel and posts your racist drivel… while the other side of your mouth claims you are a good guy, here to help.

              You are a racist. Stop lying to yourself about it.

              • BJ

                He keeps trying to hide it, but it keeps slipping out. I have seen it for the last year….but sadly so few others do until lately.

                But if you really knew everything about him…you would be livid!

                He probably won’t come back and post any replies. When it really gets tough on him, he just leaves and answers no one. 1. He has typical cop “I am higher and mightier than you” attitude and 2. he probably claims the false moral high ground as a christian…..but really the truth is, he can’t truthfully or intelligently answer to the comments.

                You nailed it earlier…the only good cop is an ex cop that got out early due to seeing the light.

                • Sid

                  So he is basically a typical cowardly cop, oh so brave in huge numbers like 10-15 of them pummel one unarmed suspect, but one-on-one, or in a losing debate where they can not answer questions, they run crying to mommy.

        • sixpack


      6. Mr Den

        You cannot have someone selling cheap fags when the elite need the taxes to live a life sniffing coke not that i beleive a word the police say these days.

        The cops are killing people on both sides but talking won’t work because they are above the law and above reason.

        Sorry but i think its time for a reset and lets get back to zero percent tax and living within a small comunity

      7. TXSF

        If they protest without a permit-LOCK them UP in tents for all to gaze upon!
        If they decide to use force-bury them where they stand!
        If they want more food stamps-let them eat paper!
        If they want more phones-give them cans and a wire!
        I just cannot understand the thought process or lack of it for what they want?? If they try to get a job; they are not qualified most often, yet they continue to try and push thier agenda! Totally misconcieved children. You send them to school, pay for the books, pay for the education, pay for the housing and what do you get, an IQ of +1 above a wet rock. Totally brain dead zombies.
        I personnaly am 100% behind the police due to the B.S. they must go through daily because it’s “MY RIGHT”, you have to earn your rights, they are not for the taking!
        Let’s lock and load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sgt. Dale


          • TXSF

            Eye to Eye!

        • Nobama

          Bullshit, nobody should need a permit for anything. Period.

      8. old70

        Göring: the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.

      9. WARFACE

        Just another chimp-out. They will get tired and/or forget about what they are marching for and go back to the ghetto and start killing each other some more…..yawn.

        • YAWN

          Dont steal my style….copycat……..yawn!

        • TPSnodgrass

          I believe that it is now time we embrace and support Eugenics, as championed by Margaret Sanger, when she formed Planned Parenthood. Now, we should all contribute and make PP offer no-cost and low-cost vasectomies tom every single welfare receiving male in the US. The “problems” of a certain demographic would be over within ten years. Support Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s ideology, be like Hillary Clinton-Progressive. Might resolve a great many societal problems a whole lot sooner, IF, we fully embrace the Science of Eugenics as applied/taught by Margaret Sanger, for her number one priority, the Negro. If eugenics is good enough for Hillary Clinton, the Obamas, man, it’s good enough for ME!

      10. watching and waiting

        New axis of evil:


        • ponomo

          Amen! Send the three commie clowns back to Africa.

      11. sunshine

        Possee…you are “right on” with your comment re: the law and order clowns of Congress…and what they will be up to…I have several articles I want to refer to. The first one, re: this article, is Devvy Kidd’s article today that covers it very well. go to She highlights at the end, the new book by Dr. Edwin Vieira, “Thirteen Words”..

        Now, while all of this news coverage was capturing the american publics attention…(not that it is not important)…but what might have been going on in Congress that we were unaware of???Why, HR 758….which passed by a vote in the House of 211 to 10…What is HR 758? Nothing important….well, not exactly..just paving the way for WAR with Russia…

        Read Dr. Michael Rozeff’s article on it…”U.S. Congress Bent on War with Russia”.. He gives 2 websites to access….please go to them…one is Ron Paul’s comments on this most horrible legislation…full of LIES. Here is the direct website to Ron Paul’s article…I really want you to read it…

        This resolution is 16 pages long. Think they read it? Of course not…as Dr. Angelo Cordivilla said in his essay, “they do not have to read the bills…they just need to know who the winners are…” (so READ the 16 pages and see all the MONEY it involves..and who it goes to!!!)

        Dr. Paul Craig Roberts covers all this subject superbly. go to

        And finally, a quote from marilyn barnewalls, “I love my country”…written a few years back on the Nuremberg Trials..

        From the American judge…”The principle of CRIMINAL LAW in every CIVILIZED society has this in common….Any person(s) who sways another to commit murder, any person(s) who furnishes the lethal weapon(s) for the purpose of the CRIME….any person(s) who is an accessory to the crime…is GUILTY…”

        “Before the world, we say what America stands for….TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the VALUE of a SINGLE HUMAN LIFE”

        HR 758 provides all the money, arms, etc to Ukraine to “get the job done” on the separatists republics in the southern “complete” the genocide against these people…more than 4000 have died…what does southern Ukraine and Crimea have? hmmm they are rich in resources…

        Paul Craig Roberts says the people in Congress are insane…”what say you? fellow readers…” I called my rep…of course it was a waste of time…cannot compete against the “money” can we?

      12. JRS

        I read a lot of different blogs to try and get all sides of an argument. Left, right, libertarian and statist.

        Funny thing is, every blog claims they are right and everyone else is wrong. For example, you read Eric Peter’s Autos and then read the comments at PoliceOne and they are diametrically opposed.

        It certainly keeps the people at each other instead of focused on the corporate state.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          This is What States Need to Do:
          South Carolina Bills Seek to Block All Federal Gun Control Measures:
          Virtually all federal gun control measures – past, present and future – would be effectively blocked in South Carolina if two bills filed today pass into law.

          Introduced by Sen. Lee Bright, Senate Bill 117 (S. 117), the South Carolina Firearms Liberty Act is similar to bills under consideration in both Texas and Kentucky. It bans enforcement of all federal acts restricting firearms, accessories and ammunition within the state.

          Submitted by legalizeliberty on Fri, 12/05/2014 – 12:53
          in 2nd Amendment

          • Sierra Dave

            Go South Carolina!!!!

            FedGov is the core of Americas problems.

          • Genius

            WWTI, The problem is that the states are incorporated. The US is also a corporation. Many towns are incorporated. It would seem to me that this would legally (corp. law) mean that they aren’t governed by the constitution. The fed is the head of the US corporation and therefor dictates policy to the adjoining corporations. It’s a complete spiderweb of legal bullshit that they use to justify theyre power over them.
            Lawful= common law Legal= corporate law. Statutory law and public policy are also corporate law. Most of it is straight from the UCC (uniform commercial code). Everything is considered as commerce. I studied this stuff years ago in a course I took and it blew me away just how fraudulent everything is.
            It explains how they get away with so much shit and a lot of power was handed over in the 1933 bankruptcy of the US. We are still under recievership and therefor under the creditors rules.
            Although the constitution still has effect one must go through hell to divorce theyre system and become non corporate. You had better know exactly what your doing or you will end up in prison. But then they have no respect for law anyway so were kinda screwed 🙁

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Genius, OK If the US is a Corporation, and we are indebted to the Corporate Bankster Masters as Slaves, then reality reflects is that the “USA is just used as a Shell Corporation” as a tool by the Banksters, who set out policy,run the courts, run the media, run the Banks, set foreign policy, to use our citizens as tools to plunder the World at will for the large Corporations and Banksters.

              OK I got it. You should write a book on that.
              “USA Shh-Hell Corporation”

              • Genius

                WWTI, You nailed it! Your labor is pledged to the dept. of commerce by having a birth certificate and or social security number. Pretty sinister shit really. The labor they figure you will provide and taxes is pledged as collateral for the debt. Think (human resources). There are books already out there covering this subject. To get a better understanding watch a video called “THE MONEY MASTERS” Just do a search for it, it is very informative and 3 hours long.

                  • BJ

                    I own it and make copies for anyone wanting to learn and see

                • Genius

                  The fraud and deception is so great and so all encompassing it would take a library of books to cover it all. These bastards are very, very smart and cover theyre bases well. I just learned the tip of the iceberg, it goes extremely deep. The depth of evil these pukes do has no limit. They control everything and those that don’t go along are killed. Oh ya the 36th banker was murdered this year, makes me wonder why the purge. I don’t think the bankers are the top of the chain either, perhaps a black pope or other higher dimention evil group. It’s definately not boring to investigate!

            • BJ

              You have tghis knowledge, yet you support the cops. You must of missed class the few days they spoke about the cops being the protectors of the Corp and only enforcing color of law….NOT Constitutional law.

            • BJ

              You have this knowledge, yet you support the cops. You must of missed class the few days they spoke about the cops being the protectors of the Corp and only enforcing color of law….NOT Constitutional law.

              • Genius

                BJ, Having police is not unconstitutional, it’s the actions and policies they have that are. Given the plethora of unconstitutional acts and policies I DO NOT support them, DO NOT put words in my mouth! Given that this is what we have I have to say at least a FEW of them try and do the right things and the ones that do are at least heading in the right direction and I can commend them without supporting the entire dept. Perhaps you missed reading class?

                • BJ

                  Please point to me in the constitution that mentions anything remotely to police. I am for a constitutionally elected Sheriff and his deputies. But nothing in the constitution authorizes a police force. We needed to keep our constitutional militias.

                  Read what Edwin Viera writes about that.

                  You support dale, that is bad enough….trust me, he doesn’t do the right thing nor is he headed in the right direction. Yet only knowing a posters name on an internet board and nothing about the man behind that poster name….you were throwing in blind support for him to run as sheriff.

                  I like ya, but your way way off on this one.

      13. swinging richard

        Just read an article where Eric Holder stated that all police are racists. I guess he was given the ability to discern this fact based on sight. It is time that we call for this racist imbecile to step down. This only makes it harder for the police to do their jobs.

        • Sgt. Dale

          It makes me sick to think that Holder is the Top Cops. What a piece of Shit!

          • Anonymous

            Yes Dale, he’s your top cop. But don’t worry, there will ne NO trouble at all if you just listen to him and do what he TELLS you to do, right? You see, that kind of nonsense statements you make cut BOTH ways.

            • BJ

              Thumbs up!

      14. Frank Thoughts

        People always forget the context because of the hype and hysteria. Just weeks before, rookie cops were attacked on the streets of New York by an axe-wielding black man who claimed to be a jihadi. They were seriously injured so it is no surprise the police were not taking any risks.

        It takes two sides to chill. In the main, the police help society and keep the peace: all citizens should respect that.

        • Sinner

          It’s my understanding that ISIS is openly recruiting “Brothers” here in the U.S., and world wide. The rap that they are using is, “There is no racism in Islam”.

          Which is true, they’ll cut off your head if you’re White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, or Pink!

      15. MommaD

        So what else is going on that the people are being distracted from?..hhhmmm…

        • AJ

          Yeah, MommaD. You nailed it with that simple question. Nobody is really that focused on the collapsing us dollar, or on how close the world is to thermonuclear destruction by antagonizing Russia into World War 3. How about we instigate a massive racial uprising in the USSA and get everyone distracted and fighting amongst each other? Yeah! That’s the ticket!

          • Genius

            Everything is going according to plan. In the words of Hienz Kissinger ““”Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
            – Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

            (in an address to the Bilderberger organization meeting at Evian, France, on May 21, 1991. As transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates. )” 😮

      16. slingshot

        “By any means necessary”.
        Malcom X.

        Constant agitation and escalation will keep the fires burning. Do you think that it matters who is right and who is wrong? There is an agenda to be instituted and revenge fulfilled.
        Should a Policeman be shot, they can claim it as an act of terrorism and Bloomberg will have his Mandate.
        After all, all those government toys to use and gun control laws yet to be written.

        The people of the USA are building their own prison, brick by brick and have no clue they are doing it.

      17. sunshine

        Because you need to read the other article Dr. Rozeff highlights…in addition to Ron Pauls.. here is the direct will see how the Senate Bill progressed to HR 758… did any or you commenters know about this? I last heard about the senate bill going to the foreign ???committee with “bombs away McCain” at the head..this article shows you how unusual it was for something to be “passed through” so quickly… a correction on the vote was: 411 vs 10…

      18. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Wanna Know WHO Controls the FED?

        When Goldman Writes The New York Fed’s Press Releases, Then All Is Lost
        12-07-2014 •, by Tyler Durden
        Much has been said about Goldman’s control over the most important Federal Reserve of all, that of New York, where the all important Markets Group is located, which does as the name implies, “influences” markets (those who may have missed it are encouraged to read “Goldman “Whistleblower” Sues NY Fed For Wrongful Termination”, “How Goldman Controls The New York Fed: 47.5 Hours Of “The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes” Explain”, “A Quick Look At Goldman’s Takeover Of The US Judicial System: NY Fed Edition”, and of course “I Am Putting Everything In Goldman Sachs Because These Guys Can Do Whatever The Hell They Want.”

        And while it is very clear by now that nothing will change under the current corrupt and compromised executive, legislative and judicial system, because at the end of the day, Goldman has indirect control over all three branches of government , here is the one anecdote which, in a non banana republic, would be the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

        New Law Would Make Taxpayers Potentially Liable For TRILLIONS In Derivatives Losses
        12-07-2014 •
        If the quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble implodes, who should be stuck with the bill? Well, if the “too big to fail” banks have their way it will be you and I. Right now, lobbyists for the big Wall Street banks are pushing really hard to include an extremely insidious provision in a bill that would keep the federal government funded past the upcoming December 11th deadline. This provision would allow these big banks to trade derivatives through subsidiaries that are federally insured by the FDIC. What this would mean is that the big banks would be able to continue their incredibly reckless derivatives trading without having to worry about the downside. If they win on their bets, the big banks would keep all of the profits. If they lose on their bets, the federal government would come in and bail them out using taxpayer money. In other words, it would essentially be a “heads I win, tails you lose” proposition. Just imagine the following scenario. I go to Las Vegas

        • sixpack

          Stock up on ROPE…

          • Genius

            The puppetmasters create “dis order” so the people will demand “order”. The price of “order” always entails a handing over of control and loss of freedom on the part of the citizenry. Out of “chaos” comes “order” – THEIR order – their new WORLD order.

            It’s also referred to as the Hegelian Dialect after the philosopher Georg Hegel who wrote about its effectiveness. He described it as: THESIS — ANTI-THESIS — SYN-THESIS.

            From the Orwell today website..

          • dave in Idaho

            forget the rope, you better stock up on potassium iodide.

        • Genius


          “The Primary Owners of the Federal Reserve Bank Are:

          1. Rothschild’s of London and Berlin

          2. Lazard Brothers of Paris

          3. Israel Moses Seaf of Italy

          4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York

          5. Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany

          6. Lehman Brothers of New York

          7. Goldman, Sachs of New York

          8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York

          All the primary owners are branches of European establishments. Foreigners control the United States Money supply.

          • BJ

            know whats funny….when you google top rich people in the world, or top 85 who own 46% of worlds wealth…you don’t see those names?

            I don’t get that?

      19. Aurelius

        Imposed “Diversity” and imposed “Multinationalism” were imposed upon the American people strictly by the imposers known as the “Dreadful Few” who belong to a tribe that it is best not to mention. This people understand well the ancient truism, RACE IS NATION, NATION IS RACE and so, the easiest way to destroy a nation is to bring the different nations together, shake them up and observe, with glee, the destruction that they have wrought. They will never stop until they totally destroy our nation here and in Europe but we must never acknowledge this truth for nasty words will then be flung at us making us doubt our own virtue. “Diversity is our Strength”! Indeed,… Whose strength????

        • Condor Day:4

          Aurelius: Do you mean we aint never supposed to Name the forbidden Taboo of jews?

          It goes beyond nation is race issue. With that tribe they claim to be a Race at times which is a huge fraud. Other times they claim to be just a religion….yet other times they calim to be Both Race and religion!

          Its always whatever best serves their swindle scams, Lies, thefts, Murderous activities and overall luciferian satanic desires.

          Anybody that mentiones these issues or names them by the forbidden taboo name gets slammed as raysis and nazi and antisemitic…Just for speaking Truth!

          And there is only One main reason they keep getting away with it all…Its due to they have gotten the vast majority of peoples, especially in usa, to believe everything they ever got told regarding this tribe.

          If You or me or any others here did a Streets of usa test, and acted as if we was TV news crew polling people, and if we asked folks to explain who and what are these taboo people of the jewish persuasion..

          I’d wager that at least 99+% will all answer basically the same way…99% will tell you something akin to “oh they are innocent nice folks whos always been discriminated against and persecuted yet never did one wrong to deserve it!”

          If that person drew a small crowd to observe it all…Soon as they answered that way 100% in crowd will Nod heads in full agreement…And if I or You were there and tried to correct them or mention they been brainwashed to believe that crap as truth…

          Then the entire crowd would quickly go all out attack mode against you or me…And if you didnt exit fast away from these duped hethens you then would see them get Physical and try to physically Harm you!

          Then once it was all done and over…EVERY member of said crowd would Pat each others backs with high praises for doing so swell a job at unquestioned defense of jews they never even yet met!….And that part of their brainwashings is even deeper imbedded than the other first part of “oh them folks never does any wrongs”.

          It has become the biggest and worst set of Hoaxes ever during the entire 20th century!…perhaps biggest set of Hoaxes of ALL recorded History!

          in the bible it says that This world, untill Christ returns, IS being RUN By Satan.

          So add that to other biblical parts where Christ Himself warned us all that we have Imposters who are Really the Children of satan and hangs out at synagouges OF satan!

          Is it any wonder why we see these things occureing and see whom is at the very CORE of it all?

          Satan runs it all, as a spirit satan Needs real Human actors to do what satan lusts for…Which acording to Christ satans lusts are for Lying-Thieving-Murdering!

          Exactly what Christ accused the tribe members of being and doing!…

          HUSTON! we has a problem here! and it IS Satanic Jewry!

          And 99% of folks has Thick Eye Scales that totally obstruct their eyes from SEEING this as Reality!

          With also Potatos stuck in their Ears so to halt them from HEARING truths!

          All they see and hear and believe is 50 Million delusional Lunatics waveing hands in air, eyes rolled to Back of eye sockets, dreamy look on faces, chanting over and over “bless them Nation Wreckers”!..What a mess eh.

          Check out Chuck Baldwins latest article on This direct issue of idiotic usa conservative Christians and how their BLIND total support of Israel-wars-necocons IS helping to RUIN america far more than ANY other entity is!

          hes one of the small Few, very small very few, pastors in usa who is NOT a 501C IRS corp, and also who tells Truth on such issues!…And hes totally Hated for it too.

          His articles are at newswithviews dot com listed under his name. He still wont “name” zios and jewry per se…but I think sooner or later he will as he will Have to name names to remain credible. Baldwin Does name pastor john Hagee as the king of total Fraud and zio shill that hagee truely is! its a good start eh.

          • Aurelius

            Yes, my dear Condor Day:4, we must never name the Tribe that is responsible for this dying civilization for to do so would be to call into question the efforts of the entire “Holocaust Industry” over the last 70 years to convince the world that Germans are EVIL INCARNATE! No mention must ever be made of the fact that Germany, yes,the EVIL Himmler himself, appealed to the Red Cross to help “Save our Jews” which Eisenhower and the Allied governments disallowed. It must never be known that the EVIL Hitler himself wanted only that the “Dreadful Few” be removed to Madagascar where they could be segregated from the rest of the civilized world and could practice their destructive ways no more. It was not out of hatred but it was out of a complete understanding of this most unusual people that this drastic action would have been taken had Germany met success in its war against Communism. It did not, and these evil bastards have conquered the entire world with one exception; the failure to disarm a hundred or so million people known contemptuously as AMERICANS! We are the last holdouts, the stronghold, the wall between planetary slavery and the freedom of mankind! The entire western civilizations, all of them, are watching and waiting to see what the American people will do. Not this despicable government, the American people. I pray we don’t let the world down.

      20. Obtuseangler

        I see a lot of anti-law enforcement sentiment on this site. I suppose that is in part due to a libertarian distrust of government, with police seen as the pointy end of the stick for that government. I get it.

        Consider, though, that placing your local PD in the same category as the BATF makes about as much sense as placing your local city council in the same category as the IRS. One is local and immediately accountable, and the other is not. One is made up of neighbors, and the other of strangers.

        It’s clear that some of our political leaders are ramping up racial indignation among the Black community. There must be some gain in it for them. However, when they make police the scapegoat they are playing a very dangerous, and irresponsible, game.

        • oicu812

          I see your point and agree.

          The majority of LE, I’ll take a guess and say 80% are common folks with families that are just trying to do what is right and treat humans with respect.

          They are doing the job as best as they can without the attitude of the other 20%.

          It’s the 20% that have a macho, trigger happy attitude, and see all citizens as “guilty until proven innocent”.
          They have a natural tendancy to be a friggin bully and the brainwashing they get daily from their superiors just inhances that attitude.

          Crushing an unarmed mans throat and driving his skull into the concrete with a knee is beyond cruel and unusual brutality and the officer(s), should be fined and fired. Police unions have eliminated any kind of punishment for breaking laws though. The guilty LE just get a paid vacation for a few months while they arbitrate.

          TPTB have an agenda of “division” amongst whites and blacks/minorities. They also have an agenda for causing division /hatred between citizens and LE. It sets the stage for riots/killings and eventually martial law, and the disarming of citizens.

          They are on the right path and it is coming soon. Any citizen holding a firearm will be fair game and considered an outlaw. God forbid if one is holding a firearm and a bible. That would be certain death, unless it is the koran they are holding. moozies get a free pass in America.

          • Kulafarmer

            The LEO is the first one called when things are going badly,
            They have to deal with the worst of the worst, color doesnt matter,
            we cant expect them to NOT defend themselves,
            While I dont like police brutality any more than anyone else, and there are definitely bad cops, I would tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.
            Just as the MSM is selective in their portrayal of the news the Alt media and youtube crowd are real good at showing selective snips as well to get a reaction.
            It all stinks to high heaven, NOBODY is to be trusted at their word when it comes to these issues.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              My feelings exactly, Kula.

            • sixpack

              I usually look at the initial incident to decide if force was warranted. In other words, where I might be okay with deadly force for a murderer, rapist, kidnapper or other violent behavior, if the alleged crime was non-violent, then I think not.

              Too many times the original incident goes from something purely stupid or benign, to a major violent blow-out in just a few seconds. That’s what needs to stop.

              Selling a few cigarettes, ripping off a pair of shoes, walking across somebody’s yard or parking in a handicapped space is NOT worth killing somebody over!

              That’s just how I see it. Is it really worth ramming a bicyclist off the road with your squad car, simply because you wanted to know why he was out that time of night? Really?

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Good Common Sense -KulaFarmer for Mayor!!

              • Sgt. Dale

                TO ALL THE ABOVE
                THANKS YOU
                THANKS YOU
                THANK YOU

          • Obtuseangler

            oicu, I tend to agree with you. However, when you are faced with an individual who you have to take into custody, and that individual refuses to be taken into custody, you have to use some level of force. The safest thing to do is to take that person to the ground. That’s what I saw in the video. Not excessive force. Not a choke hold. I know very well what a choke hold is, and that wasn’t it.

            Sorry, but I’ve been in the position the NY cops were in. There is always a risk of death or physical injury when any degree of force is used. This guy in NY didn’t leave the cops any choice. They don’t have the option not to arrest mouthy, uncooperative people. He died because of underlying medical conditions, and because he acted a fool. His fault, 100%.

            That said, you are absolutely correct that some cops are on a power trip. Kind of goes with the territory, since they have to control people and situations for their own safety. Some are looking to kick some ass on a Saturday night. Not good. I’m not speculating, I worked with some guys like that. However, a passive, social worker cop will get himself, or somebody else, hurt. I’d rather work with the ass than with the wimp. If I got into a scrap the ass would be there with me. The social worker would try and talk to the guy who was trying to kick my ass. Sorry, but that’s how it works in the real world.

          • dave in Idaho

            Too abd the good 20% wouldnt do something about the bad 80% … other than turning a blind eye.

      21. David

        After reading the posts above, I believe these folks have all been drinking cool-aid from the same bathtub!

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          I even heard Religions people claim the Great Flood was Gods way of Baptizing the world. lol Florida has been under water about 5 times over 300 Million Years. Everything is cyclical. Or we just live in low lying areas.

      22. Satori

        Must-Know Facts about the Chokehold Killing of Eric Garner

        people on both sides of the political spectrum
        have had enough
        the cops in MANY areas are OUT OF CONTROL
        there is NO accountability
        what they are doing is NOT law enforcement
        it is CRIMINAL activity

        • dave in Idaho

          It wasnt a choke hold. It was a headlock takedown. Still excessive force for selling a few untaxed cigs.

      23. Satori

        “State Terrorism and Racist Violence in the Age of Disposability: From Emmett Till to Eric Garner”–State-Terrorism-and-Racist-Violence-in-the-Age-of-Disposability-From-Emmett-Till-to-Eric-Garner

        Taibbi: “The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate”

        ***** The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate *****

      24. Sinner

        Those who know the history of Communism know that the Revolution in Russia circa 1917 started with a few scattered protests which continued to grow, until Lenin took over the State. Hardcore Communists were less than 20% of the population.

        In Russia, the protests grew into violence and eventually Civil War. (Like this story?)

        There is a reason Comrade Obama has allowed the DHS to buy all of that ammo, increased the number of armed Federal employees, written Executive Orders giving Him huge powers/control in a Crisis, and made cold war on Conservative groups like The Tea Party through Government Agencies.

        I’m wondering if the supposed “kids” being brought into our country are really Marxist trained Cadres from Central America, brought here to aid their Revolution!

        This is “classic” Marxist behavior in a Third Stage takeover of a Country. IT’S HAPPENING,NOW!

        • Kevin2

          The greatest recruiting agent the communists ever had has always been a ruthless unjust capitalist. If people are treated justly they turn their back on marxist nonsense but as Einstein said, “An empty stomach is not a good political barometer”.

          You don’t stop marxism by guarding borders (but it sure helps if you do for a host of reasons). You stop marxism by sharing the economic pie just a bit. Extreme concentration of wealth and with it the political corruption it buys to maintain it tears at the traditional American rule of law. The legalization of organized labor and regulations on the financial sector in the 1930s averted the destitute entertaining the thought of communism.

          Anyone think the FTC, CEC, SEC, and the Justice Department looking the other way with white collar crime facilitates stability?

          • Kevin (too much)

            Comrade, spoken like a true member of the Libertarian Left!

            There is sooooo much wrong in your statement, that only a another useful idiot would agree with it.

            Pound sand!

            • Kevin2

              Well every time that concentration of wealth got too far out of whack there were problems. Just ask “Let them eat cake” Marie Antoinette.

              Ever heard of the Wobblies? King Louie of France? The Russian royal family? What was the common denominator?

              I stated fact. The changes made in the 1930s were done for the reasons I stated not out of the goodness of anyones heart. Banks laundering dope money in the $300-$400 billion range w/o prosecution certainly speaks volumes for an InJustice Department. The bulk of the new jobs created are minimum wage because of the evisceration of manufacturing facilitated by Free Trade agreements; someone is going to fill those jobs. Corzine removing 1.2 billion of depositors funds in absolute violation of the law and no criminal prosecution? At Teddy Roosevelt said, “An uneducated man robs a train, an educated steals the railroad”. Your IRA/401K/Pension is next.

              What we have here is fascism and its terribly destabilizing.

              • Kevin2

                Oh and that fascism is a catalyst for communism.

              • Condor Day:4

                That Russian Royal Family, All 5 kids and mom and Czar dad were All Brutally Murdered by, 6 hired hitmen of the soviet group…ALL 6 Hired Murderers were also jewish.

                The entire royal family has zero to do with the revolution of kommie jews against white christianity in russia and eventually Every eastern euro nation.

                It is really an agenda to Genocide Whites and thus end christianity for good…Folks may not Like this fact, but it is what it is and thats the true facts.

                Yes it probobly blows away many huge fantasy bubbles and rainbows of happy happyland ideals that somehow jews can never do what was done in russia etc…But Thats just another massive falsehood ideal brainwashed into the tiny minds of masses is all…Once they finally seek real truth of what went down and somebody provides them with the facts, that person or group is never again going to fall for such delusions and fantasys…Thats our jobs…to Wake folks to it all. Unless you do not know it yet then indeed you too must awaken asap.

                When Shlomo the leader is comming to Your crib with a few dozen savage negroes in his tow to kill you and yours then steal all you own like was done in russia…Then nobodys going to long remain asleep…Too late by then though.

                Create huge revolts, kill off as many as possible of the orig rightfull citizenery and owners of it all, then steal it and give to fellow tribe members…Its how so many jews got so wealthy overnite!…Check OT bible parts for more events like russian revolution perpetrated by same synagouge of satan perps. The tribes very good at doing what they did to russia and other east euro nations.

                And just Look how it so well Proves Christ was correct when He too called them, Liars, THIEVES and Murderes!

                What the tribe did in 1917-18 russia proves Christ was right and he spoke it 1900 yrs prior to jewdeo kommies actions in russia! Now its Americas turn, unless folks wakes up in time.

                Remember, most of them actually believe that it is They and They alone whos job it is to FIX the world, and do so by use of Animal Sacrafices consisting of kill animal then toss it onto ragging Fire as burnt offering.

                Guess what the word for gentiles-“Goyims” really means…I will Tell you what it means…Goyim means a Humanlike ANIMAL! Which being an Animal has NO soul like a jew has.

                Therefore it is always A-ok for jews to Kill goyims same as if it was a rabbit or squirel their Car ran over in road…NO great Loss whenever they kill Goys. Straight out of Their Talmud Book verses.

                They reject Jesus’ death as final payment for sins…They believe They Must rid entire world of ALL sins and do so BY animal sacrafical Burnt Offerings.

                Is anybody makeing that connection yet? To meaning of Goyim and sin animal sacrafices and NO harm NO foul if they Kill off a goyim or a few or entire Nation of goys to rid worlds sins?

                Guess why soviet jew kommie leaders named secret police as “CHEKA”…I will also Tell You that.

                I cannot recall exact yiddish language words used…BUT each Letter of CHEKA stands for a Word…Same as FBI is federal bureau of investigation…ok well C-H-E-K-A each are an entire whole word that when combined in one sentence actually means when translated to English, it means something like “One who KILLS and Butchers ANIMALS!” or close to That definition.

                So lets add it and Sum up…Cheka was soviet jewry secret police which was total Brutal Torturers and Murderous Police, all were also jewish.

                CHEKA Really means “One who KILLS and BUTCHERS Animals”

                GOYIM means an “Human-ANIMAL withOUT a real Soul”

                Talmudic ziojewry believes they alone Must FIX the entire problems of the entire world which is SINS, that ONLY Their Rabbis can rid world of, by KILLING Animals then Throwing Dead animals on top of blazeing FIRE ALTER to atone for worlds Sins.

                Got it Yet all you Goyims out there?

                Them jewdeo CHEKA types sure do Know Their soon comming Role to play! Do You know it too?…Because You Goys is who They consider an souless Animal Ripe for killing and cooking to ash to rid worlds sins so Ziojewry as a tribe can gain total NWO controls globally.

                Unless of course enough Goyims awaken to truth and STOP the tribal Insanitys you see occure daily. Today Iraq-Syria-Palestine!!…Tommorrow EVERYBODY Goyim will Be a Palestinian Goy Animal!….Got Guns and Ammo? Got Fire Extinguishers too?…Wanna end up a human-Animal Goyim burnt offering sacrafice?…I did not think so!

                PS; All You alert thinkg type Goys right now may be wondering “Gee I wonder if all that stuff on what a goy is and means may have anything to do with todays versions of false god Molech apeasment and worship, where the ancient babylonian jewry tribe tossed their first borns to a firey death on the statues red hot brass arms etc”

                And the real smart semi awake goyims, you may now be wondering if it also has anything to do with how today a huge majority of jewry approves of and controls the major institutions that all revolve around Abortions, Euthenasia of elder folks as promoted constantly, as perhaps a Modern day substitute for ancient jewrys Molech idol worship of killing babies, since in Todays world actual tossing of first born or any baby on the red hot fire heated statue arms of Molech would probobly not go over to swell eh…Abortion solves that delema good no.

                Gives them animal sacraficers the same end results by abortion as originally did fiery death of first borns by Molech worship right. Think about these things.

                When kommie liberals and their Ilk cannot get one thing or agenda to be accepted what do they always do?…They switch it to some other name-word-label-actions etc right.

                But the final end game scenario Always ends the same as what they wanted all along right…Think Global Warm exposed as total scam, so dems turns that into, Climate Change!..Yet makes same demands as did for prior name of global warming right. And for same end results of not enough Elec power for all folks at extreme higher costs!

                Deep thinking on these issues works quite swell to further Your awakenig process.

            • Kevin2

              Rather than pounding sand I pounded keys on the PC.

              Wealth concentration in the hands of .01% of US families had risen from 15% in 1923 to 25% in 1928. We know what happened in 1929.

              Post WWII in what we would call, “The good years” of 1945-1988 that wealth concentration in .01% of US families maintained 10% with little variation. After 1988 it had risen on a 45 degree angle surpassing 15% in in 1999 and it continued to 22% today and its still climbing.

              Wait until it hits the magic 25%.

              That wealth concentration removes purchasing power from the economy as much of it is invested outside of the US in virtual slave labor nations that have been industrialized post Free Trade.

              What they’re not getting by removal of financial regulations like Glass-Steagall they’re in effect stealing with the economic enforcement arms not enforcing the far fewer remaining regulations that are still on the books. The latest scams are bail ins and insuring derivatives.

        • George Smith Patton (retired

          Sinner, and all the rest of you dog faced bastards!

          Ask yourself this, “If this does turn into Martial Law, firearm confiscation, and a new (Marxist) Government, WHAT ARE YOU, AS A PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZEN, PREPARED TO DO ABOUT IT?”.

          CIVIL WAR BY SUMMER 2015

          • Tacoma

            Patton, they will continue to peck away at their keyboard until they declare it a machine gun.

          • slingshot


            Better resurrect the 3rd Army and head to Washington.

        • lena

          2nd that.

          if people are now openly claiming to be looking to shoot the local police, i’d say we’re about 6 months from total meltdown and we have our president to thank for cheering it on.

          the winter might slow it down a bit, but i bet by july; there’s marshall law breaking out all over unless this does a 180 really quick.

          what a depressing country the usa is today.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Yep, the new crop of Bolsheviks at the federal level have taken a page out of the 1917 playbook.

          Hide and watch if you are still a non-believer.

          • Condor Day:4

            PO’D GRANNY: Does that mean it is KOMMIES rather than “Nazis” whos wrecking and Ruining America?

            That would make many delusional folks here all 100% wrong everytime they claim this or that scam or wrong doings are being conducted By nazis like in germany!

            Eureka! it has been all along Bolshevik Jewdeo-Kommies same as their Grandparent Bolsheviks did to Russia 1918 eh!!

            Lets Now Hope those so deluded ones here are going to change gears and begin to see that proverbial Light on this important issue of destruction of whites and america eh.

            Also delusional is how many seem to believe that whenever anybody posts info like This it automatically means that poster is a neo nazi, or promoting neo nazism or Both!

            Why can’t a poster provide facts and truth infos and still remain an american patriot?…IE: Just because one posts info that by its very nature must inlcude the Facts that Yes the kommie rulers and leadership was of Mostly done by jewish folks….Does’nt mean that poster person is promoting nazi ideals or any form neo nazi crap.

            I think such thinking on their part is due to so much lifetime brainwashing of these issues huh.

            Well Now they can relax as it really is ok to name names where due and still remain an american patriot who wants zero to do with any nazis or neo nazis policy.

            Except of course for One great plan of nazi germany which was to BOOT OUT All jewish banksters and jewdeo bolshie kommies and take back controls of germany into hands of Real actual german folks..Nobody today can deny That part of the nazis plans was 100% good plans. It worked swell too and did so withOUT harm to a single hair on asingle jews head…Untill international jews declared War against germans and British Bomber Planes began a ruthless campaign of three weeks straight 24/7 carpet bomb runs over geramanys main large cities!

            Even Then germany waited three weeks trying for Peace before sending german plans across english skys.

            Only After all that and more yet did any jews get harmed. They do not ever Teach that part in public scools or on Talmudvisions History channel shows seen daily on nazis etc. I guess besides banks us real american people need also retake controls of EVERY fuckin TV station so folks can begin to get Truths reported on huh.. Indeed Not all the nazis did was so bad or evil…Banks and TV news for starters sounds swell…Then Fed Govnt next!!

            Maybe this time around Sanction and Boycott jewrys buisness’ and disallow for them to hold positions of Honesty or Trust…That worked well 800 or so years ago in europe.

        • Sgt. Dale

          You are right on!
          I very happy you brought it up!

      25. Stolz Vorfahren

        “Gangs of New York” is only a new name like “ISIS” , ” ISIL” etc, being used and created by the tribal bansksters to keep everyone busy while continuing their blood sucking operation world wide.

        Remember the Police, Armed Forces in general are their gate keepers and actually are being perceived as tools while they put people of all races against each other to kill each other while they live their parasitic lives.

        Do you know any vets without arms or legs and lucky enough to still live in a vegetation state? If not look for one and try to find out why he/she acted as a hero? Most don’t really know they were used and abused and simply their good wills were betrayed.

        I know some and actually take one of them to the park every weekend on his wheelchair in a neighborhood program.

        • Condor Day:4

          Stolz: I know Many such us army vets…And almost every one after returning to usa from various foriegn war areas, has then found out how they got totally Used by tribal banksters scam swindle wars and by the likes of Kissingers Policy….Thats main reason they all give when asked “hey why did You Officially Join and fly colors in a Motorcycle Club”?

          They answer “because once i realized how phony and fraudulent that war I went to was and whom is behind these problems, I joined with the ONLY part of white america that gets it and still sticks together like a Team and how whiteys used to stick together as one during the long gone Cowboys era”

          ironic that most unknowing of biker clubs type folks has got zero real clues what many such bikers and clubs really are about eh…But them Vets is correct on how no other whites will stick together any longer besides Biker types usually. but their overall appearances and tatoos and beards etc cause most folks to shy away or fear them type guys…Another stupid error on the part of most whiteys today. If most knew a Tenth of what them biker guys knows of they be definatly wized up.

      26. skipNclair

        The only one that will shoot while they are on duty, are those that work for the agenda, and it will be just like all the other false flag events. So look among yourselves or your puppet masters when it happens if it does.

      27. dave in Idaho

        Off topic. Look at the pics of the Los Angeles buildings burning..Multiple storied Steel structures, fully engulfed… and still standing….unlike the twin towers and the other building that didnt get “hit” by the planes. 911 was a lie.

        • MongoPissed

          One was a seven story wood-framed apartment project. I know a contractor working on the project, and he said they were having financing problems. I imagine this is an example of “Jewish Lightning”, where a torch was hired so the investors can collect the insurance. The second building was probably a distraction, splitting up fire department response, and allowing misdirection to “civil unrest”. All major construction has on-site security, and fires are rare even on wood construction.

        • The Old Coach

          Those building in LA don’t have the advantage of 10,000 gallons of kerosene as an accelerant. They are also only a few stories high, not skyscrapers like the WTC.

          My brother-in-law was there. Were you?

          • BJ

            No, but in my line of work I know some pretty smart engineers…….9-11 was a lie.

            But someday some old fool will read the official report in a book about it and think he’s reading true history….

            misinformed old man he will be, yet he’ll really think he knows history.

      28. Stolz Vorfahren

        off topic question:

        I don’t want to change the topic but I am sure there are actual owners of the revolvers in question on this site and I can use some real experience.

        Trying to but a 44 mag revolver for my brother for his next fishing trip in 2015 to Alaska to be a Christmas surprise. There are 3 that I am debating (he would be happy with any of them and capable of shooting any of them since he already tried them.

        1- Ruger Super RedHawk 5.5 inch barrel. DA/SA

        2- Ruger Super Blackhawk 5.5 inch barrel . SA

        3- S&W model 69 combat DA/SA 3.5 inch barrel.

        Any real life experience sharing would be appreciated.

        • Sinner

          I own a “Blackhawk” in .357mag which I pack for Wolves. It also matches up nicely with my lever action Marlin 1894C (357mag)too.

          I’ll be buried with my Blackhawk before I would part with it.

          • Old guy

            I have a 1976 heavy frame super Blackhawk 44 with a 10 inch barrel. And I carry that big horse pistol concealed. what appears to be a beer gut on this old man is actually my gun. That 44 can handle hot loads I have some hollow points. So far everything Ive shot with it has dropped dead right in its tracks.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Sinner if that 1894 is an original Marlin ,stamped JM and encircled, right side near the receiver, they’re bringing much0 dinero on Gunbroker. Sold mine in 44 mag/ stainless this spring. Paid 425.00 for it and placed it on Gunbroker. When the bidding stopped it sold for 1210.00

        • Sgt. Dale

          All three will do what you need.

          The advantage of the Blackhawk is you can shot a heaver load, How ever it is slower getting to the second or third round being single action. The RedHawk is also a great gun. If you are using reloads in it you have to make sure you don’t have any high primers they will cause the cylinder to drag or hang up. If you only carry factory ammo you will be in good shape. Now for the S&W I would go with the Mod. 29 non fluted cylinder in 6″. The RedHawk and the 29 can handle some heavy stuff also. Not to say that the new Mod 69 is not a good gun but it is a light metal frame the all of the above. and You really don’t want to shot +P+ rounds in it. Only standard 44 mag loads.

          For me I would carry my Desert Eagle. That is just me I practice with it a lot and have worked up a great load for it.

          I would not carry Hollow point I would carry Soft points
          in these revolvers. I would also look into a bullet that weighs around 300 grs.

          If you want to buy me one for Christmas I would be happy with any of them! (LOL)


        • Enemy of the State

          Go with the 44 mag 5.5″ Barrel min .. you would be better off with a bit longer barrel for accuracy and further shots DA nice to have ’cause you just pull the trigger , no setting the hammer like a SA

          they got Bears up there..nuff said? oh that was said for the caliber your choosing .. 44 mag is wise

          • Enemy of the State

            Kodiak Bears .. Not the wimpy shit down state side.. got it?

      29. dave in Idaho

        The Super redhawk and Blackhawk can handle A WHOLE lot higher cylinder pressures than the Smith. He will need powerful handloads, or at minimum, P++ store bought 44 loads. I have both Rugers, and S&W in 41, 44 and the 50mag, which is about the same as shooting a 4 (3 not including the compensator)inch barrel shotgun with a slug. I load mine 440 grains @ 1600fps hardcast lead.

        • Stolz Vorfahren

          Thanks dave….exactly what I needed to know. The guide in Alaska recommended Black Hills or Corbon 300 gr JHP at the minimum. My last question is do you think SA in SBL is more logical Vs SRH DA. I heard the DA trigger is around 7 lbs which is way to heavy in case of need for accurate shots. 7 out of 10 people I talked to recommended Ruger based on what you just stated so I think I am going with Ruger but just checking to make it final as far as DA Vs SA action. THANKS AGAIN.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Go with the RedHawk. If you have a bear after you are not target practicing you are just trying to hit the cotton picker, and you don’t care where you hit him. The 300 Gr. Corbon or Black Hill, and Buffalo bullets. (Buffalo bullet is a lead flat point) are good rounds. I still would go with the Soft point. What you could do is use both. Hp. then Sp. That way you can cover all the basses.
            I have seen what 44 mag Hp.’s do to black bear and it works, but not well and Brown bear is much bigger than a black.

            • Stolz Vorfahren

              Thanks Sarg. Really appreciate your input along with dave and sinner. The hard part is giving it to my brother as a gift but hey, it come back to me if the bear eats him. lol.

              • Sgt. Dale

                It will be your luck that the Bear will sue you for wounding him, or he will POOP in your drive way leaving some of your brother for you.(LOL)

          • dave in Idaho

            I prefer a SA because it is just one “squeeze”, without feeling the rest of the “mechanics” of the double. But everyone has thier preferences. I can get the first shot off just as fast because on the draw, I start to pull the hammer back after breaking leather, and it is cocked as the barrel is lined up on target. Where as the DA, you might shoot yourself in the leg/foot as alot of cops used to do when drawing in a panic (last donut?) situation. My hiking partner prefers a semi auto……I always let him lead the way.

            • Stolz Vorfahren

              Dave, Sarge, Enemy, Sinner and other fine folks here. First Thank you all for your inputs on my 44 magnum revolver question for my brother’s Alaska trip and as a Xmas gift.

              I went to my buddy at the local gun shop and handled S&W 629 6 inch, Ruger SRH 8 inch and SBH 5.5 all in stainless. The final judgment knowing my brother was SBH 5.5 inch stainless. The dealer allowed me dry firing all 3 guns using dummy rounds and the DA on both S&W and Ruger SRH was just way too heavy while the single action was smooth. Also my dealer told me if revolver is being used as a main hunting gun, it will be out and in hand as you approach the animal and if is being used as protection for a sudden attack then have my brother practice with single action since DA is so heavy that most even experienced handgun hunters will miss the animal as far as vital hit.

              It is sitting in front of me before my wife wrap it…Just don’t know if I can give it to my brother yet…you know it is hard to let her go…. Merry Christmas to all you and yours.

              • BJ

                For heavens sake…dont take sgt dales advice about not caring where you hit the bear… might end up being eaten by a bear that is just pissed off all the more.

                Dale can verify this. You can shoot that bear in the head and it can glance off his skull. When I was out in Idaho, I was told by multiple people to not aim for the head….but to take a shoulder shot. I am not an expert, but I listened to those who live there and know a lot more about it than me.

                • BJ

                  Dave can verify

                  • dave in Idaho

                    Shoulder shot first. Stops him/her from coming toward you as fast. Heart shot takes up to 30 seconds to kill. A 25MPH pissed of hairy volkswagon can cover alot of ground in 5 seconds…enough to reach you and swat your head off. A grizzly killed a hunter here about 4 years ago after being shot with a 3006. I carry my 44 most of the time, but I dont feel upity with it as I know how tough some critters are. For long hikes lasting days, I carry the 50.

      30. The Prophet

        I can’t breath. Because he’s a big fat lazy stupid idiot. He thought that by resisting, the police would just go away. Not. He was a real big guy, but he let himself get in bad health by becoming obese. A regular sized idiot wouldn’t have died from being arrested in the manner that he was. I know I’ve arrested real obese people before. Let the lawyers fight it out in court. Don’t resist a lawful arrest.

        • The Old Coach

          Also had asthma. An asthma attack could have been why he couldn’t breathe.

          Oh, BTW, he also had
          alf a dozen domestic violence citations, had been picked with drugs in possession, citation for driving without a license,

      31. Sgt. Dale

        By the way the choke hold was one cause of death but not the only cause. Just like hands up, NEVER FRIGGING HAPPENED! The #1 cause was he was stupid! You don’t fight with 5 or 6 Cops when you have High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and 150 lbs. over weight.

        Oh Ya, by the way he said he couldn’t breath 11 times this tells me he was inhaling and exhaling 10 times at least. If you inhale, and exhale that means you are breathing RIGHT? That is how I breath. How about you. If you can’t breath YOU SURE AS HELL CAN’T TALK!!!!!!!!

        I’m hoping that this is not a false flag being set up by TPTB, but if you remember back in the early 90’s I believe that there was a battle with the BGF and it burnt down a whole city block.

        I have two questions. When are the blacks going to do something about Black on Black crime so that we don’t have to use 2 to 3 time the man power in the Black neighborhoods that white neighborhoods?

        The second question I have is. When is the White man going to say enough is enough and tell any group YOU BREAK IT YOU FIX IT, OR BUY IT, OR BETTER YET YOU LIVE IN IT. AND STOP PAYING TO REBUILD EVERY TIME THEY (WHAT EVER RACE IT IS) DOESN’T GO ITS WAY?

        The grand jury spoke in both cases NO TRUE BILLS NO INDITEMENTS! They had one hell of a lot of Info that y0ou and I don’t have. TPTB are trying to get something started. I believe it is to take our guns. REMEBER DEC. 24TH. FOLKS! 2015 just might be the year a second shot was heard around the world!!!!!


        • Pissed Off Granny


          Braveheart has been posting about December 24th too. Please expound on the UN agreement that the US will ratify. It is my understanding we will be under UN laws and our constitution will mean nothing. Am I correct in this?

          I firmly believe that is the reason the riots are beginning to escalate; the UN troops will be invited in to help implement ‘martial law’ in America.

          I recall a poster who said the riots were going to be just a “blip”. Some blip. Check out California over the weekend for info on the “blip” there.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Kerry has signed a UN treaty to ban the ownership of firearms. ALL FIREARMS. The Senate hasn’t ratified it but Obullshit will sign a ex-order to put in place. The treaty is to go in place on Dec. 24. Merry (F) Christmas form Obullshit!
            2015 just may be the day the world as we know it ENDS!
            The Constitution will still mean something to us Patriots, but under Obullshit it will mean nothing. That is why the Civil war/revolution might just start in 2015. I PRAY TO GOD ALL MIGHTY I’M WRONG!
            There has been several things in my life that points to 2015 as the End Of The World As We Know It! I hope and pray it is only for me and not for anyone else.

            • Pissed Off Granny


              It is going to get worse before it gets any better. I know you are a believer. It will be the end of this earth age, but what it will be replaced with will FINALLY be the real PEACE we are searching for.

              Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, SGT.

              • Sgt. Dale

                I hope you and Yours have the best Christmas ever, and Blessed New Year!

            • dave in Idaho

              that wasnt a chokehold, it was a headlock. Executive order cannot be used to sign a treaty.

              • Sgt. Dale

                You and I know this but Obullshit will do it anyway and the turds in DC with no ball will let him get away with it. Just like they did with the illegals from south of the border.

            • swinging richard

              SGT and POG, I don’t remember hearing anything about the UN treaty. Sounds like they think a UN treaty has more weight than our constitution.

              • Sgt. Dale

                Ok everybody:
                Look up UN small arms treaty. There must be at least a dozen sights to go to and read.

                • Enemy of the State

                  Im not signatory to anything by the they can suck my ass and the business end of anything they want to confiscate

                  • Sgt. Dale

                    I’m with you my brother!!!!
                    The can also use the hot empty brass a suppository!

            • Kevin2

              No way an Executive Order can become a lawful treaty UNLESS the President declares himself dictator AND the people in government do what he says which in THEORY could happen anywhere at any time.

              A treaty is a far more involved process than making a Bill become Law.

              Things are screwed up but not this bad for sure.

              I’m not loosing any sleep over this.

        • Enemy of the State

          All over loose cig selling..what he was doing was no eminent danger to a dam soul , so they made sure to ramp it up so it would affect someone for sure

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Sgt. Have to disagree with you. You can give somebody a heart attack if you are sitting on his chest where it puts pressure on the Heart or Cardiac sack causing the heart to stall. It is basically the same thing as a “Cardiac Tamponade” which is when the cardiac sack around the heart fills up with fluid or blood and thus puts so much pressure on the heart it stops beating. People may gasp a few dozen times before they pass out with no oxygen to the brain which is cause by no blood circulation from the heart. There was no reason for the pile on, other than Adrenalin Junky Pigs getting their thrill on.

          Your explanation By Cop is a Typical Ignorant Statement I have seen many times before. Stick to handcuffing people and not having to throw them on the ground, or sitting on their chests or a piling on like in the Video. That Guys Family will win Millions By Ignorant Cops who didn’t know Jack Shit about Public Safety. Just Saying.

          • Sgt. Dale

            You are right you can give someone a heart attack by setting on his chest or back.
            The problem start when he refused to put his hands behind is back start to try and get away.
            By the way have you ever tried to cuff someone when they are trying to run away from you. YOU CAN’T.
            So the only thing left to do is to take them to the ground and cuff them then. Just think if he had knock one of them cops or himself though one of the plate glass windows. I wonder how bad the wounds would have been?
            A person in fair shape wouldn’t have had this problem. 150Lbs over weight and several other problems didn’t help the matter either.
            Don’t forget that this guy had been arrest over 30 times for stupid shit before. He knew what was going to happen when he fought with Cops, because he has done it before. He has several resisting charges on his record. This time the old heart due to everything that happened to him just gave out. He is now in a better place.

            • BJ

              Your idiocy and hypocrisy never ceases to amaze a sane mind.


            • Anonymous

              You’re right BJ, his ability to be psychopathic is truly unmatched by any with the obvious exceptions of condor and pog. We can only pray that the sarge will wind up in a ” better place” himself, as soon as possible.

      32. Kevin2

        “Don’t resist a lawful arrest.”

        Are you implying that its ok to resist an unlawful arrest such as video taping the police?

        You can wind up severely injured if not killed if you resist regardless what they tell you to do.

        • The Prophet

          No implications intended.

      33. slingshot

        Don’t like to follow the Constitutional Law. I will used Presidential Exec. Order. The POTUS.

        Don’t like the verdict of the Grand Jury.
        Hell, we’ll just riot. Following the President.

        How many of you hear guns shots and sirens in the night DAILY. How many have had the police helo orbit your residential area and light your home up with a bright light.
        Coming to YOUR neighborhood soon.

      34. Enemy of the State

        Looks like Chicago PD had a stingray out at the Eric Garner protest the other night

        • Enemy of the State

          ht tps://

      35. dontbeanidiot

        I don’t know about that but my friend in Fort Mill works with a lady who’s son was recently murdered by a cop. Cops claim they “lost the video”. Routine traffic stop. Victim lights up a cigarette and cop shoots him in the back of the head. Cop claims the lighter looked like a gun to him or some junk. No excuse should allow a cop to kill an innocent person.
        Similarly, I know you all heard about the cop that shot the dude in Columbia, SC in the butt. Cop asked for dude’s license (dude pulled up to get gas and cop was lurking by gas tanks). Dude reaches over to grab his wallet and cop starts shooting. 4 shots. Luckily the cop was a bad shot.
        So, cops have a huge reputation hole to dig out of now. But, I praise the cop in Detroit – think it was – recently who refused to arrest the guy who killed the child molester who raped his infant and had raped and been convicted of raping two other infants. The District Attorney, a person of no merit, wanted to arrest the man. The child molester had spent only 1.5 yr in jail. So, I guess there are a few good men wearing the badge still.
        If they would make the 3 months paid leave for shooting someone into a 3 months leave without pay, then this problem with vaporize!!!

      36. MongoPissed

        Sounds like another Gladio-style psyop. Who ever heard of the “Black Guerilla Family”? Jew York City is rolling out overt fascism to protect the bankers and other elite who live and operate there. I notice no buildings with million-dollar apartments are burning, the obvious targets of meaningful terrorism. No one has yet torched Kissinger and Associates. Only the stupid would target the goons rather than those directing them. But maybe there are people stupid enough to be used – the entire nation was after 9-11.

      37. Cellar Spider

        Stop Falling for the NWO manipulation!!!!!!

        This is a perfect case of the NWO taking a bad situation, flipping it, and accomplishing their goals.

        Remember, the NWO wants to increase the Police State in America in preparation of the increase in low skilled labor population necessary to man the planned new factories (due to proximity of BTU’s a.k.a heat/oil/natgas)

        Nothing like showing a bunch of rioting black kids to turn public opinion against the oppressive, militarized police state. Of course once public opinion changes, the police will request more funding, more military gear, etc.

        End Result: More Militarized Police. NWO Goal accomplished.


      38. colt triarii

        Once upon a time, an elected leader wanted to become dictator.

        But there were local police all over the country who would stop his plans. So he came up with a plan:

        1. First, preposition local police with military equipment, especially mine resistant vehicles in areas where police never face bombs

        2. Attack the local police as racist, trigger happy etc. He incites riots, and stops local police from preventing violence.

        3. Then……….. only a national police force can solve the riots.

        A national force loyal only to Dear Leader.

        • Enemy of the State

          create the problem.. than create the solution to the problem they created ..check

      39. colt triarii

        The prime asset the Police have is not their guns and military equipment, it is, or maybe, was, their respect in the community.

        Just consider, the police are outnumbered and can be outgunned.

        Imagine if a military commander could just call the enemy, and then the enemy would show up at a given time and place……for a waiting ambush.

        That’s exactly what the police face every time they respond to a call.

      40. Enemy of the State

        Over the years, I’ve heard dozens and dozens of officers state that they will come to the people’s aid “when the time is right.” Until that unspecified time, the officers will just simply follow the orders of their betters. What exactly constitutes the right time?

        Is it when departments are simply too busy to investigate thousands of rape cases?

        Is it when the bodies of unarmed men, women, and children are piling up faster than we can report on all of them?

        Is it when cops are arresting pastors and taking food from the mouths of the poor?

        Is it when law enforcement opens fire on unarmed protesters?

        Is it when it becomes common practice for officers to engage in blatantly unconstitutional activities?

        Is it when officers enforce a soft form of martial law?

        Is it when officers beat children in schools?

        Is it when American citizens are getting locked up faster than people in Stalin’s Soviet Union?

        Is it when every department in America is turned into a goon squad, even those at our children’s schools?

        when will the “Good” cops out the bad cops?

        filthy den of human waste ya’ll are living in ..when the curtain goes up ,, who’s gonna have yer back?

        • Enemy of the State

          ht tp://

      41. ScroodeMcDuck

        The effects of media and educational propaganda that are being unleashed on an unsuspecting populace are compounded by the deliberate exposure to environmental poisons (chemtrails,flouride,GMO additives)and unfettered radiation from Fukushima,WIPP. Add to this mix all of the social maladies and racial baiting with religious overtones and we have a roiling stew of miscontent coming to a flash point.The duped ducks are all in a row and now if the bread lady doesn’t come or bring enough……

      42. Alberto

        They started a race war and nobody showed up. Is it just me or do these ‘Ferguson Demonstrations’ have the smell of being staged? Same as it ever was.

      43. 10mm

        How’s it feel. Citizens can’t protect themselves and they carry extra mags.

      44. Anonymous

        You know Dr. Jonathan “let’s lie to get ObamaCare passed” Gruber, right? Now he’s back at it again, suffering another round of hoof-in-mouth disease: Do you like eugenics, such as Hitler’s Aktion T-4 programme (think the Nazi Lebensunwertes Leben, “life unworthy of life” – or bumping off handicapped kids, etc.). In keeping with Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger (you know… the one who literally called African Americans “human weeds” as she sought to bring abortion into use among minorities), the mad herr doctor Gruber is now, per Breitbart, “on record repeatedly making the case from social science that abortion is a “social good” because it reduces the number of “marginal children,” by which he means urban poor—those he says can be counted on to commit crimes if they were ever born.”

        Breitbart adds “Gruber co-authored a paper during the Clinton years which argued that legal abortion had saved the U.S. taxpayer upwards of $14 billion in welfare benefits and that it also lowered crime. Gruber’s work heavily influenced other researchers, including a paper called The Impact of Legalized Abortion by Steven Levitt of the University of Chicago, whose later bookFreakonomics and whose ongoing work makes the strongest case that abortion legalizations in the 1970s caused a dramatic drop in crime twenty years later.”

        No word yet it Gruber plans to increase the social good by turning these marginal kids into Solyent Green… or if it might be of even more social good to reduce the number of insane professors who keep tripping over their tongues.

      45. Anonymous

        Hay if my government can kill our citizen by Israelis, why can they kill a few pigs by similar thugs to tighten the gun laws and bring about more tyranny.

      46. He

        The people only take so much. Police have been abusing the people they serve for so long and the people are getting tired of it. There are some cops I’d genuinely like to think are good but I’m never with them on duty. The military serves us, doctors serve us. Cops, judges, and legislators do nothing but keep their boot on our throats and tell us we have to live how they want us to. Crimes that hurt people should be punished but victimless crime is only a crime to the greedy and shouldn’t be a crime at all.

        • T-town

          what just exactly is a “victimless” crime, he says?

          • He

            Selling untaxed cigarettes comes to mind

      47. legal eagle

        ‘Preparing to Shoot On-Duty Police Officers’ Just giving back what the police have been handing out on a regular basis. Oh. you mean they figured it was a one way street ?
        They would have no one but themselves to blame for it; it is THEIR behavior that has brought about this level of animosity.

        • renny

          Killing any person for any reason other than self sefense is murder. Period. There is no right to shoot a cop or anyone simply because some cops are assholes. I don’t like cops either, but what I do is simply avoid them by not doing anything illegal. It’s pretty simple.

      48. Stopit

        Why hate the police? They are doing what they are told to do just like you. They did not create income tax, they did not “bail out” banks and send jobs overseas, and create endless wars for the complete benefit of the super rich. The police are being used as the scapegoats. They are caught in the middle. That is why the courts are not punishing them for consistently violating the US Constitution. The three branches of government are working for the elite, not for you. Unless you wage war on your real enemies, even your illusions of freedom will soon come to an end.

        • He

          If raping people were a professional career would we stop hating rapists ?

      49. Anonymous

        If they’re defending themselves from them, what’s the problem?

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