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    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

    In 2008, when the markets plunged by 47%, central banks and the government HAD A CHOICE: allow debts and companies to run the normal course of bankruptcy or INFLATE AWAY by intervening in the process. The decision to bail out the financial system’s most powerful corporations, which were the banks, PAVED THE WAY for the unprecedented COVID-19 response and the way interest rates operate globally in 2020.

    The Federal Reserve is an institution that COLLECTS DATA from innumerable sources and makes analytical decisions based on its lawful mandate and risk tolerance.

    Failure to act in the Great Depression of 1929 has played a major role in the thought processes of FED chairmen over the decades.

    A lack of adequate response in 1929 is what historians blame the central bank for. When there’s a monetary system that pegs gold ounces to the supply of government currency, public trust is measured by their ability to convert notes to precious metals. When there’s a STRICTLY CREDIT system in place, as we have right now, gold is marginalized in the eyes of the public.

    Only 0.5% of global wealth is held in gold; most don’t care to learn about it and some EVEN SCORN it as a thing of the past, yet it is trading near all-time highs and has been a TOP-TIER performer in the 21st century.

    In our opinion, gold is becoming LESS VOLATILE and more of a MUST-OWN asset since the ETFs have made it a thing of comfort to have exposure to.

    In my networking group, which I highly respect, we had the following question raised in light of the comparisons made by the CHART BELOW between 2020 and 1929:



    The question: Is the GREATEST CRASH on record coming?

    We’ve gathered answers from billionaires and money managers who are MARKET VETERANS, along with large hedge fund managers. The result? NO MARKET CRASH is predicted!

    I want to go over the reasons behind this since many feel like THE EARTH IS SHAKING beneath them and they’ve been living under that premise for years!

    The Internet is FILLED WITH forecasts of doom, -80% wealth destructions and the worst economic conditions in modern history, all based on the chart below of the UNSUSTAINABLE NATIONAL DEBT.


    Many people can’t sleep at night, worrying about the DEBT LOAD of the federal government, so I’d like to DECONSTRUCT this threat and bring it down to the level of the individual.

    The United States’ GDP isn’t growing as fast as its debts are, so the ratio between productivity and debt issuance is GETTING SMALLER, which is to say that it is unsustainable.

    Is there a connection between this and the markets? NOT REALLY…

    As you can see, total debt is ALWAYS GROWING (since 1971, that is), and even the feared DEBT/GDP ratio is growing along with it, yet because of zero interest rates, it’s actually VERY EASY to pay the interest on the debt, which is what the government does. On top of that, many of the LARGEST EXPENSES are social entitlements, so it can be argued that cutting back on those will MATERIALLY EASE the debt burden, though I can’t say that there’s political will to entice the baby boomers just yet.

    The bottom line is that (1) companies are innovating LEFT AND RIGHT, which is what is moving the world forward, and (2) interest rates are so low that owning equities is ONE’S ONLY CHOICE!

    Instead of thinking of a market crash, think about the RECORD-HIGH wealth gap!

    This is really what the world has to fear because it drives social unrest and PERPETUATES POVERTY. The fact that there is NO CRASH is what makes poverty linger; the people at the bottom of the food chain don’t get to capitalize on the wealthy’s mistakes.


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      1. This article really should be posted with a byline from the Babylon Bee. I will make a safe assumption that the author makes a living selling stocks to FOOLS.

      2. Trump did in fact say that he will contest election results if he loses the election and will not accept that he lost the election, and the DNC also said that they will contest the election results and not accept that Biden lost.

        Let them brawl it out. 

        Trump is definitely a corrupt tyrant, which he has proven by the lockdown and bailouts for the same psychopaths that demand bailouts every decade, and millions of small businesses were destroyed by Trump. Trump cannot pass the buck. If DeBlasio or any other psychopathic DNC politician  is guilty of violating people’s constitutional rights, Trump had and has the authority to prevent them from doing that, which he has chosen not to exercise by design, to remove blame for his failure to reign in corruption which was the cause of the plandemic scamdemic. 

        Even though Trump is a corrupt tyrant, replacing a corrupt tyrant with another corrupt tyrant is not a victory for anyone that is not corrupt.

        The 2000 election dragged on for weeks, and everyone got through it, there were not excessively high numbers of mail in ballots though.

        Let the RNC and DNC duke it out in the streets if they want to, especially the politicians. 

        I despise both parties, since both parties are guilty of treason.

        Have you not noticed that Trump is always attempting to get everyone to focus on injustices committed against Trump, while he has committed more injustices on America than any president in my lifetime other than George W. Bush with the 9/11 staged attacks and the wars and loss of liberties that followed?! 

        Never had a lockdown, and nationwide shut down of the entire economy with people held hostage in their homes over scientific fraud by any other president!

        How in the hell can people defend the evil psychopath for that?! What is in the hell is the matter with them?! 

        Why in the hell did people sign up to act as a propagandist for that psychopath?! 

        I find it impossible to believe that they were not hired by Trump, after he subjected this country to all of that!!!

        Trump demanding his voters take up arms to defend him after the election?! For what?! Lockdowns and bailouts for Warren Buffet and Bill Gates?! How did that work out for Trump?! Oh, yeah, they still want him gone! Got their trillions! On to the next fool!

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Blaming Trump? He is countering the globalists/ marxists who got us to this point. But you already KNOW that…

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