Futurist’s Prediction For “The End of the World As We Know It”

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 14 comments

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    According to Roey Tzezana, a future studies researcher at Israel’s Tel Aviv University, technology will continue to advance, and therefore, so will automation.  As this happens, the gap between the wealthy and the poor will increase as the middle class fades into nonexistence.

    According to Haaretz, this is the grim reality Tzezana sees for our future: one without jobs or purpose. He argues that the jobs that will survive automation will be lower-paying, unskilled laboring jobs.  And since machines won’t need to be paid, companies can profit without having the overhead costs of labor.  But what most of the futurists fail to mention, is that without jobs and some sort of income, people won’t have the money to help corporations profit anymore. It’s a double-edged sword, but worth mentioning.

    Recently the Boston Consulting Group released a report on global trends in future jobs and found that the jobs of the future are ones such as waiting on tables, cleaning, child care, and nursing care – and the groups of job skills with the highest rate of growth after digital skills is social services and education. –Haaretz

    “This figure is the end of the world for the average people,” Tzezana said, speaking about the growing gap between labor productivity and wages. “It reflects a rather depressing picture: The state and the economy are advancing by storm — but the workers are almost not benefitting from this progress and are left behind. It is almost a catastrophe.”

    This will all happen faster than we think too, says Tzezana. “The deeper and more interesting questions are not whether new jobs will be created, but what is the pace that old jobs disappear and new jobs open up, or what is the pace at which the tasks the jobs require change and create a demand for new expertise, specializations, and skills. The speed of closing tasks and opening new tasks is changing, and it is overwhelming,” he says. “All the reports of the McKinsey consulting firm talk about technological progress requiring ‘up skills’ and the ability to adapt; a view that is possible to develop, learn and grow and a way of thinking of an entrepreneur – all the time looking for opportunities. All these are wonderful slogans that the large international consulting companies spread and there is a reason for it – the profile of the employees in these organizations is that of young workers who learn all the time,” says Tzezana.

    Tzezana added that currently, we are seeing people moving from the middle class, for example manufacturing workers whose factories closed down because the work moved to China. Now factories are returning to the United States, and this doesn’t help anyone because those jobs are not back; they are now automated, he says.


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      1. The Chinese although low paid by civilized western standards are over compensated relative to automation / AI. What is the political disruption when they loose their job and have to backtrack into the rice patty? Their citizenry, unlike the North Koreans know of the outside world. A heavy government hand can only stop so much discontent.

      2. This story isn’t even newsworthy Mac. Did Roey just wake up? By the way, Israel is not at all what we’ve been led to believe. BiBi and the rest of Israel are Bolshevik. Talmudic Jews. COMMUNISTS! That’s what’s coming to the world.

        • Ray

          “Communist” as in, “from those according to their means to those according to their means”? Rothschild and company are hardly share the wealth communists. They use communists as human resource managers. The controllers, or real owners, like Rockefeller, as George Carlin referred to them as are authoritarian fascists. We have been so bombarded with communism with authoritarianism that the public over time uses the two interchangeably.

        • They APPEAR to be. That is until you’re unable to externalize your costs. Energy consumption / manufacturing / resources required to make / all the software and hardware people you have to hire to keep them running or outside firms brought in for repair costs…

          I think you’ll see a move TO it and then a sharp move AWAY from it but by then it will have already nuked the economy.

          Then again, your labor sure will be a lot cheaper by the time you decide to come crawling back to it. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe this isn’t so much a permanent trend as it is “union busting” on a society wide scale.

        • Ray

          The real owners that set both economic and foreign affairs policy are not necessarily of Jewish origin as Rockefeller’s show. It’s a wealth thing, not a religious thing.

      3. h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timocracy
        ^ The politicians’ power was limited by their physical ability to feed their constituency.

        “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure (choinix) of wheat for a penny (dēnarion)…”
        — from Rev 6

        choinix — a dry measure, containing four cotylae or two setarii (less than our quart, one litre) (or as much as would support a man of moderate appetite for a day)

        dēnarion — From the parable of the labourers in the vineyard, it would seem that a denarius was then the ordinary pay for a day’s wages.

        The msm is now telling you that your literal meat and potatoes are in jeopardy, due to markets or poor growing conditions.

        Well, what if this high-tech had to pull it’s weight in grain rations.

        What if inflation was limited by time and materiel.

        Many of our modernities would be seen as redundant and not an actual living need.

      4. I work in this area so I can offer some perspective. The question always comes up: “what will we do with all the surplus people?”.

        Well, we kind of already thought about that. Let’s look at the next 10 years: 5G, AI, automation, resource constraints, infinite debt creation.

        Demographically two things will bring down populations: resource wars and modern AI weaponry. Just look at the Middle East: over-large, horny male populations have been encouraged to go to war. War causes population movement and is lousy for stable family formation. The Middle East has been reformed into a few very prosperous cities (Dubai, Doha etc), while the rest of the region has become a free fire zone for war. This same trend will hit Africa very soon. Those in the wasteland zones will be killed or have no incentive to form families. The smart ones will move to the mega cities. That is going to put a brake on the current over-production of niglets.

        As for China and India, both countries have enormous wealth in the form of the most beautiful women on the planet. Not wasting them making crap in factories when they could be put to better use will dawn on politicians. Look to see both countries realise that is their great resource and export it in various forms (brides, sex work etc.). Europe and North America will change dramatically demographically as Asian women become the preferred marriage and mating partner. That will confer a wealth advantage in itself and bring the niglet over production problem to an end, as it has in the US.

        The next ten years will be rough and bloody as we get populations back in balance with resources. It had to be done and this is the battle of our time.

        • Wars with conventional weapons, killing likely 200 million with civilians included in the 20th century barely put a dent in the overall human population. If WMD is used the destruction would push mankind back into the pre industrial era. If bio-viral is used with modern travel the productive intelligent and those in substance living conditions would fare equally. The poor reproduce in far greater number than the wealthy.

          The question of what to do when labor becomes largely obsolete looms w/o an acceptable answer.

          • Not true. Europe’s wars created the conditions for the greatest advance in human living standards ever. By killing off the wealthy, indolent leach classes in WW1, and the untermensch schtettle low Jews and Slavs in WW2, Europe’s worst people were cleared out of the way so that hardworking white Protestants could get on with things.

            The same reckoning will happen in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.!

            • Frank Thoughts

              “Europe’s worst people were cleared out”

              Fortunately some of those “worst people” fled to the USA and built the A bomb for us. You speak of genocide with grandiose praise; are you a human being?

      5. Sorry, but this article is pure fallacy and has been disproven by history. We went from an agrarian economy to industrial to a service economy. We were 90% farmers and guess what? Almost all lost their jobs. The author is ignorant beyond belief. There is so much great logic out there that debunks this sensationalistic nonsense. Author is selling ads with fear. This is economic malfeasance. The middle class is shrinking BTW because more are moving into the upper class.

        Read and learn:

        • Michael

          ” The middle class is shrinking BTW because more are moving into the upper class.”

          Yes I have noticed this trend with the demise of US manufacturing to the developing world, essentially the same as robots displacing labor in the rust belt. Detroit is a lovely city today.


      6. Yes, this is the evolution of an economy…

        Agrarian economy ========>
        Manufacturing economy ====>
        Service economy=========>

        A country cannot long survive without producing goods from resources to trade…with other countries or in-house. The US economy is on the verge of collapsing because it no longer can compete in global trade and it no longer makes most of the goods it needs. The “planners” in DC said the US would thrive by becoming a service economy so they arranged treaties to let corporations ship those “dirty” jobs to developing countries. The corporations made a lot of money on labor arbitrage by doing this, but the blue collar workers in the US were decimated. The FIRE industry took over the GDP. You can’t run an economy by washing each others cars, or mowing each other’s lawns, or lending each other money with interest added.

        Everybody laughed at Ross Perot, but you can still hear the sucking sound if you listen closely. Trump is tariffing and sanctioning any country that competes in trade. He hides it by claiming currency manipulation, dictator, terrorist sponsor, human rights violator, trade secret theft, or any number of false accusations in order to try to keep the US on top by bullying others. It’s too late for that type of action. Tariffs should have been enacted BEFORE all the jobs left.

        I guess when you no longer have anything to trade, you resort to underhanded tactics to try and stay on top. Without the reserve currency, the US would have already collapsed. The trouble is that those in DC would rather make their personal fortunes than tend to the business of improving the country’s fortunes. Corrupt grifters.

        The only ones moving up in any meaningful way are those enabled by the Cantillion Effect. They are the ones that get the zirp money first and deploy it into assets and speculation. The zirp money never makes it to the working people. By the time it gets to them, there has been compound usury added that makes it unaffordable.

        Unless the blue collar worker can undercut the labor in SE Asian countries, the jobs aren’t coming back. Collapse will soon be knocking at your door. Best get prepared. It will be ugly if you are not.

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