Fully “Vaccinated” Americans Are Still Terrified Of COVID

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The mainstream media has done its job well.  The majority of fully “vaccinated” Americans are still terrified of the COVID-19 scamdemic without any evidence or real-world experience to justify the low vibrational emotional response.

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

    Even though we have not seen a pandemic with our own eyes or experienced it in the real world, Americans are still in a panicked state of fear making them easy to control. According to a report by RT, over 60% of Americans have concerns about the Delta variant, according to a CBS/YouGov poll published on Sunday. The mutation recently became the dominant variant in Covid-19 cases in the US. White House health officials have used it in their push to get more Americans vaccinated, arguing it is more transmissible and deadly.

    Fully vaccinated individuals have turned out to be more worried about the Delta variant, with 72% of those polled saying they are concerned about it. Among respondents who are either unvaccinated or waiting on their second dose, a much lower 48% said it is a worry for them. –RT

    The ruling class is blaming “misinformation,” in other words, dissenting opinions, for people not wanting to take the experimental gene therapy shots. But, a majority of respondents to the fear survey said they either are or plan to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, regardless of their political party. That’s curious. Does anyone find this odd?

    The CBS/YouGov survey was conducted among over 2200 adults and has a margin of error of 2.4%.

    Isn’t is strange that those who trust the “authorities”, the masters, their owners, the “experts”, the government, and the “vaccine” are still scared of the COVID-19 delta variant? Seriously, do they believe their precious shot works or not? What’s really going on here? My guess is desperation.

    The media continues to ask us to believe the most ridiculous things in order to keep this scamdemic alive.  It’s all about the agenda and they cannot achieve it without fear. That has become obvious.

    Stay awake, stay prepared. Refuse to live in fear. This ends when enough people figure it out and begin to say “no” to their masters.


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      1. The problem is risk assessment. Because this has been skewed, most people have been led to believe if they get Covid they will die. But the reality is the majority of the population would have at worse a few days in bed.

        And instead they should have told the fat, the low Vitamin D, the ailing, the very old to take precautions (boost immune system, eat well, lose weight, etc) and they would have a higher survival rate.

        But it is now time for the healthy and well to live life.

      2. I think most of us already
        know the answer to the
        following question but:
        Vaccines(gene therapy)

      3. Isn’t it amazing how these
        fully “vaccinated” people
        are now deathly afraid of
        the phantom menace AKA
        covid and yet that same level of fear was non existent as someone plunged a deadly, experimental God knows what into their body??

        • Yes, Isnt it Ironic? (I have an Alanis Morrisette Song running through my head) Lol! They are taking the poisonous jab like it is real medicine for their body & soul & ignore the true research & the facts that people are being murdered & dying from the covid scamdemic & the lethal jab. The Mockingbird Media Brainwashed Fearful Sheeple who pretty much seem like they don’t believe in God & our own natural innate Immune Systems to protect us along with taking prophylactics & preventative medicines such as supplements & nutrients to boost & protect the immune system. Including taking hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin, quercetin, zinc, (Olives are high in Zinc). Vitamin D3 & Vitamin C (Many fruits are high in Vitamin C, such as Oranges & Cherries) & get plenty of Sunshine ? & drink pure spring or well water & eat healthy organic food & colloidal silver & wild oregano oil, a natural potent anti-biotic. Pro & Pre-biotics, monolaurin & colostrum. Raw goats milk helps to heal the body too & White Pine Needle Tea (Suramin) as an antidote to covid & affects of the shot. Other Pine needle tea may be toxic. The White Pine Needle Tea is recommended. Go to NaturalNews.com. for more information on it. It is anti-viral & anti-bacterial. Pregnant woman or woman trying to get pregnant should not take the white pine needle tea though. The media & the medical industry completely suppressed & censored natural antidotes for covid on purpose & forced the toxic, satanic jab instead. If you would like to be a Transhuman, then go for it, by all means get the nanotech particle, graphene oxide, spike protein jab, if you even survive it & don’t mind that it is part of the mark of the beast system & you will suffer the effects & the consequences! Wake Up & Smell the Coffee People!!!

      4. They should be. A UK official just yesterday, in his attempt to “correct” himself failed to realize that he was still acknowledging that 40% of new cases are in vaccinated people. Also, data published by Public Health England recently showed that the vaccinated were dying from the delta variant at a rate 6.6 times higher than the unvaccinated (lifesitenews). This vaccine, which is not a vaccine, was never intended to stop the virus. Only intended to reduce the symptoms.

      5. “This ends when enough people figure it out and begin to say ‘no’ to their masters.”

        Most people are downline in the globalist pyramid scheme. Natural masochists, who you believe are capable of democracy and self rule.

        They can be dressed as conservatives, drilled in conservative talking points flashcards, and make basically-conservative life decisions under structural peer pressure.

        But, on the other hand, are ultimately neighborhood dogs, who can follow anybody down the street, when not chained down, inside of their fences.

      6. Well in reality they are the ones who should be very worried. They have already allowed the lunatics shoot them up with poison. Deep down on some level most of these people know they blew it. And guess what? We healthy non-vaxxed people are be blamed somehow. Never thought it would be a crime to be healthy.

      7. According to the Government, the following methods are 100% effective in preventing transmission of COVID-19:

        1) Know a black person. By being in the informal networks of a black person, especially a member of BLM, a forcefield of ‘Vibramium’ will protect you from Covid.

        2) Hold a FIFA certified soccer ball in your hands.

        3) Be a friend of a billionaire.

        4) Hang out with F1 racing car drivers. Even better, a black F1 driver.

        5) Be an Asian woman.

        6) Carry out your duties at night when the “‘Rona can’t catch you”.

        • Great post Frank Thoughts. Made me laugh. I would add to your post that according to the evil assholes, the magical
          indestructible force known
          as covid only appears to affect us lowly slobs
          because we are such icky,
          unwashed, disgusting and filthy creatures.????

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