Frog in the Kettle: Internet Restrictions Creeping Up On You

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Everything is done so very quietly, with no fanfare and minimal coverage.  The silence is deceptive.  There’s an old, Italian proverb that covers this train of thought:

    “Nel silenzio c’è niente sentire ma non è senza le parole.”

    Translation: “In silence, there is nothing to hear, but it is not without words.”

    Very true, for in the case of the growing surveillance state toward Warburg’s global governance end-state, silence is maintained while actions are being taken.  Akin to that “frog in the kettle,” the heat from the boiling water creeps up on us and takes us unawares, measures that go unnoticed until it’s too late.

    Measures to protect us, for our own good.

    Government sells the lie to the people that the Draconian measures it institutes are for the good/welfare/safety, ad infinitum, of the people.  Akin to “zookeepers,” they are maintaining the animals, feeding them, and keeping them safe from outside harm and from one another.

    But behind every zoo lies an abattoir, waiting in the wings to be employed by the zookeepers.

    The Internet of Things, and the Internet.  In October of 2016, just before the Presidential election, Obama (through his Secretary of Commerce) quietly and without fanfare transferred U.S. control of the Internet over to ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).  “Big deal,” many have said, “what effect does it have?”  You’re beginning to see that effect now.

    The EU (European Union) has already put in motion plans to vote on Article 13 of the Copyright Directive Proposal.  This will have an effect of complete censorship on the entire Internet.  It will institute a “link tax” on websites that link to one another, in the efforts to “promote control over copyrights,” etc., etc., ad nauseam.

    This last…the link tax…was proposed for the provisions to be voted on by Axel Voss, a German of the Christian Democrat party…a “user friendly” name-change for a political party that used to be known as the Communist Party.  These European measures are the reasons that many Internet users in the U.S. have been receiving “restructuring for privacy and copyright” notices due to “new EU regulations.”

    You are also seeing a lot of sites…conservative sites…resorting to begging for donations to keep afloat.  Changes with ad sponsors and regulations stemming from everything from “social justice” initiatives (such as companies refusing to sell or promote firearms on the Internet) to social media censorship (by Google and Facebook) are spreading akin to wildfire.

    The U.S. government quietly sits back and “allows” it to happen: whether the blue team or red team wins the throne, the paradigm shift toward global government continues.

    Now the EU institutes “reforms” that make it easier to tax, fine, or harass independent news outlets that do not parrot the lines fed to them by the ruling class of politicians and oligarchs.  The U.S. will comply: these governments are “partners,” and “official state actors” as well!  Any measure that enables more surveillance over, and less freedom of the citizens will be both embraced and employed by all governments.

    Complete control and forced compliance and conformity of the Internet are necessary to quell both free speech and independent thought.  Complete control over one’s communications: telephone, e-mails, and so on, is necessary to prevent people from informing one another about what is really going on and organizing against it in protest.  For an example of this, be advised that Ukrainian police were tracking and recording all Maidan rally participants by using their cell phones prior to the ouster of Yanukoyvich.

    Just listen to the radio in your car one morning, the top of the hour for “news,” more of a joke than anything.  You can switch the station and catch the exact same news quoted verbatim on the second station.  All canned, and none of it really informing you of anything.  The radio, the television, the newspapers, and the periodicals…all of these have been under control for quite some time.  Only the Internet is left.

    They have to take it down by rendering it ineffective.  Edward Snowden dropped the one-megaton bombshell, and those revelations are just beginning to be realized by those taking an interest in what is happening.  The U.S. has had almost two decades since 9/11 to craft a surveillance state and keep tabs on every citizen.  All of this is a slice of the pie, because the oligarchs and politicos are moving every nation toward global governance.

    The Internet is the last bastion of freedom of the press and freedom of assembly…the assemblage of communicating people even if only in a digital capacity.  The amount of government control that exists today in comparison with just 20 years ago is staggering.  As Rage Against the Machine phrased it, you’ll need to plead the 5th [Amendment] because you can’t plead the 1st.  The governments have two options: to bring down society via warfare and control any survivors and all resources, or to control all people and resources through surveillance and totalitarian rule, the latter being their preferred option

    With either method, the Internet as we know it as a medium of exchange for free speech and thought is on its deathbed, about to succumb to the disease that has plagued mankind throughout history: rule, intentionally mislabeled as “government.”  The rule is not of the people, by the people, or for the people.  The rule has no just powers that are derived from the consent of the governed, because they have bypassed consent on the most basic of issues and rights.  Anyway, they don’t really need consent: all authority comes from the barrel of a gun.  Complete control of the Internet by the governments in every way is crucial to the abrogation of all rights and control of the people in the march toward a global totalitarian state.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. This is what all the imbeciles advocating Net Neutrality are pushing.

      2. All prophetic – it will happen – but that doesn’t mean we should give up without a fight!

        . . . Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Jimmy 4:7

        • 95% of Catholics in Germany supported Hitler, because he was right. Look at what we got today Central Banking by the same Clan, destroying the world multiple Countries at a time.

          • Most catholics support the pope and by default protecting child abusing clergy. They were just as correct then with the nut case Hitler. What did common people have to do with Rothschild and company? Answer NOTHING. Spare me the NAZI worship.

            • that’s what the 9/11 towers coming down was for….to make U.S. FEARful…..then it’s EASY to fool the (UN)average american.

      3. Could moderation for no apparent reason be considered a internet restriction! Trekker Out

        • MT,
          WEB Sites cost a lot of time and money.
          They can regulate their sites as
          they see fit. They are not soap boxes
          on a public street.

          • rellik, Thanks for that info. Trekker Out

      4. Jeremiah Johnson is 100% on the money in this accurate take. The only place left for free speech will be in the streets and that will take millions of citizens non violent protest. This past week the poor peoples protest members were arrested at many venues across this once free nation. The Internet will be censored of free speech and the plans are well along in implementation. Will the people and freedom go down quietly or rise in combined opposition to treason? That question is yet unanswered.

        • No protest to the government has been won without force!

      5. Please watch this video on YouTube by Deborah Tavares. This video explains a lot:
        ht tps:// .com/watch?v=PcruyJTfnCQ
        Also see Stopthecrime . net

        We have the ability to stop this globalist takeover, but most of us won’t do a thing.
        The only way to stop this take down of the US, the destruction of national sovereignty and preserve freedom throughout the world, is to STOP FUNDING these murderous elitist despots, and we do fund them all with our hard earned money. These despots are hell bent on reducing the world population, and enslaving the rest of us.

        Time to go back to the old ways people, and begin to DETACH FROM THE SYSTEM!
        STOP using cable TV, STOP using the internet or only use it at fast food restaurants and coffee shops. STOP using smart phones, use cheap pre paid cell phones if you must use a cell phone. STOP sending your children to government indoctrination centers (schools), and begin to realize that EVERYTHING we see, hear and read is controlled by SIX corporations. This monopoly on information is the reason that globalists MUST now control the internet and purge it of anything that disagrees with their agenda of control and domination.

        Interested parties in every community need to start food co-operatives and eliminate (as much as is possible), corporate big agra farming and corporate super markets. Start bartering centers where people can for trade for the goods and services that they need.
        Forget about video games, stylish clothing, big houses, music videos, bling, glitz and glamour, new cars, legal pot, illegal drugs, Hollywood and everything else that was engineered to deliberately distract us, occupy our time, and focus our attention anywhere but at the problems facing us.
        Learn how to farm, can fruit and vegetables. Learn how to mend clothes, and fix cars. Learn how to purify water, store food, and fish. Learn how to be as self sufficient as humanly possible. Store food, toilet paper, ammo, guns, seeds, medications, and tools.
        Forget digital, and learn how to use maps and compasses.
        Buy BOOKS and read them.
        Learn how to live without computers, TV’s, smart phones and other modern conveniences because at some time, and I fear that this isn’t in the very distant future, all of us will be forced to live without these luxuries, and the unprepared will die.
        There is so much to add to this list, but ultimately, God and His Law is still in control.

        • I had a milquetoast kind-of post removed from fb, when mentioning the self-sufficiency of American colonials and Ghandi’s salt march, as making a political statement.

          This is the cardinal sin, under Communism, raises the hairs on the back of the neck of monopoly men.

          Elemental kind-of subject matter, like a cup of clean water (preferably independent), a cooking fire, or your basic farm animals, like in a children’s coloring book, are the scariest things.

      6. Very good article.

        In the news, two more ships were turned back by Italy. The new Italian Leader is living up to his promises. One by one, European Countries are standing up to the globalists, refusing economic invaders.

        The dream of a few paranoid maniacs with misty delusions of grandeur are fading away, as a new dawn awakens European Man.


      7. Rellik…
        You are right. Poor Mac has to read all this nonsense
        We need to keep our responses down to a few lines or

      8. This is one of those fancy Obumhole names that has several meanings.
        I read that he wanted “net neutrallity” to serve the poor people who
        couldn’t afford to pay premium prices to have premium service.

        Now this article says it’s to eliminate “free community communication”.

        They both sound like deep-state…Guggle…Zukerberg….Sorass
        Betraus…and all the Bilderberg Communist
        activists propaganda.
        Can anyone define the truth here??

      9. Carbon taxes to encourage consumers and companies to stop using so much fossil fuels? Tax/regulate you? Yes, but it is for our own good!

      10. Partisans, playing on the blue or red team are uninspired parrots, demanding subsidies by force, but at the discretion of some hidden hand. I think of the Delphi Method of consensus building, in which ‘the oracle’ is working the crowd for a hook or an angle, and is arguably on a completely different agenda, from what is actually being discussed.

        There is no possible way that whichever side was loyal to labor or capitol, respectfully. There has never been any stable or consistent stance, that you can bank-on or bet your life on it, no matter which side of the hegelian divide. Either belief system, has it’s pro’s or con’s, and, if people were to simply settle on one thing, they might be well-adjusted.

        But, the social battery is run on angst, animus, and ennui. Triggering the unstable people. We talk about incrimentalism and demoralization, making a people passive and lukewarm. That is an inert state. I think, they want volatility.

      11. If you’re a billionaire who has been buying up media outlets, the last thing you want is some lowly peasant using the internet to report the news you don’t want reported.

      12. Your slandering of the Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands, (CDU), as the former communist party is reprehensible. In your history Konrad Adenauer, one of the founders of the party, was a communist who lead West Germany from ruins to peace and prosperity. Thank God I live in the real world…

      13. J
        Miss ya. Pretty easy to know who I am. Miss our correspondence, Tpat from upstate NY
        Touch me off an email if you wish. If not, I still believe in you.

        God Bless

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