Frightening: Methane Explosion, Steam Volcano May Cause Massive Tsunami

by | Jul 8, 2010 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Preparedness planning involves not just planning for unforeseen events, but maintaining an ongoing vigilance and awareness of what is happening around us. Economic collapse, war in the middle east, and food shortages are just some of the current events that should be on the radar of anyone who is concerned with preserving their personal well being. And while these particular scenarios could lead to serious consequences if they come to pass, the one that seems to be on the minds of everyone and not just preppers these days, is the BP Deepwater Horizon rig disaster.

    Within a couple of weeks of the rig explosion we published a report that suggested that the disaster was much bigger than we were being told. Within a month of the disaster, we learned that the National Guard was mobilizing in several states, and we opined that the military may be preparing for deployment to the Gulf region. As of this writing, it is our understanding that over 17,000 National Guard soldiers have been deployed to provide support to local emergency personnel.

    With BP, the government and most of mainstream media engaging in what can only be dubbed a media blackout and suspension of the first amendment, the skeptical public is beginning to understand that the powers that be must be hiding something really big down there.

    George Noory, of Coast to Coast AM, says that “something frightening is happening” and briefly discusses one of the more serious and scientifically plausible scenarios citing a recent report by Terrence Aym:

    Terrence Aym’s report discusses the plausibility of doomsday disaster scenario resulting from a methane gas explosion, which could lead to rapidly expanding toxic gas in the air, and in a worst-case, the possibility of a tidal wave that would wreck havoc on the entire gulf coast.

    How likely is such a scenario? Unfortunately, it is not as unlikely is we’d like it to be, and according to recent reports from around the spill area, it could become reality. Aym’s research says that the warning signs are evident:

    The warning signs of an impending planetary catastrophe—of such great magnitude that the human mind has difficulty grasping it-would be the appearance of large fissures or rifts splitting open the ocean floor, a rise in the elevation of the seabed, and the massive venting of methane and other gases into the surrounding water.

    Such occurrences can lead to the rupture of the methane bubble containment—it can then permit the methane to breach the subterranean depths and undergo an explosive decompression as it catapults into the Gulf waters.

    All three warning signs are documented to be occurring in the Gulf.

    We know that researchers have measured extremely high levels of methane, reportedly over 10,000 times background levels in gulf waters.  And Though there are deniers, we’ve also seen with our own eyes that oil is leaking through the sea-floor, so the cracks Aym speaks of are most definitely there. According to Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), there is a serious possibility that we have multiple cracks across the area, with some reports suggesting that leaks are up to twenty miles away from the primary well. All are leaking oil and the concern is that a relief well will not block all the seepage. How much more widespread these cracks are will likely remain a state secret, because it seems that the last thing BP or our government want is to tell the people the truth so that they can make educated decisions on whether to stay in the area or get out while they still can.

    Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan and Dr. Bill Deagle provide an informative discussion related to this issue, complete with helpful images about the BP dig site and how an 80 – 200 foot high Tsunami could result not just from a methane explosion, but a steam driven volcanic eruption. So we have two independent scenarios that could lead to a catastrophic tidal wave heading toward gulf coast cities in a worst-case scenario.

    Some key points from the video above:

    Government scrubbed evidence of mass evacuation exercises:

    Right now there are something like 79 exercises going on, state and federal, with a number of exercises by FEMA for mass evacuations from Brownsville, TX to Pensacola, FL. So, they’ve been getting ready for the last month. And they have been doing operational exercises on the massive oil spill even over the last several years, and all the places where those oil spill data have been posted on web sites have been scrubbed in the last 60 days. So they removed all the evidence that they were doing previous massive evacuations for oil spill disasters.

    FEMA and Homeland Security Concerned about Volcanic Tsunami:

    Scientists have contacted me now and others are alerting me inside the government that both FEMA and Homeland Security are very concerned that their scientists are telling them there’s a danger of a volcanic Tsunami occurring. That means when the oil at some point, that if enough oil comes out and seawater gets down there and it gets below the zone where the oil is and makes contact with the magma which is pushing up the oil, then we’re likely to see a super heated steam which is what drives all those volcanoes along those subduction zones…

    It’s likely to cause a giant explosion with the change in the ocean floor and a Tsunami that they estimate could between 80 to 200 feet high going four to six hundred miles an hour. It could carry 50 to 100 miles inland.

    Volcanic Tsunami

    Methane Explosions:

    There’s hundreds of millions of tons of methane hydrates. Hundreds of millions of tons. It’s all frozen, but what happens is that it doesn’t need oxygen because of the actual chemistry down there. Some of the things they’re doing could ignite the methane hydrates and cause itself, without these other events like the volcanic Tsunami, could cause also a Tsunami. So we have two possible mechanisms that could cause a Tsunami and push oil and debris and boats and oil rigs. This is the other danger. It could destroy 40% plus of the production rigs in the United States and kill millions of people.

    We, of course, have no official information to go off of, but scientists suggest we may be running out of time:

    While some say it can’t happen because the bulk of the methane is frozen into crystalline form, others point out that the underground methane sea is gradually melting from the nearby surging oil that’s estimated to be as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Most experts in the know, however, agree that if the world-changing event does occur it will happen suddenly and within the next 6 months.

    Whether this is what the government is hiding or not is mere speculation at this point. However, we have been given no reason to summarily disregard the research of independent scientists, analysts and reporters that have been working on obtaining information and potential outcomes since the rig explosion occurred. Should we trust these people? Our view is that it can’t be any worse than trusting the government. In fact, since our government officials often engage in gamesmanship and focus more on their political survival than the physical survival of our countrymen, we would lean more towards independent analysis being the trustworthy source.

    We are not scientists, so we’ll defer to those who know more than we do on this issue. As such, it is clear that a potential threat, perhaps a significant Doomsday threat exists here. Though we cannot predict the likelihood of events such as a steam-driven volcanic Tsunami or methane gas explosion, we must assume that they are a possibility.

    If such an event were to occur, and a Tsunami or tidal wave up to 200 feet high were to head for US shores, there would be very little time to react.  Our guess would be that the survival rate for anyone in the direct path of a wave ranging from 80 to 200 feet would be quite low, especially if such a wave could wash in 50 – 100 miles in low lying areas like Florida.


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      1. Oh, no, none of this is possible.  It can’t happen.  There’s just no way.   Right, people?   WRONG!  WAKE UP!  SNAP OUT OF IT!  You’re living in a hypnotic trance, and in it you convince yourself that NOTHING bad ever happens…..well,  it does!  Any day, and probably sooner than later, we’re all gonna be in for a BIG SURPRISE!

      2. The key word there is MAY happen… MAY… as in “POSSIBLE”… the sun MAY blow up too… Monkeys MAY fly out of my…. well, you get the gist… stay calm. make sure your reaction (which ever way you go) is rational, logical and thought out…

      3. I would say if the possibility of one of these happening is 0% to 100% then the people in the gulf areas withing 25 miles of the coast should be told what is possible and let then decide. But that won’t happen because of the panic and then what if nothing happens then the gov looks stupid or stupider if you already think the gov is stupid.

        Also what happens to property values? Who wants to buy beachfront property if a giant wave could wash it away.

        Nope the gov will keep its mouth shut and keep the sheeple in the dark. If it happens most of those same folks will be dead and can’t complain anyhow.

        So concerning the news blackout or at least reduced coverage….remember StarWars….”these are not the droids you seek”

      4. I just want to know…..are we gonna have to rebuild New Orleans AGAIN after this ?

      5. Andy-LOL. Yes NOLA is on the .gov’s to do list, right next to build a new World Trade Center and start another war.

      6. You know, its crap like this that makes anything the government do a questionable act.  Millions could die and yet they do nothing?  If money were their motive, then consider the loss of taxation on millions of people and that should be motive enough.  I swear everything they do and don’t builds a fire a little hotter in me.

      7. If only all this destructive energy could be diverted onto Washington D.C.

        Oh happy day!

      8. Well if such a planet killer scenario caused by anything having to do with the oilspill in the gulf is going to happen… All of us folks who live near the gulf might just be the lucky ones. At least we wouldnt have to live through the aftermath in the years to come. It could really be so bad that all governments colapse and chaos will be left in the wake. Imagine if most of the fresh water becomes undrinkable and nothing will grow because of the toxins killing off everything in their path. as Ted Turner stated
        all crops being killled would reduce the human race to cannibalism. but he was referring to global warming being the cause… Whatever… imagine a worst case scenario of that magnitude… The folks who survive might have to live in hellish conditions for the rest of their lives and maybe even their childrens children lives if they somehow find a way to raise a family in such a nightmare world…. Soooo…. all the folks who live near the gulf like myself might be better off just staying put regardless of  whatever happens. If the gulf does colapse and the shit really hits the fan and kills massive amounts of people along the gulf coast at least we would be spared the horrors of what such a global event would do to the world as we know it. I know this such gloom and doom topic but anyone not seriously thinking about and observing what is going on with this oilspill is asleep and will remain that way. If I am one of those people who are killed outright by such a scenario I wish the rest of you folks the best of luck living and trying to survive in the decades of aftermath that will surely follow such a scenario.


      9. Yeah ole Ted might be right about the global warming causing the shit to hit the fan creating cannibles. Yeah rapid global warming like say from a caldera methane steam explosion rapid! hmmmmmm now I’m wondering if Teddy knows something and is letting us know just like they always do anounce the shit that they are gonna do…. what a world. lol

      10. Great,I live in Ft Lauderdale FL,but at least Google earth shows me to be around 93 miles from the nearest Gulf waters.
        I would imagine that there are many forward thinking people in Naples (FL) and elsewhere who are listing their beachfront properties for a quick sale right about now…

      11. There was a guy from the Mississippi gulf coast who called into a local radio show this morning. He was saying that things down on the coast are much worse than the MSM is reporting. Not that we didn’t already know that.

      12. @Dave…..
        You should see all the beachfront properties for sale just on Santa Rosa island… My wife counted 86 properties for sale in Navarre Beach alone!! I mean it is literally sign after sign after sign. Good luck with that…. I dont see anyone buying anything on the gulf coast unless they get it dirt cheap and hope this disaster is fixed and maybe they can make a profit in a couple decades.

      13. A friend of mine lives in MS only about 1 mile from the coastline,he says that he smells a diesel like smell whenever he goes outside.
        He’ll be one of the 1st to be evacuated

      14. I used to work offshore on the boats, and I am very familiar with the smells associated with the oil/gas industry. Those smells were always present in Port Fourchon.

        I live pretty well inland from the Gulf in north Pensacola and I have noticed these odors on the breeze a few times since this crap started but for the most part Pensacola doesnt seem to have been impacted all that much compared with what some other areas are going through.. But I think it is only a matter of time that ALL gulf coast communities are seriously impacted with this spill.

      15. The powers that be Roger waters on C.A.O.S.

      16. It goes to show, why the government might be keeping this a secret.  If the entire Gulf coast were to be evacuated, we are talking about millions of people.  If that many people were to suddenly migrate north to other areas, they would overwhelm the infrastructure there.  Besides the general panic that would ensue, that many people could not be accommodated on such short notice.  So it would make sense that they would allow these people, to be sacrificial lambs so to speak.  It all makes sense.  Not a pleasant scenarion, but one that makes sense.

      17. This should work out perfect for me. I just calculated that I am going to run out of money in another five months and was trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself.

      18. I’m just gonna stay. Like everyone else here. We do not have enough money to move anywhere. AND.. I sould rather die on my own property than to be committed to a FEMA camp/ where they take your guns, then you get robbed. It happened here.BR,LA. I and my only son happen to love the idea of survival and they would have to catch us quick before we got to the woods.,but I don’t want to live w/ the last ppl on earth. I husrt already w/ lung problems. I will prob be the first to go.Hope my kid leaves, but to where?If we don’t know what they are doing. just heading uphill won’t do it. You should have sold your beachfront property 3 mos ago when BP was buying mansions in FL. you won’t sell it ow prob. But I always say my prayers and hope. More are welcome.send MRE’S.please

      19. Hilarious…. 🙂

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      1. More Footage: Sea Floor Bulges and Collapses, Spits Up Debris - [...] previously reported on the possibility of a methane induced Tsunami, but from what we’ve been told by BP and…

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