Frightening Future of War: “Inescapable Smart Bullets, Biometric Data and Armed Drones with Facial Recognition”

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    This article originally was written by Cassius Methyl, and appeared at

    Editor’s Note: As author Cassius Methyl makes clear, though success for DARPA’s secretive defense research relies upon an image that makes it seem all-powerful and intimidating, these emerging future weapons are proving attractive options for future conflict. The trend of development for smart and deadly tools is coalescing in a manner that leaves no one truly free from the terror of a State with the power to track down and eliminate anyone who becomes classified as an enemy.

    In the future, justice will be swift, but hardly blind, under the pervasive watch of the all seeing eye. Autonomous, weaponized drones alongside killer robots and an ever-expanding web of tracking data and personal information clearly diminish the remaining glimmers of humanity in modern warfare and put any individuals caught in its cross hairs at a considerable disadvantage.


    Video: Inescapable “Smart Bullets” Developed by DARPA for the US Military

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is arguably one of the most terrifying limbs of the US Government. Every week they announce progress on some outlandish new weapon. Though surely they want enemies to be terrified, the technology should not be taken lightly.

    This time, they say they are in the late stages of developing bullets you can’t dodge — ‘smart bullets’ that will hit a target even if its aim is off. These smart bullets are .50 caliber rounds equipped with optical sensors.

    In February, DARPA says they “passed their most successful round of live-fire tests to date”. The tests concluded that the shooter “repeatedly hit moving and evading targets”. The rounds take sharp turns in mid-air to hit targets in any situation.

    DARPA’s statement continued, “Additionally, a novice shooter using the system for the first time hit a moving target.” The smart bullet program has been named EXACTO, an acronym for “Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance”.

    “True to DARPA’s mission, EXACTO has demonstrated what was once thought impossible: the continuous guidance of a small-caliber bullet to target,” said DARPA’s program manager Jerome Dunn.

    Jerome Dunn apparently believes DARPA’s mission is to arm this government with power the world has never seen, with no regard for consequences.

    “This live-fire demonstration from a standard rifle showed that EXACTO is able to hit moving and evading targets with extreme accuracy at sniper ranges unachievable with traditional rounds. Fitting EXACTO’s guidance capabilities into a small .50-caliber size is a major breakthrough and opens the door to what could be possible in future guided projectiles across all calibers,” Dunn continued.

    Here is an animation of how the rounds work.

    Picture the implications of armed drones with facial recognition technology, combined with a biometric database of every single American and these new smart bullets. These are all things DARPA has already created or is currently working on.

    The power they will have if someone doesn’t stop this is unimaginable. If all goes to plan, DARPA will make the US government all but unstoppable. That’s a frightening prospect considering that studies have show the US government has become an oligarchy. DARPA could eventually enable the US Government to wage any war, destroy any enemy, and do anything else they want as long as they have funding. That’s no exaggeration.

    So who will eventually realize that this is an impending danger that cannot be ignored? When will someone try to put a stop to DARPA? Considering the US’ history of turning weapons of war against its own citizens, these questions must be asked.

    Author: Cassius Methyl

    I’m a thinker, writer with The Anti Media, activist for a voluntary society (performing a civic duty to better our society), an experimental musician / artist, and a mystic. My 2 musical projects are ‘Core of a Virus’ and ‘Corporate Concrete Portals’, and they can be found on my youtube here – – my facebook page can be found here – –


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      1. Scary stuff….

        • How about smart bullets programmed with Obama’s face?

          • Hyped crap to sell stuff to the moronic folks in our government. If this shit were even close to being true then why all the failures in Iraq against ISIS, and against kidnappers of westerners in Yemen, etc. Just a lot of bullshit hype. 1,000 cops with all the ‘hot gear’ can’t find one guy for nearly seven weeks in Pennsylvania, and a guy named Snowden steals all of NSA’s good data and is half way around the world before the alarm is sounded. Nothing to see here folks.

            • Those things you mentioned that government are “not capable” of dealing with are, themselves, government programs set up partly to give that illusion. Their main purpose is to both (psychologically) terrorize, propagandize and, brutally force compliance with their plans to enslave the public.

        • The scum are not unstoppable. If enough men fight like men, we can preserve a future for our children… maybe. If not, we’ll all die like cowards and our children will certainly be doomed. When by tyranny I’m going to blow their fucking brains out because I have grown sick of this shit.

          • Cue the “Blade Runner and The Fifth Element”

            • Technology is deadly, however it has never won a war. Wars are won by resolve. Just look at the wars we are in now. Have we won them after all these years with all our money and tech? Nope. Not even close. If anything the threat is worse than ever..

              • These wars, like so many before, are staged REAL wars. They’re staged to give the dog pack something to chase after when the government and their media mouthpieces, whistle for them to chase. Who they chase after can be anyone they “identify” as a target–often under the guise of one chasing after one of those “wars” you mentioned (or others not yet announced).

          • Zero, I agree. This new technology will ultimately prove to be a failure. None of current technology is everything it’s made out to be. Any and all electronic weapons have circuits that can be fried by an EMP just like any other electronic items. The non-electronic bullets are not obsolete. They will still do the job they’re intended for. It may look scary on the surface, but underneath it will be less than what they claim.

            • If we do our jobs the people that would use this shit on us will be fired upon from every direction before they even get set up.

            • Defense contractors NEVER EVER make anything that doesn’t actually work. See cause that never happens. $$$$$$.

              Besides which, face reality. If you live in a city… you need city water. They don’t need city water. Their “problem” is therefore solvable with 9th Century technology.

              Note the fact that it hasn’t happened yet and I really don’t expect it to.

              I’m just saying. If you gotta worry about something or other, this would be in my top 5.

          • If enough men “fight like men” they’ll look like the soldiers of the confederacy that were shot up and blown up by the north’s superior manufacturing technology.

            Good men need to learn how to use soft power. It worked for the left. They were able to have elected (twice!) an obvious anti-American Marxist as president of the USA without firing a shot.

            That’s not to say there isn’t a time for fighting, but the Rambo gung-ho approach is a sure ticket to oblivion if used against a national power. And acts of violence by some opposition will be used to justify greater control and violence by the government.

            A better strategy (tying this to preparedness) is to use any SHTF moment to prove to local people that local control and initiative is superior to any national and centrally controlled effort. Not only should the preparedness community think about how to save themselves in the event of disaster, they should also think about how they’d step in to organize and help the local community maintain civility, because if they don’t, some distant, less tolerant authority will.

            And the long term strategy would involve finding a way to revive the founders’ philosophy and turning back into the national creed. That means taking over the institutions starting with education. The seeds of totalitarian government were planted in the universities decades ago. They’re bearing fruit today.

            • So this pos is laser guided hmmm. Illuminates the target with a laser. Seems to me there should be an easy way to deflect the beam. Maybe someone who fought for the banking elite in the middle east would have an idea how to do it.

              • Genius, I once read somewhere that a laser can be deflected with a mirror.

                • IF it is in the visible range of em waves. All em can be deflected, reflected, or absorbed. It’s all the same thing, just different materials do different things. There are mirrors to both Xrays and radio waves, they are just not made with the same material. Radar is just lower frequency light that’s emitted then collected by an information processor and ‘decoded’.

                  Every technology has a base counter and a high tech counter. The thing to remember is the human behind the machine. A heat seeking missile will ignore a ‘blank’ zone (heat less than environment) because it’s designed to find heat greater than the surroundings. So covering up in a mylar blanket will possibly defeat it’s seeking mechanism. A human will know that a blank spot where you once saw a target is likely a target actively evading capture. This raises the bar. Not only would you have to hide your heat signature, you’d have to camouflage it to look like the environment.

                  Facial recognition requires a face. Put on high contrast makeup with prominent features (shaped counter to the natural lines of the face) then slap a helmet with a darkened visor on, you are not you. In a lot of cases, you aren’t recognizable as any face. For every “99% hits everytime weapon” there’s a low tech counter to it.

            • A coward that wants to reason with the tyrants, what a shock. This is our time. Those you spoke of are long dead. What you speak of is fantasyland.

              • ZERO,we went to a demstration in DENVER,the US SENATOR came out and told us straight up, GO HOME,we don’t care what you want,WE HAVE A TICKET,and so your wasting our time and yours,so GO HOME,he ment he had a ticket to the underground cities,SO THATS WHATS WRONG,they been promised to be safe underground,SIT back and watch their big screen TV as the WAR rages on..SO,everyone keep your eyes on these guys,when they disappear,its proably about time………

                • I wish ya’ll well

              • No one said anything about reasoning with tyrants. They mostly can’t be reasoned with.

                But it’s important to realize where they get their power from, how they maintain it, and how easy it is for the opponents of tyrants, even after they’ve destroyed the tyrant, to end up losing everything themselves.

                I urge you to read the recent story in The New Criterion about the assassination of Julius Caeser called The Moral of Caeser. After having killed Caesar, the popular will turned against the assassins and they themselves were all killed.


            • Perfect post. The battle is one of information dissemination and education. Time to out Alinsky the vile, fascist, evil Alinsky himself.

          • I’m tired of all the talk, day after day-if you want a war then let it be war. Hope your pie in the sky equipment pans out for you.
            The federal government can’t even tie their own laces- try stopping patriotic guerilla warfare where a majority are veterans.
            You ain’t seen sh*t…

          • Thank God there are still Americans like you. Fuck all their fancy tech, if they try to use it for evil against the American people their will be a powerful enough resistance to prevent their fascism from escalating, we the people are still very well armed – more so than them no matter how many MRAPs and RPGs they like to flaunt.

            Second, when it comes to guerrilla warfare you can utilize almost anything to become deadly. We need more civilians who are skilled in combat rather than more guns at this point.

          • “…And do anything else they want as long as they have funding.” …As long as they have the funding (logistics). Though they intend to sea-base or space-base their logistics, there is their chokepoint.

            “And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:… (Revelation 18:1-11)

        • Well, the fear is working on you. All this bs high tech will be tptb’s down fall…to many very weak links in the chain. Besides, do you really believe them when they tell you it really works?? ie:F35…Crap, a bunch of 5ft tall guys wearing pajamas badly beat all the high tech and unlimited resources of the day because they had RIGHT on their side and the WILL to WIN..Tptb have neither!! so will lose. Tyrants come and go, their plans ALWAYS fail. History repeats.

        • It’s high time that DARPA is shut down.

        • This article is over the top loaded with fear porn BS. DARPA’s mission is to provide advantages on the battlefield. We face a growing threat from China, and Islam, and need to have a technological edge to ensure victory. Of course they are going to develop cutting edge weapons that will enhance the ability of the warfighter to kill the enemy. That is their job. And the comment about “Considering the US’ history of turning weapons of war against its own citizens” is a huge mischaracterization, if not an all out lie.

          I’m with you guys an lots of stuff, but this is just sensational hysteria/fear porn.

          • No kidding. We’ve had laser-designated fire and forget munitions for 20 years in the hands of PFCs on the battlezone and 30 years onboard ship and aircraft.

            This is nothing new, just miniaturization. Welcome to nanotechnology.

      2. Wait, didn’t they try those smart bullets during the Baltimore riots? I heard a rumor that the bullets kept coming back to the shooter and saying, “Can’t find the target. They all look alike.”

        • If you were offended by that comment–

          Yeah, I know it was stereotyping and quite uncorrect in our evolving Marxist Neu Amerika. But, hell, if you hadn’t been doing humor profiling on me, you wouldn’t have noticed.
          Besides, when we lose the ability to laugh at each other (or ourselves) we’ve pretty much lost our civilization. So, go ahead. Giggle, snicker… toss a few okie jokes at me. It’s ok…. 🙂

          • SmokinOkie, that’s a damn good one and keep them coming. I don’t even care if someone got offended.

          • Hey Oakie, I have a question for you… if a married couple from Oaklahoma moves to California and gets a divorce… are they still brother and sister?

            • Of course not [Drug] User. In California they’d be brother and brother.

              • Hey southron, know how a hillbilly daughter knows when her mother is on the rag? Easy, her brothers dick tastes like shit!

          • No PC here Okie. What does offend me is black people calling everybody else racist.

            • Sixpack, all of the anti-white propaganda spewed out by blacks is disgusting and I stand against it. No PC with braveheart EVER!

        • I’d wear my Obama mask that I wore at the last Halloween party I attended. But then again the host’s Chihuahua named ‘Reggie’ kept trying to hump my ankle.

          • A Chihuahua named Reggie? That’s pretty darned funny in itself! How you been PO’d Patriot?

            • Looks like time to get body armour huh. Or maybe do the run, stop, run, stop etc. or zig zag.

              • Great optics
                I bought this scope for a varmint rifle but I’ve been moving it from rifle to rifle and now I just have to break down and get another one I think. I have two expensive Leupolds sitting on my shelf now that I need to sell or something. These are without a doubt the best turrets I’ve found. I put it through the box test and it was perfect! Back to zero every time. This is a GREAT scope.

                Tom McClelland
                Dewey County Sheriff’s Office

                swfa ss 16×42 tactical

                • Old Coach, before you reply please inform us of your experience with this scope. Have you ever seen one in person? How did it perform? How does your first hand experience compare to the hundreds of 5 star reviews? You seem to know all about these scopes so I’m sure your input will be very valuable 🙂

              • Works on everything but artillery…

          • PO’d Patriot, that’s also a good one.

      3. Imagine if all “those wonderful toys” fell into the hands of the Patriot….
        Revenge is a dish best served cold…

        Live Free or Die…karma is a bitch

        • So true, talon.
          By the way, these smart bullets are made by Teledyne Scientific Imagining, a division of Teledyne Technologies. Check out their web site if you want. They have some truly kick-ass developments coming. And surely, it’ll only be used for ‘defensive’ purposes. We can all rest easy.

          • That TDY is one screaming stock!

      4. IF true, I’m sure israel will be testing them in the killing sands (on children).

      5. You never hear a joke starting with:

        A Zen Buddhist walks into a bar…..

        3 Jews are out on the dance floor at a honky tonk in Tulsa….

        Jesus, Mohammad and Hitler were sitting around heaven one day….

        My psychiatrist said I wasn’t really crazy. So I put the knife down and then he…

      6. The end of marksmanship.

        • The further dumbing down of the military? Why not? Then the NWO finally puts the last battalion down, because they couldn’t shoot back anymore.

      7. I was thinking about writing a 6,000 page treatise on the need to reduce verbiage in the health care laws. Specifically Obamacare. Working title, “Technical Help In Streamlining Institutional Syntax, Congressional Redundancy, And Paperwork.”
        Or just use the acronym….T.H.I.S. I.S….

      8. Joshua 1:9

      9. At least us older folks have lived out the majority of our lives, the younger whippersnappers will get the brunt of total tyranny up close and personal, those that think or care about the zero freedom near future. Not only do the Zionist’s control America, but also have total control over Germany, who build the cruise missle enabled submarines for Israel. The Zionist entity in turn arm nuclear Germany. The Bush Crime Cabal control Nazi America back to Prescott. The Nazi Scherfs (Bush family real name) were planted in America to carry out the present.

        • It’s been Bush at least back to the early 1500s in England, not Germany. Exactly when might they have changed their name?

      10. just like all the smarts in the CIA and ATF etc.. but they cant pour piss out of a boot with the directions printed on the heel

        make me a believer that this shit exists and shoot that little commie over in NK with one of these bullets around South Korea’s corner store

        Im from Missouri..”Show me”

      11. Technology has always been a two edged sword. The musket returned power to the common man with its ability to render the knights armor obsolete. The Second Amendment was based upon this premise continuing the relative equality between the civilian population and professional military. The Fourth Amendment survived the land line telephone but has been rendered moot in the age of wireless communication.

        Ease and longevity of life has dramatically increased while freedom is in a very precarious position which is a poor trade off at best, possibly an intolerable one at worst.

        The wheel will not be dis-invented.

        • What’s this high tech sheet? All you have to do is bend the barrel of your rifle and you can shoot around corners.

          I read that somewhere.

      12. “Pentagon to spend nearly $1b shielding War Games mountain bunker from nuclear EMP attack but denies it is moving NORAD back in.

        •Pentagon will spend $700million renovating the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the former headquarters of NORAD

        •High tech communications being installed that are impervious to electromagnetic pulses

        •The bunker is built under 2,000 feet of the Rocky Mountains and is able to withstand a hit by a 30 megaton nuclear blast

        •Decommissioned ten years ago because ‘Russians were no longer a threat’…”

        Military eyeing former Cold War mountain bunker as ‘shield’ against EMP attack?

        “New concerns are being raised that the nation’s electrical grid and critical infrastructure are increasingly vulnerable to a catastrophic foreign attack — amid speculation over whether officials are eyeing a former Cold War bunker, inside a Colorado mountain, as a “shield” against such a strike.

        North American Aerospace Defense Command is looking for ways to protect itself in the event of a massive electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack — a deliberate burst of energy that could disrupt the electrical grid and cripple NORAD’s ability to defend the nation.”

        “What it could do, these various threats, is black out the U.S. electric grid for a protracted period of months or years,” warned Peter Pry, executive director of the EMP Task Force, a bipartisan congressional commission.

        “Nine out of ten Americans could die from starvation, disease and societal collapse, if the blackout lasted a year.”

        “The grid is utterly unprotected from an EMP attack. It’s not adequately protected from cyber or physical sabotage,”

      13. The future of war??? NO! This is the future of our USSA if things stay on the course that they are!
        You can bet that the powers that be are salivating at the chance of using that exact technology on we subjects!

      14. well if this is true then why are they buying all the excess ammo up?

      15. Low tech is more reliable and can beat high tech very easily. The more gagtery something has the more potential chances for error. A 7.62 X54 steel jacket will penetrate any body armor.

        • An arrow will penetrate non ceramic armor, along wil an ice pick!!

      16. These assholes are nothing but useless criminal pigs. While Americans are living from day to day, wondering whether they are going to be able to feed themselves or this or that, these gangsters are spending taxpayers money on projects that are full of nothing but Big Outright Shit. For example. The DoD spent no less than one hundred Billion Dollars on a project that, and I quote “has gone bad”:
        Not long ago came across another article that claims they spent 349 million dollars. And this time the bitch known as NASA is the one who need to be given the award of scumbaginess on this one, as they spend money on this “tower”, in the midst of building it, came to find out it was not going to work, yet went on to finish building it!!!!! and if one, thanks to their slim-balliness, cannot find job as they took away all the jobs and gave them to the Chinese and the Bengladeshans, asked for help, they accuse them of being “a free laoders”. They need to program that crap with their own names and foul muzzles and push the “launch” botton, as the only traitors that deserve to eat that is is non other than themselves. Amen. I came to this country to work and not sit on my hand and watch them FORCIBLY stuff me with Fluoride that way I won’t be threatening for the reasonably smart and ambitious person that I am.
        There are 1000’s of not millions of people in the country that are in worse condition and if they dare to utter the slightest sound, they’d probably targeted as terrorists or hostile to this scumbaggy crimainal state. Yet we are all suppposed to act stupid and oblivious and cheer when we hear that billions are wasted on crap like that while innocent hard working people are rotting because they have been betrayed and lied to. Yikes!

        Here’s a link that mentions why they had to spend that much money while the rest of us starve whether they are hard working or not. Scum of the earth!!!

        • DaisyD, I read you loud and clear and agree wholeheartedly. It burns me also, especially when minority groups, thanks to affirmative action aka federal favoritism, can get on the social programs and live better than we do and it’s all we working people can do to keep our heads above water, and white people who truly need help can’t get anything. You’re damned right I’ll speak out about it. I don’t follow any PC crap anyway. I’m most likely on lists going back to the Clinton era but don’t care. Nothing this evil, scumbag govt. does is legitimate anyway. Bring on the ‘reset’.

          • Braveheart,
            I just read that Hillary plans to give the illegals citizenship!!!!since day one I was legal in this country, never burnt a single rule if I knew it existed. And they dragged me, used and abused me for 6 long years before I was finally sworn. I’d call the INS to check on my applications and they’d just tell me “your file has been closed and laugh and hang up!!!You wouldn’t believe the crap I put up with so much. I don’t have any kids although I can have a squadron if I wanted to, I pay my taxes, etc. When I was waiting, and just thought about abandoning, I spoke to a friend with whom I worked at the time at the airport and he told me he knew a Mexican who had a felony record, but who hired a lawyer and got the citizenship in 8 months!!!! In LA, CA the busiest INS center in the country!!!!8 months. And here I am, squeaky clean, dragged for 6 years and counting before I threatened to file a suit and suddenly that caused them to want to do their job.
            As far as affirmative fraud, I never asked for any such thing. When I was in the military, outside of this country, my bosses were so fond of me some addressed me as “son”, some as “daughter”. The head of the Base used to give vouchers for free gas for my motorcycle, and I was the only one who benefited from such treatement because I did EXACTLY WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO and nothing less. In this country, the only thing I would ask for is My fundamental rights as a citizen. But they don’t give you that because they know if you get the same chance as those fat baby shooters out of their bottoms, you’d beat the odds and you’d shame most. So they deprive you simply out of fear. It’s crazy.

            I mean 10 billion $’s gone to the trash?!?!?!? this is nuts.

            • DaisyD, sorry to hear about all of that. I just hope your American Dream comes true for you one day. Best wishes.

              • Braveheart (I absolutely adore the movie btw :)),

                Thank you so much. I am no longer holding my breath. One thing Jesus did for me is open my eyes to other innocent people atrocities and horror stories in this country, and realize that as bad as things are for me, they can be worse and they are not. He also taught me to be aware of and count my blessings, as in spite of everything I have many STILL, And for that, I give credit to Only Jesus Himself and no one else.

      17. I think that this is bull. I’m still waiting fur my flying car and robot house maid.

        On the other hand, would love a deer rifle with Bambi’s name on it’s bullets. I wonder if they got one fur Ducks, Rabbits, and feral hogs?


      18. I’d like to see the live fire demo. What would DARPA aim at— dogs? cuttin’ horses? people? cars on the freeway? Sick assholes.

      19. Know the enemy. The ones who work for the EPA,IRS,schools,regulatory agencies and enforcement agencies of all stripes. Convince and persuade them that what they are doing is wrong and they will stop. No insurrection is necessary no combat just persuasion.

      20. 50 cal sharp turns mid flight? I call bullshit.

      21. I have seen some advanced sniper scopes that self adjust for the shooter. Cost is 23k.

      22. They aren’t unstoppable…
        Infiltration and Exploitation!

      23. Maybe we can get them to use Windows Vista operating system – or any other Microsoft piece of garbage. Either the bullet will crash on firing, reverse and hit the shooter, or when the trigger is pulled, will just show an hourglass for the next three days

      24. IMO, I think it pretty freaking cool.

        Just gotta trust who’s pulling the trigger, wouldn’t wanna be down range of it that’s for sure.

      25. We all know that a space blanket will shield from the night vision flir thermovision.

        Anybody have ideas on the radiant barrier on the underside of roof sheathing?

        I just built a workshop and used this radiant barrier to help with heating and cooling, but i was wondering if there would be an added bonus of diffusing the FLIR systems?

        • I think they’re going to be able to see your shop building with or without FLIR platforms.

      26. “Scots, who have with Wallace bled,
        Scots, whom Bruce has often led,
        Welcome to your gory bed
        Or to victory!

        Now’s the day, and now’s the hour:
        See the front of battle lower,
        See the approach, proud Edward’s power –
        Chains and Slavery.

        Who will be a traitor knave?
        Who will fill a coward’s grave?
        Who’s so base as be a slave?
        Let him turn an flee.

        Who, for Scotland’s King and Law
        Freedom’s sword will strongly draw?
        Freeman stand or freeman fall,
        Let him on with me.

        By Oppression’s woes and pains,
        By your sons in servile chains!
        We will drain our dearest veins,
        But they shall be free!

        Lay the proud usurpers low,
        Tyrants fall in every foe,
        Liberty’s in every blow! –
        Let us do or die!”

        (“Scots Wha Hae”, by Robert Burns–1759-1796, commemorating the reputed battle address by Robert the Bruce, King of Scots to his troops at the Battle of Bannockburn against the invading forces of Edward II, King of England in 1314)

      27. First, while an interesting article to read, I do take issue with it. It’s obvious to me that one day soon the metaphorical line in the sand will be crossed. And each one of us will have a choice to make. Be a pillow biter or stand and fight. An article like this, while educational, does leave the reader with the impression that resistance is futile.
        Let me tell you. It is not! First of all. I did ten years in the infantry and watched the most powerful, technologically advanced military get drug into stalemates buy a bunch or undereducated cave men. Simply by fighting and disappearing. First, it isn’t about winning. Its about living to fight another day.
        This government WITH allies couldn’t control and hold 2 states against minimal resistance. Its just not possible. It’s financially a drain to have the forces needed. And if you don’t have those forces, you’ll be spread so thin, anything will be a target.
        The real question here is, will there be enough people to stand against it, or will we leave our children a life of servitude?

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