Frightening Future of Socialized Healthcare: Nearly One Million Veterans In Backlog; 20,000 Die Each Year Waiting for Medical Care

by | May 10, 2013 | Headline News | 196 comments

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    In coming years the President’s landmark Affordable Care Act will be integrated into the American health care system with the promise of providing free, abundant and complete medical care for every American citizen who needs it.

    There are those who claim that the new law, passed through Congress without ever having been read by a single Senator or State Representative, is the solution to all of our problems. Its aim is to have the government manage not only the doctors in America, but the specific care that an individual will be able to receive based on their personal needs.

    On paper, the idea that every American will have access to free and efficient health care seems like a dream come true.

    However, like everything the government touches, the pipe dream of universal health care functioning effectively in a system plagued by corruption, corporate malfeasance, bureaucracy  and greed will end disastrously.

    How could we make such a suggestion without first giving it a try?


    America’s military veterans have been depending on a government managed health care system for decades. If the efficiency and care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs is any guide, then what the rest of us have to look forward to is a cradle-to-grave existence of frustration, pain, suffering and a lack of any kind of oversight for our health care needs.

    There are currently over 900,000 disability claims cases from veterans waiting to be processed, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting.

    The average time to process a claim at the VA is now 272 days, or approximately 9 months, according to the Center. In many cases, the wait is sometimes over a year, Enyart said.

    “These men and women are rightfully entitled to prompt adjudication and payment for their claims,” Enyart said. “Often these disabled veterans are unable to work because of their injuries and they are suffering without income while waiting on the VA to process their claims.”


    That’s one million American veterans who have been promised health care by our government and are being completely ignored.

    Many live in pain every day of their life, often without any sort of treatment provided by their local VA hospital.

    Others are depending on disability to checks to pay the rent and put food on the table; disability checks that never come in the mail because they are still waiting for a professional VA assessor to determine if they are worthy of assistance.

    In a recent Veteran’s Day speech, President Obama made the following claim:

    We take care of our own. We take care of our veterans.

    We take care of your families, not just by saluting you on one day, once a year, but by fighting for you and your families every day of every year. That’s our obligation, a sacred obligation to all of you.

    If the nearly one million American veterans whose medical claims are currently backlogged are this important to the President, then this country is in for a world of hurt.

    Supporters of Obamacare will deny the existence of “death panels” which will have authority to determine who or who does not receive treatment for certain diseases or conditions under the new health care laws.

    Guess what?

    The death panels are already fully operational at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Last year, as hundreds of thousands of veterans’ claims were shuffled across the desks of VA bureaucrats, 20,000 veterans died awaiting medical care that could have saved their lives.

    This is how much President Obama, his administration, our Congressional representatives and government administrators care.

    They care that much about you and your family, too.


    Watch: VA’s Disability Claims Backlog Pushes 900,000


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      1. yet another failure by the administration.

        • This isn’t simply a democrat problem… both parties are to blame for pretty much everything… it’s a one party system.

          • Republicans in the House voted 100% FOR Obamacare.

            That’s right. They ALL voted FOR the Bill that was sent to the Senate and became the Affordable Care Act. Then they all voted against it when it no longer mattered.

            • Eat raw food: that is, fruit and vegetables. Eat organic. Take herbal supplements that people have used for thousands of years; just like gold and silver, they are proven medicine without side effects.

              Tell the doctors at the VA and ObummerCare to kiss your ass!

              • One Party, sems if I recall right, repubs made a big deal out of the issue they never even had one single repub vote for obomacare. It got passed entirely by DEMS Only as I recall it. That became the repubs main talking point on all tv news shows. They, repubs said its the largest law bill ever passed since FDR era yet ONLY dems voted for it.

                aka= A Totally Partisan dem passed bill/laws.

                Dont get me wrong I agree mostly both partys are two sides of same coin. But Not that time it seems.

                I am still waiting for the almost 90 new Tea Party repubs in house and senate to begin halting the head monkys crap like they promiced, and so many folks in tea partys fell for. I wonder if tea partys still exist? If yes, do they still promote repubs as a soultion again? Hard to believe so many will be fooled again so badly huh.

                • I am hopeful about the Tea Party taking control of the Retard Party and eliminating assholes like John McLame. An American hero once, he is now just another scumbag politician pimping for the NWO.

                  I wish the old sob would do US all a favor and just die!

                  • durango kidd:

                    John McCain was NEVER an “American Hero.”

                    But he is a “scumbag politician”, just as they all are.

                  • Now that is one thing you and I agree upon 100%.


                  • You know as well as we do The Tea Party is created by the NWO ……. with the purpose of reducing the numbers of Republican party voters. 🙁


                    Don’t worry after the 2nd manufactured civil war, when the communists takes over, they will seek for revenge against conservatives such as: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, McCain, John Boehner, etc… Useful Idiots will be cheering just as they did through out history. (Unfortunately, prez Bush doesn’t seem to be aware of it.)

                    And for the lucky ones, at least 2/3 of our politicians will have a new identity and will flee to their homeland or their rich little island.

                    Most of us may not be here 🙁 as we’ve seen following after previous wars (WW1 and 2), revolutions and civil wars.

                  • The Tea Party’s name was in memorial of Benjamin Franklin (a Banker) and Patrick Henry (a Lawyer), etc… It’s named after the Boston Tea Party.

                    Ever since the revolution, America has had a new lender. 🙁


                    There’re articles that talked about Benjamin Franklin who was a Billionaire and was the US Ambassador to Great Britain. His face is still on the hundred dollar bill and other forms of money as well. Franklin and Patrick Henry’s quotes are constantly used by the media outlets.

                  • JOHN MCDICK was also known as a songbird never a hero
                    by his commrades

                  • couldn’t agree more DK

                    the loser repuke party is nothing but a shadow of its former self nothing but cowards and career politicians
                    more interested in keeping there phoney jobs and not really working for a living. These ass clowns wouldn’t know an honest days work if it bit them.
                    and that’s why we as a country need to push for Term limits.

                    This whole Benghazi affair SHOULD Be the thing that gets OBUMMER impeached and run out of office. but you will never hear a thing from the repukes but excuses.
                    if a repuke did this and got 4 Americans killed and then tried to cover up up like Obummer has they would all ready be out of office.

                    if we would have had a repuke in the office and he (or she) did even half of the shit that BO has done they wouldn’t have made it past the first year

                    But if you listen to the news the Liberal left has nothing but praise for BO and even on Fox listen to Beckel and Juan Williams nothing but praise and excuses.
                    why Juan Williams has any loyalty towards the liberal left is beyond me. after the way they treated him after his comment about being nervous around middle eastern men on an airplane

                    jay carney said hey that was 8 months ago a long time! they just want it to go away and never be bothered by all this unpleasantness.
                    What kind of an ass hole president thinks that if he goes to bed things will be better in the morning HOW the 4 americans will be less dead ? they will be less mutilated?
                    Exactly how will it be better ??

                    remember ken star and the clinton mess ? Why wont any one get the balls and go after Obummer. why ? because one they would have to actually do something and two there all afraid of him and the dumbocrats.

                    Its all about race and playing that Race card and the Kenyan will always use it. if even ONE white repuke tried he would be labeled a racist for life.

                    next up Moochelle any one want to bet she takes a run at the white house Might not work but they would be stupid to not at least try it.

                    there needs to be true reform in america and it needs to start soon or we are going to be a memory

                    skittle shittin unicorn

                • The Republicans were in favor of ObamaCare!

                  How in the hell do you think it got passed?

                  Don’t tell me the Supreme Court!

                  If Republicans in the House and Senate stood united against the bill, it never would have made it to the “Lowest Court in the Land”!!

                  And we would not have ObamaCare.


                  • No Republican voted for Obamacare. You are very sadly mistaken and ignorant of the facts…

                  • SENATE OBAMACARE MAP KEY:

                    BLUE = Two Democratic yeas

                    PURPLE = One Democratic yea, one Republican nay

                    ORANGE = One Republican nay, one Republican not voting

                    RED = Two Republican nays

                    The orange state is Kentucky–one of my senators didn’t vote–other voted no.

                    for maps, add http://to this

                  • By the map, Crutchfield is right–NOT ONE Repub voted for that mess.
                    Check the color-coded map.

                  • @Crutchfield:

                    Lets get this straight.

                    Senator Ted Cruz(R) offered an amendment to defund Obamacare.

                    All of the Republicans in the Senate voted for that amendment, but that amendment failed.

                    So, that gets the Senate back to a Continuing Resolution, which funds Obamacare.

                    By voting for the continuing resolution, Senators who vote “yea”, vote to fund Obamacare!

                    The following Senators voted to pass the continuing resolution even though it funds Obamacare.

                    Alexander (R-TN)
                    Barrasso (R-WY)
                    Blunt (R-MO)
                    Boozman (R-AR)
                    Chambliss (R-GA)
                    Coats (R-IN)
                    Cochran (R-MS)
                    Collins (R-ME)
                    Corker (R-TN)
                    Cornyn (R-TX)
                    Hatch (R-UT)
                    Hoeven (R-ND)
                    Isakson (R-GA)
                    Johanns (R-NE)
                    McConnell (R-KY)
                    Murkowski (R-AK)
                    Sessions (R-AL)
                    Shelby (R-AL)
                    Thune (R-SD)
                    Wicker (R-MS)

                    Thats nearly half the Republican Senate!

                    If any one of those senators tells you they did not vote to fund Obamacare or, in fact, voted against funding Obamacare, they are LIARS. They may have voted for Ted Cruz’s amendment, but after it failed, they still knowingly and willingly voted to fund Obamacare. And now they are lying to their constituents.

                    Many of these same Senators are also supporting separate legislation to foist a massive tax increase on the American people.


                    Crutchfield says:

                    “No Republican voted for Obamacare. You are very sadly mistaken and ignorant of the facts…”

                    You know what Crutch; There are none so blind as Partisan JackWagons.

                • @ NMBC



                  • JQR and others have voiced their concerns about the controlled rating system.

                    Perhaps Mac should remove the rating and let people decide for themselves. Geez, trolls would be very disappointed. Hmmm, someone is trying to influence the thinking of Mac’s audience, no surprise at all.

                    Hope Safety, Justice and Happiness for All Beings. 🙂

              • When I was a little kid in the late sixties early seventies, my uncle was with the FBI. He would bring me wanted posters for souvenirs. Guess who was on those posters, most of the people that have to do with being in charge today, Obamas associates, his mentors, what not. My Uncle left the FBI because it started to change back in the seventies, he talked of liberal influences, tripping them up, stepping on their toes, and messing with their criminal cases. My point is; Make no doubt about it; THESE ARE CRIMINALS RUNNING THE SHOW TODAY, AND THEY PLAN ON TAKING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE………..

              • Durango Id like to by you a drink someday your comment
                is the most truthful statement ive read on this site
                genesis plainly says herbs were to be used for medicine
                for a cure not treatment but big medicine as brainwashed everyone to believe otherwise they pump their poison
                into everyone and never cure them 1000 thumbs up to you

              • My dh won’t do this.
                He is a wimp.
                I won’t even go to the sickening VA with him any longer.
                One appt today, another next Wed. He has dementia and doesn’t know ‘what’ they are doing, ‘why’ they are doing it, and the ‘results’ of what they did!!
                This is your tax dollars being wasted–I hung up on the SECOND verification of appt. when she couldn’t give me the docs name my dh would be seeing!!!
                I’m sick of their s**t!! He can’t hear due to running over a land mine with a bulldozer–his test proved he has experienced a hearing loss of 60% but that didn’t allow compensation??
                I’m so sick of their crap.

              • organic is a marketing gimmick.

                don’t fall for the hype.

                “certified organics” use mostly copper based pesticides at the rate of 4X conventional agricultural pesticide application. organic farming yields 40-50% less than conventional ag.

                if you’re concerned about your food supply, grow your own. they only way to be sure.

            • Not a single Republican in the house voted for Obamacare. I don’t give them a free pass but the truth should always come first. I hold both parties at fault for the condition our country is in. The no-doc loans were the first form of Quantitative Easing and they were both involved, either by direct support or lack of opposing it.

              • 100% of Republicans in the House voted FOR Obamacare.

                All legislation begins in the House. Not the Senate. The House created the Bill that ultimately became the Affordable Care Act and sent it to the Senate. It was a vehicle only at that point. The Bill was nothing but a vehicle they all knew what it was going to become. Nonetheless, 100% of Republicans, as in every single fucking one of them voted FOR the Bill.

                It was only when it no longer mattered the Republicans all voted against it. At that time the damage was already done.

                Want to talk about Republican John Roberts?

                • You are delusional and your lack of education shows….

                  • Crutch is a fool.

                    Thats the way the GOP likes ’em.


                  • Hate to say it, but Crutchfield is right.

                    Obamacare is just the same version of Hillarycare. It was Called Universal Healthcare.

                    Republican Party rejected it in the 90s.

                    We heard the Republicans complained they did not have the documents, so they could not read them. And everybody was more interested in Michael Jackson’s death. 🙁

                    Also in 2010, I believe Democrats CONTROLLED BOTH the upper house ( aka the Senate) and the lower house. With 2/3 of the Senate votes, Dems can stop or put thing through before it reaches Obama’s desk.

                    It’s not too late to do the right things. People who are still in power and are paid to do their job, instead of having the media and propagandists go on the internet and blaming someone else. 🙁

            • This is disgusting..they treat veterans like pieces of shit after they sacrifice life and limb for their duty to the oligarchs that could give 2 fucks about them.

              When the hell is America ever going to awake?

              Never I am afraid..

              These ass hats all of them have to go..from top to bottom.

              They lie, cheat, conceal, connive. yet millions of idiots support them still in every election..

              Just wait til Obamacare finally kicks in ..we’re all fucked!!!!

              as if we aren’t already..


              • I Herr of these horror stories but never see them. I receive great care from the Va. I had the same primary for a long time. He just retired and I had a new one in two weeks. I see specials all the time. Glasses and my teeth fixed.

                The vets I hear bitching mostly are the one that don’t even ask for help.

                • Our butt hole of a VA doctor, kept saying he was gonna order the sleep apnea test–it took him weeks to order it and it finally was delivered last Saturday after a request was made February 14th when dh had his stroke–that’s 3 months!!!!!
                  That IS incompetence any way you slice it!!!
                  Great you have considerate care-not happening in Tennessee.

          • This is nothing but a “Euthanasia by Denial” policy.
            The gov’t Stands naked before the people now.
            We should be outraged by their shameless actions.

          • Our problems have been caused by all these life time representatives, you have all these arrogant pricks who have held their office for in many cases decades, they are collectively to blame for every single one of our problems, the idiots who voted for them are also at fault,
            When we do away with lifetime benefits and retirement with full pay for these misrepresentatives we may see a change,
            Obamacare is not socialized medicine, it is welfare for health insurers, they are a huge part of the problem, they dont pay their bills to hospitals and doctors, and dispute all the charges, all while raising rates higher and higher, then you get these idiot progressives who think those who can pay, should also pay for those who cant!
            When that passed was the day i started reducing my business output, stopped looking to expand, and made up my mind that 2013 was the last year i would make a profit.

        • There is a solution to this problem.


          The reason the Nixon Administration ended the draft was because the draft was drawing attention to the EMPIRE.


          “Complacent, lazy & stupid US citizen who votes for politicians based upon information proffered by government shills in the mainstream media, or for other vacuous reasons. This dolt not only doesn’t understand the concept of “limited government”, but has never read The Constitution nor The Bill of Rights. He also believes his vote counts and that politicians are honest”.

          Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be soldiers(killers for empire).

          • Sorry, God, Country, Family. The Government of this country is without question now in question, but the Military is a place of brotherhood and patriots.

            Many young men and woman without direction find their patriotism within the ranks of likeminded leaders and peers; it is this direction and growth within the Military that makes them the citizens we need.

            • I agree, for many in recent history it was either serve or starve, one of my friends said he would rather be in the navy than trying and failing to find a job as an engineer, there are no jobs!

            • Salute to you y99, well said!


              • Alex, relax and focus on the target right in front of you first.

            • Sorry to burst bubbles, but, the military, at least the army, and more specifically, special operations, isn’t one big happy patriotic family. Sure, some server for financial reasons, some for tradition, some for actual patriotism, others just because they wanted to try something different. There isn’t some magical transformation that melded us all into one patriotic unit. We did have brotherhood in spades, any one of,us would give their lives for their brother in arms. This attribute alone is what makes our army so effective when unshackled from political considerations. Unfortunately, this same attribute is abused by those in power who are immoral, murderous thugs. When you are put in harms way, you are thinking about, in order: your brothers welfare, then your welfare, then family welfare. Very rarely is there a Hollywood moment when you dive on the grenade thinking “for country and Obama!!”. It just does…..not…..happen. Now, the rest of the army, as in the 90% of support personnel, they are a mix of good, bad and mediocre soldiers just earning their paycheck, much like a factory worker, or office drone. in the ranks, few are joining to support the murderous regime. Just the way that it is. Esprit de corps is alive and well, but it doesn’t translate to patriotism as espoused by dear leader. I think the immaturity of the average soldier keeps them from digging too deep into what serving actually means. By the time they get 10 or 20 years under their belt, they are stuck in a profession and have largely accepted their fate.

          • Thumbs Up because you used the word Dolt. Love that word!!!

          • Correct me if I’m wrong, but seems to me like Obama doesn’t have the loyalty and support of the rank and file of the military. I mean, with only his appointed yes men to back him up, would he be able to count on the US forces should he tear up all that’s left of the Constitution?

        • Was even worse before this Administration, I spent over 2.5 yrs waiting for my VA Claims to finally be resolved in 2009.

          All, Post Vietnam, from my injuries and exposure to Agent Orange, and exposure to hearing Heavy gun fire and explosions from Vietnam.

          I didn’t know I was even entitled to any assistance from the VA until the injuries and exposures became disabling in early 2005.

          I just figured it was part of the price of keeping our Freedoms. Go figure.

          Locked and loaded….

          The VA Never has been very fast at resolving or denying Claims, Even when I was Honorably Discharged after 8 yrs of Military service in 1968.

        • look at how stupid the inner city types are

          in Detroit a radio station played a joke and thousands of Black welfare types stood in a line for OBAMMA Cash

          and when asked where they thought this free money was going to come from the women who was interviewed said from his private stash

          Maybe she thought he was giving out his Pot LOL

        • Real story, not just statistics.
          Last July when dh had his carotid surgery, a girl from Kansas was there with her husband that had finally, after being on dialysis for 3 years, gotten a kidney in Nashville(many surrounding states go to Nashville).
          He had stopped working 4 years before due to a heart condition that disabled him, lost his business, and his wife became pregnant with a change-of-life pregnancy–thier first, and she worked 4 part-time jobs to keep from losing their house.
          Now, he was denied disability because VA said he LOOKED just fine, and only we that are served there could possibly understand THAT attitude.
          Well, finally the call came from Kansas that he was certified ‘disabled’ when he came from surgery of the transplant.
          It took 4 years, dialysis for 3, and a fricking kidney transplant to get that certification!!!

          True story.

        • But we have universal health care here in Canada and I can tell you it’s nothing like you’re describing here for the general population. You’re comparing apples and oranges here. From a couple of veterans I know well, though, our VA equivalent is just about as inefficient as yours. But it’s completely separate from the a general citizen’s care.

      2. I work in a hospital so I can say without a doubt that everyone has health care, just some more than others. That said, I believe that the “POOR” people that use the Emergency Room for their primary care have for the most part better insurance than those of us that have a large portion of our paychecks confiscated for health insurance.
        One for-instance-A certain minority female came into the emergency room for treatment. Perfectly professionally groomed nails, Perfectly braided hair, asking if I had ever been to the (name omitted) casino. I replied that I had not,and she proceeded to inform me that they had the best prime rib. Don’t know about most of you posters, but it is a rare occasion when me and the Mrs. go out for anything close to a prime rib. This female was on (naturally) public assistance.
        Is it any wonder that this country is going to hell?
        All I can say is, they better fill up now cause when the SHTF, these same mooches will be without and will probably be eating each other.
        As a veteran, I have a lot of aprehension of going to the VA clinic. Heard too many horror stories. I just am praying that Oblabla care eventially falls apart from it’s own weight.

        • @ Say When –

          Sadly, those who know how to scam, work and play the ‘system’ to their advantage usually end up living about the same scale of life as do those who get up early, try to do the ‘right’ thing and work hard all day long to earn their money. If you know how to do it right, being “poor” can pay off like the proverbial ‘jammed-slot-machine.

          ‘Cadillac Quality’, 1st World Healthcare, as we know it, ends for everyone the day that the police and fire departments quit showing up for work. That’s also the day that the doctors and the nurses quit showing up for their shifts at local hospitals. The last thing out the door, everything that isn’t nailed down in terms of drugs and medical supplies leaves with the doctors and nurses so that they may care for their families as well as bartering later on.

          Now, while everything is still relatively ‘normal’, might just be a good time to avail yourself of some of those usually free first aid classes that the local Red Cross organizations put on. Hard copy first aid books, a comprehensive first aid kit, antibiotics and pain meds. Don’t just have the ‘stuff’ ……. also know what to do with it!

          Stock up on any prescription drugs that a family member takes on a regular basis. I make sure that my wife ALWAYS has at LEAST 18 months of her thyroid medication on the shelf.

          Time remaining on the clock is anyone’s guess; please use it wisely. God Bless & good luck.

      3. This is going to turn out to be the most diasterous administration I’ve ever personally seen.

        Which astounds me because I swore nothing could ever get as bad as Bush.

        1. Failed gun ban = results in exactly the opposite of the desired effect, with a huge upsurge in arms sales.

        2. Bush’s Orwellian policies actually EXPANDED on at ludicrous speed. The eradication of these policies, and only the eradication of those policies, were my hope for this administration. But no. It gets worse! Almost impossible to believe from a Democrat, but now I finally get it, they’re all going to do the same thing.

        3. The economy. You can’t pin it all on Bush THIS far in. Something should be recovering, if only mildly. Instead? Hit the accelerator, we want to hit that wall at 600 miles per hour instead of 400.

        4. Now this shit. Which is going to be exactly as you say. Oh did I mention employers are going to drop their hours and hence their coverage? Goody.

        You know I’d rather he keeps fighting (and losing… BADLY) this mindless gun ownership issue. He can’t win it, not on his best day, and if he’s focused on that, he can’t fuck anything else up.

        • +1 Theguy. This will most likely be one of the worst, (No this is the worst) administrations and congress due to negligence, indifference, ineptitude and just… plain… meaness, that I personally have ever witnessed. White, black, no particular creed withstanding, it has been a total clusterfuck. I thought the buffoon GW Bush was bad, but this here group pales in comparison to a humongous pile of dog shit. Ok, I feel a little better getting that off’n my chest….fall back and fire away.

        • Obama and Bush are the reason we need 2A.

          The next “Piece of Shit of the United Socialist States of America” will be worse…WORSE!

          This all ends in another gun fight because tyranny and darkness are advancing and because the American people have allowed it.

          • You will probably be the one of the first ones shot off of your high horse.

      4. Obummers admin is nothing but a joke if he cared as he says he does then he would not have let 4 people die
        while he slept and “hoped it would get better tomorrow”.

        this lying shit weasel knows nothing about Honor and the debt we owe the veterans of this country.

        Hillary was a joke and she got the job only because she backed out of running for president and now she is getting her ducks in a row for her own run in 2016. she quit just so the country could claim to not be a racist country and put this Kenyan piece of crap in to an office he should have never held. he should have stayed in Chicago with his acorn buddies.

        any one who doesn’t bring this up the entire time she runs is nothing but a coward. every day she runs some one should remind her how 4 people were murdered and dragged thru the streets naked then hacked apart all so she could play politics.
        remember her TV commercial about the 3AM phone call and who would YOU want to take it her or Obummer well now we can ask how she handled that. as it was actually 2 AM when the WH was alerted.

        she will take Obama care and turn it into Clinton care.

        EVERY one needs to watch there ass from now on its going to get ugly here in america and OBUMMER will throw one hissy fit after another. if he cant get his way and walk away from Benghazi.
        IF some one actually tries to hold him responsible he will seek revenge on all of us

        • I swear to you I’m out of here if Hillary gets elected. Even Mexico would be preferrable.

          I have rather personal reasons for intensely disliking her policies, dating back to the 90’s.

          • I’m definitely showing my age here by saying I was a 90’s kid, but what specific pokicies were you referring to Theguy?

          • And speaking of that ol’ snatch Hillary,
            “We take care of our own.”
            Really????? You think so?????



            • I guess it depends on the definition of who “our own” is.

            • yeah … she and bill clinton ‘takes care’ of them alright .

              with a bullet to the head .

              REMEMBER ~

              VINCE FOSTER


              • Oh, puh-leeze–there is a list!!
                It’s called Clinton Casualties or Body Count.
                Started early on with 24; now past 50.

              • What comes around gos around, Hillary is gettn throwed under the bus, as the Clinton’s has done in the passed. There is only one person who can give the stand down order and that is the black guy,now she is gona get a Taste of the Clinton Medicine and the black guys hands will be clean with the sheeple.

                • Yes indeed. Clinton chickens are coming home to roost.

          • I agree. However Mexico would be a mistake. I’m headed to Canada. It’s only 90 miles north of me. They speak englis, french. tagolog and chinese. I know Canada has its own problems but at least I wouldn’t have to put up with our great country under another clinton administration. G-d I can’t even imagine that ! Hopefully Bengazi bites her in the ass. I mean really what difference does it make? What a bitch.

            • 90 miles north to Canada, would that be Coeur D alene?

          • Mexico won’t save you.

            The USSA owns it as well as the Dominion of Canada.

            Just stand your ground!


            • The more of your comments I read, the more I’m reminded of the late BARNEY FIFE!!!

          • If hilary gets elected you won’t have too move to mexico , mexico will move too you

          • GUY start packing the bible say my people will be
            ruled by women and opessed by children its happening now

        • Excellent rant!!!! Don’t stop now!

        • Hillary quit, because their handlers had decided that the negro would be best suited for their agenda. They promised her her turn in 2016, when I predict she will also be installed. She is being kept FOR A REASON. She has a purpose in the future. Somebody had better JFK her ass, or we’re done as a nation.

          • Right sixpack

            totally right on but you forget the other reason she dropped out and that was because he had some kind of dirt on her not sure what it was. maybe she was caught with one of Bills leftovers.

            do you remember how he said HE would pay all her costs up to the point of her dropping out were talking millions here and why you ask? so that she can have a war chest for her run in 2016 and not lift a finger.
            just wonder if he really did give her the money or if he has plans to throw her under the bus

            i have noticed in the news lately that they/He keeps saying after his second term and how he isn’t planning on trying to change the constitution and go for a third term. one thing about BO if he says he isn’t then you can bet your ass he IS !!

            remember his famous speech about how he wasn’t Ginned up to spend 16 billion dollars? .on the failed stimulus plan and then turned around and did it

            if he says he isn’t going to do some thing then he really is

            its like bizarro world from superman

            his lies have been many and now they have been dangerous

            • You’re right troll killer, and we all know this isn’t the first major scandal Clinton has been front-and-center in. I think they will only throw her under the bus if this happens to be one scandal too many, making her less viable for a sure win. WE HAVE TO KEEP THE PRESSURE ON BENGHAZI, or face Clinton as our next ‘leader’.

        • Welcome to..BRA aka Black Run America. Hobammy wrote in his book Dreams from daddy that by age 12yrs he Knew he absolutly HATED whites and especially white americans. And he wrote of how by age 12 he then decided to go to collage in order to find and hook up with Like minded professors etc in the hopes by then someone will find a way thru DNA medicine to alter His, hobammys dna so he can become a full 100% negro and do away with his 1/2 white dna!

          yet a whole lots of whites voted for this asshole due to their massive white guilt complexes. I try but can no longer believe america has not passed the point of no return. Hope I am wrong. But highly doubt it.

          The ONLY good thing about the future in america I can see any longer is that I never had kids. I do worry for all others kids if they are patriots. But am glad I got no kids or grandkids that will ask me WHY. Why when all you guys had 2nd amendt and so many firearms as well as Every “Star” Lined up in Your favor did you guys not do something to Fix it?

          We have every us const and state const laws on Our side as Rightous in all ways posible. DOI and Rest of BOR also. Seems all we now lack is a Leadership Voice for the people/patriots. A Solid respected Voice that has ability to Rally tens of millions to join forces and do it. I hope I live to see it if it is going to occure.

          No other type future will be worth remaining alive for.

          • Speaking of blacks–hasn’t Allen West been quiet lately??

            • JayJay west is the same as hannity et al. War hawks for israel and jew causes. Sorry but we got way to many folks in high power positions who care More about that bandit state and them peoples. And they refeuse to allow for ANY debate or talk of it that don’t confirm and agree with that agenda. IE: Israel and jew firsters always and foremost period.

              Who aint For us is against us. Jesus said that and it fits for america and Us folks today too. USA and Patroit folks should come First.

              Hannity and most all them neocon AND tea party elected traitors repeat Non stop “oh Gee we Must End entitlements or it all will collapse. Then without skip a beat hannity and every neocon guest he has on next says “Entitlements such as Soc security and medicare!”

              Yet NEVER does he or they mention…$350+ Billion Per year for ILLEAGLES(mainly mexicans) Nor mentions Welfare generational type for Blacks mainly.

              And God forbid anyone tells hannity or any elected neocon this…”Maybe we spend TOO much on foriegn aid, ESPECIALLY to Israel”….Thats the point hannity and neocons go bezerk and scream Nazi! antisemite! Hater!

              Perhaps They need to MOVE to israel to live and leave america alone. Folks need check recent dna Proof 98% are Khazers and NOT from any of 12 tribes orig israelites.

              We are paying for Frauds. And even if they were actual decendants? so what? Why do WE need pay for Them to exist as the worlds largest membership-welfare State?

              Let Them self chozen-self worshipers let God support them all if they are who they claim to be huh. He wont since He caused Their second temple to get destroyed and all their orig records of Births and tribe affiliations etc be burned to ashes. God says he will reject all who reject His new covenant and begotton Son(Christ) that includes jews too or israelites if they prefere.

              So if God rejets them since 70 ad, why should usa taxpayers fully support everything jew or israel?

              From such Turn Away! thats what christians are taught to do with all listed as unbelievers etc. That means those folks too. Unless they convert(they had 2000 yrs so far and keep refusing). Sorry for ranting jayjay just cant help it after seeing most every repub including Tea Party promoted repubs screw us same as the rest have.

              IMHO it seems todays repubs are Competing with kommie dems to screw us Worse if it is even posible. That goes Double for Fox msm neocons as well as Radio talker neocons too. TRAITORS. All.

              • God’s chosen people broke the covenant:
                “Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people . . .” (Exodus 19:5Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:See All…).
                “But if you will not listen to me and carry out all these commands, and if you reject my decrees and abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant . . . I will bring upon you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and drain away your life. You will plant seed in vain, because your enemies will eat it. I will set my face against you so that you will be defeated by your enemies; those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee even when no one is pursuing you. If after all this you will not listen to me, I will punish you for your sins seven times over” (Leviticus 26:14-18

                (you are one of very few that get it and don’t mind admitting it!!)

        • Look now, I’m sick of this leftist bullshit as well, but I’m realistic.

          The Republicans – and there are no viable 3rd party candidates so get that out of your minds asap – have not run an electable candidate since 1996. Sarah Palin is the reason that Obama is president in the first place, and Mitt Romney may as well have been Thurston fucking Howle the fourth.

          Running farther to the right in primaries is ruling out the middle entirely in general elections, and it’s the middle that always decides in a democracy.

          Apart from that, where’s the talent? Obama is president because he’s a good politician. Where’s the talented politician who represents my interests? I can tenuously say that they’re OUR interests here.

          I want Barack Obama caliber campaigner who says no, everybody’s not supposed to be gay all the time; and yes, we should all have AR’s in case the government gets our of hand; and yes, biology is real; and no, I don’t have to feel sorry for every dumb bastard who smokes crack all day.

          Until we get someone who can say all of those things without seeming like a disengaged whack-job, it’s going to be Hillary Clinton 2016 and all gay, unarmed, welfare babies from that point onward.

          Put that in my pipe and smoked it. Come on in. the water’s fine.

          • WE are not going to make it to a 2016 Selection.

            • I’m sad to say that’s an optimistic point of view.

          • Damn bud, maybe you should run! Personally im sick of these damn career politicians, i think we need a national push to oust all incumbents and pass a whole bunch of laws that limit terms, regulate lobbyists and a slew of orher common sense crap that normal folks get.

            • Hell Kulafarmer i have been saying this for some time now.

              and here is one way to start it do it on the local level start a campaign in your area town city what ever
              and make your state representative serve only two terms no more no less.

              then get your senator and make them only serve two terms.

              one idea i heard a couple years ago was for ALL politicians to serve a total of 20 years on the state and National level i personally think that’s too long.

              if you consider that a Rep serves 2 years and a senator serves 6 years you basically would have a turn over in 4 years and 12 years. and limit these ass clowns to one committee not 5 or 6 like most have
              AND make it illegal to try and run for a different office just to stay in. the one exception is president
              and NO retirement plans like they have now. they get half salary and only for 10 years After they turn 65.
              or else its social security like us. NO secret service after leaving office.NO taxpayer supported offices and Staff.

              you could stagger each one but we would basically be voting all the time.

            • Common sense is inexplicably difficult to pin down these days.

              Me, I swing a little too wild, so I ain’t no candidate.

              Somebody ought to share the sentiments, but have a tight reign on it if they want to be president, I think.

              Still, how we can go from a nation that elected GW twice to one that elected BHO twice is beyond me. It can only be explained by disqualifying features in the republican candidates… Sarah Palin and then Bobby Newport.

      5. Yes, this is how the US rights its economic ship without the going thru an economic SHTF period IMO.

        Obamacare is a government conrtol lover’s dream and a budgetary dream for those in DC. At first, Obamacare’s costs are going to shoot up; but as the government gets its claws in and is able to approve or deny anything to anyone in addition to the general sloth and carelessness in a government run and health system and you have a whole lot of baby boomers that dont get a chance to eat up every dollar the US has thru its healthcare system because in 2014 the patient and doctor are out as deciders.

        IMO, by 2020; the govt will have lightened its senior healthcare load a lot and will have bent the costcurve down by taking out grandma a little earlier than would have been done 10 years ago and in turn the people paying in start gaining on those taking money out.

        Problem solved. Obamacare was a success and the only way you get to make it past 65 or 70 with a serious health problem is if you can afford a private procedure or treatment.

        Despite it looking like a financial revolution is coming, it won’t; the elites will have kept themselves on top again.

        Of course, that’s just a prediction; but I’m putting odds on it over total destruction of societal structure in the US like some here are planning for.

        • Well, that was the IDEA behind it, certainly. And basically everyone sort of assumed that’s what was up.


          Tell me, if the government is so excellent at scaling their business costs appropriately to the size of customer base they’re serving, and adapting these costs scales efficently and in a timely manner based on customer base fluctuations… why is the post office going bankrupt?

          • Easy- The post office was forced to give up their very good retirement and medical plan and buy into the crappy federal employee system. It’s congresses way of extracting hard money out of a successful agency.

            Look at social “security”. The fund WAS solvent until communists -er democrats started to raid it for hard cash. FDR (another communist) set this whole shell game up. In the 30’s, the communists never expected to workers to actually live to the age of 65 and collect.

            As to being an “entitlement” as some dirtbag communists says it is- WRONG! It’s not when you PAY into it.

          • Why is the country going bankrupt, never mind the post office,
            These dip shits want everyone to be dependent on government for everything, locally you cant fart without filling out some sort of government paperwork.
            Its the hippy life for me thanks, (with bathing though)

        • Obamacare exists for one and only one reason!

          To take over the $3 Trillion dollar Private insurance industry.

          Medicare and Medicaid are broke and the Ponzi scheme needed money.

          That’s all.

          • Precisely. That and the implementation of the “non-existent” death panels…termination of care beyond a certain age and level of infirmity. Need a knee/hip/heart replacement, SORRY “your past the cutoff age for these costly procedures”.

            However, here is some “high grade” Afghan opium/heroin fresh off the last CIA flight. Go home and relax, aka die!

            • What some may have yet to recognize is the “Welcome to Obama-could care less” protocols are already in place.

              I have a 72 year old neighbor with a “blown-out” right knee. He needs a knee replacement procedure ASAP. His doctor informed him that according to new insurance/medicare guidelines, “the doctor” is required to try “other alternatives” for a predetermined amount of time before “insurance/medicare” will allow for the replacement.

              There is however one caveat still in place…if he will pay for the cost of the procedure “100% out-of-pocket”, then the “knee replacement” can proceed immediately. He MUST BYPASS insurance at any/every level.

              He cannot afford this “procedure”, so he is “already stuck in the system”. But, certain “groups”, including “congress-critters” are exempt…along with numerous preferential “anomalies”. And this is just the “first phase”. How long before “paying out of your own pocket” takes on a “Canadian flavor” of “against the “”LAW””.

              I wonder, where will “well-to-do Canadians” go for their healthcare very soon?

            • Which is another thing unclear, at least to me.
              Word has it that the opium trade coming into this nation keeps it afloat–something like 500 billion year last time I read figures.
              Now, that’s a lot of lawyers, prisons, rehabs, doctors, hospitals, transportation of patients/prisoners, and lots connected to this affair that are also profiting.
              Well, when 50% are on welfare, and the other 50% don’t have jobs and the economy is totally wiped out–what happens to that industry that is keeping the country afloat?

          • That’s all says:

            “Obamacare exists for one and only one reason!

            To take over the $3 Trillion dollar Private insurance industry.

            Medicare and Medicaid are broke and the Ponzi scheme needed money”.

            So…are you gonna comply with the “law”?

            Or are you going to disobey an unjust law??

      6. I had to be cleared by a psychiatrist at the VA, even though I’ve never claimed PTSD or anything similar. The psychiatrist seemed really nervous, or guilty, or something.

        Medical science, and disease research in particular, rests on the notion that you can make a diagnosis backed up by lab tests. If you can’t produce lab tests, you’re spinning fantasies.
        There is no lab test for any mental disorder.
        There is no definition of a mental disorder.

        • Well , no worries. Whether there are or aren’t, I’m positive there won’t be anymore. Costs too much to get it right.

          Sort of like when Reagan shut down all the mental institutions. Now, every park in Santa Monica IS the mental institution. I’m not kidding. I’ve seen bums in Santa Monica attacking their reflections in shop windows.

          • Reagan cut off Federal funding and left it up to the States to finance and run. Helping the insane is not as important to the Lib states as teaching Faggatism in school. that is something they will fund.

        • Only in the minds that have the credentials and who says they are qualified? We just had in Ohio a man that held three girls for ten years and the neighbors around him thought he was normal….. So……..

        • Sebastion, thats because orig psychiatry was invented by Bolsheviks and Tavistok institute kommies and fabians as a new method to declare a political decenter or opponont unfit for society. Then it was easier to haul em off to their Gulags for “Treatment”. Which treatments were by design used to turn the “patient” into an actual nut case.

          The hard cases aka too patriotic or too christian to destroy mentally in their institutes were then shot dead or drugged to death. Every type psyhe disorder listed, is determined by a board of their own doctors. Most are leftist kommies big time. Today most everything We types believe or think is or soon will be added to Their Listings as disorders of our Minds.

          This will blow up in Their faces once they declare 100 million fully well armed americans as crazy! What can be scarier for Them than 100 Million armed crazy Loonatics?!

          We wont even need to blame the devil for doing it! And They caused all this crap.

          • Them Guys,
            Your wacko light is flashing!

          • Them Guys,
            Your wacko light is flashing!

            • SDMULE, Your Ignorance light is flashing! Try researching Tavistok institute began in germany, later, 1900 or so Moved to England. Then look up where and Who invented what we call today the Psychiatric med fields along with Pyscology too. Then get back to me ok.

              Oh yeah you may learn quite alot more if you read Alexander Solezytsen’s books. 1st book is Gulag Archepelego(sp?) and 2nd and Final book is Two Hundred Yrs together, currently being translated from Russian into English and avail at a couple websites for FREE!

              Learn how Kommies bolsheviks Used such medical fields against russian patriots, and also learn Who those orig doctors were. Then You wont sound so ignorant of history SDmule.

      7. This is the sort of crap that comes along with it!

        The word “Dhimmitude” is found in the new health care bill;
        So what does it mean?
        Thought this was interesting and worth passing on.
        Obama used it in the health care bill.
        Now isn’t this interesting?
        It is also included in the health care law.
        Dhimmitude — I had never heard the word until now.
        It’s on page 107 of the healthcare bill. I looked this up on Google and yep, it exists.. It is a REAL word.
        Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad (Holy War). Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.
        ObamaCare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured.
        Islam considers insurance to be “gambling”, “risk-taking”, and “usury” and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.
        How convenient. So I, as a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivable, and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax.
        Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health insurance needs paid for by the de facto government insurance. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. This is Dhimmitude.
        I recommend sending this on to your contacts.
        American citizens need to know about it — Health Insurance Exemptions
        Apr 13, 2010 … Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling
        non-muslim populations … The ObamaCare bill is the establishment of
        Dhimmitude and Sharia .

        • That’s sick.

          • Beat them too the punch we can all convert to islam and then just keep on doing what we were doing anyways. Except getting drilled in the shtpipe for insurance . I will be the first slim to eat bacon , watch naked girls and play the lottery in my town ).
            I don’t care if they excommunicate me for not wearing my underwear on my head , the important thing is not being liable for parasite health care. )

        • So does that mean I’ll get priority medical care, if I wrap a white rag on my head before I get to the doctor’s office?

          • If it works, let me know so I can do the same thing.

          • Sixpack, I think you are on to something. Bed sheet, shower clogs, old John Deere mower drive belt will hold head rag on just right!

        • As much as I would like to agree with you.. dhmmitude and your claims are a lie and are not found anywhere in the OBAMA health care bill.

          • The snipes article Bill links to as support directly contradicts what he claims, with a big red FALSE. It says that the group most likely to not have to get mandatory insurance is the Amish, as they have a well established history of not pigging out at the trough of govt goodies.

            The concept of Dhimmitude is, however, correct.

        • You are sick. You people blame Muslims for many of your problems. Obama is not a Muslim. He declared himself a christian which according to Islam, is blaspheme because he declared himself a believer of another faith.

          You people keep playing the victim card. Anything that happens, blame others in the world or blame Muslims. You need to grow up.

          Socialist health care is in the Europe and as well as in many other countries. You people are the only people in the world playing the victim game and blaming Muslims.

          No wonder we can’t solve problems in this country. You, THE PEOPLE, never accept responsibility and that is what is going to be the reason for our collapse.

          Muslims are not a threat to this country. You just have a grudge against them. You, THE PEOPLE, are the only people on earth where if something happened, you blame Muslims, or others for your problems. I don’t see others around the world blaming Muslims for their healthcare.

          Muslims are not exempted from obamacare, who ever told you that is either anti-Muslim or misinformed. It is time you people grow up. Accept responsibility, and do not believe everything the media tells you about Muslims.

          • @booblabla

            OMG, you are a dream come true on this site. Welcome my friend. I take it by your post that you are an immigrant to this country as to your reference to “you people” multiple times indicates? Could be just a reference to “you people” being Christians? I look forward to your insight and enlightened perspective on other topics.


            • “@booblabla”

              BigB, that’s funny!! Thanks for the back up!

            • Why do you assume that I am targeting a certain sect? See, there is the problem. You play the victim card every time. I am born in the United States and I am an NRA member. I know what is right and what is wrong.

          • You are wrong. Obama himself referred to “my Muslim faith.” No Christian would ever accidentally say that. No Christian would make fun of the Bible as Obama did. Those are absolute facts. No Christian would sit in a church and listen to Wright curse America. If Wright did that in my church, the deacons and any other men close by would drag his sorry ass out the door.

            • No, you are wrong. Obama said he is christian. Here is the link:

              He launched more wars in Muslim countries. Just because one is named Hussein, doesn’t make him Muslim. In Lebanon, people are named Ahmad and Yusef and they can be christian. The supreme allied commander of the U.S. forces during WW2 was named Omar Bradley. He was an Arab American. If he was alive today, you would accuse him of being Muslim even though he was not.

              You are ignorant. You cannot prove anything. This is the only nation on earth whose people blame others for their problems.

              • He would never tell a lie to get votes would he? A Christian would never push a gay agenda either. Did you see last week how he called Jason Collins to congradulate his gayness? No Christian I know would do that

          • What planet do you live on blabla???
            Just the first link when searching for ‘countries blaming Muslims for failing healthcare’.

            Islam’s European Conquest: Is America Next?

        • Wow bill, did you even read the WHOLE story on link to snopes? It says that word isn’t in there. It says that exemptions can happen to any religion. The truth is that Islam does consider paying for health or any other insurance is gambling and that all should be in Allah’s hands. I do wish we could focus on preparing and not trashing religions or not…

          • In Islam, one can purchase health insurance. But all reliance is on Allah. We do consider life insurance un-Islamic because one is ensuring their whole life on insurance. Instead, we rely on God. People here don’t know nor understand Islam. All they understand is what the media tells them or what they want to hear.

            • The only way to learn about Islam is to go to a Muslim and ask. Don’t learn through the media or what you want to hear. All I ask is for you to learn.

              • No. Don’t go to a mooooslim. Go to the ARABIC TRANSLATION of Islam… It does not mean PEACE or SUBMIT… that is the PC western translation. Islam, in the original Arabic means;

                “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of Allah.”

                There is only one way to interpret this.
                Islam divides the world into two ‘Houses’.
                Dar al Islam = The House of Islam or Peace.
                Dar al Harb = The House of War, or non Islamic nations.

                So called ‘moderate’ moooslims, are allowed in their Koran, to lie, cheat and steal from ‘infidels’. IOW, when they are doing these things they support the Jihad.

                I know mooooslims, I see them being caught shop lifting, and this is not just anecdotal but, endemic to their females… wasn’t the Boston bombers wife convicted for shop lifting?

                I have tried to have relationships with these people, they are thick as thieves… but, to a discerning soul, when examined closely, you see they only present one face. Like the face above, they want you to think they are like you, when they are simply biding their time.

                The ‘nice’ ones, take over slowly, by lobbying for Sharia and other concessions to their religion. They tried it around here, by demanding Friday off for their kids to go to mosque… the school board didn’t just say no, but HELL NO… there was almost a riot after the meeting… but, some good men stepped up, armed, and told them to take it somewhere else, “Nobody around here gives one shit about you or your murdering religion.”

                They tried to start a stink, and everybody pretty much stuck our middle finger up in the air. They don’t give up until they get a majority, then they start making demands… look at Europe… and see your future.

                as for you blabla, shove it were the sun don’t shine. By your grammar and lack of tense sense, you are NO AMERICAN…

                • AMEN!



                • To support Piper, not that he needs it, the link here:
                  Islam’s European Conquest: Is America Next?

                • Mr.Piper Michael, I’m glad your here to watch our backs.

                • You cannot go directly to the translation. One word in Arabic might have 20 different meanings. Such as the word ‘hand’ in Arabic has 26 different meanings.

                  Many anti-Muslim people in this country and abroad translate the text wrong on purpose so they can purposely fuel hatred and make Islam look bad. You are more clueless than I thought.

                  You have no idea what Islam is.

            • Coexist is a myth.

              • I don’t want to coexist with a group that will strap a bomb on their back and board a bus to kill innocent people.

            • Are you related to Achmed the Dead Terrorist?

      8. I don’t really understand what you’re talking about in this article here. I’ve been using the VA for healthcare for the past 7 years, and they’ve never taken an especially long time to deal with any health issues I’ve had. And in fact if any follow ups or appointments take more than 30 days from when I ask for one (they never have) I should complain about it.

        Anyway, since I got into the VA system, I personally have not had to fill out a single form. When I’ve had heath issues, I show up to the VA hospital, get treated or get an appointment, and then leave, with proper follow ups and all and free meds (I have a service connected disability). No one there has ever asks me for money, asked me to fill out any paperwork, or hassled me about anything at all actually except about what my medical problem happened to be. So this “claims” thing you’re talking about is really bizarre.

        • Apparently mileage does very…..just sayin’.

        • jgordon, lucky you.
          I have seen NOTHING but incompetence for 2 years.
          From the hospital, the physician at the clinic, and paperwork is a nightmare and redundant.
          No one gets anything right–so far!!

      9. Government promises (LIES) don’t appear to have changed much since WWI. Other than to grow geometrically WORSE!

        Are we THERE yet? Yes. But still too distracted and hypnotized to see the need to physically remove this tyrannical plague that “reigns by consent” over this land.

        Benghazi-gate, quadrillions in derivatives fraud, treason the new “normal” in the District of Criminals. Only one solution possible to sweep all of this “under-the-rug”.

        A MAJOR FALSE FLAG and/or WWIII. More likely…BOTH. I can see nor feel any other possible outcome.

      10. I just don’t get why people call Obamacare socialized medicine

        it mainly does two things

        #1 if basically forces people who don’t have health insurance currently ,to go to a PRIVATE company and purchase it
        subsidies are available according to your income
        if you don’t get insurance you pay a tax penalty

        #2 it greatly expands the # of people eligible for Medicaid
        the Feds will pick up the entire cost of this for the first two years and then 90% from then on

        and I hate to tell everyone this
        but VA healthcare is essentially socialized medicine isn’t it ??

        government doctors and government health facilities

        the care varies
        some I know have had absolutely excellent experiences
        others not so much
        several of my family members are alive and healthy today
        because of the good care that they got at the VA

        • Its called socialized medicine because a person is FORCED to purchase it, whether they want it or not. Regardless of their health conditions. (think 22 year old in excellent heath)

      11. I have never personally met a vet that a “wholly excellent” VA experience. Never. Even when the patient received good direct care, something else (red-tape) always, always, tarnished the experience.

      12. Osoma and Hittlery sittin in a tree
        Killing Americans
        No more Vets,
        Just more whores
        Filling their pockets
        With our blood
        In their wars.

      13. The whole freaken medical system in the U.S. is a major train wreck with a totally collapsed rail system to boot. Too depressing to talk about.

        Instead I will say there has been another earthquake on the plate boundary of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This one of way too far south to affect the New Madrid, but in the past major earthquakes have followed 100% of the time within 15 days. Fiji to New Zealand is primed, but again so is Mexico to Chile, this is 16 out of the past 18 times this region has shown that something huge is coming. Also Indonesia to Vanuatu has had past 7.5’s after this area on the Mid Atlantic Ridge has been hit. By May 22 there is going to be a large earthquake in one of more of the areas mentioned here or the areas I mentioned earlier. This is almost certain.

        • BI – Thanks for your great info. Don’t get to respond often, but I do follow your posts. Appreciate your efforts in the HEADS UP department.

      14. As a Veteran I feel for my Brothers and Sisters who served. This Adm. is cutting benefits while wait times to be treated is unacceptable.

        In the mean time we are funding the Syrian Freedom Fighters, a user friendly name for Al Qiada, you know the one’s who want to kill us. We are to send $109 million while our Veterans can’t receive proper treatment!!!

        We continue to spend billions strengthening the DHS with over 2 billion rounds of ammo & 3000 armor vehicles not to mention the tens of thousands of DHS Vehicles. What about the new DHS H.Q’s?

        We are throwing money into Green projects that go bankrupt but deprive our Veterans proper medical care.

        This Adm. via Pentagon is restricting the use of the word God and Christ, threaten them with court martial if they spread their faith.

        Now at the Seal Team 6 funeral someone in this Adm allowed an Imam to speak and wishes them in hell and referred to them as Infidels.

        We all need to get more P.O’d our Representatives phones should be ringing non stop, I called my (R) Rep. and the staff was uninterested.

        Rant Off

        • Luther, That should be thumbs up. I Agree.

        • Luther – I too give you a thumbs up. The USA’s wacked out politicians give away money to those that hate us while the citizens suffer potholes, more taxes, vets get limited care, elderly rot in nursing homes.

          The wealth of this nation is immense, but it is squandered. Kickback schemes the R and D’s use to inflate their bank accounts. Just look at the accumulated wealth of a few years in Congress contributes to member. More than just a savings account.

          No letters or phone calls will change the wasteful, bloated system until there is nothing left. Collapse will be the result. The moochers & freeloaders will go wild. Let us hope the American Revolution II (AR-II) will not be so horrific as the American Revolution I (AR-I). Yet, you can guess how it will really go down.

      15. Not to change the subject, but I read weeks ago on a couple of “fear porn” sites that COMEX would collapse in a few weeks. All the “top” bullion investers were ranting about this… WTF happened? I gotta stay off those shit sites like BIN and Doomsday etc. so full of dis info bull shit.

        • @ d…b –

          All is not well in the world of the big bullion banks. You know, the ones that are supposed to be holding the gold bullion or silver that you bought from them in an “ALLOCATED ACCOUNT”. Yes, THAT pile of gold or silver that you thought was yours and had your name on it. Turns out that probably isn’t the case.

          The ‘Big-Bullion-Banksters’ have sold lots more gold and silver than what they actually had. Ooopsie boys & girls!! However could this have happened?? I know, probably an “error in accounting”!!!!!

          The result is that when the buyers of the bullion actually want their gold or silver, they instead get paid in paper currency. Read clause whatever in your contract!!

          The last time that there was a published physical audit of the gold in Ft. Knox, KY was sometime in the early 50s. I wonder what’s in there today?

          It’s been so long ago that I don’t remember exactly who said it first here, but; “if it isn’t actually in your physical possession, you really don’t own it”.

          More faith, trust and confidence issues for our financial system.

          • I dont have pms (except lead)

      16. Anybody should know by now that the medical establishment is a joke. They spend years in school to learn very little about the human body. All doctors are these days are pill pushing drug dealers for big Pharmacy. If you go to a doctor, a regular Joe doctor, you’re a feeding that beast. They will “FIND” something wrong with you to make a buck. Go to a regular doctor, at your own peril.

        Keep the FAITH

      17. @Brave heart: Got to razz you a little, just scored a 1000 rds. Of 30 carbine for 2 C notes.
        If we ever get close to one another what mine is yours I’ve got your back. Oh it’s been awhile back but was on Mud Island.
        You hang loose, and don’t let some of these sh-t heads get to you. They are not smart enough to have a HEAD ACHE.

        Keep the FAITH

      18. This has nothing to do about health care, but has everything to do about control.

        401K’s and pensions are in there crosshairs next!

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      19. FUCK THE V.A.

        Meanwhile VA EMPLOYEES AND CONTRACTORS ARE PAID 3X THE NORM than what their civilian counterpart is paid or receives in bennies .


        while Disabled Veterans live in sheeit filthy moldy va shelters and starve forced to dumpster dive for food .

        Fuck the VA !!!


      20. ‘ The VA is where Veterans go to Die !’




      21. As a veteran who at times literally threw my body at the enemies of America, I along with many of my brothers and sister expect our sacrifice’s to be honored.

        This tyrannical administration/house/senate should understand that all in the Military are not so effected by rank and position that we will sit back and take mistreatment forever, I can say without question that many within the SOF community active/retired are grading this betrayal.

        Law will always be the path of good citizens, but these scum should also understand that those who have served have a very hyper sense of fairness.

        • Damn, Anita! I had to bookmark it and save the second half for later. My blood pressure couldn’t take it all. Why in hell don’t we have TREASON trials going on NOW for the scum in DC?

          • Because Benghazi, Sequester, Death Panels, Second Amendment, Socialized Healthcare, Nappytonto, and Team Seal Six are not words used daily, or even known by many of the American public…not like Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and GaGa!!!

        • If WE don’t make damn sure the DAM burst NOW/THIS TIME…WE are ALL damned! Literally.

      22. Reading laws before passing them is so 1970’s. Nobody does that anymore.

        • Someone thinks that bills are all carefully read these days before they are passed into law. Speak up, brother, and be heard.

      23. The way things are shaping up right now, if TSHTF happens anytimne this year, we won’t have to worry about Obamacare, our country may be destroyed before it can ever take effect. Even if it does, it’s doomed to failure anyway, as govt.-controlled healthcare has failed in every country it’s been tried in. I won’t sign up for it since people over 50 won’t be able to get anything under it. On the VA, the veterans in my family just avoid them altogether. It’s not worth the BS they put them through. What you see in VA hospitals now is the future of our healthcare industry. All of the medical personnel will become govt. employees and their pay will be reduced. Our nation is doomed unless we stand up and take it back. Braveheart

      24. Thank you for calling the Heart-Broke VA Medical Center. How may I help you?
        “Uh, I need to see a doctor about my leg.”
        Is this a service-related medical need?
        “Well, yeah! I got hit with a bunch of crap when the IED blew up under our personnel carrier.”
        And where was this?
        “Heck, I can’t pronounce the name. It was a little village of sand huts in Afghanistan.”
        And were you an active duty member of the United States Armed Forces at the time?
        “Are you kidding?!”

        • 7 monthe later…in the Dr’s office(finally)-

          Dr: You say you’ve been having trouble with your leg?

          “Well yes! Isn’t it obvious?”

          It looks fine to me. The field medic must have done a great job on you. You should be thankful.

          “Doc, it’s not that I ain’t grateful. The medic saved my leg. And the field hospital in Camp Duck-N-Cover got every piece of shrapnel out. But I still need your help! Just look at that!”

          Like I said. It looks fine. What’s the problem?

          “The problem is when they sewed the leg back on…they got it on backwards!”

          Oh, yes. I see what you mean. Hmmm…I guess this means you don’t go out honky-tonkin’ much these days?

          “Nope. Can’t dance a lick.”

          I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but we can’t fix it. Just no money in the budget, nor time available for elective procedures such as this. There is one option, though…

          “What is it, Doc? I’ll try anything!”

          Have you considered switching from country music to Rap? Nobody can dance to that stuff!

          • Smokin,
            Your funny words, hit too close to home.
            As an old vietnam vet, instead of laughing, you bring me to tears… the truth hurts.

        • Too close to the TRUTH. The appreciable humor needs more “space”. That said, I absolutely understand the “intent”. My eldest son is “in the Army”. Against my wishes and best advice. I dread the “day” he may be at the mercy of “this system”. Difficult to accept and embrace the fact that “my best efforts” were/are not enough sometimes. :(!

          • I have two grandsons in the Marines. I hear your pain, yental.

          • yental- I thought about that after I posted. Hopefully all the vets here understand the intent. Last thing I’d want to do is offend a vet who’s currently haggling with the VA system over a serious health issue.
            Never cared for political correctness, but some things cross over into the area of common sense and human decency. I gotta be careful with the stuff that pops into my head!

            And to everyone here- Many of you are probably familiar with the ‘okie’ moniker and the sarcasm and sillyness that usually follows. If your personal interaction with the VA med system, or your current physical condition, makes the above comment seem cruel or thoughtless, you have my sincere apologies.
            And, thanks yental, for the respectful way you responded. -okie

            • I understand smokin… and it was funny, after a fashion… yes, the truth hurts… but, its still The TRUTH, and the truth will set you free…
              So sometimes, even an okieism, is a good thing… don’t you ever change or let PC creep into your thought processes…

            • Been around long enough to know you heart/intent. No apologies necessary. Keep on truckin!

      25. just a heads up on a new product

        Energizer just came out with these

        I bought one (Amazon)
        and liked it so much I bought
        several more
        great for camping/emergency use

        good quality light
        uses 4AA batteries or 8AA batteries
        dimmer switch
        long battery life
        300 lumens at max power

      26. Yep..that’s my story. As some of you have commented in the past, I am an LEO. But, I served my country for 8 years as an infantry soldier in the US Army. I had my eardrums blown twice, and I now wear hearing aids. I am on the cusp of having to retire, because I can barely meet the hearing standards of the state council for police officers.
        My experience with the VA disability system has been a nightmare.
        I was given 10% disability when I got out in 1998 due to tinnitus. Since then, I was diagnosed with bilateral Meniere’s Disease. I have had two dozen steroid shots in my ear drums to calm the vertigo, from my private doctor, which has worked.
        I applied to the VA to get my disability upped back in March 2011, filling out all the paperwork, going to VA doctors, etc, etc…..
        Filed my paperwork over two years ago, it was lost twice, I had to re-file both times. The DAV was supposed to represent me in my claim, I have heard nothing from them except for the letters asking me for money to join the DAV.
        After over two years, I heard from the VA last month, their response was that they were giving me NO increase in benefits, because, according to them, my hearing loss, tinnitus, and Meniere’s disease, is not related to my service time…..un-fucking believeable…..
        I hope you all are ready for socialized medicine and ObamaCare…it will be a disaster of unimaginable proportions because it is nothing more than VA health care….

        • Now I also have tinnitus they supply masker and aid . And service them right at the clinic on a walk in basis always..

        • 11Bravo–our story for my dh is like yours.
          Oh, they lost my marriage cerificate and death information from my first marriage–you know, that paperwork to prove you were married before and he died and you’re really married now to who you say you are??
          In Webster’s, look up incompetent–you’ll find Veteran’s Administration there.
          I pray for you for dh lost hearing when a landmind exploded under the bulldozer he was driving.
          He gets no compensation for the hearing loss they admitted he has.

          • Oh, I just searched Meniere’s Disease…and that explains my dh’s dizzy spells and faltering and holding onto the walls when walking??
            Thanks–he was also diagnosed with tinnitus.

            • My dad Lt, USN, Was going to VA in Pittsburgh, Wasn’t dping well one Morning talked him into going down to see his Dr.they said they needed to Admit him, but not to That hospital,but to the VA Hospital I crossed the river, my dad told me that was the death camp I didnt know what that ment at the time. They were giving him. Blood transfusions he had Leukemia, it seem like he was fine but I didnt like how he was being Treated otherwise, blood,trash on the floor ect. I made the Decision I was going home Get clothes and come back in the morning And just stay with him,I walk by a bed In the hallway On the way to his room There was an old man on a bed half on half off, Get to the room and he’s not in there They were now cleaning the room After days of not clean the room I ask where’s my dad No answer Went to find my dad And that was him in the hallway,I don’t need to tell you I almost got arrested That day, He was dead 15 minutes later, Then they had a meeting Of the heads, Had lawsuit wrote all over it but didnt. very sad.

              • Anothing I Notice with the Aging people, if you dont have Family in your corner you are in big Trouble because nobody cares anymore, an the hoops they put you is to much to handle on your own.I will be one of them people.

      27. I believe there is a new wind about to blow. We had better get on our knees now before God and pray He will raise up men like the founding fathers to take the lead. If this does not happen the fat lady is going to sing. I see men beginning to get hot under the collar and the rhetoric is heating up. Do not let your emotions get the better of you. There is a time for everything but most of all stay in good standing with our creator. He sank the Spanish Armada and he sent the Hurricane during the American Revolution that smacked the Brits in the head. Faith will get us through if we keep our heads. The wicked will not understand and most likely will perish. This is worldwide and God is not asleep! His Word will be fulfilled whether we like it or not.

      28. Hell, the VA can’t even follow through on recruitment of physicians for their hospitals! Same goes for the Army Medical Corps. After several applications with no responses, or delays for over a year, I got fed up and chose to stay in private practice. I guess they don’t need orthopedic surgeons after all. I feel badly because I did not serve, but there is only so much I can do.

        Speaking of exercises in futility,

        About 8 years ago , I sent a “care package” to the soldiers in Afghanistan under the auspices of

        Leupold Mark IV 8.5-25X 50mm illuminated scope and detachable rings, metal hinged lens covers, Leupold range finder, Leupold Golden Ring spotting scope, armband GPS, Blackhawk 3 day assault pack with hydration system and replacements, Deluxe Otis cleaning kit, Surefire 123 volt batteries and waterproof battery containers, ammo pouches, drop pouches, side arm holster, 6 tubes of snuff inside the ammo pouches, a Kestrel wind meter with back up parts, etc

        Shipped it up to the guy in Wisconsin and guess what? A guy named “Neil” signed for the package at some bizarre address -NOT the address written on the package. The package was insured for $3,000 which UPS paid, but after calculating ll the value, I was still around $600 short. I wrote a scathing letter to UPS and basically accused them of one of their workers pilfering the package (an inside job.)

        So after these two events, I have given up.

      29. Welcome to the Canadian system. Free access to Health Care is all well and good, but 6 months to wait for a MRI, years for orthopaedic and heart surgeries, bungled up chemotherapy doses leading to death…

        No wonder hundreds, if not thousands of Canadians seek out American facilities for treatment. Your system isn’t perfect, but in many ways it is better.

      30. One of the more horrible things I can think of is what’s to come. Most on here have a better than good understanding of the current situation. On best case, things will be bad. I’n reality, many will have to sacrifice everything and this won’t end for maybe years, if lucky. In the face of almost certain destruction, what is the alternative? If anyone has a answer to this, please feel free to let me know because I see this getting nasty. It’s not what I want, but the handwriting is on the wall.

        • WE, meaning the right thinking people in this country, are to blame…not the bad guys… bad guys do what bad guys do… it is expected of them.

          “Evil succeeds when good men do nothing.”
          – I forget the author of this quote.

          But, apathy is the killer. I blame our leaders, for allowing this farce to happen, and I blame the Supreme Court. (But in all likelihood, Justice Roberts appears to have been intimidated/blackmailed/threatened into changing his vote. Which goes back to line 1, evil does what evil does.)

          We should have been in the streets of DC, by the millions… but, we trusted The System, many still think it will self correct… and it will. When Obamacare implodes on stacks of dead old people and babies, when the shtf, it will become single payer… only by then then only ones left will not be human beings, but, Economic Units.

          Socialism and fascism are predictable, they always do the same thing and say ‘Its different this time.’ or they think that they will not succumb to the temptations of proto-tyrants. But they always do.

          There is no going backwards, there is only prepping, and part of that should be to find doctors and bring them into alternate networks. (Maybe using RV’s as hidden mobile clinics/mri/and surgery centers.) Alternate networks(or call them black markets) are going to be the only way to get out of The System and thrive. The way I understand it… doctors can start cash only businesses, they just can’t accept insurance…


          mene mene tekel upharsin.

      31. If the VA is what we have to look forward to, better off going to see a shaman. My dad went into the VA the week before Christmas, he aspirated his food and died because there was no one on the floor to keep an eye on him they were so short staffed because of every one taking time off for the holiday.

        My Uncle as murdered by a serial killer nurse at the VA hospital in Massachusetts, she would kill the patients on her floor because if she had no patients she could go home early.

      32. howdy, Watchman. Are you anywhere in my region by chance? How did you know about Mud Island?

      33. I noticed we have a new troll named blabla. I hope he’s not related to Eisen.

        • No, I think he’s related to Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Only Achmed is funny as the dickens.

          • Thats funny, Jeff Dunham is a kick
            Jalapeno on a stick

        • I honestly found a mooselimb while hiking on Ruby Ridge last year. It was still there a couple of weeks ago along with other skelital remains. Too bad we cant attach pics on our post!

      34. The Article said 900K waiting on gov. welfare, NOT medical care. I see a lot of DV plates out there and dudes get outta the 50K Truck and not a dam thing wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELFARE RULES !!!!!!!!!!!111

        • There are currently over 900,000 disability claims cases from veterans waiting to be processed, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting.

          Would seem that these are related to MEDICAL care, not financial care for children, housing, and food??

      35. Plant your garden, teach your children and grandchildren to survive, prepare for the future.

        We will all eventually die, but children of God will never perish.

        God Bless us all,

      36. I am 64 and live with no health care. I am on SS, and my share of cost” is $980, out of my $1524 income. I know several vets living on the side of the 110 frwy in L.A. One triDE OF THE 110

      37. The Veterans in this Marxist Government will be discarded like used rubbers !…..WAKE UP MILITARY !

      38. All the comments on this Topic has got my blood Pressure up,white Knuckled And scared at the same time..Good Luck All

      39. The problem is lack of money. Where does the money come from? Taxes. But let taxes be raised to pay for vet care and you selfish idiots would cry to high heaven. Got your head out of your ass and get a job so you can get a life.

      40. This might be true for non-retired veterans however, my FIL, retired Army & Vietnam, gets more medical care than God. And it’s all 100% covered. He and my MIL are at the doctor full time.

        Their retired Army friends are the same – one is a true hypochondriac and is getting hundreds of thousands dollars worth of tests done annually because she’s afraid she’s ill & dying (she’s in her mid 80’s). MRI’s, screenings, xrays, the whole nine yards. End result? There is NOTHING wrong with her! She loves the attention.

        I don’t deny that there are folks who need the care, but come on, this level of care is ridiculous!

        • They must have Tricare For Life.

      41. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.
        The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

        Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

        What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?

        How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

        And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this?

        But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

        They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

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