French Rail Staff Stage Protests Against Tyrannical President Emmanuel Macron

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 23 comments

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    French rail workers have launched three months of rolling train strikes. The strikes are on schedule to become the largest and most chaotic industrial action against Emmanuel Macron’s drive to overhaul state transport and liberalize the economy.

    The media is calling the protests “Black Tuesday,” while simultaneously attempting to deflect from the left-of-left dictator in charge, Emmanuel Macron. The opening day of train strikes was expected to cause disruption for France’s 4.5 million rail passengers after around 33% of all train staff and more than 75% of drivers walked out.

    The rail sector is traditionally one of France’s riskiest political issues. It’s quickly become a battleground on which Macron is refusing to budge in order to prove that he can face down strikes and continue with a liberalizing overhaul of other sectors.

    The government argues that France’s heavily in debt state railway company, the SNCF, has to be made more efficient before local and national passenger services open up to competition in coming years under EU rules.

    The government intends to cut rail workers’ special employment rights so that new hires would not have jobs for life or special retirement provisions. But there are also plans to change the SNCF structure, turning it into a publicly listed company. -The Guardian

    Leftists worry that should the government own 100% of shares in the rail company that it would lead to complete privatization. The Socialist politician Julien Dray warned of a veiled plan for “rampant privatization.” (Oh no! Not the free market handling transportation! It’s like Armageddon!) Of course, the French government denies that they want privatization, which is probably true.  Governments don’t like the free market as it’s incredibly difficult to control and manipulate.  They’d more likely than not total control of all services.

    The standoff has become a public relations battle that has hit at the heart of Macron’s liberalization program. “We need to rid this country of its strike culture,” Gabriel Attal, a spokesman for Macron’s party, La République En Marche, said on Monday.



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      1. 2 articles in a row with images of long lines of people. Seems that all over the world, humans are queuing up for one reason or the other. Maybe it’s time for the French to dust off the old guillotines. Macron’s head would look real nice in a left-over Easter basket.

        • Yep, I just LOVE it when leftist boobs start snacking on each other. At this point they’re trying out-commie each other, and I’m just sitting back with a big bucket of popcorn laughing! Like nobody could’ve seen this coming ???

          Froggies in the pot are gonna start boiling soon, what with the Islam invasion picking up steam and the clueless commie sheep-tards at each other’s throats. Couldn’t have happened to a d0uchier bunch of d0uchbags. ????????


          • Reminds me i need to get more cheddar powder for my popcorn

            • TOO BAD HITLER DIDN’T TAKE OVER EUROPE. It would be a much better place with none of this shit going on guaranteed!

      2. Regardless of their issue I like their tactics. Gandhi took on the mighty British Empire using the only weapon he had, refusing to work. He was successful. Lech Walesa used it in Poland while Vaclav Havel essentially replicated it in Czechoslovakia creating the Czech Republic.

        • I know – same as war – if everyone refused to fight – there would be no war – simply refuse to go along with their plans – there are way more of us than them – the trick is to unify people – their plan the divide and conquer has a long history of success – we need to break free of that

      3. Meh,
        They elected Macron.

        • Relik: Exactly, the dummies elected the genuine Twat.

        • Sorta like over here when shit goes awry,,, the people affected most voted for the idiots causing the biggest issues

      4. Let it happen in France. How really cares in the USA about it.

      5. Look at all those people! That can’t be real!!

        What happens when the train comes in? Do the people in the back push the people up front? It can’t be that crowded. I don’t believe this picture.


      6. Now if we could just get Amtrak off the government subsidy list.

        SNCF is whining because the “Texas Bullet Train” is being proposed by another company along I-45 from Dallas to Houston instead of them getting to build a slower train down I-35.

      7. Trump, Macron, May, and Merkel all peas in the same pod taking orders from globalists.

        • Aljamo:
          I’ld rather have Trump than Merkel.

          Globalists rule for the time being, but they will soon be history. No ruler or Empire has ever been forever. If these people are really smart they will pick up their cards and walk away winners. They’re dream of ruling the world forever is just that, a dream, a pipe dream. Nothing is forever. Things change. Winners adapt.

          The USA is still young. We are going through growing pains. In the end we will triumph over evil, around us and in us.



          • B, I’d like to hear how you think that will happen.

            • Genius:

              By CONFRONTING evil.

              By CREATING the world we want.

              By USING our GENIUS.


              • I know you want to believe that and I do too. But the founding of this country was the last and first successful time this has ever happened. Now this country is no more even a shadow of its intended glory. The rulers have armed themselves with every weapon you can possibly imagine and the population is retarded beyond belief. You can hope, you can pray, but we really are doomed….

                • I believe you’re right. We may get a extension from doom from trump but I think we will implode. Most countries last how many years? 2,3 hundred? We are getting close to expiration date. Our best times are behind us. I’ve always been a pessimist, my friend is an optimist, but he even says we’re screwed now. Just look around ,what the hell is going right?

          • The globalists control the money. They control what money is. They have the power to bribe. The only way they will lose power is to lose their wealth. Political leaders are ambitious an very susceptible to bribery. Bribery is an interesting word. One assumes that it is illegal. Thats not entirely true. Government determines that is and isn’t legal. Politicians make sure that their unethical gains are only that.

      8. Don’t the Frenchies get five or 6 weeks vacation a year mandated by the government?
        Spoiled little pricks. Now, what the fuck are they protesting about?
        Let them work with the rank and file in America for a couple weeks. They wouldn’t last.

      9. This is the beginning of the end for Marcon…

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