Frank Flashback: ‘You’re not going to see a collapse’

by | Jan 22, 2010 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Just in case you’re worried that the people in charge don’t know what is going on, we wanted to put your mind at ease with a brief video of the Chairman of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

    This short speech was delivered to the floor of the House on June 27,  2005:

    We find it comforting that the very same people who denied any claims that there was a housing bubble are the the ones who are now working diligently to bring us back to prosperity.

    Hat tip Zero Hedge


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      1. It’s amazing.  If I could come up with a plan to destroy this nation economically, I believe it would look exactly like what these bozos are doing…

      2. sen. frank is an OXYGEN THIEF !  He steals precious oxygen out of the air and does nothing good with it , thus stealing it from those of us who do !

      3. Ah, yes! The public sector. The only place you can FUCK UP BIGTIME and still keep your job. Can you imagine if you worked for some IT firm and you said, “Oh, no! Don’t worry about those viruses. They’re not a big concern. Just do your computing and pay no attention to that stuff.” Then, a week later, you get one of the boot sector wiping viruses and the next day you try to start your computer only to find every last file from your drive is GONE! …for every computer in the company. Yeah.

        Not only would they fire me, the company I work for would take me into the NOC (Network Operations Center – the computer room) and proceed to beat the living daylights out of me. Then, they’d clawback my last 10 paycheck. Then, they’d sue me from property damage.

        This guy is way more than an oxygen thief. He takes in oxygen and and uses the energy he gets AGAINST US! He is a traitor and deserves only treason’s punishment. His political career is toast. Maybe someone will take it farther than that. Jailtime would suit him.

      4. i don’t know what is more disturbing, his words ? or that sloppy lisp that accompany those words? does he have a load of jizz in his mouth?

      5. The only positive thing I can say about BarF is that he at least SEEMS (or seemed) in favor of auditing the Fed…

        Other than that, his sexual orientation is the only thing about him that DOES NOT bother me in the least.

        …just another carrier politician who won’t admit his mistakes.

        By the way, we have plenty of those on both sides of the aisle.

      6. What a waste of skin.

      7. And this same man finds another hairy man’s asshole attractive.

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