France’s Ruling Class Calls Up Law Enforcement As The People Have Decided to Live Freely

by | Mar 7, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Against the dictate of the French ruling class, many have decided to live freely in the wake of more draconian COVID-19 restrictions. Because of this, the masters of the country have called on their “enforcers” to make sure the slaves continue to comply with their edicts.

    Members of the French ruling class have vowed to increase their enforcement presence on the streets this weekend as they struggle to enforce a 6 pm-6 am curfew on those willing to live freely during attempts at further enslavement. The masters claim they need the slaves to comply amid soaring Covid-19 infections across the country and in the capital, according to a  report by RT. 

    “If the police find groups of people in which respect for social distancing cannot be guaranteed, in particular on the banks of the Seine and in public parks and gardens, they are instructed to proceed with their evacuation,” the Paris police department confirmed on Friday, as it announced the mobilization of 4,400 officers this weekend. The police also urged people to ensure they reduce their social contacts to a maximum of six people and avoid any travel outside the Paris metropolitan area in order to prevent spreading the virus to other regions exert control and keep those pesky slaves that want to be free in line.

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    Since mid-January, the country has been under a nighttime curfew running from 6 pm until 6 am, but that’s only for the slaves who are supposed to be serving the ruling class. The rulers can do as they wish. However, the good news, is that this ruling class’s effectiveness at controlling the public is waning. Not only that, but the curfew hoax (used only as a method of control)  has been called into question in recent weeks with 23 regions of France placed under reinforced surveillance” over a rise in Covid-19 infection rates. Stricter measures have been brought in at weekends for Nice and Dunkirk already and will be imposed in the northern area of Pas-de-Calais as of Saturday.

    People worldwide are beginning to figure out the truth about government. Government is slavery, and now that people know, they also know they have no obligation to obey or be enslaved just as the ruling class has no real authority, only that perceived by those they rule over. People all over the globe are waking up and ruling classes are panicking.


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      1. Le evil French tyrants deserve to have a few
        croissants shoved up their tyrannical asses!!?

      2. “soaring Covid 19 infections”
        More lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies.

      3. Loved what you did there by crossing out their reasons for their actions and writing the REAL REASONS for bringing in the “enforcers”.

      4. Curfews from
        6pm to
        6am Maximum of
        6 social contacts. There are those three numbers again.
        Ones behind this = Evil.
        Also 6 feet apart and they want all of us 6 feet under.
        List goes on and on.?

      5. With more and more states reopening and more people waking up – the elite psychos have got to be so fuckin’ upset behind the scenes!
        Good!!!! I truly hope their entire house built on lies comes crashing down right on their creepy little heads!!

      6. Just wondering. Now that the “raging pandemic” narrative is obviously falling apart rather quickly and many are waking up to the reality that this was always about control and about getting everyone to take a DNA altering concoction –
        what will these psychopaths come up with next?

      7. Wishful thinking. Just try and ignore the .gov and it’s edicts.

        You’ll end up dying in a cage chained to a hospital bed to end your life…like they did to Irwin Schiff.

        They got the weapons and the power. You are just a squeakin’ mouse.

        In older times, you would head out for an unexplored place to rid yourself of the tyranny. No where to go now. They even tracked McAfee down in Spain and caged him up.

      8. Pas-de-Calais, where migrants sneak into cargo trucks.

        “With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations”

        I don’t feel that any glaring, f’king differences are being drawn between displaced, ethnic French, reporting that they don’t make croissants, anymore.

        Good luck, to you, cousin D.M.!

      9. Recently read that 35 people had gone deaf and 25 people had gone blind in the UK after receiving the covid
        mRNA “vaccine”.Please stay far away from these poisons folks PLEASE.

      10. The same movement going on here is also happening in UK..the woman reported:
        1)MI6 ordered the fake virus with Obama
        2)UK higher ups are definitely involved in the dispersing/taking down/killing the cabal
        3)huge child trafficking arrests are imminent in UK just like here
        4)stay alert–April is a month of activity
        5)something about the cdc being in huge trouble, she said f’d up!!! -I couldn’t understand her speech pattern
        6)she says the vaccine was put together in 2 days (which suggests to me it has been ready for a very long time)

      11. The day when France put America to shame as to courage and sense has actually arrived. This is surely a sign of the times.

      12. It is our birthright to live freely. No one gave anyone permission to rule over anyone. ?We all have a brain to think for ourselves and not be ruled by stupid idiots and liars.?

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