Fox News Reports: New Research “May Give Way To Evidence of the Existence of Planet X”

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Headline News | 118 comments

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    sumerian-planets(Pictured: 6,000 year-old Sumerian cuneiform script. Inset: a close-up of the Sumerian “solar system” depicting a 10th Planet)

    A 6,000 year old cuneiform script found in ancient Sumeria has long been at the forefront of debates between scientists and researchers. According to the famed Sumerian researcher Zecharia Sitchin one of the tablets depicts the solar system. What’s most interesting according to Sitchin is that the “solar system” shown in the text includes references to planets like Neptune and Pluto, which were not discovered until the advent of the telescope, about six millenia after the disappearance of the Sumer civilization. What has baffled researchers studying the tablets is that the cuneiform script shows the existence of another planet, one we have yet to discover, and that some have dubbed Planet X – the tenth planet.

    Some experts have discounted Sitchin’s findings, saying that he had misinterpreted the texts. But years after his analysis, as scientific interest into the outer reaches of our solar system increased, more information has come to light. The latest discovery, according to Fox News, proves beyond a doubt that there do exist large planetary objects past the boundaries of Pluto and Neptune, and they could be larger than Earth.

    There is evidence of at least two planets larger than Earth lurking in our solar system beyond Pluto, a new analysis of “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” reveals.

    After studying 13 of these “extreme trans-Neptunian objects,” or ETNOs, the obits of these objects are different from a theory that predicts the orbits.

    “The exact number is uncertain, given that the data that we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system,” Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, scientist at the UCM and co-author of the study, said in a statement Friday.

    The new results may give way to evidence of the existence of Planet X, which is a rumored object as far away as 250 astronomical units from the sun and 10 times larger than Earth.

    With the current instruments available to scientists, it is nearly impossible to spot these objects.

    But this data is not unique in and of itself. Over the last several decades scientists have found a variety of signs that there is, in fact, a Planet X lurking out there somewhere. At one point they had identified perturbations, or gravitational disturbances, around Neptune suggesting that a large, and as of yet unseen, body was pulling on the planet. But the perturbations were quickly discounted during Voyager 2’s flyby in 1989 when new calculations suggested that we had underestimated Neptune’s original size.

    But the evidence didn’t stop there. In 1983, for example, a chief scientist as NASA announced that their infrared telescope had identified a heavenly body “possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter” sitting beyond Pluto.


    What was most surprising about this announcement is that no mention of it was ever made again. The research associated with the find simply disappeared from public view.

    But as the Mayan Doomsday approached in 2012 there was a renewed interest in Planet X. A variety of civilizations throughout history had made mention of the existence of a massive body that passed close to earth. In the book of Revelation, for example, there is mention of a “star” called Wormwood, the passing of which will lead to a massive rise in the waters across the globe.

    The name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.

    Revelation 8:11

    Native American civilizations in the Southwestern United States as well as Central and South America even made petroglyphs of such an object, often depicted in the form of a spiral, which brought flooding and devastation and forced people to higher ground:


    planet-x-petroglyph-2(Images via Rabbit Hole)

    The stories of civilization-ending floods are not unique to just Native Americans, and appear in various other historical and religious texts, including the Bible.

    This, of course, has led to all sorts of speculation as to whether or not Wormwood, Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet X, or the Blue Star was about to make another near-earth passage. Were it to occur, the the gravitational disturbances it would cause would be nothing short of catastrophic because researchers say it would create mega-Tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all over the planet.

    For all intents and purposes in such a scenario we would be facing a cataclysmic extinction-level event.

    Alas, the passage of Planet X didn’t happen on 2012, giving humanity a reprieve on Armageddon.

    But that’s not to say it can’t happen again in the future (if that’s in fact what happened in the past). Some estimates suggest that if there were a Planet X, it may orbit the sun on a roughly 3,000 year cycle – perhaps even more. Further, as noted in the most recent research published by Fox News, the tenth planet may be on a completely different orbit then we are used to, so it is quite possible that we wouldn’t see (or feel) it until it was almost right on top of us.

    The other danger, as explained by CNN, is that even if the 10th Planet doesn’t do a near-earth fly-by, it could send large swaths of asteroids or comets our way:

    What do you think? Is the rumored Planet X lurking out their somewhere in our solar system? And if so, could it potentially be on an orbit that intersects closely with earth at some point in the future?


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      1. Anonymous

        There’s definitely more planets beyond Pluto – we just can’t see them yet (but interstingly, we can spot planets light years away!). Whether they are comin’ right for us or not is a different discussion altogether.

        I guess if one of these objects is on a different kind of orbit like some people have said it might be, then sure, it could be coming at us and we’d have no idea. “We” meaning us regular folk.

        I have seen some interesting footage taken in Antarctica and elsewhere showing “two suns” or an object in the sky that isn’t supposed to be there, but I honestly have no idea. With CGI effects it is hard to determine what is fake and what isn’t.

        Besides, if something like that was coming right for us, then I am pretty sure there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          Nibiru, sometimes called Planet X, is not going to collide with earth this year or ever because it doesn’t exist!

          Folks, terrorism is a hoax, and so is Planet X.

          Turn off Faux New and the rest of the MSM!!!

          DK are you paying attention?

          • BJ

            I have seen a lot of compelling evidence and read a lot as well. I honestly don’t know. I find it completely plausible but am not convinced 100% like I used to be.

            I have one question for you though…….how would you explain the cave wall drawings?

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              The Federal Reserve says it’s mandate is to stabilize prices.

              It’s mandate is written on a cave wall.

              Do you believe it?

          • BiilyRayBob

            Yourmotherwaswrong: That ain’t so, I seen them planets on a star map or sumthin on a real live spaceship when I was abduckted by critters that looked a lot like Bigfoot.

            • yourmotherwaswrong


              Hey BiilyRayBob

              Do you remember “Heavens Gate?”

        • durango kidd

          I have warned of its existence here several times in the past few years. That warning is in the archives. It is real and the government is watching it; as are other countries with that capability, like the Russians.

          Its existence and its likely fly-by may well be the impetus for the NWO acceleration of the police state, massive underground bunkers, etc, etc.

          Some say it is due here in March 2016. Maybe. I don’t think so. I think Nibiru doesn’t fly by until much later than that as there is much in Revelation that must play out before the Destroyer comes and transforms the world once more.

          Keep prepping. 🙂

          • WhoWiddaThunkIt

            How about the giant human remains that have been found around planet earth. 8 to 15 Ft Tall. Look up 13 giant human remain found buried at Lake Delevan Wisconsin that was disc overes in 1912. The Smithsonian confiscated the large bones and skulls. Some human remains found have been 30+ feet tall.

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            Zecharia Sitchin started the Nibiru hoax back in the 70s when he lied about translating ancient tablets. He translated them how he saw fit. Sitchin did it to sell his 12th planet book.

            Years later a crazy person named Nancy Lieder said aliens told her that Nibiru was coming in 2003. She killed her dogs so they wouldn’t suffer through the disaster.

            From then on, a bunch of doomsday wackos keep changing the dooms-date year after year. The latest is:

            “Some say it is due here in March 2016. Maybe. I don’t think so. I think Nibiru doesn’t fly by until much later than that as there is much in Revelation that must play out.”

            No matter how many times you tell these people Nibiru is a hoax, they cling to it. They keep the hoax alive.

            DK are you paying any attention?

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              I attempted to posted a short video that refutes the Planet X theory.

              Mac Slavo censored it out!

              For those interested in an opposing opinion, Google “Dr David Morrison youtube.”

            • durango kidd

              YMWW: Whether Sitchin started a hoax or not, I cannot say. What I can say is that SCIENCE has identified one or more outer planets and is attempting to plot their orbits.

              SCIENCE has also discovered planets around other stars with a rogue elliptical orbit, within systems not unlike our own. So this planetary phenomena is not unknown, and maybe more common than previously thought.

              Additionally NASA Insiders have reported viewing Planet X / Nibiru in the infrared, through US telescopes. I caught an interview on BIN of such an insider and the interview was quite believeable; based upon the information that was shared; the tone, spontaneity and inflections of the voice; and the special expertise that the insider obviously had. Worth the listen if you can find it.

              Russian sources are also reporting the existence of Nibiru and this may play into Putin’s calculations too; as an ongoing, extended conflict would give an excuse to make a move on Europe as Europe is affected by the Earth Changes caused by Nibiru’s passing.

              I know it is especially difficult for you to keep an open mind …… but give it your best effort. 🙂

              • sixpack

                If this planet is supposed to cause “extinction level events” and they supposedly know it’s coming, then what kind of moron would try to preside over an extinct population on a dying planet?

                This idea would be as stupid as rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

                This is an OXYMORON. Nobody would worry about conquering a planet that they suspect is about to disappear. Can’t we EVER leave the hate-mongering out of ANYTHING?

                …about the only ones THAT stupid might be the HNIC and his VP…but the Russians are not interested in trying to dominate the fucking world—especially if the world is scheduled to be “decommissioned” by this planet X.

                • BJ

                  have you heard from Dii at all?

                  • sixpack

                    sorry, I don’t know who you mean.

                    • BJ


                • durango kidd

                  sixpack: “If this planet is supposed to cause “extinction level events” and they supposedly know it’s coming, then what kind of moron would try to preside over an extinct population on a dying planet?”

                  The NWO and any other power crazy PTB.

                  While Nibiru might cause “extinction level events” on a regular interval evidenced its cyclical elliptical orbit; the fact that it has come and gone before and humans are still here would suggest that a remnant of humanity has survived before and will again.

                  One only need to look at the evidence of “Lost Civilizations” off the coast of Cuba and Japan, as well as Ancient Egypt, as evidence of high technology civilizations that once flourished upon the earth.

                  I won’t mention here the pyramids of Bosnia that pre-date Egypt by 30,000 years if SCIENCE is to be believed. 🙂

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                durango kidd says:

                “What I can say is that SCIENCE has identified one or more outer planets and is attempting to plot their orbits.”

                Demonstrate said “SCIENCE.”

                Show us the empirical evidence for the existence Planet X!

                LOL… You can’t.

                Because there is no evidence.

                • durango kidd

                  YMWW: Hey dumbshit!!! I never said that there was empirical scientific evidence for the existence of Planet X. I said:

                  “Science has identified one or more outer planets and is attempting to plot their orbits.”

                  The “evidence” for Nibiru is circumstantial but its potential existence is a theory that explains many ancient mysteries, the evidence of which is all around US; as I have noted by pointing to the many “Lost Ancient Civilizations” and their high levels of technology.

                  Troll much??? 🙂

          • Richard Head

            In the words of tool:

            “I want to watch it all go down… I’m Prayin for title waves…..”

          • JRS

            Dear DK…

            I would like to call your bluff, but I see that burlap sack of desert rattlers you have in your offhand.

            This here stuff in the archives you’re always referencing is hard to find.

            Every time I key in “Durango” or “Kidd” or “King Fiat” all that comes up is Free Trade or Fair Trade arguments with clark. The only other prediction I can find is the one you made about Romney becoming president in 2012 and the economy going on a tear.

            Please advise how to find your prediction on Mr Yellen’s current hair style and the value of today’s dino goo.

            The archives are unsearchable.

            • durango kidd

              JRS: I have always thought that you were skilled enough to rub two sticks together to create a fire; or insert “durango kidd / nibiru” into the search site box at the top and to the left.

              You will discover at least three similar articles to this one. If you look for my comments in the comments section in them, you will discover multiple warnings. I have also posted that warning in other articles with different topics.

              Out of respect for your long time posting here, I will refrain from calling you a “lazy dumbshit” and encourage you to keep an open mind and do some serious research. There is a lot of information out there. Separate the wheat from the chaff.

              If the LSM is admitting to this possibility when they are the megaphone of the PTB, you can bet your ass this thing is real. Plan accordingly. 🙁

              • durango kidd

                JRS: Had Romney BEEN elected in 2012 the economy would have gone on a tear. The man knows money. Obola doesn’t. 🙂

              • JRS

                Thanks for the search tips Durango.
                The archives are unsearchable.
                I know you’re right…you said so.
                Stop rubbing it in every time you are…

                • durango kidd

                  I do what I can. 😉

        • Rodster

          Is Geraldo Rivera doing this story? Maybe he can find Jimmy Hoffa’s body while he’s at it. 😛

          • PO'd Patriot

            All this horseshit makes my head hurt. Now where’d I set that church key down…… BTW if it is Geraldo, throw a chair at his face.

        • Old Guy

          Put on a welding helmet and look at the sun in the early morning or at dusk and you can see it.

        • Anonymous

          On december 15th I was south of okc time was 1645-1700. I noticed major chem trails in ths sky, so much so that there appeared to be a rainbow halo around the sun and looked like 2 giant comets were headed strait for it. I pulled over on i-35 and took a series of pictures with my smartphone. I got more than I bargained for in those shots.
          What my eyes couldn’t see my camera did. There is a massive planetary body in the upper left hand corner that within a 15 min period set in front of or behind the sun. Go out and take pictures yourself -and you will see it. Whatever it is it moves very fast. And before anyone says sundog or glare ‘nope’. Verified through process of elimination and multi angle shots the object holds position and was setting behind the sun or in front. Go out with your camera and see for yourself. It is there.

      2. Npgh

        Fox is full of crap. Shephard Smith believes in globull warming.

        • GMAFB

          Same shit, new day.

        • Northern Reb

          I believe in climit change….Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb.

          • Npgh

            Fall’s my favorite.

            • Northern Reb

              The last fishing trip, Hunting season, Deer camp, chase’n Hogs. shooting Yotes. Ya I like fall also!;-}
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. Reb

        • durango kidd

          Not this time and they can say, “We told you so” when it finally reappears. 🙁

      3. Them Hogs

        Aliens? Now I know where Obama, Acid Etch, and WhoWants toSuckIt, comes from!

        Watch out fur them hogs!

        • Old Nam Vet

          OK, that’s funny. I wonder If AE is going to all bad boy on that.

      4. BJ

        I wonder if that would be considered a black swan? LoL

        Went car shopping Saturday….looked at a few Subaru Outback and Legacy’s. One in Streator IL and one in Ottawa……Streator was a weird place with weird sheeple.

        Ended up getting a good deal on an Outback in Shitcago. Like it so far….not sure as much as I loved my Honda Accord though. If shtf, I can’t go as many miles on a tank of gas as I could in the Honda.

        • admin

          Plus you’ve got all wheel drive on that bad boy. Subarus are solid vehicles if you ask me. Congrats on the new ride BJ!

        • Mark

          Subaru Outbacks are so tough and the owners love them so much that it is hard to find a used one on the market. If they ever make a full sized pickup I will buy one.
          The outbacks have an engine like a small airplane, you can’t tear them up.

        • apache54

          you got the best car, only thing better on fuel is the 2014 Impreza it gets more MPG than the estimates, but a suburu is a very good vehicle, good job!

        • JRS

          Good luck on the ride. The Subaru Robin engine is preferred here over the Honda or Briggs for longevity.
          Too bad you live in the rust belt.

          Rust never sleeps.

          • WhoWiddaThunkIt

            Like what idiot chooses to live in IL??. The armpit of the cuntry.

            • BJ

              If I chose to live here, then I would be an idiot. But I do not choose to live here, I choose to stay gainfully employed in these times to be responsible and raise my family. To do other wise, would be idiotic. Now if I could get this type of job out in Idaho and passed it up….I would also be an idiot.

        • Northern Reb

          About half the people in Streator are From Chicago and Joliet. They are section 8 transplant, from when they torn down all the house projects up north.
          Streator last a lot of there good people when the glass factory closed and the taxes got out of hand. Those folks said enough and left.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.reb

      5. eppe

        Ever read any of Sitchen(spelling)???
        He wrote many books on the subject…
        Sumerian text translator…

        • Northern Reb

          I have read some of Stichens works????
          But, at one time the earth was flat and the sun rotated around the earth.
          Man could not fly or go faster than sound.
          Is he right or is he wrong about Planet X?????
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.Reb

          • eppe

            N.R. Probably the question of the ages.
            Per the cuneiform text, per Sitchin, the Annanuki came here thousands of years before the Bible was recorded, and DNA grafted with the humanoids that existed to make a slave race to mine gold for the atmosphere of Nibiru, which is their planet.
            Just going off memory, read most all his books.
            To say he was correct, your guess is as good as mine…
            Everything we know could be wrong…

            • Northern Reb

              According to some of the ancient writings and text we just might get to see something in the next few years???
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

              • Sgt. Dale

                Eppe, and N.R.
                If there are people on Plant X coming her to enslave us and to make us mine Gold.? They might get a surprise. They might find out that we have better weapons than bows and arrows. They might have a fight on there hands.

                • sixpack

                  …so, are the aliens of planet x going to enslave us BEFORE or AFTER their planet destroys ours and probably damages a large portion of theirs in the process?

                  Or let me guess, they have a way to STEER their planet or control it’s path…

                  And I assume their planet is protected from those same gravitational elements that is supposed to destroy US?


                  • Sgt. Dale

                    I was just screwing around! I don’t believe in a PlantX!
                    When they can show us on the TV or tell us where to look in the sky then I might! As far as I’m concerned it is B.S.

          • apache54

            northern reb,
            I don’t know if it is true or not, but what you might keep in mind is the fact that our DNA is not pure we are a hybrid so THAT my friend brings up lots of questions!!! and just adds more fuel to there is more to the story and we have been hoodwinked over the years!

      6. BJ

        Thanks Mac….I do like the capacity to store and transpot things, and I owe no money….paid cash. That means I can keep saving without a car payment each month for land.

        Looks like the time to buy more silver and gold might be upobn us as well with the recent move of the Swiss.

        • admin

          This might be the last time we see sub-$20 silver for a while… I would’ve loved to see late 2008 prices again…

          • BJ

            $1292 and $18 now……gold hits $1300 and it will be time, for me anyway, to buy more of both.

      7. Sierra Dave

        Imagine a time when the only way to communicate over time was painting pictures in a wall. No pens, pencils, papers. Yet much longer lasting. Too bad they hadn’t developed a written language. We might better know what they were trying to say.

        They could be warnings to future generations. In the scheme of things, it’s a drop in the financial bucket to scan our skies and learn of threats in advance.

      8. hammerhead

        If somthing that size was moving toward earth, i would think that it will take thousands of years to get here.
        I dunno , but i am sure that we will destroy eachother long before it gets here.
        Note above posts .

        • the renegade braveheart

          Npgh, that’s right. FOX is the NEOCON outlet. Now I know where the trolls come from.

          • Anonymous

            I thought that trolls came from Memphis TN, smoked dope and had wet dreams about being Ron Paul’s “boyfriend”. Who knew?

            Gee, do you think that a hero like Kris Kyle was a cowardly, member of the Libertarian Left, of a Patriotic Conservative Christian?

            • BJ

              Hero?? I don’t see him as a hero at all.

              And to try and equate a libertarian with either side of the current day political aisle is a wee bit of a comprehension error.

          • Northern Reb

            One thing about Fox is they do have some real Hot women working there!;-}
            I take there news like I take all the TV news, Trust but verify…..There was a great man said that, I think he made a couple of movies with monkeys, and played a football coach. He stood up to the commies and was the President of the great country on the planet. U.S.A.
            That my 2cent worth, that and a buck fifty will get you 1 cup of coffe and mybe a refill or two.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • the renegade braveheart

          Hammerhead, if we could send the trolls to that planet, that would be SO NICE.

      9. Stolz Vorfahren

        Looks like the zio owned media is running out of topics of global genocide?

      10. JRS

        Fox News main source of information comes from Uranus.

        • PO'd Patriot


        • sixpack

          No, it’s from “theiranus”, I see them pull it out all the time. Their heads often disappear for a few minutes in the process…

      11. slingshot

        Figured I will be dead in about 15 years or less. So if it is not going to get here by then. I don’t care.

      12. AC

        We’ll need to send people to investigate, immediately.

        I think we can probably spare a several hundred thousand corrupt politicians and bureaucrats for this job. Heck, every country should chip in some personnel for this mission.

      13. mallardhen

        Planet X could that be a new BOL???

        • grandee

          “When World’s Collide”

          is a 1951 American Technicolor science fiction film from Paramount Pictures.

          When Worlds Collide is based the 1933 science fiction novel of the same name, co-written by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer.
          The film concerns the coming destruction of the Earth by the rogue star Bellus and the desperate efforts to build a space ark that will save and transport a small portion of humanity to the star’s single orbiting planet, Zyra. After the Earth is destroyed by its collision with Bellus, the space ark safely lands on Zyra and humanity’s survivors disembark on their new world to face a hopeful but still unknown future.

          Great movie!

      14. Ron Ahrens

        Corporatist Fascist Faux News filth will all be arrested after the collapse, along with all the other propaganda spewing trash in the Corporatist Fascist Murican media aiding and abetting genocide in collapsing Murica. .

      15. watching and waiting

        I do not know about planet X.
        I do know that in times past there has been a disaster in our solar system if you look at the impact damage on the moon, Mars and the asteroid belt which some believe is the left over debris
        from a planetary explosion.

        According to those who monitor the skies, our solar system is moving into a denser part of the milky way galaxy where we will encounter, rogue planets, rocks and other stuff.

        Even Nasa has reported this. So take it for whats its worth.
        A time ago we did have an asteroid to pass between the earth and the moon and it was discovered too late to warn the earth if it had been on a collision course.

        So, keeping looking up!

      16. good guy

        Are you sure PLANET X is soon to be

        PLANET EARTH ?

      17. Mountain Trekker

        Is this Chief Joseph or Chief Sitting Bull Day, For some reason the Post Office is closed. Trekker Out.

        • Smokey

          Robert E. Lee’s birthday today.

          • Archivist

            There was a riot at my school 44 years ago today.

        • sixpack

          Martin Luther King’s birthday, or so I was told.

      18. Them Hogs

        OFF TOPIC
        Tomorrow, Jan. 20th Season Five of “SWAMP PEOPLE” comes out on DVD. (Showing how Country Boys in Louisiana survive)

        The following week, Jan 27th. “FURY” comes out on DVD.

        Watch out fur them hogs!

      19. aljamo

        At least the criminals at the top would die along with everybody else. That would bring some comfort, imo. I’m sure there is a giant rock out there somewhere with destination Earth written all over it. Anything can happen and usually does. To me the ongoing crop circles is a bigger mystery. People have ignored the phenomenom apparently believing random people with sticks and string created them. American’s ignore these crop circles at their own peril.

        • Hunter

          BINGO…AJ, per the crop circles!

          ..I tend to lump asteroids in the same realm as high-velocity bullets..

          ..insomuch as..there’s not much you can do, about the one w/ ‘your name’ on it, so why worry about it?

          ..conversely, I do worry somewhat, about the ‘one’ addressed….TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN!!!

      20. Jim in Va.

        Just what we need a planetary tourist trap.

      21. paula

        Personally, I’m a lot more worried about getting hit by a tornado than whacked by a rogue planet.

        But I suppose everyone should prepare for whatever it is they think is most likely to get them.

      22. Old Guy

        Ive been warning about the pole shift or quite some time. Planet X makes a elepietical orbit. not a round circle but a egg shaped orbit. The last time it passed by was during the Exidous. Of course the goverment eletes know about it. They are not telling the general public for very good reasons. It don’t matter if you believe or not its still happening. Smart folks will leave the lower elevatons.

        • sixpack


        • Archivist

          All orbits are elliptical.

      23. DavM

        Steve Quayle says this all the time. I just don’t understand why I need to buy gold from him if Niburu is going to kill us all.

      24. taz

        tis’ a sad day when @mac slavo of @shtfplan uses a ‘jump-the-shark’ bullshit c.i.a. mk-ultra fake story from zio-jew owned and zog-cia propagandized ‘fuxnews’ as a story source.

        when he should be focusing on the slaughter of his own people … the Slav’s of east europe in the ukraine by the oligarchy ukraine zio-jews , wanna-be ukraine nazi’s, and zio-jew owned controlled u.s. military, who now have boots and us army general command staff on the ground in the ukraine!

        And are still needlessly dropping 500 pound shrapnel bombs on the civilians of east Ukraine, murdering indiscriminately babies children women and defenseless old men in their sleep, destroying whole apartment blocks of defenseless ukrainian civilians just because the rebel militia’s are kicking their asses out of the east ukraine – donbass region.

        c’on @mac get with the program man. i seriously expect better from you!


          • sixpack

            Mac is a Russia hater, so I doubt we’d see such information coming from his site, especially anything that isn’t aimed directly at Putin.

            • taz

              mac is in a tight spot, with multiple conflicts culturally and religiously as his ancestors / blood family is from that general region.

              so i’m actually kinda busting his balls just a’ lil to see if he reacts and shares the knowledge he has of that region and it’s his peoples home turf! ;0)

              • sixpack

                so is mine.

          • White Fox

            Collapsible stock 5.56 M4 carbines with STANAG magazines. Those are NATO use rifles all right.

        • taz

          What’s going right now with the Zog Amerikan C.I.A. failed operation ukraine…

          latest war report from the front:

          Second day of clashes around Mariupol


          Counter-offensive against Mariupol continues

          Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

          Responding to AFU provocations, bombardment of civilians, and the dishonest and hypocritical policies of the Ukrainian government, DPR forces began an active counteroffensive.

          Ukrainian sources indicate AFU positions are being regularly attacked by DPR forces.

          An attack was launched in the direction of Gutovo on January 18 at 21:00.

          At 6:20am AFU positions were shelled by mortars near Orlovskoye.

          Around 7am Ukrainian positions near Nikolayevka came under ATGM (anti-tank guided missile) and AGL (automatic grenade launcher) fire.

          At 7:05 AFU positions near Chermalyk received mortar fire.

          At 7:25 artillery fire was opened in the vicinity of Gnutovo.

          DPR forces are also intensifying their pressure on Azov positions from the direction of the Novoazovsk road.

          Azov positions were hit by rocket artillery for the first time since September. This was announced by Azov commander, “Kirt”.

          No information about casualties in the Azov battalion is being reported. One could not sense any enthusiasm in Kirt’s video appearance [video embedded in the link above].

          Translator’s Note: So far the operations described look like either a reconnaissance in force or efforts to pin down and possibly demoralize Ukrainian forces around Mariupol, either in order to prevent them from intervening elsewhere, attract reserves away from Donetsk, or prepare the battlefield for a larger-scale offensive. Time will tell…

      25. egore

        Check out the Thunderbolts Project on youtube. Astronomers with a contrairan view. Carries on Velikovsky’s work from the 60’s. They have much more sensible explanations of comets and planets. The electric universe.

        • admin

          Great recommendation. This research has fascinated me for many years and turns Big Bang theory ( and its sub theories) more or less on its head.

          Electric Universe theory is pretty interesting stuff and worth the time of anyone who would like an alternate view :

          Start with Thunderbolts of the Gods:

          • BJ

            I find ‘God vibration’ an amazing theory to research.

          • Professor Higgins

            People were sd stupid then as they are now. Most folks are completely illiterate when it comes to science, Americans in particularly. Science has thoroughly crushed all ‘biblical’ explanations for things like diseases and geophysical events. Things like epilepsy and small pox now have medical (scientific) explanations rather than some mystical deity ‘testing’ someone. And things like earthquakes also have scientific (provable) reasons behind them. No one, except perhaps a raving lunatic like Pat Robertson, would say that a hurricane was caused by god’s anger at some city. There is a science called meteorology that can explain them. Time for people to grow up; only a child would believe that some invisible magic man in the sky just snapped his fingers and made everything.

      26. Ron Ahrens

        Thanks Mac, I knew I would strike a chord with you, eventually you will see the light and come to understand what I am talking about.

        • admin

          Ron, we often do extensive reports about GMO foods, poisons in our foods, fluoride, and other related information at This is one of the reasons why you don’t see it published here on a daily or more regular basis

          So, please know that we are making an effort to get this information out there.


          • Ron Ahrens

            Please address it as the GENOCIDE and CULLING that it is, maybe it will have more impact if people understand why their bodies and minds and their children’s bodies and minds are being dumbed down, chemically altered, and turned into DISEASE RIDDEN TOXIC DUMPS. It is not about profit for these evil Corporatist Gloabalist Fascist murdering monsters, it is all about DE-POPULATION now. I have to stress the point again:

            Does any brain dead Zombie out there honestly believe the evil monsters controlling this collapsing Stasi Fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM shithole were going to let our population grow and have long healthy lives, while knowing they cannot pay out the trillions in unfunded liabilities promised, and also knowing the Zombies will turn on them when they wake up(if that is possible) to what these monsters have done to our food supply and their children’s bodies, minds, and futures????????

            With the weakened immune systems and destroyed gut bacteria of the average chemically altered toxic dump consuming the poisonous toxic FAKE FOOD daily in collapsing Murica and most of the world, it will not take much of a Pandemic, EMP, or whatever they have planned for their FINAL SOLUTION for massive de-population. The evil monsters controlling our future do not need this brain dead Zombie populace anymore, they have technology now which requires very few humans, and they want the earth cleansed for themselves. It is all so clear when you understand and see what is going on right in front of you.

      27. Planet 7X

        Go to the youtube channel Planet 7X by Gil Broussard. He thinks this planet or planets in coming by earth in March of 2016.

      28. Planet 7X soon

        Go to youtube channel “Planet 7X” by Gil Broussard. Best site for getting a quick understanding of this stuff
        March of 2016 may well be the time of the passing of this planet or planets

      29. Ass hat

        The old Subaru brat pickups were cool my buddy had an el camino it was the balls it would smolder tires and was useful like a truck but smooth like car up her in the northeast cars rust through in ten years or so Those Subarus are popular around here because of all wheel drive. Mork from Ork nanu nanu came from the x

      30. Sgt. Dale

        Plant X. Now what it is going to take us out too? Something is going to get us. Better a plant than the Guberment!

      31. Archivist

        Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, our Moon, 2 moons of Mars, and perhaps Titan. Those are probably the ten bodies circling the sun in the above photo.

        There may be another large planet orbiting the sun, but it’s not about to hit us. If another planetary body were about to strike us, the gravitational effects would already be obvious.

      32. N. Rockwell

        There is a reaon that Fukushima has not been contained. Why change the oil on a car headed to the crusher? I dismissed this Nibiru b.s. before but am listening now. Durango would mention it in the past and I thought it was silly that such a smart dude believed in it. Eggs on my face now. Even if it causes no impact it COULD flip the poles, cause solar flares ect. Crazy shit that the mainstream is picking up on it now.

      33. Old Guy

        Planet X isn’t going to impact or strike the earth. will pass by. Think aout how the moon causes the tides to rise & fall. Planet x will have a bigger effect. its already casing the magnetic pole shift. fulcuations in the magnosphere. affecting plate techtonics. Pay attention to all the earthquakes, volcano erupions, strange weather, sinkholes ect. they are increasing in both magnitude frequency. The USGS has been downgrading the magnitude of the earthquakes. Now you know why they don’t care about things like illegal immigrants. deteroiating infrastructure. ect. Everything the goverent Is doing is preparation for countinuity of government. They will fail paces like Mt Weather will be their toombs. 90% will die before its over.

      34. bulldog

        only a fool believes crap that they cant prove or hasnt had a living experience of and most americans are fools and idiots just look at how they keep voting for those who keep screwing them over and over and over. And to the guy who wanted to see it all go down and who couldnt even spell tidal waves properly, you are a bigger fool with a death wish, but you want to take everyone with you.

      35. EastTenn

        Scientist find other planets in other solar systems inderectly. They do not see the planet itself. One common way is to see the blip it causes in the light coming from the star as the planet orbits between us and its star. By looking at the light pattern being emmiting they can determine some basic properties of the planet.
        I do not know if their is a jupiter size planet past pluto in our solar system but they have found some objects as big or almost as big as pluto out there and it could be possible to cause a comet to come our direction. It would not sneek up on us like “OH Crap, we only have a week to live or something”. We would see it before it made it to mars. Whether or not we could do anything about it is another question.

      36. roudorbit

        One question I’ve had is if the planets are captured blobs then why are they in generally the same plane? Randomness dictates there would be as many in random orbits as would be in the same plane. Its odd and non-intuitive.

      37. LadyDee


        SCIENCE- 2 planets may lurk in solar system beyond Pluto, study says

        Published January 17, 2015

        March 26, 2014: A newly discovered planet-like object, dubbed “Sedna” is seen in this artist’s concept released by NASA. (AP)

        There is evidence of at least two planets larger than Earth lurking in our solar system beyond Pluto, a new analysis of “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” reveals.

        After studying 13 of these “extreme trans-Neptunian objects,” or ETNOs, the obits of these objects are different from a theory that predicts the orbits.


        “The exact number is uncertain, given that the data that we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system,” Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, scientist at the UCM and co-author of the study, said in a statement Friday.

        Theory says these objects should have an average distance to the sun of 150 astronomical units. These orbits should also have an inclination of 0 degrees, says.

        However, the orbits of the ETNOs have semi-major axes ranging from 150-525 astronomical units and inclinations of about 20 degrees.

        These potential worlds would be bigger than Earth and would lie nearly 200 astronomical units from the sun. Earth is one astronomical unit from the sun.

        The new results may give way to evidence of the existence of Planet X, which is a rumored object as far away as 250 astronomical units from the sun and 10 times larger than Earth.

        With the current instruments available to scientists, it is nearly impossible to spot these objects.

      38. Hmmmm....

        Many in this group posting here don’t believe in heat or cold because it can’t be seen–well???

        Light and dark can’t be touched–guess it’s not real too??

      39. Tommy Two Toes

        search ” the Kolbrin bible/ the destroyer” from ancient Egypt. interesting reading. “The Destroyer” is mentioned in the old testament also. Just because you cannot see something do you not believe. Furthermore most people don’t believe in the Bible or GOD , as Jesus told his disciples ” you believe because you have seen me , blessed are those who believe who have not” therein lies FAITH. There are alot of things in this world we will never understand and that’s the way it is supposed to be, we are GOD’s creation and he has a plan for all of us that’s all we need to know.

      40. omegaman

        What the fuck is wrong with you people, honestly?

      41. Dm Stek

        I to am amazed at how much new science there is and that has come out via “whistleblowers” and through qualified folks just speaking out because it is right. A person would have to be blind to not see the climate change, the worldwide cats trophies from floods, to the now over 70 volcano’s worldwide. The chemtrailing most of us who look have no problem locating pattern flying, all’s you have to do is look. The materials being tested at many independent labs show a majority of the compounds to be; Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium. The only industrial use is in the Nuclear Power Industry. Those compounds in a micro form are used to disperse high levels of radiation, scattering gamma (x-ray) and neutralizing static buildup (decreasing lightning) The Earth’s core is heating up. Evidence of that is the 70 volcano’s erupting and in any normal year 2-4 mountains erupt with 52-55 emitting events per year since records have been kept. There were well over 1,400 in 2013 and 2014, worldwide earthquakes under normal years is 450 a month worldwide and have steadily increased since May 2013 to now well over 11,000 per month. The oceans are warmer despite the colder air temps. and we believe the spraying is to boost shielding of the increased magnetics that has entered our solar system. Matt Drudge said in a speech in 1997, that all of us were going to become the worlds next news organization and the only way to get truth in news, and that our efforts were to be necessary as the established news people are bought and paid for and actually are complicit in not the whole truth. The southern oceans have very large amounts of decreased salinity meaning, the Ice sheet in Antarctica is melting from the bottom side despite breaking the all-time high ice records both in 2013 and again, shattered that mark in 2014. The oceans are getting deeper and just have to see the cataclysmic results along the worlds coastlines. 15,000 feet down the ice is melting. Yes that’s almost 3 miles thick and that’s where it is melting. The Earth is on a rotational wobble making the equator wander above and below it’s normal line causing the tides to increase and causing the planet to pulsate every 24 hours as the equator is approx. 30 miles wider then the distance from north to south poles. That is the rotational centrifugal force being the outer most point of Merry go Round Earth. In August 2013, the moon shifted 41 degrees in 26 days going 21 degrees to the north, then back 20 degrees past the start point for the 41 degree move. Now the “man in the moon” on the first half of it’s cycle is curved looking up and to the north slightly and forever and a day he has always curved to the south. The second half, it is a straight line horizontal shadow with no curve. Both are wrong. Jupiter did a 90 degree roll and was pulled (down) out of its ecliptic plane and then uprighted itself and returned to it’s plane within a 12 hour period this past summer. Here is 3 links in which Matt Drudge spoke about and that we research as individuals and we find each other and how we get to these conclusions. The Thunderbolts Project mentioned is excellent for getting a grasp on what it is like to have another planet, or star to close and what a cosmic lightning bolt is capable of. these are a good explanation of why. Enjoy and God Bless;

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