Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take The Chip

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    This report was originally published by Aaron Kesel at Activist Post

    Fox News is pushing RFID chip implants, encouraging people that the tech is safe and good for medical by stating it’s similar to getting a tetanus shot.

    Recently in Sweden, thousands of people have reportedly had chips implanted. Fox highlights this news expressing that a company called Biohax has already “installed” around 4,000 chips into “customers.”

    The article then goes onto explain how awesome it is to have a chip in one’s hand, stating that those chipped can open secure doors, pay for tickets, and share emergency medical information.

    Years ago, it was seen as a “conspiracy theory” that the elite wanted to microchip the populace. Now, it’s right in our faces constantly; it’s no longer a secret. I’ll start by repeating the words of the great Aaron Russo, Rockefeller’s best friend: “Do not take the chip.”

    NBC has previously said blatantly, “your kids will receive the microchip for their ‘safety.’”

    There is absolutely nothing safe about allowing your kids to be microchipped. All this is being prepackaged as a way for law enforcement to rescue or find lost, kidnapped and missing children. They always seek to use the children.

    Let me tell you, the elite care so much about the children that in the UK they wanted to lower the age of consent to four years old. I would like to know who bankrolled all these positive microchip stories.

    In any event, this isn’t the only way they are trying to push people to get the chip. Over the years there have been various commercials trying to push the chip. One showing a concert, another showing a doctor using it to diagnose patients’ disorders, and several other mentions of the chip in the media.

    However, a story this writer will never forget is about a Saudi inventor that had a “brilliant idea” to make a chip with a lethal dose of cyanide in it.

    Although the patent was denied in Germany, this is still an example and documentation of what can be done. Do not trust the chip. Do not even for a second trust the chip. Tell the government you do not want an RFID.

    Let’s talk about the marketing for the RFID chip. One of the first commercials for the chip was VeriChip Corp’s extremely creepy commercial for Health Link, which shows all the health “benefits” of the microchip.

    However, they leave out the health risks like one of those 5 a.m. infomercials for some weight loss drug that could cause heart attacks.

    The chip comes with a huge risk: you’re injecting an electronic device into you that, heck, you forget has the potential of containing cyanide or another slow-killing poison. If the chip malfunctions or maybe switch is flipped after you’ve been a bad dissident against your New World Order dictatorship.

    You could have an internal electric shock or be burnt as Katherine Albrecht said, “The way it works is it picks up and amplifies ambient electro-magnetic energy from the reader devices and if you have one of these things in your arm and you get in the range of an electromagnetic field it can actually burn you.”

    IBM has also been caught pushing the RFID chip as the future market with a commercial where it seems some shady guy is stealing product, then walks out and a security guard walks up to him. “Excuse me Sir you forgot your receipt.” A female announcer then says “Checkout lines; who needs them this is the future of e-business.” First let me bash the commercial’s logic, where is this guy putting all the product he’s stealing?

    Is that coat of his an endless black hole? Where did it all go, does it just vanish? Now that I got that out of my system.

    As you can see, they are pushing the microchip in several different ways, and I’ll repeat again.

    I don’t care what they try to market to you, even if they tell you it’ll give you superpowers … because that’s our next step because of companies like Google.

    Do not allow your family or your friends to take the chip.

    Next, let’s look at the appealing commercials to teens and adults; let’s have an RFID party!

    Where everything you do is posted on Facebook with a simple flick of the wrist … or, hey, we go to this bar a lot let’s get a RFID chip implant so we don’t have to wait and can be VIPs – yeah! Oh, I really really wish I was joking.

    Because laziness knows no bounds, you can wear this wristband with a RFID chip and become indoctrinated – it’s OK, everyone is doing it!

    Chip yourself, it’s the new craze, it’s like getting a tattoo except it has a GPS tracking device. Because it’s not creepy at all that you become a human beacon for anyone who wants to track you, and oh no that could never ever be misused not just by the government but the civil population, i.e., hackers.

    It’s not like NSA recently got caught spying on everyone in the world? They would never ever be able to use the microchip to track you ever. Edward Snowden never revealed they tracked phones and smartphones. What makes you think RFID technology wouldn’t be abused and used to track people?

    Also note they would be able to see your heart rate, pulse and medical records. No thank you…

    Another example of insanity and RFID is Motorola; they have a patent for an electronic skin tattoo that basically tells whether you are lying or telling the truth that is applied to a user’s neck. So you can not only become a human beacon, but a human lie detector!

    No, I’m serious, I’m not kidding at all, and the next great innovation of Motorola is turning you into a human password with a swallow-able RFID pill…

    Well hell no Moto, you can not chip me … try again.

    From putting the FUN into RFID courtesy of Facebook and Coca-Cola, there is my personal favorite: let’s all get chipped, drunk, and stupid – RFID nightclub.

    A few more examples then we will wrap up this anti-chip montage.

    Already a business has forced its employees to get a microchip to use their photocopier, open doors, etc. Seriously, a business forced people to get a microchip so they could work. My question is, what happens if they get fired?

    Are we living in The Twilight Zone? It feels like it. And they aren’t done pushing it, just imagine how an implant can allow you to wave your hand and open a door? Oh cool, so I can sort of be like Magneto? Trust me, they will push it in several more ways. We’ve already seen medical and commerce and fun, wait until you see the trans-humanist agenda out in full flesh.

    You have been warned…

    We will end with a hilarious YouTube parody by “Joy Camp” that needs to be seen by everyone capable of thinking for themselves.

    That’s the honest 100% truth. Let this one sink in real deep, in place of that RFID chip.

    The RFID Chip is always with you threatening your privacy causing severe risk to your health and personal safety and killing you if you don’t obey rogue government demands.


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      1. I could imagine this being used to document illegals, or any other ward of the state, for their test case. Generally, someone, who ought to be tagged like an animal, would be used as the example, imo.

        • Agreed! Any Moslem or those coming up from another country should be chipped. Just like mongrel pups…speaking of which we’ll need to chip him (Obama) cause he’s definitely a mongrel whelp. Can’t have that fecker running all over country during elections. ’bout time that “skinny” should go lay down somewhere and his wife/Husband “Michael” too.

          • As for me needing to be chipped… You’ll have to burn the stump and sift the ashes to find me and mine. And if you should by happenstance run into me. I’ll share a drink with you if you’re so inclined. But I’ll refuse the chip and if pressed….well I’ll say a few words over your marker and then move on.

            • These teenage scientist feckers just don’t what they are asking for. We will hunt then and their families and find them unless they’re locked behind a huge steel door……

              • This is all old news about RFID. And I have a copy of that Aaron Russo DVD [REST IN PEACE AARON AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR REVELATIONS].

                • Fox News can take that chip and shove it. Only chips I go for are potato chips, corn chips, tortilla chips…..with salsa and cheese dip, LOL.

                  • Chip all the liberals. With cyanide capsules. Totally awesome.

                  • NEVER take the Number of the beast.
                    Avoid ALL technology in your home and life.
                    Never own a “smart” phone.

                    Fight for your life.

                    Turn to Jesus Christ for comfort.

                  • let me say this. Chips are coming. When the left gets complete power within 5 years they will institute a crisis, after an economic collapse. The financial system will collapse and chips will be mandatory. It’s engineered to distinguish between the constitutional, cultural-Christian, old line Americans and the new-age progressive socialist-marxist millennial group.

                    Eventually, anyone without one is considered a “non-person”, then arrested and given a “last chance”, then executed. Execution is how the state always enforces everything, ultimately. Nothing promulgsted by the state stays voluntary very long.

                    These snowflakes will all approve, after all, why let anyone get in the way of their little Utopia?

                    The most sensitive snowflake will look on with total approval as we ‘Conservatives’ ‘get what’s coming to us’. You’ll hear that statement/phrase over and over again coming out of Millennial commie mouths. Millennials and young women and foreigners and minorities already consider us as anathema, it won’t take much for them to militarize.

                • “America: Freedom to Fascism” – His LAST production. I was a founding contributor.

              • Steel doors can’t stop an acetylene torch

          • I’d rather shoot dead all those you mentioned. I will never accept a chip because I am not insane.

          • All you people “Got Cell Phones?” You dopes are all being tracked without a microchip. And you even pay the bill to carry the tracing device around on your 24/7 like a slave.

            What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Check your cell phone right, you place your fingerprint ID on the screen to unlock the phone, then your camera captures your ugly mug, then you browse, and every key stroke is logged including passwords. Your GPS location is turned on, your camera and microphone are both turned on listening to everything you say, and you can thank Facebook for a lot of this spy craft.

            Tape off your camera spyhole on the front screen, stay off of WiFi, GPS, and never do any banking on your cell phone period. Clear your cell phone cache browsing history, phone calls, texts, and any other unnecessary data frequently. Never do any UPDATES or Download any Google Apps. Disable Google Administrator on your cell phone. Stop being a slave.

            • Every bridge, every highway on-ramp and off ramp is possibly photo tagging your license plate. Red light cameras, and even fake roadside Bobs Barracade cones or barricade drums has a camera to photo your face or license tag.

              All of that meta data is being fed in to the DHS Home land security Fusion Center near you. If they need to find you they can tell what time you cross that bridge in the AM and what routes you take daily. Even your street lights now have cameras and recording and listening devices. With 5G coming to your neighborhood the military grade microwaves will give you cancer and the devices will be able to look inside your home like an X-Rays. Even is you are walking down the street carrying a concealed gun the 5G can see who you are and what you are carrying. Why its the new “Internet of things.” All bad things.

              • And when they want to kill you they just open the tiny trap door on the chip and cyanide is released and you die. Or gives you a shock to send your heart into arrhythmia and you collapse and die. Sure you go be a slave to a chip. Chip can sterilize a person for no sexual reproductivity.

      2. They said it was a conspiracy theory.

        Now they tell you to choose to be chipped.

        They will then require you to be chipped. Failure to comply will become illegal. You will be jailed as a criminal. Eventually anyone without a chip will be deemed dangerous and executed. People will be chipped. They will have no other choice. Then the SHTF ? for real.

        Otherwise, some people are going to start killing these people that are pushing this shit. There’s going to be war between the Globalists and those who refuse to be slaves. The only question is when.

        Off grid prepping is mandatory. The first thing the Globalists will do is to take down the grid. Put everyone in the dark without ? ? ? water, without heat or air conditioning, without refrigeration, without an oven; and without ⛽️ fuel for your ?. They will ✋ stop food delivery ? and grocery chains will close.

        When not if. And the Globalists will blame White Supremists, White Christians, White Nationalists. When a black woman can be called a white supremast, we’re all one. And they are.

        War is coming according to many people.

        The question is how far off. And who fights whom. The Globalists want a free-for-all with everyone fighting each other while they laugh it up as spectators of our stupidity.

        It’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

        I hope we can stop the insanity before there are any more losses. So far, the Globalists have won. They’re killing millions with opioids, Cancer, wars, etc.



        • Just like banks trying to eliminate cash, pretty soon you won’t be Abe to get health care or cash a check unless they can read your chip.Sorry can’t buy a gun, you don’t have a chip. Everything will be tied to it eventually.

        • B, if/when they come for me they won’t get close enough to touch me. Bullets will work on them just like any other scum. No chips for me or any of my family.

          • Dep Ren.. But you use satellite radio and that device tracks your every mile on the road.. with reverse GPS tracking and your radio monthly subscription. Oh they can find you, if they need to. Not hard at all, you’re an easy target. And they may be able to use your satellite radio to disable your vehicle and lock the doors so not even you can open it. Get off their Grid.

            • TSB, I cancelled that satellite radio back in May.

        • opiates dont kill, pschotropes do. Opium is just an addictive pain relief and personally, i like my addictions!

        • The first step was mandating checking accounts for SS checks.
          Next step–chips or no check.

        • Lol they know better than to try to force this nonsense.. they know they’ll be slaughtered if they do

      3. Designer chips, ring in nose, plate in lips and now this.

      4. Stupid people, will do it. Even so called smart people will cave to pressure. Those like myself will kill you if you try to force it on us, you have been warned!

      5. This will go over like a lead ballon with the Christian Fundamentalists and Libertarians. The Progressives and Neo-Cons will either champion it or be silent with its implications. This speaks volumes on who are actually allies and foes.

        • K2,
          For years I wore badges at work, barcoded,
          or RFID chipped, or I had to use a code
          to gain access to an area.
          It allowed the company to figure
          out where I was at, when I was there,
          and hopefully keep out un-authorized people.
          That was for work.
          In a private world I would never submit
          to having a chip inserted into my body
          for tracking me.
          There is a very large possibility of abuse if civilians
          are required to have chips, but other than voting you are
          required to produce government ID for just about everything
          you do or we use Plastic for most business transactions these days, so we are already there.

          • I can intentionally forget my wallet. I cannot intentionally forget my forehead or right hand. Hopefully sharp, pointy objects have yet to be banned when this is forced so I can cut the f###er out.

            • Thats why ive taught myself how to grind and harden sharp pointy things,,,,

          • Rellik, same here. Wearing a badge or using smart-card for access at work is one thing but private life is just that: private. I have also experienced these things quitting. Then, you can’t use your computer (even to log off) or go anywhere except to the badge office for a replacement and hope there wasn’t a line so you could get in that day.

        • Kevin2, RFID goes over like a lead balloon for me as well. Not happening for me.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            This would be an interesting question to pose to guests and family over the Hollidays. Simple chip, ease of transactions, employment; you might be surprised by the answers today. Pose the question five years from now and compare answers. We’re witnessing the erosion of critical thinking for mass group think. Society is being turned into an insect colony and technology is the antenna.

      6. FOX News is really pushing and promoting this chip. That means the last time I watched FOX was the last time. Boycott FOX and companies that support this madness. Only a matter of time before the moron leftist news media sites start pushing it too. As far as I know they haven’t.

      7. Revelation 13:16 is about all the warning most people will need. Although Melville comments on Matthew 19:24 “Ah! How cheerfully we consign ourselves to perdition!” And then there are all the fools sending their DNA to 23 And Me…

      8. Sickening.. I’m gonna get the hammer and smash this phone!

      9. NO



        Not while I breath and can pull a trigger

      10. Those who refuse will eventually end up in prison. Not because they refused the chip but because they had their utilities and water turned off or can’t pay their other bills or rent/mortgage and get evicted. Being homeless will become a crime. Children will be taken away from those not chipped and as a result they are homeless or living off-grid as the TPTB will of course deem that unsafe. It’s always better to be prepped but this type of shtf is not something we can prep for. They will be able to hunt you down and arrest you. That’s how I think it will go down in 10-20 years.

      11. So the one thing (in my opinion) that this article could’ve and even should’ve included was all the reasons why not to take this microchip.. like the fact that these chips can and WILL BE USED TO control the people in ways such as extortion and blackmail. As in “ you must comply with what you’re being told” or have your chip disconnected or shut down, or even worse your life will be terminated! This is what’s following with these microchips.. they will fluff it up right now but in the future when it’s generally accepted by the general unlicensed and it is no longer an option to have an RFID chip in your body but mandatory, the government will require the people to comply or suffer the consequences.. and that’s just one of the dangers we are facing with these chips.

        Another serious factor about these chips are the fact that they are all unique serial numbers and if they don’t already, in the very near future the powers that be will have the ability to track each and every one of you that have one of these RFID chips implanted inside your bodies.. that’s right, just like a pet that has a microchip implanted in between their scapula. And that’s 2 of the actuality’s of these microchips..

        And how about the finance aspect of these microchips.. in the near future they will tie all your credit, money, social score, future ability to earn money’s and everything else having to do with buying, selling or trading into this microchip, and yep.. you guessed it! If you’ve got one, they will tie it all into this chip. So again, if you do not comply with what they (the government or authorities or “Big Brother”) want you to do.. your ability to buy, sell or trade will be revoked or terminated!

        These are all to come in the near future folks! They’re just presenting it to the public as a convenience so that they accept it and they become second nature the the people. Then, but not until the public accepts it and it becomes assimilated into our culture will they make these things mandatory.. either way these chips are NOT GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE!

      12. I have posted here numerous times in the past four years that the chip will make you hear voices, give you commands you will be powerless to disregard, and in the chip will be a deadly disease designed to kill/annihilate hundreds of millions of people.

        All this was told to Maria Divine Mercy, a Visionary, several years ago.

        The September Naval Yard shooter, the Batman movie theater shooter, and the Marine who shot and killed 11-13 people– all were undoubtedly chipped.

        Refuse the Mark of the Beast.

        When you take that chip/the Mark, you surrender God’s greatest gift to you, your free will, because you have given your will (and soul) to Satan, who hates all humans! And once you do that, your soul is consigned to Hell.

        And Hell is forever, eternity.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        • Do you believe that Christians are vulnerable to mind control?

          • NO, real and true (Spiritually) born again Christians cannot be pursuaded to accept the chip, because “Greater is HE (God) who is in them (born again Christians), than he (satan) who is in the world (in all those other people that are not born again).” There are two fathers Jesus said, and you belong either to God the Father (of Truth), or satan (the father of lies and deception). So you can answer your own question by simply asking yourself, “Am I truly born again right now (John 3:1-7)?” If not, DO SO…

        • LR,
          I don’t think the mark of the beast is a Dallas semiconductor RFI chip. Nor is it a Tattoo, (I don’t have any Tattoos). It is a faith
          in a false God. Much like Democrats worship their party and want to destroy all opposition thought. That is the beast, religion, and worship of a false God or no God as the case may be. Worry about that, not some little chip. BTW I would not accept a chip inserted into my body.

          • rellik

            It’s not the chip but rather expansion of its capabilities and control. The use of it exclusively in transactions to the exclusion of all other thus isolating those not in favor has been an example. Like all attacks upon freedom its gradualism, the proverbial, “boiling a frog”, the, “camels nose under the tent”. It has a course of travel starting with “conveniently trendy” and ending with “mandatory with draconian penalty for non compliance”. “Give them an inch, they take a mile”.

            • Like obammacare
              That by the way has a provision requiring everyone to be chipped for electronic records,
              Dont care, aint doin it,,,,

        • The Parkside shooter is also reporting voices, urging him to kill. Onve a person gets the mark, God will not save them, they’ve made their choice. Then, the lake of fire, essentially God’s ‘deleted file’ bin where people are concious and sentient forever, but alone and unable to be comforted, no one will ever care for them again.

          Alot of these god-hating harpies and antifa will reap what they sow, and be in the LOF forever. Let ’em scream and assault good people now, plot against our president, a world of pay-back awaits them.

      13. Mark of the beast.

      14. We are the Borg .
        Resistance is futile.

      15. Given sufficient time and effort manipulating social trends future generations will accept as normal what has been abnormal since man harnessed fire; we have witnessed the unprecedented changes in social norms in the last six decades. Communication technology is the catalyst for the molding of society. The Amish stopped this in its infancy. For this reason TPTB will do everything within their power (and that is considerable) to retain control over this medium.

      16. Allowing oneself to be chipped is not a byproduct of the technology, it is a byproduct of how stupid and non-thinking people are becoming. They believe convenience is a higher virtue than privacy or personal sovereignty, if they even have critical thinking skills to make the distinction. Do they not realize this technology will be utilized by more than big business, it will be used by gov’t also, and not for altruistic reasons. Like every other technology it will first be a novelty, then optional, then optional but you will not be able to do things (like vote or travel or receive a decent credit score), then it will become mandatory. This is the progression how technological advances that benefit TPTB are foisted on the population. The people get convenience, only to give TPTB total power and control over their lives, most people are too stupid to realize what a horrible trade they are making.
        I have watched some videos on youtube made by an entity named “my world is getting dumber”. At first the videos were hilarious to watch , but then became absolutely shocking. If I repeated in this post some of the answers to questions shown in the videos I would not be believed, you have to see them for yourself. The students and teachers (at both high school and college level) were grossly uninformed and misinformed, with zero thinking skills, they actually knew nothing. The ignorance was so bad that two things occurred to me. First, it is wide-spread, not confined to a particular area. And secondly, the ignorance was not just something because people were poorly taught; they were inculcated in a system where this is intentionally designed to happen. Today I read an article how throughout the country, the high school Class of 2018 has the lowest academic achievement of any class year in decades, likely the lowest ever. Yet many believe they are the smartest ever, who is telling them this?
        Over the years I have seen new young employees come and go but one thing has been definitely noticed, most have much shorter attention spans, they have a mentality of entitlement, and really believe they are the most intelligent people ever. If this isn’t turned around in this generation of kids we are in trouble, we will be relegated to becoming a second-class economy and with a gov’t able that will take our rights away without a fight.

      17. Relik said “I don’t think the mark of the beast is a Dallas semiconductor RFI chip. Nor is it a Tattoo, (I don’t have any Tattoos). It is a faith…”

        An invisible faith can be held by people that is the only means of financial transactions? How does that work? How do scanners read that faith?

        The mark enables those who have it to buy & sell. We are told in Revelation that without the mark there can be no buying & selling. No chip, no way to do much of anything. Hiding in the woods or what ever will be futile. They can track people by satellite, day or night. The only place people will be safe is mentioned in Psalm 91.

        By “safe” I mean safe from the wrath of Elohim & lake of fire, a place that will be home to the devil & it’s followers. Father may allow us to die, but they cannot kill us without sending us to be with Jesus. There is no path of least resistance for followers of The Way. 1Corinthians 10:13.

        Christians who faith the pre trib rapture deception will be in for a rude awakening…I am sure the implementation of the chip will be what causes the great falling away from the faith per Paul in 2 Thessalonians.

        B from CA’s post is correct. George said “We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.” I say “Stuff it Borg! Resistance is MANDITORY!” 🙂


      18. The takeover of the planet will be when physical currency is changed to digital. That takeover won’t be by war or revolution.

        Above it was said that illegals should be chipped. I disagree. NO ONE should be chipped. Why should we give big blowhard brother a selling point? Anyone been around the block more than once should know that bbb would not stop with illegals or any other group.


        From Revelation 14

        9 Then another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a mighty voice, Whoever pays homage to the beast and his statue and permits the [beast’s] stamp (mark, inscription) to be put on his forehead or on his hand,

        10 He too shall [have to] drink of the wine of God’s indignation and wrath, poured undiluted into the cup of His anger; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

        11 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no respite (no pause, no intermission, no rest, no peace) day or night—these who pay homage to the beast and to his image and whoever receives the stamp of his name upon him.

        12 Here [comes in a call for] the steadfastness of the saints [the patience, the endurance of the people of God], those who [habitually] keep God’s commandments and [their] faith in Jesus.

        The New Testament correctly predicted what we see taking place regarding the mark. That prediction is NOW being fulfilled in front of our faces! It stands to reason then that the NT correctly predicts the fate of those who receive that mark.


      19. Wowie wo the cyanide in the chip idea is great unless of course the chip has a flaw and its off to the happy hunting grounds. Whole classes of people can be eliminated by pressing a button. See ya folks. What does a solar magnetic storm do to them. Too much power in the hands of mortals. head for the exits It could control who has babies as well.

        • Reminds me of that song THE DEVIL IS A LIE.

      20. NO way will I get chipped and if they try I will do everything I can to give them a new a$$ chip!!!!

      21. We already have the chip it’s called a cellphone.

        And if you have a alarm system in your house with a speaker surprise they are listening ……..

        Wake up

      22. Fox News is the managed opposition. When the war drums start beating they’ll stand to attention and salute. No WMD in Iraq? No problem. Tucker Carlson is the only host of real value and I suspect Fox will at some point cancel his contract. His predecessor, Bill O’Riley was a pure Neo-Con authoritarian.

      23. 1980’s:
        “The mark of the beast will be a microchip!”

        “Oh, you Christians are so fucking STUPID! HAHAAHAH, PARANOID MUCH!? Fucking idiots, kill yourselves!”

        “Get a microchip or you can’t buy food or perform any kind of commerce! Also, worship this man who was ‘raised from the dead’ on national TV!”

        “The chip is the mark of the beast and the one who you demand worship is the anit-christ!”

        “Oooohhoooohhooohahahahahaha you Christians are so fucking STUPID! Now we’re going to kill you in the streets because we’re allowed to!”

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