Fox Business’s Neil Cavuto Says The “Vaccine” Saved His Life

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    Neil Cavuto, the host of several shows on Fox Business, said he’s only alive because he was “vaccinated.” COVID-19 pneumonia sent him to an intensive-care unit “for quite a while.”

    “It really was touch and go,” Mr. Cavuto said on his show “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Monday, adding, “Doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here.” Even though this infection was “far, far more serious” than the one he got last year, he was “vaccinated” for this one, according to a report by The New York Times. 

    But he’s sticking by his rulers and big pharma’s injections saying that the “vaccine” did not cause his second illness with COVID. “No, the vaccine didn’t cause that,” he said of his extended illness. “That ‘grassy knoll’ theory has come up a lot. Because I’ve had cancer, and right now I have multiple sclerosis,” Mr. Cavuto continued, “I am among the vulnerable 3 percent or so of the population that cannot sustain the full benefits of a vaccine.”

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Ruling Classes Cease Publishing Their Own Data Because It Shows “Vaccines” Are Resulting in AIDS

    After recovering from Covid late last year, Mr. Cavuto appeared on the Fox program “Media Buzz” to discuss his experience. “I’d like to urge people of all sorts: Please get vaccinated,” Mr. Cavuto said at the time. So, just to be clear, he recovered from COVID, got all of the COVID shots, and still ended up with another bout of COVID that sent him to the hospital with pneumonia. How does he, any doctor, or anyone, for that matter know that this round of COVID (which was worse than the first one) was made better by the “vaccine,” which is actually a gene therapy?

    His rulers’ own data is showing otherwise.

    “If you can get vaccinated,” he went on to say, “and think of someone else and think of what that could mean to them and their survivability from something like this, we’ll all be better off.”


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      1. Maybe it wasn’t the vaccine that saved his life but the intensive care unit at the hospital that did?

        In any event, people believe what they want to believe and defend it to the end rather than reconsider.

        Another one of those “ego got me in a situation and pride keeps me there” sort of things.

        • So who’s dumber than a Triple Jabbed volunteer Lab Rat? Besides Neil Cavuto.

          Warning Preppers. Thieves are now stealing the Copper Ground wire on all Utility poles. They cut the wire in the ground and with a truck pull the entire copper wire connection down. This could very well interrupt power supply and grounding problems. Every pole with a Transformer barrel has a ground wire from the ground up the pole to the transformer.

          I just talked with a couple of power company guys putting plastic cover strips over the copper ground wire a foot below the ground to about 8 Feet in the air on the sides of the pole to slow down the thieves. I told them to report the wire theft to the local metal recyclers in the area, and get them to report to the police anyone trying to sell the copper wire to the Recycle co’s. Some utility Co’s stamp their name every 2 feet on the wire.

          When this All goes down, prepare for Grid Down as well. I have been Off the Grid now for over 7 years now Using solar and a Battery bank.

      2. BULLSHIT!!

      3. Have you ever noticed that the govt’s false alternative to forced vaccination has always voluntarily taken the vaccination? RINO’s all have their mRNA mods / clot shots. The too-big-to-fail, state-owned media is pseudo-conservative, at best.

        “that grassy knoll theory”

        No signs of propaganda, here…

        “…I’ve had cancer and, right now, multiple sclerosis. I’m among the vulnerable 0.3%’ers…”

        You have been asked, multiple times, why the 99.7%’ers are the ones put in bubbles.

      4. Someone made a comment
        somewhere which sums up
        the double standard of the psychos pushing the jab.

        I think it was:

        “If you survive “covid” after
        being vaccinated – it’s always
        due to being jabbed”.

        “If you die from “covid” after
        being vaccinated – it’s never
        due to being jabbed”.

      5. The only thing worse than
        not having received the
        “vaccine” is having received
        the “vaccine”.

      6. Now, if they could just
        “inject” some common
        sense into this covid
        phony baloney.

      7. “Doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here.”

        Or, had you not been vaccinated, you wouldn’t
        have ended up in an intensive – care unit
        in the first place.

        • I don’t know how old you are, but I am shocked you’ve survived long enough to learn how to write being as stupid as you obviously are. Congratulations, I guess…

          • Hey, it’s not our fault you vaxcists keep trying to rationalize your stupid decisions with fallacious appeals to counterfactuals. There’s exactly as much proof for “If you hadn’t taken the shot, you probably wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place” as there is for “If I hadn’t taken the shot, my symptoms would have been much more severe.”

            • Darwin is a Paid CCP Troll – just ignore.

              • That’s MISTER Darwin to you, shit-for-brains. And yes, I sit and impart these truths while I sip my Stolichnaya, eat my borscht, and extol the virtues of Mother Russia ? I have no idea what you look like, but I’m guessing you’re even dumber than you look. Congratulations on being the ass-end of the food chain. Luckily for you the zombies wouldn’t think twice about you as a meal.

              • TharSheBlows. Right On.

                • @katy Ann, ???

      8. Neil has always been a brainwashed democrat and locksteps to leftists ideas, and had he taken Ivermection, D, C, Zinc and quercitin, he would have never gone to the hospital.

        Afterall, the leftists eat their own, and his time on earth is a ticking time bomb taking the vaccines,… he has heart problems.

      9. Thankfully, you people here are too stupid to live. Hurry the fuck up, will ya!

        • If we’re that stupid, why are you complaining so much about our still being alive?

          • Because you’re all a drain on society. I want my kids to grow up in a sane, intelligent world. You dipshits are making that a lot harder. Let’s Go Covid!…finish the job.

      10. quote:…“If you can get vaccinated,” he went on to say, “and think of someone else and think of what that could mean to them and their survivability from something like this, …” This has been said by a lot of people from the beginning, even though it has finally been shown, in studies, etc, that it is actually the vaccinated that are contagious and are passing covid around, both because they are manufacturing spike proteins and shedding them, and cuz they are getting sick far far more often than are the unvaxed, thus they are the ones spreading it around. Still, the signs in stores say yuou don’t have to wear a mask if you’re vaxxed; it’s so stupid

        • Q: Tell me you’re stupid without telling me you’re stupid.

          A: “fanofjesus”

          I’m sure he’s a fan of yours as well. He’s obviously a fan of the LA Rams too, right?

          • Are you ridiculing the poster, aka attacking the messenger instead of the message, because you have no argument against his message or because you lack the intellect to use it?

            • @ Anonymous, I think he’s
              ridiculing the poster for ALL
              of the reasons you gave.

            • Yes, I’m absolutely ridiculing the poster. He is an idiot, just like the rest of you. I consider all of you morons messengers of the gospel of stupidity. I have provided copious amounts of evidence for why this particular dipshit is wrong in past posts. I’m not going to rehash them for you because you certainly won’t understand them anyway.

          • Q: Tell me you’re a fool without telling me you’re a fool.

            A: “Mr. Darwin”

            So, fool, you’re putting your faith in a careless and meaningless materialist universe to weed those of us you hate out of the gene pool?

            • Not faith. Truth.

              There is a difference…you wouldn’t understand.

        • @fanofjesus, I agree with
          you. ?

      11. Alex, I’ll take “Why pundits are liars for $500.00″…..

      12. Good for him if he believes that and took the vaccine voluntarily. Yet I would argue the vaccine did not save his life, if that was the case he would not have ended up in the hospital ICU.

        I am guessing if you talked to his Doctors they would tell you therapeutics and treatment saved his life, not the vaccine.

        I would like to know what drugs he was treated with while in the hospital. Monoclonal antibodies? Intervectum? Hydroxychloroquine? Or one of big Pharma’s expesnive new covid treatment drugs? Baricitinib or Sotrovimab ?

        I know some unvaccinated people some of these drugs saved too.

        • The lack of common sense, logic, and reasoning skills that pour forth from nearly every single poster here is truly astounding. I am regularly shocked and dismayed at how stupid our society has become. Thanks goodness Covid came along to rid us of your morons. We just need one final, devastating variant to finish you dumbfucks off.

          Let’s Go Covid!
          Let’s Go Darwin!

          • “I am regularly shocked and dismayed at how stupid our society has become.”

            You seem to fit right in with it.

            Ever thought about analyzing your own thinking to see where your opinions come from and how you acquired them? Are they actually your own or someone else’s that were planted in your thinking without you consciously realizing it?

            • That’s a hilarious question considering you idiots believe whatever right-wing nutjob claims about Covid. I can’t wait until Covid kills you all. ???

          • Whatsamatta, vaxcist? Is nature failing to select against those of us who aren’t scared enough of your big bad viral boogieman anymore to be bamboozled into taking one of your clot shots? Seems to me, if some “final, devastating variant” of this over-hyped common cold virus of were going to kill us in droves, it would already have done so.

            Considering you quite openly state you want us all dead and are convinced that you’re about to get your wish, why are you hanging around here anyway? Go take another one of those clot shots you vaxcists have foolishly convinced yourselves is protecting you from this imaginary terror of yours. Then just wait… and wait… and wait… and go on waiting until Saint Nevercomes Day when your wishful thinking finally becomes a reality.

            • @ RK, someone somewhere
              mentioned exactly what you
              were talking about:

              Why didn’t viruses exterminate mankind before the invention of vaccines? No one was preventing them from mutating for thousands and thousands of years.

              Why didn’t the evil flu mutate into something deadly when The Science wasn’t there to protect mankind?

      13. I was scared to death about the virus at the beginning, like just about everyone. But I kept waiting a little longer to actually learn more, which resulted in me getting a case of it. I had ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The virus was gone within 2 weeks. Because I waited I have a strong immunity and am finding out the truth about this crime against humanity daily. We were and are continuing to be lied to….why?

        • Did you wash down your horse pills and hydroxyharlequin with a tall glass of bleach?

      14. Neil, you ignorant slut…

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