Fourth Grade Shock: “I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights In Order to Be Safe Or More Secure”

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Headline News | 291 comments

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    Earlier this year when a sixth grade lesson plan asked elementary school students to create a communist flag of America, many parents were outraged.

    But don’t think for a second that it stopped there. In fact, the indoctrination of young minds supported by officials like Attorney General Eric Holder, who once suggested we must brainwash the second amendment out of American schoolchildren, continues without respite.

    In Jacksonville, Florida, a fourth grade student proves, once again, that progressive leaning educators are actively working to redefine what it means to be an American.

    The following note was found by the father of a student who recently attended a class in which the kids discussed the U.S. Constitution.

    “I am willing to give up some of my Constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

    give-up-rights (Image courtesy The Daily Sheeple)

    A Florida father is furious today after finding a note written in crayon in his son’s school book bag about his constitutional rights.

    Aaron Harvey stated that when he went through his son’s backpack that he found a note written by his son in crayon reading,“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

    Harvey reveals that this note was written after his son’s class had recently had a lesson about the U.S. Constitution.

    Harvey reveals that he talked to his son about the note, who said his teacher had spoken the sentence out loud and told them to write it down. Harvey said he asked some of his son’s classmates and got a similar answer.

    “I am strongly for proper education, for the freedom of thought so you can form your own opinion and have your own free speech in the future… [but] the education is, ‘when was the Constitution drafted, when was it ratified, why did this happen, why did we choose to do this… all these things, why did they particular choose those specific rights to be in our Bill of Rights.'”

    Examiner via The Daily Sheeple

    It’s one thing to educate children and expand their understanding of the various political systems. It’s a completely different matter altogether when progressive educators attempt to mold their minds without giving them the ability to think for themselves. 

    Dictation without discussion is nothing more than brainwashing based on the principle of repeating the same message over and over until the target individual begins to believe it without question.

    Ronald Reagan once said, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

    There are millions of people right now in America who are working hard to make sure the US Constitution and our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness go the way of the dinosaurs.


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      1. I am going to repost this– too relevant–

        Wrote this a while a few weeks back and have more later on this evening or tomorrow on this subject.

        The old adage goes—history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes. I don’t necessarily agree with that adage as I read the Declaration of Independence that sowed the seeds of the Revolution that ultimately founded our Country and declared our intent to secure our unalienable rights. It’s readily apparent to me, just a couple hundred years later, we are right back where we started.
        The root of our problems comes from the, “Which comes first? – chicken vs. egg conundrum”. Do our rights come from God, to which man bestows certain rights and privileges to the government? Or does God bestow rights to government upon which man derives his from? Or does man, from whatever origin it is derived from, have the rights to bestow rights upon the government? Or does government, from whatever origin it is derived from, have the right to bestow rights upon man?
        While in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter what came first – the chicken or the egg, the continued continuity of our Constitutional Republic rests upon the order in which we KNOW our rights are derived. Most people have neither the time nor the inclination to read such documents as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, no less the writings of countless classical philosophers(Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and later Locke come to mind) on the origins of rights and democracy and that’s a real shame and I believe by design ( and I will discuss at a later post). Those papers along with the classical education received by our founding fathers laid the foundation for the American government and society. American citizens should be well versed in the non revisionist history surrounding the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and the Constitution and Bill of Rights so they KNOW what their rights are and not just BELIEVE they have a particular set of rights. Got that?
        Beliefs are based upon the words, writings or thoughts of those considered influential or in authority. Knowledge is experiential and derived from investigation. What is collected during the course of an investigation? Evidence that is used to determine the truth. The founding fathers state,” We hold these truths to be self evident.” They KNEW.
        Or did they? The pundits will decry that a self evident proposition typically is one that is that is derived from a deep understanding without proof. Many self-evident propositions are of the moral/ethical persuasion, including this one, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Most people can agree, regardless of their belief in the existence of a Creator or not, that rights being bestowed upon all members of society equally is ethical. In other words, while they may deny the existence of God, they believe in the laws of nature, or Natural Law. So what is Natural Law?
        According to Wikipedia, “Natural law is a system of law that is purportedly determined by nature, and thus universal. Classically, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze human nature both social and personal—and deduce binding rules of moral behavior from it.”
        A review of world history confirms that governments believe the later in the chicken vs. egg conundrum, or in positive law, that governments, often by brute force, make laws and determine what rights, if any, its citizens may enjoy.
        Communists seek to eradicate the concept of self evident rights through the suppression of religion leading to the eventual demise of any sort of ethical code of conduct. Other countries may have dictators or monarchs that believe themselves to be” god” with similar results. Lastly, there exists a much more insidious form of government, plutocratic and immoral in nature, who by stealth and design, systematically chips away at not only its citizens rights but the ethical and knowledge foundation in which those rights were formed.
        Do you KNOW where your rights are derived? Or do you at least BELIEVE the rights the founding fathers listed are your rights? Regardless of whether you BELIEVE or KNOW, I hope you agree that we are at a dangerous precipice in our nation’s history due to ignorance by design. Let’s face it- the vast majority of Americans are ignorant of our nation’s origins or have long since forgotten the right’s our founding fathers KNEW we have in order to comprehend that those rights are blatantly being taken away from us once again.
        The famous saying goes something like this—Those ignorant of history are destined to repeat it.

        Just added—–
        I encourage everyone to pull out a copy of the Declaration of Independence and go to which has Webster’s 1828 dictionary on it. When trying to understand our Founding Fathers, it is imperative to understand the meaning and the context in which the words were used. Compare the meaning to today’s meaning. They are vastly different and there is good reason. If you noticed the 1828 dictionary had many references to biblical text and classical philosophy from which the context of the word was derived. This site has some good information on the how and why meanings and context were changed.

        • Hi Chantilly, I just wanted to send you a quick note — I saw your comment on a previous post and failed to reply. Regarding the moderation queue — we usually have 2 admins running through the queues approving any of the comments automatically moderated by the system. The last few days we’ve been a bit out-of-pocket for various reasons, so apologies for the delays getting comments out. Especially those that come in during the wee hours of the morning — sometimes we’re just not available to do it.

          We’ll try to get better at that.

          On another note, if you utilize an email address when posting a comment (even if it is a fake email), the system will start to recognize you as a previously approved commentor and your comments will start being auto-approved.

          We utilize AKISMET spam protection on our commenting system, and if it doesn’t “know” you or sees a post with any hyperlink it deems potentially suspicious it will drop the post into the admin moderation queue.

          Hope that clears up some of the concerns you had.

          Thanks all!


          • Please stop calling them “progressive”, or “liberal”. They are marxists, and/or the lackies thereof.

            • They are “Progressives”…Moron.

              And Progressives infect the “Right” and the “Left”.

              16 “Conservative/Progressives” sold us out in the Senate on gun control!

              The “Conservatives” are COLLECTIVISTS. And they want your guns too.

              Wake up!!!

              • a copy of the letter that i sent to Dean Heller one of the progressive /republicans you are referring too
                he is one of the 16 sell outs. if you look at the bill from Joe Manchin west Virginia he calls for a national data base for all mental health patients ( regardless of the HIPA law )to be used by Law enforcement.

                Dean Heller
                361-A Russell Senate Office Building
                Washington, DC 20510

                Mr Heller:

                I see from the news that on April 11, 2013 you voted for the expanded background check bill floated around Washington, and for that reason I am hereby putting you on notice that from this point on I and all my gun owning friends will do everything possible to see that you NEVER get reelected. I will work for ANYONE who runs against you and help them take your seat in Congress. I have many friends who feel the same way I do and they feel that if you’re against the 2nd amendment then you’re against us.

                You need to remember YOU work for us the citizens of Nevada, Not Obama and not the Democratic Party or special interests.

                You are a disgrace to the state of Nevada. Just like Harry Reid, you have sided with the enemies of the 2nd amendment. The bill you are voting for will do nothing to stop crazies from getting guns and instead will be used as a weapon against legitimate gun owners.

                A national data base of everyone who seeks any form of mental health care, which is at the disposal of law enforcement and government agencies, will be misused and abused by ANYONE who hates guns and wants them banned.

                How you could have voted for this travesty of a law is beyond me, but it’s clear that your desire to be in power and control people trumps the wishes of your constituents.
                You might as well change your political affiliation to Democrat because it’s clear from your past record of flip flopping that’s where your true aspirations lie.

                A pissed- off citizen if Nevada

                how this man could have done this is beyond me but he did and now the die has been cast
                next i will be calling for a Recall vote in Nevada and as of Monday will try to get one started if possible.
                These traitors need to be removed at any cost and if any one wants to copy the above text and use it Feel free.

                ENOUGH talk remove All traitors to the 2nd amendment.
                or the next list you see will be the one with YOU !! on it

                skittle shitting unicorn

                • The only way to get parental control of schools is to end forced public schooling. When the parents pay directly, they have direct control. Time to end government interference in education.

                  BTW, when do we do a background check on Obama?

                  • You don’t even need to end forced public schooling. What needs to end is all the federal dollars with strings attached our various state and local school systems compete for. We the taxpayers in these districts are forced to give money to DC, who then grants it back to our regions, with provisions like: you cannot fire any teachers, you must teach these subject, you cannot teach those subjects, etc… So, they use our funds to force their values on our kids. The other option is home school or a proper private school.

                • Has anyone read or heard about people with black, unhuman looking eyes?

                  • A few weeks back on the Hagmann & Hagmann report, they had a guest on, I think it was Steve Quayle? He was talking about beings with black eyes approaching people, children, knocking on doors and what have you. I discussed it a little and then never gave it anymore thought or discussion.

                    Now fast forward to last night. I went across the street to grab a bite to eat at PA. adn watch the end of the Nascar race. As I was sitting there eating and watching the race, an off duty police man walked in and was discussing his night to a friend. He started talking about a young 17 year old attractive female who lived in a nice neighborhood. He said he picked her up because she seemed to be out of her mind and according to him, has watched too many zombie movies or was doped up. He said she was frantic and delusional. I was only half listening at this point, until he mentioned this; She told him that a man with totally black eyes approached her while she was in Philadelphia. The cop asked her if he harmed her and she said no. He asked if she was alright or had anything to report and she said “he is still talking to me”. The cop, confused, looked around and asked her what she meant and that he didn’t see anyone, and she said “he is still talking to me……in my head”.

                    I seriously about fell over and had chills all over me and about choked on my food. I told him that I couldn’t help but over hear his story and told him that this is a spiritual thing and that this is not an isolated event and encouraged him to research it. This cop was a total sheeple (surprise surprise) and he looked at me as if maybe I needed checking out.

                    Just wanted to share this as I find it equally as important as many of the subjects we follow and talk about

                  • @BJ,

                    I don’t know about all that but you brought up the NASCAR race last night and I am pissed with a capitol P at NASCAR, FOX TV. The race last night in Texas was sponsored by the National Rifle Association. First time they have ever sponsored a race that I am aware of.

                    During the entire race I only heard one announcer even mention the sponsor and even that was only after a commercial when he said “Welcome back to the NRA 500” Other than that it was never mentioned. FOX’s description in it’s channel guide only said NRA 500 at Texas Motor Speedway.

                    Any other race such as the Pepsi 500, Savemart 250 (whatever it is) and all of the other race sponsors the announcers say the name of the race over and over again. They went out of their way to avoid saying the National Rifle Association. That was total BS and I think the NRA should be very upset.

                    Have not seen this commented on by any news outlet.


                  • do you mean obama ??

                • Good on you Skittle f- or having a real go.

              • No, you have bought into thier definitions. As tempting as it is, I won’t take the rest of your bait.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                I stand with you on this despite all the thumbs down..It is obvious they know not of the Bill of Rights..nor never read them..

                Probably rhinos in best..traitors at the least.

                We are in dangerous times folks..the second amendment enforces all the allow any partition legislatively to the 2nd..all the rest will quick time given the acceleration these fools are allowing to proceed from the the betrayers in Congress..


                • Possee-

                  I get “thumbs down” because, all the so called “conservative” “patriots” out there buy into the false Left/Right Paradigm.

                  A sickness which keeps us enslaved to the established sickness.

                  None are so blind as those who will not see!

                  Once you give up fantasy, you will see reality.

                  • Its no longer about left/right, liberal/conservative, democrat/republican. Its about more freedom/less freedom.

                    Big Government control freaks (formerly the exclusive domain of Liberal/Progressives) now infect and dominate both major parties.

                    When the boot of government is on your neck, you don’t care if its the left boot or the right boot, You just want it off.

                    Big government left wing national socialists; or big government right wing corporatists. Its all the same to the common man. More laws, more control, more surveillance, more harassment, more taxes, more corruption, more wars, More for them & less for us, more, more, more.

                    If voting actually changed anything it would be illegal.

                    If you participate in this charade by paying taxes or voting, you are as culpable as the guys who show up badges and guns to micro enforce your micro manged life. Why?-you pay their salaries, you provide the veneer of approval when you vote. Ouchh. I know it hurts to hear that, but it don’t make it less true. If you participate you are culpable and a hypocrite.

                    >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

            • Just me: I agree. The far left likes to take positive sounding words or names and use them to mask what they are really doing. They are not progressive, they are not liberal. They seek to force everyone into living life as they determine it should be. That is neither progressive or liberal. It is totalitarian and I will never understand why anyone would find that attractive.

              • “They seek to force everyone into living life as they determine it should be.”

                The truly odd part of this is that many of these people cannot even run their own lives successfully, yet they continue to feel the urge to run everyone else’s.

                Tyranny is attractive to the incompetent because they get to be in charge, have all the goodies, and never have to prove that they have any real skills that justify it.

                • @ 41MagMan –

                  At a certain level though, ya gotta love the frenzied, frantic antics of the PTB. It really upsets the ‘assholes-in-command’ to be ignored by the folks that they supposedly ‘control’. Our government has engaged in so many lies and deceptions to its Citizens that most of the folks no longer believe ANYTHING that the gooberment represents to them. If the gooberment says that the sun is shining outside; most folks will unconsciously pull the curtains back just a tad bit in order to visibly verify for themselves that it isn’t actually raining like crazy.


                  The ‘ASSHOLES’ have lost the support of the Citizens, and they are well aware of that fact. Watch for and expect the gooberment to lash-out at the people with increasingly violent behavior the more that they feel their positions of authority to be threatened.

                  Soon boys & girls, very soon now I fear. There are simply too many fuses burning around the world for something not to go “boom”, most likely much sooner rather then later. People have brought this upon themselves through their indifference and ignorance as to what is honestly happening in the world around them. Fuck it all anyway, what do we care? Don’t we have American Idol to divert our attention from the unimportant things going on in OUR world?

                  God Bless & good luck to all who visit here.

                  • I agree 100% Chantilly Lady, yourmotherwaswrong, skittle shitting unicorn and MadMarkie. The 2 party government is not so clearly defined anymore and trying to take a side is ineffective at best and down right treason for the most part. I have many friends of both conservative and liberal flavor and love beating down all the finger pointing holier than thou crap they spew. I have actually made a dent in several ultra conservatives armor and brought a extremely liberal, love and peace my ass, friend to violence just to show he is just as full of shit as the rest. If you believe in true freedom and Natural or Constitutional Rights you can not limit ANY freedom just because you oppose it based on opinion. You can choose not to partake but you cannot limit the choices of others to do so. I add this for those who will try and throw out some BS line: You have the right to pursue your freedoms as long as those freedoms do not prevent others from pursuing their own and harm no one in the process of pursuit.

                    I love the statement about Natural Rights as opposed to Creator as I am not religious. I respect the rights of individuals to make a choice and live within the confines of that choice as long as they do not force me to live within those same confines. I have stumbled in my ability to express my constitutional opinion due to the Creator portion and now I have a very solid foundation in which to continue. Thank You Chantilly Lady!

                  • your right!
                    some of us have brought this on ourselves by Not being Good citizens. for too long some have taken the lazy way out and just voted Party line and not the best candidate
                    and now we no longer have The best candidate.

                    i was thinking back to the time after the civil war and how all the freed slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule
                    back then you either worked or you starved unless you had family to fall back on. Fast forward to FDR and the Great society and you get welfare and suddenly no one HAD to work it was too easy to sit on ones Ass and collect a check want more money ? have a kid or two ( or 10 )

                    we are too the point now where we have 4th and 5th generation welfare families. all with no visible male role models. Most just get pregnant to get bigger checks with no true idea of Who the Baby Daddy is

                    The civil rights movement is being used by the Rev Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton as a way to collect money ( shake downs by Jackson are legendary ) and as a way to keep Blacks down where they want them. after all they need victims or there scam doesn’t work.
                    they will scream into the camera how all the blacks are being used by “The Man ” but the real users are these Phoney civil rights Icons. these charlatans have taken what could have been the true salvation of Black people and have used it to there financial gain. Those on well fare complain “How its Not enough “and its not supposed to be its only meant to help you survive till you can get back on your feet.
                    Its not supposed to give you a fine big house or apartment. Just a roof over your head. storied of welfare mamas with $2,000.00 and $3,000.00 on Ebt cards are becoming everyday. you see them shopping with there extensions and 6 inch nails and gold ( plated i bet ) Hoops pushing carts of Pre packaged Trash thru check stands. Piles of meat that Most working families cant afford.( i once counted 10 T Bone steaks in one Baby Mamas cart) about $130.00 worth of meat

                    so now we have yet another generation of young males who think Rappin is the answer to there problems and Most don’t have an ounce of talent ( but Raps Crap anyway )
                    Hats on sideways with the Brim totally flat and the Certificate of authenticity type sticker still on it putting on there Cool act walking thru the store isles stealing what ever they don’t feel like buying

                    i see welfare people with $300.00 sneakers and sports jerseys Cell phones etc all paid for with Cash from under the table jobs. or dealing or in some cases OBummer phones
                    But the politicians tell us how Hard it is for them and how they have no way out. They have a way out but refuse to see it and refuse to Do it.

                    any one remember the dog and pony show about the senators who tried to live on a weeks worth of Food stamps?

                    we need to get rid of self serving politicians we need to rid our Country of this Cancer and Build this Country back to what it once was
                    Where there are jobs for every one and Where Welfare is a Shame to be on and not a way of life.
                    we need to Elect people who will up hold the Constitution and the bill of rights and not use them for Toilet paper

                    the time is now and if we don’t do something and soon we will deserve what we get come 2014 and 2016

                    remember there is always the possibility that Monkey women Michelle obummer could run after all she is a single mother. or worse yet Hillary and Michelle


                    Skittle shitting unicorn

            • Take that commie teacher to court.if we do or say anything patrioticwe are on the wrong,yet this BS teacher still teaching.he would of told that to my son,i would of gave him something to think about…

              • Bad boy real American. Make up your mind. Get a evil attorney and litigate like a loser or punch him. Either way, it’s only pretend.

            • I like the acronym POS.

            • RE: school lesson telling kids they have to give up some liberties to be safe.

              Its as clear as clear can be. The government has gone rogue. If you pay taxes to it, you fund your & your neighbor’s oppression. YOU are part of the problem. YOU buy the bullets. YOU pay for the indoctrination that your kids are subject to when they are sent daily under penalty of law to the state indoctrination centers, err, I mean schools. The schools that produce the Hitler Youth which grow up to be the willing participants in the State Security Apparatus of tomorrow; as well as the obedient and acquiescent taxpayers who fund the police state.

              Not a pleasant fact to wrap your head around, but none the less true. Now, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

              After taking personal responsibility for not participating in the funding of the oppression, the next thing that you must do is to prevent the loss of your children to the brainwashing.

              That means home education (NOT home schooling, that’s just state approved curriculum presented to your kids by you.)

              Keeping your kids away from all that shite (including the toxic consumer culture), is the best & most important thing you can do for your kids AND the future of this country.

              Do you raise your kids so that the will participate in or acquiesce to the corporatist police state; or do you raise free thinking individuals who can see the truth of what’s out there.

              The time for talking is OVER! What are you doing?


              >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

          • You can use a fake name too! I am not really durango kidd. 🙂

          • Its as clear as clear can be. The government has gone rogue. If you pay taxes to it, you fund your & your neighbor’s oppression. YOU are part of the problem. YOU buy the bullets.

            Not a pleasant fact to wrap your head around, but none the less true. Now, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

            After taking personal responsibility for not participating in the funding of the oppression, the next thing that you must do is to prevent the loss of your children to the brainwashing.

            That means home education (NOT home schooling, that’s just state approved curriculum presented to your kids by you.)

            Keeping your kids away from all that shite (including the toxic consumer culture), is the best & most important thing you can do for your kids AND the future of this country.

            Do you raise your kids so that the will participate in or acquiesce to the corporatist police state; or do you raise free thinking individuals who can see the truth of what’s out there.

            The time for talking is OVER! What are you doing?


            >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

          • what a world

        • It’s in the open folks. Every day the onion peels back and truth is revealed about who these people are and their true agenda. What’s worse is that it’s all accelerating.

          Semper Fi

          • What happened to the definition of
            Treasonous Activity in this country?

            • One class, one teacher, one kid chewed out by his father. One father who then made a big deal out of nothing. This may be a 5 year old’s response to a father who is going insane. Maybe the teacher dictated it? Could be, but what does it prove? One teacher (if they dictated this does not every teacher make).
              Following this lack of common sense, this moronic blowhard attention seeking daddy, could be the only person polled on a variety of issues. What does Mr. attention seeker think? Ok then, that’s what the country thinks.
              I think the guy is full of shit. I think the teacher was trying to have a discussion and in fact did make the statement. I think the 5 year old only wrote this down and then chased something in his head. The daddy, looking to make a point went nuts and the abused kid blamed the teacher.

              • Grippentrog, your a shepple and when their done useing your foolish butt, your nothin but fodder to throw away.

              • Obviously you either dont have a school age child or choose to not participate in his education, thereby you opinion is as empty as your head.

                All you have to do is talk to any group of school age kids and you will see the indoctrination they are receiving. It is not all teachers and not all schools but it is most and you are living in denial. I suppose you do not think they are really after our guns. I supposed you think that Obama is our friend. I suppose you think that any number of the “conspiracy theories” that are being proven to be real on a regular bases are just coincidence. I suppose you still feel that Obama Care is going to be everything that the liberals said it was going to be. If you answered yes to any of those you have exposed yourself as a fool.

                • I have had and still have kids in school. Why would you say its obvious I don’t? Creating bs to make a point is a little petty.

            • The definition is still the same. This is totalitarianism, not treason.

              • It is totalitarian AND treason.

                • Free speech is neither. You morons have a habit of extrapolating issues with few variables and little reasoning. Very much like the demonized liberals so often cited. One incident happens and the response (and lack of reasoning) is to apply the perceived misdeed to a class. Everyone everywhere who is a teacher, cop, government, gun, liberal etc is now guilty of the horrible deed. Just like the left, you then act like victims and advocate firings, assault, and sometimes worse.
                  This was one person one incident. Have you ever heard of the scientific model? A+B does not always equal C. Just because one prepper gets on television and cries when a gun goes off does not make the entire group a bunch of whimpy tough talking baby.
                  Now go back to your victim feigned offended attitudes.
                  On a different note, what kind of father waits weeks to go thru a backpack? Is he that uninvolved? If he respects his kids privacy then why did he go thru it then? He wants attention. Now everyone call me a commie, mole, un American or whatever else you do when challenged. The shock!! The horrendous education system etc.

                  • @ Grippentrog

                    Some of us “morons” actually pay enough attention to the news on several sites and see that there are many incidents reported weekly about topics related to this article. Some of our “victim feigned offended attitudes” are directly related to our own experiences with the public schools and school age children. I am very glad you have not had to deal with the crap they are teaching our kids. I am happy that if you do have kids that they are in that ever elusive perfect school system. You have absolutely every right to believe the way you do but it will not change what is happening. Believing bullshit will not make it come true and denying bullshit will not make it stink any less.

                  • IT IS NOT ‘FREE SPEECH’ WHEN YOU TRY TO FORCE YOUR OPINIONS ON OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PARENTS. As a teacher, your job is to teach mathematics, history and the like, NOT to teach them how to respond to government propaganda. Perhaps you’d ditch the free speech act if your kids came home with a piece of paper saying

                    “I will let any adult touch my private parts whenever they say so, so I can feel more safe and secure.”

                    Or perhaps,

                    “I will submit to sexual advances from someone of the same sex, so I won’t feel like I’m being homophobic.”

                    or finally,

                    “I will let adults take pictures of me naked, because I must always obey the authority of adults.”

                    It’s not about “free speech” now, is it?

                  • I’ll go through my schools kids backpacks whenever I feel like it, THAT is being ‘involved’.

                  • Sixpack,

                    Why are all of your examples some kind of adult/child sexual encounter?? That’s kinda strange!!

        • Bravo Chantilly Lady!

          “Masterful’ is the word that comes to mind when reading your piece above.

          Natural, Unalienable Rights MAY soon be a thing of the past…if those perverting the system now have thier way. Any who look about themselves at the World now can SEE the truth of this. WE MAY LOSE IT ALL…SOON!

          Unless People begin to STAND UP and be counted.

          The Founders were Men only, NOT Gods, and of thier own time…unable to see into the future any better than we ourselves. For all that they contructed a MARVEL in what they laid down. To be sure there WERE error’s made in the doing…error’s of Commison and Ommision, both.

          The Founders failure to include the 2nd Amendment as an intergral component of the Constitution is the most easily noted failure…but there were others.

          “Doctrine” in Law is a BASIS for the application of Law. That underlies it and serves as a ‘Firm Foundation” for same. Those here will recognize the term ‘doctrine’ as being from the phrase “The Castle Doctrine”, Yes?

          I submit that it was THERE that the Founding Fathers erred most severely. Even having the “Federalist Papers” today is a less secure footing for the rights of “We the People” than would had it been that much of that were instead laid down as DOCTRINE, by them, in thier time.

          Effectively then DOCTINE is a pre-cursor to Law and any attempt at litigation or legislation that does NOT rest DIRECTLY ‘pon such is therefor unsupported and hence FAILS. Simply put, “Whenever Law is seen to be in conflict with Doctine then it is -in legal comntemplation – an absurdity and is therefor NULL.”

          Such as that is something that had been rolling around in my mind for some time. Can it be SO DIFFICULT to set forth a body of thought from which Good Law can therefor be derived? I tell you…it IS NOT. Such as that is eminently constructable.

          Here’s the rub.

          We have over time engendered a culture that CANNOT see into these things any more…a Nation of the Blind , lef by those doubly so! Who here does not know this?

          As such then, it may WELL be that the Battle is Lost..But NOT the WAR. If there is – truly – no effective action which can be applied now, in our day to reverse the malaise that has metasticized in the ‘Body Americana’ then it remains – only – to let that BODY FAIL, utterly.

          All here know of what I speak…slingshot, PO’d, Daisy Walt, have ALL at one time or another bespoke this point…

          Let the system FAIL…Quit contributing to it! Begin removing every part of yourself from them; specifically, DENY them anything which places more of your assets, your hard-earned currency into thier hands…remove it from their USE.

          People, I have said this before – as have MANY others – the BEAST thrives on your participation…SO STOP. Does anyone here REALLY beleive that a bunch of think-tank liberals – with Fancy ‘hypenated names – can keep the 18-wheelers going; keep the power plants operatiing; keep the farms going if EVERYONE WGO KNOWS ‘HOW’ REFUSES?


          The longer this goes on the more deeply THEY wil be entrenched…the MORE PAIN will be caused when the ‘tick’ must be pulled…

          It is not only your RIGHT, it is your DUTY as citizens to stop the MACHINE. T. Jefferson was VERY clear on this one point…was he not?

          Indeed, go back…re-read that which started it ALL…see the True Thoughts of those who began this…
          AND KNOW the Truth!


          PS: CL, I have been a little pre-occupied these last few days…a response to your previous address to me is there now. I apologize for my tardiness…

          • People, I have said this before – as have MANY others – the BEAST thrives on your participation…SO STOP. Does anyone here REALLY beleive that a bunch of think-tank liberals – with Fancy ‘hypenated names – can keep the 18-wheelers going; keep the power plants operatiing; keep the farms going if EVERYONE WGO KNOWS ‘HOW’ REFUSES?

            Those kind of things may be what needed to get their attention– mass scale, non violent, civil disobedience.

            • Forget the quotes on your thoughts in my response.. my apologies..

            • Who is John Galton?

              • *Galt* 🙂

          • “The Founders were Men only, NOT Gods, and of thier own time…unable to see into the future any better than we ourselves.”

            They were gods [g-o-d = a rule maker for others]. The question is, did they, by making new “laws” {rules}, set aside or make of no effect Higher Law? We are only given authority to apply Higher Law, not to make law.

            The Constitution is a limit on what the government can do, not what the Citizens can or cannot do. Our rights are not subject to elected officers, their actions are subject to the limits placed on them by first, Higher Law and secondarily our common law, our culture.

            Treaties, contracts, commercial arrangments, deals only apply to the parties thereof. Check your premises.

            • Right on! Might I add that for a contract to be valid it must be made in “Good Faith”. SS No., Birth Certificates, car registrations, drivers license, etc. are forced upon you.

          • Workers of the World, DISPERSE!

        • Our school system has been under attack for years and generally “they” are winning–mostly because parents don’t object, don’t get involved, and are “too busy” to learn what is being taught in the schools today. Thus, the teachers slip in their views, the children absorb it because mom and dad don’t object, and little by little the foundations of our freedom crumble.
          People don’t read the Federalist papers because they have never heard of them; they can’t spell Socrates, Plato and Aristotle or even Locke because they are not on reality TV. The lack of awareness is shocking to me; it must be the frog in the pot syndrome.

          • “People don’t read the Federalist papers because they have never heard of them; they can’t spell Socrates, Plato and Aristotle or even Locke because they are not on reality TV.”

            We cannot expect people to spell those words when they do not even know the difference between “lose” and “loose”. :-/

            • My favorites, “their, there and they’re”.

              • Second only to “your” and “you’re”… 🙂

                • OMG LMAO TYVM

                  NOMI MFr

        • MS Chantilly Lady,

          Loved your post and the passion behind it…
          I would only add De Vattel and his Law of Nations as a source that our founders referenced…

          Thank you for the post.

        • Chantilly Lace had a pretty face
          And a pony tail- a hanging down
          A jiggling walk and a giggling talk
          Makes the world go round….
          That was The Big Bopper talking- bless him- (and you can bless Richie Valens & Buddy Holly, too!)
          I am personally familiar with your Bill of Rights and your Constitution- and I am not even an American. (Ho Chi Min based his constitution on yours- and we all know what you did to him and his country.)
          I could actually have some respect- for your various versions of bible thumpery- if any of you really lived by it!
          The last American President- that the American people actually ELECTED, was probably JFK, (and ever since then, your leaders were chosen for you!)
          It has been said- that the American people do not get the government that they want- you get the government that you deserve! (This includes your present Barak O’Butthole!
          And if you seriously think that religion is going to fix the mess you are in, I would cordially suggest, that you go to the church of your choice, and wait!
          Senator Packwood had it right: “Sufficiently advanced stupidity, is indistinguishable from EVIL.”

          • “Green Onions”

          • I’m from Oregon, thanks for the Senator Packwood quote.

          • All hail David,the magic fount of wisdom. And exactly why should anybody give a fuck what YOU think?

          • Good Morning David,

            “And if you seriously think that religion is going to fix the mess you are in, I would cordially suggest, that you go to the church of your choice, and wait!”

            Religion will solve NOTHING…it never has, never will. Instead, it will only add to the problem for it is little more than another series of divisions amongst us; divisions which are used by those whose maotivations serve only themselves.
            PEOPLE will solve the problems we face…Men and Women of Good Character…who are not afraid – if neccesary – to give even ‘the last, final measure of devotion’ for what they beleive and hold dear.

            I have come to beleive that the time of ‘BIG’ and ‘CENTRAL’…alll of it is OVER..that those has long since fulfilled whatever good or useful purpose they may have ever served. Another time is coming, a time wherein the living will reach down, grab theier bootstraps and LIFT themselves up to meet what comes…all else will fall by the wayside, and pass…

            It is in the innumerable small acts of regular People, day to day, that the World is Saved or Damned…
            Not in the acts of the High and Mighty.

            We will soon see what that holds in the balance.

            As a final thought here, “I hold TRUTH – before and above all else – to be the highest Virtue…for whenever the People srtay from that, even briefly, misery always follows.”

            Let the Truth come then…


          • “I could actually have some respect- for your various versions of bible thumpery- if any of you really lived by it!”

            My sins won’t save you.

            Anyone who prospers by-lives [believes] to the degree of his prosperity whether they identify [confess] themselves as thumpers or not. Hypocrisy is not to be found in poor or inept application, but in wickedness, lieing and guile in activities while hiding them with soothing words and emotional propoganda.

          • O butthole. Hilarious. Juvenile, stupid etc

        • Everyone knows that God created people, so people came before babies. Same thing for chickens. He created them; so they came before the eggs. I couldn’t get past your silly arguments and stopped reading your post!

          • Everyone knows babies came before eggs also.

        • I’d be pissed that my son is in forth grade and writing with crayon.

      2. Indoctrination!

        • Parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, get involved. This is our most desperate hour. Get involved. What ever age the children in your life are teach them.

          Teach them! Be the “REAL” hope and change.

          Teach your children the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

          Wouldn’t it have monumentally exhilarating if little Johnny or Sally would have stood up and said “excuse me teach, but what you are teaching us is wrong and goes against the moral fabric of what makes our country great and worth fighting for”

          But they didn’t because we didn’t teach it to them.

          Shame on us. Get busy people and start right now!

        • My daughter was in a drama class and the teacher had the kids act out the Rodney King incident. I complained and told the teacher that this was a drama class and not a political class, and that it was inappropriate for that class. The teacher said she would not stop and she could teach what she wants. I told her that her dope smoking hippy ideals were not the place for school, and she replied she was not a hippy, she was a ‘revolutionary’. The school would do nothing because the teacher was tenured, and there was nothing they could do if she was a revolutionary in politics. I have never supported the schools or teachers again since. This article is not shocking.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • But how many teachers did your daughter have that she learned from? Don’t paint all teachers with the same brush people. We may be outnumbered, but there are still teachers doing their jobs!!!!

            • same thing as the cops…sorry guilt by association is a bitch..wanna do something about it..?

              than do. when you see or hear this shit from your own, stand up to them and defend those who are right

            • @ Mama42,

              “We may be outnumbered, but there are still teachers doing their jobs!!!!”

              Yes M’am, there are….but the tide is turning in favor of those who hate everything the WE love. There YET remains goodness, broadly, but there is a need to begin to REVERSE the processes that are occuring all around us…

              THAT needs to START NOW…it is time to AWAKE.


              • Agreed. It’s a sad state of affairs. 🙁

              • Prosecute the NEA under RICO…

                • Interesting how .gov thinks private, for-profit prisons are a great idea, but frowns upon private, for-profit schools.

                • Howdy jerrytbg….”The Boat Guy” ;),

                  How do Brother? Actually,

                  “Prosecute the NEA under RICO…”

                  THAT may have SOME merit Bro!

                  I hadn’t THOUGHT of THAT….


                  • sorry Jog,
                    last 24 hrs have been a bit hectic, here reading posts, getting things done elsewhere. missed your post.
                    When I made that statement, the possibility of a knock on the hull didn’t occur to me…
                    Fortunately it hasn’t happened, yet… 😉 but you know what, I would almost welcome it if it could expose these cretins for what they are…leaches…
                    My point is these upper and middle echelon fat cats in this so called union/assoc. make me sick…
                    I have met more than one and remember, I spent most of my adult life taking care of “big kids toys” and most of the people I’ve met were a delight to know…however, these scum laugh about what they’ve done to the education system in this country.
                    And right now I’m glad I don’t remember any names…I filed them and the multiple encounters away… errrrr…

            • good point. I have friends who are teachers and some have left teaching because of the local school boards and politics. I agree, not every teacher is bad, but the good ones are out voted and eventually move on to something else, leaving a majority of poor teachers in the system. Many of my friends home school their children.

          • JJ, you need to get that class together at your house and teach them about the things that R King did before the beating that provoked the beating. Then the class can go into the drama class and act that part for the teacher and watch him/her pull their hair out.

            • While you do that remind them about the other two people in the car who did what they were ordered, and were cuffed and put into the cruisers without a beating.

            • Annonymous: It’s interesting to note that blacks account for more than half of all murders in the country yet are only 13% of the population. And of those murders, 93%, perhaps a little more, are black on black murders but you’ll never hear one word from the race pimps like hair-lip Jacskon or greasy Sharpton because there’s no money in for them.

              • G-8,your right about the 2 distinguished “revrinds” who never are seen in church.They will be all over trayvon’s trial because Zimmerman,who is half hispanic,has a white father named Zimmerman.This makes a perfect venue for them to whip up the blacks into a state of frenzy and intimidate the media,judge,jurors to find a guilty verdict. They won’t come out and directly say they’ll riot if he’s innocent,but you can be sure it will be inferred by Sharpton leading the chant “No Justice,No Peace!”

                Contrast this to the recent fatal shooting of a 1 year old baby by a 17 year old black,whose mother and aunt were both arrested for lying to police about his involvement and hiding the gun for him. I heard on the news cops recovered the gun after a “discussion” with momma and auntie. There won’t be any revrinds at that trial,if it ever gets to that point. This story was so astounding in it’s depravity that the media could not ignore it,at least initially. At this point they’re hoping like hell people will forget about it,they certainly will NOT treat this like the circus they’re going to make about George Zimmerman.

          • Individuals who deliberately distort the American ideal as described in the Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights must be held PERSONALLY accountable in OUR school systems and the civil functions within OUR communities.

            That means they must be sued for a deliberate distortion of American values whenever anti-Americanism rears its ugly head, and teachers named individually when the school district has to pay up.

            These are communists masking themselves as socialists and re-branding themselves as “progressives” to make their treason palatable to the Sheeple.

            They won’t be tenured for long if you form a group, incorporate it as an LLC and sue the bastards. Even if they win, they lose and cannot pierce the corporate shield for YOU; while they are out the court costs and their treason exposed.

            Many lawyers would represent the group with the intent of receiving payment from the school system for payment, and yuou would be out only the costs of corporate formation if you lost. If nothing else the suit would intimidate these communist bastards. A win could cost these “revolutionaries” real dollars and their jobs.

            Know the law and how the system works; then use it to your advantage. They have by infiltrating the system to spread false doctrine and their treason.


            • DK,

              Interesting concept, would really like to see a real-life example of this type of action. People need a model to see how such precedent works. Please add link to successful example if you know of one.

              • I just saw an article where two legislators in the Northeast have sued and filed a criminal complaint against 187 co-legislators for repealing “stand your ground” protections for citizens, don’t remember where, but you could find it with Google.

                The US Constitution is OUR best weapon against these commies! Engage! 🙂

                • DK

                  Stop with the “Engage” crap already.

                  It’s nauseating.

                  “Lean Forward”…”Engage”…It’s all just collectivist code word garbage!

                  “Lean Forward and Engage!!”

      3. Why so shocked? Government, err public schools, have been indoctrinating us to be debt slaves, tax slaves and cannon fodder for six generations. I would bet the average German high school student knows more about the U.S. Constitution than most American adults. If you want to remain free each of us must see to it that the next generation understands our foundational documents. Presuming much, I recommend Brion Mc Clanahan’s The Founding Fathers Guide to The Constitution. (as understood by those who wrote and ratified it.)

        • I wonder how many kids have even a pocket size copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? How many kids in America have even seen or let alone read it? I have one and its a whole 58 small pages. I would not be surprised if a child brought a copy to school in their pocket, that they would be suspended for infringing on the rights of the teachers to promote their agenda and their beliefs. It would be considered propaganda from the evil selfish conservatives. Yes, that is what is being taught to our innocent kids right now.

          If you have a kid or know a kid that likes to learn then why not spend a couple of bucks and buy them a copy and encourage them to read it. We have to start somewhere and if not with the children then who, that is where the PTB are concentrating their efforts of indoctrination. Talk to your kids after school, enforce in them the God given rights that they will need to defend one day as adults. Undue the damage each and every day because they are your kids, not theirs, it is your job to educate your children about values and beliefs.

          Every home should have a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America and it should be placed in honor.

          • The shock!!! I am appalled

        • I have a copy of Dr. McClanahan’s book, I really enjoyed reading it, and I use it as a reference now.

          • Good book. One of the goals of Communism is to undermine American society, denigrate anything American; cast doubt upon the character of OUR Founders, and distort the reality of OUR ideals and the heroes who inspire US.

            The Communist Party even went so far as to suggest that public works of art ought to be uninspiring, rather than heroic, like giant coffee pots that cost $500,000 and liter the Phoenix freeway.

            This was the genesis of “modern art”. Engage.

            • Glen Beck once did a show on Public ART and the meaning of it and said the same thing as a way to destroy the USA and also to hide symbols to foster a source of pride for the Workers of the world type unions and Govt.

              under the commie rules art should be meaningless and vague odd shapes and no ideas and at times vulgar
              and it should be used to waste taxpayer money”
              stifle any concept of Beauty

              i say ANY public art should be funded by Private sources and NEVER taxpayer funds

              all this is nice when paid for with private funds but NOT with our money i would rather see a New prison built then this Crap.and then fill the prison with politicians. so we can really get our moneys worth.

              skittle shitting unicorn

              • The New Public Art will be pictures of Obama hanging on buildings, lamp posts in town squares. He already has the T.V networks.

                • slingshot

                  I would rather see Obama hanging FROM a lamp post

                  in the town square, if you get my drift……

                  • Lynching? Really? Your drift is stupid

            • Comrades…Lean Forward and Engage!


              The reason Collectivists always proclaim “Forward…Engage” as their slogan is that they never want you to look at their record. Don’t look back at the wreckage of the economy and the dangers to liberty. Just keep marching together. “Forward and Engage”.

        • +1 on MC Clanahan’s books. Also check out Dr. Kevin Gutzman’s writings. Very good reads. Mike Church made several animated movies about the founding fathers and the construction of the constitution. I think there are 4 films in his series, The Road to Independence, Spirit of 76, The fame of our Fathers and one other one. Highly recommended viewing for your children. I think you can find the trailers on you tube.

          • Thank you, Mr. Stacker. I will look into your recommendations.

        • Are you theistic? Good. Be the best believer you can be. I am non-theistic. If the tyrant says to you, “Since you say your rights come from God, prove God’s existence to me.” One hopes you can prove that to the tyrant’s satisfaction not just yours. Otherwise you have no foundation for your rights.

          I assert our liberty is a right of our humanity. It derives from having the capacity to reason, to make choices, and to act on them. Those basic premises can readily be demonstrated. No resort to the supernatural required. That makes it universal not hostage to believing a particular sectarian creed.

          The Left/Right Conservative/Liberal paradigm is a smoke screen. A more fundamental disjunct is: Does a person or policy promote individual liberty and private property or not? Hairsplitting about exactly which kind of tyrant one faces serves no productive purpose. Judge by actions not by labels. Example of how labels have lost their meaning: an eighteenth century classical liberal may have been an aristocrat but within their limitations they were strongly pro-liberty. Examples: George Mason and Thomas Jefferson. A twentieth century American liberal, a la FDR or Oblunder is a very different critter. Same word but the values implied are miles apart.

          I like the Articles of Confederation. It formed a loose union of sovereign states, gave the swells a forum for debate and had no coercive power because unanimity was required to act. The Constitution was the brain child of the Federalists, those who wanted a strong central government with the authority (governments have authority, people have rights) to act decisively. In its unamended state, the Constitution sets up the structure and requirements for various branches. The bones and muscles of political existence. The liberty wing insisted on the Bill of Rights, which is the only part of it that directly speaks of liberty. Make no mistake, even men like Jefferson were not what 20th century folk would call egalitarians. It was very much a deference culture in which indentured whites, women, blacks and native americans had no say so. They favored a republic and abhorred democracy for the ills time has shown it to have.

          Our liberty comes neither from a deity (believe if you want to) nor from a piece of paper. Neither of those will sustain the freedom of people who have chosen tyranny because they have been born and bred to it.

      4. A few post back, a teacher said they did more for a child in a day than their parents did for them in a week. Unfortunately this seems to be coming true, and not for the better. If you have children in school, you better keep a close watch on what they are being taught. Trekker Out.

      5. This doesn’t surprise me at all. If you’re surprised you’ve been asleep.

      6. Seems they’re using one of Ben Franklin’s Quote in reverse to teach our children.WASP

      7. Oh no way. Hell not even my kid and I am foaming at the mouth. To hell with a school system that dumbifies and endangers our people. Wasn’t school supposed to educate and protect our future? Homeschooling anyone?


        • Have you seen “IndoctriNation”, the movie by Colin Gunn and Joaquin Fernandez? They make an excellent case for home schooling. Cal Thomas said of it, “Every Christian parent with a child in a government school should see this [movie] and be forced to confront their unwillingness to do what Scripture requires for the children on loan to them by God. A mass exodus from government schools is the only way to preserve the souls and minds of our children.”

          • Mark,

            You are so right.

            • I wish I had a kid in school so I could yank him out. In my 20 years of dealing with school systems most of the teachers blamed the parents to the point of not even trying to actually teach. Teachers are a lot like other groups of people with so called titles, cops, doctors, politicians etc.. All they want to do is conform and never speak out if one of their own is a wacko or a Commie socialist pinko piece of sludge. It is not only the parents responsibility it is also those who comes into contact with these kids on a regular basis to tell the truth about our history. After all how many times do you teach history at the dinner table. Probably never but at school it is a required subject.
              The schools should have an obligation to teach what the communities consider acceptable. But nowadays anything goes. Most people do not become involved in schools because their opinions are not wanted. The school knows best and as long as you agree with them everything is fine.
              School teachers are just like the tanks that sit at the entrances of most army bases. They just sit there and you can’t fire them. Peace.

        • Eric(I can’t recall any gun-running)Holder has stated it is possible to ban “homeschooling”. I suspect they will do so, and nothing more than a bit of grumbling will occur.

          Every day, another chip is taken out of your Freedom, and your rights. And, nothing but a bit of grumbling is done.

          I’d wager this country will descend into marxist totalitarianism, and nothing will be done to stop it. I think BI is right. Most people will do nothing, as long as they can eat like swine, and watch mindless programming. Those who have the courage to stand are being demonized, marginalized, and isolated.

          The parasites are redefining reality, and nothing is being done to stop it.

          • If the government is talking about banning home schooling it is because enough parents are home schooling to make it a threat to the system. When these issues come up in your area, be sure to support the home schoolers even if you don’t have any children in school.

            • They don’t care about teaching your child.
              Money/funds people. Every child is counted every day for funding–why they want those chips; for attendance.
              Less for them to do–it’s SOOO hard to get a head count, ya know!!!(sarc off)

            • Merree,

              The number of home school families is growing greater every day, the are a force to be reckoned with and they will come out in droves if their rights are being threatened. Have you ever seen how they react in certain states when they are threatened, they act the way we should all act when we are having our freedom stripped away.

              • Yes, I have seen them respond to threats from the system. I dealt with threats when my children were homeschooled. But I have seen other people stand by and say, “my kids are grown” and ignore the situation. I want to be supportive of any groups that have common ground in opposing the collective. Starve the beast is only half of the equation. The other half is to feed the opposition.

          • justMe,

            I suppose it’s going to take someone hacking the EBT system and not only bringing it down but having it stay down for a month or two…not that that would be a bad thing in an overall fiscal sense…painful for sure… but it would start the dance…one I really don’t want to be a part of …but will if necessary…

            We certainly can’t rely on ANYONE within the bs system …

        • Just relax. If you were to check the story you would have found that this was a statement the child would write a response to. Ya know, like…I agree because or I disagree because…Teaching critical thought and how to support or disprove a point. Kind of like the more mature disagreements on this site. No need to go frothing and raise your blood pressure. How about thinking and checking? Seems like you along with numerous other people here, like to be angry and like to be victims. Just slow down and think…kind of like this teacher was asking kids to do.

        • If your kid is that impressionable, perhaps hiding him from the world is a good idea.

          • I think teachers are being given waaaaaay too much credit here. Kids generally have good BS detectors, even if they tell their teachers, etc what they want to hear.

            Merree is right that .gov is scared shitless of homeschooling. Tax levies often barely pass the way it is. As the student count goes down, the states will jump at the chance to cut back on their funding.

          • Grippentrog, such an intelligent statement! Why yes, why would any 4th grader at the age of 8 or 9 be so impressionable as to have their thinking swayed by some one as authoritative as a Teacher. Even though 20 year olds are intimidated by Liberal, Progressive, Marxist, College Professors. Perhaps hiding you from the world would be a good idea.Trekker Out.

            • The 20 year olds you speak of are weak and pitiful. Not the norm as far as 20 year old people I know. There are weak and impressionable people in all ages.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Do you notice a distinct similarity between Grippentrog
              and Eisenkreuz, or is it just my imagination?

              • OutWest, This very thought crossed my mind, and I seem to notice an absence of my friend Eisenkraut making any comments. But just thought maybe he was still stinging from the bitcoin deal. Trekker Out.

      8. Organize groups that teach the kids. Get out of gov. schools. Indoctrination centers. When my son came home from college and started spouting that Marxist crap, I had to de program him. This Socialist bull-$hit has to end. Get out of the system. If all the true patriots would join together to educate their children in the constitution and true American values, I truly believe that those gov. clowns would back off some of this crap. We are the entitlers since we are the ones financing this commy bull$hit. Demand at the school board meetings that these teachers be fired. You pay their wages.

        • Speaking of starving the beast … three-fifths of my RE tax supports the local government indoctrination centers. I wonder why nobody has challenged the confiscatory nature of property taxes. If the Jones family thinks government schools are a tremendous value and likes the indoctrination let such families pay for it. Why should we be forced to
          subsidize them?


        • Children should be homeschooled.

          For those with the lame excuse they “can’t” homeschool because they work–that’s what nights and weekends are for. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Stop making excuses.

          • I knew a couple that home schooled their two boys,actually, boat schooled them… :).
            She helped run the marina and her husband did construction…
            The oldest went on to study marine biology, haven’t heard anything about them since I moved on…
            btw, she had a Masters in some science discipline,don’t know what…the point is she made sacrifices…
            If there’s a will there’s a way…
            Couldn’t agree with you more.

        • It’s easy in Texas!

          Keep preppin’

      10. Teachers like this are fanatical progressive instruments of evil, this woman disregards natural law in her attempt to plant the seeds of discontent in the minds of captive 4th graders.

        Tar, feather, swamp

        • First Y99… hot sun,honey,red ants! 😉

          Second…I doubt theres millions of people here in America working to eliminate the Constitution…millions perhaps being damaged by the ones doing it but they are only in their thousands…we gotta stop acting like there are some huge overwhelming and unstoppable masses about to sweep liberty away in an ocean of chaos,these people are ants/termites in the framework gnawing away slow but sure and yes they can topple the structure if left unchecked but thats the point…they can be checked!
          This boils down once again to personal responsibility(you know that conjoined ugly twin of the lovely lady liberty) yours and mine as parents/grandparent and family members…farm out the raising/educating and molding of your kids to the state and what do we expect?
          Lifes all about choices and we all gotta make em and then live with the consequences(at least thats how its supposed to work)too many people today want liberty without the twin of responsibility but its a package deal you gotta endure the one to enjoy the other(kick out the ugly twin and you lose the beautiful one too) if you took the liberty of bringing children into the world then you dont get a pass on being responsible for their upbringing….this includes their education as well as the molding of their character…I know this is preaching to the choir here but even here there are some who would rather just send Jr and Jr-ette to a govt detention/indoctrination center for hours everyday and then moan and groan and wring their hands when their little darlings dont hold their beliefs and values in high regard…they are gonna reflect whoever/whatever light or darkness thats being shined on them the most…if darkness is the states idea of light then your kids will be in the dark about your ideas of what is light…simple!…not so simple to carry out and do what needs to be done perhaps but responsibility isnt keen on asking you after the fact…it demands it,NOW!….or you can join with the true millions of losers who find it easier to toss their kids to the benevolent govt system and let them raise them and teach them how to worship the state and hate everything you stand for…the choice is ours…the consequences are eternal!

        • @ Y99,

          “Teachers like this are fanatical progressive instruments of evil, this woman disregards natural law in her attempt to plant the seeds of discontent in the minds of captive 4th graders.”

          Yep! That’s because they KNOW they can’t get any thinking adult to beleive that sh_t!!!

          Gee…it must be TERRIBLE to be so frustrated…


          • REB,
            I wish I had your optimism, but if 3% of the Country during the revolution could turn the tide, 3% of progressive in education can end moral principled thought.


            Yes I’m frustrated and angry, but I’m also patient and dangerous. I was trained by our Gov to too do bad things to bad people, funny now I find them suspect.

            • 🙂


      11. The constitution is what ultimately allows you to live a more safe and secure life.

        The people today confuse cushy and frivolous lifestyle with safety and security.

        • Liberals are “Mother Americas” spoiled brat children that
          were given everything, and worked and fought for nothing

        • Mancalledhorse,

          The Constitution doesn’t allow anything…it codifies and affirms what is God given…
          THEY, will use your words to modify…in their image of what THEY think should be…
          It’s not like these people are scholars…they can’t even understand the phrase…
          “Shall not be infringed”…

      12. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Indoctrinate another class full of impressionable kids. It’s disgusting some of the crap the teachers push on our kids. And the higher up the educational ladder the worse it gets.

        This has all been planned out many years ago. Look at the moral decay in our society. I’ve given up on trying to be politically correct. Political correctness makes me puke! It’s really hard to have a calm conversation with anyone when the subject of the wonderful queer loving baby killing liberal agenda comes up. Can anyone tell me why liberals are so hypocritical? If everyone’s supposed to be equal, what does it matter what race you are? I mean this in the color of ones’ skin. Born into it is one thing, turning into a queer is another. And yes, I am saying that being gay is a choice, it is not what God intended. If that was so, the human race would’ve died off pretty quickly.

        Don’t take my rant the wrong way. I believe we can still save this country, but it’s really going to be a battle when we’re the minority from the start.
        molon labe

      13. “I” am willing to give up NONE of my constitutional rights “to be safer”. Giving up Constitutional rights to “be safer” is the ultimate exemplary oxymoron. Those rights assure OUR safety from the greatest threat WE ALL face…OUR CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT INCLUDING ALL OF THE ALPHABET AGENCIES COLLUDING TO COMPLETELY ENSLAVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF US.

        Parents of school age children…teach them well and place less importance on the “grade” rendered by this public fascist school system for “their compliance”, and more emphasis on “their” understanding of exactly what the Constitution/Bill of Rights has mean’t…before it is too late. Take pride in “disciplinary action” that results from your child not only knowing the truth, but insisting on it in the “brain-washing” class room environment.

        The “Revolution” starts in the family, and at home. Exactly why “the family” is the target of the “collective’s” desire to exterminate it. Family values and cohesive continuity have been, and ARE the foundation of this country!

        • AYE!!!

      14. I’m not willingly to give up any of my rights or freedoms because I *KNOW* the government is the single greatest threat to my safety and security.

        Most of the people who were died violent deaths in the last century were killed by their own governments.

        • Tomahawk…Good point. Now think about a class where the teacher has you reason and write about why giving up rights. You just did and made a great point that could lead others to think. Good job.

      15. I’m going to depart with the polished writing on the continuation to my previous post that dealt with where your rights derived from. My blood is boiling from all the BS indoctrination I’ve been reading about spewing from government indoctrination camps in the last few days. I’ll let the words speaks for themselves….
        From the Declaration of Independence-
        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”
        Webster’s 1828 dictionary definition-Not alienable; that cannot be alienated; that may not be transferred; as unalienable rights.
        What that child wrote- “I am willing to give up some of my Constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure, “ is a horrible play on words by collectivist/progressive/communist ideology and shows the dichotomy between them and “us”.
        I went to a class a couple of years ago dealing with the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., and have subsequently read many books, examined words used within the context and meaning at the time they were used.
        If you believe that that your rights were derived from God or via Natural Law, it makes sense that your rights are unalienable—unable to be transferred. Thus the proper order of things is- Creator/Natural Law-Men- Government. As citizens we give our consent to the government to do the things we cannot do in order to secure our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and safety. If the government cannot secure our rights- the people have the right to alter or abolish it to gain their safety.

        • @chantilly lady
          i have a task that i believe that you can handle, if you would… my grandpa use to refer to the 2nd ammend with the following: the word “militia” referred to able bodied men over the age of 16 and the word “regulated” at that time (1775)meant “equipped” not control as it does today…i don’t have a clue how to research this but i bet that you do…

          • @oldman

            Stephen P. Halbrook is one of the preeminent members of the Second Amendment Bar.
            Take a stroll through his The Founders’ Second Amendment, origins of the right to bear arms.

            Yes, it is an individual right just as are the others. And well-regulated does not mean by bureaucratic fiat as the 20th Century liberals misread it. It means well drilled, well-trained.

            • @anon6.8
              thank-you anon6.8… that makes sense and now i recall it better…could not remember exacly what grandpa told me, beware the memory is the second thing to give out… however i have to wonder, why is it the senators and congress people don’t know that some words meanings have changed over the years? or…do they???

        • Chain of Command

          The Son
          We the People
          Our Delegates
          Our Employees

          Mattoids have developed all kinds of [adhesion} Contracts to set We the People below themselves and to thereby force compliance with ungoldy dictates.

        • You do realize as we all realize that your polished writing is mainly plagiarism.

      16. The only hope I have is that the people that push this nonsense end up suffering by it.

        Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
        Isaiah 5:20

      17. This really makes me angry. First of all, being a fourth grade teacher in a Florida public school, I have to tell you all that not all teachers are like this. Is it accurate to say the that every liberal you know is a bleeding heart on government aid? No! Those of you who believe that all schools and teachers are evil need to reassess what you preach. What if someone said that all peppers were freaks and paranoid societal outcasts? It would irritate you, to say the least.

        I take pride in teaching history, civil war, and our government rights. My students must learn the preamble, and we review it on a regular basis. I teach it from a completely unbiased approach and feel that students must be faced with facts and form opinions on their own. That is the purpose of school, is it not?

        Secondly, @ trekker-
        Yes, I do feel that a teacher is so much more than they used to be. We have to teach students manners, positive behaviors, and all their core subjects. Lets place the blame where it belongs- parents are NOT doing their jobs anymore.
        If you don’t want your kids listening to every last word a teacher says, teach them otherwise. That’s why we, as adults, choose to stay away from mainstream media…. We hear one thing but choose to accept our reality as another. This is our ability to choose and decipher through what we have been taught or shown. I cannot tell you how much has changed in a classroom in my few (10) years of teaching.
        How do you teach a generation pride and self worth when they watch their parent(s) buy food with money that have (ie food stamps), drive cars they don’t own and cannot afford, and yet carry around an Obama I-phone?
        It’s time to place the blame where it belongs… If you do your job as a parent, like this father has done by calling attention to it, explain to his son the reality of the situation, and use it as a teachable moment to show your child how to think for themselves, then it should be a learning moment.
        I agree this teacher is wrong, but come on… Our society is lost. And I pray everyday that something happens to wake them up.

        • a former public school teacher, your post hits it on the spot.
          But, I have a theory that Revelation is about to check in for us.
          ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness’

        • Mama42
          You said,
          “What if someone said that all peppers were freaks and paranoid societal outcasts?”

          Hahahahahaha. They already do. Florida schools rank 47 in education last time I had seen the graph.

          • According to Education Week, a national education publication, Florida is ranked @11 for the 2012-2013 school year. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that this teacher was wrong. But I hate it when EVERY teacher is looked down on. There are “some of you” among them. We each have our reasons that we choose our professions. I think now is the time that we should bond together and realize that there are others in various fields that are trying, however insignificantly it may be.

            • Mama42
              I live in Florida and I can tell you most of these so called High School students are lucky they can write their own names never mind trying to comprehend history. I know of students that were put on “DRUG THERAPY”. Ritilin hmmmmm? Looks good on paper and one school administrater had a bunch of her teachers change the answers on the tests for higher scores to get bonus money. Under investigation at this point.
              Like I said. Looks good on paper but doesn’t past the field test.
              I would defend “you” for doing a noble cause but the teaching profession is rotten to the core.

            • Florida is once again ranked in the top 10 or states, according to Education Week’s Quality Counts rankings.

              Florida ranked 6th in the 2013 Quality Counts rankings, earning top scores for standards, accountability, early childhood education and career preparation.

              • JayJay, just a thought. Is this good or bad? Does this mean that the Kids in Florida drank the Government Kool Aid better than the kids in some of the other 40 States? Maybe I just have a twisted way of looking at things. Trekker Out.

                • Im with you on this way of thiking, so yer not alone

                • Nope–from recent readings, it means many teachers taught the test or cheated and changed the answers or gave the answers.
                  I taught first and third grade.
                  I DO NOT believe in standardized tests for much–I tried my damnedest to assure parents little Johnny and Janie were not gonna miss out on a college education because their third grade tests were ‘only’ 90%, not 98%.
                  And daily application meant more to me than test scores.

          • Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too? ;0)

        • No it is not accurate “that every liberal is a bleeding heart on government aid”. What is accurate is every liberal wants everyone to be a bleeding heart on government aid.

          You must have a hard time surviving as a teacher. If you truly teach the kids about real history, without changing it to fit in todays philosophy, and the founding fathers government as it was written, life as a teacher must be hard. Are you a union member? If you are, you are a hypocrite also. Being that you support an agenda totally against our country’s foundation.

          Our society is not totally lost, just going in the wrong direction. (kinda an oxymoron!) We can correct this and with your help hopefully as an independent thinking teacher that much for the better.
          molon labe

          • Kettle,

            “Are you a union member? If you are, you are a hypocrite also. Being that you support an agenda totally against our country’s foundation.”

            Ah yes… someone who knows…

            Prosecute NEA under RICO!!!!

            • I taught 6 years; two counties, 3 years each.
              Not rehired twice; I quit.

              Was I a TEA and NEA member??? Take a guess!!
              My evaluations were outstanding.

              • Jay Jay

                What subjects did you teach? If I may ask.

              • JJ,

                ahhh… 🙂

        • RE: Mama42 says:” This really makes me angry.. .not all teachers are like this”


          It really doesn’t matter, bc what compulsory government schooling really teaches is that you will come every day bc the government requires it; and that you will sit in your seat & not get up until the government gives you permission; and that you will do whatever mindless exercises the government requires you to do for as long as the government say that you must; and that if you do not obey the government, the government we will have armed enforcers assault you & throw you (and possibly your parents) in jail. OBEY OR SUFFER.

          The importance of the content of the subjects “taught” during the daily incarceration is a distant 2nd to the primary goal of this institution.

          How can any freedom loving parent who cares about how their children turn out cooperate with this?


          >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

      18. Reposted….


        Another M-class event just occured a bit ago.

        At 20:38 UTC an M-3.3 flare was recorded by the NOAA GOES-15 X-ray flux monitors. The genitive source lay in the North-West quadrant and by all appearances was NOAA 11718.

        Ol Sol IS waking up Y’all….


        • OOPS…In Rush Folks…Yep tis ME! :0

          • 🙂 🙂 good one “J”og

      19. “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither … REVOLUTION IS COMING ”


      20. “Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

        ~ben franklin

        • “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

          –Benjamin Franklin

      21. So who is going to follow up and do something about this? This sounds to me to be treasonist. This teacher or whom ever is involved should be fired. how can this be confronted. At some point do we have to stop complaining and actually follow up?

      22. OK, I’ve got to get on a roll again. Yental, AMENto your comments. parents need to give their kids a good dose of “homeschooling on the side” to counteract the communist propaganda from the schools. my parents did that for me back in the 60s and 70s and I came out better than I might have otherwise. I know how to think for myself. I know how to “read between the lines” in various books, articles, magazines, etc. I totally reject brainwashing, whether it’s fascism, communism, etc. NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO THINK, BELIEVE, WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT SAY, ETC. I don’t submit to political correctness. I tell it like it is about certain issues. If nobody likes what I’m saying, that’s their pronlem, not mine. Braveheart

        • I actually agree with you. Schools should teach basics and parents should teach everything else. The problem is that most parents don’t. They don’t pay attention and they don’t talk to their kids. If any person told my kids something I don’t agree with, I take it as a teaching moment. I discuss why people have a right and often a reason to their opinion. I then tell them why I agree or disagree. My kids have learned not to take anyone’s word for something and also how to look at issues from many angles. Well put

      23. The teacher who put this young child up to this should be fired IMMIDIATELY and charged as a traitor. What would Thomas Jefferson do about this you think? Andrew Jackson? George Washington? My guess is they would get a rope and hang her silly clueless ass from the nearest tree with it. But today? This piece of trash will not only keep her job….but will continue to vomit out her anti-american propaganda for many more young kids to hear.In my book if you are willing to give up ANY OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS you are not only a traitor but a complete fool as well. When are brain -dead morons going to wake up and realize the bill of rights is to protect US from THE GOVERNMENT running wild. Looks like to me they are in fact running wild..aren’t they?

        • Oh for fuck sake, no one…nobody…is as stupid as you. Look into this and then spout. Do you really think this is true? Ask yourself “what else could this be”. Perhaps a teacher giving an assignment asking a child to defend or disprove the statement. NOOOO. It has to be a dictated statement from a teacher to a child in order to brain wash the child.
          Doesn’t make sense if you think about it. Why not just make statements in order to brain wash a kid…..why tell them to write it down and then provide evidence of his/her diabolical plan. WHY? Because one paragraph trumps every other source of information including what a kid hears at home? If your kid is that impressionable, he or she and you have larger..much larger issues.

          • Not very bright, are you? Do you really think a fourth grader in today’s schools would be asked to defend or disprove a statement? I would be surprised if that even happens in a high school today.

            It is a fact that if you want to remember something, you input it through as many senses as possible. I have told people who want to learn something that they need to read it, read it aloud, copy it by hand, read it again, and read it again aloud. And if possible, have someone else also read it to them. The multiple inputs cause the information to be stored in multiple parts of the brain. I can easily remember poetry from the third grade because I used this technique. You should try it. I bet you can remember “I must not talk in class” from school.

            Also, use of profanity is a sure sign of not having a good argument and not having an adequate vocabulary.

            • Ex-Military. We do that alot, you know ;0)

              • Not a marine tho. Never and X. And it’s a lot. Two words. Guess reading the same word your entire life didn’t make it stick huh?

            • I guess he wouldn’t understand the statement he was forced to write then? And yes, kids are taught critical thought at a young age.

            • Not only that, Archivist, but here are 4th graders using crayons. My guess is that the kids were doing coloring time and “You can use any colors you want.”, while teacher was lecturing. Then, when she wanted their attention, she told them to “Write this down:…”. They were primarily involved in choosing colors, which allows the quote to sneakily enter their consciousness, keyed to the colors chosen. From the corrections, in crayon, the teacher did not just verbally give the quote, it was written on the board, as well. The children heard it, wrote it, saw it and corrected it. They will remember it well.

              This is similar to allowing a child to fall asleep with headphones while playing popular music. While asleep, the *information* in the music is processed secondarily, without conscious mediation, and has a much firmer and deeper imprint on their minds than if they were awake. Listening to it again while awake reinforces the effect.

              Grippentrog, most young people follow the crowd. Their parents have much less influence than the culture. The kids may parrot whatever the parents teach in order to avoid conflict, but after about age 13, they don’t usually even try to pretend to agree with the parents.

              I have experienced people in their 30’s trying to explain their own conflicts vis-a-vis their liberal friends/employers and their conservative families. Basically, they are complaining to the parents that they are in an untenable situation in this regard and want the parents to forgive their continuing progressive actions.

              The teacher is a revolutionary. She has no respect for her students or the parents. She had them listen while coloring and use the crayons to take down the quote because she had no fear of providing “diabolical evidence”. In her mind, only the inculcation is important and fulfills the lesson plan. The parents are a minor obstacle which the principal will *handle*. If there is any consequence, her union will back her against the parents or even the school board. The PTA will defend the teacher’s autonomy.

              Dismissing the well-considered analysis provided by Archivist and others is simply another example of allowing incrementalism to flourish. Perhaps, in your opinion, this single instance is not a big deal. Taken in context and combined with all the cultural influences that have been implemented over 3 generations of public education, public media and popular culture it is indeed inculcation, if not brainwashing, and is exactly why our nation is in the situation it is today. We have stifled real critical thinking and marginalized any competing dissent in favor of producing progressive drones who tune out and go along to get along. Recall the Howard University student who told Rand Paul that he _wanted_ an activist government who would provide for him and take care of his needs.

              None of these drones even realize that this *benign* government will dictate what is a *need* and exactly how and to what degree it will be implemented, with little to no regard for those being “cared for”. .

              The story of the Golden Calf is a case in point. When the going became uncomfortable, the fleeing slaves longed for the *comforts* of slavery, forgetting all the real hardships they had endured. It is, unfortunately, human nature to give up liberty in exchange for having basic needs met, in even a limited manner. This is also the moral of Jacob and Esau and the exchange of a birthright for a “mess of potage”. Satisfying the immediate perceived *need* takes precedence over consideration of the future or the overriding conditions under which someone will exist.

              At the Founding, America was a radical idea. Nowhere on Earth had there ever before been such a society. We have been a thorn in the side of authoritarians ever since and they have worked tirelessly for over a hundred years to subvert our basic principles. This is the real counter revolution and it has succeeded.

              Within the next 20 years, those who grew up in freedom will age into irrelevance and die. There is no new open land available for the dissenters. There is already hardly any escape from the suffocating technological control of the rulers.

              I wish I had an answer to the problem, but I don’t. I mourn that your opinion is far more prevalent than mine or that of Archivist and others.

              • blue,

                If you’re not a lecturer you should be, at least on this topic.
                I could almost see myself sitting in a hall and listening…
                Thank you!

                • Blue is also wrong. Most young people develop in predictable stages and only go along with the crowd if the behavior observed is modeled by a follower. The most influence in a child’s life is a parent. I would say the father and or mother of this child is overbearing and not a person who intelligently questions. The indoctrination you describe would have to intense and reinforced by positive or negative means. To overcome a parents influence, depending on the parent would take a little or a lot. In other words the teacher would spend most if not all her day convincing a child to ignore his parents.

                  • …the teacher doesnt have to work on your child all day to change them…theyve already twisted the shoot of many of the childs associates and the way they think/behave and “they” are the main influence on your childs thoughts…its the group pressure the group policing each other…thats the main point,even a good parent has their work cut out to counter all that negative influence…certainly a good parent will do alot to counter it but its best if the child is not in that type of situation,then your influence as a parent has time to take a deep root.

            • Sorry but I have to jump in. Archivist characterization of the brain and learning is slightly correct. The slightly right statement is that people have an ability to learn. As far as storing information you are incorrect. Your not serious about ” many different parts of the brain”. Memory is controlled by the cerebrum. The frontal lobe controls reasoning. The separate “input” methods refer to learning style.
              You are also incorrect concerning a 9 or 10 year old not being capable of critical thought. Critical thought starts at a very young age and normal children start technical critical thought at 7 yo. Critical thought can improve throughout a persons life.
              In short, perhaps you shouldn’t be giving advice on learning and critical thought. You certainly should not be schooling people when you don’t have a clue. “Several areas of the brain”. Hahaha.
              As for profanity being a sign of a weak position, may I refer you to several commenters on this site. Are you saying everyone who swears is wrong or weak? Another stupid think your mommy told you. Please, you are a danger to yourself and people should not take anything you say as true or correct. Made up. And by the way. Fuck.

              • Firstly, I did not say a fourth grader is incapable of critical thought. I said that I didn’t believe that it would come up in a fourth grade classroom. I know it didn’t back when I was in school.

                Secondly, do some research about how memories are stored. They are indeed stored in different areas of the brain depending on the sensory source, whether visual or auditory. And multiple inputs creates unique memories which are not stored on top of each other, which would erase the previous instances.

                Thirdly, go do something impossible to yourself.

                • Research huh? Bullshit. You either confused muscle memory with information or involuntary responses. The memory you cite is not stored in many areas. Where did you get your info? Either you are not reading or reasoning correctly.

                • Now you are going grade school. If you hadn’t been punked, you wouldn’t be so angry. Don’t you realize the small brain takes over during stress? I guess if a person makes a profane statement without using profanity then the person has a great point. In that case, your mother likes to put fists in where she pees. Ahhhh. Perhaps you are right.

                • I find it fascinating, at this late date in this argument, hours into days but not weeks, we find disinformation agents putting on record a seemingly valid counter argument.
                  Am I paranoid in thinking this is an effort to put on record without seeing any rebuttal, for those to follow in research to accept their premise?
                  Nah…too out there…geez, what was I thinking….

          • OOPS,

            It seems that THIS story is now up this morning at FoxNews….looks like you’re vindicated here BPD… 😉


            • MSM? You are using MSM to vindicate? Don’t you know they are in cahoots with big business? ( Robert Murdoch). Wow talk about getting played.

            • More like schooled and punked ooopps

      24. Most of you don’t have Constitutional Rights, you have Civil rights! If you classify yourselves United States Citizens you gave them up! After America lost the civil war to the British Banks and could not pay the debt off, the District of Columbia was seized by the bankers.They created the organic Act of 1871 which formed a New Government as well as the United States which was supposed to be land locked inside the District.The United States is a Corporation. Skipping a lot of history, June 5, 1933 the United States went into receivership to the IMF as well as most of the corrupt colonies of Great Brittan. The government was Dissolved. There hasn’t been a Law written since! The United States only has control over D.C. and it’s territories. And the United States of North America doesn’t fall under one of its Territories! You’ve been Dupped! They have a legal fiction control over North America through the Buck Act. When you sign up for IRS and other corporate benefits, and the right to vote in their new form of government, you signed up in a Defacto Democracy. The republic is still here, you just abandoned it and joined there restrictive corporate government! Look at your Drivers licenses and all your bills, they are in ALL CAPITOL LETTERS, that’s not you, that is a corporation. While some people are in the STATE OF GEORGIA others are in Georgia. OF is possessive to STATE, which a better read would be, UNITED STATES OF GEORGIA. D.C. is also refereed to as the STATE. And the all cap STATES are also CORPORATIONS! You don’t own anything because of the Bankruptcy, it all goes into the ALL CAP NAME! The court systems are All Corporation and under the Color of Admiralty/Maritime Jurisdiction, it is all Contract Law of the high seas! The Flag they fly in the courts with gold fringe is a War flag, and they are at War with YOU! You pay taxes because you belong to the Democracy and because you use Private “money” instead of Public money. Common Law is still the law of the united states of north america! Think and Be State Citizens! They use word of art in these courts and you don’t understand their words. They are all legalese. You are considered Government employees in a foreign government. So they have to police you so you don’t hurt any of us State People in the Republic! Why would they want all you foreigners to own guns? You all look pretty funny sometimes, when they try to give the Mexican drivers licenses, and you fight them not to. It’s Government I.D.!! Then they could be as mean to them as they are to you!

        • Actually the bottom line has already been drawn…choose your side wisely…and act accordingly…be very aware of what is being taught to your children and stand up and be heard if you do not agree….If I had young ones now, I would go to the school and request to view the curriculum…to see if it was what I deemed appropriate and correct…you, as parents, have that right….the “dumbing down” has occured because some parents were unaware….and uninvolved…..I remember when my boys were young and I asked “what did you learn in school today?”….most often the response was “nothing”…until I went through their backpacks and asked them specifically about their studies….I am thankful that, at that time, they were not being taught progressive ideolgy so very flagrantly….if I had young children today, I would homeschool them within a community of other homeschoolers….education and social interaction….

      25. Off Topic:
        For those who are interested in knowing the country of origin of goods purchased in the US, barcodes reveal what country the goods were made. So if you buy something that says distributed by JohnDoe Com. Trenton, NJ….you can check the barcode to determine if it was made in China, etc.


        • not so…that list give you the country the “bar code” was issued…not the source of the product.

          sorry ;(

        • The first 2 (sometimes 3) digits, which are called the “flag”, indicate in what country the bar code was issued. This “flag” DOES NOT tell you, however, in what country the product was produced.
          Exactly–so these are not relevant and of no help.
          This bar code= country of origin has been circulating the prepper blogs for a long time.
          I had several new items and not one was correct by the email reported.
          The sentence above may explain why.

      26. Like most things in life: You get what you pay for.

        “free” government schools are no exception.

        Just one more reason we move heaven & earth to home educate our kids. I know, it isn’t for everyone, but many people use that as a cop-out. You can do it. You can work full time and do it. It just takes dedication, willingness and sometimes a shift in priorities & schedules to make it happen.

        Get out now, it’s only going to get worse for our/your kids.

        • I really think that many parents dislike their kids. They see school as a way to get them out of their lives for at least the day time. They don’t want to home school because they don’t want to be around their kids that much. The way I hear people talk sometimes it sounds like they would like it better if school was year round and they could turn full responsibility for child care over to the government.

          I hate to say it but I do not see anyway this large group of people could ever managed to home school. Unfortunately, the children most in need of education are being given a unless, substandard product in most areas.

          • Merree
            Too many children having babies. Gov. and parent assisitance. No father in the home.

            Adults having too many children.

          • I have to agree…to many,especially the low IQ people,the schools are glorified babysitters…like Mom to 3 said above you get what you pay for and alot of people pay nothing for their kiddies to attend govt schools…now everyone who owns any property…they get to foot the bill,returns on their money?,naw,not so much!

      27. Traitors equal Murderers and Child Molesters…

        …Those that do not come thru the gate but by another way…

        • Wtf?

      28. Gee, you would think I would at least get a hat tip for this story?

        • VRF says:
          Comment ID: 1461018

          April 12, 2013 at 11:17 am

          Dad Furious After Finding This Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader’s Backpack: ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer’

          The words are written in crayon, in the haphazard bumpiness of a child’s scrawl.

          “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

          They’re the words that Florida father Aaron Harvey was stunned to find his fourth-grade son had written, after a lesson in school about the Constitution.

          Aaron Harvey’s son wrote as part of a school lesson, “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.” TheBlaze has redacted the child’s name.

          Harvey’s son attends Cedar Hills Elementary in Jacksonville, Fla. Back in January, a local attorney came in to teach the students about the Bill of Rights. But after the attorney left, fourth-grade teacher Cheryl Sabb dictated the sentence to part of the class and had them copy it down, he said.
          The paper sat unnoticed in Harvey’s son’s backpack for several months until last week, when his son’s mother almost threw it away. The words caught her eye in the trash, and she showed it to Harvey, who said he was at a loss for words. He asked his son, who said Sabb had spoken the sentence out loud and told them to write it down. Harvey said he asked some of his son’s classmates and got a similar answer.

          Kandra Albury, a spokeswoman for Duvall County Public Schools, which includes Cedar Hills, told TheBlaze she didn’t know what prompted Sabb to have students write the sentence.

          She said the principal had fielded one parent’s concern about the lesson in January, but it wasn’t Harvey. She said Thursday the district and principal were “checking into” what had happened.

          Harvey, rather than asking the school for answers when he found the paper, wrote his concerns in an email, which was then forwarded to TheBlaze. He said he did it that way because he wasn’t sure he would have gotten a straightforward answer if he asked the school directly.

          He said he just wants to see a “proper, unbiased education” system and doesn’t want any kind of religion or politics brought into the classroom.

          “I believe in our Constitution. I am a veteran, I served for six-and-a-half years proudly and I served to protect our rights,” he said. “Now whenever I have someone coming in and trying to pollute my child’s mind with biased opinions…there’s no education in that.”

          • Howdy VRF,

            Oh…I caught THAT Brother…saw that yesterday (last forum I mean)…GOOD JOB Bro!!

            And yes,
            Top ‘O the Hat Sir!! 🙂


            • Thanks JOG

              • Eeekk!

                Damn BAD fingers!!…NOT ‘Top of the HAT’…’TIP’!

                Do THAT again and Ill be making ‘finger sandwiches’ out a ya, THAT’LL teach ya!! 😉

                Don’t mention it Bro…credit where credit is due!


      29. PAWN, This is exactly what those stinken anti-gun scumbuckets do, use children’s fears, implant them, and let them ride out to further their agenda to disarm EVERYONE. PURE EVIL are these anti-gun and anti-self defense POS, big swelled up POS wastes of space.

        These poor children don’t understand what losing freedom means, SUFFERING, way more than they can even begin to understand. All these poor kids see and hear is their f’face teachers or other so called adults to look up that tell them they will die or their friends will be shot unless the 2nd. Amendment is destroyed. These anti-protection WORMS infect the brains of these innocent kids to get them afraid as possible that some nut is going to for sure shoot them because guns are allowed. These bastards don’t tell them that 99.9% of the people that own guns have never gone into any shooting rampage of innocent people. These evil slime make children afraid to later be used. IF that is not pure evil I don’t know what is.

        These anti-gunners never tell children what happens when they take away people’s self defense like in England. that they and their friends are 4 times more likely to be raped, attacked, robbed, assaulted, hurt because doing this gives the criminal free range to no longer have to worry about someone defending themselves. These anti-gunners are the criminals’ best friends. These anti-gunners value the criminal more than the victim. These anti-gunners don’t appreciate life of the innocent.

        I don’t care if anyone tells a kid this, because it is the hard core truth. Take away your freedom to defend yourself and you are much more likely to be hurt than if you don’t. Statistics don’t lie, just the anti-self defense scum swallowers lie and manipulate to take away one freedom to later be many more. Past pattern in history more than proves this to any children interested in the truth.

        • I hear ya BI..its coming down to the brain washing of a few generations that will ultimately be the end of this once great Republic and the rules WE gave THEM to obey

        • We need to remind the anti-gun people about the six million dead jews.
          Also…about the collapsing dollar.
          What will go down…
          The UN will bring in their “Peace keepers”… Russian and China troops…
          It will be a shadow invasion.
          Then the fema camps will be fired up and they will be shoving Americans into the ovens.

          Yeah.. I’m sure back when Hitler was killing jews people were in denial that it could or ever went down.

          Human nature never changes.

          The 2nd amendment is NOW MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER.


          DO NOT COMPLY.

          At that point.. we’ll all need to join a militia just as our founding documents specified.

          They knew human nature and provided us protections to deal with traitors.

          That’s what these anti gun people are….

          Yeah…just try and take our guns… good luck finding them.

          • @ media, two things:

            I can’t speak about what the Chinese might do, but what are your sources for “the Russians will come here to occupy us?”

            Putin is a Russian nationalist. He and his crowd most likely have the deepest contempt for BO. While they absolutely would fight to defend Russia in their post-Communist days their empire building is over. To put their forces under UN command for an adventure five thousand miles from home? Not bloody likely. I would like to see your sources that say otherwise. Direct quotes from Russian leaders, if you please.

            From sofrep, the website of the Special Forces. One thousand active and retired SF signed a letter strongly supporting the Second Amendment:


      30. For all Shared Visionary Prepping People,

        I know this “seems” insane but I can say without a doubt that my experience in adult education (don’t laugh) has proven to me that there are A LOT of people out there who are awake. People in the age range of 18 to 60. If this happens in my “small” community it means it is happening elsewhere.

        I educate a variety of people (in certain subjects) that feel like I do (so I’m not so “alone” anymore). Even single moms in my classes are unwilling to swallow the current message they’re being given. Sometimes I’m really shocked at the breadth of their knowledge.

        And so I have my small soapbox to care for. I gauge before engaging and I do my job. This little job gives me hope for all of us.

        Molon Labe

        • Go and read the comments at a yahoo story about the senator from CT “suggesting” that Fox not air Nascar racing tomorrow due to the fact that the NRA is one of the sponsors… the wonderful comments….people who do not even own guns are joining the NRA….

      31. I am still mad about this. ANY child that wants to see what losing their freedom is like such be shown real and true videos of children working 12-18 hours in sweatshops over in Asia. Show these children what happens when they don’t have freedom and protection and how they end up sex slaves in some Asian country to a bunch of foreign perverts. Show those children what freedom means when those children that have it go out and are forced to fight it out with adults in some warlord’s battle, where a ten year old has to shoot an AK-47 at some 25 year old and hit them or be killed. Let those children see what it is like to grow up without freedom in Syria, Iraq, or some other muslim country.

        These anti-gunners would never show a child the truth about what it is like to lose your freedoms, and that makes them evil, rotten, and a liability to the most basic of human needs, to choose their own destiny and be free.

        • With ya BI

        • Be informed—thanks for that, You Rock

        • This must the goal of the indoctrination centers…

          Californians sign petition to BAN and CONFISCATE firearms…

          Infowars dot com

        • @BI. Perfectly stated with no, I repeat NO, room for argument on even one word of what you said. And you know why they would not show a kid any of that?? Because they don’t believe any of it exists because they were protected and have never seen it themselves. The little they have seen they have been told is that far right conservatives have exaggerated and exacerbated what they have seen for political purposes.


        • …theyll never tell em that because that is the agenda…turn us and all our families and goods back over to the control of an landlord/overlord,making us and all we have subject to our owners….got a pretty wife or a cute daughter or a fine strong son?…or a fine crop or tractor?…they take what they wish and we just shut up and thank them for it!…its where we were as a race before America was born and its where they want to put us “if” they can murder her and get us to thank them for it….Im not going quietly….

          You though BI do a fine job along with some others here pointing it all out,thank you!

      32. ?, it’s unnerving that any individual believes they have the right to alter/change the Constitution that our forefathers went hungry, survived in inhumain conditions, lost family and friends.

        Many lost their lives and now someone is trying to take this privilege away from us.

        I say “FUCK YOU”

      33. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

      34. The Soviets used young people in the Komsomol organization as snitches and muscle for collectivization. The Chinese Red Guards were full of young “activists” who savagely beat up and publicly humiliated Chinese “deviationists’ of the older generations. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia used kids (some as young as seven) to spot and summarily execute — through slow suffocation, by placing plastic bags over the head — those who were guilty of the mental “disorder” of remembering the pre-communist era. Why should bolshevik, minority-dominated Amurika be any different?

        The only bright spot in this eqaution is that those who have stolen Amurika’s young generations reap no benefit from the hijacking of their youthful energies, as contemporary youth tend to be video-game addicted, junk food eating, weak, flabby, pierced, tattooed, medicated, cultureless and effeminate (just the boys, that is) human refuse. The average North Korean, underweight and malnourished as he may be, could whip a room full of these useless and foggoty scumbags and ask for seconds.

        If there are any real patriots left in Amurika, they can make short work of these worthless young swine if the regime attempts to use them in battle, especially if the latter are expected to tread a map or do simple arithmetic without a computer. Of course, we know that none of the above applies to the kids of patriots, who have (hopefully) spiritually inoculated their offspring against the soul-poisons of modern, diverse Amurika.

      35. They will continue the onslaught of brainwashing and destroying the truth of How and what America stands for. Everyone and I mean everyone should understand that all of this evil being done will lead to one thing, Us against those that are hell bent on the destruction of America.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
        Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

        • God, grub, preps, ammo, silver and gold.

          Stay focused

          The day that my door gets kicked down by some NWO nazis trying to take the guns is the day many will transition from a normal life to one of something completely different.

          That is why the govt. is getting all stocked up.
          They know….at some point… millions of armed people will have something to say.

          You keep a cool head.
          Think before you act.

      36. Not the kids fault.. why should he not trade something he may or may not realize he has all ready lost.. even before he was old enough to fight for it himself.

        We are not free and have not been truly free for a very long time. We are less secure now than we have ever been as a Country.

        • Time to change that

      37. Look on the bright side. Energy is now completely free. We just have to hook up generators to every veteran in Arlington. They’re spinning so fast that we can generate enough electricity for everybody and still have some left over.

      38. @ grip…. I guess you are not aware that when you write something down you remember it FAR LONGER AND BETTER then if you just hear it. I’m not sure if you were calling me ” stupid ” or what. Before you start name calling you should at least get psychology 101 down first there pal and learn what the f**k you are talking about before you open your pie hole next time.

        • Not necessarily. Not all learn using visual recall.
          When I taught, I had many that were poor readers, but could relate every fact they heard very well, using audio recall.
          Me??? I’m definitely a better recaller of what I see than hear.

      39. A while back there was a link to take the same test as those who want to become US Citizens.
        You would not believe some of the questions they asked.
        I do not think a high school graduate would pass it.

        • Bet most of “us” would…

        • I have read those questions for that test–I’d fail miserably.

          • JayJay

            I took the on line test and scored a 96%.
            You needed a score of 56% to pass.

        • My wife is from SA, she passed it , only got one wrong

          If she can do it, we all should be able to

          • My wife is from Europe and passed her test with flying colors. She is also one of the best Americans I know. Even before she took the test.

      40. Even though Adolph is gone, it appears that the “Hitler Youth” will regrettably live on. These are the ones that’ll come for our guns. These will be the ones who will see something and say something. Daughter will rise up against mother, son against father, for the collective. I pray that my son and daughter will have the fortitude and the wearwithall to crush them if I’m not around to.

      41. The teacher involved in this article is “BLACK”.
        Put it all out there.

        • and i bet she supported OBUMMER

          Most ( not all but most) teachers now are useless and cant teach worth crap they spew lies such as the holocaust didn’t happen how the British won the revolutionary war we Never went to the moon.

          Rosa parks was some kind of super hero who kicked everyone’s ass ( LOL)

          they Fail to teach what a womanizer Martin Luther King jr was and how he has about 50 bajillion kids and all the other failures the modern civil rights movement has as there cultural icons ( sharpton jackson etc )

          this is all because of the Nea and the unions more money for them but nothing for the teachers and students
          they continue to tell us how poor the teachers are and the lies of how the Teachers MUST buy school supplies for underprivileged students. that’s why stores place boxes out front for your donations

          because the unions are so busy stealing YOUR Tax dollars and not putting them where they belong in the hands of the students.

          NOT once while i was going to school did a teacher EVER give me paper or pens or pencils if i didn’t have the required supplies each day i was either sent to the principles office where i had to explain why i didn’t have them or i was sent home as i was not prepared to learn.

          the Unions have created this and Use poor students as an excuse. just to con the public into more donations
          Look at your local school system and see how much money they get from local and state taxes and Fed money and ask WHY cant they support the schools

          I always vote down ANY school bond issue as in my opinion they get way too much and waste most of it
          our local school board remodels there office every year to the tune of about 2.5 to 3.7 million ( and that includes fancy art new furniture that’s tossed out or donated)

          the school board president is given a NEW car or SUV and a Huge gas allowance( about 70 thousand total )
          if he is from out of state his moving expenses are covered and he gets a generous housing allowance.
          the total for a year usually runs about $400,000.00 plus
          factor in his insurance retirement etc and it can top 1 million
          our last one was from Chicago ( need i say more ??) and he lasted about 2 years

          all the best crooks come from chicago LOL

          skittle shitting unicorn

          • You mean the superintendent. Not the board president. Board president is an elected position and must live in the jurisdiction he runs in. Not that it matters for your example. It just makes you look uninformed.

        • Yeah. Black black black. Yeah bad bad bad. You and the other thumbs up people are really stupid.

        • Funny… you’d think the blacks would be pro gun.

      42. As a teacher I will say that this is beyond disgusting. I teach my 5th graders the opposite of this and I warn them of this type of thinking. I will say this. I am not surprised. Teachers, admin, board members, they are not bright people, and they are liberal minded. I do not know what goes on behind closed doors in other classrooms. I just know what goes on in mine. This is appalling, I have no respect for a person in my profession that would teach this.

        If you all want to stereo type the education system, go ahead, because it is mostly true. I love my job and I love the students I teach, but teachers are their own worst enemy. Why? Because of this sorta thing.

        • Anon. You are transparent. You are not a teacher. Are you calling yourself a idiot? Read want and quit the bs.

          • Nope

      43. If your children still go to a public school, you must talk to them about what they are being taught and ask questions about what their teachers interests are. You may be surprised at how loony some of the teachers are. Middle school and high school teachers use their classrooms as a soapbox for their political views.

      44. I was a teacher. Taught many students Austrian economics, the constitution, bill of rights, the federal reserve, gold, silver, history, science, math, about investments, the formation of capital, why I supported the 2nd amendment …Etc.

        I was branded a crackpot & a conspiracy theorist. All of my students have thanked me for opening their eyes & many still keep in touch. But, I came from the private business sector & was not indoctrinated by all the education psycho babble. I am also an old-school, pro-freedom, Ron Paul voting Republican who’s for sound money & no foreign entanglements. I am not teaching now because all the retarded fake liberals & fake conservatives did not like what I was doing.

        We homeschool now & think all public schools should be closed because, as I also taught, taxation is theft & the income tax was not ratified correctly and is unconstitutional.

        Most teachers, I’ve found are not only stupid, but they have no street smarts and that is why the urban youth look @ them as if they are from another planet.

        • @ Econman 100 thumbs up

      45. simply put, anyone who attempts to weaken a citizens
        ability to fend for their rights, whether god given or constitutional, is a traitor. no halfway. no for the better of the children. a traitor. period. why do i want a high powered, large capacity weapon? because the people that are coming to take them away are better armed that that.

        a lawyer in an elementary classroom. oops. lawyering
        was once forbidden in this country. i wonder why? rewrite all the laws so an eighth grader can understand them from the first read. 40,000 new laws went into effect jan. 1. what can i no longer do?

      46. Are these completely irrelevant assholes still here? (Public school teachers)

        If so, why?

        • TheGuy

          I would like to hear what they have to say.

      47. It seems to me that now would be a good time for a group of patriots to commit time, effort, and money to a particular project: printing pocket-sized booklets of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, along with a brief plainly spoken commentary on the meanings of each section, and distributing them to every school attendee from first grade through twelfth grade. Make sure that every schoolchild gets a copy. Perhaps also make sure that every soldier gets a copy. This may be the only exposure to these documents of freedom that these young people will ever get, given the way the education system is going, and it might open some young minds and hearts to exactly what “progressives” are trying to take away from them.

        • I’m afraid printing up and distributing copies of
          the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
          would be construed by our government
          as being a terrorist activity

          sad to say…

          • probably, but we shouldnt let that stop us, if anything, it should embolden us to do it.

      48. there will be war….of this I am certain

      49. I left public education in New England two years ago because I was so disgusted with what I was seeing and dealing with in public education. This example is just the tip of the iceberg, believe me. Parents you MUST stand up for your children. Do not assume that all teachers are working to uphold the values that you instill in your home.

      50. H7N9

        things heating up

        Urgent Warning On New Bird Flu H7N9: Could Pose Global Threat

        H7N9 flu ‘may pose a serious human health risk,’ scientists write,0,7536497.story

        “They wrote that the discovery of the illnesses in China “is yet another reminder that we must continue to prepare for the next influenza pandemic,” and that “coming weeks” would reveal whether the H7N9 cases represented that pandemic’s beginning”

        • Either this is geo engineered


          just another scare tactic to line up for vaccinations


          • Well, heck, of 3 billion in China, 11 have died–I am on the fast track for that vaccine!! (NOT!!!)

      51. bio engineered

        • in today’s world
          who the hell knows

          it may very well be an engineered virus

          or something that escaped from a lab

          or maybe Mother Nature is getting set to go
          into Darwinian overdrive

          • Howdy Satori,

            “it may very well be an engineered virus. .or something that escaped from a lab.”

            Yeah, AND THAT’S my Eternal ‘personal’ Nightmare…more and more frequently…every Night. 🙁

            “Awww, Gee…Ya All look all packed up there Jed…Where Y’all Headin to?”

            “To the Hills Maynard…We’re a headin’ for the Hills.”


      52. EBAY has some good prices on N95 masks
        (I’m well stocked but I did pick up another case of the 1860’s for $40)

        good time to pick up a case or two or three if you haven’t already
        (there are numerous types of N95 masks,I’ve been fit tested for the 1860 personally speaking)

        H7N9 may turn out to be a big nothing

        but if it doesn’t
        when it starts spreading

        N95 masks and other flu related supplies
        will be as hard to find and as expensive as ammo is right now

        an incident in and of itself may be bad enough
        but what makes it a thousand times worse
        is the public response to an incident
        and that can be summed up in one word “PANIC”

        recommended viewing
        the movie CONTAGION

        recommended reading
        THE JAKARTA PANDEMIC by Steve Konkoly

        and THE GREAT INFLUENZA by John Barry

        read up now on how to protect you and your family

        • Just watched Contagion the other day. Good premise but story line went off track half way through. Only touched on the social – economic ramifications. My wife was unable to see that the government was useless. She also could not understand how people 30-45 days into it did not have enough food? Being married to a life long prepper she has just thought that most people have food squirreled away for a rainy day.

          In the movie they told people to stay home and away from other people. How come electricity still flowed, cell and land line phones still worked, water still came out of the taps. Like I said the movie went off track


      53. Soon we will all be handed a little red book. That is all we will need to know.

      54. Received this in an e-mail. Just for fun…

        8th Grade Final Exam: Salina, KS – 1895
        Grammar (Time, one hour)
        1. Give nine rules for the use of capital letters.
        2. Name the parts of speech and define those that have no modifications.
        3. Define verse, stanza and paragraph
        4. What are the principal parts of a verb? Give principal parts of ‘lie,”play,’ and ‘run.’
        5. Define case; illustrate each case.
        6 What is punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of punctuation.
        7 – 10. Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein that you understand the practical use of the rules of grammar.

        Arithmetic (Time,1 hour 15 minutes)
        1. Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
        2. A wagon box is 2 ft. Deep, 10 feet long, and 3 ft. Wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?
        3. If a load of wheat weighs 3,942 lbs., what is it worth at 50cts/bushel, deducting 1,050 lbs. For tare?
        4. District No 33 has a valuation of $35,000.. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?
        5. Find the cost of 6,720 lbs. Coal at $6.00 per ton.
        6. Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent.
        7. What is the cost of 40 boards 12 inches wide and 16 ft.. Long at $20 per metre?
        8. Find bank discount on $300 for 90 days (no grace) at 10 percent.
        9. What is the cost of a square farm at $15 per acre, the distance of which is 640 rods?
        10. Write a Bank Check, a Promissory Note, and a Receipt

        U.S. History (Time, 45 minutes)
        1. Give the epochs into which U.S. History is divided
        2. Give an account of the discovery of America by Columbus
        3. Relate the causes and results of the Revolutionary War.
        4. Show the territorial growth of the United States
        5. Tell what you can of the history of Kansas
        6. Describe three of the most prominent battles of the Rebellion.
        7. Who were the following: Morse, Whitney, Fulton , Bell , Lincoln , Penn, and Howe?
        8. Name events connected with the following dates: 1607, 1620, 1800, 1849, 1865.

        Orthography (Time, one hour)
        [Do we even know what this is??]
        1. What is meant by the following: alphabet, phonetic, orthography, etymology, syllabication
        2. What are elementary sounds? How classified?
        3. What are the following, and give examples of each: trigraph, subvocals, diphthong, cognate letters, linguals
        4. Give four substitutes for caret ‘u.’ (HUH?)
        5. Give two rules for spelling words with final ‘e.’ Name two exceptions under each rule.
        6. Give two uses of silent letters in spelling. Illustrate each.
        7. Define the following prefixes and use in connection with a word: bi, dis-mis, pre, semi, post, non, inter, mono, sup.
        8. Mark diacritically and divide into syllables the following, and name the sign that indicates the sound: card, ball, mercy, sir, odd, cell, rise, blood, fare, last.
        9. Use the following correctly in sentences: cite, site, sight, fane, fain, feign, vane , vain, vein, raze, raise, rays.
        10. Write 10 words frequently mispronounced and indicate pronunciation by use of diacritical marks
        and by syllabication.

        Geography (Time, one hour)
        1 What is climate? Upon what does climate depend?
        2. How do you account for the extremes of climate in Kansas ?
        3. Of what use are rivers? Of what use is the ocean?
        4. Describe the mountains of North America
        5. Name and describe the following: Monrovia , Odessa , Denver , Manitoba , Hecla , Yukon , St. Helena, Juan Fernandez, Aspinwall and Orinoco
        6. Name and locate the principal trade centers of the U.S. Name all the republics of Europe and give the capital of each..
        8. Why is the Atlantic Coast colder than the Pacific in the same latitude?
        9. Describe the process by which the water of the ocean returns to the sources of rivers.
        10. Describe the movements of the earth. Give the inclination of the earth.

        Notice that the exam took FIVE HOURS to complete.
        Gives the saying ‘he only had an 8th grade education’ a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?!

        • good one, maybe we should as parents start testing each teacher that is supposed to teach our kids, and if they dont pass, they get fired!

          • VRF

            Can’t do that!

            Tenure is more important.

          • What would the test entail? I hope not some sort of loyalty or private belief tests.

      55. KY Mom

        Good one!

      56. As we talk to our fellow Patriots, and sit at the key boards, saying how terrible this is and that is. What should be done here and what should be done there about that, NOT ONE THING CHANGES; NOT ONE THING. Talk is nice, but sooner or later YOU MUST GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY if you want to change something. As long as we talk, they know nothing will change, but you see they are sure getting their HANDS DIRTY, now aren’t they. JUST WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET OUR HANDS DIRTY; off the rails on the ramps up to the CATTLE CARS?

        We are going to have to take it to them PHYSICALLY, for all other methods have been tried, you know it and I know it. As long as we just talk about it they grow stronger, till the point is reached that we cannot do ONE DAMN THING TO STOP IT; PEROID.

        I’m just as scared as you are about what we must do now, but as long as we just talk and key board with one another they will continue to do what they are doing, TAKING OVER OUR FREE COUNTRY.

        This is just one thing: (I am all for protecting our CHILDERN and keeping them SAFE)! We should be protecting our children from THEM.

        Oh poor beautiful kid this, poor beautiful kid that. Cry, cry, and cry.
        I’m getting “Really SICK” of all this crap using the Sandy Hook shooting to drum up money and people against guns!
        I guess THAT is why “THEY ENGINEERED” it at just the perfect time now isn’t it?
        They really did well on this one and its costing “US” bad.
        I’m getting the sick feeling that “THEY” are going to win. If you keep POUNDING on the same place on something, eventually you will break through.
        Seems they just won’t ever give up.
        Let the WAR Start.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Well said….I have nothing to add except I wish others felt the same.

      57. Perfect antidote to this madness,

        KrisAnne Hall – The “genealogy” of the Constitution

        one hour and sixteen minutes
        gather the whole family

        KrisAnn lays to rest this whole “living and breathing” crap which is fronted to let judges off the hook and desensitize people to erosion of inalienable rights

      58. This is just to much, huge ammo purchase by the U.S. Financial meltdown coming,Fukishima now supposedly wrecking the pacific. And now brainwashing children I can see it now a child telling daddy, Oh please daddy do not use your gun. I wouldn’t worry about it 97% of the people are still to comfortable in there world, or has watchman says who will stand up.

      59. Off topic…..My husband has spent the morning trying to get some more silver and gold for his next show (and for us, too). None of the larger bullion suppliers (read that as minimum markup over spot) are selling. They believe, as do I, that the big boys are selling off to short the market and buy up again at low low prices. If you find someone who will sell at Fridays spot, or are able to watch the market Monday, and have someone who will sell to you if spot tanks, I personally would do that. My hubby is gonna be on this all day Monday to see what pans out.

        I wish I could post updates, but I’ll be in conference all day, everyday next week. is a good placeto watch spot prices throughout the day. Good luck.

        • @ PenCRNA,

          I concur whole-heartedly on your ‘buy’ recomendation M’am. At this point those who CAN , SHOULD. The game that is being played at present is – as you mention – a very co-ordinated , concerted effort on the part of the BIG-UNS to ‘flutter’ market peices in order to secure a fsavorble buy/sell pattern for themselves….any who can take advantage of this while it is operant SHOULD do so. We all know that the ‘game’ can only be played for SO long before someone, somewhere IS going to ‘Fat-finger’ a large trade…and then the consequences will be at hand.

          MOVE like you have a Purpose in Life, Folks…


        • Reposted…

          @ PenCRNA,

          I concur whole-heartedly on your ‘buy’ recomendation M’am. At this point those who CAN , SHOULD. The game that is being played at present is – as you mention – a very co-ordinated , concerted effort on the part of the BIG-UNS to ‘flutter’ market peices in order to secure a fsavorble buy/sell pattern for themselves….any who can take advantage of this while it is operant SHOULD do so. We all know that the ‘game’ can only be played for SO long before someone, somewhere IS going to ‘Fat-finger’ a large trade…and then the consequences will be at hand.

          MOVE like you have a Purpose in Life, Folks…


        • If you can handle a 300-ounce minimum for silver I recommend onlygold in Phoenix. They are the online presence of 20-years established brick and mortar coin and stamp gallery, called Georgia Sonora Co. since late last year. My filter isn’t the absolute lowest over spot. My filter is over several years dealing with a reliable company that has always met my need, as recently as last week. If FRN are only folding trash … why hold back?

      60. MONTANA FreeMen and American Patriotic citizens Will Remember those who Betrayed her –




        • When the SHTF, you retarded Nazi trolls who spam the comments sections on these sites with your racist hate rants against Israel will be among the first to die, and go to Hell and burn along with all the other parasites.

      61. What’s the most despicable thing about this whole situation? That the Teacher lied – denying that she made the kids write it. If it’s the way you feel, then own it and stand up for your beliefs. But that’s an impossibility for lying liberals.

        • Even worse that she is still employed.


        Outcome Based Education teaches the student to be a conformist. It doesn’t allow for free thinking. It is part of the indoctrination of our children & will continue as long as there is a US Dept of ED.

        Conformity, collective, conmune are all words that mean one thing : the disapearance of the individual & his / her rights. Thus the word COMMUNISM….

        The NEA,APA & now the AMA have all been taken over by socialists ( what is a socialist ?)

        Trivium-Based Education places value on knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It values teaching the student the skills necessary to learn on his own. It values making a person intellectually independent and self-reliant.

        O.B.E. disdains the teaching of basic skills such as phonics and math facts. O.B.E. does, however, teach what it calls “critical thinking skills.” Unfortunately, this should not be confused with legitimate “critical thinking” or “logic.” The O.B.E. program teaches children to make subjective choices from among options which the program presents. The program systematically omits Christian choices. The child is programmed in an amoral mode of thinking — a mode of thinking which recognizes no absolute standards. The child determines for himself what is right and wrong. (O.B.E constructs a tree of knowledge of good and evil, and invites the children to choose from its fruits.) What they call “critical thinking skills” is actually “selected thinking profiles.” O.B.E. does not value making a person intellectually independent and self-reliant

      63. Bi and all; ” Some Good News” Have you all seen where most all the major gun manufactures are moving from the anti constitutional states and are relocating to to pro constitutional states ! They are also stock piling guns and ammo for the civilians!
        I don’t think DHS has a clue about what they are facing??



        I have a theory on all these shootings…
        Here we go…

        1. The elite in the 70s got womens lib. going. That was cool…see the Russo video on youtube…the Rockefellers invented it to get women working so they could be taxed and the kids mind controlled.
        2. This triggered kids who had no interactions with their parents.
        3. Then the economy got trashed. Factories all shipped to China.
        4. Then because of the crash of the dollar…parents fought…and then divorce.
        5. Then TV showed these kids how great their lives should be…but are not.
        6. Then the fall of Christianity. Fewer people going to church.
        There’s more…but this all leads to a generation of hopeless people who lived playing video games that kill people. THAT IS THE REAL ISSUE…ALL THE VIDEO GAMES TRAINING THESE KIDS TO MASS MURDER.

        There you go.

        Having no hope is a bad thing.

      65. It’s always nice to see that the “federal indoctrination centers” are hard at work molding the minds of our off-spring. Just warms the cokrels of yer heart don’t it? Liberal/progressive/nazi/socialist/elitest/marxist/oligarch/dictator… Whatever title you give them, they all have the same goal in mind: destroy the will, deny all freedoms, ensalve the masses. Should you beleive this statement to be untrue then you have already surendered.

        • Nargonstalator says; ” Whatever title you give them (government), they all have the same goal ”
          So true. The problem is not the flavor if it (the state). The problem is the state. It is impossible for the state (and its bureaucracies) to not seek to acquire, more power, more control, more surveillance, more, more, more. Centralized power grows like cancer.

          When the boot of government is on your neck, you don’t care if its the left boot or the right boot, you just want it off.

          Thus the left/right paradigm is a distraction from the real issue, which is> More freedom or less?

          The government indoctrination center (aka “schools”) coupled w the government controlled media produce the stormtroopers of tomorrow. For God’s sake, keep your kids away from it & save their souls (and possibly their country).


          >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

      66. Should anyone be surprised? This government has operated illegitimately for 150 years when the Republic of Free, Sovereign and Independent States was destroyed and a coup took place, replacing the Republic with a consolidated Nationalized Government. This is simply the progression of that ideology. It must be remembered that the Lincoln Adminstration was heavily influenced by Marxists from the failed Revolution of 1848, many of his high military appointments were Revolutionaries and his actions to destroy the Republic was lauded by Marx himself.

        We should not be surprised when a Marxist is elected President or when our children are indoctrinated in such a hideous ideology; complacency and compliance have infected this People for generations making it possible for such indoctrination to take place. Eventually, there will be few options left to those who value the ideals of Constitutional republicanism, either we will be collaborators in our demise or we will form a concerted Resistance.

      67. THIS IS AGENDA 21.

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