Four Flash Points That Could Trigger World War III: “We Have Not Been This Close To Nuclear War In A Long Time”

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    nukeattack2 nukeattack1

    As can readily be seen by the current events, the world has not been this close to a nuclear war and World War 3 in a long time.  There are four major flashpoints right now that could easily escalate and ignite a powder keg, transforming from a regional conflict or conflicts into a world war: Syria, the South China Sea, Ukraine, and North and South Korea.  The “reconstruction” of a Cold War-type faceoff, initiated by the U.S. and NATO building up forces in Eastern Europe and facing off against Russia.

    A nuclear war will be initiated by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) detonation over the continental U.S., followed by a nuclear exchange and a war with conventional forces.

    As of this writing, the U.S. has “mistakenly” bombed Syrian governmental military forces, causing at least 60 deaths with more than 100 others wounded.  The Russian government is sizzling, especially with the response by (of all people) Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the UN had this to say to the media, as reported by CNN:

    “We are investigating the incident.  If we determine that we did indeed strike Syrian military personnel, that was not our intention. And we of course regret the loss of life.”

    True humanitarians, all, and especially she, the wife of Cass Sunstein and a true Marxist disciple of the Weather Underground (along with Cass) regrets the loss of life.  The airstrikes occurred just two days before the U.S. and Russia were supposed to have joint airstrikes against ISIS.  As ISIS is a creation of the U.S. State Department and the administration, it seems the U.S. decided to strike their true intended target…the Assad government forces…as it wants to topple Syria, and escalate things with the Russians.

    Meanwhile last week, the U.S. flew two B-1B nuclear bombers along the DMZ to bluster North Korea with a show of force in response to the nuclear bomb test they conducted just a week prior.  South Korea also threatened to reduce Pyongyang to ashes, while North Korea prepares for yet another nuclear test in the near future.  More than 20 missile tests have been conducted by North Korea just this year alone.  This is not counting the satellite launch at the beginning of the year in which they placed their second satellite into orbit…a path of trajectory, mind you, that takes it over the continental U.S. several times per day.

    Ukraine cease fire agreements between the populist forces (rebels) in the eastern provinces and the U.S.’s puppet Poroshenko-government has been violated innumerable times as the fighting in Donetsk continues.  In the meantime, the IMF just approved a 2-billion-dollar loan to Ukraine and the U.S. is supplying Poroshenko’s government with “nonlethal” U.S. military equipment.  Russia has been posturing a tremendous number of troops (some DOD estimates range as high as 150,000) on its western border facing Ukraine: they have conducted military exercises, including some within Crimea, which they annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

    The United States has been beefing up its presence in the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, as well as in Poland and Moldova, the latter emplacing U.S. missile systems for “defense” that can be converted to offensive, nuclear missiles in hours.  In addition to this, the U.S. is deploying B-61 nuclear bombs to Germany’s Buchel airbase.  Russia has countered with ordering the deployment of the Iskander-M missiles to Kaliningrad, Russia’s westernmost military base in a direct standoff against the U.S. buildup in Germany and Eastern Europe.

    Meanwhile things in the South China Sea are heating up as the U.S. has moved naval assets into the area in a show of force in support of Japan over the disputed Senkaku islands face-off between Japan and China.  Last week the Russian navy linked its assets with China’s in the two countries’ joint naval exercises that could turn into a combat operation and a Chinese invasion at the drop of a hat.

    There is a slow buildup and preparation of media coverage that is trying to paint Russia in the leading role of the aggressor in all of this.  It isn’t working, except with those who are ill-informed.  The bottom line: with the U.S. election year in complete disarray and civil unrest lurking as a result of social and economic breakdowns, a war would be the perfect thing to justify suspension of the elections and the inculcation of martial law in the “interests of national security.”  The general civilian publics of all of the nations would be the ones to suffer, and it wouldn’t be the first time that it happened.  Politicians – the ones who “regret the loss of life” in a war – are not the ones to lose their own lives or the lives of their children when the balloon goes up.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Again???

        • More fear porn from the Gerri Jo show

      2. If it happens it happens.
        I will do everything I can to survive. If it happens I have stuff to help survive me and mine to survive.


        • it’s ALL about the debts we can’t repay….we PROMISE to pay all debts, but we are BANKRUPT….what CAN’T be paid back, WON’T be paid back…..and boy, are they gonna be PISSED!…..THAT’s why we must have this/these wars…it’s inevitable, and by now MOST americans know it…….wait…..most americans are still in a stupor….never mind.

          • still awaiting the collapse of the Chinese stock market taking down the entire world you predicted for this year when you were mocking me back in January. Its Q3, and so far, its followed MY exact projections for a market correction and restabilized. see you in 2017.

            • PFFT! the year aint over yet….and i learned LONG ago that the FED can keep this shit going FAR longer than SHOULD be possible….shoulda’ fell apart 12 years ago….and ALMOST did in 08-09….it’s coming, and then it will be MUCH worse than it would have been. don’t respond here, i aint readin’ this far back again……but i’m glad SOMEbody’s listnin’ to what i say….see you in TOMORROW’s posts…..

      3. Watch the castle bravo test.

        Some will survive this.

      4. Zzzz….. Wake me when, or more likely IF, it gets here.

      5. The United States has created so many brush fires, thinking it was smarter than everyone else, will now have to deal with the problem of the fire jumping the fire lane.

        A jerk in the White House who is still trying to destroy our nation. And a populace who would vote for a sick woman who is power hungry. NO Matter What she has done.

        Bring the War. Into the abyss we go.

      6. “We are investigating the incident. If we determine that we did indeed strike Syrian military personnel, that was not our intention. And we of course regret the loss of life.” – Samantha Power

        People are sick and tired of hearing the word “sorry” coming from Government Officials. The United States Government has no business being in Syria – Once again, the Government is creating chaos in a Sovereign Nation!!!

        “they (Russia) have conducted military exercises, including some within Crimea, which they annexed from Ukraine in 2014.”

        I’m not sure why this keeps getting repeated?
        Russia did not “annex” anything!
        The Crimean people voted (approx. 96%) in favor of returning back to Russia – Putin obliged

        When an elected government (Ukraine) has been overthrown from outsiders and installed their puppets in place. If you were a Crimean, who would want to live under those conditions?

        I know I wouldn’t, and most wouldn’t either.

        • I wish more people had your point of view Samantha, instead of believing the lies from the main stream media.

          • Nuclear bomms or overpopulation…. either way the planet is fucked and were all going to die (mostly).

      7. The US is blatent in their aggression. They don’t care one bit what American citizens think. Peoples Revolution in America!

        • Aljamo – that indeed is very much true – and it is also obvious, they care not what the World thinks of their “Humanitarian Efforts”.

      8. 30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia’s Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo

        If this indeed is true … then this is the best News I’ve read in a long time — finally, something positive is getting done!

        Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:12

        TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian warships stationed in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers.

        • Thanks for that link. I’m going to look for more evidence to corroborate that.
          It looks like coalition spooks plus some “not declared” coalition spooks from Israel, if true.


        • now where’s that thumbs-up button when yuh need it?

          • For the time being … I suppose this will have to do for now.


            • how’ jew DO that?

            • if its true? 30 Israelis killed there…then it gets burried by every tv news period.

              Because all along Nuttyahoo and his fanatical zio crew has denied Any israel involvements.

              Just a week or so ago rt tv news reported that a couple or maybe it was Four (?) israeli Jet fighter planes got whacked from skies over syria air space.

              And again Benji Nuttyahoo disavowed Any such israeli involvement and claimed no such israel jets ever enter soverign air space etc!

              Yet at same time this greatly hampers The Very number One Goal of israelis-Nuttyahoo-and ziojewry everywheres they exist at.

              That number one goal being that they always have great desires to claim their selves as being the Worlds Biggest and Only Victims that matter…six million! six Million! Oy vey!…But unless israel does admit to violating syrian soverign air space, as well as dropping bombs on syrian civilians etc….Then they cannot claim “Victimhood” again!

              This is very swell. I Hope from here on out every fuckin detail of everything evil or wrong done by these nation wreckers and antichrist tribe fanatics gets exposed globally and fast as possibe too.

              They have gone far too far and teir hubriss and egotistical fanaticism is beginning to cause them huge Blow back and nobody so well deserves being exposed like these satanic demonic devils children do.

              And it all just goes to again prove as correct, everything ever stated by Christ and the Apostle writers when they spoke or wrote of those afore named devils.

              Wakey wakey youse flakey flakey american dupes!

              • Hello Them Guys:

                Did I mention that drinking 4 oz. of lemon juice with warm water daily is essential.

                Prevents Cancer
                Prevents disease associated with vitamin C deficiency
                Prevents calcification ie stones in gall bladder and kidney
                Helps digestion
                Balances ph levels from acid to alkaline
                And many more health benefits.

                Blueberries, especially wild blueberries are a superfood
                Help bladder and prevent infection
                Improve night vision
                Prevent the #1 cause of blindness, macular degeneration
                And may even reverse in some instances
                Good for the brain (so is coconut oil)
                Good for the skin (so is coconut oil)

                Be well and watch out for them guys.


      9. Watch out next month:

        “South Korea and the United States will conduct a mock attack on a nuclear facility next month, an official with the South Korean Defense Department told CNN. . . . The simulation, dubbed joint exercise ‘Red Flag,’ will take place in Alaska from October 3 until October 21.”

        ht tp://

        • That scenario may come sooner than what has been suggested from CNN.

          02:57 21.09.2016

          Pentagon Chief: US Troops Poised To ‘Fight Tonight’ Against North Korea

          In the wake of Pyongyang’s recent nuclear weapons tests, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter stated Monday that American forces in South Korea must adopt a stance of readiness as if they were going to “fight tonight.”

          Read more:

      10. The fed reserve managed to kick the can down the road a little longer by not raising interest rates just look at the market go everyone is dumping money in it and oil too. Oh look now here comes inflation. .we are so screwed.

      11. I will never forget then they had a missile in Cuba pointed at us in the 1960’s. A young mother with 2 small children in the state of Ga. I was packing my car to leave but didn’t know where to go.

      12. Military Sources Warn of High Likelihood of Direct US-Syria Military Confrontation after Deir Ezzur Attack

        Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:22

        TEHRAN (FNA)- Informed military sources warned against possible direct military confrontation between Damascus and Washington after 90 Syrian soldiers were killed and many more were wounded in the US fighter jets’ raids on their military base in Deir Ezzur province.

      13. “War, war, war: That’s all anybody talks about.”

        Scarlette O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind”


        • ? + ? = ?


          Business Opportunities for all involved!

      14. I don’t think they need war this time. To steal our money and depopulate a cyber bank attack should do it. All credit card accounts , bank account records erased. You will stand in line for hours with your paper records in hand to get your 20 allotment . Not enought cash to go around. Then tomorrow the same thing . Day after day until you run out of gas then you walk to the bank and the store . Until mental and physical exhaustion kicks in. Then with no electronic money transfers truckers aren’t getting paid . So they can’t get fuel. Then stores get empty ,gas stations get empty. Since this is all planed there will be know relief effort. The news will say it will soon be fixed but it won’t . The EBT people will immediately riot burn loot. The others will be killing each others pets for food. As the days turn into weeks suicide will be the biggest cause of death. Whole families. Missing meals is not something most Americans are use to. In our pervertid society canibleism will become the new sensation. Preppers will get tired of burying bodies . And start running dangerously low on ammo. Then the government employees will arrive to save and enslave the survivors. With the roles of the EBT people gone . And so many bank accounts ,stocks ,bonds treasury notes, safety deposit boxes. With no one to claim them they’ll make bank. Erase the holders collect the cash. And all that property with no owners. Wow. Talk about easy money.

      15. Need war to get rid of dindu nuffin useless eaters.

        • Yes asshat that’s the bright side.

      16. The Russian Federation announced late today that any aircraft threatening Syrian government forces will be shot down.

      17. The kenyan native in the Oval Office is a problem. He wants war.

      18. Jerimiah Johnson predicted that the old Walmart in Kalispell, Montana would be used for an evil government-run prison. Scary stuff.

        Folks can relax. It just opened as a new U-Haul center today.

        Fear Not.

        • You’re right, Diane! Fear Not! Kalispell and FEMA also signed off on a contract that they could use it from U-Haul “in the event of an emergency,” and that from the mouth of Mayor Mark Johnson.

          That’s enough for me!


      19. A nuclear war will be initiated by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) detonation over the continental U.S., followed by a nuclear exchange and…


        There’s an “and” after “nuclear exchange”?

        How does that work, exactly? The one that’s losing’s just gonna throw more nukes at it. And given we each have several thousand…

      20. “There are four major flashpoints right now that could easily escalate and ignite a powder keg, transforming from a regional conflict or conflicts into a world war: Syria, the South China Sea, Ukraine, and North and South Korea. ”

        Yup. Notice what these four flashpoints have in common?

        None are anywhere near the US, and all are in the doorsteps of either Russia and China, the only two “obstacles” standing in the way of an entire planet ruled by the US government.

        • * on the doorsteps

      21. Have to wait and see how election turns out to predict possible war. Trump wins and Putin would be wise to pop some popcorn and sit back and watch America implode into riots and anarchy. That’s what will happen if he wins , dozens of Charlottes burning across the land, why risk war when your enemy will kill himself, economy will be crashed by bankers within a year. Hillary winning is a different story, real chance of war with her in power. She will double down on policies that brought us to this place.

        • How the hell can there be an election with ONE candidate obviously not in good enough health to tolerate a debate (which means she’s NOT going to be president). Not ever. You do NOT “think” that The Muslims are going to just walk away from all those billions and decades of work do you? Really? You do not believe for a second that Obama is not “enacting what was planned” (who knows?) how long ago, so that he can remain in HIS ‘throne’? lol… Really?

          That leaves Obama in a prime position to do as Jeremiah has indicated, and this road has already been paved (via his EO’s), so that he can pull it off without a hitch.

          Last: War is needful of many things. The first and foremost requirement, aside from money (which has already been paid out in billions and billions), is called “Staging” (setting things up, troop placement, covert or overt), and much more. May I state that ‘staging’ is now complete (except for stragglers) nationwide?
          May I state that the majority of our armed forces are essentially going to be STUCK in useless and extremely hostile territories with no way home …ever? (Talk about the testing of your survival skill-sets)!

          Given that much, is it not more than obvious than we now have MANY covert and overt “troops” among us (in plain sight yet not seen, mostly due to self-denial)? The troops on either sides of ALL the borders in the world do not spell D I S A S T E R to a soul? (Damn well does to those who are well-versed in wars, the combative choices best used in each given ‘scenario’, etc).

          I stand totally amazed that with all that has unfolded in just the past three weeks hasn’t convinced everyone to load up and be as prepared as they can be to weather out a storm unlike the world has never seen before? Take a look at the asteroid belt. Who is to say that wasn’t a planet that the inhabitants brought to total destruction for more-or-less the same reasons that are always used on earth to ‘justify’ murder? (It’s no secret we have enough nukes to obliterate the planet is it)? No, it isn’t.

          As Alex Jone’s ‘logo’ says, There Is A War On For Your Mind (or that’s close enough), it can now be said THAT war is all but over. The intended outcomes have already been reached, and are now about to be released upon all of those who TPTB desire to be eradicated from the face of this earth (as in extincted like an unwanted disease).

          Feel free to disagree, but don’t waste your ink or electricity ‘harping’ at my ass …it won’t hear you. (Been there, done that). Just like Jeremiah, the wife and I are as ultimately braced as one can possibly be, and even so we are pathetically lacking for protections from an element as powerful as today’s warheads (perhaps not much the initial punch, but the 100% unknown aftermaths that will surely follow).

          1. We’ve no idea if electronics in cars will survive or not.
          2. We’ve no idea who among us intends to kill us, but only that every muslim has every intention of doing so, and that’s why they are here.
          3. We’ve no idea what or how much of what has been carried across an open Southern Border, but we now see Mexico building a wall on THEIR southern border. I am convinced we are both a tad late on doing such a thing.
          4. We’ve no idea what it is like to be under Sharia Law, but many will in a short time from now – if they survive (and there is no doubt SOME will be chosen for their skill sets to ensure TPTB don’t have to get callouses on their hands or feet, or (Allah forbid) sweat to maintain the food supplies (of which THEY will get none of). *Death if you are caught eating ONE pea, or at least the loss of both hands to show everyone you are a thief …for eating one pea that Allah grew strictly for HIS people, not an infidel.

          Never going to happen? Okay. Whatever. I can see that they’ve got the patience and money to wait up to eight years and then start all over again with the same agenda – – because in eight more years there will be little or nothing left as it is at this time. (Time changes everything, and everything is in a constant state of change …and belief is NOT required. Change comes with or without approval from anyone …and Americans were told “from the start” there would be changes, and now these changes are either in place, or will be in short order. It is inarguable that little has NOT been considered in order to ensure their attempts are in vain. Hell everyone, we’ve already got at least ONE Muslim ‘Justice’ (hand-picked by The POTUS). And you are saying it has Christianity and The Rule of Law written all over it? If so, you are truly duped beyond all hope, and have been ‘brain-trained’ with just ‘water additives’ and genetically mutated foods.

          Wait until the tap-water stops flowing, and the food trucks stop rolling as soon as everything is finally ‘locked down’ and America is “frozen” coast-to-coast. That’s fine for the seasoned preppers, but not so good for those with no idea but to have another panic-attack…

          Back when I was young, (latter century of course) my grandfather would prepare a feast that family members from afar would come to, just to relive the past and enjoy the taste once again. This is actually an ancient Maine Indian way to cook, The Passamaquoddy Indians of Northern Maine. He is 1/4th ‘blood’ of that tribe…and Maine “Quakers” used this trick alot! Here ya go…

          You need to dig a hole about three feet wide and five foot deep AWAY from soil that is laden with tree roots (they will catch fire and you will have an underground fire you can’t stop). This one was lined with ‘flat rock’ bottom to (nearly) top. (There is NO ‘set size’ for “the pit” – – as small or large as you like is just fine and dandy). You WILL want to have at least one spade or shovel that has a very long, stout handle, to ‘save’ your back. Back then, ‘windbreaks’ built of non-combustible material (usually rocks, were built to prevent embers from making their way to wood-piles or barns or houses, but today one may wish to use ‘breaks’ to ‘hide the fire’ (when it is first set – although there is nothing saying that you can’t take the coals from another fire to get THAT one burning slowly (and smokeless) under all that dirt (do not ‘tamp down’ the pit, but leave it loose so that it can breathe a tad). I remember that twice daily he would use a long rod of steel/iron to ‘dive’ into the pit and ‘wiggle’ around, prolly to stir up the embers plus ‘feed air’ to the lower parts? I no longer remember, if I ever knew to begin with…

          Build a good fire inside the pit to warrant that the larger wood you tossed upon it (at the top), will burn whole into giant embers, and then bury it all for two-days (all of the wood will turn to giant embers, yet they’ll be no smoke at all. On the third day, you’ll have already prepared a cast-iron ‘cauldron’ of red-kidney beans and your choice of seasonings filled to the top with water, and allowing for the beans to ‘swell’ as they suck up the water while cooking. (Every two days remove just enough “embers and ashes” to take off the lid and replenish any lost water, then recover) and bury. *There is no ‘set’ time for how long this has to go on, but seven days was the standard back then. The pit would be ‘doused’ with buckets and buckets of water (pond nearby), then the cauldron would be dug up and extracted, and then would feed about 200 folks ‘to capacity’. Anything left over was taken to the ‘ice-cellar’, in the cauldron, sealed with candle wax (animal fats/tallow), and forgotten until mid-winter (where it was then on a wood-stove until it was emptied, but in a smaller container of course).

          You can do the same with a side of beef, (char the hell out of the outside, so that the inside is as juicy as can be), and just let it ‘roast’ from the slow-burning giant embers until it is safe to consume. (Pigs, venison, multiple rabbits or wood-grouse …about anything can be cooked in this fashion). Not only DAMN good, but one of the safest, hardest to see ‘cooking holes’ one can have (as embers do NOT smoke …and ensure you only use the best of the hardwoods. Softwoods will smoke, spark, pop and give you away in a heartbeat …which is why softwoods suck for campfires as well).

          *The ground atop the fire pit WILL get hotter than hell, as will the dirt around it outwards a couple feet or so (without ‘rocking the inner walls). A ring of rocks was used to prevent the unwary from walking into it (and dropping fully into five feet of embers). Yowsa!

      22. Nuclear War: Is it really possible?

        I remember the Bay of Pigs standoff when Kennedy was President. I thought I would understand how things could come to such a point if I were older. I am older and I still don’t understand.

        If you don’t have Lots of Honey in your closet. Do yourself a favor and get some. If you need to quiet a small child or baby (over one year) put Honey on a pacifier.

        Bees have been disappearing for years because of Roundup and Seven and other weed killers and pesticides.

        The price of food and availability of food in the future is uncertain. Many have lots of beans. Honey is great with beans. It will be in demand as a means of barter and worth its weight in gold.

        If you are able, start bee keeping. Talk to your neighbors to make sure they don’t use products that injure bees. You can make money by bringing your bees to orchards or farms that need bees to pollinate. You can increase the number of your bees by removing hives where people need the service.

        I am concerned about the possibility of more wars, more domestic rioting and “civil unrest” caused by nutty cops and Soros paid instigators. I’m worried about many things including unchecked so called immigration by so called refugees and others.
        But what worries me probably more than anything else is the growing power of Monsanto to poison the crops here and around the world.
        This merger or buyout by Bayer who gives us so many drugs including Chemo (Chemical) for Chemo-therapy, which btw causes Cancer doesn’t cure it. Most people die from it. If someone is alive after five years, even if they are in intensive care, or on life support, they are still counted as cured. The statistics are a big lie.

        Alternate or natural cures are suppressed. Practitioners of natural cures have died or disappeared. It’s all very evil.

        This new merger is scary bad. If it goes forward we will all be subject to die from Cancer or starvation. Honey is going to be impossible to buy.

        We can still stop this from happening. But in the mean time, stock up on Honey.


      23. The bombing of the aid convoy didn’t go down well just after the USA ran air cover for its ISIS fighters to kill 62 members of the SAA in Syria and Russia want a full and open independant investigating into the attack and the US does not so that shows who was behind it.

        Kerry wants a no fly zone over Syria and I agree no US planes or drones should be allowed anywhere near Syria but it don’t think that was quite the plan he had in mind.

        Anything could happen because it’s looking like Putin has lost his balls or may he has sold syria out

      24. Folks, go to and read the latest post in the “Alerts” section about Poland. JJ: what is your take on this post? If fits with your data on missiles, nukes, and so forth in that area.

        Just bought two new RadAlerts ( to replace two older ones. We keep one in each vehicle (along with a 0 to .05 R/hr rad meter and other goodies like a Kaito multi power radio).

        Also on is a scary recording of AM 1630 in NJ about Trump. I think it probable that the first debate will never happen. Hunker down folks, I’m grinding our dent field corn into cornmeal today.

        • Dear Tennessean,

          I tried to find the article on Poland. I saw it either yesterday or the day before, but didn’t read it. I know they’re kind of up in arms about an EU army being formed. I also know that we’ve been doing a ton of military maneuvers there and a substantial troop buildup (more than 1,000 men).

          Glad you have the RadAlerts…they may (we hope not!) come in handy. Throw ’em inside of an ammo can with the insides (all 6) lined with cardboard cut to fit snugly. Then wrap the NukAlerts in newspaper to further buffer it. Go around the outside edge with aluminum HVAC duct tape…run you about $15 per roll, to close off any gaps. Then make sure the can is set on top of something nonconductive. You can throw Motorolas in there, and small electronic stuff, too.

          Also: leave it in there a minimum of 1-4 hours. The Compton effect will linger for a while if there is an EMP.


      25. No disrespect to Mr. Johnson, but I feel compelled to disagree.

        I believe the first we know we’re at war won’t be an explosion, groundburst or otherwise, but the sudden failure of the internet, cell phones, air traffic control, the stock market, infrastructure, and anything else that you can plug into the internet. You don’t need an EMP device when you can just hack the targets you want to hit. EMP is practically obsolete in comparison. Just like nukes. The really sick part is you could ramp up the attack over hours or days like a slow-motion train wreck.
        First, ATC goes down.
        Then, stock market goes down.
        Then, bank and credit card software goes down.
        Then, Slamtrack goes down.
        Then, phone lines go.
        Then, cell towers go.
        Last, but not least, power, so Americans’ terror can be stoked as CNN covers each new disaster.

        That kind of stuff is wayyy better than an EMP, since the population can see it slowly getting worse and still has no way to react.

        And if we start the war, imagine this retaliation. If we start things with Russia or China, imagine them readying their cyber troops to hit us the minute our forces begin preparing to launch. Bzzip! War Over.

      26. Dear Reader1,

        No, by all means, no disrespect felt at all. Actually, your scenario is the more probable. This in light of GridEx14 and all of the stuff the Chinese, North Koreans, and Russians have been doing regarding hacking into our systems. The bad part is that Obama opened the door for them to walk right in and familiarize themselves with all of our stuff.

        The reason the EMP is so critical to be aware of is that the military doesn’t have all of their equipment shielded, and their stuff (the vehicles such as NBC and communications and monitoring vehicles) would need to be taken down definitively.

        I propose this: it would be a joint endeavor…starting off with what you outlined. Mass financial panic, mass communications disarray, and the public moving in all directions. Then would be the perfect time to use the EMP, and follow up with a nuke exchange.

        I also believe that we will be the ones to start it…if not initiating it, then by provoking it.

        Thanks for the comments. Just as in “World War Z” we need that “10th man” perspective…to what if what has been discounted by the majority.

        Respectfully Yours,


      27. Though we are in the flight-path of military craft, not a single one has passed over in over 24hrs, for the first time in over a decade or more …best as we can recall.

      28. Mr. JJ no contact w you as of late, what’s up hommie , Canada freezing me out?
        Your call! Lots of work as of late, hard to make move w no doe. Organizing and
        prioritizing my SHIT. Your call!

      29. Also JJ, GH had something interesting that he accused you of from the CB days.

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