Former Central Bankster Warns The Banking Crisis Is Just Warming Up

by | May 3, 2023 | Headline News

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    After yesterday’s banking bloodbath, Regional bank stocks tumbled further earlier this morning (before recovering) after former Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan warned that the United States regional banking crisis is far from over. Most worryingly, Kaplan went on to claim that bank stocks have been marked down solely because of their over-investment in United States Treasuries, while the credit phase, which is “normally more serious,” is yet to unfold.

    “I’d prefer to do what’s called the hawkish pause, not raise but signal that we are in a tightening stance, because I actually think the banking situation may well be more serious than we currently understand,” Kaplan, whose career has also included time as a senior executive at Goldman, said in a Bloomberg Television interview. -ZeroHedge

    Kaplan is urging the Fed to stop its interest rate-raising campaign:

    “It is more important to be able to sustain the current rate for an extended period of time, longer than the market thinks, than to get another 25-50 basis points and risk having to cut again. I think that will be very troubling,” said Kaplan, who left the Fed in 2021 after disclosures about his trading activity that drew criticism for potential conflicts of interest.-ZeroHedge

    Kaplan went on to claim that bank stocks have been marked down solely because of their over-investment in US Treasuries, while the credit phase, which is “normally more serious,” is yet to unfold.

    Simon White, a Bloomberg macro strategist, who noted this morning that the market was too quick to move on from the widening bank turmoil, echoes Kaplan’s sentiment.

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