Former Breitbart Reporter Receiving Death Threats Over Revealing Obama’s ‘Fake’ Past: “Ever seen a photo of a pregnant Michelle Obama?”

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 150 comments

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    Former Breitbart reporter and founder of, Charles C. Johnson, claims he has never before seen information that answers to why no one has seen photos of a pregnant Michelle Obama, why Obama’s family photos are fakes, and why his birth certificate is anything but authentic (but says he was born in Hawaii not Kenya).

    But ‘serious’ death threats are so far keeping Johnson quiet, according to a barrage of recent Twitter posts.

    If true, the former Breitbart reporter may be in an eerily similar position to that of his former boss, Andrew Breitbart, who promised to reveal bombshell info on President Obama on what turned out to be the day died, officially of a heart attack. In early 2012, Andrew Breitbart reportedly told Sinclair News, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st.” He added this teaser, “I’ve got video from his college days that show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008 – the videos are going to come out.”

    While the importance of the information Johnson claims to have cannot be verified, he gives some hints that would be – if proven true – not only embarrassing to the Obama family, but threaten to unravel his entire legacy and shatter the false history that has been presented as unverified fact. It likely far too late to unravel his presidency:

    Jesse Jackson, Jr. possibly the father? The Obama’s rise in politics could not have happened without the aid of the prominent Jackson political family. Michelle Robinson Obama “just about grew up in Jesse Jackson’s home,” and received numerous jobs and positions with their aid, while Barack was boosted by political capital and campaign help from Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Sr. alike.

    WND’s Jerome Corsi, who authored the book Where’s the Birth Certificate?, wrote:

    “If you want to understand Michelle Obama, you’ve got to go back to Jesse Jackson,” a woman called “Robyn” for this article told WND.

    Robyn, who spent several years working for Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, explained to a WND investigator in Chicago that Michelle Obama “just about grew up in Jesse Jackson’s home.”


    “At the City of Chicago, where she worked under Mayor Daley, Michelle had one of those ‘Jesse hires’ positions. These are patronage jobs where the recipients did nothing.”

    Robyn claimed that while working for Daley, Michelle just collected a check, doing very little work.

    The Chicago sources told WND the selection of Michelle Robinson for Obama was made by Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright agreed it would be a good combination.

    “It all relates back to Trinity United and to the Jesse Jackson orbit of blacks here in Chicago who gave Obama legitimacy and helped him establish his identity as a black man ‘from Chicago,’” Robyn explained.

    “That’s what Wright did for Obama,” she claimed. “He connected Obama in the community, and he helped Obama hide his homosexuality.”

    According to Robyn, Jackson explained to Michelle that she would live a life of luxury once Obama was president, and that she never again would have to worry about money.


    “The political left wanted to push a black to the presidency, and the key operatives in the Democratic Party decided long ago it wouldn’t be Jesse Jackson (Sr.). […] So, the political left then chose Obama.”

    Meanwhile, there are other phony aspects of Obama’s past which Johnson also ranted about on Twitter.

    For Johnson, the “birther” issues is a distraction from the true dark secrets of Obama’s past. Regardless, the American public was not told the truth about our sitting two term president, and Obama was not properly vetted by the media lapdogs people have been conditioned to trust as watchdogs.

    Johnson suggests as others have that Obama’s “real father” Frank Marshall Davis – a black poet tainted by his involvement in American Communism – may be the real reason for the birth certificate forgery.

    He calls out “official” family photos from Obama’s childhood – and his official biography – as complete and obvious frauds:


    Will these revelations prove to be significant? Will they see the light of day? Or is it just too late to “out” the composite life of President Barack Hussein Obama? Johnson tweeted:


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        • SENATE

          • In this case, the squeakiest wheel gets the axe.

            • If this guy has all this info , then why the hell is he on twitter bragging about it ?
              Write up the story and release it already.
              Or STFU , and go away.
              Gettin tired of claims being made of info to come out at some mysterious far off date , Lets see it.

              • If he does have that kind of info, then all he’s doing by bragging about it beforehand is setting himself up to be eliminated. Breitbart did the same thing. He “teased” about what he had and tipped his hand. He may as well have said “come get me before I spill the beans”.

                This guy needs to either shut up or publish the info. He’s already painted a target on his own back.

                • Oh yeah, he threatened hillary, so he’s really going to be suicided…obama is yesterday’s news, but hillary is the NWO future.

                  • Some of the most infamous frauds have been exposed by David Cole, including fake “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, Dachau, Majdanek, frauds perpetrated by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, US Holocaust Museum, and other prominent promoters of the hoax.

                    David Cole, Justifying My Existence, Taki’s Magazine, February
                    17, 2015

                    “For decades, the staff of the Auschwitz State Museum misrepresented an air raid shelter as an ‘original state’ gas chamber. I exposed that fraud in 1992 after interviewing senior curator Dr. Francizsek
                    Piper on camera.

                    “After the opening of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance in 1993, the curators took a 1961 Polish fictional film titled The Ambulance and reedited it to appear as ‘found footage’ of a Nazi gassing of children. I torpedoed that sham in 1995.

                    “For years, the officials at the Majdanek State Museum displayed a supposed gas chamber—equipped with a window and doors that lock from the inside and open into the room. In 1994, the museum’s research director, Tomasz Kranz, admitted to me that it was actually a simple delousing room after I
                    showed footage of the phony “chamber” on national TV.

                    “The U.S. National Archives and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum ‘celebrated’ the museum’s grand opening in 1993 by collaborating on a book in which old Army Signal Corps footage of a Paris rifle range was ‘repurposed’ as footage of a gas chamber. I uncovered that deceit the same year.

                    “In 1996, Raye Farr (then-film archives director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum) wrote a letter to me in which she revealed that the ‘Mogilev footage’ (the supposed footage of the first Nazi gassing) was widely considered to be a Soviet fake. Ten years later, she was still gushing publicly
                    about the footage being authentic.

                    “In a 1994 interview with noted “skeptic” and acclaimed prop comic Dr. Michael Shermer, Michael Berenbaum (then-director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and its research institute) conceded, after being quizzed about my work, that he’d never actually examined the supposed gas chamber door displayed in his own museum as proof of the Nazis’ infamous murder weapon.

                    “Not to be outdone, Jerzy Wróblewski, director of the Auschwitz State Museum, told the New Yorker in 1993 that he has ‘neither the time nor the resources to deal with all the issues’ I raised regarding authenticity.

                    “For good measure, I should add all the times that respected Holocaust professionals admitted to me (when they knew me as Stein) that the ‘gas chamber’ at Dachau was a fake, built for show by the U.S. Army after liberation.”

                    • Whether the gasssings happened or not, it is better we support it even if it happens to be fiction.
                      Because the version of truth supported in history books, about what the germans did, is our greatest weapon against the state.

                      If we deny it, then we forgot it, and the lesson if it..and then history will work to make it true.

                      I rather go with an uncertain truth, than a future genocide.

                    • If you really believe that, your best example is the Judeo-Communist genocide of 60+ million Christians.

                      Better to use truth to fight their lies.

                    • Yet another long, off-topic, divisive cut&paste post by ‘John Q. Public’.
                      What a surprise.
                      And right at the top of the comment section too.
                      FOAD, dude

                    • Indeed the truth can be most inconvenient to Satan and his accomplices.

                    • Give it up. Anybody that tries to claim the Nazi labor and death camps were fakes is a fool,and that’s giving you the benefit of the doubt.

                      I don’t want to shock you or anything,but Nazi’s and their Communist cousins were and are evil people. Evil people do evil things.

              • would it really make any difference now?, Obama is over halfway thru his second term, he has done just about all the damage he can do to a country, probably as much as Bush done. we’re all just pawns on a large board and the PsTB are moving us any where they please. Presidents started trampling the constitution generations ago and each one walked on it a little more till it means almost nothing today. The powers that are really running the world could run anyone they wanted to for president and they would get elected, after they were in office, all the stories would come out just they like they done with Obama. We keep getting stories about Greece, Germany Iceland, ISIS,Iran ect and we’d better start looking at what is happening right here, we’re slowly being transformed into something that no one is going to like.

                • Obama hasn’t done ALL of the damage he can do. My suspicion is that he’ll use his heavily armed DHS as Blackshirts, and will seize power as a Marxist dictator for life. If Hillary opens her rug doctor and says anything, she, too, will be headed to a FEMA camp…

              • Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson

                “””””I long for a world where we can publish the truth about our public figures.””””

                7:21 PM – 14 Feb 2015

                Just about every lie and bit of truth that can be said about anyone has been said about Obama already and I know on no one who has been silenced. publish your info or keep quiet.

              • take your own advice and stfu

            • Endless shit, new day.

              • Je Suis Charlie

              • Amen,
                Hammerhead, is because these people making these claims are full o shit too, most likely deserve to get Breitbarted,,,

            • And he cheats at Golf. Like who is going to tell on him. Now watch this Drive… Ooop that was that other Scumbag War Criminal POS Bush’s Quote

          • MooShell was never pregnant cause She is a Man. See her man hands.

            • …her/his man hands, broad shoulders, adams apple, exterior plumbing bulge — all coupled with the fact that Barack is gay, lead to one conclusion.

              • Yes, that the globalist elites have pulled off the most obvious and egregious fraud on Americans, that can be pulled off. They put the absolute worst in the highest position of power in our country—a couple of black muslim communist homosexuals with fake kids…none of which are probably American.

                They must be laughing their asses off at all of us white conservatives right now.

                • No, they’re laughing their asses off at black Christians in America, who voted against themselves based on the color of the candidate.


              —-opening scene of scary video trailer—–

              ****the “moose” in consultation w/ freaked-out Dr…after gyno-exam****


              Freaked out Doc>: ..Ummm??!!..Errrr!!??…Mrs. Obama..yer plumbing appears to be..’ahem’.. in working order, be that what it is…but you may want to see the ‘proctology-specialist soon!!!

              the MOOSE>: ..HUH? Why so, Doc?

              Freaked out Doc>: ..Ummm..lesions & legions, ma’am(? huh?)

              the MOOSE>: ..OH that!!! …don’t worry ’bout such other-half and me simply love anal sex…no more kids, ya know!!!

              Freaked out Doc>: ..well try to avoid an anal pregnancy, my dear sir!!!

              the Moose>: ..HUH??? ..what ya talking ’bout doc???

              Freaked out Doc>: ..Ummmm!! Well… sir/ma’am/it….its like this:

              “….what orifice do you think our Judaic-loving leaders originate from????”



    , set and match….

     the old-school DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              ..Meanwhile, the Constitution / BoR, continues to be Talmudizied ..and the nation founded, per the blood, shed by her founding fathers & believing patriots…is squandered and liberally wasted/smeared…all over the present day alter/tabernacle…of the judeo-construct…we call:..

              … multiculturalism…and Diversity worship!!!


              …hence, the never-ending wars, against a judeo-created and financed enemies…so as to service and fuel the perpetual paranoia ..of the ignorant/stupid camp-followers, herein….those being, of course….

              …of the “”Halleluiah Hebrew brigade””…

              • Hunter, I nearly fell out of my chair. Excellent post.

                • Brave—-

                  ..There are few…like you!

                  ….and if anyone can claim the meme of “BRAVEHEART”…IT IS YOU only…(sorry Mel, but he’s more consistent!!!)!


                  Know this, sir:

                  ..sometimes, we disagree (not that often, though)!

                  ..but, you’ll always have…my respect!

                  • So, when are you two getting married?

            • I think it was Mooshell that got Barry pregnant and it was (s)he who had their niglets.

              • I think their “niglets” came from some thatched mud hut somewhere in Africa, after their parents died of starvation. I don’t think either obama or michelle has ever made any kids themselves.

                I think the whole damned bunch of them are FAKE.

                BTW, obama’s head looks like it was photoshopped into the pic above.

                • I heard that after their wedding night, Barack said he “…couldn’t shit right for a week…”

          • —Per the script of one header tweet above—

            Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson

            How would you get DNA from Obama?
            10:33 PM – 14 Feb 2015


            …’tis simple!!! ..merely combine Khazar sperm w/ negroe fecal-matter, plus satan’s wet dreams…and wallah!!!!…

   have admixture, per satanic alchemy…resulting in the “Hegee-hepitus syndrome”….currently afflicting/infecting…..

            …Western Civilization…nowadays!

            • Hunter, another excellent post.

          • @Kulafarmer; Kula, my friend, Please calm down and take a deep breath. Rhetoric is indeed necessary to get a point across. However (you know, fuck all you other provocateurs, this is a personal message, and go fucking pound sand and keep your fucking 2 pissy cents to yourselves and keep out of it) the tone and wording can be….something of an issue. This is a personal message to you. Be careful WHAT you say that you wish for, you may GET IT. But not the way you want.
            I understand. It’s all well and good to wear the Tee shirt with the mouse shooting the finger at the hawk…yes, I will never die on my knees in front of anyone. If they kill me they will have to look me in the eyes and do it as I reach for their throats and if I can get my mouth around the side of some fuckers neck, I guarantee there will be a piece of carotid artery MISSING. That’s all it takes. The point being though, is THAT THE HAWK WINS THAT FIGHT. If I am surrounded, they better BYOBBs, as someone else here said.
            However I am reminded of Sam Houston. Sam Houston was accused of being a coward. He had 374 men against the thousands that Santa Anna had. As Santa Anna approached Houston’s positions, he would draw back. Finally after a month of retreating Santa Anna thought he had Houston, and split his forces in to three separate formations to surround the Tejanos. As it looked that Houston had stood down for the day, late in the afternoon, Santa Anna retired for the day. AT which time Houston, now with 1500 soldiers, that he had time to train and at least learn how to form and move on the battle field (about a month, imagine that) moved forward on Santa Anna’s separate force of the three, and caught them by surprise and routed them, capturing Santa Anna himself, at the battle of San Jacinto. It’s odd, Texas celebrates Alamo Day (a failure), almost to the exclusion of the battle of San Jacinto, which is bass-ackwards in my book. Houston prevailed, by biding his time, and trained his men, acquired 5x as many men as he started with, waited for an opportune time and persevered….and we have him to thank for it.
            I was teaching a young rifle shooting student some years ago, who was frustrated with his performance. I watched him shoot and finally I told him, “sometimes, actually most of the time, good shooting is determined by KNOWING WHEN TO NOT SHOOT. Never hurry a shot, you’ll throw away all the effort up to that point, if you hurry your shot. If it’s not there, DON’T SHOOT. Wait, then when it’s right, shoot.” That fixed the problem. Often, as much as I DO UNDERSTAND (BEING THE ARCHETYPICAL RED HEADED HOT HEAD), control and patience is needed, so that you don’t engage your objective too soon.
            I have been obtuse, for a reason. I do hope you can read between the lines….this post is not “like you” in general. HOLD THE LINE AND WAIT….please. I don’t usually mind anyone’s business, but we’ve been “together” (across a few sites for a number of years now) too long to lose now. Please, say what you must, but remember, we aren’t there yet (at San Jacinto). If it comes, it comes, and when it does, we will ALL, ALL, do what we have to do to be a free people.
            Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. If we fell on our swords, for honor, every time there was some “perceived affront”, there wouldn’t be very many of us….just sayin. All the hotheaded talk does nothing…and can be used for legal purposes, which is detrimental to the goals, that I imagine most of us here have…regardless of who we pick on. I would stand with stoltz in a foxhole, or anyone else that thinks I’m the enemy, and cover their six. People can agree to disagree to a point. In the end we need a large army, of loyalists, every man (and woman) counts. I hope this finds you well and calm. Pardon my overbearance, sir, I only mean well, and care. Be Well. OKAY, I USED PARAGRAPHS, DOES THIS HELP….? I don’t write just to read my writing…I write because I care….and hope that it is informative to those that take the time to read and comprehend. Otherwise I would quit doing it as it takes too much of my time.

            • Okay, everyone asking for paragraphs, apparently when the post takes place… just formats it however it sees fit….I promise I used paragraphs. Best I can do. Be Well.

        • Rise of the Tomb Raider comes out “Holliday 2015”. The trailer for it is awesome. It features a PTSD Lara sitting in a shrinks office. I wonder if the new game will feature any more lesbian indoctrination. I cant wait.

          • I can’t wait either. At least it’ll keep yo’ ass busy. I’m sure if it has anything to do with handling a “joy” stick you’ll love it.

            • @PO’P; Hahaha…thas funny. Hope he doesn’t wear any blisters on his “joy stick”. I just have one question…is the lesbian stuff “hot” or not? Be Well.

        • I recommend you buy the Access All Areas book and learn about urban exploration (urbex). Why? Because these people have mastered the art of moving around with stealth through cities.

          Have you ever thought of using the drainage systems to move around under the city? It would be good to get a map of the city sewer system. And get a Hep C shot.

          • Acid –
            What are you doing on the computer?
            I told you more than once to clean your room
            before “play time”.
            Get busy boy, or to the wood shed we go again.

            • Acid, better listen to your Dad.

              • OMG, OMFG….HAHAHAHA. Better lay off or you’ll suffer the wrath of others for picking on him…but funny.

          • Acid; do you ever deal with the topic at hand? you are out in left field and nobody is playing the game. Get on the same page or at least the same book!

          • Acid,did hit the underground of Seattle a bit.As I watch a lot of horror movies was a bit weirded out by it,a lot more down there then what they show tourists,same probably true with a lot of cities.Hell,many cities in Europe due to age have many layers as it were.

          • I used to work for the city of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota and the sewer systems aren’t big [tall] enough to survive in. There is a huge population of 4 legged critters [rats] there. No way in hell would I consider something so insane as getting around in them. Need to mention there is more cockroaches there than the population of NY city. Jeez acid, what are you doing all day on your PC?

          • Urban Exploration is awesome, just be very careful. Many of the places detailed are private property and heavily patrolled. Sitting in a jail cell when the SHTF would not be a good thing…

        • Kula, I agree totally about the African virus.

          • RBH
            Its not so much an halfrican virus as it is a treasonous politician and their minions virus

            • Kula, I know he’s a traitor along with his minions and they will get what’s coming to them. I stand by my name of African virus for that POS turd.

            • @Kula; My friend, “woosa, woosa”….deep breath. Please read my post above. I don’t want this to “bleed over”. Be Well.

        • Why does real life look more mysterious than a thriller novel……. If this wasn’t such a serious subject, this would be great reading……..

      2. Did I ever see a picture of Moochie pregnant? Yes I have. It was in a copy of National Geographic if I recall correctly. She had a young one clinging to her back and an extended belly. She was nawlin’ on a nanner. She was as ugly then as she is now. SHOOO-AH-OOOOWEE! It was the last time I ever went to the zoo.

        • And that picture of Ob1canobie’s Mom’s hand black…….she was starting to “turn”.

          • But seriously, all this might be entertaining to some but what’s the point. That horse got outta the barn long ago and he won’t go back. Best keep attention on what’s happening now.

            • Agreed, although it may explain those ears. But will this potential fraud of a life affect the legitimacy of his subsequent and arbitrary Executive actions? It is a good question that has nothing to do with Darwin and everything to do with that happening now part. So are nanners rayciss? Only when fraud misleads. Cracked me up PoP.

            • Yupp, the train has derailed; ship has sunk, America is over the abyss headed for a crash. Mrs. Obozo and the pres. adopted the girls if anyone has any Q on them. The west coast dockworkers strike is the top story which the MSM isn’t reporting! Reuters has info and alt. websites also; see Dave Hodges site. Some of the Chinese ships have returned home. Layoffs over there and here for sure, stores appear to be running out of basic household items, I will check a sporting good store in next few days and get info from a sales person. Also will ask other retail folks I know and get feedback. Dumb butt Obozo refuses to impose Taft- Hartley act? duh

              • Beware the ides of march , this place is going to look like the last days of the third reich , many things are converging ISIL, port strike , oil refinery strike , illegal immigration and finially the BIG BLACK SWAN , wait ….. Wait for it …….

                NUCLEAR IRAN

                BECAUSE THERE ISN’T .
                LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT .

                LIVE FREE DIE HARD

                Semper Fi

              • Stupid is as stupid does. They are starting to scrap container ships in China as a result of the Baltic Dry Index. The world is about to get much smaller. Everything is outsourced now just when things will be coming closer to home. Good vision people. Must have been a greed cloud float by. Watch the shortages develop and imagine it multiplied by everything. Best start thinking local again. If we bail fast, I think we can save her. Take at lot of patching afterwards though. Corruption is similar to corrosion, it eats ships of state if left unchecked. Nonetheless, keep an eye on that lifeboat Ms M. As for that train that derailed? The oil should have been in a pipe. A sort of in your face risk assessment that you won’t hear on MSM either. While containers now are our life, the Baltic Index sinks. A full EBT and empty shelves, what could possibly go wrong?

          • PO’d P, the African virus’ mom was reputed to be a member of the Communist Party USA.

        • PO’d P, I could go blind staring at ANY picture of Michelle.

      3. THE question IS ?

        has ANYONE ever seen a photo of a pregnant Charles C. Johnson ???

        HAH !!!

        I thought not !!!

      4. Kids were adopted
        Michelle (Michael) has a cock
        Everything about the Obama family is a fraud, just as much
        as everything else is these days.

        • Like all politicians (that refuse to or can’t get a real job) they are useless bums paid for doing exactly what they are told to do or not to do by top dogs, (to hell with the constituents) so they can get grant money. For ex: Our gov Bentley (AL) later went along with the courts on gay marriage when apparently federal funds for the state were threatened. He opposes same sex marriage regardless. Politicians cannot be trusted and voting is a phony rigged circus for suckers.

          • Gov.Bentley must have forgotten about the anticommondering clause that the feds cannot withold funds from a state for not enforcing federal laws the state can refuse gay marriage the feds can’t legally do anything about it the american can stop the feds if the people unite and say no more the feds loose all power.

      5. How about baby pics of his kids? real or adopted? Rented maybe? A lot of gaps in his history.

        • I’d be willing to see sworn legal testimony from whomever it was that made that .pdf file of his “birth certificate” that it is a true and accurate copy of the original and has all the exact same information on it that the original has.

          For that matter, I might settle for just the name of the person who actually made it, and where or for whom he or she is employed.

          But that’s not gonna happen.

      6. Meanwhile, Obama is experiencing soaring popularity.

        Although mostly among the government dependent and criminal alien crowd.

        (Criminal alien? Of course, it’s considered racist to call them illegal aliens so we have to call them something different.)

        • Sharon, as far as I’m concerned they are illegal aliens and will still refer to them as such. I don’t follow any PC crap period.

        • The racism game is like “he who smelt it, dealt it”.

          Calling Rand racist for his opposition to a nomination? I would respond with “We’re discussing her merits, why are you brining race into this?”

      7. This is not a surprise at all. Besides, with Valerie Jarrett being born in Iran, having lived her first years IN Iran, and her claiming to be a Muslim and wanting to “change America into an Islaamic state” while at Stanford in 1977, is well documented.
        Yet, no one speaks about that little issue at all.
        Who cares who is Obama’s father? He’s already in, with an Iranian “handler” at the helm of the Presidency.
        This is not going to turn out well for our country at all.
        (source: open source documents on the above available if YOU do your own research, won’t take but a few minutes at all to verify it)

        • Anyone else here sick and tired of tripods’ rants about how stupid the rest of us are?

          He is a bloviating, disinfo agent.

          His advice to Kula didn’t escape some of us. Are you afraid Kula has a mind of his own tripod….that he might start questioning your “entertaining rants” (your words tripod, not mine).

          Some might find your rants “entertaining”, some of us realize what you are really about. If you can’t get our attention with a regular untruthful post….then SCREAM at us, surely that will do the trick…..

          • Says the religious whackjob.

            • Says another TROLL that can only regurgitate a few words. Pity. How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

              • Hey granny, aren’t you going to tell me I’m doomed to the molten lake of fire forever because I committed the ” sin” against God of calling you out for what you are?

      8. The whole world is laughing at the U.S. We have a usurper in the white house. Nobody has the guts to tell the truth in washington about him, or the MSM. I guess we’ll have to throw him out along with his man wife.

        • Putin Laughs at the Shoe Shine Boy. Putin laughs at Americans.

      9. Why would Joan Rivers ever imply michell was a transvestite? Granted Joan was off the hook and said some wild shit in the past but a transvestite?

        • And you see what happens when you expose the truth. Joan is dead, like many others that may have known to much.

          • @maddog; Joan Rivers was ‘snuffed’ cuz she “knew too much”? Really? She was eighty fucking three years old. She had general anesthesia in an outpatient facility and this is a “conspiracy”? YOU’RE FUCKING STUPID. TOO STUPID TO BE TRUSTED WITH SHARP OBJECTS AND THINGS THAT MIGHT HURT YOU. Do you understand the “ramifications of having general anesthesia” in any way, shape or form? When you have general anesthesia, you’re close to death, then. If you have a problem, AND YOU’RE IN A HOSPITAL, YOU HAVE A 50% PROBABILITY OF SURVIVING. IF YOU’RE IN AN OUTPATIENT FACILITY….YOU’RE FUCKED….AND SO WAS JOAN RIVERS. The probability of having a problem is 1:1000. SHE CHOSE TO DO AN ELECTIVE PROCEDURE, IN AN OUTPATIENT FACILITY, THAT WAS HIGH RISK FOR HER AGE, AND SHE PAID THE PRICE FOR IT. SHE SUFFERED BRAIN DAMAGE BECAUSE THERE WERE NO FACILITIES TO TAKE CARE OF AN ELDERLY (and she was elderly) PATIENT WITH COMPLICATIONS. When you’re in a hospital they call “code 44” or “Dr heart” and “emergency staff” comes to resuscitate you. In an outpatient facility, the person operating on you IS THE EMERGENCY STAFF….EVEN IF THEY HAVEN’T DONE IT IN 20 YEARS. HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL. JOAN RIVERS DIED, BECAUSE SHE MADE A BAD CHOICE. PERIOD. No other reason.

          • @maddog

            Yah cause I’m sure Joan Rivers was assigned as the gatekeeper for all the Obama’s family secrets and had top secret clearance and access to michelle’s sexual reassignment history, but then decided to go all benedict Arnold and was whacked out by seal team six on the operating table, Or……. she made a joke about michelle being a tranny because so many people talk about it on the web and she was just mocking it, and then as an 80 something year old woman had complications during surgery while under anesthesia and then died……Yah the first one makes much more sense to me. To me these things are ridiculous arguments and a waste of damn time. Maybe she is a tranny but really would it matter look at the crap that came out about Obama before he was president and heck he got elected twice. Any more that comes out in the future will just help solidify that we are the dumbest generation in history. But to me it’s kind of ridiculous and doesn’t serve us well to try and get people over to our way of thinking.

        • Joan was also dead two weeks after the tranny comment from a medical mishap. Lesson being don’t piss off the wrong people especially if you are getting too close to the truth. Then again maybe it was just one of those things.

      10. I really have no use for Barack Obama as President of the United States of America, and as a man. But these continuous slams of his family really serve no purpose, it’s his policies that we must keep our attentions on. Although I do understand that his past has formed his ideology. Trekker Out.

        • Well said old man.

        • @trekker

          Ahhhh… voices of reason

          Amen brother

      11. It’s too late for any of this to make a difference now.

      12. There are gaps in his history big enough to hang a moose, whatever it is, it is nothing is going to change it our job at this point is to keep our eye on the ball and whatever is said at this point needs to be investigated and outed to the American people in a timely manner and not 6 years later that serves no purpose.

      13. It’s a frightening scenario to imagine being threatened by such entities that have essentially limitless resources, and capabilities as those up against this man. There are so many vectors to attack from: food/drinks and habits are risks when others know them, locations you live/travel. Plausible deniability or outright murder to warn other potential whistleblowers. Ionizing radiation, poison, bullet, cancer… Car crash, ‘suicide’ (or as some say, Arkan-cided, lol)……

      14. Let Obama play out his hand. We know what he is. What troubles us is, what he is going to do.

      15. Bullcrap that obama is born in Hawaii, there’s even a vid of Ghaddafi openly admitting Obama is born in Kenya, he soon met his fate like Sadaam Hussein did for talking too much. This Breitbart reporter should have just gone public because now he has crosshairs at his head. He will be found shot in the head 5 times, cause of death to be deemed…suicide.

        Expose the scum, bring the evil to the light of day so the world can see them in their shame.

        Gaddafi Assassinated After Exposing Obama as a Kenyan-born Muslim

        • Hard Justice, there is a video on youtube of Obama himself admitting he was born in Kenya and not in the US. Go to youtube’s homepage and type Obama from Kenya into the search engine.

          • But braveheart, he lies every time he opens his mouth, so what do we believe?

        • Go to Archive (dot) org and you can see an archived 2004 newspaper from Kenya that says Obama was born in Kenya.

          ht tp://

          Up until recently, the article was still on the newspaper’s website. Now it’s gone. But the archive still exists.

          Of course, I, as Archivist, will always have a copy no matter how much is scrubbed from the internet.

        • and you trust Quadaffi? khadaffi…what ever?

      16. Even Jackie Kennedy shows up pregnant in many photos

      17. If it is a ruse, it does not say much for our FBI,CIA or Homeland Security. You would think that this country could find one person of integrity to lead us out of this mess.

        • swinging rich,
          we won’t find anyone to clean up this mess EXCEPT WE the people so it is time we get started and CLEAN house, starting with the whitehouse!

          • Apache, I have to agree. I do wish we could start a movement lead by people that cared for the good of the people and not lining their pockets at tax payer expense.

        • “it does not say much for our FBI,CIA or Homeland Security. You would think that this country could find one person of integrity to lead us out of this mess.”

          Excellent points!

          It speaks volumes to the lack or morals and integrity of those in positions of power. Honor and oaths are no more, all that is left are disgusting immoral whores who sell out to the highest bidder.

          Damn them all to hell!

      18. I remember when the POTUS was the
        Most dignified position in the world. Now all it has become is a job requiring a round,red nose and some big azz clown shoes. The US is the laughing stock of the world. Disgusting to say the least.

      19. The Nobel peace prize winner is a warmonger.

      20. This STILL does not negate the fact that the individual was elected twice…he is not the cause but a symptom of what many in this country have become. I do not believe this nation will long endure with a populace that possesses a mind set as to allow this two times. Remember, Rome fell from within,not from without.

        • Good point, William.

          I’d write more, but I have to rush out and see 50 Shades of Sleaze at the local cinema.

          Was it WC Fields who said “No one ever went broke Underestimating the taste of the American public.”

        • He was NOT elected!

          Back to the end of the line!

          He was picked and placed.

          • OMFG…you’re incredibly stupid.

            • Two words: Vote Fraud
              Google it…

            • Tripod do you really believe he is in the WH because the people “voted” to install him there? If so it is you who are the incredibly stupid one.

          • @thank me later

            Though I do somewhat believe that is the case. Whether or not he was picked and placed matters little, one hell of a lot of people undoubtedly voted for him. If he was picked and placed It wouldn’t matter because he would’ve won regardless. Obama fever spread like the measles on
            CNN, you can’t deny that. And that is the point. Just as many of “us” supported the wars and got our colons cleaned by the patriot act. It may have been a forced feeding but we still opened our mouths wide for it.

        • It’s easy to get elected twice when there’s NO ID REQUIRED to vote !
          Immoral RATS vote many times.
          Moral people DON’T.

          The TURD in Chief gets elected and reelected.

          End of message.

        • William wins!!

      21. where’s the video tapes!?this is just typical of the P.O.S president and his Gulog.

      22. You would’ve thought by now that a former Breitbart reporter would be a lot more smarter in how to release information exposing Obama.

        The fact that Obama is a usurper who has been in office for 6 years is bad enough. What irks me also is that as bad as the things are in what we see Obama doing and what he has done, what are the damages he is doing behind the scenes that we don’t see yet?

        We are living in a nightmare, but most of us in America are not aware of it yet because the nightmare is still being covered up by a strong illusion.

        For those of you who pray, pray that God will find mercy towards America still. For sure America deserves the Sodom and Gomorrah fires of wrath and worse, yet perhaps the intensity of God’s progressing judgments toward America may be lightened by his grace. By God’s grace may a full end to America not happen.

        • In Sodom and Gomorrah,God said if their was one just man, he would spare the city. I am sure that is not the exact verbage, but close enough. You get the point. I am sure we are not at that point yet, but a good a$$ whoppin, we deserve.

      23. Is it just me, or does Ann Dunham look like the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz?

        • Check out these photos:

          ht tp://

          ht tps://

      24. Ummm if you have info let if fly don’t be like Breitbart . Haven’t we learned?
        Send the info through various contacts and ensure that they are all released at once through various social media. WE don’t need NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN or Faux news. Send to Drudge, Infowars and others. Let it rip and ensure you are in safe place for a while….

      25. Obama went to Indonesia as a child and he went to school in Indonesia. In order to do so he had to give up his US citizenship to become an Indonesian citizen, which is required by Indonesian law!!
        He is therefore not qualified to be President!!!!!!!

      26. SHTF is now officially on!

        Obola gave permission to ISIS fighters to call in air strikes

        Drudge is reporting ISIS fighters coming across southern border mixed in with illegals

        GAME ON

        • yippeeee….what’s the bag limit?

          • Open season

            No bag limit

            I pay a bounty of $70/ear

            • Captain, You better specify which ear, or you’ll be paying double for one critter. Trekker Out.

              • excellent point MT .

                • Nope you guys read correct . $70/ear – $140/ Isis creature

                  Any weapon any time of day or night

        • @cap’n crunch

          you sir, I fear have swallowed the wrong color of pill. Please stop buying into the hype and fear propaganda

      27. Wonder if they’ll do a Michael Hastings on him (you remember, that reporter whose car was hacked and crashed). Or maybe a Tom Clancy, who many feel was bumped off. Or could be a Breitbart (I suspect he WAS bumped off). Or maybe just what they are doing to Sharyl Atkisson (she even video’d her computer screen being hacked. Just google her experience.

        If “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” then this administration surely is more cockroach ridden by an order of magnitude than any previous one.

      28. CC

        Who the hell cares. If something bad happens all that will happen is the finger pointing will begin and Obama will tie the preppers to it.

        Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. He believes in the Koran which instructs you can lie to infidels. Hmmmm.

        Which is worse the Muslim in the White House with the launch numbers for War 3 or the Jews running the Financial District stealing all our wealth. Infidel or Cattle. Take your pick.

        • Always DAMN proud to be Infidel

      29. I said were fucked when he became pres . This guy is a racist and wants reparations from whites him and all the black civil rights people. I’m counting the days down till he’s out of there but you know a woman will be the next pres probably illary can’t stand democrats fuck them bleeding heart assholes. It’s all such a joke I’m surprised people aren’t rioting over the policy’s pushed through banning ammo. Anything else you want me to pay for while I’m struggling to get by. At least if I’m gonna get fucked can I get a courtesy reach around. I can just imagine all the last minute shit he’s gonna push through before he leaves office. We are going backwards what’s next they gonna put a meter on us and charge us $ for exhaling carbon dioxide. All the shit on the news going on you’d have to be a schmuck not to have preps.

      30. these people are no more or less cryptic in their genealogy than the royals….say anything negative about the Obimbos and the high-level trash that surround them in politics, the corporate media, the radicalized black left, and entertainment and I will believe it.

      31. Take the blue and the red pill and see the light!

      32. There is so much that the public is fed that is false that life is more akin to a stage play instead of reality. I would say closer to a movie but they have sets and special effects that are far more realistic. It appears that the quality of the illusions has over time diminished and the frequency of its use has increased.

        The Main Stream Media is far closer to Pravda than Edward R Morrow.

      33. Anyone with any gray matter still working can see the signs. It will come to an end; everything on this rock has an end. Oh we can speculate, predict, surmise, (Hell it is all a guess), when the end will be and what it will be (look like), but yes it is a guess on each one of us ideas. The collapse will come when it comes (like the old wine saying; There will be no collapse before its time). The self-appointed ones will and only they will throw the switch at that appointed time. Can we stop it, NO; we do not even know where the switch is location to guard it. All we can do is quit all this guessing, stirring the pot, and help one another prepare for the event. Prepare the way you see fit and what is right for you not someone else. We are all in this boat together and when it happens and it will happen be PREPARED! For me in this order: WATER, FOOD, DEFENSE, and SHELTER. If you live in the city get out if you can now, if you plan on bugging out do it now, if you have a BOL get there now, if you plan to stay put beef up you defenses around your position, put in perimeter alert systems (layered out from you as far as possible in 360 degrees), use common sense, and above all PREPARE your SOUL and prepare to die because everything comes to an end. IMHO!

      34. This stinks of distraction to me. Look at everything going on right now. Seems to me that Charles Johnson doesn’t have the balls to release the info. I don’t like carrot dangling, I want the truth.

      35. A lot of bosses but no leaders these days. Think about how much this shit is drilled into people just saw a news clip about the lady giving her daughter driving lessons that got shot in the head she and her son with a gun went looking for the guy harassing her what morons take the law into your own hands as far as I see it the threat was over and they went looking for this guy. How about let the police find him. This is the kind of stuff that put gun owners in the spot light . It’s not okay to track dangerous people down on your own with your gun. It’s only ok to defend yourself when there is no other option. Following people is looking for trouble this 22 year old kid should be charged IMHO . You don’t go out looking to confront some guy with road rage. She suffers the consequence of this foolish move.

        • Ass HAT Says?

          “It’s not okay to track dangerous people down on your own with your gun. It’s only ok to defend yourself when there is no other option. Following people is looking for trouble this 22 year old kid should be charged IMHO . You don’t go out looking to confront some guy with road rage.”

          Well, what you are saying basically is that the Son of the Woman, killed by a driver, in a road rage incident, Should not have reacted the way he did, and try to protect his Mother. What type of LOW LIFE SCUM, are you??

          So you think protecting you family members is wrong???

          Never have heard of such RUBBISH out of someone like you.

      36. Berry was born in Africa, he is a homosexual,his “wife” is a guy, the girls were adopted, his Social Security number is from Conn. so it is fake, the man who had it died in the late 50’s.

      37. The author is wrong. Obama was born in Vancouver, Canada. Rest of the story is correct.

      38. I see a black man and I want to paint him white… I see injustice and I want to fuckin’ fight… My heart is pure, but that don’t make me right… I hate the system and I screw it just for spite…… FUCK ME, I’m just one insignificant little fella who’s sick ‘n’ fuckin’ tired of ALL the shit that’s been heaped upon us over the years by the new age PC shitty-arsed LEFTISTS… I fuckin’ love my white brothers & sisters & Till death do us part. BE STRONG.

      39. I Love wildlife… Please give them respect.

      40. We can thank the Illinois Republican Party for letting Obama get elected to the Senate. Then the Presidency. They ran a “tainted candidate” who had to resign from the campaign. Then in an act of utter stupidity, the Republicans imported Alan Keyes to run against Obama. They must have figured he was darker than Obama, thus he would get more votes. The “leader” of the Republican Party of Illinois at the time was Denny Hastert. What a piece of shit. Thanks Denny.

      41. A homicide investigator friend of mine arrested a young black male suspect the other day. He couldn’t spell his own last name. His girl friend couldn’t read cursive writing. Just like Trayvon Martins’ girl friend. I got a lot of red thumbs once when I referred to the low IQ of many criminals. And by the way, they were getting SSI as learning disabled. EBT cards and free Medicaid. What a country.

        • Maybe they WERE learning disabled, shithead.

      42. It came out during the trial of the murderer of Chris Kyle, that the killer is receiving $2900 per month VA disability pay for PTSD, still. There are troops that have PTSD, but the ranks are also swollen by guys who know how to work the system for free money. This killer was on 9 different anti-psychotic drugs, plus he was drinking and doing street drugs. Damn. I’m homicidal after 2 cans of Mountain Dew.

      43. Ever see a picture of Michelle Obama and Patrick Ewing in the same place at the same time? Hmmm?

        • Ello Prophet… Just keep on being true…Some people are ever so slow on the uptake of what’s actually going on… It don’t make ’em bad… Stay true my friend.

      44. Rev. Graham: Obama ‘Ignoring These Are Islamic Extremists’ ‘Bent on Destroying the West’ – ‘He’s Given a Pass to Islam’

        “President Barack Obama will not acknowledge the truth of Islamic terrorism, its religious grounding in the Quran, and that it is bent on “destroying the West,” but instead Obama, whose “entire life” was shaped by Islam, cannot accept the evil in front of him and apparently is trying to “protect Islam,” said reverend Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.”

      45. Some of those Chicago connections ring true – all kinds of power broker connections going back decades ….

        If any of these stories are really true some of these characters would have cashed in their chips and blackmailed Obammy …

        The Jacksons got pushed to the side when Obammy got his 2008 election campaign into high gear – Jesse Sr barely had a word to say …. he’s not even allowed in the White House and Rev Al is running all over stealing the silverware …. Jesse Jr went to prison with the wife to follow up in a couple of years – no Obammy pardon there ….

        Almost the same with Rev Wright – Obammy won’t even take his phone calls anymore …. Wright’s daughter went to prison along with two other Chicago oldtime Obammy Family run abouts … no Obammy pardon there either ….

        Then there’s disgraced former IL Governor Blago …. that guy has more dirt on absolutely everyone in the Chicago DNC … he’s still sitting in jail

        Lots of people made $$$$$ when the DNC sanitized Obammy’s past Chicago life …. Rev Wright got enough to retire and buy a mansion in a gated community in upper crust whiteland ….

      46. Vanishing Breitbartians.. Why doesn’t that worry me?

      47. Those girls were adopted. Moochelle is a man. Obama is a gay
        sodomite Muslim !

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