Forget Bezos & Gates: The Real Richest Man in the World Is Worth More than Both — Combined

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    This report was originally published by Claire Bernish at


    When the dubious Richest Man in the World title earned shock with Amazon head and Washington Post boss, Jeff Bezos, ousting Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, by a hair’s breadth, it’s likely the voting delegate hadn’t considered the one person who could handily best their net worths — $90 billion and $89.8 billion, respectively — combined.

    Considering the return of the Red Scare of late, that the man worth an estimated $200 billion might be deleted from the world’s wealthiest shortlist, perhaps makes sense — because he’s no other than the President of Russia and hauntingly keen investor, himself, Vladimir Putin.

    Bezos’ stunning empire, including a $600 million deal between Amazon and the CIA in 2013 — notably, the same year the Amazon founder and CEO purchased the Washington Post — certainly impresses as a personal fortune, by just about any measure.

    But Putin’s doubles it.

    “I believe he is worth $200 billion,” Bill Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, reports Newsweek.

    “And Browder should know,” the report continues. “The financier, whose company was once the largest portfolio investor in Russia, famously retained Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky to investigate corruption, and in 2008 the lawyer uncovered a $230 million tax fraud that implicated Russian officials in a cover up. Russian authorities jailed Magnitsky shortly after the discovery and he died in prison a year later.”

    Tales of corruption in Russian politics — whether true, embellished, or fabricated — allege Putin’s fortune might have been amassed entirely legally, but Browder insists the geopolitical-chess grandmaster garnered the bulk of the rumored fortune in a covert business deal with plutocrats among Russia’s upper echelons in the early 2000s.

    “Putin was originally fighting with the oligarchs when he first came to power,” Browder testified, which, as Newsweek points out, alluded also to the 2003 imprisonment of one of Russia’s richest men, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. “When you go on trial in Moscow there’s a 99.7 percent conviction rate so they put you in a cage because there’s no presumption of innocence.

    “Now imagine you’re the 17th richest man in Russia and you see the richest guy, far smarter, far more powerful than you, sitting in a cage, what is your reaction to that? You don’t want to sit in a cage.”

    Eyeing the distinct possibility of future prison time, oligarchs turned to Putin for reprieve, asking, as Browder elaborated for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, “What do we have to do to not sit in that cage?”

    Putin “said very straightforward — ‘50 percent.’ Not 50 percent for the Russian government or 50 percent for the presidential administration of Russia, 50 percent for Vladimir Putin,” he continued.

    In response to what was seen by the U.S. to be the deadly endeavor to keep corruption under wraps, the U.S. passed the Magnitsky Act in 2012 — imposing sanctions against the officials perceived responsible — in what observers surmise imparted a direct blow to Putin, as “they hold his money for him.”

    “The purpose of the Putin regime has been to commit terrible crimes in order to get that money, and he doesn’t want to lose that money by having it frozen,” Browder posited. “So he is personally at risk of the Magnitsky Act.”

    Browder believes significant portions of the Russian president’s fortune rests in American banks, where it will languish without the repeal of the Magnitsky Act, an obstacle he theorizes explains that push by Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya — who met with Donald Trump, Jr., during the elder’s bid for the presidency.

    As Voice of America reports,

    “Browder testified that Kremlin-linked Natalia Veselnitskaya was the ‘family lawyer’ for the Russian family that owns Prevezon Holdings Ltd., the target of a $230 million fraud and money-laundering case that Magnitsky had exposed.

    “Veselnitskaya once represented a military unit run by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), the country’s primary intelligence agency. She also met last June with Donald Trump Jr., presidential senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, promising incriminating information about 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.”

    Whether or not Putin’s moves two decades ago reaped the storied rewards Browder claims may never be truly known — like any other politician, it’s suspected the leader of the ‘other’ world power nation might engage in creative record-keeping to secret a portion of the stash.

    With sizable monies effectively locked in American banks, the cagey leader’s fortune still manages to surpass the riches ferreted away by Bezos and Gates — an accomplishment, these days, of mixed acclaim.


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      1. Putin: “Check mate.”

        • Putin, Oh Putin,
          More dangerous than gluten,
          He’s robbing and lootin,
          He’s coming here shootin,
          Lord, save us from Putin!

        • Who cares?

          • More class warfare, I get that we are alerted to ‘news’ about this, but this is an appeal to class envy. One thing you have to be careful about this case is that the European and American Bankster elites of the NWO is trying everything in it’s power to keep an alliance between Trump and Putin, that would dash their hopes for and end of their schemes.

            Regardless of Putin’s purported wealth, the two leaders that oppose the NWO are under their assault. These evil creeps plan on them to be eliminated. This would probably close down all opposition to the NWO. It would then be a complete victory for them.

            Let’s be frank, none of the leaders that have managed to slug their way to the top (such as Trump and Putin) are saints. But if they are enemies to the New World Order crowd, IE the Rockefellers, Soros, etc.. they are my friends.

        • Not sure who the richest man is but I am one of the poorest because I stayed out of the market.

      2. It seems pretty straight forward to me.
        You own the world’s largest nuclear
        arsenal, one of the worlds most powerful
        military, you control the world’s largest
        stash of natural resources.
        I would consider that to be pretty damn

        • quick….someone tax the shit out of him!!!

          • Now that the Republicans control all three branches, and they have built the wall, sent Hillary to jail and repealed Obamacare, they are going to take a long deserved vacation. My Oh My, whatever will they do when they return to work? Trekker Out

      3. At a certain point, as the rich become richer, the richest simply discover that they are merely high rollers in someone else’s casino.

        Those who own the casino have owned it a very long time…

      4. I don’t understand. Is $200Billion supposed to sound impressive or powerful in comparison to the global ruling elites who control many $Trillions?

        This is just another red herring story as far as I am concerned.

        • yep for sure, all distraction nonsense

        • “Elites” is plural. “Putin” is singular. Can you understand that?

          • Jacob Rothschild is singular aswell!
            He controls the fortune of the Rothschilds, which is estimated at around 300 Trillion $
            Putin is poor, compared to them!

          • WOW!!! Trump Scores another WIN!! The Lefties and MSM are going to Hate this Great News. Trump Making America Great Again and America First Economically.

            US trade deficit narrowed to $43.6 billion in June
            08-04-2017 • ht tp://
            The U.S. trade deficit narrowed in June as exports hit the highest level in 2 ? years.

            The Commerce Department said Friday that the trade gap slid 5.9 percent in June to $43.6 billion.

            Exports of goods and services rose 1.2 percent to $194.4 billion, the highest amount since December 2014 on higher foreign demand for American soybeans, computer accessories and other products. Services exports reached a record $65.4 billion.

            U.S. exports may be getting a lift from a pickup in global economic growth and a drop in the value of the U.S. dollar against other currencies. A weaker dollar makes American products a better bargain in foreign markets.

            Overall imports slipped 0.2 percent to $238 billion on a drop in demand for cellphones and other household goods.

            So far this year, the trade deficit is up 10.7 percent to $276.6 billion.

            The deficit means the United States is buying more goods and services from other countries than it is selling them. A shrinking trade gap boosts U.S. economic growth.

            President Donald Trump has vowed to bring down America’s trade deficits, saying they are caused by bad trade deals and abusive practices by China and other U.S. trading partners.

            The deficit in goods with China rose 3.1 percent in June to $32.6 billion and is up 6.1 percent to $170.7 billion so far this year.

            Read Full Story – ht tp://

            ***I just wonder with the BS Sanctions against Russia, the US Fascist Corporations will enjoy an even larger Monopoly in the world. Noting like snuffing out your biggest competitors with Illegal Sanctions based on Fraud.

        • Red Herring…. good one toktomi.

          Putin? Chump change. Now do a report on the Red Shields and you will be getting a little closer.

          As Voltaire said, ‘To see who rules over you, note who it is that you can’t ridicule’.

          Ergo, don’t look for a lot of reporting on them scaly Red Shields….

      5. The SOB has got some nerve that’s for sure. There damn straight ain’t no girly men pissin’ in the ladies restrooms over there. Still, we do (for now) are still able to possess firearms and precious metals. That can be negated with the stroke of a pen by the HMFIC whether it be Trumpus or a new sheriff in town. Remember if that happens there will be some that will shrink back but others who will “open up the ball”. We’re seeing the end of ACT-1 and until we start ACT-2 we’ll be able to see what path we’ve taken.

        • Well just get arrested while brandishing a firearm trying to keep the fed tax collectors from murdering your family while steeling the family farm and then ask the NRA ILA to help defend your case of using a gun to protest anti tax slavery. Hahahahahahaha. Keep giving them money to roll over on every issue. The only issue they talk tough in is the American Rifleman or the how to torture animals rag the American hunter. What a bunch of assclowns ?

      6. The very richest people are the ones Christ knows by name.

        • He knows everyone by name. He knows the number of hairs on their heads.

        • Menzoberranzan, my biggest fear is that when I met him, he will say “I never knew you”.

          • I ask forgiveness every day and ask him to come into my heart everyday. By nature we are all evil and he is the only one that can wipe it away. I try hard not to be angry in this messed up world we live in and I fail often but I know in my heart now that I’m saved. People mock Jesus all the time. It’s their funeral because grace is all we have. He died for us all.

            • Yup Menzo as long as we wear this corruption(flesh) we’ll always fall short.

          • Justice~~ those are indeed the scariest the words in the Bible.

            It’s not, do we know Him,


            Does He know us, me, you, others?

            Prep your souls, for every knee shall bow…

            Philippians 2:9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:

            10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

            11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

            12 …work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

            13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

          • ah yes but your biggest fear should be that you won’t meet him

        • Over 2000 Years and still a Jebus is a no Show. You dopes have all been abandon long ago, but still enjoy being fleeced mentally and financially by your religious superstitions.

          • I have never sinned, since I don’t believe in this garbage of trickery and magic. And I will pull the Jury Nullification card out, since those rules are fraudulent. Just like the entire Cults of religion. All based on dunks monks hiding in cellars writing this babble by oil lamps for shits and giggles for their emperors to control the stupid masses just a few thousand years ago. 2 thousand years ago is nothing, like a speck of dust, since the Earth is really 5 to 7 Billion years old, not 5-6 thousand years old according to the fiction written in the Babble.

            • Yea this dope knows where to turn to get rid of the hatred in my heart and get some peace and serenity in my heart instead. I don’t really feel fear any longer and I ain’t afraid to die. You think this mindset will help me or hurt me when its my turn to physically fight the tyranny and evil that’s come upon us?

            • “I have never sinned…”

              Poor thing.

              Still praying for you.

              • You can believe whatever you want, even though it is false,
                it can still be true to you.

                Also I have never met any christian that read the bible
                but many who read the TRANSLATION of the bible
                if the bible is true why wont the vaticunt church show it to you?
                and encourage you to read the REAL THING?!
                instead you are told to read the TRANSLATION of the bible approve by them, the gatekeeper?
                did you even notice that? THE APPROVED VERSION ONLY?!
                (abit like the government tell you only their money is the real money right?)

                “I have never sinned” is probably a true statement
                since there is no freewill
                and we are likely in a simulation and we are but somebody’s story charecter
                even science can ‘prove’ this now
                thus how can anything be sin if I am but a charecter who is made and scripted and destined to play the bad dude? or good guy? or rich or poor?

                Who control his own destiny must also control his birth/death?
                do you have the freewill to control your birth/death?
                How then can you dictate you choose to believe this god or reject that god?
                Base on the benefit the god offer back to you? Like salvation for free if you call the name? that simple?!
                or worse base on the church claiming what the god will offer back you?
                you dont even get a guarantee from god directly
                but the church, the middleman, told you should believe by faith?!
                How to tell this god is the real god (if not judge by you ego) and that is a fake god (also judge by your ego)?

                at the end of the day,
                for the egoist and the satanist (those who oppose god/nature and claim they are right and cannot be wrong),
                you can believe whatever you want and it will be true for you.
                No exception.
                Not sure what kind of salvation could be the cure for that disease.
                but some of us will critically examine what is ‘reality’
                and if Jesus was a real historical person at all
                and which god is the real god, the real first cause, probably outside of our sensory-limited reality/illusion/delusion/perception.
                the kingdom of god is within you 🙂

                The show must go on…
                the gods pay handsomely to watch at frontrow seat… destiny awaits you 🙂

      7. Yet prior to his positions as Russian president, Putin has never had a job making more than $150K per year. Quite amazing how he amassed such a fortune of $200 Billion when he didn’t come from wealth, nor did he inherit it, nor did he have high paying positions where all combined he could have acquired that kind of wealth. There had to be decades of corruption, theft and illegal activity going on there.

        • You got that right Mike. Praising Putin for his wealth, is like admiring the IRS for all the Money it has. Trekker Out

          • No Trekker, I was being sarcastic.

            I do not admire Putin. I think he’s a lying thief and a very corrupt dishonest man.

            My post was meant in an eye-opening way. In other words, funny how he didn’t come from wealth or inherit it and never earned that kind of money and now he’s worth $200 Billion!!! Anyone else see something wrong with this and strange about it… is what I meant.

            I was bringing attention to the truth about this man’s character, hence the last sentence of my post “there had to be decades of corruption, theft and illegal activity” in order for him to acquire that level of wealth given he didn’t come from it and also didn’t earn it in terms of salary. Mike

            • I didn’t think you were praising him, yes he got it through corruption and just like the mob, through strong arming the people of Russia, he’s been doing it for decades. Trekker Out

      8. Well, I was pretty sure it wasn’t ***me*** that was the answer to the question of who was the worlds richest.

        So tell me, what exactly is he going to do with all that extra money? Buy ?? Bribe God? Eat the stuff?

        Don’t get me wrong. I’ll take the dough. But not at the expense of my soul, or ending up with a haunted, vacant stare like a Soros of the Clintons.

      9. Funny, I’ve seen the story of a woman who was some sort of aid worker or NGO worker, perhaps one of the few honest ones. And she had dealings with Putin among many other Russian officials when Putin was much lower down the totem pole and she said that Putin was the only guy who DIDN’T demand bribes from her and other westerners.

        She said that he was the only basically honest guy that she dealt with and, later, when Putin’s wife got sick (or in an accident, I forget which it was) she offered to try to help her get treatment at a western hospital. She said that Putin thanked her but said he just couldn’t do that but was very thankful and, according to her, had tears welling up in his eyes talking to her.

      10. When I saw Putin with the famous RUSSIAN author who spent so many years in the Gulag, then wrote about it; I became more or less convinced in the goodness of Vladimir Putin.

        So, what about Rothschilds and Warburg. What about the Schiffs. What about the combined stolen wealth the 3ews control? They control currency and credit and make the laws to suit themselves. As long as Rothschild Gangsters own the bank, their wealth is infinite. All they need to do is enter whatever amount into the illusion, they are the gods of money.

        Worship them and go to hell.


        • Putin can afford to be a nice guy now, but not while he extorted his way up. All mobsters are sweet after they get a reputation cause the no one F’s him now.

        • Don’t leave out John D Rockefeller.

          • FACTOID: Rockefeller changed their name to disguise and mask their 3ewish criminal activity, before coming to America to control out assets.

            The real name was Rockenfelder before they changed it to Rockefeller.

            SEE: The (((Rockefellers and Rothschilds))) “fused … -www We Are Change. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds “fused” while no one was … (who changed their name from Rockenfelder before coming to the US in the … David Rockefeller …

            Just like (((Jack Ruby))) who killed Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby’s real name was (((Rubenstein))), who changed his name to hide and mask his 3ewish heritage. All the same cloth all the same (((criminals))).

      11. Rothschild

      12. You’re quoting Bill Browder? Seriously?

        This guy has lawsuits up the ying-yang against Russia. He has MAJOR conflicts of interest and legal problems.

        Anyone who takes that $200 billion figure as even REMOTELY close to the truth is a lunatic.

        Do some research before posting this nonsense.

        • Bill Browder of Hermitage Capital is the red diaper baby, grandson of the head of the US Communist party, Earl Browder who twice ran for the US Presidency as the head of the US Comunist Party.

          He represents the international bankster, and US communist descendants who have been looting and trying to rape the natural resources of Russia (and the world) since funding the Bolshevik revolution.

          Putin is no angel, and only a strongman can fight the cabal. That’s why they want Trump out, because post-911 they gave the US Presidency “strongman, dictatorial powers,” and never thought they would lose control of their two party-puppet system.

      13. Work hard and be thrifty. Watch the pennies. I’m sure he came by it honestly (sarcasm)! He makes Trump look poverty-stricken!

        • How many times have you heard this? “If you study real hard you can get a good job”. lol

          In other words, If you learn to suck up, kiss ass, be a boot licker and marry the bosses daughter, you can work for the company and live comfortable. Remember you can marry more money in a minute than you can make in a lifetime. Who are you dating?

          One observation, I never see any rich people playing the Lotto.

          And if you are really lucky you were born into the right gene pool and will enjoy being a trust fund baby for life.

          I went on a ski trip to Aspen a group of people were sitting drinkimg around a fire place at a hotel. One person said lets all introduce ourselves and tell what we do. Some were accomplished, then one guy says, I don’t do anything, Im a ski bumm, my Grandma left me $10 Million dollars. It got real quiet there for a few.

          Lots of different ways to get rich. Earning it from scratch is the most rewarding. Sure Trumps daddy gave him $100 Million to go play. Mitten Romney said anybody can get rich just go borrow a Million Dollars from your parents and start your own business. After all Corporations are people too.

      14. Why would Putin keep any money in the US? That sounds stupid, to me. He knows the laws here. He knows the attitudes, here. Not logical for him to do something so irrational.

      15. Quick. Look the other way. Amazon is getting to big.

      16. This article, though perhaps not intentionally, merely serves as a white wash for the TPTB actual obscene corruption and unquenchable avarice that permeates Amer. politics, not including all the other countless crimes and felonies they commit while in office. It would be naive to say Russian leaders are not corrupt to some degree but 200B in not real. The author may be depending on the average person’s ignorance in this topic. To say Putin is the richest man in the world exceeding the wealth of two American business icons conveys the idea that Russians
        become wealthy only in a corrupt way. No doubt he is wealthy, but he has something even more important, he has something he prizes much more – real power. Is the author of this article trying to divert attention from our own hideous sins? I was listening to C2C radio show one evening hearing Catherine Austin Fitts say in reality there is tens of trillions of dollars our gov’t cannot account for. Furthermore, I want to know why so damn many public officials become so rich while in office, retiring with millions and millions of dollars. Then gleefully raking in vast sums of money as lobbyists after they leave office, even supporting those things their former constituents were against.
        These people are a pox on decent America, horrible and dreadful people, the most vulgar sort, completely immoral to the degree they cannot determine right from wrong with no compunction to commit the vilest and most degenerate acts, and then congratulate themselves for how smart they are. Don’t be deceived, the vast majority of our politicians despise decency and decent people. They view us as nothing more than managed resources; something to be used, manipulated, and taxed for their own purposes. To fight their wars, and to vote for them in dirty elections so as to “legitimize” them as duly elected officials. They are beyond redemption. Their minds and souls are swollen with spiritual pus.
        It is best not to vote so that those who are elected enter office with no legitimacy, with no mandate, no popularity, with as little influence as possible. Society must exhibit only a complete uncooperative indifference towards politicians and gov’t at all levels; to only hold them up as criminal and objects of derision. Hold gov’t and everything they do and say with the utmost suspicion, you won’t go wrong.

      17. Some believe it must be done by God to make them kings or trillionairs. But remember free will. How much cash did Jesus have? We are all being tested to see what we will do with free will? Make everyone your slave. Or use your good fortune or pure will. To raise human and world living standards. It’s written your past sins will be forgiven if you stop doing it. By free will.

      18. Browder is a CIA asset. Magnitsky was his inside man. He got caught and was going to roll over on Browder so he was liquidated.

        I saw it on the web and they’re not allowed to post anything that’s not true on the innerwebs.

      19. What is the point of posting this Russian booogerman hit-piece? Penis envy, jealousy? Myself having Russian ancestry I find all this Russian hate hilarious. “Stay out of the woods” Straight White Men, it is open season on you, especially if you have a good career and $$$ (or in this case, buku-Rubles).

        • Bert, only Ignorant Dopes buy into this Russia /Putin hate magic show. Its all an illusion to demonize the White Man and Christianity. Its the same Banking criminal cartels pulling the strings to get the US into WW3 and perpetual war to destroy America financially in a costly war to bankrupt us. Its all part of their Divide and Conquer strategy. They install and feed Hate.

          Putin has more Traditional American Value System thinkings, than Barakk Hussein Obama ever was. Putin has also loosened the Gun Laws in Russia so more people can carry guns to protect themselves. These are the facts, and smart people love facts, not illusions.

      20. If there is one family that has attained enough leverage to control world markets . Own the largest law firms. Sideline donate to politically powerful government employees. Only the second coming can save us .? If Satan and his children rule this world. As written. We know our situation?

      21. If putins got that much. Could you imagine the rest.?

      22. Some say there are traitors. Some say there are no traitors we are all in this together.. Wheat or Tares? Are the wheat and the Tares together? Rude awakening? Don’t be a foolish virgin?

      23. No matter the actual number, I can only imagine how much money that iron-fisted dude has…

      24. I guess communism works for those in power.

      25. I haven’t got any dislike for the Russians. Heck the Russian immigrants that came here in the late 18th century brought their great winter wheat and turned the great plains into the bread basket of the USA. Those Russians are not entering this country illegally in wholesale numbers . And they are white folks. Many of their women are drop dead beautiful. Putin is certainly a much better person than Bill Clinton, The Bush family or Obummmer. If I was a young man I would take up Putin’s offer and try to homestead land in Siberia. Go live in a yurt and raise wooly sheep.

      26. California liberals working on plan to tax him.

        • Those idiots in California won’t like the rule of law Russian style!! But after viewing several vids on YT of Russians, driving, fighting, etc… it may improve the state of Jefferson!
          Most Russians don’t take kindly to …. Mad Max, San Fran, Pelosi the entire leftists list would be done out there.
          Actually that may be pretty fun to watch.

      27. So John McCain is responsible for the 134 deaths on the Forrestal starting the fire and then escaping without helping fellow shipmates fight the ensuing fires. His service records have been withheld since the incident but the truth has emerged. This traitor was actually a presidential candidate, no wonder Obama the deep state operative was pushed into the top suck up to the oppressors spot. Without a people’s revolution in America the downfall will only accelerate. Economic freedom for workers is worth fighting for.

        • How much about the others don’t we know?

      28. I haven’t check this blog for sometime and what do I see? This stupid sheeple article!

        Now I can understand why it was written for the Daily Sheeple!

        Putin? A little common sense would tell you that a statesman with enough nuclear weapons to wipe the USA off the face of the earth does NOT need USD!

        How about the Rothschilds? They own TRILLIONS of USD. . .

      29. Just wondering why we know so little about Jesus as a man? Or even a physical discription? Have people been hard at work for thousands of years erasing it? Did the apostles help him whip the money changers and their bouncers from the temple? How tall was the guy? Eye color? Thin stocky? Big feet? Long nose? Big ears?lanturn jaw? A dimple?freckels? A mole? Unibrow? Round face? Nothing? Why?

        • cause it doesn’t matter.

          the important stuff, what matters, has been given to us to know.

      30. The eclipse path across American followed by the one 7 years later, to make an x across America? You can’t make this stuff up? Between the mass delusion , and the signs in the sky. Rumors of war. Slaughter of Cristian’s. Soddomites parading through the streets. This would make a great end of the world movie?

      31. You would think these muti generation billionaire families would have bred themselves into a higher IQ range? But I don’t see the sons or daughters of billionaires celebrated for doing anything? They have the means ,but not the brains?

      32. I wonder if all the guys that want to be declared the first trillionair, realize their was a lot of them already in Zimbabwe .

        • that’s funny

      33. Just pondering the decline as not having money for new shingles. Riding your bike to work. Power outs for hours . Un drinkable tap water. How can we not use any means nesesary to avoid that?

      34. The SHTF in Germany. Plagues from Somalia and the Middle East are killing Germans.

        There is a growing preparation for and planning war against the invaders and the traitors who brought them in.

        Looks like Angela Merkle and her entourage of “Turkish Mongolians” are toast.

        Check out on YouTube

        July 22, 2017 Plagues of Babylon

        Turkish Mongolian = 3ew


      35. Are we there yet?

        “… in the last days there will be very difficult times. 2 For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. 3 They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. 4 They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. 5 They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly…”

        2 Timothy 3, New Living Bibler

      36. ““I believe he is worth $200 billion,” Bill Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, reports Newsweek.”

        Oh FFS, this is as bad as the current MSM “anonymous sources say.” I know everyone would like to believe it, but it 1) isn’t possible and 2) has nothing to back it up except “belief”

        Get into the war on fake news, people, because that’s all this is. Adam “Schitt” and the butt-hurt hillaryite whiners wanted to hear it, so it was heard.

        Navy Seal has Assets Seized for Trying to Expose Elite Pedophile Ring

        ANOTHER Major Pedophile Sex Trafficking Bust

        Duterte Erasing Terrorists From The Philippines

        WHO IS Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP?

        YouTube Limbo

      37. 1 Timothy 6:7
        We bring nothing into this world and can take nothing from it when we leave.
        Tell that to all the silver-obsessed hoarders. They think a few ounces of shiny stuff will
        prolong their lives in times of crisis. Better to have Jesus.
        It says plain as day on the Silver Eagles they collect, “In God We Trust”.

      38. C pop yes that’s true. But when you haven’t got anything when your are in this world life can be pretty miserable. Most folks sell a good portion of their lives working to earn a living. Some folks are lucky enough that they are able to make a living without having to sell a portion of their days to others Money can purchase things that make life enjoyable. having money don’t make you evil. And living in poverty don’t mean your a good person. Most folks who have money are not fools. Most folks who have money know its necessary to give back. You don’t give back effectively by giving to some charity that keeps the lions share and provides meager handouts to losers. Having money is a big responsibility. Most folks cant manage large amounts of money. Look at how winning the lottery ruins most folks lives. You try and give back by creating opportunities for others to accumulate wealth. On paper We are worth over a million. We didn’t get that wealth by working for others. We didn’t get our wealth by graft & corruption or being criminals. We just saved 10% and it grew into seed money. Then we bought bargains with that seed money. And resold those bargains at a low enough price to make room for the next guy to make a reasonable profit. (the money is made in the buying not in the selling). I also drove truck just to keep from having to spend our seed money on living expences. You might call us greedy. That’s OK. Ive got thick enough skin that I could care less what others think. What others think don’t take any nickles out of our pockets. I learned about the 80 -20 rule. 80% of your profit comes from 20% of the transactions. So I try to contrensate on the 20% that is profitable. There is a saying If you are so smart why aint you Rich?

      39. Russia puts its oligarchs in a cage, US gives them Fed money.

      40. I get the narrative. Vladimir Putin is a super-villain.
        Now he’s a super rich.. and arrogant.. and cold-blooded.. and clever.. and dangerous.. Russian super-villain.
        And not only is he Russian, he’s their god-damn leader!
        Christ, I think I’ve just shit my nicest pants.

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