For The First Time In History More Young Adults Are Living At Home With Mom And Dad Than With A Spouse

by | May 8, 2017 | Headline News | 45 comments

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     This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at


    We’ve noted several times in recent months that, despite the ‘economic recovery’, a record number of young ‘adults’ are moving back home with mom and dad after college and staying there well into their 30’s.

    Now, as confirmed by a recent study conducted by Fidelity and the Stanford Center on Longevity, the added stress of caring for all those ‘adult’ children is putting a severe emotional and financial strain on Baby Boomers with over 75% saying their adult children are cutting into their budgets and over 50% saying they’re generally less happy about life.  Per Fidelity:

    Adult children who move back home is a common event mdash; one in nine Boomer parents surveyed said their kids returned “to the nest” in the past year. And it’s taking a toll: 68 percent of parents reported they are more stressed, and more than half said they are less happy (53 percent), less satisfied (54 percent) and have less leisure time (53 percent). Those new housemates come at a cost: 76 percent of parents said they face higher expenses. The health impacts are significant for women, as 46 percent reported sleeping worse and 40 percent reported gaining weight.

    At one point in time in America, living at home with mom and dad after crossing out of your teenage years and into your 20s was embarrassing and something that was generally avoided at all costs.  And while hard times come and go, 20-somethings who were forced back into their parents’ care worked their tails off until they could save up enough money to once again regain their freedom.

    That said, these Boomer parents shouldn’t expected their basement-dwelling snowflakes to leave the nest, for the second time, anytime in the near future because, as we pointed out a few weeks ago, roughly one-third of all millennials live at home with their parents and one-fourth of them can’t be bothered with enrolling in school or finding a job.

    According to the following chart from Bloomberg, there are 2.2 million millennials who live at home with mom but neither attend classes nor have a job.  Of those, 40% of them are already in their 30’s, they’re predominantly white and have a high school diploma of less.


    And since they’re not employed, it’s only logical that 90% of the millennials living at home last year are still there this year.

    “Almost 9 in 10 young people who were living in their parents’ home a year ago are still living there today, making it the most stable living arrangement for young adults,” the report said. “In 2005, the majority of young people lived independently in their own household (either alone, with a spouse, or an unmarried partner), which was the predominant living arrangement in 35 states. By 2015—just a decade later—only six states had a majority of young people living independently.”

    Meanwhile, for the first time in history, more young adults today are living at home with mom and dad than with a spouse.


    We continue to be shocked that all of those kids out there with $250,000 Art and Anthropology degrees are finding it difficult to land their dream jobs.

    Via: Zero Hedge


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      1. Blame on the parents, I’ve seen more times than I care to remember. Teach your kids to have no responsibility, and they will have none!

        • I say the same thing. These kids are worthless, and were taught to be so by their parents. They will probably all die in SHTF as they have no skills.

          • I Hope so. My kids are criminals and I was a good parent. I can’t imagine how bad some of these druggy prostitute moms kids are like. Like that Brown kid that the cops saved us from.

          • Agree Menzo! These sorry slackers/bums have parents who had no discipline or encouragement for these kids from age one. Never had to clean their room, help with chores, mowed grass, or have structure in their lives, unlike my generation who couldn’t wait to leave home upon H.S. graduation or off to college. Many worked in factories after trade school like welding, assembly line work, etc. Parents were strict then and kids wanted out fast, got rented places with room mates and worked, never looked back either. You cannot get a teen to mow the yard anymore. These sorry parents should have stayed childless upon marriage.

        • This is a result of the deindustrialization of the US, which began under treaty back in the 1960’s. Also, the slow decay-by-design of cultural marxism, avoidance of responsibility, and base consumerism.

          The “Great Depression” of the 1930’s, a market crash by design, produced millions of free people who became ready to accept overt communism.

          Could this be just another part of the setup to destroy Western Civilization? This phenomenon is not just here in America, but also Europe.

        • That dude in the picture looks energetic compared to my kids. At least it had clothes on.

          • Probably the kid is a doper or pimp and parents condone it.

      2. Easy, just kick the little bastards out?

      3. One thing I learned from my dad was how to be obnoxious to the point where the last thing my kid wanted to do was live at home. I left home at 17, I would have been out at 16, but Dad thought that was too soon even though I was making good money. my brothers were out by age 18. Two went back but not for long, they needed some help to get back on their feet, they did, and went back out on their own.
        I’ve had a lot of family move in when they needed help, but they left once they got money and situations that allowed them to be on their own.
        Problem with millennials is “helicopter” parents. If you have a degree, you can go into the military as an officer. Crap pay, but it’s a job and you will learn some very useful skills.
        I do not feel sorry for the basement kids.

        • How did I do at being obnoxious? Too true?

          • Just opening your mouth is obnoxious to me.

            • Successful

      4. Sad that many of these people are leftist supporters. I.e., they support they very people who are destroying their lives.

        Are you young? Stuck? I was too, back when. So what do you do? I didn’t get any breaks, no family help, nuthin’. So I went to northern Canada, where no one else wanted to go. Had a GREAT time. I wasn’t in Yellowknife, but I hear there are a lot of young folks there. Or try Asia or Africa. Whatever you do, just GET MOVING. Retrain yourself. Move. Go where no one else will go. I’m still doing this even at my age/

      5. Well, in this part of the country many family members live on the same property but in separate homes. I know of several.
        At one point we had four generations living down to three for now.
        Its fun and handy when something big happens. When someone gets mad they just head to their house and usually a week later they are over it.

        I get it the article is a different scenario. But depending on where ya live your white kid may not get the job. White males of the younger generation have been displaced. Better off starting their own business.

      6. More are predominately White eh????? I guess more Blacks would live with their Daddys, but most blacks have no idea who their daddy is. Blacks 50% live off the Government in the Governments basement predominately paid for by the White working class including room and meals via aka: EBT Cards. So when you do the numbers I am paying for a lot of deadbeats. Mostly blacks.

        • And if you do the numbers. Blacks make up 17% of US population out of 320 Million and thats 54 Million divided by 50% on Welfare and thats 27 Million Blacks living in the Governments basement and comitting 75% of the Crime in America. FBI and Dept of Justics Stats on crime. You sure wont hear this on MSM Nightly News tonight will ya?

        • Blacks have no concerns as the Gov’t gives those savages everything under the sun…ever heard of a little thing known as Section 8!! Jesus Christ, those rats ruin everything they touch. They have no respect or an ounce of decency in their worthless bodies. The, Medicaid, Cash Assistance, and on and on. Can get all kinds of free education as well, but hell, why bother Uncle Sammy has your back . . . . .Nuke all niggers.

      7. I read an article about tens of thousands of bodies found buried under a mental hospital in Mississippi. Other states revealed this same routine. It makes me think how close this nation is to repeating getting rid of undesireables. Those who persistently slam the system. These won’t be crazies, just everyday normal people speaking out for a return to some truth, peace and justice.

        • I have about 7K rounds that I will donate to the cause of getting rid or the undesirable useless eaters on the planet. When do we start? Yippi Open season No bag limit.

      8. The millenials just don’t understand why nobody gives them a trophy for just showing up any longer.

      9. Let us overlay a map of where these slackers are to a map of the blue voters. presto a perfect match.

      10. There is a market for body organs if you know the right people. Don’t call them worthless!

      11. If your a male and have food, shelter and sex available that is a livable domain. My parents allowed the first two under their roof four decades ago. My primal instincts had me move to satisfy number three. The youth now very often have the rewards of adulthood without its associated responsibilities. Cut off access to number four. No women in the home without us there, no women behind closed doors and certainly no “sleep overs”. Watch how fast they grow up.

      12. The younger generation won’t take any lower paying jobs and work their way up the ladder and gaining experience and skills. They obtain useless degrees and expect high paying jobs to be given to them. The smart ones figure out what is needed and go into the fields that produce people to fill the needs. Mom and dad need to push their kids to learn how to survive in a global economy, the schools aren’t doing it.

      13. Though not all millennials are as this article may show I personally deal with several every day. I can tell you their work ethic is dramatically less developed than the average baby boomer. It is almost as if they are simply not able to be thorough, conscientious, or committed to the job in a way I saw in my career and as was expected from me. They are not stupid, but what I have seen most are generally lazy, feel entitled, and usually indifferent when they make a mistake. The older employees made our place of employment a great place to work due to long-term and consistently high work ethic; the millennials basically only have ridicule for us. But when they need help or have a problem they run to us quick to save them. They will not consult techical manuals, safety manuals, SOPs, procedure manuals, etc., always using an inordinate amount of time and effort looking for the easiest way.
        Our economy and society and country still function even with all the problems because there is a critical mass of baby boomers stiIl working in most areas, when this ceases to be you will see a marked deteriation of quality of life in our country because they just won’t do what it takes to maintain high standards. I fear for the future of our country, this is the generation that will assume their place but will allow what was accomplished before them to diminish to something less than when they started. The ramifications can only be guessed at this time.

      14. What do you expect. The economy is ruined. How many living wage jobs are being created?
        Not many. Job growth is not keeping up with population growth. The cost of living is f–king
        outrageous. This country has been in serious decline for decades and it keeps getting worse. People are multiplying like insects. Older people are working past retirement. Many
        times when these people do retire, their jobs are eliminated. Robots and software are also
        eliminating jobs. Retail is a disaster because most people are stuck in survival mode and
        have no money to spend. Multiple factors. There are some millennials that are not worth a
        shit. There are some Generation X and Baby Boomers not worth a shit as well. It’s like a
        depression out there. If you have a decent job, be thankful. Stop criticizing the millions of
        people that have been beatdown for years. There is good reason that over 90 million people are unemployed. This is not the same country as 20 years back. These people that
        are having kids should really think about what they are doing. If they can’t afford diapers,
        don’t have kids. Teenage pregnancies in some parts of this country are almost epidemic.
        Who pays for those kids? You do. The military will not take just anybody now. They can pick
        and choose who they want to let in. They don’t need the bodies like they did years ago.
        According to Tyler Durden, all of the unemployed seem to be 20-something or 30-something snowflakes. Not true. Many are middle aged that will not be hired simply because to their age. People are highly stressed because they believe that there is no future. Many have given up any hope of having a decent life. Have a good career? Get down
        on your knees and be thankful for your blessings. We are in a severe recession, if not a
        depression. The government manipulates the stats and the corporate media reports the
        bogus, fake stats. If you do have grown kids that need some help, why not help them?
        If they are really trying they will land something but it takes time. Family is supposed to
        help family. Some of these articles piss me off. Tell us something we don’t know.

        • Kick the lazy bastards out, I did. Now they make more money and Han me. Plus some get on disability for PTSD cause by violent video games.

        • Well if my kids decide to have a baby and can’t afford diapers then I will help them by telling them to adopt their kid out to smarter parents in china.

      15. Do as I did to fight the system: quit paying federal taxes. Choke the beast!

        • The best way to stop paying taxes is to get on disability. We have a guy here at work that is a body builder but is on disability from PTSD in the military and he gets lower taxes, $2500 month tax free for being 90% disabled, free college for his whole family. He is 26 years old and has a $400,000 home, new Mercedes and just bought a new Harley motorcycle. I was living in the barracks on an air force base at that age. Kids have it great if willing to serve the beast. Plus he believes the UN military should be the in charge of confiscation of guns in amerika.

          • sounds like he has another questionable source of income to me

            • Well he works with me and gets $130,000 per year plus benefits. On top of the govrt handouts.

      16. Would North Korea, Russia or China please pop a couple of EMPs over America so we can start getting rid of the garbage. The only way to fix this problem is to exterminate the vermin and start over.

      17. SNOW FLAKES

      18. I moved out of my parents’ house as soon as I was able to find a place I could afford. I was making $1.65 an hour and found a house for $50 a month. I had to ride a bicycle for a long time. My parents never bought me a car.

        • It was almost unheard of in the ’60’s that parents ever bought kids cars. Only rich parents did that so kidscould drive to their Ivy League college.

      19. Kids living at home is not a problem. Kids being spoiled, lazy, drugged up or boozed up is a catastrophe.

        In Europe, kids 15 or 16 get married, work and or go to school, and live with parents and grandparents in homes that are 500 years old without stressing out and while turning out another generation. Sure things have changed some, but not as much as the kids in America.

        White pride is a good thing. Get in touch with your inner strength. Respect your parents and yourself. Contribute. Sacrifice for your family. Go above and beyond. Having material things will never fulfill you spiritually. Religion is not the only spiritual anchor. Learn the truth about the magnificent white man and how brave, generous, and kind white people are. Learn how badly the white man is being treated in the modern world, and why you are discouraged. Regain your warrior soul. Claim your rightful place. You can succeed.


        • B in CAL: Young couples (some) used to live with parents, sharing the farm work, dairy, etc. but no way today. My inlaws lived next door to their parents from ’28 thru the ’62 and farmed. Few farm now and some couples live in own house near parents. Couples want privacy and no bossing from parents. Parents boss their kids even over 40 near me, telling them to water lawn, etc. People want private space from others incl friends and relatives, and even will cut them off not returning calls or email, (gossips, into drama, shallow lifestyles or other lifestyles.) Kids need to leave the house after grad. unless attending local college or trade school. No exceptions. Unwed moms need be on their own, work to spt the baby or place baby up for adoption.

      20. I moved out at 18, never looked back. I have worked for everything I have. Most of these kids now when presented with work, they look lost. Without staying on top of them they stop working. It’s sad to see how dependant most of them are. With no clue how to do even little tasks without supervision. Take their phones and many would be unable to drive or walk to the other side of town…

      21. Housing is cheap and jobs are plentiful.

        There is no reason other than the irresponsibility of their parents in allowing them to stay at home to blame for this.

        • Housing is cheap? What planet are you on?
          Oh, good sarcasm.

      22. This is a good read. April 14, 2017 Anarchy vs. Minarchy: Do You Want a Little Government or None at All?

        Anarchy vs. minarchy: which is better? Can we be free with a limited government? Can we be safe in a stateless society? Is voluntaryism the answer?

      23. For me, it was 16. Some very hard years. Married @ 20, 1st kid (of 4) a week after I turned 21. My kids thought me a ‘hard man’. Wife did as well when she discovered my favorite word was ‘no’. (one letter shorter than ‘yes’ and a whole lot cheaper) But, as my youngest son once told me when he moved out after joining the military “…Dad, I always took for granted that there was always a spare roll of toilet paper under the bathroom sink… now I understand (after having had to use coffee filters that particular morning to….) why you were so conservative”. The youth today have not learned those lessons. I agree with those who say that the ‘kids’ need to be pushed out. My joke as a father went, “for your 19th birthday your gift will be a taxi waiting at the curb with a fare paid up to 100 miles to wherever you wish to go”. Never had to call the cab. They all knew I was dead nuts serious. I was never their friend. I was their father. And you know? I still am.

        • Parents of the 40’s-60’s were like that, kids couldn’t wait to lv home and they did, parents strict, but taught values and ethics. Most people I know past retirement now, are utter failures as parents,total flops yet went to church all the time. I have dropped them over time, can’t respect losers. ( kids used drugs, rehab, raised kids w.o. marriage w/parent helping, borrowed money more than once.) Glad we chose to be child free, can’t believe how many duds are in my age bracket 65 plus!!. We are socially reclusive/not involved in anything. We read up to 5 hrs a day and bike.

      24. Just Hippies with a college education. Worthless in combat.

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