Footage of Mass Troop Movements Across U.S. – Are They Getting Ready?

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    The following report was originally published at The Intel Hub. For updates about troop movements and other global intelligence information, subscribe to the Overwatch Report.

    Editor’s Note: We’ve long reported about the training of US military personnel for domestic deployment in the event of large scale economic breakdown, civil unrest, terrorism, and catastrophic natural disasters like asteroids.   It is clear based on historical precedent that the government would hold off as long as possible before alerting the American people of an impending disaster or emergency. We strongly believe that if an ‘event’ was imminent, details and clues would emerge through alternative news reports across the internet – most of which would trickle in from user comments, forum postings, video uploads, and independent research groups like The Intel Hub. Most, if not all, of that information would be ignored and/or discredited by mainstream media, especially if the government knew of such an event and expected pandemonium and hysteria as a result. Nonetheless, it has been our mission to report on the out-of-the-ordinary occurrences in the world in the hopes of alerting our readers to fan hitting scenarios. Non-traditional news reporting may be the only preemptive warning system we have. While we urge readers not to panic, we suggest, as always, to be aware of what’s going on around you and consider the possibilities – and to plan accordingly.

    In the last month and a half, The Intel Hub has received hundreds of credible tips from citizens who witnessed and or photographed domestic military/foreign movements within The United States.

    While some of the reports can be written off as normal troop movements, the sheer amount of reports indicates something possibly more sinister.

    To top it off, a large majority of military vehicles that have been spotted were not painted for desert conditions, rather they were sporting digital and city camouflage.

    We now have reports and video evidence of multiple military convoys traveling in and around Portland Oregon.

    This comes just days after The Intel Hub released photos sent to them by a concerned citizen that showed a military convoy of tanks, humvees, and jeeps, in the same type of camouflage and a week after multiple sightings of black helicopters throughout The United States.

    Clyde Lewis, a veteran radio host, has had multiple callers report military movements seen in both Portland and Oregon City, Oregon.

    As reported on Ground Zero, troop movements and or military movements have been reported on Ground Zero for several nights now. A caller phoned in that she witnessed that largest movement of Military vehicles, (Tanks, cannons, and other vehicles) through Portland and then southbound.

    Another listener Jim sent us three known videos of this train From You Tube and the shots from witnesses are nothing short of breathtaking. Each video shows the movement of Military vehicles not painted for desert operations, but with digital or city camouflage. The question is where are these hundreds of vehicles going and for what reason?

    In the last two months alone we have published over a dozen reports of suspicious troop movements.

    Military Movements CONUS: TIPS Thread

    In late June, multiple truckers reported moving military equipment across The United States, including rocket launchers heavy artillery, and tanks.

    Around the same time that the eyewitness trucker report was broadcast live on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, The Intel Hub was flooded with tips of our own.

    From No Fly Zones, to miliary train convoys in Washington, to convoys along the Tennessee/ Kentucky border, all the way to military personal in fatiguesseen in white vans in Arkansas City, reports of suspicious domestic troop movements skyrocketed.

    Considering the fact that 20,000 troops have been openly trained to take on the American people in the event of a large scale terror attack or economic collapse, the hundreds of extra troop movements that have been documented in the last two months could be more then simple summer time training.

    While 20,000 doesn’t seem like much, the fact that they are admitting any amount should send a clear message as to the levels that they intend to go to stay in power.

    Super Congress

    At the same time that these military movements are being documented, the Congress and the corporate media have fear mongered over the supposed debt ceiling crisis to the point where they were actually able to come to a compromise that included a completely unconstitutional Super Congress!

    This so called Super Congress will include 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats who, along with the president, will have total control.

    It has even been announced that members of Congress who voted against the debt ceiling compromise will not be considered for a position within the Super Congress.

    As the public sits idly by wondering if their social security checks are on the way, troop movements, both American and foreign, have considerably ramped up, possibly in anticipation of large scale public outcry over the massive power grab now being called The Council Of 13.

    Other possible reasons for the massive movement of military equipment throughout the U.S. are earth changes, plans for another middle east war or Libya ground invasion, normal training exercises, and anticipation of a massive terror attack.

    Note: All footage of military vehicles inside the United States was taken on public roadways by numerous people not affiliated with The Intel Hub.

    For updates about troop movements and other global intelligence information, subscribe to the Overwatch Report.


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      1. The Super Congress is a real concern. Especially considering that anyone who voted against the debt ceiling bill (fiscal conservatives) will be ineligible to participate in it. So, what you’ll have is a group of “big spender” liberals and “meet in the middle” RINOs running our country, along with Mr. Dictator Community Organizer. The outlook for what they might accomplish is grim.

        What a sad state of affairs we are in. How can we, as individual citizens fix this?

        More importantly, do the masses of sheeple even want to fix it?

        If we have a mass breakdown of society in the USA we will lose freedoms and liberty at lightening speed as the govt clamps down on us (for our own good, of course….). That is a guarantee.

        • “How can we, as individual citizens fix this?”

          When push comes to shove, most of us still honor and cherish the 2nd Amendment for a big reason. Thomas Jefferson wasn’t speaking out his ass when he said this, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.

          • Beefcake…buy more ammo…unfortunately no one wants to here that. it will come down to protecting yourself, your family, your friends, and your stuff.

            It is how the planet has always worked…why does everyone think that it can’t happen in the USA?

            • amen brother

          • A silver lining?

            I’m in daily contact with college students, and some recent conversations I’ve had with a number of these students has been promising. They, at least, are “waking up”. They’re going deeply into inescapable debt to get an education that is supposed to make their lives better, and yet, they’re aware that they’re about to enter a nonexistent workforce in an economy that’s increasingly going south. They’re not as dumb as many think, just buried in the balancing of studies and exams often encumbered by parenting and jobs. But, they are aware and they are beginning to talk about things and pay attention, even seek information using all the tools available to them.

            In these conversations I have with them, I encourage this new and growing interest and never fail to mention the recall-referendum option available to citizens. College campuses are dense and diverse communities composed of those from various other communities. And they are NETWORKED with every other college, coast to coast and abroad as well. Do not underestimate the power of this social group when they have reason for action. And they certainly have reason and fully know that much. There also very, very adept at activism efforts, usually involving social or environmental concerns but that can be easily redirected with the right information. And I had one today asking (almost complaining) why the college wasn’t bringing in speakers to address these current issues with them. OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING FOLKS.

            Now, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone here to engage this community if you should find opportunity – if you have a kid in college, if you are a kid in college, if your third cousin twice removed is in college, if you are a professor or just acquainted with one. Professionals in the surrounding communities generally jump on any opportunity to visit a campus and lecture. If you can in any way connect these dots, then it is a grand step forward.

            I am serious when I suggest 500+ recall referendums, all within the same year. Such a movement is possible. All it takes is the signatures. Instead of just complaining that it’s only us (the awake) and them (the asleep, assumed to be everybody else), reach out, communicate, educate and motivate. We have a ready medium just waiting for guidance. Indeed, they are increasingly hungry for it. Don’t wait until the PTB realize this and jump ahead of you to avert a potential disaster.


            • Many think young people are ignorant zombies and are only interested in self indulgence, partying, etc. I had no idea college kids (much less middle aged folks) gave a damn about their future or cared about what type gov. leadership we have. Amazing.

            • Im 21

              Ive known since i was 15

              Ive known the depression / martial law is coming

          • AMEN! You are correct!

        • When Marshall law is declared, executive orders suspending elections, there will be a need for what they call a ” legititimate” legislative body. Hand picked by the elite.

          I have repeatedly said chaos begins when the worlds oil exporters say they don’t want our dollar for the oil. This would precede that a few months….

          • For the 800th time, it’s Martial Law, not Marshall Law. Martial. As in in Mars the god of War. Martial as in war. Martial as in martial (war) arts. It’s Martial Law. It’s not Marshall Law.

            • Would you please put your academic pretentiousness away over the spelling of a word and, rather, look at the catastrophic consequences of this potential threat to our great country’s Constitutional freedoms?

        • Mr. Blutarsky,

          I agree this is a real concern. I saw these 2 items that explain the dangers.

          Judge Napolitano explains the dangers of the new ‘Super Congress’

          Ron Paul Warns ‘Super Congress’ Could Fast Track Tax Increases
          Ron Paul has issued a statement about the new “Super Congress” formed as part of the deficit extension legislation:

          Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this [Budget Control Act] deal is the “Super Congress” provision. This is nothing more than a way to disenfranchise the majority of Congress by denying them the chance for meaningful participation in the crucial areas of entitlement and tax reform. It cedes power to draft legislation to a special commission, hand-picked by the House and Senate leadership. The legislation produced by this commission will be fast-tracked, and Members will not have the opportunity to offer amendments. Approval of the recommendations of the “Super Congress” is tied to yet another debt ceiling increase. This guarantees that Members will face tremendous pressure to vote for whatever comes out of this commission– even if it includes tax increases. This provision is an excellent way to keep spending decisions out of the reach of members who are not on board with the leadership’s agenda.

        • I am following the advice of my stockbroker,”Start stocking up on canned goods and ammunition!”

          • Whats a stock broker?

            • Stockbroker: A thief.

            • Stockbroker: A person of minimal or no ethics, who but for having managed to pass an SEC test, would be a used-car saleman or grifter.

            • stock broker = they buy the stock and make you broker.

            • Someone that sells ammunition and canned goods? LOL! Buy reloading equipment, brass, lead, powder and primers. In a guerilla war, you take what you need from the enemy.

        • Can somone show me where the intel is on the “Super Congress”? How we know this even exists? I am not slamming anybody, just want to know where this comes from.

          • BH: The “Super Congress” is a bipartisan working committee of six democrats and six republicans plus the president to review government spending and propose specific cuts in spending required under the Great Compromise, by Thanksgiving.

            After these proposals are agreed to by the committee, they are submitted to the House and Senate for an “up or down” vote, requiring a simple majority (50% plus 1).

            If the specific cuts recommended cannot pass the House and Senate, then language in the Great Compromise will stipulate across the board cuts in spending.

            The “Super Congress” scare is much ado about nothing. I, mean, imagine, the Continental Congress selected a committe of only five men to write the Declaraation of Independence that was then voted upon by all of the delegates. Had that measure failed to pass, independence would not have occured.

            In the case of the Great Compromise, we still get budget cuts. Happy Thanksgiving!

            • U need to keep reading about:

              1) No chance to amend bills.
              2) No Filibuster.

              This had very little to do with the debt… More about incremental consolidation of power to the hands of a few…

              Tyranny in other words.


            • If six member “commitee ties, guess who gets the deciding vote? OUR BUDDY-OBUMMER!
              Seriously who made the decision about a Super committee?

          • The ” Super Congress ” is a Dictatorship of six,
            plus the President.

            • Correction:
              sorry about the above,it should be 12 pus the President.

            • Hugo says:
              The ” Super Congress ” is a Dictatorship of 12 pus the President.

              Hmmm… It seems ever more as if our DL has a Christ complex, eh?

        • How do we fight this?

          Make sure you are well stocked up on Bibles, food, water, survival supplies, weapons and ammo. Then make weatherproof caches of those items in spots with well recognizable landmarks that fire or flood will not change, in case you or someone you know needs supplies on the run.

          At home, hide most if not all your supplies where jackboots kicking in your doors at 4 am will not be able to easily find them, early am raids seem to be universally utilized by dictators. They will come after the guns, it’s difficult for a fascist dictator messiah to look serene and in control at his/her newly formed governmental acceptance speeches with the slaves hurling projectiles at him/her. They cannot control us so long as we have our firearms, that’s why they are coming for them, that’s what the “Committee of 13” is for.

          Be alert, be prepared, expect the worst, hope for the best.

          • Absolutely right! I m in China, weapons are banned for the folks, so the rulers can have their say.

        • This could be part of the BRAC movement.

          JJ The Fed

        • Two items:
          1. Telegraph of UK ran a comic series called BlackJack which had Portland being one of 6 cities nuked
          2. Many projections of the coming mega-quake being centered in Portland- not Calif- as many expect

        • They are not really suspicous troop movements those trains were carrying stikers artillery pieces and trucks for one of the 4 stiker brigdes stationed at Ft. Lewis Washington. they are prob on their way to either San Deigo Naval station or Edwards AF Base to be shipped or Flown to Afganistan.

          • I live in Lacey Wa. I have been driving I-5 from Seattle to Portland for a couple of decades. This is nothing new. They ship a lot of military equipment on those tracks. Used to live right next to them. They ship them from here to be painted various cammo’s and then they ship them off over seas. I know plenty of people in the military. Special Forces particularly. There is no way the Government is going to overtake their own country. Our military would turn and decimate them. Period.

            • Oh, I forgot. They close a whole bunch of other bases and have increased the amount of people here. As well as equipment. It is indeed the BRAC movement.

        • Hello,
          This is nothing compared to the selling out of Americans, not FKN Liberals Parasites, Americans. My fellow Americans which aren’t many, the rest are cowards. We are at War with the Liberals, Black and Mexicans. This is our War now and if we do not act now then surely you and everyone else is doomed to this Evil Parasitic Adventure of destroying our way of life. Take a good look at your kids, do you really want the UN to allow foreign military to take your rights away especially your guns. THen it my friend is to late. The UN Small Arms Treaty is singed into effect. Again no one got off there azzes to pay attention to what was real and stop paying attention to what was not. FKN queers/lesbos and anything else that wee must destroy comletely. Sad but true. The Dept of Jusitce is our biggest Enemy as you know it. Start there and this time it is tie to die for American or tell it all to go to hell. YOur choice I have made mine. These Liberal Parasites are going to kill anyone (AMERICANS) in there way people. Without any consequences, and you allow that or are you going to fight back. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE LIKE THE REST…IT IS TIME FOR WAR……………

          • This post says it all folks. This poor soul’s desperate psychotic break from reality reflects the root of all the poisonous vitriol that the racist, homophobic fear-mongering Bible thumping, Jerry Springer wet-dream religious right has to offer. (You kin read tha good book, but that don’t mean ya git it bruther). Go raise your mutant inbred army in the woods man, Waco can be repeated.

            • Well said sir! It’s about time we faced our own ignorance, and worked together as humans. Then Americans, then whatever faction you take up. So tired of people trying to draw lines in the sand because of their own ignorance!

          • War against racist fucks like you… Old dried up piece of shit is what you are

        • I spent the last twenty years in the military. This information is being used to justify an agenda. Stop the fear mongoring! If you want to continue this great country get to work! Build a business. Help you neighbor. Have faith in your leaders that you have voted into office. If these individuals are not doing their best vote them out. Save/invest for your own future and that of your children. This is what made our country great!

          • Well said Daniel. I must admit that I sat by and watched as our ‘leaders’ made themselves rich and untouchable for years. Then for fathers day last year, my pastor gave every man in our church a book entitled “If Good Men Do Nothing, Then Who Will Speak”. After reading this book and feeling the effect of current events, i have decided to run for a low elected office in my county. To the rest of you out there on the couch wondering ‘what can i do’, get up and take a stand. Do not vote for someone simply because they are a dem. or rep. do your research and find out about them. i have found that silver spooners and big business men with large attractive resumes do not make good leaders. good luck to us all, scott willard

          • Right ! lol “Trust in your leaders .”
            Have you gone mad ???

        • I agree. The Super Congress should be illegal as it leaves out the majority of the representatives of “the people.” Only a select group of rinos and liberals will be in charge of the direction of the country.

          First priority at this stage is to prepare and protect yourself and your family. Share your ideas with your family and close friends. Most will not listen or believe there is a problem. Be prepared to let them go.

          Contact your representative and senators–fax is a good method. Join a group of like-minded people. If you have money, give to conservative groups. Don’t give up.

          • Polly: The so called “super congress” is only a “sub committee” designed to evaluate potential savings and submit those proposals to the full Congress for an up or down, simple majority vote; that must pass both House and Senate before becoming law. If specific agreements cannot be reached, then across the board cuts automatically come into play.

            The Continental Congress, for example, chose a (sub)committee of five people to write the Declaration of Independence, which was then submitted to the full CC for debate prior to ratification.

            Not a bad process in hindsight.

            “Super Congress” is just a label someone has attached to a sub-committee to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Don’t be distracted by the hype, people. Watch the other hand.

            • “Automatic cuts” are 50% reduction in military spending and reductions in Medicare, S.S., and Medicaid entitlement programs!
              THAT IS ALL!

        • What is the Super Congress?

          Is that like a “Supreme Council” that would assume the legislative Branch, or even all branches of power in the event of an emergy.

          Is their game planneda called, ECOMCON?

      2. The US doesnt have enough troops and police to control the citzens. They will only hold very specific areas. They will have to pick and choose their battles.

        • Of course they don’t. That’s where a super flu (or some other pandemic) comes into play. What do you think the recent “trial viral runs” have been all about. The whole country strong and angry is one thing. Over half the country sick and dying, is quite another.

          • MMS – get it while you still can. Will kill any viral or bacterial infection in the human body without harming any of the “good” bacteria.

            • What the hell is MMS?

            • yes i want to know as well what is MMS?

            • What’s MMS and where do you get it? I googled it and all the returns were sites that my computer and FireFox says are bad sites?

            • Yes, please share.

            • Miracle Mineral Solution
              Jim Humble (an old coot) originally stumbled across its medicinal properties in treating a couple of men down with malaria waaaaaay back in the day. Since, he has successfully treated tens of thousands more cases in Africa and has found it effective against myriad other infections/diseases. It certainly took care of my mom’s chronic ear infection after two rounds of antibiotics failed and knocked out my brother’s flu in under 36 hours.

            • Miracle Mineral Supplement, often referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, is the colloquial product name for an aqueous solution of 28% sodium chlorite, a toxic chemical known to cause fatal renal failure,in distilled water. When prepared with a citric acid solution as described in its instructions for preparation, the mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching.

            • MMS is a very useful tool to have in your bag of tricks. It’s *not* a cure-all, but it’s very handy for infections – including eye infections and other topical uses. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now (when it’s needed) and I can attest to it’s effectiveness. I’ve knocked out a few flus in a matter of an hour with it. It’s basically a Sodium Chlorite solution that’s activated with a weak acid to produce Chlorine Dioxide which is then diluted and used internally or externally. It’s a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic agent – and it only stays in your system for ~2 hours – so no build up. It’s cheap, effective, has good shelf-life, and a small amount goes a long way – the usual dose is about 6 drops. Research it for yourself, of course. You can buy it online, or buy the chemicals to make it (Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid) at your local chemical supply – or at least you USED to be able to.

              A little bit about Sodium/Chlorine compounds:

              Sodium Chloride is table salt – not poisonous

              Sodium Hypochlorite is household bleach – poisonous.

              Sodium Chlorite is a potent oxidizer – used for water purification – not poisinous in low doses.

              Sodium Chlorate – is poisonous

              The difference between them? Just the number of Oxygen atoms in the molecule.

        • Or they just moving troops to maximum security areas, in order to protect banksters, high rank officials, Paris Hilton, and Bill Gates.
          As you said they will choose their battle but not for offense but for defense.
          Who knows.
          The whole global thing reminds me of the movie “Independence Day” with Will Smith.
          The scientist saw this pattern in the Aliens moves, a chess-like placement of the battleships.
          The same thing is happening today on earth.
          Each move is calculated years before, and as the plan approaches its full scale, we are going to see more nad faster moves.

          Be safe Havok. May God bless you all.

          • Operative word…’unarmed’.

            • JJ….yeah they already have more then 6 creepy ways to deal wtih the armed; M4,M9, M16, M249, M60, M1A, etc etc etc……

          • someone needs to engineer defense mechanisms against these

            • Think Medieval or Old Testament…

        • The gov’t doesn’t have to control all areas. Hot climates, control water and electricity, cold climates, control fuel/heating alternatives, all areas, control food. Control major transportation routes exiting food production centers. If masses of armed people attack the control points, forces only have to defend whereas the hungry citizens have to conquer.

        • EVERY year at this time there are large scale “troop movements” due to the summer training schedules of thousands of weekend warriors. This may all be NORMAL MOVEMENT and yet this fact was only mentioned as 2 words at the very end of the “article”. That smacks of sensationalism rather than a considered exploration of options. That is not helpful.

          • By the way: Central Washington and Oregon states have huge summer training grounds and the trains are the preferred method of moving all those vehicles so they do not cause problems on the roads. Again this is standard proceedure. And the vehilce markings in the 2 videos above are standare camo and standard desert. There is no digital camo on those convoys. This is all just NORMAL movement.

            • Yeah, what is “city camo” anyway?

            • Great points c…are there not a couple of military vehicle disposal sites in Southern California as well? I am not saying this is not a concern. I have seen movements in my own state as well, but if they wanted this to be “secret”…why are they hauling these things in broad daylight for all to see. Just a thought.

            • I am not aware of any large training facility in central Oregon. Where is it? What is the name?

            • Wake UP Amerika–don’t you realize that “c” is merely a government plant who trolls these sites to throw you off the scent of Big Brother’s takeover of your minds?

          • I happen to agree all these guys are going somewhere, if they are concentrating where? A couple of thousand GI’s or a couple of hundred for that matter are going to stand out. Also this is the first I’ve seen of any large-scale troop movements. I live with in a couple of miles of Buckley Air Force base and I’ve seen squat just the odd chopper and a couple of F-16’s and a C-17 leaving to go somewhere but I see those everyday for the last 10 years.

          • Amen. Thank you for introducing some common sense.

            And to whoever else pointed it out, there is no such thing as “city camo”.

            I love checking this site out every day for prepping articles, coming economic collapse, etc, etc. Some great stuff here. But the folks hung up on FEMA camps and our government’s imminent violation of Posse Comitatus have to give it a rest. The FEMA camps aren’t there and the military is not going to violate Posse Comitatus. Trust me on this one… Most, (I’d say close to 90%), military officers have a good grasp on the constitution. Obonehead orders the active duty military to violate Posse Comitatus and there’s no clear reason like a huge natural disaster, there’s going to be trouble… for Obumhead. Maybe the government collapses at that point? I don’t know. But quit thinking the military brass will blindly obey the President no matter what!!! They do not serve the President. They ARE SWORN to protect the Constitution.
            Thank you and have a great day.

            • Mal Reynolds – I hope you are right, for all of our sakes. But please explain to me why police all of a sudden are becoming psycho roid anger addicts who beat the hell out of innocent victims on a daily basis such as the Kelly Howell case July 5 in Fullerton CA?

              They were upholding the law? They BEAT THIS MAN TO DEATH! His father was just on CNN and almost teared up. He said the cries of his son saying please stop, I’m sorry will haunt him the rest of his life. I cried when I watched the video. How would you feel if that were your son?

              What about the young kid in Arizona who was shot 70x’s by a SWAT team who forced their way into his house. What did he do? Nothing? Yeah right. I bet he saw some evil shit in the middle east and they were afraid he was going to tattle.

              Every single day we’re shown story after story where grandmas are being frisked by the creeps at the TSA, cops abusing their power and authority and you think we believe that our troops will be kind to us?

              I hope you’re right, but I trust nothing any government employee or agency says. The US government has lot all credibility for me. I think most of them are full of shit and will lie through their teeth to keep their pensions.

            • Dear Annie Oakley:
              Ummm… Where did you see in my post a defense of out-of-control cops or an out-of-control TSA? I was kinda saying that four star generals and admirals aren’t mind numbed robots. They’ve spent their lives defending the CONSTITUTION and our Bill of Rights.
              There’s a huge difference between a senior U.S. military officer and a brain fried, steriod addled, rage-a-holic local cop. Huge difference.

            • C is a vetran and the spouse of a retired sergeant major in the us army. I have lived on or near military instalations for a couple of decades. I am only reporting what is normal movment and behavior. Remember this is summer and the weekend warriors must all train. Bases have been closed so that leaves fewer training facilities and longer travel to each site.
              We want them well trained. They are the wall between us and the bad guys. Poorly trained are soon dead and that is not a good wall.

            • Mal – whether it’s a four star general or a police officer, they’re still government employees who feed at the public trough. Many of these so called men from the “brass” are fully aware of all the dirty tricks our government has played on our people in the USA as well as overseas and were complicit in it happening. They’re not going to say anything to cause them to lose that government pension.

              Will they fire on American citizens? Hard to say. I’m betting on quite a few of them doing so.

              Many of our young men are coming back from the middle riddled with PTSD and erratic behavior. They’ve seen so much in the middle east wars that they believe we’re all the enemy.

              I’m just as patriotic as any American. But our soldiers are not overseas defending our constitution. They’re fighting a war to keep the banksters in power. The military industrial complex is far too entrenched in American politics, way of life and our economy.

              I’m not beating up on our military. Many of our young men are naive and feel they are doing the right thing. I certainly won’t beat them up.

              With all due respect Mal, when one of our former generals or high ranking military beging to speak out on the shenanigans of our government without fear, I’ll continue to fear my government.

            • Dear Ms Oakley:
              I know better than to try, but the highly inaccurate bombs you just lobbed at the military need to be addressed:
              1) Military personnel are “just feeding off the public trough”. Wow! I mean… just… Wow! An E-5 with 10 years of service(any branch) living in base housing makes just under $3K/month. Ever been shot at Annie? These guys/gals are taking rounds for $36k/yr plus a comfy home in base housing. Some Army personnel have spent five of the last ten years away from their wives and kids. It’s called a 1:1 dwell ratio. Would you take a job like that? They’re not doing it for the money. Most are doing it for love of country. Yeah, the US is fully of dirty, communist leaning, politicians right now and things don’t look too good. But it’s a great country… Worth saving and worth fighting for in my opinion.
              2. Senior Brass fully aware of dirty tricks played on our people? Like what? Elaborate on that one.
              3. “Will they fire on American citizens?” Well… What’s the situation? If martial law is declared and gang bangers are raping and pillaging in the inner cities, would you want your state Army Guard unit to stop them? Or are you going to do it for them? Email your governor and let him know.
              4. “They’ve seen so much in the middle east wars that they believe we’re all the enemy”. OK. I try not to get angry, but this one kinda pissed me off. And the proof for this one is… Where? PTSD sucks. Sadly, if a gun is to get trained on anything, it’s usually the sufferer’s skull. Suicide rates for these guys is high and, sadly, our VA hospitals really aren’t up to the task. Of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that have served overseas this past decade, how many of returned and gone nut-so on the civilian population?
              5. Where in any of my posts have I said we’re fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan to preserve the Constitution? We’re in Afghanistan because the Taliban was in cahoots with Al Qaida and some of those guys flew two planes into the Twin Towers. Uh oohhh… Now you’re going to tell me 9/11 was an inside job, right? I fell right into that old piece of BS. (psssssst… You know it was a bunch of leftist, piece of shit communists that first came up with that crazy theory, right?)
              6. Sadly, Annie, some the bombs you threw DID offend at least one military guy. But I’m always about forgiveness. I’ll even buy you a cop of joe when we’re both in heaven’s coffee shop and we’ll have a good laugh.
              7. Your are right to fear the current federal and state governments. And I’ll admit that there are A FEW bad officers in the military. There are bad people everywhere. But I fear the ugly lady in the pants suit and her minions more than anyone wearing a uniform.

              God bless and have a wonderful day.

            • You dont know what you’re talking about. The FEMA Camps are very real. The government contracts (Halliburton) are even online (unless theyve been disappeared).

              As for the 90% who are well versed in the consitution? LOLOL many have no idea what in it and havent touched it since high scholl- like the civilian populace.

              BTW- Posse Comitatus was legally repealed back in 2007 under Bush. Go to for the specifics.
              Your post wreaks of denial and arrogant ignorance. Get educated- for your own protection.

            • Mal – there are lot of good kids in the military in the Middle East. But anyone who has internet access can dig for the truth. If these kids loved their country, they’d stay at home. I’ve told my 8 nephews to not even think of enlisting in the US army. If they need a job they can come work with me.

              Many of these poor kids who are joining the war in the Middle East are coming home missing a limb or dead. For what?

              I’ve been to plenty of military funerals and work with the patriot guard riders on a regular basis escorting families to military funerals.

              I also make blankets and other items for the wounded warrior project. So don’t even go there with your high and mighty criticism of me and my beliefs.

              Yes they are feeding off of the public trough. Killing thousands of innocent women and children who did nothing to us. I don’t care if they’re making 100K a year or 36K; they’re still slaughtering the wrong people.

              Senior Brass involved in dirty deeds? Pat Tillman comes to mind. He was murdered and the top officials covered it up. Why was Pat Tillman killed? Friendly fire? Nope, he saw the opium trade and why we were over there. That’s why he was murdered.

              If roving gangs are looting and rioting, I’ll be in my home protecting my household. The police and the guard will be way too busy to help me. My spouse and I are on our own.

              9-11 was an inside job. You’ll never convince me that it wasn’t. It was a joint effort (IMO) (and many of the documents I’ve researched myself) of the Mossad, the MI6, the City of London and the international bankers. It could have also been a false flag or a war game that got out of hand.

              You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine. But I feel your opinions are colored by your prior military background. Just because you were in the military does not make you an expert on what they government will and will not do.

              My late husband was in the Army. He had a top secret clearance in an underground base. He never revealed to me the details of his job but he told me on numerous occasions that our government is very dirty, very dirty indeed.

            • Thank god for 90% of the miltary personnel then and you to kind soul!

            • unfortunately , he/she is correct

              9/11 was an inside job

              so was 7/7

              both medias failed terribly and even gave the hint away

              email me if you want recording of what the MEDIA THEMSELVES said on the mornings of the attacks

              they messed up big time

              but this is old news

          • At last, c, a voice of reason.

            This whole discussion reeks of childish paranoia. Wake up, people, trust yourselves, trust democracy, be part of the solution instead of becoming the problem.
            Look beyond your fretting, get active in voting for term limits, remove corrupt or spineless politicos, and quit fanning the flames of panic! You do no good!

        • People that I have talked to think there is no way that anything like this could ever happen because there aren’t enough troops to cover the whole country.

          They don’t have to be everywhere. All they have to control are the major arteries to and from all of the major cities.
          They cut off the food supply and they’ll control 95% of the population.

          • Remember Fast and Furious, our tax dollars given to people who were/are? arming Mexican gangs? Remember that open border? Remember the CIA training these guys Special Forces style combat techniques?

            Gangs are in every city in the US. Then we have all the foreign troops who train here. And the shout out by our military recruitment office to anyone on the planet who wants free citizenship, just join our military and serve a term. These people have NO allegiance to our nation, most want us gone, so they can plunder the resources our globalist politicians have been sitting on at our economic expense. There are a lot more military trained people out there than most realize. And they’ve been extremely well armed at our expense. And they’re seasoned murderers.

            Red China has one armed soldier for every 50 citizens, which is enough to keep the nation in terror. Cut electricity so communications are down, cut water and food supply, and soon they will have parents doing anything so long as someone gets food and water to their kids. Rat on their neighbors? Oh HELL YES. Some of the toughest people to fight will be your neighbor who gets a payoff for ratting you and others like you out. They’ll remember who grew gardens, bought bulk food, went hunting, they have eyes, they see. They’ll remember.

            Look at the fall into communism of other nations, it all pretty much comes down and is operated the same way. We’re on that road as we speak.

        • I dont think the rampup of military might in this country is about control. Its supression. When things reach the point that the scum suckers have to run in their safe haven holes and play grab ass with there buddy, they plan on having the military keep everyone beat back. In the end the troops will go like everybody else. But hey they did their job ,Hooaw!

        • coming from a military family, and born and raised in a military town…fort Hood….i can assure you that the Armed Forces have the FIRE POWER to control the citizens. The ONLY hope that US that are aware of the TRUTH have is that those in the Armed Services would wake up and disobey orders and fight on the other side.

      3. Chavez will look like a great alternative, after all this goes down. Get ready for war.

      4. Convoys on the KY-TN border, oh my! Ever hear of Ft Campbell? As blogger Smokin Joe Trainer has pointed out, summer is the season for reserve and national guard 2-week training camps. Don’t panic until you know something is really going down.

        • Hi, Ft Campbell is on the west side of the state and this guy said he sighted them on I-75 and that is on the east side of the state. You can not get to fort campbell unless you are I-65.
          My husband called me one day at work to tell me that he had seen a bus with homeland security marked on the side at the same spot on I-75 on the state line just 2 wks or so ago.
          I don’t know if this is a reason to panic or not, but is a but curious. I-75 is one of the main highways that travels from Mich to Fla north and south. Just weird.

        • I’m only 20 miles (as the crow flies) from that base..usually obvious by air movement(we’re in their flight path)if something is happening.
          Like for weeks, we watched the trainees learning to refuel—interesting…BIG old plane and 2 helicopters every other day.

        • another question, why is it always “black helicopters”? If they really wanted to blend in, wouldn’t they paint it the same as a news/medical/ air tour company helicopter? I mean really, if you saw a guy walking around in a black suit talking into his cuff or lapel, wouldn’t you think that was the worst gov’t agent camo ever? If any semi-intelligent person wanted to gather intel, how about walking around in normal clothes talking into a blue tooth, how many people would call this in as suspicious? Guys running around in cammies buying water sound like an attempt in secrecy? Politicians may be this inept, but military personnel are not.

          • John said, “Politicians may be this inept, but military personnel are not.”

            That’s funny, and very untrue.

            The black paint is to blend in with the night sky.

      5. They’re coming to take you away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha….

        • i remember that song from a K-TEL record…..hello mother , hello father…..i’m showing my age aint i?

          • No, you ain’t. K-TEL ha! “Camp Grenada” came out in circa 1962 and “Funny Farm” came out 2-3 years later.

            • And don’t forget “Monster Mash”.

        • “They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa,
          They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa.
          To the happy home. With trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes and they’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!”


      6. Those are regular National Guard units going to and from summer training. Am I the only veteran on this site? Black Helicopters have been seen. Scary, not! Usually from the 160th SOAR out of Fort Campbell, Ky. Scammers from a variety of phony militias made a lot of money off of small town folks with this bogus story. However, keep in mind that FEMA exists solely to see that the Government survives. FEMA doesn’t give a hoot about you and me. During Katrina, FEMA took control of all media outlets, in order to create the Feds own reality. That’s for the purpose of controlling what we think and do.

        • Yea, i was in the middle of it. We were told, after waiting hours to buy gas, that the military had confiscated the truck about 30 miles away and re-routed it somewhere else. At that time there were nearly no other places we could go to get fuel. That WAS gold in that “less-than-equilibrium” situation.

          BTW, I love that phrase, Mac.

          • Learned something, did ya?
            Our vehicles are ALWAYS above 3/4 full. The gas attendant can’t stand me.

        • You are not alone.

          Please keep pumping common sense.

      7. To quote Japanese Admiral Yamamoto: “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”


          ANY army troops or marines or any of the armed forces…
          you wanna turn your fkn weapons on US citizen??… and I dont give fk what you were told to do!!!!!….
          you turn those fkn weapons on US citizen and you are a traitor….

          Like I said…
          I dont give fk if you were ordered to or not, you traitor.

          BE SURE.

          How about you be cool, and we will be cool…
          and it will all be cool,
          but if you want a shit storm….
          we are locked and loaded… and armed to the…

          When there is no law, everyone is an outlaw…
          is that what they want? rally? are they sure?


          • You need to get laid.

            • Or layed.

            • u need a life

              big respect US citizen


              DONT FALL A VICTIM OF IT

              LEARN (YOU ALREADY HAVE)

              FUCK THE HATERS


          • US Citizen
            Please do a the rest of America a favor and take a grammer class. Also, you obviously have a tremendous lack of vocabulary having to use the f word in every sentence. Might want to read the dictionary, that is, if you can read, and try using some ‘big boy’ words.

      8. I live in the center of 4 heavely populated areas that no doubt would come under controll and the only troops that I’ve seen are the ones home on leave or just discharged. Our government isn’t going to sent troops after anyone, what would be the point unless a large number of citizens attacked a military base? It any of this were true, they would have pulled all the ammo and guns off the shelves long ago, then all they would have to do is pull the food and open soup kitchens, total control

      9. When I see that swarming hive of idiots known as the USan public driving their gas guzzlers emblazoned with “Support Our Troops” stickers and yellow ribbons (a symbol that originated in a Tony Orlando song about a convict, btw), I want to vomit. They are NOT “our” troops — they are Wall Street’s troops and AIPAC’s troops.

        Will the new Super Congress (whose 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats will likely ALL be Israeli-Amerikan dual-citizens) institute a new clown “campaign medal” for its dumbed-down, vaccinated and drugged drones, especially those who distinguish themselves in “policing” the moronic USan sheeple? Inquiring minds want to know.

        • Most of the people I know who have those ribbons & stickers on their cars are wives or parents of deployed soldiers. I think they deserve to proudly diplay those without ridicule.

          • As the sister of a Marine, I support him. Period. And for the stickers and ribbons, we need all the moral and unity we can get right now. I’ll bet Jane Fonda detests those stickers and ribbons too.

            • Well, maybe you need to inform him that he’s fighting for NWO agenda and not really for our so called “Freedom.”

            • The State Does Not ‘Support Its Troops’

              “The state has little care for veterans. The notion of an uncaring state has shown itself over the course of America’s one-hundred years of imperial conquest. This can especially be observed when their contract with the state is no longer valid. Of course, some will argue that the benefits the government gives to veterans (G.I Bill and disability benefits) claim otherwise. However, these so-called benefits create a culture of dependency where the veteran is made a slave to the state like many other Americans who need the government to survive and not thrive. Furthermore, veterans have and will be financially and physically violated by the state in the long run…”


            • Now now Jane didnt do anything wrong….well that’s according to her.
              Something about woman of the year and then some jewelry channel xxd her out.
              She said she never hurt anyone!
              Also something about it being so long ago…well honey your past stays with you…..doesnt it Teddy Kennedy!
              I wish she had stayed in North VietNam!

          • Supporting the Troops

            “… It doesn’t seem to matter what the troops are actually doing — Americans generally believe in supporting the troops no matter what.

            I don’t support the troops. I don’t support the troops in this war, and I won’t support them in the next one with Iran or any other country…”


          • Don’t Support the Troops

            “…Supporting the Troops! is a distinctly collectivist idea. Self-sacrifice for the state [At the expense of the family!] – is there any principal more anathema to individualism? Why should anyone sacrifice himself for the state unless he is a mere worker bee?

            The state is greater than the individual; more important than anything else, and all must be sacrificed to protect it, even from its own parts. Those who are willing to sacrifice themselves should be held above all others – praised as though they were saints. This is what we’re tacitly saying when we Support the Troops!…”


          • Proud of what? Pride comes before a FALL Mr. Blutarsky. Proud that their sons and daughters sold there souls for war profiteers? How many civilians must die before the false patriotic american “Moms and Dads” become ashamed of America INC. and an allegiance to a soon dictatorship? False Patriotism is a safety mechanism that people use in order to make something that is horribly wrong into something that is more palatable. It makes murdering civilians easier to live with. Many hate hearing the truth about occupying 120 nations around the world for fake “democracy” reasons, but it doesn’t make it any less the truth. Hey military men and women, we are such a righteous nation, so when do they send you out to attack China for “humanitarian” reasons? Haaaaaaaaa! Right, I thought so.

            • You’re a funny fucker!

        • Hey Alfred… thanks for answering a question I have always had after seeing your picture so many times.. The answer is YES ( thank you ). The question was “gee, I wonder if he really is as stupid as he looks ? “.

          • now that’s funny…

            • me, i’m worried

        • do you think that U.S troops will fire on their own people? how many military and former military do you personally know?

          • Let em try it.

            If they really think that is a good idea to fire on civilians, then they are going to be in for ONE BIG SURPRISE.

            They may be brain washed mercenaries tricked into fighting to protect the heroin crops in AF, and oil filed in Iraq, but some of us know the truth.

            AND IF you dont think we are there are protecting heroin and oil, then please tell me why you think we are in either of the crap hole countries, wasting billions? WHAT IS THE POINT!!!?

            I AGREE WITH ALFRED, this country has become a war monger infested hive mind. FK WAR, FK KILLING, FK THOSE WHO SUPPORT THAT.

            btw- the truth is starting to flow about the 9/11 tragedy. Experst are finally speaking out about how IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE for the tower to be imploded like they were by simple jet fuel. Jet fule does not burn hot enough to melt steel. Look up thefacts. it is pathetic they did this to rally America behind invading AF and Iraq.

            • But we started bombing Libya (and all the others) to PROTECT CIVILIANS! We must kill them in order to save them.

            • They did that to make money – owner of 2 towers took out a 3.5 billon dollar insurance policy2 wks before 911 not to mention insiders who knew it was happening – made tons of money betting on futures – and buildings arent designed to implode without charges being set – If thats not enough bush has oil BP and owns a miltary weapons manufacture so of course he raked in – why didnt the plane hit the pentagon – no way to do it without causing alot of damage – and where oh where is any of the passenger lists for the 3 planes???

          • I used to think the same thing until I learned that a very large percentage of our military are not even US citizens. Do you think that portion has the same repulsion of firing on Americans that you do?

        • Wow, let me guess that you enjoyed reading the Protocols of Zion, Turner Diaries and the like. “AIPAC’s troops”, yup, the evil Jooooos run the world, run the media and own everything. The moslems/OPEC etc are really just fronts for the Jooos who also really run the House of Saud.

          Wow. Let me guess, a Jewish kid beat you in 3rd grade or stole your girlfriend in high school!

          • “Never in her history has Israel had the luxury of having five hundred thousand foreigners fight her wars for her, until now.”
            — Abba Eban, Israeli Foreign Minister 1966-1974, on Operation Desert Storm, 1991

            “The Israeli flag is proudly displayed above the Sacred Ark alongside the American flag… [in an orthodox synagogue in Georgetown, Washington DC. The entrance fee to the synagogue is $1000 for a single holiday]. On each Sabbath the prayers include the benediction for the Israeli Jewish soldiers and the prayer for the welfare of the Israeli government and its officials. Many Jewish American Administration officials pray there. They not only don’t try to conceal their religious affiliation, but go to great lengths to demonstrate their Judaism since it may help their careers greatly. The enormous Jewish influence in Washington is not limited to the government. In the Washington media, a very significant part of the most important personages and of the presenters of the most popular programs on the TV are warm Jews…and let us not forget, in this context, the Jewish predominance in the Washington academic institutions.”
            — Avinoam Bar-Yosef, Israeli Journalist, in Ma’riv, September 2, 1994

            “The US administration does not want to say how it perceives us, but we are lucky there is such a large Jewish lobby there that maintains support for us. Everyone wants to come out all right with the Jews because no one wants to be accused of anti-Semitism.”
            — Shulamit Aloni, Former leader of the Israeli Meretz Party, in an interview with on the occasion of her eighty-first birthday, November 29, 2009

            “Israel controls the US Senate. The Senate is subservient, much too much. We should be more concerned about US interests rather than doing the bidding of Israel. The great majority of the Senate of the US – somewhere around eighty percent – is completely in support of Israel. Anything Israel wants, Israel gets. This has been demonstrated time and again, and this has made [foreign policy] difficult for our government.”
            — Senator J. William Fulbright (D-AR), CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” April 15, 1973

            “Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I’ll tell you what I think the real threat is and actually has been since 1990 – it’s the threat against Israel… and this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don’t care deeply about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American government doesn’t want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell.”
            — Philip Zelikow, Israeli-American dual-citizen, Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission. Speech at the University of Virginia on September 10, 2002, quoted in “Iraq was invaded ‘to protect Israel:’ US Official,” Asian Times, February 15, 2005

            “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”
            — Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud Party leader and Prime Minister of Israel, after visiting jailed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, to a group of American Jewish supporters. Overheard by a CIA agent and quoted in “The Wayne Madsen Report,” September 21, 2005

      10. This massive troop movement hoopla is so hodie. Fort Irwin (Army) and 29 palms MCAGCC (Marine) in southern California are the main desert warfare training centers in the states. Fort Hood alone comes in here with as many as 500 DODX flats loaded with everything they have. For crying out loud. The pictures shows equipment movements not troop movements. BNSF moves primarily across the southern United States and UP moves through Rock Springs Wyo. to come south. My guess would be if you start seeing foreign equipment on DODX flats, that might be a cause for concern but in all of those pictures its all US equipment.

        • Completly agree. As for the east coast “troop movements”, does Joyce Riley understand that New Jersey is between the middle east and Fort Drum, NY? There is a huge equipment draw down happening right now, and for the forseeable future. When the fear mongers (Power Hour, Alex Joke, etc…) start listing bumper numbers I’ll start paying attention!

        • From my understanding there is a group in our military called F.E.A.R. that has already plotted obamas overthrow and several of there mbrs have been caught – Dont think the president wont have russians flown in at a moments notice if he feels our military wont back him – russians would have no issue with shooting us – somethings got to give all germany british and american ebassys are being attacked or going to be – and now 2 bomb threats at 2 seperate colleges — but no nothings going on – just stick u head back in the sand – While the real Americans stand up and fight

      11. Every year these reports start rolling in in June and July lets not do this again. June thru September are the biggest training months for the National Guard and Reserves. Its also a time when all the Midshipmen and Cadets from all the service academies get to play war.

        For the most part they are just weekend warriors, that’s it.

      12. To all who say, “Don’t worry,” I hope you’re right. I’m trusting you. Don’t get me killed.

        • You got that right! It starts in the public schools where boys are taught not to fight back, breeding generations of wimps and passive males.

          How many kids fought back at Virginia Tech? How many kids fought back in Norway? As far as I know none did. Why? Because they’ve been raised not to fight. They’ve been taught at 13 years of public school that they will get in big trouble if they fight back. So, they don’t do it.

          Stupid bleeding heart liberals!

        • I just read that article, and while it did identify some real problems in today’s society, it attributed them to the typical “corporations, Republicans, rich people, and religion” that the leftists always blame everything on; while glorifying “democracy” and “community organizers.” It even came down on parents for wanting to assert control over their children, and depicted kids having parties while the parents were out of town as a good thing.

      13. And you wonder why Iran wants nuclear weapons? A nation MUST be nuclear armed to stand up to the USA’s military might.

        • Really? Last I heard the Taliban is still in existence and our best have been after then for 9.75 years without nuclear weapons on either side. Now I hear we are negotiating with them?

          • Heck, the community organizer is probably sharing a beer and a laugh with them. I wonder how many will be at his big birthday bash?

      14. add to this a long train of 100 or so cars with Hummvees, tankers and flatbed trucks heading south through Wichita, Kansas two days ago. Most were desert tan so probably a ‘normal’ movement but not a common sight at any rate.

      15. Roger that Patriot One. Here in Mesa, AZ, we have a major Boeing facility that builds – black helicopters! These things are constantly sent up for test runs between the plant and an area not too far from the dump. In fact, one crashed a couple weeks ago. Not being flown by military guys, but Boeing employees. I don’t worry about troop movements these days or any other simply because I have a deep and abiding trust of the main body of military personnel. I spent 22 years as one, and it’s amazing how many take that oath as seriously as they do. They do what they’re told until they are told to do something they know is really wrong, especially when it comes to their people. It’s one thing when you’re dealing with Afghanis’ who are trying to kill you, or Iraquis, or whatever other brand of enemy they are confronted with, but the line gets drawn when it comes to the American people.

        • Then WHY did National Guard troops participate in, and assist, local law enforment in disarming law-abiding citizens in N.O. after Katrina?

          • For the same reason that National Guard troops participated in the killing of unarmed students at Kent State University: they are weekend warriors, managers and employees of the local Wal-Mart, Arbys, and Safeway who have limited training, are used to taking orders from the “superiors”, and respond to such orders without engaging the gray matter that God so graciously gave each of us. But in defense of those same National Guardsmen in New Orleans, I have read a number of articles which insisted that in most cases, when it came to the disarming of the citizens there, most of them bowed out, refused to do it, and it was the police – those who never meant one word of their oaths to protect and serve the people – who forced the turning over of arms from people who were conditioned to obey the law and submit to the authority granted by a corrupt bureaucracy to those useless slugs. In hindsight, it would have been a perfect opportunity to rid the world, and the N.O. Police Department of some of the dregs of its own “law enforcement” society, but, again, we as a people are subject to conditioning by our various governments, and self defense in most big cities, indeed in many states, is frowned upon and prosecuted. That goes even moreso when one is defending oneself against the aggression and abuse of a “law enforcement” officer.

            • not all police are like N.O.P.D. It’s a shame when media presents cowardice behavior by some police officers and people accept this as “every” officer. Can the same be said for a “militia” nut or former militry personnel who does something stupid? I can personally cite several incidents in my local of a former soldier/Marine exhibiting heinous behavior, should I then not trust either? I grew up in Michigan and knew several “militia” idiots, should I say all militia are the same? Answer to both is no. Are there bad apples, yes, but let’s avoid the “black helicopters” wingnut talk.

          • Because it was to early in the “game” for people to figure out. National Guard members and Law enforcement hadn’t woken up at that stage. When the SHTF though …… They’ll be split. Some will keep there oath out of Loyalty and others will side with there families and “do what’s really patriotic”

        • Agreed Excalibur. I also agree with you RightWingMom Yes they did disarm law abiding citizens, but it doesn’t make it right.

          To be quite honest they made mistakes during Katrina and if I remember the video, the home owners were released once identified as the home owners. New Orleans was a mess, most home owners evacuated so it was logical to check everyone who stayed considering all the looting that went on.

          • Citizens were released but most, as of today, have not had their firearms returned to them. It could be argued that looting could have been significantly reduced had those law-abiding citizens been allowed to legally protect their properties. How many had their OWN homes looted after the police seized their weapons and hauled them away? I’m reminded of the Korean shop owners who stood on their rooftops warding off looters and gang members during the L.A. riots…sucessfully! It is never acceptable to infringe on an American citizens 2nd Amendment right.

            I have the utmost respect for our military and National Guard. However, your assertion that they were ignorant weekend warriors is part of the problem. Ignorance of the Constitutional Rights you have sworn to protect is one reason our nation is being erroded. People no long recognize or understand where the line is in the sand. A military person, policeman or National Guardsmen who does not consider the Constitution his/her ultimate authority should NOT wear the uniform.

            • Well unfortunately our American constitution basically got burned with the coming out of the patriot act – It allows the president full power and stops congress from doing anything – read it

        • well said, Excalibur! It pisses me off when people talk about how our troops will blindly follow orders and shoot anyone. Really, whenever somebody says this, I want to ask how many military personnel they know?

        • BRAVO!!! I keep saying this every time this discussion comes up, but you can’t make those listen who want to

          • That was bravo to excalibur…and mardochee who has also been trying to calm down those prone to over reacting when it comes to U.S. military imposing martial violent law, may be ordered by a jackass like obama but NEVER gonna work, the main reason is the majority if the members of the military would never obey.

            • Willie,
              I have several family members who have served honorably in every branch and in law enforcement. There is a special place in my heart for our men (and women) in who serve and protect us. I truly hope you are correct about refusing orders that go against our Constitution. More to the point, I hope our brave military and law enforcement agencies will NEVER be put in that postition!

              God bless our military, our police, and our Republic!

      16. As my commander in training used to say
        Don’t pack all in too close boys…one grenade will take you all out

      17. I’m not worried at all with our active military. It’s obvious a high percentage of them will go AWOL.
        But I am terrified of Mercenaries or Foreign troops invading the place.

        • As pointed out here several times; won’t they also be outnumbered by our armed civilians and militias?
          Just saying.

        • Don’t worry blacklist. Most of the militia (Armed Americans between the ages of 18 and 60) won’t hesitate to shoot foreign troops if they get out of line. No hesitation here. They set foot on the ground, they’re targets if they have weapons. American troops won’t abandon their oath and neither will the militia.

          Stay away from the major cities. Hell on earth doesn’t even come close to describing what they’ll be like.

          …and remember the 7Gs, a balanced approach.

          • Foreign troops on US soil, that’s a shoot on site in my opinion.

            • If Foreign troops do come in, don’t forget they are heavily armed and well trained. They’d probably have different SOP’s and tactics to what we use. So if you expect them to fight like American trained Military, the you might be in for a surprise. Know you enemy and don’t assume you can kick his ass until you’ve actually kicked it.

          • I have to agree with this in a huge way; having served it’d be harder if our own soldiers came down on us then a foreign combatant….that would make what is necessary far easier for many. When its the kids you trained, or the men you served with coming its got to be a whole lot harder to deal with…fortunately I think the comment about them abandoning their post is a reality. I don’t think most who fear our government realize how dedicated to the “people” our troops really are.

          • It’s not the force that will be our problem, it’s the amount of poisons we put in our bodies and our families! Most of you get what I’m saying. At any time we can be downgraded from a threat to a liability.

      18. Am I the only one who looked to see when the videos were made?????? You might want to check it before you panic.


        • DPS: The cost of milk thing had me curious. Even after I posted I was paying $3.29 a gallon it didn’t look right in print.

          Checked Walmart last night: $2.63 a gallon, so you got hosed my friend. Probably bought your milk at Circle K or Safeway. safeway is always high, Circle K hits their customers for convenience.

          A loaf of wheat sandwhich bread, usually a dollar, is up to $1.20 so that represents 20% over last year.

          Inflation by a thousand cuts.

          • damn DK I shop at the local grocery store United here and bread was 2.30 a loaf. But I buy good bread and the brand name milk, so that might be the differance I just can’t eat or that cheap shyt.

            • DPS: Sure, I know, the better stuff costs more and you can pay over three dollars for a small loaf. I’m just looking at the low end bread as in “bread and circus” 🙂

            • WallMart milk blows.

      19. Always makes me wonder when I do see elevated levels of troop movements. It may just be the summer training exercises, but, still good to keep an eye on them.

        In the past week, there’s been helicopters and C-5’s flying around where I live in a rural area.

        Just sayin’…

      20. ok….here is something. They(u.s. army) are building a training center across from a brewery where i live in the middle of no where. the sign on the construction site says”u.s. army training center”on about 5 acres of ground. now lets look at the facts.
        1. You recieve your training in boot camp then most likely go to a different(BASE)for technical training then get stationed(i know i was in the armed services)
        2. its 25 miles from any major city
        3. it has a parking lot that looks like it could hold a 100 cars but when i go to the website to get more info they say its only going to employee 15 permanent “employees”
        4. location,location,location….the brewery sits on top of one of the largest aquifers in the nation….free water?
        5.there is already an army reserve units nearby one 7 mile north and another 8 miles south(these units have humvees and deuce and halfs on them)
        so the big question is why another one?? and what for??

        • Sounds like the perfect spot for a bar. Sorry, but was the first thing I thought of.

        • You said it yourself CB – the brewery! Can you imagine the number of army guys that put that training center down on their dream sheets? Out the front gate, into the next! Happy days are here again!

        • C&B: Keep an eye out for water trucks. Water is the new gold.

        • Their making beer? What’s the name of that Unit? I think I’m gonna join!!!

      21. Just my personal observation here.
        One of the videos was recorded east of Portland in the Columbia River Gorge. The train was made up of all wheeled wehicles. A large quantity of heavy cargo trucks. Also seen were alot of medic ‘red cross’ vehicles.
        The other video with the Union Pacific engines was pulling different versions of Humvees. But the rest of the flatcars had those eight wheel personnel carriers which are designed to operate on paved roads.
        Yes, this is the time of year the Reserves an N.G. do their training. What has been seen is yours to interpret. To be forwarned is to be forarmed. MT Mike

      22. Not ten minutes ago I saw 3 large black helicopters fly over my house headed in the direction of the airport. I live in Medford Oregon, I have seen F-15’s flying touch and go training at the airport, they are from Kingsly Field Naval over by Klamath Falls, they were training yesterday for the first time in a while, but I have never seen these big flat black unmarked helos before.

      23. well for us here helicopters are a everyday sight. The v22 osprey is made right outside of town and we also have pantex (DOE) another 15 miles from town so this is no big deal for us. But I would like to note that I have seen lots of Military eeqpt. be sent north by private trucking companies and they all have those black suv’s following close by. I also have heard that in Co Springs there is a troop build up around 40,000. This has not been confirmed but i found it interesting.


        • DPS: Gates stated before his departure that he planned to increase the number of boots on the ground across the board

          • Well dk from what I hear they are sure doing it in Colorada Springs.

            • That would make a lot of sense for drone warfare which will increase. These things are not operated in the theater where they are deployed.

      24. Marshall Dillon rode his horse through the marsh to get some mashmallows after declaring martial law. Meanwhile a Martian was martialing his troops to march on Dodge City. Festus marched over to the jail to train the posse in martial arts. Back at the Longbranch, Doc was trying out his latest pick-up line on Miss Kitty. She didn’t go for it…
        “Why, you mealy-mouthed merchant of medieval medicine, march over to the jail and learn the martial arts! Then bring me some of them marshmallows from Marshall Dillon.”
        “Must I march to the Marshall’s martial arts camp?” mused the medical man in a melancholy monotone.
        Later that evening the Martians surrounded the town, their vaporizing weapons at the ready. However, they had mistakenly assumed the cows were in charge and the humans were harmless. No people were hurt in the ruckus but 40 head of prime beef cattle were incinerated. Festus disbaled the Martian leader with a swift kick to the antenna and the Martians retreated.
        The next day’s newspaper headline read: ‘Marshall’s Main Martial Arts Man Massacres Matians in Mad Melee’ A celebratory dinner of well-done barbequed beef ribs was served later. The moral of the story? There isn’t one, I just had lots of extra m’s stuck in the keyboard and needed to get them out.

        • Taggart: I got it! I got it!
          Hedley Lamarr: You do?
          Taggart: We’ll work up a Number 6 on ’em.
          Hedley Lamarr: [frowns] “Number 6”? I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that one.
          Taggart: Well, that’s where we go a-ridin’ into town, a-whompin’ and a-whumpin’ every livin’ thing that moves within an inch of its life. Except the women folks, of course.
          Hedley Lamarr: You spare the women?
          Taggart: Naw, we rape the shit out of them at the Number Six Dance later on.
          Hedley Lamarr: Marvelous!

          • Not funny.

            • No, it isn’t. I thought that was damn funny!
              Kaffee: Do you have an answer to the question, Colonel?
              Col. Jessep: Absolutely. My answer is I don’t have the first damn clue. Maybe he was an early riser and liked to pack in the morning. And maybe he didn’t have any friends. I’m an educated man, but I’m afraid I can’t speak intelligently about the travel habits of William Santiago. What I do know is that he was set to leave the base at 0600. Now, are these the questions I was really called here to answer? Phone calls and foot lockers? Please tell me that you have something more, Lieutenant. These two Marines are on trial for their lives. Please tell me their lawyer hasn’t pinned their hopes to a phone bill.
              It’s a comedy. It pokes fun of “everyone”. You’ve never been to war? Life is gravy after that. But, I don’t mean to offend you JJ.

          • “Mongo only pawn in game of life.”

            There’s some pretty serious stuff here sometimes, but I still think it’s good to laugh every chance we get! Thanks

            • Agreed and appreciated.

            • I’m tired – tired of playing the game.

      25. “The evil Bush/Cheney will start a war with Iran right before the election and declare martial law. There will be no election and Bush will become dictator”

        Left wing nuts in early 2008

        • Sounds exactly like what we’re hearing from the right-wing nuts now, only the fingers are pointing in the opposite direction. Next election, they’ll probably shift again and point the other way once more. The sad reality is that that is the whole idea of the game. You can’t look at the players. You have to look at the fat-cat coaches. The victory they want isn’t over anything on the playing field but instead over the stands. The government has become no more than a front in the Corporate States of America. No red. No blue. Just green. And too many of us insist on remaining colorblind.

      26. As others have pointed out, this is summer training season. Took me over an hour on dial up to be able to post a reply to this fear-mongering article.

        For those who have never been in the military, here is a brief history and some military science background info.

        Most of our military bases were developed in the pre-mechanized age. Infantry and horse-mounted calvary limitted the effective manuever room aka area of operations. With this level of manueverability, 50-100 sq miles was enough. Think about it. You can force march infantry 20 miles, but with a 15-35 kilo basic load (24-72 hour operational period before resupply) the troops would be in no condition to wage an effective assault.

        With mechanization came the ability for spear-heading assaults; a lesson learned from Germany’s WWII blitzkreig tactics (Bush’s shock and awe, Obama’s surge). This alone mandates large training areas. Hence the 2 week annual summer training of reserve, national guard as well as the on-going active duty troops. Pretty hard to find room to train around the national guard armory.

        Now factor in the fact that not all bases have the infrastructure for specialized training and the need to transport troops for training is critical to maintain combat efficiency. With our involvement in the middle east, desert operations and military operations in built up areas (MOBA)aka MOUT (military operations in urban terrain) or whatever it’s callled nowadays demands moving the troops to the available training area.

        Now as we well know, the lion’s share of the defense budget goes to on-going operations in the middle east, the troops must be moved to training by the cheapest method available – convoys and in a few cases by railroad flatcars. Been there, done that beaucoup times.

        From personal experience this has been standard operating procedure since 1969. Every summer in the lower 48 states this occurs. In Alaska, most of the annual training is in January-Febuary timeframe.

        Folks mellow out. Myself? I trust, but verify.

        I trained in the US with foreign troops clear back in 1969 as well as in the 70’s-90’s (3+ decades and only 15 years credited service.) But the largest contingency (only once) was just under company strength (about 150) but most were either individuals or platoon sized elements (28 men).
        20,000 troops trained to combat domestic violence? In 1971, the entire 82nd airborne (12K+) was trained for riot operations and elements were deployed to New Haven and Washington D.C. for riot duty. Ever hear of Kent State? Yah, they screwed the pooch. No training and just a bunch of scared kids with rifles led by a scared kid.

        So let’s look at troop to POW ratios. Initially you will need a guard to POW ratio of 5:1 for containment and control. With segregation and silence, this can be reduced to 15-20:1. Civilians are more compliable so we could probably get by with 50:1 guard to POW ratio. 20,000 troops times 50 = 1 million POW’s. Hmm, a bit on the shy side to control the civilian populace.

        Never forget the old soldiers. If the US military should ever be called to domestic combat operations, they will be constrained by orders, training, UCMJ and the Constitution. Never forget, troops take an oath to “defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic”. The old soldiers? We know the strategy, we know the tactics and we are only constrained by our personal values and the Constitution. Old soldiers can be made really bad enemies.
        We, collectively, need to get out there and live life while we can. Prep daily, but don’t panic. Why are you in a panic about your own training and prepping? Folks this is only a training exercise. The shit hasn’t yet hit the fan. I tend to think that the fan is turned on and someone went to get the bucket of shit. BUT it ain’t happened yet.

        Take a page from an old soldier’s diary. Train for war, but never turn down a weekend pass or leave (vacation.) Everyone needs to know why we train to defend and the only way to know this is by participating in the more enjoyable things in life. Life was meant to be lived.

        • Great explanation overtheedge! It is the millions of veterans like yourself who took the oath that can take our country back. I’ve said this once and I’ll say this again. If the feds try to implement martial law they will fail. The numbers are not there to control the whole nation. If they try to wage war against us they will face mass defection in the military to the people’s side,angry heavily armed veterans,and alot of pissed,armed patriots who will stop them dead in their tracks.

        • Overtheedge,
          Not by a long shot are you “over”. Great rational thinking, and a warning to all the New World Order types who think they can storm this USA. A gun behind every blade of grass (Admiral Yamamoto) contributed by TrueAmericanPatriot above rings true. However, our demise will come from a thousand small cuts from hyper-inflation, manipulation of CPI numbers, dwindling resources because of our propensity to spend fiat money until it is rendered meaningless. Not with a bang, but with a whisper is what I fear. The New World Order will represent the one world government as the world’s salvation, a return to the good ole days. So for all reading overtheedge’s comments, believe them for they are truth. I echo, live life, but watch. Above everything else, Watch and prepare.

          • More government disinformation to throw THE PEOPLE off the scent of Big Brother’s real intentions?!?

        • Actually you are not strictly correct. Whilst it is recognised that the original intention of the Posse Comitatus Act was to prevent firstly, use of US military forces within the US acting as ‘law enforcement’ without the express approval of the Constitution or Congress and secondly, to prevent elements of the National Guard , etc, being used by the Federal authorities for domestic law enforcement this is now in doubt.

          Bush 2 tried to get around the Posse Comitatus Act by enacting legislation that enabled the armed forces to be used for ‘any’ incident – it covered anything. This was repealed but the authority of the Posse Comitatus Act has been eroded as Troops can now be used under the Insurrection Act and also the 3rd Infantry Division has been assigned to duties within the US and can be called up for ’emergencies’ (not clearly defined). This has now formalised domestic use of troops by the Federal authorities via sleight of hand as the argument is that these troops will not be used to ‘execute the laws’ as defined under the Posse Comitatus Act.

          Americans have an endearing belief in the Constitution but I don’t think US citizens are being vigilante enough as a coach and horses is being driven through the constitution and expecting Congress to ‘act’ would be unrealistic in terms of protecting the rights of the citizen.

      27. Every year around August-September there is always “reports’ of troop movements preparing for Martial Law in October or November before the big crash. However the big crash never comes. Personally I do not think there will be a big crash.What we will go through is what the UK went in the 70-80s.Look up “the troubles,” it was a time of serious economic decline,mass economic misery,and civil unrest in the UK. We will have a decade or two of just stagflation. There is no hyperinflation coming and we will recover from it,it will just take a VERY long time to recover.

        Second there is not enough troops to control Continental America sea to shining sea. There is 80 million plus gun owners. Not to mention untold millions of black market guns. How can our government be able to control the entire nation if there is mass chaos? Look at Katrina,the feds failed big time at that disaster.If they contain a disaster in one city what will they do if cities with 500,000 plus population go into chaos? If Martial law is announced they will TRY to contain things but the country is too big and the population too large to control. The logistics would be nightmarish. And if the pick and choose different locations to control then that would make things worse. It will be the citizen militias that will bring order and keep the nation together. If we face a massive crisis the government will be overwhelmed very quickly.

      28. OK, I watched the videos and if the trains are going to Yermo, there is a Marine Corp annex (supply) station in Yermo/Barstow. There is also Ft Irwin there, and that is the NTC (National Training Center) for every military unit. I was the NCOIC of OPFOR (Opposing Forces) air in 88, and that is normal traffic going to Yermo. From Yermo, Nasty Girl (National Guard) units and units from all over the country unload their vehicles from the rail cars and drive into Ft Irwin from Yermo on Ft Irwin Road off of the I-15. So these troop movements are nothing out of the ordinary, especially during summer months when reservists and NG units are on their two week manouvers.

        What is funny is that there seems to be some smoke/steam coming from several dormant volcanos out in the Mojave Desert, and if there is FEMA running around Yermo/Barstow, then that is what is alarming. That is not normal movement for a rotation through Ft Irwin (A rotation for units is usually two to three weeks in the field at Ft Irwin fighting the OPFOR).

        So, I wouldn’t worry about military units heading to the NTC, but I would worry about reports of dormant volcanos starting to wake up.

        Sorry guys, I don’t see a big story on the surface.

        • 7 inactive volcanoes are acting out in California and says Dutchsinse yesterday.

        • Yellowstone, when it blows, will take out about 2-4 million square miles. Don’t breathe the ash and get it off your roof as quickly as possible.

      29. You guys are overreacting, these are just standard military exercises. This similar to last November when Obama brought a huge Naval fleet with him to India and everyone panicked and freaked out here.

      30. Dow Ends 8-Day Slide With 29-Point Gain. Oh YEA! We are saved…

        • You have a gift. Check my posting time.

      31. I’m not buying into the hype unless someone can show that there are definitely more troop movements now than 1 or 2 years ago.

      32. I drive a lot for my job here in Massachusetts and I am seeing Black helicopters flying real low over the cities. I was wondering if they are doing advance recon in preparation for something. Time will tell and I think not too far in the future

        • Ky Mom…are you a prepper?? I’m in Ky.

          • Well, of course! I assumed everyone here was too!

            • Now that was funny!

        • But he’s apologized to the world so the UN can come and save us all now……( please note sarcasm)

        • Beer summit

          • One out of $2 trillion isn’t a full sad sac of sandbagging cement.

            • Depends on if you’re playing Spades or Hearts!

          • Only if it is at Smokin Okie’s place, LOL

      33. What is going to happen when the uninformed loose everything?
        No welfare, Social Seurity, or pay checks coming from the Government.
        The US gets down rated from AAA to AA or less..

        People will be on the streets; They lost everything and have nothing else to loose.

        The government knows this and have prepositioned equipment for mass rioting. They might claim it is in preparation for a natural disaster.

        I have heard stories of the military going on alert for various events even thought there is little chance of the event happening.

        Notice your local National Guard units. They all have armored vehicles now.

        They are getting ready for social unrest and trying to keep it quiet…

        There are stories that both the military and law enforcement are getting allot of training for civil unrest in the US, but are not being told the training is for the US, but when they have the golden arches and ranch style homes for the training grounds you can see what is going on..

      34. These convoys are going to NTC (national training center) I just left there about 6 months ago. As far as 20,000 troops trained to openly take on the american people…that one is new to me. If we were ever commanded to fight our own people I assume 90% of the force would go home. Where in the world did you get information that suggests 20,000 troops were trained to take on the american people?

      35. Didn’t we have this same conversation with the same complimentary footage this time last year?

        • …and the year before. …and the year before that.

      36. Every summer this comes up. Troops move all the time. Some more. Some less. There is nothing really unusual about this.

        Face it, we’re blasting at shadows because we’ve been poked and prodded and teased and laughed at over and over and over and over.

        I’m not saying we should disregard it all. I’m saying we need to stop going crazy over an extra humvee or a trainload of tanks. Don’t disregard but keep an eye out.

        The problem with most people is that they either have “normalcy bias” so bad that it wouldn’t matter if it was wall to wall tanks and humvees with UN logos, they’d never see anything wrong with it *OR* if they see a single humvee drive through town they think its MARTIAL LAW and TOTAL COLLAPSE!!! Moderation. We need balance and moderation. Otherwise you’re either a sheep of a fool.

        Look, keep an eye on the troop movements. It could mean something, but, don’t bug out just because of a bunch of military hardware.

      37. Also, what’s wrong with the military/government training and assessing scenarios and such? It’s like saying someone who works out and trains in martial arts is looking for a fight.

        The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t hurt to be as prepped and ready as you can be. Same goes with the military and government.

      38. Too many girly men here. Black helicopters. Ever see a pink helicopter? All military choppers are painted to fit their area of ops. If you get scared when you see a helicopter WTF do you do when you see a tank? I suggest you always travel with an ample supply of toilet paper.

        • Granny, you are precious.

        • Granny:

          I’m with you on issue it’s BS! The only troop movement I have ever been concerned about is taking a crap in some other poor fu-kers fox hole. Witch was back in Camp Gieger, NC during (SOI) school of Infantry. 🙂

        • You’re right Granny. They paint them to fit in with the area of operation. They only fly the pink ones over san francisco. And one week a year at disney world. I thought the mauve colored tanks were a bit tacky, though.

      39. Intelhub has a dooms day every day. It gets rather old after a while. The super congress is a concern though. Troop movement…haven’t seen any up here an I’m not far from a few forts.

        • woah… that guy is one serious prepper.

        • I am more concerned with William and Kate.

          • Me too,

            The champagne was spoiled and the caviar smelly.
            To say nothing of the shity vacations in some island 🙂

            If you decide to have some charity, please post the bank account to send them some money.

            Good morning

      40. LMAO…More paranoia and hysteria over NOTHING! IT IS SUMMER TRAINING SEASON for NG and Reserve units across the nation, and the way many of these units transport their equipment to those training areas is via rail. Also, it is a VERY common practice for regular mil to use rail to relocate equipment after it returns from overseas. LOL

        I served over 30 years, and the rail lines near and between various posts/bases get lots of traffic like this.

        GET REAL!

      41. In the event of an economic collapse the military would not be paid. Maybe their loyalty could be bought with food and resources for the military members and their families. Personally I see logistical kayos with bribery and graft taking over any plans of “mice and men”.

        I don’t think the resources are available to govern by force 300+ million people. A couple of food riots in a few cities would in and of itself be huge. A Kent State or Boston Massacre would no doubt happen and could not be effectively hid from the body politic.

        The greatest concern would be desperate people doing desperate things.

      42. Yeah, this is normal rail operations for moving military vehicles. Except they didn’t pad the windshield with cardboard like we used to do. We used to take weeks to load up all the flatbeds when 10th Mtn went down to Ft. Bragg for operations. No conspiracy here.

      43. ….but because it is a usual thing this time of year its well to keep an eye out,if youre up to no good the best place to hide it is right out in the open under peoples noses?

      44. I’d like to see them recruit and arm the TSA crotch grabbers and put them on the streets of Houston for mob control if the SHTF. My guess is that they would last less than 10 minutes.

        • “TSA crotch grabbers”


      45. if you want to see trouble with the troops…see what happens when they don’t get paid,their rations get cut, and their mail becomes heavily censored or withheld. modern day troops are nothing like we have had in the past..yeah, they take an oath to protect and defend and to take orders without question from the commander in chief…and contrary to popular belief, the troops get the news and have a pretty good idea of what is going on.

        • Most of today’s military are poor kids from poor/depressed parts of the country. Most of the country today. The local Acme Widgets Corp. has long since been moved to China and, unless your daddy owns a local business, there just aren’t any jobs available. So any branch of the military that will have them is a way out of their poverty and desperation.

          In the depression years of the 30’s, “three hots and a cot” was considered a pretty good deal. The military had so many recruits that they had to turn many away.

          Loyalty??? Give me a break!!! Look what happened in Vietnam. If Lieutenant Dipstick was too aggressive while out leading patrols; he got a grenade tossed into his hooch some night. Bye bye Dipstick!

          I really wanted to see the government default and try to tell the military that they weren’t going to get paid on time. “No money to support the wife and kids back in the ‘World’?” “NO PATROL ASSHOLE!!!” “Come talk to us again once we have been paid.”

          It’s gonna get real interesting in this country real quick once the S really HTF!. UN Peace Keeping Troops from Mongolia? Those pretty blue helmets really do stand out!

          • MadMarkie—I’m with you…you know, that bad flu/virus bug going around hit the entire ‘regiment’, ‘platoon’, ‘camp’??? Or whatever you call them??

            How convenient or un???

          • I do income taxes for several military families and THE DID NOT GET PAID ON TIME!!! when Obummer and his Obumminatuion threatened they wouldn’t get paid if the budget (that was 6 months late) get passed.

            These men and women only received ONE WEEK of pay instead of their normal 2. Took them until the next pay cycle to get what was owed them.

            One good thing about this is they are ALL pi$$ed at Obummer now…

      46. Greetings everyone!
        Not really my strong point,but I do believe some-thing’s up
        with the mil. movements.It’s not the SIZE of the movements but the shear Volume of such troop movements that is the cause for concern.I can remember during Viet Nam(that so very FUBAR moment for the U.S.)seeing troops,tanks and cannon being moved as a group across the country.Seemed rather small compared to what we are seeing now.I got a “confirmed” on this from some of my PGOLMOAS (Personal Group of Like Minded Odds And Sods)around the country(none of them from this little group).Given how much that Obama has acted like a Republican(i.E. book-licker to the UBER-RICH) all bets are off.
        No telling what “false flag” actions might be in the works.At least we get to see our tax dollars at work on the roads!!!
        Best to All

        • They know that perception is everything. So they change the stupid name. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s an exclusive ‘hand-picked’ group who will likely operate behind closed doors and add another level of elitism to an already out of control system. We shouldn’t need a “special panel” Why the Hell do we need the REGULAR Congress anymore?

      47. There’s been talk that if there are problems in the U.S. we could expect troops from Mexico and Canada to come in and “help”. They would be less reluctant to fire on U.S. citizens.

        • I would probably be “less reluctant” to fire on them than I would on US troops. That door swings both ways!

        • That would make things worst. The military and the armed American patriot will not like the idea of having foreign troops in the nation. So they will crush them. Plus Mexico cannot even stop a bunch of drug cartels in their own nation. There are sections of Mexico under cartel control. If they cannot stop those crooks. Imagine them fighting veterans,defected soldiers,arm,ed patriots heavily armed and untied. It will make Vietnam look like a water gun fight. Canada’s military is very small and would face trouble controlling Montana. So no there will be no foreign troops in Mexico and Canada. They would get slaughtered.

      48. Celente- “The collapse of 2010”

        Schiff– “Gold at $5000.00 by end of year”

        LATOC– “This gulf oil spill will destroy life as we know it”

        Ruppert– ” We have until July”

        When do these guys come out and stand before the media and admit they were full of shit? Come on guys, be stand up or you lose all crediblity!!!

        • yea so there timing is off by a couple years so what?
          i guess u must be one of those guys that is in bed with obama, his jobless recoveries and great changes he’s brought for the united states like he promised in his inauguration speech…
          what joke that guy is, the first thing he does when he’s in power is bailout the banks and still alow the banksters have their bonuses and fat salaries all at the cost of the american people while the mindless masses are all singing obama’s praise dancing in the street because Obama won the election let alone the fact the guy takes elaborate luxurious trips, goes golfing all the time while America’s facing the biggest crisis in its history. PERIOD!!!!!

      49. If this does not wake everyone up pertaining to this so called council of 13, then you truly do not care about America. This is a clear blantant dictatorship at it’s finest, right along with the 10 governors of the fema regions. This elite regime is going to bleed what is left of this country dry and don’t think for one second they haven’t forgotten about the U.N. agenda of gun control. Stay vigilant and always have situational awareness of your surroundings.

        • Hey, a great start to limited gubermint!!!!
          And great help for that budget deficit. Whew–that was a close one!!

      50. Iran…when Israel goes on the warpath the US will be right behind them….George Washington said no alliances…we don’t listen very well..

      51. Stan: About the time that Obama stands before the public and admits that his “community action” has destroyed Amerika. About the time Barney Frank stops spitting all over the microphone long enough to admit he is largely responsible for the housing crash. About the time GWB puts together an English sentence admitting he screwed up both the reaction to 9/11 and the economy. About the time Nancy Pelosi reverses all of her plastic surgery and admits she is simply an evil witch. About the time Harry Reid buys his soul back from Satan and admits his entire political career has been prostitution by another name. . .

      52. I have to agree with the comments over summer being the usual training periods for troops. The thing that gets me is the members of the military should remember they took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Question is – when the sh*t does hit the fan, which side will they be on?

      53. The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win – and cheat if necessary.

        Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets. You may get killed with your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, cause it’s going to be empty.

        If you’re not shooting’, you should be loading’. If you’re not loading’, you should be moving’, if you’re not moving’, someone’s going to cut your head off and put it on a stick.

        When you reload in low light encounters, don’t put your flashlight in your back pocket.. If you light yourself up, you’ll look like an angel … and you’re going to be one of ’em pretty soon.

        Do something. It may be wrong, but do something.

        Shoot what’s available, as long as it’s available, until something else becomes available.

        Don’t shoot fast, unless you’re also shoot good.

        You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or use any other word you think will work, but I’ve found that a large bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much the universal language.

        You have the rest of your life, .. to solve your problems. How long you live depends on how well you do it.

        You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.

      54. A little fear mongering of your own?

      55. Now this article is even being reported on some MSM. I can’t think of a faster way to lose credibility. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many people who have never been in the military, don’t have relatives or friends in the military, or don’t know anything about the military. Unless you learn about the military and understand how it operates you will have nuetralized yourself, and become totally ineffective in the near future unrest.

      56. if that was directed at me, it what ever you like.

      57. Mexico!

      58. If you can’t EAT it, DRINK it, SHOOT it, SMOKE it, GET HIGH on it, or FUCK it, LEAVE IT BEHIND!

      59. First time the individual with the food charges you 1 Oz of Gold for a cup of sugar, you’ll see what I mean.

      60. My best guess. Either Israel had told the U.S. that it intends to attack Iran on such and such a date starting a regional mideast war that the U.S. will get dragged into or the dollar is about to crash and burn. Either way were done for.

      61. Dow is down only 360. So good so far…

      62. Greeting Again!
        Isn’t it just great?The upper-middle class is getting as Napoleon said: “A whiff of grapeshot” in Wall Street.I’m thinking that Finally the Emperor’s new clothes are being seen for what they are.”funny numbers” abound everywhere.The Supreme Court decided that a CEO can put a spin on the financial condition(I.E. Lie thru his teeth!)w\o punishment or recourse.Only the Board of Directors of a company can be held accountable for “misstating or misleading” the facts about how a company is doing.Lying is in,the fix is in and those in charge pay themselves fat “retirement incentives” as the company fails and people lose their jobs.
        Thanx a lot Congress!! Brought to us by GWB and B.O. and their henchmen.
        Just s aside, who wants to bet the Dow goes well south of 10,000 before years end.
        just a passing thought or two.
        Where’s Mushroom when we need those crisp $10 notes?

      63. In the last week there have been two large military moves on frieght trains through the Houston area that I have seen. I work for the RR. I have not seen these size moves since the lead up to Iraq in ’02-’03.

      64. Oh and BTW, discussing military moves will bring the heat down on you.

      65. Patriots will appreciate this info. It labels specific problems. It offers proof to train sheeple on how we’ve been betrayed (Our government is hacked & hijacked & no longer serves The People). It asks every one to consider a potential answer & safety in numbers. It accomplishes educating a large majority (with enough info) so quickly the government can’t stop it.

        HERE YOU’LL FIND 10 YEARS of CONDENSED research & reference notes posted on 2 WEB PAGES:


        AFTER seeing the problems on the above pages Please see these videos to realize the cumulative effect:
        A) “The Story of Your Enslavement”

        B) Are we smarter than Tiny Dots?

        There is a flyer showing people how to find this info:
        . . . . After handing out over 12,000 flyers I have perfected the flyer till 90% take it home.

        I have all this info on a Hard Drive. I wish to travel the country and make a 13 minute speech. Then show the videos to willing audiences at civic events, colleges and any other way to effect mass education on many facts which prove we are in ground zero of “Eugenics” perpetrated upon us all and we have the opportunity to stop it.

        I am ready to travel and have all the audio visual to do large events.
        AT EACH EVENT.
        — Attendees to copy the info.
        — Attendees to put their own events on.
        — Attendees pledge to put it on Public Access TV Like I do.

        If we had a small minority of a few thousand people per state using the above info we could amass a group so large the government couldn’t stop. I’m speaking of no less than 100 million in just a few months if some one allowed me the ability to present it “my way”. The only other hope we have is God personally stepping in. “Till then I seek to protect our safety in numbers. This is a sure path to “POSITIVE” change.

        If we can all agree with this info we can be successful in seeking safety in numbers. Please share with others!

        [email protected]

      66. It just amazes me that any of you on this can spell, form a sentence or use a computer because you sure can’t use your heads. Diet–de–deee

      67. Just weekend warriors going out to dig foxholes, get rained on, screw up the plans (hurry up and wait while thumbs get removed from butts) eat some MRE’s, do a road march and go home.

      68. Paaaa…leeezzzz!

        This is obviously just a movement of vehicles to a different military base so the air in the tires can be checked by a newly formed company owned by the son of the Generals’ favorite CEO who’s giving him a high position in the company when he ‘retires’!

        BTW the military should go to my web-site, let’s see if they go hmmm? this will help soldiers heal faster!

        Do the upper brass care about the foot soldiers?

        But I am the most upper of the upper brass possible, I should know…

        Yeah, but though you walk in the shadow of the valley of death everyone else has their eyes closed.


      69. I hated those days. It was only one weekend a month but that one month always proved to be an extra pain in the ass in some way, shape or form.

        When a young person asks, well, I tell’em all about it.
        (It was the greatest time of my life, LOVED It, you ought to go join!!! 🙂

      70. DOW down 134. So, how’s that working out for you.

      71. Just passed a convoy heading down from Mt. Weather on Rt. 7 near Winchester VA

      72. The pictures look like the same as from the last post of troop movement. Seems the west cost has more convoys than the rest of the country.I live near 2 military base hear in SC.Friends and family in the guard and no orders to deploy.Dont think anything going to happen this week but you never know.

      73. during the course of this week(august 1st-4th) here in virginia i have seen 3 convoys of military personnel plus vehicles. I wondered why the movements were taking place but what really got me wondering what was happening was when i counted no less than 15 fully armed and rolling bradley vehicles traveling on rt 17 on thursday. these vehicles were not heading to a transportation site which i am aware of if they were being prepared for a departure.I checked my sources and they said that no training exercises were being held that they were aware of at that time nor in the direction they were going,which was to the west not east if they were going to be loaded for departure to a theatre in the middle east

      74. All of you are insane.

      75. Do be careful J Taylor who you call “insane”.Your in the same padded cell talking to everyone else here.Guess you’re JUST LIKE US!!!
        Have a really,really NICE day

      76. i wish the enemies of liberty, Good Luck

        for they will have need of it

      77. Well, let us just hope there is one patriot left on a boomer sub that will launch on Israel.

      78. i think it is much to do about nothing… when i was in the army and station at ft benning ga, We use to transport the ranger students to northern ga so they could get their Mountain training .. have one of these people seen our convoy who knows what they would have believed…

        Besides i trust the military far more than i trust most police depts

      79. “Choppers spotted over Boston in military drills”

        BOSTON, Mass. — Military helicopters weaved above and between buildings on Wednesday night as part of a test, but their presence caught some people off guard.

        The joint federal military training exercise prompted many in Boston’s North End to question what was happening.

        “When it was coming over Commercial Street, you couldn’t see anything right above you,” said Shea Coakley. “Which I suppose is what they’re designed for.”

        The Mayor’s office released an alert on July 25 , announcing that the urban training would occur in the Greater Boston area between July 26 and Aug. 5. But many Boston residents were unaware.

        “We did put out public notices through the media and sometimes some folks don’t get those public notices,” Mayor Menino said. “But I apologize for that. My job is to make this the safest city in America and the Navy SEALs are part of that operation.”

        Military trainings are needed to prepare crews — set to be deployed overseas or receive mandatory certification — for urban environments, according to the Mayor’s office.

        At one point, a glowing object was seen dropped from a helicopter. It was one of many mysteries families in Boston were left wondering about.

        “We saw just the one helicopter at first and then we saw another one flying around…No idea what was going on — landing on top of the buildings. Myself and my fiancé were pretty freaked out,” said Coakley.

        The training is scheduled to continue through Friday, but the location was not disclosed.

        View Video:

      80. Yeah but where is AIPAC now to help America. Or do they just want the sum dum goys to perish now?

      81. I photographed a train with HUNDREDS of armored personnel carriers that rolled through Evergreen Alabama in early July. Each vehicle had a gun turret on top.

        There were 2 APCs facing front to back on literally HUNDREDS of flat bed rail cars. The train these were on normally carry regular rail cars, shipping containers that ultimately go onto ocean bound ships, and chemicals. This mid-day train had 3 engines, the flat rail cars and NO caboose (which this mid-day train normally has).

        There were so many APCs that I was sitting at the crossing with my mouth hanging open and was only able to snap a quick picture as the last car was going by.

        Because of the increase in violence I just renewed my concealed carry permit, one I had not renewed since 2006. My children have never fired a weapon in their lives, they are 17 and 19, and I am teaching them how to fire my pistol – that I keep hollow points in.

        What’s scary is I do taxes for a major income tax prep company and the entitlement mentality is mind boggling. Since Obummer has been in office the number of children allowed to be on an Earned Income Credit form went up from 2 to 3; and the child tax credit thresh hold was decreased from $8000 to $3000, meaning someone would only have to make $3000 before the $1000 refundable credit would kick in instead of the $8000 that was originally set up. A woman who had 3 kids under 17 (the limit for child tax credit) who made $18,000 walks out with a $9000 “refund”!!!!! All this is is a way for the Democrats to buy votes…..Also, the government continues to give more welfare benefits for those who have never worked but are welfare prostitutes as they pop out baby after baby like popcorn. These welfare prostitutes care NOTHING for their children except as a way to get more benefits. These children are not taught the value of working or earning anything since the government buys everything for them. THIS IS THE REASON THERE ARE SO MANY MINORITIES IN PRISON OR DEAD.

        We MUST stand up for what is right in this country! IF a single white mob had done what these black “youths” had done Eric Holder would call out the National Guard to have every single white person arrested.

        As our government will HAVE to stop benefits at some point since this unending spending can’t be sustained, you and your family better be prepared to protect you and yours. Luckily for my family we live in the country so we don’t have to worry as much as those of you in the cities. Better stock up on food, guns and ammo because race riots will continue to spread…

      82. WAR is all about big business. Its profitable. Somebody has to make the tanks and planes and ships and munitions. Also, it is always the same companies that get the contracts to build all these weapons. Companies that our congressmen have stock in. When we are at war, our gov’t. makes money but we pay for it all and increase the debt.

      83. hey everyone my son is in the military in oregon..
        thier is 2 week of national guard training going on out in the bend area. From blowing up tanks ect. This yearly training is maditory for all our boys so ur gonna see alot of boys and thier toys moving across oregon.. pray our boys come home from war please and keep those eyes peeled.

      84. Hey, whoever said we are at war with blacks, you are wrong. Would you just kill me because I’m black. Three generations of my family are military. They love this country. Please check out a person before you just assume they are not on your side. There are people from every color group who love our country. I have medical training, I might be the one to save your life. Talk to be before you shoot me. Please don’t just judge me by the color of my skin. Don’t let the system do this to us. We must stick together. We who want to see the country we love come back one day. Let us not loose our common sense.

      85. I have fought in three differant countrys and most people don’t know what is coming. Our troops have familys
        and they will kick in for the people. I have talked to some of the people I serve with and they all say the same thing, they won’t kill Americans. I have been storeing food and a lot of other things. You will have to remmber that there will be no email. We all need to pray and some need to learn to servive. When people are hungry they will do anything to feed there familys. If you stock pile don’t advertize. God help us because our polititions have already set there self up in there millon dollar shelters, the ones we paid for. A MARINE!

      86. Quote:
        ‘How do we fight this?
        Make sure you are well stocked up on Bibles’

        Outstanding. Brilliant. Given the choice between food, water, weapons and bibles, all sensible people would go for the bibles every time. Of course they would. You idiot. WHAT FUCKING USE IS A PILE OF BIBLES? Except to keep you warm and boil water…

      87. Hi,

        I am an upstart businessman, and have been running a startup online marketing company for over a year and half. It’s been doing pretty well, we have momentum and are optimistic about the future.

        Until we saw the macro numbers the last two weeks…

        The macro economic information I am seeing seems horrendous. Worse than pre-great depression numbers apparently. Because at the time, they did not have this many bubbles or this much currency destruction. The Fed was definitely around at that time… inflating, but obviously the sizes of the bubbles at the time were still smaller on an inflation-adjusted level. We just popped a financial services bubble largely inflated by 50 trillion in funny money exotic derivatives in the mortgage industry 3 years ago?!?!

        I am noticing now we have a tech bubble (linkedin is valued at 8 billion dollars?!?!), a student loan bubble (I and many of my friends have six figure debts), sovereign debt bubbles (AA+ USA!), as well as an apparent commodity bubble (Gold $1,800).

        Is anyone out there noticing elites, selling off their assets and/or leaving the country? Does anyone know any ultra-rich people that have an inside scoop as to what other members of the ‘ruling’ class are doing? You may know them if you are in LA, NYC or DC…

        I have a suspicion that they are liquidating their assets because they have a better idea of what is really going on than we do. Is there some sort of large military action about to take place? I can see that the stock market when viewed from 1972 on is showing a multi-decade head and shoulders pattern that is absolutely terrifying.

        I would love to know if you have any information as to what the uber-rich of LA are doing, and if any of it indicates an impeding disaster.

      88. Is their a not pattern of abuse here that those being recruited for the sandboxes of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Libya should be exposed too prior to signing up for military duty?

        Look into 911, the preemptive wars in South Asia, Abu Ghraib, Tillman, and Seal Team Six also. Be aware! and /22.html

        Please forward to interested parties.

        [email protected]

      89. I had anticipated that “W” was going to declare marshall law and suspend his last election: effectively seizing control of the country: a political/military coup.

        The danger of declaring marshall law by Obama and the Super Congress is absolutely real and Constitutional: the President given authority to do so at his will.

        The level of criminality which is endemic in
        Washington is so far gone that as the normally silent majority becomes aware, revolution will break out….I personally believe it already has in small ways.

        The jargon of the debt crisis, the looting of the
        Treasury by Geitner, the theft of people’s homes, the enrichment of the elite at the expense of the populace cannot be covered over indefinitely by printing money and borrowing: it’s simply not sustainable.

        The flash point is upon us.

        I do not doubt the validity of these troop movements and I do not doubt that the real possibility exists that these troops will be used against the people.

        In history, the critical issue is WILL the soliders fire on their own people who turn on their leaders? The same with police and other authorities who are actually also at the receiving end of the greatest heist in history.

        If we are not in revolution, we will soon be. There are corporate criminals and greed mongers who have taken control of the government. God help us.

        • yo- J.Goldberg, That is precisely correct. Very Gd. You’ve done yer homework. To Ans.,Yes, of course they’ll fire upon whomever raises any steam. Because there are going to be millions involved with a revolt. And yes it is going to start. And Yes” what your seeing are signs of that. They’re some 12 mil Americans with No work. Everyone has to eat friend. Listen, i could go on, & on..See my comment below & don’t miss it for nothing. The only part about your comment that is, Sorry, Useless friend.,is this, god help us. I’ll say it like this. If there were a god friend he would have already done so. If you feel empty by what i said i, well i cannot help that. It is Truth..Thanks!!!

      90. The mil. will do as instructed. They have fired on civ. in the past ( Kent State, Telsa riot ) to include The War Bond War in D.C. where a Calvary charged was used. To Also burn down tents. A number of real mil. men were involved . Like Maj. George Smith Patton .

      91. Whats all that shit, thats to long to read? Its evelution,so what? Kill someone if you don’t like it!

      92. the army is getting redy for somthing big that was the largest train of army cars and trucks i ever sean.

        • Hi., James S. That’s correct friend. Oh, that’s seen okay? Listen up, My comment is right below yours here. See it and follow the link and, i promise you’ll be blown away by what you see. This thing I’ll call it has been in the making for some 1.356 years. Just stay with the presentation until you see what the U.S. Gov has got us into this time..David J. Thanks!!!

      93. Hi people, Listen, i found out something here that you all should find, Very Interesting Indeed.” This is., TOP SECRET. Now, i may have not told anyone here about this because of what’s been said about those Soldiers being trained by, The Pentagon. Understand this: They weren’t trained by our U.S. Military, but again,The Pentagon. It’s too bad the earthquake didn’t drop the building on their heads. Did i say that? Ha.

        Listen up, I can show anyone who wants to know where these 20.000 troops are Really going and, what their mission is. And too, someone here suggested that 20.000 troops would be but a drop in the bucket for the mission suggested by the Video. And i thought, yeah really. And another commenter said he was Army and hadn’t heard anything about these 20.000 being trained as such. Again, i though that’s very strange Indeed.

        Just wait till you see this. The U.S. government has gotten us into another War friends. There are ships, and all sorts of other fun things, like what you’ve seen in the Video on their way, with 20.000 troops to the Middle East. Yes.” take a look., You’ll be amazed at why and, also the History behind it all. Thanks go here..Per usual, copy & paste address into browser push go..Thanks!!

        • Just an advertisement ……

      94. I have not read through the comment section primarily because I wish not to hear the mall ninja vitriole. Stop handwringing and think. Hiro Hito’s satedpolicy in WWII was hat he was not going to invade the US :homeland” because there was a gun behind every blade of grass. That was 70 years ago – how many high powered firearms are in the hands of the GP now? Stand up!!! They do not have the force to subdue you. They cannot even defeat a 3rd world force in Iraq, Afghan or Libya. Whaddya think they are going to do with 90 million aware and armed patriots here. They can only accomplish hat you are too afraid to let them. Molon Lave.

      95. i hope they attack philidelphia

      96. 666

      97. watching ,, history channel ,, UFO,S ? i seen them , yes it,s safe to say it now ,,,,

      98. turkey increased it’s troop size by 500,000 stating it would help decrease the unemployment figures, china warns usa to keeep out of pakistan, israel ready to instigate another world war (talmudic jews, research them) a lot of strange events happening and where there’s smoke there’s fire !!!!

      99. Id store and hide guns and ammo in a place YOU know only!!! and fast too as U never know what will happen next, it will be quick I assure you. I was in the N Guard a few years back and know they work to change from freedom to fascism. Boycott schools, Walmart, strike, be ready for hell.

      100. As to the question of whether or not US troops will fire on US citizens: A TV program has been aired several times, most recently about a week ago – about how far ‘regular people’ will go when incited to intentionally hurt an unseen person with an electrical shock. It was a psychological study – and the results were unbelieveable. EVEN THOUGH THE ‘VICTIM’ KEPT PLEADING FOR THE ‘SHOCKER’ TO STOP, THE ‘SHOCKER’, WHEN URGED ON BY THE DOCTOR, ACTUALLY KEPT INCREASING THE STRENGTH OF THE SHOCK UNTIL ONE MAN, WHO PLEADED A HEART CONDITION, SEEMED TO ACTUALLY DIE! The ‘shocker’ seemed quite upset after he realized that he must have been responsible for the death of a man he didn’t know, had never seen, and had no actual enmity against. He just did it because someone else egged him on. In other words, it was the deeply-ingrained wish to ‘please’, and the equally ingrained desire to obey authority, that caused the ‘death’ of an innocent. Of the many participants in the study, there was ONLY ONE, a woman, who refused to continue past a certain point. ALL THE OTHERS, MEN AND WOMEN, CONTINUED TO SHOCK THE VICTIM TO THE MAXIMUM VOLTAGE.

        Knowing this, do any of you REALLY thing that our soldiers – most of whom are basically uneducated (other than military needs), have joined the army because it was better than ending up in prison, and offered them a reasonably easy life with free lodging, free meals and a lot of excitement – would hesitate more than 5 seconds when commanded to pull the trigger? Granted, there is a small percentage of good, educated men who sincerely want to help their country and protect the people – but all it takes to over-ride them is the point of a barrel aimed their way.

      101. Cant talk long buts its the start of WW3. Start looking at Russia china Iran alliance and sabre rattling by Russia and China. Why is Iran so smug about nuclear??

        Prepare for thermo nuclear war people. biological etc

      102. Has the fact that the war in Iran is over that the military is putting their toys back where they belong?

      103. I hate to be that guy folks but…. We have just ended the occupation of two countries…..
        Do you think its possible that that might be all of the equipment that was deployed over sea’s and it is coming back?!?!?!?! Or is it too much fun to try and spread fear with half witted accusations? You guys need to get a job and stop these false end of the world NWO B.S. We all laugh at you after your date for the end of the world has past. U.S. Troops are family men and women who would not harm the public in any way. So the hole martial law thing won’t work with out brutal enforcement mussel. It’s not going to happen, and if it does we the people will fight back.

      104. Same videos as last year. Do a bit of research.


      106. Sorry about my spelling error. The word I was attempting to spell was “Spread”.

      107. I need to find a group – any group that is willing to stand for our rights – pls get ahold of me – ex – military and I am ready once again to put my life on the line for my family, friends and even the ones that will just lay down – I have made my pact with God and Im ready to stand for this country like many have done before me – wat would have happened If past vets would have just layed down – we would have been born prisoners if we would have been born at all – it is our duty and obligation to stand for our freedom – you were not born a prisoner dont die one

      108. When the PREZ said troops are coming home he meant it. when our military returns from another country we leave our out dated and broken equipment there. What you are seeing in all these vids is replacement equipment that is to go to our reserve troops as they take the equipment they have with them when they are deployed. so quit spreading rumors about shit you don’t understand.

      109. This is why I have asked the question to american service men and women. You have taken an oath to uphold the constitution and defend the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. If the White House told you to fire on Americans, on which side will you stan and fight.

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