Footage Captured Over Finland Shows A Meteor Turning Night Into Day

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 13 comments

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    Stunning footage from Lapland, Finland has shown an incredible meteor slicing across the night sky.  The meteor was so bright that it lit up the sky with an awe-inspiring and noticeable blast.

    On Thursday, November 16, the incident was caught on camera by several locals. Scientists still don’t know if the meteor hit the ground or if it burned up in the atmosphere, but what was caught on camera is amazing.

    “So tonight whilst I was sat in our cottage, there was a huge bang and the cottage shook violently,” Tony Bateman, who recorded one of the videos and runs the website Aurora Service Tours, said in the video description. “We run a live video stream capturing the night sky for aurora borealis purposes, I immediately think maybe that caught the show? So I rewind the video and sure enough, there it is. Absolute goosebumps at this stage. What. a. night.”

    The footage is actually quite stunning.  The incident is thought to have happened at about 6:40 pm local time in the skies of Inari in Finnish Lapland. The incident was so bright and powerful that there were some reports it was even heard in Norway and Russia.

    “The lights came from all around us, like a massive explosion that lasted for some five or six seconds,” eyewitness Atle Staaleen told the Barents ObserverWhile the event is impressive, meteors are actually not all that rare. Thousands of objects burn up in our atmosphere every year, but many are too small to be noticeable. Others take place over remote, uninhabited areas and are not caught on any recording device.

    But this time, there was more than one camera which recorded this event.

    According to IFL Science, on some occasions, a meteor will streak over a populated area. In the case of this incident, the meteor looks like it either exploded in the air as a bolide or hit Earth as a meteorite. As humans, we are getting better at tracking meteorites, but we’re not perfect yet. The often used example is the Chelyabinsk meteor over Russia in 2013, which went undetected but injured hundreds of people when it exploded.  There is also video footage of that meteor, and it included a very loud blast. 


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        • OK preppers. How to prep against and defend against it???

          • Don’t feed them the data they require.

            Don’t post on social media.

            Do everything on paper that they’ll never access.

            • Ahhhh, I still have a manual typewriter!

            • They’ll scan those papers.

          • Every system has a weakness, find that weakness and exploit.
            These “Swarm Bots” are scary indeed.
            But any system can be defeated.

          • Semi-auto shotgun and goose loads. Lots of friends.

          • Cannot really unless The space weapons that have been deployed can hit it from space.

            If the weapons used are nuclear in nature, then the earth will have to contend with the splinters from that detonation which some could be rather large and cause substantial damage and lost of life.

            Also, the composition of the rock itself would be a factor. Would probably take many nukes.

            If kinetic weapons or a laser type, used, unknown.

            Problem. Early detection. It could come out of no where.

            Nasa has toyed with idea of attaching rocket engines and sails to steer another course. This would require
            a significant amount of warning of an impact.

            Nasa did a test on a asteroid and I think it was the deep impact program and they found that the trailing debris from this rock was pure cyanide. I think it was this test.

            All it would take is an object hitting an asteroid or something passing close and effecting the gravity, change its course.

            Best bet is prayer, for if a rock hits the earth would be a near extinction event depending on its size and size means everything.

            Lets say one was to strike in The Gulf of Mexico.

            Lets say it was traveling 30,000 miles an hour, hit the water, impact the sea floor.

            Water would travel up to the mountains and further and destroying everything in its path.

            Like dropping a stone in a pond and watch the water ripple.

            But, if we were hit by a rock not traveling that that speed then our chances of survival would increase but millions would die.

            I do not believe the world will ever be destroyed by water. God put the rainbow in the sky as a promise.

            If the rock was to hit land, in either case, would throw the world into a nuclear type winter and probably set off all the mega volcanoes like yellow stone.

            Just my opinion but I’ve studied quite a bit on that.

            Yep, prayer best solution.

            But, we will be hit, just when, is unknown.

        • I’d already gotten an email on the drone swarm weapon. My first thoughts too – “how to defeat it?”. Facial recognition is the one point/feature lauded; but, it does not mean it is the only sensor available/active/built-in. Defeating that – FR, masking in some manner may be possible. Same with the list of specifics that are being targeted. The first list is ‘cameras, tactical sensors, facial recognition’. The 2nd, under ‘Target Profile’, lists “age, sex, fitness, uniform, ethnicity”. And earlier in the video the demonstrator stated that it can defeat “pretty much any counter-measure…they cannot be stopped”. Use what is told us for the 1sr 2 listed features – “cameras”, extreme light— bright, UV or IR area flooding, lasers; “tactical sensors” —- ? like what? sound? chemical sniffers? motion detection? – all can be defeated. As they indeed work as a swarm, how to defeat a hive mentality? Ala Crichton’s ‘Prey’ novel – act as a swarm? Confuse the array angular sensing? All possible. The answers to how to defeat an opponent or weapon are always embodied in the capabilities of same.

        • Just curious, about what would have happened, if an audience member held out their hand.

      1. Creepy. The first thing I thought of when I learned of these little drones is that they remind me of the locusts mentioned in Revelation nine verse three. They were told not to hurt the grass or plants or trees but to attack only People.

      2. Not to be pushy, but really think that we all should be paying attention to these reports because their occurrences are on the increase.

        You may say well more people are observing. May so, but I am not a supporter of The Planet X theory saying it, if it exists, will strike the earth but I believe that we stand a better opportunity of a hit from a stray asteroid than ever before.

        For the longest time, changes in the earth did not really make posts or head lines and now it does and it is worth saying that the item a person pays the least attention to is sometimes the one thing that bites a person in the ass.

        2018 is going to be very eventful.

      3. Human history is littered with instances of “unstoppable” weapons that ended up being turned on their masters.

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