Food Security Threat: Goverment Set to Ban Public Fishing, Individual Food Production

by | Mar 10, 2010 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    In yet another example of government overstepping its bounds, the Obama administration is preparing to ban fishing in coastal areas around the country, as well as the Great Lakes and other inland water resources:

    This announcement comes at the time when the situation supposedly still is “fluid” and the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force still hasn’t issued its final report on zoning uses of these waters.

    That’s a disappointment, but not really a surprise for fishing industry insiders who have negotiated for months with officials at the Council on Environmental Quality and bureaucrats on the task force. These angling advocates have come to suspect that public input into the process was a charade from the beginning.

    “When the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) completed their successful campaign to convince the Ontario government to end one of the best scientifically managed big game hunts in North America (spring bear), the results of their agenda had severe economic impacts on small family businesses and the tourism economy of communities across northern and central Ontario,” said Phil Morlock, director of environmental affairs for Shimano.

    “Now we see NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the administration planning the future of recreational fishing access in America based on a similar agenda of these same groups and other Big Green anti-use organizations, through an Executive Order by the President. The current U.S. direction with fishing is a direct parallel to what happened in Canada with hunting: The negative economic impacts on hard working American families and small businesses are being ignored.

    “In spite of what we hear daily in the press about the President’s concern for jobs and the economy and contrary to what he stated in the June order creating this process, we have seen no evidence from NOAA or the task force that recreational fishing and related jobs are receiving any priority.”

    Banning “recreational” fishing isn’t just an issue of economics, but is a threat to the personal liberty of each individual’s right to produce their own food. And banning fishing is just one of several policy changes the government is looking at.

    In Federal Food Police Coming Soon To A Farm Near You, Tess Pennington points out the risks of letting the government oversee individual food production methods under HR Bill 875 and The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which specifically target agricultural goods, including crops and livestock on personal, non-commercial farms:

    What is to stop the government from defining a small home garden as a food facility?  Because of the vagueness of this bill, it is not only the micro farmers that are affected by this.  Anyone who has a garden, or shares their produce with neighbors or even owns a local restaurant that supports local farmers and buys their produce could be affected.   We could all be affected and pay the price dearly for not speaking up.  . Many say that this bill is unconstitutional in that state rights will be stripped away.  If passed, the state cannot go in and take care of the problem.  It is a federal issue, thus will have federal repercussions.

    Slowly but surely, the federal government is moving towards eliminating the ability of individual Americans to produce their own food – a direct attack on our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    For an administration with so much focus on “sustainability” it is ironic that they are attacking the very core of the sustainability movement – the individual. As more restrictions on the public are cemented through use of Congressional mandates and Presidential Executive Orders, the rights of individuals to take their well being into their own hands is further impeded.

    Of course, under recent administrations, government is the answer for everything. The rugged individual or neo-survivalist  is now becoming the fringe extremist. Why would someone need to produce their own food when they could drive down to the local Walmart or Super Target and pickup up all the genetically modified food they need, manufactured under pristine conditions in one of several centralized processing plants?

    All of these proposed changes aimed at our ability to produce our own food seem to fall, in part, under the United Nations’ Agenda 21  initiatives which are touted as “sustainability development” programs. It seems, however, that the UN’s ideas for sustainable living focus more on collectivists ideologies than they do on the individual. Rather than teaching individuals to become self sustaining, the goal of the UN’s Agenda 21 initiative is for the government to provide sustainability to the population. And according to Michael Shaw, president of Freedom Advocates, Agenda 21 can be summarized by three points and are supported by the documents prepared by the United Nations. The goals of the UN include the abolition of rural and suburban private property, global citizenship education, and population control. It sounds scary, perhaps even unbelievable. But don’t take our word for it, read the Agenda 21 Core Publications at the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development.

    Based on this evidence, it is important to note that it is not only Barrack Obama that is pushing for restrictions on your ability to fish, or grow food, or manage your own livestock for personal use. This is a global effort with the dictates coming from the United Nations, and it has been happening for several decades.

    Terrorism against our food supply and unsanitary conditions during food production are only minor issues to our food security when compared to what may be the greatest threat facing sustainable living -  our very own government.


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      1. Comments….. they can have my garden shears when they pry them from my cold dead hands!


      2. This is a very important topic and it’s extremely difficult to research it. I’ve come across Agenda 21 in my readings, and also Codex Alimentarius. Are all these intertwined? Part of the master plan? I don’t know, but the agonizingly slow speed at which this stuff is moving seems to suggest there is either resistance to it or they don’t want us to know what’s going on, or perhaps both.

        Codex was supposed to be implemented Dec. 31, 2009. Well, that date came and went. Nothing happened – that I know of.  It seems to me that if we’re supposed to be completely dependent on the government for our food this stuff would be moving a lot faster than it is. After all, we are supposedly 2-3 years away from complete economic meltdown.

        Just when I think a lot of this is crackpot conspiracy theory however, there’s another outbreak of salmonella or E. coli in our tomatoes, or packaged meat, or something else. Obviously they are placing the foundation of mistrust within us for the food industry as it exists today, meaning they are ready to implement future changes all in the name of our safety.

        Maybe I can’t see the big picture yet, but it seems to be moving too slowly.

      3. Just because you add more regulation means that contaiminations will not occur. I was murdered by Zacky/Foster Farms in 1991 becasue I had data on infexious particles in poultry…. califonria davis…a paid off good ol boy, murdered me, you eat the meat, and we all end up worse than slaves

      4. I read about this yesterday.  I is a pretty large scale problem if they even try this. 

        What they (the Federal Government) want to enforce may not happen as in many areas of the Country… it is a State Governmnet item and nothing to do with the Federal as most States regulate the licensing for fishing AND hunting and in some cases trapping.

        If the Feds think that everyone who goes fishing (as in a pole) is recreational, they may get smacked not just by those who do it for fun but by those who do it for extra support to their dietary needs.  Subsistence fishing will be on the recreational part as well.  They really do not have any idea what they are stepping into.

        Now if they can get away with it concerning fishing… expect Big Game hunting (recreational) and subsistence hunting wil be next.. as trapping can be part of that staging ground.

        And then you can expect banning of guns.  Please keep an eye on this….

      5. “oversee individual food production methods under HR Bill 875 and The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act”

        How do these laws affect an individual who owns a tomato plant? Or an apple tree?

        What about growing molds and fungi? My fridge hasn’t been cleaned in a long time.

      6. I own a small aquarium. Do I need to register my guppies? Will I be prosecuted for unlicensed operation of a fishery?

        If I slaughter Fido for dinner, do I need to report the meat as income?

        Just wondering what these laws are all about exactly.

      7. The U.S. Government has broad authority, as confirmed by the Supremes in Wickard v Filburn (1942) , to regulate all manner of economic activity under the guise of interstate commerce.

        The day may come when emulating the home pot grower of today, but (in a garden-restricted time) with greens & vegetables, provides the illegal cash flow and nutrition to support struggling families….

      8. Scary to say the least. NWO is already unfortunatly here. If its bad now, just imagine  what it will be like one or two years from now.

      9. secforcsergeant – thanks for the laugh!   That struck me as really funny.  Had to show my wife.
        Also the comment about the guppy.
        What a bunch of idiots in our government and the U.N.  I have a lot of money tied up in my fishing stuff!

      10. Well,here we go. The nightmare is getting bigger & bigger.

      11. Don’t forget Dr. Acula. The gov’t owns all sources of water now, regardless if you scoop it up from a puddle on the side of the road, or collect it from the rain. That would mean the water in your aquarium belongs to the gov’t and now the guppies too. I bet they will RFID each guppie so that when they monitor the death of a guppie, you will be SWAT teamed and charged with conspiracy to harm an endangered species. With animal rights activists demanding your death.

        Honestly, I am laughing thinking about it but deep down, I know it can happen. Suddenly, I’m not smiling anymore.

      12. At this rate we will all be growing tomatos covertly  ….. in our bathtubs under fluorescent lights powered by the fake solar hot water heater on the roof!

        They will never take me alive!

      13. If they outlaw fishing,only fish will have guns….or something like that.
        By the way,the moment that my government tries to ban private gardens will be the moment that I plant one!

      14.  The Teachers Union is lobbying to unionize all fish schools…….

        If that goes thru, think of the trouble THAT will spawn…..

      15. I can’t believe anyone would take this clap-trap article seriously.

      16. If  anyone would like more information on Agenda 21 and where it may be in your neighborhood, check out Freedom Advocates.

        There will be those that will continue to chuckle at this. Those will be the hardest hit when the cold hard truth forever grips them.

        Throughout history, governments in all it’s forceful and clumsy forms has used food to control people. Just consider Stalin as one example.

        To simply dismiss the widely documented and concerted efforts of the UN — of which is controlled by the international oligarchs — to erode our sovereignties and unalienable rights, is not only a moronic position; it then becomes dangerous when shared by the majority, as it is now.

        Wake up sheep!!

      17. Hey Johnny, you might do some research on Agenda 21 and the UN programs on “bio-diversity assesments” and public/ private  patnerships. It is not prudent to discount what you don’t know.

      18. I’m sure any loss of jobs from small businesses will be more than offset by all the hiring for the new enforcement agencies needed to seize your contraband carrots.  There will be no shortage of people willing to accept those jobs.

        It’s sad when you hope the economy will collapse before all these .gov measures are put into action.

        BTW, will having a garden hose be grounds for an arrest based on “intent to grow illegal food”????

        Yeah, it’s funny, but then suddenly not so funny.

      19. Sure, this sounds ridiculous and like some sort of fear mongering. However, if you at least accept that the US Govt is interested in maximizing population control at any cost…look at the urgency with which they are pushing health care if you doubt that…then there is no more universal means of controlling a potentially resistant population than by limiting their ability to feed themselves to what is provided by the govt.  Bottom line is…if you see a huge movement in the population toward self sufficiency (and that is certainly ocurring) then if your intentions are to maximize control you would also see that as control slipping out of your grasp. If you doubt that our government would restrict sustenance fishing, then hunting, then gardening, then you would HAVE to believe that our politicians and the current administration specifically is a benign organisation intent on doing what is best for the people they govern. They are not, they seek power and control to the detriment of the people, and therefore you could easily and correctly assume they would seek to control the food supply.  Personally, I have a huge garden and am able to supply most of our vegetable needs, I raise rabbits for meat and chickens for eggs and meat and right now have a 600 lb. Angus steer grazing in my backyard pasture. Would I be in a positon to resist a government intent on controlling us through the food supply? Absolutely. Does that constitute  a danger to their ability to subjugate me? Absolutely. Will I relinquish that ability peacefully? Absolutely NOT. Do I have the means and will to resist with force? Guess.

      20. Comments…..Thomas Jefferson said that from time to time the blood of patriots and tyrants was required to nurture the Tree of Liberty.  This attempt by TPTB to control our food supply is just another indication of the shitstorm heading our way.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

      21. They will push us and push us until we have to shoot them.

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK

        We don’t want to shoot. We want to be peaceful but, there is a line. I draw it at outlawing guns (which won’t happen). If they try to pull that shit here, well, my neighbors and I will be standing in line to shoot. Honestly, do they really thing they can get away with that shit?

      22. poor lil’ jonny…

        listen up my lil’ ostrich of a friend with his head in the sand.

        I and my fellow u.s. military/ canadian/ mexican security forces and u.n. security AND even russian and chinese security forces  have been briefed and prepped to deploy here in the UNITED STATES in case of MARTIAL LAW. BY JANET NAPOLITANO herself and the DHS under order by the President of the United NATIONS Security Council – PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES – Barry Soto a.k.a. BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

        NO JOKE!

        also note that just a week ago JOHN MCCAIN tried to sell out the american people AGAIN! with his own version of the Codex Alimentarious UN food Security Bill… which will go into international law come DEC 24th 2010.

        It’s just a matter of time folks… what they can’t force americans to adopt they will just pass through the United Nations. Making it international law. Once America is on HER KNEE’s… and you and your children are starving, diseased and mentally broken they will simply walk in to Amerika and at your request,  yes your request take over and save you from yourselves. 

        No Joke… what the United States Government CIA has been doing for generation to other foreign powers is now being done here on Amerikan soil to us the American public. It is called “A Slow Kill Plan” for a reason. “That which you can do in YARDS, do in INCHES!” – chinese proverb

        Items to have stored:
        1.) passport
        2.) LongGun 500 rounds ammo
        3.) Pistol 1000 rounds ammo
        4.) two pairs pants + 2 pairs sweat pants + rain pants.
        5.) two shirts short – 2 shirts long – sweat shirt – windbreaker.
        6.) six pairs of socks – 6 pairs of dress socks s liners.
        7.) Good pair of walking boots. Pair of Sneakers.
        8.) a good summer hat and winter hat.
        9.) a subdued overcoat. rated for 20 degree’s.
        10.) 1 month supply of emergency rations, 1 month supply water and water filters handpump kind extra filters.
        11.) buy silver with liquid monies a a backup savings.
        12.) Large back pack for your gear.
        — the rest is up to you and what you can afford to do. Be prepared to haul ass people and displace if need be to move to a safer zone. Canada is safer than Mexico to immigrate to. The Canadian Dollar is solid. Cross the borders away from the normal check points people.

        Bottom Line is you spend the money and are prepared for when the SHTF… and you will walk out of what ever they throw your way. At least you and yours will walk out alive and have a buffer, unlike most folks watching dances with the idiots.

        and your only out $1000. …

        $1000. dollars ensures you and yours survive what ever comes our way.

        Eat Healthy folks build up your immune systems now. It’s worth it living a Straight Edge Lifestyle!

        Thats my speel… protect the children people – they are innocents in all this BS and don’t understand what is happening or why. Be patient with them and protect them for the preds.

      23. As an after thought …
        To those who are not ex military types or outdoorsmen or outdoors women…
        Please research how to survive pls… include first aid kits, firestarters water proof matches knives hatchets roll of plastic as temp sheltetc etc etc

        again this is just a bug out kit… for temporary survival.

        AND BE CAREFUL OF “LOCALS” WHEN TRAVELING! They will take what you have… guaranteed! All you are to them is an OUTSIDER an a threat.

      24. Advice from a red neck hillbilly. You city folks had better hunker down where you live. More than likly you  will never get too far from home when you bug out. You will not be welcomed out in the country side unless you have family in the boonies and can convince the rural folks you come into contact with that you are o.k. Everone is going to get very clannish in the rural areas. We are not mean people as a whole but it will be survival of the fittist and the rural folks will look out for themselves and their friends. Best be making some friendly contacts now and have a secure escape route. Just like the moonshine days- everyone we don’t know will be a revenuer.

      25. Hey there “secforcesergeant”, maybe you should back off the stimulants a little.  I’m kinda with Don here, although I suspect we live on opposite sides of the country.  You people who have been sucked into a political belief system (in your case, hard right wing) are going to have a rude awakening when you try to “bug-out” to the country side.  See, we folks who live out here in the woods, where theres at least 100 yards between houses (most of the time more), don’t want you coming out here.  Since virtually every male here is a veteran, no one cares if you are.  You’re not special.  We don’t give a damn about your idiotic republican beliefs.  And if you’re a democrat?  Well congratulations!, you’re still just another idiot.  You need to plan on staying in the housing tract.  Out here, we have what are called “overlapping fields of fire”……..

        It pleases me no end to have my head in the sand.  It’s kind of cool down here…….

      26. For those of you that think this article was a joke, Check The laws that are all ready in place. Did you know that it is a law that You must declare Live stock in missouri, I owned a farm down in Zelma Missouri,They asked if i had any livestock,They tried to get me to claim  I had a (FROG Farm)Because i made the stupid comment that the only thing i have in abundence was a scad of frogs, And if you have a Truck garden ,they can tax it. You are supposed to have any animals you own,Tagged with an RFID, And  Monsanto has come up with some kind of sterial garden seeds,They will only grow once,and you cannot take the seeds they produce and replant them,as a mater of fact  A lot of the fruit you buy now are seedless,I don’t know if the smaller seed companies like Michigan Bulb ,are following,Monsantos practice or not,,And as far as Weapon control Try looking up HR-45,  And Read the whole bill, Then Bring your comments back to this site.One last thing, Wake up! your Government will screw you Quicker than your spouse will……Danno

      27. Running to Canada isn’t a really good option.  Unless you bring a lot of gold/silver (its heavy to know, a few thousand dollars is a pound or two).  They’re (since I am Canadian living in the US) quite serious about checking your ID and that you’re Canadian.  They won’t be waiting with open arms.  Also, your guns will be taken if you’re found since they’re restricted (pistols for sure).

        Also, Canada still makes over 50% of its money from the US, so if the US goes belly up, figure 1/3rd or more of Canadians to be out of jobs too.

      28. Please accept this universal license for fishing and gardening.


        27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. 28 And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” 29 And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food. 30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.” And it was so.

      29. Good point Darrell. If Muslims and the Amish don’t have to accept mandated health care on religious grounds, could a case not be made for non-compliance with any federal bans on fishing, hunting or growing one’s own food for those of the Christian faith?

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