FOIA request: 70% of COVID infections at the CDC were among the vaccinated

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    This article was originally published by Lance D. Johnson at Natural News. 

    The agency that gutted the economy, threatened civil liberties, and destroyed medical ethics also KNEW that the vaccinated were more likely to contract COVID and spread it to their peers. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) knew this because their own employees were more likely to test positive for covid-19 and contract a “breakthrough case” if they were VACCINATED.

    This information was concealed throughout 2021 until a FOIA request uncovered the data.

    CDC workers more likely to contract COVID if fully vaccinated

    On February 2, 2022, the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, seeking information on covid-19 infections within the CDC workforce. ICAN is stepping up and doing the critical investigative work that the public health agencies refuse to do. On March 28, 2022, the CDC turned over its in-house data on breakthrough infections, and ICAN issued a legal update on the matter.

    It turns out that the fully vaccinated were getting sick, spreading spike proteins and putting the unvaccinated at risk throughout 2021. For example, fully vaccinated CDC employees made up 70 percent of COVID infections in August of 2021. The CDC reported 36 covid-19 positives that month, and among them, 25 cases were from the vaccinated. Likewise in July, there were 18 covid-19 positives, and ten of the cases were in the vaccinated.

    ICAN reports: “Now, we don’t know the percent of CDC employees that were vaccinated as of August 2021, but if the CDC’s vaccination rate reflects that of adults in the United States, it was far less than 70%. But even if more than 70% of CDC employees were vaccinated, the fact that by the end of Summer 2021, 70% of its COVID-19 positive employees were vaccinated should have been a shocking figure and should have served as a wake-up call to the CDC about the failure of these vaccines to prevent infection.”

    The vaccine efficacy studies did not measure real-world effectiveness. In the real world, any measurable benefits from the vaccine wore off rather quickly, rendering the experiment dangerous and destructive to society at large. According to the real-world data, the vaccinated turn out to be more susceptible within a few months. Even worse, the vaccinated can spread spike proteins through exosome secretions up to a month after vaccination, while needlessly spreading the bioweapon to the immunocompromised.

    This brings up an important hypothetical… If people did not shoot up with a poorly-designed product that sickens and spreads infection, then many of the covid-19 positives in the unvaccinated might never have existed in the first place.

    The rate of infection for the vaccinated could be even higher than reported

    The rate of infection in the vaccinated could be much higher than what the CDC reports. According to the CDC, “persons who have been vaccinated are possibly less likely to get tested.” How many vaccinated people were sickened by the vaccine and later contracted COVID, but were not required to test and register the data? On the other hand, the unvaccinated were routinely profiled and subjugated, forced to take covid-19 tests to go to work and participate in society. The propensity for positives (and false positives) was always going to be higher in the unvaccinated, so it’s appalling that the breakthrough case rate was so high in the CDC’s own vaccinated workforce!

    The CDC even stopped reporting breakthrough cases in the vaccinated, to obscure the data on vaccine failure. The CDC also allowed the vaccinated to take covid tests that contained a lower cycle threshold. This automatically lowered the positivity rate in the vaccinated cohort, making it appear on paper that the unvaccinated were more readily contracting and spreading the virus. However, the utilization of non-transparent, disparate testing protocols is medical fraud, not science.

    Were disparate testing protocols also utilized in the clinical trials? Over half of vaccinated persons came down with symptoms in clinical trials, even though their COVID positivity rate was lower (than the unvaccinated) at the precise time when they were tested. Why were these symptoms of poisoning ignored in the clinical trials and not factored in as a serious risk? Why did the CDC refuse to provide proper informed consent? The clinical trials did not accurately measure covid-19 cases in the vaccinated months later, because the vaccine was rushed to market. Yet, the CDC now has to admit that the vaccine’s “efficacy” wanes in a couple of months, putting the population at risk of new variants.

    At a presentation at Washington University, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted she originally learned about vaccine efficacy from CNN. However, these lock-down-pushing CNN reports were based on a Pfizer press release, which deceptively claimed that the vaccine was 95 percent effective. The CDC crafted policies linking lockdowns to vaccine uptake. The CDC illegally mandated a faulty product onto the population, threatening people’s livelihoods in the process. Pfizer, CNN, Fauci, and the CDC all lied about vaccine efficacy for over a year, as their own workforce was damaged and sickened by the vaccine, one failed dose after another.


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      1. 36 cases during the month of august is a huge number, a huge percentage of their employees, considering they only have a few thousands of employees.

        • CDC = Centers for Disease Coverups.

          The whole thing about covid and the Faux vaxx is about control over sheeple and a depopulation tool of the nwo globalists.

          The majority of Americans are “finally” figuring it out, and the remainder are still running around in circles, with masks on, as they chase their tails.
          They live in a delusional world by which denial is in their daily thinking processes.

          I have many in my own extended family, and they do NOT want to see the connection to the deaths of several of our kinfolk, due almost entirely because of the jabs they took.

          Hell; some of them can’t wait to get their fourth booster. MY brother is now disabled with a blood clot on his brain, which is inoperable. After much medical treatments, there has NOT been any reduction in the size of the clot, which causes him chronic headaches.

          His younger brother tried to tell him to avoid the jabs, but; he wanted to keep his pie job at the hospital so he complied to their demands. Now; they tell him that he is NOT welcome back for light duty work.
          Guess the decisions of fools come back to bite them in the end…pun intended.

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