Floridians Encouraged to Report Neighbors Who “Hate Government”

by | May 2, 2013 | Headline News | 243 comments

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    A new $1 million dollar program led by Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw aimed at “violence prevention” is encouraging Floridians to report their neighbors for making hateful comments about the government, a chilling reminder of how dissent is being characterized as an extremist threat.

    “Bradshaw plans to use the extra $1 million to launch “prevention intervention” units featuring specially trained deputies, mental health professionals and caseworkers. The teams will respond to citizen phone calls to a 24-hour hotline with a knock on the door and a referral to services, if needed,” reports the Palm Beach Post.

    Bradshaw makes it clear that the kind of behavior which could prompt a visit from the authorities includes anti-government political statements that may be deemed a prelude to violent action.

    “We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he hates the government, hates the mayor and he’s gonna shoot him,” Bradshaw said. “What does it hurt to have somebody knock on a door and ask, ‘Hey, is everything OK?’”

    The program will also include “public service announcements to encourage local citizens to report their neighbors,” reports the newspaper.

    The program has sparked concerns that the hotline could violate civil liberties or even be exploited to pursue personal vendettas, with Bradshaw acknowledging that, “anyone in a messy divorce or in a dispute with a neighbor could abuse the hotline,” and that it will prompt “frivolous complaints.”

    That caveat is all the more chilling given the research of Florida State University’s Robert Gellately into how Germans under Hitler denounced their neighbors and friends not because they genuinely believed them to be a security threat, but because they expected to selfishly benefit from doing so, both financially, socially and psychologically via a pavlovian need to be rewarded by their masters for their obedience.

    “How are they possibly going to watch everybody who makes a comment like that? It’s subjective,” said Liz Downey, executive director of the Palm Beach County branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. “We don’t want to take away people’s civil liberties just because people aren’t behaving the way we think they should be.”

    The program is set to go ahead unless it is vetoed by Governor Rick Scott.

    As Thomas DiLorenzo points out, the program is also a disturbing throwback to how political dissidents were imprisoned in Soviet mental hospitals, where criticism of the state was deemed “philosophical intoxication.”

    Under Stalin, dissidents were sent to infamous psikhushka psychiatric prisons where they were isolated and brainwashed in order to have their political ideas discredited amongst the general public.

    It is important to stress that both the First and Second Amendments are being targeted via rhetoric about mental health issues, while the threat posed by one of the real culprits behind violence in America, SSRI drugs, continues to be ignored by the mass media.

    As we have documented, while efforts at gun control have largely failed at the legislative level, authorities are greasing the skids for wider gun confiscation by expanding the definition under which a person can be declared “mentally ill,” to the point where harsh anti-government rhetoric is now being treated as a potential precursor to terrorism.

    Veterans are already having their guns seized by police off the back of forced “psychiatric evaluations,” while the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is sending out letters to servicemembers warning them that “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition.”

    Last year former Marine Brandon Raub was forcibly incarcerated in a psychiatric ward by authorities in Virginia for political posts on Facebook.

    The fact that authorities in the U.S. are now pursuing similar programs to those used to marginalize political dissidents in historical dictatorships, albeit on a smaller scale, in response to recent incidents of terrorism and mass shootings – which statistically represent a minute threat to the lives of Americans – serves as a warning of how the state is increasingly citing mental health concerns as a means of eroding fundamental constitutional freedoms.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


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      1. Let the Police State Begin!

        Why are American citizens putting up with this?! Why don’t they wake up?!

        I just don’t understand why this type of thing and the Boston door to door raids doesn’t bother people. Are they that stupid? Are they just asleep?

        Or are they too comfortable in their lives to concern themselves with it for fear of upsetting the apple cart?


          • When this new hotline number is published, please let the rest of us know the number. I want to make a few hundred calls to help then use up their million bucks!

            • Yeah give me the number! I want to call in and report his dumb ass!

              • report some reps on both sides of the aisle, a couple of city attorneys, mayors, etc…report them all, before they get a chance to hit us with this…make it so not worth their time and our money!

            • Shit, don’t stop there, report in every pro gun control POS there while you’re at it! Lessons from history: Everytime a turn in your neighbor program was enacted, jealous or pissed off neighbors always called in giving information about people they didn’t like, in our case it its gun grabbing libs 😀

          • D.A.’s file charges simply to get their “numbers up”. They imprison hundreds of innocent people every year who are later proven innocent.
            In practice, criminal procedure grants an advantage to the prosecution like the Spanish Inquisition courts of the 1300s. Punishment is determined by harsh penalties for invoking the right to trial and lavish rewards for incriminating others, resulting in a system that is not only unfair but also incompatible with justice.

            The vast majority of defendants now simply surrender and plead guilty. Consequently, trials are disappearing. Pleading requirements, Rules of procedure and case law overwhelmingly favor the government.
            Conviction rates, prisoner numbers, prison sentences, and bail amounts have all increased dramatically.
            Although appeals have increased, reversal rates have decreased. Most appeals are now decided on the basis of briefs alone. Defendants can’t even present their cases.

            • The State Fuzz pulled me over the other night looking for an easy mark. It was a woman, probably new. No valid reason to pull me over. She was heading in the opposite direction when she saw me. Went down a bit, made a u-turn and came up on my tail.

              I saw her make the U turn in my side mirror and thought to myself: “come and get it asshole”. She eventually hit her lights to pull me over although I wasn’t speeding when she passed me going in the other direction. In fact there was NO justification for the stop.

              I let her stew a while as I mosyied down the road doing my best OJ Simpson impersonation. I let her follow me for about a mile or so, until I could turn off the road and into a parking lot. It pissed her off. LOL

              When she told me I should have pulled over sooner, I told her “I didn’t stop immediately for YOUR safety knowing that cops standing on the highway attract semi trucks like street lights attract moths. Why did you stop me?”

              She said she pulled me over because she “couldn’t read my plate”. I asked “Is that why you made the quick u-turn and pursued me; because you couldn’t read my plate while you were headed in the other direction?” and laughed at her.

              That pissed her off and she stumbled to recover.

              She said that when an officer of the law turns their lights on, you should move over to the right immediately in case they need to get around you in response to a call, instead of “snaking into a parking lot”.

              I said: “This is a four lane divided highway and if you wanted to respond to a call you could have moved out into the second lane to go around me; but hey! as my employee, I appreciate the job you are doing.”

              Exasperated, she handed my license and registration back to me and told me to have a good night. Sometimes you have to let those public servants understand in a nice way, where the authority really lies. 🙂

              • DK- Thanx for Brightening my day 🙂

                • DK,Sweet! Check and CHECKMATE!

                • DK, how in the world could you get 6 thumbs down?
                  This is priceless, for everything else there is the constitution.

                  • Your on the list now!!

              • You should have reminded her that you pay her salary. Enjoyed that story DK

              • Good Job, DK. You nut kicked a woman (who so richly deserved it). The “employee” thing probably got steam coming out of her ears. You helped her on her way to disability for hypertension.

              • DK,

                Well done!

              • I especially liked — “I didn’t stop immediately for YOUR safety knowing that cops standing on the highway attract semi trucks like street lights attract moths.”—PRICELESS!

              • You’re lucky she didn’t pull out her jackbooted thug civilian torture gizmo and taser you, pal.

                Cops are getting by with tasering people all over the country for doing nothing other than refusing to grovel and kiss their jackbooted thug asses.

              • @DK…

                I had an officer (young female…I wonder if there’s a trend here?) get upset with me for not pulling over immediately too. Never mind the fact that had I pulled over immediately, it would have left both of our vehicles exposed to approaching traffic…which even if our vehicles were not struck, would have served to jam up traffic and possibly cause another collision.

                Like you, when she asked me why I did not stop immediately, I told her I was concerned for her safety.

                Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky as you and she wrote me up. I decided to fight the ticket (just because I can) and it STILL has not come up for trial yet, though the citation was issued almost 2 years ago.

                I’m hoping she’s either moved on…or gotten knocked up. 🙂 and won’t make the hearing when they finally set it.

                • Cops here don’t play around. If you tried that in Indiana, they would arrest you or come to your car with guns drawn. I just try to play it cool around LEO even though I know they were the guys in school with little mans disease.

                  There was a state trooper named David Camm who killed his whole family after his wife caught him cheating was wanted a divorce. He was accused of pulling over females and forcing them to have sex (among other crap). They have convicted him twice after long trials that wasted tax payer money. I can’t believe he is getting another trail!!! They are trying to pin everything on the guy to paid to murder them even though he was found with splatter on his clothes at his house. It just upsets me that the family is repeated refused justice and if that was me; I would probably get a death sentence.

                  GOD BLESS

              • @Durango….. Around here that attitude would have gotten you in handcuffs. Maybe she WAS new and didn’t know what she was doing.
                You “engaged an officer in pursuit” by driving a MILE while she had you lit up,
                Charge two is “Failure to stop for an officers signal”…..

                good luck in the future.

          • It’s just another effort by the corp to make thepeople scared of each other so they won’t come together and get the banksters.

            The people will eventually come together anyway just like every other time the banksters have tried this in history.

            • The Salem Witch Hunts never ended

              They’ve just been on a 300yr delay

            • No tyrannical regime has ever succeeded without the help of the citizenry. Neighbor informing on neighbor, family member turning on family member.

              • They always end up informing on each other.

              • I’m thinking….TPTB aren’t the only ones who can execute false-flags.

                If enough people make false reports, it will serve to make their whole operation a huge waste of time.

                Clever, resourceful folks will figure out ways to do this.

              • Anon, with all the technology advancements, you’d think tptb wouldn’t have to use citizens vs citizen approach. TPTB have all this supposed info on everyone, so why resort to informants/rats? There must be an issue they can’t over come or (I believe) they are in panic mode for some reason. Possibly age? Soros is closer to the grave as with many of his ilk. With all the inbreeding, maybe their families aren’t as strong as they like. I read years ago (forgot where) that the elite families have had a lot of suicides with their youth.

          • Two words; Conformist Assclown

          • This sheriff is a scum sucking pig. He ought to change his name from Ric to Judas.

        • Your last point for sure. Most people are too apathetic to notice that they are being cornered. On the other hand, too many who think like those on this site don’t speak out enough. Unfortunately when you do speak out you reveal yourself to the govt. and to others who would take advantage of you so we are really between a rock and a hard place. I have to think that the founding fathers of this country had to have the same concerns that we here have. The comfort that we have is that we know we are on the right side.

          • IS this basket case going to start arresting Feds? Essentially our gov’t calls most of us terrorist. How far we have sunk: of the people, by the people, and for the people. We, sheriff, are the government and you should be fired.

            • Where did he get the $1 million? I interact with deputies in two different counties and they are stretched thin in manpower. They are constantly having to race to crime scenes where a high majority of crimes are by illegals.
              The gov’t gave them (Mexico) NAFTA, GAT, and extended zones for trucking (use to be a 50 mile radius from the border). I have witnessed many companies come down to west Texas and after a few years (paper work) and go across the border. How has that worked? Unemployment has risen and now we have them moving into our neighborhoods with their Mexican plated vehicles, where they don’t pay taxes on the vehicle registrations or inspections.
              Perot said it ” our jobs being sucked across the border..”. We are being squeezed.

              • I would seriously like to know who down arrowed you and why. Must be some progressive shills running around this site…

        • I just read this on Drudge before coming onto SHTF Plan. You know what this means? Nothing. Because the dolts in Palm Beach will do nothing about it. Nobody does anything about this stuff because they are waiting for it to happen to them. Then they will still do nothing. Sheeple!


          • i think it is hilarious , cant you just see the old folks in the retirement trailer parks squabbling amoungst themselves and turning eachother in ? hahahaha

            this program is gonna be the biggest flop ever , because most of the complaints are going to be nothing more than personal vendeta’s.

            it is more of a cover for the police to target people and say that there was a tip filed .

            • It stops being funny when you see it happen once.

              I’ve seen the whole “rat out your neighbors for fun and profit” thing go down once. Once was more than enough.

              You don’t realise the level to which they can already do this to you.

              And no, this isn’t a useless gesture.

              See, what’s so cool about this is the fact that the entire citizenry is now an invisible police force. You want to know why no one’s doing anything about it? THAT would be why. You never know who you’re going to piss off. And that person may be a rat.

              So tell me again how you unify under those conditions?

              • Oh, absolutely correct, most of the complaints ARE going to be personal vendettas.

                This is a problem for the .gov exactly how?

                You think they won’t go after a person anyway, despite the fact that it’s OBVIOUSLY a personal vendetta? I’m here to tell you you’re sadly mistaken.

                This is a group psychology thing. It used to be the goal to divide us along ethnic / gender / religios / socioeconomic lines, but the old shit’s working too slow given how quickly things are about to get nasty (oil, bumpy plateau thing).

                Now they’ve stepped up to “completely atomize” us. Every man afraid of every other man.

              • I’ll repeat, 50% of the country commies, the other 50% cowards.

                Have a nice day, ossipher, until you meet the civilian sowhat team. I’ll admit, that team doesn’t have many, but Parker didn’t have many at Lexington.

                • And which side are you on?

          • I for one am going to report Pres Obama, I KNOW he hates the govt. anyone else got Balls?


            • Sharko, I was thinking the same thing, and the lovely Queen Moochie as well since she once said she was never proud of America but now that the sheeple elected her husband, she stopped hating the country so much. But why stop at King POS and Queen Moochie? Why not get lists of all their appointees in the regime and the White House staffers and report them all on the sheriff’s hotline? And then get the names of the professors at places like Harvard, the staffers of the NY Slime and Washington Toast newspapers, MSNBC, CNN, etc., and report every last one of them to the sheriff’s hotline because they hate the USA and are already doing dastardly deeds with their liberal propagandizing of the sheeple.

              This ought to keep the hotline tied up permanently until the $1 million is exhausted. Oh, I forgot all the progressive perverts in Hollywood. Yes, we need to report them too.

              • thats good stuff- Texas !

          • Want to do some thing about it. Write a letter of protest or give the Sheriff a call:

            Ric Bradshaw
            8130 N Jog Rd
            West Palm Beach, FL
            (561) 776-2000


          • Mayhap, use the hotline on people who support the measure. Mayhap, some will change their minds when subjected to that “knock on the door”. After all, to me, it is the height of mental illness if one supports losing freedom.

          • Palm Beach, FL. One of the richest neighborhoods on the east coast. Most live large with gates and armed guards. Go drive down A1A and see for yourself. There may be a seedy side of town, but I didn’t see it.

            • Isn’t Palm Beach FL something like the Third largest concentration of folks whose last names sound alot like Bloomberg and Finestien? I ask as it is what I heard from somebody. Never been there so do not know for certain. Curious is all.

              • From there to Boca! I would give up on the Jews. Quit hating the Chosen. They have the same problems that we have. Thank God that you woke up today and pay attention to you instead of trying to blame someone else. I am sick of everyone trying to blame them. It is not them…. It is Satan.

                • Shootit, #1= I do NOT hate jews or any group or individuals period. Never said I do, it is You saying that not I.

                  #2= “Used” to be called “Chosen”. Christ and His New covenant with Christians, also called the “ELECT” are the New “Israel” and as such the “Heirs” in and OF the promices made to Abraham by God. Check your new testement edition for proof, it is IN there.

                  #3= Posting historic valid proven info does not constitute “Blame” on any of todays persons. However only a total Fool or a very ignorant of issues type person would reject so much evidence and confirmation we have Today, as to WHO are the Lead leaderships in most all of Our woes as people and as a Nation(usa). Such as Blomberg-Finetien et al. One Main group who share specific traits and, like in russia 95yrs ago are Destroying Our rights and nation. That is Undisputable.

                  #4= You stated “You are sick of blame of Them. It’s Not Them….It is Satan.”

                  Then ok lets blame the devil or satan for every bad cop-politition-and especially blame satan instead of Banksters!!

                  QUESTION: Shootit, by any chance are You that African Black Comedy guy from Laugh In, the guy who coined that “Devil Made me do it” comedy phrase back in the 1980’s?

                  Yes indeed Blame satan so they get off scott free! No thanks I will Pass.

                  • It is the Jews fault? They are sinners just like you and me. Everyone has their own faults and salvation comes from Jesus Christ. Those that choose to follow Satan follow him. Bloomberg and Finestien want to control you. They may be Jews and may follow Satan, but to put Jews in a box is just like saying everyone from Arkansas is a Redneck.

                    Grab a ounce of reality.

              • Don’t tell this to Mac. He appears to be a Zionist or at minimum Zionist apologist.

        • Well, people are pretty isolated these days. Maybe they enjoy the company.

        • I doubt people will do anything until their standard of living declines to the point of being in poverty on a daily basis.
          Take away their gadgets and gizmos, and they might start to see what’s going on.
          People tend to resist change until they feel sure that they have more to gain from changing than from staying the same.
          We’re just not at that point yet.
          All it’s going to take is a currency crisis to start that ball rolling, and then I suspect things will unravel quickly.

        • And I live in Florida, yay for the nut jobs. 😆

          Yes we have become a Police State, more like dealing with the Gestapo.

        • Whats wrong with saying that you hate the corrupt gov? I hate the corrupt gov and to remind the rest of the sheeps, me saying that i hate the corrupt gov is me using my freedom of speech. Im more american then pres osama and his staffs. If you dont like it fuck you very much.

        • What do you suggest we do?

          • Mc, what to do? Answer: Research alot into how the russian bolsheviks did it. Because while many are so worried of economic cash collapse, at this point with all we have become aware of recently. It just may be that they are Not going to allow any such cash collapse, as it would Halt all Their efforts at subduing patriots.

            It looks alot more like we are witnessing a full blown attempt at a near exact duplicate event such as occured in Russia circa 1918. From what I read of that stuff back then, the bolshevik kommies caused an upset within the Union worker groups. Then organised a “peacefull” protest at the main HQ of the Russian Czar.

            But the Kommie leaders already Knew in advance, because They engineered it, that the Czar was already en route on his Train to the Other side of Russia!

            The Bolsheviks commandeered His train, and halted it midway. While the Czar was stranded there, the Union worker protesters arrived at Czar-HQ. Where they grouped at the main fence with armed gaurds that protected it etc.

            What the Union worker crowd was NOT aware of is that the very bolshevik kommies they so trusted and that planned it all, had their Own armed guys! Those kommie armed men sat Up in the Trees across from the HQ area. When someone gave the signal, the kommie armed sniper crews in the trees hidden from view opened fire upon the worker group and all hell broke loose! But the worker union folks believed the Czars armed guard is who shot them!

            That began the russian revolution of 1918, Financed by Jacob Schiff(JP Morgan) who at that time in 1917 was the Main Rothchilds-Agent here in the usa. Leon Trotsky was in NY finding aprox. 300 Kommie jewish folks to join him in going Back to russia to oversee and assist in running the revolt. Jacob shiff was who gave trotsky $20 Million all in Gold Bullion! While in Germany 1917 another bankster, Mr. Warburg, gave Lennin another $10-Million gold bullion!

            $30 billion pure gold back then was equal to at least a couple Billion dollars today if not more. That gold financed the Reign of Terror You likly never heard much about due to MSM in usa is also Kommie controlled since early 1920’s.

            Once the worker protesters got shot, many killed, many wounded, it kicked of the revolt and actual survivor stories tell us that it moved across Russia like a Tidal Wave. So fast and powerfull before most folks became aware something was amiss, it was already Too Late!

            The Kommie Bolsheviks, Red Army, went village by village, town by town across russia. Within a few weeks time they gained total control nearly. Everybody not shot dead on sight, was rounded up, taken to the forest by trucks and stood at edge of ravines to be systematically shot in back of head and tossed or fell into ravines.

            Where Other either kommies or sometimes the town or village folks were forced to be at bottom and keep shoveling dirt over the dead bodies. In Ukraine that scenario lasted 8-Years! 24/7-Eight yrs-Trucks ran non stop around the clock delivering tens of Millions to their deaths. Finally the kommies simply confiscated every piece of all edible foods. And let 1/3 rd of entire ukraine pop starve to death to speed it up. Those caught with even a single potato or carrot hidden were shot dead right where they stood. It is called the Ukraine Holodomer. Most never heard of it due to all they heard of is the 6-million jews and nazis stuff. 7-10 Million were starved dead in ukraine, Plus Millions More shot or beaten to death or used for slave labor till dead.

            They Moved across the land like Locusts so quick there was no method to halt the evils.

            I think from all we have seen just in last couple yrs, especially the last 12-months or so here, that They are gearing up massive propaganda programs to demonize all patriots, and maily White folk patriots and christians. They will not stop there though! Eventually it will focus upon all whites even dems or past supporters of todays kommies here in usa.

            Once They feel they generated enough Hate propaganda of Us, who They call Their ememeys etc, then they will do something very similar to what I described above. And like 1918 russia and ukraine, and finally Poland too,move across america faster than a tidal wave and more destructive. Russia is THREE times the land mass size as the usa is! In 1918 russia had 150 Million Pop total.

            There is nothing today to stop such besides a small percent of awake patriots! And the fed gov/kommies have quite alot more high tech and sophisticated stuff to use as compared to them bolsheviks in 1918 russia had!

            Unless a vast massive number of americans wake up and soon? Sorry, I do Not see any renewal in the usa by Anyone or groups. They today can do what occured in russia anytime they choose to. All they yet need do is convince More folks to Hate patriots-christians-whites. To assure we never see any help from their types. The Sheeples I mean.

            I say Read and study what happened back then. You all already know every detail about nazis and germany wwii as it was pounded into all our heads non stop since born.

            Learn about Bolshevik Russia 1918 as That is far more likly a senario we shall be faced with. Especially since most of the decendant-grandkids of those original russian kommies are living here in the usa now. And it is They, not german nazis or any others who are controling most of our entire fed govnt-society-schools-unions-MSM’s and all else that matters in what we call Culture and Society and Nation or country. Yes alot of todays troubles resemble germany 1930 inflation etc. But it IS Bolshevik Kommies who Control all or near all of america today.

            Unlike all other forms of politics of govnt rule. Kommies are the worst period. Their entire system and procedures and attitudes were spawned in Hell by Satan. They adopted Satan as their Father. Pay atten as once they gin up whatever levels of supoport from sheepels as well as Hatred of patriotic and white folks. They will make their move. Just as in Russia and Ukraine. Unless WE ban together to Halt it all.

            That is what we can do. Learn all we can of the enemy and their methods including Past methods of theirs. So to be able to better fight them/it. And again, our main enemys are Kommies. Not muslims nor nazis. Muslims yes are a problem now. Not like the kommies running the entire usa though!

            • Them guys, excellent post.

              Stalinist commies everywhere in USSA.

              Lock and Load

            • -Did you actually write the above text?

              Could you Please ‘site’ Your Sources?


              • TTC, My source? Try 20 yrs of reading everything about everything. Do you recall each place you read info at? No you do not as nobdoy does. Hey believe what you care to. As for source info? Do Your Own homework research.

                To get you started try Prof Kevin McDonald. or, Michael Hoffman website or many more historic revisionists sites which adhere to exposing the True facts about various issues such as Bolsheviks-communisim and WHO invented it!

                These same websites and book writers also debunk most all of the WWII lies or fabels we all were told to believe as well as most nazi fables they also debunk.

                And they do cite every claim’s documented sources and prove things beyond all doubts. Then get back to me ok, thanks for your concern.

                • TTC, I had a few moments time so I dug this up as just One source of kommie info. Perhaps this will assist you and all others here who desire truth based on facts, as documented by some of the worlds most esteemed and prolific persons. Lets try Churchhill of England as one such sourse shall we.

                  FROM: website of RevisionistHistory dot org

                  Judaic Communists: The Documentary Record
                  by Michael A. Hoffman II
                  Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved

                  “The only two non-Jews in the communist conspiracy were Chambers and Hiss…Every other one was a Jew and it raised hell with us.” (Nixons Missing 16 Min of recorded tape). No wonder usa msm Hid it from Us eh!

                  Statement of President Richard Nixon in 1971, as recorded at the White House on tape and released by the National Archives in 1999. The reference is to Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss. (Sources: N.Y. Times, Oct. 7, 1999 and Newsweek, Oct. 18, 1999, p. 30)

                  “It is legitimate to adopt a critical attitude toward the relatively large number of Jews who particularly in the first decade after the Bolshevik revolution collaborated with the Soviet Government in the persecution of other peoples.”

                  Statement of researcher Michael Mills, an official of the government of Australia at Canberra. (Source: Forward, March 10, 2000) NOTE! Foreward is a usa’s Largest jewish weekly publication.

                  Judaic Professor Arno Mayer of Princeton in his important book, Why Did the Heavens Not Darken? states that the German invasion of Russia was carried out with the intention to eradicate Bolshevik (Soviet Communist) ideology. The Germans were hardly the only ones in the West to believe that, “Soviet Russia is a dictatorship of Jewry.”

                  On Feb. 8, 1920 a young British writer made a similar observation in the Illustrated Sunday Herald:

                  “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews.”

                  The writer was Winston Churchill. Though he would later sell his soul for considerably more than thirty pieces of silver, his analysis of the authentic nature of Soviet communism remains trenchant.

                  Churchill expressed the crucial insight that the crimes perpetrated by Jewish communists against Germans and Russians instilled in those people a desire for retribution:

                  “In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed, the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.

                  “The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people.

                  “…The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with villainies which are now being perpetrated…Needless to say, the most intense passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people.” (End quote from Churchill).


                  Bourgeoisie was a Bolshevik code-word for Gentile. The first law passed after the Communists seized power in Russia made anti-semitism a crime punishable by death. (Izvestia, July 27, 1918).(Today its Hate Speech laws!)

                  The top Communist Judaic official Zinoviev stated: “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritzky, Zinoviev and Vólodarsky, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeoisie–more blood! As much as possible!” (Krasnaya Gazeta, Sept. 1, 1918)

                  SOURCE: LENNIN HIMSELF!

                  Lenin, whose maternal grandfather, Israel Blank, was Judaic, said that Judaics made the best revolutionaries: “The clever Russian is almost always a Jew or has Jewish blood in him.” (Dmitri Volkogonov, Lenin: A New Biography, p. 112). Lenin was both clever and a revolutionary. He was surely referring to himself.

                  Researcher Wayne McGuire of Harvard University writes: “Lenin was a Jew by the standards of Israel’s Law of Return: he possessed a Jewish grandparent. It would seem that not only was Lenin a Jew, but that he was a Jewish racist and chauvinist, although he kept his ideas on this volatile subject far in the background, probably because they were in radical conflict with the supposed universalism of Marxism. …Lenin was a Jewish racist who deliberately gave Jews especially, the most ‘intellectually demanding tasks.’ He admitted that 50% of the communist terrorist vanguard in the south and west of Russia was comprised of Jews.”

                  Lenin declared, “We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class.” His partner in crime, Apfelbaum (Zinoviev) stated: “The interests of the revolution require the physical annihilation of the bourgeoisie class.” Who were these bourgeoisie? Certainly not Jews. Trotsky gave a clue to their identity in a 1937 interview in the New York Jewish newspaper, Daily Forward: “The longer the rotten bourgeoisie society lives, the more and more barbaric will anti-Semitism become everywhere.”

                  In Other words Trotsky hates antisemitisim. So after He and His Jewish bolshevik kommies Murder-Rape-Plunder and destroy an Entire “gentile” white christian russia, Trotsky is worried he Must KILL OFF all Gentiles everywheres worldwide in order to Stop all forms of antisemitisim. Gee would that antisemitisim ever exist had those Trotskites and Lennin et al Not caused it in the first place?!

                  What would You expect Your neighbors let alone your Host nation and peoples to act like if you Hyjacked their govnt, Murdered their King/Czar and Murdered 100+ Million of Their peoples and entirely Wrecked their nation?

                  Perhaps Trotsky would rather see the folks not yet dead bring him Flowers and Candy?

                  Do You Get It Yet? Forget what we was told to believe. Learn the Real truths from folks like Churchill whom Nobody anywheres can Posibly refute or dennigrate.

                  • I Forgot to mention: That website I cited above also has a huge Bio-Listing with some actual Photos too, of Tons of original Russian Kommies. And much more valid important info.

                    as Example: what Links to KGB does ISRAEL and MOSSAD have?

                    On Oct. 16, 1948, 50,000 Jewish communists turned out in Moscow’s Red Square to welcome the first Israeli delegation to Moscow. Stalin supported Zionism’s 1947 Palestine partition plan, gave crucial recognition to the newly-created state of Israel and voted for Israel’s admission to the United Nations.

                    In 1951 communist and Marxist parties had twenty-three seats in the Israeli Knesset. The kibbutz system was the most powerful movement in the country and the most powerful kibbutz leaders were nearly all Marxists. The biggest Israeli holiday was May Day, celebrated with rallies, marches, red banners and red songs.

                    As recently as 1987 the Israelis were providing the KGB with American intelligence secrets (cf. UPI dispatch by Richard Sale, Dec. 13, 1987 and The City Paper [Washington, DC], Jan. 15, 1988). Jonathan Jay Pollard was part of one such spy ring. British traitor and Communist spy Kim Philby was assisted in obtaining safe haven in the Soviet Union by the Israeli Mossad (cf. Sunday Telegraph [England], April 16, 1989). This was most appropriate since Philby’s KGB handler in Moscow was also Jewish.

                    Romania’s communist regime received favorable trade deals from the U.S. for years due to Israeli pressure on Congress in its behalf (N.Y. Times, Jan. 18, 1992, p. 23). The notion that the Zionist Jewish movement was anti-communist is a fallacy. The truth is more complex. There was a left wing and a right wing within Zionism. The rightists, like the terrorists Jabotinsky and Stern, took a fascist approach. Leftist Zionists like David “I am a Bolshevik” Ben-Gurion admired the Soviet model of Jewish power and sought to incorporate it as the political economy of the Israeli state

                    How about AFRICANS In AFRICA Links to Kommies! Think Prez Klinton Knew of Mandala ties to KGB Kommies too?

                    The African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa was guided by two Communist Jews, Albie Sachs, “one of its foremost intellectuals”( London Sunday Times, Aug. 29, 1993) and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo).

                    Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. He joined the ANC’s terrorist wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe, in 1961 and eventually became its commander. He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. (“Joe Slovo,” Jewish Chronicle, Jan. 13, 1995).

                    Slovo had been the ” planner of many of the ANC terrorist attacks, including the 1983 car bomb that killed 19 people and injured many others… Slovo, who had traveled to the Soviet Union many times, was awarded a Soviet medal on his 60th birthday…Slovo is a dedicated Communist, a Marxist Leninist without morality of any kind, for whom only victory counts, whatever the human cost, whatever the bloodshed…Slovo disputes little of his image as ‘the Communist mastermind’ behind the ANC’s armed struggle. For him the fears of South Africa’s whites are both a measure of the ANC’s growing strength and a crucial factor in hastening what he believes will be its ultimate victory. ‘Revolutionary violence has created the inspirational impact that we had intended, and it has won for the ANC its leading position,’ Slovo said.” (“Rebel Strategist Seeks to End Apartheid,” L.A. Times, Aug. 16, 1987, p. 14). When Nelson Mandela’s ANC took over South Africa, Slovo was named Minister of Housing

                    And rumors abound Today, that when Mandala 94 yrs old, Dies soon, African Blacks in Africa plan to Honor his death by Finishing Murdering every last White south african folks!…Rumor? Time shall tell. Very Likly true.

                    And if You do not believe usa blacks have been agitated by americas kommie leftists bolsheviks to Kill off usa Whites, please remove your head from your butt regions.

                    Go Check out that website it is Awsome for factual truth and vast documentation of it.

                  • @ them guys-

                    Sir, Yes Sir!

                • @themguys- In response: yeah, I Try
                  and remember Where/When I Read
                  Everything. Bummer about HardCopy…
                  This aint no pissing contest; while
                  you brought up Good points- I can Not Be
                  sure if these are Yours, or…..

                  • @Them guy,

                    Just had a few moments eh? 🙂


                  • TTC: Not sure what you mean by are these My points or?

                    Pay ATTEN Please Ok. It aint about my or your or whatever “Points” all it IS about is what IS Facts and Truth Based on Facts. THAT IS the Real valid “POINTS”.

                    Do You Get it Yet? If not, try educating yourself by Reading more info such as I posted. ps, such proven documented info is now available online for almost every subjest or issue a person can think of from A to Z and all “Points” in between. I hope my replies have assisted you in the quest for Truths.

            • Thanks for confirming what I suspected based on my limited knowledge of the subject– the Bolshevik Revolution was merely these guys playbook… A book on the Bolsheviks has been on my to buy list for a while– hitting Amazon today..

        • One nut does not make for a police state.

          • Nor does one Keynesian make a president

        • Everything is in place

          This is not news..it is fact and has been for quite some time..
          It’s just that the intel has leaked out as always..

          Everyone is suspect..

          Just keep your thoughts to yourselves and shut the fuck up..then all will be fine..unless you want to be audited by the irs..and then visited by the dhs..and have your children and family threatened by all the other alphabet agencies till you relinquish your true thoughts about your beloved government..

          Shut your mouth

          Mia capa..

          May God protect us and keep us safe..

          The Stasi is in full force..


        • “First they came for the communists,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

          Then they came for the socialists,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

          Then they came for the trade unionists,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

          Then they came for the Jews,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

          Then they came for the Catholics,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic.

          Then they came for me,
          and there was no one left to speak for me.”

          The perfect answer to your question…

          • Pastor Joseph Niemoller, if I remember correctly…

          • “First they came for the communists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

            Then they came for the socialists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

            Then they came for the trade unionists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

            Then they came for the Illegal Mexicans,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Mexican.

            Then they came for the ghetto gangbangers,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t black.

            Then you know what?
            and things got a lot better.”

        • Stupid & apathetic is a dangerous, freedom killing thing. Joe & Jane Obedient are the same type of people as those in Germany that thought Hitler was just a loud talking guy. Or, the Africans that thought they were selling their brothers to pale people that would treat them like part-time serfs. Or, the guys who said Genghis Khan just neede a hug…& on & on…

        • @ Blutarsky-
          so what are YOU doing, bigmouth?

      2. Snitch, rat fink, it ALWAYS happens when a government goes bad, ALWAYS. Nazi Germany, Soviet KGB, eastern european satellite countries of the USSR, whatever, informers are used. This happens again and again and NO ONE benefits, not even the tyrannical state does not because people rat on others that they simply don’t like. A total waste of time for EVERYBODY and a total liability for EVERYBODY.

        • BI, got your email and forwarded. Also, on your article, it should be up tomorrow. Thanks!

          • Mac, Good timing for a world on the brink, I hope people will like it.

            • I’ve always like what you have had to say. Keep the info coming Mac and BI. Trying my best to be prepared, afraid I might be too late. Will die trying.

            • woo hoo … been waiting to read this…

              • Yep been waiting to see this as well here ! Keep up the great work folks ! Learning valuable information everyday from reading here on this site. Been stocking up on water / bullets / beans & silver, & working on the band-aids as well.Kinda got a late start but I do see what’s coming & am trying be as ready as I can be !

            • I just hope its not a glenn beck build up let down.

            • BI- can’t wait for the article 🙂

              On another note, i love all the earthquake
              info, your info is almost always dead-on.
              However, if I had a Map of the Plates you
              refer to, it would make much more sence to me.
              Thanx for all you do.

            • Heck yeah BI. Been awaitin’ for it. I’m sure it’ll be a good read.

        • That’s easy, the entire state of Florida. Next question please.

        • Great points, this sort of thing is also what our armed forces go through in every theater of op I’ve been in, and it always turns into what we called rat f#cking.

        • Be informed,

          Well said. The crap is rolling downhill pretty quickly now.

      3. So if you already hate govt, the sheriff’s answer is to pile more on you ?

        (…specially trained deputies, mental health professionals and caseworkers…)

        Man….what a sadist…….

        It’s as if he wants people to go postal.

        • They are making their lists, that way the noisy ones get the first no knock raids

        • Duh, The simple act of of the government trying to prevent something causes it to happen more often.

        • Note that you will be referred to “services”. Surely compulsory and at your own expense. Then they will use the “reports” from their favorite Dr. Quack to determine that you are mentally ill, must be placed in an mental institution (aka imprisoned wothout trial), and of course you then have no need of any of your possessions.

      4. The Hidden Side of History

        things that make ya go hmmm


        and then there is this

        IRS to Spy on Our Shopping Records, Travel, Social Interactions, Health Records and Files from Other Government Investigators


        Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History


      5. Is the statement “You people are a bunch of assholes” anti government? How about: “Please kiss my ass’? Or perhaps “NOMI” Inquiring minds need to know, what’s now legal, as the Constitution has been suspended. Looks like it’s time to start watching what we say. How about FU you scum sucking scum

        • Paranoid, if they are going to incessantly non stop continue to bash us and call us racists or nazis or potential homgrown terrorists and whatever else then can dream up. Perhaps sooner or later most folks will figure they may was well begin to act as such. What good is it to be or act nice if they refuse to accept that?

          Keep calling a person a thief when he aint and don’t get upset if he finally robs you blind. Right.

      6. When scientists try to find a means of healing, those whom want control will use it to further corral the populace into full compliance. http://countdowntozerotime.org/2013/05/02/brain-chip-memory-implants-the-singularity-a-maverick-neuroscientist-believes-he-has-deciphered-the-code-by-which-the-brain-forms-long-term-memories/

        You can bet the governments of the world will use this for ONLY control purposes by lobotomizing the brin like the science fiction Borg do in Star Trek. If evil is there, you can wager everything you have that your “friend” the government will be right at its doorstep.

        • I want a math co-processor.

          JC Denton me…

          Kidding of course…

      7. “is this my country?”



        yeah America

        it is

        this is what we have become

        torturers abroad and a police state at home

      8. I guess all but 2 people will have to leave the state…next!

      9. How about: “Eat my shorts, you sack of Shit”? Is that Gov approved? Anyone but me wonder why a scum like Bloomberg can trample our Constitution and no one does anything but if the people don’t like it, we get a visit from the police?

        • Mr Bloomberg is quite a popular guy in New York City…But those that like a big carbonated soda, greasy foods or a sportsman, and those that still believe there responsibility is to safegard there home, and family…He strikes out…He is fundamentally a communist at heart…Sorry…but that is the way people see it! He is all about control,control,control…Do we all need our diapers changed at 20-60 years old? I do need a babysitter either.Considering that he supposedly has controlling interest in NBC and owns CNN…What would you least expect of his lieutenants at the microphone…He is more likened to a political instigator…what was 1776 and the constitution all about?

          • Persons such as Bloomberg as well as schumer and finestien are Precicely the main reason that persons such as Bloomberg as well as schumer and finestien have been Booted from every single Host nation that hosted them ever since 245 AD. In fact as far as I can tell america so far is the Only nation to Host them that has not Booted them out…….YET!

            Perhaps we need a brand new tactic to try and assist all such as they, as well as all libs kommies and racist antiwhite black folks.

            Maybe whats needed is Posse squads of Patriots who rove the country looking for those types who non stop do or say the things they always do. Then when found, beat the living crap out of them and really give them a true reason to say or do what they keep doing to Our kinds.

            In other words in order to show we Love our enemys as Christ said to do…Make an Honest complainer or name caller our of their sorry ilk.

            Example= Next time Sharpton rants about white seperatist racists, begin to ACT racist as can be. Then he really will have a good reason to cry hes a victim of whiteys.

            By assisting all kommies become an Honest person we are doing a great service to our nation. So got it yet? Beat kommies asses as hard and often as posible. Give them bastards something to rant about!

            • the Bloomberg’s and Schummer’s and Feinstein’s are exactly what is wrong with America
              and no i am not talking about there Jewish side what i am talking about is this. its all about having victims and using them for there own control issues they all have. during the depression it was FDR and his New Deal. and the beginning of the Welfare state.and to this day we have had generation after generation of Welfare cheats. FDR thought if he could control the Lower class then he could get the Progressive agenda running along with out a hitch.
              The politicians and the alleged Civil rights leaders use this as a way to Game the system and get as much cash as they could. you seldom hear of Martin Luther king Jrs illegitimate children or his many mistresses. You only hear the sanitized version about his faithful wife and family waiting for there father who will never come home. or how about the corrupt Jessie Jackson and his rainbow push coalition it should be renamed Jessie Jackson’s retirement fund. And how about the great (not) Al Sharpton and how he screamed Rape for a little girl who out right lied and ruined a few young men’s lives. These fakes and charlatans have done nothing for the Black community but take money and make victims of them all. They have for 25 years or more told the black community how there victims and how they will never get out of the ghetto. And the truth is these fakes don’t want them to get out. just watch how Jessie Jackson is cheered along and how the Blacks fall all over him to basically kiss his Ass.

              Jessie Jackson can say any thing he wants including how he would like to cut the balls off Obummer for “talking down to the black man ” and not one thing will be done to him.Jackson has in the past been legendary about shaking down the businesses in large cities for ” donations ” to his group but in reality its about him keeping there names out of the media.Has any one tried to put him in jail where he belongs. If we tried to get a White history month we would be run out of America But yet there’s a whole month for them. Filled with Lies and false info

              the Msm fall all over them selves to not seem like there a little bit racist BUT there the biggest racists around.
              Any time you have one group elevating another group that’s Racism. look at affirmative action. pure racism
              Look at the BET channel.you have a whole channel about by and for blacks and if there are any white folks on it there made to look like clowns and complete fools. white women are seen as nothing but arm candy in the black community and breeding stock for the next generation of Welfare cheats.

              You watch this law in Florida and most likely it will get a test run in New york and California.but will we see the gangs turning in the other gangs ? i think not.

              and like the Bills being trotted out in DC the Gun powder Bills and the limited ammo bills will if nothing else get traction in New York after all if you cant ban guns then make the ammo so expensive and hard to get ( like it isn’t now ) that we as a whole just give up.sen Joe Manchin is still trying to get his Gun ban bill implemented. he suffered a major defeat but you can bet Obummer is standing in the wings saying Come on Joe try it again.

              I saw where Jan Brewer in Arizona passed a law that any Gun Buy back programs HAVE to sell the guns to licensed Gun stores. her logic ( and it was correct ) was that the actions of destroying the guns the Piggies bought was wasteful of Tax payer Money.

              Look for Arizona liberals to try and get around this with the following loop hole. instead of using taxpayer money they will just get private donations.

              This like any other Law the Liberals come up with should be taken to court. Maybe just Maybe if they get dragged in to court at every turn they Night stop this bull shit.

              Skittle shittin unicorn

        • Where is “he” when I need to wipe?

        • Its past time to fight these bastards, its only going to get Worse as Each Regional Tin Pot Dictator, tries to force the Nanny State up our asses…Throw this Commie Sheriff out of the County, Time for Some “Blanket Parties” We need to Kick the Commies out on their asses! Lamp Post Meet Rope!

          Semper Fi

      10. Why would anyone hate the government?, thats just crazy talk

        could it be that they arnt doing the peoples work? nahh thats not it

      11. Been reading this site for awhile now, it’s my fave. First time poster. Just wanted to thank Mac and all of the contributed’s. I have Learned A LOT. The articles are always interesting, but I love most of the comments even more.

        • Outlaw, welcome to the party.

        • Let’s all go on welfare, shut down our businesses or… hang signs saying we don’t sell to dems. Traitors.

      12. I don’t know that anyone is “okay” anymore, and what is the criteria to judge? Fortunately, I live in a “low” police presence area and can’t imagine they would have the time or inclination to go on a fishing expedition. Unfortunately, they may bring in some outside experts, except that our area is also very poor and may not be able to afford the enforcers. This is a dreadful development and will be horribly misused. We spend a lot of time and effort in staying off the radar, but if they make a sweep, we’ll be caught up in it as well. Guess it’s time for professional acting lessons, although I’ll never be able to say “I just love Obama” with a straight face!

        • Gilligan’s Island time.

          How much does an island cost? And how many people can split that cost?

          • Vote from the Rooftops time more like it.

      13. Closet Yankee’s!

      14. Glenn Beck said on his radio show today thay want to Confiscate 20 to 40 thousand guns in California.

        • That’s OK they can get them from the LA PD, stop them from shooting Little old ladies.

        • P.A. Farmer: No great loss; anyone still living in the People’s Republic of California should have their guns taken because they’re brainless idiots and are a clear and present danger to themselves and their fellow commrades. Besides, those tofu and sprout eating sissies would would only wet themselves at the sound of gun fire. The only folks with enough balls to keep their guns are the gang-bangers.

          • The “gang-bangers” are the only groups who will be allowed to keep their illegally obtained firearms. I read a while ago that the last mayor of Chicago intended(s) to use the gangs as troops during the coming confiscation. Sending them into the cities and neighborhoods to (try) do the dirty work. Probably knowing that a lot of will be killed out right. Using those casualties to gauge just exactly how well armed each area is, and how far the people are willing to go to keep their guns. THEN they”ll send in the big guys .
            Going back to the orig point of report your neighbor- They don’t really need anyone to do that now that it’s going to be on the books. Just “somebody said”. They’ll certainly use it whenever it suits to get the job done. Of coarse it sure helps to have your basic backyard feud to get the ball rolling.

        • It might be a good time to point out that California has effectively been annexed by Mexico. Mexicans, i.e., Hispanics, Latins, or whatever these aliens choose to call themselves on any given day – do NOT believe in the right to keep and bear arms, and to my knowledge, there is not a single Hispanic run nation from the southern edge of the US-Mexican border down to the tip of South America that has anything like a Second Amendment or, even a Constitution or Bill of Rights. These things are the by products of the genius of our 100 percent White European Founders, folks.

          So, what is happening in Mexifornia right now is a glimpse, a preview of what will happen to the entire USA if amnesty is passed and these same Hispanics manage to flood into the USA by the millions and take this nation away from White Europeans.

          There is 100 percent certainty that a Hispanic controlled USA will NOT allow the White men who have been rendered to a subjugated, minority status to keep their firearms.

          • You are spot on Tucker.

            I lived in California for 20 years. The illegal invading nightmare was the main reason I left. That and an out of control government who hates whitey.

            You’ve got the elite Hollyweird sect who’s pro-invader and big government. Yet they don’t want to pay those high taxes, i.e. Bill Maher (scumbag) who’s thinking of moving out.

            One thing I did notice was this. All these middle aged and older white starlets adopting Haitian babies. How come I never see a RICH black rapper couple or single rapper adopting an Haitian kid? Why is that? Are they selfish?

            Then you’ve got the government parasites who do nothing but take. They produce nothing and make life hell on earth for most people.

            Then you have the middle income earner (disappearing like the Dodo bird) who’s actually footing the bills. The suckers who are left in this category are paying high car taxes, a big state income tax bite AND higher sales tax. They can never access those services that they pay for. That’s like paying your neighbor to eat filet mignon and you’re eating hamburger steak.

            At the bottom you have the parasitical class. You have the invader with her anchor babies who now gets WIC and foodstamps. Hubby or baby daddy is not married to the invader so he is working under the table for cash. He’s immune to criticism. Hence the sanctuary cities.

            So a Hispanic controlled country is a bad idea. The only thing whites can do is move to an area where these invaders are not welcome. Alabama got rid of a large number of invaders with their new immigration law. I noticed a lot less in this state this year.

      15. So let me get this right: Neighbor calls cops and says perp is nuts. Perp uses his VP shotgun, fires two shots in air, kills two drones. Perp goes to court and claims insanity, using neighbor’s snitching as a character reference. Works for me…once.

      16. Yet another reason to avoid my neighbors.

        • Your neighbors are commies.

      17. hey , why dont everyone in Florida call and report Ric Bradshaw in for hating American freedom?.. now thats a start..

        so now opinions are criminal…?

        these commies are a hoot

      18. This is strange though because Florida was the first state in which 100% of the county Sheriffs said they will not enforce a federal weapons ban. Now I doubt they would stick to that if the time came, but at least they came out and said that. But now this.

      19. The Sheriff in Palm Beach is elected, not appointed. He will face a tough battle to get re-elected. This little Bloomberg-like fascist just bit off more than he anticipated. I bet he backs off this tact substantially in a very few days. Black-booted fascist prick. He even vaguely resembles that prick Bloomberg.

        • even if he does back off..he should still get the boot, or do him and everyone else a favor, impeach him before he can do any more damage or have any more crack head ideas like this one

        • Really??? I thought he lokks a LOT like Hitler! How fitting…….

      20. Also I say everyone floods this hotline with bogus info non stop. Make it not worth their efforts to follow through with hundreds of “tips”. I say we call and report and Obama supporter to this and make them chase all those people down.

        • Chilton: Great idea, folks will just start flooding their phone lines with ‘tips’ and they’ll drop this stupid idea like a bad habit. Ridicule is the best way to treat crap like this. Any idea that TPTB can come up with can be brought crashing down.

      21. In that county..I wouldn’t be so sure

      22. Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops…see Ric Bradshaw qualifies

        A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city.

        The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld a lower court’s decision that the city did not discriminate against Robert Jordan because the same standards were applied to everyone who took the test.

        “This kind of puts an official face on discrimination in America against people of a certain class,” Jordan said today from his Waterford home. “I maintain you have no more control over your basic intelligence than your eye color or your gender or anything else.”


        View Full Size

        Little Girl With a Big IQ Watch Video

        Sleep Loss Lowers Grades Watch Video

        Junk Food Diet Watch Video

        He said he does not plan to take any further legal action.

        Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, took the exam in 1996 and scored 33 points, the equivalent of an IQ of 125. But New London police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training.

        Most Cops Just Above Normal The average score nationally for police officers is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average

        Nuff said folks?

      23. Another reason to not discuss your preps with the people around you. They could be with you one day and against you the next. My neighbor is up to something no good–he is stockpiling ammo like crazy and saying the government is ruining the country. You are going to see this start happening all over the country. Notice who will come to your house-specially trained deputies, social works and case workers. I’m sorry but your kids may not be safe with you, we are going to have to remove them for their own good.

        • Obamacare has in it the protocol to require annual pysicals, for everyone who is on it, which will be everyone after commercial healthcare collapses in a year or two. These pysicals will be absolutely required, and mental evals are part of it. Already doctors are inquiring “are there any guns in the house?”.

          They are already doing that, Glen Beck was talking about it yesterday on his show, his sister got asked that this week by her doctor, so it’s pretty personal with him.

          Case workers will be around to isolate preppers. Preppers with kids will either have to pull their kids out of school, or else strongly train them what not to say to strangers, including LE and Red Headmasters. It’s hard to get kids to shut up, since the Red headmasters at school get their confidence. Rare is the kid who can resist spilling the beans on the parents in a shtf situation.

          Solution: When it’s reallly bad SHTF, pull kids out of circulation with non-prepper kids and any and all adults. You are their only line of defense. Kids under 14 cannot keep their parent’s details a secret. The Reds want our kids, plain and simple.

          • Doctor’s are among the nation’s leaders that support communism. They love the Stalinist mental health power they wield. Confiscate the guns of the mentally ill cause all gun owners are mentally ill. Stalin 101 F&G.

            • I’m going to enjoy communism.
              Are the women hot?
              Seems if everyone is poor…if I have a few things it will be easier to score with the chicks.


              Hey, baby… come on over tonight and we’ll open up a can of beans and have a few bars of banned chocolate.

              Maybe bring a friend and I have some home canned food I can send home with you.
              Oh you didn’t prep up? We’ll then…

              Just a funny thought.

              Gents, no matter what goes down in life..we’ll still thrive.

              I do think it would be funny to put out many signed in the ghetto saying “Free Food at Noon”…then watch all the fights.

              You have to have a sense of humor in all this…these dark times.
              Enjoy watching it all go down.

              • @Ready?- Sadly, here in the
                good ole’ USofA its already like this:
                Just look at Chicagoland……

        • JAs,Zip That Lip! As Kula say’s, You Gotta Know When to Holdem. Or maybe that was Kenny Rodgers. Trekker Out.

      24. There are countries who accept political disidents. Beats the hell out of a work visa 🙂

      25. In Russia under Stalin, neighbors denounced each other out of sheer terror of the state. They knew that their neighbors would be sent to death camps and their children would be left to starve to death in the streets but they were that afraid of being denounced themselves.

        That’s the kind of fear Obama will have to generate in order to make gun confiscation effective. And don’t think for one second that they don’t know that or they aren’t willing to do what’s necessary.

        • Barn Cat, “willing to do what’s necessary” works both ways. Big difference between Stalin’s russia and Nathan Bedford Forrest’s boys. Them boys got shotguns.

          • If they kill the families of people who resist there will be very little resistance.

        • Should have seen the one where he was denied a second slice of pizza he threw a fit.

      26. Off topic sort of:

        Read on Fox news that our military’s JAG Corp. is putting in procedures to court martial any Christian Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine who is caught “Sharing his Faith”. This will drive the remaining Christians out of The Service!

        One more step to turn our own Military into a Homo/Muslim loving forced which will be used against the American people when the SHTF.

        Now is the time, this is the place, NOMI

      27. The most important antibiotics to have are amoxicillin, penicillin, cipro, and keflex. Pet antibiotics come off the same manufacturing line as the human variety, they’re just packaged with a different label. Pet antibiotics don’t require a prescription.


        • Exactly. Fish meds to be used ONLY as a last resort.

          • Eisen
            Pet meds do require a prescription
            What planet are you on?
            Dr. E

            • You don’t know what you’re talking about unless that is the situation in your particular state. The general answer is you don’t.

            • NOT!! I have fishmox in my fridge now bought online.

              • I just checked–mine are also from Thomaslabs.

              • I never though about putting them in the fridge. Did you research the effects of doing that?

                • I did Eisen, and got several advising keeping in the fridge at fridge temp prolongs shelf life.
                  I only have fishmox, but plan on getting fishflex soon.

                  May love be the light that guides us through the darkness..for it is coming.

          • Got a buddy that is a Prepper who is married to an E.R. Nurse. He got a nasty staph infection from a cut. His wife told him what to take/when and he got better.

            My point is, is at least this case the Fish Meds were real, and that they worked.

            • A guy on the doomsday preppers show sucessfully used it to treat a kidney infection.

            • Bag Balm can be a life saver.
              Think about it.

              As soon as you see something brewing… slather it up.

              The stuff works

              Some places keep it at the pharmacy behind the counter..ask for it.
              Or you can find it at the pet store or farm supply.

        • Is the dosing of these antibiotics packaged for animals, different than the ones packaged for human use?

          • No. The dosages are exactly the same. It comes of the same manufacturing line and the capsules are then placed into differentially labeled bottles.

            • Thanks for the link cooking mom. Another loose end I’ve been meaning to tie up. Your right on time.

              • Everybody, print out dosage info. Place in plastic sleeve
                With meds. Also, proper temps for refrigerators are 39°~42°.
                check yours, store meds in there with hard copies in jumbo zip-
                Lock bag.


                Keep preppin’

        • I used fish antibiotics for an abcessed tooth. They can be ordered over the internet. Stay away from the ones from the far east. American packed fish antibiotics are the same as human antibiotics. I have a pill identification book and the caps and pills match up exactly to human pills. The ones I got from Thailand did not match up so I trashed them since I couldn’t be sure. I only order ones made by Thomas Labs now…but that is just a personal preference. Good advice kreutz.

        • Eisenkreuz says:

          I’m an idiot…listen to me!!!


          I’m an idiot…listen to me!!!

        • Eisenkreuz, add Doxicycline, a good sulfa and erythromycin and you’ve got it covered.

      28. Wanna read how stupid people like this can be?

        Gunfire and moments of fear as a rural Oregon school tests its readiness

        Two masked men wearing hoodies and wielding handguns burst into the Pine Eagle Charter School in this tiny rural community on Friday. Students were at home for an in-service day, so the gunmen headed into a meeting room full of teachers and opened fire.
        Someone figured out in a few seconds that the bullets were not drawing blood because they were blanks and the exercise was a drill, designed to test Pine Eagle’s preparation for an assault by “active shooters” who were, in reality, members of the school staff. But those few seconds left everybody plenty scared.

        Now, that no one in this meeting were warned of this, and the fact that class was not in session..what if one of these people in this room were packing (even if illegal, so debateable) how this would have turned out, and how much that person should have been in the right to gun “the bad guys” down.

        Stupid is as stupid does, and all in our education system..niiice..

        whos losing thier job over this? Huh?

        • makes me wonder how many school teachers just got woke up over this dumb act?,, and went out and bought and carry a gun now..

          this would deffinetly wake them up to the fact that gun laws wouldnt have changed this situation either..

          but than again maybe their IQ’s are as low as the cops we hire

          • Its a good thing a teacher wasn’t already awake and ready when they busted in shooting. Could have been the false flag they where really pushing for. They say it was a training session when it fails to ignite. Lots of training going on lately. They were training in Boston too, if I recollect.

        • none of the granola eating hippies in oregon would ever think about having a gun handy.

          they have all sold there souls to the Goddess Gaea
          and will never defend the children unless one is a future liberal

          Oregon should be nuked off the map tree hugging bastards

      29. Must be nice to have so much power you get to outlaw people who don’t like you. OK, so if I don’t vote for you, Mr. Government Official, I’m against you and your stupid ideas and since you’re “the government”, I must be against the government… Another nebulous reason to harass regular people just going about their business. We’ll all slowly be driven insane.

      30. To all of you flame throwers on this board that rant and rave about the stupid americans need to wake up and do something… Please… give all us stupid americans ten (10) things to do in order to bring this crap to a stop… Go ahead, put your money where your mouth is. List them all, in the order of the most effective to the least effective. I dare you.

        • Crab, I knew, that all you would get would be red thumbs. #1 Lean on your Elected Officials. Wonder how many red thumbs I can get! Trekker Out.

          • Thanks… but I have a 3″, 3 ring binder filled with letters I’ve written to and letters I’ve received from my elected officials over the last thirty years that cover a wide array of issues. All of the letters I received from them contain nothing but a bunch of bureaucratic gibberish.

        • 1. Hang some bankers
          2. Hang some bankers
          3. Hang some bankers
          4. Hang some bankers
          5. Hang some bankers
          6. Hang some bankers
          7. Hang some bankers
          8. Hang some bankers
          9. Hang the rest of the bankers
          10. The bankers should now be eliminated so “End the Fed”

      31. Notice that this garbage is being brought forth in “Palm Beach county”. A area which is not indicative of many Floridians views on the subject of civil liberty.(Most assuredly not the views of the majority of the folk in the FL panhandle)

        58% of the residents of Palm Beach county voted for the current “tyrant in chief”.

        So I would suspect that it is readily apparent to the discerning individual that these feeble minded Palm Beach golems are predisposed to exhibit fascist tendencies.

        “The essence of fascism is to make laws forbidding everything and then enforce them selectively against your enemies.”
        ― John Lescroart

        • so the other 42% are Cubans and wet backs ??

      32. Why do people tolerate tyranny? Answer: Convenience. The government intrusion into peoples lives has to be more inconvenient than the inconveniences created by resistance. As long as people find life easier to submit than to stand against the government, they will continue to tolerate our tyrannical government. The American populous does not value freedom, they value comfort. Therefore, violating our freedom will be tolerated as long as we are able to live our lives comfortably. We aren’t willing to discomfort ourselves in order to fight for our freedom. “Give me liberty or give me death” is a romantic notion in our history studies, but it is no longer an expression of American values. By the time the government is intrusive enough to take away our comfort, they’ll already have so much of our freedom, we’ll be powerless to do anything about it. Our forefathers would have revolted long ago, but Americans today don’t share their convictions or character. The time for revolution has come and will soon be gone. The frog in the pot is beginning to doze off for good. Wake-up people and jump out of the pot before it’s too late!

        • Why do they tolerate it? They are lazy. It takes effort, the spilling of patriots blood along with sweatequity to guard that precious jewel known as “FREEDOM”.

      33. The Gestapo is alive and well in Florida. The left is no longer hiding their iron fist in a velvet glove.

        • florida is a Red State mostly conservative so go figure they would hire a goon like this

          • Palm Beach is a “Blue” County

            • and purple and yellow and pink and …

      34. It is just cattle shoving each other as they are herded into the abbatoir. But it should make good baloney, after all, they have been fed on GMO’s.

      35. To: Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw
        From : Little old me!
        I think any tax paying American Citizen is not real happy with our welfare state government.

        There’s… how that? Does that clarify things for you in your pea brain?
        Can you send me a check for helping you out?

        Me.. I love the government.
        It’s a sport to watch them all f up.

      36. OK, time to be on a roll again. This sheriff in Florida sounds like one of Bloomberg’s relatives; hey, he does look like him to some degree. However, what I’m saying bears repeating: Anyone who comes to my home with weapons drawn, I don’t care what your reason is, I’m presuming you have evil intentions toward me and I will respond accordingly; in self-defense, period! So, for YOUR OWN SAKE, I hope you stop and think very carefully before doing anything. I never go looking for trouble with anyone for any reason and so try anything with me. You and I both know there will be no legitimate basis for it and I won’t respond the way you think I should. I’m long past caring what anyone thinks of me, period! I am my own person. NOBODY tells me what to be like, what I can or cannot say on any subject, what to think, etc. I don’t accept political correctness so sheeple can go somewhere else with that s#$%! People either have to accept me as I am or reject me, it is their choice. I DON’T CHANGE A F#$%ING THING ABOUT MYSELF FOR ANYONE, PERIOD! I never target anyone unless I know I have a legitimate basis for doing so. I haven’t even been in a fight with anyone since my wife was killed and that was 1981. 30+ years without being in a fight is A-1 in my book. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      37. ‘Hey, is everything OK?’”

        What a farce.
        No, everything is not OK.
        Ben Shalom Bernanke has stolen all interest income from retirees on their lifetime of savings, the government lies about the cost of living, elite bankers are exempt from the rule of law, and chicken hawks can’t wait to start another war.
        Shills like this sheriff are simply symptoms of how deeply this type of rot has infested the country.
        He lives in cloud cuckoo land and wants all others to come under the magic spell of his delusions.
        Who’s going to evaluate this authoritarian nut for mental health issues?
        Show me your papers and swear loyalty to the empire!


        • Oh for fuck sake eisen. At your own risk? Bet they laugh at you. By the way, did you see the bitcoin has porn code written into the program? Wow. See you here for a long time. Nobody is going to kill you. Now make that call!!!

      39. Wow I would hate to see what would happen if you said you hate bankers!

      40. Oh Palm Beach County Florida home of the hanging chad, the one place on earth you can count on for govenment integritty, give me a fucking break. You guys remember that debacle, right? And just so we’re on the same page here Commrade Bradshaw I would like to point out a Sheriff in PBCounty FL is so anti govt he wants to violate the 1st ammendment of the USConstitution and anyone else who speaks freely.

        • Is palm beach fl a bilingual county? is it true that most there speak yiddish as well as english?

      41. Hopefully Ric Scott will veto this idea. This is why we have to continue to be involved politically even though our choices are not always great. What do you think Eisen? If memory serves me you love in Florida.

      42. Palm Beach? Well there’s the problem right there! As a patriotic Floridian I can tell you that the entire Palm Beach Dade county area is Floridian in geography ONLY! It is a hive of Northeastern transplants who have no regard for anything Constitutional. Is it any wonder why swat chose Miami to conduct “urban training exercises” recently to include low flying helicopters and fake gun fire.

        • Told you! Closet Yankee’s

          • slingshot,

            There may yet still be a few patriotic Americans caught behind enemy lines in that area of Southeast Florida, but not many. The northeast transplants keep pushing for the same socialist progressive crap that turned the Northeastern states into hellholes, and we in the rest of the state keep pushing back.

      43. MEIN FUHREHR!

        I CAN WALK!!!!!

        … just a minute… I have to go get the door…

      44. I am beginning to believe that most the posters on this site would be locked up in present times simply over a brawl with a teenage hamburger flipper over the kid messing up your burger order and putting the wrong ingredients on your sandwich…a lot of y’all really don’t make it very hard for them do ya?…

        A million bucks isn’t that much money…All he wants to know is know if the people like or dislike HIM…Thats the only butt hes worried about covering…*sigh*…And I would bet the Million bucks wasn’t spent on anything…Its probably safely tucked away…In some pants pocket in a laundry basket…LOL

        Fed Guy 20002

      45. Identify yourself?

        What is your badge number?

        Why are you here?

        How does my middle finger look?

      46. H7N9 update

        another death now being reported
        total of 27 now

        work on a vaccine proceeding at record pace

        they’re not messing around with this one

        H7N9: Greffex “Beats the Clock” to Build the First Comprehensive H7N9 Vaccine


      47. I heard Ric Bradshaw say he was going to shoot anyone who disagreed with his policy, including otherwise law abiding citizens. Please investigate immediately, I feel threatened.

      48. This is absolute BS. I don’t generally write to politicians, but this time I feel I must. This Sheriff has crossed the line into civil rights violations. Violations of the 1st. and 2nd amendment, violations of the privacy act and violations of HIPAA and many more.

        Governor Scott needs to step up and ask for his Resignation, Impeach or Recall this Sheriff. Anyone with Nazi Gestapo like tactics should never be given a badge and a gun. Where is the Psychological evaluation on this guy??? This Sheriff is a menace to society!!!

        • Patriot One,

          This P.O.S. sheriff was elected by willing slaves transplanted from the northeast who now call Palm Beach Florida home. He is not going to be recalled. The socialist progressive willing slaves from the northeast LOVE to elect toxic sewage like this sheriff. I agree, he should be recalled, but his willing slave constituents will not do it. I am 100% certain about that. I challenge the willing slaves in Palm Beach Florida to step up and prove me wrong.

          • True, but the Governor can remove a rogue officer. Even a Constitional Sheriff if he is violating the constitution, bill of rights and individual civil liberties.

      49. In other words, speech is now becoming a crime. Or perhaps even worse, THOUGHT, is becoming a crime…

      50. Did anyone happen to read the newspaper article that was tagged in the article? This is about the mentally ill. The quote about neighbors reporting was in fact asking for citizens to call about people who they think are a danger to themselves or others.
        This is not about reporting anti government free speach. The example given was if a person threatens to kill a sheriff etc. Then perhaps they could me mentally ill and please call.
        This is about prevention not Germany. Oh well, hysterics is a good hobby for you.

        • Grippentroll, it is the apparently small intrusions/instructions that GROW into the REDWOOD TREES of accepted instruction/enslavement.

          Frankly, ANYONE voicing absolute hatred for the current non-representative dictatorship…is A Okay in my book.

          Unfortunately for you, I don’t live in Florida…but you are still free to follow the admonition of the androgynous harpy “Big Sis” and report having “read something” and followup “saying something” to the appropriate “enforcers”! :)!

          The “subjective nature” of “citizens” deciding WHO is a potential threat…HILARIOUS! Every neighbor with a latent, unfulfilled sense of anger/dissatisfaction now has a potential form of harassment to employ against THEIR perceived “neighborhood antagonist”.

          If YOU are incapable of understanding the full implications of this level of insanity…then you are hopelessly ignorant, uninformed, and/or an active agent of the NWO!!!

          • Oh I do understand. Read the article. The point is if someone displays mental health problems, call before A) they kill someone. B) they get killed doing stupid shit. And then get them some help. Much like the Boston bombers, the Oregon mall shooting, sandy hook, etc. Several people said they had concerns prior to the shootings. They didn’t call because they did not have someone to call. I know everyone here thinks they are special and the gov is going to single them out but it’s not true. Why haven’t they gone after a number of nuts here who post stupid comments? Why not lie make up crap and come get you?

            • Listing previous “false flag” activity does nothing to bolster YOUR proposed “case”. Sandy Hoax is hardly a credible support factor in YOUR proposed endorsement of this ludicrous “idea”.

              A rather distinct number of “Sandy Hoax” crisis actors have also appeared in the Boston marathon “Muslim Jihad”. I could list hyperlinks, but why bother.

              “if someone displays mental health problems”. According to what or whose analysis? Apparently, according to the latest psychiatric analysis, anyone/everyone is “suffering from some form of mental illness.” LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

              Hell, list them all. OKC and Tim the “lone wolf” fertilizer bomber, 9/11 and the “Saudi’s with box cutters” shutting down the entire air defense system of “the greatest country on Earth” and causing destruction by fire of steel/concrete skyscrapers (first time in history), Gulf of Tonkin (now openly admitted), or any other lame example of a “failure to see something say something bullsh*t”.

              All I “see” is a corrupt government entity committed to a foreign agenda, and willing to to do anything to advance THAT agenda.

              I must have “mental health problems” and it is now YOUR duty to report this fact to the nearest “governmental agency” for the “good” of the country and citizens.

              If there is anything “special” about me…it is that unlike YOU, I am fully awake!

      51. Why put up with these idiots in office?

        FIRE THEM!!!

      52. Florida is one of the bigger police states in these fascist united states

      53. I really wonder where the money is coming from– sounds like some kind of grant funding– a beta test for a larger scale implementation.. Most people are already familiar with the idea from the see something say something campaign at Walmart, now they are adding some incentive to it..

        Its time to fight this thing dead on NOW or we will all be Ann Franks…

        It amazes me to no end how fast and furious the Obama regime is rolling this stuff out. They have to laughing at us because no one does anything to protest it…. Sheeps to slaughter….

      54. YH, I lived in Dade County from 75-82. There was some Northeastern transplants down there during that time frame but have relocated since then. Most of the people in Dade County now are either from the Carribean islands or Latin America. 800,000 are from CUBA ALONE. Palm Beach County is more like the Los Angeles of the east coast. In Cuba, they have what are called the Commitees For The Defense Of The Revolution. These are block wardens and snitches in every city block on every street in every city, town, and village in Cuba. The block wardens are like police to some degree. They decide what you can or cannot have in your home, whether you can have visitors, stupid things like that. if you so much as have an argument with them, next thing you know State Security, Castro’s Gestapo, shows up to take you away. A lot of people have disappeared into Castro’s tropical gulag never to be seen or heard from again. on the snitches, they could be anybody, friend relative, neighbor, and you may never find out. All I know for sure is, if I’m ever targeted based upon some ‘anonymous tip”, whoever comes to my place to take me better just forget it. There will be some dead people in my yard laying in their own blood. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      55. It always happens right in front of your eyes. There is never a surprise, there is never a coordinated effort to round up the people all at once. It happens this way, throughout history, every time.

      56. Howdy, CL, and I have to agree, except I know for sure that NOBODY is leading me to slaughter. Braveheart

        • Not as long as brave buddy sits behind a computer.

      57. stop shopping at walmart hit them where it hurts, it starts there

      58. Grippentrog, if you trust anything coming from a mainstream media source, you’re being misled, but that’s your own affair. The only thing that sheriff said I can agree with is that it will be used for personal vendettas, attempted fraud against other people, etc. Not one real complaint has ever come out of any snitch culture, ever. braveheart

        • I agree about msm. This article twist shit. That’s my point. What do you want to do with the mentally ill? Ignore them until they or someone dies?

      59. Take a number, go take a seat…take a number, go take a seat…take a number, go take a seat…..

      60. I hate my my government, I hate my neighbors, I hate the Constitution, I hate all Americans and all that America stands for!!!

        Barack Hussein Obama

      61. 1 million dollars is not a lot these days for political figures. By the time they hire friends and family, waste more on vendor friends and training most of this funding will have been mis-appropriated. Sure it’s a scary idea, but it won’t do a lot.

      62. I’d like to See citizens and small businesses in enough numbers withhold there quarterly income tax payments to the feds. An organized tax revolt could bring a fat bloated government to its knees.

      63. ThemGuys, I can vouch for what you’re saying about Bolsheviks. When Fidel Castro’s commies took over my wife’s island nation of Cuba in 1959, they followed the entire Soviet playbook on how they came to power. My wife came from a well-to-do, educated family. Half of her family were murdered by Castro’s thugs. All the survivors, except for her, managed to escape by the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. She finally made it out in 1967. When we were on our honeymoon, it was only then that she broke down and finally opened up to me about her and her familiy’s lives under Castro. She told me things that absolutely blew me away. I was in tears with her before she was even finished with her story. We have to stand up and fight this evil or America is done for. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Braveheart, Your Wife sounds swell. Too bad so many who come here from various hispanic areas are so brainwashed. I refer to, most hispanics especially from mexico and south america are infatuatied by and with Che Guvera(sp?).

          His face is on so many of their shirts and now even stupid white guilted teens wear his face as some type Hero!

          Yet far as I am aware of Che tried to equal killing as many innocents as Castro did. I seen some TV 3-4 hr long documentary filled with actual film and still photos of that era in Cuba. Many survivors like Your wife spoke from live first hand knowledge of Che and his escapades.

          If I recall they say he killed at least 1400 people in a single day!…Just calmly walked along shooting folks simply because Che said “They Look like enemys of the cause” or some such crap.

          Todays leftists and especially Youth leftists would elect the bastard as next usa prez if they could!

          So dumbed down idiotic, todays left and yooots can likly be convinced to vote for a poster of andy wharoll’s campbell soup can from his famous painting of it!

          Soup Can for us Prez! Yeahhhhh!! usa usa usa!!

          Braveheart: I believe you will be reunited with her, your wife in the next age when Christ rules and ends all this current evil etc. Stay Strong Brother. TG.

      64. Maybe he could put that million bucks to better use, like maybe buying a couple bricks of 22’s.

      65. This clown Sheriff is a mental midget!

      66. On a positive note…dear hubby started building me a space for my preps while I was away on vacation! I don’t have much , but at least intruders wouldn’t be able to find it! What a great anniversary gift to come home to after 3 weeks away.


        Frankly, we’re all a bunch of good guys, we pay taxes, go to work every day.
        But you just can’t treat us like we’re your bitches.

      68. It’s coming and it will not be stopped…..

        He was allowed to kill all who refused to worship the statue. He also forced everyone to receive a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. People great or small, rich or poor, free or slave had to receive the mark. They could not buy or sell anything unless they had the mark. The mark is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

        Here is a problem that you have to be wise to figure out. If you can, figure out what the beast’s number means. It is man’s number. His number is 666.

      69. Gregory 8 , Im sorry to say a lot of them will be x-Military.

      70. $1 million? Are you kidding? Florida is overflowing with all-American, gun-toting, government hating patriots!

      71. I don’t answer my front door anyways!

        But now .. I will answer it naked and say all is good!

      72. I seem to recall that George Soros began his glorious career in just this manner. He turned in fellow Jews for profit. Later in life he said he was not proud of this part of his life, but I would bet he would do it all over. Maybe a new Soros will be spawned in Palm Beach County.

      73. Bradshaw should have his citizenship revoked and be thrown out of Florida (send him to Cuba). Fascist moron tools like him have no business being American.

      74. Hi All, been lurking here for a long time and just couldn’t resist jumping into this thread.

        Turning in your neighbors for complaining about the government.

        Apparently, the sheeple of this once mighty Republic have completely forgotten their history.

        We are truly on the downward slope now. TSHTF soon.

      75. If someone threatens to kill the mayor, we should take it as seriously as someone threatening to kill themselves. I don’t know that we need to spend a million dollars to advertise it, though.
        Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just advertise the occasional threat and encourage everyone with a concealed, unregistered handgun to drop by the home of the guy who made the threat and give him a friendly reminder that we don’t threaten each other with bodily harm in a law abiding country?

      76. Howdy, Them Guys, and thank you for those kind words. She was a very tough and intelligent woman, indeed. Che Guevara, Raul Castro, and another Fidelista named Ramiro Valdes were each personally responsible for the deaths of THOUSANDS of innocent Cubans. Guevara himself shot my wife’s father, a doctor, and some other of her relatives. He got his in Bolivia in 1967. All the older Cubans who came here before and after Castro have always played by all the rules and thaat’s why they are the most successful immigrant group in the US today. They were the only immigrant group WHO REFUSED TO GET ON THE PUBLIC DOLE. THEY PREFERRED TO DO FOR THEMSELVES. now that is something we can all appreciate out of anyone. braveheart

      77. Everything concerning this story should come under the headline, “Everything old, is new again”. This same tactic has been used down through the ages. It’s just another indicator of how bad things have become. Sadly, they will get much worse. Human nature will rule the day. Misery always tries to find a scapegoat. The PTB has to keep peoples’ attention away from themselves. They can never let people figure out that “they” are responsible for all the ills of society. So we have continual “programs”, and “policies” to control the anger of the masses. it must be directed at the right Boogy-man”.
        The real danger arises when the “programs” don’t work anymore, and the stupid masses finally figure out that the PTB is the one with the problem, not them. Then, you have the riots , and associated violence, that will build up to who knows what.
        I have stopped a long time ago, trying to blame one group or another for the problems we have as a society. In the end, it really doesn’t mean anything, and is just another tool that the PTB uses as a misdirection, to keep people stirred up.
        Just focus on your preps, and whatever you really need to do. As proven from history. We are at the end of one cycle of economic collapse, and the beginning of another cycle. The end of every cycle, sometimes measured in decades, always ends in war. we are almost there. Good luck all, and just focus on the task at hand. All other events are manufactured distractions to take your attention away from the task at hand.
        These so called leaders we have, are experts at manipulation, distraction, dirty deeds, and every other manner of brainwashing. Just focus. Have a great day.

      78. Every time a GOV/CORP thing opens it’s mouth it makes me go improve my own security. It may be adding a solar panel, spending a few hours at the reloading bench, cutting fire wood, or thanking God for the “RIGHTS” he gave us. Not to worried about GOV/CORP. God is my savior and “they” will have to answer to Him.

      79. What will happen, if English-speaking US citizens criticize the Beijing government of the PRC? Will we be sent to labor camps in Tibet or the Gobi Desert?

      80. Bradshaw should be arrested and recalled!

      81. “Bradshaw should be arrested and recalled!”


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