Flat-Earther’s Rocket Launch Fails AGAIN

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 65 comments

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    Unsurprisingly, the flat-earther who was going to launch himself into the sky to prove Earth is not a globe has failed yet again.

    According to Live Science, “Mad” Mike Hughes, a flat-Earth conspiracy theorist who has managed to get significant attention for his now-repeated failed rocket launches, strapped himself into his second homemade rocket Saturday, February 3. But, as Noize TV documented in an excruciating 11-minute live stream of the event, Hughes’ rocket never left its pad. In all honesty, the video is almost painful to watch.

    Hughes’ stated plan, as Live Science previously reported, is to launch himself 1,800 feet (550 meters) above the desert in California and take photos before bailing out in a parachute. These photos, shot from a height anyone can reach by climbing a very tall building or even a small mountain, will, Hughes claims, prove that the Earth is flat.

    Hughes was forced to cancel his previous launch after the Bureau of Land Management caught wind that he planned to crash his rocket into the government’s land. In a video posted to YouTube, Hughes claimed that Saturday’s failure resulted from a faulty plunger or a blown o-ring. However, he added that the details will remain unclear until the rocket cools down and he opens it up to examine it in detail.

    Hughes went on to say that the launch could still happen this week — though he does have to be in court Tuesday because he’s suing several California officials, from Democrat Governor Jerry Brown to U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif. “It’s just aggravating,” he told a small crowd of reporters. “I mean, what do you do?”

    Here’s what you do.  Realize that basic mathematics proves the earth is a globe.  It’s pretty easy for anyone, even children, to show that the Earth is round with a simple experiment. Perhaps the most impressive and easiest experiment that even schools can do today, is to send a camera up in a high-altitude balloon. The footage will show that from a high-enough vantage point you can see the curvature of the Earth. This is what Mike Hughes will find if he ever makes his rocket work- maybe. The planet’s curvature doesn’t become visible to the naked eye until a height of about 35,000 feet (10,700 m), Hughes assumed 1800 feet would provide proof that the Earth is flat.


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      1. At least he is putting his money where his mouth is and working to prove it one way or another instead of just taking other’s word for it, and some are known liars. Always search for the truth, no matter what other people say, or how ridiculous, because you never know, the answers may surprise you.

        • i’m all for what he’s doing but 550 meters really my drone does that

        • Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s personal TESLA ROADSTER is now IN ORBIT AROUND THE SUN!

      2. From what I have seen, the whole flat earth nuttery is based on childish wresting of Scripture rather than any verifiable science. In other words, it’s mostly some zealots who think they’re being faithful to God by taking plainly metaphorical passages as hyper literal commentary about the earth’s shape.

        For example, the earth as the Lord’s footstool… Somehow, some of them have tried to use that to prove a flat earth. It means they must entertain some seriously blasphemous ideas about God (i.e. resting His literal feet on a flat-surfaced earth).

        It also means they think Tibet, New Zealand and the Galapagos Islands were part of the Roman Empire when in Luke 2 it says “the whole world should be taxed” by Caesar’s Augustus’ decree, or that Jesus was actually a literal grape-bearing vine when He described himself as the “true vine” (John 15:1).

        Just as bad, it means Christ must have given His disciples His literal blood to drink and flesh to eat at the Last Supper, yet paradoxically, as the only man to ever keep the Mosiac Law perfectly, could never have consumed or led others to consume either blood or human flesh.

        So, it’s bad exegesis that’s at the root of this utter madness for many, if not most, flat earthers. Only the Lord, in an act of merciful kindness, can set them free from such a strong delusion. In the meantime, they need better pastors.

        • Anybody who believes in Religion heaven and hell is pretty delusional. Nutjobs thinking they will be rewarded with everlasting life is a form of retardation. Outright moron low IQ mentality.

          • Giordano Bruno was an Italian Dominican monk, in the mid-1500’s. He was burned at the stake, by the righteous, for the sin of saying the Earth is round, and there are other solar systems. Like all control-freaks, the church eats it own…

          • Wow, now there’s a statement that is pretty weird- calling people names, making mental health diagnosis,attacking the mentally challenged and determining IQ from a person’s views. Yep I wonder if there isn’t a story here some place to create such a thought line without any determinable basis.

          • Yes, I have a low IQ. Even though I’m a fully qualified aeronautical engineer (aka “rocket science”), speak German and Russian, but I must be a moron because I believe everything was designed by an intelligent Creator instead of just happening by chance out of nothing.

            “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God” (Psalm 14:1).

            • Jay, You worship a false god, and a jealous one at that. That’s why world cultures have been destroyed out of jealousy. Imagine how much more advanced we would be as a human race if the Christians haven’t destroyed all of the ancient technologies. Like the Mayan calendars. Having an educational certificate on the wall of your office does not mean you are smart or have any common sense. You just went through the courses paid your fees like everyone else and passed what they threw at you.

              Your response is typical of most religious folks. What they can’t explain must be some miracle by their god. Wrong. Look how much technology and discovery has been explained since the Bable was written in what like 500AD. Christianity is also being blamed for the dark ages. You get caught in tunnel vision and keep a closed mind. One you release the slavery chains of your religion the whole world opens up to you. Try it. Its great..

              Jay, Watch this Video and see real History, that the Bible can’t explain or even come close to. It destroys the Religious claims with facts and living proof.

              Mysterious North America Giants & Advance Ancient Human Civilizations

              ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0hGzzuuJE4

              • BTW/ Jay, Webster dictionary describes “FAITH” as a set of beliefs absent of any facts or proof. So it makes no difference how strong your faith is, its garbage in Garbage out info.

                • I was once just like you. You have placed your faith in your reasoning and other men who are just like yourself.

                  I was an atheist at one time in my life. I was the one sitting in college classes saying if Jesus died on the cross, then as a man, he could not have risen. There is no God. I could have cared less about God, Jesus, the Bible. People had tried witnessing to me, I would just laugh thinking what a joke, because I ‘knew they didn’t exist’.

                  I can’t explain it, because I clearly was not worthy of the truth as an athiest, however the the Holy Spirit came into me, and without reading or believing the Bible I knew they existed. When I started reading the Bible, the words came alive.

                  I was totally humbled, for the first time realizing I was a lost sinner, and became baptized in Jesus name for the redemption of my sins. I was free of the lie that Jesus did not exist. The veil had been lifted by the Spirit of the Lord.

                  This happened mind you when, when as an atheist, I did not go to church. I did not read or believe anything in the Bible. Why would I? I was an atheist.

                  When the Holy Spirit opened my eyes, it was like I could see for the first time. I can tell you with 100% certainty, the Bible is the word of God. I don’t think God exists, I don’t have faith God exists, I KNOW GOD exists. I KNOW Jesus is the only way to salvation. He is The Lord Our God.

                  I’m not telling this to you so that you will change. I know full well how you think, secure and safe in your carbon based skin God created for you to temporarily wear on the Earth.

                  I will leave you with one thought however. If God does not exist, then why even bother sparing with anyone who believes in garbage as you are stating?

                  If I told you I worshiped the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, you would simply chuckle and move on not saying a word. If I said I worship rocks, again you would just laugh and not say anything because as you know these things are not alive.

                  However, if someone say’s they believe in The Lord God and Jesus is his savior, you begin your attacks.

                  Why attack if he doesn’t exist?

                  The reason is because your spirit that you say does not exist is ‘pricking’ you like a thorn in your side. You have no choice but to attack and discredit a believer. You’re really not even 100% sure why you do it. After all, they don’t exist, correct?

                  And no, I’m not trying to ‘save’ you. Without the Holy Spirit having mercy on you and opening your eyes, blinded you will remain.

                • Yep, I gotta agree. Garbage in, garbage out. Like evolution. Dogma = we evolved from primordial goo. Okay, show me some proof. We don’t have any. But we’ll find it.= faith.

                  Dogma + faith = religion.

                  Hence, evolution is a religion.

                  Didn’t see that one coming atcha, didja?

                  They never do.

          • UFO/alien have a religion nowadays as well. Greek gods, Buddha, Egyptian gods, Aztec, Myan, ect of this kind are Fallen angel worship. Aliens are fallen angels. Jewish religion was infiltrated long ago by Satanist/fallen angel worshippers. Islam was given to muhammad by satan himself in a cave by his account of the angel(fallen angel). After Christ established Christianity, and almost right after, it had began to be infiltrated by the same mystery Babylon people who infiltrated Judaism and were the fallen angels and their followers of ancient paganism. Many sects of Christianity have grown out of that first infiltration of Christianity via Roman Catholic church. The roman catholic church is now the whore in revelation and Judaism(star of remphan, black cube worship) are branches of mystery Babylon. Neither are Christian, only in name. They don’t actually follow the Torah or The Bible. They follow traditions passed down from the infiltrators. Talmud/catechism/NIV(types)/book of Mormon/jahovah witness, you know not the actual bible or torah but their version of it passed down from elders or “new prophets” who saw “angels” like muhammad did and then taught something in place of Christianity but kept the name Christian even though they are not and do not actually follow Jesus alone but their twisted satanic infiltrated version. When you actually read it, it really makes sense and you see how corrupted everything is and where this is headed. Religion right? Here is what God said pure religion is(not man’s religion but his). James 1:27 King James Version (KJV)27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. That’s it. To be saved requires belief in Christ but our religion in its purity is James 1:27

          • Actually, imbeciles (that’s you, idiot) that deny that which they cannot see are the delusional flat earthers.

          • Its true and really so easy? Just take a telescope and watch all the other planets and you will see that they are all round. Nothing more to it. But religious people have a tendency to think that we are something special, the crown of some sort of creation. Well were NOT!

            Beings like us and our little planet, exists everywhere around the universes.

          • Your life must really suck for you to be bashing others faith like that. “Outright moron low IQ mentality”? Yea, because Ben Carson is a total fucking moron, right? The only low IQ moron here is YOU. You prove it daily with your dumbass comments.

        • @Jay
          Amazing that you continue to spout out your “metaphor” argument as the ONLY defense for a globe earth. There is a litany of observable evidence that indicates the Earth is flat but you simply choose not to see it.

          You’ve made up your mind based on an indoctrinated belief instilled in you since early childhood. You have no direct evidence to the contrary but interestingly enough flail out to anyone/everyone who challenges your pre-conceived notion, with vitirol and childish rhethoric…and oftentimes from a large, self-righteous soapbox.

          If you choose to remain blind to the truth that is your right, but please…move on from this as you offer NOTHING to the discussion but barbs and insults which are the tool of a small mind…In spite of your claims to possess otherwise.

        • “From what I have seen, the whole flat earth nuttery is based on childish wresting of Scripture”

          No, that’s just what imbeciles that believe government is Santa Claus think. Sorry, Scripture doesn’t say the Earth is flat.

        • That shows how ignorant you are dipsit. people have known we don’t live on a magical spinning balls for ages. You talk shit about other people’s beliefs yet you believe in the biggest fairy tale of them all…..that you live on a magical spinning ball.

      3. I have a pretty sweeping view of the ocean
        about 75 degrees. It would be 90 if it
        weren’t for the forest.
        My home is about 1,000 feet above sea level
        I’m about 3/4 mile from the ocean cliffs.
        So I can see a long ways out there.
        I can see the curve of the ocean. It is pretty
        slight, but if you use a straight
        edge or a transit it stands out.
        This flat earth guy is a good snake oil salesman.

        • Die hard democrat most likely, that says it all, shit for brains,,,

          • yep..

        • I’ve been in a Hot Air Balloon out in Vail CO up to about 1600 Ft. We were so high we could see over the Vail Mountains and could see Aspen Mts farther South. They called it the parking lot, where there is a dead space with no wind movement in that area of space. We had to go back down to keep moving. Hot air ballooning is a cool activity. Plays off the heat of the sun on the sides of the land, hills, Mt sides, etc, and how you can steer the balloon.

      4. Water doesn’t sit on a curve.
        It finds its level and sits there.
        That is the only fact you need.

        • “pooh” imagine a basketball with a marble suspended exactly in the middle of the basketball. Gravity is applied from the outer surface of the basketball directly toward the center of the marble. Anywhere on the surface of the basketball has similar gravity applied toward the center. Water on the surface of the Earth has similar forces applied to it. OK, I have over-simplified the issue. We must also take into account the pressure of the atmosphere on the surface of the Earth, including the water. Take a physics class. It will explain much about the world in which we live

      5. You can’t fix stupid…

      6. Flat earth, pffttt
        Get real, guy must be a democrat,

      7. Any small plane can take him much higher than 1800′ for a lot cheaper. Idiot

        • I suspect his rocket “failed” intentionally because he doesn’t want to die in it.

          • It failed because he used O-rings instead of flat washers

      8. I swear, is this guy for real? He went out and bought a blue jumpsuit @ Wal-Mart, sewed on some patches, an army surplus parachute, a disposable camera from Dollar General and what looked like an apx. 25′ aluminum stack of trash cans with a Sky King rocket motor set up to launch off a gantry built from an old television antenna mast. If the guy’s lucky, the ‘engine’ won’t fire at all and he won’t be a crispy critter. If not, he will literally be toast and prove that Darwin was dead-on right.

      9. Hughs would be wise to check his deuche nozzle.

      10. Why is this even posted here? Regardless of what ya believe, I thought this was “SHTF” related work?

      11. A top prepper website, but we have this story here?

      12. Same people who think man coexisted with the dinosaurs, Noah’s ark myth, etc…

      13. Everyone knows the Earth isn’t flat. It’s hollow. At least this guy is suing Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris, according to the story, so he can’t be all bad.

      14. I have been around the world, so i can say definitively that it is NOT flat…well almost, I did take that nap on the plane, soooooo… never mind.

      15. This man is not stupid. He is a classic con artist. Watch the dollars pour in. He’ll be on tv talk shows. And wait for his book. The dummies will line up to line his pockets.

        If only I had thought of it. But who would believe such a ludicrous claim as a flat earth rocket launch. Lol.


      16. Not convinced we live on a ball. The Bible does in many places describe a flat Earth. There are videos on YouTube of unmanned launches very high that show no curvature, also launches that reach very high that stop immediately that do lead into thoughts of the possibility of a dome existence, they don’t blow up yet stop dead cold. Of course people can fake videos, so it is an open subject as far as I am concerned. Every NASA launch goes up and turns to the side so far up. I’m not from Missouri but show me conclusive proof one way or the other. Do you actually believe anything the government or science says? The ball model of Earth fits the usual lies that flow.

        • Are you interested in any Real Estate?

          • No way man I have a bridge your gonna love

            • Hcks already has dibs of the living space under the bridge next to his buddy Bravehart who lives in his van down by the river. So keep looking for your own bridge.. ha.

              • Lol did you come here looking to purchase k a fight? Idiot

        • I think you are from Missouri.

        • The Bible in NO PLACE describes a flat eath. It only explicitly references the earth’s shape once, in Isaiah 40:22 (“the circle of the earth”). How does that reconcile with “corners of the earth”? Hint: Scripture often uses metaphorical language.

          Have you flat earthers any idea of the concept of metaphor?

          • We live in a enclosed system. More akin to a tent/tabernacle…

      17. dah.If you believe the earth is flat, just how intelligent can you be?

      18. Bullshit fly in any airplane and its quite apparent the earth is not flat. you have to keep a artificial horision to fly at certain times.

        • If the Earth was flat, there wouldn’t BE any horizon, would there? OTOH, maybe the Earth Is flat, and the sky is curved.

      19. 35k feet to start seeing the curvature of the earth? I think not. When I hold a quarter in the air, sure it looks round, but it isnt a globe. If the earth is round, then isn’t there any pics of it? NASA photoshopes ALL of their pics. Now why is that? Obviously some folks just do not have critical thinking skills let alone common sense. It would suck to be one of them.

      20. Ok I was wondering what happened to this guy. Lol flat earth???? Are there seriously people who believe that???
        Wow no one has locked this idiot up? Like the article says a high altitude weather balloon and a GoPro.
        What an idiot

        • no outer space, no globe= enclosed created by God system, no evolution and no big bang. space, planets and all that garbage are occultic and aiding in deceiving the masses and makes people believe in things like big bang or aliens/alien planet seeding, ect. instead of being able to confront people with the truth of God’s creation. van allen radiation belt, nasa loses ability to go to moon, firmaments in bible, tant/tabernacle shaped(squared bottom with round dome top with pillars holding it up and hell below the firmament below), the firmament under the ocean was found there is a 2 min video on youtube that explains it about how they sent a sub into the ocean trench and found a opening with water so cold and salty it was more dense than steel, Chicago seen across lake Michigan at 60 miles, on and on. empirical evidence as opposed to cgi, renderings and composites of occult teachers.

      21. Bread and circuses. Sports. Lamestream news. Porn. Fear porn. MeToo. All distractions. Look at the markets crashing around the world today. Economies falling flat. 😮

      22. The governments land, you’ve got to be kidding me. The government don’t own no land. The taxpayers own it. The government is an idea, it’s a thought put to paper and put into action. The belief in flat Earth has existed well before the US govt ever existed.

        The govt got wind of one of his attempts (the BLM) and was afraid the going to have competition in the area of (……).

      23. Gee…It must be a conspiracy!

      24. I know the moon landing was in the desert at night. All these years have gone by and when you ask why we’ve not gone back to the moon they say there is nothing up there. Bullshit that is ground up there that could be used for launching missiles or other secret gov activities. Bullshit lies. Went to Kennedy space center all that shit is cheap aluminum rovers landers covered in gold colored potato chip bag plastic. The Kennedy propaganda center. What a joke.

      25. Do flat-earthers believe that the Sun, Moon, and other planets are flat or is it just earth? I can see the argument that the universe is holographic and powered by light. Even some physicists believe that is true.

      26. There she blows….what n hell you be blowin man. Yur heads so far down the sand box only toes stikn out. Christians all to blame. Yur brain must be the size of a peanut. You must check out erictology. The oldest language in the world. The language is Hebrew and truly amazing. It has nothing to do with religion. Now git yur head out of de sand and wash de eyes and start readin.

      27. Not to shill, but the simple stick experiment would have cast different shadows, on a flat plane, relative to the position of the sun. Also, how were ancient Greeks able to coordinate their times, at a distance of 500 mi.

        Whichever side you are taking, here, today, I don’t believe that the Communist schools have given you sound, intellectual footing, to demonstrate basic, scientific tru-isms, for yourself, nor that most of said tru-isms are necessary to whatever job you are doing, right now. How do you apply this knowledge, personally, except to be popular. Do you have to prove it, to get hired, or to go about your daily business.

        (Unless you’re in the business of outrage porn.)

      28. There are no satellites in space either. Why haven’t they taken any pictures of Earth? The ISS is a fraud also. There are no pictures of Earth from outer space because man is unable to go into outer space. Globe Earth is a deception by Globalists. Obama, the liar in chief said in public that he has no time for a meeting of the flat Earth society. He never told a lie, lol.

        • So, you believe the sun is closer to the U.S. than Australia, and there’s no such thing as gravity, right?

      29. His rocket failed because he used O-rings instead of flat washers.

      30. Omg there really are are people out there that believe this. Ok first off I have to say GET SOME HELP. Fake moon landing? Flat Earth? What’s next the neighbors dog is going to put ideas in your head? There is actually a whole society structured around this ? Wow just wow.

      31. Its true and really so easy? Just take a telescope and watch all the other planets and you will see that they are all round. Nothing more to it. But religious people have a tendency to think that we are something special, the crown of some sort of creation. Well were NOT!

      32. I almost got sucked in to the Flat Earth nonsense. Yes they have some interesting questions that make you doubt what you have been taught, however the fact of the matter is, without having to go on a long rant, it is utterly false. You can see for yourself that the earth is round here, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5361789/Ride-Elon-Musks-Starman-travels-space.html when Elon Musk launched his Tesla into space. I will say however I do find it odd there are no visible stars or satellites. Even though I truly believe that a Flat Earth is not a reality i do believe it is a cover up/conspiracy to distract you from what is real and even more probable such as a Hollow Earth. http://www.skywatchtv.com/videos/justen-faull-hollow-earth-chronicles-part-1/

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