Flashback: 40 Hour Week

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Do you LOVE America?


    The following video got us to thinking:

    (Alabama – 40 Hour Week – August 1990)

    If the powers that be would only give the American people a chance, we’d be fine. In fact, we’d be better than fine.

    The problem, if course, is that the corruption, greed and power hungry elite are doing everything they can to dismantle our great nation.

    Rather than leaving Americans to innovate and work hard, it seems that they take every opportunity to strip us of our wealth, determination and liberty.

    Some ideas that might help put us back on the right track:

    • Stop seizing our hard earned money. To the government, money is nothing more than just a way for politicians to reward their constituents and lobbyists. To the average Joe and Mac, it’s a representation of our time and energy. Every dollar of personal income that is seized by force through taxation is an attack on our liberty. Taxation is slavery. In today’s America, a refusal to pay your “fair share” is met with seizure of all of your personal belongings, destruction of your financial credit profile, and incarceration. The left and right regularly argue about raising taxes or lowering taxes, as if those are our only choices – as if the negotiations should center around one or the other. Here’s a third choice: ELIMINATE PERSONAL INCOME TAXES completely. Get the government out of our personal financial lives. It would do wonders for economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship. [We realize the government needs a little spending money. As such, a consumption based taxes seems most appropriate.]
    • Stop the stealth taxation through depreciation. As if a direct tax on our income isn’t enough, the government somehow finds it beneficial to allow the implementation, by our Federal Reserve, of inflationary policies that are designed to deflate and decimate the purchasing power of our hard earned money. It’s difficult enough trying to make a living with two parents having to work 40 hours or more per week. Rather than maintaining a stable currency with a stable purchasing power to make it a bit easier on us, our savings are being eroded year after year. Americans are left with no choice but to put money into stock markets or other risky investments in the hopes that their savings will grow into a viable retirement package. Inflationary policies lead to a lifetime of financial stress.
    • Get your nose out of small business. Taxes and government intervention are devastating. It makes absolutely no sense, as Porter Stansberry points out in his most recent commentary, in which he explains how government makes the rules and forces you to take them on as a partner who risks nothing but takes everything it can : ” Now in return for my rules, I’m going to take roughly half of whatever you make in the business, each year. Half seems fair, doesn’t it? I think so. Of course, that’s half of your profits. You’re also going to have to pay me about 12% of whatever you decide to pay your employees because you’ve got to cover my expenses for promulgating all of the rules about who you can employ, when, where, and how. Come on, you’re my partner. It’s only fair.”
    • Don’t force Americans to buy health care. When it comes to health care, we’re told by many politicians that the only fair thing to do is have everyone contribute to the system according to their ability so that every one who needs it has health care coverage. As if the existing tax rates weren’t enough, we are now expected to shell out even more money to make sure the “less fortunate” have health care. Here’s a novel idea: allow health insurance companies to compete across state lines. Second, require pricing transparency. Hospitals charge three different rates: the government health insurance rate, the private health insurance rates and cash rates. Third, require medical providers to do what other businesses do: post health care prices publicly so that patients know what they are paying. There is most certainly a problem with the health care industry in America. Forcing Americans to buy health care through Federal mandates and the threat of imprisonment cannot be the sole answer to this problem. Certainly there is a more Constitutionally agreeable way of making this work.
    • Start Prosecuting. Pappy Slavo always used to say “If you want to stop crime in America, start in the White House.” In today’s America, our policing apparatus is wholeheartedly focused on making sure the proles comply with policies handed down from the top. We have Presidents who can lie under oath with no consequences. They can even declare war and send thousands of our soldiers and civilians to their deaths without the Constitutionally required consent of Congress. Politicians can accept millions upon millions of dollars in “donations” in exchange for political favors without so much as a peep from so-called ‘ethics’ committees. On top of that, those who perpetrated the largest financial crisis and scam of all-time not only got to go free, they were rewarded with billions of dollars in bonuses and bailouts. In a free country, there must be rule of law.
    • Put Americans First. We understand that the entire world is in shambles, because like us, they have all of the same problems mentioned above and similar political elites making the decisions. But rather than emulate the disastrous policies of other countries, we should stick to what we know best: allowing Americans to live their lives, have their liberty, and pursue their happiness. We realize that the Chinese might be a bit upset if we forced import tarriffs on their slave-labor created products. But by not doing this, we destroy American jobs every single day. We also realize that northern African and mid eastern nations are broke, but forgiving their debts and sending them more money only further burdens Americans with debt, which leads to more taxation and currency depreciation. The world is a mess – we get it. But our first and foremost responsibility is America. Rather than starting thousands of miles across the globe and trying to fix problems there, let’s start here and work our way out. Makes sense to us.

    Naturally, there are difficulties in implementing such policies, and these are only a limited set of ideas and starting points. But perhaps if we put our focus on some of these core issues facing America, we can start making real change, and giving people real hope that something better is coming tomorrow.

    We want the 40 hour work week. We’re proud to work hard for that long and more. We just need to know it will be for something other than just empowering our government and benevolent leadership.

    Hat tip Dane


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      1. All well said, Mac! Especially the part about small business owners.

        Frequently there are city, county, and state taxes that must be paid by the small business owner. Some of those taxes are gross revenue, not profit.

        Additionally, the federal government has made *every* business a tax collector for the behemoth bureaucracy by requiring it to withhold earnings for income tax on its employees.

        State governments have done the same thing by requiring that businesses collect sales tax. 

        The “rent” required for living in the land of the free is getting very expensive!


      2. Alabama!!  Love ’em!!!!  Thanks for putting this link up there!  I’ve been a life-long fan of this band from their get-go on the big scene in 1980 and have met them many times after shows and so on…..going to Alabama shows in the past was more like a pilgrimage, not just a night out!  I’m spiritual but not at all religious, so Alabama has ended up being like my messiah!!  Ha ha!!!  I’ve followed them for 30yrs now and this song has popped into my mind time and again, certainly in the past few years as we head towards collapse.

        Comparing today with images and so on of the past like in the video, one can’t help but look back fondly and remember a time when life was different, no matter what BS the powers-that-be blind us with today.  I also see this video and other sources out there as inspiration.  It’s a starting point for us to get conscious; to become alive and realize there’s more to this picture than meets the eye.  This is something of which I know many people here on this site are well aware.  The reckoning won’t just be in the economics, the politics, or the employment, etc.  It will also be one of familial, spiritual and self-realization.  The puppet masters are losing their grip and the masses are waking up!!  Don’t fear WTSHTF…embrace it, prepare, and help lead the way out of the shite!!

        PS: More Alabama anytime is just fine here!  Cheers!!

      3. I agree with you Joe, and great article, Mac. Its especially crazy when you think of how much cheaper education, health care…etc is in other countries that pay less tax. What are we paying for? Wars….with countries we don’t care about…that have sand floors. What the heck?

      4. Dollar is up 76+ today and silver is still down. These are signs that the economy is indeed getting better. Not to mention gas prices here in NY have gone down to low $4/gallon on regular.

      5. Our country is in deep sh?? because we’ve been turned into sheep. We don’t have to work 40 hours a week anymore. This is the 21st century. That how brain washed we are. Fox is the top cable network and the spew more nonsense then anyone can handle but there we are. If they had their way, we would be in chains working 80 hours a week. But we are such suckers that we’ve been fooled into beleiving that we need to work our behninds off for next to nothing, while government and big business sells us out.

        Wake up America. It’s time…
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolu­tion2.osix­s.org )

      6. Just got done reading Frosty Wooldridge’s article (News with Views) about outsourcing good jobs and the fact we have to pay tariffs when U.S. goods are shipped into Mexico, yet Mexicans don’t pay it when coming in the U.S. with their goods.  We are over and done, already sliding into the abyss headed for third world status where no amount of work will product just rewards.  Younger workers and children today will have a low standard of living under corporate fascism.  No one now is standing up for Americans; any hope for America is shattered.

      7. Joe,
        If you don’t ask the governments permission to go into business you don’t have to pay any of that crap.  the internet is still free and you can make as much unreported money as you are willing to work for, without obtaining permission to do it.
        They can only tax you if you get their tax ID numbers and choose to operate under limited liability as a corporation.
        For me, I will continue to operate under my full liability as a Man, without seeking or obtaining any government numbers.  God gave the ability to do these things, so I do.
        As for the government, it did nothing that would warrant giving it a cut and it offers no protection for me or my business.

      8. My small business pays sales tax, phone tax, credit card machine tax, city tax, fed tax, water run off tax, property tax, sewage tax (one holer with septic tank), income tax, ponzi tax (social security), once a year city fire warden fee to inspect fire bottles (two fire extinshers).  65 hr. work week every week but one.  That weekend I have miltary reserves.  I least I have a J O B.

      9. Hey! That’s my truck! I’m famous and didn’t know it!

      10. I once tried to list out all the various taxes I had to collect and pay as an individual taxpayer, consumer, land owner, and small business owner.  It went on for two full pages on the yellow pad I used.  I am ready for alll this to end, for the benefit of my children and grandchildren… too late for me and my generation.

        Mr. Obama is out on tour again, overseas this time.  The flooding and ruination of crops of late along the Mississippi….. more tornadoes, this time in Missouri… dozens of deaths- drought and crop failures in Texas…… on and on.  …… when is he going to be held to account for ignoring all this?  Ireland, I’m sure deserves some attention- but, it has a leader for that.  The US needs leadership here, now, today …. better leadership.

      11. All kidding aside….

        StacyJ: I totally agree with you, we are in deep SH?? at this point in time. Most sheeple here in this country are in waist deep in debt and depend heavily on credit cards just to purchase food, clothing and such to survive. Those who are employed continue to be squeezed month by month to do the work of multiple people, no raises, no reward and no vacations. I’m also noticing people at work and in the city still thinking that the economy will or is getting better and the good times will come back again. I just think to myself that these people better wake up fast, do their research away from main stream sources and prep as best as they can.

      12. My daughter tells me that “I am older than dirt”. I am old enough that I can remember back to a time before there was TV.

        Growing up, none of our mothers worked outside the home. Dad worked a 40 hour a week job that paid enough to buy a modest home, a car and to provide for all of our needs. There were no credit cards.

        As the years passed by, both mom and dad had to work to make ends meet.

        Today, both husband and wife have to work and dad probably has a part time job. They aren’t making ends meet today, with each pay check that they receive they are sliding further and further into debt.

        There was enough here in the United States for everyone to live a high quality life with enough to go around for all. The reason that one man does without is because another man takes more than his fair share. If you work hard for what you have and earn it, then you deserve it. But if you lie, cheat and take unfair advantage of others …. then you deserve something else.

        The world may not have ended this past Saturday, May 21, 2011. But before we see 2012; I have the feeling that we are going to see the United States change into a place that you couldn’t have dreamed of in your worst and wildest dreams. If you have any final preparations left to get in place ….. then I would definately advise that you get them taken care of before the end of this summer. Soon boys & girls …… very soon. The ‘helter-skelter’ is almost here, the ‘run-amuck’ in the streets is nigh upon us.

        God Bless and good luck to all.

      13. Comments…..MadMarkie, I believe what you say is so. I just don’t think that alot of folks can hold out much longer. Its definitely gonna get interesting to say the least. My heart does go out for the innocent (children). You all take real good care.

      14. I think each of us should send a copy of this to our ‘representatives’ in both the State and Federal legislatures. So simple, yet so ‘nail on the head’ thinking.

        An addendum to “Put Americans First”: I’m so glad, Mr. President, that the American taxpayer has allowed you the opportunity to discover your Irish ‘roots’ (gosh, I had to pay my own way to Germany to visit my ancestral heritage), but perhaps this is not the best time to go gad-about the world fulfilling personal desires. OR, maybe you’re also there to ensure that Ireland does not default on their IMF obligations, of which 16.8% is America’s obligation? (By FAR the most!)

      15. I must admit I have grown tired of hurling curses at the TV. No one is listening anyway although it used to make me feel a little better now it’s more like mental masturbation.
        Good for a pent up release of energy but always leaves me feeling hollow and foolish.
        There have been times I even thought about running for local office but the thought of getting my good name thrown in with those repulsive, lying vermin stops me every time.
        We are being lead to slaughter by those fucking pathetic bastards that none of us would allow to watch our children much less run a country or a business. How have we allowed this to happen? They lie, steal, cheat, adulterate and still people swoon in mass at these soulless, lecherous scum. I lie awake at night thinking about how I’ll keep my family safe—and this is the country I went to war twice for? Who’s the bigger fool, those who spew their poisonous bile or those who swallow it willingly?  
        I thought if I fought our enemies far from home I could those I love safe from harm, now I realize I’m just another pawn in the great game. Oh well I guess it’s never too late for an epiphany.
        Let the games begin.

      16. MADMARKIE….you are spot on IMO and it will be on multiple fronts the onslaught that will hit us

      17. Stealth, Welcome to the bright side!

      18. “…giving people real hope that something better is coming tomorrow…”? Or is that a train headed this way?

        The Changing Face of the Police and the Death of the Fourth Amendment

        “…Yet when analyzed as a whole, this trend toward militarization is undeniable, and when left unchecked, it amounts to nothing less than the end of American liberty.”


      19. Laura M: Mexicans don’t have to pay taxes on goods they ship into the United States because drugs are “tax free”.

      20. DK, when buying yes they are tax free….but sell them without a drug stamp tax and your in big trouble  😉

      21. Hi Gods Creation – 

        In theory I agree with you whole-heartedly. But in practice, not so much.  Recall that it was for tax evasion that Al Capone landed in Alcatraz.

        There is much evidence that the income tax is unconstitutional and actually illegal in its current form. Yet going against an IRS that has 1) momentum in the judicial system in the form of case law, 2) boundless resources to pursue the individuals, and 3) a mentality that all people are guilty until proven innocent would be a challenge for an individual. 

        The IRS is the governmental version of Monsanto.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating a cowering, let the government run all over its people attitude. But it’s a wise person that chooses his fights. The taxing entities have little to loose and much to gain in a legal fight, while the individual has everything to loose and very little to gain. 

        I don’t believe a change to the system will be done through ignoring the current laws and then fighting them in the court system. I believe any change will be made through the legislative branch. 

        Just my two cents, tho. That’s another thing that makes America great. You can see things differently, and choose to live them out that way.


      22. MadMarkie – 

        Right on! 

        Not too long ago I read an article that compared the “disposable income” for two families. I’m a bit fuzzy on the specifics, but was something like a family of four making 20k annually and a family of four making around $60k.

        Because of subsidies, tax incentives and credits, entitlements, and the like, the family making 20k annually actually had more “disposable income” than the other family. That’s that not right incentives. 

        Over on my blog today, I quote a recent USAToday article that states that a record 18.3% of the nation’s total personal income came from government programs like medicaid, etc. Actual wages accounted for only 51% of the money. Pretty astounding. 

        If we do have a TEOTWAWKI event like a financial collapse that inhibits the government’s ability to continue to provide to those dependent on the largess, it could get ugly.


      23. The radicals are calling for a people’s revolution.  I believe they underestimate the true American spirit.  They might regret the very thing they ask for.

        Bring on the Fair Tax!  http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer

      24. Joe said.
        I don’t believe a change to the system will be done through ignoring the current laws and then fighting them in the court system. I believe any change will be made through the legislative branch. .
        Joe, I would first like to point out that I ignore no current law.  It is the United States and its courts that ignores the law.  I have no concern about having to fight them in their court system.  In fact, I wouldn’t show up in a corporate court for ANY reason.
        What people need to understand is that what the corp implies as mandatory, is actually voluntary.  I am not saying the income tax is voluntary or unconstitutional.  It applies to ALL who earns “wages” under a form W-4 with a SSN.  What the people fail to understand and are too lazy to investigate is that the forms and numbers are voluntary, in spite of being forced to use them by misguided corporations.
        It is the use of the government forms and numbers that create the presumption of a tax liability to the IRS.  Without a number or form in place, it has no claim on what a Man earns.
        There is no way that legislative branch can change things.  That implies the laws are being followed to begin with.  The government tax law is force and fraud, and it is used to remove FRNs from circulation to assist in keeping the Ponzi scheme going.
        Change will have to come one Man at a time, until there are enough willing to stand together to make the change.  I for one, don’t want any part of the government change that can be brought about by legislation.  It will always benefit the owners of the money, in this case the Federal Reserve and its owners.

      25. Amen Clark!

      26. For Stacy:  I clicked on that link, and see it’s another group like many org., wanting money..over many decades so called patriot groups have come and gone; some still around, still collecting money, selling stuff, yet none of them product results. This incl Alex Jones, Celente, many other talk radio shows, etc.  they just educate the patriots, yet produce zero results.   I support  no group, as over time, no results are ever seen  getting our jobs back, having less gov., more prosperity, etc.  inspite of all the info they put out.  More patriot groups now, more internet info, yet  nothing is done.

      27. YES

      28. With respect… there is no such thing as a FAIR tax, taxes are by nature an injury to someone…..our country was founded on no tax mentality and sadly soon fell off that lofty perch…but the fact remains we once taxed by tarriffs the imports of foreign nations(not our own freemen and women) into our republic.govt was kept small and had enough from this and a few like mannered income streams.Mr. Jefferson even commented on the rarity of an American ever seeing a taxman.this is where we should be looking for “fairness in taxation”…yes we will need to scrap 95 %+ of this govt to get to where we can operate on those means but we can and we should! just my thoughts.thanks!

      29. “Wake up America. It’s time…

        You just don’t get it. You are promoting a site that is FOR all of the crap that has put us in this situation. I am specifically talking about their promotion of FDR’s “second bill of rights.”  Take a close look at the list. There is nothing in the so called second bill of rights that can be provided to you without using the force of an even larger government to take it from someone else.

        Free education?  Who is going to pay for it, Stacy?  A “Right” to a useful job?  Even if a person has no marketable skills or motivaation?  Who is going to pay their salary?

        Think about this: “You cannot have “free” healthcare, “free” education, “free” housing, “free” food and expect to remain FREE!

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