Five Words For the United Nations: FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Headline News | 376 comments

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    In January of this year reports began surfacing that members of the United Nations were conspiring with American politicians to further erode the Second Amendment rights of the people of these United States:

    “In New York, right here on our own shores, we’ve got a Trojan horse. They won’t accept U.S. firearms policy. They want to take the decision away from the U.S. electorate and undermine our Constitution.”
    Ambassador Faith Whittlesey
    US Delegate to UN Small Arms Conference
    January 2012 

    While actions at the UN posed a serious threat to our right to bear arms, few acknowledged the legitimacy of the issue and fewer still had even heard anything about it.

    The Obama administration is now just a matter of weeks away from joining other foreign powers in the signing of the Arms Trade Treaty at United Nations.

    While many will argue that the new treaty will not restrict gun ownership in America, 2nd Amendment proponents disagree and maintain that  the new treaty could pave the way for an eventual nationwide gun grab.

    Dick Morris, who is spearheading a petition to stop Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the United States from signing the treaty, explains the inherent dangers within:

    …Obama is planning, with Hillary, a backdoor move to impose gun control on the United States.

    It’s totally outrageous. You know, Obama has not pushed gun control during his administration – a notable absence for a liberal. But it’s because he was saving the best for last.

    Hillary is now negotiating a small arms treaty in the United Nations… The purpose of the small arms treaty is to stop small arms, which they define as pistols, handguns, rifles, assault weapons, even machine guns from being exported to other countries.

    What Obama is doing with Hillary is to negotiate a treaty that would allegedly stop individual citizens and businesses from selling their arms overseas. To do that each country would be obliged to set up its own system of registration, and controls, and inventory controls…

    It’s entirely a backdoor effort to force gun registration and eventually bans and restrictions with the act of the United States Congress – to do it with international treaty.

    One of the deadly parts about this is that when a treaty is signed and made binding in the United States it acquires the force of a Constitutional Amendment. Under the Supremacy Clause, every Congress and every state legislature has to honor that treaty, unless a Constitutional Amendment is passed to the contrary or unless all the other signatories let the U.S. out of the treaty.

    So this would be permanent, long-term gun control…all done without Congress.

    We have five words for the United Nations and those who would supplant the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution through international treaties and backdoor political machinations:


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      1. Yep, they can have mine just after they kill me.

        • The united nations has been the biggest JOKE since it was called the league of nations. The un has done nothing to prevent wars or for the spread of freedom. The un has done so much destruction to the world it is incredible. The mere fact that the 5 nations with veto power were the first nations with nuclear weapons further inspires every country to have nukes no matter what. Then when a country tries to obtain nuclear weapons only for defense, they are sanctioned up the ass. What gives one country to have nukes for protection and some country like say South Africa, Brazil, or Argentina no right to protect themselves also?

          The un is so full of corruption, one just has to look at how fast Libya was attacked and approved of because it lacked value to one of the 5 veto powers. Then with Syria that is of extreme importance to Russia, nothing gets through. The un is worth less than crap on a field, if anything it hurts liberty. How dare those f’en worthless pieces of manure try to interfere with Americans’ right to defend themselves in their own home against rapists and murderers or just someone that will injury an innocent person. Screw the un with a big fat “S”. The un is the biggest exhibition of total failure that there is, with the leadership of the U.S. for the past generation coming in a close second.

          • Way off-topic, but bear with me.

            First, start here:

            Second, realize that positively huge numbers of people are both gullible and government-reliant enough to have tried.

            Now, picture these people in a situation where the government can no longer provide them with food, shelter, or any form of basic need.

            If the realization doesn’t scare you shitless, then you’re not paying sufficient attention.

            • The “people” will just stay asleep just like this Dept of Revenue issue in Wash State. I have been screaming at the top of my lungs and the only supportive words I receive as of yet is from my mortal enemy Kevin.

              I use to believe there were more prepared. Not crazed prepper such as myself. But I truly am starting to believe it is on 1% maybe. And only 1% of that or prepare for trying to rebuild/help/survivor the outcome of any major disaster/event. Like the power outages. I am ashamed those were people calling themselves Americans.

              I think it is time for me to go ahead and go to the off grid life I have planed. Hell even that is screw because one of the farmer done the valley asked to have a 4G tower place on his land ad got it.

              Update on my WAC issues. All that would be consider the private collectors. Have pretty much seen the writing on the wall. There are one or 2 hell Marys out there. And Ihope and support these person ideas. But must look at the picture with my eyes open and without blinders. The fuckers got us. We opened the door gave the coffee and just bent over and took it. We as a people have become a pile of worthless crap. There are so few that will actually walk the talk. And we are so spread out and because we have to keep a low profile we have a hard time connecting with each other.

              Thank you for the ability to blow off steam.

              Maybe it is time that I will just stand on the corner some where with a sign and ask someone to stand with me. And maybe it would spread. But I fear I would end up being only 5 of us. The homeless guy from the bushes. One other serious prepper I know. My girlfriend, me and my dog. That is a sorry thought.

              And that’s only if it doesn’t rain. Crap I am in Washington so we are really screwed.

              Thank You all

            • @page-man I try to hate you, but I just cant do it!!! 🙂

              Mortal Enemy?????????


              We are allies.

              Our mortal enemy is big government.


              “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”

              Even if you dont see eye to eye on every issue with that enemy of my enemy.

            • “”Butterworth is charged with assault, reckless endangerment and possession of an instrument of crime””

              Possession of an instrument of crime?

              He must have had some Federal Reserve Notes on him … The crossbow is protected by the Second Amendment.

          • Nope.

            If they’re coming for mine.. I kill them first. Or at least some of them.

            I’d rather die fighting for liberty and the constitution than die without a fight.

          • Let us not forget that the right to bear arms is first and foremost in place so that we have a way to protect ourselves from a rogue government.

          • The problem with the UN is it’s basic premise that governments protect people (how’s that Syrian thing going btw …?) when Americans understand that people protect people … and they protect themselves and other people from violence and tyranny, with arms.

            Kill the FED. Death to the UN.

          • And many dont know obama is the pres of the U.N. security counsel. That in itself is a breach of law.

          • The UN is not a joke. It is deadly serious. They have been working for decades to promote and bring birth to a One World Government. A communist government that controls all other nations and the leaders would be appointed not elected by the people. The US and all other nations would be subserviant to the laws of the One World Government.
            The UN says they come in peace and to promote peace but look at their activities. They are the ground work for the new communist world government. They are very serious about this and have literally been building it since 1900 so we had better take them seriously too.

            • @ c. Another good word for the un is abomination. When I referred to them as a joke, this means that the un absolutely does not and has never been of ANY use to the real people that need help. The un, they don’t deserve to be capitalized, is exactly what you say there are, PURE EVIL meant to take away ALL freedom and liberty from ALMOST everyone. Those special privileged are exactly the ones that support the un. The un was an utter failure as the league of nations and is even more so a total failure for anyone that cherishes freedom.

          • what did you expect ? the UN is a leftist organization started by Woodrow Wilson who was a leftist tyrant ( for his day )

          • From talking with missionaries from Africa, the un itself has a nice side business of “small arms” sales and other blackmarket items (military vehicles).. they’re in it for the money and nothing less

          • I thought, quietly, that I was the only one who thought that the UN was a load of b….x
            Kofi A was and still useless, although a gentleman, ineffective at best and a disgrace at worst. Wanky-Moon is of a similar ilk but what a waste of money to allow these idiots to roam the earth with blue passports and demand privilege wherever they go. This is not sustainable and the sooner they disband, the better. Then there was the self publicist from India with an English accent who had the temerity to assume that he was qualified to be the Secretary General; in retrospect, he probably was but he is still giving us the benefit of his wisdom from the sub-continent. These people walk this earth. Beware.

        • Hopefully someone else around you will pick it up and keep shooting those trying to take it away.

          • dhs or whoever I will only follow our constitution and will not obey someone that is a joke and breaks laws in his favor or what he wants. We the people will not follow or listen. this is not a threat this is the law and our freedom and that will not be crossed. you push this obama and hillary you will see big problems rather quickly. you will be held responsible for the deaths and illegal actions that you are pushing only to benefit you!! We the people all will not follow. dont push this topic you idiots. you have done enough damage and will not be treated like nazi’s. You are screwing this country up with illegals, gays(which i dont care dont bother me wont bother you) your lies, breaking marriage apart, greed and more lies. Get the fuck out of this country!!

            • Amen Clint Hospo!!!!!! I totally agree with you!!!

        • Don’t all treaties have to be approved (voted on) by either the house or the Senate??

          • Treaties have to be approved by a 2/3rds majority of the Senate, so logically it would seem that this is a non starter before the elections. Additionally, there at least several vulnerable Democrat Senators — such as Joe Manchin of WV who know darned right well they couldn’t show their face in public without their voters pelting them with dead cats and rotten tomatoes (at the very least). After the elections, it seems very likely that Republicans will control that chamber again, and they know (or better know) just exactly how crucial gun rights supporters are in their achieving this goal

            Actually what worries me most is the time after the election but before the inauguration… all kinds of devious shit can get slipped in at that time

            stand strong until freedom dawns

            • SOS, Have you forgotten that several months ago 87 out of 100 Senators voted yea for the NDAA bill? Count on these folks giving a crap about your vote at you own peril. For myself I have lost 100% of any confidence I ever had in the U.S. Govt

            • ‘sposin they do a John Roberts?

          • If the left could install national firearm registration and other draconian controls by just a Senate vote, without the House or the President needing to sign it, you can bet your last silver dollar they will do it. They know they will lose the Senate this election, and they are desparate. Look out for a treaty ratification between election and inauguration day.

            • If this is pushed through, all holy hell will break loose. I’m not sure how it will all play out, but people in this country that value freedom will not bow to this yoke of tyranny. People we are under assault from enemies both foreign and domestic and it’s time that we start forming militias to enforce our constitution! I for one have had enough of these self-serving bastards in Washington D.C. It’s time we start planning and prepping for an all out WAR. The tree of liberty at times must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrannts! I’m not going to leave a country to my children that totally ignores the charter that founded it. Lock and Load and best of luck to all of you patriots!!!!

            • Pretty hard to do since it takes 2/3 of them, and 58 have already said they’re opposed to it… Let’s just make this very easy whether obummer signs it or not– just kick the un out of America, and leave it [also saving 40 billion or whatever in annual dues that is just borrowed anyway— how’s that for salt in our wound] un out of US and US out of UN (whether the ATT passes OR NOT)…

          • DocLRRP: It has to be passed only by the Senate to give it legal status but it must be 2/3 of the the Senate present; Article 2, Section2 of the U.S. Constitution. If all Senators were present it would take 67 to vote for it before it could become law. That’s why this election is so important. Make sure the person running for the Sentate repesenting your state and as well as the one who sitting this one out knows how you feel about your guns. Even if Obamanation is re-elected, if only 34 Senators vote against it, the treaty is dead. You can go to the NRA’s website, and I believe, the GOA and JFFP as well, and find out they score your Senators and the candidates as well. This election is for a lot of marbles.

          • 2/3 of congress needs to ratify the treaty but look at Obama Care. The congress knew that the majority of the people did not want it but they passed it! They had not read it and could not say what was hidden in it but they passed it!
            I do not hold much hope that congress will stand firm for the will of the people because the congress believes that THEY know what is best for us. (Which really means they they know what will put the most money in their own pockets.)

        • I have decided to relinquish my weapons when they come to take them away. They will get them from me one round at a time until my ammo is gone.

          • Right there with you Lunaman!

          • Bullets (not cartridges) first

        • I’m right there with you brother.

        • I sold all my guns to the police at their last get the guns off the street buy back program. No worries for me.:-)

        • SHTF Plan stands for Surrender-Hide-Take Off or Faint.

          You’ll notice that ya’ll are saying, “When they come for my guns”. Not “When they pass this Treaty”.

          Inch by inch they are cutting off your balls and enslaving your kids and all you do is PASS GAS. “Come and take them”, “Wolverines”, BULLSHIT!

          • your right forest.

            • Are you changing your name and complementing yourself again?

              Although, I do agree with this-

              Inch by inch they are cutting off your balls and enslaving your kids and all you do is PASS GAS. “Come and take them”, “Wolverines”, BULLSHIT!

            • No Kevin, tha’s your trick. Hell, we can’t have any opinions outside of yours, this is your site. You own it, don’t you?
              Everyone has to be a Ron Paul supporter, or they are a troll, maybe an F.B.I. spy.

              Kevin, you’re a jackass.

        • The U.N. is UNconstitutional, UNrighteous, and UNgodly!

        • My wife gave me a nifty little sign for X-Mas. It says “You can have my gun when I run out of bullets!”. She won’t let me tack it to the front door, …yet, but the time is coming!

      2. How do you arrest a politician for treason? Or is it going to require some kind of more permanent force?

        • I vote for permanent.

          • I second the motion…lets call for a vote… all those saying Aye respond here please

            • I vote for permanent.

        • @ Sierra Dave. You ask how do you arrest a politician for treason? Just line up the next time congress meets and take them all away. 😉 All kidding aside, the reason the un is so interested in taking away people’s freedoms is that most or all of them in the un all too well understand what freedom means, lack of martial law control that they want to shovel down everyone’s throat. The second that you take away someone’s self defense, they become an easy mark to arrest and detain and be foreced to obey without qusetion. The police easily can arrest someone unarmed as opposed to someone with a firearm for example.

          The fact that bothers me the most about the un is that it would EVER butt into the internal workings of a country’s very foundation of which it was established. NEVER does the un have the right to exercise anything that would violate the constitution. In fact anyone under the un banner in this country is a foreigner and if they try to violate the people’s rights under the constitution this is an “act of war”, by a foreign invader. You know what happens to foreign invaders? I think there is something called a militia in the U.S. that deals with foreign enemies as such.

          • @informed-My senator travels with his own personel army, I know, I ran into him at my church.

            I would assume he has his paid off lackies in the police and sheriffs departments here also.(Hint-HE DOES)

            NO ONE is arresting that crook anytime soon!!! 🙁

            • Who says you have to be close to him?

          • be informed- Very well said and that was perfectly put. Once they try and overstep their boundries it will be ugly and there are millions of people who know what to do and who the enemy would be. they would shut down media everything and post only threats on the msm news saying any people caught with interference will be dealt with with swift and active violence who try to overthrow the US govt. Which will be a complete lie and a total control by obama. Its over they know they can’t step in that field. it would cause mass confusion in the military and local govt as well. Do you all see this saying if we dont put down our weapons we will be considered terrorists and be swiftly dealt with. Some bullshit like this im thinking and we all know the truth. it will be chaos. maybe dec 21 2012 is true lol. i doubt it but it looks closer each time.

            • I agree 100%! You just called EXACTLY whats going to go down.

              P.S.- Except the myan thing. Their calender is a circle, A circle has a begining when you start drawing it, but like the infinite symble, there is no ending

          • True , but there will be sell outs and patriots in the armed forces . At what point either will surface is a good question . If things come to that and sell out soldiers are shooting their own people ……..then we as a people must make them also feel the pain , and here is where it gets ugly . We must at that point be willing to be totally ruthless and unforgiving . The armed forces are all volunteer at this point . This means it may be easier to find the families and relatives of those serving , in the event of ….they must know that THEIR families are now targets ….they to must feel the pain and realities of their actions . This is dirty and ruthless , but it works . ” they could do that to us ” , if sell outs are shooting their own people , they in affect have started doing it . Make them feel the pain . Good news is , the grunts are one thing , elite units are another , the green barets I have met are very patriotic , some will sell out , some will drop out and train rebels .

        • its going to come down to that and its going to get ugly.

        • LOL.

        • You and two witnesses report it to the Sheriff, show probable cause, sign an Affidavit of the facts, and demand he enforce the Constitution on your behalf.

          Obama would have to be arrested if he ever came into the county. Assuming, of course, that the Sheriff was not corrupt and understood his duties under the Constitution.

          Sadly, most do not.

        • You arrest them with a militia, because they are going to be the only organization with the balls to do something about these fuckers! It’s time to start organizing and networking! When this passes it’s time to take the fight to the assholes who are going to be clammering to get on their private jets to get the hell out of Dodge and head for a Socialist/Communist country of their choice!

      3. HERE HERE!!!!!

        MOLAN LABE !!!!!


        • “HERE HERE!!!!!”

          British term of cheer

          “MOLAN LABE !!!!!”

          Bastardized Greek (actually, Spartan) term meaning (roughly) “Come take it”


          Paraphrased quote originally spoken by Emiliano Zapata (the dude behind Cinco De Mayo, if you’re curious).

          So… anything original? I’m asking because merely spewing old quotes is one thing, but providing information and/or something more heartfelt and original would be a whole lot better.

          • Odd Questioner,

            How about ” Hot Popping and Empty”

            Have a great night,


            • Meh… I guess I’m just tired of seeing the same false bravado, day after day after day after day…

              The gent in the previous story? He’s worth cheering the hell out of. He stood up. He did what was right. Nothing false about what he did.

              Now contrast this with all the ‘OMG I’M GONNA KILL EM ALL!’ type of posts.

              Anyone can challenge the government with mere words on the Internet.

            • Odd Questioner
              I hear ya to a point , but I also believe that most of those that post such ” Bravado ” will indeed fight for their rights in some way . The problem I see is that we on an individual basis will indeed fight and die for our rights and personal protection and that of our families , as an individual , they will roll over us easily and take a few losses in their squad of nazis , but what else can we do ? just roll over and be sent to Auschwitz or whatever else they decide to do on a whim ? The individual has to fight . They are no match , but they have no real choice . This is why I hope and Pray situations are such that will allow an ORGANIZED armed rebellion . Then you ( we ) have a good chance . We as citizens have numerical superiority , and outside the major cities , they simply dont have the manpower needed to take over everyplace . Even then , look at the size of some of our cities ….Phoenix for example in so spead out and structurally dense with a population of 4 million people ……..even if only 1/4 of those people resisted with arms …..thats 1 million people …….house to house ….block by block ………Stalingrad…….and thats just one city . The big worry is that they do it subtly over a long period of time ….Thats why a fast hard collapse with marshal law id actually preferable to an organized rebellion than the slow creeping death .

          • Odd Questioner

            I wish I had to really great stories for you, but I don’t other then shooting a rattlesnake with my shotgun in 1 hand and a shovel in the other.. Thats about it, I did scare away some guys trying to break into my neighbors shed, put the green laser on the back of his buddy’s head and they have not been seen in my neighborhood again.. The cop that came out just laughed and shook my hand. but thats about it here..


            Keep the faith brother.

        • respectfully, I think its Hear Here

      4. Take away the ability of people to defend themselves and you then have the ability to take away the people.

        History has shown that gun control can lead to genecide.

        • you confuse the word “can” with “does”

        • The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

          Thomas Jefferson

          • “Resistance to tyranny is obediance to god”..Thomas Jefferson

            • KY Mom / JayJay,

              Amen to that. No truer words have been spoken. Stay safe and sharp everyone.

            • thank you that makes me feel even more ready to defend the innocent and the good people in this world. thank you for that post. we are ready and im not a talker if you know what i mean. something like this has to happen to reset our govt I believe. its getting out of control.

        • gun control is not about guns, its about control

      5. Let them come!!!! we can get rid of at the same time…….

      6. Let’s call it what it is. Attempted gun theft by the U.N. and global elites so we are unarmed when they come to try to rule us. The 2nd amendment will remain alive and well in my heart forever, no matter what those criminals scribble on there proclaimed legal documents.

        • yes, another great post and perfectly said!! People on here are smart and know whats going on. well said. I feel the same way and this even pumps me up even more. I could care less who monitors this. they should know they start fucking with us and our rights they have overstepped their rights.

          • if they want a war there going to get it take a one way hike un and our pussy goverment

          • respectfully, they have NO rights, only the powers WE THE PEOPLE have delegated to them… last time I checked WE THE PEOPLE never delegated the power to them to force defenselessness upon us

        • I’m not sure I’d refer to them as “the U.N. and global elites”; more like self-righteous thugs and their corporate sponsorship. It seems to me that the assholes at the UN — who routinely crush their own people — are just trying to impose their own sick, perverted terrorist societies on us, a free people. The so-called “elites” are nothing more than vulgar, repulsive thieves who want to loot and pillage from us without fear of retribution… they hold onto their bloody gold by taking away our lead

          stand strong until freedom dawns

          • THANKS SOS- like your post

          • Lead? Isn’t that the third precious metal?

      7. I have been asking that they push the damn button already and maybe this is it. This will be the turning point for the US Citizenry if forced down our throat.

        We shall all join together and state boldly and loudly “We will NOT Comply.” The US Government will not be able to do a damn thing. It will be hard for them to stand in your driveway with a bullhorn and a SWAT team hiding behind every tree, especially when that position is in open view of every patriotic neighbor.

        Let the bastards who support this unconstitutional government try to “inventory” my guns. I am calling you out!

        • Im one of those patriotic neighbors that believe in our rights while another corrupt politician thinks he/she can do what they want to get deals passed or better themselves. it will be the biggest mistake they have ever made. Resistance to tyranny is obediance to god. I love that saying!!!!!

          • Here’s a thought: if illegal aliens can march openly without fear of reprisal, why cannot gun owners do the same. With our weapons. Openly drilling.

            Just throwing it out there

      8. That’s democide

        • Is democide homicide of dim dems???

      9. Believe it or not; my grandfather told me over 40 years ago when i was a kid; that one of the first things Hitler did when he came to power in Germany was to have all gun owners register their guns. Then; later on; it was supremely easy to collect all the guns. THIS is what their going after. BTW; i don’t currently own a gun. Is there a way to legally get a gun; without the government knowing it? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

        • Here in Tennessee, I can buy a gun from a private individual with nothing but cash. Guns are in the classifieds all the time. Tennessee does not have a registry law but if you buy one from a store then it will be registered I believe. You do not need to get any kind of permission from the local sherriff or anything to buy a gun here. Just past the back-ground check. I am unsure about buying one from gun shows here if the the firearm is registered or if only a back ground check is done.

        • I don’t know what the laws are where you live, but here in Pennsylvania you can buy any long gun, shotgun or rifle including any semi-autos (AR15, AK clones SKS, ect.) from a private owner without the government knowing a thing. Perfectly legal. There is no transfer required on any long guns. You can get them at yard sales, flea markets, or gunshows from a non-dealer. If you but it from a dealer it is subject to the background check.

          • Say there vaportrail, how do you find out about the legality of doing what you do in my own state?

          • vaportrail,

            This is true in most all the states, and if you really want to buy some guns runs some ads.. “Private collector is looking for use guns TOP PRICES PAID” they will run you over, hell you may have to unload some gold our silver.. But I do know one thing I don’t fear the man with lots of guns, its the man that only carries 1 that worries me. Chances are he can shot it!!!


            • Be careful that is how the ATF started the investigation that put some private sell in the fed prison system.

        • Yep, buy an unregistered gun from someone. Most of mine are not registered to me.

        • go to a gun show or do a private sale…

          • or get one from Eric Holder..they arnt tracking those ones either

            • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 🙂

        • best thing is to find a friend that has a friend that likes to buy guns and later sell or trade. there are a lot of people that need money and sell theirs or trade. I just sold a gun to a friend of mine today. just ask around. you would be suprised. a gun show is another great way too. remember to bring cash with you. get a 12 gauge. best home defense gun if your not good with a gun. a pump would be a good idea too that holds at least 5 shells and one in chamber and you can get a 12 gauge cheap. make sure you get some buckshot at walmart or while at a gunshow. all these people on here are correct and the eric holder one was funny, we are not eric holder cock suckers so your out on that one.

        • @ Dave —

          You’re severely mistaken about Germany, Dave. It was the “democratic” left-of-center Weimar government that mandated the registration of all guns in Germany, and that was done in 1928. Those laws were already on the books when Hitler came to power in 1933, and if anything, he loosened these laws up for ordinary Germans of “good character” (which according to his definitions, excluded Communist Party members, Gypsies and Jews).

          Here is a video clip featuring an amateur color film shot in Germany in 1939, showing the annual “Rifle Meeting” of the gun owners of the Bielefeld Gun Club (the gun-related section is between 03:58 and 05:21). The event depicted thus took place after Hitler had already been in power for six years, without any apparent gun “confiscation” having occurred, at least as far as these shooting enthusiasts were concerned. By the way, this film sat forgotten in a private house’s cellar for over fifty years, and was not used or intended to serve as “propaganda” for the German regime of the time:

          Local gun clubs were/are historically an integral part of local civic and cultural if in Germany, even during the Third Reich. This particular gun club was founded in 1831 and continues to exist until this very day. Here’s their web site, version 2012:

          My question to you is simple: When exactly did the supposed disarming of the German CIVIL population by Hitler take place? Do you have a date?

          I wonder WHO profits from Amerikans being so sadly misinformed about that era.

          • Hey AHAB— thats a heckuva gun club in link above with not one person with a firearm in the pictures.

            • @ Inon —

              The 1939 film clip shows a group of civilians marching with what appears to be Mauser K-98’s at 04:16.

              I’ve been to these festivals in Germany (specifically, the ones in Würzburg), and when these associations have their parades through the marketplace or town center, they almost never carry firearms. Entire families often belong to these associations, and kids (including the very young) are usually seen in traditional costume at these events. Schützenfests are considered COMMUNITY events of importance for the TOWNS in which they take place. I understand why an Amurikan would not be able to grasp this WIDER cultural aspect of gun ownership, since most Amurikan towns generally have NO community, cultural or civic life of any kind. In 2012 Amurika, life is lived in an unimaginative way and is defined by material factors alone, and is generally cold, brutal and stripped down to its bare rudiments. When all is said and done, these German towns are still communities, while most Amurikan ones are not, something that does not bode well for the Amurikans when a tyrannical crackdown comes and TSHTF.

          • Ahab: Thanks I was going to wrtie bascially what you did. Also you are more articulate than I am and I wonder if you know of and can write a post regarding how hitler fixed germanys economy in just UNDER 5 yrs! And did so without yet any military buildup as we always were lied to on.

            It seems since all germanys gold was removed after WWI and versiale treaty reperations bankrupted germany into the famous Hyperinflationary era etc.

            And the fact that hitler booted out All scamming banksters(all jews) he had to find a way to rebuild the economy by Baseing monetary values not on gold or “Usuary/intrest debt based” but rather he based it entirely on Value of every Hour of labor(regardless what a person worked at or did) and also the value of all products made by labor.

            Hitler did this to defy bankers (kinda like Ron Paul wants do with abolish fed) and due to Worldwide Jewish declared War on Germany by Economic world boycot of all goods(like Hillerys done Now with syria) Hitler had to “Barter” with any countrys for needed resources etc.

            Germany never declared war on anybody. It was Worldwide Jew orgs from London/usa/russia and all other areas who declared it against germans!

            That was I believe in either 1933 or 34?. Also a Famous book then written in paperback edition by a Jew here in usa titled “Why Germany Must Perish” and sub-titled “Why entire world must join to exterminate ALL german folks regardless where located in world!”

            Can’t now recall writers name from memory but his plan was to convince all others nations/peoples to use eugenics in form of a Vacine to render every german person Sterele so within one genertaion zero germans will be alive!…It was that jew and others who proposed extermination of Germans…Not what we was taught that hitler said it about jews.

            Anyways his plan worked and in Less than 5yrs Unemployment went below 2%, money was restored and every german had a house car job and new schools etc.

            That is Number one reason Jews(specially bankers) wanted germany dealt with. Think what would occure if OTHER nations told jew banks Take a hike! And based cash like hitler did…Oh also hitlers money plan did NOT charge ANY usuary/intrest for loans or whatever. Only one mark in value was released per actual mark(dollar) value by Labor or products made!..

            Worst Hyperinflation ever seen till couple yrs ago in Zimbawee and He fixed it and booted out jew banksters usuary Thieves!

            Ok never believe anything from MSM or public school history right…EXCEPT of course what was taught about Nazi Hitler/germany so youse can lable me a racist nazi skin head antisemite!!! Me I prefere Factual Truth to lables….Ahab you probobly know more on this, if so…Please educate me more ok and Thanks!

            • @AM-Great post.

              Dont forget about the role of paper money in our revolutionary period.

              Act of 1751

              The first Act, the Currency Act of 1751 (24 Geo. II c. 53), restricted the emission of paper money by the colonies of New England. These colonies had issued paper fiat money known as “bills of credit” to help pay for military expenses during the French and Indian Wars. Because more paper money was issued than what was taxed out of circulation, the currency depreciated in relation to the British pound sterling. The resultant inflation was harmful to merchants in Great Britain, who were forced to accept the depreciated currency from colonists for payment of debts .

              The Act limited the future emission of bills of credit to certain circumstances. It allowed the existing bills to be used as legal tender for public debts (i.e. paying taxes), but disallowed their use for private debts (e.g. for paying merchants).

              As usual, wikipedia is a little miss leading(I HATE using it, but its easy, lazy this morning), for some of the paper money was backed by land(kind of simular to hitlers money KIND OF)!!-

              “In an effort to remedy this problem, the colonists came up with other systems of exchange, including land banks, which issued paper money in exchange for land as collateral, bills of credit, which were issued by colonial legislatures and backed by tax revenue, foreign currencies including Dutch ducats, Spanish doubloons and French crowns and even bartering with agricultural goods such as furs, corn and tobacco.”

              I agree with you 100% (on the public education thing)!!!!

          • Yes, in Nazi Germany you could own firearms. If you obey the government without question

        • Purchase in a private transaction, just exchange receipts, you’re good to go.

      10. So, if nobody will soon be able to legally own guns, then felons should go back out and get some….why not? It will be illegal for everyone, so now lets make it fair, those white collar types who got railroaded by uncle sam and now are felons because of paperwork bullshit………. go ahead and stock your shit.

        When they outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.

        • One effect of a gun ban is that there is no need to worry about whether a rifle is automatic or semi-automatic. Both are “illegal. I hear that in most of the world, real AKs are cheaper than their (commercial) semi-auto cousins.

        • Time to be an outlaw

      11. My feeling is if TPTB can’t get the Senate to ratify the UN Treaty, they will use the Supreme Court to get their desired gun laws passed. Unfortunately, the Constitution means nothing to many of our elected leaders. Several on the Supreme Court could retire in the next 4 years. Who replaces them could be a game changer.

        Michelle Obama’s Warning To Gun Owners

        • I contacted my senators about this last week. It is really the only thing we can do at this time except complain among ourselves if we are already stocked up on guns and ammo.

          We have a local ad paper sold at retail stores where people can phone in free ads. A lot of guns are sold that way. If you live in a state that requires a permit or registration it’s worth the drive.

          • Be careful crossing the state line makes it Gun Running under fed law.

            • Always be careful when purchasing a gun. Buy from an individual, pay cash, and if authorities ask if the gun is yours say yes. If you bought it in a state that does not require registration you will be OK. If you are afraid you will get caught, hide it in a bale of marijuana. They rarely find those crossing state lines.

              Your greatest risk is getting caught with an unregistered gun in a jurisdiction that requires registration.

        • Or make it illegal to manufacture ammo.
          Or CONgress makes it so paper signing intensive, the bullets are sold underground.

        • I know tons of people who NEVER get involved, don’t pay attention and just usually let all kinds of things slide. Well, the little fuckers at the UN and in the White House have got their attention now. Every last Senator better understand that they too have our attention. Undivided attention.

          • I do not think so. Everyone will watch the show and then roll over and go back to sleep. We have become so lazy.

      12. the soveriegnty of the united states and constitution are NOT negotiable .
        the UN has NO authority granted by the constitution to control cow manure . kiss it !

      13. This is B.S> yet again. Sorry for the long post but take the time to copy it and send to everybody you know.

        My old grandpa said to me ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps and usually it’s when he becomes too old to
        take an ass whoopin.’

        I don’t carry a gun to kill people. I carry a gun to keep from being killed.

        I don’t carry a gun to scare people. I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place.

        I don’t carry a gun because I’m paranoid. I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world.

        I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil. I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.

        I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government. I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.

        I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry. I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.

        I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone. I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk
        somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

        I don’t carry a gun because I’m a cowboy. I carry a gun because, when I die and go to heaven, I want to be a cowboy.

        I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man. I carry a gun because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.

        I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate. I carry a gun because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.

        I don’t carry a gun because I love it. I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.

        Police protection is an oxymoron. Free citizens must protect themselves. Police
        do not protect you from crime, they usually just investigate the crime after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.

        Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take an ass whoopin’…..

        In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929
        to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ——————————

        Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

        China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable
        to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        —- ————- ————-

        Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

        You won’t see this
        data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

        Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

        Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

        The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

        With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’. During WW II the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

        If you value your freedom, please spread this anti gun-control message to all of your friends.

        The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final
        weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.



        • High Five DPS!

          • M2245TH,

            Right back @ you, please pass it around. Remember our 2nd amendment right states own and bare arms. Own be I own guns and bare means I have one on me right now!!


        • DPS, Thank you for taking the time. I am putting this on my wall. I wish I could buy you a box of your favorite caliber as a thank you gift.

          • Putting this on my wall too.

          • silverfox what you said at the top, im putting into my heart. thank you

          • SilverFox,

            Thank you sir could always use some ammo, 9mms,5.56 is good but still kinda like that old 30-06..LOL how about if we ever meet you can buy me a cold one?


            • A cold one it is then. BTW, the first time I shot my 30-06 I used 20 rounds to sight in my scope. My shoulder was black and blue for the longest time. Now I have a shooting vest. She’s a kicker.

            • SilverFox,

              Yes sir my reminds me of a buddy’s old shovel head she kicks me back and when she is good she’s real good..
              But that kick sometimes is ouch.


              PS it really bad for me since I weight in around 150…LOL

            • It always amuses me to hear these “wusses” talk about how bad a 30-06 kicks. When I was 18, I got a 1903-A3
              Springfield rifle, thru the DCM, for $18.50. I used to buy a box or two of military ammo, for $2.00, and go out on the weekends and shoot it up. I was a scrawny kid, about 150 lbs. soakin’ wet, and never had a “shootin vest”, or any kind of recoil pad, but I soon became used to the gun, and was able to see the bullets hit the target, at 100 yds. before the gun actually started to move, in recoil. With some military ammo, made back in 1935, I got a five shot group, shooting prone, with a tight sling, of 5/8″ When I enlisted in the Army, and we were introduced to the Garand M-1, I soon became the best shot in my unit, and was able to ignore the “kick” and noise of the rifle, and actually listen to the various sounds of the cycling as it ejected the fired round, and reloaded. I can still produce 1/2 minute groups, with most of my guns, and I find myself almost hoping that some of these idiots try to take my guns, or even send their black-clad terrorist squads after me.
              It should be interesting.

        • Amen Brother in Arms

        • Thanks for that I am going to post on my wall and print a copy to show to a couple people I know who don’t realize just what is really going on.

          • To all that replied,

            I’m very glad to see everybody likes this, it was pasted on to me yrs ago and I will never forget those words. But if you print it for your wall I would like you to print 20 copies of it for you your friends and ask them to do the same. Those words are what this country was founded on and my 2nd Amendment right will not be taking!!! Over the last 1& 1/2 when I first found this site evrybody has talked about our 2nd being the line in the sand… Well here we are, and I guess we will see what the next move is. I for one will stand my ground, I for one will not toss away my grandkids future..I say “Come and Take Them you S.O.B.S”


        • Who’s the 1 Bozo???

      14. Oh dear gun lovers like me. Please refer to the following supreme court decision of 1957 where the court ruled no treaty can violate our constitutional rights:

        Now that said why would I discount the likes of BHO and Hillary from wanting to steal our firearms? I don’t. I don’t trust them a lick. I don’t even have that much faith in our supreme court not over ruling the 1957 ruling I provided a link too here, but in doing so I think they would start a shooting war in this nation. That I don’t think they are ready for, and there hundreds of millions of .40cal ammo isn’t going to be enough to squash the armed citizenry. So what is afoot here?

        I speculate this is a game Obama is GREAT at playing. He did it too the birthers and not he wants to play it on a grand scale to the pro gun community. After all he needs a diversion from Fast and Furious. What “game” is he playing? Its called make your enemy look stupid, and Obama plays it masterfully with his dominate control over the lame stream media.

        You see my pro gun friends are in a dither over this, and they are crying foul and they are saying the UN is coming for our guns. This won’t be true. The Congress is as pro gun as a Montana city council (j/k) and even Harry the Obamacare Reid has said this treaty won’t make it passed his Senate. So when the alarm of the pro gun community is sounded a huge “thump” will be put down upon them as the lame stream media reports to all – it was for not.

        I take my 2nd Amendment right as seriously as anyone here. I consider myself a “gun hoarder” by every means and I enjoy a collection that goes back to my grandfather and WWII pieces of my dads. No way my guns will ever be confiscated, but this one hew and cry has a different and diabolical intent. It is a shot across the bow, a shot to make the gun community look stupid, and they will play it through because it helps one “re election” happen.

        • Reid vs Covert 1956?

          • They will ignore this ruling just like they have the 4th Amendment when they kick your door in a 4am to search and seize anything they want.

            That’s sad but it will be the truth.

            • maybe, but at 4AM they still bleed the same color as we all do..
              and some of us dont sleep at 4 am 😉

        • Jim, great post
          This changes nothing in the day to day life of the people on this site and others like it, from a conspiratorial standpoint I put nothing past these people, but it’s as if announcements like this are designed to create gun incidents in order to bolster their argument.

          Stay safe, hold your ground.

        • Jim,

          With all due respect, this maybe a game to obammmalma. However is this the thing be talked about with Sara Brady, remember we said that he was working on gun control but under the wire? Or was it that the BP oil rig caught fire at the same time Hilbilly Clinton was trying to pass this? Who Knows so much to think about and so little time.. I just know that IT WILL NOT WORK!!
          A game to them but a game they will never win and if they do win the cost will be high!!!


          • DPS right now the Obama machine is facing the reality. Romney is raising more money, unemployment is not getting better, and there is only so much cover his lame stream media can give him. He faces a blow out second only to Carter if something doesn’t give. Making gun owners a scape goat much like he did the birthers could catapult him and give him “gun control” as a second term issue.

            Even if he was born in Africa and flown to Hawaii it can’t be proven and he knows it. Hillary started the birther movement, but it got absorbed his seriously conservative opponents. He mocked them, made them the fool, and that is how 90% of America views them. If gun owners go off in a radical way over a treaty that can’t legally impact them – the same could happen to gun owners.

      15. Hey, U.N.

        Feeling lucky?

        • well, are you punk?

      16. DPS

        You are so right. Yesterday in my safe gun free country a police officer was shot dead in the street near his home, a youth was shot dead in London., there were seven armed robberies in the Midlands, many more else where. 5 men arrested with a car load of guns in Birmingham, seven in a similar incident in London, a youth shot in Manchester. And on and on.

        The day before that ditto minus the police officer. Today ditto minus the police officer.

        My point is this. I have no deterrent, as an average, regular woman in the street the average regular illegal gun owner KNOWS I am unarmed, that same person KNOWS 99.9% of the population is unarmed. They, therefore do what they like without much fear of their victim fighting back.

        Allowing the public to be armed levels the playing field somewhat. Law abiding citizens are not going to go around shooting people or the sake of it, they are not suddenly going to turn into crazed armed robbers.

        Take care

        • Burt,

          I hear you, but if those thugs can find a gun to buy so can you.. Look every where you can. I would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

          Have a great day dear,


          • DPS

            I have found a legal way of owning a gun, well, a rifle actually. I have applied to join a gun club. My application has been approved by a serving police officer, who is with the armed SO19 unit with the Metropolitan police. They are checking me out to see if I am suitable. I then have to do three months basic training, in safety, weapons handling and basic skills. On getting the certificate I am entitled to apply for a class one licence. This cannot be denied if my police record is clean and I have passed the course, should it be denied the police have to state openly why the licence has been denied and the decision can be appealed. In order to retain the licence I have to be a paid up, active member of a licenced gun club and must shoot at the range on a regular basis. All fees payable to the club must be up to date at all times, if not membership is revoked, the police informed and the guns removed from me. I am allowed the guns in my home providing they are stored in the manner dictated by British law. This is in a locked cabinet, bolted to a solid floor at the base at a brick wall at the back with access to the bolts from inside the cabinet only.

            I’ll let you know how it goes.

            Take care

            • good to hear this..wishing you the best of luck

              I go to the range once a week ( you should see my reloading reciepts) proficiancy is paramount

              it could save your life

            • Burt,

              Glad to hear that news but damn so many rules.. Sometime I will share the story ” It Was Only A Shotgun” to my knowledge it was the primer for your disarming. Its kinda long so I wasted enough of the ppls time with my longass post above..LOL.. I would love to see that message posted in some tiny store here in the Tx panhandle “besides the ones where I posted it”
              please keep us all informed to your status on you new gun. And go rent V for Vendeta. Kinda sums up things today.


            • BURT—- sheeesh! Sounds like you will get it the day after your dead… talk about jumping through hoops….

              Oh ,,,,,, would that be a RED brick wall, or will ANY bricks do?


          • DPS

            I have thought of this often, but I will admit openly I am too scared to make that move. I can hold my own verbally, I am not against standing up for myself physically either, but to go and mix with people that would not pee on me if I was on fire frightens me. The areas I would have to go to to meet the “right” type of people to get a firearm are the type of places a woman, particularly a white woman would not dare go unless she is armed to the teeth. This is not a racist statement, just a fact. It is not the men I would have to worry about its the females. We are facing an explosion of vicious, nasty and in many cases downright evil young women walking our streets over here. They are in many cases more dangerous than the males and almost as territorial.

            Parts of all our cities are no go areas for regular people , police go in in riot gear and by the van load to deal with even the most minor complaint. Every day terms of council workers, with a van load of police near by, go around taking down signs off lamposts that say “no whites after 7pm”
            Other areas the signs say “no blacks after 7pm” again, not me being racist, just stating a fact.

            Some years ago a friend of mine, a good friend, had to leave Birmingham, my city, the place she called home. She left because she was targeted. She was targeted by Muslims for defending me, she is a Muslim, a consultant surgeon actually, but defending me made her almost as much of a kafir as us non-Muslims. Her windows were smashed her car trashed, the last event saw a petrol bomb thrown into her home. She her husband and son moved away after that.

            These are the people who have the guns. The “sensible” criminals with guns you never hear about, you never see them waving a firearm around on a street corner, they walk into a place, point the gun, take what they came for and leave, the weapon is rarely used. This is not always the case of course, but more often than not. This is the whole point, producing the weapon is more often than not enough to alter the balance of power, and this is the reason I want one.

            Being able to use it effectively would be a definite bonus, but for everyday, attempted muggings, rapes, assaults et al being able to pull one out of my bag and point it would be enough to end the situation right there and then.

            Even BB guns here have to be clear plastic or brightly coloured so they cannot be mistaken as the real thing. Painting a BB gun black so it resembles a real fire arm carries the same penalty as owning the real thing without a licence. The British government has some severe issues regarding weaponry I can tell you.

            They are looking at banning crossbows now, because one man used one to kill three women.

            Maybe cars should be next, and over the counter medications in case someone else commits suicide. It makes me sick.

            Based on the fact that I believe just pointing a gun at an unarmed attacker would stop the situation in its tracks, my BB is on order, I will be painting it black. I made this decision after watching Mythbusters, where it showed a BB pellet causing a good sized hole in a can of coke. It may not be a killer, but it sure as hell would sting a bit.

            I have applied to a gun club, but will leave that for another post, this one has gone on long enough lol.

            Take care

        • Burt, A few years ago ( recollect about 10?), there was a problem in the state of Florida.
          Lots of folks go to Florida for vacation (holiday), and rent cars when they arrive.
          The rental cars had little stickers on the trunk (boot), identifying the rental car agency.
          These folks were being systematicly targeted for crimes, because the criminals knew the drivers were from out of state. By the way, Florida has a very liberal Concealed Carry Permit process. It is relatively straightforward to get a permit if you do not have a criminal record.
          So the criminals targeted those who gave the least chance of being able to defend themselves. Non-residents.
          Today those decals are no longer used, and you can also get a CCP from Florida if you are an out of state resident. Problem solved. Crime went down, not up.
          Proves your point.

          • most states now have CPL or CCW Reciprocity…I can carry mine into like 48 or more states without any further paperwork..just need to read up on the states I pass thru and their regualtions to remain legal

        • We dont need no advise from some limey across the pond. Before you say anything about us or our issues how bout you fight for your gun rights there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • uh oh
            I sure hope Anonymous ain’t talkin’ bad about Burt

            I would jump to Burt’s defense
            but Burt is more than capable of doing that !!!

            someone is liable to get a 6 pack of whoop ass opened up on them

            • Sartorial

              Thank you, but I have just woken up so am still a bit groggy…I’ll come back and get him/her later lol

              Take care

          • dumbass! she Is fighting the only way she can.

          • Anonymous, you have begun an argument you cannot possibly win. Burt is a well-respected person here and did absolutely nothing to insult the United States – she merely shared an experience of the way things work in her own country.

            Contrary to your obvious belief, non-Americans have the right to express opinions too, and apparently far more eloquently,intelligently and grammatically than you did.

            • WELL said

          • Hey Anonymous, nice job trying to divide us patriots but its not EVER going to work you retromingent troll

          • Anon

            I am not giving advice, I only do that on things I know about. I come here to learn, and I have learned such a great deal from people hear.

            Are you really xenophobic, is it just the English you dislike or me personally? Not that it matters, but I am curious.

            TO EVERYONE ELSE

            Thanks for your support. The post should say proposed by not approved by a police officer, and yes, at almost 52 I do wonder if I will get in before I am physically to far gone to hold the damn thing lol

            Take care

          • you are about to get a can of wasp spray shoved where the sun don’t shine….

      17. “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”. George Washington 1790

        • “Armed and disciplined.” As a gun owner and concelaed carry holder, I wish more of my fellow gun owners would emphasize the “disciplined” part.

      18. If these dirty sons a bitches want my weapons i live in Charleston WV. Trace my IP and I will be waiting. This is not some beery fat bellied hillbilly talking. I am in my 60’s and in phenominal shape. I have trained for this all my life. I am ready to fight and die if need be. I took an oath that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic so help me GOD!

        • Thank you brother, we are with you.

        • Sadly, King, it’s looking as if we’ve more to worry about here than abroad.
          Domestic enemies in earlier years meant the next state coming to try and kick our ass…now, it’s ‘the’ whole damn govt.

          • As they say in the commercials..bring it…we’ll leave the light on for ya???

            • or as the man once said “You want some? Come GIT some!”

        • yup, and there are two kinds of people in this world..those with guns..and those who dig

          you dig?

      19. As much as I hate my dear ol’ Texas sometimes, I know this: Try it. We’ll be sure to shut the door on our way out and I highly suggest you leave that door be.

        • I’m with you. I’m in Houston and I don’t like too much about the stereoptypical Texan, but I think I’m going to be glad I’m here where the real teeth of the coming depression hits.

      20. LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!

      21. This is why you know Obama may not be a marxist, but he’s definitely Anti-American, or at least anti-America as it was founded.

        He’s got this and the law of the sea treaty that will just hand over Americans ability to protect themselves and further strip the US from its money(w/ law of the sea).

        Both parties want to control you, but it seems the democrats seem to be leading the pack as trying to establish a new world order with the UN in charge(although i can think of some republicans that would be okay with that).

        Its coming down to the finish, either the US is going to do a big rollback or its going to go the way of England IMHO. We should know in the next 10 years.

        • I think they’re all implicit. It takes both great action and great inaction on the part of government to hand over a country’s industrial base to foreigners in the name of “globalism,” and they have indeed done just that.

        • I agree lee: I always thought the whole birth certificate issue wasn’t nearly as important as the fact that Obama so obviously HATES this country. He’s like every liberal jackass I’ve ever met who says something like “If xxxxxxxxxx happens, I’m leaving America” I always respond, “why wait, asshole? I’ll help you pack!”

          the problem is that they NEVER LEAVE. And neither does this spoiled, self righteous Doogie Howser of a President

      22. Reposted for spooks,tsa goons,illegal-law enforcement officers,banksters,buerocrats,technocrats,democrats,lawyers,and illegal aliens posing as a constitutional lawyer and puppet to the bankers pretending to be president-

        When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

        That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, TO THROW OFF SUCH GOVERNMENT, and to provide NEW Guards for their future security.

        • Thanks Kevin. I needed that.

        • Love that document, never get tired of reading it. Since we seem to be moving, at a rapid pace, towards that absolute Despotism, how shall we band together to throw off such government?

          • I worked with a guy 2 years ago(in his late 60’s) He could still recite the WHOLE thing from learning it in history class when he was a kid(I still cannot do that).

            Now days they(the kids comming out of state run, and bumbed down high schools) can PROBABLY(maybe) recite Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

            I know this, for I was one of those.

            In the early 90’s I met an old anti-tax american patriot jewish guy(who is now sitting in fed prison), who set me strait(learning the constitution,waking me up).

            @the isreal-first trolls-I know, I know, I am an anti-semite for pointing out he is jewish.

          • Forgot.

            I dont know how people are going to “band together”, I would think locally.

            I had an experience last night.

            I now believe a very big percentage of LEO’s are on liberties side.

            Our biggest problem with the LEO’s, are they are just like ALL other fed,state, and local government employees-

            They still think(and WANT) their golden parachute retirements they were promised(selling the next gen out, and liberty for that matter) so most WILL follow orders.

            Example-those cops with the check points in the video Mac put up, they KNOW its not right(because they let him go)

            I now believe liberties ONLY hope is that there is an economic collapse(or dollar collapse) and ALL of the hundreds of thousands of gubmint employees realize they are NOT going to get $HIT, and their retirement funds have been vaperized in the derivitive markets, and they have been getting lied to.


            “…And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

            The key words to me here are, “pledge to each other.”

            If no economical collapse, how many will give up their fortunes?????????????

            I could be wrong, but I believe not many of them.


      23. Heartless says:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        July 11, 2012 at 4:16 pm

        I’ve been wondering, along with many of my co-patriots, just what would bring about the S hitting TF. Was it to be some CME from the sun?, trouble or a new war in the Mid-East, the economic situation in Europe/China/Japan/Here?, some disaster ala Katrina?; maybe even an EMP from a nuke launched 100 miles up off our seaboard from one of those ‘religion of peace’ folks? Perhaps it would be a martial crack-down due to the coming food crunch due to this Midwestern heat wave or a red-herring/tail wags the dog excuse with the coming election….

        But no, it seems that all those reasons aren’t enough to worry about. The scum who inhabits the halls of power of this nation are about to lay their cards on the table.

        I say, call the bluff. Do the Clint Eastwood – “go ahead, make my day…” thing. A fair warning to those elected officials – don’t mess with American gun-owners. We are America. Not global citizens. Simple as that. To reinforce that statement – consider this. Do the math and add up all the casualties from the Revolutionary War through the Viet Nam conflict – less the Civil War. Compare to that latter-mentioned war…. The Civil War proved that no one can kill Americans like Americans can. No one. In total.

        You PTB are warned. Do not do this.

      24. That was the best post I have ever read.
        I agree with you 100%.

        I hope one day that the people in power finally start working for the people again and stop looking out for there own personal agendas. They are an absolute disgrace. Hopefully the american people will also open there eyes and vote the communist president out of power.

        Good luck to everyone.

      25. Live Free or Die!!!

      26. Cars, hammers, knives and the list of tools and dangerous conveniences could go on and on. Today in this world my guns are as much a part of me as a level is to a carpenter, a house out of level will not stand and a citizen without the means of protecting him/herself can’t either.

        A trigger point is coming hold your ground, watch the enemy of freedom, but wait till you see the whites of their eye’s and know true intention.

      27. these pukes couldnt take a sucker out of a sleeping babys mouth

        behind every blade of grass motherfuckers ..every dam one
        dont try to repeat history, or you will be history

        if they are going to remove the only ability I have to protect myself ( a God Given right, not a given right by them)than they better be ready for a few of them to go down with me..

        and here is something for them to stuff in their magazines..if they touch one hair on my wife or kids head..100 heads of theirs will roll


        • “these pukes couldnt take a sucker out of a sleeping babys mouth”

          LMAO 🙂

          THAT is FUNNY $HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I SECOND THAT(this)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          “behind every blade of grass motherfuckers ..every dam one,dont try to repeat history, or you will be history”

      28. They can kiss my American born, former Marine ASS!

      29. Libtards like Obama will always try to trash the 2nd amendment any chance they get. It’s in their blood. Remain vigilant. That being said, supposedly the NRA has a letter signed by 58 senators pledging NOT to ratify the treaty. We don’t have to worry about it being ratified until 2/3 of the senate’s seats are occupied by communists/socialists/liberals.
        Sign away, BHO, it’ll never see the light of day in the Senate. I’ll bet Harry Reid doesn’t even bring it up for a vote before the elections.

        • It’s my inderstanding, as well, that the votes aren’t there in the Senate. I got that from the NRA, as well. If you recall, the Senate didn’t have the votes to pass Obamacare legitimately either, but engaged in legislative shenannigans and got it passed, anyway. I don’t think Hillary and Obama would be pushing this if they didn’t think they could get it through the Senate.

      30. My armory is ready and manned to meet the U.N. Enforcers.

        μολὼν λαβέ

      31. You know..just because of this…im going out and buying a few more

        • Always have one “in the pipe”.

        • Already bought mine in celebration of the event. Keep screwing this up 0bummer Admin, we’ll keep arming. 0bama, America’s number one gun salesman.

          • I bought one on the 4th of has significance to me..

            Also , just to point out..many of us 2nd amendment right people know that all the other amendments will not exist if this one goes bye all those pushing for this disarming of the USof A..isnt thinking too straight..they will also lose their freedoms…All of them.. and possibly their life too

            and on another note..many of us 2nd supporters have or had family in the military (including myself) and I wont let them down..
            I got your back Gramps, and Uncle Ray Semper Fi
            your oath will be carried on in me ..bless your service

      32. My suggestions is we let this back fire on Obama/Hillary. Let them sign it, and then challenge our dear Republican congress to add a “rider” to their vote denying this treaty…..the “rider” would be the US complete financial withdraw from the UN effective immediately. I guess we could pay our “dues” what ever is required but not one more cent then the Chinese pay on a “per person” basis.

        • I say we should take away the guns from the body guards of B HO, Hillary and all the U.N./NWO criminals.

      33. If the Senate votes in favor of ATT, this would be considered high treason and direct violation of the United State Constitution and would undoubtedly lead to a bloody war.

        No wonder DHS is stocking up on .40 caliber hollow points – they already have the Intel.

        Keep buying guns and ammo, folks, the more the better. I hate to say it, but we might need it if this ATT gets voted up.

        I used to train about 1-2 times a month. Now I feel like I need to hit the range every week to have a good muscle memory.

      34. Hey want to dis-arm the United States?

        well you go first..and than we will see how that turns out for ya

      35. Bring it on UN. You can try but you will not succeed. You have my bullets first.

      36. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is filled with loathing for traditional Amerikans and their traditions, has long exhibited the traits of a clinical psychotic, both in her private life and in the course of her “career.”

        According to White House insiders of the Clinton era, Hillary regularly engaged in violent physical attacks of her trailer-park princeling husband, Bill, and was even known to lob dangerous objects (like heavy crystal ashtrays) at his head. During the siege of the Branch Davidian “compound” at Waco, she was seen stalking back and forth in the White House, enraged that mere mortals had dared to defy the Imperial stormtroopers who had come to serve a search warrant by firing thousands of rounds into a house, and was heard fuming over and over “kill those motherf-ckers!”

        Hillary also displayed her criminal psychopathy following the murder (by sodomization with a bayonet, followed by shooting) of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, mirthfully telling reporters (like an old hag at a bake sale) “we came, we saw, he died.”

        Are these the kind of people Amerikans want to entrust with total control of their lives, which will be the case if the people here are disarmed? No, you globalist scum, you CANNOT HAVE THESE GUNS!

      37. One last thing. Junk “history” is unfortunately alive and well in the pro-Second Amendment postings seen here and elsewhere. Though it is the UNDENIABLY lawless, corporatist, Zionist Amerikan regime that is coming for your guns, you people keep blaming Hitler, the Zionists’ and corporatists’ NEMESIS, for these measures.

        Hitler actually LOOSENED up the German gun laws that the “democratic” Weimar government passed, making it easier to own guns. This liberalization of Weimar regulations of course applied only to GERMANS, not to Communist party members or Jews who were seen as ENEMIES of the country, just as the Japanese Amerikan Nisei were seen as enemies (with much less cause) by Amerika after 1941. Germany under Hitler was rife with private SHOOTING CLUBS (Schützenvereine) and its periodicals were filled with advertisements for FIREARMS. True gun control, including CONFISCATION of all privately held arms, was implemented in Germany only in 1945, i.e., after the country was “liberated” by the forces of Coco-Cola and Bolshevism.

        Here’s a semi-scholarly treatment of the truth about gun “control” in Hitler-era Germany. The PDF version of this document has facsimiles of the ACTUAL pages of the “Reichsgesetzblatt” (the German counterpart of the US Congressional Record) of both the Weimar laws and Hitler’s pro-gun revisions:


        And here’s the truth about that supposed Hitler “quote” on gun control that all the Amerikan rubes and idiots are repeating on the web like mindless parrots(even though they NEVER cite a source).

        Obama, Hillary, Soros and the whole corporatist-Marxist, zionist Amerikan regime are indeed coming for your guns, Amurikans. Screaming about “Nazis” while Soros, Levin, Lieberman, Axelrod, Emmanuel and Schumer are planning your enslavement only puts you in the running for a Darwin award.

        As for the other posters here who confuse the Germans’ confiscation of guns in occupied enemy territory (where military operations and PARTISAN warfare were taking place) with domestic German policy regarding German gun owners, I can only advise throwing all those Sgt. Rock comic books away and reading some history books that are written above a sixth grade reading level.

        • Mr. Ahab,

          You certainly know your European history. A tip of the hat to you. Regarding books, I recommend two as a must read:

          “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed

          “March of the Titans” by Arthur Kemp

          The first details how a petty tribe in 458BC codified the concept of a master race, into a LAW. It covers their antics and crimes for the past 2500yrs with particular attention paid to the Bolshevik Revolution and the second world war period.
          The second book is basically the history of the White Race spanning 35,000yrs, with an excellent analysis employing mitochondrial DNA sequencing, to literally destroy the false premise that Caucasians evolved from Africans.
          Both books are required reading for those desiring non-PC educational enlightenment. Check for copies.

        • @ahab- I like you.

      38. If you want peace people, you had better prepare for joke.

        Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum..theres my 5 words
        no disrespect to Mr Heston

        • peace it the quiet time while your’e reloading. jefferson i think?

        • doverey no proverey….. Russian for “trust but verify”. A favorite quote of Reagan’s and its emblazoned on the rifle bag that carries my SKS. Maybe all the would be Soviet tyrants down in Washington and at the UN should remember just what exactly happened the empire that created the rifle I now carry

      39. Will this nationwide gun grab include gold and silver that all these survivalist are buying right now? You need to research federal laws after WW2 because when the NSA was started, a federal law has existed to have martial law. And isnt the BATF right now seizing weapons from law abiding citizens because they broke the law decades ago?

      40. My question is this: who’s going to fire the first shot when they send American faces with local PD badges instead of blue helmets? What’s the plan then, when your friends that you thought would be there are boxing up their weapons for turn in and your house is surrounded? Better to die a “terrorist” than live as a slave. Just something to think about folks, because blue helmets or Russian troops are too easy to shoot at, so they’ll look locally, or at least make it American while the system still has some sort of ‘control’. Molon Labe.

        • @IntelHarvest….

          ANYBODY who comes for my guns is going to get their ass handed to them.

          I’m just sayin…..

      41. MOLAN LABE !!!!!

      42. If I hadn’t lost all my guns in that boating accident, I would be the first to take my firearms to the UN.

        Locked and loaded of course.

      43. I just signed it and sent it to facebook. I dont care if it puts me in the crosshairs, I have had enough

      44. Man, I am getting to old for this shit.
        Looks like they want to party. OK, I like to party. The only problem will be deciding what to “wear”.
        The day will come…
        Worst case…At least I can still keep the coffee hot and the magazines full!

      45. The gun controllers will win. I already said it took about 5 years for USSR to clear all the guns in there.

        Sorry. Life never works in the way most people want.

        • Never! it wont work here, we knew freedom and have always had it comenius, i didnt give you no feedback but i dont think people will give them up, I really dont. there will be so many people and swat teams trying to take down people and others will join in against them. I dont think people will. we know our rights, this country is different and so are we!!!!! its freedom always. I wont!!

        • Comenius has history on his side. Governments always go for the guns. I would like to know though if one nation successfully warded off a gun-grab by their government. I think ours should be proceeded with a new Declaration of Independence from the feds. The last time this worked, the people won.

          • We have, so far, been successfully warding it off for, oh, what 30 or 40 years.
            Who knows how it will all pan out. But I think it’s a safe bet that it’ll get ugly in some places.
            I, for one, could not live with myself if I were to roll over to these sons of bitches, without a fight.
            Read what Burt has to submit to, just to own and fire a rifle. We take it for granted most of the time.
            What a warm and fuzzy feeling to pop open the gun safe and see all my little friends.
            What am so afraid of, to have sooo much firepower?
            Absolutley Nothing!

        • @Comenius: Let me clarify a couple of things about USSR. In 1917 Lenin and a bunch of other Banker paid rug rats overthrew the Government, murdered Royal Family and installed Soviet Republic. From 1917 to 1922, a CHEKA (“All-Russian Extraordinary Committee to Combat Counter-Revolution and Sabotage”) special police had been put in place to transform into GPU (State Political Directorate), a branch of NKVD (a most feared Secret Police). By 1929 most guns were confiscated under Gun Control directive, which were followed by repressions and executions of over 20 million dissidents.

          All in all it took NKVD of USSR about 12+ years to seize control of the populace and disarm all people.

          The main point is that it all followed after the bloody Revolution of the 1917, which wasn’t just a coup, but an all out war.

          We are headed for the same – a bloody war, a course of which will decide whether or not the controllers will win. Unfortunately for controllers we still have the Constitution and on average 2-3 guns per person in the U.S.

          Time will tell how many will put up the fight and how many will simply give in.

          • The members of the CHEKA were NOT Russian…

        • Comenius

          You don’t know your history friend. There was armed resistance in the Soviet Union for almost 20 years.

          • In the areas which mattered, it ended by 1922. In the hinterlands maybe.

            The guy who wrote Civil War Two said without foreign intervention all internal insurrection fails. America had France’s assistance, Spain(during the Napoleonic war) unlimited English cash. Vietnam had help from China and USSR.

            No one will give a dime to American ‘patriots’.

            • You might try getting a copy of the book , “The Black book of Communisim”. Actually millions died in Russia fight off the Soviets.

      46. well, another bites the dust!!!


        San Bernardino files for bankruptcy as officials admit to ‘cash flow issue’

      47. Im listening to fox news tonight and just heard about illegal guns and what that means to gun owners in the US. Lets see what this is about. its 724 eastern time. 7/11

      48. I’ll start my post by revealing that I (like most other folks who frequent this great site) am a firearms enthusiast and staunch supporter of the Second Ammendment; and every other word of the Constitution.

        While I firmly believe that the top seven floors of the U.N. should be sliced off and dumped into the East River, people need to understand that regardless of what the U.N. Treaty Small Arms Trade Treaty eventually says, it can not and will not supercede American’s Constitutional rights!!

        Additionally, and U.N. treaty must be ratified by a two-thirds Senate vote. A large majority of current U.S. Senators (far more than 2/3)signed a letter to Obama and Hilary Clinton stating that a SATT that restricts the rights or lawful U.S. gun owners WILL NOT BE RATIFIED.

        In my humble opinion this is a way for Obama to pander to his base so that he can claim that he tried to do something about gun control. Everybody remember the “under the RADAR” comment to Sara Brady? Along with Fast and Furious, I think this is what he meant.

        Personally, I can’t stand Obama, but he is smart enough to know that we will never be able to control civilian firearms the way he would like!

        • I cant stand obama either and hes a cock sucker who his kids wont respect him when he gets older. it is about getting him to think he cares and trying to do the right thing. they have been giving more concealed carry permits out lately not less. so something is up. in iowa they are easier now this year to get. in PA they are good to get also if you have no criminal history, just dont slap a bitch,. lol just kidding or not.

        • You got it right Slappy, 2/3rds of the Senate are needed to ratify any treaty. No way that would happen.

          This is pure scare tactics. This line in the article proves it, “So this would be permanent, long-term gun control…all done without Congress.” Treaties can not be ratified without Senate approval.

          • That may be so, but keep in mind, Congress as a whole has already been informed that they are ceremonial. The army goes to the UN for approval, the Fed goes to the UN for approval. The Senate and House are there for looks. You may be right and I hope you are, but keep in mind, they’ve already been told they’re obsolete. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. On the upside, since government moves at negative warp speed, if it is passed and used against us, it won’t be immediate. So there may be time. Just not much of it.

      49. I see a good case for secession.

        • “If at first you don’t secede, try,try again”-Mike Church

        • I don’t secede from parasites, I cut ’em the fuck off and flick ’em onto the fire

        • That’s sort of what I see coming down the pike. I live in the Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Dakotas area. We have strong economies. Lots of minerals, oil, farms, and ranches. The reservations and a few large cities vote socialist, but most here are libertarians. Most will work three minimum wage jobs before they will apply for welfare. Wyoming passed a law that firearms that are manufacured in the state, and do not leave the state, are not subject to federal jurisdiction. The sentiment is here.

      50. Funny thing, TPTB are messing with the online dictionaries again.

        n. 1.
        1. In the widest sense, the whole military force of a nation, including both those engaged in military service as a business, and those competent and available for such service; specifically, the body of citizens enrolled for military instruction and discipline, but not subject to be called into actual service except in emergencies.


        The militia of a country are the able bodied men organized into companies, regiments and brigades,with officers of all grades, and required by law to attend military exercises on certain days only, but at other times left to PURSUE THEIR REGULAR PROFFESIONS.

        Time is on the tyrants side.(case in point-the magic bullet)

        One or two more generations, and militia WILL just mean- “specifically, the body of citizens enrolled for military instruction and discipline”

        Time is not on liberties side.

        • They’re not the only ones messing with dictionary terms. Those losers at DHS redefined terrorism, and at the beginning the exclude themselves with ” any non-State actor…”. You can finish it from there. They’re attempting to exclude the State from being a terrorist state because they enforce their will through firepower and jails instead of rule of law. So anyone who does what they do but isn’t a part of the State apparatus is a terrorist, but they aren’t. Funny how that all works out, that they get to redefine terms at will. I do not consent to be governed by terrorists, state or non-state, plain and simple.

          • Very well said…

            I picked up on that “non-state actor” bovine scat.

            So….If it’s the state doing it, it’s not terrorism?

            God damn them all.

      51. Live in the state of “Live Free or Die”…….cold dead hands sounds about right.

        • Until it was over-run with massholes….

      52. HEADS UP-

        The UN Small Arms Treaty is suppose to get signed on July 27, 2012 AND the London Olympics Ceremony starts on July 27, 2012.



        President Shimon Peres has cancelled his visit to the Olympic Games in London due to the refusal of the Olympic organizing committee to allow him to sleep in the Olympic village over Shabbat night.

        The Israeli president, despite NOT BEING RELIGIOUS, does not travel publicly on Shabbat and will therefore not be able to attend the Olympic opening ceremony.


        Shabbat, identifies thirty-nine categories of activity prohibited on Shabbat Jews disagree about how to interpret these categories and there are often strong disagreements between Orthodox Jews and Conservative Jews or other non-Orthodox Jews.

        We have a NON RELIGEOUS president(all of a sudden going religious)of a nation state with one of the best inteligence apparatices IN THE WORLD not going.


        is it-



        1+1+1=look for a big distraction event at the olympics while a$$ wipe signs this treaty.

        • Hmm. Several good points, totally missed this one. Thanks.

        • Additionally, the 9th of Av is July 28th this year (I think), a date that has seen horrific events for the Jewish people in years past… This year’s 9th of Av has garnered a lot of speculation about an attack on Israel occurrin that day!! We’ll have to see…

          Pray, lock and load!!

          Molan Labe!!!!

      53. The critical thing is that we need to be organized and should they come a knocking. Which they will be en mass. We should hole up until the local community can organize and drive them off.

        Your door should be ram proof. Your windows need laminate on them so they cannot be bashed through or smoke nades/flash bangs shot through. And you need a variety of ways to call up the cavalry.

        That is what they fear. The people rising up.

      54. Have to wonder if obama wants to start a civil war because you start trying to take guns away, people are going to fight back.

        • His goal has always been to destroy this country. He hates it as much as the puppeteers pulling his strings.

        • Well he does think hes Lincoln….only thing is it wont go so well for him this time around,come to think of it it didnt work out too well for Lincoln himself the first time around…

      55. Call it from your cold dead hands all you want. It really wouldn’t be that difficult to confiscate every gun in America. They bring in Russian troops through the UN. Communities that resisted are destroyed by air strikes. Worse yet, with some of them the troops go house to house. Kill all the men. Commit unspeakable atrocities on the women and children. Few men would die for the cause if it meant rape, torture, and murder for their wives and children.

        • that would just piss me off enough to do what ever it takes to win..

          because i know the rape and murder will happen even if we dont do a dam would you rather allow them to pillage and rape..or would you want to make them pay for each move they make with their own blood?

          I know my resolve, and im proud of it..they can suck lead
          they will find no coward at my home

          youve got to stand for something..I’d rather die than to just give up..because living like the way they are planing isnt living

          • Damn skippy I’m wit’ it. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo. 😀

          • Never mind piss us off, in my case I’d be just plain scared that they were coming to kill my wife and children. That’s the sort of thing that makes even a nerdy four eyed computer geek hold even tighter to his guns, and make sure to take those cut throats with me if need be

        • Check your American history. It was only after king George sent his Prussian troops to pacify the locals, and they committed rape and other horrific abuse that the tide of public opinion turned against the British. Hearing rumors of towns been raised turned the whole populace against the invaders. A lesson in warfare, don’t f-ck with noncombatants.

          • I’d say just check history in general. War and rape seem to go hand-in-hand. If you look at Bible history, read the book of Judges, particularly chapter 19-20. An innocent woman was raped and this one act was enough to send out all of Israel to attack those who committed the atrocity. Ten of thousands of men died because of this wrong doing to this woman…this one woman. Makes you think…

        • I’m sitting here thinking of two close friends who were both members of Special Forces.

          I know that they have a life-long bond with their fellow SF.

          I know they are well-trained sneaky devils who subsumed their own criminal proclivities into their service.

          I know another man, younger then the first two mentioned, who did his full 20 years and graduated into private security. He has carried out contracts in all our current theaters. While he cannot discuss specifics, reading the news and correlating the dates tells me his life story could make an excellent thriller-type film. His position included commanding others, who would follow him even today.

          One of these men, when on leave, got into some local trouble. When the Army lawyer came to bail him out, the local LEO told him the soldier had, by himself, disarmed and then put several cops in the hospital when they tried to break into his home on various pretexts. After explaining to them that the soldier was an expensive investment by the US military and was considered a weapon in and of himself, he further explained that the soldier had restrained himself. Had he not, those cops would not still be alive. Even today, he is not popular with his local LEO. But, importantly, he is a free man, respected in his community and, were he to be *legally* disarmed, he would not stay that way.

          Between them, just these three could each raise a team that would, counted together, equal a company of SF. In every one of their homes there are numerous gun hides, some of very impressive calibers. They are all well-regarded shootists experienced in training others. Every one of them could, if necessary, buy, beg, borrow or steal the essential transport, field pieces and other accoutrements they might need. Two of them could build their own from scrap.

          They know that they are on various rumored lists. One said to me today that he is not worried, because his skills are considered valuable by the local, state and regional LEO. He would have warning and assistance. Bands of brothers still exist.

          How many such men exist in America?

          Personally, I sleep well at night because not all the rough men are under government control. They would be behind those UN mercs before one assault was carried out. They have skills beyond aiming and shooting. They know their enemy, their history and their trade. They are not the sorts of people who would ever be intimidated and if their families were threatened or, worse, harmed, they would consider themselves with nothing left to lose.

          Not one word of this is fiction or even exaggerated. If someone did not know them, no one could ever guess their effectiveness. They do more than shoot. They have accredited field medical skills, piloting skills and extensive historical knowledge.

          America is not going to be disarmed.

          • That shows the incompetency of the LEO in that guy’s area. Not one guy who could shoot straight, I guess.

        • I think it’s more likely they bring in a National Guard unit from a different part of the country while they send the local guard unit to do the same somewhere else. They know the local boys won’t knock down doors in their own neighborhoods. I’m guessing that’s what the recent training exercise was about. We had Humvees running all over town with a mix of local and out of town troops driving. Didn’t smell right. There are tens of thousands of empty acres here, and they were doing exercises in town.

      56. fuck the u.n. that pretty much sums it up.

      57. Well I am locked and loaded let them come and try and take my guns.

        • Let them come? How about “Let’s march and Washington and make the Traitors pay”!

      58. I’ve got all the guns I need..

        Lets see if they come without a gun to take mine away!!

        Gun control is taking aiming and hitting your mark!

        • If they hit me I’ll hit them back, boo hoo

          • It is a bit hard to hit back once you are dead.

            • @Comenius
              That’s my point! If one waits for them to “Come and Take Them”, they will, “From your Cold Dead Hands”.

      59. “To disarm the People is the best and most effectual way to enslave them!”
        George Mason

      60. I have wished the UN had been moved off U.S. soil long ago. They won’t be missed.

      61. watch jackie chans movie..1911..

        anyone here watch it?

        • the goal of revolution is not death, but to change fate.

        • Ironically that movie was made to rationalize the CCP’s position , and Jackie is a very good toady of the Commies at Peking.

      62. Recently moved close to McConnell AFB. They sell high quality long and short guns at the exchange. Ain’t it great!

      63. “If this be treason, let us make the most of it!”

      64. the bill of rights has been given to us by GOD and no man can eliminate any of them just because…they are the only thing worth fighting and dying for…not any piece of dirt…only freedom…but the arrogant will try…so be it

        • acctually Dan.. We the People gave the Bill of Rights to there is no way for them to take away or take back what they never gave in the first place..
          remember..they are supposed to be working for our interests, not their own greed and ideas. and when they are not working for our best interests, than its time to replace them

      65. YEA!!……..WHAT THEY SAID!

      66. In all reallity, My policy has always been that if its time to bury them its time to dig them up, but in this case I think its a good idea to put a few in the ground so we have some to go get when the others are gone, Digging them upo is faster than making your own. While I m capable of both I prefer the path of least resistance

      67. Say it is not so with Jessie Jackson Jr. Mood disorder. God bless the dims, they’re going to need it.

      68. Can’t see this happening. My understanding is the Senate must Ratify this treaty by a 2/3 majority vote. Not likely in our current situation.

      69. Because im not going to eat them, I will feel no remorse whatsoever for how i send them to Hell. if not too busy ill take my time.

      70. King Leonidas said it at Thermopylae: Molon Labe. Come and take them.

        If this passes and our rulers think we’re going to roll over it’s game on.

        • This is what Lexington and Concord was all about.

          May as well have another.

          • From a military point of view that makes no sense. Besides, the real Patriots were formed into military units years before Lexington. Where are the Tea Party platoons, or Ron Paul Squads? NOWHERE.

      71. Hawker Beechcraft sells out to China. What a shame. The writing is on the wall while the toilet is demo the Coriolis Force during the flush cycle.

      72. I would have been more impressed if Heston would have raised an AR 15 over head but that’s not what the PC NRA is about. The Great news is that ANYTHING they pass is Null and Void and Anybody who cares that their crap pass’s needs to sit down and read the Constitution and bill of Rights , or you can always just roll over and whine and let them get away with more if this S..T and know that Real patriots will spit on your grave. remember it only took 56 good men to start with and the rest were spurred on by there wives telling them to get of the couch and send em packing…

      73. Or comeandtakeit , they could just be setting us up with just another phony tail chasing ploy as the sad truth is most non serious gun owners will be happy to turn their guns in for food coupons for the local Safeway store when they have spent all their unemployment after a couple years out of work and the house is being foreclosed on and the wife is screaming the brats don’t have cereal. and that folks it what is going on, and I can hear it now, NO I AM NOT………

      74. Hears my 8 words, From their cold dead Hands they can Try!!!

        • Coward.

      75. Watch the video , The Business of War : SOFEX , youtube . They will disarm us and use the weapons they buy in Jordan at Sofex to kill us . This small arms treaty is dangerous as hell . Better have some good gunsmiths setting up shop underground if this happens .

      76. Just another line in the sand for me. If they want my guns, I’ll give them the business end of them. They’d best bring body bags……more than one.

        Really….I hope it’s U.N. bozos that try to take them. I love the blue helmets. Such good targets.

        • After so many lines we will not look like a sheep anymore rather a Zebra…

        • @ Walt
          If you were as tough as you talk, you would make the fuck’n first move.
          Boo-hoo, if they hit me I’ll hit them back!

          • Hey N(o)B(alls)Forrest, may you take the first round for your team.

            • PO’d
              Already have in Viet Nam, shell frag in my left shoulder, where’s your purple heart?

          • @N.B. Forrest….

            There is a world of difference between resistance to tyranny and outright insurrection.

            You obviously either don’t understand that, or you are an agent provocateur.

            Which is it?

            Being dismarmed IS one of my “lines in the sand”. I don’t have many, but that’s one of them.

            It would appear that we are now having to deal with a rogue government, or rogue elements within our government that have little or no regard for the Constitution of this country….who consider citizens who do respect the Constitution as potential terrorists.

            Those who love liberty are not picking this fight. But it looks like it is being brought to us. I have no illusions of surviving it if it comes down to actual confiscation of our firearms. But I will not lie down and just let it happen without resisting it.

            I will not live as a slave under tyranny. I will not be disarmed. I will not initiate violence, but I will respond to violence in kind. I don’t look forward to it. But I will not shy away from it.

            So…if you’re playing for the other team, take that any way you want.

            I don’t care.

      77. Not to beat a dead horse, But… I have a setup just for that. I took an oath. If I see them in my AO I will take it that I have been occupied by a foreign force and will take action. Y’all do what you will. But for me I have drawn a line. I have others that say so but my corse is not made on what others may do. God belss us in our endevor….

      78. I know this is a bit off the subject at hand, but there has been a sharp increase in earthquakes in many locations and they are getting larger, especially around the equator. There should be a good sized earthquake of 6.3 or larger within the next 96 hours. 75% certain of this. Looking at the areas of Central America, west of Australia, Indonesa, Russia, and possibly the Philippines or Taiwan region. Too much activity, something is coming. The regions I am not sure of, it just seems the energy is being focused towards these areas.

      79. Crunch time is coming. Soon you must choose.

        I expect most gun owners will give them up easily, after all standing up for liberty will interfere with partying, shopping, and watching TV, etc.

        Most of the NRA crowd think guns are for slaughtering animals, and as long as they can go deer hunting all is well.

        We are now at the time in history the Founders of this country warned us about.

        “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” -Thomas Jefferson

      80. I think I said before that I lost all mine in a canoeing accident, just thought I’d reiterate just in case it was overlooked last time.
        I’m gonna hit the next gun show up and take my new babies out with me in a couple of months; Wish me luck folks, I think I managed to stop my canoe from tipping so much we’ll see how it goes this next trip out on the water.

      81. Five Words For the United Nations: FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS
        My five words for everyone who says the above:

        “Where Were You During Katrina?”

        Mass confiscation of guns during Katrina. Who stood up to the police? The Military? The National Guard? The Highway Patrol?

        Nobody did.

        Who else finds this stark reality a kick in the nuts?

      82. …without LIBERTY there will be no shopping,or partying watching TV or hunting…we will become slaves and cease to live,only exist for the plesure of the state…Liberty then is the principle thing…defend her and we get to live!

      83. I agree that this is a very serious issue but I would not trust Dick (Head?) Morris any further than I could throw him.

        Any politician who would like to be tossed out on their ass this November can support this kind of back-door heavy-handed anti-constitutional move and find out how well it sits with the American people. It is crap like this that had the Founding Fathers insert the phrase “all enemies, foreign AND domestic” into the US Constitution as well as several other founding documents.

        As to the UN, f*** ’em. My guns pose zero threat to any other country and to any other person who is not trying to harm me or my family first. If they are trying to do that, well, f*** them too! And the flea-bitten nag they rode in on. lol

      84. Fuck the United Nations and God Bless The United States and its True Countrymen.

      85. So tired of all this poop. Can’t wait for this shit to be done and restarted. Don’t know if things will be better though.


        A Chappell Hill (TX) bank has posted a sign on its front door welcoming licensed carry gunowners into the bank.

      87. Submitted word for word from the Daily News of Bowling Green, KY:
        One bill that Rep. Bill DeCesare, R-Bowling Green, is proud to have supported during the legislative session is one that will allow people to carry a concealed weapon without a license ON THEIR PROPERTY as well as at their places of businesses, he said.
        ~~~~say what???~~~
        I needed a license to carry my 12 guage from one room to the next??

      88. Kentucky Constitution Section 1

        All men are, by nature, free and equal, and have certain inherent and inalienable rights, among which may be reckoned: … Seventh: The right to bear arms in defense of themselves and of the State, subject to the power of the General Assembly to enact laws to prevent persons from carrying concealed weapons.

        Check out the states With Right To Bear Arms Provision

      89. my opinion..treaties are not for the common man..if they want to sign a treaty that will dis arm anyone it will be the US government and its war machine..and in my opinion thats stupid too..but with the way they have been using our military forces..maybe they should dis arm all military and quit fighting all these oil wars and natural resource wars..spend the time and man power doing something positive with the world we have, instaed of killing country men for profit. now that would be a step in the right direction.

        I never became signatory to a National in my eyes it does not apply to me as a US citizen..

        do what you will, I will do what I know is right..come for it..If you feel lucky

      90. Whewwww-wweee! Somebody sure plucked yourall’s nerves! Stop…..take a breath…….and back away from the cheetos! This is just a test. If this thing gets approved by the senate, THEN YOU WILL KNOW. Frankly speaking, if there comes a time when this gun confiscation starts, then I will find them. I won’t wait till they knock on my door. I’ll go on the hunt and find where they are. It don’t matter what badge or uniform they are wearing. I’m gonna take it to them. Oh and the cheetos thingy……I was only fooling about.

      91. Reading thru the comments There comes down to two lines of thought;
        #1 are the crazy…WTF?
        #2 Molon Labe come and git it.

        Im an old vet…worn out from Uncle Sugars mindless wars and genocides….all things done for the purpose of demonstration….to demonstrate the pure evil that runs this world.
        We have been fed a steady diet of “Bad-guys” to hate and rally cries to bolster the death trains……all owned by the NWO its reptilian-minded Bankers working for the Zio-Nazis.
        Daily our young troops are brain-fu*ked and told to kill all….yes soldier,….God will sort them out!!!
        What I have learned in the many decades of my life is that for any issue…their is a counter-issue….or the opposition you may say…..PROBLEM IS,….most times the two opposing groups are controlled by the same entity……its controlled oposition and its pure Hegelian mind control..

        Here is what im saying….These Sons of Bit*hes who control the money…the resources….the Govt…..the media..and the way we each think a certain degree,…dont give a rats-a#s if we fight back or not…..they actually hope we will rise in arms to challenge them.
        Death and destruction is the key to their plan…and their plan is spelled out in the “Agenda 21” documents and scribed in stone on the “Georgia Guide stones”
        We are slated for extermination…freedoms lite cannot be allowed to shine and give mere mortals a ray of hope.
        If we lay down our arms….we march of to the Fema camps or the slave quarters…same thing really!
        If we rise and fight…they will use all their technology and munitions of destruction to rain down fire upon us…
        In the Mid-East we have slaughtered those poor souls and fed the survivors a steady diet of death thru nuclear technology, albeit depleted uranium.

        Something on the horizon is coming….its big…its earth shattering and it will change life here on the blue orb… These so-called elites who run the show know this. They have drained the life energy from us tax and labor slaves while they spend their wealth on bunkers and underground cities.
        Americans are their problem! ! !
        Most are drugged and dumb ed down zombies who can only relate to you if its about the latest episode of “America Has no Talent”..”dancing with the Sluts” or the latest news on what Queen Kardasian is up to. There are however many millions of us whom have not drank the cool-aid…and we are heavily armed and have most all our brain cells and yes we will stand and slay the beast when it comes.

        Some here may or may not believe in a HIGHER POWER…im not here to judge that. But let me say this…we are at the Kaliyuga ..the end of an age….a time when things are reset….returned to the default position.. These evil bast#rds know this and they have planned this out…they have kept knowledge from us that would have helped and advanced mankind….this game has been going on for a loooong time and its just about over. The evil powers in this world are not invincible,..their plans are not perfect. They know this gig is nearing its end time and they are having to step up their plans thru force, deception and mind games…they are not as powerful as they seem! Its all smoke and mirrors and BS.

        Voting and firing off letters or phone calls to your congress critters are a waste of time and a bad joke. Voting is a ridiculous waste of time and a shell game…..if you could actually vote “change”….Haahaa They would outlaw the vote!! Make it illegal to do.
        So whats the rub then?……Don’t expect the District of Criminals to help you…they are the damned enemy of freedom.
        We will have to fight for our lives…no doubt. But let us pick and choose the time and the place…not them!! We cant afford to sit back and allow them to build the wall higher around us….For our children and future generations sake..we must carry the fight and carry the day…we must take the fight to them while we are still strong..They know we are and they fear us as the demons of hell fear the Almighty Creator of all things. This is why the world seems to have gone looney….they are in a panic mode and are rushing their plans for domination.
        We will not survive the coming conflict if we wait for them to strike first.

        Each of you hearts and souls…see that what I say is true..resolve in your being that thing that we all know and that thing we must do..
        Today is a good day to die!! for the NWO that is!!

        • Not only would I give you 1000 thumbs up, but I sent this to all my contacts.
          EVERY sentence you speak is my thoughts about all this annihilation intended to rid the world of a few billion.
          Yes, evil is all around us.
          Whether it is chemtrails, droughts and floods by geo-engineering, death by chemicals in our water and food, or tainted cancer-causing vaccines, ‘they’ want us dead.
          We must wake up the sleepers.

      92. Sure, sure, sure. “Come and take them”, blah, blah, blah. There aren’t any Wolverines here, only field mice and fluffy little bunnies.

        YOU CAN SHOUT ALL THAT YOU WANT TO! Just like Obamacare, nobody will do a fuck’n thing.

        I finally figured out what the “Plan” is in SHTF Plan, it’s to talk tough and hide out in your basements and barns. Collect recipes and canning jars. Be good little Germans!

        I hate the OPWS crowd, but at least they PUSHED BACK.

        Some of you write about “sheeple”, hell that’s You, you’re the Sheeple. Many of you are more concerned on next season’s “Walking Dead” than actually putting some teeth behind your emotions and talk, talk, talk.

        There is not one of you here who have half the “grit” that our Founding Fathers had. COWARDS

        Cowards die 1,000 deaths, brave men die but once.

        • You sound like a real tough cookie, NB. Such bravado is appreciated by some; however, who do you think you are to stand in judgment of the rest of us? You don’t know us, you don’t know what we’re willing to do or NOT do! Heck, most of us, including you, will not know what we’ll do until we’re faced with the situation. I plan to stand strong and honor my WWII & Korean conflict veteran Dad, but the best of intentions/training can be undermined by the enemy’s attack. We can train, prepare, connoiter and reconnoiter and we may still not respond the way we trained to respond. I’m not a former military grunt…I do not have special training – military or otherwise. I am determined and resolute! I am spiritually secure! I will make the stand I need to make when the time comes! But frankly, sir (I use that loosely), your mudslinging shows a lack of character, leadership and gravitase. It’s easy to lob spitballs from a blind spot!
          The fact of the matter is that those who are coming under the guise of taking our weapons are actually coming to kill us…they have no interest whatsoever in our weapons. A weapon is useless without an operator. We’ve been screaming that for years at those who would take away our rights to own and carry. Well, now they will simply takes us up on “our offer.”
          God bless us every one!

        • @NB- I understand your post.

          We are about to see what people are made of.

          “doing something about it”, so true.

          I could go down and kick my School board members asses, my city councils asses,county comissioners(ALL PUSSIES) hell, I could go up to the capital and beat the shit out of my reps.

          What would it accomplish?

          Right now the battle is IDEAS!!!!!

          And this is my battle field, my weapon is not my fistsor my rifle(right now) my weapon is my mind.

          From one of my earlier posts-

          I dont know how people are going to “band together”, I would think locally.

          I had an experience last night.

          I now believe a very big percentage of LEO’s are on liberties side.

          Our biggest problem with the LEO’s, are they are just like ALL other fed,state, and local government employees-

          They still think(and WANT) their golden parachute retirements they were promised(selling the next gen out, and liberty for that matter) so most WILL follow orders.

          Example-those cops with the check points in the video Mac put up, they KNOW its not right(because they let him go)

          I now believe liberties ONLY hope is that there is an economic collapse(or dollar collapse) and ALL of the hundreds of thousands of gubmint employees realize they are NOT going to get $HIT, and their retirement funds have been vaperized in the derivitive markets, and they have been getting lied to.


          “…And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

          The key words to me here are, “pledge to each other.”

          If no economical collapse, how many will give up their fortunes?????????????”

          I often think to myself about the sacrifices those men made(I could post how much they did, but then this post would be WAY to long, but I encourage EVERYONE to research how much some of them did sacrifice) and if I am 1/1000th the man they were.

          I look in the mirror and wonder, PERHAPS YOU SHOULD ALSO.

          You are correct occupy DID push back, and many have paid a heavy, heavy price.

          By the way, what have you done for liberty lately???

          How have YOU pushed back??

          I am just wondering, not really criticizing you or your post.

          Just sayin.

        • Forrest. All you do is complain about the people on the site and encourage them to travel to Washington and start shooting people. Could you please detail what you have actually done physically that would leave you out of our little sheeple site?

          I haven’t seen the news story where you were gunned down by officers for doing exactly what you are saying everyone should do.

          If we are cowards, why do you choose to converse with us? Why be on a site where according to you we are just a bunch of sheeple? What satisfaction does it give you to associate with a bunch of talking heads like us?

          Judge not lest ye be judged.

          Just saying.

          • @ Norse Prepper

            I am a member of a 5 man cell attached to a larger militia, is THAT enough for you?

            20 years ago I help organize Contras in Central America, before that I served in Viet Nam and before that as a teen I was an active member of Alpha 66 a Cuban American militia out of Miami.

            • Forrest,

              Thanks for the response. I truly don’t mean any disrespect, but no, it isn’t enough for me.

              You stated “If you were as tough as you talk, you would make the fuck’n first move.”

              What first move have your militia made? It appears you do have a lot of experience in the worst situations and I thank you for the service that you have done for our country in Vietnam. If one were to make a first move, what would you suggest they do?

              Another quote from you was “Let them come? How about “Let’s march and Washington and make the Traitors pay”!” My question is if you have begun your march on Washington?

              My main question was that you obviously believe us on this site to be sheep, so why hang with this flock?

              I value everyone’s opinions on this site including yours and again, I’m not questioning whether or not you would do something if need be, I would have no idea. But whether or not you have marched to Washington to make them pay as you told others to do or what would be considered making the first move to you? Is your militia organized for some day or are you following your own advise?

              Some here are and some are not of the warrior ilk and none have your history. They are planning to feed and defend their families, not organize a militia. They are preparing for worse times ahead. That is what this site is basically about. This site isn’t about forming collectives of people in camo who plan on attacking the government. It’s about keeping our families safe and fed and homes protected. It’s about providing without having our empty hands stretched out to be filled with government cash.

              Personally I’ve never served in the military, I would say I’m fairly proficient with firearms as I have hunted all of my life and practice at the range frequently with various guns. That being said, we still have society. We still have laws. Peaceful protests like the occupy movement (I agree with you that I’m not a big supporter of them, but at least they did something) are the only tools law abiding citizens have left.

              I’m fine and can accept it if you believe me to be a coward, but there is a time and a place for what you have been suggesting others do which is violent protest. Organizing militia’s for Central American Contra’s 20 years ago, having served our nation (again, thank you) in Vietnam or being a member of a Cuban American militia out of Miami before that is quite a difference than marching on Washington today and making the first move.

              I’m rambling here, but the point being if someone is telling other people to do something that they aren’t doing is fairly hypocritical. I’m also not encouraging you to do that either.

              Please don’t take this as I’m asking you to leave or that your opinion isn’t valued, but please try to be constructive with comments instead of calling people cowards because they haven’t had your military background or your agenda. Perhaps a different site where people who are more like minded to your beliefs on what they should do would be a better place to spend your time because most on this site don’t fit that mold.

              Take care and God Bless.

            • Being a Nam vet?? well, my Vietnam vet just wants to be left alone, to live his life, make ends meet, and die old.
              It’s really hard to attack the ‘enemy’ before discovering just who the ‘enemy’ is.
              Be careful what you wish for.

            • @Norse Prepper

              What do you want, my address and phone number? Maybe the names of the other members of my group.
              What have I/we done? For sure a whole bunch more than sitting behind a keybord and typing “Come and Get Them”, or “From my Cold Dead Hands”.

              You made the point that none of us have ever seen a SWAT team stopped from breaching a building. Which is my point. If the people on this site think that they can resist by waiting for the fight to come to them, they’re already dead.
              It’s momentum that wins fights. I’ve been in two asyemetrical wars and I know a little about how that they are fought and waiting to become a target it not the way to victory.

        • @NB Forrest Gump, You’re a troll, calling us cowards?, you don’t know any of us, what have you done that’s so impressive, oh what’s that, I think I hear your mom calling, Run Forrest Run

          • FU, what have you done, dip shit!

      93. All I can say to the guys in the light blue helmets, ” you want my guns, come get them!”.

        • Exhibit A.

      94. If any of you were serious about what you are writing, you would be in an organzied military “cell”, not on any web site like this, and doing real field exercises. You also would not be announcing your intentions.

        • fu kevin, been on this site for a long gd time. Hey how about another rant about those Zionist bankers you’re so well known for. You, Daisey, Burt, Okie, Be Informed, and the rest just love that crap.

          The sad fact is the whole lot of you are as phoney as your Savior Ron Paul’s chances to become President.

          Hey, how about a “First” just for old times sake?

          • LOL. I suspect this is just the newest manifestation of Southern Boy. Who else would suddenly show up, with a KKK name hamfistedly designed to appeal to the more, uh, confederate type folks out there, blathering on with 5000 posts and in general attemping to be probably the worst agent provocateur ever? Good lord, is this the best the fed gov can do? (weeps into hands over the waste of good tax dollars/China debt).

            If the trolls are foaming at the mouth over our canning and gardening and chickens, and other forms of peaceful, passive, self-sustaining resistance, you know you’ve really started kicking them right in the nuts. It’s one of the things that unites a wide spectrum of people on both the left and the right. Awesome.

          • You write and sound like the shit bird you are nino.

          • Oh Kevin, you are so glib, what a wit. Hey, keep leading the dolts on this site into voting for DocTa Paul. That is what you and your pals at Obama HQ plans are anyway, right?

            You don’t fool me Kevin, I’ve seen too many marxist’s to be fool by a second rate douche like yourself.

          • @Momma Bear

            I’m not this Southern Boy you write. It sure is funny how folks on this site can’t deal with their own “weakness” .

          • Mama Bear and Everyone: I think this would be “jeff davis”. Go back and read everything on 4july and 5july. He writes everything from “good german, twit, marxist, cowards die 1000 deaths, and a hatred for Ron Paul”. Check out the similarities.

          • Ummm….NB – you jerk – why are you dragging my name into this? I’ve just been sitting around, shaking my head at how foolish you sound.

            I have not engaged you in debate because I have no need to embarrass you and make you look ignorant – you are doing a fine job of that all on your own.

            I absolutely agree with Kev regarding the Zionist bankers and have made no secret of my opinion. However, I do not recall ever having seen Burt, Okie or Be Informed bring them into a discussion.

            You sure are casting your net wide in order to draw well-respected posters into your pathetic and desperate little gong show. Do you get “bonus troll pay” for getting someone with a lot of posts to argue with you? Are there “troll air miles” for getting everyone off topic?

            Why don’t you go and hang out with your “cell” and leave us to our “weaknesses” and our “phoney” conversations?

            *Daisy laughs*

          • Saddle Up ~

            Good call – I think you are absolutely right. It would also explain why this douche singled me out for no apparent reason. Jeffie didn’t like me much. 🙁


          • N.B.

            What you bringing me into it for, just picking names out of a hat or going for people who have pissed you off in your or er incarnation?

            Find a single post where I have mentioned Zionist bankers…bankers yes, Zionist bankers no.

            As for you have been on here a long time…so? What’s your point? Mostif us stick to one nam but I suppose having many gives you something to hide behind.

            I have had a bad day, lounge flooded, dog keeps farting etc, I am not really in the mood to listen to your crap to be honest.

            If you don’t like it here and we are all such a waste of space I suggest you sod off back to your mini militia and practice running around in the woods pretending to be an effective fighting force.

            Dear God you’re an arsehole.

            Take care

          • @ Daisy and Saddle Up.

            Oh you poor misunderstood people. I really feel soo sorry for ya’ll. Someone actually had the nerve to have an opinon which did not go along with your Libertarian point of view. 2bad/so sad.

          • N. B. Forrest. says:
            July 12, 2012 at 5:27 pm

            @ Daisy and Saddle Up.

            Oh you poor misunderstood people. I really feel soo sorry for ya’ll. Someone actually had the nerve to have an opinon which did not go along with your Libertarian point of view. 2bad/so sad.


            Wow – you sure told me! *crushed*

          • Yup. I think someone called him out as southern boy as well. And of course the inevitable spazzing out that he does at the end. He is a silly person.

          • NB/Jeff Davis: I have no problem having a discussion with anyone. More often I enjoy talking to someone that I dissagree with because I learn more in those instances.

            I have already told you what I think of you on 5july. We will leave it at that. And I will stand by that. Keep selling big pharma or ummm overthrowing countries? Did you notice a loss of a first step from Vietnam to the bush administration? What were you doing at over 40 years old still running around a jungle, no promotions? Better stick with the daddy was a doctor story.

          • @nb forrest-

        • @nb forest-

          Easy buddy!!! RELAX.

          That post was in support of your point of people announcing their intentions.


          So you support the bankers?

          There was a saying in the 90’s-

          “if 5 people are standing around talking about overthrowing the US government, 3 were feds”

          • Oh, didn’t you say there are 5 members of your “cell”?

          • I know who are in his cell. Laurel, Hardy, Larry, Moe, and Curly.

          • Well you being a left wing radical from the 90’s you should know? Why don’t you support the U.S. Government tracking agents trying to harm America’s?

          • Yeah…I think ol’ forest is an agent provocateur.

            I had another one like him on another forum try to encourage me to engage in illegal acts. That arsehole was an BATFE agent and had admitted so to me on previous occasions. Kept trying to get me to meet up with him somewhere over a beer. All the while he would post stuff and encourage people to pre-emptively act against the government.

            I don’t know any reasonable person who wants this stuff to go down. Not one. Any reasonsable person has nothing but dread of what will happen if TPTB attempt to disarm the citizens of this country.

            I wish this would all just go away. I’d like to live out my days and watch my grand-kids grow up in peace and security.

            But I will be damned if I’ll sit by and watch them have to endure a tyranny.

      95. here’s how it will go down:
        -last days since Apostle Paul penned his letters
        -end times since WWI (&II)
        -immanent rapture of the believers in Jesus the Messiah up until the peace between Israel & Antichrist
        -big battle between God and Russia (allied w/ Iran) for Israel. Eastern powers are destroyed.
        -entrance of a One World Gov’t
        -at some point there is the first of 5 total blackouts of the sun.
        -change to a 10 kingdom world gov’t
        -period of world peace
        -Antichrist comes to power, offers Israel all the land, marking the beginning of the great tribulation, the Day of the Lord.
        -AC fights the 10 kings, 7 broken, 3 submit, in WW III (at least)in which 1/4 of world’s pop is killed, starves or devoured by wild animals.
        -worldwide persecution of believers
        -second blackout, general convulsions throughout nature
        -opening of the Seventh Seal containing the Trumpet Judgments

        All in just the first quarter of the Tribulation Period.
        My advice is not to be like the world trying to control your life and everyone else’s, but give control over to God through his Messiah Jesus.

      96. Of the gun owners in America, I fear many would turn in their guns when the knock comes to the door. If a law was declared to register all guns or face prison, most would register them out of fear of being locked up and missing next season’s American Idol.

        While I believe many on this site would do what they are saying in those times, when push comes to shove I don’t believe that the majority would.

        If the government wants any individual’s guns, including yours, they have the means to take them. The door will be broken in, a flash bang will go off and unless you are sitting in a secluded room with ear protection on and eyes closed, you could be in handcuffs before you came to your senses.

        Could someone take out one or two of them in the process? Possibly, but not likely. Tell me of a SWAT team that decided to take a house that was unsuccessful.

        We have to pray for our country that it doesn’t come to that. We have to pray that our Constitution and God given rights will prevail.

        Sure, if the populace as a whole armed themselves and there was a gun behind every blade of grass a revolution could happen as there would be too many malitia to stop, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

        I’ll probably get lots of thumbs down for this post, but with over 50% of the people getting hand outs from the government it is easy to figure out that over 50% of the people will be on the side of the government. Not that the vast majority of them have a spine and would do anything about anything anyways.

        Of the less than 50% of the people remaining, I belive 95% of them will not want to be killed or imprisoned so they will comply. Joe hunter won’t be thinking of the Constitution when he turns over his guns, he will be saying “Well, guess I won’t be going deer hunting this year”.

        I would guess that there are only about 1 or 2% of people out there who are patriots of the Constitution and willing to fight for their 2nd Amendment rights. We as a nation have turned in to a socialistic society where most depend on others and are not self sufficient.

        When a nation is so dependent upon the government for income, food and other necessities in life, it’s not to hard to see 5 moves forward on the chess board. If this was the 1890’s where people didn’t have jobs, they had a trade they could survive. People owned their own private business and were valuable by themselves and through those skills, through service or barter, they could provide for thier families. When the SHTF, what good will it be if you can debug a computer code in 45,000 lines of accounting software? Most need the system to survive and without the system, they would be lost.

        That being said, I believe 95% of the people on this site wouldn’t go down without a fight.

        God Bless

        • Hey Norseman, great bunch of excuses.

          • I just pointed out that most of America would hand in their guns. I didn’t list any excuses, just pointed out that I think they would. Do you disagree with the post?

            • And your action plan is?

            • I lost all my guns in a boating accident. I’m screwed.


      97. I’d like to ask any military people, current or retired, if a child of a deceased WWII veteran is elligible to purchase items at a PX or BX. Thank you.


          I’d say by your age, no. Aren’t dependent children under age 18?
          But this link gives you who to ask.

      98. I know this won’t be a popular post here, and overall I agree strongly with the pro-right to bear arms argument, but I think that this is a no-starter for the Prez (and he knows it). If you look at it politically, the move to attempt to do this will be popular with the liberal crowd (who voted him in and will try to do so again). If he knows, and I think he does, that it’ll never go through Congress, he looks like he’s maintaining that liberal stance without really having to take it. Win-win for him. The only people he alienates are those who aren’t terribly likely to vote for him anyway..

        His record on gun control so far has been just fine, and I’m not ready to crucify him for something that I feel pretty certain isn’t going through. Granted this is all just jaded political thought, but I think it has merit. At any rate, as long as we stay focused on what’s important, these disucssions will continue to gain support, and that’s what makes this Country great. Thanks.

      99. This is pure satanic evil. The right to keep and bear arms is a right and a requirement from God. Therefore, if I am going to bear true faith to Jesus, I must be armed. As a Christian, to be armed is a direct order from Jesus, himself. This is NOT subjuct to compromise or debate.

        • Greetings Everyone!
          All I can say is WOW!
          This is a real hot-zone topic.As for me I have watched the UN for many years,and suspect given their record,we have little to fear.When it was the “League of Nations”,they couldn’t keep a certain “little corporal from Austria,but running a broke Germany from doing ANYTHING.Hence WWII arrived.They didn’t prevent the million or so deaths in Rwanda or anywhere else.As for guns?What guns? we no have no stinking guns!They were lost on a fishing trip YEARS ago!
          Having said that I would respectfully correct Jeff’s statement:I must be armed. As a Christian, to be armed is a direct order from Jesus,himself.No, not quite true Jeff,Jesus did tell his disciples when he was arrested:”Those who live by the sword will perish by the sword.Do you not know that I have 10 myriads of angels at this moment from my father if I need them?”.I do agree with you that this so-called “regulations” are part of the EVIL we see around us today.America was for the most part a nicer place to live for a while.We may be witnessing a small part of the larger collapse.What’s the good of such regulations w\o the funds to pay people to enforce them?
          Just saying……

      100. NB Forrest keeps refuseing to answer even one time WHAT the Fuck has HE DONE?….He cant cause he aint.

        I bet hes NOT a “fed” but rather one of the 250,000 Ziojews Isreal Hired to troll patriot and Truth(specially factual Truth of jew involvements of all they guilty of the last 2000+ yrs and specially the 20th century! Jews best century for Genocideing 350,000,000 Mainly Whites and Christians!) sites to do chaos on threads and act all smarmy like. Kinda like An Alan Colmes(hannitys side kick)! Is anyone out there who wouldn’t love to see Colmes get really Punched in his zio/liberal/kommie shnoz?

        Yep Our “fed trolls” are slicker and hide selves better than typical Isreali jewzio Paid Trolls does!

        Oh wait!! I just looked out my Hotel window here on floor 53 across from the UN buildg!…Yep I was Wrong! Looks as if Trollboy “Forester” has Just drove his Yellow Ryder truck INTO UN lobby!!!…..You Go Timmy Boy!!!….Dont forget to get your “Suspook #2” in a baseball hat to pull the rip wire Prior to running fast and far!

        Ok gotta go Hide behind my Hotel(across from the NY-UN) Couch so I wont be sprayed by Debrie!!!….Think Forest will be on Hannity tonite?

        • I answered you question dork! Funny how anyone who speaks the truth on this site is a troll to a sick weird left wing cock sucker like you.
          But, let’s trun the tables around. Other than rant on this site for months at a time, which no one reads anyway, what have you done? Hum asshole?

          • NB

            You mean the truth as you see it. You believing it does not make it true. My kid believes in the tooth fairy but to my knowledge she does not exist

          • I aint joined a group yet…BUT! I Did sleep in a Holiday INN last nite!!

      101. Jeff: Well stated! Luke ch 22 vs 36(sell coat & Buy sword). I also think a Vast number of folks we Need to count on as patriots to assist the rest are the 20-50 Million Jewdeo christians such as John Haggee types etc. Unless they remove they heads from Haggee ass Pronto, and stop Mis-quoteing Bible to cut and paste a new non existing chapter for a “Pre-trib” Rapture(or immenant one).

        Which if they will Stop living in Old Testement as it WAS replaced by Jesus’s New Testement will see Jesus himself said the “Resurection(rapture for word-changers) will NOT occure untill He Returns at His second comming!

        And He also stated that First must come a “Apostacy” or Falling away(from faith) And Then the Man of Sin(Perdition) WILL be Revealed!….Then begin to Look up for Your redemption is Near!

        Rev ch. 13 is where John writes of the “Antchrist”…Sees Beast rise from sea etc and describes for 7 verses about this sight seen…Then in Vs.8-says the first thing antichrist man will do…”He Will Make War with the Saints!(Thats us believers)..

        Not possible if any Pre trib rapture happened already 3.5 yrs prior eh?….And NO do not parot Haggee et al with hogwash on how “Millions will start to believe AFTER that pretrib event(rapture) only, due to not listeing to Our truth of it all must “Suffer” first and THEN at Christ return can “Join” us Prior reptured!…BS! Body of Christ IS ALL 100% of True spirit filled believers. Jesus aint only going to Rapture 1/2 of the “Body” so the “Marriage supper of the Lord” can happen while what?…1/2 of Bride(body of believers) is STUCK on earth suffering tribulations etc?!!!

        READ new Testement specially vs.9 and rev ch 3 vs9 and Especially John Ch 8 vs 44!!! See who/what you
        Jewdeoziochristos have been DUPED to be DECIEVED with(synogouge of Satan Hint!).

        Of ALL the various “Youth Mobs” “Innercity Zombies” “Rougue Cops/feds etc” et al…I think Our real worst posible Potential Domestic Enemys just may be all the 20-50 Million John Haggee/Pat Robertson…Scofield(Rothchilds funded & Printed) Bible believers!

        Who Likely Will KIll all the rest of Us Christians and Patriots while they(hagges devotees)Think to KIll us off is a Swell Service to all them “Chozenfew-jews” Haggee spews on daily!…”Bless them jews! or…God will….What? What will God do?” Show where Bible(KJV) says so! Not Parrot what fatman Haggee spews from “Scofields” book…PS Look up aprox 1903 era see what type man scofield was..(Hint= Druken/Gambler who met a Rothschilds Bankerjew and got his new better Book published) cause NO Other Real publishers would agree to publish such Blasphemey!!!!! 99% of scofiled jew explanations under each verse etc is BS!

        Read Jermiah chapters 31 to 34,,,”Chosen status” Ended and so did the jews Old covenant due to soon Christ will come(back in His day 2000 yrs ago) and Usher in a NEW Covenant…That was Done when Jesus shed His Blood on Cross…Far superior to old animals sacrafices which were ONLY temporary til Christ came as Mesiah!!

        His, Christs sacrafice was done ONCE and For ALL time. Yet stuborn jews even now after 2000 yrs Refuse to accept and rather keep Killin & Cookin Cows/Pidgeons/Goats etc!

        Pretrib Rapture is to Convince all them jew firsters(jewdeochristos) to Not be armed or prepared cause “Hey we will Bless them Jews! and be Wisked outta here any minit now” so of course WE who worship jews/isreal Instead of Jesus/God wont be here to face it all!…Just Wait till you see how Hagge Lied/Misled you Fools!

        READ the NEW Testement! That is what We are Now living in Period.

      102. Old Vet, my heart sings for you. I am a vet and Southeast Asia sucked! First Recon, second to none!
        I’d like to talk to you old vet, see if we could find a way around all the firepower the military has. Heck, the NYPD could probably defeat most smaller nations! The past decade has seen a Trillion dollars in weapons and ammo, including tanks flowing from DC to the local police under the guise of homeland security. How can you tell me TSA agents fondling you at Airports makes me more secure when Lokebama won’t defend our southern borders? A conspiracy to shred the constitution and strip us of national sovereignty already exists, to blend Mexico and Canada and the USW into one entity and then to blend us into the UN as military muscle in exchange for UN Troops to enforce the gun ban on our shores! It is already in motion. The Senate will never have the chance to vote on the UN treaty, with a stroke of NObama’s pen their careers will be over…I will be surprised if we have an election this year, the FEMA camps and the military exercises are all leading up to the President assuming dictatorial powers after a real or false-flag terror attack! Once the executive branch seizes control of all food, fuel, ammunition and guns within these borders the American Sheeple have been shorn of their civil rights, and the very few that will stand up to their illegal tactics will face the wrath of military justice. Old Vet is right, the only way we have a chance is to choose our time wisely!

      103. well there really isnt a need for a gun if you have a bat or pepper spray

      104. All of us need to keep in mind that it is the tv and print media that keeps corruption in office.
        Each tv station connects to its network via satellite. That means that every tv station has a satelite dish or two that is used to keep the revenue stream coming in.
        Two or three men in each town with tv stations could cut off that stream easily by wrecking the satellite dishes. Yes, they can be replaced but, that is costly and televison companies are ALL ABOUT MONEY.
        Start dinging those dishes and network and local affiliates start losing money. That could lead to real change through media’s pocketbooks.
        Note: to interfere with these satellite dishes would be a federal crime.

      105. PS: A Biblical FYI…Did you know that the word..”Jew” was NOT ever once mentioned or written from 1st page of genisis till the Second Book of Kings! (My memory may be off but this is close) KingsII..chapter 16 vs 12!!

        Thats aprox 1/3 to 40% of old testement After genesis beginings!…

        ALSO: Bibles and Texts etc wrote Prior to aprox.1760’s AD. NEVER used a letter “J” judeah was back then spelled..”Idumean” with an “I” Not a “J”….J dont exist in Hebrew nor about 4or5 Other aramaiac languages from back then.

        So when todays Many(Most) various denominations preachers keep saying “Abraham-Moses-Isac-Jacob” was ALL Jews…WRONG! there were 12 tribes of Abrahams Great Grandkids…Jacob became Isreal(named by God as isreal) so His 12 sons were the Tribes Beginings.

        JEW=kinda like a Nickname for a Tribe of Judeah(Idumean tribe) NOT a Race Nor a Religion…They was Hebrews!

        Moses orig laws From God Himself at the Mountain etc is NOT what the “Talmude” is…Talmude began “Orally” by Pharissee(Fake rabies) back in captivity in Babylon! 3500 yrs ago!…Or the other claim= 2500 yrs ago as some think.

        Dont matter cause Neither is what Moses was about.

        Go Read what Talmude teaches…Compare to all you hear about New Testement(christians) or what MSM read from Koran(muslims) to create Fear etc.

        You will see Talmude is by Far worse, written by Rougue Pharasses but Comes from Lucifers(satans) mind!

        Bible dont allow Grown Men to have Sex with “gentile” girls up to age 3yr old! Koran dont neither!…Talmude does !!…And Talmude allows Jew men to have Queer-sex with “Gentile” Boys up to age 9 yrs old!

        Talmude says “Jews CAN Murder Gentiles…No sin nor crime there!”…Only a crime(capitol crime too) if a Gentile kills any “jews”!

        Same goes for “Steal/swindle” and most all things we “Gentiles” consider a Crime!

        My Favorite Talmude teaching is…”As Long as Jews Recite a prayer called KOL begining of new yr…Then ALL Oaths-Promices made for New Year to come as well as Last years oaths etc are all NULL and VOID and No jew held accountable to Oaths etc!

        Hmmm…No Wonder senators like Lieberman-Schumer-Finestien-Boxer-Levin and Many more LIE ALWAYS and Dis=obey Oaths of Office!

        Welcome to the NWO(JWO) where now ya know How so many Fed justices even us supremes decisions seem so Un-constutional eh….CAUSE Most judges nationwide fed and state are jews and goes by THEIR TALMUDE!!! Talmude Is hihest “law” of all in world or Universe!

        Us const? vs. Jews Talmude?….It WILL get far worse if we dont stop it NOW!

        Sorry to harp on these things..I am simply tired of seeing so many folks Re-state so many Wrongs on Bible or us const and Jews vs germany etc…WAKE UP!

        • When you face Christ, a jew, how are you going to explain this to Him?

      106. While a spiteful blow at liberty it will not work, case in point, they cannot keep drugs, people, money and weapons flowing across the border. If the money is there we will see new weapon cartels smuggling military grade weapons into the USA.

      107. NB

        Jews and zionists are very different things

        Not very bright are you?

      108. No it doesn’t. Treaties, international law and anything else you can think of have “Zero” effect on the Bill of Rights. Some people might be gullible enough to believe that Congress, judges and the “you know who” can throw away the constitution, but that doesn’t change the fact nor the intent of the founders nor does it throw away the Bill of Rights.

        Stupidity and gullibility on the other hand can negate the Bill of Rights. If Elected and unelected officials can brainwash a nation of brain dead people into believing that they have no rights due to treaties and so-called international law, and if all that nation is concerned about is jobs and money, then yes, the Bill of Rights can be taken away from them very easily.

      109. Instead of MOLAN LABE,

        I think I will use SIG SECURE.

        Shot a friend’s SIG P226 in 9mm.

        That P226 was sweet and very accurate. With 3 – 15 round magazines that can take care of a lot of Zombies!

        My friend put 4 standard silhouette targets in 4 separate firing lanes. It gave us more than just one to shoot at, plus they moved others into the shooter at random. It was fast and there were no more head shots then. Had a lot of fun. Even broke the pistol down, rebuilt, reloaded and was shooting ASAP.

        Y’all Beware! Head Shots at 25 yards….. – HS@25.

        Like old mushroom (RIP) with …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills…

        Y’all Beware!….HS@25.

      110. Here is the canned reply from my senator in response to signing the petition. Sorry Mac for its lengt. I thought you guys migt want to read this BS.
        Thank you for contacting me about the proposed United Nations (UN) Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). I appreciate hearing your views on this matter.

        The illegal manufacture and trafficking of firearms contributes to crime and violence around the world by arming criminals, terrorists, and other militant groups. Illicit firearms, especially small arms and light weapons, can destabilize entire regions by fueling armed conflict and violence against innocent civilians. In addition, the presence of such weapons complicates humanitarian relief programs, peacekeeping initiatives and the development of democratic societies. According to the United Nations, there are more than 875 million small arms and light weapons in circulation worldwide, and these weapons are responsible for approximately 300,000 deaths every year.

        Over the years, the United States and other UN member governments have undertaken both national and international efforts to combat the significant increase in illegally manufactured and trafficked firearms. U.S. policy includes attempting to curb black market transfers of small arms to zones of conflict, terrorists, international criminal organizations and/or drug traffickers; encouraging other nations to raise arms export standards to U.S. standards; streamlining and strengthening U.S. export procedures to improve accountability without interfering with the legal trade in or transfer of arms; and supporting the destruction of excess stockpiles of small arms, particularly in regions where conflicts have ended. In July 2001, a nonbinding “Program of Action” (PoA) was adopted by UN member governments, including the United States, that encouraged nations to ensure that manufacturers use markings on small arms and light weapons to facilitate the tracing of illicit weapons transfers; establish procedures to monitor legal sales, transfer and stockpiling of small arms and light weapons; and make the illegal manufacture, trade and possession of such weapons a criminal offense.

        In 2008, the UN General Assembly convened a UN Group of Governmental Experts to examine the possibility of an international treaty focused on denying arms to groups that would abuse them, including rogue states, terrorist organizations and illegal militias. Under the Bush administration, the United States was an active participant in the 2008 UN Group of Governmental Experts and endorsed the Group’s recommendations for an international framework for controlling the international conventional arms trade. In October 2009, the United States voted for a UN resolution laying out a schedule for talks on the proposed Arms Trade Treaty, including a final UN Conference on the ATT in 2012.

        The United States supported the resolution in part because it states that the 2012 Conference will operate under the rule of consensus decision-making, a provision that was necessary to gain U.S. backing. According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “as long as that Conference operates under the rule of consensus decision-making needed to ensure that all countries can be held to standards that will actually improve the global situation by denying arms to those who would abuse them, the United States will actively support the negotiations. Consensus is needed to ensure the widest possible support for the Treaty and to avoid loopholes in the Treaty that can be exploited by those wishing to export arms irresponsibly.” In this instance, consensus decision-making means that the United States maintains its right to veto any agreement produced by the 2012 Conference.

        Some have raised concerns that UN efforts to combat the illegal international arms trade may restrict the rights of law-abiding American citizens, despite the fact that the proposed ATT is focused on the illegal manufacture and trafficking of firearms around the world. While I believe these concerns are misplaced in regard to the proposed ATT, it is important that any efforts to curb the illegal international arms trade do not infringe on the rights of law-abiding U.S. citizens.

        As the world’s largest exporter of conventional weapons and a government that is widely considered to have the gold-standard on arms export controls, the United States has a special responsibility to promote responsible global arms trade. I support ratification of a strong and effective ATT, and I look forward to working with the administration and my Senate colleagues to achieve that goal.

        Thank you again for contacting me.

        Carl Levin

        • When the knives come out,
          send him to hell.

        • We should be sooo proud of our senetors here in Michigan Stab-a-cow is even worse if that is possible.

        • How long did it take you to figure that out?

          Remember the 2008 campaign?
          Joe the Plummer?
          “Spread the wealth…”


      111. The only question remains..
        where do you get hunting licenses for;
        Animalus Politicianus

        ooh. almost forgot, buy more ammo…
        check the list…

      112. The first step in creating a single global government is to first overthrow the only real democratic superpower on earth. They can’t do it from the outside, so they send their Manchurian Candidates to defeat us from within. Personally I think that our biggest battle is to educate the ignorant masses as to what the hell is about to happen to our country. For those of you who figure that you will move somewhere else….where the hell can you go where democracy truly reigns…we are the last bastion against absolute tyranny and we have got to fight this with everything we have.

      113. If the following were true what about all the treaties with the Indians? Nope! The Constitution states that It Is The SUPREME Law of the Land and I’ve never read that an amendment was needed to annul a treaty. The Constitution is superior to any treaty. Can you name any treaty that we broke witn an amendment to the Constitution? “One of the deadly parts about this is that when a treaty is signed and made binding in the United States it acquires the force of a Constitutional Amendment. Under the Supremacy Clause, every Congress and every state legislature has to honor that treaty, unless a Constitutional Amendment is passed to the contrary or unless all the other signatories let the U.S. out of the treaty.”

      114. Read up on, and get acquainted with guerilla warfare . When our troops become our enemy . kill then strip em , leave a dead body in skivvies . Grow the resistance .

      115. Everybody on the internet is a bad ass. Just make sure that you don’t wait for them to get to your house asking for your guns. Stop them at your neighbor’s house. Let your neighbor know that his Second Amendment right shall not be infringed.

        • The first confiscation action that I see or hear of is going to be met with a very forceful reaction by not only me but everyone of my friends and family members that is capable of bearing arms. We didn’t bleed for this country to see it dismantled by some slick dick bastards from D.C.!

      116. The Senate has to ratify any treaty. Relax. It’s NEVER going to be ratified. Nevertheless, vigilance is always in order.

      117. My sources within one of the govt. agencies said that this is more about trying to put a strangle hold on our defense companies selling military hardware to our allies than it is about grabbing our guns. He said that they’re confident in the White House that the gun control aspect of the treaty can not get enough support within our Senate to pass. However, strangling our allies from our high tech military hardware, they are for sure weakening our nation’s national security. Chief amongst the “winners” category if this is signed are China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and any other dogshit government that stands against freedom. If this isn’t a wake up call to all preppers I don’t know what is. If you haven’t started prepping, you need to start. As it stands now your govt. does not have your best interest at heart. Our President is selling us out and weakening our country with every breath he takes. He is secretly making agreements with the Russians to diminish our Nuclear Weapons stockpiles and is also cutting our nation’s defense spending budgets. He has cut some of our most high tech weapons programs and he has single handedly killed our nations space program. We are on our own and we better get used to it especially if this bastard gets re-elected!

      118. just as Kathleen explained I can’t believe that any one able to get paid $7852 in four weeks on the internet. did you look at this site makecash16com

      119. Lock and load!

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