Five Reasons Why America Is About To Become A Very Conservative Country

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Headline News | 96 comments

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    For generations, we’ve seen the political landscape in this country teeter back and forth between the Left and the Right. Usually about every 8 years or so, whichever political party is dominating Congress, the Executive Branch, and the state legislatures, is kicked out by voters and replaced with the other political party.

    However, there’s something very different going on this time around. Donald Trump’s ascent to the oval office represents a major shift in our society and culture, and I’m not talking about the intermittent shuffle of politicians that we see every few years. Instead, the pendulum is about to swing very hard to the right.

    I think that the political landscape in America is going to be drifting towards conservatism for the next 20-40 years. Though it may not be identical to what we view as conservative today, and it certainly won’t be the phony neoconservatism that dominated the past, it will be right-wing nonetheless. Here’s why:

    The Supreme Court Is About To Change

    President Trump has already chosen one Supreme Court justice, and there’s a good chance that he’s going to wind up choosing several more (much to the dismay of the Left). Because of their advanced age, we may see three more Supreme Court justices retire or die over the next four to eight years, two of whom lean to the left.

    If Trump lasts two terms, we’re definitely going to see a Supreme Court that is dominated by conservatives for the next 20-30 years. So even when liberals take back Congress and the presidency on occasion, many of their most radical ideas won’t be able to take hold for many years.

    Immigration Is Going To Decline

    The percentage of the population that is foreign born hasn’t been this high since the early 1900’s, and most of those immigrants are liberal. That’s why our loose borders, combined with The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, have probably done more to bolster the ranks of the Left than any other law.

    But just as our nation’s political landscape tends to swing back and forth between the Left and the Right, so to does number of immigrants in America. In the short term, we can expect people like Trump to restrict the border and maybe pass laws that will decrease immigration to some degree.

    But there’s a long term trend to consider as well, because the election of Trump likely represents a turning point for our society. Considering how crucial his immigration stance was to his victory, it’s clear that a growing number of Americans want the border tightened up, and the number of immigrants moving here to decrease. And rest assured that in the near future, there will be more conservatives voting for politicians who will try to lower immigration rates, because…

    The Next Generation Is Incredibly Conservative

    Over the years we’ve seen each generation of Americans become a little more liberal than the last, but that’s about to change. According to a study from last year, Generation Z, which represents kids born after the year 2000, is the most conservative generation since World War Two. To give you an idea of just how right-wing the next generation is, when asked if they are “quite conservative,” 14% of teenagers say they are, compared to just 2% of Millennials. That’s a mind boggling shift, from one generation to the next.

    Liberal Birth Rates Are Declining

    The Left is about to pay a huge price for denigrating the family and traditional gender roles for so many years. Because liberal women tend to be more career minded and wait longer to have children, they often have fewer kids over the course of their lives. That’s why liberal states always have lower birth rates than conservative states.

    All of the states with a birth rate of of 60 or less per 1000 people are liberal, and all of the states with a birth rate of 70 or more per 1000 people are conservative. That may not sound drastic, but consider that these states still have a sizeable mix of conservatives and liberals. Even the most liberal states have millions of conservative residents and vice versa, which offsets the results. If ideology is really driving birth rates, then liberals are probably having very very few children. They’re probably not reaching the minimum replacement rate of 2.1 children per mother.

    When you consider how many values kids learn from their parents and carry into adulthood, it’s obvious that the Left has a serious demographic problem. The only way they’ve been able to create more liberals, is through immigration and through indoctrination in the school system. Unfortunately for the Left, they’re not going to have a stranglehold on our schools for much longer either.

    Leftist Academia Is In Serious Trouble

    From Kindergarten to college, our schools are breeding grounds for liberal ideas. That’s become abundantly clear in recent years, as we’ve seen the horrifying rise of political correctness and social justice beliefs on college campuses. These institutions are little more than indoctrination centers for the Left.

    But this isn’t going to go on for much longer. We have a whole generation of kids who were buried in over a trillion dollars worth of debt, just so they could get worthless liberal arts degrees that won’t ever help them get a job. They paid tens of thousands of dollars to be indoctrinated by liberal professors, before going back home to live with their parents.

    That’s why student loans constitute a bubble in our economy, and once it pops, colleges are going to have to cut back on many classes that don’t actually increase the earning power of students. Coincidentally, the fields of study that harbor the most liberal professors, are the ones that don’t help most students get jobs, like the arts, humanities, liberal arts, gender studies, etc. Someday soon, colleges are going to be forced to trim the fat, and many of these Marxist professors and diversity administrators are going to get the axe. Their positions are incredibly superfluous.

    As for the leftists public schools, let’s not forget that the number of kids being homeschooled is growing rapidly, and most of their parents are conservatives. They’re raising a new generation that isn’t going to be brainwashed by government run schools.

    And let’s not forget that the mainstream media, which has been largely wed to the left, is dying. So basically, every institution that the Left uses to teach its ideas, from the media to academia, is slowly crumbling away.

    In summation, everything liberals have relied on to bolster their ranks, propagate their ideas, and pass their laws, are failing. So there shouldn’t be any doubt. Over the next few decades, America is going to become a very conservative place.


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      1. The left can’t die fast enough for me!!!!!

        • ” …and once it pops, colleges are going to have to cut back on many classes that don’t actually increase the earning power of students.”

          Does this mean kayaking 101 will no longer give me 3 credit hours towards my degree in parks & recreation ???

          Just asking. 🙂

        • This is bs. Every generation will be worse. They will sell thc like candy. Ever met a conservative pot head? A generation of fuckers. You will never be conservative. Your cherry was popped long time ago.

          • Conservative pothead here. Started smoking age 15, now in my 40’s, still smokin’. College degree, successful career in architecture, $500k lake house, 2 kids about to go to college, minimal debt. I have many friends just like me, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Responsible people smoke responsibly and get shit done – dumbfucks sit around and get stoned all day.

            • Right on.

          • ” Ever met a conservative pot head?”

            I’ve met plenty. And they still make more money than you ever will. Stupid ass big govt drug warrior thinks he’s so different from every other big govt warrior.

        • You’re right. (Pardon the pun). I’m sick & tired of all the freeloaders getting social security, gov’t pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

          If you can’t pay for it you don’t get it.

          It’s time to weed the garden. Let survival of the fittest rule. In two generations our society will improve beyond belief.

          • “You’re right. (Pardon the pun). I’m sick & tired of all the freeloaders getting social security, gov’t pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.”

            Social Security is a RETURN OF AND ON THE CAPITAL STOLEN by the government from the paychecks of working Americans who are REQUIRED by law to pay into the retirement, insurance system.

            I paid into that system for 50 years. It’s my FUCKING MONEY !!! 🙂

      2. “I think that the political landscape in America is going to be drifting towards conservatism for the next 20-40 years.”

        How about instead of the usual left, right paradigm, we now insist that those that serve within our governments KEEP the contract(s) that they are under, including the Oath?

        In case you – or anyone else – were not aware, our type of government is a Constitutional Republic. What is that? It is a compact between the states (contract between them), and it is the CONTRACT that all who serve within our government is required to know and follow, support and defend – and yes, it is in writing.

        “If Trump lasts two terms, we’re definitely going to see a Supreme Court that is dominated by conservatives for the next 20-30 years.”

        Here also we do not need a conservative, etc court, what we need is one that follows the contract that they SERVE UNDER, take and KEEP the required oath(s). They need to do as is required of them in writing, not go off on political tangents. Oh, and judges DO NOT have that position for life, that is a lie the judicial told you. They are ALLOWED to stay within that position for life IF they take and keep the Oath, if they do the duties as assigned in writing. You see, they only get to keep that position for as long as they use the required “Good Behaviour”.

        “So even when liberals take back Congress and the presidency on occasion, many of their most radical ideas won’t be able to take hold for many years.”

        Guess what, those radical ideas are what is known as “Color of Law”, pretend law.

        Color of Law: “The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state, is action taken under “color of law.” Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, page 241.

        This is going to surprise many, but ILLEGALS are illegal – breaking the law. But those that have been dumbed down enough to take most suggestions given by the propaganda media, etc follow it.

        Bertrand Russell,1953: “… Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible…” (“The Impact of Science on Society”, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1953)

        Basically, do you really think it is okay that the people who SERVE within our governments act as if they are Kings an Queens, tyrants when they are instead out there to carry out specific duties that are in writing and are delegated to specific branches and named offices within a branch. No Person who serves has any power/authority of their own per se; instead they are ALLOWED to use that authority of the branch or office within a branch for as long as they keep the contract.

        Schools, there is NO delegation to the federal government for schools, let me list what they have written authority over.

        President Andrew Johnson: “Outside of the Constitution we have no legal authority more than private citizens, and within it we have only so much as that instrument gives us. This broad principle limits all our functions and applies to all subjects.”

        The US Constitution authorizes the federal government to handle the following objects for the Country at Large:
        — Military defense, international commerce & relations;
        — Control immigration & naturalization of new citizens;
        — Domestically, to create a uniform commercial system: weights & measures, patents & copyrights, money based on gold & silver, bankruptcy laws, mail delivery & some road building; and
        — With some of the amendments, secure certain civil rights.

        The way our LAWFUL government works, as stated in the 10th Amendment, “all others powers are reserved by the States OR The People…”.

        This will all change as soon as the people realize that with freedom and independence comes responsibility. Read the US Constitution, listen or read the framers words, the debates, writings of the time – all sides of the issues. Read and learn your own state’s Constitution. That alone will start making a difference when the people are no longer told what to think, or told what type of government we have, or told what “powers” those that serve within our governments have, etc becasue you will KNOW the truth.

        • The government and all its bureaucrats at all levels suck

        • Excellent post, Cal. Thanks.

          • The country will be more conservative because the left loonies will start a civil war in which they will promptly lose. They will have proven themselves to stupid to live and be accommodated.

            • Menzo, agreed. They’ll start it and we’ll finish it with tragic consequences for THEM.

        • We need massive ICE Inspections in all aspects of FLORIDA and across the USA. We are being bombarded with Immigrants. These people come over here on vacation and never leave and steal our jobs and suck up our resources. As Tax Paying Patriotic Americans, we need to start calling into ICE HOTLINE and reporting Illegal Aliens and immigrants that are suspect, and still here illegally. Put all of these ICE HOTLINE phone numbers beliw in your Cell Phone and call often. Call multiple phone numbers to report the same incident. Get some overlapping Govn’t investigations for accountability.

          1-877-2INTAKE – OR 877-246-8253

          Reasons to Call ICE: Once Reported they are required to Investigate your complaint and tip.

          1.You see Nonspeaking Mexicans building houses, Take down the license plate numbers of the vehicles, business name of the builder and address of the house under construction, and take some photos of the workers, and report them ASAP.

          2. You see a lawn crew doing lawn work in your neighborhood do the same thing, license plate number and photos of the workers. Report them.

          3. Go into a restaurant and see nonspeaking workers in there, Report them.

          4. Illegals hanging out at Home depot looking to do work, Report them.

          5. Workers picking crops, report the farm and the place of operation and request a full inspection.

          6. Go to a Hotel or Motel, and you see no speaking English workers report them. Take photos of the workers, and submit this with your complaint. Report them

          **ICE will not just go to these places unless “YOU REPORT THEM” and then they are required to Investigate and get a complaint number and follow up to find out their result from their investigation and get a name of the contact person who you reported this to for more accountability.

          Time to Take America Back from these POS illegals and Time to clamp down on US Companies hiring illegals to circumvent taxes and hiring Americans for these jobs. Grow some balls and put this ICE Phone number in your cell phone and start reporting all of these suspect Illegals. Also pass all of these phone number below on to all your friends and family, lets get on this patriots. Its now or never. TAKE ACTION!!!! President Trump will appreciate our help to Make America Great Again.

          Here is more info to put in your cell phone.

          How can I report illegal activity?

          General Illegal Activity

          Call 1-800-BE-ALERT Or 800-232-5378

          Illegal Aliens

          If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide. Visit for more information.

          You may also contact the Border Patrol Sector where the illegal aliens are located, and ask them to investigate further.

          Child Kidnapping or Exploitation

          You can contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 and the information will be forwarded to the appropriate agency for investigative action. You may also wish to visit the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Web site Web site for more information.

          Lets Help Make America Great Again, Lets get busy TODAY!!

          • Cut and paste this Above ICE info into an email and send it to all your friends and family, and ask that they also send this to all of their friends and family. Lets get this going and help President Trump to Make America Again. Its now or Never. Lets get on this ASAP Today.

            • ICE in blue states operates differently than ICE in red states.
              Don’t ask me why. It’s a personal observation I have made.
              In certain locales, they seem to be obstructed from performing their duties.

        • Very informed post.

          • The only way is to get your debit or credit card at another bank, and fund that as you need it. It’s going to be hacked, someday. Keep the damage under a few dollars.

        • Thank you Cal for the gist of the intention of the U.S. Constitution. The ever-growing “BLOB” (like the 60’s science fiction movie starring Steve McQueen) that is our Federal Government needs to return to the LIMITED scope intended by the Founding Fathers.

        • “How about instead of the usual left, right paradigm, we now insist that those that serve within our governments KEEP the contract(s) that they are under, including the Oath?”

          Good luck with that.

          There are two kinds of people in this world, those who consider limited government to be a necessary evil, and those who want unlimited government to be their personal Ponzi scheme.

          The battle between them will never end.

        • Cal, one of the best posts I’ve ever read from anyone.

        • Great Post Cal.

          If “Conservative” means the GOP Elite type of Conservative you are 100% right. If “Conservative” means what it should, i.e., following the Constitution and the American Republic – the OP has a point.

          If we can wrest our country back from the Globalist Ghouls it will indeed be as storied a feat as the original founding.

      3. America has bigger problems than left or right. This divide and conquer paradigm of right and left does not tackle the core issue. Will we continue along to destruction according to the intended objectives as outlined by the “Protocols”, or will Western values and European Civilazation flourish into the future, or be completely destroyed. Will we be free men or slaves. That is the question. To be or not to be.


        • Exactly, B from California!

          I saw in the newspaper that you don’t have to have an “open carry” permit now if you already have a “gun permit”. One little, tiny movement forward for us– “we, the people”.

          Why should I have to have a “permit” at all to own a firearm?? The Constitution is my permit. and yet they try to put you in jail without THEIR “permits”/red-tape BS!!

        • In some respects, I’m MORE conservative than you people– I don’t believe you should have to have ANY permit to own a firearm, for example–

          However, I know for a FACT that Global Warming will cause hell and high water in near future because I’ve studied the issue FOR YEARS!!

          So I am neither conservative or liberal. I DON’T like the idea of all those yukky people coming over here and raping us females, like they are doing in other countries. However, I am NOT racist! So– I am neither conservative OR liberal.

          • @Anonymous……

            Global warming or global climate change is not the issue in question. The question is…….WHAT is causing it.

            The progressives and globalists want us to believe that it is caused by man. I don’t believe that they have proven that.

            I would like for them to explain the medieval warming period. Was that caused by people driving SUV’S?

            • It might have been because of all the livestock. (Remember to satisfy the modern demand for beef, more cattle are raised which emit methane, a pollutant.) And way back then there were more horses and donkeys that presumably do the same. Also with less people there would have been more animals in the woods such at deer, boars, and bear. So my guess is that in medieval times there were too many bears f*arting in the woods. :p

          • “I know for a FACT that Global Warming will cause hell and high water in near future ”

            You know no such thing. And believing you do makes you a special kind of dolt. And that’s aside from the general lunatic tone of your post.

        • You anti-Semites are some real imbeciles.

      4. A refreshing article and I agree, a real shift is occurring. The Left is certainly freaking out like there’s no tomorrow for them. Perhaps they might be right (for once, lol)

        • If they could just self-exterminate themselves then everyone wins.

      5. This is not a left/right thing: that is a distraction. The social justice warriors and PC whackjobs are nothing but noise on campus.

        Trust me, all those conservatives with four kids are going to suffer under the yoke of financialization and debt. Your kids will be seen as nothing but souls to be harvested, either for debt, or even for creepy stuff such as the sex industry. America will more and more resemble what we see in the third world: large families headed by parents who can’t afford to keep those kids and provide them with opportunities (it doesn’t matter how disciplined they are, the economy cannot support an entire workforce of doctors and lawyers). Those parents will be driven by desparation to ‘pimp’ their kids out to get them fed and clothed.

        Every country on the planet that does not control family size has serious problems in providing work for their population and has horrific abuse of women and girls. So, go ahead and have five kids in an ultra-conservative society and watch your daughter get treated like a breeding sow, or worse, be given addictive drugs and driven into the sex trade.

        • The potential outcome you describe is indeed possible. Fortunately it is merely one possibility of many. It is one of the less desirable, and one of the less likely, given the genes and wills at hand.

      6. It is not a right or left matter. Both are two sides of the same coin, the imperialist democracy, offered by the bourgeoisie on the electoral market with the sole aim of legally obtaining the consent from the population to continue exploiting and doing business as usual. Obviously, if things were to turn to worse, the bourgeoisie already has all the plans ready to take away this right to the people and establish fascism and dictatorship. So it does not matter which conservative or liberal ideology is spreading in the society. What matters is the class struggle between work and capital, between the dominant class and the subaltern class. Over the next few years, the extremely high price that the American proletariat will have to pay will be increasingly evident, so let’s hope that revolutionary Bolshevik parties will develop in US too (as always, I’m talking about scientific marxism, virtually unknown in America and totally different from widely blamed cultural marxism).

        • Marx was wrong in all his forms, wrong because ill-informed, ill-informed because his purpose was to promote his agenda, not to understand what is true.

          • Marx was full of shit. I hope the article is right about the country going back to the right. It may take a civil war 2/revolution to get it back to the right.

        • Agree: Scientific Marxism (not the clown show called “Cultural Marxism”: merely a bourgeois flagellation cult) is the future. And Scientific Marixism is the only philosophy that will reign in the global majority population (the Chinese know this).

          Basically, the bibles, beer, guns American conservative culture is a backward phenomenon not made for the modern world, and certainly not suitable for any other country or culture. It is nothing but a bastard child of the sharecroper/slave owner material relations of the US South in the 1800s.

          In such a world, you end up with a bizarre society akin to The Handmaid’s Tale: most people impoverished with an uber class of ‘fertile’ Christian men with a dozen kids but surrounded by toothless morons doing piece work.

          And America’s future is neither white nor black: it is beige (Latinos) and yellow (Asians). Those two groups do not want to become conservatives in the redneck sense.

          • “Toothless morons doing piece work”. Uhhhhhh,,,, I can hear you!!!

          • @Frank Thoughts….

            Guys like you are exactly why this country is in trouble.

          • Frank: The statists have been dreaming of a brown Amerika for the last 30 years, and this is in part the reason they cannot comprehend the fact that they lost the election. Living in their insular bubbles, they believed the country already was your beige and yellow Amerika. Sadly for them it was not true – and never will be as long as the abortion mills keep chugging along, well placed in latino, black and yellow neighborhoods (white also), but the majority of the undesirables removed are “people of color”…

          • FT, the future won’t be beige or yellow if we can get them out of here altogether.

      7. That maybe so that there is a chance if the SC is banked with conservatives. But I don’t think we’ll return to Shangra-La. That train left the station back in the 50’s and it ain’t comin’ back. It’s a totally new mind-set that folks have today. Too much “what about me-bullshit”.

      8. Sigh…..

        If only this were true….

        I fear this country will break before it bends….

      9. Liberal or conservative, power leads to abuse. There are conservatives who think along some lines as liberals. The “people of these USA” will still have to be on guard for abuse of power. You will still have greed as a motivation to “screw the people”. Conservatism does not make a perfect world. Citizens will have to take a more active roll in their government to be sure the peoples wishes are heard and acted on.

      10. Uphold the constitution.

        They will find it works

        It seems that some in congress and the media really dislike the traditional family values of this country.

        Furthermore, Christianity has been the peoples choice since the settlement of this nation: Not the governments choice.

        They are trying to slam Islam down our throats.

        The god of Islam is not the same God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob and George Bush, JR and Hillary Clinton and others deceived the public saying that it is.

        The conservative nature of the country came from many people going to sunday school/church and respecting the scriptures although maybe did not, obeying their parents, coming from a traditional conservative family. Although not perfect, most children grew up in a house hold with two parents, man and a woman.

        And if you misbehaved, you got a spanking and now we see the results of years of liberalism: an unruly generation rasied by grandparents, aunts, uncles and gangs and now we have fifteen year olds killing one another. Just happen in my city.

        Something is not working in our country. We have a cancer eating us from within.

        And when a person way they are a conservative, from what principles are they basing that on?

        Just my opinion.


        I remember never hearing the media or school officials speak about the need to carry guns for their protection.

        • “Something is not working in our country. We have a cancer eating us from within.”

          Mumble McCarthy wasn’t wrong. I’m just saying.

      11. But in the end one thought process offered something for nothing in give aways. As long as it doesn’t directly proportionally impact taxes for many (fiat creation of money from thin air) its considered “free”. That is so enticing.

        • True Kevin….and right on point.

          Liberalism will only wane when phony printed money also stops.

          Easy to be generous with a nearly unlimited supply of money, but when it actually has to come from the efforts of real work and production, people get a whole lot more rational…and ‘conservative’……a word meaning “to make the best use of resources”.

          • The fake money is the great enabler. Keynes quoting Lenin:

            Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security, but at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth. Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become ‘profiteers,’ who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.

            Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

      12. We all can see that there is a third dimension to our binary system of politics. One that doesn’t need to be elected and never runs for office but runs the show nevertheless. We should focus our wrath upon the cause of our pain. It is our duty. We run in circles because we never address the root cause.

        • And another problem is that when we do address it, we often fail to do what is truly necessary.

          • Indeed, it would have been easier and better to enforce our Constitution in real time.

      13. The deep state doesn’t care if you are on the left or on the right as long as they are in control.

        I don’t see any kind of positive outcome without bloodshed. The deep state is not going to allow us to simply vote our way out of their clutches.

        • You are probably right.

        • Anonymous5, I have to agree. Civil war 2/revolution is coming whether we want it or not. The deep state has to be challenged and destroyed.

      14. The true agenda of the libturds is on display.. watch as they self destruct… gonna be a fun summer…so I’m just going to keep making ammo as i can afford supplies and pray for peace but prepare for war. Si Vis Pacem Parabellum

      15. Liberal Birth Rates Are Declining

        What? You mean Bruce Jenner (even after all the surgery, he STILL looks like a man) isn’t having kids any time soon?

        • TEST, NOT SO LOUD. Let’s not give Jenner any ideas. Don’t need any more of those running around, LOL!

      16. This is totally off-topic but…..

        I just saw another article regarding the government’s use of online trolls in order to derail certain websites that are counter their agenda.

        The following is one of the bullet points of advice to these trolls as to their methods…

        “Go in there and “agree with them” and then say things that appear thoroughly delusional, overtly nuts, blatantly and obviously wrong even to nincompoops, etc. Occasional spelling and grammar errors are also useful but don’t over-do. The point of this exercise is to create an impression that drives away undecideds who may come in to check out these sites. It helps to do this as a group effort and begin gradually, so the sites appear to be “going downhill slowly.””

        That statement goes a long way toward explaining some of the idiots we’ve had posting here of late.

        • Anonymous5 what you say about the trolls makes sense. Does this mean I have to stop challenging them? I LOVE to take on the trolls LOL!

      17. The demographics are against the thesis of the article.

        Whites are headed for about 50% of the population by mid-century and are likely to continue to decline unless they start having babies at a much higher rate than they do now and is projected.

        Most Conservatives/Constitutionalists are White. But a significant percentage (about 20%) of them are Liberals.

        Blacks and Latinos are overwhelmingly Liberal/Statist and they currently constitute about 30% of the population and are growing.

        So if we have this Cons/Cons growth it has to come from conversion. Even if you had all the Whites on board, any movement is going to be temporary without a significant conversion of current minorities to a Cons/Cons.

        I don’t see it considering the Cultural and Educational apparatus of the US is firmly in the hands of the Left.

        Just because the SCOTUS is likely to be more Cons/Cons for the next generation means little when you consider that the Left does not play by the Rules.

        They will find a way to resist even as they are attempting right now to subvert the Presidency of Mr Trump.

        I think our political System has entered the Steel Cage Death Match phase and it will not end without Blood, sad to say…


        • second I was optimistic until I saw the demographic change is inevitable.

          I’m fine with immigrants, but they have to be let in in increments that do not change the country.

          100 years ago, they would limit and allow immigrants to be come American thru usually 3 generations; today its been an invasion.

      18. Perhaps the hemlines will come down and the bellbottoms will FINALLY disappear. Oh fond hope! Thank you Mac for posting this excellent article by Daniel Lang.

      19. So, can we start rounding up the Democrats and putting them in FEMA camps yet?

        • Rounding people up is the tendency of liberals. Congrats, you are the same imbecile you claim to despise.

      20. I hate to burst this guys bubble, but he is wrong.

        yes, he is right that all these things are happening; but the damage has been done mostly from the 1965 kennedy immigration act.

        even if trump kicked out every illegal, muslim and foreign visa holder; texas is going to flip to a swing state by 2028 and states like florida and Colorado that are already swing states will become more blue on Hispanic demographics alone.

        if the Hispanics do not switch to republican/conservative voters in mass within 10 years, the usa is over and that is highly unlikely.

        Trump is one last lap around the track imo.

        • Totally agree: Trump is a one-shot aberation. Demographics is totally against him. If conservatives do not make peace with Asians and Hispanics then America as a country is done. Already, large swathes of the US forces are Hispanic and are doing the fighting and dying. They aren’t doing this to be disrespected when they get home. As for Asians, they are the new academic and intellectual class – the people you need to keep America first world. Increasingly, the quiet Asian is going to become the angry Asian if they do not feel they are getting their fair say.

          • Superior races will rise and take their rightful position over inferior ones and replace them over time.

            Darwinism as such.

        • Ten years is about right.

          Ten years is about all I see for the United States remaining a single sovereign and independent nation.

          Possibly less than that if catastrophic events take pace that step up the time frame.

        • I moved to Florida from SJ / Del and have come to the conclusion that hispanics are not a unified democrat / liberal voting block as the working class Cuban Americans I have met are very conservative. They had a taste of communism and voting with their feet said, “No thanks”. By and large they have done pretty well for themselves and they also fill a lot of professional ranks in medicine here.

        • Lena, the vast majority of the foreigners are on the public dole, on our tax dollars. That attracts them to the US more than anything else. Cut off that gravy train and they’ll leave. As for the Hispanics, they don’t tell us what to do. They either get with the new program here or leave. If they’re still loyal to where they came from, then they need to go home.

      21. I just hope we will not repeat history of South Africa.

        • Totally agree, this is my fear.

          The left has sold that whitey is bad and if that catches fire; it could be really bad to be white in the usa in 25 or 50 years.

          ironically, Russia; may be the last place where whitey is safe. Russia is a tolitarian state, but it protects itself and its citizens against any threats.

          • It appears the oldest continuous civilizations are the ones that restrict immigration. This is not intolerance it is self preservation. The danger of tolerance is what you fear.
            It leads to making a white person standing their ground mistakenly called a racist because only a white person can be racist. We must straighten out this twisted logic quickly or there will be hell to pay. I believe the phrase of the day is existential threat.


        Damned and doomed Police State hell on earth New Babylon America has already been conquered, and it will become nothing except what the psychopaths from the inner bowels of the pits of hell in Washington DC, home of the treasonous criminal US government, planned it to for centuries to be….NEW BABYLON. Just look at their plan coming to fruition in any group in any collapsing cesspool hedonistic debauchery filled collapsing New Babylon city, and ALL you see is obese, disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed, addicted to everything, porn consuming, toxic dump drunken Big Pharma pill popping ALREADY CONQUERED programmed indoctrinated hybrid human COWARDS, who suffer from cognitive dissonance, learned helplessness, and fearful apathy. The conquered New Babylonian’s critical thinking skills are so far gone and destroyed by toxic chemicals and EDC’s, so they have NO ABILITY to even understand and comprehend the evil treasonous criminal vile disgusting psychopaths controlling their collapsing Police State hell on earth New Babylon nightmare….a real evil nightmare the cowards are leaving to their doomed children they whored out long ago for booze, pills, fake toxic food, mindless entertainment, bread and circuses sporting events, and the massive consumption of useless maerialistic garbage.

      23. Imagine John Kennedy giving his “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!” speech to a modern Democrat audience. He would be called a racist, anti-poor, etc. Republicans would keep silent but consider him naive. Things have changed. The American public have their own agenda for what they want done. It differs by different groups. Whoever can convince the right groups of people that you can get it for them, will win elections.

      24. The Left are so far to that side it’s just crazy! The radical Left really needs and fully deserves a severe ass-beating!

      25. such bs these articles on the left/right false dichotomy, all the less intelligent muricans eat up the librul bashing up, the point is this joker says more conservative when he just as easily could have said more repressive,more poverty,more benefits to the top .01%, more corruption, more nwo wars, more surveillance. These idiots think that that is somehow good for them. No what was good was the rule of law as a foundation with which people could get ahead in this country through effort and some luck. That’s gone replaced by fascism as far as the eye can see.

      26. Rule of law and nobody is protected from it! Make an example of the politicians/lawyers…whatever and people might respect what we have on paper(Constitution) Respect is a two way street. Then you can eliminate color,gender and class. Makes it easier to assimilate.

      27. We can only hope so!!!

        I have a what if? It would be #6. We are better trained and better armed than they are.


      28. I can give ONE reason why that is going to happen.

        People are TIRED of the over the top Liberal hysteria that is nonstop these days (aside from the other good points made in the article)

        Our kids and grandkids are getting heartily sick and tired of the raging baby screaming syndrome we have to listen to right now. That alone is enough to suppress birth rates by showing how aversive this human behavior really is. its mentally taxing to death and drives new parents to beating their babies to death when they cant handle it anymore….well our kids are getting a lesson in now too, and they are SICK AND TIRED of it already as well. Pretty soon that liberal “baby” is gonna get a shaken baby syndrome treatment it will never forget..

      29. America is a white Christian Country. If Asians are so brilliant, why haven’t they invented like White Europeans have in the past. The answer is politically incorrect but none the less it is true. Neither Asians nor any other biological subdivision turns out super geniuses in the same vein as Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo, DaVinci, etc. If the white man is allowed to be genocided by these short sighted globalists whose wealth was stolen from white Americans, White Russians, and white Europeans; the world will deteriorate. The preservation of the white gene pool is the single most important goal for all mankind. Neither wealth, life of oneself or one’s own family, outweighs the importance of the continuation of the white European gene. We white men are one family. We will survive.


        • B from CA

          On a purely IQ / Intelligence Measurement East Asians are at the top as this study shows.

          h ttp://

          Those of European decent are second in measurable intelligence but are far more creative. That may be cultural as “thinking outside of the box” is culturally frowned upon in Asia as conformity has been stressed for thousands of years.

        • B from CA

          On a purely IQ / Intelligence Measurement East Asians are at the top as this study shows.

          h ttp://

          Those of European decent are second in measurable intelligence but are far more creative. That may be cultural as “thinking outside of the box” is culturally frowned upon in Asia as conformity has been stressed for thousands of years.

          • Kevin2:

            You may not have taken into account that 1.5 million of Germany’s best and brightest died in post war under Eisenhower. The Germans being probably among the smartest were genocided during the war by the millions. The best and brightest Polish Officers, intellectuals, writers, doctors, and anyone intelligent enough to lead were murdered by the tens of thousands in the Katyn Forest by the Communists. The Communists in Russia likewise murdered the most intelligent by the millions. So, this is obviously going to devastate and lower IQ averages. But I do not think it will be forever, unless European whites stop having children, and or don’t stop having children with nonwhites.


      30. It is high time for the incessant lying on the right and left to stop! I’ve completely had it with the total bullshiters on both sides! It’s time to call a spade a spade! We now have a uniparty system of neonazis! Anyone who supports or defennds the DNC or RNC are brainless sleepwalking zombies! Both parties are in collusion to maintain the indefinite suspension of the Bill of Rights in a false flag government induced state of emergency! Both parties advocate for the nonstop unwinnable wars with no goal in sight and no exit plan which kill civilians by a ratio of 2/1 and cost a trillion a year and the mathematically challenged elite are spending $688 million to kill a terrorist when you do the math! Both parties back the crony corporate communist system with 190,000 corporations absurdly listed as defense contractors! This is not a two party system! This is a fucking corporate corruption central bank free for all for the elite!

      31. To the writer, you have wishful thinking. Please consider another opinion from a very old man that has been watching this crap for over 60 years. True #1. The Supreme Court Is About To Change, however, this nation is doomed by the entitlement class, globalism and the debt zombies. #2. Immigration Is Going To Decline. OK, immigration may or may not decline, but illegal entry and anchor babies will continue at a 1 to 4 million per year rate. No illegal alien is being require to leave, except for a few dozen token felons during a recent photo op. #3. The Next Generation Is Incredibly Conservative. WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? The young women today are socialists demanding even more free stuff, the men are either whimpy libertarians that also demand a cost free life, or if they want to impress a hot chick, they claim to be democrat. #4. Liberal Birth Rates Are Declining??? Research on the ones having the babies, majority are single mothers on entitlements, and we all know they are not conservative. #5. Leftist Academia Is In Serious Trouble??? Sure, with 99% of the media in their pocket, college campuses that have made being white a shame?? The current trend you’ll see public executions in broad daylight of white males, and the terrorists will get a free pass.

      32. Yawn, you must be extremely young. Left/right exist all the time, and slightly reform as battlelines shift. We are split on a host of issues, a bit more bitterly than usual. Eventually a specific issue will be won (or lost), and battle lines will change. Take gay rights as the most recent example. In the end there are just as many reasons that conservatives are doomed, and they are equally as wrong as the stuff that you listed. We are playing musical chairs, and the party in control when the next major economic collapse happens will be in a bunch of trouble.

      33. The 8000 lb gorilla in the room, that is too politically incorrect to even mention, is that conservatism reduces immigration and the birthrates of native minorities. This will eventually have the effect of putting the birth-rates of whites back on near parity with non-whites. The next logical step is a massive revival of family values and redistributing wealth ONLY to your own offspring.
        It will be called racist, it will be called fascist, it will even be called religious fundamentalism, but you know what? Too bad!!! Free country, people will live as they please, and building a better future for all our children can not be stopped.

      34. nobody under 25 even knows what the difference between conservative and liberal IS……….

        • Most can’t find their own navel without a map and that map had better be an app on their phone.

      35. The question is: can America and the west in general survive the current generation of brainwashed left wing kooks? This is not hyperbole, survival is a legitimate concern. We’ve seen conclusively in recent months how unstable and out of touch with reality these people are. What will happen if these people ever rise to positions of high authority, where their insane ideologies when put into practice can do serious damage? We have an entire generation right now who cannot cope with commonplace every day issues without safe spaces, coloring books, and comfort dogs. Again, this is not hyperbole, it’s a sad fact. Let’s say these snowflakes don’t ever grow up… and they rise to positions of power. Just imagine how a future government made up of these nitwits will deal with real international problems. Will they press the big red button and then retreat to a safe space while the world burns and millions die? I think humanity is doomed if it ever allows these snowflake punks to take anything resembling power. The very thought of this is truly terrifying. Then again, most people move steadily to the right as they get older, and I suppose that’s our only hope.

      36. One thing being overlooked in this article at first glance is simple: Bible prophecy.

        Jesus laid out the signs in Matthew 24. Wars, rumors of wars, ect. Read it for yourself. Most important part is the end of His answer; “When you begin to see these things come to pass, LIFT UP YOUR HEAD, FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR.”

        (Sorry about the caps; this computer doesn’t do bold type.)

        I don’t see this lasting much past this year. I might be wrong, but that’s how I see it.

        Get right with God, now. While you can.

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