Fired For Standing for Freedom: “I Got Into Law Enforcement to Serve and Protect, Not Be a Bully.”

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Headline News | 127 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    How do you know you’re living in a Police State?

    When whistle blowers, truth advocates and government officials are vilified, criminalized and terminated for doing the right thing, that’s how.

    Auburn, Alabama is home to sprawling plains, Auburn University, and a troubling police force. After the arrival of a new police chief in 2010, the department entered an era of ticket quotas and worse.

    “When I first heard about the quotas I was appalled,” says former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners, who claims he and other cops were given directives to hassle, ticket, or arrest specific numbers of residents per shift. “I got into law enforcement to serve and protect, not be a bully.”

    Hanners blew the whistle on the department’s tactics and was eventually fired for refusing to comply and keep quiet. He says that each officer was required to make 100 contacts each month, which included tickets, arrests, field interviews, and warnings. This equates to 72,000 contacts a year in a 50,000 person town. His claims are backed up by audio recordings of his superiors he made. The Auburn police department declined requests to be interviewed for this story.

    “There are not that many speeders, there are not that many people running red lights to get those numbers, so what [the police] do is they lower their standards,” says Hanners. That led to the department encouraging officers to arrest people that Hanners “didn’t feel like had broken the law.”

    Former Reason staffer Radley Balko, now an investigative reporter for the Huffington Post and author of the new book, Rise of the Warrior Cop, says that this isn’t just a nuisance, it infringes on public safety.

    “You have a policy that encourages police to create petty crimes and ignore serious crimes, and that’s clearly the opposite of what we want our police to be doing,” says Balko.

     Reason via Infowars



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      1. Uno

        • You all want to see where this country is heading with the whacked out laws such as making it illegal to catch rainfall in your own backyard for your garden is some state? This tops them all. Spain has made it illegal to catch sunlight for energy. Yes, Spain the new Soviet style police state that people died decades ago trying to escape. Spain the new official hellhole of the world. Soon to be many other countries, hopefully NOT the U.S.

          • That was a very poorly written add, not a news article. It was filled with unintelligible fragmented sentences and repeated paragraphs. There is no way that was professionally written by an English speaking person. (Unless they were very very high.)
            And the top of the page does not show a actual news organization.

        • Go take a Dos!

        • The creation of DHS started the ball rolling on militarizing and training municipal law enforcement and the more they do it the bigger budget they get, and on and on. This is going to continue until our local police resemble little of what we used to think of them as, and will instead look like paramilitary teams. The side effect of local law enforcement militarizing and getting heavy vehicles is, they’re not going to just let the stuff sit. Some politico at the top has to justify the purchases, and the more he can justify the purchases the more he can grow his own budget. This is not going to stop until we the people stop it, but I guess that means it’s left up to about 2% of “the people”.

      2. This is becoming all too commonplace in Obummers new “fundamentally changed” America. Think I’ll stop and buy some more ammo on the way home from work today…just sayin’…

        • Recall this gem?

          “We’re going to have to make sacrifices, we’re going to have to change our conversation, we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history and we’re going to have to move to a different place.”

          Yes Mam, you were right on target Mrs. Obama, you and the dear leader are certainly making your predictions come true.

          Sacrifices, yes we are all being sacrificed at your bloody altar.

          Conversations being changed, yes indeed, now we converse about how we are going to survive your administration.

          Traditions, absolutely they have changed, Christmas is now a dirty word, gay is a holy word and God is to be ignored and pushed aside, never to be spoken of in public.

          Move to a different place, if only we all could, we don’t recognize our once great America.

          Did I get it all right Mrs. Obama? You and your minions have done such a thorough job of destroying the American dream but wait a minute, you are not God, your husband is not God and guess what Mam, one day you as well as the rest of humanity will kneel in front of the one and only God and he will call the shots and he will decide your fate.

          • “We’re going to have to make sacrifices(Hawaii again??:-(), we’re going to have to change our conversation(girls, no more whitey or cracker comments in public), we’re going to have to change our traditions(all this for a flag?), our history and we’re going to have to move to a different place(oh good, now, I won’t feel like a prisoner in this big house).”

            • Howdy, JayJay. Michelle Obama cannot preach to average US citizens about anything. I don’t change anything about myself for anyone for any reason. braveheart

              • The only thing that has changed for me is i am more skeptical, cynical, and watchful, am also more defensive, better armed, better prepared, and less dependent.
                My conversation has changed allright, it has changed to one of total disgust for anything that has anything to do with government.

          • Swinging on a star, that is what she said, but to me it’s irrelevant. That monkey-faced woman with the ass big enough to advertise a message can take her message and go f#$% herself! She doesn’t have a leg to stand on telling average US citizens what the f#$% to do! On the cop who blew the whistle, I’ll give him a lot of credit for doing the right thing and I’m sorry to see what he’s going through. this is the same thing my cousins in LE went through before leaving that occupation. i especially like his comment that he became a cop to serve and protect, not to be a bully. he did exactly right but not going along with the program. However, it’s still true that cops serve government and not the public, anyway. the federal and state supreme courts have ruled on that issue numerous times. braveheart

            • When you call that thing a Monkey Face You are insulting Monkeys.
              Just thought I would let You Know.

        • toy, this has been going on for years. First they had speed traps set up. That came to an end. The feds are providing money and training to LEOs all over the nation and they won’t something in return: it appears to be constitutional violations.
          Hanners sounds like a true American, hope other LEOs do the same.

        • @toyzintheattic

          This has nothing to do with “Obummers new “fundamentally changed” America.”

          Republicans love the Police State too… Maybe more!

          Are you so blind you can’t see that?

          Are you stuck in the Left/Right Paradigm?

          Get real Aerosmith.

          • You right mother,,until this Left/Right Paradigm is exposed for the major divide and conquer tool it is, absolutely nothing will change except the steady erosion of our liberties.No you say,ok name one politician running for a federal level posistion that has even remotely kept to his/hers campaign bs?

          • “dude looks like a lady….Janie’s got a gun…”

          • You are correct. I’m not old per se but now in my mid 40’s and there has been a transformation in our so called law enforcement long before O’Dumbo ever showed up on the scene.

            The Left/Right argument is how they keep people looking at and fighting with one another while both the Left & Right ususrp the last vestibules of freedoms we have left.

            Qudos to this officer for standing up. I feel sorry for the loss he will experience as a consequence. He’ll lose his home, car, health insurance etc etc.

          • Absolutely right, yourmotherwaswrong. And how do I know? Take a look at the list of Republicans in the House who refused to defund NSA domestic spying on every communication we have.

            REAL REPUBLICANS would stand up for our constitutional rights. What we have in Congress are harlots tarted up to LOOK like Republicans. In their actions they are the same freedom killing SOBs that inhabit the other side of the isle.

            A curse on them both.

        • Buy bullet molds, wheel weights, powder, primers, cases, dies, a lead melting pot and loading tools. Stack ’em high, commies that is, commies everywhere.

          Commie Care will take care of your funny money. Barter for wheel weights.

        • TOYZ,
          This is the South, home of the Right Wing, baby!! It has been this way for years, this is nothing new for the South. Gotta love the Southerner’s, been blaming Negros for their problems since the beginning of slavery. I’m no fan of either party, but blaming Obama for the rat bastard, knucklehead cops in Alabama is just plain ignorant.

      3. good for him..

      4. This is why I can’t stand most cops…….keep fighting the good fight Mr. Hammers!

      5. It’s time to sue the crap out of the city, police chief, training officers Etc…..

        • hoser, you’re right but the courts are more corrupt.

          • Commie courts won’t allow sueing, or taking the Constitution into their corrupt system.

          • That’s fixable. silenced .22. Liquidate until they understand who they work for.

            • Stop all this stupid talk about taking the law into your own hands with a sniper bullet!
              The only way to stop this stuff is to go back to hand votes that are hand counted. Then vote out the garbage and that includes the judges who feel that can now legislate from the bench. The powers that be will fight like demons to prevent hand counted votes because they have a real hard time stealing those elections! And of course we are past all that because we would have to vote on their rigged machines to get the system changed back to hand counted votes.
              So unless you plan to go to war, stop all this garbage about “well we can just solve that with a bullet.” People who say that never do it and people who do it never say it.

              • Why don’t you bend low and lick some of those Nazi boots? Any enforcer pig who advocates the evil that’s rampant across police Dept’s nationwide or does nothing about it, is nothing more than an insecure sadistic POS who has declared war on us all and deserves what’s coming to them. If you can’t see this through your prism of subservience to evil, then maybe you need to go play while the adults talk. What sickens me is how you putrid sheeple choose to use the crooked and rigged injustice system instead of fighting fire with fire.

              • Stalin supposedly said, “It matters not how the people vote, but who counts the votes.” The entire system is corrupt and counting on your attempts to vote them out. No matter WHO is voted IN, nothing changes.

                Therefore, liquidate with extreme prejudice. Liquidate enforcers, families, bloodlines.

                They’ve started a war – it’s about time we woke up to the fact that they’ve been winning on all fronts: Law, education (Pervert / hobble the minds of the future generation), government policy, military, money (Inflation, taxation, wage laws – keeps people divided). Just to name a few.

                The time for peaceful revolution was back in the 1700s, forcing the issue with the Whiskey Rebllion. Make it plain THEN, you need to repeat several times – but it’s reflexive.
                Now, we have to start froms cratch – and the colonists reblled for far LESS abuse than we endure today, with BETTER firepower than we’re allowed today. (For example, air power didn’t exist.)

        • They will laugh at you and make you and your family’s lives hell. This is the problem. The top law dog sheriff in the land (Holder) is in charge and corrupt to the core. It goes all the way to the top literally. Hard days ahead folks. Up is down, down is up.

      6. Bravo for this young man standing up for his principles. He is one in a thousand. Also one of the real Americans that will be needed to rebuild this country after SHTF. I wish I had neighbors like him all around me but alas…..

        • EVERY employee in his dept should be walking off the job right along with him.

          • But they won’t

            • I’m sure they won’t, but that doesn’t change the fact that they should.

              • They don’t have to walk off the job. He didn’t. He kept speaking the truth to and about his superiors and that got him fired. That is what every one of his fellow officers should be doing! The town will get the message and fire the new police chief. Stand together for justice. If you don’t stand for the truth you will condemn yourself to living a lie.

                • absolutely!

      7. Ya sounds like the shore town i go to. Officer admitted to following me for no reason. He made up and excuse that my head lights were on but when he started to follow me the tail lights were not on. Fine summer rookie cops.

        On another note all of these fine speed traps set up all around my town. So much fun. Speed limits go from 50 to 35 with very little warning and a cop is sitting waiting for you. A complete joke this system.

        • Still doesn’t beat the cop ticketing a mom whose toddler peed in his front yard.
          That one got thrown out of court. Really???

        • AZAM1986,
          Jersey Shore?

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Yes
            North Wildwood to be exact

        • I review local muni court dockets that contain mostly traffic offenses. It is unbelievable how many ways you can get sideways with the law now that have almost nothing to do with safety, or are one of the one-in-a-million things that there shouldn’t need to be a law over.

          Page after page of these tickets. I don’t mind throwing the book at people who won’t insure or speed through school zones but parking facing the wrong way? Is that really what’s wrong with the American republic?

          • I was pulled over in Oregon a few weeks ago with my family for a law I did not even know about. The State cop was rude and I felt for a while she was going to pull a weapon on me and my family. I got out of the car and complained about getting a ticket for something I wasn’t even aware of and at that point the officer (and I use the term loosely) took the ticket she was going to give me, crossed out the amount and doubled it and laughed at us. The court agreed with her. I trust police no more.

      8. This will continue because townships, counties, and states are absolutely broke!! This is not just happening in Auburn, this is happening all over the country, every state. This municipalities have found that its citizens are a perfect source of revenue, and not just their property taxes. My brother LEO, and his township’s tickets have almost doubled in the last 4 years…although there is no quota, most of the officers refuse to give tickets unless its is a blatant offense.

        • As he alludes to, it is much easier to pick up a quick $200 on a traffic violation than arrest a real criminal and wade through the courts and red tape with them at a cost not a profit. These law agencies are broke and we are easy pickins right now. Stinks to high hell.

        • Bingo MC

          LEO and townships are broke and they have to pay the same outrageous bullet prices we do. I just try to keep my distance and stay legal because I know they are like wolves on the prowl.

          • But they are paying with OUR MONEY, dammit.
            It’s always fun spending someone else’s money! Doesn’t matter that THEY starve, it’s perfectly fine, as long as the squad has the latest armor, biggest guns, most ammo, shiniest Bearcat, etc. AND gets to use them, OFTEN, at taxpayer expense.

            Also, doesn’t MATTER if you’re legal – you can be arrested anyway. DUI, for example. Stone-cold Sober and you can be arrested for DUI. (Sober as a catch-all, including all drugs.)
            Then there’s asset forfeiture…. If you don’t go back for the asset (like cash or car), you’re admitting your guilt. OTOH, if you DO go back…. You get to spend on attorney’s and court fees, and maybe you win, maybe not – but you’re still SOL on those funds.

            When a criminal does it, it’s extortion. When gov’t does it, it’s TAXES / license fees / regulatory fees / asset forfeiture.

            Their power comes from a gun.
            Use their gun on them. Frequently.
            Use it on their wives, children, parents, pets.

            Only when the cost becomes too great will the evil go seeking easier targets.
            This is in ALL 50 states; ALL countries (US, Canada, UK, NZ, Australia – not just Communist China.)

            We need to make (and win) the stand, here, now, or we won’t have options when it’s “too late.” Face it now, it can be won at great cost. If we’d faced it originally, way back when (choose your date), it would’ve cost less. If we wait until the future? Might cost us everything… Or, our children might lose everything.

            • No CATALYST, no REVOLUTION. As long as the veneer of society remains in place, there will NEVER be enough people awake that know what is going on to engage the serpent’s head. Watch closely for a false flag event, and the stock market to dip 15-20% in 2-3 days before the trading “breakers” kick in, and watch the financial institutions close sporadically at first, then in concert with withdrawal limits and no atm network, (no internet either) that will be an interesting 4-7 day slide off the shelf (sarcasm intended). No uprising until after the bottles are torn from the mouths of the sleeping sheep…

        • mc,

          Your post makes no sense, they refuse to write tickets unless necessary but the quantity of tickets have doubled??

      9. Seems we had a chance to keep NSA out of our business, but the powers that be, didn’t want none of that. Read on FoxNews last night where they voted on a Defense Bill and Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Mich. had an Amed. to stop the NAS from collecting our phone calls but the Amash Amendment was defeated by our so-called friends in the Republican Party. 134 Republicans and 83 Democrats voted against his Amendment. And believe it or not 111 Dems. and only 94 Republicans voted for his Amend. So you never really know who is your friend or who is your enemy. Just remember come primary time, if they ain’t Tea Party you can’t count on them, and even then they are doubtful. Trekker Out.

        • They’re all commies, all of them.

        • Absolutely, both sides suck. This is the base reason we are all phucked and things will eventually dump on all of us. The govt is loaded with scum from one end to the other as we have all been waking up to these past 8 years or so.

        • None of these assholes in DC are our friends, they are all our enemies, time for a purge.

          • Death of a thousand cuts is too short and painless.
            They should have to watch their spouses & families get raped to death for eternity.

            These people KNOW what they are doing – this isn’t ignorance or stupidity. It’s by plan.

      10. It’s all about revenue and control. Fly below the radar when you can.

      11. It’s Funny how the GOOD HONEST POLICE OFFICERS are always bullied hazed ostracized excluded and FIRED OFF THE POLICE FORCE eventually by the BAD CORRUPT BLUE PIGGIES AND NWO ZOG PROSTITUTE WHORE TRAITOR POLITICIANS .

        AND THEY THINK ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ don’t notice AREN’T KEEPIN TRACK of what they’re doin’ .

        stupid blue piggies .



          • Howdy, NinaO. I’ve got an old VHS copy of the movie “SERPICO”. Now he was the whistleblower’s whistleblower. braveheart

            • @BraveHeart … Respect .

              great movie

              read the book

              Serpico by Peter Maas

              tells exposes a lot more police of 1 police plaza ny ny corruption

              really goes deep under cover .


              • NinaO…respect in return. I’m surprised that Serpico is still among the living. NYPD is the most notorious dept. in the nation for their corruption and their anti-public mentality. They wrote the book on what cops should NEVER be like. The feds have always been proud of them. braveheart

        • Yes, it is not just the average cop that is getting this. There has also been a little of the, shall I say, 2 sergeants, out of a whole state full, not being invited to meetings. I would say that these, not invited, are standing head and shoulders above the rest.

          • Let me rephrase that, one meeting. In addition…what the hell are judges doing, during their get-togethers, standing in a circle repeating a satanic prayer???

      12. I wonder what businesses will do when pepole just stay home…Who is John Galt?…In the end the criminal system will steal the cops retirement and they will have Obum ‘s health care so they will get theirs too

        • Commie Care, not bommiecare.

        • “In the end the criminal system will steal the cops retirement ”

          Cant “steal” what’s not yours. Please cite for me the pension system that’s fully funded by contributions from it’s members.

          No, contributing <10% and expecting the taxpayers to fund the rest is not remotely "fully funded by contributions"

      13. Ted Kennedy might know a little about how this work$.

        • Correction: Remove the “anti-“. That is all.

        • I gotta say I got some serious “wood” seeing him rock and roll with the AKM.

          • PO Pat

            So did you have any issues with that glock 19 you got? I got my replacement back but haven’t fired yet.

            • Not yet. Living in the frigged-up state of Maryland, the paperwork is still languishing over to the MSP. My dealer said it would be 4-5 weeks for the paperwork to come back. My son just got is AR lower released from the dealer after a 13 week wait. Shit has gotten so bad for getting approval (backlogged)that finally the State Police Stazi decided to allow the dealers to release the guns to the buyer before the paperwork was approved. However if you were found to be ineligible to possess a firearm they would come to your house, confiscate it and arrest you. Everybody is trying to get what they want prior to October 1st before the licensing law goes into effect.

              • PO’D Patriot,
                yeh they pulled the same crap here in Jersey, the new FPID card bill is sitting on the governors desk next to his URN of soup and giant Hogie waiting to be signed into law. every body is doing the same thing here getting pistol permits in before the deadline. I have been waiting 12 weeks for mine to be completed . After this obomination becomes law they are going to invalidate our current permits then require digital replacements with requirements to show proof of training to obtain them , training approved only by the peoples republic of NJ. Also ammo cannot be purchased without this ID and all ammo purchases will be registered with the NJ state police ( POLICE STATE) . WIth out the I’d card in your possession your firearms can and will be confiscated .
                NJ does not recognize the Second Admenment or the right of self defense, If a Kinetic event is going to occur it will probably begin here.
                Hopefully the Big RINO will veto this POS. if not it becomes law after 45 days .

                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                ALEA IACTA EST

                Semper Fi 8541

                • @nightbreaker

                  Wow, I didn’t know the laws were that bad. That is some commie crap. Another person on here had a great idea about how their boat tipped over and they lost everything. I just can’t believe they can make permits meaningless with a stroke of a pen. This is BS and I’m ready to stand up for my rights.

                  <—– one pissed off WASP

              • Wow, I’m grateful not to have to deal with that wait crap. When I got the replacement I had to fill out the ATF form again and walked out like 10 mins later. Hopefully yours will be on point because I’ve heard stories of people having issues when manufactuers replace firarms in Maryland.

        • California Resident, “Part two” kicks ass and sums up my sentiments as well…great post!

        • What makes you think it’s not ALREADY a hot war? Just because we haven’t shown up yet…

      14. ticket Omama and his wife mooshcelle…..daily.

      15. How does that saying go? No good deed goes unpunished.

      16. A true American hero.

      17. food for thought

        if the ZOG JEW OWNED politicians and police administration




        the bad corrupt cops and fed piggies .

        *note to self : BUY MORE FRIGGEN AMMO ! ;0p

      18. food for thought

        if the ZOG JEW OWNED politicians and police administration




        the bad corrupt cops and fed piggies .

        *note to self : BUY MORE FRIGGEN AMMO ! ;0p

        • A slab of Bacon should fall on your head

          … might knock some sense into ya! 🙂

      19. pers note : TO THE nsa FED pricks NOW DNS ATTACKING MY SERVER …

        FUCK YOU



        NINAO ;0p

        • For once I am rootin for the nsa FED pricks!

          • TELL EM’ TO BRING A LUNCH .


            • GO, NINA, GO! braveheart

        • “My ‘KungFu’ IS STILL STRONGER THAN YOURS ! ”

          Judging by your posts, so is your imagination.

      20. ~~~Auburn, Ala.–population of 56,908.~~~

        This equates to 72,000 contacts a year in a 50,000 person town.

        Some will get ticketed over and over because under 16’s don’t drive!!!

        • They could all be done one Saturday in the fall (home football game) in Auburn.

      21. We had the Military Industrial Complex or MIC but we pretty much outsourced a lot of the Industrial. A revenue generating replacement was needed that fit the new authoritarian vibe. We now have MLEC or Military Law Enforcement Complex. If funds are needed you make everything illegal or so difficult to legally comply some infraction always occurs and then selectively enforce the law.

        Jamaica does the above with marijuana. Its everywhere, its illegal and enforcement is selective to obtain revenue or punish political activists.

        • You just stated a key portion of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.
          the notion that they cannot control an honest man was explained and expanded upon – that, in order to exert control they simply made things illegal, or impossible to do legally – and then simply caught whomever they wanted to.

          Going Galt is too genteel.
          And as this sort of corruption is endemic to our police state and statist mind-set – we need to DEAL with these people, all of them, everywhere, in the only language that they understand.
          The language they use on us.

          A loaded gun. (FORCE)

      22. ZOG JEW FBI posts fake hyperlinks to snare child-porn suspects

        “The ZOG JEW FBI has recently adopted a novel investigative technique: posting hyperlinks that purport to be illegal videos of minors having sex, and then raiding the homes of anyone willing to click on them,” reports Declan McCullagh at CNet.

        A CNET review of legal documents shows that courts have approved of this technique, even though it raises questions about entrapment, the problems of identifying who’s using an open wireless connection — and whether anyone who clicks on a FBI link that contains no child pornography should be automatically subject to a dawn raid by federal police.

        The story covers the case of “Roderick Vosburgh, a doctoral student at Temple University who also taught history at La Salle University.” He was “raided at home in February 2007 after he allegedly clicked on the FBI’s hyperlink.”

        Vosburgh was charged with violating federal law, which criminalizes “attempts” to download child pornography with up to 10 years in prison. Last November, a jury found Vosburgh guilty on that count, and a sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 22, at which point Vosburgh could face three to four years in prison.





        • If you are clicking on child porn links, you should be in jail anyway.

          • Read what was typed, not what you want to see.
            No porn involved.

            And if “they” want to get to you? Easy! there’s a LOT that can be done inside HTML emails, including javascript that clicks links FOR you… Or makes a request for an image, even if you don’t see it (a 1-pixel by 1-pixel “image size” of a full JPG of something illegal, for instance.)

            See, the fact the link or image was poked by the email system gets them probable cause. Then, when they seixe the “evidence” of your PC – the image is in the cache, and you’re going to prison, for posession of something you didn’t know you had.

            It’s not hard. this is the new version of “Ethereal evidence” or such from the Salem Witch Trials. Only the “tormented” person could see the demonic attacker. But people were put to death any way. Because of course – the “tormented” NEVER lied, they were under OATH….

            Just like cops. Just like Mayors, councilmen, aldermen, just like the military who NEVER commits atrocities… (Vietnam has plenty, we don’t need to dig into the questionable stuff of today. People are people, it’s all the same.)

            People lie. Cheat. Steal. Manipulate. Hurt others for the fun of it. Profit from others’ misery.

            If you thing TPTB (The Powers That Be) don’t do the same? I don’t even know the word for that, it’s beyond naiive…

      23. Yep, posted it already at 10:05 am on the previous thread..

      24. “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.”

        I take this to mean “suits and ties” and any uniformed “official”. Not much left to trust in besides the everyday common man now is there? Even that is hard to do at times.

        • JRS, no suits or even uniforms for me. It’s jeans and a polo shirt for me most of the time. braveheart

      25. The JEW Kol Nidre: Jewish JEW Prayer To Absolve JEW Vows.. And Allow For JEW Criminality

        Corrupt Criminal Zionists are able to do harm to their fellow goyim gentile human beings and have, so it seems, absolutely no conscience and no guilt, for these crimes.

        the Jewish “Kol Nidre”, which is a prayer that absolves them from any vows they have made from the time of the vow, the “Day of Atonement”, until the next “Day of Atonement”, which was usually one year later.

        The Kol Nidre is very real, and for some of these JEW criminals, seems for themselves to justifies their JEW evil actions!

        “Kol Nidre” in perspective…


        ~ THE KOL NIDRE

        friggen murderin thievin jews ;0p

        ninao ;0p

        • friggen murderin thievin DECEITFUL jews ;0p

          • Go bust open a 100 lb. bag of Mohammed rice,
            and come back when you are finished counting.

          • “All JEW vows and JEW oaths which we JEWS shall swear from Yom Kippurim to Yom Kippurim will return to us void.”

            the JEW Talmud states , the goyim (non-Jews) rank as animals.

            They have no property rights, no legal rights under any code whatsoever.

            Now can you see why the so-called Jews claim there is only one race of man? But they don’t really want you to know what that means. We are merely their “stupid goy cattle.”

            The Golden Rule of the Talmud is “milk the goyim, but do not get caught.” Rabbi ben Yohai’s edict is: “Even the best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed.” (Abodan Zarah 26b). Regarding and Gentile property rights, their possessions are “like unclaimed land in the desert.” (Baba Bathra 54b).

            “With respect to robbery: if one stole or robbed or seized a beautiful woman, or committed similar offenses, if these were perpetrated by one Gentile against another, the theft, etc., must not be kept, and likewise the theft from an Israelite by a gentile, but theft from a Gentile by an Israelite may be retained.” (Sanhedrin 57a).

            Here are further expressions of “brotherhood.” Kosher-style, straight from the Talmud and its supplement, the Cabala:

            Kethoboth 3b: “The seed (child) of a Christian is of no more value than that of a beast.”

            Baba Kama 113a: “A Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian. b. “The name of God is not profaned when lying to Christians.”

            Hikkoth Akum X 1: “Do not save Christians in danger of death.”

            Kohar I 160a: “Jews must always try to deceive Christians.”

            Zohar I 25b: “Those who do good to Christians will never rise from the dead.”

            Zohar II 43a: “Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice.”

            Zohar II 64b: “The Christian birthrate must be materially diminished.”

            FUCK the JEWS




      27. And up and up go my local and property “tribute”.

        What do I get for this robbery and threat of eviction at the point of a gun?

        Well, Mr. JRS, looky here…You get this fully militarized police force all decked out with fancy weapons of death to wage war on you and your fellow “taxpayer peons”.

        Fuck off Mr. Government.

      28. Unfortunately there is no instruction manual that illustrates to us when police cross the line and become a malicious occupying force within the community.

        However, as Chief Justice Stewart said in 1964, “Hardcore pornography was hard to define, but I know it when I see.” The same applies to militant Nazi police tactics designed expressly to instill fear in the population.

        We have to trust our gut instincts that a threat, is a threat, is a threat, regardless of appearances.

      29. Unfortunatelu most police chiefs are appointed by a political entity whereas sheriffs are elected….much less problems.

        • Jim in Va., under other circumstances, your statement would normally be true, but sheriff depts. have been getting federal grants from DHS along with police depts. since 2002. too many sheriffs along with police chiefs have been corrupted by the DHS grants. They also have the same anti-public mentality as police, courtesy of federal brainwashing. it’s a real shame the public cannot trust law enforcement. according to federal and state supreme court rulings, they are just government employees; that’s who they really serve, not the public. there’s no such person as a public servant. braveheart

      30. Thats why cops are afraid of shtf.

        • Iowa

          You think cops fear SHTF?
          I would say that along with plumbers they deal with WAY more shit than most folks.
          If you don’t like them fine but the grand majority are far more prepared mentally for the chaos of whatever causes SHTF. Be prepared, not naive.


      31. don’t trust the po-po…they suck

      32. I have a solution for the entire country. Just don’t hire dems.
        They want socialism. Good luck.

        • Will Rogers said, the only difference Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans will destroy the country at a slightly slower rate.

          At this point, they are two sides of the same coin. Give the coin to Satan, filled with lead.

          then go hold an honest election.

      33. Our country is turning into 1917 St.Petersburg, Russia. Starring Obama as Lenin.

      34. This is one campus cop on one small dept. If you look a little further, he had other issues he didn’t mention. Fired for not doing his job. The 100 contacts do include tickets etc. it also includes getting off your ass and talking to people. Get to know people and quit sitting in a day room watching tv. Quotas are stupid for sure. This guy misrepresents the contacts requirement. Perhaps asking people to talk to the citizens which is also a contact put this moron out. I see too many people making up shit when they get in trouble at work.

      35. This is just really unfortunate to hear. The reality is that it has to get worse before it will ever get better to get folks out of the trance they CHOOSE to be in!

      36. Cars run over and kill people everyday.

      37. The police & courts are all about generating revenue. The worst thing that could happen to those parasites is for there to be a reduction in crime. It behooves them to have as large a number of criminals as possible. Also they make new laws so as to be able to collect more fines. parasites takers who produce nothing. In Pocahontas Ar. the Police Chiefs wife was the secetary at the muncipal judges law firm. The FBI arrested her for dealng drugs from the office. The prosecueter was arrested for mailing someone a poison copperhead snake. Then he showed up in federal court high on cocaine. All in a town of 6000 pop. I wouldnt trust a cop or lawyerno furthur than I could throw them.

      38. when you refuse to do something that the boss requires…..that is called insubordination….a fireable offense. the only exception is if the order is illegal.

        he refused and was fired. case closed.

        • The order was illegal. (Also immoral, which I concede is a different thing.)

      39. It’s being done now with one or two cameras.

        I see people going on a fishing expedition with MANY cameras in their vehicle. Covering ALL angles including the speedometer. So when a cop pulls them over and claims something. The will have undisputed proof the cop was wrong/lying.

        They can ask you to turn them off. The Supreme Court has ruled their is no expectation of privacy in public.

        I see a slew of Civil Rights violation lawsuits.

        I especially like the idea of seeing cops on youtube tearing cameras out. LE stands for Legal Extortionist.

      40. It’s being done now with one or two cameras.

        I see people going on a fishing expedition with MANY cameras in their vehicle. Covering ALL angles including the speedometer. So when a cop pulls them over and claims something. The will have undisputed proof the cop was wrong/lying.

        They can ask you to turn them off. The Supreme Court has ruled their is no expectation of privacy in public.

        I see a slew of Civil Rights violation lawsuits.

        I especially like the idea of seeing cops on youtube tearing cameras out. LE stands for Legal Extortionist.

        • When YOU record THEM, you’ll be prosecuted under eavesdropping and wiretapping laws.
          When THEY record YOU, it’s for OFFICER SAFETY and EVIDENCE at TRIAL.

          Funny how when the tape disagrees with officers’ testilying the tape has issues, but if there’s ANYTHING that can damage you, that tape is perfect.

      41. I know exactly how it feeling when you trying to work police job professionally, with respect to the law and all citizens equally and serve and protect all,not just a small elite part of the population… in that time,kind of naive, I didn’t know that it was an Mission Imposible….so I quit after almost 8 years in service, and still today, after about 15 years, I am suffering a consequences because I was too brave to left the service on my own request…..

        …may be interesting, but this was an european state, not u.s. …

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