Fine-Tuning the Surveillance State

by | May 29, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    We have been watching the shift of society and all of its components to collectivist thought and action in preparation for the step into a full-blown totalitarian state. Already the Constitution and our rights enumerated within it have been relegated to impotency and practically abrogated. The key to this has not been the use of force, but the molding of thought and behavior over the decades within the schools, within the fostered predictive programming of pop culture and television, and within the lying, Marxist, mainstream media.

    Currently there are 22 states that have made a crime of what is referred to as “disturbing the school,” and this has led to thousands of arrests of students for such things as interrupting a teacher, or even belching in class. Schools have an increased police presence; however, as we have seen with the school shootings this year, they certainly aren’t there to protect the students.

    Police are in schools to enforce conformity and submissive behavior: they’re managing the “troupe” of juveniles, driving the herd.

    Collective, community thought is the mantra. Advertisements on the radio for high-school sports list all of the acceptable skills that sports convey: leadership, teamwork, cooperation, etc. Gone is personal development, let alone “fun,” the latter being archaic and non-utilitarian. In the past 3 to 4 decades, this collective “consciousness” has become the norm. Creative thought is discouraged unless it is directed…directed by authorities or “approved” controllers/managers. Such thought is supplemented by the actions of those authorities, mislabeled as “government” when the appropriate term is rule.

    An article ran out of News 4, posted on NBC Washington on 5/17/18 entitled Potential Spy Devices Which Track Cellphones, Intercept Calls Found All Over D.C., Md., Va. It is worth reading, as it details the Stingray technology (carried in a briefcase) that capture cellular telephones by tricking them into believing the devices are cell phone towers. This means the phones are tracked, and the government is taking information on them surreptitiously.

    Joe Pinkstone wrote another article for Daily Mail entitled Google’s disturbing vision of TOTAL data collection, released on 5/18/18. The article is very informative, and it presents all of the information (in list form) collected both by Google and Facebook for their data files.

    China has recently rolled out a new camera facial recognition system that can sift through a billion people in a matter of seconds. As written in previous articles, Bill Gates and other corporate investors plan to place 500 satellites into orbit and provide total global coverage in real-time with high-resolution cameras. Cameras and devices have been incorporated into appliances within people’s homes, with links to both law enforcement and private sector corporate monitors with ties to the government.

    One of the greatest problems with all of this is the fostered dependency on these electronic gadgets where many (if not most) people believe they cannot do without them: cell phones, computers, and social media outlets. Every week a new report or story surfaces that shows just how far the government and the corporate interests are pushing this electronic dependency, while the schools are shaping the consciousness of the public and making it ever more malleable. Toward what end? Toward the one that recurs throughout history. We have been warned by Orwell, by Solzhenitsyn, and many others.

    Whether we will heed those warnings and take preventative measures remains to be seen. The definition of tyranny can be measured and defined within the words of the Declaration of Independence. We are seeing such a state metastasizing by the day, as the surveillance state is fine-tuned for the final act…a performance that has not happened but is entirely predictable by any who examine the course of history and our past.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. My children were born in hospitals, attended school, and did all the things American children do in this day and age. If I were to start a family, I’ld do some things differently. I’ld live on a farm and or cattle ranch with horses. I’ld build naturally insulated buildings that don’t require electricity for heat or cooling.

        I would have home births. Never send the kids to school. And totally divorce myself from the modern world remaining among a few like minded friends and relatives, even more isolated and independent than the Amish.


        • Isolation is a false panacea. It is the total lack of honest engagement that has allowed this overall situation to become what it is.

          The scenario you playing out today, has roots over a century long. It was then, when the plans were laid out, to infest every institution of Western Civilization, with marxism.

          The main problem, is that most people are weak-minded, rather cowardly. People will always choose the easiest path, rather than confront what they know is inherently wrong.

          The people who are the backbone of Western Civilization have had the collective will to survive brow-beaten out of them. Time is short for them to regrow their spines and brains.

      2. Interestingly the generation that orchestrated this are the 1960s “Flower Child”. I think of war protestors Bill and Hillary, John Kerry as President of Vietnam Veterans Against The War who as Secretary Of State couldn’t find a war that he disagreed with. They went to college “Free Thinking”, questioning authority and championing individual rights only to do a 180 turn climbing the authoritative ladder themselves becoming what they loathed. Their generation despised government surveillance only to embrace it. Up is down, down is up and the left and right complete the circle and politically meet at 6 o’clock.

        • Kevin2, that’s an interesting synopsis of that generation and totally accurate.

      3. Why is the truth in this article clear to so few people? Most of the people I try to engage in conversation, will not put any thought into it. How do you stay free if everyone around you is content to be led into slaughter?

        • Me too. Tin foil hat, conspiracy theory, and any other name you can think of. I have given up. I take care of myself and family. It is like that movie with Roddy Piper and the glasses. He can see what is going on but others can’t.

      4. We find ourselves in this predicament via the metaphorical ‘frog’ whose gradualism into increasingly hotter water was undetectable to said ‘frog’. He became helpless: he died of course.

        Sadly, the only remote opportunity for escape lies in the methods suggested above by both Kevin2 and B from CA.
        Mainstream America is hopelessly addicted to intrusive gagetry; escape is quite unlikely. Catastrophic global events may possibly trigger a minority of wiser survivors. God Bless All!

      5. WDFreedomLL

        “How do you stay free if everyone around you is content to be led into slaughter?”

        The short answer is you don’t. You have a far better chance of retaining freedom if invaded by a hostile force. If its voluntarily surrendered, and future education is under control of the oppressors, its a Sun Tzu victory.

        • Sun Tzu would surely view us with contempt.

          • JustMe

            Certainly he would view TPTB strategy complementary.

            • Indeed.

      6. Warmongering pays very good and is safe employment unlike protest that takes guts and pays nothing. Like all the antiwar protests that are taking place across America today and completely ignored by msm. The evening news today had extensive coverage of school teachers drilling for a possible school shooting. Still think these are totally random acts?

        • No. Nothing happens by accident. It is all planned.

        • ” Still think these are totally random acts?”

          SOME are copy cat. Certainly the high profile, bazaar mass shootings like Las Vegas are false flags. As Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage”. How true that is.

          • Hillary had her scripted response pre-written before the Las Vegas shooting incident, with her mention of “silencers”, timed just days ahead of the suppressor vote giving away her obvious evil agenda behind the false flag event.

          • The shooting at the Las Vegas bazaar was bizarre

        • How could any thinking person still believe these shootings are random acts?

      7. Maybe an EMP attack is the answer to this problem. It would drive the country back into the 18h century. The only people who would survive would be those capable of sustaining themselves without outside help. A smaller, better country in the long run…

      8. All of us were duped when personal computers first hit the market. We were told it would make our lives so much easier, save us time, save money, keep us connected to one another, educate us, and make our lives infinitely better.
        An entire universe of knowledge and entertainment at our fingertips (or now, voice activated)!
        The sad truth is is that government/big business deceived, mislead, bamboozled, betrayed and tricked us into revealing EVERYTHING about ourselves.
        Privacy no longer exists.
        Everything about us and our lives is now monitored and stored in gigantic data bases.
        We VOLUNTARILY revealed and continue to reveal, our likes, dislikes, hatreds and loves. We allow access to our personal correspondence (email), and continue to use online banking.
        All of our phone calls are monitored, and our cell phones track us wherever we go. We’ve allowed “smart” devices to spy on us inside of our homes, and store club cards track of all of our purchases.
        Netflix, Hulu, Roku and other streaming services keep track of what, when and where we’ve watched their shows.
        Smart meters keep track of our energy usage, all while dosing us with RF radiation; but we’re OKAY with all of this because the vast majority of people will keep on using these services and devices because of convenience.

        We’ve invited Big Brother into our homes and lives, and very few of us will ever take any steps to evict him.

        • JD, excellent points but one thing that computers have helped with is the spread of information that TPTB don’t want us to know.
          A lot of people have been awakened as a result.

      9. If anybody was really serious, fine-tuning the surveillance state would mean waking up one morning and all seventeen (17) Deep State security agencies would be gone. Gone. Along with the FED.

        All foreign military bases would be closed. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) would have been cut by 85-percent.

        There would also be term limits on all members of the Senate, the House, the Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court. Mandatory Term Limits. And there would be age limits getting in and getting the old codgers and biddies out. And there would be mandatory physical and psychological competency examinations required annually.

        If anybody was really serious.

        • Yes however that it would require a revolution. For all the saber rattling we see on line there are very few that would give up their lifestyles regardless of how many freedoms they loose.

          • Losing their freedoms, they lose their lifestyles.

        • And the Deep State powers-that-be would be screaming for and getting martial law by their complicit generals, admirals and agency directors. Shouldn’t be surprising or a problem for really free people to deal with accordingly.

      10. J
        Great article as usual.

        T ny

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