Financial Strategist: “To Tie The Collapse To Some Date In September Is A Fool’s Errand”

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    There are scores of reports and analyses that peg a coming collapse of the economic, financial and monetary systems to the latter half of 2015. And while it is obvious that global stability is on borrowed time, analyst Craig Hemke of TF Metals Report isn’t completely convinced that we can effectively forecast such paradigm shifts the way we used to before the introduction of central bank intervention and rows upon rows of high frequency trading machines operated by Wall Street’s biggest banks.

    In a recent interview posted by Future Money Trends Hemke argues that humans operating in free markets no longer carry the same influence as they did during previous events attributed to The Shemitah, Elliot Wave theory or Kondratieff waves:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    If you plot the U.S. Dollar versus Japanese Yen with a chart of S&P futures you can see them moving in exact one-to-one correlation… this gets back to those High Frequency Trading Machines and the ability of the central banks to influence the stock market by influencing a key factor that these HFT machines follow.

    So if our markets now are not a human market… of human emotions and human economic cycles… if they’re not that anymore… then all of this stuff… the Shemitah, Kondratieff Waves, or all of the cycles and all of the Elliot Waves… you can throw it all out the window.

    Because, that all relies to a great extent on human beings making decisions. What we’re seeing now is that all of these global markets are… they’re not flat out controlled because that means you’ve got central banks actually managing it tick-by-tick… But they are so utterly influenced by the central banks that are trying to purport this vision of normalcy to keep things going and they’re driven by these HFT machines, there’s no humans left.

    That’s why the floor of the New York Stock Exchange is a ghost town.

    Putting that all back together… if there are no humans left… then all of this study that had some relevance in the past… all these different cycles and wave counts… none of that really has any relevance going forward, because to some extent they can keep these plates spinning.

    I don’t think they can keep it going indefinitely, but to tie the ultimate collapse to some date in September I think is kind of a fool’s errand.

    Make no mistake, however, because Hemke clearly understands that a day of reckoning is coming. While we may not be able to predict specific dates or outcomes because of outright manipulation, a collapse of the system as we have come to know it remains a mathematical certainty:

    We’re dealing with something that we’ve never seen before… this ‘changing of the guard’ if you will.

    What’s hard for people to understand… it’s really hard for people to even begin to contemplate that there could be a changing of the guard because there’s really no one left alive that remembers what it was like when the dollar wasn’t the reserve currency of the world.

    To know what it’s like when the dollar wasn’t the reserve currency you’ve got to go back to the 1920’s or 30’s… so, there’s nobody left that remembers that, so it’s really hard to overcome a normalcy bias to think that this is just the way that it’s always going to be.

    If there is some kind of fiat collapse… it is inevitable because the debt level is unsustainable… it’s moving so exponentially quickly at this point as it compounds and compounds…

    All I know is physical precious metal is the protection against all this madness.

    It doesn’t mean you take all your money and put it into stuff like that… you don’t want to cash out everything you have and buy gold because you don’t know how much longer The-Powers-That-Be can keep things going.

    I would not have thought in 2009 that they could make it to 2015. But this day is eventually coming, which is why you have to continue to prepare for it, because it really is a mathematical certainty that this end is coming. So you just continue to try and make sure you are aware of your surroundings and what’s going on, and prepare by owning some precious metal.

    It’s almost the middle of September and we have already seen how volatile global stock markets really are. As well, those who’ve been watching should understand this volatility is further intensified because it is now machines, not humans, that control what gets bought and sold.

    Is it time to dump stocks? Or should you buy more in anticipation of even more cash infusions from central banks? As Hemke notes, it is a very difficult question to answer, but you can find some solace in owning hard assets, which will retain their value as they have for centuries before the advent of Skynet-like computer systems capable of automated trading.

    We certainly can’t rule September out as a catalyst for the next leg down in this global crisis, but it could just as well happen in a few months or years as governments and central bankers work feverishly to maintain stability. Whatever the case, the takeaway is that we must remain vigilant, because the fact is the whole system from China to the United States is a ticking time bomb waiting for a detonation unlike any we have ever witnessed before.


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      1. The IMF’s executive board voted Aug. 11 to extend the existing Special Drawing Rights basket by nine months to Sept. 30, 2016, it said Wednesday. That followed an IMF staff report in July that recommended the extension to minimize disruption if the yuan is approved for inclusion at a review in November.

        Thus, there will be no disruption, downturn, etc. that will reset the U.S. economy until next year.

        @DK WAS RIGHT!

        The NWO has won another battle. 9 month extension until next year gives them (NWO) time to collapse China’s economy even further and forever keep china out of the Special Drawing Right (the true World Reserve Currency).

        • CS: Astute observation(s). Now you are getting the picture and it ain’t a selfie taken at a Shimita party; but SDR’s are SPECIFICALLY not a currency.

          Its more of a “bit coin for central banks”.

          Only a few hundred billion dollars worth of SDR’s exist and they cannot provide the liquidity the world needs. Thus they cannot be the real WRC that you and Brandon imagine.

          The world NEEDS all of those dollars, euro’s and pounds that are being printed. There are simply not enough to go around, despite the various internet meme’s of “printing dollars” and “hyperinflation”.

          Remember that deflation (economic contraction) destroys these currencies at an astonishing rate, with about 25 countries in or near recession. Dollars are disappearing from the Emerging Markets with FRIGHTFUL speed.

          It is this lack of liquidity that will crush the markets and then the economies of the world. That said, I believe that Yellen will raise rates 25 bps this year, exacerbating the problem, but I have no skin in that game, either way. 🙁

          • As expected, Jeff Berwick the snake oil salesman was wrong and so will Martin Armstrong when Oct 15, 2015 comes and goes.

            • You mean October 1st

              • “If there is some kind of fiat collapse… it is inevitable because the debt level is unsustainable”

                In the same sentence this guy contradicts himself. A truly double minded man.

              • We certainly can’t rule September out as a catalyst for the next leg down in this global crisis, but it could just as well happen in a few months or years as governments and central bankers work feverishly to maintain stability.

                A nice big CYA. could, could, could…..

                If there is some kind of fiat collapse… it is inevitable because the debt level is unsustainable

                SO is there a collapse or not in the future? Hemke you don’t know. Man up and admit it.

                • Why is it so hard to see. The collapse has already occurred. The thousands and thousands of stilts holding up the economy are al I can see. And it appears that after looking at all of these stilts holding it all up that many have come to believe that these stilts are the economy. We have already collapsed. The question is when will the masses see it? As the evil ones can just print more and more paper coupons, and the masses seems to think that these coupons are dollars, life goes on. It is not the US that is important. It is the rest of the world. When the World says, HEY, the US is just a bunch of Stilts holding it all up and OH, Look at all that Duct Tape. Then the World Masses will all start laughing and then, LET ME OUT OF THE US MARKET NOW. But still even when the world leaves the US, the US people will say, HUH? What? Is Something Going On???

                  • OK, shtf preppers, we got through another Shemitah without too much turbulence, that is unless you were one of the unlucky muzzies under the crane. What we did get is more signs and indicators though. More on the way for Wednesday and Thursday.

                    Just came from a little visit to my day trading friends house.
                    He doesn’t care if the market is up or down, except for some long term stocks he is sitting on. Played those for fifteen years, and made some good $$, but worked it like a regular job, every day, five days a week.

                    He just plays with options now, to pass the time, since his wife died unexpectedly about a year ago. He has a pretty cool system that only requires about 30 minutes time for the whole days moves. he makes the same if the market goes up or down. if it works for each move on the day that he wagers on, he makes a couple hundred. If it don’t work at all, the most he looses is about a hundred, or just breaks even.

                    Four days a week, and he averages about $1500.00 profit, each month now for the past six months.

                    As Will Smith said in a movie, “I gotta git me one of these”.

                    At 72, he just makes it for his grand kids.

                    I could use a few more thunder sticks, and fishing outfits. Grand kids are too spoiled as it is.

                    Until the whole thing implodes (stock market), people will continue to find ways to make a buck off it.

            • The future is impossible to predict.

            • Jeff Berwick is a Doug Casey wannabe. And Doug Casey is narcissistic sociopath and (and a**hole).

      2. God knows the timetable, and according to his calendar and timing and not ours. Nevertheless, keep prepping and stacking folks. When it comes down, there will be all kinds of shit flying around.

          • To tie the collapse to not just a date but even to a short time period is a fools game. Unless the time period is several years, it’s really stupid.

        • Yes, He does, and He is showing the signs of anger and a promise of what is forth coming…..

          ht tp://

          These two events tell me, the rainbow is a sign of God’s promises, and the huge lightening bolt in Mecca, that resulted in many deaths, is a sign of fire cleansing.

          Eventually both will be destroyed and cleansed by Supernatural fire.

          The two locations are indicators of the mystery Babylon headquarters. Saudi Arabia and UN headquarters in NY, city. The original plan to collapse the towers on 9/11, was orchestrated and basically carried out by Sunni Muslims, with the knowledge and approval by the illuminatist.

          They all bow a knee to Baal/Mecca. Their ultimate goal is to have a One World System that has Islam/Chrislam, as it’s central power and authority, and that Islam will have a sunni face on Catholicism and Judaism, plus all other secular based religions. True Christianity is to obliterated, for their world wide religion to dominate all others. All forms of abominations now looked upon as evil sin by the true Christians, will be acceptable under their new form of Chrislam.

          • Baloney. You are a bit twisted in your new testament interpretation. Remember jesus is love and god is wrath. God does not even acknowledge sinners according to your bible and only chastises his own. So which is it?

            • Jeremiah 5:21
              Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:

              • Save it for someone who cares. You have been reading shemitah boy a bit too much. God did not make the rainbow over the twin towers, nor did he make the crane fall in mecca, nor did he come to earth as jesus.

            • RJ,

              Pissin is ALWAYS right, even when he’s wrong! God has decreed such and you will be forever cast into the hillbilly lake o’ stupidity by calling out his BS and insanity.

      3. Well never let the world bother you. Prepare to live comfortable no mater what happens. Prepper for life !

        • ^^^ That. Everything else is an attempt to rile you, manipulate your opinion, or get you to buy something.

          Prep, live right, and live well, and whatever come you’re as prepared as you can be.

        • Wulfman,

          That is the best advice ever

      4. In the meantime more refugee’s and illegal aliens will infiltrate the United States. Place more pressure on the assistance programs. The more the merrier. The American people are going to get kicked in the ass from so many directions they won’t know which way to turn to fight back.

        It might be a while before bad things happen but rest assured this country is going to fly apart at the seams when it does.

        • slingshot,
          the ARE sending these MUSLIMS here N purpose to create the war between them and christians! THAT is what will finally bring down the population as a ALL-OUT war will start!

          • apache54

            According to the news. Our area may get between 700 and 2000 Syrian refugee’s. We have a average size Arab community. Can’t wait till they are radicalized.

            • Big deal we have way more mexicans than that in every town in the country already. Entiendes?

              • Rebel in Idaho

                Yo comprendo.

                We have our fair share of them also.

                When we talk about all this Doom Porn, there is very little we can do. The ways of fixing it is as plentiful as the stars and everyone wants it done their way. “Change” is going to happen and you can depend on it. What form it takes is another question. Change involves people getting hurt and there will be many that do get hurt badly.

                Would it be better for preppers to make a list of the issues that would affect them the most. Then prepare for that one or two problems. If the prepper does his research correctly and prepares accordingly he should cover more than just the two major concerns. By prepping for one, may cover others.

                The rest would be entertainment.

                I don’t think we have the luxury of feeling safe anymore. In our home or on the street. I believe that one day we will all wake up fighting for our lives. The common thread of common sense is cut and have never heard before, the amount of constant babble and bullshit that comes out of peoples mouths. The insanity is not only in those who walk among us but in those who govern the country and interact in world affairs.

                For the time being we can banter back and forth on the beliefs dear to us. Trying to prove those points we believe in. But if the world wide web ever gets shut down. Then you better be ready. Cause you know what’s next.

        • Forgot to add.

          If Islam is the religion of Death and Destruction. Substantiated by their actions around the world. Why does the President so willingly want to allow so many Muslims to enter our country?

          Voter base for the Democrats
          Destroy our way of life.

          • Slingshot: Since it is most likely that your President Obama Bin Laden is a Sunni Muslim, would it be outside the realm of possibility that he would want to flood your Christian country with Sunni Muslims?

            Moreover, Sunnis hate Shiites and vice versa.

            Syria has an over 70% SUNNI population, but Bashir al-Assad is an Alawite, which is the minority SHIITE offshoot that rules Syria.

            So it stands to reason why Iran (Shiite) supports Syria (Shiite-offshoot led, but Sunni populated) and why Saudi Arabia (Sunni) ferociously desires to destroy al-Assad, Syria’s leader.

            [I won’t even go into how the powers-that-be are using the Muslim Sunni/Shiite hatred/civil war to create chaos so that the energy resources can be usurped in those nations.]

            In conclusion, your President Obama Bin Laden, most likely a Sunni himself, kowtows to Saudi Arabia, a Sunni nation which hates both Syria’s president and Iran.

            Obama’s present of nuclear weapons….oops, nuclear power…will most likely lead to Saudi Arabia acquiring its own nuclear arsenal, which is most probably the end game.

            This also helps to explain President Obama Bin Laden’s abandonment of Israel.

          • Slingshot:

            Destabilization is happening globally, at least in Europe for sure. I hear they tried to send refugees to Australia but now Australia only admits legitimate Christian refugees no Muslims. Europe, Sweden, Germany, Italy all drowning from this obvious genocidal anti-Caucasian movement. These black Muslims coming into Europe are more African than middle eastern. They, Obama and his supporters, are allowing these young men to come in so they can breed with white women in the whitest countries (Sweden and Germany).

            I’m not racist in the sense that I wish harm. I don’t. I want them to go home and do well. But I am racist in the sense that I object to the obliteration of western culture. I think long legged Swedish modles are too beautiful to be bred out of existence. It would be a sin against nature.

            Obama is Muslim, not Christian. I saw him on tape accidentally refer to his “my Muslim Faith”. He was corrected by the interviewer “you mean Christian Faith”. He then changed his statement. I don’t buy it. I don’t care if he wants to worship fairy princesses. I only care about what he does that affects me and my way of life. He’s half white. I wonder if that’s true. He’s married to his former Boss who is clearly black. She’s a perfect lady always in the background supporting her man but for all we know behind closed doors, she may still be Boss. We had First Lady Reagan supposedly took over for Ronnie when he got dementia from Alziemers. They are all on the team that’s working to destabilize, depopulate. Homogenize the races into one world under the authority of the chosen. They choose. We peons only get to have the appearance of choice. We’re Fried. Have a good day.

            • B

              I just cant for the life of me figure out how people cannot see what we have been doing. We for the last few years have been intentionally destabilizing that entire region. Arab spring my ass, democracy…gimme a friggin break. You would think people would’ve had enough, when they looked back and realized……Sure wish we had Saddam back. But NO….. we still allow fox “news” and war hawks (dem and repub alike) keep banging the war drums for assad (“isis”). How can people not see what we are doing. The burning question though is, what is their intended end result?? And of course now that Russia and iran are starting to take a more active role with assad and Syria, God only knows where this will lead. It is sickening what our boys and girls in the military are being used for. I am no code pink anti war activist, but I have come to the realization over the last few years that our country are the real enemies of this world, we are the terrorists, we are the invaders, we are the enemy standing at our own gates. And I hate that I feel that way. We have defecated on the symbol of the flag that so many brave and honorable men died to protect. We have turned it’s image into a disease ridden pile of SH*t. The evil traitors that have lied and led us into this mess should be hanged. But instead we will continue to send them back to the washington and follow them straight down the swirling drain

              • Richard Head:

                I agree 99.99999999999999999 per cent.

            • Along with Asia, the most beautiful women in the world are found in Northern Europe. So why are they trying to outbreed these women and turn Europe into a coffee colored place? They will destroy the very thing they are chasing – safety and prosperity.

      5. Hey, wait a minute, don’t count me out yet! Even if either of me never happen I’m still good doom porn,right?

        • If the Shemitah overrides the IMF, then Jade Helm will go into action.

          Very Possible.

          I’m giving it until Oct 1. Then I am going to throw the Bullshit flag more often.

          • Jade helm ends tomorrow so your October 1st deadline is bunk.

            • RJ

              Just because the Date has Expire doesn’t mean it is not good.

              Jade Helm was a training exercise. The training did not go away and I am sure there has been instruments set into place to rapidly deploy what needs to be deployed.
              When the choose to.

              My choice of Oct 1 is that it eliminates Possible Shemitah dates on which things happen or assumptions that are suppose to happen. Like the Pope at Congress and the U.N., Blood Moons. Or the asteroid hitting Puerto Rico.

            • “jade helm ends tomorrow”

              ………or is that just exactly what they want us to think???? 🙂 🙂

            • Do you believe everything the government tells you even when they have been show to lie over and over? Jade Helm may ‘officially’ end today, but I guarantee we aren’t going to see trainloads of equipment leaving those areas any time soon.

      6. Good article, I’ve been getting a bit tired of the September Surprise articles lately. Last one was just yesterday.

        • You can make the basis of any analysis on strictly economic/market factors. But, what you fail to address is the potential for WAR, FALSE FLAGS, AND POSSIBLE “NATURAL DISASTER”. (Whether “natural” or not)

          When someone fails to address these other quite legitimate factors…ERROR IN THE SYSTEM! The collapse will occur sooner rather than later. TPTB will cover their collective “south poles” with the feeble explanation of “Were it not for this convergence of event/events, OUR POLICY would have worked!”

          Watch the “pretty girl”, not the “magicians sleight of hand”!

      7. I would be curious to know if there are any precious metals dealers on this site and what they think silver and gold might end up at?

        • It’s too hard to say what pm’s will “end up at”. Seeing how pm’s will be THE currency after the collapse, I think it will be relative only then to many variables. There are many “experts” out there who say that gold will be &10,000 and silver @ $4000 an ounce, but what does that really mean if the dollar isn’t worth anything?

        • I deal in quite alot of it gold being over 1000 and silver being under 40 one will not meet the other most likely gold will come down and silver will come up they will stabilize some place in the middle my guess is silver will get up to about 60-70$ us

      8. Also are the high premiums on the Perth Mint and Pandas worth it?

      9. I agree with the premise of Mr. Hemke’s position. Although debt is expanding exponentially, we’re in uncharted waters with how the world’s economies are being rigged, and ultimately controlled. In due time, this system is designed to crash. The global puppet masters are not ready to crash the system for numerous reasons. It is clear that gulags are being constructed here in the United States; this is a fact, although the naysayers would wish to argue otherwise. In the meantime, the middle class is vanishing, and an aggressive policy of destabilization is visibly underway. When it is time for the shoe to drop, it is the hope of the globalists that our collective wills should be sufficiently broken to forego any kind of resistance. This is a sad and tragic state of affairs.

      10. well year after year have come and gone and still here we stand. I think it’s going to be many years before we start seeing a breakdown. I know we need to reset this country back to our basic constitution and its going to take a hot button topic or guns or something that pisses us all off for us to react. I’m surprised we are not seeing people in NY or other areas with 10 round mag ban go bonkers on the politicians. What’s it gonna take before we are truly engaged. Hell it could happen in 2 weeks or 20 years. Keep in shape and have your weapons in separate locations in case something happens at one location or your not there and you still can defend your stuff.

        • clinthospo

          I better armor up one of those motorized wheel chairs just in case it takes that long.

          Yeah. Nothing heard on the subject of those over 10 round magazines in the Northern States.

        • The reason why nobody in New York is saying anything about the 10 round magazines is that nobody is obeying the new laws. They are keeping quite as to not draw attention to themselves.

          Connecticut required everybody with an AR-15 to register with the state. Only 15% of the AR-15 owners complied. It was a felony not to comply. The state knew that 85% did not comply because they knew the stats from the yellow sheets used when buying the ar-15s.

          If you want to see pro gun protesters, just look at the lines of people trying to by 22cal rounds.

      11. Like the guy said…own hard assets. I dont have a surplus of money to buy a little gold bar for a $1,000 plus dollars. In a collapse that shit doesnt matter. Fuel, food, land, livestock, guns, ammo, skills, tools, is the real hardware and its not in some digital cloud. Research shtf in Argentina or Greece or Balkan War.

        • You are right, only hard assets help during a crisis. But all of already understand that and are prepared for that now. That is why we are on this web site.

          But gold, silver and real estate can preserve your wealth through a crisis.

          At some point the crisis will be over, a new currency will be issued and all will be well.

          Then your gold, silver, or real estate or what ever, will have value and will re-instate your wealth to the new system.

        • Yep, spot on

      12. My prediction is no interest rate raise and continued money printing until November 2016.

        Once a Republican president is elected, then the Democrat appointed FED chairman will raise rates and crash the markets and economy.

        What a better way to make Republicans the bad guys than to have the economy totally collapse under their term. Until then they can kick the can down the road.

        • Watch ethos political documentary by woody Harolson. Shows true dynamic of dems and republicans.

        • John
          You make a good point. Obullshit wants to leave the country in the worse shape he can, So when TSHTF the other side will get the blame.

      13. My Lucky 8 Ball was right all along, M Snyder was full of BS. DK still thinks the Yuan is pegged to the US Dollar so the foreign exchange rate always stays the same. Dk is a loon and full of it.

        And all the fear sky is falling articles in the last 3 months here on shtfplan were bs too. Any stooge who has even a nickle in the stock market now is a fool and deserves to be fleeced and ripped off.

        Enough said, just more fear porn popcorn for the gullible sheep. And why its time to backoff this bs fear porn and live your lives. Keep prepping for what affects you. Stock market affects about 10% of the US population and thats it.


      14. On you tube

      15. But…but… the shemalamadingdong cycle….it was supposed to happen. Gee I guess random bullcrap dates on the Jewish calender dont predict the financial markets. who woulda thought.

      16. I’m woefully limited in my knowledge of stocks, politics, pretty much any subject. That doesn’t stop me from expressing my opinion. There are things I know from reading and listening. And there are things I know from doing and living. Certainly there are those who profit financially by selling fear so they can then sell a product or service. Sometimes we see through this sometimes not. No shame. Suckers are descent people who trust their fellow man. Too bad some people are such bastards.
        Perhaps preparing should include the need to know who is behind everything we read, see, and hear. Is it true that Monsanto is behind the curtain on this/these sites?? What else should I know that I don’t?? Should I pack it up and start drinking coke even though it gave my parents Diabetes, dementia, and death. Is flouride poison? Does it cause miscarriage & infertility???

      17. We will not all die without money but a lot of bankers will !

        Yes buy gold/silver but not quite just yet because the paper prices is stil going down and Zero Headge has gone too long and is desperate to off load the risk to you.

        I would not like to call the bottom in prices but at $12oz I am looking to buy a few hundred more silver coins to add to my collection

        • The only precious metal I will ever posses is copper coating. Never will I purchase gold or silver. It buys nothing unless someone gives up precious stores in favor of the metal. Gold and Silver will not replace food or supplies when they are needed. It doesn’t matter what the G and S trade for if there is no food.Nuff said.

          • Old Vet:

            While I agree that you can’t eat gold and silver, I do see the logic in acquiring precious metals, it’s a personal choice, not right for everyone. I’m surprised that more people don’t invest in copper. Copper pipes for your house. Lead pipes are yuk. If I make a few million bucks I’m going to start manufacturing copper pipes for the home or office that are lined with a thin coat of silver. Silver is a natural anti-biotic. Precious clean water is the first and most important prep. Going to have wells that have both electrical and manual pump for residential and commercial use. We need more manufacturing jobs right here in America. There is money in doing the right thing as well.

      18. The way I see it, same-o-same-o, for the future. Now the two wildcards that can/will turn over the cart. One= Natural Disaster, Two= One idiot out there with a restless trigger finger on the big one. Aside from these two events, it will hang together till they (TPTB) want it to go down. Prepare as you can for anything you can think of that your family is likely to encounter.

      19. Only if there has been consistent historical documented events
        surrounding a certain date. In this case, there has been documented cases of a heavy downward trend in the market about this time of the year.

        I do not think that a collapse will be one event. I think a series of events will precede one.

        As one person blogged, keep prepping for what will affect you.

        I am prepping more for the coming earth changes than I am for the market.

      20. ***** DOMER PORN ALERT *****

        if you enjoyed Forstchen’s ONE SECOND AFTER

        his new book ONE YEAR AFTER is available tomorrow (9-15-15)

        check on line retailers like AMAZON

        • pre-ordered 🙂

        • I wish they would come out with the movie version..I dont have time to read books.. unless they are reloading manuals

      21. I agree with the writer. AND I think that the SHTF theorists have nailed another perceived crisis to something that MAY not occur (I think it will occur though, history is a guide to the future). This might be like Y2K, The Mayan calendar, etc….

        • This is not like Y2K or the Mayan calendar. The calendar was irrelevant, and Y2K was a serious technical problem that was mostly fixed in time due to major efforts by programmers around the world (my little part took 6 months of concentrated effort).

          The financial problems have a simple fix, but it will cost too much in various ways for TPTB to go ahead and fix the economy. So there will be a crash sometime. It looks like it already started in the middle of August. It will get much worse, but there’s no way to foresee the timetable in detail.

          Every month that goes by without a major disruption means another month of getting better prepared.

          • ARC
            Thank you. You are 100% correct. Why do people keep bring up Y2K when most of us know that there was one hell of a lot of work put into getting everything up to snuff in 1998 and 1999.
            Thanks again

      22. Dow Futures -40 points

      23. The Shanghai and Nikkei markets were down last night. The European markets opened strong but have gone down and are all in the red now.

        • The European markets are over half way through their business day and aren’t down very much. So the DOW will probably not change a whole lot today, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

      24. Rookie Kentucky state trooper murdered last night. Cops have captured the alleged gunman.

        Joseph Cameron Ponder (31), from Rineyville, was a U.S. Navy veteran who was stationed at the police post in Mayfield after graduating from the academy.

        Fox News

        Please keep his family in your prayers.

          • Thank you K Y Mom. He and his family are in my prayers. May God help us all coalesce to stop this insanity.

        • I will Kentucky Mom, Thanks for the info.

        • KY Mom
          Thanks for the info.
          It breaks my heart to hear I just lost another Brother. My God rest his Soul. I will pray for the family and friends. Please folks pray for them!!!!!

        • Prayed for the family as I read the article this am.

          I hardly know what else to do to stop this madness.

          Hear us when we pray, O God.

          • KY Mom
            I see the bad guy die of his wounds. The way I feel right now, and I know it not right, but I’m happy he is dead. Many reasons. One we won’t have to hear from Obullshit and his staff on how this guy was sick in the head. Hell anyone that just kills to be killing is sick in the head. When you have a dog that kills other animals because it can you put it down, right? Or his family say he was a good boy and he wouldn’t do anything like that it was a plant. Black lives matter, but White Police Officers DON’T! We wont have to give him three hots and a cot, free medical, dental, sex change if he wants it, an education, ECT.ECT.

            This is another case of Black on White crime. I’m calling it just that, but nobody in MSM will!!!!
            I’ll bet that this gets buried and nothing is heard about this across the USA.

            How can I call this Hate Crime a black on white crime. Simple! The Officer was White the shooter was Black. 2+2=4

            If it is not a black on white crime then it is just as bad, because it is a WAR on POLICE!

            You might have 1 or 2% bad cops out there. Most Cops would more that likely wait till the last millie second before they have to squeeze the trigger. Now they are getting very edgy. Can you blame US we make a traffic stop and the bastard shoots us.


            Sgt. Dale

            • One or two percent of the cops are bad, but 100% of the criminals are rotten to the core. I’ll take my chances with the cops.

              • Amen,

      25. I have already read articles calling for the next recession to occur in 2018. I like the feeling of being prepped. I do not feel the need to know the exact date of collapse. To often those making those predictions are trying to sell you something that requires you to act before its to late.

      26. If you are religious, you shouldn’t read this. Wasn’t the Bible (Old Testament) invented by a small tribe in the desert that “borrowed” a lot of the stuff from the Babylonians? The flood of Gilgamesh and Mises the law giver? If this is true, then everything that came after it is also questionable. Including the New Testament and the Koran. Did the Jews anticipate that some guy from the local carpenters union would claim to be the son of God? Or did the Jews give him the green light? Why? So he could make the Gentiles to be docile. Turn the other cheek, love thine enemy, blessed are the poor, blessed are the meek. What a crock. The Jewish lads don’t turn the other cheek. Their God tells them to slaughter the Edomites, etc. What are your opinions? Be polite or God will smite you.

      27. The Holiday season (Christmas) is only 3 months away. Shouldn’t all of those toys, etc. from China and elsewhere be on ships heading to America? Then why is the Baltic Dry Index so low? Shouldn’t it be much higher? Or is the retail season going to be a bust?

        • The BDI has been on a downward trend for the past 5 years. Something will happen in the next couple of years. If the BDI keeps trending down, it will get to near zero in a couple of years. Of course, something will probably change before then, either collapse or another war.

      28. Deutsch Bank to fire 23,000 people. 25% of their work force.

        • That’s 23,000 jobs the muslims won’t get. Merkel is living in a dream world, don’t be surprised if she is ousted before year’s end.

        • First it was Deutsche Bank, and now UniCredit.

          “Italy’s biggest bank by assets, is planning to cut around 10,000 jobs, or 7 percent of its workforce, as it seeks to slash costs and boost profits, a source at the bank told Reuters on Monday,”

          Posted at Zerohedge

          • Almost all major banks are downsizing. Customers are less willing to pay the high fees for standard banking.

            When food costs are now reaching levels that cause folks to have to compare shop, and watch every dollar bill instead of every $100.00 bill: they look at cutting those monthly expenses wherever possible.

            Banks, are seeing the results, and most have lay-offs in their future.

      29. The US stock market is one of the few not continuing to fall so far today. It is down slightly.

        I have to say the charts are looking like market manipulation is in full swing. There’s more stock being traded in the after hours than during the entire day now, and that was never the case up until this year.

        With world markets dropping like they are and the US markets doing better, it makes the US markets look like the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper to wear on laundry day. There are limits on how much money is available to flow into US markets. When it drys up the downward pressure will build.

        Let me add, a stock market crash is not a defining Shemitah must happen moment. Gods judgement and blessings come in many forms.

        The government and FED bankers seem to have pulled out all the stops to protect the US stock market. A smart day trader could probably take their lunch money as they begin to act very predictably. Expect the big corporate hedge funds to computer model the government actions and exploit it for gain. It’s a changing market.

        Looks to me like the US Gov and FED bankers have been successfully PREPPING for a financial disaster! I’m thinking the can has been kicked down the road again.

      30. Thanx KY Mom…..prayers sent from Canada….take care all, CC.




        Texas is now a Republic.

        Sorry agency ass clown trolls. I am about to let out your worst fricking nightmare. You wont be able to do crap to me.

        Ok, my shtf-effers, here it is. I have another source that i am friends with, this particular source is alot more powerfull that my scientist. My scientist does not work for the govenment, but knows people that do, and all the information is real. Nibiru is going to show up in the sky during the day time next April. The effects of that small solar system is affecting the earth already. The planet, on one side is blazing with fire, from the friction of its travel at high speeds, so it carries two asteriod tails. The effects on Earth will be severe, how severe? We dont know yet until it gets here. Nubiru alone will take down the grid, EMP taking down the grid is the least of our worries. The free energy scientist and what is not telling us, its that the real reason why the talk show host is scambling for his free energy devices is the prepare for the EMP event as a result of Nibiru. So the actual result of its appearance in the sky will have and effect forcing the government to talk about it. This is the problem that GUS is having with us, the people. If they start ww3, then they dont have to answer to the people as to what is the the sky. USASECURITY GUARD. So everything i commented on recenlty about the planet X issue is real.


        I was called up by my government source, who is retired from the agency. Yes, the agency who is fighting the agency ass clown troll side of that agency, the black hats.

        The call comes in, and he tells me. I have serious news that and you may have noticed that you have not seen anyone, not even on any of the conspiracy news sites, that this just happened, because someting just happened.

        Get ready, brace youself her tells me. This was told to me last week Thurdsay.

        AGY-i have something to tell you, this is a game changer.

        me-what happened, damn it, your scaring me man.

        AGY-Two weeks ago it manifested.

        me-what happened, tell me

        AGY- Texas just got its last shipment of the GOLD, its
        just arrived 3 days ago. We tested it, its real
        We got the Gold from the Federal Reserve, they had
        to release it. We got it. It just go here last

        me-what, what, we got it, you full of sh….t

        AGY-have i ever lied to you before?

        me-no, but damn, if what you told me is true, which i
        know it is, then this is serious sh…t

        AGY-the bad people up top are having a bad week, things
        are not going well for them.

        me- i can imagine why.

        AGY- it get worst. I am not sure if you heard, because
        this did come out those site, that signatures were
        signed, that they are demanding succession from the
        Union. Well listen to this, Texas is succeding from
        the Union, its a done deal We are succeding, and its
        going to take 2 1/2- 3 years to complete it.

        me-what the hell, you have got be shi…t..g me. So we
        are going to get attacked by Jade Helm 15.

        AGY- they feds had to release the gold, because they
        were told to comply or else. So they complied to
        avoid any trouble coming in from Texas. So a few
        people up top told a few others up top, to release
        the gold, so they complied.

        me-wtf? this means that the 1,7,000,000,000 will not be
        able to match the output of the Texas economy.

        AGY-thats right, so the Oil wells will have to open up
        to make Texas go completely independent and once that
        takes place, the gas at the pump will sudden spike to
        over $5.00 at the pump for 4-6 months, then drop to
        less than $2.00 at the pump. The gold returning
        be a part of the gold commodity assets, with the
        commodity, then if you recall the governor working
        on a gold backed metal/assets bank for the people
        deposit their metals to get access to the new Texas
        currency backed by gold. Because Texas is going to
        issue its own Texas currecy. Thats why we have to
        shut down the border.

        me-so now your telling me that the rest of the country is

        AGY-yep, the rest of the states are totall f….ked and
        alot of people once the calapse hits sometime in
        November, will start to run to Texas with money,
        gold, metals to get access to the new cash, because
        you cant get it, uless you have gold, silver, and
        other metal assests. We in Texas calapse temporily
        while the rest of the states, cali, NY, others crash
        and burn, people will be running to Texas.

        me-jesus, sh….t, Gad Damm, this is over the top . So your telling me that the rest of the country calapses and Texas has a short calapse and resets.

        AGY-yes, Texas just cancelled its calapse, and thier is
        nothing that JH15 will be able to do here becasue
        we are armed to the teeth and have help. So i can
        tell you this, the sh..t has offically hit the fan.

        me-jesus koverist. Thi is huge

        AGY- I will keep you posted.

        All you agency clowns can come on here and talk all the crap you want, good luck to you. THE GOLD IS HERE AND MY SOURCE IS TRUSTWORTHY. I TOLD HIM THAT I WOULD LET IT OUT and if anyone comes to my office to threaten me, etc, i my source is ready to deal with that.
        So there we have it folks, it looks like a few people or even certain people runing things in the country just got the BITCH SLAP. Texas is no longer your playing groung you agency cabalist rat bastards, run to you DUMBS NOW FOOLS.

        The tech, money boys who post on sht, let us discuss the 650,000,000 in Gold assets in realation to its balancing effects of the 1,7,000,000,000, 000 GDP. Its not a wonder that when Texas wells tap into our oil reserves, its not a wonder that its a game over shtf end game for the other states. The smart people are getting out while they can, running to Texas.



        Governor Greg Abbot, internationally known, locally
        respected. Good job President Abbot of the Texas Republic.

        To late, its now in the open, sorry agency ass clown trolls, you employers were forced to hand over the gold. your finished. ha, ha, haaaaaaa, haa. All you idiots posting on this site may sudden have problems cashing you check since your agency employer may be running out of money, so start getting your prepps, its not wonder, that the banks sent you idoits survival kits.

        Veritas Omnia Vincet, Truth conquors all things.

        • HCKS you are one insane mother f-cker.

        • Hcks,

          You already posted about Niburu showing up in April a few months ago, or is your mind so far gone you can’t remember your own bullshit anymore? And yes, OF COURSE, another mysterious ” source” who works for a guy who knows a guy who drove a cab that Dave Hodges actually rode in once and HE says……

          mysterious cab driver friend- hcks, Texas got sum gold!

          hcks- o yeah, how much?

          mysterious cab driver friend- not much, but don’t matter, we can publish more unsubstantiated bullshit for hard core doom porn addicts, they’ll eat it up!

          hcks- I noe, I never haff to PROVE a damn thing, just keep ’em on the hook with my ” mysterious ” frends in high places” routine, works every time!

          mysterious cab driver friend- Yeah, but I noticed on the last article that some of ’em are starting to question your posts, this could be dangerous, the nest thing you know more people will realize it’ all bullshit.

          hcks- no problem, I just ad ’em to my new list of agency azz clowns, and if they continue to call me out I fall back to the ole default position of ignoring ’em and posting brand new bullshit stories with more new mysterious sources, my faithful rubes fall for it every time!

          mysterious cab driver friend- HOLY SHIT MAN, you really got a good thing going here! How long do you think it will last?

          hcks- Permanently! The real doom porn addicts will NEVER get enough, why do yoo think I’ve been able to hang aroun THIS long? They don’t want facts, they want a good STORY, that’s all. They’ll all forget about Niburu b4 too long because i’ll be n to sum NEW bullshit with a new friend on the ” inside’ whose privy to top secret doom shit n’stuff, ya know?

          mysterious cab driver friend- Wow, this is funnier than Hell! I wish I could bullshit as well as you hcks.

          hcks- Hell, anyone can do it, the only thing ya ever has to do is stay one bullshit story ahead of the crowd and NEVER forget to always tell em’ ” I CAN’T say anymore now until I confirm it with my ______________ { fill in the blank} friend after our super secret meeting in our super secret location within the nest few days. Then you just show up 3 or 4 day later and post brand new bullshit stories! They never notice the stuff I sed b4 is crap ’cause they’re always interested in me ” keepin ’em posted” about my newest batch of crap it’s like f$^kin beautiful man!

          Aka Bullshit stories that never quit, who needs the trooth?

        • Bless your heart……….

          But thanks for at least finally posting your “bitch slap”

        • HCKS

          The heat is on, on the street
          Inside your head, on every beat
          And the beat’s so loud, deep inside
          The pressure’s high, just to stay alive
          ‘Cause the heat is on

          Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho
          Caught up in the action I’ve been looking out for you
          Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho
          (Tell me can you feel it)
          (Tell me can you feel it)
          (Tell me can you feel it)
          The heat is on, the heat is on, the heat is on.

          By Glen Frey.

        • Oh, and I forgot to ask you this hcks, YOU say everybody is running to Texas because they’re so smart and getting out while the getting is good. Ok, fine. But the problem is your good buddy USASECURITYGAURD is telling everybody to move up north as far as they can or they’re going to be burned into oblivion. Now, seeing that you both are so close and work hand in hand, than which of you is the right one? Obviously, and even YOU will have to admit that you can’t BOTH be right, can you? So, rest assured I’ll be waiting to hear what you have to say to this, my money says you know you’re full of shit and will pretend you never saw this post. But that’s ok because the other readers here will know once and for all you’re full of shit.

      32. HCKS

        OK, why haven’t we heard this from other trust worthy sites? I’m not saying your source isn’t telling the truth, but this is a lot to take in!

        If all of this is true then just maybe the Republic just might come back soon very soon.

        GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!

        Don’t forget us good Folks from Tennessee. Remember we fought by your side at the Alamo and will do it again! (Soon to be a Tennessean.)


        • Sarge,are you serious about soon being inTN?

      33. Sounds like you need to take 2 aspirin and call a shrink in the morning. You just got to be kidding BS is BS but you not only take the cake but the icing too. A nap will do you a lot of good.

      34. Sarge, I was told it’s lot out yet. When it shows up. You guys will know that I am for real.



        • HCKS
          Keep it coming.

        • Yeah, ” when” it shows up you guys will know that I am for real. Fuck, how long have been using that exact same line now? But I see you still command the real suckers who can never see through all your bullshit because they’re so damned grounded in doom porn they actually NEED to believe you for some reason, God only knows why.

      35. Yet, the Virgin Mary (Our Mother in Heaven) specifically says that a collapse will occur when Pope Francis visits New York (which will be Sept. 24 and 25).

        To read Her messages, please check

        Take care,

        • The Virgin Mary now has her own website for issuing news we can use? I’m impressed!

      36. So… either 60 oz. of silver eagles or one oz. of Gold Eagle, Which one would you get and why.

        • got out then

          10. one tenth oz gold eagles.

          Easier transaction and can disperse into two or more cache’s.

          Little more premium.

        • Gold vs silver.

          Silver has more industrial uses and is actually the rarer metal. Most of the gold ever mined is still around in coins, bricks and jewelry. Silver gets used destructively in industry, so 90% of what’s mined is used and gone every year.

          Also look at the tax reprocussions, you owe 28% on any perceived gains. If you buy gold or silver as a hedge against inflation, and the government causes massive inflation, you must pay tax on the governments devaluation of the currency that is manifest in the gains of your precious metals value. Of course the PM itself never changed, just the fiat currency changed.

          Silver coins are a much smaller value and are well under reportable limits when sold in small quantities, even if inflation drives their value through the roof. Virtually all gold transactions could become reportable if gold went up a few hundred percent.

          There are IRS 1099 reporting requirements for some gold and silver transactions. These change from time to time. Double check for the latest, though the quantity and value of your transaction shouldn’t be reportable. Some coins of of similar weight, purity and value are reportable, while others are not depending on the source of the coins. Google precious metal 1099 reporting.

          If I put on a prepper hat, I like the silver best, one coin could trade for a bag of groceries. Who could make change for a gold coin in trade already worth well over a thousand dollars.

        • Got
          I would go with the silver. Just MHO.

      37. Hcks , thank you for the information , do you think I should get out of ny ?

        • lolong,

          If you actually believe this jerk, who, by the way, is doing nothing but laugh at all of you idiots, then you deserve to follow whatever this idiot tells you to do. Jesus H. Christ, God gave you a brain, use it for yourself, you don’t need to be taken in by jerks like this guy who’s only posting this crap to get a laugh from all the morons he gets to reply to him, it’s time for you to open your eyes and see the joke that’s being played on you, yeah, it’s not pleasant to admit it, but you’ll be in a better frame of mind once you realize he’s playing all of you for fools, turn the tables on him and see him for what he really is, you’re strong enough to do so, good luck to you.

          • Actually Feast, contrary to what you may think about HCKS “laughing at all of you idiots,” that couldn’t be further from the truth.

            The implications of Texas’s repatriation of gold is of a magnitude that will have a shock and awe effect once it goes public.


        Sarge, sling, Eppe, Brave, it’s real. Texas will be the place to come to.

        Where are the agency ass clown trolls? i figured they were going to bitch slap me with my so called disinfo, or other crap

        Lolong, run like hell while you can and Move to Texas. This is real folks. None of the sites have reported it, not Quayle, not Hodges yet? They may not have heard it, yet, so it may show up. I think the Dr Jim Willow or may get it first. Get ready for a massive exedus of people with their metals running to Texas.. guys, keep buying the metals, if have to move to Texas, then run like hell, time is running out.


        You trolls thing that you can convince the shtf massed who read this site, that i am on drugs. It does not take drugs to bitch slab the facts in your face trolls.

        Get ready to see our state dip into the commodities in the soil of Texas, watch us add the oil, gas and mineral commodities to the gold. Watch us combine, that gold with the gold of the people currently living in Texas, watch us, add the gold of the people running from the calapsed states, to Texas to deposit into our new GOLD Bank to cash out the new Texas Republic currency backed by GOLD.

        Sorry agency ass, your loose, hHHHAAAAAM HAAAA, HHAA. your f…ked. As for you Jade Helm 15, you can try to attack Texas, good luck to you. All you russian, nato, chi-coms, jihadist, good luck to you all, you will get lots of lead commodities, if you ever attack Texas. It is not a wonder that all in a sudden, we are hearing that the counry must accept the so called refugees, bunch of males, not women and children by the thousands, all 80,000 of them.

        Gee we can only wonder what caused that to come up just 2 weeks, while the GOLD was in transit. Maybe some one in DC, said, we cannot allow Texas to suceed? we are going to stop that fom happeing.



        The fall and crash of the agency ass clowns have now commensed. Because as soon as this info comes out from Quayle, Hodges, Jim Willie,, allnewspipe. Not only are we cancelling the calapse in Texas. We are cancelling the ass clown trollory on this site.

        • HCKS, I appreciate the offer of coming to Texas, but most of my supplies are already at the BOL in GA along with the family and the only PMs I have are lead and brass. Since I don’t have any gold or silver I guess I wouldn’t be welcomed. Let’s all hope whatever good things happen in Texas spread to the rest of the country. One other question, what about the water shortage in some parts of Texas?

      39. The Washington Post ran a story on March 23rd 2013 and made remarks about Texas and German Gold.



        Sling, your right, they did, not only did they do that, but what i heard was the Germans pulled up in NY with a battle ship and ordered the federal reserve to hand over the 10,000 metric tuns, and was told to leave town. Merkel, the daughter of Hitler, since she is Hitlers daughter, wants to drop the EU, or dollar to switch back to the Dutchmark. I cant blame her. If the dollar calapses, her country is screwed. She is not really behind Putin and China, she does not have a choice. Putin and China has a market for her Cars, our market is getting ready to dry up. Germany is a massive car exporter that relys on the cars to keep the economy strong.

        Ms Angela Merkel knows that her economy is deep sh…t while the pope is trying to unload syrians and other muslims into Germany, and this is not a good thing for that countrys economy. Thats why she visited with Putin. How bad is Merkel’s situation? If she does not get her gold back, she will have to merge with Russia, and Russia takes her over, because she will be forced to borrow from Russia and China. Germany is not f…ked once that happens. If she gets here Gold, then she can issue her own currency and back it by gold and complete on the global market as in BRICS, and opening trade with the calapsing Euro markets that are merging with BRICS, for example Greece. Greece, will accept the russian and chinese economic lubricant to stimulate thier economy from the financial azz r…p..e of the EU and the US, to ease thier way into the so called BRICS trading zone.

        The Germans were told by the feds that they wont be getting the gold until 10 years later. The US and Euro cabal set up Merkel, forcing her to stay in the EU, this is what happend to Germany. Since Texas got the gold. Once Texas issues the new Gold Back Texas Note, it means that we can trade with countries who do not accept the dollar, but countries will accept a gold back Texas note, will trade with Texas, but will not trade with other states. Yes, this is a financial cluster f…k. Its now obvious that our Texas based banks will the the new state banks, as we kick out the fed bank, Jp Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo/Wells Trust bank. What it also means is that all lien holders on Homes in Texas that are outside of Texas, as in those banks will call the loans, because it not like they are going to just sell them to the Texas Banks. This now allows Texas to bring in goods off shore to stop starvation, and other potential calamities, preventing the end game in our state. You live in Cali, your totally completely f….ked with a Royal K, your in NY, you better run like hell, last time i heard you all have only 4 hrs of food reserve.

        As the citizens of the other calapsed states flee to Texas, then lots of empty forclosed homes will be avaible, and this will boost my business, making me losts of money in the Real Estate Calapse. This is the crazy part. But then again, this is the environment of the planet is still in one piece because of the planet X, equation?

        I wonder what happend to agency ass clown trolls calling B…sh…t on my post, ?? what happend???



        Run my shtf-effers, run like hell while you can, come to Texas. And i am not talking about illegls, or syrians.

        • Somebody in Texas is going to be JFK’ed because of this. Especially if Texas prints its own notes for currency. Can not allow competition with the dollar inside the USA.

        • Stuck in ny hcks, I care for elderly relatives. Hopefully I can weather the storm here. Your knowledge and links help me through the day

        • HCKS is a personal friend of mine and I am here to add weight to the aforementioned info on the recent arrival of gold to Texas. The source mentioned above is the ‘real deal.’ It was recommended to purchase Texas silver coins from this point on. The best advice we can give to those not in Texas, especially if you are in a very liberal state, is to move here before the mass exodus to this state begins. Once this info goes public, I am sure more people who monitor this site will heed this info to a greater degree.

          Also, expect a Trump/Cruz victory if we have elections next year.

          Keep in mind, despite shades of opportunity just appearing at our door, especially pertaining to Texas, this does not mean we are entirely in the clear. Remain steadfast in the bigger picture of what is going on and self-aware through focused practicality by preparing for man-made and/or natural/cosmic altercations.

          • Oh well now, if I had ANY doubts before about hcks I’m sure as Hell convinced NOW that they’re the ” real deal”. Sheesus, how stupid are people on this site. As a side note, I’d like to see if my comment gets posted while the God Damned thing is still relevant to the conversation or will it get held up for another 18 fucking hours, if it’s the latter, you need to hire more fucking help!

        • i don’t understand what gold you are talking about. I know that UT (University of Texas) Donor Foundation has appx $650k worth of gold bars (used to be about $1b and is about 5900 bars from what i researched) but it is supposed to be in a bank in manhattan. The gold depository Gov Greg Abbott signed into law was so this gold could be brought back and stored here instead of paying $106k instorage fees. As far as I know, none of this involves the Fed. But just being a middle age housewife from nowhere, texas and not having special friends in high places i probably am just not privvy to the “secrets of the freemasons”

        • I heard the Fed had 1,500 metric tonnes of Germany’s gold, not 10,000 tonnes. But who am I to question your pronouncements?

      41. If the Fed refuses to give Germany back it’s gold now why did they give Texas back theirs?

        • aljamo

          The Fed may have intentions to forcibly take it back ala, Jade Helm training. The gold is still in the USA.

          Save the cost of storage and transfer the liability.

      42. Yet, the Blessed Mother says in Her September 2015 messages that the collapse will occur during the time of Pope Francis’ visit to U.S.A and when he is in New York (which will be Sept. 24 and 25).
        Thee messages are in Please use Explore or facebook to access the site. Google wants to prevent people from accessing the site by putting up a false red flag, warning malware infection.

        May God bless you and keep you all,

        francis k

      43. Yo Hammer, they must think that I am making this stuff up.



      44. Mallarden, your as clowns troll, explain it shtf how why I just told everyone was Bulls…t. need aspirin, you think telling me that is going to make the GOLD disappear, Ha
        I figure a few of you start acting up. Talk to you fusion center ass clown supervisor, , your running our of BS to post. What a bunch of dumb asses..what are you going to do when Mac post the real artocke after its disclosure on the media? What are you going to do trolls. You done. Ha.




        • Twelve O’clock and all is well.

      45. HCKS… Hey, I understand what you are saying, I just don’t understand the agitated delivery of that message. Who are the trolls coming after your message? Making it to Texas sounds like a hard thing to accomplish, seeing as how the highways are unsafe from widespread and growing police state robbery through civil forfeiture.

      46. How many fucking hours does it take to get a God damned comment posted here? Maybe I should change my name to pissinthewind?

      47. Gold or no gold, you can get twice the house and half the business restrictions in TEXAS. Which is why there is already an exodus from places like New York and California.

        • somethings always told me kind of like a big flashing WARNING sign in my mind……DO NOT GO TO TEXAS!! If sh*t ever does really pop off, texas always seemed like it would be a good place to create some false patriotic revolution, then you’re able to cull all the patriots and rebels, all those with the will to defy, all into one geographical area. Then drop a couple nukes on em, or better yet just give texas back to the Mexicans and let their gov’t kill them off for you. I know it sounds far fetched but in all seriousness, I will never be going to texas, like I said big flashing warning sign in my brain*****DO NOT GO TO TEXAS***** (Nothing against Texans though) 🙂

      48. H muller, i heard that it was 10k, but you may be correct about the 1500 tons. Welcome to the board.



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