“Financial Lockdown… ATMs Went Dry”: 3 Police States Banning Cash to Control the People

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    Is it any coincidence that the financial crises, and the subsequent restrictions, follow the general chaos and upheaval that surround hotspots and conflict zones?

    The European Union has once again been confronted with a major terror attack, and is coming down harsh on cash, gold and other valuables as a response. Due to its supposed connection to financing terrorism, cash and gold are being closely monitored and seized as it flows into the EU.

    Meanwhile, economic crisis driving extremely tight cash control measures in Venezuela, India and other parts of the developing world. In the name of combating illicit financial activities, these countries have banned nearly all of the currency, while placing a very short leash around their already impoverished populations.

    The United States, too, is under a great deal of economic pressure. Enormous mounts of debt, rising interest rates and a number of massive bursting bubbles, could explode into a major crisis. While there are already fairly tight restrictions on transferring, withdrawing or crossing borders with large amounts of cash, even great restrictions may be coming.

    Earlier in 2016, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, an architect of the last banking crisis, penned an op-ed called ” It’s time to kill the $100 bill “

    Harvard’s Mossavar Rahmani Center for Business and Government, which I am privileged to direct, has just issued an important paper by senior fellow Peter Sands and a group of student collaborators. The paper makes a compelling case for stopping the issuance of high denomination notes like the 500 euro note and $100 bill or even withdrawing them from circulation.

    These are difficult times in Europe with the refugee crisis, economic weakness, security issues and the rise of populist movements… Even better than unilateral measures in Europe would be a global agreement to stop issuing notes worth more than say $50 or $100.

    It isn’t just summers. Janet Yellen, the IMF, and several leading papers have all advocated these measures. Now, these things are starting to happen around the world.

    Investing.com sees a global cash ban accelerating in 2017, and possibly impacting transactions at home in the United States:

    The big theme for 2017 will be Cash. Not a pro-deflationary “time to own cash” theme, but a “let’s ban it as quickly as possible” theme […] Which is why 2017 will shape up to be the year of the Global Cash Bans.

    Cash is being restricted as a means of maintaining control over the citizenry. Long lines, withdraw limits, capital controls, will all define the use of cash during the crises to come.

    Look at what has happened:


    Worthless Bolivars, now tightly controlled in Venezuela.

    Venezuela – At least they have a good excuse, as they are in the midst of an exploding hyperinflationary currency crisis. President Maduro has forced everyone to dump their notes in the bank, and wait in even longer lines, and go through even more bureaucracy in order to secure food and other necessities in this failing economy.

    Many have been forced to open bank accounts for the first time, or operate in the black market sector. It has been extremely inconvenient for an already burdened people:

    It is not the sort of quantitative easing approach you will read about in any economic textbooks, but Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has apparently found an innovative way to halt his country’s slide into hyperinflation.

    Over the weekend, Maduro abruptly outlawed the 100-bolivar bank note, the largest denomination of the country’s currency, giving Venezuelans until Thursday to deposit or exchange the bills before they are rendered worthless. Calling the bills instruments of an “economic coup” to destabilize his government, he said the move would strike a blow at “international mafias” that have been hoarding the cash. (source)


    Long lines in India to deposit outlawed 500- and 1000-rupee notes before the deadline.

    India – With one and quarter billion people, the government is forcing its poor people and backwards economy to conform to banking standards. Individuals have been forced to line up and deposit 500 and 1000 rupee notes, worth something like $7.50 and $14.70 dollars, respectively, as they are no longer legal for market transactions. Most of these people don’t have bank accounts – a crisis is now underway.

    via Investing.com:

    The 7th largest country in the world by GDP (India) banned physical cash in denominations that comprise over 80% of all outstanding bills.

    The move was a political disaster… temporarily, but no one was forced out of office and the legislation remains in place.

    This forceful policy has forced hundreds of millions to find their way into the banking sector, as a full half of the country’s workforce, in the informal market, have been put into a bind. The entire situation has been a nightmare.

    Since the ban was announced, not only have people stood in long lines to get money, banks are also not handing out the amount that customers demand as they run out of money faster than it is replaced.

    “If I need Rs. 10,000 ($150), I get Rs. 2000 ($30). How can I manage in just this much money? I have faced massive problems,” Lal explained. “How do I buy rations, or pay for medicines or send money home for my children?” (Source)

    via MoneyControl.com:

    Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, While speaking in Baran district of Rajasthan on Monday, attacked PM Narendra Modi, saying cash Ban is actually a financial lockdown.

    With[a] December 30 deadline set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ease money supply, the cash crunch continues with people lining outside banks and ATMs to withdraw their money.

    It is a financial lockdown that has seriously impacted the lower and middle classes in the huge expanses of India, where some 98% of all transactions take place in cash.

    On Nov. 8, the Indian government announced an immediate ban on two major bills that account for the vast majority of all currency in circulation. …In the two weeks after the measure was announced, millions of Indians stricken with small panic rushed out to banks; A.T.M.s and tellers soon ran dry. Some 98 percent of all transactions in India, measured by volume, are conducted in cash. …So far its effects have been disastrous for the middle- and lower-middle classes, as well as the poor. And the worst may be yet to come. (source)

    These are not just third world problems; serious cash restrictions are happening in highly industrialized Western countries as well.

    Europe has already shifted largely into the digital sphere, and are now targeting the influence of cash as part of its security strategy.


    There have been rumors that the Euro could fall along with the EU superstate. Right now, battle is with terrorism, populism and a migrant crisis, but all things are related to the whole.

    European Union – After the latest round of terror attacks in Berlin and across Europe, the European Commission is instituting unprecedented cash controls, clamping down on the influx of cash and precious metals that they fear could be used in terror financing. This amounts to even more restrictions on everyone else who isn’t a terrorist.

    EU to boost border checks on cash, gold to tackle ‘terrorism financing’

    via Reuters:

    The European Commission proposed tightening controls on cash and precious metals transfers from outside the EU on Wednesday, in a bid to shut down one route for funding of militant attacks on the continent.

    Under the new proposals, customs officials in European Union states can step up checks on cash…


    People carrying more than 10,000 euros ($10,400) in cash already have to declare this at customs when entering the EU. The new rules would allow authorities to seize money below that threshold “where there are suspicions of criminal activity,” the EU executive commission said in a note.

    The Commission is also considering whether to set up an EU-focussed “terrorist finance tracking program” along the lines of the U.S.-EU TFTP, which has long been opposed by EU lawmakers and privacy campaigners because it allows widespread checks on consumers’ bank transfers.

    The Commission is also proposing … confiscating assets even from those thought to be connected to criminals [… and…] holders of prepaid cards would have to show some form of identity when they make payments of 150 euros or more.

    And there are, of course, already many restrictions on cash in many countries in Europe, as Investing.com notes:

    Numerous developed nations (France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, etc.) have already banned cash for certain transactions. Next year (2017) is the year we expect to start seeing policy pushes for complete bans on cash.

    There are many pretexts for tightening cash, placing limits on spending, and increasing surveillance on people who use large amounts of it.

    All of it will curb freedom, and force digital market transactions, backed by biometric identification, tracking and verification.

    And it is coming home to America.

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      1. OK, I’m good with banning cash. In fact, let’s start with the cronies not having any access to cash – or credit, loans, savings, pensions or anything else. After all, shouldn’t they eat their own cooking? Let’s give ’em a wheelbarrow full of Zimbabwean 1 trillion dollar bills.

        • Article: “Due to its supposed connection to financing terrorism, cash and gold are being closely monitored and seized as it flows into the EU.:

          Oh really, take a look at this:
          Bundesbank Repatriates Gold From New York, Paris “Faster Than Planned”

          by Tyler Durden
          Dec 26, 2016 9:12 AM
          In January of 2016, the Bundesbank announced that three years after commencing the transfer of some of its offshore-held gold from vaults located at the Banque de France in Paris and the NY Fed in New York, it had repatriated a total of 366.3 tonnes, bringing the German central bank’s gold reserves held in Frankfurt to 1,402 tonnes, or 41.5% of Germany’s total gold of 3,381 tonnes, for the first time greater than the 1.347 thousand tonnes located at the New York Fed, which as of January 27, 2016 held 39.9% of Germany’s official gold.

          ***And this leads me to wonder if this is the reason Gold is Manipulated way down in price right now, so they can go find Gold on the cheap they need to buy, or they sold long ago, leased out through Rehypothification and stole to send back Germany their gold.

          Where is Libya’s Gold reserves the US coalition stole in the invasion under the guise of ISIS. Did they refine it pour and re-mold it, stamp it German, and then send Libya’s Gold back to Germany in this repatriation as if it was Germany’s original gold Bars. Why did it take 3+ years to repatriate their gold? They had to go steal some from Libya first, so they could send them some copy Gold bars in Tonnes. What a racket.

          • EVERYBODY, THIS IS HUUUUGGE. Trump may “End the Fed.” Go Cashless absent of the Fed.

            BREAKING: Trump appoints Pro-Blockchain + Crypto advocate for Budget Chief who also despises the Federal Reserve!

            “Bitcoin Caucus” co-founder Mick Mulvaney is the United States next Director of Office of Management and Budget.
            Link: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@barrydutton/breaking-trump-appoints-pro-blockchain-crypto-advocate-for-budget-chief-who-also-despises-the-federal-reserve

            President-elect Trump made a rather surprising choice when appointing Mulvaney. Until that moment, not many considered Mick Mulvaney an option. But Trump feels that Mulvaney is the right choice.

            Of note: Mulvaney is not a big fan of the Federal Reserve, and is Very Pro-Bitcoin.

            This will echo in a large way with the Crypto / Bitcoin and Blockchain community!


            Late yesterday, (Dec. 19th, 2016) – Trump tapped Congressman Mick Mulvaney, Tea Party Republican, as his administration’s Director of Office of Management and Budget. He’s a hardline fiscal conservative wanting to drastically cut federal spending on social programs.

            This past September he was a founding member of the bipartisan Blockchain Caucus, aka the “Bitcoin Caucus” : Meant to help congress remain current on crypto / blockchain technologies / currency, & develop policies to advance them.

            “Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry, the U.S. economy and the delivery of government services, and I am proud to be involved with this initiative…”


            The Bitcoin Community / users: NOT the biggest fans of the Federal Reserve. Many feel the Fed is the cause of all evil in the US economy. Mick Mulvaney feels the same

            In fact, it was recently stated that the Federal Reserve has “effectively devalued the US Dollar”. To put this in perspective, the US Dollar, and Euro have almost reached parity – a big decline for the $ USD , despite its overall positive trending through 2016. If both currencies reach parity, things could get out of hand across the financial markets rather quickly.

            Mulvaney went on by stating how the Fed has “choked off economic growth”.

            If you see how interest rates were upped twice in a year, that’s a rather unusual statement. Then again, the financial system is filled with manipulation, and growth or decline is only a matter of political agendas in general. Insert comment here about the Federal Reserve and the Globalists connected to it once again.

            But wait! There’s more…. During Mulvaney’s speech to the John Birch Society chapter, he also praised Bitcoin for its “immutability”. He went on to explain how Bitcoin etc. cannot be manipulated by government. That’s strong wording that we would not really expect from the next US President’s budget chief.

            It’s clear for anyone connected at all to Crypto / Blockchain / Bitcoin related tech to see Mick Mulvaney may be the most interesting addition to Team Trump’s staff so far. Having a pro-Bitcoin personality close to the POTUS paints an exciting future.

            Justas I said, Trump could Audit the Fed, declare it all Fraud and extortion, and end the Fed and declare the debt illegal. Wiping a lot of the Nat Debt off the books. And he can use JFK’s EO-11110 as a template to create a new US Dollar via encryption to do it, with a stoke of the Pen.

            I am not a fan of Digital Bitcoin which can be hacked, however “Block-Chain” is interesting and can advance the US absent of the Zionist cockroach Federal Reservive banking Cartel Mafia. They have been ripping of America for decades. No Fed No wars and Much prosperity back to America is what Trump is looking at. Hold on your seats the rocket ship is loaded with fuel and set to take off Jan 20th. Sooooo… Get the Hell out of Paper Fed IOU fiat dollars ASAP. Physical Gold or Silver is a safe bet to park your cash at this time. Plus Buy Low sell high is prime for a huge profit in PM’s.

            • Wow, Just like I said above.

              New Year’s Resolutions for Donald Trump and Congress
              12-27-2016 • http://www.campaignforliberty.org, Ron Paul
              1) Audit the Fed….and then end it: The Federal Reserve Bank’s easy money polices have eroded the American people’s standard of living and facilitated the growth of the welfare-warfare state. The Fed is also responsible for the growth in income inequality. Yet Congress still refuses to pass Audit the Fed, much less end it.

              During the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump promised that Audit the Fed would be part of his first 100 days agenda. Unfortunately, he has not spoken of auditing the Fed or another aspect of monetary policy since the election. President-elect Trump should keep his promise and work with Congress to pass Audit the Fed and finally let the American people know the truth about the Fed’s conduct of monetary policy. Then, of course, end the Fed.

              The Rest of Trumps New Years Resolutions are this:

              If President Trump and Congress spend the next six months passing Audit the Fed, ending our militaristic foreign policy, repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with a true free-market health care system, and cutting both spending and taxes, they will begin to make America great again. If they fail to take these steps, then the American people will know they have been fooled again.

          • absolutely correct. the ‘rebels’ formed a central bank before they took the country. that showed elite’s were involved. it was a bank robbery. Clinton thugs and Chicago mob were ringleaders.

        • I went to a local convenience store last week, they have an ATM there that’s owned by the bank I use (no fees). The machine had an out of order sign on it so I went to another store, same franchise, and the ATM was out of order there as well so I go right to the bank and the ATM was ooo there as well. Now at this point I’m starting to think that our little bank holiday has arrived. I went back to the store and used my debit card to pay for stuff, no problems. I hate using that card simply because the more it gets used, the bigger the chances are that it gets compromised. Heck, I still write checks to pay the bills. I don’t know why those machines were down, maintenance maybe but it was early afternoon on a Saturday. Who knows. In any event it’s gonna get real interesting when cards and/or machines go on the fritz.
          Stay quiet Be smart

      2. The citizens of these countries are not armed to the teeth and are not capable of killing and replacing their “leadership” as we are.

        • Hahahahahaha… I was feeling kind of down today… Thanks for the laugh…

          • 3% of 100 million certainly could do the job. Nothing funny about fighting for our freedom.

            • Looks like the 3% will be fighting the 2.1%. We are armed with Guns, and they are armed with digits and keyboards. Read to play?

          • Dont kid yourself

            • I’m gonna fight no matter if y’all do or not. I choose death over slavery. Bravery over cowardice. We are fucked because most men nowadays are pussies.






          • Is that you Acid?

            • Yes

              • Eisenkreutz,
                HEY!!! in those shopping mall brawls!! look at the age group it is NOT baby boomers!! stupid ass kids who were NOT properly raised by there scummy parents!!

                • moderation again for what?? come on Mac!! what was the problem to cause the mod??

              • Cool. Keep on keeping on.

          • ACID/Eisen – NEWS FLASH: The Baby Boomers are all between their late 50’s to early 70’s.

            All of the photos of the ‘Mall Brawls’ that I’ve seen are people between their early 20’s to late 40’s… Millennials and GenXers. Not a Boomer in sight.

            • Boomer spawn maybe??

              Mine is a hard working handyman/remodeler with his own business and teaches his kids to be useful/handy. Oh, he is booked six weeks out even for me if I have a job that takes more than two hands. His hobby (when he has a chance) is going off-grid for a day or two on the weekend–with the kids.

          • I see Pavement Apes.

          • Not all baby boomers are pot heads. I am an older boomer female and i don’t smoke pot. I don’t drink and i don’t smoke cigerettes . I don’t even drink coffee…..!

        • I stopped carrying cash years ago.

          It carries germs and is less convenient.

          I have some cash stashed.

          One time the card machine was down and I wanted my sammich.

          • Never used an ATM-robot. I dislike interacting w/machines unless I had a robot that can clean house inside and out. I get cash with drawls when buying groceries or at the humanoid teller. Cash is king, also use debit and credit. Stores that have had former breaches it’s always cash (Target, Home D., etc)




      3. Then here comes the one, five and ten ounce silver coins/bars, and the 1/10th ounce gold eagle to replace the 100 ‘dollar’ paper bill.

        Stock up while they are cheap.

        • APMEX

          This Silver round shares its design with one of the most recognized coins in American history: the Mercury Dime. These fractional rounds are a great way to own .999 fine Silver at a lower price point!

          a little high in price, but as the add say – recognizable. I buy a few of these cute little guys when ever I order.

          ht tp://www.apmex.com/product/60933/1-10-oz-silver-round-apmex-mercury-dime

          • Those little coins are nice, but my real silver dimes cost a lot less. They were just ten cents each.

          • The problem with junk silver it just that. Junk OK 90%, so would you like some nickel in your Silver Collide Solution?

            Just skip the sentimental, historic wanna-be NOT PURE Junk Silver. Go get real Silver, Rounds Bars or Bullion stamped .999 Fine Silver / One Troy Ounce, as that will be a pure Financial Negotiating instrument for trade, barter or purchase for products or services.

            Some on here thinking they can throw a crumpled heap of twisted half silver Jewelry on the counter and think they won’t get laughed out of most stores. Wrong. Get pure .999 Silver. Any store owner will only give you spot price by weight for .999 silver, why would they gave you any premium because it is a US coin? Not. I wouldn’t. I would give you 65% to 75% value for junk silver to the .999 spot price. Bringing in that sh!t junk crap into my store. Get outtaa here!!!

            • “Just skip the sentimental, historic wanna-be NOT PURE Junk Silver. Go get real Silver, Rounds Bars or Bullion stamped .999 Fine Silver / One Troy Ounce, as that will be a pure Financial Negotiating instrument for trade, barter or purchase for products or services. ”

              Yeah….because no Chinaman has ever counterfeited them, right ?

              And how does anyone KNOW they are .999 ?

              There is no nickel in 90% US coin….it has 10% copper, to make the coin harder to help resist wear in handling. IF (and honestly, it’s quite doubtful) silver ever goes back to being used for coin, that .999 stuff won’t say anything on it after a few years of riding around in pockets.

              And what do you do for change. Is everything going to be priced in nice even ounces ? A used ‘junk’ dime has .715toz….real handy for making change, which as it turns out, was why it was invented.

              You ought to engage your brain prior to your fingers on keyboard.

          • grandee that site you posted is a total rip off. $2.59 for a 1/10th silver round? Not even a real coin. LOSER!!! At that price you are paying $25.90 per Oz for a round. $10 over todays spot price.

            Go here for real .999 Rounds as low as .64 cents over spots. Walking Liberty Rounds. Look at the order chart for prices. Even ordering just one 1 Oz coin is $2 over spot at $17.03 right now. Not $10 over at your site. That same price for 10 1-10 the rounds are $25.90 at your website. You are loosing $10 per every 1 Ounce of silver from that site in commissions. Rippoff!!

            Just trying to help you here. Don’t get ripped off.


      4. So, The USA could ban 50’s (I get them mixed up with 20’s); and, issue 1,000s that are not part of the Federal Reserve Notes. Put Mel Gibson’s face on the front. And a Confederate Flag with two rifles on either side.


        • On the back maybe a Nativity Scene with the Stars and Stripes in the background.


      5. Like I tell every body. If you don’t have it in your hand you don’t have it. That is why I only keep enough to pay bills in the bank.

        • if you got MONEY….you better turn it into STUFF…..THAT will be the new currency…..the FED has been forcing us into this corner for over 10 years now…..and now they’ve painted U.S. into a corner…..hold onto yer BUTTS!

      6. Nothing is truly safe! Cash, PM, commodities, property, can all be taken away by TPTB or by theft. Trust but verify! Speak softly but carry a big stick (figuratively) and be prepared to use it! Ten dollar bills stashed away in number 10 cans might be OK until they print something new with Tubman’s likeness on it and they want you to turn in all the old Hamiltons and Jacksons. Control is the name of the game.

        Unlike any other country in the world though, the US does present a delemma with the 2A. It probably is the only thing that holds them back from taking over. Half the population (maybe more) is ready to concede and do their (NWO) bidding. As rights are whittled away, a strategy of divide and conquer will be implemented at every level of grouping, to weaken and isolate all opposition (threats). Seemingly unrelated but very important is the control of the process of the desemination of knowledge, information, and communication. Thank goodness ? that the ‘false information/news’ narrative is currently backfiring on the establishment and their nefarious ways are coming to light. Why was Obama and the establishment so eager to turn control of the internet to the NWO? Just as important as the 2A is the right to speak freely and to communicate freely.

        I want to thank MAC and Tess, and everyone here (and not here) for the contributions you have made to free speech and to my understanding, knowledge and awareness of current events. From the swamplands of Louisiana, I send my warmest wishes for a Happy New Year!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Back at you Eagle.

        • Can’t take a thing for granted. Heads-up older preppers!

          I heard/read somewhere that buried in the latest NDAA bill is a law restricting SS recipients from having/owning a firearm. There is somewhat more to it than just that but I forget the particulars at the moment.

          Please look into this if you are in that age range.

      7. In banning cash, that is businesses refusing to take cash under the fear of government penalties or even arrest,
        a great black market will surface as during the era of prohibition.

        • The Confederates used to keep their confederate dollars in #10 cans. Wonder how much it is worth today? Historic value only and price is determined by who is willing to pay what for it? How much is a 10 Trillion dollar Zimbabwe dollar worth today? It can all be worth nothing at a public announcement flash. India only gave a 4 hour notice before banning the 500 and 1000 Rupee.

          3 Blind Mice see how they run, to the bank to try and exchange it all for 65 cents on the dollar. And pay some taxes when they can’t prove where they got it from.

          • “The Confederates used to keep their confederate dollars in #10 cans.”

            Really ? Open top or did they have the snap on plastic lids for them too ?

        • it took a massive crime and murder streak to wake folks up from that nightmare..and that was only alcohol…cash involves everything..who’s gonna sit still for that?

        • It has begun for one reason or another.
          After being with AT&T for years, they started a $5 fee for paying with cash.
          I left them and started using another server..one that doesn’t mind cash payments.
          AT&T stopped the practice after a few months, but how many customers did they lose?? Just me??

      8. My Ukrainian fiancee was keeping about 2K of cash I sent her, in the mis-named “Privat Bank”, which failed about a week ago. She can’t get her money out now because the bank is limiting withdrawals to about $20 a day, after the Ukrainian government stepped in to save the bank.

        • Sorry to hear that but in a way it shows that this could happen here at anytime. One mourning we’ll wake up to it. They’ll have stolen it like a thief in the night.

        • Brent H. has been ripped off. Hey Brent let me guess, Your supposed mail order bride fiancée you never met yet, is asking you to send another $2000 cause she started crying telling you how much she loves you. Dude, trust me. Drop that scam in an heartbeat. You are being scammed. Never send money over seas to some chick telling you she loves you and wants to have your babies. lol Stoopid dopes.

          • And Brent, I can bet you this. She is banging some other dude in Prague right now on your $2000 she claims she lost, yep drinking champagne and room service laughing at how stupid Americans are. hahahaha.

      9. monterey spice company
        241 Walker Street
        Watsonville, CA 95076

        Order spices, essential oils, glass & equipment, tea

        America was “discovered” by mistake when looking for Spice from India

        The word “salary” comes from the word “salt” which was used as money
        Pepper was the spice that they came to find

        If you have limited space, spices don’t require as much space as most other food

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        Parsley is both a vegtable and a spice and superfood

        Organic is more expensive but is not sprayed with toxic chemicals

        Add to your pantry as much as you can afford. Get a little of each, then go back and buy more, adding to your basic needs, barter with exotic spices. Perhaps we will be exchanging. Since few will think of spice or tea. Remember tea is Americana. Here is to your Tea Party.

        Happy New Year


      10. Well what do you know. The Sioux Indians were exactly right in protecting their drinking water supply in ND from a pipeline crossing sensitive water areas.

        Here is another pipeline that breaks in Colorado.

        BP Pipeline Ruptures, Spills Unknown Amount Of Coal-Bed Methane Into CO River
        12-27-2016 • http://www.trueactivist.com
        A British Petroleum pipeline in Colorado ruptured last week for still “unknown” reasons, spilling similarly unknown quantities of methane-contaminated wastewater into a tributary of the Los Pinos river.

        Brett Clanton, a BP representative, told the Durango Herald that “with safety as our highest priority, we will continue to coordinate with relevant agencies to complete any further remediation efforts as warranted.” Despite such promises of cooperation, Todd Hartman of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission suggested that BP will face “some kind of enforcement action due to impact on waters of the state.” According to BP’s website, BP operates approximately 1,300 wells throughout the state, spanning more net acres than twice the size of the city of Denver. 30 of those wells lie across the Sauls Creek area, where coal-bed methane gas is produced. Within the same county as this latest spill, 19 reported oil and gas spills have taken place this year alone. BP was directly responsible for 12 of those spills. The result has been the release of around 350 barrels – nearly 15,000 gallons – of toxic substances released, mostly fracking wastewater. However, the number is likely much higher as this latest spill, as well as a previous one, have no existing estimates for the quantity of substances leaked. Despite BP’s devastating track record in the area, the handling of the 2010 BP oil spill suggests that they will receive another “slap on the wrist” punishment, which again will fail to protect the environment and the people who depend upon it for their drinking water and livelihood.

        Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/bp-pipeline-ruptures-spills-unknown-amount-of-coal-bed-methane-into-co-river/

      11. So my little guy 4yrs old over heard me say nigger. Well he decided to call his older brother a nigger my wife yelled at me I said what. She said see he picks up this stuff. I told her isn’t that what they are she said yes but he can’t go around calling people niggers. I said oh I get it we need to be politically correct in our own home that I work and pay for. How cum when someone like trump fights political correctness he’s a hero but if I fight I’m a piece of shit. Please. I’m not gonna yell at my little guy for saying nigger but I will be more careful not to make it sound cool to call someone a nigger. I know some people on here will say I’m a piece of shit for not correcting the boy but he is correct IMO.

      12. Venezuela and India are nations not states. The European Union is a bunch of countries that sold out to the nwo. If they banned cash I’d quit my job the same day. I’d live like a Indian and hunt and tan hides for clothing. I would never participate in any economy they cooked up. Hell I don’t wanna play their game now but have family counting on me. If it was just me I had to look out for I’d tell my work to go fuck themselves I don’t need you. I’d take my savings and go buy a remote piece of land in Alaska or something and totally drop off the radar. I can handle hardship in fact I thrive on it. I don’t want my family to have to so I play the stupid working schleppe game. I’m the kind of guy that don’t care about $ as long as I’m eating and clean. I can live hand to mouth no problem done it before.

      13. Food,fuel and ammo boys
        Proverbs 22:3
        A prudent man considers the difficulties ahead and prepares for them, a simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

      14. and what is the false rational for being rid of the $100 bill?

        • Most $100 bills are laced with cocaine residue, so they must be crime related.

      15. A silver quarter is 25 cents face value You could pay one for somethin6 and say it was only 25 cents or some variation on that. A gold nugget is just a rock so you traded a rock for something. Trade a rock and a dog for an axe then6 they release the dog which comes home. Used this in Germany to get around price controls. Whats the dog worth?_

      16. But if the $100 bill is de-issued, Obama would have had to send 2 cargo planes-full of cash pallets to the Mullahs in Iran.

      17. ATMs and cash ONLY means something to people who cannot exist without being able to use a GREY or Black market (barter society)

        People are incredibly LAZY and thus their reliance on easily TRADED TOKENS of money or paper currency as placeholders of value that can be passed easily as a universally accepted means of “value”.

        What money and CASHLESS society fails to under stand is what do you do when ALL of your systems are 100% RELIANT on functioning and that ELECTRICTY SUDDENLY VANISHES and all the systems cease working. Without a physical tangible means of universally accepted and recognized trade/barter tokens, people will be forced to trade bulky, hard to contain trade and transport PHYSICAL and also perishable end use items (clean water/food /fuel).


      18. IF you want FREEDOM you MUST destroy the system that enslaves you. If you do not have the understanding of WHERE TPTB derive their power to enslave you come from, then you cannot ever over come them and achieve freedom. It is really that simple. if you will not let go of the complacent and controlling system because you are scared and skill-less and DEPENDENT upon your masters generosity of the products his slaves create and willingness to offer you EASY comfort over freedom, then you deserve the velveted manacles and chains of your masters slavery. A silken prison is still a prison if you never have the desire and willpower to say no.

      19. Propping up your banks by coercing people into depositing their cash is not a good sign. When the banks fail, there is more to steal.

      20. “• European Union – After the latest round of terror attacks in Berlin and across Europe, the European Commission is instituting unprecedented cash controls, clamping down on the influx of cash and precious metals that they fear could be used in terror financing.”
        Here’s a novel idea for “jerkel Merkel” and all of her NWO cronies, how about they get rid of the ACTUAL TERRORISTS instead of clamping down on cash? Probably because civilization jihad would be impossible to wage without their beloved rapefugees!

      21. Water is more valuable.
        Contaminated water supply, take away the water rights of residents in the name of preservation. Federal government controls the good water, while most everything else is bad or illegal we pay dearly for potable water.
        California has been in a Drought. Think this through!
        Electricity is taken away better by an emp. Food can be grown, and killed. If they control the Water the basis of life they control a lot. A cashless society I am against! How else would Anthony Wiener or bill clinton to BUY a hooker? Or Hollywood stars get drugs? How am I to get a Taxi or tip? How do we buy Moon Shine? Or place Bets at the horse races?
        I hate the federal Bank Look it up! Its not 100% federal. Its a federal bank in name only.
        Greece and Venezuela are windows of what could be in America, except we have more guns. And more would die.
        I’m all for standing up to enemies both foreign and domestic. But not at the cost of looking like a single terrorist or plain Dead. I see it well that its not smart to stand alone and with a family, and no back up. Being 3% is one thing but what about say the 5% thats support, suppliers, communication, and other assistance? With out that other 5% the 3% would parish quickly imo. Get your proverbial beans, bullets and bandages. Stock up, prepare for the fight and spread out the word for the fight.. a day not in combat is a day to prepare for it in some way. We should all try gardening, honing skills, combat drills, reading up and learning, build networks, making friends, getting set, sowing seeds of action and readiness, setting others up to start and not fail. Money is one thing in a list.
        Look up water generator. Making a dehumidifier into a water generator. Learn more about how to get food and forage for it. Everything gleaned now will help later….

      22. Putin ( hell ANY POWER that has a nuke and the means to get it into the high atmosphere, even a suicide pilot on a commercial airplane with enough help and NO ONE WOULD BE THE WISER THAT WHERE AND WHO done it) can END America as it is known in the world, hell anyone with a NUKE that can get into high orbit can end the USA with one EMP pulse that effects 1/3 of the country (any third of the country), WWIII will be won without a single bullet exchange between the USA and anyone. ONE EMP that shorts out 1/3 of the USA will cause a cascade collapse of ALL the power grids and BANKING.
        72 hours later with no way to conduct business, no way to pump fuel or water, NO EBT cardholders getting food, and the USA will eat itself from with in by the selfish dependent nonworking non contributing ingrates and parasites rioting in the darkness, in another cascade failure of society. The owner of the ONE EMP source is WHO owns the USA right now, and the Obama administration is hedging its bets that it can “control” the effects after the fact….but other than that a MULTIPLE EMP strike in American skies, and the USA will vanish from history, falling to its own citizenry attacking itself. ANY modern day country will fall the same way, not ONE bullet traded between enemies, the population with do itself in because of its weakness and reliance on a technology that cannot work without POWER, without the INTERNET and without total control of a money source and type of its choosing. Not even the ELITE can survive this. That’s the key to FREEDOM.

        Putin scoffs at Obama and his lackeys, they are nobodies and incapable of forming any strategy that would be effective because they do not understand the genius of any country that has studied the USA and Western Europe in the past 50 years. The west has a huge blindspot it cannot defend at all against. and Putin isn’t playing patty cake with the USA anymore.

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